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Chapter 34

Saving Dr. Toben,
Handling Real Nazis,
and Countering the Holocaustianity
Intellectual Blackjack

First posted Mid-Feb 2010
Last updated 20 Sept 2010

"Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation," von Bülow said, which is widely propagated in the mainstream media creating an accepted version of events. "Journalists don't even raise the simplest questions," he said, adding, "those who differ are labeled as crazy."
--From the online article "9-11, Mossad, the CIA and `False Flag Operations'"

Israelis love their Shoa [Holocaust], for the Shoa is no doubt their best selling Hasbara (propaganda) product. It somehow allows them to kill en masse and to do it indistinguishably while insisting that it is they who happen to be the victims.
--PM Netanyahu’s UN Speech – The Pathology Of Evil.” By Gilad Atzmon 2009 September 29

[Editor's Note: This chapter includes the section "Postscript to `Handling Real Nazis'" which talks about activist John de Nugent as a means to provide extended sociological commentary.]


In October 2008 we were beset with a terrible shock. Dr. Fredrick Toben, an Australian citizen and fellow 9/11 Truth Activist, was arrested while passing through London Heathrow’s Air Port simply for stating his opinions on historical issues on the Internet. In this case, the arrest dealt with a German EU arrest warrant issued over his willingness to question irresponsible Jewish exaggerations and embellishments pertaining to the "Holocaust" story. Toben had previously visited Capt. May in his home in Houston in 2007 and supported Capt. May’s work on his web site.
It was bad enough that British police were willing to arrest a man for his political opinions. However, we could easily imagine how things could get even worse. If national sovereignty and citizen rights have become such a joke that an Australian citizen can be nabbed in London Airport over a German warrant, what is to prevent a day from coming where police will try to arrest 9/11 Truth activists in their homes in America because of something they publish on the Internet that someone in some other country (starting with Israel, of course) does not like?

As a matter of fact, American police did arrest Ernst Zundel, a Holocaust skeptic, at his home in Tennessee on a German warrant, and deport him Germany where he was tried and imprisoned. They also arrested and deported Germar Rudolf in his American home and deported him for trial and imprisonment as well.
These individuals had a tad less legal protection than people born and raised in America. Although they were married to U.S. citizens, both Zundel and Rudolf were born in Germany and qualified as first generation immigrants. Still, the reader should be able to see where this trend could lead some day, particularly after my discussion in Chapter 31 about Department of Homeland Security initiatives to brand a wide range of conservative Americans as potential terrorists.
Last, but not least, we could clearly see how these thought control measures relate to the deification of raw Jewish power, and efforts to suppress public knowledge of the Mossad-CIA orchestration of 9/11 and other false flag attacks.
Many political writers have observed how the Holocaust story serves as the ultimate weapon to justify the Jewish state, an intellectual black jack that Zionists freely employ to promote extreme feelings of white guilt. The Jews have gone well beyond parlaying this into hundreds of billions of reparations dollars paid by Germany. In terms of total direct and indirect aid costs, Israel has extracted over three trillion dollars worth of support out of the U.S. A.

Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein has also documented in his book The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering how professional “Holocaust survivors” scam billions from the public. In his book Gold Wars: The Battle Against Sound Money As Seen From A Swiss Perspective former Rothschild banker Ferdinand Lips described how leading world Zionist leaders made deliberately bogus charges against the Swiss as part of a campaign to knock Switzerland off the gold standard and score undeserved reparations.
The Holocaust religion promoted by Jewish groups has become a vital Strategic PSYOP for Zionism. “PSYOP” means “Psychological Operations” or propaganda warfare (or disinformation) employed for hostile purposes. It is “strategic” because it indirectly suppresses all criticism or resistance to Jews, ranging from publicly identifying the Mossad-CIA role in 9/11 to any form of white nationalist philosophy that might impede global Zionist power.

Certainly one implication of the Holocaust intellectual blackjack is the idea that if anyone resists Jewish lies and demands for payoffs, one is automatically an “anti-Semite” and is therefore trying to move society in the direction of some day rounding up all Jews, throwing them into concentration camps, and exterminating them all. Therefore, the world owes the Jews a highly privileged living, should treat them like gods, and give them a free pass on all their worst behavior.
Expressed differently, a major reason why we had the 9/11 inside job in the first place is because Americans failed to act as adequate "counter predators" to stop the "Holocaust" mythology "predator" operation to begin with. Americans failed to challenge the lies before they spread like a cancer and became institutionalized, such as in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.
Remember, we are dealing with a psychopathic power elite. An important characteristic of psychopaths is that whenever they are in the "down" position, they will stop at nothing to lick ones boots. This is because they have no real pride or consistent set of internalized principles. Conversely, when they are in the "up" position of power over you, they will not hesitate to put their boots in ones face and tell the worst lies if they think they can get away with it. Once again, they have have no consistent set of internalized principles to restrain their exercise of power. They rarely if ever feel any genuine sense of either gratitude or shame. In fact, if left unchecked, they are capable of unlimited evil.
Appeasement is usually perceived by psychopaths as weakness. It usually just eggs them on. After all the trillions America has lavished on Israel, its leaders respect Americans even less today than they did fifty years ago, as evidenced by all the continuing false flag operations documented in this Mission of Conscience series.
If Americans continue act as suckers for not only irresponsible Holocaust exaggerations, but also the "G.W.O.T.," this will egg on America's psychopathic power elite to create even bigger and more dangerous deceptions that will do even more damage to America, if such is possible.
Although this ranks as one of the most unpleasant chapters to write in the whole Mission of Conscience series, I am left with this "Go Ahead! Go ahead!!!" feeling, reminiscent of the lines spoken by Michael (actor Robert De Niro) to Nick (Chris Walken) while being forced to play Russian Roulette by their Viet Cong captors in the movie Deer Hunter. Bottom line, there is no way we are going to break out of the propaganda Matrix of lies created by Alien and Predator --and put a stake through the heart of false flag attacks and enemy Info War-- until we deal with the biggest lies of all like the Holocaustianity PSYOP issue, no matter how unpleasant this task may be.
I use the term “strategic PSYOP ” in the same sense as the distinction between “tactical” and “strategic” in in military operations. For example, if you are a frontline infantry officer in time of war worried about being overwhelmed by enemy tanks, your “tactical” weapons might include hand-held anti-weapon weapons designed to knock out specific tanks you can see within your defense zone. In contrast, strategic weapons might include Air Force bombers that take out enemy ball bearing plants that comprise a major constraint on enemy tank production. Strategic weapons would tend to generally reduce the overall number of enemy tanks, without necessarily reducing the number of tanks you as an infantry officer might face on your own particular front.
Similarly, as a strategic PSYOP, Holocaust-related guilt programs promoted by Zionists enhance a general climate of intellectual intimidation against any public criticism of bad Jewish behavior. They generally impair the ability of traditional American conservative groups concerned about America’s dwindling white population to develop effective political organizations and exercise their Constitutional rights in the face of Jewish aggression.

The Holocaust story has become a virtual religion, ands as such has arguably become one of the most powerful Info War PSYOP weapons every created. Willis Carto, publisher of The American Free Press, made note of this in the Afterword he wrote titled “Why Is `The Holocaust Important?’” to Best Witness prior to publication of the book in 1994:


. . .The question is often asked of Holocaust revisionists by the naive, "Why are you bothered by 'The Holocaust,' which is ancient history? You must be a little crazy to doubt it; do you also believe the Earth is flat? Are you a violent anti-Semite to doubt all the eyewitnesses? Everybody in their right mind accepts it. Let people like Mel Mermelstein have their holocaust if they want it. What's the difference?" . . .
The common perception of "The Holocaust" is what is important, not the definition of it (as found in Chapter Three) because perception, not reality is the stock in trade of all salesmen, advertisers, public relations professionals, political campaign managers, "Holocaust" promoters and other merchandisers. People in the mass are moved by their perception of the truth, by deep and profound psychological motives and by authority, not by the truth itself, which is normally unknown to them.
Exploiting the moral sensibility and the feeling of guilt which is always close to the surface in Christians, Americans are constantly reminded that Israel rose "from the ashes of 'The Holocaust'" (etc.) and that it is their moral responsibility to continue to ensure "Israel's survival." Israel, we are assured, is "America's closest ally," and "the only democracy in the Middle East." The result is that American taxpayers continue to shell out billions each year as if buying modern-day indulgences. . . .
Quite literally, and without exaggeration, "The Holocaust" is a religion. The faithful vigorously reject any and all facts perceived as contrary to their faith and their ugly dogma has the internal consistency only of a revelation taken on faith, not a logical story based on commonly accepted facts, not what history is supposed to be. The alleged facts of "The Holocaust" are contradictory; its high priests cannot agree on the details even among themselves, which is why they frantically discourage debate and know nothing else other than to try to ignore or smear those wanting to confront them.
"The Holocaust" is a trigger concept that produces a Pavlovian response. By calling up an image implanted in the minds of the targeted subjects it induces a pliable attitude enabling the professionals who have implanted the image to manipulate the subjects. That the term has in reality little meaning which corresponds to the facts is immaterial; it is the religious attitude of guilt, worshipful horror and fear that counts. This syndrome, which precisely fits Hitler's famous definition of the "Big Lie" in his Mein Kampf, has cost Americans far more than mere money and the cost increases daily...
"The Holocaust" is alive and growing, not dead and fading. It affects every American every hour of the day and more so today than yesterday. It impacts on every financial decision made by the government and on most decisions made by private parties. Like it or not, "The Holocaust" must be faced and questions must be asked. Continued acceptance of the image by the unthinking, or manipulation by the corrupt and/or cowardly, is no longer acceptable by conscientious and decent Americans, including Jews.

The ability of Jewish pressure groups to pressure the German legal system to conduct witch hunt trials of Holocaust skeptics, combined with the reluctance of individuals in high places across Western countries to refrain from challenging Jewish lies for fear of being called “anti-Semitic” is ultimately nothing more than a kowtow to raw Jewish power. On this level, it is no different than the Mongol practice of making subjugated Russian emissaries kowtow by falling on their faces before the court.of their conquerors during the "Mongol Yoke" period in Russian history. The "Holocaust" marks the final "Jewish Yoke" period of American history, before the neo-Jacobin American empire eventually collapses like the former Soviet Union.

The kowtow


The Holocaust story itself qualifies as a “soft” false flag operation from the way it has been overblown, just like the Von Brunn shooting incident that will be described later. A soft false flag operation so greatly amplifies upon and twists kernels of truth that it possesses most of the characteristics of a regular false flag operation.

The Holocaust story itself has repeatedly shifted. Jewish groups at first said over two million died at Auschwitz, then later admitted the number is less than a million. Extrapolation from records captured by the Soviets or archived by the Red Cross and other sources estimate between 100,000 to 300,000 deaths at Auschwitz, with perhaps as few as 50,000 Jewish dead. (Other published sources have ranged from 9,000,000 to as little as 38,031 dead).
Initially Jewish groups claimed that Dachau near Munich was an extermination camp with gassings, and now admit that there were no extermination camps in Germany. In addition, now many scholars observe that the Germans used Zyklon B gassings to delouse their own soldiers as well as concentration camp inmates to prevent the spread of typhus from lice, and not for extermination. Lastly, Holocaust stories that Jews were turned into soap bars, lamp shades, and shrunken heads have now been completely discredited.
There are even accounts surfacing now that completely contradict Jewish whoppers. The Germans provided a swimming pool and bordello at Auschwitz for Jewish "health and comfort." A Jewish hospital functioned in Berlin throughout the war. Jewish "holocaust survivor" and key activist Elie Wiesel voluntarily chose to join Germans in retreat rather than wait for the advance of Soviets who "liberated" concentration camps.

Jewish embellishment of their persecution to shamelessly milk public sympathy is a very old story that goes back to ancient times. An alert published by Capt. May, covered later in this chapter, addresses this issue.
Ironically, if Jews keep pushing irresponsible Holocaust exaggerations and other big lies, to include the 9/11 Global War on Terror mythology, this could ultimately backfire and validate the kind of "Nazi" attitude that Jews fear the most, namely that many Jews are a dangerously subversive and deceitful people who require separation for public safety purposes. People who play the victim card run the risk of arousing subconscious suspicions that there may be some valid reasons for the victimization. This is one reason why Nordic peoples, who I will discuss towards the end of this chapter, tend act on the other end of the scale by emphasizing straight talk, stoicism, and modesty in their traditional cultures.
In Sept 2008, Capt. May developed pneumonia. He wound up in the hospital under intensive care for over a month. At one point he was so close to death that immediate members of his family were summoned to his bed side.
Fortunately, he pulled through. He was already at a stage of his ALS where over 80% of its victims are dead. Although Capt. May was too weak to speak, his wife read to him drafts that I created regarding the Toben alert. He nodded yes repeatedly. Yes, he agreed that something had to be done. Yes, he supports Dr. Toben’s right to doubt elements of the Jewish Holocaust story. Yes, he approved my draft for publication with his name on it.
It was not hard to get Leon Smith, owner of the Lone Star Iconoclast, to publish the alert either. Leon Smith had already been a continuous burr under King George Bush’s saddle by publishing The Iconoclast in Crawford, Texas, literally only a few farm roads across from Bush’s western White House. His basic position, also repeated in the Henrik Holappa case mentioned in Chapter 23, is that he does not care what Toben thinks as long as he retains the right to express his views.
In October, I published a co-authored work in The Iconoclast. I also sent it out to most members of the British, Scottish, Irish, and Australian Parliaments.


Dr. Fredrick Toben

Orwellian Alert!
British Crackdown
Threatens Us All

Maj. William B. Fox
Dr. James H. Fetzer
Capt. Eric H. May

October 24, 2008

Maj. William Fox

Dr. Fredrick Toben, an Australian citizen and historical revisionist scholar, was arrested and imprisoned while passing through London’s Heathrow Airport on Oct. 1. He was en route from the U.S. to Dubai. British authorities are trying to enforce an EU warrant issued by the German government that criminalizes anyone who publishes material online “of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.”
Rev. Ted Pike, a major American pro-First Amendment activist, states in “Toben Grabbed: International Hate Laws Bite Down”that “Every American, especially Christians, should protest this outrageous attack on freedom of speech. Although most Americans do not think like Dr. Toben, his arrest is just a taste of what will come—for Americans like you and your family—if we do not defend freedom now.”
In his article “Extradition Will Make Dr. Toben a Martyr,”author Chris Huhne, British Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, may be squeamish about Toben’s ideas, but he at least stands like a man for his civil liberties. He stated: “Dr Toben is accused in Germany but his offence is to post on an Australian web site. Germany has taken on itself the role of censor, because of the capacity to download content in Germany. It is hard to see where such an attempt to extend jurisdiction might end, or what its chilling effects on freedom of speech might ultimately be.”
Indeed, if Dr. Toben gets deported to Germany, one can easily imagine how some day U.S. citizens changing planes in EU countries may also become vulnerable to jail time for expressing controversial opinions on the Internet. In fact, they may even get extradited from America without ever boarding a plane if current trends continue. Ominous indictors include Abu Ghraib torture, extraordinary rendition to places like Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, National Security Presidential Directive-51, domestic martial law exercises, and the proposed H.R. 1955 “Homegrown Terrorism and Violent Radicalization Act.”
In “Thanksgiving for Thought Crime,”Capt. Eric May noted that while proponents of H.R. 1955 claim that their purpose is “…nominally aimed against `terrorists,’ their real target is the Internet, which they conflate with everything from the militia movement, anarchism and anti-Semitism to Islamo-Fascism and terrorism.”
In “A Dawning Dictatorship?”Capt. May described how the White House prevented Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio from looking at secret annexes inside NSPD-51.
Lastly, consider the cases of Ernst Zundeland Germar Rudolf.Although both individuals were born in Germany, they were living in America with spouses who were American citizens before they got deported back to Germany and imprisoned for their publicly stated views on Holocaust revisionism.

Two fundamental issues involved here are:

  • The right of any individual to engage in scientific, rational inquiry on any issue.
  • The preservation of national sovereignty to shield citizens from alien, irrational, or malevolent laws of foreign powers.
Dr. James Fetzer

Regarding the first issue, consider Sylvia Stolz, a German defense lawyer who was prosecuted and imprisoned by a German court for zealously defending Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel. She accused the court of “fleeing the truth.” German free thinker Horst Mahler summed up this Orwellian affair as follows: “If Defendant A, who is charged with lying and must therefore be punished, presents evidence that he has told the truth, he is punished a second time, and this time his attorney is punished for defending him.”
Regarding the national sovereignty issue, Huhne points out that: “Dr. Toben has not committed an offence under British law or indeed under the law of 17 of the 27 European Union member states.”He also describes how Belgium has asserted its sovereignty by balking at deportation orders issued by fellow EU nation Poland involving such issues as abortion and euthanasia.
Dr. Toben is a free thinker who has fearlessly explored other important issues besides Holocaust revisionism. He ran one of the first web sites to archive works by Capt. Eric May that exposed 9/11 as a likely CIA-Mossad inside job. May also suggested that petrochemical explosions in the greater Houston area could be part of a dress rehearsal pattern for a repeated “9/11” terror event designed to justify war against Iran and domestic martial law.
The Iconoclast subsequently showed its concern for the patterns identified by Capt. May in its editorial “Time to Investigate Houston is Now.”

Dr. Fredrick Toben visiting Captain Eric H. May, stricken
by terminal ALS
, at May's home in Houston, TX, Oct 2007

Dr. Toben also supported Capt. May’s exposure of the 10-12-2002 Bali bombing as a likely Asian version of “9/11” probably executed by Israel’s Mossad with passive or active support from elements of the CIA, MI-6, and Australian intelligence. The Australian government used this bombing as a pretext to pass repressive “anti-terror” laws and embroil itself along with the U.S. in Middle Eastern military adventures. Capt. May also views the March 11, 2004 Madrid and July 7, 2005 London bombings as more examples of false flag “terror fixes” designed to support the goals of certain interconnected power elites within America, Britain, and Israel. See more Capt. May archived at The Lone Star Iconoclast and also listed at America First Books.

Capt. Eric H. May

The latest news on Dr. Toben’s case can be found at Lady Michele Renouf’s web site. Another hearing will likely be held Nov. 11. This gives us additional time to mobilize global protest against this international outrage.
Please find more information on points of contact for protest in Rev Ted Pikes’ article “Toben Trial Delayed.” Please also see an overview of the general nature of thought crime threats in the Rev. Ted Pike archive.
Free speech cannot be defended by silence.


* * * * * * * * *

Captain Eric H. May is a graduate of the Houston Honors College, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, and is currently the political-military special correspondent for the Lone Star Iconoclast, archived at Dr. Fetzer, a former U.S. Marine officer, is currently professor emeritus, Univ. of Minn., Duluth, and founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Maj. Fox, also a former Marine, is a Harvard Business School honors graduate with diversified business experience, and is currently publisher of America First Books. For more articles about false flag terror, please refer to archived works of Capt. May, Maj. Fox, and Dr. Fetzer at

Recommended Additional Reading from Best Witness:
"The Cult of Death" by Michael Collins Piper
"Why Is `The Holocaust' Important?" by Willis A. Carto




This alert was more suppressed than our other alerts. Patti Woodard, the Ghost Troop message board moderator, tried to post it twice to the Portland Indy media web site, and it got knocked off twice. I submitted it to OpEdNews, having already successfully submitted the prior Wall Street “Jokers Gone Wild” alert, and it got rejected.
I then posted it to my web site. Initially it showed up under both Google and Yahoo, but then a day later it disappeared from web search engines. It only showed up at a posting made by Arthur Topham out of Radical Press and a posting that I made. Other postings made by Patti Woodard and myself were being blocked.
Undeterred, Patti kept posting the article at more than a dozen other sites. Although my web site posting remained blocked, we finally got up to a full page of the first Google search.
All of this meant to me that we were really hitting the enemy where it hurts. They would not try to suppress us if it weren’t effective.

Rev Ted Pike weighed in on this issue with his own take on Holocaust hysteria which I found effective: “What `Toben’ and Holocaust Deniers Really Believe:”


What They Really Say

Actually, Holocaust reductionists agree that a holocaust of 72 million dead worldwide did occur during World War II and Jews were a part of it; but not six million.
Reductionists don’t deny that Hitler and Nazis hated Jews. The Nazis had experienced an abortive Jewish Bolshevik German coup in 1918-19 under Rosa Luxemburg; they knew Jewish activists and financiers had been behind world revolutionary attempts to overthrow Russia and western Christian civilization. They also knew this spirit of revolution emanated from Talmudic Judaism. As anti-Communists, the Nazis violently opposed Jewish left-wing activism. Toward that end, without Christian perspective and restraint, they persecuted and murdered countless Jews.
Yet, Holocaust reductionists contend that most Jewish victims died as a result of war’s devastation, not a systematic program of extermination. It is historical fact that in the last months of the war extreme food shortages caused near starvation in Germany. Massive typhus epidemics ravaged Axis detention camps. Reductionists say these influences, not just Nazi cruelty, were the largest causes of the horrific spectacle of emaciated prisoners and heaped-up bodies viewed by Allied deliverers.
Especially in World Wars I and II, tales of unspeakable atrocities were circulated by governments, media and military on both sides. This was to incite such rage in combatants that they could remorselessly machine gun or bayonet opponents who shared their own Christian, European heritage. Yet, during World War II Zionist-dominated media conditioned the Allies to believe Jews were being decimated. It is not surprising then that Europe 's liberators, arriving at Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. and viewing such scenes of horror, reflexively blamed a systematic Nazi murder campaign. Reductionists say gas chambers existed in the camps to fumigate the lice-bearing typhus-infested clothing of thousands of prisoners and staff, not to murder living Jews. They also point to an interview by Jewish researcher David Cole with the archives director of Auschwitz . He casually admits that the present “gas chambers” in Auschwitz I, which helped make Holocaust “believers” out of hundreds of millions until the 21st century, were actually built by the post-WWII occupying Russians in 1948. (Download David Cole video here [66MB]) Similarly, reductionists say crematoria were used to dispose mainly of typhus-diseased bodies, not to exterminate Jews. They point out that in the last years of the war Germany carefully guarded every ounce of fuel to energize the war effort; they would not waste it just for the fiendish pleasure of burning millions of Jewish bodies.
I have briefly stated the major reductionists’ arguments, not necessarily to maintain them, a task which would require much greater documentation. Rather, I want to simply represent their position accurately—something Zionist-dominated and Christian media is not honest enough to do.

By November, Captain May was out of hospital, back at home, and able to speak and operate his computer by voice command once again. I traveled from my place at that time in South Bend, Washington to Capt. May’s home in north Houston in late November and ended up staying at his place an entire month. Much of our work during that period will be covered in the next chapter.
Fortunately all the international flak raised over Dr. Toben’s incarceration caused him to be released in November so that he could return to Australia. Dr. Toben commented on his 50 days of incarceration on Hesham Tillawi’s current issues TV:

Dr Toben 50 days in prison in London. Interview with Hesham Tillawi


Unfortunately, the persecution of Dr. Toben was far from over. Australia’s Jewish community descended upon Dr. Toben again with continued persecution, as reflected in the following 28 April video:


Fredrick Töben after penalty submissions made on 28 April 2009


Narrator: Local academic Toben, notorious for denying the Holocaust, has apologized to the Federal Court for refusing to remove anti-Semitic material from his web site. But he is still facing a huge fine or prison for contempt.
Second Narrator: Dr. of Philosophy Fredrick Toben has been found guilty of twenty four charges of contempt for breaching court orders forbidding him from publishing anti-Semitic material on his web site. In the Federal court this morning, for the first time, he apologized and promised to remove the offending material.
Dr. Fredrick Toben (being interviewed). “What we have is an apology to the court for having upset the court. And the web site will continue.But it will not feature, well, I will have to seek advice on this.
Narrator: “This afternoon, it appeared he complied. In court, he explained, it wasn’t easy.” “For me, telling the truth and obeying the law is a difficult thing to do.”
Narrator: The court can either fine or imprison Dr. Toben, but he says he has no assets to pay any fine, let alone the $220,000 in costs that are being sought. So prison is a very real prospect.
Dr. Toben: So if we in Australia lose free expression, where our thoughts and our opinions are criminalized, we may as well be dead.
Narrator: You will find out his fate next month.

The Wikipedia entry for Jan 2010 gives us the rest of the story as of the date of this book:

Töben has frequently been called a Holocaust denier,[4][5] and has been accused of antisemitism,[6] although he regularly denies these assertions. He was convicted of "offending the memory of the dead" in Germany in 1999, for his Holocaust-denial activity there, for which he served seven months in prison.[7] In April 2009, Töben was found guilty of contempt of court for breaching a court order to refrain from publishing material which "vilifies Jewish people".[8] He appealed against the sentence, but on 13 August 2009 The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia rejected his appeal, and he started his 3 month jail sentence.[9]

The reader should note the use of the propagandistic terms “Holocaust denier” used by Australia’s controlled media.
For starters, the term “Holocaust” originally meant “burnt offering.” This gives the confinement of Jews in German internment camps a catastrophic religious connotation that is very subjective in nature, and may or may not be in accord with the facts. After all, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn observes in Two Hundred Years Together, over 75% of the Communists responsible for the mass murder of some 60 million Russians and Ukraineans were Jews.
Perhaps the Germans confined a number of Jews to internment camps who were in fact highly psychopathic, treasonous, subversive, and dangerous individuals, not a whole different from the Zionist neocons who orchestrated 9/11 and who are setting up America to get “Stalingraded” in the Middle East today (see Chapter 37). Nor have Israeli soldiers who ghoulishly kidnapped Palestinians to steal their organs attained the moral high ground, not to mention the Jews who run organized crime in America or the Israelis who run the global white slave trade from the “Holy Land.”
Furthermore, should the internment of over 110,000 Japanese Americans by FDR during WWII, or the internment of millions of German civilians and POW’s by the Soviets both during and after WWII (often with a very high death rate) also be called a “Holocaust”?
What about current plans by the Zionist power elite to achieve global population reduction through false flag pandemics (see Chapter 36) or place a substantial portion of the U.S. population in FEMA camps (see Chapter 31). Should we consider their attempts to exterminate or confine us a "Holocaust" as well?
And why does Abraham Foxman, head of the Jewish ADL, sneer at Armenian efforts to have the world recognize their genocide at the hands of the Turks and Jews? Is it that Armenians, Russians, Ukraineans, Germans, and other Gentiles must be considered subhuman "cattle" (or "goyim") who do not deserve recognition for their suffering, whereas the entire world somehow owes Jews a living and must worship them instead as some kind of divine, self-anointed, self-Chosen Master Race of Old Yahweh ?
Dr. Toben does not “deny” that Jews suffered a high level of fatalities within German internment camps. He simply questions the number of deaths and circumstances under which many Jews died. Despite this, controlled news sources create the false impression that Toben apologized for his views, when in fact he simply apologized for upsetting the court. There was no effort in news stories to examine the actual facts behind the Holocaust-related issues that Toben addresses.
Between Feb and June 2009, Capt. May wrote about the Holocaust PSYOPs side of the Info War. First, he published a series of three articles in February stemming from Jewish attempts to dictate to the Catholic Church how to run their own affairs.
I have reproduced these three articles below, namely his 3 Feb 2009 article "The Panzer Pope and Holocaust Heresy," his 6 Feb 2009 article "Questioning The Protocols of Zion'", and his 9 Feb 2009 article "Double Trouble for Holocaust Heretics! — An article review with links — ."
I think all three of these articles taken together, along with additional references that I provided, provided an excellent "intellectual rabbit hole" into one of the greatest PSYOPs in history.



The Panzer Pope
and Holocaust Heresy

Captain Eric H. May

February 3, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

My health being none the best, I am indebted to Pope Benedict XVI for his recent rehabilitation of Bishop Richard Williamson, which allows me to offer a few simple comments and reading links to further the discussion that has already attracted widespread attention.
Bishop Williamson had been excommunicated along with all other members of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X by Pope John Paul II in a dispute over the ordination of bishops (Williamson, for one) in 1988. He holds and expresses "heretical" views about the historicity of the Holocaust. He believes that unscrupulous Zionist elements have grossly exaggerated the number of dead Jews, and altogether invented the proverbial gas chambers/mass crematoria to support the "big lie."
An article posted at the web site “” is quite hostile to Bishop Williamson and the Pope. Still, it provides all that my regular readers might want to know about the bishop's opinions that the Holocaust is largely a hoax and that 9/11 was an inside job intended to facilitate a New World Order:

What Ovens? Panzer Pope Forgives Holocaust Denier Bishop 1

I heartily recommend that all take a look at the article, if only to watch the two short YouTube clips about these two "heretical" notions of Holocaust denial and "9/11 denial" both of which are becoming quite prevalent in certain freethinking circles. On the particular matter of Bishop Richardson's believing that The Protocols of Zion2 may provide a good model for understanding Zionism in its methods and objectives, I exhort each independent reader to read The Protocols whoever wrote it and draw his or her own conclusions.
It seems to me that there is very little in The Protocols that Jewish LA Times writer Joel Stein left unsaid in his recent column, How Jewish is Hollywood? 3 Many will remember his candid and often quoted line from that revealing essay:

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them."


* * * * * * * *

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For the past five years, he has been commander of Ghost Troop, a patriotic cyber-intelligence unit. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his America First Books author archive site at this web site and his Ghost Troop author archive site4 managed by Patti Woodard.
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20081024 Orwellian Alert! British Crackdown Threatens Us All coauthored with Maj. William B. Fox and Dr. James Fetzer. This is another effort to defend the right of free speech of one who would dare to question irresponsible mythologies wrapped up in the Zionist religion of "Holocaustianity."
19971107 Bishop Williamson's criticism of The Sound of Music. This is a sermon cited by Williamson's enemies to suggest that he is a crank for daring to criticize a movie viewed as the epitome of wholesome family entertainment by most Americans. Interestingly enough, if one bothers to read what Williamson actually says, one discovers that he is perfectly sane and makes some interesting points.

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A few days later, Capt. May published another article pertaining to the Bishop Williamson affair:


"The Protocols of Zion"

Jewish communists dominated the Bolshevik movement, which murdered tens of millions of Russians and razed churches while sparing synagogues. Pictured in red above is arch-Jewish Bolshevist Leon Trotsky.

by Captain Eric H. May

February 6, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

I've published a brief article allowing interested colleagues to access Bishop Richard Williamson's basic ideas about the Holocaust and 9/11. I hope that you will read it, since it shows where we can find the front lines of the Infowar.

The Panzer Pope and Holocaust Heresy1

Since Bishop Williamson believes that The Protocols of Zion offers a good model, I have encouraged my readers to check it out. I am aware that the book is frequently dismissed as a czarist forgery, falsely attributed to Zionists. That point, though, seems merely academic. The main point is that The Protocols of Zion seem to show how Zionists operate.
It doesn't matter to me whether The Protocols was written by an ardent Zionist or an equally ardent anti-Zionist. In the same way, it doesn't matter to me whether William Shakespeare actually wrote his plays or they were written by Francis Bacon. Either author will do, since the essence of the plays does not change.
I invite criticism or commentary regarding my view of things. Worthwhile links would also help me to evaluate this most important issue. I would be especially interested in a link to the original Russian publication, since I can read that language.


[Caption from The Judas Goats, by Michael Collins Piper] "This is a grotesque but accurate representation of the vile, ugly and brutal Bolshevik revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, whose intellectual disciples evolved into the ruling elite in hard-line Zionist `neo-conservative' circles in America today. How `left wing' Trotskyite elements rose to power in the United States by infiltrating the `right wing' — while working to eviscerate traditional American nationalism — is part of the amazing panorama outlined in The Judas Goats."


* * * * * * * *

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For the past five years, he has been commander of Ghost Troop, a patriotic cyber-intelligence unit. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his America First Books author archive site at this web site and his Ghost Troop author archive site4 managed by Patti Woodard.
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The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, online edition. Victor Marsden translation. Link here for PDF version.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in Russian, for the benefit of Captain May and any possible Russian readers.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Wikipedia article. Predictably, this is a Zionist-friendly article. (America First Books Editor's Note: Wikipedia articles unfavorable to Israel/Jewish interests are typically censored/filtered/spin-doctored, or otherwise influenced by Jewish writers and possible COINTELPRO-type U.S. government operatives. I personally experienced outrageous censorship of my article about Civil War Two by Thomas W. Chittum. The Wikipedia editors completely delisted the entire entry for this book! Please see my article "The Wikipedia controversy continued: `The Deletion As a Contrarian Indicator That Pays A Back-Handed Complement To Chittum's Work," listed in the Thomas W. Chittum archive).
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, in modern English, at The French Connection ( web site.
The Protocols of Zion Updated By Henry Makow Ph.D. (who is Jewish, incidentally), February 15, 2004. "In 1976, the plan for `Jewish world domination' outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion had been largely realized. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, 29, a personal assistant to New York Senator Jacob Javits felt that Jewish power was so unassailable that he could make some extra cash by telling this story to Walter White Jr., the editor of the Conservative monthly Western Front. `Too many Jews do not have the guts to tell you how we live and plan, but I am not intimated by anything or anyone,' Rosenthal told White. `It is too late for your Christian followers to put up a defence. That time is long past. Long, long ago we had to become the aggressors! That is undoubtedly one of our great purposes in life. We are aggressors!' This shocking 17-page interview, which contradicts the Jewish image as victims, has been online for some time. It ranks with the revelations of Benjamin Freedman, and C.G. Rakovsky as a description of the real forces directing the world. Rosenthal needed gambling money but his candor cost him his life. On Aug. 12, 1976, he was killed in a foiled skyjacking in Istanbul. Walter White concluded that the incident was a cover for Rosenthal's murder."
The New Protocols by Dr. William Pierce. Free Speech, November 1999. "I wouldn't call The Protocols `a forgery,' as the Jews do whenever the book is mentioned. I'm inclined to believe Professor Nilus was an astute observer of the Jews and also was a patriot. He wanted to warn the Russian people of what the Jews were planning to do to them, and so he imagined how the Jews' plan might look if it were all laid out in straightforward language. I believe that he wrote the text he published, but that he believed it was a reasonably accurate description of what the Jews actually were doing. And the reason that The Protocols ended up being translated into hundreds of languages and read by millions of people is that many people, like Henry Ford, saw that they fitted what was happening."
The International Jew originally published by Henry Ford. Includes the chapters "An Introduction to the Jewish `Protocols'", "`Jewish' Estimate of Gentile Human Nature", and "`Jewish Protocols' Claim Partial Fulfillment."
Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton. A classic work written in the early 1950's explaining the premiere Jewish role behind international communist subversion.
"Commissary to the Gentiles: The First to See the Possibility of War By Propaganda" by Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish writer who was the Rothschilds’ (the Jewish bankers) approved biographer. It appeared in The Century Magazine, February 1928, Vol. 115, No. 4, pp. 476-483. Ravage explains the theory that Christianity was deliberately fabricated as a psychological warfare weapon by ancient Zionists in a deliberate effort to turn the Roman world on its head, in part motivated by a desire to revenge the Roman occupation of Palestine and the destruction of the Temple during the Jewish War. In other words, Christianity is the psychological equivalent of a "computer virus," except it is designed to screw up Western societies rather than computer hardware. See "One Man's Striving" and Which Way Western Man? at the William Gayley Simpson home page for a better understanding of this viewpoint. [America First Books Editor's Additional Note: I have read some interesting speculation that a Russian Christian redactor who may have been involved in the "chain of custody" of the The Protocols prior to its worldwide publication edited this theory out because it was too offensive to his Christian sensibilities. In other words, this work we call The Protocols does not go far enough in certain areas, and reflects the limited education, biases, and separate political agenda of one or more Christian redactors in other areas. Note in Protocol One under "Destructive Education" where Darwinism and Nietzsche get slammed, probably reflecting the biases of a Christian redactor who believes in Creationism and despises Nietzsche's pro-pagan, anti-Christian views. Also, remember that the term "forgery" used by Jewish groups to try to discredit The Protocols usually means "a copy of something authentic." Therefore, if the Protocols are a forgery, what were they copied from that was authentic? Actual notes taken from a Zionist conference? Taken by whom? Obvious we have chain of custody, authorship authentication, and hearsay issues involved here, even when we accept the internal evidence about the origins of The Protocols. It is very possible that The Protocols are based on actual notes from an actual Zionist conference, it is just that they may be second or third generation hearsay and have been mangled, twisted, embellished, and dumbed down a little bit through redaction and other forms of editing and translation].
"A Real Case Against the Jews" by Marcus Eli Ravage. A good supplement to "Commissary to the Gentiles" above.
"Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me" by Deitrich Eckart. Translated by Dr. William Pierce. The amazing thing about this article expounding the views of a well-known Jewish critic is how it's conspiratorial view of life has similarities to the article listed above by the Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage, yet Hitler claimed to espouse a thoroughly non-Jewish view of the world.
Zionism Vs. Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920. Page 5 by the Rt. Hon.Winston S. Churchill. So you never thought an arch adversary of Hitler could actually sound like Hitler himself? Read this!
You Gentiles by Maurice Samuel. (PDF), published in 1924. A Jewish and Zionist intellectual lets it all hang out. Check out the chapter "We, the Destroyers." with the famous line on page 155: "We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs or our demands..." Who needs The Protocols when Jews themselves talk this way?
The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein, written in 1985. Don't you just love these renegade Jews who spill the beans on their own people? Incidentally, Michael Collins Piper, who wrote the classic Final Judgment, happened to know Jack Bernstein personally and can vouch for the authenticity of his work.
Mutualism vs. Parasitism by William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books, part of his Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies series. Includes a functional analysis of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology. It is a fact that Jews dominate organized crime in America (as well as many European and Latin American countries). They also dominate American national media, and as I document in the Rev Ted Pike archive, they are leaders in Trojan Horse efforts to destroy freedom of speech in America under the guise of unnecessary "hate crime" laws. They dominated Bolshevism, and many intelligence professionals consider the Israel's intelligence services, the Mossad, the most dangerously criminal espionage organization in the world. (See, for example, By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky. Also, see Final Judgment about how the Mossad was probably central to the JFK assassination, or the articles by myself or Captain May about the likely central role of the Mossad, probably partnered with elements of the CIA, behind 9-11 and likely follow on repeat false flag attack efforts). However, Jews are also a product of a unique evolutionary history in highly urbanized environments, heavily focused on transactional businesses, for over 1,500-3,000 years (depending on what types of Jews one is talking about, such as Khazars, Ashkenazi, or Sephardic Jews). Just as human behavior has a genetic/instinctive as well as environmental/learning component, much Jewish behavior is probably more semi-conscious or subconscious rather than deliberately "conspiratorial" (much like the "id monster" in the science fiction classic The Forbidden Planet). They probably have a higher percentage of innate psychopaths within their gene pool than most other racial and ethnic groups as part of an evolutionary adaptation to multi-racial, multi-cultural urban environments in decaying civilizations such as ancient Babylonia or the declining Roman empire (where they dominated the slave trade). The First century Roman philosopher Seneca commented in De Superstitione: "The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors." Jews also played a disproportionate role as middle men, traders, usurious bankers, and tax collectors in many principalities throughout the Middle Ages. To survive as a distinct people in such environments, it probably pays to be a good actor and manipulator with a cool head, while simultaneously having enough hidden contempt for ones neighbors to avoid racially and ethnically mixing with them. Culturally, they have some interesting similarities to the Chinese, who are often referred to as "The Jews of the East" (See Ways That Are Dark by Ralph Townsend). While The Protocols are simplistic and off the mark in certain areas, probably their greatest value is if they can stimulate people to do more of their own research, to include reading what Jews themselves have to say about their own people as well as the works of their adversaries. See my site map for links to both Jewish sources and critics of Jews.


Then a few days later, Capt. May published another article which revealed how Jews have a long history of whining to the world about how they are getting "Holocausted."


Double Trouble for
Holocaust Heretics!
An article review with links

Captain Eric H. May
Political-Military Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

February 9, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

Many of my readers may be as ignorant as I was about the extent of man's inhumanity to man. I recently learned that the World War II Holocaust (of 6 million Jews) was equaled by the World War I Holocaust of 6 million Jews! It was all documented in the New York media of the time, which then as now enjoyed the benefits of Jewish information and management.
An article sent me this weekend gave a fine account of the World War I Holocaust, along with excellent references. It wasn't too wordy or too lengthy; it was well illustrated and well written; and its title was memorable. I believe it will become a classic source for entry-level World War I Holocaust students like me:

Burn in Hell you deniers of the Holocausts 1

If only Hollywood would produce as many Holocaust movies set in World War I as in World War II. Surely that would make the American people twice as sympathetic to Jews as they already are. This is the objective of Holocaust movies, after all. But for some reason the World War I Holocaust is kept as hushed up as the Gaza Genocide. This is indeed shocking when you consider what Jewish columnist Joel Stein recently affirmed in his Dec. 19 LA Times essay, "How Jewish is Hollywood?" 2

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them."

Recently there has been an unpleasant controversy in the Catholic Church over the Holocaust revisionism of Bishop Richard Williamson. He not only rejects the official story of the Holocaust(s), but also rejects the official 9/11 story, making him a double denier.
"Know the truth," Jesus said, "and it shall set you free." I think it incumbent on those of us who love the truth to learn more about Bishop Williamson and his opinions, the better to clarify things. Those interested in learning more about him should read the two articles I wrote last week:

The Panzer Pope and Holocaust Heresy 3

Questioning "The Protocols of Zion" 4


* * * * * * * *

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For the past five years, he has been commander of Ghost Troop, a patriotic cyber-intelligence unit. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his America First Books author archive site at this web site and his Ghost Troop author archive site4 managed by Patti Woodard.
and also:


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"The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" by Martin H. Glenn, American Hebrew, October 31, 1919: page 582. "From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread. These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter's cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers. In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand. Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood..."
The Holocaust before It Happened by Bill Wright. Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust: Jewish Fundraising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims during and after World War One, Theses & Dissertations Press, Chicago 2003, pb., 140 pp., $9.95. "George Santayana was famous for his aphorism `Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Perhaps those who believe in the myth of the ‘six million’ have forgotten that Jews were making substantially similar claims regarding ‘six million’ Jews about to perish in the aftermath of World War One...Don Heddesheimer has written a fascinating account of these claims in The First Holocaust: Jewish Fundraising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims during and after World War One. Again and again the pages of the New York Times and other journals were filled with allegations that Jews in Poland and other war-torn countries, all ‘six million’ of them, were threatened with imminent extinction through starvation and disease unless large sums of money were raised and sent overseas. As a matter of fact there was much starvation and disease in Germany and other war-ravaged lands but it did not primarily affect the Jews. Rather, as numerous American military and diplomatic personnel observed, the common people suffered while wealthy Jews lived high on the hog. Then as now, Jews sought to elevate their suffering above that of all others. Heddesheimer establishes that despite much hand wringing over real and alleged suffering the bulk of the money for Jewish relief actually went to "constructive undertakings" – meaning such things as establishing cooperative banks in Poland, financing tradesmen and artisans, and, in particular, promoting Jewish agricultural settlements. It should be emphasized that this Jewish fundraising was conducted within the context of three key concurrent historical events: 1) the communist revolution in Russia; 2) the rise of Zionism in Palestine together with the incipient Palestine Mandate; and 3) the effort to secure ‘minority rights’ (better, Jewish rights to a state within a state) in anti-Semitic Eastern Europe. Thus, Jewish relief served as camouflage for much broader political objectives."
The Truth About the Talmud by Michael Hoffman. The Jews have been pumping up victimization tales about themselves ever since ancient times, and dwell on vengeance for alleged wrongs with an eternal "never forgive, never forget" code of immorality. One reason is because the Talmud teaches that non-Jews are not human, and that genocide against them is OK. So is exploiting their credulity in every shameless way possible. Hoffman describes examples of ancient Jewish holocaust fantasy whoppers:. "Tall Tales of a Roman Holocaust: Here are two early "Holocaust" tales from the Talmud: Gittin 57b. Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews)."
Best Witness by Michael Collins Piper. Describes cynical manipulation of the legal system in America by Jews to suppress honest historical investigation of Jewish internment experiences. In particular, see the Afterword by Willis Carto "Why is the Holocaust Important?" An outstanding web site dedicated towards greater historical accuracy regarding issues related to WWII Jewish internment and the utterly shameless Jewish exploitation of the "victimization" role. The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, New Edition 2nd Edition by Norman G. Finkelstein. See also maintained by the wife of political prisoner Ernst Zundel, jailed in German for daring to question tenants of the religion of Holocaustianity.
"Jewish Bolsheviks Murdered 66 Million In Russia" by Dick Fojut, July 21, 2007."If not exaggerated, Solzhenitsyn asserts that since 1917, the Bolsheviks, continuing under assassin Stalin, through and even after WW2, systematically executed, and inside (and outside) their thousands of Gulags, worked, starved and froze to death, SIXTY-SIX million people, not all, but most of them CHRISTIANS (whom the Bolsheviks hated). This mass death was THE LARGEST REAL "HOLOCAUST" in modern history - but totally unknown today by most Americans, British and western Europeans and absent from our school books. Of course no publisher in the Western world dares reprint Solzhenitsyn's book [Two Hundred Years Together] in English." There is a reason why German National Socialists wanted to protect the public from Jewish subversives, you know.
Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton. A classic work written in the early 1950's explaining the premiere Jewish role behind international communist subversion and mass murder. .
The Morgenthau Plan: David Irving's Introduction to the Morgenthau Plan. Developed by Jewish Secretary Henry R. Morgenthau Jr. in the FDR administration in 1944, "The Morgenthau Plan would have led to the death by starvation and pestilence of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war, in addition to the one million who had been killed in the saturation bombing and the three million killed in the enforced expulsion from Germany's eastern territories."
Other Losses by James Bacque. According to one reviewer of this book, "James Bacque deals with a topic most historians (especially Eisenhower apologists like Stephen Ambrose) want to avoid. It is the frightening account of how Allied forces, at the end of World War II, systematically used, abused and starved millions of German POWs in what Gen. George Patton described as `Gestapo tactics.' As an historian, Army veteran, and grandson of a German army officer during that war, it's high time this story was told. So much is written about German atrocities during the war (Malmedy, Trois Ponts, etc). But little is discussed about such issues as this (another being `Operation Keelhaul'... forced 'repatriation' of Russians who served in the German Army). Bacque's evidence is convincing, thorough, and hard to avoid. Too bad so-called `historians' like Ambrose can't see this for himself. Must reading for any serious student of World War II history."
"Jewish Criminal Totalitarian Psychopathology" by William B. Fox. This is a section of his Mutualism vs. Parasitism article in his Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies series that provides a functional analysis of Jewish pathological factors that motivate criminal exaggeration and exploitation of victim roles.


In his book The New Babylon, page 101, Michael Collins Piper sheds important light on the origins of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. According to Piper, they were authored by a Russian-born Jew, Asher Ginsberg, who lived from 1856 to 1926 and was a very influential figure within the inner most circles of Zionism.

The extensive research of the late Pacquitta DeShishmaraff, an American-born woman married into the Russian aristocracy, confirms Ginsberg's central role in formulating what we know today as the Protocols and the rise of its influence as a philosophical work underlying the nature of the Zionist movement. Her seminal work, Waters Flowing Eastward (written under the pen name "L. Fry") remains the first-and last-word on the history of the Protocols.
We learn that, in 1889, Ginsberg formulated a small group known as the Sons of Moses and it was before this group that Ginsberg first introduced the Protocols. While he may have indeed borrowed from previously published geopolitical works-lending to the oft-stated claim that the Protocols were forgeries" that were lifted from other volumes-what we do know as the Protocols were Ginsberg's product, reflecting his global Jewish agenda. During the years that followed, Hebrew-language translations of the Protocols were circulated within the Zionist movement by Ginsberg and his followers, now banded together as the Sons of Zion (or "B'nai Zion").
And in 1897, when the Zionist Congress met in Switzerland, Zionism emerged as an official movement, the Protocols were effectively incorporated into the Zionist (that is, Jewish) agenda.
While the non-Jewish world perceived Zionism to be strictly devoted to the establishment of a Jewish state, Ginsberg's so-called "secret Zionism" was very much recognized, within elite Jewish circles, as the real agenda, an international agenda, in effect masked in a strictly nationalist agenda focused on a single Jewish state in Palestine.
So it was no mistake when Jewish writer Bernard Lazare, writing in his famous 1894 book, Anti-Semitism, candidly spoke of Jewish "economic conquest" but said that along with economic domination by the Jews came “spiritual domination" as well. He understood the distinctions.
As early as 1924, Polish nationalist Roman Dmowski recognized these distinctions, which still remain a mystery to many--particularly certain American "patriots"--who attempt to make a distinction between Zionism and Judaism and who tend to believe that certain sects of "anti-Zionist Jews" are somehow standing in opposition to the New World Order.
Although, as we noted earlier, there are anti-Zionist Jews who --for a variety of reasons--do oppose Zionism, there are those anti-Zionist Jews who are actually advocates of the establishment of The Jewish Utopia, that New World Order about which we hear so much.

From our vantage point in studying PSYOPs, there some additional dimensions regarding the Protocols that I need to address here.
First, Waters Flowing Eastward makes the point that the Protocols are consistent in mentality with other earlier known Jewish writings, to include portions of the Talmud and Pentateuch. Chapter 2.1 “How the Protocols Came to Russia” cites the following:

In 1492, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion.2 This was the reply:

" Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

  1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
  2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
  3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians' lives.
  4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
  5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
  6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


Michael Collins Piper underscores this point more deeply in The New Babylon, in his chapter “The Talmudic Origins of the New World Order,” pages 60-61. The Talmud is the primary scripture of Jews:

Dr. Auguste Rohling, a professor at the University of Prague in the late 19th Century was a student of Hebrew and assembled a translation of the Talmud. This is what Rohling described as the basis of the Talmud:

  1. The soul of the Jew is part of God Himself; the souls of the other peoples come from the Devil and resemble those of brutes;
  2. Domination over other peoples is the right of Jews alone;
  3. Awaiting the coming of the Messiah, the Jews live in a continual state of war with other peoples;
  4. When the victory of the Jews is won, other peoples will accept the Jewish religion; however the Christians will not be given this privilege, but will be exterminated because they belong to the Devil.
  5. The Jew is the substance of God; a Gentile who strikes him deserves death;
  6. Non-Jews are created to serve Jews
  7. A Jew is forbidden to show mercy to his enemies;
  8. A Jew may be a hypocrite to a non-Jew;
  9. To despoil a non-Jew is permitted;
  10. If anyone returns to a Christian something he has lost, God will not pardon him;
  11. God has ordained that the Jew shall take usury from the non-Jew in order to injure him;
  12. The best of the non-Jews should be exterminated; the honest life of a Gentile should be the object of hate;
  13. If a Jew can deceive a Gentile by pretending to be a non-Jew, he is permitted to do so.

These attitudes are very much with us today. As an example, Didi Remez noted in her Nov. 19, 2009 article "Updated Version of `The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews'":

The ultra-fundamentalist Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar is infamous for its involvement in settler violence against Palestinians. Memorably, one of the students fired a homemade “Kassam” rocket at the neighboring village of Burin in June 2008. This morning, Maariv reports that the Yeshiva’s dean has just published on the proscribed dos and don’ts (mainly the former) regarding the killing of gentiles. Here are some choice excerpts.

“In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created…When a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed…The [Din Rodef] dispensation applies even when the pursuer is not threatening to kill directly, but only indirectly…Even a civilian who assists combat fighters is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Anyone who assists the army of the wicked in any way is strengthening murderers and is considered a pursuer. A civilian who encourages the war gives the king and his soldiers the strength to continue. Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us who encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer…Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”…

As another important point, when Jewish groups denounce the Protocols as a forgery or false reproduction, they can do so with sly prevarication.
Rather than meaning something false, the word “forgery” can also mean a replication of something authentic, as in a forged signature on a check that is intended to be an identical reproduction by an imposter of the signature of an actual person.
The Protocols we see today may have been copied by hand from an actual version. In addition, much like the Yasa, or Ghenghis Khan’s code of conduct for his Mongol Hordes, it probably survives in incomplete and redacted form. In this case, the Protocols are the “Yasa” of Jews who function as the new Mongols or Thuggee Cult of high finance and fourth generation warfare covert operations. The Jews have learned how to exploit their covert intelligence operations capabilities to infiltrate and take over central banks. They are adept at turning the financial systems of countries against their own people just as the Mongols mastered the tactics of horse-mobile armies and the superiority of the compound bow to crush armies, sack cities, coopt the local populations for tribute, and create the largest continental empire in World history.
If anything, it is possible that the Protocols available to the public today pulls its punches and does not go far enough in terms of reflecting the subversive, psychopathic, and perverse side of Jews Consider, for example, on page 100 of The New Babylon where Michael Collins Piper writes:

A perceptive Russian writer, Vladimir Begun, in 1977, in a his book, Invasion Without Arms, compared Ginsberg with the fascists of the 1930s and 1940s. Referring to an 1898 article by Ginsberg entitled "Nietzcheanism and Judaism," in which Ginsberg expressed what we might call Ginsberg's "Judeo-Zionist chauvinist" outlook, Begun said:

It is not difficult for the reader to reach the logical conclusion: insofar as there is a "super nation" then like [Nietzsche's Superman] it must march toward its goal over the corpses of others. It must show no consideration toward anyone or anything in order to achieve the domination of "the chosen" over "the heathen."
One can trace the links of a single chain, the Torah-the ideological basis of the Zionist "theoreticians" -aggression in the Middle East-and the corruption of minds in Israel (openly) and in other countries (secretly).

The Nietzsche connection is important for another reason, namely that Nietzsche’s last work The Anti-Christ, advances the theory that Christianity was deliberately fabricated as a psychological warfare weapon or PSYOP by the ancient equivalent of Zionists to turn the Roman world on its head in revenge for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem. As a mystical religion of maudlin sentimentality, misplaced mercy, and the unnatural elevation of the inferior, botched, and misbred, Christianity goes completely against Darwinism and “transvaluates” or inverts what are typically considered normal instinctive values in a natural, tribal society. In this sense, it functions as a “sugar” false flag ideology.
As a universalistic religion, Christianity tries to replace the religious tribal traditions of indigenous peoples around world with the Jewish tribal history and religious lore of the Old Testament, supplemented with New Testament revelations, thereby giving Jews a special status as the “The People of the Book.” This enables them to more easily infiltrate and take over gentile societies.
The conflict between Jesus and the Sanhedrin described in the Gospels that results in the crucifixion of Jesus is a false flag or Red Herring that gives the appearance that Christianity is in opposition to Judaism, when in fact Christianity ultimately provides the Jews with a passport to other societies. Christianity also provides a “parachute” and form of protective camouflage for Jews, so that whenever Jewish psychopaths get caught doing extremely evil and underhanded things, all they have to do is feign conversion to Christianity in order to avoid receiving their just punishment.
According to some sources, the Protocols, while not false, are probably the edited and incomplete version of more expansive works. According to “The Truth About the Protocols” by Gerald B. Winrod:

On the shelves of the British Museum in the city of London there is a book in the Russian language, by Sergius A. Nilus, called the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. It contains twenty-four documents which purport to reveal the inner workings of a plot by certain international Jewish leaders to enslave the world through a dictatorship based upon the power of gold.
….Nilus was not a monk. He never lived in a monastery. Nor was he ever a teacher in any school or university. He was a married man, raised a family, lived in moderate circumstances, and a son of his is now living in Poland. Being a firm believer in the Bible as the supernaturally inspired Word of God, he was deeply religious. Prayer was a habit with him and his life was said to have been a consistent testimony to his profession as a Christian believer. He possessed literary skill and his writings were widely read among the Russian people prior to the rise of Communism.
Knowing the Jewish situation, he saw the revolution coming. He did his utmost to avert the catastrophe -- but failed. With other students of Bible prophecy, Nilus believed that a great superman, known as the Beast and the Antichrist, would arise and set up a world-wide system of dictatorship during that period of the world's history which would precede the second coming of Christ. Consequently, he wrote a treatise entitled, Antichrist as a Near Political Possibility, which made particular reference to the Protocols.
In explaining where he got the original copies of the Protocols, Nilus apparently tried to shield his compatriots who had helped him secure them. He once wrote, "These Protocols were secretly extracted from a whole bookful of Protocols. All this was got by my correspondent out of the secret depositories of the Head Chancellory of Zion. This Chancellory is at present on French territory."

As a firm Christian believer, it is possible that Nilus found the Nietzschean theory that Christianity is a PSYOP so distasteful that he either ignored it or edited out from a “whole bookful of Protocols.”
In my Religious Crisis web page at I have quite a few links to sources that explore the concept of Christianity as an ultimate PSYOP—and “sugar” false flag operation. It includes "Commissary to the Gentiles: The First to See the Possibility of War By Propaganda" by Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish writer who was the Rothschilds’ (the Jewish bankers) approved biographer. This article appeared in The Century Magazine, February 1928, Vol. 115, No. 4, pp. 476-483. I also link to Ravage’s other important article "A Real Case Against the Jews."
I also have articles by other authors such as Archarya S. (D. M. Murdoch), William Gayley Simpson, Dr. Revilo Oliver, and myself that provide more extensive coverage of this viewpoint. Dr. Raymond Cattell, author of Beyondism: Religion From Science and A New Religion From Science: Beyondism, along with William Gayley Simpson, provide an in-depth academic discussion regarding why Christianity is a dysgenic social philosophy that inverts healthy human instinctive values.
It is worth noting that Capt. May has called himself a Christian and got baptized by Catholic priests in July 2005. He has also spoken very disparagingly of Nietzsche in his talk show interviews as an important intellectual inspiration for Straussian, Zionist neo-con evil.
This is an area where I personally differ with Capt. May. While it is true that Nietzsche often used a very subjective, shocking, and outlandishly contrarian style, I happen to agree with William Gayley Simpson, author of Which Way Western Man? (I link to an online version of this classic tome in my Religious Crisis section), or H. L. Mencken, a major American paleo-conservative figure of the early 20th century, that Nietzsche also provided many valuable insights. According to Mencken, a main thrust of Nietzsche was to try to compare the viewpoint of Charles Darwin with contemporary Christian moral and ethical systems in late 19th century Europe and explain the differences. However, I also agree with Nietzsche's critics that he damaged his own moral authority by using extremely polemical language and other "shock jock" tactics in his rhetoric that detract from the scientific aspect of his analysis. "Shock jock" is a term I have acquired from the use of vulgar tactics by the Jewish commedian Howard Stern; it is a term I will use again later in this chapter when I talk about the political hard ball approach of American Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell.
Getting back to the topic of Catholicism and the Jewish religion of Holocaustianity, In May 2009, we witnessed an event that called into question the ability to Pope to exercise a truly independent stance on the Holocaust issue. The May 11, 2009 article: “Pope in Israel calls for 'just and lasting' Middle East peace; Pontiff visits Holocaust memorial and holds talks with Israeli president Shimon Peres” by Rory McCarthy states: “He said he would honour the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust and fight anti-semitism wherever it was found. `I will have the opportunity to honour the memory of the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah,’ said the pontiff, who faces criticism for the Vatican's policies toward Jews during the second world war and the recent reinstatement of a bishop who denied the Holocaust. `Anti-semitism continues to rear its ugly head in many parts of the world. This is totally unacceptable. Every effort must be made to combat anti-semitism wherever it is found."
Capt May observed that this Pope was elected April 19, 2005, a date with major occult significance. The first place he went was Auschwitz to kiss up to Jews, just as he did on the 11 May 2009 visit described above.
This reinforces the strong evidence of heavy Zionist influence on the Catholic Church provided by Michael Collins Piper that I already discussed in Chaper 29.
In June 2009, another very different, but also shocking Holocaust-related event took place in which Capt. May felt that he needed to make a public statement.
This involved news that a man named James von Brunn had walked into the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. and allegedly killed a guard before getting wounded himself. Von Brunn wound up in a hospital and was never able to communicate with the public before he died nearly seven months later on Jan 6, 2010.
Capt. May noticed major discrepancies in the news reports. He began to suspect that even if Von Brunn were guilty as charged, the event was being grossly manipulated and embellished by national media to demonize the American Right.
Once an actual criminal event becomes embellished beyond a certain point, it qualifies as a “soft” false flag operation. This is in contrast to a “hard” false flag operation where the underlying event is completely fabricated. In other words, rather than go to the effort of completely controlling the timing and completely fabricating the character of an event like 9/11, the power elite and national media opportunistically waits to exploit any event that comes along which might serve as a tiny truth seed crystal that they can then twist into big lies in an aggressive national media campaign.
Our worst fears were confirmed by Bonnie Erbe, a contributing editor for US News & World Report, who wrote "Round Up Hate Promoters Now, Before Any More Holocaust Museum Attacks."
It is hard to imagine a more virulent anti-First Amendment hit piece aimed at critics of the Holocaustianity PSYOP and Israel, to include her punch lines about "ridding the Internet and the public dialogue of hate speech" and "rounding up promoters of hate before they kill."

Three incidents and counting.
If yesterday's Holocaust Museum slaying of security guard and national hero Stephen Tyrone Johns is not a clarion call for banning hate speech, I don't know what is. Playwright Janet Langhart Cohen appeared on CNN yesterday right after the shooting, as she wrote a play that was supposed to have been debuted at the Holocaust Museum last night. Her play is about Emmett Till, whose lynching helped launch the Civil Rights Movement, and Ann Frank, whose diary told the story of Holocaust victims in hiding in the Netherlands during World War II.
She said something must be done about ridding the Internet and the public dialogue of hate speech. I agree. Not only have we had three hate crime murders within the last two weeks (Mr. Johns, as noted above, Dr. George Tiller a week ago last Sunday, and Pvt. William Andrew Long by an American-born Muslim convert outside a recruiting station just before that.)
Now we have this quote from the so-called Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who used to be President Obama's pastor. Hate comes from among all peoples and all religions. He said this about his lack of communication with Barack Obama since he's been elected president, according to the AP:
"Them Jews ain't going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office," Wright told the Daily Press of Newport News following a Tuesday night sermon at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers' Conference.
It's not enough to prosecute these murders as murders. They are hate-motivated crimes and each of these men had been under some sort of police surveillance prior to their actions. Isn't it time we started rounding up promoters of hate before they kill?

It almost goes without saying that Jewish groups like the ADL consider anyone who dares to question any aspect of its Holocaustianity cult as a “hater,” and therefore in the Erbe view of the world, should get rounded up. And then of course next in line the establishment would no doubt like for its thought police to some day round up 9/11 Truth activists, anti-abortionists, gun owners …you get the picture. We already saw how hysterical it gets with the MIAC Report discussed in Chapter 28.
We had every reason to believe that both Alien and Predator were still in the domestic false flag attack business. For example, over seven months earlier in the 10 Nov 2008 American Free Press, Victor Thorn published “Obama `Assassination Plot’ Smells Like a Set-Up.”

Two teenagers described as “neonazi skinheads” by the media were apprehended in Tennessee after allegedly planning to terrorize a black school and kill presidential candidate Barack Obama. This case followed the arrest of three methamphetamine-addicted Denver teens in August who were involved in a “half-baked plot” to assassinate the Democratic nominee. These individuals were portrayed by the press as being “white supremacists” and “Aryans.”
Neither scenario had any credible possibility of being carried out. But a larger question emerges: Is a foundation being laid to pin some sort of high-profile crime on nationalists, populists, patriots, 9-11 truth seekers or conspiracy realists?
There is a precedent for such tactics. In 1995, Timothy McVeigh and his cohorts at Elohim City were targeted as the masterminds of the Oklahoma City bombing, even though reams of evidence have surfaced pointing to a pre-planned controlled demolition involving the FBI, CIA and BATF.
Led by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a complicit mainstream media, the blowback from this tragic event pointed an accusatory finger at conservative talk radio, The Spotlight newspaper, and a growing militia movement. All suffered serious consequences as a result of this despicable act of false-flag terrorism.

Capt. May had another concern. Von Brunn had corresponded with him by email beginning in October 2007. He wanted to publish an article making this public as a preemptive strike before the FBI, DHS, or anyone else who might get access to Von Brunn’s lap top might try to link him with some kind of conspiracy or “guilt by association” ploy. He also wanted to publicize Von Brunn’s letters to provide the public with insights into Von Brunn’s mind.
Interestingly enough, at this time I found myself in a very peculiar situation sandwiched between two individuals seeking national exposure regarding their contact with Von Brunn. This second individual, besides Capt. May, was an individual named John de Nugent.
I had met John de Nugent at a Barnes Review/American Free Press conference in Washington, D.C. in September 2006. He became aware in late 2008 that I was looking to make a move from where I lived in South Bend, Washington. He offered a sublet at a home he was sharing with his fiancee and a Finnish dissident named Henrik Holappa in Sarver, Pennsylvania, where I ended up staying from January to July 2009. De Nugent is fluent in German and French, and has worked as a writer and translator for The Barnes Review. In fact, he has translated some very valuable works such as a German opinion piece on Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's work Two Hundred Years Together. He once ran for political office in Tennessee and had been very active with a variety of rightist political groups for several decades. De Nugent is also a former U.S. Marine like myself, and I have learned a lot from my conversations with him.

De Nugent's banner for his web site uses a fleur-de-lis and Marine Corps emblem, and not a swastika.

In his email address, de Nugent had used “,” named after the party of Thomas Jefferson. He used a fleur-de-lis as his symbol on his web site. He had interviewed myself and Capt. May in fall 2008 on blogspot radio, and seemed to agree with my desire to try to find ways to reconcile white nationalism with libertarianism on a philosophical level. In fact, when he announced his candidacy for President of the United States in Oct 2008, he asked if I wanted to be his Vice Presidential running mate. "Yeah, sure" I responded.
I told de Nugent that I lean towards paleo-conservatism and prefer to call myself an "anti-Federalist" whenever people ask about my political affiliation. He seemed to agree with my concerns about out-of-control government. According to Dr. Murray Rothbard most Americans were "anti-Federalists" at the time of the American Revolution and even during the period of the "Conspiracy in Philadelphia," as author Gary North put it (ie. the creation of the U.S. Constitution behind closed doors).
What I did not know before I moved into the house share situation in January 2009 is that de Nugent had once been an open member of the American Nazi Party back when he was a student at Georgetown University, complete with the storm trooper uniform. Furthermore, he still wanted to openly defend Hitler and publicly call himself a Nazi. He was trying to find ways to resurrect National Socialism and inject it into current issues and political movements.
De Nugent called himself “an American National Socialist” during a July 2009 interview with Idaho-based white rights activist Edgar J. Steele, and then revised it to “national socialist 2.0.” Even later in the interview he said that he wanted to promote American civil liberties, is descended from early American immigrants to New England, and respects Jeffersonian values. It all all got a bit confusing for Steele, a nationally well-known defense attorney for oppressed American patriots. Steele asked de Nugent if national socialism was a form of “collectivism,” which is a major label used by the John Birch Society to attack “racism” (see my discussion of Ron Paul libertarianism regarding this issue in Chapter 29). Both Steele and de Nugent struggled for an answer, neither mentioning that “collectivism” implies revocation of private property rights. Dr. Murray Rothbard points out in On Liberty that private property rights are the cornerstone of libertarian political theory and the very antithesis of collectivism.

Needless to say, I ended up having quite a few arguments with de Nugent over the dinner table. Among other things, I felt that the German National Socialism of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and the Ku Klu Klan of the Reconstruction Era are the products of unique historical periods and sociological conditions. I feel strongly that it would be wiser in the long run to objectively focus on current facts, issues, and social and political conditions and let fresh symbols and organizational approaches naturally evolve on their own accord rather than try to ape anachronistic historical models, particularly those that are alien to many American libertarian and humanitarian traditions. Furthermore, American society has become very ethnically fractured and culturally-rootless. Successful public communication requires more sophistication than earlier periods, particularly given the frequent use of massive disinformation, agents provocateurs, Judas Goats, and false flag operations by our enemies.
I suggested to de Nugent that one way we might try to turn lemons into lemonade would be to run a historical reenactment talk show series where we debate each other. I could play Thomas Jefferson, and he could be Adolf Hitler. However, I ended up leaving the house share situation in July before this idea went anywhere, in order to relocate in Houston near Capt. May and finish this Mission of Conscience series. Furthermore, we would require substantial donations and preparation time to bring such a show concept up to the level of accuracy and professionalism that it deserves. In addition, we would have to be careful to handle the debate in a way that disentangles and clarifies issues rather than muddying them further.

Getting back to Von Brunn, it turned out that De Nugent had also had contact with this man by phone prior to the shooting incident. However, his approach to fighting the “American conservative” side of the Info War was totally different from Capt. May’s approach.
Whereas Capt. May is strongly anarcho-libertarian in his political posture, and wants to promote public awareness of the inconsistencies in the news reports that could suggest a false flag operation, de Nugent wanted to present Von Brunn’s actions as an expression of mounting white frustration and alienation following the election of America’s first Negro President. De Nugent also wanted to present himself as budding white nationalist leader calling upon Obama to allay white concerns. He wanted to portray himself as the point of the spear in touch with radical and revolutionary people on the hard right, whereas Capt. May portrayed his correspondence with Von Brunn as having arisen as a consequence of chance acquaintances with people from all ends of the political spectrum.
On his own initiative, de Nugent started calling up national news services and talk shows to get air time. The next thing I knew, I found myself picking up a ringing telephone in different parts of the house with reporters from various national news services asking for “the man who knew Von Brunn.”
Capt. May felt that de Nugent’s approach was dangerous for the American Right. For example, a major theme used by the ADL to try to demonify the white Right is the phrase “armed and dangerous.” In other words, the ADL likes to insinuate that white people are so crazed and unstable that America will not be safe until everyone is stripped of his Second Amendment right to bear arms. Capt. May felt that it is much safer to stand back and raise public awareness about inconsistencies in national media reporting on the von Brunn affair than to try to link his behavior to white political grievances, which in turn might reinforce the ADL’s “armed and dangerous” propaganda theme.
In support of Capt. May's worst fears, major media kept harping on the theme that "James von Brunn is said to be a life long white supremacist with ties to well known leaders in the racist movement."
On the other hand, de Nugent felt that once he got national media publicity, he could make enough points that would expose Holocaust fraud, news reporting inconsistencies, and present enough white grievances that all of this would compensate for these dangers. To win against Holocaust fraudsters, he felt strongly that one needs to be an all-weather fighter willing to jump in where angels fear to tread.
The following article, published by Capt. May in the Lone Star Iconoclast, reflected his own approach to this controversy:


(Left) James von Brunn photo, probably in his 50's , used by many media in recent articles about the Holocaust Museum shootings. This is the more credible "Ramboesque" image that can be used to help tar "birthers," racialists, and other dissidents. (Right) A more current photo of von Brunn in his late '80's.

James von Brunn
Is He a Patsy?

Holocaust Museum Shooting
May Be a False Flag

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
America First Institute

June 10, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

James Von Brunn just may be an innocent man, and all Americans should remember that. Regardless of how we view his politics and personality, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence until convicted in a court of law before a jury of his peers.
Further, today's shootings at the DC Holocaust Museum bear some of the classic earmarks of a false flag operation. On 9/11 we saw US media fabricate a fairy tale of 19 Arab hijackers who brought down three World Trade Center buildings with two airplane strikes, and left a string of incompetent clues so ham-handed that they looked planted -- and they were.
To learn the truth we learn to take our time, and look at several sources to compare contradictions.
Consider this article from the BBC about the shootings, and pay close attention to the remarks of the female witness who says that there was a sound before JVB entered the building.

"Shooting at US Holocaust Museum"
(Version 14 retitled: "US Holocaust museum guard killed")
Versions 1-13 of this story that appeared on 10 June are available at:

[Editor's Note: Subsequent versions beginning with 14 have excluded the following information from version 13:]

One eyewitness, 22-year-old Angela Andelson, told AFP news agency she heard a loud bang "like someone had dropped something".
"And I see all these security guards kind of like ducking. I kind of glanced again and saw a gunman coming in... a long-looking kind of gun. I just ran in to one of the exhibits to try to take cover."

This incident will probably be a bonanza for thought control advocates. The Huffington Post has already tied JVB to the birther movement:

"James Von Brunn Apparently Part of `Birther' Movement"
originally at:

America First Books archived version here.

Also check out the NBC article from this afternoon, which curiously places former Secretary of Defense William Cohen near to the action, states that the weapon allegedly used by a JVB was a shotgun (not a rifle), and adds that he wore a Confederate hat (a detail I see nowhere else):

"Hatemonger Guns down Guard at the Holocaust Museum"
originally at:

[Editor's Note: The phrase "confederate cap" in the 10 June version got edited out in the 11 June update, whose title also got changed to "Slain Museum Guard's Kindness Repaid With Bullet" while keeping the same URL. America First Books has archived the original 10 June version as page 1 and page 2.]
Mind you, I'm not asserting that this is a false flag operation, but neither am I discounting the possibility. I exhort Internet researchers to look into this carefully, and publish results. I shall be especially interested in videotaped evidence from the museum's camera system -- or will those photos, like the Pentagon impact photos of 9/11, be sequestered?
...Which reminds me that there is something important that June 10, 2009 shares in common with September 11, 2001 -- there were military exercises going on in the nation's capital on both occasions. In fact, today's NORAD exercises were announced Saturday and only occurred from 11-2:00PM --perfect timing for the JVB incident.

"NORAD Flight Exercise Planned For Washington, D.C."


* * * * * * * * *

In 2003, Capt. May broke open the Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up (BOBCUP) by the mainstream US media. To do this he founded the cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop:

"Mission of Conscience Accomplished -- BOBCUP Exposed"


* * * * * * * * *

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For the past five years, he has been commander of Ghost Troop, a patriotic cyber-intelligence unit. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his America First Books author archive site.

Additional/Update references:

20090611 James von Brunn vs. Capt. Eric H. May on Race and the Jews by Maj. William Fox. Capt. May is not afraid to explore a possible "sane" state of mind of a man totally demonized by national media in the Holocaust Museum shooting affair, who may in fact be the subject of a "soft" false flag operation.
20090612 Braving the Guilt By Association Gambit--In Order to Conduct Real Research by Maj. William Fox. There are quite a few anomalies not reported by national media, for example, an eyewitness statement reported by CNN that the security guard allegedly killed by von Brunn was in fact killed by the "friendly fire" of a fellow security guard. This article also contains more update references, picking up where this list leaves off.

The short URL for this article:
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After publishing the aforementioned article, Capt. May asked me to prepare the following article which covered his interaction with Von Brunn:


(Left) James von Brunn, former U.S. Naval officer. (Right) Capt. Eric H. May, former U.S. Army intelligence officer.

James von Brunn
vs. Capt. Eric H. May
on Race and Jews

by Maj. William B. Fox

June 11, 2009

William B. Fox


The nation was shocked yesterday by news reports that James von Brunn, termed a "white supremacist," "hatemonger" and "raging anti-Semite," had walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. with a .22 rifle and killed a security guard.
Today, Captain Eric H. May sent me an email exchange between James von Brunn and him, inviting me to publish it:

Dear Maj. Fox:
I think you may be interested this e-mail thread between JVB and me...The immediate issue that distressed JVB was the publication of my essay, "America Uber Alles - Our Nazi Nation."
Captain May


Tae Kwon Do instructor Capt. May, Master Yu and students in 2003. For more on May's personal background, please see the 26 March 2008 Lone Star Iconoclast article "Capt. Courageous and the Shockingly Awful Quicksand War."


Von Brunn vs. May
4-5 October 2007

* * * * * * * * *

Hello Captain May. I was about to post this message; then decided not to. You have enough troubles.1 —jvb

We dispute several of Captain Eric May's political conclusions while defending his right to express them.
Captain May expresses good, not so good, and bad concepts: He defends the U.S. Constitution, and vigorously fights those who threaten it (Neocons, Mossad, Money); he confuses Bolshevism with Fascism; he denies the importance of Race.
The Constitution is a product of Westernman for Westernman.
Fascism (one for all and all for one) is Nationalism (Racialism), wherein one race occupies its own territory (Patriotism). Bolshevism is Globalism (Zionism/Catholicism).
DNA = Race; RACE = Culture; CULTURE = CIVILIZATION. ( Disraeli:"Race is everything!").
I believe Captain May is an honorable and talented man. His courageous (perhaps fatal to his health) fight against enemies of the Constitution is highly commended. However, because of his serious conceptual flaws, Captain May's right to an Aryan Leadership role must be denied.
James von Brunn

* * * * * * * * *

Dear Mr. von Brunn:
Thank you for your consideration, as expressed in your note.
Candidly, though, I would prefer that you post the critical note to your list, and not be impeded by my troubles. In it, you say much to my credit about my willingness to defend the best in our nation — the Constitution. That which you say to my discredit — that I am not a racist — is accurate. As much as I am under attack by Zionist apologists for being a racist and anti-Semite, your remarks will help to balance the picture.
Accordingly, I'll publish this to my groups so that they can read — and I can later cite — a well worded denunciation of my lack of racism. None of this in any way changes my gratitude to you for the many expressions of friendship you have made in the past.
Again, please publish your note expressing your opinion that I am not suitable for the role of an Aryan Leader. I agree with you. Once my character and motives are made plain, I will know that anyone who associates with me does so with an informed perspective of me.
Best regards,
Captain May

* * * * * * * * *

Hello Captain May,
There is considerable difference between a Racialist and a Racist. The former expects each race to exist and prosper within its own territory. America's Founding Fathers were Racialists. They founded a Republic for their White progeny — NOT a Democratic Racial Garbage Dump.
WILCO.2 As you wish, I now post this.

* * * * * * * * *

Dear Mr. von Brunn,
I believe I understand the distinction you are trying to make. Believe it or not, that perspective is already represented within Ghost Troop,3 since one of our black members is a member of the Nation of Islam, which is a separatist movement.
In your opinion, can there be cooperation between various racial groups with common goals, such as a discovery of the truth about 9/11 or opposition to Zionism? Since I wrote an article earlier this week about the Nazis, we could take the example the German SS, which began to admit both Slavic and Muslim members after the failed offensives of 1941-42. Then there's the matter of "honorary Aryan" status, which Hitler is said to have conferred on numerous Jews.
Finally, on the matter of race mixing, clearly that has occurred widely, even within the ethnic group that we loosely call Aryan. The word Aryan, as I understand it, is synonymous with Indo-European, and represents a wide variety of people who seem to have been generated from and cultured by the southwestern and northeastern expansions of Aryans into India and Europe (hence the term Indo-European). As a philologist I can detect the cultural, racial and linguistic evidence that all Indo-Europeans came from a common core source. No two parts of this quite extensive family are anywhere near identical, though, and every one of them has intermingled its blood with indigenous people. As far as I can tell, Northern Indians, Afghans, Iranians, Russians and all Europeans have about equal claim to being descendents of the original Aryans.
Many thanks for your correspondence on these points that are of interest to me.
Best regards,
Captain May

* * * * * * * * *

Captain May,
The Issue is this: Will the World population be more productive with fewer Whites? Take it from there.
Hitler by applying the sciences of Anthropology, Genetics, and Eugenics hoped to create a German Master Race.
Between the Great Wars Germany found herself in the same position as the U.S.A. today, viz., over-run by Jews with the resulting degradation of the Culture/State.
I use the word ARYAN to distinguish the ORIGIN of the White Race and to establish the difference between Whites and Jews - who claim to be White Semites, or whatever suits their purpose at the moment.
My position re your comments is stated in my Ms. "Kill the Best Gentiles!" located at my web site.
Are you Semitic and/or Jewish?
jvb-88 4

* * * * * * * * *

LOL! Naw, I'm Dutch/Irish! — CPTMAY

* * * * * * * * *

Is James von Brunn another John Brown, as portrayed in Tragic Prelude above, vilified for a failed suicide mission? Does his dire crime foretell a Civil War Two, or could it just be a set-up as Capt. May hypothesizes in his article"James von Brunn — Is He a Patsy?"


Please see my companion article "Braving the Guilt By Association Gambit—In Order to Conduct Real Research" about why it is more important for us to be more bravely open today in our search for truth than ever before —to include the way we handle shocking cases like the von Brunn/Holocaust Museum affair.

* * * * * * * * *

William B. Fox, a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence, is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and the University of Southern California, and publisher of and

1 JVB is referring to Capt. May's "troubles" with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), which has paralyzed him and forced him to rely on a ventilator.
2 WILCO is a military abbreviation for "Will Comply."
3 For more on Ghost Troop, please refer to the Ghost Troop Introduction.
4 "88" is short for "HH" (H is the eighth letter of the alphabet), for "Heil Hitler!"

Additional references and update articles:

20090610 James von Brunn -- Is He a Patsy? Holocaust Museum Shooting May Be a False Flag by Capt. Eric May.
20090612 Braving the Guilt By Association Gambit--In Order to Conduct Real Research. There are quite a few anomalies not reported by national media, for example, an eyewitness statement reported by CNN that the security guard allegedly killed by von Brunn was in fact killed by the "friendly fire" of a fellow security guard. This article also contains more update references, picking up where this list leaves off.



The next day, I published the following article as a wrap-up to the articles about Captain May. It shows how promulgators of "Info War" had a mini-shark feeding frenzy over the establishment version of the shooting:



Dare anyone question official accounts of an
attack at this holy temple of Holocaustianity?
(wikipedia photo)

Braving the Guilt
by Association Gambit

In Order To Conduct
Real Research


by William B. Fox

June 12, 2009

William B. Fox

In his 10 June 2008 article "Why He Did It And Why Von Brunn Won't Be The Last," we see white rights attorney Edgar Steele wanting to strenuously distance himself from the alleged killer. Steele stated: "Would I defend Von Brunn for his actions today? Absolutely not, unless it was simply to secure him a fair plea deal or at a sentencing hearing. Never could I defend his conduct at trial. And, even then, I wouldn't do a single thing for him pro bono."
Steele summarized his understanding of Von Brunn's actions as follows:

Suddenly, the news today is full of yet another crazed-gunman-opens-fire story. James Von Brunn, inveterate Internet crank and author of "Kill the Best Gentiles," was shot by Washington, DC, National Holocaust Museum armed guards as he tried to force his way in with a rifle. Von Brunn shot and injured one of the guards before he, himself, was critically injured by another just inside the entrance. At the time of this writing, both Von Brunn and the injured guard are hospitalized and in "grave condition."

Why Did He Do It?

The TV news today is full of the question, always asked after one of these shootings, but never of those of us capable of providing the correct answer: "Why did he do it?" Always, the news anchors and pundits go on to answer their own question by dismissing the gunman of the moment as a right-wing, hate-filled nut case, illustrative of why further restrictions on liberty and gun ownership are necessary.

Without question, the Holocaust Museum shooting provided a tremendous "guilt by association" propaganda bonanza for Jewish organizations, Zionist national media, and the Obama administration, who lost little time using it to discredit "the usual suspects."
In "Slain Museum Guard's Kindness Repaid With Bullet," Stephen Tyrone Jones, a black man, became "The hero security guard gunned down at the U.S. Holocaust Museum [who] came face to face with evil when he opened the building's doors out of kindness for his 88-year-old killer, officials said."
President Barack Obama stated "I am shocked and saddened by today’s shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms. No American institution is more important to this effort than the Holocaust Museum, and no act of violence will diminish our determination to honor those who were lost by building a more peaceful and tolerant world."
Obama may have forgotten that it is the fallacy of ad misericordiam (appeal to pity) to evaluate the historical validity of Holocaust Museum exhibits based solely upon ones emotional reaction to current events as opposed to scholarly study of historical facts.
In the 10 June Huffington Post article "James Von Brunn Apparently Part Of Obama `Birther' Movement," Sam Stein wrote: "Among the myriad of disturbing qualities of James Von his apparent belief that Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States and therefore has no right to the presidency....Indeed a `birther' mindset is more a symptom of extremism than a cause."
Steins skirts the possibility that the so-called `birther' mindset is usually motivated by a simple desire to enforce the Constitutional requirement for only a "natural born" citizen to become president rather than anything to do with "extremism."
Glenn Beck stated 10 June on Fox News "A group that I have been warning about for a very long time are these 9-11 Truthers. The information we have at this point is that this guy [von Brunn] is a hero in the 9-11 Truth Movement, I do not know if that is true or not, that is the early report."
Washington's Blog noted: "Geraldo Rivera previously tried to do the exact same thing in connection with the Times Square bombing, and failed miserably. And the Simon Weisenthal Center previously accused credible 9/11 truth organizations of being terrorists, or at least helping to radicalize people into becoming terrorists."
In the 12 June Times Online article "White supremacist gunman James W. von Brunn had links to BNP" Kaya Burgess observed that "Todd Blodgett, a former White House aide who worked as an informant within white supremacist groups, said today that Mr von Brunn and his friend John de Nugent had attended meetings in Arlington County, Virginia, of the American Friends of the BNP. The organisation was set up to raise funds for the BNP but has since been disbanded."
I contacted John de Nugent, whose reaction to von Brunn was covered by national media. He said that he was simply an acquaintance —not a "friend." He never met von Brunn in person, nor attended a BNP meeting. He happened to exchange some emails and a few phone conversations after von Brunn became aware of de Nugent via email mass mailers and national publicity.
Regarding the clumsy link to the British National Party, the BNP probably does not screen out any members of the general public who want to attend its meetings. Therefore, von Brunn's attendance in no way implies BNP agreement with his tactics or beliefs. It is very coincidental that this cheap shot comes right after BNP Chairman Nick Griffin made a political breakthrough by getting elected as a Member of the European Parliament.
I have authored two online books of the series titled: Mission of Conscience: Capt. Eric May, The Info War, And Amazing Predictions Come True which document continuous patterns of false flag attacks, assassinations, and major media manipulation by Mossad-CIA and their allies. In chapter 12 I describe evidence for why Osama Bin Laden likely died in 2001, and Saddam Hussein may have killed by a bomb in April 2003, only to be kept "alive" by Mossad-CIA imposters. In chapter 17 I describe evidence presented by Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgment that Lee Harvey Oswald was used as a patsy by Mossad-CIA in the JFK assassination, and also evidence from his book The Judas Goats that Timothy McVeigh was part of a Mossad-CIA-ADL set-up for the Oklahoma City bombing.
Israelis have been known to repeatedly attack themselves to gain propaganda points. Consider the false flag attack on the Jewish refugee ship Patria in Haifa harbor in 1940 which killed 250 Jews or Naeim Giladi's description of covert Mossad bombings against Jews in Iraq in 1950 to precipitate the massive transfer of Iraqi Jews to Israel.
Israelis have also repeatedly made false flag attacks on Americans, their prime benefactors. Consider the 1954 Lavon Affair in Egypt, the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and their likely involvement in the 9-11 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.
Lastly, they have created fake domestic opposition to push their own political agenda. As one example, researcher Laird Wilcox documents in "Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes In America" widespread instances where Jews have covertly desecrated tombstones, synagogues, national monuments, and other sensitive areas with swastikas and anti-Semitic epithets in order to draw public sympathy.
Another prime example is the article "Neo-Nazis are best simply ignored" by Ezra Levant:

In 1965 and 1966, the Canadian Jewish Congress helped organize the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party...
... they hired an ex-cop named John Garrity to go to work for the Canadian Nazi Party.
Garrity helped organize that rag-tag band of losers, though they never amounted to anything except for fodder for the press.
There were only a dozen active Nazis when Garrity joined them and they weren't really a political party. He called them "harmless misfits," and they were — their leader, John Beattie, was a nervous, gaunt, unemployed 24-year-old clerk who spent much of his time dodging angry Jews who tried to beat him up. (One of Garrity's jobs was to help Beattie escape street fights.)
Garrity brought more than just rum to the Nazis. He brought with him pretty much the only organizational talent the group had. They put him in charge of membership. Garrity called himself the "Heinrich Himmler" of the party, and a "Nazi leader for the Jewish Congress"...
....Of course, Garrity helped his paymasters at the CJC, too, giving them information about the names of party members and donors. And when Garrity finally quit the Nazis, he wrote a tell-all about his adventure in Maclean's magazine.

Garrity larded that report with personal insults toward Beattie and the Nazis. But he did acknowledge that they had never done, or even contemplated doing, anything illegal. All of the violence he witnessed was directed at Beattie, usually by Jewish vigilantes. "Sadly, it is the ... anti-Nazi extremists who, in their attempts to destroy Beattie, provide him with most of the publicity he craves. If it weren't for the riots and the assaults and the public protest meetings they hold, there'd be no real news in Beattie," Garrity wrote.
And that is the importance of this story and why I put it in my book about human rights commissions. Beattie hadn't done anything illegal. He was just a loser who believed in a discredited ideology. But the CJC wanted to bring in political censorship laws and I believe they needed to build up the threat to persuade Parliament to abridge Canada's freedom of speech.
Garrity puffed up a group of Nazi nobodies into a national menace, first through organizational support and then through spectacular media publicity. And, sure enough, Parliament enacted section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which censors offensive speech.

Please read my 10 March 2009 Lone Star Iconoclast article "Facing a Thought Crime Tribunal North of the Border!" about what an Orwellian disaster section 13 has become for Canadian citizens.
The list of Jewish-Israeli subterfuges is so long that we would be very naive to take any breaking news stories about attacks on Jewish lives and property in America at face value without first checking for inconsistencies, investigating the facts, and exploring alternative theories.

Capt May believes that Holocaust Museums probably serve as Mossad front operations. Many were completed according to Kabbalistic day-month numerical date codes such as 9-11 for the New York museum, 3-3 for Houston, 4-19 for Chicago, and 4-22 for Washington, D.C. This is also consistent with terror date code analysis for false flag bombing attacks that I cover in my two books.
A Holocaust Museum is certainly a very plausible false flag target. In fact, Capt. May published on June 10th "James von Brunn — Is He a Patsy?Holocaust Museum Shooting May Be a False Flag"

It is possible to have a "soft false flag" scenario where the accused is indeed guilty of a crime, but the circumstances behind the case are so embellished and distorted, and the national media reaction is so extremely biased, that it effectively becomes a full blown "Info War" propaganda event much like a completely fabricated false flag operation.
As an example of a possible "soft false flag" scenario, imagine if von Brunn's primary objective had been to simply take hostages to gain national media attention, similar to what he attempted in 1981 with Federal Reserve members before spending 6.5 years in Federal prison. Also please imagine that the security guard who died was accidentally shot by another guard.
A 1981 NYT article claims that Von Brunn was "disarmed after waving gun at security guard in Federal Reserve building in Washington." However, on pages 383 and 383 of his book Kill the Best Gentiles!, Von Brunn claims he carried no ammunition, and his primary purpose was political grandstanding:

7 December 1981, I hoped to reveal to the American People certain Facts regarding the World Marxist Conspiracy that are suppressed by the mass-media. I attempted to place the FED Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizens arrest - supported by D.C. statutes, and by Misprision of Felony statute under U.S. Treason and Sedition Law. I charge the FED with Treason, operation of a Fraudulent Enterprise, and Un-Constitutional Private Corporate Operations. I intended to hold the Board prisoners in the Board Room, demand that their fellow conspirators at CBS provide national TV-hookup; then, over TV to figuratively hand over the felons to the American people with an explanation of my charges against the FED. I then intended to hand over the prisoners, unharmed, to the President of the United States. I expected to stand trial in a U.S. Federal District Court, and prove the Fed’s culpability to a jury of my peers. I expected the jury to find the FED guilty and my citizens’ arrest of the felons upheld by statute. Thus, We the People would issue a mandam to the Congress of the United States to bring proceeding against the FED, a privately held corporation, under Federal Tort Law.
I failed to achieve my objectives at the FED Building. There was no violence. I voluntarily surrendered my unloaded weapons to the guard, a former U.S. Marine. I carried no ammo or explosives (all of these facts either omitted or distorted in the official record).

If von Brunn was primarily motivated at the Holocaust Museum to engage in political grandstanding once again, this could become a "soft false flag" event if Zionist-controlled national media were to ignore actual evidence and instead portray von Brunn as a would-be mass-murderer who was part of some kind of fantastic neo-Nazi conspiracy across America that can only be contained by invoking severe hate crime laws, confiscating all privately owned guns, invoking martial law, and throwing all critics of Israel and Jews in jail, don't you know.
Other plausible false flag scenarios may involve some combination of LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) and MIHOP (Made it Happen on Purpose). We have strong evidence from post 9-11 directives that the Federal government monitors emails and other communications of significant political dissidents. Given that von Brunn may have manifested increased signs of hostility and instability (as described by John De Nugent in the National Post article "Details of Holocaust museum shooting emerge as James von Brunn charged with murder"), Mossad-CIA-ADL may have baited him into entering the museum unarmed. Mossad agents dressed as security guards might have shot both the black security guard who met von Brunn at the door, as well as von Brunn himself, and then planted the .22 rifle on von Brunn as evidence.
Given Mossad-CIA's long and sorry track record for deception, none of these hypothetical scenarios are preposterous until anyone produces hard evidence to the contrary.
Capt May has identified many anomalies in news reports that bear further investigation. The following are some examples:
First, we still have no hard photographic evidence from numerous surveillance cameras in the area confirming newspaper reports that von Brunn, an elderly former U.S. Naval officer, double-parked his car and approached the Holocaust museum entrance while allegedly carrying a .22 rifle and wearing a Confederate hat (according to one source, overlooked by others).
According to 10 June 2009 CNN Transcripts, a witness named Maria claimed that security guard Stephen Tyrone Powers was a victim of "friendly fire:"

HENRY: And then you saw some of the return fire from the security personnel?
MARIA: Yes, it hit the security man. I am not sure where, but he was flat on his back.

The police said at first that von Brunn was carrying a shotgun, then this changed to a "rifle." Later in the afternoon the rifle became a .22.
Von Brunn somehow walked by or near heightened security surrounding William Cohen, the former Jewish Secretary of Defense in the Clinton Administration. Cohen was ostensibly present in connection with a play written by his black wife to be shown in the museum. The presence of a high level Jewish person like Cohen at the crime scene is eerily reminiscent of the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the vicinity of the July 7, 2005 London Terror bombing. In Chapter 13 of Book I explain why this was likely another Mossad-CIA operation.
Once von Brunn got inside the museum, according to one source, security guards stationed about twenty yards away at a security desk somehow ducked for cover while firing a fairly tight pattern that impacted against the museum door.

Holocaust Museum bullet holes

Several witnesses reported the sounds of four or five shots, whereas police reported eleven shell casings on the floor. "Evidence technicians recovered eight .38 caliber cartridges casings, three .22 caliber cartridge casings, and a .22 caliber rifle loaded with ten live rounds of ammunition."
The timing of this incident was amazingly coincidental, coming only ten days after two other "lone nut" stories. Scott Roeder murdered abortion physician Dr. George Tiller on May 31st, and Muslim Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad murdered U.S. Army recruiters Pvt. William Long and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula on June 1st.
Scholar Michael Hoffman has noted:

"FBI agent Ronald Farnsworth said in a court affidavit that von Brunn, driving a red 2002 Hyundai, double parked outside the museum entrance on 14th Street SW near the Mall at 12:44 p.m., got out of the car and walked toward the building, carrying the rifle at his side. Johns, a guard at the museum for six years, 'was kind enough to open the door'...D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said at a news briefing yesterday. Von Brunn 'raised his rifle, aimed it at [Johns] and fired one time,' hitting the guard in the upper left side of his chest, Farnsworth wrote, adding, 'The defendant continued through the door and raised his firearm as if to fire again." Washington Post, June 12, 2009
My question is, how often does a policeman casually open the door to a secure facility for a man carrying a rifle? Was Officer Johns set up? Had he been told in advance to expect an elderly man carrying a prop to enter the museum and to allow him to do so? You will notice that once Von Brunn had created a "Holocaust" martyr by shooting Johns, he was immediately neutralized.

In his 10 June article "Now Playing At the Holocaust Museum `The Lone Nut' (What A Coincidence)" Michael Hoffman wrote:

Today another "lone nut" has changed the course of history. Like "lone nut" James Earl Ray and "lone nut" Sirhan Sirhan, as well as "lone nuts" Arthur Bremer and Ted Kaczynski, James von Brunn now joins the ranks of the Cryptocracy's hit parade. What a "coincidence"!
With his shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Von Brunn has reinvigorated the old 20th century Black/Zionist coalition, on the very day when African-American U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was due to visit the museum to hear a reading of the script of "Anne and Emmett," a play about Anne Frank and Emmet Till. What a "coincidence"!
The author of the "Anne and Emmett" play is Janet Langhart Cohen, the Black wife of former Secretary of Defense William Cohen who directed American forces during the NATO holocaust against the churches, monasteries and people of Christian Serbia in 1999. What a "coincidence"!
Von Brunn has acted a part in the self-fulfilling prophecy of The Holocaust mythos, by reenacting it in miniature. By doing so he will enter the museum's canon of devil goyim who can't seem to resist attacking symbols of Judaic culture and innocence. He has victimized the eternal victims, squaring their vision of themselves as forever hated and perpetually persecuted. What a "coincidence"!
The religion of Orthodox Judaism is designed so as to capitalize on and benefit from any violent attack on it or it adherents. Without such violence from outsiders, attacks are sometimes orchestrated from within.
During the regime of Republican President George W. Bush, the "threat from the extreme Right" was de-emphasized by the Cryptocracy. White crusader golem were needed to support and staff the war in Afghanistan against Muslims, and the war in Iraq against Arabs. With those goals now pretty much accomplished and a Black Democrat in the White House, the powers-that-be seem to have decided to reanimate the "extreme Right wing threat" and raise it back to the marquee bogeyman role it played during the regime of Bill Clinton, when the Oklahoma City Bombing was mounted by a supposed lone nut duo, but which researchers like David Hoffman (no relation to this writer) have reported was a conspiracy deeply connected to the US government itself — including to such government front groups as the "Aryan Republican Army" bank-robbery gang and "Aryan Nations."
Since Americans are saddled generation after generation with a government-mouthpiece media, the lone nut gambit remains forever young in the eyes of those who are dependent for their news on echo-chamber journalists and talking heads who repeat as gospel whatever officialdom happens to declare about the gunman.
Years later, "when the hurly burly's done and the battle's lost and won," the real conspiracy is usually thawed for public consumption. For example, there are few independent thinkers today who believe that McVeigh and his sidekick single-handedly destroyed the Murrah building, or that Ray Killed Martin Luther King, or that Kaczynski was not a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald.
For now, however, the alchemical processing cooker is on high as the groundwork for the criminalization of "Holocaust' denial" is being established, and the high priests of Holocaustianity are given renewed pledges of unquestioning obeisance by America's governing class and opinion-molding elite. As the script thickens its plot line, hysterical idolization of all things Judaic, rabbinic and Israeli approaches vertiginous new heights of fawning subservience.
The 400 children murdered last December and January in Gaza by the descendants of "Holocaust' Survivors," have been deposited in the dustbin of history. There never was and never will be an exhibit at the synagogue-masquerading-as-a-museum about the the horrors of the Israeli holocaust against the Palestinians; but it won't be long before the iconic image of a Black policeman who died defending America's most hallowed Judaic shrine, will earn a perpetual memorial there.
Our masters govern by methods that overrule all documentation and silence all arguments: assassination, stealth, treachery, the double cross and most of all, the inculcation of the doublemind. Their guarantee of last resort comes courtesy of a bullet fired by a "lone nut" who emerges from obscurity to rescue the Cryptocracy's chestnuts from an impending fire, or secure it victory where it would otherwise experience eclipse. What a "coincidence"!
James von Brunn's six-pointed star will forever shine in the Cryptocracy's lone nut firmament.

It would be great if the national dialog could stay focused upon examining the pathologies of various individuals or interest groups. Unfortunately dictatorial laws are already in place in America for the government to conduct massive roundups of suspected "terrorists," as I explain in chapter 23 of Book II titled "NSPD-51 and the Creation of the Perfect Police State Mouse Trap."
Also very ominous is the upcoming National Level Exercise (NLE) '09 in July which "will be the first major exercise conducted by the United States government that will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery." As stated at the FEMA web site, "This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09."
Do we need for Mexican military forces to help us deal with domestic "terrorism prevention and protection"? Consider how King George III imported Hessian mercenaries during the American Revolution, and "King Lincoln" imported a large army of foreign mercenaries, and also relied on the Russian Navy to help protect the ports of New York and San Francisco, during the War Against Southern Independence. The involvement of foreigners to help curb ill-defined domestic "terrorists" should be deeply troubling.
Capt. May's honest disclosure in his recent article "James von Brunn vs. Capt. Eric H. May on Race and the Jews"exposes him to risks. There are quite a few "investigators" in government, national media, and among special interest organizations such as the ADL and SPLC who are more interested in fabricating "guilt by association" political smears than finding truth. As an example, certain officials in the Department of Homeland Security recently tarred Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, Ron Paul Libertarians, Constitutionalists, gun owners, anti-abortionists, and other dissidents as potential terrorists. Please see the March 25th article "We're All Terrorists Now" by Idaho activist attorney Edgar Steele.
Such ultra paranoid statements would be hilarious if these officials were not so serious about using labels to intimidate the general population out of its First Amendment rights.
Free thinking political dissidents are virtually guaranteed to get placed on somebody's suspect "lists" for their willingness to not only openly express their views, but also stay in contact with highly controversial individuals and ideas in order to access different viewpoints and gather evidence. The dilemma for all Americans is that if everyone runs for cover, and silently surrenders to the threat of "guilt by association," then this country will go from at least having some chance of preserving liberty and rational dialog to none at all.
We advocate a rational, open, and peaceful approach for resolving America's problems. War, deception, and false flag operations go hand in hand and frequently have unintended consequences. The best way to prevent reoccurrences of the kind of tragedy that took place at the Holocaust museum is to uncover the truth about high level government malfeasance, false flag attacks, irresponsible Holocaust exaggerations, Zionist criminality, and forms of high level corruption that do continuing violence to our integrity both as individuals and as a people.

* * * * * * * * *


William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California, and publisher of

Additional Update References

20090611 The Exploitation Of The Holocaust Museum Shooting by Robert Stark,
20090612 Von Brunn: Sept. 11 was 'USA-Israel inside job' Interestingly enough, this article does an unfair "guilt by association" number on the author of this article. It states: "Von Brunn sometimes sent several e-mails a day to friends and fellow white supremacists. The messages were obtained by The Associated Press from William B. Fox, who was on von Brunn's e-mail list."
This wording can create the false impression that I was a "friend" of Von Brunn and a "white supremacist," and therefore a sympathizer with his suspected lethal tactics and overall philosophy
I was a passive recipient of emails from von Brunn, but never corresponded with him or solicited his materials. He started sending me mass distribution emails on general topics after he saw my coauthored 24 Oct 2008 Lone Star Iconoclast article "Orwellian Alert! British Crackdown Threatens Us All" posted on the Internet. I could hardly be called an "acquaintance" much less a "friend." While I certainly advocate that whites should have the same right to survival, self-defense, group identity, and self-determination as other races, I do not advocate that whites should exploit or oppress other races, which is a connotation that most people get today from the term "white supremacism."
However, it is true that I received and accumulated mass distribution emails from von Brunn. I volunteered this fact and forwarded 21 of his most recent emails to Mike Ahlers, Homeland Security Producer at CNN and also Ben Nuckols, Baltimore Bureau Associated Press. My goal was to help provide them with background information to better understand the state of mind of von Brunn, particularly since Capt. May was concerned that von Brunn may be a part of some kind of soft false flag operation. .
The unsophisticated reader might also get the subliminal impression that because Von Brunn agreed with the view that 9-11 was an inside job, that members of the 9-11 Truth Movement somehow agree with Von Brunn's philosophy and tactics. This is completely irrational and ridiculous, as Dr. James Fetzer explains in his recent article "Is 9/11 Research `anti-Semitic?'" However, it is not uncommon for certain segments of the general public to subliminally accept irrational and ridiculous ideas when they do not stop to think about what certain media may be feeding them.
As a final comment, I would also note that even if I had spoken with von Brunn over the phone and exchanged emails with him, so what? I am in touch with all kinds of extremely controversial people all the time on many ends of the political and religious spectrum. It is not practical or feasible to know everything about everyones' background that one comes in contact with, to include all their political views or what sort of trouble they might get into. It is impossible to live in free society where people can efficiently access new ideas and facts if people become fearful of anyone who sounds the slightest bit controversial.
20090615 Journalist Calls For Rounding Up 'Hate Promoters' by Robert Stark,

Bonnie Erbe who is a contributing editor for US News & World Report and hosts PBS's weekly news analysis program wrote a recent article titled "Round Up Hate Promoters Now, Before Any More Holocaust Museum Attacks." In regards to the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum, Erbe has a suggestion, "isn't it time we started rounding up promoters of hate before they kill?" She also ties in the shooter in the museum incident with Reverend Wright.
Recently the Plains State ADL Director denounced the 1st Amendment by saying that "freedom of speech does not extend to racist groups, nor give their supporters the right to threaten and intimidate others or commit acts of violence."

20090616 Some suspect conspiracy in Holocaust Museum case by Mike M. Ahlers CNN
20090616 Rifle used in museum shooting too old to trace, official says by Carol Cratty CNN
20090618 FBI: Child porn on accused museum shooter computer. John de Nugent wrote in a 20090618 email:

...My first reaction.. these may be just verbal talking points..... the Jews clearly want to link porn and racism and say all WN activists are child molesters and the like....Von Brunn told me three weeks ago he GAVE AWAY his computer. But now the FBI says they "found it at his apartment." Really? But if he gave it away, and why would he lie to me about that, how was it found "at his apartment"? How convenient they "found" child porn..... COINTELPRO lives.... why looky what we found!.... Who really put it there? On an unguarded computer of a harsh government and Jewish critic? And Cui bono? Who benefits from this story? It defames all anti-Jewish activists -- guilt by association -- with the worst moral taint possible and with NO proof. Even if the accusation is later quietly dropped this is designed to pollute the public impression of all white activists and leave a sinister, lingering aftertaste down in the unconscious mind. The public will remember only "the accused" child porn collector James von Brunn..... Sure, if he hates Jews he must love sex with kids.....the ultimate non-sequitur.... Once accused of child porn or molestation the slur always leaves after-effects. Already in many Europeans countries the political police seeks constantly to juxtapose in all public communications that "we must shield the public from racism and child porn." This is purest character assassination; I have never ever heard anyone say von Brunn was not a decent individual morally, even his ex-wife. He sounded like a total straight arrow on the phone. Your tax dollars at work, to smear all white activists in the dim eyes of the gullible, dumbed-down public. "Gee, ma, the FBI found child porn on that racist shooter's computer.. the guvmint would never lie....Obama, he promises change....." I will tell you all who is into writing child porn novels, but as a Jewish neo-con he gets a pass: Cheney's chief of staff, the serious felon who got off with a slap on the wrist. This multimillionaire gets a $250K fine and a commuted 30-month sentence from Bush and is disbarred until 2012. Let's recall that although this pervert likes the cute name "Scooter" his real first name is the rather more Jewish-sounding "Irving."
"Wikipedia: Libby's first and only novel, The Apprentice, about a group of travelers stranded in northern Japan in the winter of 1903 during a smallpox epidemic, was first published in a hardback edition, by Graywolf Press, in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1996 and reprinted as a trade paperback, by St. Martin's Thomas Dunne Books, in 2002. After Libby's indictment in the CIA leak grand jury investigation, in 2005, St. Martin's Press reissued The Apprentice as a mass market paperback (Griffin imprint).[42][43][44] It has been described as "a thriller ... that includes references to bestiality, pedophilia and rape."[44]
"I strongly doubt the integrity of the FBI agents making this claim. This seems an obvious setup to create a wave of hatred against all white activists who are peaceful and family-oriented citizens as I am." John de Nugent

2009-06-23 New ADL Hate Bill Attacks America by Rev Ted Pike. The language in this proposed bill now treads on "thought crime" territory. This and other articles in the Rev. Ted Pike archive document a dangerous trend towards draconian repression in America.
2009-06-27 Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio by Kurt Nimmo.

In the wake of a series of crimes the corporate media and the ADL have linked to “white supremacists” (the killing of police officers in Pittsburgh and the attack by James von Brunn on the Holocaust museum in Washington), the ADL and its partners on the so-called left have engaged in an orchestrated campaign to demonize groups and individuals that are not racist or separatist.
The Department of Homeland Security drafted a template for this persecution with its report on “right wing extremism.” The DHS and police agencies around the country have linked pro-life, states’ rights and anti-illegal immigration activism and support for the Second Amendment to racist thought crime as defined by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center. During a speech delivered at the Anti-Defamation League National Leadership Conference in Washington, DHS secretary Janet Napolitano admitted the agency enjoys a special relationship with the ADL. Napolitano said the ADL and DHS “have had some good partnerships” and said the agency has placed its employees in the ADL’s “advanced training school to educate us on the tactics used by extremists and terrorists."
After the white supremacist Richard Poplawski allegedly killed three police officers in Pittsburgh, the ADL attempted to link radio talk show host Alex Jones to the crime. “One of Poplawski’s favorite places for such conspiracy theories was the Web site of the right-wing conspiracy radio talk show host Alex Jones. Poplawski visited the site, Infowars, frequently, shared links to it with others, and sometimes even posted to it,” the ADL wrote in an article on Poplawski.

2009-06-29 ADL Exploits Tragedy to Push Limit on Free Speech by Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press.

Here’s the story that’s not been reported anywhere else: On June 12, the conservative Washington Times— which regularly touts the globalist and Zionist agenda— featured a headline story announcing that “Debate arises on legality of Holocaust denial,” as a consequence of what happened at the Holocaust Museum, adding fuel to the fire.
So now the propaganda drive for legislation targeting not just “Holocaust denial” but all manner of political freedom of expression is being rejuvenated.
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, the wealthy American founder of the Israel Project, one of many well-funded Jewish lobby operations, was quoted in the Washington Times article as saying that public distribution of so-called “hate literature” as well as “hate” on public access cable should be outlawed.



White nationalist John de Nugent reinvents himself as an "All American" as well as Pan-European "Solutrean."


A Postscript Regarding
"Handling Real Nazis"

(Last revised 27 Feb 2010)


Before closing out this chapter, I would like to address many topics I discussed with John de Nugent in regard to his "National Socialist 2.0" or "social nationism" ideological leanings professed in his 17 June 2009 interview on the Edgar Steele talk show just before I left the house-share situation in western Pennsylvania to join Capt. May in Houston. These concerns are entirely relevant to part of the title of this chapter, namely "Handling Real Nazis," as well as deeper sociological questions about how we can mobilize adequate political opposition to finally shackle Predator (unlimited Federal government) and Alien (unlimited Zionism) --and the perpetual false flag attack threat that their unholy alliance presents to America.
All of this raises an even deeper sociological question, namely if the 9-11 inside job was ultimately a ruthless form of rent-seeking by the military industrial complex and Zionists, then who are their allies who we must also counterattack in order to thoroughly neutralize their support infrastructure?
In addition to all this, I think it is worth discussing de Nugent's quasi- "shock jock" extremist approach, combined with the way he has been handled by national media, to gain valuable insights into the nature of the Info War.
Please be prepared for what follows, which is an extended discussion of many different social and political topics. I feel justified in going to this length, because I see America going to hell and feel a need to address important social dimensions of this problem. In addition, having found myself in a house-share situation with someone who has publicly proclaimed himself a National Socialist, I feel a strong need to thoroughly differentiate my own views from his. In fact, as a Norwegian-American from a libertarian Protestant background, one thing that really hits a nerve with me on a continuing basis is the way national media continually confuse and entangle the term "Nordic" with "Nazi." So please let me get it all off my chest here, even if I wind up going on for several pages.
Admittedly, I find it difficult to lay everything out, because at the end of the day politics encompasses everything, to include not only the "chess game" side of life, but also deeply felt emotional attitudes, cultural perceptions, and ethnic differences in social organization and objectives. On top of this, America is a complex country, and most Americans are victims of massive disinformation and misperceptions regarding the real characteristics and power positions of different groups and power elites. I think I cover the important bases here, although my attempt to "conversationalize" this subject matter causes me to digress a bit. I could try to be crisp, better-organized, and academic, but then again the discussion would lose some nuances and maybe not be as interesting.
I might add, please also be prepared for a discussion of American Protestantism vs. Catholicism. This is very relevant to a discussion of de Nugent's interpretation of National Socialism. He believes that once social conditions reach the boiling point, American Catholics will tend to swing towards National Socialism because it is an authoritarian system that suits their authoritarian and dogmatic temperament. This would be especially true if only he can help educate the American public regarding the full nature of Jewish Evil -- a quest that the ADL seeks to block at all costs.
De Nugent believes that National Socialism and Fascism already proved their attractiveness among Catholic populations in Germany, Italy, Spain, and elsewhere in Europe between the 1920's and the end of World War II.
De Nugent also believes that increasing numbers of leaders within the Federal establishment who become disaffected with the pernicious Zionist influence will turn to National Socialism as a least bad political formula to not only neutralize Jewish influence, but also maintain white unity and prevent America from breaking apart.
In response to all of this, I have to ask why must a break-up be avoided at all costs, particularly if the United States itself was founded as a libertarian break-off from the British Empire? Furthermore, I also have to ask if it is realistic to bet that most Feds and Catholics will swing over from the Dark Side, as opposed to remaining rent-seeking allies of Zionists.
In a backhanded way, Capt. May's article "America's Uber Alles: Our Nazi Nation" covered in Chapter 28 validates part of de Nugent's analysis. One can argue that the Zionist neocons have been executing a counterfeit "Nazification" of America designed to preempt real National Socialists like de Nugent, while simultaneously enabling Zionists to retain control behind the scenes and push their multi-racial, multi-cultural, globalist "New World Order" agenda.

Suave and articulate, John de Nugent announced his candidacy for President of the United States in Oct 2008.

The answer to this question posed about John de Nugent by McAtee on WSMV-TV Nashville was "all of the above."

One of the first questions I asked John de Nugent is if using an authoritarian charismatic foreign leader as a role model for a nationalist movement was such a great idea, then why didn't Adolf Hitler pattern his movement in the 1920's off Napoleon and French "Bonapartism"? Furthermore, why should Adolf Hitler be any more relevant for American nationalists today than Napoleon was for Adolf Hitler in the 1920's? In fact, someone once told me that Adolf Hitler himself counseled a visiting member of the British Union of Fascists that if he were leading a nationalist political movement in the UK, he would stick to just British symbols and traditions and not refer to anything German! "American style" is more "buckskin" than "lederhosen," so why not just keep the rhetoric "Red-White-and-Blue"?

French channel Canal Plus interviews de Nugent in November 2008

I also mentioned that I attended the 2005 European American Conference in New Orleans that featured many pro-nationalist speakers and attendees from a wide variety of backgrounds from around America and Europe. (This was the first time I met author Michael Collins Piper in person, whose classic Final Judgment about the likely Mossad orchestration of the JFK assassination is a best seller in my online ebook store.) Among other speakers, Dr. David Duke explained how the national media has spent untold millions to demonize both the Klan and American Nazis. Now all they have to do is attach anything that American conservatives say to terms like "Nazi" or "Klan" and most Americans immediately tune out like classically-conditioned Pavlovian dogs.

Dr. David Duke reinvented himself as a political candidate and achieved a majority white vote in several elections.

Dr. Duke explained that despite the fact that he has served as an elected representative in the Louisiana legislature, and has not been a Klan leader for over 30 years, every where he goes he is always referred to as "former Klan leader" David Duke by the controlled national media, as if this is imprinted on his birth certificate. Furthermore, his own Klan organization was completely nonviolent and law-abiding.
Adding to the lies, the Jewish controlled media try to make Dr. Duke out to be an anti-Catholic WASP, even though most of the members of his Klan organization in Louisiana were Catholics and he strongly encourages WASP-Catholic unity.
In his book My Awakening, Dr. Duke regrets a short demonstration he performed while a student at LSU when he wore a swastika armband. At the time, he believed what the 1960's American Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell said about how only Nazis seem to have the guts to come out in the open and stand up to the Jews. He was outraged at what certain high-level Jews were doing to subvert America and felt that desperate measures were justified to wake up the public. However, now he believes that Americans need to come up many different fresh approaches that keep people focused on facts and issues and avoid symbols where the Jews have been able to spend millions to brainwash people into Pavlovian reflexes. Despite the magnitude of Zionist wealth, Duke thinks that whites can still win local elections through old fashioned grass-roots political campaigning.
What is particularly frustrating, noted Dr. Duke, is that while original approaches may be more effective in the long run, they also take longer to build, and we are quickly running out of time. Whites are on track to become a minority in America in less than two decades, and given current below ZPG white birth rates, whites and Western Civilization are on track to get wiped off the face of the earth within about two-three centuries, as also noted by Patrick Buchanan in his book Death of the West.
De Nugent responded that Adolf Hitler has "brand recognition," and unlike Napoleon, Hitler presented a coherent philosophy in Mein Kampf that helps whites act quickly to defend themselves from Jews and the destruction of their own race. Furthermore, he has felt a mystical attraction towards Hitler ever since he saw Hitler on a stamp as a kid, and has sworn to never turn his back on this great leader. This led him to teach himself how to speak German fluently (and then later French). He discovered a wonderful world of Germanic culture that is unknown to most white Americans, who lack any sense of folk roots. Last, but not least, he believes that when push comes to shove, only dedicated Nazis have the guts to get out there and be real activists to stand up to the Jews.

Apparently this was the basis of a quasi "religious experience" for young John de Nugent

By becoming a "Nazi" this is his way of showing the world that he is prepared to defend white people to the death, and will "never go back" in this hour of mortal peril for our people. He will never become like so many American males, who are wimps before the big bad Jews.
However, de Nugent did make one concession. He feels that Adolf Hitler made a terrible mistake in the oppressive way he treated Slavic peoples. If he had treated the Ukrainians, Russians, and other eastern European peoples as brothers from the outset, and immediately supported Russian and Ukrainian national sovereignty and independence, he would have defeated Stalin and greatly advanced white interests in general.
I responded that there have been all kinds of nationalist movements in history, and not all of them are authoritarian like the Nazis. In fact, many of them, such as Scandinavian nationalist movements of the late 19th century, embraced classical liberalism. Today, many of the most effective anti-Zionist critics come from leftist libertarians like Justin Raimondo at or writer Victor Thorn with American Free Press.
In fact, throughout history the Jews have shown an amazing talent for offending people of all races, ethnic groups, and ideological backgrounds, because at root they are a highly psychopathic people, and everybody hates criminals. One might say that Jews have served as equal-opportunity, affirmative action objects of public wrath by honest, law-abiding, and decent people everywhere.
Speaking of Scandinavians, the Nordic peoples have historically led the world in successful parliamentary and republican governments. Germany was majority Nordic until the Thirty Years War of the 17th century, and thereafter became majority Alpine. According to Dr. Lothrop Stoddard in Racial Realities in Europe, the Alpine branch of the Caucasian race tends to be much more authoritarian than the Nordic branch, and their growing influence caused German institutions to become increasingly authoritarian over time. (In my online environmental vs. genetics discussion, I provide some background on evolutionary theories regarding how the very different physical environments in northern Europe compared to southern Europe helped to select for human gene pools with unique character traits.)
Up until the 17th century, Germany was highly decentralized, and according to William Shirer in Inside the Third Reich, was actually ahead of England in institutions that protected human rights. That is an important point I like to emphasize for people who confuse "pro-Nordic" with "Nazi." I am concerned that de Nugent's identification with "National Socialism" can confuse this issue further, particularly since he himself has blond hair and blue eyes.
Speaking of light eyes, whose recessive genetic characteristics make them a good rule of thumb for the Nordic percentage in a population, de Nugent said that about 70% of the French population had blue eyes in 1800, and now it is down to about 15%. A University of Chicago Professor did a study of photographs and other evidence and estimated that about 70% of Americans had blue or light eyes in 1900. That number is probably lower than 25% today.
In other words, we Nordics are being slowly genocided. For that matter, so are whites in general as a consequence of low birth rates and biological replacement by out of control Third World immigration.
Getting back to Germany, interestingly enough, there were quite a few German romantic nationalists in the Vanderfogel movement of the early 20th century, as well as Germanic indigenous religionists such as Odinists, who wound up in concentration camps because Hitler considered their views too libertarian. Hitler also cut a deal to support the highly authoritarian Catholic Church with state money. Therefore, "Nazism" does not necessarily equate with German romantic nationalism or indigenous Nordic religion. This is another very important point I keep emphasizing everywhere I go.
Another point that Lothrop Stoddard makes in Racial Realities in Europe is that Nordics tend to be relatively good-natured, level-headed, reasonable, stoic, and slow to anger. As an example, he praises the very calm and level-headed manner in which Swedish leaders handled Norway's desire for independence in 1905 and let the Norwegians secede peacefully. In contrast, Jewish Hollywood often portrays Nordics as slightly crazed, unstable characters prone to fly off into berserker rage, similar to the character played by Chris Walken in Woody Allen's movie Annie Hall.
Lothrop Stoddard would probably counter that all racial and ethnic groups can be driven to rage, and Nordics are no exception. No doubt the ancient furor Germanicus impressed ancient Romans. Unlike the Celts, Germanic tribes handed the Romans their worst defeats. Romans were never able to successfully occupy Nordic-Germanic territory. Some examples of Germanic military prowess include the Battle of Noreia in 112 B.C., where only a chance storm prevented the complete annihilation of a Roman Army. In 9 AD, the compatriots of Herman the Cherusci (Arminius) completely wiped out three entire Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest (see "Arminius: The Liberator of Europe" by Merlin Miller, The Barnes Review, Sept. 2009). A few centuries later Visigoths and other Germanic tribes completely overran the Western Empire and eliminated that part of Imperial Rome for good.
Military prowess aside, Stoddard believed that it usually takes much more social stress to get Nordics enraged compared to other white ethnic groups. Latins tend to ignite faster and cool off quicker, whereas while Nordics are much slower to ignite, they tend to burn much hotter and longer once they achieve critical mass. They also tend to make more formidable enemies because of their greater capacity to plan ahead and systematically accomplish their revenge.
Since my libertarian preferences cause me to prefer grass cultural efforts to maintain social order through shared ethnic values instead of the "top down" police state, I spent quite a lot of time discussing with de Nugent all the problems created by America's "melting pot." White Americans are notorious around the world for not having any "folk identity" at all --except for tinsel culture fed to them by Jewish controlled national media. By Old World standards, America is Redder than a lobster, and the amazing thing is that most Americans have been so conditioned by de facto "lifestyle leftism" and "rootlessness" all their lives that they are not even conscious of this fact.
I was once riding a train in the UK in the early 1980's when I happened to sit next to scholar who working on a thesis about American values --or perhaps more accurately --the lack of them. He matter-of-factly commented in his very thick British accent, "Well, I say [old chap], you Americans come from an interesting land where everything is new. You Americans have no history, you have no class, and you have no culture."
That struck me as a very European attitude, just like certain European women I have run across who don't like Elvis Presley because they feel he is too "common" --particularly from the way "Elvis the Pelvis" would "act Negro." He used to wiggle his hips on stage, slowly shifting his eyes downward as if in an altered state of consciousness, like he is dropping his pants and doing sex-thrusting. The Wikipedia article on Elvis Presley has an interesting quote:

[Sun Records boss Sam] Phillips, meanwhile, was always on the lookout for someone who could bring the sound of the black musicians on whom Sun focused to a broader audience. As [his assistant Marion] Keisker reported, "Over and over I remember Sam saying, 'If I could find a white man who had the Negro sound and the Negro feel, I could make a billion dollars.'"

An interesting variation on this theme is portrayed by Marlon Brando in the 1951 movie A Street Car Named Desire where he plays Stanley Kowalski, a working class white tough in New Orleans who persecutes a Southern belle named Blanche DuBois, played by Vivien Leigh, into a nervous breakdown because he senses that she thinks he is "common." Or take the French Revolution, which was heavily inspired by the American Revolution, which in its second phase got hijacked by Jacobin extremists who proceeded to mass-murder the French aristocracy and Celtic Vendee of northwestern France.
I saw this same theme again regarding the imprisonment and trial of white nationalist Kevin Strom, which I documented in an author archive. Strom may have been framed by his ethnically incompatible wife on false charges in a nasty divorce proceeding where the government was more than happy to jump in on her side for political reasons. Strom spent nearly two years in jail, much of it awaiting trial.
Strom is of Norwegian ethnicity. His level of his intellect (top S.A.T. scores) qualifies him for upper middle class professional status. He married a woman who publicly called for his death and wears "Celtic" tattoos. She comes across in news articles as working class Shanty Irish.
Because Kevin Strom worked as an understudy for the late Dr. William Pierce, most Americans would consider him as some kind of extreme right wing radical. Yet it struck me that by Old World standards, his marriage to this woman was actually very left wing on three different levels:
a) He married outside his ancestral nationality (Norwegian)
b) He married outside his ethnicity (Nordic-related)
c) Her married outside his class (upper middle class professional)
Once a judge ruled that there was no evidence that Kevin Strom ever stalked anyone, and that furthermore his case hinged on charges of "possession" of child porn pictures on his hard drive in the privacy of his own home that might have been planted there by his malevolent wife, and that furthermore he never paid for anything or ever promoted or transacted in or profited from child porn, this increasingly looked a "victimless crime" and possible "frame job" libertarian case to me.
Just as Jews immediately rush to each other's defense, I became interested in promoting due process and fair play for a fellow Norwegian-American who appeared to be getting railroaded by Predator and Alien. In fact, probably one reason why Predator and Alien decided to come down so hard on Strom in the first place is because they were gambling that Norwegian-Americans and other white ethnic communities would remain passive. In the Henrik Holappa case described in Chapter 23, neither the Finnish prosecutor nor U.S. authorities probably anticipated the protests we were able to raise that eventually got the Zionist-influenced Finnish government to drop charges.
In Chapter 23 I described how political asylum-seeker Henrik Holappa got incarcerated by the minions of DHS Czarina Janet Napolitano, who identified as a likely Jewish lesbian. Meanwhile, DHS has done nothing to many illegal aliens such as Obama's native African aunt. (See "DHS Arrests Legal White Asylum Seeker As Barak Obama’a Illegal Alien Aunt Gets A Free Pass!"). This travesty aroused a similar protective feeling in me towards Holappa as someone of shared Scandinavian ethnicity as I felt towards Kevin Strom.


The Jewish Bolshevik leader Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg January 27, 1891 - August 31, 1967. Through him, ideologies which promote Communism, white self-hatred, and the "Jewish exceptionalism" of "Holocaustianity" all combined into a virulent PSYOP that has poisoned America.

Jews have tried to molest Northern European ethnicities in vastly more massive and gruesome ways in the past. As one example, during World War II the Jewish Communist propagandist Ilya Grigoryevich Ehrenburg in Moscow exhorted Soviet troops to wantonly rape German women to "break their racial pride." He said:

"Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.

The article "Ilya Ehrenberg - The Man Who Invented The 'Six Million' " also points out his important tie-in with the invention of "Holocaustianity."

The crowning achievement of Ehrenburg's career came on December 22, 1944, when this hate-crazed fiend became the first person to mention the kabbalistic figure of Six Million alleged Jewish victims of National Socialism, and then proceeded to introduce that figure into Soviet propaganda.
After the war he joined with co-racial and fellow propagandist Vasily (Iosif Solomonovich) Grossman to produce a fictitious "Black Book" and lay the foundation for what has come to be known as "The Holocaust." The rest is history.
Ehrenburg never forgot his Jewish roots, and before his death he arranged for the transfer of his private archives to the tribal cult center at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

All of this reinforces points I have made elsewhere in this chapter about how the perpetrators of Holocaustianity also use it as an intellectual blackjack to promote white self-hatred and undermine white sovereignty. It seems like many white American women today hate themselves as much as Ehrenberg hated German women, and they show this self-hatred through race-mixing. The Scandinavian-American community in America was silent (with the exception of myself and maybe a handful of others) in the Strom and Holappa cases because it has been beaten over the head with this evil intellectual blackjack by deceitful Jews.


One example of many Holocausts inflicted on Germans by the Allies was the genocidal bombing of Dresden, which had no military value. The Allies also sold out anti-Communist Russians in Operation Keelhaul, and signed over Eastern Europe to Communist slavery. Millions of Germans died after the war in Europe was officially declared over through forced deportations.

De Nugent said that when he lived in France, he discovered that many French have the attitude that America is a land of overgrown adolescents. He quoted former French leader Clemenceau, who allegedly said "The US is the only society to have gone from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization along the way."
I made the point that because most white Americans today have no indigenous European tribal identity, they have no anchor points for their values to unite as communities in resist Zionist predator groups. Wealthy whites can only think about retiring and playing golf and living for themselves, and are unwilling to support pro-white activists, help young white men get established in careers, or do anything else that can compete with the way wealthy Jews vigorously support the ADL and Jewish career development.
In many respects, the 9/11 inside job and other Mossad-CIA skullduggery are simply an escalation to the national level of all the ethnic behavioral tendencies I observed among Jews on the street level in New York City. For example, on his talk show Michael Collins Piper mentioned how the term "Jewish Lightning" originated in New York City shortly after the arrival of millions of Jews in late in the 19th century. "Jewish Lightning" meant situations where Jews with failing businesses burned themselves down to collect the insurance money.
Jews also ran organized crime operations like "Murder Incorporated," and were so effective at mutual ethnic intimidation that it was typically impossible to get Jews to testify against each other in courts of law.
One caller to the Mike Piper show quipped that Larry Silverstein, the master lease holder of the World Trade Center Towers, should be nicknamed "The God of Jewish Lightning." He actually made billions in profit by overinsuring the functionally obsolete and money-losing World Trade Center Tower properties months before his Mossad-CIA friends took them down.

Larry Silverstein, the "God of Jewish Lightning" and his Italian Catholic front man Rudy Giuliani. Everywhere the Jews have gone in the last 2,500 years, they have been infamous for being very tricky. This has included telling whopping lies about their own persecution and shamelessly using various gentile false fronts.

I discovered while living in New York City that Jews are one of the most ferociously tribalistic groups on this planet, and it takes tribalism to stand up to tribalism. However, there should be ways that honest and productive whites can recapture their own healthy tribal identities without resorting to authoritarian "Nazi" measures.
Expressed differently, once one accepts the premise that we can not put all our faith in a man on a white horse to be our savior (an authoritarian national socialist solution), and can not trust in spreading "ideology" alone (an anarcho-libertarian solution), then we necessarily have to focus upon rebuilding effective grass roots ethnic organizations that support our interests, while simultaneously opposing ethnicities that work against us.
This is one reason why I have been interested in revitalizing the indigenous Nordic religion of Asatru. I agree with Japanese nationalists who strenuously preserve the Japanese tribal religion called Shinto on the principle that is impossible to have a truly effective nationalist movement unless one first recaptures the indigenous religion and folkways of ones own ancestors.
My article "`Vinland Revisited' Revisits the Aesir" in my author archive web page, describes how I once had a fantasy about discussing the indigenous religious concept with Norway's female Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland on the day I boarded a replica Viking ship in the early 1990's as an old Norse "re-enactor" in New York harbor where she put in an appearance. I felt that this poor woman had gone astray, and I wanted to help bring her back to the real "old time religion"!
According to Wikipedia, Gro Harlem Brundtland is a Bilderberg member, a former head of WHO, and has manifested many other major pro-One World Government associations and credentials. It appears that she has been in bed with elite Jews and has turned her back on authentic forms of Nordic nationalism.
Thanks to the leadership of leftists like Brundtland, Oslo, the capitol of Norway, is now one fourth "alien.". These "immigrants" are mostly from the Third World. Thanks to differential birthrates, the Nordic population of Norway itself stands in danger of one day getting snuffed out within the very indigenous habitat of the Nordic peoples themselves!
Arthur Kemp comments in "Will Beautiful Norway be Snuffed Out? ": that "‘In 2005, 64,000 children were born in Norway of two foreign-born parents, compared to only 13,800 children born to parents of European origin." The long term hand-writing is on the wall.
Following World War II, Norway had a highly literate, self-sufficient, homogeneous Nordic society that worked. Norwegian leaders had fought Nazi occupation, including my maternal grandfather, who as a Norwegian Naval Officer escaped to England to run the Norwegian combat training for seaman at Skegnes. He had brothers in the Allied merchant fleet who had their ships torpedoed out from underneath them on Mermansk run. Norway had no significant issues involving imperialism, fascism, Nazism, Communism, militarism, colonialism, racism, "plantation social structure," or anything else dear to the hearts of activists on either the far Left or extreme Right. Compared to most other countries, it had no problems. It was a nice little country that took care of itself well and just wanted to be a helpful neighbor to everyone else. In fact, Nordic countries in general have had such a track record for being productive, stable, and well-run relative to most other countries in the world that some Jewish writers sneer at their "boring" histories. Since World War II, Norwegians have even bent over backwards to work through the U.N. to try to be "good citizens of the world" and loyal allies of the United States through NATO.
Now just look at what has happened to Norway. Modern liberals and One World Government types have taken a society that did not need to get fixed and was not broke, and they have created a horrible growing mess. They have taken a country that was at the pinnacle of the First World and put it on a path where glimmerings of a Third World hell hole are coming into view. Norway is increasingly beginning to look like it has transitioned from a conquered territory of Nazi Germany headquartered in Berlin during World War Two into an occupied zone of the Zionist New World Order headquartered in New York City, London, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.
When I consider how white populations in France, Italy, Greece, and elsewhere around Europe --and North America--face similar dangers, this gives a macabre new interpretation to FDR's famous World War II speech "Look to Norway!"

If there is anyone who still wonders why this war is being fought, let him look to Norway. If there is anyone who has any delusions that this war could have been averted, let him look to Norway; and if there is anyone who doubts the democratic will to win, again I say, let him look to Norway.

Indeed, if you want to know why nationalist movements are mobilizing across this planet today against the Zionist New World Order --look to Norway. In places like Norway, Sweden, and Finland the innermost sanctum of the white world is being invaded and destroyed.
The Scandinavian-American community in America is also suffering and is literally dying out, being biologically replaced by Mexicans and other illegal alien immigrants. For example, the cover story of the September 2009 Sons of Norway Viking magazine raises the grim question "Is Our Future in Jeopardy?"
While researching Chapter 32 "The Neocon Bloodying of the Russian Bear," it occurred to me that Scandinavian-Americans are a sociological litmus test for America, similar to certain white ethnic groups inside Russia. Despite everything that one hears about Minnesota "liberal-la-la land," their brand of "liberalism" is qualitatively very different compared to Jewish Marxism. If one looks under the hood, and discounts liberal national media brainwashing which exploits their naivete (they tend to think everyone else is as reasonable and honest as themselves) and their overabundance of good-natured instinctive altruism, one finds that Scandinavian-Americans are in actuality a deeply conservative, hardworking, and highly productive people. Historically, they have tended to be very patriotic, idealistic, and disproportionately represented in the U.S. Armed Forces. Since World War II, Nordics have been programmed everywhere to be "happy-go-lucky," and now many of them are finally beginning to wake up to see how they have been getting ripped off by more organized and ethnically self-conscious groups. My guess is that whatever way they go in terms of national politics, the Scottish-American, German-American, Polish-American, and other northern European American communities in the mid-West are not going to be very far behind.
Crime statistics in America support the Scandinavian claim to lower corruption and greater overall honesty. For example, in his book Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today, Dr. Odd S. Lovoll writes on page 174:

A concept of a relatively low rate of criminal activity and imprisonment has of course some basis in historical fact, as Pinderhughes documents. In calculations of "nationality and criminals" for Wisconsin, where nativity for convicts was carefully recorded, in 1892, O.N. Nelson announced with ethnic exuberance that whereas the Irish had one convict for 2,328 of their population in the state, and the German one in 4,388, the Scandinavian-born had only one in 6,028, and that furthermore convicts from Scandinavia served on average much less time in prison than, for instance, the German-born, indicating that their crimes had been less severe.

Admittedly "crime" can be a tricky concept when we look under the hood at the specifics. Different racial and ethnic groups tend to predominate within certain types of crime. For example, blacks and Hispanics lead America in the rate of violent street crime, whereas Jews lead in the rate of high level nonviolent white collar crime, organized crime, and espionage. As an example, although certain "official statistics" show somewhere around 3% of the total population, Jews are always in the majority among individuals arrested as high level Wall Street swindlers or as spies for hostile foreign intellligence services arrested by the FBI counterintelligence.

Caption from The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People: "The peak in the early Norwegian emigration coincided with the first phase of the Civil War in 1861. Norwegian immigrants responded actively and with enthusiasm to President Lincoln's appeal to volunteer for service in the armed conflict."


An interesting example from the "Civil War generation." Captions from Promise of America, page 127 (top photo): Knute Nelson was born in Voss, Norway...served for 3 years in the Union army during the Civil War (bottom photo) "Knute Nelson and his family and friends at Alexandria, Minnesota, ca. 1910." Nelson became governor of Minnesota in 1892 and served as U.S. Senator from 1895 until his death. He was ideologically conservative for his era. One wonders if he had been provided a magic crystal ball to foresee that the Union victory would result in a runaway federal government, a neo-Jacobin global empire, Jewish-controlled national media, the perpetual welfare-warfare state, the Holocaustianity PSYOP, the Patriot Act and NSPD-51, Mossad-CIA false flag operations, rigged elections, out-of-control Third World flooding of white communities, and a Manchurian candidate neo-Communist Negro President (Chapter 35), he would have either switched sides during the War for Southern Independence, or else fought for a three-way split, with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and other parts of the northern mid-West and Northwest forming a newly independent Nordic or Nordic-Celtic ethnostate.

The demise of Nordic Americans reminds me of President Lyndon Baines Johnson's famous quip during the Vietnam War "When I have lost Walter Conkrite, I have lost middle America." Of course Conkrite was German-American, not Scandinavian-American, but nevertheless the German-American community is heavily clustered among Scandinavian American communities in the Midwest and is suffering a similar demographic fate.
It is particularly interesting to me how Cossacks have served as sociological "litmus test" in Russian history. When Czar Nicholas discovered in 1917 that Cossacks had turned against him, it was profound psychological blow completely out of proportion to their military strength, and an important factor in his decision to abdicate.
Despite the fact that Cossacks heavily tilted towards the Whites in the Russian Civil War, and later suffered horribly for it, the Soviet Army embraced their culture because they admired their warrior spirit. Today, Vladimir Putin and the Russian government supports their resurgence. (Recollect how in Chapter 32 I describe how in the video: "Russia -- The Return of the Cossacks, " a Russian military commander comments "Decency, honesty, diligence and a war-like spirit, that's how I would characterize a Cossack." Also watch a video where the Russian Army band helps the "Leningrad Cowboys" popularize "Kasakka [Cossack].")
I am also reminded of Dr. Murray Rothbard's quip, "All ethnic stereotypes are true." As an example, when I was on active duty as a Marine officer, every time the G-1 personnel officer assigned to my unit a blond-haired, blued eyed Nordic from the Midwest, I developed through experience a reflexive sigh of relief. Typically all I had to do is just sit this individual down at a desk, broadly outline what needed to be done, and this person was typically good at figuring things out on his or her own, and getting things done well in a very timely with almost no supervision. In contrast, it was typically a totally different story with blacks and Mexicans.
This provides an important additional perspective to the Henrik Holappa case that I have just discussed. The Finns have a reputation for being among the most honest, productive, intelligent, and valorous peoples in all of Europe. If I were back on active duty as a Marine officer, there would be no such thing as having too many Finnish-Americans in my unit.
In contrast to this kind of common sense effort to "think right," the Obama Administration deported Holappa while protecting an illegal alien African aunt. In addition, the Obama administration places so little value on its relations with Nordic countries that it infuriated the Icelandic government to the point of driving it to court a Russian military presence (see Chapter 38).
Last, but not least, Obama himself has never served in the U.S. military. His chief of staff, dual American-Israeli loyalist Rahm Emmanuel, has served in the Israeli military and not the U.S. military. Their decoupling from traditional American conservative patriotic values seemed be me summed up in Obama's gaffe where he confused "Corps" and "Corpse".

Speaking of Cossacks as a fascinating ethnic group, discussed earlier in this section, this photo taken from the web page "USA Cossacks Meet USA Marines" has the caption: "USA Cossacks Ataman General, Serge Tsapenkeo, created a Cossack exhibition at the 'Show of Shows' Military Show in Louisville Kentucky, While there he met some great US WWII veterans and heroes. Among them was the Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Jack H. Lucas who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima, and Ted Van Kirk, who was the pilot navigator of the Enola Gay bomber who navigated the crew to their target in Hiroshima and ended the war with Japan. Also, many other famous veterans were there. The Ataman had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with one of the most famous and enigmatic US veterans known in the USA, US Marine Drill instructor R. Lee Ermey."

I have personally experienced establishment hostility towards my own Scandinavian-American ethnicity in a number of interesting ways, some of which pertain to the Info War.
In 1994 I met Dr. Odd Lovoll, author of The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People, in his office at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Among other things, I discussed how I got put through a "thought crime" Board of Inquiry by the Marine Corps in 1990 based upon my off-duty private conversation with a fellow Norwegian-American officer where I expressed concern about our dwindling population and the deliberate Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, among other topics. I finally got absolved and reinstated in my unit, but certainly no one could ever imagine this kind of treatment towards a Jew in uniform.
I was also a target of a media smear campaign for my involvement in organizing a cultural event called "Viking Days." Dr. Lovoll commented on this affair on page 255 of his book The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today. (University of Minnesota Press, 2007) in a section where he asked if there may be certain activists (like me!) who could be causing the "Viking image" to go astray:

...Racist overtones...are stated in several ways, and not only by members of these Viking societies. For example, an article under the pseudonym Thor Sannhet sent to the Norway Times said, "Norway...represents the `idea' of a Nordic homeland. It embodies the `Viking' spirit of the Nordic people, just like Israel embodies the spirit of Judaism or Japan embodies the spirit of Shinto." Consequently, it should close its borders to foreign population elements. Serving as spokesman for a Viking Day Festival in Portland, Oregon, in July 1993, which attracted some 350 people, William Fox, alias Thor Sannhet, of Norwegian descent, defended the right to celebrate `the Nordic heritage and cultural revivalism,' against accusations by human rights groups that the festival `might be a subtle effort to promote the views of white supremacists." The local media alleged that ties indeed existed to such intolerant groups among organizers, and monitoring the event, the Coalition for Human Dignity recognized "upward of ten racist skinheads."

The Viking Days Festival that I helped organize in 1993 was a family-oriented event, open to the general public with lots of fun events like arts and crafts, Nordic foods, Society for Creative Anachronisms reenactments, and fjordling pony rides. Judging by comments from people who attended, just about everyone had a great time. We invited the local police to provide security, and they did not see anything out of the ordinary take place. The event was held on public fair grounds in Vancouver, Washington, and was open to the general public. We had no more control over whether or not "racist skinheads" might suddenly decide to show up than if surprise attendees turned out to be Communists, Zionists, or little green Martian space aliens.
Fortunately, I did not observe any obnoxious or notorious political activities that could disrupt the wholesome family-oriented atmosphere. Nevertheless, the Jewish-funded and extreme leftist Coalition for Human Dignity, based in Atlanta, as well as the Jewish-owned flagship newspaper of Portland called the Oregonian (controlled via Advance Publications by the Zionist Newhouse family out of New York City) waged an hysterical smear campaign against myself and other organizers. A primary disinformation agent against us was Jonathan Gary Mozzochi, of Portland, Oregon, referred to by the widely acclaimed British historian and author David Irving as "a sick-bunny of the American far left."
In other words, I and other organizers got "PSYOPed" by Zionists in "downhome America" at the "End of the Oregon Trail." This is just one of many reasons --besides the fact that 3,000 Americans got murdered on 9/11 by Mossad-CIA-- why I have developed such an "attitude" towards Zionists.

These kinds of anecdotes caused my conversation with de Nugent to turn to profound differences in temperament and values between different racial and ethnic groups in America today.
I think this discussion itself may reflect some ethnic traits. Most Jews who read it probably consider it too open, honest, and exhaustive. I am reminded of Victor Ostrovsky's anecdote in By Way of Deception, where he says the Mossad calls the Danish intelligence service "fertselach" which is Hebrew for a little burst of gas or fart. "They tell us everything they are doing and we tell them nothing."
De Nugent said that the term "blue-eyed" is short-hand for "naive" in a number of European languages. Nordics habitually project their own innate sense of "reasonableness" and chivalrous fair play on to other peoples, and this trait never seems to go away. He doubts that enough Nordics in the northern Midwest are going to wake up in time before America goes completely down the tubes. He has much more confidence in Polish Americans and other eastern European-descended, Slavic peoples who have all had rough historical experiences dealing with the Jews.
I countered that Nordics may suffer from chronic naivete, but they seem to have a much higher percentage of individualists, rationalists, innovators and early adopters in their population groups than other white ethnic groups, and this has a profound impact on the character of their social, cultural, and political institutions. It is worth repeating that all the countries with majority Nordic populations led the Protestant Reformation, and America was majority Nordic at the time of the American Revolution, although Nordics have been in steady decline since 1861.
In fact, there seem to be deep psychological differences even between different groups of Northern Europeans. As some examples, in the 1960's I remember reading an article in Psychology Today about how there are various authoritarian tendencies among Irish Catholics in the Irish Free State that really grate the nerves of Scots-Irish Protestants in Northern Ireland. By most American standards the differences would be considered small, but by their standards many Scots-Irish would rather fight to the death than fall under Irish Catholic political and religious control. Then there is an interesting book called the The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage and The North Pole, 1818-1909, where the author Pierre Berton expressed surprise at how different Norwegian teams consistently made exploration look easy, whereas various competing British groups kept making mistakes that cost lives. Again, by American standards, the Norwegians and British are ethnically, culturally, and racially very similar (historically Norwegians, Scots, and English have been relatively fond of each other), yet here we have a case involving intergroup competition where even a relatively small difference in culture, innate temperamental traits, and the degree of rationalism and pragmatism in operational problem solving literally spelled the difference between life and death in many separate cases. As another example, when I lived in New York, I learned that when Jews marry Scandinavian women, there is typically a very high divorce rate. In fact, people who marry outside their race typically have at least twice the divorce rate compared to people who marry inside their own ethnic group, yet Jewish-controlled American national media continually push interracial marriage. Lastly, many Scandinavians talk about how the Germans are much more "by the book" than themselves, particularly in southern and central Germany which is more Alpine than Nordic, yet most Americans have this confused notion that "pro-Nordic" means "pro-Nazi" when in fact the two groups have significant differences in parliamentary traditions and the degree of authoritarianism in their political attitudes.
All these kinds of insights lead me to believe that a country is ideally more than just a place with artificial borders where people happen to live to try to make a buck. Ideally a nation is comprised of people with strongly felt common ancestral values. They can understand each other on a very deep intuitive level and trust each other enough to make deals on a handshake. They are like a big extended family.
Quite often even as someone who has lived in America all my life, I still feel like a cultural orphan amidst the "one size fits all" multi-racial, multi-cultural, melting pot society, where subconsciously I still tend to naturally expect things from people who seem to be fellow whites on one level, but on another level it feels like I am wishing that a corpse (no, not corps) will move, particularly in regard to certain deeply felt values that psychologists call "the non-negotiable self." I often wonder how much of this problem would go away if I lived in a homogeneous Nordic society closer to my own ancestral roots. Among other things, I am annoyed at how many "fellow Americans" remain totally apathetic despite overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, and we are effectively ruled by a totally corrupt and alien power elite that has effectively declared permanent war on the dwindling white middle class.
Apparently Thomas Jefferson had some similar feelings. Later in life he wrote that Northern Europeans were better suited for republican government than Southern Europeans. He also developed an Anglo-Saxon grammar book in an effort to help fellow Nordic-Celtic whites rediscover their indigenous roots.
I had an interesting experience at a Marine Corps professional school where a fellow reserve officer who was a lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia told me in a private conversation, "Bill, here is how it works in the real world. When Swedish Americans are given a government project, it is done efficiently and well with no corruption. When Italian Catholic Americans are given the same project, it gets done, but with lots of corruption. And when African Americans handle it, there is a lot of corruption, and nothing gets done."

By merging everyone together under the "melting pot," Predator and Alien are simply sweeping our social differences under a bigger rug and then "kicking problems upstairs" on a political level, analogous to the consolidation of the banking system that I described in Chapter 33, where bank centralizers also sweep problem loan portfolios under the rug and then kick them upstairs through bank consolidation and Congressional bailout.
The book Body Language by Julius Fast explains how there are even enormous differences between white ethnic groups in body language alone; for example Scandinavians stand much further apart when they speak with each other whereas Southern European men often stand much closer. As I have remarked elsewhere in this series, I have heard Italian American women brag on radio talk shows about how well they get along with the Jews and have similar family structures. In contrast, I think an Icelandic writer pegged Scandinavians on target when he called them "an aristocratic people with egalitarian tendencies."
There is much more going on than just personal distance, for example, Scandinavians tend to be more formal, proud, reserved, bold, honest, valorous, stoic, modest, and aloof, whereas Southern European men can get huggy-kissy and are more likely to talk with their hands, whine a lot, habitually tell lies, and spend time talking about their mothers.
It is interesting how many professionals today in different disciplines recognize that there are important nuances in "natural approaches" that have been lost through alleged "modern advances." For example, in Chapter 36 I talk about how many doctors are recognizing that natural approaches to health still trump the allopathic medical model in many areas. The National Park Service used to take the attitude that all forest fires are bad, but now recognize that fires can play an important part in forest ecology to clear out accumulating brush and scrub tree buildup. Now forest management specialists often practice controlled burn policies. Many nutritionist claim it is still hard to beat a diet of unpackaged, raw foods experienced by certain neolithic tribes compared to overly refined package foods today, that often contain carcinogenic chemical additives or serious uncertainties from genetically modified foods (GMOs).
Similarly, when I read books about Northern European ethnic communities in America in the 19th century, I am left with the feeling that the 20th century melting pot really cost us something dear. Those 19th century white ethnic communities were typically the mainstay of the Protestant work ethic and other values that once made America one of the most productive, innovative, and economically self-sufficient countries on earth. They had a vastly greater capacity to adhere to a long term vision, delay gratification, save, invest wisely, and show pride in craftsmanship. This sense of ethnic pride and competition gave Americans more of an incentive to stay on their good behavior on a grass roots level. There is wisdom in retaining Northern European white ethnic tribal competition.
As an example, in The Promise of America, Dr. Lovoll talks about how Norwegian-American communities in Minnesota used to go out of their way to provide lodging and jobs for young Norwegian immigrant women because it would be too embarrassing if any of these girls turned to prostitution. Norwegians in the Northern Midwest often laughed at various Irish Catholics who were less than half as efficient in clearing land and building farms. One can infer from Dr. Lovoll's scholarly work that Irish losers would often go back to Chicago to become bar tenders, cops, drunks, and glad-handing politicians who work for the Jews --just like Mayor Richard Daley today.

Some 19th century views of Irish Catholics

Uncle Sam's Lodging-House

Balanced out from the bottom up




That 19th century sense of ethnic competition probably helped keep many Irish Catholics on their best behavior and prevent their "Irish" from getting to them. Admittedly, there were aspects of this heightened ethnic consciousness that were humiliating for many Catholics. As one example, a person from the Albany-Troy area of New York once told me about how up until the mid-1960's, the Irish and Italian Catholics tended to live on a different side of town from the WASP's. They had been brought in for their cheap labor when this area was a focal point of America's industrial revolution in the mid-19th century.
The Passing of the Great Race
by Madison Grant (about the decline of Nordic America) claims that Irish Catholic immigrants tended to test about 7 IQ points on average below other Northern European immigrant groups. One can find web sites by Irish Catholics themselves who lament that many of their forebears were accused of habitually over-drinking, over-brawling, and over-breeding. (As the joke goes, "God invented alcohol to prevent the Irish from taking over the world"). A web site titled "The Irish" has the following quote that says it all:

The blason populaire or stereotype subsequently applied to the Irish has focused on such negative qualities as backwardness, belligerence, stupidity, idleness, and dirt, mollified by a charming volubility...
A great number of [slurs] are of American origin, including the use of Irish to denote “fighting spirit, especially in an Irish person.” “It raised the Irish in me pretty quick …,” wrote William Caruthers in A Kentuckian in New York in 1834, continuing “for I jumped up and kicked the table over” (I, 63). The phrase “the fighting Irish” is first recorded about 1830. The use of the term Irishism, or the comment "very Irish," characterizes a statement that is bizarre, paradoxical, illogical, or a nonsequitur.
...Whereas opprobrious comments, ethnic slurs, and xenophobic labels are usually generated by outsiders, the Irish themselves participate enthusiastically in their own denigration. “Ireland is the old sow that eats her farrow,” wrote James Joyce in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916, chapter 5). In the same vein the major contemporary novelist Roddy Doyle writes in The Commitments (1987, 13): “The Irish are the niggers of Europe, lads. An’ Dubliners are the niggers of Ireland … An’ the northside Dubliners are the niggers of Dublin—Say it loud. I’m black an’ I’m proud” (quoting the song by James Brown in 1968)...

Later on, once Irish Catholics felt insulated from the old ridicule after they "made it" with the election of President John F. Kennedy, their continuing "envy" and "underdog complex" prevented them from wisely adjusting to their new station in life. Take for example when Senator Teddy Kennedy and his Boston Irish Catholic constituents allied themselves with the Jewish ADL to open the floodgates of Third World immigration in the 1960's. In exchange for some short term political gains for these anti-WASP Irish Catholics --shared with Jews-- America is now on track to become a majority nonwhite Third World hell hole in about two decades. If anything approaching Tom Chittum's Civil War Two scenario ever comes to pass, this could wind up causing much more pain for Irish Catholics than if they had just continued to live with ribbing by WASP's and had helped to protect the 90% white, WASP-dominated old America.
As another example of Irish-American dual loyalties, consider Mayor Richard Daley who was off in Israel with the Mossad during the 2-4 May 2006 Ghost Troop alert period for the Chicago Sears Tower (see Chapter 19). The first thought that went through my mind when I learned about this was the episode in English history where shortly after the British Navy under Sir Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Armada, various Irish leaders sent delegations to Spain to invite the Catholic imperium to have another shot at conquering Protestant England by using their island as a staging area. This did not go over very well with the English, to say the least. In fact, the British went ballistic and sent an army to hunt down and kill every single Spanish soldier they could get their hands on. They occupied Ireland for the next several centuries. All of this marked a new down-leg in English-Irish relations.
America has also undergone Catholic invasion, only this time accomplishing by stealth what the Armadas could not accomplish by open force. Hordes of pro-Zionist Catholic minions have piled into the CIA, FBI, Department of Defense, and other Federal bureaucracies alongside their Jewish allies and have done a fantastic job of turning government into a secular version of the totally corrupt Roman Catholic Church of the late Middle Ages, complete with mindless bureaucratic dogmas, torture, shameless rent-seeking, pettiness, feather-bedding, cronyism, malicious prosecution, ambulance-chasing, bogus witch-hunting (also known as false flag attacks and the hunt for the long dead Osama Bin Laden along with Mossad-CIA-sponsored Al Qaeda "terrorists"), pointless crusades, suffocating over-regulation, and other deep sociological reversals of both the American Revolution and the Protestant Reformation. It should be painfully obvious from the horrible mess that America is in today that these Catholic minions in high places have once again allowed short-sighted envy and greed for power to get the best of them.
Once upon a time in America when WASP's were the clear majority on all levels, one simply did not feel the influence of high level Jewish criminal gangsterism and infectious greed, combined with Catholic-style authoritarian dogmatism and corruption. In order to have an innovative, entrepreneurial, productive society, one needs a certain combination of decentralized initiative, freedom, and self-restraint combined with relatively high level of national-level honesty, stability, and patriotic unity. The Nordic peoples instinctively have these important "loose-tight" characteristics that can wisely mix "decentralization" on some issues with "centralization" on others. In the book In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best Run Companies, authors Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman explain how having "the right stuff" when it comes to "loose-tight" characteristics is absolutely critical for economic innovation and success.
America's "secret weapon" was always the old WASP middle class. Throughout most American history up until recently, it was always delivering pleasant innovative surprises. Somebody tinkering in their garage was always coming up with some fantastic new product that would create the next Ford Motor Company or Hewlett Packard Corporation, and all of this made America the economic engine of the world. All of this also goes back to New Englanders, descended from the most Nordic part of eastern England, who were Darwinian survivors of cruel frontier conditions that culled out the weak and stupid (according to Elmer Pendell in Why Civilizations Self-Destruct) --a more fit breed of people whose "Yankee ingenuity" swamped the U.S. patent office throughout the 19th century.
As Irish and Italian Catholics and Jews were increasingly added to American society, this seemed to increasingly suffocate America in mindless authoritarianism, crookedness, lack of real technological innovation, and intrigue as the old fragile "loose-tight" Nordic social environment became increasingly disrupted, marginalized, and dysfunctional. One only has to look around at the deteriorating social, economic, and political situation in America today to validate this perception.
It is important to note how "rent-seeking" is deeply embedded in Catholic culture, just as it is in Jewish culture. We also need to conceptually tie this in with 9-11 and other false flag attacks, which are ultimately nothing more than expressions of high level rent-seeking on the part of the military-industrial complex and Zionist interests.
Regarding Jewish rent-seeking, I have already mentioned the example of Larry Silverstein as the "God of Jewish Lightning." Also of interest are the books Stealth PACs and They Dare to Speak Out by former U.S. Congressmen Paul Findley, which describes how the Jewish Lobby thinks nothing about taking part of the billions in aid the U.S. gives to Israel every year and recycling it back to buy off politicians to insure even more aid will come in the future, in a self-reinforcing ponzi game.
In a somewhat similar vein, I have seen documentaries on PBS that describe incredibly vulgar Irish and Italian Catholic political machines in big cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago beginning in the late 19th century. They thought nothing about trading their block votes for patronage jobs and other material benefits for their own exclusive interests. One documentary described how every time Irish Catholic representatives went to the New York State capitol of Albany, only one member of the group bothered to ever read legislative proposals, and the rest just sat around and got drunk in a local pub.
All of this contrasts sharply with the "republican virtue" concept promoted by American Revolutionary leaders or the famous "Sockdolager!" story about Congressman Davy Crockett. As William Everdell explains in The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans, throughout history republican governments have usually originated as simply an attempt to solve the political problem about how to either peacefully restrain a tyrant, or peacefully remove a tyrant from office. They also usually originate in an attempt to adapt elements of the scientific method and other rational process to governmental decision-making and debate to make it less arbitrary and more representative of constituents. It has nothing to do with getting a free lunch off somebody else --that is, until later stages of the "imperial life cycle" when corruption starts setting in deeper and deeper. Frederic Bastiat's famous dictum that "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else" is alien to the heroic, chivalrous, and individualistic spirit of Nordic or closely related Nordic-Celtic peoples, to include the individualistic, hardy, and self-reliant Scots-Irish Protestants along the America frontier described in James Webb's book Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America or in The Winning of the West by Theodore Roosevelt.
WASPs have now been reduced to a minority in America, and Catholics have risen to 50% of American Christians. While it may be true that the majority of Catholics and Jews are not consciously engaged in a conspiracy to take over America, I think it is entirely plausible that the "ring within rings" strategy explained by G. Edward Griffin in my Chapter 5 transcript extract or in "Episode 58 -Meet Carroll Quigley" of the Corbett Report has been consciously and deliberately executed by certain Jewish and Catholic high level intriguers. I am also beginning to think that there could be some real public virtue and wisdom in revitalizing blunt criticism of Catholics and Jews. They deserve to reap what they sow.
In fact, I will go a step further. One reason why we had the 9/11 inside job and continue to live under the threat of repeat false flag attacks is because it helps to sustain all the illusions of the neo-Jacobin empire. Many Irish and Italian Catholics are more than happy to aid and abet the Jews in sustaining this Matrix of Deception. After all, they think high level Jews will help them grab more benefits within the current American empire.
These Jews remind me of the sly foxes in the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio who tell bad boys that if they just follow them, they will get all the ice cream and candy they want at the carnival --before the foxes finally turn their dupes into donkeys and cart them away.
Conversely, most WASPs are so standoffish and libertarian in their attitudes, that it never occurred to them that once they let Catholics into America, they now had to stay actively involved in providing these Catholics with "adult supervision" to preempt subversion by Jewish "foxes." That is an ongoing intangible social cost that they forget to add on to their calculus for the cheap labor.
There are some other dimensions of high level Jewish-Catholic intrigue, corruption, and conspiracy worth mentioning here. In Chapter 29 I provide hard evidence from Michael Collins Piper and other sources regarding Jewish infiltration and takeover of the Vatican.
In Final Judgment, Michael Collins Piper explains how Joe Kennedy explained to his wealthy friend DeWest Hooker how he made a conscious decision after World War II to jump in bed with the Jews in order to make his son John the first Roman Catholic President of the United States.

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, and Richard Daley are examples of Irish and Italian Catholics who shill for Zionists. This helps to keep America's "silent majority" slumbering in the Heartland as America's most serious problems continually fester and grow worse. FOX NEWS, controlled by Rupert Murdoch, is heavily connected to Zionist interests.

In The Judas Goats, Piper explains how in his "Obvious Goats" section how certain Irish Catholics such as Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly act as mass media deceivers and front men for Jews. MSNC commentator Chris Matthews, who analyzes politics "from a Marxist perspective," is another example of chronic Zionist-friendly, liberal Irish Catholic political reflexes in action, just like former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill and former New York U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick “Pat” Moynihan. Ronald Reagan, who was half Irish Catholic and a flunky of MCA Universal's Jewish boss Lew Wasserman (see Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob by Dan E. Moldea), did a fantastic job of sacrificing substance for appearances behind his phony conservatism and easygoing Death Valley Days "cowboy" persona when he helped put national debt growth and illegal alien immigration on steroids.
In Chapter 38 I provide the Dec 4-6 article "The Truth About `Gay Edgar Hoover,'" by former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen. J. Edgar Hoover was the man most responsible for countering high level Jewish-Catholic conspiracy against America from the time he served as director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924 (renamed the FBI in 1935), until his death in 1972. Far from countering it, he aided and abetted it, to include maintaining a cozy relationship with Jewish crime boss Meyer Lansky. Madsen wrote:

...Hoover's homosexual and transvestite antics were also known to the Mafia, which used the information to blackmail Hoover into never waging a full scale onslaught by the FBI against its top leaders, including mob financier Meyer Lansky...
...A source who is familiar with the child abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic Church also revealed to WMR that Hoover also frequently swapped young males, some underage, for the purposes of sex with the gay Archbishop of New York City, Francis Cardinal Spellman, known as "Franny" in New York's gay community. Hoover and Spellman shared something in addition to young males -- a fervent commitment to right-wing politics.
The boy swapping between Hoover and Spellman was known to President John F. Kennedy through the Archbishop of Boston, Richard Cardinal Cushing, who, although a heavy drinker, was straight but despised Spellman with a passion. Cushing reportedly told Kennedy and his brothers Robert and Teddy about Spellman and Hoover. Hoover, who maintained an extensive personal file on the Kennedys, as he did a number of U.S. political and other leaders, realized that he faced a situation of "mutually assured destruction" if he exposed any of the Kennedys' affairs...

Of course the big problem with any Catholic-Jewish "liberal-minority coalition" tactics is that they are all very short-sighted and selfish. If Jews are dangerous enough to successfully create the privately owned Federal Reserve (Chapter 33), foment the Bolshevik Revolution and drag America into World War I -- not to mention play a major role in setting up World War II -- no responsible citizen with any sense of civic virtue plays footsie these kinds of people. Instead, the attitude should be "all hands on deck" to immediately stop these conspirators, malefactors, and subversives in their tracks once and for all before any other political agendas become feasible.
The fact that various Irish and Italian Catholic leaders have put their short term factional agendas ahead of the common American good and have allowed Jews to get even more out of control suggests a serious lack of "republican virtue" and fitness to participate in a viable republican and democratic system. If America ever breaks apart and forms new republics, their leaders may want to think twice about allowing these kinds of people --as well as culpable Jews --into their emergent societies so as not to repeat the same mistakes with future generations.
John de Nugent informed me that not all Irish Catholics are intellectually authoritarian, primitive dupes of the Jews. At least a third are called "Lace Curtain" Irish, who are more upscale and intellectual. Ireland got an infusion of Nordic as well as Celtic and Mediterranean genes in various historical periods. Pat Buchanan (part Irish, baptized Catholic), William F. Buckley (believed by Michael Collins Piper to have been part Jewish and a neocon Mossad-CIA front man) are examples of the more upscale Irish Catholics. The type of Irish Catholics that drag down their image are the working class dark Irish prole types, often called "Shanty Irish." According to de Nugent, they are probably less than a third of the Irish Catholic population in America. And of course Italy is also a complex nation, more Nordic in the north. In fact, many northern Italians want to secede from southern Italy.
As an activist who leans towards the paleoconservative agenda and the "international nationalist" concept (see Chapter 6), I am certainly not out to beat up on all Irishmen or Italians. In fact, I encourage authentic forms of Irish and Italian nationalism, so long as they stay within classical liberal guidelines and do not threaten Nordic nationalism. In fact, once in while the Irish do the right thing, like when they voted against the pro-New World Order Lisbon Treaty, or had the smarts in the early 1970's to cut taxes to lure in major industry and start creating a domestic industrial base. Quite a few Irishmen have provided Internet web support for Captain May. On top of all this, I love to listen to Enya and believe that there is great beauty deep within the Celtic soul, so obviously not all Irish are bad!
I have spoken with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, who is three fourths Irish by ancestry and currently a priest in the Ukrainean Orthodox Church (web site: He pointed to the works of E. Michael Jones, to include the The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing, where Jones perceives a Jewish-WASP axis involving the Rothschild-Rockefeller establishment moving against Catholics.
My response to Dr. Johnson is that Jews are famous for playing all sides of any conflict, and ultimately serving no one but themselves, so it would not surprise me a bit if they have a long history of pitting WASPs against Catholics as well as Catholics against WASPs. In fact, according to Michael Collins Piper on his radio talk, many Irish nationalists are waking up to the idea that the Rothschilds and other elite Jews in the City of London played an important role behind the Irish potato famine and other horrors visited on their people. Interestingly enough, according to the ADL, even E. Michael Jones' views have moved in this direction:

In 1981, Jones founded Fidelity magazine as a platform for Catholics who believed that “modernity” and the liberal Church were having a destructive impact upon popular culture and traditional religious communities. In his early books such as The Slaughter of Cities, Jones railed against what he viewed to be the disintegration of immigrant Catholic neighborhoods. He blamed a Protestant-WASP elite, and to a lesser extent Jews, for seeking to dominate Catholic populations and to facilitate the decay of the spiritual and geographic foundations of their faith. In following years, Jones increasingly focused his claims on Jews as the main foreign population attempting to harm the wellbeing of Catholic communities. He published numerous articles in his magazine, renamed Culture Wars in 1996, about an alleged Jewish conspiracy to undermine not only the Catholic faith but also American society through social, political, cultural, and economic subversion. Many of these pieces would later be republished in a recent book entitled The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, linked together to create the portrait of a people seeking worldwide social and political instability in the hopes of harming society's moral core.

What I vehemently oppose are any forms of Zionist infiltration, hijacking, subversion, and corruption of authentic forms of Irish and Italian indigenous culture and popular sovereignty. I am trying to go after parasites on the Irish and Italian people, and not the people themselves. My strong criticisms of Catholicism are consistent with this position, since as an adherent to the natural religion viewpoint, I view the universalistic Christian religion as a Jewish-fabricated PSYOP against gentiles and enemy of truly indigenous and tribal forms of religion and nationalism. (Please see my own religious articles on my Religious Crisis web page for more explanations and links, and for deep background read "One Man's Striving" and Why Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson).
It is worth emphasizing that there is plenty of evidence of longstanding secret society totalitarianism, subversiveness and corruption embedded within the Catholic Church. This is not a new perception, in fact it was a cornerstone of the Protestant Reformation.
In Chapter 5, I quote G. Edward Griffin, regarding how Rothschild agent Cecil Rhodes utilized the "rings within rings" strategy to create his own subversive organization. "The structure of this secret organization was outwardly modeled after the Jesuit Order. Yes, incredible isn’t it. But Rhodes was an admirer of the organizational genius, in his mind, of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuit Order, and he said we should use that as our model. He didn’t take it straight across but he took many elements from it and, at the deeper level, though, it is interesting I think and very instructive to note that he borrowed the structure of classic conspiracy control directly from Adam Weishaupt.
De Nugent told me that Hitler's S.S. got the inspiration for their black uniforms from the Catholic Jesuits. According to "Fascism, Sequel to Communism:"

Hitler's feared SS troops and the Gestapo were also closely connected with the Jesuits. Hitler referred to Himmler, who headed the SS, as "our Ignatius of Layola." The SS's black uniforms were based on the Jesuits' robes and many Jesuits participated in the SS - including Himmler's uncle who was a senior SS officer and a Jesuit priest. The SS skull and cross bones also appears at the ceremony of the Jesuit oath

I then discovered from various sources that the Jesuits took an oath of blind obedience to the Pope which encouraged them to infiltrate Protestant countries to reverse the Protestant Reformation and republican government. Here is an extract:

...Therefore to the utmost of my power I will defend this doctrine and His Holiness's right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran Church of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the now pretended authority and Churches of England and Scotland, and the branches of same now established in Ireland and on the continent of America and elsewhere and all adherents in regard that they may be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome...
...will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the militia of the Pope...

John de Nugent, like Dr. David Duke, wants to make a strenuous effort to get along with Catholics and build pan-white unity, but I have much more mixed attitude. The Jesuit oath helped me understand better why Norwegian leaders wrote in their Constitution of 1814 at Eidsvoll to keep Jews and Jesuits out of their Nordic society. I could see how these constitutionalists took the attitude that letting these two groups into Norway is like throwing sharks and piranha into a sea tank populated by good-natured dolphins. They are corrupt and authoritarian sworn enemies of parliamentary government and the libertarian Nordic way of life. No wonder Benjamin Franklin also proposed at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787 to insert a clause to keep Jews out of America, and the Know-Nothings in the 1840's tried to keep the Catholics out as well.

Riksforsamlingen på Eidsvoll 1814 painted by Oscar Wergeland. According to "Constitution of Norway" in Wikipedia: "It was considered one of the most radically democratic constitutions in the world at the time, and is today the oldest constitution in Europe - the second oldest in the world - still in force."

I would not be surprised if there are plenty of Catholics and Jews in the FBI and DHS who hate me for my blond hair and blue eyes and Norwegian ancestry. Many are probably secretly glad that Nordics have slipped from over 70% to less than 25% of America's white population today. They have been brainwashed by Jewish media that twist instinctive Nordic formality into "arrogance" and fighting prowess into "crazed berserkerdom."
I would invite the reader to consider my 1991 lecture to the Leif Erickson Society of New York "Asatru and Christianity: Similarities and Differences" in which I explain how Norsemen might be considered "pagan freedom fighters" with a perspective very similar to Thomas Jefferson's naturalistic viewpoint on religion. This is especially true when one considers their side of the story rather than the way history has been written --or rather re-written-- by their Christian enemies. The Norsemen heroically resisted the invasion of Christian totalitarianism --the "New World Order" of their day. Ancient Greek versions of Nordic pagans were the first to develop a self-conscious conceptualization of science, republicanism, and democracy. Nordic peoples pioneered global trade and tended to be very reasonable, good-natured, and honest compared to other peoples of their era. Note, for example, in my article "Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity, Part 1" I quote Salvian the Christian priest, who found pagan Nordic-Germanic tribesmen to be inherently more noble and virtuous than his Christian fellow Romans.
I believe that historians are wrong to mark the beginning of the Viking Age with the raid on the Lindisfarne Priory in 793 AD. As I note in my article "Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity, Part 2 ," the Catholic dictator Charlemagne executed 4,500 Saxon pagan nobleman hostages at Verdun in 782 AD and chopped down their sacred groves. This to me was the real beginning of the Viking Age. This was an unforgivable act of war -- even a Middle Ages version of "9/11" -- by the Catholic "New World Order" establishment against Nordic pagan peoples and their way of life. The video segment that I link to below titled "The History Channel -Barbarians - The Vikings" uses words like "blasphemy," "barbarism," and "terror" in describing the Viking raid on Lindisfarne, but why cannot I use the exact same language to describe Charlemagne's mass murder of Germanic pagans and the destruction of their sacred sites? Why can't we characterize "Viking raiders" as freedom fighters against Catholic totalitarianism and other forms of Christian terrorism?
Over the centuries, in France alone, totalitarian Catholic churches controlled over 30% of the land, banned bathing, drove living standards below Neolithic levels, installed KGB-Gestapo style "confessor" systems, supported political dictatorship, monopolized education, tightly regulated trade, promulgated mindless dogmas, instituted the totally corrupt indulgence system, and fostered other outrages. Fortunately the Protestant Reformation was finally able to counteract much of this Catholic-New World Order evil and help Nordic peoples restore a high degree of political and religious decentralization. As previously mentioned in this series, the Protestant Reformation tended to take root in countries and territories of Europe with majority Nordic populations, and languish everywhere else, causing many racial historians to perceive early Protestantism as reflecting innate Nordic and Nordic-Celtic temperamental traits.
Chris Pinto reinforces these points in his documentary A Lamp in the Dark. According to show notes regarding his 9 March 2010 interview with Alex Jones:

During the Middle Ages, Catholic Popes and the Inquistion forbade Biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed this edict. Learn about the sacrifice of men like John Wyclife, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale and others, who hazarded their lives to communicate the Bible in languages which the common people could understand... With the fall of Constantinople, ancient Greek manuscripts came into Europe, and with them, the clear streams of understanding that produced the Protestant Reformation. But what few people have ever heard, is that Rome launched a Counter Reformation, fully intending that they would destroy all the works of the Reformers.

According to Pinto, the Catholic Church actually helped create the Dark Ages by viciously persecuting all dissenting religious and political thought. According to other sources, they put Greece --the ancient pagan cradle of science, republicanism, and democracy-- into a deep mystical sleep that undermined science, republicanism, and democracy. In addition, contrary to most "Bible movies" today that depict early Christians as poor persecuted gentiles hiding in catacombs or getting fed to lions, many sources claim that a large percentage of early Christians in Rome were in actuality well-to-do Jews who were looking for a religion that would help them interface Judaism with the gentile world --as well as subvert pagan tribalism with leftist universalism. (The old formula is to be left wing towards people outside your own tribe to undermine their competitive strength, and simultaneously act right wing towards your own kind to maximize their own cohesive strength. That is, from the Jewish perspective, promote communism for the gentiles, and Zionism for themselves. See "Zionism vs. Bolshevism" by Winston Churchill).
In other words, Catholics have served as dupes of the Jews ever since ancient times.


The History Channel - Barbarians - The Vikings begins "Late in the eighth century, they burst from the frigid seas of the North, to take the world by storm. For the next three hundred years, they ravaged the civilized nations. Nothing can stop them. Not the oceans. Not the dread of the unknown. Not the rulers of Europe. They are the Vikings, and behind their barbaric legend lies an even more spectacular reality. Explorers, settlers, and traders, Vikings strike out across the sea in search of plunder and legitimate wealth...". This interpretation of the Viking era creates the false impression that Nordic peoples are somehow unusually violent and warlike (as opposed to simply "robust and vigorous" to deal with cold environments), when in fact throughout history they have been characterized by unusual reasonableness, productivity, self-restraint, and level-headedness. They have ultimately been leaders, developers, and defenders of Western Civilization, not its ravagers or opponents. For every disparaging remark the History Channel makes about pagan Vikings, one can make equally disparaging remarks regarding the barbaric, totalitarian, and terroristic behavior of Christian adversaries like Charlemagne.


Unfortunately both Irish and Italian Catholics in America have politically cut their own throats over the long run by taking the modesty and stoicism of Nordic America for granted while allowing themselves to be used as riding horses by the Jewish power elite, their New World Order agenda, and contemporary versions of Catholic-totalitarianism.
Even the more moderate Irish and Italian Catholics in America remind me of the role that mestizos typically play in South American politics, who often swing back and forth between the descendants of white Spanish colonials and Indians. I am also reminded of the role of mulattoes in old Haitian politics, before full-blooded blacks wiped out all white people in Haiti in the early 19th century, followed by all mulattoes. Mulattoes would swung back and forth politically between the French-descended whites and black slaves. Similarly, Irish and Italian Catholics swing back and forth politically between WASPs and Jews, greedily trying to get the best of two very different worlds that are fundamentally incompatible with each other.
All of this has caused me to question the conventional wisdom on the American racialist Right today --and particularly among "National Socialists"--that America requires "white unity" to overcome its problems. They claim that people who call attention to white ethnic differences are supporting the ADL strategy to keep white Americans divided as part of a "divide and conquer" strategy. They believe that with America under pressure from non-white illegal Third World immigration, the last thing whites can afford to do is revitalize the old Protestant vs. Catholic antagonism, class differences, or any other Old World conflicts.
My first response is that the ADL strategy is actually more sophisticated than to merely "divide and conquor." They also try to subvert us by creating unnatural "integrations" as well as unnatural "divisions."

The most natural and advantageous thing for Nordic Protestants to do first is unite with those who have the closest ethnic genetic interests towards themselves. Then once they have their own house in order, make alliances of convenience with more alien groups, placing priority according to the degree of alien traits. Throughout history, this has been the natural way that people have prioritized their social, political, and economic alliances.
In contrast, the ADL would prefer to see Nordics try to build a pan Nordic Protestant-Alpine Catholic political front before Nordics have organized themselves in depth and built real strength among their own kind. Anarcho-libertarian ideology --which ignores racial and ethnic factors-- is a great way to incite Nordics to build coalitions among people with whom they have little in common that wind up being much shakier than groups composed of their own kind.
As an example of a way in which the ADL tries to create unnatural division as well as unnatural integration, they also try to divide Nordic women from Nordic men --who should be natural allies -- through the divisive ideology of Marxist feminism. Jewish controlled national media also promote movies and other media that encourage interracial marriage as an unnatural form of integration. In contrast to this, throughout history most people naturally prefer to marry within their own tribe and race rather than outside. According to Dr. Joyce Brothers, people who marry outside their race tend to have twice the divorce rate as people who marry within, again reinforcing the theme that the ADL promotes shakier, more leftist coalitions for gentiles, while simultaneously promoting right wing tribalism for their own kind. (Again, we are back to the same point I made in an earlier parenthetic comment, where I cited "Zionism vs. Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People" by Winston Churchill). .
My second response is that the racialist right has called for white unity over the last 80 years, and I don't think it has worked very well. People like Rudy Giuliani, the late Teddy Kennedy, and the currently living Mayor Richard Daley --and their Italian and Irish Catholic constituents --are unlikely to change in time before a hyperinflationary depression hits and America fractures. I am beginning to suspect that quite a few Old World conflicts evolved for perfectly legitimate reasons. Just because people immigrate to America and try to wave a magic wand by calling themselves "Americans" does not cause very deep underlying racial and ethnic differences to go away.
Nordic Americans are still in decline, and we can't afford to wait anymore for all Catholic "swingers" to unite with WASPs and help us save ourselves. I think we now have to seriously consider going our own way. It would probably be a good thing if parts of New England, the Pacific Northwest, and northern Midwest could start thinking seriously about forming separate Nordic-Celtic ethnostates --and not one more penny of taxes and not one more life of a white person expended to support the Jewish Lobby or Israel.
This may in fact be what is natural. Germany, France, and Italy naturally divided themselves up in the Middle Ages. Norway naturally split from Sweden in 1905, and Iceland split from Denmark in 1944. If white Americans were allowed to do what they naturally want to do, the U.S. would have divided up into many different countries long ago. In fact, I could argue that America's power elite has known this, and it has deliberately false-flagged America into periodic imperial wars ever since 1861 in an effort to keep the neo-Jacobin empire united at all costs. After all, war is the great centralizer, or as Randolph Bourne famously put it, "War is the health of the state."
If we go by the premise that ethnic competition is generally a good thing, like small business competition, and furthermore that Nordic peoples function best in relatively small, homogeneous Nordic countries with their own land base and indigenous Nordic folk culture, I don't think the melting pot concept in America was ever a good idea in the first place. We were better off under the Articles of Confederation, where the northern European communities described in the book Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America by David Hackett Fisher had much better control over their own territory and local political institutions.
It would have been wiser in the long run if America had grown a bit slower from natural reproduction, retained the overwhelming WASP majority within each sovereign state, and kept the Jews out of the strategic power bases rather than try to ape the Roman Imperial social model, which was ultimately nothing more than a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-class "plantation" system. So much of American history has quite frankly been dominated by pure greed, in other words, American "leaders" who have been all too willing to import cheap labor no matter where it comes from in order to get rich quick, and let the devil take the hindmost in regards to ethnic strife created for all future generations. I am beginning to wonder why such utterly selfish, ignoble, and crass leaders deserve the kind of idealism, altruistic sacrifice, and professionalism called for in the Marine Corps commercials that I list in Chapter 31.
Melting Nordics with non-Nordic whites in America has reversed both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation on a deep sociological level. I view the disturbing level of public apathy towards the "Patriot Act" and other Orwellian encroachments on American civil liberties, despite the advent of the Internet, as an indication of the lower quality level of the dumbed-down population compared to 1776. I also view the confiscation of civil liberties addressed in Chapter 28 and threat of national martial law addressed in Chapter 31 as simply a contemporary version of Catholic-totalitarian terrorism married with Jewish tyranny. It is not going to be a joke when the dollar goes to zero and if the last of Nordic and Nordic-Celtic Americans get hauled off to FEMA camps and then liquidated. In fact, a very serious threat of mass liquidations has already taken place, as documented in Chapter 36 on the swine flu false flu pandemic of 2009.
A National Socialist America, which would probably insist on white unity across the board, would do nothing to prevent the continuing melting away of Nordic-Celtic Americans with other whites who act more like "genetic peasants" and who secretly hate and envy them. Nordics have been in decline from an overwhelming majority to a minority status from 1861 to today.
Furthermore, the authoritarianism of Hitler's version of National Socialism is incompatible with the libertarian nature of the American Revolution and decentralized institutions of the Protestant Reformation.
From the Nordic-Celtic biological perspective, perhaps the best thing that could happen at this point is for North America to break apart into many different ethno-states, out of which would emerge many separate Nordic, Celtic, and Nordic Celtic countries as well as nations based on other ethnic or racial roots.
Often I think the solutions to our most serious social problems hide in plain sight. For example, take a look at the political map of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Notice that after two thousand years of recurrent unsuccessful attempts at the total imperial integration of Europe, beginning with the Romans, Nordics still lived in their own homogeneous countries in the northern areas. Maybe there is a good reason for this based upon longstanding human experience. In fact, maybe there have been good reasons for why closely related Nordic or Nordic-Celtic peoples have split from each other, such as when Scotland seceded at various times in its long history from Britain, or Norway seceded from Sweden in 1905. Maybe if North America were to break apart and look more like the map of 19th century Europe, that would be the least bad solution to all our problems. If nothing else, the more independent countries we have around the world who have their own independent media, the less likely it is that some global New World Order dictatorship can lock down the global Internet and impose RFID-chipping, the Orwellian police state, and periodic false flag pandemic "population cullings" on all of humanity.

Another vital point that I wanted to make is that while allegations of high level "Jewish conspiracy" have validity when it comes to topics like 9/11, the Federal Reserve Banking System (Chapter 33), or false flag pandemics (Chapter 36), I think it is very important to grasp Jewish competitive advantages regarding more mundane issues at the grass roots level.
While living in New York for ten years I saw the power of Old World identity on group performance. Jews do an incredible job of helping each other get good jobs, whereas I have had the opposite experience in dealing with fellow Scandinavian Americans. After being frozen out of various jobs by far less qualified Jews and other "minorities" --who do not hesitate to play the "ethnic card" with a vengeance to support each other-- I found that fellow Scandinavian Americans often do the exact opposite. If I so much as hint at wanting to play the "ethnic card," many of them will actively try to undermine me. They are so brainwashed they do not understand that they are not being "noble" at all. They are competing against piranha and have been subjected to slow, relative genocide since 1861.

I am now convinced that Nordic Americans have various individualistic traits that make it impossible for us to effectively compete against other white ethnic groups who possess special capabilities for intrigue and criminal gangsterism. If we do not proactively find ways to rebuild cohesive and homogeneous Nordic communities, we will be marginalized, isolated, and genocided into oblivion.
I think the classical French libertarians described by Dr. Ralph Raico in his lectures at provided some good insight into the fundamental nature of our problem. He described how wealth is typically obtained by two means (a) the productive means and (b) the "political means." The "productive means" means the ability to innovate, craft, and manufacture real and useful things. The "political means" means the ability to use superior social and organizational skills to muscle in on existing wealth.
From my own experiences living in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, over and over I have seen how the Jews, along with their Catholic and other minions, have an amazing social networking ability to muscle in on existing wealth.
In observing the response of fellow Scandinavian Americans, I am reminded of "Blog Post: Are You Buzzard, Bat, Bumble Bee or People?" by Jeannette Kraar, Performance Management International LLC. A buzzard cannot escape an open pen even though it can fly, a bat can not take off from a level floor, and a bee cannot escape an open tumbler.
Not only different animal species, but also human ethnic groups have their own "rhythm," "wind-up" or "mojo" required to effectively work together and achieve focused, peak performance. This is like the "wind-up" or the "getting in the zone" concept that sports psychologists describe for professional baseball pitchers, or various hand grip, eye focus, and trigger squeeze sequences for handling a rifle advocated in military sniper training, or "stance" and "practice swing" issues for professional golfers. If you can get disrupt the "windup" or "mojo" of professional atheletes and other performers, you can seriously degrade their performance. In a multi-racial, multi-cultural society where Jews and Catholics have muscled their way to the "top of the heap" in America's big cities, to include taking over national media, they now leave WASPs thrashing about like a bat on a level floor. They have gotten inside their "psych zone" and now WASPs feel paralyzed. By trying to assimilate alien peoples, what WASP's have really done is reveal their most intimate vulnerabilities to hereditary enemies and "trained the dog to bite them." (When I used to work as a New York real estate broker, I often heard Jewish brokers voice the saying "Don't train the dog to bite you!" in regard to how much information they would leak to clients who might use it to squeeze them out of their rightfully earned commissions. For more details, see the book Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer for more "street smart" advice as the protagonist known as "The Turtle" undergoes his "education" in "Screw U[niversity]" in the real world.)

A "mean streak get ahead" instruction manual for how to play your cards close to the vest, keep up appearances, control the flow of information, and "Don't train the dog to bite you" while functioning in a high fraud, high greed environment overloaded with alien or otherwise untrustworthy people.


Aliens know that WASP's tend to be individualistic to a fault, so they help exaggerate this trait to the point of social dysfunctionality by pushing neo-Marxist feminism and phony forms of anarcho-libertarianism. They also know that WASP's have strong chivalrous instincts, so they milk their innate sense of guilt and sentimentality to the max with Holocaustianity propaganda. They also know that most WASPs do not want to become Nazis, in fact, most of them fail to . belong to pro-WASP ethnic organizations that might perform some kind of minimalist "intelligence" function to track and counter the Info War being waged against them. All of this gives aliens even more lattitude to squeeze WASPs out and sneer "Whadda ya gonna do about it, huh? Hunh???"
Jews and Catholics pay lip service to "fairness," "equality," and "equal opportunity," but in the real world they often greedily grab for all the goodies for their own kind, and once they are in a controlling position, they could care less when people like myself are frozen out with nothing, as suggested in the title of Wilmot Robertson's classic work The Dispossessed Majority. Their ancestors immigrated into an America that was run by WASP's and they were given more rights and opportunities than their ancestors had ever experienced in the Old World, but now that they are in the saddle, it doesn't work the other way around. All they can think about are ways to suppress and even enslave the declining WASP population while greedily enhancing their own positions even further, just like the Goldman Sachs corporate officers described in Chapter 33 who pay themselves multi-million dollar bonuses while they continue driving America towards complete economic ruin.
In fact, with Jews it goes far beyond just helping fellow Jews get good jobs and live the good life. Victor Ostrovsky claims the Mossad can sign up at least a third of the global Jewish community as sayanim, who actively assist the Mossad in espionage operations. (Unfortunately the YouTube video link of Ostrovsky that I originally posted in Chapter 8 where he makes this assertion now shows a notice "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Victor Ostrovsky"). This is hard core permanent covert 4th generation warfare. See Chapter 38 for more discussion on the covert 4th generation warfare paradigm.
And then to kick us even more when we are down, they wage false flag attacks like 9/11 against us (Chapter 7), drain trillions more out of our economy, and outsource even more critical industry and jobs (See Chapter 33).
Fortunately "Alien" can be a paper tiger as well as a dangerous bully at the same time. When whites can develop a deep identity, for example they belong to the Italian American, Scottish American, Greek American, Norwegian America, Irish American, or Polish American communities with substantial economic, old country, and cultural connections, the Jews will generally back off. These kinds of groups are too deeply rooted on a national, cultural, racial, and ethnic level to quality as a "soft targets" anymore. As the most ethnocentric of all racists, Jews have an instinct for how hard they can push until the victims of their abuse get so mad that they can turn into focused and virulent opposition.
Jews survive in a twilight zone. They are like Red Light district operators who want to be just sleazy enough to make money and control their minions, but not so open and notorious that they invite mass scrutiny, public wrath, and a police crack down.
So long as most Americans are worried about keeping their jobs and maintaining impeccable resumes to get their next job, and have to support wives and a family to boot, small threats and bits of innuendo are enough to keep most Americans in line most of the time.
However, when Jews motivate gentiles to provide focused, intelligent, and sustained opposition, then Jews face a potentially catastrophic situation for themselves, because they are so badly outnumbered with official figures showing about 3% of the total U.S. population.
Jews have grown used to picking on the most backward, inarticulate, and bigoted Southern whites they can find for propaganda purposes. Despite superlative displays of Southern gallantry, chivalry, and wise leadership in the era of Robert E. Lee, few Southern whites today bother to rush to the defense of any "rednecks" that the Jews pick on.
In contrast, it is interesting to look at what can happen when Jews pick on a longstanding ethnic group. One example, reported in the popular Greek magazine, Oikonomikos Tachydromos on 14 Aug. l997, involved Dr. Henry Kissinger who addressed a group of Washington, D.C. businessmen in Sept.1974 as follows:

The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

This triggered a thermo-nuclear level of resentment in the Greek-American community. I once had a Greek friend in New York City who totally despised Kissinger and stated: "If the Jews keep going on like this, they will bring another Holocaust on their own heads!" He added: "The Jews are just antagonizing too many people. They always take more than they give. It cannot go on like this forever." He did not view himself as a "Nazi," either, but rather as a fairly easy-going, live-and-let-live Christian kind of fellow.
A second important example where a very non-Nazi American community with distinct cultural and ethnic roots came to bitterly resent the Zionists comes from "Episode #117 - Requiem for the Suicided: Gary Webb" of the Corbett Report. Before American journalist Gary Webb got "suicided," he proved that the CIA played a major role in flooding African-American communities with crack-cocaine to help fund the Contra struggle in Nicaragua. This destroyed many black American communities, particularly in Los Angeles where the African American community went ballistic with resentment and demanded --and received-- a public hearing with a CIA representative. Of course, many black nationalists such as Robert L. Brock, who wrote an Introduction to Mike Piper's classic work Final Judgment, or Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, understand immediately that "CIA" in a case like this really means "Mossad-CIA."

Mark Glenn
An outspoken critic

Mark Glenn, a Lebanese Christian, journalist, talk show host, and proprietor of, who can by no stretch of the imagination be called a "Nazi," provided another interesting example when he called in to Michael Collins Piper's talk show. He once observed a dog in his neighborhood that went around and continually bullied all the other dogs. Then one day the bully dog got side-swiped by a car and lay wounded in the road. What followed next was one of the most incredible things he has ever witnessed. All the other dogs in the neighborhood suddenly converged on the bully dog and literally ripped him to pieces. Glenn feels that on a deep subconscious level, Jewish bullying is setting Jews up for a similar fate at the hand of the rest of humanity --to include Arabs, black Africans, Latin Americans, and Asians who have also been victimized by Mossad, economic "hit men," international mafia, controlled media owners, and other Jews.
My discussions with de Nugent turned to very different topic in which we have both independently worked as activists before we ever became aware of each other's existence. De Nugent is trying to spearhead a "Solutrean Movement" that celebrates Caucasians from Northern Europe who roamed North America first for perhaps two thousand years prior to the immigration of other racial groups who exterminated, oppressed, or amalgamated them.
Evidence that whites were in the Americas first has been known for a long time; for example Thor Heyerdahl covers it extensively on an anecdotal level in his misnamed book American Indians of the Pacific: The Theory Behind the Kon-Tiki Expedition first published in 1952. Since then massive physical evidence has accumulated confirming this thesis in major anthropology departments in America.
Interestingly enough, I participated in this "reawakening" from a different direction in 1996 when I filed a law suit in Portland, Oregon on behalf of Asatruar who wanted to support the right of scientists to study the bones of Kennewick Man rather than let local Indian tribes destroy the physical evidence through their own burial rituals. The 22 April 1998 article "Bones of Contention: The agendas that have brought a 9,300-year old skeleton to life" by Maureen O'Hagan, Willamette Week, describes my role in this affair, although the description of my Asatru beliefs is not accurate; please see my own Asatru-related articles on my Religious Crisis web page.
Of course we were well aware of how the political ramifications of our activist activities might upset certain modern liberals, Jews and Indians, who are often involved together in Indian gambling operations. (See "Jews, Injuns, and the Republican Party" by Shaun Walker). Kennewick Man turns the tables on the ability of Indians to play the "victim card" for themselves alone. Now whites can claim that "they genocided us before we genocided them." Furthermore, whites can also claim an ancient connection to American land, just like Indians. However, neither I nor my Asatruar associates wanted to get too combative with the Indians, because we regard them as fellow tribal and indigenous peoples. We wanted to leave a door open to work with native Americans as "indigenous confederates" in a common struggle against criminal Zionism, Federal arrogance, and other forms of exploitation. Also, we feel that many aspects of Nazism are unattractive and inappropriate, to include 1930's German authoritarianism and militarism, and are well aware that many research scientists are timid about pointing out the Caucasian features of Kennewick Man precisely for fear that various pressure groups will accuse them of aiding a "Neo-Nazi agenda." Lastly, I want to promote the political point that since Nordic Americans are threatened with extinction, we rate our own tribal reservations in North America just like the Indians. I think it could be a good start to convert major portions of North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and other states into Nordic, Nordic-Celtic, or Celtic tribal reservations, complete with our own border control, currency, and other sovereignty rights.
Regarding the creation of Nordic ethnostates in North America, we might have to draw lots to decide whether to make Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish the alternative official language besides English. I might add that at least once inside a Nordic ethnostate, I could feel reasonably secure against experiencing any more false flag attacks so long as we can keep the Zionists and their Catholic minions out. When was the last time you heard about native Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Finns, or Icelanders false-flagging themselves?
In contrast to this approach, de Nugent put together a video to promote his "Solutrean National Anthem" where he included scenes of Hitler Youth and German political rallies with swastikas in the background.

Solutrean National Anthem: O Stars, You Are Our Witness

I asked John if he could explain what Hitler Youth have to do with Neolithic Caucasians roaming around North America more than ten to twelve thousand years ago? He is dragging in issues involving peculiar brands of German nationalism, militarism, authoritarianism, anti-Semitism, and other 1920's-1930's German political issues that are not particularly relevant to a primitive people in the Americas before anything resembling Germany today ever came into existence. Furthermore, by creating these associations, De Nugent risks dragging down "Solutreanism" instead of building up "National Socialism." Lastly, I asked de Nugent why he could not just as easily add a picture of Thomas Jefferson to his Solutrean Movement video.
De Nugent responded by adding pictures of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Robert E. Lee --and kept the Hitler Youth pictures-- so we now have both early American leaders and Hitler Youth all mixed together!
This made me laugh and shake my head a little bit. From the way the ADL and Jewish controlled national media have been able to pre-condition American audiences, this approach comes across as "punk" or "badass" to many Americans. I have been in business and sales for over twenty years as a stockbroker and real estate broker, and my approach to life is very different compared to de Nugent. It is like de Nugent has made "National Socialism" his religion, and he is trying to use it as a bulldozer in all life situations, come hell or high water. In contrast, I feel that while it is important to honestly and objectively explore historical phenomena like German National Socialism, the Confederate States of America, American Robber Baron skulduggery, and the central Jewish role in Bolshevism --and bring history in accord with the facts-- it is wiser to treat these things as historical phenomena and not try to entangle them with current social and political movements.
I said to de Nugent that there is no great mystery to what anybody needs to do to promote a political message in America. Just study Madison Avenue. Show me one example of a professional commercial to promote a political candidate or a product such as toothpaste or a cola in the last 50 years in America that has tried to associate itself with German Nazism. Maybe that should tell you something. Or take the evil Jewish genius of American advertising, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Everything he did was designed to cleverly "mainstream" his message, even when he was running evil campaigns to help introduce fluoride into American drinking water or to get American women to smoke by calling cigarettes "Liberty Torches" to link smoking with the idea of "womens' independence." In contrast de Nugent is breaking all the Madison Avenue rules with this video to the point that people might begin to wonder if he is really working for COINTELPRO or the ADL.
Not too surprisingly, when the Discovery Channel ran an interview of John de Nugent in Feb 2010 titled "Solving History with Olly Steeds: Armed White Activist," it had a smear-fest field day somehow linking his interest in prehistoric North American Caucasians with "people in the United States who devote their lives to proving the existence of an Aryan master race." These Discovery Channel "journalists" charged that de Nugent's views are as "scientifically unsupportable" as anything proposed by Himmler, and compared his views on Canary Island skeletal evidence with those of the S.S. They also got de Nugent to pull two "loaded, cocked and locked" pistols out of his pockets. The interviewer acted afraid in order to reinforce the "armed and dangerous" theme that the ADL employs ad naseum in its efforts to wheedle Americans out of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Lastly, when the Discovery Channel hatchet men got de Nugent to defend Hitler, this was clearly meant to link him to broad propagandistic negatives rather than address the kinds of specific points on specific issues that de Nugent has made with me in our own conversations. (It is interesting to compare the Discovery Channel version with a different version titled "John de Nugent Interview Excerpts." This has some fresh footage. "Leto Atreides II" who posted it claims it was "edited to diminish obligatory mainstream media nonsense").
Back in July 2009, I sent de Nugent an email link to Lew Rockwell's article "Headed to National Socialism." I said that if he is going to effectively sell anything approaching "National Socialism" to American business people, he first has to be able to intellectually justify his economic program and satisfactorily respond to the objections that libertarians like Lew Rockwell, Congressman Ron Paul, or Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo at and would raise with his proposed policies. In my mind, that would involve balancing the pros and cons of the "genetic top down" National Socialist perspective vs. "environmental bottom up" anarcho libertarian economic viewpoint. That in turn would entail an analysis of various attempts to apply "anarcho-libertarian" vs. "National Socialist" principles among different countries in history. In addition, I would want to use other analytical approaches that I explain in more detail in the "Mass" section of my "Principles of Info War" discussion in Chapter 38.
This synthesis is something I believe I can handle by virtue of my educational background and business experience. In addition, Willis Carto and others on the Right have been willing to work with me, and their publications such as the The Barnes Review and The American Free Press provide a wealth of new facts and insights to help reframe many important debates regarding politics and economics in America.
I must add that Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson (see Chapter 32 for my extended discussion of his views), a former writer for The Barnes Review, has already been making this reconciliation from his own "social national" perspective on his Orthodox Nationalist talk show. He explains why quasi-authoritarian, pro-nationalist leadership has played a major role in bringing economic success to Belarus under Alexander Lukashenko, Uzbekistan under President Islam Karimov, and Russia under Vladimir Putin compared to so-called "libertarian" approaches promulgated by Zionist neo-cons and their "Ivy League" front men which have helped foster economic malaise in places like Ukraine under Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko and Russia under Boris Yeltsin. While I may not necessarily agree with all of Dr. Johnson's views on topics such as " monarchy" and the role of the peasant in Russian history, I credit him with identifying and clarifying important social variables. He provides a much clearer understanding of social reality than the anarcho-libertarian perspective alone, while simultaneously avoiding propaganda traps promoted by the ADL to demonize nationalists and muddy the waters.
Before I can jump into this arena full time, I need to obtain serious funding support to sustain a professional operation. Sadly, the Zionist neocons can raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their NGO's (alleged "nongovernmental organizations" which are usually Mossad-CIA fronts) to further their evil schemes around the world, to include the George Soros-sponsored "Color" Revolutions that promulgate the New World Order. Meanwhile, most people involved in alternative media like Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Willis Carto's American Free Press, Michael Collins Piper, Victor Thorn, The Barnes Review, John Stadtmiller's Republic Broadcasting Network, The Wayne Madsen Report, The Idaho Observer, Leon Smith's Lone Star Iconoclast, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Dr. James Fetzer, Mark Dankoff, The Corbett Report, myself, Capt. May, John de Nugent (obviously ideologically different from others listed here), and many others who are capable of providing effective intellectual opposition and reporting are usually scraping by on thin margins. In fact, this deplorable situation alone is an important reason why the Zionist neocons are so far out of control in America today and are wreaking so much havoc. They still do not have effective opposition. In fact, they are still so powerful that they continue to pose a serious threat to lock down the Internet.

This U.S. Government-sponsored ad is the exact opposite of the Solutrean Movement concept. By showing "salt-and-pepper" male-female pairs, it subliminally encourages interracial marriage and baby-making, which in turn encourages the continuing demographic decline of whites and accelerates anti-Nordic genocide in America. Please note that it also offers training for "Internment/Resettlement Specialists" who might be called upon to process white political dissidents who dare to defend the Constitution and resist the genocide of their own people.

De Nugent's "bulldozer" approach raised another important discussion topic, namely the appropriate use of political "shock jock" tactics. It is true that sometimes it takes the extremists to move the center over. Sometimes it takes extremists to force public resolution of festering issues that cowards, crooks, and ignoramuses continually sweep under the rug. Sometimes one also needs a political movement that appears "decisive" and "masculine" in order to "move the masses."
However, this is very tricky business, as witnessed by the fact that the Jewish ADL and FBI COINTELPRO have themselves sponsored "false flag" Nazi movements, as noted earlier in the chapter in the example about the bogus Canadian Nazis.
Now that the free Internet exists, I do not see the point of using gimmicks when one can accomplish much more in the long run by simply telling the straight truth as one sees it.
The situation that exists today certainly contrasts with the one faced by George Lincoln Rockwell in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Rockwell complained that when he tried to describe Jewish power as a traditional American conservative, not enough people would listen to him. However, the moment he donned the Nazi uniform, the Jewish controlled-media jumped for the bait and broadcast his message far and wide. Although he claimed that he really wanted an authoritarian republic rather than a "Fuehrer dictatorship," he was fed up with wimpy conservatives who were too timid to name the Jewish threat directly, and felt that his "Nazi approach" would ultimately do more good than harm in awakening militant resistance to Zionism.


Sample YouTube George Lincoln Rockwell video where he puts himself in the Nazi "shock jock" hot seat to get national media attention, and then like a Houdini who gets out of handcuffs, he tries to educate the public by cleverly talking his way out of his predicament


Needless to say, there are many dangers with the right wing "shock jock" approach. It can create unnecessary enemies, needlessly confuse issues, generate unintended consequences, or waste time on extraneous issues. It tends to attract marginal people, whose character flaws can hold ones movement back from reaching the mainstream. Last, but not least, many racial nationalists spend so much time hammering away at various forms of immediate racial conflict that they fail to address other major political problems. One of the biggest constraints against effective American nationalism, apart from the melting pot-related problems described elsewhere in this section, is the inability of most American businessmen to understand that it is in their long term best economic interests to engage in long term cooperative economic practices that protect national sovereignty, bolster the white middle class, and protect other white ethnic-genetic interests.
There are other potential downsides to the "shock jock" approach. If people think one is recklessly "acting out," they may be afraid to render support or get too close for fear of getting dragged into something needlessly negative. One can create a mental stress level that causes "mainstream" people burdened with daily concerns to tune out. Many of the issues confronting America are so serious that I find many people have problems handling their stress in discussing them even when discussions are handled in a very calm, private, and conventional manner, without getting involved with "shock jock."
Last, but not least, one can make the case that any kind of "German Nazi" flavoring to domestic political activism is a "false flag" because it distracts from the strong possibility that our best analyses are all homegrown and hide in plain site. For example, when I first saw the article "The Anti-Federalists Were Right" by Gary Welles at, I was reminded of the observation by Dr. Murray Rothbard in his lectures that the majority of Americans were anti-Federalists at the time of the American Revolution, and felt that the central government must be kept weaker than the state governments to prevent it from getting out of control. Therefore, the unlimited Federal government we have today simply fulfills their worst nightmares. Similarly, the majority of Americans in 1840 probably agreed with the Know-Nothing (or American Party) position that introducing Catholics into American society would simply add authoritarianism, stupidity, and corruption, and may even add "genetic peasant" psychological characteristics to what were once the "yeoman" attributes lauded by Thomas Jefferson regarding Anglo-Saxon American farmers. If Catholic immigration got too far out of control, and Catholics continued to outbreed Protestants with their huge families, the Catholic presence could even threaten to eventually reverse both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation on a deep sociological level.
Most Americans of the late 18th century and early 19th century, to include major newspaper editors, were probably comfortable publicly voicing these types of views. I can show the reader quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other well-respected early American leaders that support the timeless theme that Jews are an inherently crooked, inbred people who follow a depraved religion. Introducing them into America would only degrade or even poison this country over the long run. Many early American leaders were even further to the right than the aforementioned Norwegian constitutionalists at Eidsvoll.
Subsequent events have proven that the Know-Nothings and other "Nativists" in America of the 1840's were right about ethnic issues in same way that all the worst nightmares of the anti-Federalists have been fulfilled. In fact, the failure of so many Americans today to openly confront these issues is a contrarian indicator that the worst possible outcome has in fact taken place. The Feds, Jews, and Catholics have become so powerful that the bankrobbers are now running the banks, the lunatics are now running the asylums, the King wears no clothes, and no one dares to observe the proverbial elephant in the living room for fear of terrifying repercussions. Paradoxically, in such an environment, "anti-Semitic," "anti-government," and "anti-Catholic" criticism is needed now more than ever.
However, as another paradox, using German-flavored "Nazism" to make this criticism risks reinforcing America's state of deep psychological denial. The "shock" and "foreignness" of "Nazism" has always threatened to intensify psychological denial mechanisms rather than defuse and unravel them.
I am trying to stay focused on analysis, and usually try to disentangle issues and avoid dragging in extraneous issues. For example, in discussing the topic of secessionism, I would much rather start with a historical example such as when Iceland peacefully achieved its independence from Denmark in 1944, or Norway achieved independence from Sweden in 1905 rather address the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865). These first two examples help me make the point that secessionism can be analogous to a large corporation that spins off a product line as a new company to the mutual advantage of all shareholders. Creating new countries can create additional political competition that gives ruling elites within the increased number of competing countries an additional incentive to reduce taxes and increase benefits in order to retain their best people. Secessionism can be peaceful and friendly and does not have to be irreversible. In many ways, regarding various economic and national defense-related issues, Norway and Sweden have reintegrated with each other even though they officially remain independent states. Iceland and Denmark also retain friendly and cooperative relations with each other.
Actually, I do find it fascinating to discuss the War for Southern Independence. However, for the purpose of trying to make certain points on the topic of political secessionism, I prefer to leave the War for Southern Independence for later in a discussion until after I have had a chance to orient the audience towards simpler cases like Norway and Iceland that clearly make my points.
The big problem with discussing the War For Southern Independence off the bat is that it drags in topics like discriminatory tariff policies, bloody escalation to total war, industrial vs agrarian economics, State's Rights nullification doctrine vs. "federalism", abolitionism vs. slavery, racial differences, different social structures between the North and South, Continental Manifest Destiny vs. Regionalism, and even tactical issues, such as Lincoln false flag skullduggery involving Ft. Sumter, and whether or not the South overplayed its hand by demanding that slavery be extended into western territories or by opening fire first at Ft. Sumter. These myriad other issues tend to "entangle" rather than "clarify" the most important points I want to make regarding the topics of political independence, separatism, and secessionism.
It helps to promote an analytical approach in order to help avoid getting set up as a false flag patsy. The "Nazi" movements used by the ADL as straw men are portrayed by controlled media as fanatical, creepy, and brutal rather than reasonable, insightful, and compassionate. The topic of "Nazism" creates myriad needless "entanglements" when I initially try to address issues like Jewish power and racial differences. In contrast, the topic of "Nazism" along with "Holocaust" are the first things that the malefactors who run the ADL want to drag into such discussions from inception to serve their own propaganda purposes.
As a consequence of such ADL "steering," many important points are often left out of debates. For example, many white racial nationalists are obsessed with racial issues, but do not know much about economics. In contrast, anarcho libertarians often know a lot about economics and the philosophy of liberty, and little about racial realities. They are often working against each other.
Despite their apparent differences, there is a theoretical way to seamlessly integrate and reconcile these opposing viewpoints. This is to conceptualize "race" as a "group property right" and indigenous culture as an "intangible intellectual group property right." Dr. Murray Rothbard pointed out in On Liberty that private property rights are the cornerstone of libertarian theory. Therefore, once can repackage racial nationalist ideas into "property-speak," racial nationalists and anarcho libertarians can interface seamlessly.
The concept of DNA as "property" is becoming increasingly tangible in the business world today, such as biotech companies that have acquired rights to various human-genetic databases.
The group property right concept is extremely common in American law and consists of such examples as stock ownership in corporations, forms of condominium real estate ownership, and cooperative business associations. It does not necessarily imply "collectivism" which tends to repudiate all forms of private property rights --both individual and group.
I am caught in a dilemma in my relationship with John de Nugent. On the one hand, I personally prefer to be identified with focusing on an analytical approach rather than shock jock political partisanship, and emotionally I lean towards "genetic bottom up" paleoconservatism. I have never called myself a Nazi or National Socialist, nor do I wish to be publicly identified with Nazism.
Conversely, there are many serious blind spots and deficiencies in the opposing anarcho-libertarian viewpoint, as I discuss in Chapter 29. It is beyond the scope of this chapter to go into all of them here, except to mention that one deficiency in particular that really sticks out in my mind is their general inability to "smell evil." Hard core anarcho-libertarians naively think that all social problems can be solved by exposing individuals to better learning and "ideology" alone, or by simply making an "appeal to reason."
John de Nugent wrote an excellent article "Psychopathy & History" that appeared in the Jan-Feb 2007 issue of the Barnes Review. About 5% of the general white population contains genetic psychopaths whose brains physically react differently to cruelty and suffering than normal people ---they are titillated by it. That is just one example of profound biological differences between human individuals and groups that must be factored into any form of valid social and political analysis.
Logically speaking, John de Nugent professes one of four different political perspectives contained in my chart below that does in fact reflect a valid aspect of the human existence. The "genetic top down" perspective is every bit as valid on an intellectual level as the "environmental bottom up" perspective professed by people like Congressman Ron Paul and Capt. May. It is not the whole truth, but it does represent an important aspect of finding truth.
There are indeed certain situations in the course of human affairs where the best courses of action are both authoritarian and biologically-oriented in nature.
Last, but not least, we must avoid getting hysterical about National Socialism, but instead keep an open and balanced frame of mind, in order to assert a consistent pro-free speech position that vehemently opposes all Jewish efforts to censor the Internet and throw Holocaust Revisionists in jail.




"x" axis

The U.S. Government

Zionism and Nazism
Bibi Netanyahu
Adolf Hitler,
John de Nugent

Dr. Murray Rothbard
Congressman Ron Paul
Capt. Eric May

Thomas Jefferson,
Maj. William Fox

(Third dimensional "z" axis entailing
"mutualism" vs. "parasitism")
not drawn, see discussion below)




John de Nugent's "National Socialist 2.0" position has philosophical similarities to the Jewish National Socialism (Zionism) professed by the leaders of Israel. One of the great ironies of World War II, as I observe on my Henrik Holappa web page, is that the U.S. smashed German National Socialism only to replace it with blank check support for Jewish National Socialism. In fact, on that web page I note in my article "Ha, Nazi Schmazi!" some important paradoxes: the beginning of my centralized vs. decentralized article, I talk about how Hitler's Wehrmacht and Waffen S.S. was more decentralized in many of its lower level field operations than most of its opponents, to include the U.S. Army. In his "On War #12," William S. Lind observed that in the "war games in the 19th Century, German junior officers were routinely given problems that could only be solved by disobeying orders." This even persisted in the Hitler era when it was often necessary to disobey orders in order to adapt to fluid, fast-moving blitzkrieg operations.
The libertarian think tank Mises Institute sponsored a terrific conference titled "The Economics of Fascism." A number of prominent libertarian speakers such as Dr. Hans Hermann-Hoppe and Dr. Thomas Di Lorenzo observed that in certain areas, FDR's New Deal policies were arguably more "fascist" than their counterparts in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy! For example, Hitler was more "libertarian" in allowing the free market to sort out over-inflated asset prices at the onset of the 1930's Depression to cure economic distortions than FDR who aggressively implemented various wage-price control regimes.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky during WWI

Lastly, many of Israel's hard-core Zionist leaders have been strong admirers of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, who was an ardent admirer of Mussolini. Furthermore, Israel is so socialistic and militaristic that the country remains an economic basket case and cannot support itself without massive continuous outside aid.

Significantly, most Federal bureaucrats subscribe to neo-Jacobinism, which is an "environmental top down" ideological viewpoint. Arguable, "environmental top down" ideologies, ranging from Napoleonic Jacobinism, to American imperial neo-Jacobinism, to Russian Stalinism and Chinese Maoism, have mass-murdered far more people than right wing authoritarian ideologies. One of the reasons is that leftist authoritarians tend to view humans as simply interchangeable, reprogrammable commodities. Therefore, it is permissible to mass murder anybody or any group who stands in the way of fulfilling their authoritarian leftist objectives, since the leftist state can theoretically reprogram any other human group to take its place.
In contrast, right wing or "genetic" authoritarians are more likely to recognize that every human tribe or class reflects a unique and often irreplaceable evolutionary genetic and cultural phenomenon. Certain social classes may be particularly enriched with higher hereditary IQ levels and other important character traits. As a consequences, authoritarian right wingers tend to be just a tad more reluctant than leftists to completely wipe out entire tribes and classes of people.

There an important exception to this generality I must mention, and that is Israel's right wing Likud, the vanguard of Jewish National Socialism. Many right wingers in American believe that the Jewish global plutocracy --whose true face is reflected in the Likud-- wants to implement a U.N. Agenda 21 global depopulation program whereby 90% of the world's population gets eliminated over time. Meanwhile, in their own back yard they have turned Gaza and the West Bank into giant concentration camps. Many function as gradual anti-Palestinian extermination areas.

Perhaps one way to explain this apparent exception is the fact that Israel's Likud, just like Jewish leadership in general everywhere, is highly criminal-parastic in nature. (Please see my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my online mutualism vs. parasitism article.) According to Victor Ostrovsky in By Way of Deception, Israel is run behind the scenes by Mossad gangsters. Its international businesses include false flag attacks, assassinations, drug dealing, white slavery, aggressive wars against Middle Eastern neighbors, Palestinian genocide, international banker shake-downs of Third World countries, and organ trafficking.
Psychopaths have no respect for human life, whether they are on the political left or right. Indeed, Jewish leaders themselves are so sick that they have often flip-flopped between supporting the left (Bolshevism) and right (Zionism), as Winston Churchill noted in his famous article "Zionism Vs. Bolshevism: A Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People" Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920.


As of today, the neo-Jacobin U.S. government is responsible for over a million and a half excess deaths as a consequence of its unjustified wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has committed massive war crimes with depleted uranium poisoning alone. It also threatens its own citizens with FEMA concentration camps. It saber-rattles against Iran and Pakistan. All of this puts it right up there with many of the worst atrocities ascribed to German National Socialists and Soviet KGB, as Capt. May observed in his article 30 Sept 2007 article "America Uber Alles -- Our Nazi Nation."
Therefore, logically speaking, before anybody can hang up on John de Nugent, they would also need to severely criticize Israel (Alien) and out of control U.S. Government (Predator) first.

The Jewish ADL, an unregistered covert 4th generation warfare agent and PSYOP specialist of Israel, is also the number one secret police organization in America. Please see the Rev. Ted Pike archive for more details.

So long as John de Nugent can avoid stepping into agents provocateurs traps created by the ADL or FBI COINTELPRO, or can avoid advocating unconstitutional infringements on rights; or can avoid providing propaganda windfalls to the enemies of freedom, and on top of all this can avoid creating the public impression that I share his National Socialist position, then I am willing to deal with him, just like I work with anarcho-libertarians like Capt. May. There may be clever ways to turn the perceived "lemons" aspect of his National Socialism into "lemonade" to help further raise public consciousness and embarrass Predator and Alien.
Admittedly, John is a bit "out there" compared to most Americans, but he still comes up with some really interesting stuff now and then. More recently he has identified possible Neanderthal roots to Jews that suggests that their innate biological antagonism with gentiles may have very deep roots going back to the Cro-Magnon era.
Hopefully, the reader can by now understand my ambivalence towards John de Nugent. On the one hand I think he can provide important intellectual perspectives and forms of dissident activism, but on the other hand I am concerned about ways his approach can serve as a lightning rod and "Typhoid Mary" for ADL propaganda.
In addition, if you believe as I do that the technology now exists to insert an RFID chip inside every human on this planet, monitor every personal move with computers, lock down the Internet, and "control the masses" everywhere through the perfect Orwellian global police state, do you really want to err on the side of any particularly authoritarian social and political ideologies that trend us that much closer towards the possibility of a one world government? How can one be sure that such a government would not be controlled by a small psychopathic oligarchy that believes in the use of concentration camps for political dissidents and mass genocidal population culling programs for "useless eaters"?
Interesting enough, John sent me an email on March 4th in which he made a modification: "My position is [now] and admiring rejection of Hitler and an admiring embrace of Jefferson."
I then gave John a phone call for more details, and he said that my contribution is that I have helped him move halfway between Hitler and Jefferson. He now feels that Jefferson is the thesis, Hitler is the antithesis, and "Solutreanism" is the synthesis.
He observed while I stayed at his place for six months that the Norwegian rather than the German side predominanted. He recollected that Hitler once gave a speech in which he said that it hurt him that Scandinavians had rejected the Third Reich. Scandinavians don't want a folk community that entails a loss of freedom. Through talking with me, he came to better understand the role of deeply ingrained individualism in politics. This is something that he himself has experienced as a descendant of Rhode Islanders going to the colonial era.
Despite all of this, the fact remains that Jewish controlled national media continue to spread massive lies about Hitler and the Third Reich. The Jews are actually more dangerous than the Nazis because they are enemies of our race and are always pushing towards a global totalitarian New World Order regime whose ultimate aim is to ultimately enslave or wipe out most gentiles.
If any readers like where John de Nugent and I have been headed in our discussions, please consider funding the "Thomas Jefferson-Adolf Hitler Debate Hour" concept as a unique approach to help educate the public on important issues. We would need ample donations to help us spend the time necessary on research and development to attain professional standards and creatively handle many very tricky and difficult issues.
It almost goes without saying that I would be the one who gets to role-play Thomas Jefferson. It also goes without saying that we would have to think hard about ways to be accurate, disentangle rather than confuse issues, and avoid dragging down America's third and perhaps greatest President.

Additional Update References:

2011-05-07 Time For Another Look At WWII (Letter from Hans Krampe to Michael Hoffman II),
2011-03-23 Off Your Knees Germany (1 of 7) Ernst Zundel 1983-2003 (video)
2011-03-21 Norwegian lawmaker: No evidence of Holocaust,, Voice of the Orthodox Jewish Community.
"Oslo - A Norwegian Labour Party Sami MP has caused outrage within his own ranks by denying that the Holocaust ever happened. Fellow politicians are calling for the resignation of Anders Mathisen, who is advocating changing history books after apparently spending months researching WWII concentration camps.
“There is no evidence the gas chambers or mass graves existed. Even reputable Holocaust historians have admitted it cannot be established,” Mathisen told the Finnmarken newspaper , while challenging readers to prove that his views are inaccurate.
“`Raul Hilberg, the world’s most renowned Holocaust scholar, spent his entire life working at telling people the Holocaust took place,' he continued. `However, when asked at [the Holocaust denier] Ernst Zundel’s trial in Canada in 1985 if he could prove this, he admitted this was not possible. Even those who examine the gas chambers cannot find any trace gas was used...'”
2010-09-28 First World War officially ends: The First World War will officially end on Sunday, 92 years after the guns fell silent, when Germany pays off the last chunk of reparations imposed on it by the Allies, by Allan Hall, Berlin,
"The final payment of £59.5 million, writes off the crippling debt that was the price for one world war and laid the foundations for another.
Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to the war-ravaged nations of Belgium and France and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history, leaving nearly ten million soldiers dead.
The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks, a sum later reduced to 132 billion, £22 billion at the time.
The bill would have been settled much earlier had Adolf Hitler not reneged on reparations during his reign.
Hatred of the settlement agreed at Versailles, which crippled Germany as it tried to shape itself into a democracy following armistice, was of significant importance in propelling the Nazis to power.
"On Sunday the last bill is due and the First World War finally, financially at least, terminates for Germany," said Bild, the country's biggest selling newspaper.
Most of the money goes to private individuals, pension funds and corporations holding debenture bonds as agreed under the Treaty of Versailles, where Germany was made to sign the 'war guilt' clause, accepting blame for the war..."
[Editor's Note: I think that most honest and responsible historians today would agree that Germany does not deserve sole blame for starting WWI. One can find plenty of reckless saber rattling and skullduggery in the years leading up to the outbreak of war among all the Allies --the French, British, Russians, and particularly among covert Zionist agents involved in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 as well as among high level Zionists who orchestrated the creation of the privately owned federal reserve banking system in 1913 -- just in time to give America the fiat money machinery necessary to finance the Allied cause and America's later entry into the war -- and the Balfour Declaration of 1916 in which American Jewish media moguls agreed to bring America into the war if in return Britain would give Palestine to world Jewry, a deal that needlessly extended the war for two years, despite the German peace offer of 1916 to simply return to the borders of 1914 without anyone paying reparations.
There have been many excellent histories written by highly respected American historians like Harry Elmer Barnes and other writers featured in The Barnes Review, and more recently by political commentators such as Pat Buchanan that completely debunk the German sole war guilt hypothesis. One can also find important facts and insights in works written by "former enemies," such as Hitler: Born at Versailles by former Waffen S.S. General Leon Dagrelle. It speaks volumes that the German people would be saddled with both onorous Versailles Treaty as well as trumped up "Holocaust" reparations for so many decades after the end of World War II. And frankly, these things remain ominous indicators for both America and Britain.
The same political and ideological poison and distortions of reality that would cause American and British "leaders" to be so cruel, unjust, and vindictive towards the Germans has boomeranged with longstanding anti-nationalist policies in both countries that has resulted in Zionist-controlled mainstream media, massive pro-Third world demographic changes through "open borders," mass moral degradation through "cultural Marxism," mass loss of key industries through the influence of Jewish run investment banks that treat economics like a transactional global casino, and myriad other evils that are literally turning these once great nations into permanently shattered, bankrupt, Third World countries.
Long run, what goes around comes around.]
2010-08-02 The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion by Brother Nathanael Kapner,
2010-06-01 Michael Collins Piper interview with John de Nugent, MP3 download here. Among other topics, John de Nugent discussed recent news stories about Israeli aggression against peaceful protestors in the relief flotilla in international waters off Gaza. He also explained how Neanderthal inheritance among Jews can also be found to some extent among many Arab groups in general. See the May/June 2010 special issue of The Barnes Review "The Revenge of the Neanderthal" and Appendix 6 to Part 6 of the "Iceland Gets `Enroned'" series for more background on ethnic-genetic distance concepts and Jewish Neanderthalism.
2010-03-03 Mossad Comes to America: Death Squads by Invitation The principle propaganda mouthpiece of the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (PMAJO), the Daily Alert (DA), has come out in full support for Israel’s practice of extra-judicial, extra-territorial assassination. by James Petras. As "Jewish Lightning" moves upscale with rising Jewish influence from the local to the national level, so does "Murder Incorporated."
COINTELPRO Revisited: Spying & Disruption
By Brian Glick
2007-12-09 Jews Plotted The Armenian Holocaust! # 18 by Brother Naphanael Kapner
2006-12-26 The Holohoax "Holocaust" Hoax,

There's no business like Shoah business! Or at least there was no business like it. With Iran's staging of a conference in Tehran on the "Holocaust" (Shoah) hoax, and the release of the historian David Irving after serving 400 days in an Austrian jail for comments he made in a 1989 speech, the controversy over fictitious accounts of WWII will not go away until these beliefs are finally laid to rest along with the flat Earth and the geocentric solar system.

The Zionist Mafia's conspiracy theory, of a secret plot involving "gas chambers" to murder six million Jews and five million undesirables and turn them into soap and lampshades, has proved immensely lucrative for them, but is now collapsing before their eyes. Some of the wackiest claims have long been abandoned, such as the soap and lampshades. And the "death camps in Germany proper" theories soon collapsed when independent observers were able to see that the tales were unsubstantiated. It is now widely accepted even by Shoah promoters that Bergen-Belsen in north-west Germany was not a "death camp" and had no gas chambers, although some individuals still claim to have survived "the gas chambers" at Belsen. Stalin and Beria refused to allow observers entry to Poland, which is how the "death camps in Poland" claims were widely believed for decades. Both German and Polish "death camps" claims were supported by multiple eyewitnesses. The Romans had a maxim for this: falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

World Zionism's problem is that none of their claims of "gas chambers" and an "extermination program" can hold up unless one postulates wholesale revision of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic, and / or psychology. Indeed, given that the laws of thermochemistry appear to be mysteriously suspended whenever the Zionist Mafia is conducting some multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise, if it weren't so expensive we could pay them to do it all the time and solve the world's energy crisis at a stroke.

For example, coke deliveries at Auschwitz from February 1942 to October 1943 amounted to 1032.5 tonnes, an average of nearly 50 tonnes per month which would be 1,800 tonnes over three years. Even at only 1 million dead, that equates to only 1.8 kg of coke per body (and Lech Walesa announced 1.5 million as the official death toll in 1995, revised down from the previous claim of 4 million with no reduction in the headline "six million" total). Zionists have also attempted to explain the wide discrepancy between the "four million" and "somewhat over one million" figures by saying that the former included everyone and the latter excluded non-Jews; hence the true total is still more like four million, which leaves about a pound of coke to cremate each body.

In our universe, it is not possible to do (even multiple) cremations at 1.8 kg of coke per body; 3.5 kg of coke (105 MJ) would just about boil the water if, somehow, it had been extracted and placed in a vessel beforehand - without even beginning to supply the energy required to denature the proteins or heat the firebricks. A realistic estimate of 30 kg of coke per body gives us 2,000 tonnes (say) / 0.03 tonnes = 66,667 bodies capacity.

The Topf firm had managed to extend the lifespan of the firebricks from 2,000 to 3,000 cremations. There is no evidence that any of the 46 muffles at Birkenau ever had any brickwork replaced, which places their maximum capacity at 46 x 3,000 = 138,000 cremations. There are records indicating that firebricks were replaced at one double-muffle oven at Auschwitz I, so the total capacity for its three double-muffle ovens is (6 + 2) x 3,000 = 24,000. So 138,000 plus 24,000 is a maximum nominal capacity of 162,000 bodies.

It takes 60 to 70 minutes to cremate a human body, with modern cremators. Each Auschwitz cremation oven was in existence for about 600 days. They could not be run 24/7, and there was a significant proportion of downtime for repairs and maintenance. If we say 12 hours / 1 hour = 12 cremations per day per muffle for 600 days, the maximum capacity would be 12 x 52 x 600 = 374,400 bodies. Again, even this is well short of one million.

Zionist spin doctors tried to claim that economies of scale were obtained by simultaneously shoving up to eight bodies into the same muffle. In fact, there is not only the problem of a lower absorbing target area to mass ratio, but in addition the gas velocity is increased as the muffle cross-section is effectively reduced (rather as a river must speed up at shallower or narrower sections), hence there is less time for radiative transfer from the gas and a greater proportion of the heat in the products is vented out through the chimney. Modern cremators are more efficient; the combustion of the fuel takes place inside the muffle itself and the burners are directed towards the corpse, so incineration times are lower than with otherwise comparable coal or coke-fired units.

When the Zionists suggest that the difference was made up by some cremations being carried out in open pits, this does not help their "theory". It requires at least 200 kg of wood (in India they reckon on 300 kg) per body to cremate in the open air, i.e., 20,000 tonnes of wood per 100,000 bodies. A Douglas fir, for example, provides 800 to 900 kg of merchantable wood. If we say one tonne of wood per tree, and 20,000 trees to cremate 100,000 bodies over three years, that is about 18 trees per day to be felled, sawed and transported to the burning pits by the loggers - for each 100,000 that this method is claimed for (and no accounting for the lack of evidence of wood and bone ash). There were claims of second-hand motor oil being used, and let's be generous and assume a mere 40 kg per corpse. At around 0.85 kg/lit, it would take 4.7 million liters of motor oil for every 100,000 bodies. You can just imagine it: "Achtung! Please send us a few tins of used oil; ve haf some pigs to burn." "How many bodies?" "Nearly a million!" [Calculates how much oil is required.] "Duh!"

The cyanide content of walls of the delousing chambers ranged from 1,035 to 13,500 mg/kg. In contrast, the walls of the alleged "gas chambers" exhibited zero or trace levels of up to 7.9mg/kg. These levels were regarded as too low to be reliably interpreted as indicating anything other than a building selected at random.

It would not make any sort of sense to employ Zyklon B for mass murder. If you could persuade hundreds of people to strip and then carry on filing into a room like sheep for 20 minutes or more until they were packed so tightly that each had about 10" by 20" of area, they would suffocate within an hour if the room were airtight. (And the fact that there were no showers should have been something of a giveaway as the first prisoners went in, so new laws of psychology must be proposed at this point, in addition to explaining the "meeting of minds" theory that was supposed to account for the lack of documentary evidence of the plot.) For a cyanide mass murder, the guards would have to wait longer than this before cyanide concentrations had decreased to a safe level (even for those wearing gas masks). Witnesses do not report that full body armor was used; some claim that the Germans were eating and smoking as they dragged the bodies out. Compared to simple asphyxiation, the cyanide method would be slower, costlier, and more dangerous for the guards.

And the Zionist lies for other camps such as Treblinka are even feebler. They claimed that Diesel engines were used to kill the prisoners with carbon monoxide. Zionist logic went like this: gasoline engine exhaust can kill, Diesel engine exhaust smells worse, hence Diesel engine exhaust can kill. In their ignorance, they did not realise that Diesel engines operate with a surplus of oxygen and do not produce nearly enough carbon monoxide to kill unless they are run close to full load. All in all, the physical evidence converges on the official death book and Red Cross figures which are at least an order of magnitude lower than the hyped-up figures for deaths at those concentration camps claimed to be "death camps". The lower, realistic figures are consistent with natural deaths due to typhus epidemics and a breakdown in supplies as a result of Allied bombing. According to the German records captured at Oranienburg by the Soviet Army in April 1945, the total deaths (from all causes) in the entire German prison camp system over ten years was 403,713. The total for Auschwitz was 73,137, of whom 38,031 were Jews.

As for Treblinka, 870,000 exhumed and cremated in the space of four months would require at least 200 kg of wood per body in the open air. With a typical tree providing about one tonne of wood, some 174,000 trees would have been required, 1426 per day or 89 per hour to be felled, chopped and transported for a 16-hour day with no breaks. Even with 100 loggers, each would have only 67 minutes to fell, chop and transport the wood and return to start on the next load. Sure enough, there is no evidence of soil disturbance, or of human or wood ashes, and in their desperation, the hoaxers have even resorted to concreting over the site to thwart any further investigation!

Any quantitative analysis of the "Holocaust" claims will soon reveal the intellectual bankruptcy, moral depravity, and scientific illiteracy of the promoters. And if the claimed version is true, why on Earth should the promoters find it necessary to fake photos?

It would also make no sense whatsoever for a country that was fighting for its very survival, against the US, USSR, UK, and almost the entire world, to divert so many resources to an extermination programme - and in an occupied country to boot. The US / UK, etc, cannot even maintain full control of Iraq and Afghanistan!

One theory requires that we revise scientific and natural law, with revisionists lying in order to have their careers ruined, face jail sentences or heavy fines, get blown up / beaten up, etc. Another theory has witnesses lying for money or because of peer pressure or to try to avoid further torture, and is consistent with our scientific and natural law. Haven't these guys ever heard of Occam's Razor? There is only one place for a conspiracy theory that requires scrapping the laws of physics, chemistry, etc - the deepest rubbish bin!

Readers should question the official version of events they have been sold by their governments, look at this book or this book by Germar Rudolf (it will not take long to see why the Zionist Mafia decided they had to jail him!), and check out some of the calculations above. World Wars One and Two were fought specifically so the Mafia could obtain their sovereign state of Israel. They needed a base for weapons (which turned out to be nuclear) and for (Mossad) terrorist training camps, in order to extend their leverage on Western governments. And they needed a sanctuary for scoundrels to flee to, whenever they embezzled from US companies, or looted the Russian state, etc. Jewish extremists are terrorising governments with bombs on trains and nuclear blackmail in order to enforce their protection racket. It would make no sense at all for Islamic extremists to bomb trains and crash planes, in both cases sacrificing their lives in order to furnish Zionists with a pretext to invade and loot Islamic countries.

The claim of "six million" dead or dying Jews was regularly promoted since 1900 - with Rabbi Stephen S Wise a major player. He attended the Second Zionist Congress in Basel in 1898, where the plot was hatched. Wise spoke of "6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism" back in 1900, and was aggressively pushing the "six million dead or dying Jews" hoax in 1942, after Martin Glynn had tried in vain to launch the very same hoax in 1919. It turned out that the hoax was believable only in the context of a world war that had killed more than 50 million people, which is why two world wars were required. Israel was formed on the back of the holohoax, along with the aid of Jewish terrorism such as the King David Hotel bombing of 1946.

Now the debate has moved on from the matter of whether there was a Jewish "Holocaust", to topics such as Hitler's economics and Germany's economic miracle of the 1930s. At this link of Michael Piper archives, listen to the Thursday December 7 broadcast, which points out that far from being a tool of the international bankers, Hitler was eliminated because he was liberating Germany from their stranglehold by creating a bartering system between nations. As we have seen time and again, any nation whose leader refuses to sell out his people and pay the Zionist Mafia their percentage will be attacked by the other corrupted puppet states.

Finally, this paper by Professor Robert Faurisson for the December 2006 Tehran "Holocaust" Conference is well worth a look at.

Revised December 26, 2006 Take Our World Back!

1978 The Chapter "Part III, Organized Crime" from Dope, Inc.: Britain's opium war against the U.S; The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy by Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey Steinberg. [Editor's Note: This chapter helps to explain what appears on the surface to be an extremely weird political alliance between the Joe Kennedy faction of the Irish Catholic community and the British Crown against WASPs. In The New Babylon, Michael Collins Piper explains how the Queen of England and better than half of the British aristocracy have Jewish blood as a consequence of a long term intermarriage program promulgated by Jews after they were let back into Britain beginning with the reign of Oliver Cromwell. Therefore, this was really a continuation of the Jewish-Catholic alliance that also involved Italian Catholics as well as Irish Catholics in the totally corrupt political machines that arose in New York City, Chicago, and other major American cities by the early 20th century. The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor (PDF) by Lyndon LaRouche and the Executive Intelligence Review Staff provides additional background on the "British organized crime" side of the global Jewish organized crime network, now largely headed by Mossad-CIA. The following extract from "Part III, Organized Crime" describes Kennedy's dislike for WASPs and his alliance with what other sources have documented as "crypto Jews" (like Winston Churchill) in the British establishment:

The rise to power

Papa Joe Kennedy did not have to struggle like the Bronfmans did to make their name and money in the world of crime — he was born into it. Joe's father P. J. Kennedy was one of the shanty town mobsters of late 19th century Boston.

P. J. began his rise to fortune as a tavern keeper who bought his way into the corrupt Democratic Party machine (a machine that, like the Jacob Astor-Aaron Burr power system in New York, had its roots in opium trafficking). Once he had obtained a seat on the ward's Democratic Committee at the age of 26, P. J. gave up his tavern and went into the more lucrative wholesale liquor business. Two years later in 1886 he began the first of five consecutive terms in the Massachusetts State Legislature. By 1896, he was part of the triumvirate of Kennedy-Donovan-Corbett, known as the Board of Strategy, which controlled the Democratic organization in Boston. But it was common knowledge that the secret to P. J. Kennedy's political success was his control of the local crime ring, the "McGuire Gang." (5)

Joe Kennedy's mother sadly recognized that with her husband, her social pretensions could never be realized for herself. Kennedy's public image was so filthy that he could not even Qualify for entry into the "High Irish" social circles of Boston, let along the Brahmin elite centered around the opium smuggling Perkins family. She set her hopes on her children. It was Joe Kennedy's marriage into the Fitzgerald family (over the vehement protests of his father-in-law, Boston's High Irish Mayor "Honey" Fitzgerald) that launched the Kennedy family into high society.

Nevertheless, when Joe Kennedy went to Harvard he was snubbed and ridiculed by his Brahmin classmates, who never missed a chance to remind him of his family's seedy history. Joseph bitterly referred time and again to his rejection by the exclusive "final clubs," Harvard's most desired status symbol. (6) After World War I, Kennedy was employed by Galen Stone, a partner in the prestigious Hayden, Stone and Co., a Boston Hat street investment house with ties to the Rothschilds.

While there, he made his first contacts with the British aristocracy. Kennedy got wind that one of Hayden, Stone's clients, the British company of Robertson-Cole Pictures, was in the throes of a credit squeeze. The ambitious Irishman went to London to seek the purchase of the company's U.S. distribution affiliate, the Film Booking Company. He was turned down flat. Within a month, however, Lord Inverforth arrived in Boston to take Kennedy up on the offer.

Through a subsequent merger With Ideal Films Ltd. Kennedy founded what was described at the time as the "first genuinely reciprocal exchange of production and distribution facilities between British and American companies." (7) Kennedy's joint ventures with the British soon produced RKO studios, ushering in British financial and cultural domination of Hollywood.

Kennedy's film ventures were also noteworthy for another reason. Lord Inverforth later showed up during World War II working closely with British Secret Intelligence Services chief William Stephenson ("Intrepid"). (8) The Robertson-Cole deal was Kennedy's first contact with Britain's aristocratic high command.

In 1929, Kennedy joined with Blair and Co., a firm operated by Elisha Walker, later of Kuhn, Loeb, and Jacques Monnet, to bid for control of A. P. Giannini's Transamerican Co., the controlling company for the Bank of America. The attempt failed, but Kennedy gained another invaluable contact. Jacques Monnet had come to North America to represent his family's liquor business, Monnet et Cie., in dealings with the Hudson's Bay Company.

In the period that Kennedy was working with Blair and Co., Monnet was traveling to Shanghai on a financial mission for the League of Nations. Since the delegation came on the invitation of notorious opium dealer T.V. Soong, and given Monnet's associations with the Hudson's Bay, it is likely that more was on the agenda than the financing of Chinese railroads.

Papa Joe also had business liaisons with the seamier side of the illegal distribution market. During his own bootlegging days in Prohibition, Kennedy entered into a coalition with Newark's Reinfeld Syndicate, which it will be recalled was 50 percent owned by the Bronfman gang. Joe retained his business dealings with the syndicate thugs all the way until 1946. At that time, in preparation for the launching of his sons' political careers, Joe sold his liquor company, Somerset Importers Ltd., for $8 million to the "Renfield Importers" — a revised version of the Reinfeld Syndicate. (9)

As the end of Prohibition approached, Kennedy again turned to London where Winston Churchill personally approved the grant to Joe of the British distillers' franchise for the American market. Through Kennedy's Somerset Importers Ltd. and Renfield Importers, Kennedy marketed Dewar's scotch, Gordon's gin, Ron Rico rum, and Haig and Haig. (10)

But as Papa Joe made clear early in the game, he was not in it for the money. His goal was to build a political dynasty, and his wife produced nine children in succession to get it going. Churchill's nod of approval and the cash flow accompanying it signaled that the British were ready to take advantage of Joe Kennedy's political ambitions.


Links to Additional Commentary Pertaining to the Persecution of Henrik Holappa in America and Other Civil Liberties-related Issues by William B. Fox

2012-06-23 How Racial Realities in Europe and Theories of Entrepreneurial Business Competition Provide Important Perspectives to Help Diagnose "What Is Ailing America". This is an extended essay that I have added to my Articles Archive web page.
2012-05-31 Government and Major Media Denial and Cover-ups Regarding Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation: How Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Thinking They Still Live in a Free Society and How `Deep' or `Mobile Defense' Tactical Concepts Have Been Used to Control Them. This is the most recent update of my special essay provided on my Chernobyl Catastrophe web page.

2011-11-22 "From de Richelieu to Robespierre: How the History of France Provides a Grim Warning For Dispossessed WASPs in America and Elsewhere" and "Alex Jones and others protest the `Big Sis' police state: Is Janet Napolitano a "Suspicious Individual" or "Person of Special Interest" Regarding Anti-WASP Genocidal Tyranny in America? in Part V of of the Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror series by William B. Fox.

Significant links pertaining to the continuing saga of John de Nugent, host of Henrik Holappa during his stay in the U.S.A.

Appendix C: An Aside Regarding: False Flag Theory and Conjecture. Is it possible that the author of this web page may have been intended as an opportunistic patsy while trying to organize a Fukushima-related conference in Oslo? to Appendix VI of the Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror series by William B. Fox. This article lists Internet postings by Henrik Holappa where he heavily criticizes John de Nugent. In addition, de Nugent admitted to this author in Jan 2011 the possibility that his very traumatic childhood may have involved MKULTRA programming. He can't remember anything before age 10. This suggests a whole new level of complexity in trying to understand his own activist activities, as well as how people who associate with him might be affected. Among other things, it is possible that he has a fractured personality, in which on a conscious level he sincerely wants to support white survival and white civil rights, but on a subconscious level he has been subjected to mind control by hostile entities like Mossad-CIA-MI6 or FBI COINTELPRO who want to induce him to become an agent provocateur, or other wise engage in activities that "raise the social costs" to political dissidents. "Raising the costs" is an openly admitted strategy used by Israelis to persecute Palestinians on the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and seems to be part of the current American police strategy that seeks to "Israelize" the entire U.S. into an occupied "West Bank" with the growing police state. See, for example, US Adopts Nazi Policy Of Indefinite Psychiatric Detention For Political Views, August 22, 2012, (Actually the title would be more accurate if it used "Nazi-Soviet-Zionist" in the place of just "Nazi" to underscore the many different kinds of ideological permutations that can accompany hard core tyranny and totalitarianism) I am personally caught in a quandary, because if the MKULTRA hypothesis is true, the only way responsible citizens can defeat it is to go public with it. I have urged John to go public with this possibility. Paradoxically, it can work to his advantage as a pro-white civil rights activist, because it demonstrates just one more way that the Zio-Federal establishment sticks evil tentacles into just about everything, and one more way that de Nugent himself has been victimized on a personal level by Zionists who ultimately control Mossad-CIA-MI6.

Interestingly enough, CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus has admitted to a CIA scheme to chip appliances to track and spy on people everywhere. See The CIA to use Home Appliances as Spies by Rob Waugh, Alex Jones has noted that whenever NSA, CIA, DOD, and other major Federal agencies propose new policies, it usually means they have already been "beta testing" it on a mass scale on the general public for quite some time. In Former Governor Jesse Ventura explains that CIA Embedded in Many State Governments (YouTube) (10:00), uploaded Sept 10, 2009, the YouTube caption states "Former governor Jesse Ventura talks about his experience of having been interrogated by the CIA after having won the election. He also states that his state had an embedded CIA agent working in a bureaucratic position that did not change when the new governor was elected." Lastly, in my "Obama Nation" (Part I) and the "Black Angel of Death" (Part II) components of my From Bad to Worse to Disaster series on Barack Hussein Obama II, I link to strong evidence provided by former U.S. Naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen and others that "Obama" is a fabrication of the CIA, which really means Mossad-CIA-MI6 controlled by the Rothschilds / City of London and their highest level "Bilderberg" associates.

Update on Henrik Holappa's Situation
(From the Henrik Holappa web page)

Henrik Holappa arrested in Norway; Canadian website shut down with no charges filed, by John de Nugent, October 27, 2012. Also posted at John de Nugent's web site here. Editor's Note: I have not had a dialog with Henrik Holappa since he was deported back to Finland. I do not know what he was doing in the mountains of Norway. According to the latest information provided at de Nugent's web site, he was arrested while visiting the city of Bergen and is being charged with the possession of firearms and ammunition held in a mountain cabin. (This would not be a problem in the United States where we still cherish the Second Amendment right to bear arms). Is Norway cooperating with a continuing international strategy ultimately promoted by Rothschilds / City of London / Mossad-CIA-MI6 malefactors and their controlled globalist media minions to continually harass and criminalize pro-white dissidents?. In my research on the Oslo/Utoya 7/22 false flag attack, I uncovered strong evidence that Norway's government and security establishment has been heavily "Finlandized" by these very same evil people.

In Part 1 of my Oslo/Utoya 7/22 series, I examine strong evidence that the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings were ultimately orchestrated by Mossad-CIA-MI6 (which comprises the MIHOP or "Made It Happen On Purpose" component) with acquiescence by high level Norwegian government officials (who comprise the LIHOP or "Let It Happen On Purpose" lower tier component). We learn about about how a Norwegian Justice Minister was persecuted for criticizing Norway's secret police called the PST. In addition, according to Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde in the interview extract provided below, the former Chief of the Norwegian Secret police (PST), Janne Kristiansen, "came out and she said that it is not possible to prevent something like this [the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings] unless the population is micro-chipped."

All of this sounds pretty Orwellian and scary to me, particularly when one considers strong evidence that the whole Oslo/Utoya 7/22 affair originated "top-down" as a high level false flag inside job that had nothing to do with the general population. Therefore, Kristiansen's suggestion that the general Norwegian population needs to be enslaved with microchips to help prevent a repeat Oslo/Utoya 7/22 events is a big lie. Furthermore, Norway's secret police (PST) probably aided and abetted this crime on a LIHOP level, particularly given evidence provided by Webster Tarpley that Norway's security establishment has been heavily infiltrated by Mossad-CIA-MI6 and NATO-directed "Operation Gladio" units. (Please see Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag: More Than One Shooter on Island; Oslo Police Drilled Bomb Blasts; Was It NATO’s Revenge for Norway’s Decision to Stop Bombing Libya? by Webster G. Tarpley, 24 July 2011, Ph.D.

I abhor the idea of microchipping humans, however, I would also observe (for satirical purposes) that if any potential criminal suspects somehow need to be microchipped, the first priority should be the leaders of the PST and other high level Norwegian government officials who engaged in LIHOP with Oslo/Utoya 7/22 before any members of the general Norwegian public come under consideration. The microchip tracking results should then be displayed real time on the Internet so that the Norwegian people can see what the duplicitous clowns who pretend to be their leaders are doing at all times. Maybe they can even replace these "leaders" when they start acting too criminal, incompetent, or treasonous. With people like Kristiansen in positions of authority, the Nordic reputation for being relatively rational, honest, and level-headed starts sinking fast.

Incidentally, as noted on the introductory page to my Oslo/Utoya 7/22 series, I am writing all of this from my own personal perspective as a "51% Norwegian American". Please also see my section "Norwegian Government and Establishment Media Questionable Behavior Patterns" in Part 2 of my Oslo-Utoya 7/22 series, and in particular, please note the mention of the books "The Power Behind the Power" and "Sleep, My Little Norway" by Norwegian writer Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, as described in the article The interview that Norwegian newspapers would not print by Hans Gaardner,, 28 Feb 2009. Please also see Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway by Frank Aune, [English Translation], 11 Jan 2009. Last, but not least, please see the Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update: Fukushima Radiation and Oslo/Utoya 7/22 False Flag More Ominous Than Ever (Transcript), dated 12 Sept 2012. I was a fellow guest with Lawrence Livermore Lab whistleblower Leuren Moret on Dr. James Fetzer's Real Deal talk show. Among other things, I describe evidence that Norway coercively incarcerates more than five times the per capita rate of people in psychiatric hospitals compared to neighboring Sweden and Denmark because it is employing "Soviet" or "Stalinist"-style methods to shut up political dissidents. (Please see Political prisoners in the Kingdom of Norway, by Armin Bahrami, [English Translation], 24 Oct 2009). I also explain other reasons why I have started to develop an "attitude" towards certain top Norwegian government officials, who I now view as "Finlandized" Quislings of the Zionist New World Order -- complete traitors and sell-outs to Norway's legitimate national interests, sovereignty, and traditional Norwegian values (particular of the 19th century "romantic nationalist" period). They are also blood enemies of traditional American conservative (or "WASP") values.

The following is an extract from Part 1 of my Oslo/Utoya 7/22 series where I examine possible motives for the false flag operation:


Possible Motive:Keep Norway joined at the hip in the phony "war on terror" both in terms of internal police state development and participation in foreign imperial ventures

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde

2011-08-04 Erik Palmgren interview with Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde – The Norway Massacre, Anders Behring Breivik & Mind Control, Red Ice Radio, Sweden, transcript:


Dr. Luukanen-Kilde: Yes, but one thing that struck me was that for three days, the PST, which is the civilian secret police of Norway, did not react. And even Anne Holt who is a criminal author, not criminal, but I mean writing about criminal things.
Erik Palmgren: That is right, yes.
Dr. L-K: And so she was for two months our Justice Minister, until in my mind she was beamed to bleeding so badly inside, because she tried to take an order for the secret services and their criminality and their criminal actions and whatever, and so she had to resign. So she came out now and said that, just a minute, I am blocked, somebody doesn't want me to say what she said! Yes, she was very much against, or criticizing the PST, the secret police, that they had not opened their mouth for three days. And then it hit me why they hadn't said anything -- anything. Whatever. And then Janne Kristiansen, it is a lady who is the Chief of the Secret Police now in Norway, she came out and she said that it is not possible to prevent something like this unless the population is micro-chipped. And then she added, but we don't yet think that could be done. Will be done. Imagine! Imagine!! Now that is something. So that is something that is coming, because that is already planned in the United States. Obama's health law which has not been accepted in the Senate as I have understood yet, there as a first nation in the world, he says he does not use the word "microchip." He uses another word, but it is a microchip, that it will be compulsory for all Americans to have a chip.


In the following interview excerpt, Dr. Luukanen-Kilde addresses the possibility that Breivik is under mind control. She notes that the Norwegian Justice Minister invited Mossad-CIA to visit Breivik in his cell, which would obviously offer opportunities to coach Breivik as a patsy, as well as reinforce any longstanding mind control programs over him


Erik Palmgren: That is the only thing that would explain to me, and again I am not putting it past anybody, of course. I am not here to discount the way that things are happening, or even the way it is unfolding, because again if we can still go back of this idea, Rauni, that if he is a sleeper, if he is a mind control agent, he might have pulled all this off himself, and it does make sense. The timeline is there. It still implies that someone else is behind his programming, if you know what I mean.
Dr. Dr. Luukanen-Kilde: Absolutely. You don't program yourself, and it takes years to program somebody. And who is doing the programming, normally? It is very interesting that I heard that our justice minister would have called and asked Mossad to come here, I read that in fact a Mossad representative is coming --
Palmgren: Yes.
Dr. L-K: And then MI5 and CIA. Of course they are always here, hidden, but I mean officially now. My question is what are they doing here? Are not Norwegians good enough to investigate by themselves? Or are they coming to investigate the man, reprogramming him, or programming him, or what are they doing, because they are experts. They are the ones who are doing all these programmings...


In Part IV I provide overwhelming evidence that prime suspect Anders Breivik was put through a "show trial" which ignored strong evidence that other assassins were on Utoya Island. There were myriad other "red flags" ignored by the trial that pointed towards a state-sponsored false flag operation. I cover them in my investigative series.

In view of all of this, I am reasonably suspicious of the motives of the Norwegian government officials who arrested Henrik Holappa in Bergen.


Web Sites Web site of John de Nugent.





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