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Did the U.S. Army Issue
Full Mobilization Orders
For All U.S. Army Retirees
in Mid-November 2008 ?

William B. Fox
November 22, 2008

Maj. William Fox

Captain Eric H. May has observed that one of the great strengths of the Internet is its ability to act with lightening speed as an interactive "collective intelligence" medium. This article is about information that not only needed to be immediately disseminated to the public as a possible unfolding "indicator," but also needed to be verified every bit as quickly by independent Internet activists. I am proud to have been one of the verifiers.
On Monday 17 Nov 2008 I witnessed the launch of a "general mobilization" story that set off firestorms of reaction nationwide --and with good reason. Full mobilization can be a strong indicator that either the outgoing Bush cabal or the possible incoming Obama bunch is planning an attack on Iran or some other target of War Party ire. (I say "possible incoming," assuming Obama can somehow survive law suits challenging his unproven natural-born citizenship status--please see my Barack Hussein Obama II "Leadership Disaster?" web page at:
Mobilization for greater war is extremely serious. I can think of better national priorities for America than to possibly kill over a million Iranians in addition to well over a million "excess deaths" already inflicted on Iraqis since Persian Gulf War I. The same can be said of government contingency plans to fire off over a couple thousand more tons of aerosolized depleted uranium into the environment, borrow and spend a few trillion more dollars that it does not have, subject the U.S. Navy's Persian Gulf fleet to a supersonic cruise missile turkey shoot, and possibly lose much of what is left of our badly overstretched Army and Marine Corps in the Middle East.
Conversely, perhaps our U.S. Constitution-challenged national leaders are simply scheming to get all prior military individuals back in uniform and "under control" just prior to executing a national martial law clamp down. Many patriots believe that self-anointed New World Order rulers secretly want to censor the Internet and trundle off to FEMA camps everyone with what they consider to be wild and antiquated ideas about preserving individual liberty and putting America first. (Please see "A Dawning Dictatorship?" by Capt Eric May for more details).
Either way, the mobilization story was hardly news to be taken lightly.

I of all people have perfectly valid reason to be suspicious of government behavior, especially when it is being manipulated by alien Zionist interests. I believe that 9/11, the 3-11-2004 Madrid bombing and 7-7-2005 London subway bombings were all very likely orchestrated by the Mossad along with certain CIA and MI6 collaborators --please see the Capt Eric May archive for more details.
However, as much as one may wish to prove Zionist-Federal government malfeasance, one must always stick to the facts, get first hand testimony wherever possible, strive to find multiple sources of verification, and be willing to admit errors when proven wrong. To do otherwise not only undermines credibility over the long run, but also is makes one vulnerable to traps laid by our enemies.
Zionist ADL and government COINTELPRO types often plant disinformation among dissidents hoping that if activists repeat such implanted lies to the public, it will discredit everything else that they have to say, even if it is valid. Please see The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper for more details about the use of this tactic in America. Also, in the appendix to this article I describe the "Sam Danner Affair," which is an interesting example where an individual tried unsuccessfully to hoax Michael Collins Piper and his talk show audience regarding the question about what actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11.
My first step to verify the mobilization story was to call up a Public Affairs Officer at USNORTHCOM, who gave me a point of contact (POC) at the Pentagon. I then fired off the following email:.


From: William Fox
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 8:50 PM
To: LtCol. Les Melnyk
Cc: John Stadtmiller, John Moore, Editor Lone Star Iconoclast
Subject: Request to verify story regarding mobilization of retired military personnel

LtCol. Les Melnyk
Defense Department Press Officer
Office of the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs
Pentagon, Washington, DC

Dear LtCol Melnyk:
I am a freelance journalist and independent webmaster. I am submitting this email to request that the Army verify assertions made by John Moore during the second hour of the talk show “The National Intel Report”, hosted by John Stadtmiller, archived in MP3
Mr. Moore claims that “letters are being prepared to be mailed to all retired Army officers, U.S. Army officers, calling them back to active duty. That is happening this week. Next week the warrant officers and sergeants get their letters.” Please see more details in the transcript that I have prepared below, that is also located on a web page that I have created at:
I am copying Mr. Stadtmiller, Mr. Moore, the editor of one of the newspapers I have contributed articles to, as well as blind-copying a significant number of other individuals involved with alternative media or various other forms of watchdog activism. I am also copying contacts at USNORTHCOM who referred me to your office. I would greatly appreciate a response from the U.S. Army as soon as possible.

Best regards,
William B. Fox
Phone: 360-875-0197


John Stadtmiller
The National Intel Report
interviews John Moore
2nd hour

18 Nov 2008

Note: Like John Stadtmiller, John Moore is also talk show host on Republic Broadcasting Network. His profile reads as follows: "John Moore first fought terrorism in 1967 in the streets and alleys of Vietnam. A former member of the Green Berets, John brings to America his vast knowledge of personal security to help others be safe from terrorism. Your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones is your responsibility. You have come to the right place for valuable information that could save your life." He is currently a private detective. His web site:

John Stadtmiller: [8 minutes, 29 seconds into the program] I have with us John Moore. John called me before the program today to give me some rather startling information. Good afternoon John.
John Moore:
Good afternoon, John, good to be here.
What little tidbit of news do you have for us, sir?
John Moore:
Well here is the tidbit. As we speak, letters are being prepared to be mailed to all retired Army officers, U.S. Army officers, calling them back to active duty. That is happening this week. Next week the warrant officers and sergeants get their letters...
Stadtmiller: ...And?
John Moore: Well, the last time this has happened, I have talked to some of my veteran friends, historians, and so forth. Last time we know was December 1941. This was called a general mobilization. It has not happened since December 1941. It did not happen in Korea, did not happen in Vietnam, has not happened since.
Stadtmiller: All right, and how did you come across this information?
Moore: The gentleman is a --I got this from a friend of mine. We have known each other for more than 10 years. And he is in the military himself. He was just in the office where the letters are being prepared today.
Stadtmiller: And what was the battle group that was rotated over from Iraq for the first time in this country's history, that we are going to prepare a battle group?
Moore: Well that group, and the one you are talking about is just a few hundred men. It is a thousand or so. It is a brigade. I believe it is a 1,000 men. [Editors note: Please see the Army Times article "Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1" about the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart, Georgia.
Stadtmiller: Yes. but there were plans to bring more people into this. I read the report a couple of weeks ago. But they are talking about 2008, 2009, and into the future as well. But the important point of this John, is the posse comitatus --the 1878 deal-- that you could not use Armed Forces for any role whatsoever inside the United States that they have just cast that aside.
Moore: If they were to do that, they would need to override it with an Executive Order. A Declaration of Emergency, something of that nature.
Stadtmiller: Well, they are getting ready for something.
Moore: Absolutely. This is very serious stuff. A general mobilization is about as serious as it gets, John.
Stadtmiller: Well, we have been hearing their rattlings. I just read yesterday that Obama has --President-elect Obama-- has said that, well, intelligence sources from the military that there may be an impending threat -- a very serious threat to the United States.
Moore: Well, obviously there is. The men and women these letters are going out to are in every sector of society. They are doctors, lawyers, accountants, police officers, firemen all over the United States. It is a very serious disruption nationwide of people's lives and careers. I would not take this lightly. I would not do it haphazardly.
Stadtmiller: Well, one of the callers into the program, and this is an interesting take on this, that --and John you know this, because you have been in close contact, you have been in the military. You have been in close contact with a lot of military personnel. You know them to be good, God-fearing, law-abiding men.
Moore: 99% of them are, yes sir.
Stadtmiller: Well, one person who called in thinks that they may be taking in the officers and NCO's out of the communities to prevent any, let us just say, in case of any emergency, well let us just put it this way--
Moore: Compromise the leadership?
Stadtmiller: There you go.
Moore: We were at a point during the Clinton administration I was aware of officers who were --basically the way the way they conducted themselves, if there was any meetings called without prior notice, that was not scheduled and out of the norm, they would carry a bag with them that had a pistol and a gas mask in it. That is how bad it was during the Clinton administration.
Stadtmiller: There is something in the wind, John.
Moore: Oh, absolutely. This kind of order would not go out months and months before they needed it. It would be no more than three months away. And you can't hide. Once these mobilization orders go out, you cannot hide the mobilization of tens of thousands of men and women from all over this country. That cannot be hidden. There will have to be a pretext to have this mobilization take place. A public pretext very soon.
Stadtmiller: Well, and here is some other information that you may not have been privy to. Let me dial this up here. There is a company called AEP. Now AEP is one of the largest generators of electricity in the entire country. They generate like 38,000 megawatts of capacity and they are in Texas, Ohio --all over the place. They are based out of Columbus, Ohio. The report that I got was --and let me jump back to it-- the Gabon power plant, and that is actually in Ohio itself, they are moving in trailers. Now one of the electricians that is working at the site said that there is between 45 to 50 trailers that have been moved in with beds, bedding, and MRE's.
Moore: Trailers as in mobile homes or RV's.
Stadtmiller: Not RV's. As in mobile-type homes.
Moore: OK.
Stadtmiller: Now other sites are being checked out. Reports are coming in that in fact a lot of power facilities are having these trailers moved in.
Moore: Well that would be easy to verify all over the United States. These power plants are all over the country.
Stadtmiller: Yes they are. But I am sitting here and we are all waiting for the second shoe to drop. And I have been watching this and watching this. Everybody has had this uneasy feeling that are we going to have another false flag terrorist attack? The one that has been put through the pipelines so to speak through out the government, throughout the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies in the country, they are all saying "We are not sure what it is, but we think it is big, and we think it is imminent."
Moore: Well clearly that is the case given the information that I have got, and what you are coming across here also, John.
Stadtmiller: Well John, I do not know exactly what it is. I do not want necessarily to panic people and stampede them, but--
Moore: Well people still get up and go to work in the morning. I am advising my friends who have children in their teens and twenties to get passports and get ready to leave the country.
Stadtmiller: Well John, where the hell are we going to go?
Moore: Some place with no extradition.
Stadtmiller: Well hold on there. Because there is something that someone misses. If you are on any sort of government watch list, and you know the computers at the airports have all been ramped up. They all have their lists. Even if you do get out of the country, what makes you think even with a passport we do have a little thing called Interpol, and what makes you think you would be able to stay in a country.
Moore: You would have to get visas before hand, obviously.
Stadtmiller: And John, my idea about this is I am not going anywhere.
Moore: I am not either. I am talking about youngsters who are draft age. They would just be cannon fodder.
Stadtmiller: (Laughter) Yes they would be. By the way, you are kind of a shoot 'em up kind of guy. Have you noticed the gun shows?
Moore: All my sources, well, KT Ordnance that was an advertiser on my show, he said, "John, three days after the election, I could have sold 2,000 AR-15's if I had them."
Stadtmiller: Well, just over the weekend, and one of our people got this from one of our dealers here in central Texas, there was the NIC system, that is the National Instant Criminal background check system, they were getting a million --throughout the country -- they were getting a million calls an hour.
Moore: They must have a very large capacity to be able to handle that number of incoming calls.
Stadtmiller: Well, if you think about it, if they are handling the entire United States with all the gun shows and all the firearms shops and everything else, they have got to have a large capacity.
Moore: Well, that is amazing. [This transcript ends at 16:56 even though the interview goes on from here].

I got the following response from "The Pentagon:"

From: Melnyk, Les LTC OSD PA
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2008 5:50 AM
To: William Fox
Cc: John Stadtmiller, John Moore, Editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast, Boyce, Paul Mr OCPA; Keck, Gary L Col OSD PA
Subject: RE: Request to verify story regarding mobilization of retired military personnel

Mr Fox;
I am forwarding your email to the Army for comment on the allegation that letters are being sent out to all Army retirees calling them back to active duty. However, please note that a review of the US Code will show you that a Full Mobilization (there is no such thing as a General Mobilization) requires further action by Congress in order to authorize the recall of retirees.

LTC Les Melnyk
Defense Press Officer
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs The Pentagon, Room 2D961
(703) 697-5133

I in turn got the following response from "The Army:"

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE
Mr. William B. Fox Publisher,
Phone: 360-875-0197

Dear Mr. Fox,
Thank you for your query, which was forwarded to U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.
There is no full mobilization of the Reserve Components underway. A full mobilization requires Congressional authorization under 10 USC 12301(a).
There is no such thing as a "general mobilization." No Army Retirees have been involuntarily mobilized nor are there plans to do so.
Currently about 1,000 Army Retirees are voluntarily serving on active duty. Since 9/11, about 2,400 Army Retirees in total have volunteered to return to active duty. There are currently about 754,000 members of the Army Retired Reserve, so you can see that those who volunteer to return active duty comprise a select group indeed.
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis recently mailed customer surveys to about 400 Retirees who are now serving voluntarily on active duty, or who were recently released from voluntary active duty. These surveys are not involuntary mobilization orders.
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis is in the process of mailing out muster orders to a number of Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers. IRR Soldiers are not Retirees. They are members of the Ready Reserve. A muster order is not an involuntary mobilization order. In a muster, the IRR Soldier reports to a local Reserve Center to update his personnel records. Then he goes back home. It's a one day event. In 2009 we expect to muster about 14,000 IRR Soldiers. This is an ongoing administrative and personnel requirement and is nothing new. And it has no affect on Retirees. Retirees are not mustered.

Thank you,
Maria Quon
Major, U.S. Army
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis
1 Reserve Way
St. Louis, MO 63132-5200
(314) 592-0726

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

I then responded:

From: William Fox
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:13 PM
To: Quon, Maria J MAJ MIL USA
Cc: John Stadtmiller, John Moore, Editor Lone Star Iconoclast
Subject: Nonverification of story regarding mobilization of retired military personnel (UNCLASSIFIED)

Dear Major Quon:
Thanks for getting back to me with this important information.
There is nothing like being able to go direct to the source to verify information, and I greatly appreciate your prompt reply.
I am pleased that on many past occasions, I have enjoyed direct lines of communication with spokes persons within the Department of Defense when I have asked questions regarding upcoming military exercises and other issues.
While I am always a staunch supporter of a strong national defense and honestly conducted exercises, I believe that we must also be alert to possibility that exercises might get hijacked in some way by alien interests that are fundamentally hostile to the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. national interest. At my web site I carry ebooks by Michael Collins Piper, Col Donn de Grand Pre, and other sources that provide overwhelming evidence that such hijacking and other covert operations have been conducted by the Mossad and its closely allied interests in the past, and are likely to be repeated in the future. In my own author archives as well as those of Capt Eric H. May at this web site, one can see our numerous attempts to try to thwart such hijackings by issuing public alerts. I and other traditional American conservatives are determined to thwart covert operations by alien entities hostile to America by whatever peaceful and legal means possible.
I applaud what I feel are the well-intentioned and patriotic efforts by John Stadtmiller, John Moore, and other alternative media activists to help immediately alert us to potentially threatening situations as they unfold, and I simultaneously applaud individuals such as yourself within the Department of Defense who keep the lines of communication open to help us to clear up any possible "noise" and misperceptions.
As Capt Eric May often likes to put it, there is no such thing as crying wolf too much when one knows for certain that there is really is a wolf outside. And this we do know for certain, there are in fact plenty of real live dangerous wolves outside!

Best regards,
William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books
Former Major, USMCR

My exchange with "The Army" continued with more "cordial communications":

From: Quon, Maria J MAJ MIL USA
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 7:22 AM
To: William Fox Subject:
RE: Nonverification of story regarding mobilization of retired military personnel (UNCLASSIFIED) Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: NONE

I appreciate it that you came to Army Human Resources for information/verification. I commend your journalistic integrity and professionalism. We are keenly aware of the importance of new media and the role of bloggers in our information society, and we are happy to answer your questions.
Are you aware of the DoD Bloggers' Roundtable? It is organized and run by the New Media Directorate of OASD.

Thank you,
Maria Quon Major,
U.S. Army Public Affairs Officer U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis
1 Reserve Way
St. Louis, MO 63132-5200
(314) 592-0726

The following email "wrapped" our email exchange:

From: William Fox
Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2008 12:16 AM
To: 'Quon, Maria J MAJ MIL USA'
Cc: John Stadtmiller, John Moore, Editor Lone Star Iconoclast, Michael Kucharek, PAO USNORTHCOM, LtCol Gary Ross PAO USNORTHCOM
Subject: Reading your response on the Republic Broadcasting Network

Dear Major Quon:
I got on John Stadtmiller's show "The National Intel Report" yesterday afternoon and read your response to me about the mobilization story in order to clear up misinformation/misperceptions among the general public. (One can download the MP3 file for this Friday 21 November 2008 1st hour show at this page).
In addition, Mr. Stadtmiller held a round table discussion with myself and John Moore. We discussed ways to balance the clear need to alert the public to potential indicators of false flag attacks and tyrannical power grabs against the risks of inadvertently disseminating overly speculative and misleading information. I am further developing the web page I cited earlier at: in order to document email exchanges and comment upon lessons learned.
I am glad that we were able to fairly quickly clear up public misperceptions, and I salute the straightforwardness and professionalism demonstrated by individuals I have dealt with at USNORTHCOM, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and your office.

Best regards,
Bill Fox


The following is a transcript of the "round table" session where I read the response from "The Army:"


John Stadtmiller
The National Intel Report
Round table with John Moore
and William B. Fox
1st hour

21 Nov 2008


John Stadtmiller: [1:17] Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, this is the National Intel Report, I am your host John Stadtmiller, it is a Friday ladies and gentlemen. We made it through another week, didn't we? 21st November '08. On today's program I have got John Moore coming online, here in a couple of minutes. I also have Bill Fox, publisher of, and he will be with us in a few minutes. And we are going to be talking again about the --well, let us just call it the call-up of Army personnel that we discussed this past Monday. And ladies and gentlemen, I have had a very interesting conversation with a few people, one of which was --oh, let me get her exact [name] here, Major Maria Quon. She is a United States Public Affairs Officer, the Human Resource Command in St. Louis, Missouri. I talked to her for about half an hour this morning on the issue of this call-up. And it is very interesting what I was told. By the way, I told her. I said, "Look, I am interested in fact. I am not interested in fiction. You are telling me that there is no recall across the board of Army personnel of command grade including warrant officers and NCO's." And she said, "No." (laughter). And ironically she said what some of the people who emailed me. "Oh my gosh, I Googled this, you would think this would be on national news. It would be something Congress would have to approve and it would make a lot of noise." Well, in my conversation with this major, I asked her, I said "Have you ever heard of General Janis Karpinski?" and she says, "Well, of course I have." And I said, "Well you know, they busted her out, reduced her rank." And I said, "Basically she gave up her commission. She is the one who started to investigate Abu Ghraib." And she said, "Yes, I am aware of that." So she was well aware. Now the interesting thing that I got from this major is that you know, we are fully aware that fewer and fewer people are paying attention to the mainstream media, and that more people are turning to the Internet and the blogs for their information, and she said, "I applaud that." I did not exactly press her on that comment. But I told her that I was regular Army, and my tour, and what it involved. And she thanked me for my service. And I said, "I am about the information," and I said "We know what your job is. We know what journalists' jobs are supposed to be. And talk show hosts, no matter what venue they are, they want to be accurate and correct." Now folks, it made some serious ripples in ye olde pond. We had majors, lieutenants -light birds, full birds [colonels], even some generals that got in on this deal and wanted to know if this is true. We are going to be discussing this in further detail on this first hour. David Blum is my guest second hour. So folks I guarantee you it is not going to be a boring Friday show. I want to try to set the record straight here. And we will do that right after this. [Into the break at 4:59].
Stadtmiller [back from the break, 8:21]. We are here with you, ladies and gentlemen, this afternoon on this Friday, and I will be bringing up Bill Fox here from here in a couple of minutes, and I have with me as well John Moore. And John and I did a program on Monday. He came on the program and we were talking about this mobilization. I think we called it a general mobilization, and actually the correct terminology would be a "full mobilization." John Moore, are you there, sir?
John Moore: I am here. Good afternoon sir.
Stadtmiller: How are you doing?
Moore: Outstanding.
Stadtmiller: OK. We caused quite a ripple.
Moore: We caused a firestorm.
Stadtmiller: Yes. Absolutely. And I am appreciative, and I was actually awed and humbled somewhat that so many active and retired military listen to this program for information. So it is important that we are very accurate in what we were reporting. Now John, let me just say that Monday, when you and I did this program, we had --Bill Fox actually went in and transcribed this and sent it over to LtCol Les Melnyk, the Defense Department Press Officer in the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.
Moore: Woah!
Stadtmiller: Yeah. And LtCol Melnyk referred Mr. Fox over to this Major Maria Quon, and she is a major, U.S. Army public affairs officer, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, St. Louis, Missouri. And I had an opportunity to speak with her this morning. Now let us backtrack here for a second to the past show this past Monday. Now you got on the program with me and from the information that you had, that there was a full mobilization, letters were being sent out to all commissioned and warrant officers and NCO's alike. And when we are talking about full mobilization, we are talking about everybody that is still alive and vertical and still breathing. Correct?
Moore: Yes, sir.
Stadtmiller: Now the individual that you got this information from, is there an update to this?
Moore: There is an update. It is more of a clarification of sorts. The letters going out of this office in St. Louis, which by the way is an Army office, are the letters that would re-establish contact with the retirees. The actual mobilization order would be going out from higher headquarters. So that is what these letters are. These are letters to re-establish contact, make sure that they have got correct mailing addresses, telephone numbers, work numbers, and so forth in preparation for the actual mobilization. These letters go out from higher headquarters.
Stadtmiller: Ok, but now the contention still is that these letters are going out to all --now let us be clear about this --is this Individual Ready Reserve? The "IRR"?
Moore: These are all retired officers. Now I got further clarification today. This office is only handling officers. They are not handling NCO's and warrant officers. Officers only.
Stadtmiller: Now this information came out of Missouri?
Moore: Yes sir. St. Louis.
Stadtmiller: OK, well I find it ironic, and I am a little mystified to be honest with you, John, that this Maria --this Major Quon-- is out of St. Louis, and I am assuming that this is the same area of operations. And she checked with her G-3 there. She talked to G-3 in St. Louis, and they said "No, absolutely not." And they made a clarification on this that every month I guess they do this, that they send out 10,000 letters, and this particular time I think they sent out 14,000. But she talked to me about post-deployment health records. The PDHRA's where if they cannot get the person to verify their information, they have them come in --and they are all decked out in civies, they do not come in uniform-- they come in civilian clothes to go over and check the accuracy of their records, both medical and other military records, to make sure that they are correct. And I was told by this Major that this past month, or this month rather, that "We sent out 14,000 letters." But she absolutely denied that there was letters going out to all commissioned officers and she didn't comment specifically on the non-coms, but the commissioned officers. And she said that there were only 14,000.
Moore: Well, that would be for the central part of the country. The country is split into four commands for these purposes, and where she is takes care of about one fourth of the country. And that would be about right in terms of numbers.
Stadtmiller: Do I have Bill Fox here?
Bill Fox: I am here.
Stadtmiller: Hello, Bill.
Fox: Hi.
Stadtmiller: Now --and I was pretty amazed, John, that Bill Fox did this. Because what he did was transcribe the program from last Monday. And Bill, you actually transcribed this and sent it over to this Lieutenant Colonel Les Melnyk over at the Defense Press Office at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Correct?
Fox: Yes. Well I would like to put this in context. I routinely transcribe anything of a controversial nature, plus I am a writer. In fact, I put together manuscripts for potential ebooks. In fact, I am working on one right now that pertains to the work of Captain Eric May --
Stadtmiller: Let us stay --Bill, let us stay centered on the issue that you and I know about.
Fox: Right, but whenever I hear something, I routinely transcribe it. So that is just my modus operandi for anything that I hear on the news, because I like to be totally accurate.
Stadtmiller: OK
Fox: There was not anything special [of a derogatory nature about your program] --and I liked the program so much, you hit so many good points, that I just decided what the heck, I will just keep transcribing for a while so that when I farm it out to a lot of my friends in alternative media, they will be better informed.
Stadtmiller: Bill, can you do me a favor. Can you back your mouthpiece off a little bit, because you are overdriving us.
Fox: OK, is that better?
Stadtmiller: OK, there you go, and we can always bump up the volume on our end.
Fox: Sure.
Stadtmiller: OK, so you transcribed this, and you sent it over to this Lieutenant Colonel Melnyk, OK. And then this was forwarded from Melnyk over to this Major--
Fox: Major Quon.
Stadtmiller: And actually when I called her office she knew exactly who I was and what I was calling about. And I spoke with her on the phone for about half an hour. Now do you want to go over and hit the high points of the information she gave you, or do you would you like me to read this verbatim?
Fox: Well, that is actually what I would do, so why don't you go ahead and read it verbatim?
Stadtmiller: All right. OK, let us back up here, and this was --let me--
Fox: I have it here in front of me.
Stadtmiller: Please. Go ahead and do that, because I have got like 15 emails all linked together here.
Fox: Sure. OK, she said:

Dear Mr. Fox,
Thank you for your query, which was forwarded to the U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.
There is no full mobilization of the Reserve Components underway. A full mobilization requires Congressional authorization under 10 USC 12301(a).
There is no such thing as a "general mobilization." No Army Retirees have been involuntarily mobilized nor are there plans to do so.
Currently about 1,000 Army Retirees are voluntarily serving on active duty. Since 9/11, about 2,400 Army Retirees in total have volunteered to return to active duty. There are currently about 754,000 members of the Army Retired Reserve, so you can see that those who volunteer to return active duty comprise a select group indeed.
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis recently mailed customer surveys to about 400 Retirees who are now serving voluntarily on active duty, or who were recently released from voluntary active duty. These surveys are not involuntary mobilization orders.
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis is in the process of mailing out muster orders to a number of Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Soldiers. IRR Soldiers are not Retirees. They are members of the Ready Reserve. A muster order is not an involuntary mobilization order. In a muster, the IRR Soldier reports to a local Reserve Center to update his personnel records. Then he goes back home. It's a one day event. In 2009 we expect to muster about 14,000 IRR Soldiers. This is an ongoing administrative and personnel requirement and is nothing new. And it has no affect on Retirees. Retirees are not mustered.
Thank you,
Maria Quon
Major, U.S. Army
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis
1 Reserve Way
St. Louis, MO ...and then she gives her zip and phone number.

Stadtmiller: Now John, your source on this, the colonel, or I am sorry, the major, Major Quon, was interested to know where my source of information was on this.
Moore: I bet. I bet.
Stadtmiller: And of course I pointed at your direction. But I did not say that it was a military source that you had spoken to. Now you have since spoken to this same source.
Moore: I have.
Stadtmiller: And they are sticking by the story.
Moore: They have, in fact I expect more details over the next week or so. Stadtmiller: OK, because as I said John, this is causing quite a stir. And we want to be accurate. Now Bill and I were discussing before the program, you know it is one of these issues that you are damned if you do, and you are damned if you do not. And Bill I think I expressed to you that I am very keen on accuracy. Because there are a lot of people out there that are real scared. There is a lot of funny stuff happening in this country right now. And by funny I don't mean "Giddy -Ha! Ha!" I mean very, very strange things happening in this country. This country is literally falling apart before our very eyes.
Moore: Right.
Stadtmiller: And it is important that we be as accurate as humanly possible. And to be honest with you, gentlemen, I also have a reputation to protect. I mean I actually own a radio network, and there are 37 different talk show hosts on this network. If I cannot keep my stuff straight, how on God's green earth can I ever expect anyone else to keep their stuff straight on this network if I don't set the example? Let us take the break here, and we will bring these fine gentlemen back right after this break [19:58].
Stadtmiller: [Coming out of break at 23:12]. With me is John Moore and William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books. And just in case you are just joining us, ladies and gentlemen, we did a program last Monday with Mr. Moore which involves information which came to him --and by the way, did this individual seek you out or --how did you come about this individual?
Moore: Well, he is a friend. We have been friends for 12-15 years. And when things come up he thinks I need to know about, he lets me know.
Stadtmiller: OK. All right. So --and he did tell you -- let me just make this perfectly clear--because I am running on about two hours sleep this morning. From this morning, about 6:00 AM I finally went to bed. He in fact told you the letters going out for the full mobilization.
Moore: For all retired officers. That is precisely his words.
Stadtmiller: OK. And we have got --you spoke to Major Quon, Bill, and she told you this was absolutely not the case, and she told me that as well, personally herself, this morning.
Fox: Actually all that I have interacted with her on was the email exchange that you have seen. So actually you have spoken with her. I have never spoken with her. You have, I haven't.
Stadtmiller: And this Col Melnyk, you spoke to him personally?
Fox: No, actually that was just an email exchange as well. I called his office and I was told to send him an email.
Stadtmiller. All right. OK.
Fox: Now I have spoken with folks at USNORTHCOM, and they referred me to the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Stadtmiller: OK.
Fox: Which, incidentally, is the standard operating procedure for doing the things that I do. I have been very much involved ever since the summer of 2007 in trying to pick up indicators for possible false flag hijackings of military exercises.
Stadtmiller: Right.
Fox: So I routinely call up USNORTHCOM and [various other commands to include] the Office of the Secretary of Defense to try to get things straight from the horse's mouth. I mean I realize that a lot of things that I do can be misinterpreted as being intimidating. For example, I tend to take copious notes. I tend to like to get things verbatim as transcripts. And I like to info people. So for example, you know I maintain the web site, so I typed out that transcript a little extra long [of your Monday show] because I was info-copying people like Mike Piper and [other] people at the American Free Press and I wanted them to get the full flavor of it in case it was a full-blown story and I wanted to efficiently get it out very quickly, but I realize--
Stadtmiller: Bill, you are overdriving me again.
Fox: OK
Stadtmiller: Just keep that thing [the microphone on your headset], keep a couple of thumbs between that mouthpiece and your mouth, if you would please. Go ahead, continue.
Fox: Another point I wanted to make is that I think the national situation totally justifies reporting indicators as they unfold. So I have absolutely no problems with what yourself and John Moore are doing. In fact, I think it is totally right and totally necessary. As long as we present to the public that we are reporting indicators as they unfold, the national situation is so horrible that we absolutely do have to operate as an interactive collective intelligence medium where we report indicators to the public. And of course we try to verify them. Go direct to the source. And we try to update and verify and then qualify our information as we are doing right now on the air. So there are absolutely no problems as far as I am concerned with what you folks are doing. And I don't think you should beat yourselves up for it. I think you did exactly the right thing.
Stadtmiller: I don't want to misconstrue this as beating myself up, any more than I am beating up Mr. John Moore about this. But this is information that on the outset, when we report this, you know, as I said to you, Bill, I said kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. I have no problems putting that information out as such. And let the inquiries be made as they will. But we had generals calling this office wanting to know where we got this information. As a matter of fact, one of my staff was on a conference call with the Pentagon, with a general, to try to verify this information. So these ripples went rather deep, and as I said, my only concern about this issue --I have not a problem reporting anything-- if it is in the interest of the people's security. Because we know what we are up against here. And what we don't know, and what I don't like to do, is add too much flavor or my opinion to support any given fact. In other words, I don't like to embellish. I like to give people the straight poop and let it go where it may. I have no problem with that at all. And I just want to make sure that we are all on the same page and we are all reporting the same things.
Moore: I agree, John. And I think at this point you and I should have private discussions and get clarification before we do any more public release.
Stadtmiller: I think you are right there. I think you're right there, and we can bring in John whoever we need to make the right contacts. And quite frankly, Bill, I don't care if anybody denies anything. Our redress to the government or the military has not been stellar, let us just say, and we know that there are certain facts that are always withheld from the public supposedly for our own good or national security or whatever the case. And I have no problem going anywhere that even angels fear to tread. I have got no problem with that. But we have got to be factual and 100% about our information to the best of our ability to garner such intelligence. So that is my only concern there.
Fox: Right, well we want the public to always feel wide open, to include members of the media, to forward information to you, to include speculative indicators. The other thing is, remember --for example, you know, the summer of the Kennebunkport Warning where we had Chertoff saying he had a gut feeling something heavy was going to go down, and Cheney said that if something happened, we might have more casualties than our other wars put together, hinting it might be about a million. I meant we have been hearing hints about mini-nuke stuff going off, and now we hear media reports about how Al Qaeda might be up to something. Well, I personally believe along with other cyber activists that I work with, not only that 9/11 was an inside job --[rising music sound for break in the background].
Stadtmiller: Hold on Bill, I don't know if you can hear that bumper, but that means on this program we have to cut away to the bottom of the hour break. Mr. Moore, Mr. Fox, hang on one second, we will be right back. [29:47]
Stadtmiller: [33:16] By the way, I wanted to tell you Bill, my source on the AEG information, that was included in that transcript that went over to the military, again I got information today that they moved in another five trailers, that they have the magnetic resonance machinery, what do they call it, MRI machine that was moved in to this location. And this was a coal-fired plant. And I told my source, I said, "You have got to be, absolutely 100% sure of this information. I said pictures would be nice. But I was assured that it was a source that was trusted for many years, and they would not try to "Blue Sky" anyone. And I said, "That is fine, but I what am asking is a re-verification of facts." Because we are living in a very, how should we say it John? Tempestuous times.
Moore: Well, they are times that are changing dramatically and very quickly.
Stadtmiller: Well, I have been watching the Internet, I have been watching for anybody else who picked up on our story, and everybody has remained silent about this. Either they don't believe us, or other people have verified this and found it not to be true. So we are sticking with the story for now. Pending any further notification, John, I guess we need to discuss the area of operations here and coordinate a little bit better. By the way I sent you an email and I requested your phone contact information. I did not get anything back from you.
Moore: Oh, I just called you. I did not send anything. If we can get the engineer off the air, I will give it.
Stadtmiller: Very good.
Fox: Can I comment Mr. Stadtmiller on how fundamentals are driving the necessity for a hyper-vigilant posture?
Stadtmiller: Hyper-vigilant posture, but paranoid I want to leave out.
Fox: Yes, well, you know ever since the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombing, we have been told by media it is not a question of "if," but "when" we will have a repeat 9/11 attack. And I believe there is overwhelming evidence that the Madrid bombing as well as the July 7, 2005 London subway bombings were inside [Mossad-CIA] jobs, just like 9/11. In fact there have been scare tactics in the Houston area. There is a retired Naval Commander Klock who was running a campaign that had a bill board in Houston showing what looked like a nuclear device going off in Houston saying "The Threat is Real." We know from Seymour Hersch that Dick Cheney in his office was discussing a false flag operation possibly using U.S. Navy SEALS where they make an attack on a U.S. Naval vessel to justify a U.S. attack on Iran. We hear the rhetoric now whipping up with the War Party --if you go to against Iran. We know that America on a fundamental level is in horrible financial shape, and we are probably headed towards a hyperinflationary melt-down. And we know that the War Party really does --for example there is a person named Wayne Madsen who puts out the Wayne Madsen Report, a former Naval intelligence officer, who says that if Netanyahu gets in --I think the elections in Israel are going to be some time in February -- I think it is almost a sure deal that first off Israel will start something with Iran and probably try every way it can to suck in America, so we have an extremely serious situation. I mean ever since the Madrid bombing there are national and global media reports about how maybe there are some lost suitcase nukes from the former Soviet period. That is a whole other discussion about how real that is, but then we have after the Kennebunkport Warning -- the B52 "loose nukes" situation. There is some speculation that there might be one of those [loose nukes] still unaccounted for. Again, we had the saber rattling, actually going back to the summer before last, where people like Cheney and Chertoff said that we could practically expect --they had a gut feeling something really big could go down. In fact, incidentally, coming up here are some other important points I need to make. Colin Powell in a news interview said that he was concerned that something horrible was going to happen after he thinks Obama might get in after January 20th. I have done my own research on Obama. It is my feeling that he is every bit as problematic --as bad-- if not potentially worse than Bush. He is controlled by the same cabal. We know --going back to even Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the Israelis and Mossad have heavily infiltrated the Department of Defense. ["I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to [Israel] ... They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wouldn't write anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms."] Now I try to use a hands out in the open, all cards on the table, good guy approach dealing with people in DoD. I go straight to these people. I am wide open with them. I try to treat most people I come in contact with --I often info copy the FBI -- I am trying to be totally open, take the attitude that, you know, everybody in the military is an honest, a good patriotic American unless proven otherwise. But I also know at the same time that the Mossad has heavily infiltrated the Department of Defense, and the Jewish Lobby has tremendous power, and the agenda is very much by the Jewish Lobby to drag America into another war. And it is a very serious threat, and these people play for keeps, and they are prepared to kill people. And I guess one other point I will make is there is this incident, I do not know to what extent you have covered it, but Wayne Madsen has covered it very extensively. The shooting of Roland Carnaby. There is tremendous evidence he was a CIA operative in Houston who was shot by Houston police, and the police have staged a big cover up. He apparently was trying to fend off [further] infiltration of Houston by the Mossad [to include possible importation of a mini-nuke]. Apparently there is [already] heavy Mossad activity in Houston.
Stadtmiller: Yes.
Fox: We are talking about very serious stuff. There have been--
Stadtmiller: It is very serious. Bill, it is as serious as one person will take this. And before the program today, I know that source of information. And I was not satisfied that it was legitimate, and I did not want to cover it because I did not have enough information. I was lambasted as either (a) working for the other side or (b) I was just some kind of wing nut that was not cooperative and I was anti-American. Now Bill, you and I had this conversation before this program, and we both know the individual we are talking about. [Captain Eric May in his early period of activism in 2003-2004]. And I would not cover it, and I would not cover it because there was not enough fact that I could follow and trace back and report on it, because all that I saw at the time was kind of like a counter intelligence little spook operation that legitimized that we are under serious Muslim threat in this country, but it was put to me as just open terrorists, but it was not blamed on Mossad or any one particular group. But at that time the climate was that we were having gradient scales of the threat against the United States, so that is the reason I did not cover that at the time.
Fox: Well I understand. This individual [Capt May], as I also mentioned, at that period was very upset with what he called the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up, where he felt the real casualties in Baghdad were totally white-washed. And the U.S. media used Jessica Lynch to cover up the fact that hundreds of American soldiers and Marines died trying to take Baghdad. And he was very bitter, and he used a very belligerent approach with a lot of people. He has mellowed out since.
Stadtmiller: I would say belligerent is mild, because you were not privy to some of the conversations I had with him. But I don't like being -- [According to Capt Eric May, Stadtmiller did a congratulatory interview with him on March 31, 2004, the day after he claimed to successfully predict a major terror event in the Houston area culminating in the British Petroleum refinery explosion on March 30th, but unfortunately that recording has been lost].
Fox: But he has gotten over that. He is a very bright guy. He had one of the highest language IQ's in the U.S. Army. A former Army intelligence officer. I have been working with him, and I have been working with other people too. At my web site you will see the archives of alerts I have been putting out before major national exercises, because when we see --I mean, let us face it-- according to Webster Tarpley there were something like 25 military exercises going on during 9/11. Some people say 17, I do not know what the [exact] number is, but apparently that is a prime indicator when there is a huge national exercise. That is a perfect opportunity for false flag operators to hijack them. Then when we see major defense assets, like for example these various Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare teams --they use a different acronym now like "CCMRF" [CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force]--but anyway when they are involved-- that is a big indicator. Then when there is a high command post drill, when we have someone like [Department of Homeland Security Director] Chertoff or [Vice President] Cheney is going back into the bunker, or we have many different commands, such as the Department of Homeland Security involved --that is an indicator. We are trying to create a profile of all the different kinds of indicators that stack the deck towards a false flag hijacking. And when we see those indicators stack up, we issue alerts. So I have been working, for example, with Professor Jim Fetzer, the founder of 9/11 Scholars for Truth [Scholars for 9/11 Truth], creating joint alerts with him, and also with LtCol Guy Razer, a former command fighter pilot in the Air Force, and Sergeant First Class Buswell, and former intelligence officer Captain May, we all have been co-authoring alerts going out to the public saying "Here are indicators. We hope we are wrong. We hope we are wrong and we don't want to see this go off!" We have been--
Stadtmiller: You are overdriving again, Bill. You have to back that phone off.
Fox: OK. But you see I have been in the business --nonprofit volunteer-- but I have been working with other individuals co-authoring alerts that we have been posting on independent media sites--
Stadtmiller: I understand.
Fox: And we have been doing this for some time now, to include possible martial law clamp downs, like when the Marines were drilling in the Indianapolis area, we put a potential martial law clamp down alert. And once again we are not saying it is going to happen. We are just saying that indicators are lining up. We see disturbing behaviors. And we want to report them to the public. So I am totally on the same page as yourself and John Moore. This is what we have to do.
Stadtmiller: All right. Bill, I appreciate you coming up on the program today.
Fox: Well it has been my pleasure. I feel honored to be on the show with you folks. And again I salute your good work. I think, you know having been an activist for patriotic causes, I know how hard it is to get the word out to the public. And you have done an incredible job. You have been amazingly effective. I listen to many different shows all the time, to include Mike Piper's, whose web site I support at I am the web master for that. And I just salute your work in getting suppressed information out to the public. I mean there is a very thin line of activists who are at least giving this country some chance of working through extremely serious problems in a rational way, and I think that you are a prime leader among the people promoting 9/11 truth and patriotic causes.
Stadtmiller: And we need to keep it exactly that way, because we are always --no pun intended-- on that razor's edge. Thank you Bill Fox.
Fox: My pleasure.
Stadtmiller: OK, sir. John Moore.
Moore: I am standing by.
Stadtmiller: Ahmmmm... (long pause)
Moore: I think it is time to step back and take a deep breath.
Stadtmiller: I think so.
Moore: And look at all this and get more information that is solid, that we can rely on before we do any more public reporting.
Stadtmiller: I am in agreement with you, sir. I tell you what, you are already here, do you want to take a few phone calls?
Moore: Sure. [end of transcript at 46:02, although the show continues]


Michael Collins Piper and the Sam Danner Affair

The "Sam Danner Affair" that took place on Michael Collins Piper's Republic Broadcasting Network show back in July 2006. It is a good example about why it is so important to double-check and verify sources. As noted in the Mike Piper's show notes:

Fri., July 7, 2006 (Individual MP3) Special Guest: Chris Bollyn standing in for Samuel Danner, [who claims to be an] eyewitness to a Global Hawk drone that he saw hit the Pentagon on 9-11. Danner, who has pilot experience, was on the 395 freeway just south of the Pentagon as the aircraft flew in, and he got a good look at it. The bulbous nose, lack of passenger windows, V-tail, Gulf Stream 300 size, and three foot diameter jet engine near the tail made it clear to him this was no Boeing 757, as reported in the official government story. In addition, Danner went to the crash site to volunteer his Emergency Medical Technician skills, and saw only the three foot diameter engine, small scraps of aluminum (consistent with a Global Hawk, whereas a 757 would have produce large scraps), no human remains, and bits of carbon fiber consistent with carbon fiber composition of Global Hawk wings. It would have required a missile with depleted uranium to penetrate three barrier walls of the Pentagon from a weaponized Global Hawk UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and indeed Mr. Danner contracted lymphoma and was in such poor health he was unable to call in to the show. Chris Bollyn relied on earlier conversations and recordings.

Lo and behold, Danner's story turned out to be a hoax, as noted in the following show notes:

Fri., August 11, 2006: Individual MP3: Click Here) [Notes from RBN site:] Michael Collins Piper announced on tonight's broadcast that controversial 9-11 Pentagon "witness," Sam Danner had appeared on with Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani and finally admitted that his story about being at the Pentagon at the time of the 9-11 incident had been fabricated. Although many of Piper's audience had alternately urged Piper to either say nothing more about Danner or to support Danner (who was under fire from independent 9-11 investigators who questioned Danner's story), Piper insisted that he was going to follow the story to the end and that if Danner finally confessed that his story was not true, that Piper would report it. Piper pointed out that —after having had Danner on the program several times—that if he (Piper) had NOT reported Danner's confession, critics would have said that Piper was trying to cover up that confession and keep the story alive. Piper has pointed out that even Alex Jones, who has been called the leader of the 9-11 truth movement, had Danner on the program even well after Danner had been on Piper's program several times and had been seriously questioned by such 9-11 truth movement leaders as Russell Pickering. "I have no apologies for pursuing the story to its conclusion, no matter how much of a disappointment it may be to anyone," Piper has said. Piper pointed out that in his 25 years as a journalist for The Spotlight newspaper and then for American Free Press (see for information on subscribing) that he has seen many frauds and phonies come and go. They pop up in the "patriot" movement and do the talk show circuit, get interviewed in patriot publications, and sometimes even soak patriots for tens of thousands of dollars. That's one reason why Piper has said that he isn't quite anxious to have every "instant patriot celebrity" on his program and Piper noted the irony that he had actually given so much air time to Sam Danner who proved to be a false tale-spinner. Piper congratulated Danner for having had the guts to admit publicly that he had been spinning a story. Piper noted that, over the years, he and his associates at The Spotlight and American Free Press had been heartily criticized by people for not giving publicity to certain patriot celebrities for the precise reason that those persons were deemed suspicious by The SPOTLIGHT and American Free Press. In the end, however, those phonies were exposed as the frauds that they are. In response to a caller, Piper noted that American Free Press barely survives financially and only does so thanks to the contributions of grass-roots patriots. There are no secret behind-the-scenes financiers propping up the populist news weekly.

While I believe that the official government story about 9/11 is mostly false, to include its account that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, we still have to pursue hypotheses better supported by facts and avoid any likely false trails.
I think that Michael Collins Piper handled the Sam Danner affair well. He was open to new witness testimony by having Sam Danner on the show in the first place. This openness is a good thing. At the same time, once new information surfaced that contradicted Danner, he got it out to the public immediately in order to protect his credibility and journalistic integrity.

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