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Chapter 36

Swine Flu Bio War

To his credit, Capt. May was “first in” once again compared to most other political observers to recognize the seriousness of the renewed false flag pandemic threat that arose in spring 2009.
Actually, this threat went beyond just “seriousness.” The more one begins to dig, the more the swine flu biowar threat of 2009 begins to look like something out of a James Bond novel. If they had been left unchecked, the psychopaths who pushed this threat could have easily created a global catastrophe.
I previously discussed the false flag pandemic threat in Chapter 16 regarding the bogus Bird Flu threat which followed the Hurricane Katrina fiasco in fall 2005.
There is also another important precursor to the 2009 swine flu pandemic I need to mention up front, namely the 1976 swine flu mass vaccination program that became a colossal flop. "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace reported that the vaccine killed hundreds and caused neurological damage in 4,000, doing more damage than the flu itself.
I contend in this chapter that false flag pandemics have a paradoxical way of ranging somewhere between potential bluster to posing an extremely dangerous threat at the same time.
If they are interdicted early by activists --as was the 2009 swine flu threat-- they can become a bad joke. If the public remains asleep, the psychopaths who promulgate them can kill off more people than the highest estimates of 1918 Spanish flu fatalities, or over 100 million people. These psychopaths can also institute martial law and other horrors I will elaborate upon later.
An important part of the interdiction effort involves closely monitoring high level government-related organizations. An important byproduct of our research into this pandemic involved uncovering breathtaking levels of corruption in the U.N. World Health Organization, not to mention U.S. government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Disease Control, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is just like other chapters in this series where we deal with the FBI, CIA, and various agencies of the Department of Defense in regard to other types of false flag threats. As usual, the foxes are guarding the henhouses.

In his 1 June 2009 article "The Truth about Flu Shots," Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Global Research, described how even the seemingly innocuous annual flu shot have with themselves toxic "Trojan Horse" ingredients that can cause serious health problems many years down the line:

• Egg proteins: including avian contaminant viruses such as avian leucosis
• Gelatin: known to cause allergic reactions and anaphylaxis - usually associated with sensitivity to egg or gelatin proteins
• Polysorbate 80 (Tween 80): can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis
• Formaldehyde: known carcinogen
• Triton X100: a strong detergent
• Sucrose: table sugar
• Resin: known to cause allergic reactions
• Gentamycin: an antibiotic
• Thimerosal: 49.6 percent ethyl mercury (still in multidose vials)

In his 3 Aug 2009 article "Vaccination Myths and Truths," Stephen Lendman, a Republic Broadcasting Network talk show host and associate of Michel Choussodovsky at, exploded the following myths about vaccines:

Myth No. 1: Vaccines are safe
Under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System) was established. Annually, it reports about 11,000 serious vaccine reactions, including up to 200 deaths and many more permanent disabilities.
Far more alarming is the following;
-- the FDA estimates that only 1% of serious adverse reactions are reported;
-- CDC says it's 10%;
-- medical school students testified before Congress that they're told not to report these incidents;
-- according to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), only one in 40 New York doctors reported adverse vaccine reactions or deaths;
-- international studies show vaccines cause up to 10,000 US SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths annually, and at least half of them are from vaccines;
-- another study determined that 3000 US children die annually from vaccines;
-- poor reporting in America suggests that annual adverse vaccine reactions, in fact, number from 100,000 - one million;
-- since 1988, the government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) paid families of affected children $1.2 billion in damages;
-- as authorized by the 2006 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, HHS Secretary Sebelius, granted drug companies legal immunity (except for impossible to prove willful misconduct) to proliferate dangerous, untested Swine Flu vaccines globally;
-- vaccines are legally mandated in all 50 US states, though legally avoidable in most (under normal circumstances) as explained below;
-- in settling vaccine damage suits, drug companies impose gag orders to keep vital information from the public; and
-- insurers refuse to cover adverse vaccine reactions because of the high potential liability they'd face.
Truth No. 1 Vaccinations cause high numbers of severe reactions, permanent disabilities, and deaths as well as an enormous personal and public cost. Virtually none of this gets reported...

Myth No. 2: Vaccines are very effective
Medical literature documents significant numbers of vaccine failures for measles, mumps, small pox, pertussis, polio and Hib-causing bacterial meningitis and pneumonia. In 1989, Oman experienced a widespread polio outbreak six months after completing a population-wide immunization program. In Kansas (in 1986), 90% of 1300 reported pertussis cases were "adequately vaccinated," and 72% of Chicago pertussis incidents in 1993 had been as well.
Truth No. 2 Evidence shows that vaccinations are an unreliable and dangerous way to prevent illness and disease.

Myth No. 3: Low US disease rates are attributable to vaccines
From 1850 - 1940, well before mandatory vaccination programs, the British Association for the Advancement of Science reported a 90% decrease in childhood diseases due to improved sanitation and hygiene practices. By 1945, US medical authorities noted a 95% drop in deaths from the leading childhood infectious diseases (diphtheria, pertussis, scarlet fever and measles), well before mass-immunizations began.
A recent WHO report found that third world disease and mortality rates had no direct correlation with immunization programs, but closely relate to hygiene and diet standards.
Truth No. 3 No evidence links vaccines with infectious disease declines. Proper hygiene and diet practices may be far more effective.

Myth No. 4: Sound immunization theory and practice prove the effectiveness of vaccines
Although vaccines stimulate antibody production, no evidence suggests that alone assures immunity. A 1950 British Medical Council-published study found no relationship between antibody count and disease incidence. Natural immunization involves many bodily organs and systems. Artificially producing antibodies can't achieve it.
Research also shows how squalene adjuvants harm the human immune system, making it susceptible to numerous illnesses and diseases ranging from very annoying to life threatening. In addition, the "herd immunity" notion of mass-immunizations effectiveness is largely discredited. Just the opposite is true as evidence shows that fully vaccinated populations have experienced epidemics numerous times in the past.
Further, vaccine effectiveness "remains scientifically unproven" because no double blind studies have been conducted to do it. Significantly, recent disease outbreaks have affected more vaccinated children than unvaccinated ones. And the common practice of "one size fits all" is troublesome. It lets tiny newborns get the same dosage as a five year old. It tolerates dubious quality control practices producing what's known as "Hot Lots" - ones associated with disproportionately high death and disability rates.
Shockingly, the FDA refuses to act preventatively against them. In fact, individual vaccine lots have almost never been recalled even when associated with severe adverse reactions. Instead, they're administered under the assumption that all recipients respond the same, regardless of race, ethnicity, genetic makeup, or other characteristics.
A recent New England Journal of Medicine-reported study found that a significant number of Romanian children receiving polio vaccine contracted the disease. Evidence linked antibiotic injections to it. One inoculation raised the polio risk eight-fold; two - nine shots, 27-fold, and 10 or more 182-fold.
New research may reveal other unknown hazards, but public safety won't be addressed until government health officials act responsibly, report accurately, and adequately protect their populations from vaccines they never should allow.
Truth No. 4 Many supposed vaccine truths have, in fact, been proved false.

Russell Blaylock, MD., explains why scientific literature shows
the swine flu no worse than seasonal flu, Part 1 of 4. Some vaccinations are causing neurological damage as much as 10-15 years later; to include "smoldering brain inflamation" See also Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


In late spring 2009, Jane Burgermeister, a former medical researcher and journalist, filed charges against Obama, the World Health Organization, Baxter International, and other pharmaceutical-related interests. She charged that the H1N1 swine flu vaccination campaign was a Trojan Horse aimed at creating a global pandemic and mass depopulation of the planet.
In her 22 Aug 2009 first hour interview with Mark Anderson, on his Republic Broadcasting Network Show, Jane Burgermeister described her initial awakening:

Anderson: [A global genocide program ] is a big charge to make, and I am not--I have to of course follow standard journalistic procedure and play a little bit of the devil's advocate, but how did that become clear to you all at once, or did it became clear to you gradually that this was a death by injection plot as you are charging in your law suit?
Burgermeister: It only became clear to me gradually, and a key piece of the evidence was supplied by a Dr. Rebecca Carley and Patrick Jordan, who discovered WHO memos from 1972.
Anderson: I have heard of them, yes. But I have not seen them. Go on.
Burgermeister: Well, they have explained how to turn vaccines into ways of killing people.

8 Sept 2009 Project Camelot interview with medical journalist Jane Burgermeister about how and why she became a whistleblower against high level malefactors behind false flag pandemics. Other videos with Ms. Burgermeister here.


At her web site, Jane Burgermeister describes the “One, Two, Three, Dead” 1972 WHO Memoranda:

WHO Bulletin 47, No 2 Memordanda #1 and #2 technically outline the ability to create biological weapons in the form of vaccines that:

  1. First totally disable the Immune System.
  2. Load every cell of the Victim’s body up with Infection.
  3. Switch the Immune System on causing the host to kill themselves in a Cytokine Storm.

...For every crime, there needs to be motive, an indication that it was deliberate, planned. The WHO memorandums provide the evidence of just that deliberate, long-term planning to kill people by weakening their immune system by use of the first vaccine, injecting a live virus into their body by a second, and creating a cytokine storm using squalene in a third.

This may seem far-fetched to many readers until we look closely at how medical personnel, pharmaceutical companies, and the power elite may become corrupted and covertly malevolent in phases.
For starters, major pharmaceutical companies have the potential to make hundreds of billions of dollars in profits off artificial pandemics worldwide. Many governments have been bought off by drug lobbies. They are able to spend untold billions of their taxpayers' money to buy vaccines to ostensibly protect their populations. This is true even when researchers subsequently demonstrate that pandemic threats are overhyped by controlled media, and the vaccines themselves are not only ineffective, but actually pose a greater danger than the pandemics themselves.

Wayne Madsen, July 16, 2009 on RT:
Man-made flu and vaccine profits


Even worse, many researchers have demonstrated that vaccines can carry toxic ingredients that permanently degrade the immune system. This sets up populations for more illnesses, which in turn makes it easier to foist each successive fraudulent but highly profitable vaccination campaign.
Vaccines often carry live viruses of the very diseases they are supposed to protect against, so that vaccination subjects can become infectious agents who spread diseases further rather than inhibit them, bolstering the sales of big pharma vaccines even more.
Many medical scholars believe that the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic was created by the very vaccines that were supposed to prevent it. I provide an overview of this fiasco on my false flag pandemic web page as follows:

1918 Spanish Flu. According to Wikipedia, the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic killed between 50 to 100 million people and infected about one third the world population. A number of sources claim that it was the result of a U.S. Army vaccine experiment that went awry, especially since the earliest outbreaks have been traced to U.S. troop concentrations following vaccinations. A good short introductory article is: "The 1918 Influenza Epidemic was a Vaccine-caused Disease" from page 28 of Vaccination: The Silent Killer by E. McBean Honorof. Another author Gary Matsumoto states in Chapter 3 of Vaccine-A: "By all accounts, the great Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 wasn't really Spanish at all. It was American. In fact, it was an Army flu. The first victim, the `index patient,' was an Army private named Albert Gitchell who worked as a cook at the Army's Camp Funston on the vast Fort Riley military reservation in Kansas. It is believed that U.S. troops heading to Europe brought this flu with them. Before it was over, more than 20 [Editor's Note: He probably forgot to tack on "million"] people had died of influenza around the world—the deadliest natural disaster in world history. Army scientists wanted to prevent another global killer from emerging from an Army post where new recruits might become an unintended hatchery for some vicious new flu strain that once again could wipe out millions of people..." In Chapter 4: Death & Vaccination of Murder By Injection: The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America author Eustace Mullins comments: "Medical historians have finally come to the reluctant conclusion that the great flu `epidemic' of 1918 was solely attributable to the widespread use of vaccines. It was the first war in which vaccination was compulsory for all servicemen. The Boston Herald reported that forty-seven soldiers had been killed by vaccination in one month. As a result, the military hospitals were filled, not with wounded combat casualties, but with casualties of the vaccine. The epidemic was called `the Spanish Influenza,' a deliberately misleading appellation, which was intended to conceal its origin. This flu epidemic claimed twenty million victims; those who survived it were the ones who had refused the vaccine. In recent years, annual recurring epidemics of flu recalled `the Russian Flu.' For some reason, the Russians never protest, perhaps because the Rockefellers make regular trips to Moscow to lay down the party line. The perils of vaccination were already known. Plain Talk magazine notes that `during the Franco-Prussian War, every German soldier was vaccinated. The result was that 53,288 otherwise healthy men developed smallpox. The death rate was high.'"

It can get worse than all this. Vaccination campaigns are the perfect delivery system to conduct mass genocide without leaving fingerprints. They can include toxins designed to do most of their damage to people years after injection, like time bombs.
Since vaccine ingredients are injected directly into the blood stream, they bypass the human immune system and can stay in the body forever. As a matter of fact, a growing number of medical doctors such as Rebecca Carley, M.D., who interviewed me for her Republic Broadcasting Network Show (see a later segments in this chapter), have come to question the whole vaccination concept in the first place. According to Dr. Carley, injections bypass the normal human infection process, and hence the body's defensive system that they are supposed to enhance. Instead, they unnaturally stimulate the human immunological system, often having harmful side effects.

Rebecca Carley, M.D., woke up to medical establishment skullduggery and the vaccination threat when her own son Joey was neurologically damaged by a vaccine. She was able to reverse much of the damage through natural remedies.


Dr. Carley explains that an important reason why the medical profession today acquiesces to vaccinations --even though a significant percentage of doctors refuse to have their own children get vaccinated -- is because it fits the "allopathic medical model" promoted by American Medical Association monopolists and research foundations funded by Rothschild confederates like the Rockefellers. Rather than deal with the fact that disease may be related to degradation of the overall immune system, largely due to poor nutrition, lack of sleep, inability to properly handle stress, lack of exercise, poor spirituality, and other "whole body health" issues, the allopathic medical model focuses upon targeting specific pathogens and prescribing medications, giving shots, radiating tissue, and cutting things out of the body. Paradoxically, while these measures may successfully manage symptoms and knock out specific pathogens, they often degrade the overall immune system and make an individual even more vulnerable to disease over the long run.
But never mind, because neither medical doctors --nor the pharmaceutical companies who they really work for -- can make very much money if they no longer pretend that they have a "silver bullet" for almost every medical condition. Many doctors prefer to live in an imaginary world where each new patient means a new prescription and a ring for the cash register. Furthermore, medical doctors are extremely reluctant to expose fellow doctors for fear that their licenses might get revoked by state medical boards or they will no longer receive sympathetic "expert testimony" in the event of a major malpractice suit.
Economists call all of this "rent-seeking," which is quite common in many other industries and professions. As some examples, the military-industrial complex keeps Congressional funding flowing for weapons systems in return for perpetually chasing after imaginary "terrorists," and most American politicians keep campaign donations flowing by working for professional lobbyists instead of for the people.
Getting back to the topic of vaccinations and biowar, vaccines can contain genetic material designed to combine with other genetic material introduced in subsequent vaccination campaigns to create lethal viruses, analogous to the way U.S. Army chemical "A" and "B" components kept separately inside artillery shell warheads while in storage are designed to mix and create a lethal gas once the shell has been fired and the warhead is spinning in flight. They can also help turn the immune system off and back as described in the aforementioned "One, Two, Three, Dead" WHO memo.
Last, but not least, vaccines may contain ingredients designed to accomplish other purposes besides kill people, such as increase sterility in human populations in furtherance of covert population control or overt global depopulation schemes like U.N. Agenda 21.
The synthetic pandemic threat can also accomplish important political purposes for criminal oligarchs. At a basic level, they can use the threat of pandemics to increase martial law training and other forms of centralization, surveillance, or restriction on civil liberties that I described in Chapter 31.
At an intermediate level, they can ruthlessly cut off the ability of rebels against the New World Order to communicate and politically organize by using a pandemic as a pretext to declare martial law, lock down the Internet, and herd dissidents into FEMA camps designed for extermination or converting people into slave work units.
At the maximum level, a criminal elite can use the lethality of an actual pandemic to ruthlessly kill off all potential opponents faster than they can organize against them, much like the savagely ruthless Red Terror promulgated by the Bolsheviks. At one point, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Bolsheviks arrested one fourth of the population of Leningrad (now St. Petersberg). According to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, at any one time in the Stalinist era the GULAG population typically averaged about 50 million people, and comprised not only a major portion of the Soviet economy, but also actually financed the secret police themselves.
The plot thickens even further when we discover that the Rothschilds and other elite Zionist families not only played a key role in financing the Bolshevik Revolution (see The New Babylon by Michael Collins Piper, The International Jew by Henry Ford, or the works by Professor Carroll Quigley, to name just a few sources), but have also worked alongside other criminal allies such as the Rockefellers in New York to play a key role in funding "medical research" and encouraging government many biowar programs through most of the 20th century. In addition, the Rockefellers have played a key role in funding the World Health Organization, which actually owns patents on many of the viruses it is supposed to guard against.
Once again, we are back to the immortal words of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover: "The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
A good starting point to cover the 2009 swine flu pandemic scare was our May 7th alert, and the strange circumstances surrounding Obama's April trip to Mexico and the outbreak of swine flu in that country.

On Sept. 10, 2008, while on the Presidential candidate circuit, Obama condemned a “made-up controversy” by stating “You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig, but It is Still A Pig.”

The Swine Flu Mask
For the Pig Power Elite

By Maj. William B. Fox
and Capt. Eric H. May

May 7, 2009

Special to the Iconoclast

William B. Fox

Most of our false flag alerts to date have involved threats of repeated “inside job” overt violence reminiscent of such “terror templates” as the 9-11 New York and Pentagon strikes and the 3-11-2004 Madrid and 7-7-2005 London bombings.
In all of this, we must never overlook pestilence as a handy card in the terror hand of the power elite. They can use disease scenarios to justify:

  • Burying embarrassing news.
  • Declaring martial law, quarantine, or other suspensions of civil liberties under the guise of national emergency.
  • Running terror drills that increase federal control of local first responders.
  • Providing pretexts for more obedience training and surveillance of the general population.


Past as Prologue

"Amerithrax." According to Wikipedia: “The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, also known as Amerithrax from its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case name, occurred over the course of several weeks beginning on Sept. 18, 2001. Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting 17 others. The primary suspect was not publicly identified until 2008.”
Outcome: “Amerithrax” intimidated Congressmen. The Orwellian Patriot Act quickly slid through the legislative process. In his Aug. 4, 2008 article “Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up?,” 1 AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer Mark Glenn noted that the weapons grade anthrax which killed the senators could have only been made at an ultra high-end lab such as the U.S. biological warfare base at Ft Dietrich, Md. However, the FBI cooled its investigation once clues started to point at potential Zionist operatives.
According to Glenn, “A security film caught Lt. Col. Phillip Zack entering the Ft. Dietrich facility after hours at a time he no longer worked there, and more importantly, caught him on tape entering a secure section of the facility where the very same strain of anthrax used in the attacks later turned up missing.”
Zack was allowed to walk without any charges. Instead, the FBI and controlled national media pinned blame on Bruce Edward Ivins, who allegedly died of an overdose of “Tylenol with Codeine" in August 2008.

The article “Concern Raised Over Suspicious Deaths of 24 Bio-Scientists 2 by Victor Thorn, AFP, Aug. 25, 2008 noted that “Over the past seven years, more than two dozen of the world’s most esteemed microbiologists—all of whom were focused on combating bioterrorism—have died under questionable circumstances…None of these men died of natural causes. Their murders were deliberate, and it’s sending a clear message to virus experts, immunologists, entomologists, and those researching bio-weaponry: your lives are in grave danger.”
“Bird Flu”: The Sept. 21, 2005, CBS, Denver News Channel 4 story “U.S. Bird Flu Scenario Envisioned” quoted Michael Osterholm, head of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. He stated, “It is not if it [avian flu] is going to happen,” he said. “It is when, and where, and how bad,” CBS reported, “So far, avian flu had killed about 60 humans in Asia, while being mostly restricted to birds. But experts expect the virus to change enough to spread from human to human. Osterholm said it would likely claim around 1.7 million Americans in the first year, as vaccine was slowly produced.”
Outcome: The bird flu missed America. This story was scrubbed from the server.3 However, this Bird Flu scare that came in late September, dovetailing with the Katrina catastrophe earlier that month, provided the Bush cabal with an excellent attention management diversion away from the extremely embarrassing anti-war movement flare-up created by Cindy Sheehan’s Camp Casey in August 2005.


Capt. Eric H. May

The Latest Smokescreen

On April 29, 2009, Mark Glenn, standing in for Mike Piper on Republic Broadcasting Network’s THE PIPER REPORT, observed that the swine flu story suddenly came out of nowhere, rather than enjoy a normal build-up. It broke right when other stories were gaining traction about how Congresswoman Jane Harman may have negotiated treason with Israel, and two AIPAC members were up for trial as Israeli spies.
Glenn observed that 100 people a day, or 36,000 people a year, ordinarily die of the flu in America. This is normally not even treated as news. Many cases even involve variations of swine flu. The few scattered cases of the alleged swine flu pandemic in America were very small by comparison, yet generated national media hysteria.
In his article “April 25-26 –SPECIAL BULLETIN: NEW swine flu feared to be weaponized strain,” 4 former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen reported, “Past swine flu outbreaks have been spread from pigs to humans, who then passed the flu on to other humans. However, with A-H1N1 [the swine flu virus], there have been no reported infections of pigs. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), A-H1N1 has gene segments from North American swine, bird and human flu strains and a segment of Eurasian swine flu.”
According to Mexico’s REFORMA newspaper, the swine flu outbreak coincided with Barack Obama’s visit to Mexico City. Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist, died the day after meeting Obama on April 16. Solis died from symptoms similar to flu. 5
This fueled speculation that an intelligence service may have infected Solis in an attempt to either kill President Obama or catapult public hysteria through Presidential sickness.
Outcome: National media flu treatment completely upstaged stories related to the alleged Jane Harman/AIPAC treason, the Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan quagmires, Israel’s war plans to attack Iran, international condemnation of Gaza and other Israeli war crimes, and exposure of Bush League war crimes. Charges against the two suspected AIPAC spies were quietly dropped.
The swine flu scare provided Obamatrons an opportunity to run full-scale military/homeland security exercises. They also had a pretext to use up expiring Tamiflu supplies and strengthen the Obama administration’s emergency power. National media treatment of Obama as an effective leader in crisis gave his approval ratings a sorely needed booster shot towards the end of his first 100 days.

Last, but not least, national media diverted the public away from the campaign to quickly sneak hate crime bills H.R. 1913 and S. 909 through the House and Senate, which many civil libertarians view as a disaster for the First Amendment. Obama is also currently infuriating defenders of the Second Amendment right to bear arms by pushing a treaty that bans reloading. 6

According to some Biblical interpretations,
the First Horseman in Revelations is Pestilence


First Horseman Prophecy
and Occult Connections

The May 5, 2009 article “Swine flu: Warnings that second wave may strike later in 20097 by stated: “ …As hopes rose that the worst of the outbreak is over. Health Secretary Alan Johnson said the tally of 18 cases in the Britain was likely to rise...[He said:] `But with pandemics you get two phases. A first that is often very mild and then a much more serious one in the autumn and winter. So we have to not just deal with this outbreak now, but prepare, perhaps, for a second phase’”
The “H1N1” designation of the swine flu virus has resonances with occult symbolism we have identified in prior false flag attacks. Two “1’s” make “11,” as in “9-11,” or the 110 stories of the twin World Trade Center towers, which made an “11” in the Manhattan skyline. The numeric value of “H” is “8,” and “N” is “14,” which combined together gives 22. Occultists like such numbers that are divisible by the supreme occult number 11.
The hate bill H.R. 1913, has “191” in its numeric sequence. This converts by anagram to 9-11. “1913” is also the tragic year that Congress surrendered its power to coin money to the privately owned Federal Reserve System.
H.R. 1913’s Senate counterpart, S.909, converts to“99” by following the standard numerological practice of ignoring zeroes. “99” is neatly divisible by 11, just like the aforementioned case of “22.”


We agree that prophecies about future disease pandemics will very likely come true. But this is not because we believe in occult prediction, but rather because we think that social circumstances and political trends remain plainly obvious.
The same pig power elite that has looted the American economy and steered America into pointless Middle Eastern quicksand wars for Israel probably perpetrated the swine flu scare as a distracter. They show no signs of change. We expect their continued horrible leadership to turn America into an even bigger pigsty. This in turn will motivate them to create even more distracters, to include those of the biological false flag attack variety.


Major William B. Fox, a former Marine, is a Harvard Business School honors graduate and publisher of Captain Eric H. May, a former Army intelligence officer and NBC editorial writer, is the military-political editor of the LONE STAR ICONOCLAST.

Footnote URLs:







A little over a week after publishing this alert, Capt. May asked me to coauthor an “Intelligence Summary” or INTSUM on the Internet based upon his analysis of breaking news, which I posted on May 15 for the week ended on that date.

Capt. May pointed out that Obama’s trip to Mexico and Venezuela in April witnessed a strange sequence of events. Obama went to Mexico on his way to a meeting of the Organization of the Americas. After meeting Obama on Thursday, 16 April , the archeologist Felipe Solas dropped dead from possible swine flu the next day, three days after the first cases were detected. Obama left for Venezuela on the 17th. This was same day that President Chavez gave him the soul brother power shake (thumbs hooked together when shaking hands). The next day, Saturday the 18th, Chavez presented Obama with the book The Open Veins of Latin America by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. The following day, Sunday the 19th, during the U.S. polo opening, 21 Venezuelan horses dropped dead. Three days after this, on 4-22 (note the divisible-by-11 occult “signature”), the bio warfare center at Ft. Detrick declared that it lost samples of Venezuelan equine flu. The next day, Mexico declared a swine flu epidemic.
“So in other words,” I said, “Instead of chopping off 21 horses’ heads and putting them at the foot of Chavez’s bed [a la The Godfather], somebody knocked off the Venezuelan horses with horse flu to let him know that he is getting too chubby with Rahmbo’s house boy.”
“Exactly,” said Capt May.
We also had a discussion about whether this may have been a warning directed at Obama as well as Chavez by Zionist handlers, or whether Obama is on the inside loop for planning hits. For example, we discussed the “Obama dead monkey” cartoon episode (see Chapter 35)...

Captain May also observed that there were contradictory stories surrounding Felipe Solas’ death. The Mexican newspapers called it influenza. Obama’s people contradicted that story two days later. Reports went out that it was pneumonia. Then a week later, the Houston Chronicle put out a disinformational story asserting a heart attack.
Capt May felt that the most likely center of any killing operation is probably Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s chief of staff, with his known Mossad ties:
In his interview with Captain Eric H. May and myself on 12 September 2009, the host of Erskine Overnight discussed the nature of swine flu as a false flag pandemic hoax:

Erskine: …Capt. May, let me go back to you because it is such an honor having you with us. You believe that this H1N1 is a major, major false flag. But is it a false flag if they actually bring in the pandemic? It is an actual event that they are bringing in. Now that does not qualify, does that qualify as what you call a false flag event?
Capt May: Yes. It strains the definition. Basically what you are doing is you are saying the agent --well, there have been leaked reports about Al Qaeda experimenting with bioagents, we have heard those over the years.
Erskine: Where are they doing that, Capt. May, in the caves? How are they working out of caves?
Capt. May: Right. They are not washing their underwear.
Erskine: [Laughter]
Capt. May: Remember, anthrax fresh from Ft. Detrick, was one of the key elements of the 9/11 attack series, as a post script intended to coerce Congress and intimidate media. So biowar has already been used. The only thing that distinguishes this form is that instead of being homicidal, it is genocidal, and instead of blaming Al Qaeda, you blame God. In fact, one of the advantages of this kind of Apocalyptic scenario is about a quarter of the nation will automatically say it is true. They will go with the government line because they have been taught in Sunday School about the Four Horsemen. I wrote an article in 2006 accessible through my archive at America First Books called "Operation Apocalypse" which premised that things like HAARP-induced weather patterns, hurricanes and whatnot, seismic eruptions, again HAARP-induced, biological warfare, would all be used as a means of convincing the public that they are in a millennial, Apocalyptic condition.
Erskine: Did you write that Capt. May? But so did Henry Kissinger, wrote the same thing, didn't he?
Capt. May: Doggonit. Erskine: [Laughter]. But the difference was Henry was doing it, and you were telling about what they were doing.
Erskine: Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Earlier in this same interview, I discussed with Erskine the amazing origin of the 2009 swine flu biowar threat.

Erskine: The European press has come up with that too, about the gene-splicing and the laboratories. But what happened in February?
Maj. Fox: Well, it started out with a local news story that Jane Burgermeister picked up. It was published in Austria. What happened is that Baxter's Austrian subsidiary in Orth an der Donau apparently manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material that was contaminated with H1N1 virus. This was discovered by a Czech lab, and it received only local press. Since Jane Burgermeister was a medical researcher and a medical journalist, she thought, first off, this violated all normal bio-safety procedures, so she started to dig into it. Then, it got worse, where you may recollect that Obama --remember Mexico City, Mexico fulfills the occultic double name pattern. He shook hands with an archeologist, Felipe Solas, and he died the day after meeting Obama on April 16th from symptoms similar to the flu. She felt that was so suspicious that she has filed a charge against Obama thinking that maybe he [Solas] got toxic-shocked, but she first and foremost filed criminal charges with the prosecutor in Vienna against Baxter and also she has filed it against the World Health Organization, which believe it or not holds patents on these virus strains.
Erskine: [laughter] Oh man!
Maj. Fox: But it gets even worse. Did you know that Baxter shipped --they have a facility about 50 kilometers from Mexico City, Mexico. They shipped actual virus agent to --you see the World Health Organization is in Geneva, Switzerland, but rather than send it directly to Geneva, they sent it to Zurich, which is on the other side of Switzerland --to be sent how? --On a passenger train which violates all proper handling procedures. And it was kept in dry ice and packed in such a way that when the dry ice melted, it actually exploded and contaminated everybody on the train. One Swiss citizen who had never been outside of Switzerland died of this swine flu. And [Jane Burgermeister] has filed charges over that. Now that took place in February as well. At where she talks about the Baxter/WHO case --the World Health Organization --by the way, she calls it "the WHO flu" which I think is kind of cute-- but she says that the contaminated vaccine materials, the 72 kilos that Baxter was trying to distribute, "consisted of a mixture of a seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus." And if I can interject, that is very transmissible. That is like the common seasonal flu, OK? And the deadly H5N1 virus--
Erskine: That is like Avian.
Maj. Fox: Yes, and she says that "By adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type H3N2, Baxter produced a highly dangerous bioweapon. WHO supplied Baxter with the live bird flu virus. A staff member of a subcontracted laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination, when all animals they tested died from this vaccine." Incidentally, there was also a story about a group that went to Alaska to dig up bodies from a very severe 1918 flu pandemic [later used to synthesize a current false flag pandemic virus].

In her 22 Aug 2009 1st hour interview with Mark Anderson, Jane Burgermeister described how a lack of media attention egged on the Mexico City attack following the initial discovery of the contaminated Baxter shipments.

Jane Burgermeister: The first time on the sixth of February that the person in the biotech lab, biotest, discovered that the vaccine material was contaminated and raised the alarm. On the 9th of February. And I heard about it, I think it was in the newspaper around the 18th or 20th of February, something like, and there was no publicity at all in the mainstream media. No investigation. So the coast was clear for them to attempt a second triggering of a pandemic using the same route. However, the publicity and filing of charges and the ordering of the investigation may well have made them think twice. And a couple of weeks after I filed charges the swine flu appeared mysteriously in Mexico City just 50 kilometers from a Baxter facility. Again, the WHO was involved in ratcheting up the hysteria and almost declared Pandemic Level 6.
Mark Anderson: Interesting, so you have one February release in Europe, and you have after the thing started getting heated up over there, you have a Mexican release in the spring...


Capt May immediately recognized the occult significance when the World Health Organized issued its Level 6 pandemic alert –its highest level—on June 11th. He also immediately grasped the significance when whistleblower Jane Burgermeister got fired from her job. Captain May published two successive alerts on June 29th and July 7th.
In "6/29/2009 — H1N1 BIOWAR — Ghost Troop," Captain Eric reported:

"This bioterrorism is for the purpose of carrying out mass genocide against the U.S. population by use of a genetically engineered flu pandemic."
—"Austrian Journalist Files Bioterrorism Charges against WHO, UN"

Science writer Jane Burgermeister has leveled chilling charges indeed. She contends that the world's ruling elite, through its deceitful mainstream media, is programming us to accept a biowar attack. She adduces arguments that convince this former Army officer that she knows what she's talking about.
Former Marine Corps officer Major Bill Fox and I have been following the swine flu since its mid-April outbreak in Mexico, just days before Obama's visit. Burgermeister's allegations, made in a civil suit against American pharmaceutical corporations and a criminal complaint to the FBI, mirror many of our observations. Last month, we published two articles explaining our anxieties:

• May 7, 2009: "The Swine Flu Mask for the Pig Power Elite", a general backgrounder on biowar and realpolitik.

• May 15, 2009: "Ghost Troop Intelligence Summary", has details that corroborate the biowar scenario.

One of Burgermeister's charges is of particular interest to us. She accuses the ruling elite of being secret society members. This is consistent with our analysis. Major Fox and I have observed that secret society numerology (occult coding) is used to encrypt details of staged terror events. Consider the dates 9/11 (USA), 3/11 (Madrid), 7/7 (London) and 7/11 (Mumbai). Coincidence? Hardly. The numerology is so conspicuous that after 7/11 even ABC and the FBI had to make a public show of investigating the phenomenon:

"New York, 9/ll; Madrid, 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll"

The World Health Organization declared swine flu a level-6 pandemic on 6/11/09. In effect, it issued a warning order to governments worldwide to prepare for a state of emergency, a euphemism for dictatorship and martial law. The date code is ominous. The "11" in 6/11/09 is clear enough; hidden, though, is the "69" that makes up the beginning and end. The 6 and 9 are occult rotational twins — the same symbol from different perspectives. The WHO chose a rare catastrophic date code for its pandemic alert. The last such was in 9/11/06; another will come on 9/11/09. After that there will not be another until 6/1/16, or June 1, 2016.
Rare indeed!
On 6/22/09 I published an article alerting wary readers to the dangerous date code:

"Operation Blackjack -- Terror Code 6/22/09"

In it I noted that the Obama administration was conducting Ardent Sentry, a terror exercise in which U.S. military and police forces were practicing railway catastrophes. A few hours afterwards, a Washington, D.C. railway incident resulted in the deaths of nine people. Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley, who commanded capitol air defenses on 9/11, was among them:

"D. C. Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11"

General Wherley was a key witness to the greatest act of treason in U.S. history. What are the odds? Today is 6/29/2009, another date code rich with numerological significance. Let's hope that no one's number comes up.

In his article 7 July 2009 article "H1N1 BIOWAR —Key Journalist Fired—" Capt. Eric May explained the significance of the firing of journalist Jane Burgermeister:

In a move sure to corroborate the worst fears of many biowarfare watchers, Renewable Energy World website on Monday fired Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister, who has recently leveled charges against top figures in the world political elite for conspiring to wage biowarfare against humanity in order to reduce undesired population and implement martial law.
"Because there is reason to believe this decision was related to my filing charges alleging bioterrorism against the people of the USA and the rest of the world, and because I am entitled as a citizen to report a crime if there is credible evidence, I intend to file a lawsuit... for unfair dismissal," Burgermeister wrote in her blog today:
The Iconoclast has been keeping tabs on biowar since 2005, when a Bush administration flush with "political capital" seemed to use it all in response to various disasters:
— The July 28 BP refinery explosion in Texas City, Texas created an apocalyptic fireball — suppressed by media — at the end of July.
— At the end of August Katrina pounced on New Orleans, where the Feds tried to impose martial law with mercenary helpers, confiscating guns, blockading relief supplies and clamping down on journalists.
— Through September and August the Bushmen tried to handle freak superstorms Rita and Wilma, and turn the Pakistani quake to some advantage.
When all that was over, the Bush administration pulled its next disaster out of its 10 gallon hat: H1N5, the bird flu. They gave loud assurances that one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, pestilence, would soon be arriving. That this big pandemic flu rollout press conference was scheduled for November 1 at 10:10 AM wasn't covered in the news, but it should have been, since the date/time code was 11111.
Call me suspicious, but I never like it when my leaders encrypt messages about world pandemic behind my back. When they do so, they remind me of government traitors in the dystopian movie, V for Vendetta, in which the leaders have risen to power and imposed martial law after the chaos and panic of a bioterror attack — that they themselves carried out.
Incidentally, back in 2005, freshman senator Barack Obama played a big role in preparing a master plan for how to handle the flu — and then us, who will doubtless require paternal direction to get through the crisis. I guess we really are lucky to have this key pandemic player in the White House now, and note with amazement that the swine flu, H1N1, broke out in Mexico just as he visited Mexico City. The odds against all that happening are a zillion to one. All this gives us much to think about, doesn't it?
For more on Ms. Burgermeister's earlier claims, please refer to my H1N1 BIOWAR of 6/29/09:

When she interviewed me on 5 Dec 2009, Dr. Rebecca Carley reacted to Captain May's observation that Barack Obama helped prepare a master plan:

Dr. Carley: I also want to say that he also wrote a law that he tried to push through the Senate. Obama did in regard to pandemic prevention planning, type thing, and I don't have that in front of me. I talked about that on a previous show. I also want to say that as far as the bird flu goes, that was their plan was to mutate the bird flu so that it would cause the pandemic. The CDC has been talking about a bird flu pandemic for years. And I am convinced that the outbreak of the news media that covered the fact that live bird flu virus had been sent to Europe is what stopped that plan from going forward. Otherwise I am sure that bird flu would have been much more involved. They had to go to plan B after that got into the mainstream media, and not in this country of course, but in other places.

In other shows, Dr. Carley has talked with experts about how researchers have tried to increase the infectiousness of pandemics by designing strains that can go from animals to man, such as from birds or pet dogs to man.
Lest all this seem too "conspiratorial," I would remind the reader that the concept of "deliberately engineered dysfunctionality" is not unique to the U.S pharmaceutical industry, but has actually occurred across a wide variety of government-crony capitalist arrangements in America.
For example, let us take the Microsoft quasi-monopoly: Many critics claim the real reason for the success of Microsoft was not the excellence of its operating system, but rather its relationship with NSA, the CIA, and other intelligence agencies. Apple and Linux-related systems have never had the virus attack problems of Microsoft Windows. Over 90% of the virus attack vulnerability problems on Microsoft systems are caused by deliberate back doors left in the software, where basically the U.S. Government granted Microsoft hegemonic power in exchange for maintaining spy capabilities.
Other examples include Blackwater, whose "security services" have been done vastly more to incite resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan (or even New Orleans), than quell it, or even greatly exaggerated Peak Oil stories that enabled insiders to run up oil prices during the Bush Administration.

Lorraine Day, M.D.

In her interview on the second hour of Rick Adam’s 15 Oct 2009 RBN talk show, Dr. Lorraine Day explained how the “usual suspects” are involved in these master hoaxes:

Rick Adams: Dr. Day, when we get into big pharma, and we get into this question about who runs things, it goes back quite a bit of time, doesn't it? It goes back like over a century ago when these powerful people, and it seems like most of them happen to be Zionist Jews, were able to pool their monies and start influencing politics in America, the medical profession, and basically providing the framework. The kind of control they have today. Wouldn't you say?
Dr. Lorraine Day: Absolutely. The Jewish people really run the medical communities and the national institutes of health where the research funding is given. And they have taken over medicine. So the whole point is there is a tremendous control. They own the pharmaceutical companies. There is this tremendous control over who gets into medical school and what they are taught. And they are taught --every doctor in medical school is taught only to give drugs and to cut out organs. They are not taught anything else to do. And so the doctors have all been brainwashed.

On my false flag pandemic web page, I list many articles with short overview excerpts which explain how key government-related regulatory agencies have been corrupted as well, starting with WHO:

The suspected Poison Dragon Lady head of WHO (left) and suspected crime boss of Baxter International (right). Photo credit:, web site of Jane Burgermeister who has filed charges against their organizations.


The Dysfunctional World Health Organization (WHO)

2009-09-18 WHO poised for global dictatorship. At the May 2009 Bilderberg conference in Greece, participants discussed making WHO the global health ministry.
2009-09-03 WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines by Dr. Joseph Mercola
2009-09-01 WHO ignores scientific evidence, says The Lancet "A study in the UK medical journal The Lancet confirms what many have come to suspect: WHO ignores facts, logic and evidence when formulating its guidelines and recommendations."
2009-07-30 Refusing vaccination labels you a “criminal”, so says WHO "The World Health Organization determined in 2005 it has the authority to dissolve sovereign governments and take control should there be a “pandemic”. This applies to any country signed onto WHO….which of course we are. The WHO just raised this non-existent pandemic to level 4."
2009-07-25 WHO Will Be Killing You? (WHO) - World Health Organization Facts & Rumors, posted at
2009-07-19 Now legal immunity for swine flu vaccine makers by F. William Engdahl
First and foremost, neither the WHO nor the CDC or any other scientific body has demonstrated required scientific proof for the existence of the alleged H1N1 Influenza A new virus, a proof which requires such a virus to be scientifically isolated, characterized and photographed with an electron microscope—the scientifically accepted standard procedure. Yet it is being used as the basis for declaring a global “pandemic” threat.
The current official panic campaign over alleged Swine Flu danger is rapidly taking on the dimensions of a George Orwell science fiction novel. The document signed by Sebelius grants immunity to those making a swine flu vaccine, under the provisions of a 2006 law for public health emergencies.
Not so sage SAGE
That is once the WHO in Geneva, on recommendation of the WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group on Immunizations, declared H1N1 to be Phase 6 or Pandemic, automatic emergency health response programs could be activated even in countries such as Germany where reported outbreaks of even “suspected” H1N1 can be counted to date on the fingers of slightly more than one hand.
The WHO’s SAGE is also worth scrutiny. Its Chairman since 2005 has been the UK Director of Immunization at the British Department of Health, Dr David Salisbury. In the 1980’s Salisbury reportedly drew major fire for backing a massive vaccination of children with a multiple MMR vaccine manufactured by the predecessor company of GlaxoSmithKline. That vaccine was pulled off the market in Japan after significant numbers of children developed adverse reactions to the vaccine and the Japanese government was forced to pay significant compensation to the victims. In Sweden the MMR vaccine of GlaxoSmithKline was removed after scientists linked it to outbreaks of Crohn’s disease. Apparently that had little impact on WHO SAGE chairman Salisbury."
[America First Books editor's note: See also entry for "1986 Trivirix" fiasco in chronology section below].

2009-07-15 WHO poised to take over governments around the globe after mandating toxic vaccines against H1N1 “swine flu” virus "Yesterday, WHO formally instructed its 194 signatory countries to “vaccinate” their entire population in response to the H1N1 pandemic. The transcript of the WHO press briefing can be found here. WHO issued its instructions on the formal advice of a vaccine expert group called “SAGE” that is also composed of executives from Baxter, Sanofi, Novartis and other vaccine manufacturers who have “observer” status. To clarify: WHO has given lucrative contracts, worth billions in the USA alone, to Baxter, Novartis, Sanofi among others for the H1N1 vaccination programme mandated by WHO on the advice of Baxter, Novartis and Sanofi and these same vaccine companies, in what is surely a clear-cut conflict of interest . . .The “swine flu” is an artificial virus never before seen in pigs or humans as WHO itself implicitly acknowledged when it switched officially to the term `H1N1' and dropped the designation `swine.' Finally, in the event of a pandemic emergency, WHO obtains sweeping new global powers as national governments around the world are dissolved and replaced by special “crisis committees” answerable to WHO and the EU or UN under pandemic plans. In such an “emergency”, WHO takes over not just the health but also the security and communications infrastructure of a country. WHO’s pandemic control room is linked to supercomputers of the UN and their security forces. The WHO is bankrolled by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschild Group. I rang the Rothschild Group with an inquiry as to the funding and am waiting for a reply from 0033 1 4256 44 46 to find out what financial links exist between WHO and the Rothschild Group and or Foundations if any as alleged..."
2009-06-26 Austrian Journalist files BioTerrorism Charges against WHO, UN
2009-06-11 WHO declares "Level 6" Pandemic: "On June 11, WHO Director Dr. Margaret Chan declared a pandemic alert level phase 6. `The report that WHO may declare an official Pandemic global alert any time is all the more bizarre given the fact that the global wave of cases reported to date to WHO from around the world reportedly have been so mild as to be indistinguishable from the symptoms of ordinary flu,' F. William Engdahl wrote a few days before the official declaration."
2009-06-05 The WHO Plays with Pandemic Fire The Continuing Saga of the Flying Pigs Pandemic Flu by F. William Engdahl "The report that WHO may declare an official Pandemic global alert any time is all the more bizarre given the fact that the global wave of cases reported to date to WHO from around the world reportedly have been so mild as to be indistinguishable from the symptoms of ordinary flu."
2005-09-30 Senate approves $4 billion to prepare for flu pandemic "The Senate funding move came the same day the United Nations' new avian flu coordinator warned that a flu pandemic could kill as many as 150 million people. But today another UN official downplayed that number, citing instead an official estimate of 2 million to 7.4 million. The World Health Organization (WHO), part of the UN, announced yesterday the appointment of Dr. David Nabarro as the UN coordinator for avian and human influenza. Nabarro told reporters a flu pandemic could kill anywhere from 5 million to 150 million people, depending on the global response to it. For comparison, scholars have estimated that the great flu pandemic of 1918-19 killed anywhere from 20 million to 100 million people." [America First Books Editor's Note: It turned out that WHO cried wolf. The flu scare ended up being largely a hoax].

Dysfunctional U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2009-09-16 Dr. Laibow’s Virtual Interview with HHS Secretary Sebelius Rima E. Laibow, MD conducts a "virtual interview" with a Sebelius transcript to prove that the Secretary has absolutely no idea what she is talking about.
2009-07-18 Government Announces Flu Pandemic PSA Propaganda Contest by Kurt Nimmo

The Dysfunctional U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

2009-07-13/20 "New Culprit Named as Causative Factor in Obesity Epidemic" by Pat Shannan, American Free Press.
"The FDA has set no limits on how much MSG (monosodium glutamate) can be added to foods, and its claim that the poison can be eaten in any amount flies in the face of decades of research proving that it is not safe at all. The studies mentioned above link MSG to diabetes, migraine headaches, autism, and even Alzheimer’s disease.
One may find that Alzheimer’s link most interesting when recalling that the appearance and upsurge in incidents of that illness spans the same time frame since the introduction of MSG into the American diet.
The mainstream media won’t tell the public either, fearing issues with their advertisers. It seems that the fallout on the fast food industry may hurt their profit margin. The food producers and restaurants have been addicting us to their products for years, and now we are paying the price for it. Americans are cursed with obesity caused and accelerated by an addictive food additive."

2009-06-03 Sarkozy’s Secret Plan for Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination by F. William Engdahl "...Even more bizarre is the admission by the US Government’s Food & Drug Administration, an agency responsible for health and safety of its citizens, that the ‘test’ is approved for premature release to test for H1N1 is not even a proven test. More to the point, there is no forensic evidence in any of the deaths reported to date that has been presented that proves scientifically that any single death being attributed to H1N1 Swine Flu virus was indeed caused by such a virus. European epidemiologists believe the deaths reported to date are ‘coincidental’ or what are called opportunistic infections."

2004: Dr. Joseph Mercola (Video and explanation page) Learn How the Pharmaceutical Industry & the FDA are Endangering Your Health for Profit in this Highly Recommended Video. "It is estimated that in America last year, nearly $2 trillion was spent on health care -- and virtually all that money was spent on treating disease. Despite this massive expenditure on treatment, more Americans are sicker than ever before with diseases that are largely preventable: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression, to name a few."

2004: FDA is "Virtually Incapable of Protecting You From Unsafe Drugs" "Accusations against the FDA started when Merck was pulled Vioxx from the market in 2004. Apparently the FDA had been aware of the drug's adverse side effects as early as 1999. Since Vioxx's removal, other drugs have been placed under the microscope and the agency's credibility has been questioned. One FDA drug safety reviewer, Dr. David Graham, told a Congressional panel that federal drug regulators were `virtually incapable of protecting America.'"

Previously "Approved" Drugs in Question

* Crestor (cholesterol-lowering drug): Causes acute kidney failure
* Bextra (painkiller): Increases risk of heart attack in those undergoing cardiac surgery and may also cause a fatal skin reaction
* Meridia (weight-loss pill): Causes substantial increases in blood pressure and has been associated with 124 reports of serious cardiovascular problems
* Serevent (asthma medication): Increases risk of asthma-related deaths and life-threatening episodes
* Accutane (acne drug): Causes birth defects

...The Vioxx scandal is a perfect example. Tens of thousands of people needlessly died so that Merck could make a few billion extra dollars.

Conventional healthcare slowly but surely progressed into a nasty disease; which now is at a rapid progression towards death. This "disease" is caused by:

* Rampant conflict of interest
* Tainted research and greed
* Lying and cheating by the morally bankrupt drug industry
* Inept federal and state regulators

Unfortunately, one of the most prominent article on this site is "Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death." Well that article was written in 2000 and (based on a variety of newer references) doctors are in fact the LEADING cause of death in this country. Not heart disease, not cancer -- doctors.

2003-05-19 Abolish the FDA!! by Jim Grichar "Getting rid of this bureaucratic dinosaur would save taxpayers nearly $1.7 billion (the proposed fiscal year 2004 budget), lead to reductions in the prices of food and drugs paid by consumers, reduce lawsuits over product liability, and reduce the number of lives lost and lives shortened due to a lack of drugs and medical devices."

In "The Aspartame Scandal," Betty Martini writes: "Fifty-one percent of FDA approved drugs have serious risks and could cause adverse reactions that lead to severe or permanent disability or death. The Center for Disease Control, Johns Hopkins University and the New Jersey School of Medicine estimate that 80,000-120,000 Americans are killed by prescription drugs every year. That this atrocious holocaust persists has everything to do with money and nothing to do with public health. Monsanto reaps $2 billion per year from the Aspartame toxic bonanza. This can buy a lot of bureaucrats! Does FDA mean Fatal Drugs Allowed? The FDA works for industry, not citizens. FDA head Arthur Hayes overruled his own board of inquiry to approve aspartame and then went to work for their public relations firm. Federal attorney Sam Skinner was assigned to prosecute Searle for fraudulent tests in their application, but switched sides and went to work for Searle’s lawyers and the case died when the statute of limitations ran out. Honest FDA toxicologist, the late Dr. Adrian Gross, wrote to Senator Howard Metzenbaum: `The views of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety read like a script written for Abbott & Costello in the sense of their having perceptions inside-out and upside-down. ... FDA may have gone through the motions. ... such a ‘process’ or dance represents a farce and a mockery.'”

The Dysfunctional U.S. Center for Disease Control

2009-10-19 The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex by Richard Gale and Gary Null
2009-07-23 Is Forced Vaccination with an Experimental Flu Vaccine Possible in America? YES by Idaho Observer Staff. "The CDC has admitted that 71% of all hospitalizations for swine flu were among those who were chronically ill, such as undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from an autoimmune disorder. In one hospital in Michigan, 9 out of 10 swine flu patients were obese and 2 out of 3 who died were severely obese. Instead of focusing on risk factors and targeting those populations most at risk for contracting and dying from the swine flu, the CDC has targeted children in school and childcare facilities and their staff to be the first to receive the experimental vaccine. Can you explain to us why the CDC is continually diverting our attention from the real epidemics of obesity, cancer and autoimmune diseases plaguing our country that are clearly risk factors in contracting the new swine flu and is, instead, targeting our children to be the first to receive the pandemic flu vaccine?"

Adding to the swine flu pandemic excitement, on August 14th a suspected Mossad agent allegedly got arrested after trying warn about an upcoming pandemic in the Ukraine. Victor Thorn later summarized one version of this event widely circulated on the Internet in the Health Supplement to the 7 Dec 2009 American Free Press, "Man-Made Epidemic in Ukraine?":

On August 14, Dr. Joseph Moshe, a scientist specializing in bio-warfare who belonged to Israel’s Mossad, was arrested after an eight-hour standoff outside a Westwood [Los Angeles] federal building. Prior to being tear-gassed and tasered, Moshe briefly called in to a live radio show hosted by Dr. A. True Ott, saying he wanted to go public with some damning information.
Specifically, he warned that Baxter International in Ukraine had developed a bio-weapon being touted as a swine flu vaccine. In an October 31 article entitled, Has Baxter International Released a Biological Weapon, David Rothscum puts this matter into perspective. “The amazing part about Moshe’s claim was the location where he said the biological weapon was being produced. Moshe claimed that Baxter’s laboratory in Ukraine of all places was creating this biological weapon. All of this came out in [mid]-August, which is more than two months before the situation that is currently unfolding. For Moshe to correctly name the country where a new epidemic would be unleashed requires either inside information, or an incredible coincidence.”
On November 9, the South African website FTO reported that Moshe “wanted to supply evidence to a state’s attorney regarding tainted H1N1 swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma. He also claimed that Baxter was producing a bio-weapon disguised as a flu vaccine.”
Moshe also maintained that this vaccine contained replicated RNA from a virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Burgermeister echoed these words during her above-mentioned interview. “The [Baxter] virus contains strains of the 1918 Spanish pandemic flu, which was reassembled by molecular pathologists at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.”
But before Moshe could deliver this ominous message, on August 14, FBI agents surrounded his car. The website described the encounter. “Mounted on top of a large black vehicle used in his arrest was a microwave weapon that possibly damaged the electronics in Moshe’s car, as well as any other communication devices [i.e. cell phone] he had which might have been used to contact the media.”


August 13, 2009 Los Angeles SWAT personnel pull out the stops to apprehend Joseph Moshe, who many believe could be a Mossad agent who some claimed called Dr. Tru Ott on his talk show to warn about a future false pandemic to be launched in the Ukraine and elsewhere. (See 2009-11-21 note below contradicting this claim). According to talk show host Dr. Bill Deagle, Moshe was returned to Israel and has not been heard of since this incident. (The 2009-11-21 note below says he was placed in the Patton Medical Hospital). A Mossad agent and hero with a conscience? Part of a fear mongering PSYOP or limited hangout? Jewish "acting out" behavior? [Editor's note: In expressing my own opinion, I can only repeat the famous dictum by Socrates as a starting point: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."]

On 21 Nov 2009 Dr. Rebecca Carley distributed the following email from Dr. True Ott to help clarify details over the alleged arrest and deportation of "Mossad agent" named "Josef Moshe:"

From: True OTT
To: Sheldon Day
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2009 11:43 AM
Subject: RE: For Tru Ott regarding Joseph Moshe..
Sheldon I was guest-hosting for Barbara Jean -- "Born on the 4th of July" then. He didn't call in to the show, I gave my contact info on the show, and he called me the same evening. He didn't give me his name, or his phone number -- only that he was "an insider" with information to "prove" the virus was weaponized and was released -- furthermore, he claimed that it was mass-produced in Ukraine labs and that a more virulent strain would be released in the Ukraine in late October, or early November. I advised him (he would only tell me he was in L.A.) to contact Deagle (I gave him Deagle's phone number) and then to give a COPY of his file to the federal U.S. Attorney's office in L.A. Shortly thereafter, the "arrest" following the gassing and standoff of one "Josef Moshe" makes headlines. I reported this on Jeff Rense's radio show, as well as on Deagle's show both. "Moshe" evidently has been placed in the Patton Medical Hospital -- yet has only been charged with a misdemeanor.

As it stands, this is just one more event in the Info War that I have touched up in this Mission of Conscience series that can always use more detailed investigation, fact checking, and analysis, hence my reference to Socrates in my caption to the picture of Moshe.
In August 2009, my overriding concern was that mandatory vaccination programs would be required through North America, Europe, and other parts of the word. As an an example, consider the article "Mandatory Vaccine in MA Passes Senate, Now Just One House of Rep Vote Away!!" It stated:

This bill suspends virtually all Constitutional rights of Massachusetts citizens and forces anyone `suspected of being infected to submit to interrogations, "decontaminations" and vaccines. It's also sets fines up to $1,000 per day for anyone who refuses to submit to quarantines, vaccinations, decontamination efforts or to follow any other verbal order by virtually any state-licensed law enforcement or medical personnel.

Fortunately we were already seeing some promising signs of "push-back" by activists and even health professionals such as nurses, but we still needed quite a lot more. For my own activism on this issue, I published the 5 Sept 2009 Lone Star Iconoclast article "Say NO to Mass Swine Flu Vaccinations Until Vaccines Are PROVEN SAFE and NECESSARY," which I also distributed by email to all friends and acquaintances, as well as county sheriffs and legislators of many different states, and even to even officials in other English-speaking countries around the world. I also sent it to Scandinavian news media and members of parliaments:

In the Sept 7, 2009 American Free Press article “Former FBI Chief Envisions Frightening Swine Flu Scenario,” 1 former FBI senior special agent Ted Gunderson states “Recent Internet news stories abound about the possible forced vaccinations of children who will be taken out of public schools for this purpose and, absent the parents’ permission, inoculated with H1N1 vaccine … I believe this coming biological `event’ or pandemic is another `false flag’ operation. Will quarantines be used as the means of rounding up New World Order resisters into the detention camps across the nation which have been discreetly built and maintained for years?”
Major pharmaceutical companies are rushing the development and production of swine flu vaccines without adequately testing them. According to some estimates, they hope that global pandemic hysteria will gain them at least $50 billion a year in added income. At the same time, special interests are trying to implement mass and even mandatory vaccination programs in U.S., Canada, France, Britain, Australia, Finland, Norway, and many other countries around the world between now and December.
Many eminent civilian activists and medical authorities are sounding the alarm:

• Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, has written about how “mainstream media joined the government and its allies in the pharmaceutical industry” to mislead the public about vaccine ingredients that cause serious neurological damage, to include vastly increased rates of autism. (See Christopher Petherick’s April 2009 American Free Press Health Supplement article “Autism, Vaccine Debate Rages”) 2
• Many medical authorities warn us about toxic substances inside swine flu vaccines that can create permanent damage. They claim that a mass vaccination program could kill or cripple far more people than the flu itself. Under such circumstances, any mandatory vaccination program would trample upon our civil liberties.
• Congressman Ron Paul, M.D. has stated that the swine flu threat is vastly overblown for political and other purposes.
• Former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has exposed man-made gene splices within swine flu strains. This is an important reason why former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson is warning us that the swine flu could involve a manufactured event designed to serve malevolent interests.
• A study in the UK medical journal The Lancet confirms what many have come to suspect: the World Health Organization (WHO) ignores facts, logic and evidence when formulating its guidelines. Many medical authorities have decried WHO’s decision to issue a global pandemic alert on June 11.
• I joined former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Capt. Eric H. May earlier this year in issuing alerts that expose high level intrigue behind false flag pandemics. (See "H1N1 Biowar -- Ghost Troop" 3).

I have prepared a special dossier page "The“False Flag” Pandemic Threat" 4 which gives an overview of critical issues. This matter is very serious. I urge the reader to take some time to familiarize him or herself with the issues. If you come to agree with individuals like me, Capt. Eric H. May, Wayne Madsen, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Congressman Ron Paul, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, and a wide spectrum of other concerned Americans that many things just do not pass the smell test, please help us DEMAND that county, state, and federal officials insist upon nothing less than complete testing and analysis before implementing any mass vaccination programs.
Barbara Loe Fisher, President of the National Vaccination Information Center, summed it up well when she said: “If the State can tag, track down and force citizens against their will to be injected with biologicals of unknown toxicity today, there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the State can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.”


Sept 20, 2009. Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, explains how county sheriffs across the country can stop forced or mandatory vaccinations. Sheriffs' power supercedes federal regulatory programs, as Sheriffs are NOT agents of the federal government. See

On the mandatory vaccination issue, former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen weighed in with an excellent Oct 16-18, 2009 Op-Ed piece "Forcing untested vaccines on any American directly violates everyone's civil liberties." Among other things, he addressed not only evidence of growing "push-back," but also the continued arrogance of major government agencies that were still "pushing":

The rush to approve the vaccine for the H1N1 flu - also known as swine or "novel flu" - was based on a combination of the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and uninformed decisions by the awkward alliance of public health and federal emergency management officials.
At an international swine flu conference in the nation's capital in September, some public health and medical officials expressed bewilderment over federal, state and local emergency personnel talking of implementing "riot control" at vaccination stations, mandatory quarantines, forced vaccinations of certain sectors of the population and even "mass fatality management." The rush of the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health in endorsing the swine flu vaccine has created fear, suspicion, and angst among both the general public and the health provider community.
Not assuaging fears about the H1N1 vaccine are the results of President Gerald Ford's 1976 order for a nationwide swine flu vaccination program after an outbreak of the flu at Fort Dix, N.J.
In subsequent years, reports surfaced of complications from the vaccine that resulted in cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a neuromuscular ailment, and autism, the latter afflicting children who received the vaccine, which reportedly resulted from the presence of thimerosal - a preservative that contains mercury.
Added to the H1N1 vaccine is an oily concoction called squalene that has been shown to cause severe autoimmune conditions, including multiple sclerosis and lupus.
Four New York state nurses recently filed suit before the New York Supreme Court asking it to overturn an order that requires all health-care workers in the state to get both the seasonal and swine flu vaccinations. Even exemptions for religious beliefs were disallowed by the New York State Health Commission.
A British poll this past summer revealed that one-third of British nurses would resist taking the swine flu vaccine and a sizeable number of British doctors and health-care workers in Hong Kong agreed with the assessment of the British nurses that the vaccine was not properly tested.
An Associated Press-GfK poll taken in early October - as the autumn H1N1 pandemic wave began to peak - showed that more than a third of parents in the United States would refuse to have their children injected with the swine flu vaccine. In the rush to approve the swine flu vaccine as "safe," the Canadian federal government suspiciously decided to offer immunity from lawsuits to the manufacturers of the vaccine.
The Canadian action followed four Canadian research studies that concluded people who had received the seasonal flu vaccine were more likely to contract the H1N1/swine flu virus.
While New York was forcing health-care workers to receive both the seasonal and the swine flu vaccines, three Canadian provinces - Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan - delayed their seasonal flu vaccination program based on the Canadian studies.
European health experts were also quick to point out multinational pharmaceutical giants stand to make handsome profits from the sale of H1N1 vaccines.
Coupled with the fear associated with the swine flu vaccine is the mystery surrounding the genesis of the H1N1 virus.
Blossoming in several "hot zones" in Mexico in April of this year, the highly virulent influenza strain quickly spread to the United States and Canada. There were also reports from around the world - from Brazil to Denmark and Thailand to Hong Kong - that the H1N1 virus was rapidly mutating into forms that made it resistant to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu.
After all the reassurances about the safety of the H1N1 vaccine by senior U.S. government officials, including President Obama himself, the campaign appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
Increasingly Americans - asked to trust their government with their health - are resisting this wholesale violation of their civil liberties. When all is said and done, it's likely they'll be glad they "just said no."

There was a certain fear in the air on talk radio, particularly since the Massachusetts Senate passed legislation to fine people who did not submit to mandatory vaccination. People were calling into talk radio about how police were training to set up roadblocks and slap tracking bracelets on everybody to determine whether or not they had been vaccinated. The recalcitrant could get shipped off to FEMA camps.
Meanwhile, Dr. Lorraine Day appeared on Rick Adams' Republic Broadcasting Network talk show on 15 Oct 2005 and said that WHO was still having a hard time differentiating regular flu from swine flu:

Dr. Day: [Responding to a person who called into the show] Her first question was whether there is a test for swine flu? And they say that there is. They can do an antibody test for swine flu, but Dr. Margaret Chan, who is a communist Chinese person who is director of the World Health Organization admits they are not testing anybody for swine flu any more. They are just telling you that the pandemic is spreading around the world, but they are not doing any testing. So the whole reason they are not doing any testing is because they are not going to find people with the swine flu. And so they are just suspending testing and telling you it is all over the world, but again I would like for one person to call in and tell me that they know of a verifiable case of swine flu. I have not met anybody who does.
Rick Adams: So the diagnoses are false.
Dr. Day: Right.

So as people are getting nervous about road blocks, mandatory vaccination, and possible martial law over a bogus pandemic, what does Obama do?
On 23 October he declares a swine flu emergency! In his 27 October article, Dr. Joseph Mercola described the announcement:

President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency on Friday October 23, empowering the health secretary to suspend federal requirements and speed up treatment.
His declaration authorizes Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bypass normal federal regulations so health officials can respond more quickly to the outbreak, which, allegedly, has killed more than 1,000 people in the United States.
"As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic," Obama wrote in the declaration, which the White House announced Saturday.
He said the pandemic keeps evolving, the rates of illness are rising rapidly in many areas and there's a potential "to overburden health care resources."
Because of vaccine production delays, the government has backed off initial estimates that 120 million doses would be available by mid-October. As of mid-October, only 11 million doses had been shipped to health departments, doctor's offices and other providers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said.

As usual, "We are the Federal Government and we are here to help you." Dr. Mercola also commented in the same article:

It would appear that President Obama has not been apprised of the real facts of the situation, and has declared the swine flu a national public health emergency. To read the declaration in its entirety, please see this Los Angeles Times article. The intention of this report is to show you with the government's own statistics that there appears to be MASSIVE amounts of misinformation and outright deception going on that appear to be designed to panic American people into believing that H1N1 influenza is more serious and widespread than it is. We are the ONLY major news source that is warning the public about the true extent of this misinformation regarding the true nature of H1N1 swine flu in America. Most of the mainstream media is continuing to spread misinformation. I am PLEADING with you to pass this information and our website link to as many people as you know...

Mike Adams, Editor of, wrote an excellent article "President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?" October 24, 2009. He explained the selfish special interest motivations behind the Presidential decree --as well as the very serious potential danger to civil liberties.

According to the CDC, swine flu infections have already peaked, and the pandemic is on its way out. Peak infection time was the middle of October, where one in five U.S. children experienced the flu, says the CDC. Out of nearly 14,000 suspected flu cases tested during the week ending on October 10, 2009, 99.6% of those were influenza A, and the vast majority of those were confirmed as H1N1 swine flu infections. (
Even though the H1N1 pandemic appears to have peaked out, U.S. President Barack Obama has now declared a national emergency over swine flu infections. The reasoning behind such a declaration? According to the White House, it’s designed to “allow hospitals to better handle the surge in patients” by allowing them to bypass certain federal laws.
Emergency powers trump the Bill of Rights
That’s the public explanation for this, but the real agenda behind this declaration may be far more sinister. Declaring a national emergency immediately gives federal authorities dangerous new powers that can now be enforced at gunpoint, including:

• The power to force mandatory swine flu vaccinations on the entire population.
• The power to arrest, quarantine or “involuntarily transport” anyone who refuses a swine flu vaccination.
• The power to quarantine an entire city and halt all travel in or out of that city.
• The power to enter any home or office without a search warrant and order the destruction of any belongings or structures deemed to be a threat to public health.
• The effective nullification of the Bill of Rights. Your right to due process, to being safe from government search and seizure, and to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination are all null and void under a Presidential declaration of a national emergency.

None of this means that federal agents are going to march door to door arresting people at gunpoint if they refuse the vaccine, but they could if they wanted to. Your rights as an American are no longer recognized under this national emergency declaration.
What emergency?
The declaration of this national emergency seems suspicious from the start. Where’s the emergency? The number of people killed by swine flu in the United States is far smaller than the number of people killed each year from seasonal flu, according to CDC statistics. People obviously aren’t dropping dead by the millions from H1N1 influenza. Most people are just getting mild flu symptoms and a few days later they’re fine.
So where’s the emergency?
The only emergency I can see is the emergency fabricated by Big Pharma to sell more vaccines. By declaring a national emergency over the H1N1 pandemic, Obama is playing right into their hands.
I find the timing of all this curious. Two days ago, New York gave up on its efforts to require mandatory vaccinations of health care workers. This was designed to defuse a large number of planned protests from health freedom-conscious people who don’t want government-mandated chemicals pumped into their veins.
The planned protests in New York would have fueled yet more resistance among health care workers across the country, and had it been allowed to continue, it could have resulted in a huge nationwide backlash against swine flu vaccines. By backing off the vaccine mandate and blaming it on a vaccine shortage (…), and then having Obama declare a national emergency, our state and national leaders have halted the protests and put in place a pro-vaccine Big Brother mandate that can be enforced at gunpoint.
Big Pharma must be pleased with all this. With these emergency powers in place, all that’s necessary to force vaccinations upon the entire population is a larger supply of the vaccines — and that’s coming in November.


27 Oct 2009: Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher, founder of the National Vaccine Information Center about massive fearmongoring and disinformation by the Obama Administration.


Within two weeks after Obama made his announcement, the Ukraine turned scary with reports of a mass deadly swine flu outbreak.
One of the big criticisms of vaccines is that by the time they go through six month to one year lead-lag periods of testing for a virus, a pandemic threat has possibly mutated to some new form of virus for which there is no protection, as if such protection is possible in the first place. (Elsewhere in this chapter I present medical opinion that vaccines are inherently incapable of providing adequate targeted protection).
Many people began to wonder if this was some new mutation that would soon strike Americans. Would every other American keel over, or start falling by the droves in the streets, coughing, gagging, wheezing, with their blackened lungs filling with blood, filling cemeteries and mass graves to overflowing, reminiscent of every second or third European cruelly toppled by Pestilence in many towns during the Bubonic Plague --yes Death! --portrayed as a white-faced Grim Reaper in Berman's classic movie The Seventh Seal who comes remorselessly to snatch his victims?

Artistic "Dance of Death" dramatization from the Seventh Seal: Was mass Death stalking America from the Ukraine?


Victor Thorn reported in the Health Supplement to the 7 Dec 2009 American Free Press article "Man-Made Epidemic in Ukraine?":

On October 30, Ukrainian medical personnel had only reported two swine flu cases in their entire country. By November 4, 500,000 had been infected and 93 were dead. On November 5, that number rose to 633,877; while on November 7, 936,804 were sick with 144 dead. Known as the Pneumonic Plague (with a 10-times higher mortality rate than the normal flu), those diagnosed report spitting blood, severe chest pains, nausea, while their lungs fill with blood before experiencing heart and respiratory failure.
Ukraine has closed schools, universities and theaters. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko issued a partial quarantine of eight provinces and mobilized the military to secure the borders. On November 4, President Victor Yushchenko even hinted at the possibility of imposing martial law.
“Failure to comply with orders will immediately result in application of law enforcement authorities.”

Described by some as an “advanced, biological, genetically engineered killer virus”—with reported illnesses doubling every two days—did this ‘flu’ suddenly appear out of nowhere? Some aren’t so sure, especially after residents of Kiev, L’viv, and Ternopil reported seeing light aircraft spraying a mysterious substance over their cities. Akin to chemtrails, this aerosolized, suspicious substance made some authorities advise local businesses and retailers to remain indoors.
Also strange are the comments reported in a November 4 Bloomberg article by Daryna Krasnolutska. “President Yushchenko said in an urgent address to the nation that the country’s flu outbreak is ‘unique’ because three flu strains are spreading at the same time.”
Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian science journalist and investigative reporter who has filed lawsuits against the World Health Organization (WHO), UN, NATO, and numerous U.S. politicians (including Barack Obama), agrees that something doesn’t add up. In a June 27 interview with Kathlyn Stone, editor and publisher of Flesh & Stone, she remarked, “Mother Nature does not naturally recombine bird, swine, and three human influenza viruses.”
In a June 25 article, independent journalist Barbara Minton writes, “Burgermeister presents evidence that the bird flu and swine flu viruses have been bioengineered in labs using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies.” She then addresses those against whom Burgermeister filed charges (e.g. bioterrorism and mass murder). “These defendants conspired with each other to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bio-weapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis.”

As the disease spread, we started to receive conflicting information in alternative media about its true nature. On the 20 November Mike Chambers Show, Dr. Rebecca Carley commented:

Dr. Carley: Well, I am hearing so much conflicting information. Someone, one of the people on my list, claims they have relatives in the Ukraine and nothing is going one. I got an email from Ukraine telling me it is really bad. So I really have no idea what is going on at this point.
Chambers Yes, I read an article the other day based upon an article I sent you regarding Interpol, and the drills they had written. And I went back and had done some looking, and the sparse amount of media coverage on this, I found evidence of possible low level spraying, I found drills being run, a number of things, and even confirmations from a Ukrainean news source saying it was pneumonic plague. This was back on the second. Then you have this coroner, this Ukrainean coroner, come out and say "No, its influenza, and what as quoted to say the lungs were black as charcoal, he said no, the lungs are not black, and the other day an article from, they are talking about this being a cytokine storm that destroys the lungs in a few days. It is really difficult to make real sense of what is going on in the Ukraine at this point in time.

RT, 10 Nov 2009: "Swine flu may be means of political manipulation in Ukraine” interview with Wayne Madsen

Particularly noteworthy were Ukrainean reports that this could be false flag terror --live from the same state where alleged Mossad agent Moshe was arrested. Jane Burgermeister posted at her web site on 20 Nov the article "No mass deaths from vaccines in the Ukraine: "Alarmist" Misinformation," and another significant article on 23 Nov "Doctors in Ukraine Say President Created Pandemic for Political Gain; Say California Virus Cannot be Accounted For:"

Doctors in the Ukraine have signed an open letter alleging that the flu pandemic which has cost the lives of hundreds of people has been deliberately created by President Yushchenko and his allies in order to retain power.
The doctors from the western Ukraine say that the virus found circulating in the western Ukraine, the region hardest hit by the pandemic, was the California Virus, yet there can be no explanation of how the California virus has turned up and hit that specific region of the Ukraine so hard unless it was brought into circulation deliberately.
The A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) virus was identified by WHO as the pandemic virus that appeared in Mexico and North America in April 2009.
The doctors say that deaths and sickness caused by the appearance of the California pandemic virus in the western Ukraine is proof of a deliberate attempt to infect people.
 “The events in Ukraine, however, give the reason to consider and have doubts about whether the pandemic arose due to a natural process.  Far from it, there are more reasons to think this year’s pandemic and the political hysteria surrounding it is man-made, artificial product,” the doctors write.
Where did these smart viruses that do not cross borders come from? There is no explanation at this point in the science of  Virology and Pandemics.  Beyond a doubt [the unexplained appearance of the Californian virus] indicates that the explosion of a pandemic  on this specific territory was only possible due to planned  and organized activities, namely, an artificial genocide with the help of a dangerous virus called the “Californian” virus.
Secondly, why was just this region affected?  Why was this particular territory attacked  and not any other region of Ukraine or a neighbouring country?”
The doctors accuse the Ukrainian President Yushchenko of genocide by means of an artificially created flu for political gain.
The doctors say Yushchenko created the pandemic in order to justify martial law and suspend upcoming presidential elections, which Yushchenko was widely predicted to lose.
“Finally, why did the pandemic intensify in parallel to the intensification of the electoral campaign for President?” they ask.
“The Secretary and the Spokesmen of the ruling President announces the need  for an Emergency State in the country  due to the outbreak of the pandemic, backed by  like-minded  agents.  But what does an Emergency State mean in their opinion?
It means postponing the elections, in other words keeping President Yuschenko in power as his chances of winning the election on the 17th of January equal zero!
So this is a way of maintaining  the power of a bankrupt politician at the cost of lives of innocent  people.  It is not difficult to create an artificial pandemic, everyone can do this. The main thing needed is a desire to do so and no sense of responsibility  in front of God and no conscience,” the doctors write.
There have been separate allegations that the California Virus was injected into people as  a vaccine virus as part of a regular flu shot programme.
Three of the doctors who signed the declaration have since withdrawn their signatures, apparently under pressure from the authorities, according to reports in the local media.

In his 25 Jan 2010 AFP article, ace journalist Victor Thorn weighed in with "Did a `Killer Plague' Ever Really Hit the Ukraine?" Many people believe that President Victor Yuschenko feigned illness to grab his office in 2004, and now repeated his wise guy antics by spreading disease to retain his office in the coming elections. Both he and his wife are strongly associated with Mossad-CIA and other high level pro-Zionists described in Chapter32.

Could the November 2009 Ukrainian pneumonic plague have been nothing more than an elaborate intelligence psychological operation (psy op)? If the shadowy actions of Ukraine’s political leaders are any indication, the possibility exists.
Consider that Zbigniew Brzezinski and high-level drug trafficker Richard Armitage groomed President Victor Yushchenko and that in the two years leading up to Ukraine’s 2004 election the Bush administration funneled $65 million into supporting him. (Brzezinski and Armitage are luminaries in the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, respectively.)
Despite these efforts the opposition candidate—Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych—originally won until a “recount” was ordered. Only then did Yushchenko snatch victory from defeat....
Brzezinski, who also functioned as Jimmy Carter’s National Security advisor and Barack Obama’s foreign policy mentor, wrote of Ukraine’s strategic importance in his seminal 1997 book The Grand Chessboard, calling it one of five pivotal points in controlling Eurasia.
“Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire,” stressed Brzezinski.
Russia enters the picture once again when the critical 2004 election is examined. Only months prior to voting, Yushchenko claimed to have been poisoned. When photos surfaced, the effects were dramatic. Yushchenko’s face appeared jaundiced, bloated and pockmarked with lesions, scars and unsightly bumps of a greenish hue.
Initially, Yushchenko blamed his purported dioxin poisoning on the Russian secret service. Then he blamed Yanukovych and finally went after Yanukovych’s campaign director, David Zhvania. Yet, no suspect has been officially identified and there have been no arrests.
Due to these inconsistencies, many have questioned whether anyone even poisoned Yushchenko....

...Considering Mrs. Yushchenko’s neo-con/CIA history, plus Yushchenko’s background as an investment banker used to lead a U.S.-Israeli plan to encircle Russia via “color revolutions,” could the November plague which killed 446 citizens have been nothing more than a complex psychological operation designed to influence the upcoming January election?
Or, was the vast media blackout indicative of a more sinister motive—that U.S.-Israeli interests were warning Russian leaders not to impede their upcoming military actions against Iran or a similar virus could be unleashed in their country?

Fortunately the black cloud of international swine flu fear mongering started to rapidly dissipate by mid-November and December before the rising tide of public pushback, fueled by the free Internet.
In his 19 November article "Major Victory with Swine Flu Scandal," Dr. Joseph Mercola commented:

European scientists and health authorities are facing angry questions about why H1N1 flu has not caused death and destruction on the scale first feared, and they need to respond deftly to ensure public support.

Accusations are flying in British and French media that the pandemic has been "hyped" by medical researchers to further their own cause, boost research grants and line the pockets of drug companies.

Britain's Independent newspaper this week asked "Pandemic? What Pandemic?"

France's Le Parisien newspaper ran the headline: "Swine flu: why the French distrust the vaccine" and noted a gap between the predicted impact of H1N1 and the less dramatic reality.

As an example, the Dec 7 & 14 issue of The American Free Press reported the following two update items on page 2:

SWINE FLU VACCINE BANNED The Swine Flu vaccine has caused so many severe side-effects including breathing problems, raised heart rate and skin rashes that 172,000 doses of the vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s second largest drug maker, are being recalled in Canada as doctors are being told to stop administering the H1N1 vaccine.
DOCTOR WARNS OF VACCINE PERIL Daisy J. Stern, MD, warns fellow doctors in Israel of the many dangers of the swine flu vaccine. She says the vaccine is “highly neuro toxic and causes severe auto-immune reactions, even deaths.”

The 20 Jan 2010 article "H1N1 swine flu hoax falls apart at the seams" by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of, explained the false flag fraud:

(NaturalNews) The great swine flu hoax of 2009 is now falling apart at the seams as one country after another unloads hundreds of millions of doses of unused swine flu vaccines. No informed person wants the injection anymore, and the entire fear-based campaign to promote the vaccines has now been exposed as outright quackery and propaganda.
Even doctors are now calling the pandemic a complete hoax. As reported on FoxNews, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a leading health authority in Europe, says that drug companies "organized a 'campaign of panic' to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a pandemic. He believes it is 'one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,' and he has called for an inquiry." (,2933...)
H1N1 swine flu was never dangerous, and it never should have been escalated to a level-six pandemic in the first place. It was all a big marketing scam whose purpose was to simply sell vaccines. (And the CDC and WHO were in on it...)
And it worked! Big Pharma made out with billions of dollars in profits for a useless vaccine that's now being dumped by the truck load. These vaccines were, of course, paid for with taxpayer dollars, making the Great Swine Flu Hoax of 2009 nothing more than an elaborate financial scam whose goal was to transfer wealth from the People to the shareholders of Big Pharma.
In just the fourth quarter of 2009, GlaxoSmithKline shipped $1.4 billion worth of vaccines. (
That's $1.4 billion worth of taxpayer dollars, by the way. Dollars that could have been spent on nutrition or real health education. $1.4 billion worth of free vitamin D supplements would have done far more to protect public health than vaccines could ever hope to accomplish.
A bailout for Big Pharma
Wall Street hucksters have nothing on Big Pharma, the CDC and the WHO, all of which conspired to mislead the public and generate irrational fear in order to make money selling people vaccine shots they never needed in the first place.
The drug companies raked in billions of dollars in revenues while providing a product that offered absolutely no net reduction in mortality. In fact, as the long-term side effects of the vaccines remain unknown, it could turn out that the vaccines actually result in a net increase in mortality.
Meanwhile, countless people were harmed by the swine flu vaccine frenzy (it's "countless" because nobody's counting). In addition to those who were nearly paralyzed after receiving the vaccine shots, grade school staffers in Massachusetts who lined up to receive swine flu vaccine shots were instead injected with insulin. (Insulin injections can put you into a coma.) (
The school sent a letter home to students blaming the mishap on the school nurse. But if they weren't injecting these kids with a useless vaccine for a non-pandemic, none of this would have happened in the first place.
Total swine flu deaths for 2009 were far lower than the number of deaths from regular seasonal flu. And yet it turns out that thousands of Americans who died from the swine flu had been previously injected with the vaccines ( In fact, according to calculations derived from official CDC estimates, thousands of vaccinated Americans died from swine flu anyway. The vaccines, it seems, don't really work after all. You're just as safe doing nothing.
Actually, getting the vaccine may harm your health. Outspoken Dr. Wodarg even says that the full extent of the damage from the insufficiently-tested vaccines may not be known for years. "The vaccine developed by Novartis was produced in a bioreactor from cancerous cells, a technique that had never been used until now," he says.
Just what we need, huh? Cancer cells being injected into the population as part of a vaccine campaign.
Canceling vaccine orders
The Swine Flu hoax has fizzled out, and countries like Greece, France and the UK have cancelled orders for vaccines that they now realize won't be needed ( ( But even the fizzling of this hoax doesn't mean it was a failure from the point of view of Big Pharma.
The swine flu hoax was a huge success not only for drug company profits, but also for certain influential individuals including Dr Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC who has now accepted a high-paying job as the president of Merck's global vaccine operations. (
One minute you're running the CDC, warning the country about a pandemic while urging everybody to get vaccinated, and the next minute you're running the for-profit vaccine division of the world's largest drug company. Amazing how that works, huh?

Yes, we can relax a little bit and call the whole thing a hoax. But imagine how it all might have turned out very differently if no activist whistle-blowers had interdicted this false flag pandemic campaign at an early stage. Imagine if the full 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with H1N1 virus cited in Jane Burgermeister's charges had not been stopped, but instead had been injected into sleeping populations between Europe and America. Imagine the catastrophic "back end costs" from all the toxins like squalene adjuvants from the existing swine flu vaccine injections now lingering in the bodies of tens of millions of vaccinated people. They are now more likely to show much higher rates of cancer and other diseases further out in time, such as ten, twenty, or thirty years from now.
Furthermore, imagine how all the elements of the police state mouse trap described in Chapter 23 and the martial law preparation described in Chapter 31 still remain in place. The Massachusetts Senate certainly was not laughing when it passed the mandatory vaccination bill in August 2009. The Federal Government “unwillingness to follow government orders” conference in Washington, D.C. in mid-August was hardly a barrel of laughs either. In fact at the time, all these things seemed downright threatening to many patriotic Americans.
No, instead of a sigh of relief, I think if would be more accurate to say that vigilant fellow citizens have simply been granted some breathing room to continue their political consciousness raising activities before the psychopathic power elite comes up with the next round. They are not going to quit until we put them in jail, which in turn brings us to the deeper sociological issues I raise in Chapter 38 and other chapters. None of the Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, Trilats, and CEO's of big pharma currently fear arrest for their obvious crimes.
Before wrapping this chapter, I would like to go through some comparative analysis between the swine flu campaign and other types of false flag operations I have covered in other chapters:


Parallels Between False Flag Pandemic Biowar
and Other Types of False Flag Operations

At this point, I wish to identify many of the commonalities between false flag biowar and other types of “false flag” paradigms I have discussed in other chapters.

False flag operations typically reflect major special and geopolitical interests

I have already covered many different motives for false flag pandemics, ranging from corporate profits for big pharma making mass sales of vaccines to government distributors, to the need by power elites to use them as an excuse to create political diversions, implement martial law, or impose genocide on various population groups.
"Global Depopulation," often linked by patriots to "U.N. Agenda 21," has an interesting "false flag" or "decoy" aspect to it on both a broad geopolitical and ideological level.
Apart from so-called "Malthusian"-related population arguments, there is also "kinky logic" behind the population reduction concept if one accepts the premise that the Zionist power elite and their corrupt gentile confederates have a high degree of innate criminality (or "psychopathy"), which is in fact my own view.
The “population reduction” ideology creates a criminal’s paradise where “anything goes” and anything is justifiable. If one believes that it is good to eliminate over 90% of the world’s population in order to achieve a "sustainable population" of, say, 500 million people on this planet, what does it matter if you rob, lie to, or wreck the economies of everyone else on this planet who is slated to die?
One can also explain this behavior on a purely subconscious, instinctive level. In his classic article "Zoological Subspecies of Man" (The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2 - October 1960), Dr. E. Raymond Hall explained that in nature, the mammalian equivalent of human races, called "subspecies," tend to instinctively usurp and displace each other rather than cooperate or interbreed.
In Jewish Supremacism, Dr. David Duke references genetic studies that explain how Jews are twice as genetically distant from any whites as any European whites are from each other (for example Anglo-Saxon English from Slavic Russians). In A New Theory of Evolution, Sir Arthur Keith explains why it makes sense for Evolutionary Breeding Units (EBU) or human tribes to genetically reinvest in themselves first rather than invest in outsiders, similar to reasons why small companies must internally reinvest cash flow and protect their trade secrets and intellectual property to survive.
Therefore racism and tribalism have evolved as instinctive tendencies because these things have survival value on a broader, sociobiological level. Hence, one of the basic rules of Right Wing 101 is that the closer people are in terms of ethnic-genetic distance, the more likely they are to act as altruists and mutualists, and conversely the further away they are, the more likely they are to act a predators and parasites. It makes sense to have as many individuals of ones own EBU in charge of the strategic bases of society as possible, while conversely these social models predict that it would be a disaster to allow anyone as alien as Jews to control their government, media, and other strategic bases.

Therefore, as alien infiltrators, Jewish plutocrats not only have a tropism or instinctive tendency to promote open borders with Third World peoples and to support leftist, race-mixing national media in America that further degrade the dwindling white middle class, but also have a deep subconscious, instinctive tendency to promote false flag pandemics as an alternative means to damage or reduce underlying gentile gene pools.
By using "global depopulation" as cover, what does it matter if you have robbed Americans of the carrying capacity of an innovative industrial base if you can convince everyone that the world's population should be reduced from over six billion to less than 500 million (as reflected in the mysterious "Georgia Guidestones") in order to be "sustainable." What does it matter if you profit from injecting children with vaccine ingredients that you know will permanently damage millions of kids from autism and vastly increase population cancer rates if over 90% of the world's population somehow needs to be eliminated anyway?
The depopulation agenda provides "cover" in other ways. If a criminal elite can unleash a false flag pandemic that wipes out a substantial portion of the global population, they may be able to later re-write history books to blame everything on the pandemic and not on their own policy failures. This will be especially true if they can ever fulfill their dream to track everybody with RFID chips and create a totally controlled society where all dissenting opinions get flushed down the memory hole.
In other words, the global depopulation agenda creates a criminal's paradise. It creates the perfect "false flag" ideological alibi to justify anything, no matter how evil. What does it matter if you rob, cheat, or steal from your fellow man if most people need to die anyway as part of a "rational" population management program?
To keep things in perspective on the global population management issues, we have to sort out "major factors" and "minor factors." ( In Chapter 38 I go into greater detail on the need to net out major and minor factors in making economic and political analyses).
Consider how the middle classes of advanced industrialized nations have often tended to slip towards Zero Population Growth on their own. Consider how many Third World countries like China are able to regulate their own populations within the context of their own political leaders and culture without outside coercion. Consider how the carrying capacity of a country is relative not only to its agricultural land base, but also to its industrial base, and how with the advent of the mobile robotics revolution (addressed in my online ebook "I, Robot Entrepreneur"), we could be standing on the threshold of one the greatest productivity expansions in history. I do not have space to go into the full analysis here, except to suggest that it reconfirms my thesis that the obsession with depopulation by the Rothschilds and their satellites such as the Tavistock Institute, Bilderberg Group, CFR, and Trilateral Commission has strong criminal overtones.

Dr. Lorraine Day commented at her web site: "Here are a couple of quotes from Illuminati members who have utter contempt for the rest of the population of the world":

Bertrand Russell, Illuminati, advisor to presidents, author and population extermination guru, wrote the following in his book, The Impact of Science on Society (1953):
“At present the population of the world is increasing. . . War so far has had no great effect on this increase. . . I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others. . . If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. . . The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it.” Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially the suffering of others.”
Prince Philip and his son, Prince Charles of England, are both extensively involved with the World Wildlife Fund and “Sustainable Development” – a euphemism for Population Extermination. The elitists want the world and its resources for themselves. They want to be rid of the rest of us who they refer to as “useless eaters.” They claim we are “fouling” their earth.
Here is a quote from Prince Philip:
“In the event that I am reincarnated I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to overpopulation.” Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA) 1988.


Ted Turner with Rothschild partner David Rockefeller

Prince Philip's comments are particularly interesting, since the British aristocracy has intermarried with Jews ever since Cromwell let Jews back into England in the mid-17th century, therefore we should not be surprised with an overabundance of psychopathic comments coming from the very same kinds of nasty people who motivated American Revolutionaries to do away with titles of nobility.
The British Rothschilds fomented the Boer Wars in South Africa, where over 26,000 women and children died in over 50 concentration camps. The Jewish Sassoon family, which intermarried with European Rothschilds, deliberately spread opium addiction throughout China, and used British forces during the Opium Wars to keep their bloodsucking appendages firmly fastened on the Chinese population. Interestingly enough, Franklin D. Roosevelt's maternal grandfather Warren Delano, a senior partner of Russell & Company, carried Sassoon’s opium to China in their merchant fleet and returned with tea. William Russell, whose shipping firm dominated the American side of the Opium Trade, founded Yale University's Skull and Bones fraternity, the old boy club of both both George Bush Sr. and Jr. Planned genocides, depopulations, and parasitic exploitation are indeed an old story.
All this is bad enough, but the nightmare hits closer to home when someone like Ted Turner, a WASP from Atlanta, Georgia, openly cavorts with the Rothschild gang. According to the 29 April 2008 Jones Report: "Ted Turner: World Needs a 'Voluntary' One-Child Policy for the Next Hundred Years:"

Ted Turner used his Southern charm to calm worries that he longed for 95% decline from current population levels during a question and answer session-- as the billionaire eugenicist was quoted in Audubon magazine more than a decade ago.
"That's not really true," Turner told members of Philly 9/11 Truth. He instead cited 2 billion as the target-- a mere 2/3 reduction of the human population -- which he claims would allow 'everyone' to have a decent standard of living, including a "refrigerator and air conditioner"...
The 9/11 Truth activists probed the billionaire on how he would achieve these population goals-- citing policymakers like Henry Kissinger who advocate using 'food as weapon.' Turner commented, "The way I think we should get there is have a voluntary one child per family for the next hundred years... like they do in China now"...
In the third world, Turner has contributed literally billions to population reduction, namely through United Nations programs , leading the way for the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett (Gates father, for one, has long been a leading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist).
These same figures have also donated vast sums of money for vaccination programs that many have identified as part of the problem...

For three years I attended a conservative Christian college preparatory school in Chattanooga, Tennessee called McCallie of which he is also an alum. Among other things, we were required to read the Bible and were subjected to daily Christian indoctrination. When someone like Turner goes over to the Dark Side by merging Turner Broadcasting System with with Time Warner, Inc., controlled by New York Jews, and then starts mouthing David Rockefeller platitudes, it adds additional impetus for someone like myself to question the religious framework, value systems, and sociological background of Southern Bible Belt conservatives in America.
If any readers wonder why many of my views on politics and religion may appear so "radical" as reflected, for example, in my discussion of counter-PSYOPs in Chapter 38, it is people like Ted Turner or the Christian Zionist leader John Hagee out of San Antonio, Texas (see "Confronting the Cult of the Corpulent Man" by Michael Collins Piper, as well as Chapter 21) who personify my many reasons.

False flag operations typically utilize major military exercises or other key events in a two step process. (Step one, “Its just training, madam” Step Two: “Oh my God, it went live!”). The scenarios typically entail both an exaggerated enemy and a distorted defensive program.

Just as the major military and other anti-terrorist exercises that are supposed to prevent a terror attack are in fact the perfect vehicles for insiders to launch false flag terrorism, similarly the very vaccination campaigns that are ostensibly intended to increase immunity to a pandemic actually tend to do the opposite and spread the disease. Furthermore, vaccinations tend to degrade human immune systems, making human populations even more vulnerable to future pandemics.
In regard to the 2009 Ukraine pandemic, the article "Doctors In the Ukraine Accuse President of Genocide" dated 23 November 2009 reinforces this point:

Sources in Poland are reporting that many people who are sick in the Ukraine received vaccinations.
One source reported that 99% of the people who came down with an unusually severe sickness were vaccinated.
After a vaccination with what appears to be the seasonal flu with an HIN1 virus, they became sick in 2 to 3 weeks and infected their family.

According to sources, 200,000 people in the Ukraine got a flu shot, resulting in an epidemic of sickness.
An especially severe flu gripping Poland also appears to be associated with the seasonal flu jab, with an H1N1 virus, according to the package.
Last week a woman reported thousands of people had been killed by vaccines inside closed-off quarantine zones inside western Ukraine.

According to Dr. Rebecca Carley, vaccines also increase the odds of other diseases. For example, she says that virtually all vaccines have not been tested for their ability to cause cancer. This is because the people who create them already know that vaccinations have greatly increased cancer rates since they were first introduced. Dr. Carley claims that a large percentage of the revenues that go to doctors in the Internal Medicine and Oncology (cancer) fields are generated by cancerous conditions created by the medical profession in the first place.
Even worse, many cancer treatments actually make the cancer worse. As a former radiologist, Dr. Carley believes that x-rays to check women's breasts for cancer actually do more to increase breast cancer than avoid it. Nevertheless, if socialized medicine comes to America, women may be required by the state to get such exams, analogous to mandatory vaccination programs.
As a final example where "false flag" cures are typically worse than the diseases they pretend to treat, but nevertheless great cash cows for medical and pharmaceutical interests, the article "CHEMOTHERAPY: Mainstream Medicine's Lethal `Cure' For Cancer" by Pat Shannan. American Free Press, Sept. 21-28, 2009 Whole Body Health Supplement, states: "Why so much use of chemotherapy if it does so little good? Well, for one thing, drug companies provide huge economic incentives. In 1990, $3.53 billion was spent on chemotherapy. By 1994 that figure had more than doubled to $7.51 billion. This relentless increase in chemotherapy use was accompanied by a relentless increase in cancer deaths..."

False Flag operators typically require local control, and stage the attacks to increase overall control

One of the most important forms of local control involves local as well as national media. Dr. Rebecca Carley discussed this during her 17 Oct 2009 “What is Ailing America” show. During the first hour (at 8:43) her guest Jane Burgermeister discussed the incredible difference between coverage between German and American media:

Jane Burgermeister: ...There is a lot of good news from Germany, of all places, surprisingly enough. The German Army has gone against the wishes of the German Health Ministry and refused to take the vaccine with mercury adjuvants. The German states are putting pressure on the pharmaceutical companies to supply a vaccine without mercury in adjuvants. The doctors in Germany are in open revolt against this vaccine. There was a major story on the Bild [illustrated] newspaper picturing one of Germany's top doctors saying that the risks of these vaccines are too great. People shouldn't take them. So it looks like they have totally lost control of the German population, the German medical profession, and even the German Army.
Carley: And let us hope that virus of awareness will spread here to the United States in a very big way. I know that it is starting to happen but the media here is just hammering this every day. We have articles in my local paper, the Charlotte Observer every single day. There was one day a few days ago, where they had three articles in the same paper. You hear about it constantly on all the talking head stations like CNN and FOX News, even, where they are telling people "Oh, they do not know if they are going to have enough vaccine. You know, it is the old PSYOPs maneuver to make them think there is a shortage and that is supposedly urge them to jump in line in front of everyone else.
Burgermeister: Well it is a totally different story here now. The German mainstream media is coming out with really critical reports about this vaccine every single day, accusing the government of being more or less in collusion with the pharmaceutical companies. With having sold out to the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors who are openly accusing the government of lying --in the mainstream media.
Dr. Carley: Wow, I guess I have got to move to Germany, who knows? [Laughter].

On her 17 Oct 2009 talk show (2nd hour, 54:12) , Dr. Rebecca Carley discussed with one of her guests a low cunning ploy used by the Boston Herald to propagandize the public to take the swine flu vaccinations.

Dr. Carley: Back to "What is Ailing America?", where the answer is "Pharmageddon." We have Dave in Massachusetts. Are you there David?
David: [After a temporary interruption in the line]...Hey, good to talk to you Dr. Carley. You know we are up against a full court press here, Dr. Carley, and "press" is the operative word. I am holding in my hand now the Thursday, October 15th Boston Herald newspaper. And this is the most popular newspaper in Boston and it is distributed all over New England. And here is the headline, Dr. Carley. Tell me if this isn't sick. It says the whole front page: "Killers First, Then You" and it says "Taxpayers take back seat to cons for coveted swine flu shots." Can you imagine that? They call them the coveted swine flu shots. But the killers are going to get them first. It says here, "State public health officials have decided that thousands of state inmates will get swine flu vaccinations weeks before most citizens who foot the bill for prisons."
Dr. Carley: Wait a minute, this is beautiful, David. This is beautiful, because this goes along with what we already heard about. How now they are saying that, you know, the sheep who take the vaccines will be protected, and the awake people that don't take them will actually be killed by some other mechanism. Now they are going to try to get people so outraged that the prisoners are going to get the shots. See, they are trying to create a false flag event where people are going to be taking to the streets and demanding that they get the shots instead of the prisoners! This is hysterical!
David: Yes, yes. They are trying to make us jealous, that the prisoners are going to get them first. Then another thing that is sick, this yellow journalism and everything. Even calling all the state inmates --the thousands of state inmates-- calling them all killers, there are probably about less than one percent of the state inmates that are actually killers. And this yellow journalism: "Killers First, Then You." This is beyond sick, Dr. Carley. These people are demented, you know.
Dr. Carley: Well, first of all most all people who are in prison are there for crimes which have no victims. The true killers are working for the big pharma companies, the CDC medical doctors, and all the rest. I mean, there are more policemen killing citizens every day. That is why I am not afraid of "criminals." I know that I am more likely to be killed by the police than I am by any other "criminal." Yes.
David: Well, Dr. Carley, you know what I call these vaccinations. I call them Vac-assassinations. I urge all the people who can hear my voice -don't allow this great super Satan to Vac-assassinate you... Don't let this great super Satan vac-assassinate your loved ones.
Dr. Carley: Right.
David: Tell this super Satan to take that Vac-assassination and go back to hell with it.
Dr. Carley: And prevent Pharmageddon.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has written many articles about how the medical profession is becoming increasingly "corporatized," over-regulated, and "functionalized." This reflects increasing top-down control and less physician independence to resist corrupt practices.
In his 21 January 2010 article "How Wall St Destroyed Private Medicine," Roberts observes:

Legislation that cuts payments to private physicians and increases the payments to large corporate entities is intended to destroy private practice and to create in its place corporate bureaucracies in which doctors are wage slaves. The physician’s income is diverted to shareholders, CEO bonuses, and Wall Street. Health care is being replaced with health business.

As a result of the way American medicine is being reconstructed, patients will cease to have a doctor whom they know and who knows them. Important information is lost in a system of bureaucratized "health care" in which a patient sees whatever face happens to be on duty at the corporate provider. Impersonal health care thus brings a cost of its own, and its quality can be low compared to private practice. Indeed, the U.S. is creating a "health care" system that is more costly and less efficient than single-payer national health systems. But it will enrich corporations and provide play for Wall Street.

It turns one’s stomach to watch libertarians and "free market economists" defend bureaucratized impersonal health care as "free market medicine." There is no free market present. Corporate lobbies and campaign contributions use government power to create bureaucratized monopolies that destroy medicine for the practitioner and the patient. Wall Street pushes for greater shareholder earnings, which are achieved by denying care.

Insiders usually personally profit –in more ways than one

A false flag pandemic is the perfect “start the fire, sell the firehouse” false flag scam for big pharma profiteering. In the 13 Aug 2009 article "Swine Flu Vaccine Makers to Profit $50 Billion a Year!!" Dr. Joseph Mercola observed:

According to recent media reports, some 160 million doses of swine flu vaccine are slated to be delivered to the U.S. by fall; enough doses to vaccinate a large portion of the U.S. population. The U.K. government has placed advance orders for 60 million doses.
But that’s probably just the beginning if sanity does not take hold soon.
According to Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccine makers could produce nearly FIVE BILLION pandemic flu shots per year in the best-case scenario.
And according to Business Week, wealthier countries like the U.S. and the U.K. will pay just under $10 per dose, while developing countries would pay less.
If these facts hold true, Big Pharma stands to gain up to $49 billion a year on the swine flu vaccine alone.

The World Health Organization and United Nations can also profit by using a false flag pandemics to make power grabs that further World Government. While on the first hour of Mark Anderson's 22 August 2009 Republic Broadcasting Network talk show (around 25:00), Jane Burgermeister explained how this was being done.

Anderson: Does the World Health Organization have jurisdiction to force this thing on all of us?
Burgermeister: It does, and that is something I did not realize, and most people still don't realize. Under the International Health Regulations 2005, the World Health Organization has sweeping powers in the event that it declares a Pandemic Level of Emergency 6.
Anderson: Pandemic Level 6, right
Burgermeister: Which it has done. It did do in June. It can dissolve national governments and set up crisis committees, and these crisis committees report directly to the WHO, and take instructions from the WHO, and they can issue emergency decrees. They can take control of the health services, and they can take control of law enforcement to carry out measures that the WHO considers necessary to allegedly stop the pandemic. And this includes quarantines, but also false vaccinations. In some pandemic plans it is made quite explicit they can use some law enforcement. The Austrian pandemic plan says so explicitly, the Swiss pandemic plan talks of compulsory prophylaxis, and the Australian pandemic plan also talks about the application of coercive powers. And most of the countries have incorporated these provisions in their own national pandemic plans, as has the U.S.A., and the Bush's 2005 Avian International partnership plan. And also in various state laws and national legislation. So the WHO does indirectly have this power.
Anderson: "Who's on first" --what used to be a humorous quip is now rather dark. Anyway, what it sounds to me, if I might spin off from that, is that the United Nations, of which the WHO is part, has been looking a long time for an avenue by which to become a true World Government. A lot of national governments and people of the nations have rejected them. We have heard of the "get us out of the United Nations" program of the John Birch Society. Different things, different patriot groups here and abroad, and it sounds to me like one way the UN itself, through WHO, the World Health Organization, could grab on to the global control which so far seems to have eluded it.
Burgermeister: Absolutely. I think it is a global coup de etat, and if their plan works, you will see the WHO and the UN emerging as a global government following this pandemic.
Anderson. Yes, the UN has been largely rejected or sidelined in its quest to become the world government and let the UN's charter, which is actually a charter for perpetual war, sort of override national constitutions. Yours and mine. Now I want to get right to the central message of this, though, so it is not lost in detail. You are literally alleging that the overall vaccination plan is not only underhanded, not only unsafe, it probably has not been subjected to the testing it should have, and all these sundry items, but it is literally a murder plot. A death by injection plot. That is your ultimate overall allegation, correct?
Burgermeister: That is...

Interestingly enough, less than two weeks after this interview the Financial Times carried the 8 Sept 2009 article "Obama to Seal U.S.-UN Relationship" by Harvey Morris which noted that "Barack Obama will cement the new co-operative relationship between the US and the United Nations this month when he becomes the first American president to chair its 15-member Security Council."
Funny how ever since the "Zionism is racism" U.N. resolution was revoked in 1991, the U.S. establishment's love affair with the U.N. has grown by leaps and bounds.

False flag attacks usually require the massive use of illusion and exploit ambiguity, surprise, and secrecy

Dr. Lorraine Day explains the formula for exploiting illusion, ambiguity, surprise, and secrecy in fabricating a "pandemic:"

1. Suddenly, out of nowhere, fill the newspapers and television news with terrifying headlines.
2. Continue the hype ad nauseum.
3. Make sure that those who may have the disease are given unlimited entry to the United States and other countries so the epidemic will at least seem to spread.
4. Make certain the Public Health authorities. Including the Centers for Disease Control, are on board with their lies.
5. Haul in huge profits for the pharmaceutical companies from mandatory medicines (in this case, the dangerous drug, Tamiflu) and forced vaccinations.
6. Give the contract for making the vaccine to an insider company - one of the most unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies in the country (in this case, the one that was just caught red-handed sending contaminated vaccines to 18 countries).
7. Get states to declare martial law so they can forcibly inject you with very dangerous substances (vaccinations) against your will – under penalty of prison.
8. Direct Homeland Security to declare a National Emergency over so few cases that it is absurd.  Yet the American people will believe almost anything.
9. Make sure the World Health Organization also lies to the American people.
10. Do not warn people to refrain from eating the meat of animals that are infected with the exact disease they don’t want to get.  Keep their rich Industrialist friends in the Big Business of factory farming happy by telling the public to continue eating the meat of animals that are infected.  Tell the public you can’t get the Swine flu from Swine!
11. Tell the public that the previous Swine Flu epidemic in 1976 was DEADLY, even though there is evidence of only ONE death (if even that) – a soldier at Fort Dix, NJ. who had undoubtedly received many different types of vaccines at Boot Camp, a much more likely explanation for his illness and death.
12. Try to downplay the reports of legitimate scientists and news reports who are telling the truth (that the Swine flu is no worse than the regular flu).
13. Don’t let the people know that the only people who developed the flu in the pandemic of 1918 were those who had been vaccinated.
14. Confuse the people with mixed messages.  On one hand, tell them “a Terrible Pandemic is coming,” but then tell them, “There’s NO cause for alarm!”
15. Confuse the people even more by changing the name of the supposed Pandemic.
16. Above all, don’t let the people know that the virus was made in the laboratory specifically to start a Pandemic to try to kill billions of people.
17. Don’t let the people know about the previous man-made epidemics.
18. “If at first they don’t succeed, they definitely will try, try again” because the American people have a very short memory.
It is important to understand that the elitist Illuminati who want to destroy 5 1/2 Billion people worldwide by the year 2020 will continue to fabricate one “pandemic” after another.  They want you to plead for a vaccine that you “think” will protect you. 
But vaccines DON’T WORK and they are NOT safe.  They are filled with numerous dangerous ingredients, including microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) that can kill you.

Controlled national media typically pre-condition Americans to accept false flag illusions prior to the attacks as well as accept permanent cover-ups

In his 23 Nov 2009 AFP article "Was Fort Hood `Killer’ a Victim of Covert Mind Controllers?,”Victor Thorn describes the strong false flag pandemic "predictive programming" element.

Considering the symbolic nature of how false-flag terror events are chosen, what significance does November 5 hold? In the movie V for Vendetta, this date is sacred among revolutionaries. “Remember, remember, the 5th of November. The gunpowder treason and plot.” On Nov. 5, 1605, Guy Fawkes and others allegedly tried to blow up London’s Parliament House in the failed Gunpowder Plot.
With his “V” serving as a symbol for anarchy, the film’s protagonist advocates the elimination of a totalitarian shadow group called Norsefire, who took control of the government after unleashing a deadly virus (today’s H1N1?). Utilizing fabricated news stories, the citizenry spun into panic until their Big Brother controllers “discovered’” a cure. Rebelling in an underground lair called “The Shadow Gallery,” the anarchic hero fights fascistic corporatism so that, as Bevin Chu suggests, “A new spontaneous social order can emerge."


The Department of Health and Human Services came up with an interesting alternative to predictive programming when it offered a $2,500 cash prize contest for the best ad to promote swine flu vaccination. It invited the public to vote for the best ad concept submission through its web site at It is chilling to compare the public solicitation video by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius below with the aforementioned mirror image opposite warning video by Sheriff Richard Mack posted on 20 Sept 2009. The winning video "H1N1 Rap by Dr. Clarke" and runner-ups can be found at

28 August 2009. Former Kansas governor, HHS Secretary, and Bilderberg member in good standing Kathleen Sibelius hypes propaganda contest


Speaking of eerie foreknowledge and promotion, there is strong evidence the Swine Flu vaccine was patented a year before the outbreak. According to the 18 July 2009 article "Novartis recalled `H1N1' vaccine two months before allegedly new `H1N1' outbreak in Mexico"

Novartis recalled its “swine flu” HIN1 vaccine in February of this year, two months before the outbreak of the allegedly new and unseeen “swine flu” H1N1 outbreak in Mexico City occurred in April.
The timing of the recall of the H1N1 vaccine raises questions concerning how Novartis could have had a vaccine for the “swine flu” H1N1 virus on the market months before this allegedly new and dangerous “swine flu” virus appeared in Mexico in April. The appearance of the H1N1 virus was allegedly so new and so dangerous that WHO felt obliged to declare a pandemic emergency level 6 even though there’ve been hardly any deaths around the globe officially attributed to the so-called “swine flu”.
As a result of this declaration of a pandemic level 6 emergency, WHO’s vaccine advisory group packed with executives from Baxter and Novartis recommended worldwide vaccination, a recommendation WHO translated into a guideline with legal force.
Now, billions of people around the world face the prospect of a mandatory vaccination with unproven, toxic substances for a harmless virus that has been bioengineered to be lethal.
Novartis is also planning to have MF 59 or squalene in its vaccine, a toxic adjuvant.
Novartis “bird flu” vaccine, which killed at least 20 people in Poland last summer, has “adverse events reactions” listed as its “primary outcome measure” on the database of clinical trials.
Novartis’ CEO Daniel Vassella was at the Bilderberg meeting in Athens this May together with Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. Were they discussing plans to coordinate the activities of the Austrian government, Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary and other vaccine companies such as Novartis to implement forced vaccination in the autumn in response to the media frenzy whipped up by the appearance of a virus in Mexico that Novartis had a vaccine for anyway months before?
It was Baxter’s Austrian subsidiary that contaminated 72 pounds of vaccine material with live bird flu virus this February and sent it out to 16 labs in four countries, thereby nearly triggering a pandemic.

According to Dr. Rebecca Carley, two other examples of false flag pandemic-related predictive programming are the Stephen King book The Stand and the TV series Fringe. which shows the medical establishment experimenting on the world.

In regard to the The Stand, Dr. Carley explained that it is a premonition of false flag pandemic biowar, except that the only difference is that the release of the flu is accidental in the book and TV miniseries, whereas in real life it is done on purpose. Wikipedia describes the plot as follows:

The novel is divided into three parts, or books. The first is titled "Captain Trips" and takes place over nineteen days, with the escape and spread of a human-made biological weapon, a superflu (influenza) virus known formally as "Project Blue" but most commonly as "Captain Trips" (among some other colloquialisms). The epidemic leads directly to the death of an estimated 99.4% of the world's human population.
King outlines the total breakdown and destruction of society through widespread violence, the failure of martial law to contain the outbreak, and eventually the death of virtually the entire population. The human toll is also dealt with, as the few survivors must care for their families and friends, dealing with confusion and grief as their loved ones succumb to the flu.
The expanded edition opens with a prologue titled "The Circle Opens" that offers greater detail into the circumstances surrounding the development of the virus and the security breach that allowed its escape from the secret laboratory compound where it was created…

According to Wikipedia, after suffering in limbo for a decade, The Stand was able to spring back to life a few years after George W. Bush, Sr. gave his New World Order speech at the U.N.::

…A movie adaptation of The Stand was in development hell for 10 years….King talked about adapting it for television but was informed that the television networks did not "want to see the end of the world, particularly in prime time." Eventually King allowed screenwriter Rospo Pallenberg, who was a fan of The Stand, to write his own adaptation on the novel. Pallenberg's script would clock the film in at close to three hours while still staying true to the novel. Everyone liked the script; however, just as it was about to finally come together, Warner Brothers backed out of the project.
ABC eventually offered Stephen King the chance to make The Stand into an 8-hour miniseries for television. King wrote a new screenplay (toned down for television). The miniseries was broadcast in 1994, directed by Mick Garris and starring such actors as Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Miguel Ferrer, Laura San Giacomo, Ossie Davis, and Ed Harris.

In regard to the predictive programming aspects of Fringe, Wikipedia describes how Season 1 is filled with themes related to people getting experimented upon and bioterrorism:

All over the world, a series of apparent experiments collectively referred to as " The Pattern" (e.g., a newborn baby who rapidly ages and dies within a few minutes, a bus full of passengers trapped in a strange resin, like mosquitoes trapped in amber) are occurring for reasons unknown. Olivia, Peter, and Walter are in charge of investigating these strange events to determine their source. Connected to the Pattern is 'Massive Dynamic', a megacorporation which is a leading global technology company, holding the patents for a diverse number of new and significant technologies. Their enemy is ZFT (Zerstörung durch Fortschritte der Technologie), a bioterrorist organization which is orchestrating all of the strange occurrences in order to prepare for a destructive technological singularity. Tying both sides together is a nootropic drug, called Cortexiphan, that was developed by Walter and his partner, William Bell (now chairman of Massive Dynamic), which Olivia and a number of others were treated with as children. The first season closes with Olivia meeting William in a parallel universe where, among other differences, the World Trade Center was not destroyed by the September 11 attacks.

Lastly, in regard to the need for a false flag operation to sustain a continuing "cover-up," the UK Government has given a macabre interpretation to this word (as in throwing dirt on top of bodies) in the article by Michel Chossudovsky “Fear, Intimidation & Media Disinformation: U.K Government is Planning Mass Graves in Case of H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic
The U.S. Government has also planned mass FEMA graves.

False flag operators usually require powerful intimidation propaganda

Dr. Joseph Mercola published a special alert on 27 Oct 2009 explaining how the Obama administration engaged in massive fear mongering when it announced the national swine flu emergency in October 2009:

Brilliant CBS Investigation Gets BURIED by Media
I just published a major swine flu update on Saturday about how CBS News investigative journalists exposed how misleading statistics are being used to panic the public into complying with the huge H1N1 swine flu vaccination program.
Last week, CBS News published the results from a three-month long investigation into the swine flu. One would think this would have received MASSIVE media exposure since their findings are in direct conflict with what the government is publicly stating.
Of major interest, as you can see on the video on the Saturday article, CBS investigative journalists went to the CDC to seek their help in clarifying the situation and answering outstanding questions but CDC officials refused. They would not cooperate and CBS had to do their own investigation.
Even worse, after CBS compiled the data, the CDC refused to comment on it.
What's this all about??? It can only make you wonder if the CDC is really interested in authentically serving the public good, or if, perhaps, it has been heavily influenced by outside corporate interests.
This is not good. The only way that we can have an effective response to the reported H1N1 influenza outbreak is if the government is transparent with the data. We have simply not seen ANY evidence that government health agencies are willing to be transparent. In fact, all evidence points to the contrary.
The CBS investigative report included state-by-state test results that revealed some VERY different facts from what the US Centers for Disease Control has been telling the American public.
The CBS report found that H1N1 flu cases are NOT AT ALL as prevalent as feared. A CBS article even states:
"If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu.
In fact, you probably didn't have the flu at all.
The results reveal a pattern that surprised a number of health care professionals we consulted. The vast majority of cases were negative for H1N1 as well as seasonal flu, despite the fact that many states were specifically testing patients deemed to be most likely to have H1N1 flu, based on symptoms and risk factors, such as travel to Mexico."

In most states the percentages ranged from 83 to 98 percent NOT BEING H1N1 or influenza. As you can see from this CBS News graphic, not only are most cases of suspected flu-like illnesses not H1N1 influenza, they're not influenza at all, but rather some type of cold or upper respiratory infection that looks like influenza but is caused by another type of virus or bacteria!

False Flag attacks typically have Kabbalistic or Masonic numerological significance --and involve highly "derivative" organizations and value systems.

In Chapter16, and the 7 July 2009 article "H1N1 BIOWAR —Key Journalist Fired—", Captain May described how the Bush administration's: H1N5, the 2005 bird flu rollout press conference "was scheduled for November 1 at 10:10 AM wasn't covered in the news, but it should have been, since the date/time code was 11111." Throughout this Mission of Conscience series I have explained the occult significance of dates that either have an "11" or are divisible by "11."
In the aforementioned "Intelligence Summary," we noted "Sunday the 19th of April 2009, during the U.S. polo opening, 21 Venezuelan horses dropped dead. Three days after this, on 4-22 (note the divisible-by-11 occult `signature'), the bio warfare center at Ft. Detrick declared that it lost samples of Venezuelan equine flu."
Pandemic Level 6 was announced by WHO on 6-11.
I need to emphasize once again that looking for occult date coincidences should only be the tip of the iceberg of an intelligence analysis. They can be used to orient suspicions and help accent deeper analysis that uses hard evidence of criminal organization, motives, and patterns of behavior. Taken in isolation, they have the potential to yield many "false positives" and false extrapolations, because we are dealing in a world of speculation without the equivalent of scientific experimental control measures.
However, another concept I have explored in Chapter 33 about Wall Street, and which I explore again in Chapter 37 in my discussion of the U.S. military establishment, is the idea that a high level criminal mentality can infect the rest of society and warp its institutions such as Wall Street firms, big Pharma, Congress, and the U.S. military establishment so that they all have highly "derivative" characteristics. Just like the way the criminal mentality seeks immediate gratification and appearances over substance, so a nation's institutions that are ruled by a criminal oligarchy start to show the same characteristics. They become so decoupled from their roots that they often serve the opposite purpose for which they were created.
There is a tie-in here with occult numerology, because numerology is a system that uses numbers, but is so decoupled from the original purpose of mathematical systems, which is to perform logical functions, that it promotes instead the exact opposite function of serving superstition and unscientific reasoning, while retaining the superficial appearances.of dealing with numbers and math. Even worse, numbers are converted into symbolic codes for criminal communication purposes or else made part of an esoteric system so that self-anointed “spiritual middlemen” can engage in spiritual rent-seeking off the backs of ignorant and superstitious people.
There seems to be a proxy effect involved here. The same kind of criminal mentality that delights in manipulating appearances over substance to achieve quick gain seems to be attracted to things like occult numerology, fraudulent corporate reporting, and promulgating false flag pandemics to score quick profits. When people with this mentality infiltrate the highest levels of the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry, we find that this establishment becomes so decoupled from its original healing roots embodied in the Hippocratic Oath that does more to injure than help society. It becomes just one more institutionalized parasite in America.
I have already provided a fundamental explanation on a biological and cultural level for this corruption from Dr. Lorraine Day, namely that big Pharma and the medical profession has been highly infiltrated and taken over by Jews, a highly organized and inbred group of people with a high level of innate criminality. However, I believe there are many other social factors at work as well, to include the fact that thanks to the melting pot there a too few white ethnic groups with the organization, resources, and identity to effectively organize as counter predators against psychopathic groups and reassert honesty, to include Nordic-Americans who should be the least corrupt of all.


In her Republic Broadcasting Network show “What’s Ailing America?” Rebecca Carley, M.D., a former surgeon, frequently explains how the medical profession today has become highly “derivative,” disconnected, and even inverted from the ideals of the Hippocratic Oath. The American Medical Association has not only created a tight monopoly on the creation and training of medical doctors through its influence over medical schools and lobbying power over Congress, but also pushes the allopathic medical model over every other alternative. The AMA trade journal got its start selling advertising space to pharmaceutical companies, and today most doctors push pills on the public for these companies. Doctors and patients serve the pharmaceutical companies rather than the other way around, helping to create a drug-addicted “soma nation.” Most medical doctors are woefully ignorant of nutrition and naturopathic and other alternative medical approaches that focus upon building whole body health rather than focusing on just "drugging and cutting." Similarly, Dr. Lorraine Day emphasizes the need to eat right, avoid toxins, get adequate rest, and learn how to handle stress.
Taking it all one step further, Dr. Rebecca Carley thinks that the medical profession has become very corrupt. Medical review boards seem to be overstaffed with psychopathic doctors who are more interested in protecting the self-made image of their profession as minor gods with the power of life and death and with rewarding cronies than punishing incompetence, corruption, and malpractice. Worse than that, she believes there are quite a few doctors who enjoy using the camouflage of a hospital environment, where many people tend to die any way, and where toxic substances are routinely applied and injected as part of standard therapeutic procedures, to deliberately mass murder people.

The tumor that Dr. Lorraine Day
conquered with natural remedies


Let us consider the amazing case of Dr. Lorraine Day. At her web site she claims that she had to avoid conventional medical practices in order to successfully overcome a life-threatening tumor. Dr. Day claims that the real cause of her tumor was the fact that her whole body health situation --her immune system-- got seriously degraded from bad nutrition, bad stress management, a poor spiritual attitude, and a failure to avoid ingesting toxins contained in a startling number of foods shelved in today's grocery stores. The first priority was to rebuild a healthy immune system, since a healthy immune system has the ability to attack cancers on its own. Rather than resort to conventional medical approaches such as radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy ("drugging and cutting"), which Dr. Day believes would have killed her, she addressed the problem from a whole body health perspective by improving all the aforementioned weak areas. Her tumor went away.
Similarly, on a broader sociological level, 9/11 and other false flag attacks reflect the cancerous outgrowths of a very sick American society, with a sick power elite dominated by a very sick people (the Zionists), a sick financial system, sick corporations, a sick national media, a sick political system, a sick medical-pharmaceutical complex, a sick Christian-Zionist religious establishment, and a sick military-security establishment, all of which preside over a dumbed-down, disoriented, misinformed, multi-racial, multi-cultural sick public generally lacking the critical mass of “republican virtue” and adequate innate character traits in strategic power bases necessary to throw off the parasites.
There is one other interesting "derivative" angle that Capt. May brought to my attention that is worth mentioning. As I discuss in the aforementioned "Intelligence Summary," this is the concept that a phrase like "Health Care Reform" could become a false flag code phrase, just like "NASA launch" and "Stimulus Bill." This is a very cock-eyed, kinky way of seeing the world, but then again we are talking about the criminal mentality, so it is definitely relevant. In the "INTSUM" I explain Capt. May's reasoning as follows:

Capt. Eric H. May Capt. May observed that on Tuesday, 12 May, the U.S. government published new information on the healthcare crisis. On Wed, 13 May, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi told President Obama today that the Democratic-led House will have a health care bill on the floor before it leaves for the August recess.”
Capt. May thinks that “healthcare reform” might be code talk for the next 9-11, just like the “stimulus bill” may have been code talk just prior to the Obama dead monkey cartoon. The best time to carry out a false flag operation will probably be during Congress’ late summer break. This is when the Bush cabal pulled off 9-11. The summer break this year will likely end around 9-9-9, which is loaded with occult significance.
After Capt. May made this observation, I reflected upon how it makes a lot of sense to take a hot current issue and use it as code speak for a false flag operation. After all, false flag operations have lots of players and moving parts. Many things can go wrong at the last moment. Capt. May is a key example of someone who has deliberately tried to make things go wrong –and who has probably succeeded. If the top conspirators decide that they have to abort or make drastic hasty improvisations, they may not have the luxury of using secure communications. They may be in such as jam that they are forced to use a regular land line or cell phone to communicate. This is totally unsecure and probably under surveillance by many different collection agencies, some of which are potentially hostile. If the conspirators know in advance that “health care reform” is code speak for “911 2 B,” then all a top conspirator needs to do is get chatty about the health care reform issue and then say very-matter-of-factly that he thinks the bill should be killed. This message is immediately understood on the other end as “abort 911 2 B.” There is no need for any hastily improvised and suspicious sideways talk, or other hint-hint-hint stuff, that would be required if there were no code-speak arranged in advance. If the top conspirator has been careful to sprinkle prior unsecure communications with frivolous chatter about hot political issues, then it may be impossible for surveillance agents to detect anything unusual. And even if they are wise to this technique, it may still be very hard to prove in a court of law that “health care reform” was code speak if no co-conspirators spill the beans.



Additional References:

2010-10-16 Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Season 2 Episode 1 (Plum Island) - PT 1 of 4. Gov Ventura has evidence that Plum Island is a biowar time bomb...

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Season 2 Episode 1 (Plum Island) - PT 1 of 4


2010-08-25 Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder by Kurt Nimmo,
2010-01-21 How Wall St Destroyed Private Medicine by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
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2009-12-18 Big Pharma paid $500,000 to Chicago psychiatrists who used children as guinea pigs, "(NaturalNews) A federal lawsuit has been filed against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca for its role in paying Chicago psychiatrist Dr. Michael Reinstein nearly $500,000 over the course of a decade to conduct research and to promote its anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel. Reinstein is being accused of wrongfully preying on thousands of mentally-ill patients in order to rake in profits for AstraZeneca."
2009-10-25 Has Obama just blown it with the "swine flu" emergency declaration? " The decision by President Barack Obama to declare a national emergency over the "swine flu“ appears to allow him to activate dictatorial-style powers and also to implement forced vaccinations and quarantines under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic. The chess pieces available to him to carry out this final assault on the US people and Constitution might not be the strongest on the board, but working together they form a pretty effective instrument to encircle, separate, kill and imprison millions of people."
2009-10-25 Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell Harper: Controversal Drug Will Do Little To Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates by Susan Brinkmann, The Bulletin, “I came away from the talk with the perception that the risk of adverse side effects is so much greater than the risk of cervical cancer, I couldn’t help but question why we need the vaccine at all,” said Joan Robinson, Assistant Editor at the Population Research Institute."
2009-10-16 Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty? This supports the claim by Jane Burgermeister that the "WHO Flu," global warming, and other ploys are designed to undermine sovereignty as part of a U.N. power grab:
2009-09-24 Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids

YouTube listing: "A doctor speaks out against the swine flu vaccine and why you shouldn't take it."

2009-09-14 The Health Care Deceit by Paul Craig Roberts, "The health care bill is not about health care. It is about protecting and increasing the profits of the insurance companies. The main feature of the health care bill is the `individual mandate,' which requires everyone in America to buy health insurance. Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont), a recipient of millions in contributions over his career from the insurance industry, proposes to impose up to a $3,800 fine on Americans who fail to purchase health insurance."

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