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Roland Carnaby, a former CIA station chief, at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, gunned down in April 2008 by Houston police while monitoring Mossad operations. According to Wayne Madsen, the Mossad has been smuggling American plutonium for Israeli nuclear weapons through the port of Houston, as well as preparing the area for a second 9/11-type false flag attack.


Chapter 30

The Mayday Alert and the
Assassination of Roland Carnaby

First posted Feb 2010
Last updated 3 Oct 2011

In this chapter we will explore the possibility that former CIA station chief Roland Carnaby may have helped prevent a possible false flag WMD event in the greater Seattle and Houston areas in the April-May 2008 time frame. Carnaby was shot dead by Houston police under suspicious circumstances in April 2008.
High-level "push-back" has been an important recurring theme in this series. In Chapter 25 we looked at high level U.S. military in the summer 2007 B-52 "Loose Nukes" affair, and in Chapter 26 we looked at Russia vs. the New World Order with the Vladimir Putin trip to Tehran the first day of TOPOFF. In this chapter I will present strong evidence of a "dual CIA" as well as a "dual Mossad" and even a "dual U.S. military" with separate chains of command.

According to Wayne Madsen, Carnaby monitored Mossad efforts to smuggle American plutonium through the port of Houston to augment Israeli nuclear weapons. Israel has plutonium production problems and fears a potential "weapons gap" with Pakistan and possibly Iran; hence its extreme aggressiveness about finding ways to destabilize and neuter both Islamic countries.
Carnaby was also on top of quite a few other high level intrigues both at home and abroad. Madsen claims that Carnaby, who was of Lebanese descent, was in touch with major factions in Lebanon and helped foil an assassination plan plotted by Israel in Lebanon to start another Mideast War. He was also a close personal friend of former CIA Director and U.S. President George H. W. Bush, who lives in the Houston area. In fact, the Carnaby family called upon Bush Sr. to testify about their personal friendship and Carnaby's longstanding service as a key CIA operative following Carnaby's likely assassination.
Carnaby worked out of an office building in Houston used by the CIA, whose 9th floor comprises the "office of George Bush." After Carnaby was shot dead, police found in his personal phone roster the home phone number of former CIA Director George Tenet.
All of this raises another intriguing question, namely whether George H. W. Bush, working through people like Carnaby, has himself has been an important source of behind the scenes "push-back."
Bush Sr. certainly has plausible motives to get back at Israel. During Persian Gulf War I, after America and its allies expelled Iraqis from Kuwait, Bush Sr. resisted calls to march on Baghdad, even to the point of allowing major remnants of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard to escape. According to many sources, Bush Sr. was never been particularly happy with his son George W's decision to charge into Afghanistan and Iraq, having the same general fear that Capt. May expressed in his 12 Aug 1992 Houston Chronicle article "Success of Desert Storm Being Judged Unfairly" about getting the U.S. overextended in quicksand wars.
Bush Sr. also blocked an Israeli request to fund more West Bank settlements. His resistance inspired enough Jewish Lobby wrath to defeat his run for a second term in the 1992 Presidential election.
Last, but not least, Israelis even tried to kill Bush Sr. In Andrew I. Killgore's review of the book "The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda" by former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky, Killgore states:

Particularly shocking to American readers is Ostrovsky's claim that a right-wing clique within Mossad decided, unbeknownst to then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, to assassinate President George Bush when the president was in Madrid at the end of October 1991 for the opening of Arab-Israeli peace talks. Evidence was to be manufactured implicating the Palestinians. The clique believed that Shamir would have ordered the assassination himself if he hadn't been gagged by "politics" because the American president had frozen U.S. loan guarantees to Israel.

Before continuing further with Carnaby, Bush, and one part of the "dual CIA," and strong evidence of their role in thwarting a repeat false flag attack on U.S. soil, let us first start with the events that began to unfold in the months just before Roland Carnaby's death.
Despite the fact that the release of the National Intelligence Estimate in Dec 2007 took the wind out of the Bush Jr.'s case for war with Iran, the drums of war started banging hard once again by March 2008, in line with Capt. May's Dec 2007 prediction covered in Chapter 27.
Part of the renewed Zionist neocon move to war involved weeding out high level military personnel capable of providing "push-back." Justin Raimondo, the star columnist for, released on March 12, 2008 his article: “`Fox’ Fallon Fired". (Originally titled: "Fox Fallon Fired – And we’re f*cked…”):

“If, in the dying light of the Bush administration, we go to war with Iran,” says the March Esquire, “it’ll all come down to one man. If we do not go to war with Iran, it’ll come down to the same man.” The piece describes this top military figure as the last obstacle to the Bush administration’s persistent push for war with Iran: “It’s left to” him and him “alone … to argue that, as he told al-Jazeera last fall: ‘This constant drumbeat of conflict … is not helpful and not useful. I expect that there will be no war, and that is what we ought to be working [for].’”
That was Adm. William “Fox” Fallon speaking, top U.S. commander in the Middle East, last of the Vietnam vets in the high command, and, yes, the very same Adm. Fallon who has just submitted his resignation as head of Central Command. What makes this particularly ominous is that, according to former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst Patrick Lang, Fallon told him, upon taking over at Centcom, that war with Iran “isn’t going to happen on my watch.” Lang asked him how he thought he could stop it: “‘I have options, you know,’ Fallon responded, which Lang interpreted as implying Fallon would step down rather than follow orders he considers mistaken.”
Do I really need to draw you a picture to get you to imagine what’s coming next? This is as clear a signal as any that the Bush administration intends to go out with a bang – one that will shake not only the Middle East but this country to its very foundations.
In a statement, Fallon hinted at the reason for his resignation:

“Recent press reports suggesting a disconnect between my views and the president’s policy objectives have become a distraction at a critical time and hamper efforts in the Centcom region. And although I don’t believe there have ever been any differences about the objectives of our policy in the Central Command Area of Responsibility, the simple perception that there is makes it difficult for me to effectively serve America’s interests there.”

What “efforts” is he hampering but the effort to drag us into another war?
Fallon has long been a thorn in the administration’s side: while in Egypt, on a tour of his Centcom command, he assured President Hosni Mubarak that there would be no attack on Iran, which leaked to the Egyptian media. Washington was livid. “I’m in hot water, again,” he confided to Thomas P.M. Barnett, the Esquire journalist who accompanied him on his trip.
He’s been in hot water with administration hawks – including the president, wildest hawk of them all – before. Last fall, he was quoted by Pentagon insiders as calling Gen. David Petraeus an “ass-kissing little chickensh*t” for telling the president what he wanted to hear on Iraq and the “surge”…

In his 30 March article “Spring Fling in Iran – Updating World War III,” Capt May commented:

Many insiders believe that the Bush administration has already promised Israel and the Jewish lobby a war with Iran before it leaves office in January, 2009. That may be so, and there are strong indicators that this spring may have been chosen to begin the war. My purpose in enumerating them is not to predict an attack on Iran this spring, but only to examine them the possibility of such an attack.
Iraq is deteriorating. General Petraeus will perform for Congress next week, doing another Pinocchio imitation as he pretends that he is not a puppet -- or is, at any rate, a puppet without strings attached. It will be a tough act to pull off, though, as Bush's favorite general will have to explain just why it is that, after we have maxed out our military to conduct a surge, the three biggest cities in Iraq are in turmoil. Mosul, Baghdad and Basra are all exploding -- as is the US "Green Zone," which has come under heavy fire in the last week. It will be even more interesting if anyone has the gumption to ask him how he can call the surge a success when the Turks are attacking the Kurds in northern Iraq and the Iranian president is welcomed like a savior in the streets of Baghdad. Petraeus may be tipping Bush's hand by saying that Iran is to blame for the crisis in Iraq.
Israel is mobilizing. The Jewish state will conduct the largest domestic defense exercises in its history beginning April 6 and lasting all week. Defense exercises can be indicators of offensive intentions, and an attack on Iran may well be in the works. It's far-fetched to suppose that the Israelis are worried about an unprovoked Iranian attack against them, since Israel is one of the world's most potent military powers. It has plenty of state-of-the-art US equipment and a nuclear arsenal of around 200 warheads (another little bit of reality kept from the American people by its leaders).
The hawks are flying. Earlier this month, Dick Cheney flew to the Middle East to visit Iraq, and then confer with amiable Persian Gulf oil monarchs before reporting to Israel. The last time Cheney made the rounds with these Arabian petro princes was just before the invasion of Iraq. Ominously, the day after his visit to Saudi Arabia, that country's controlled media reported that its government was making plans to react to nuclear fallout blowing its way from Iran.
John McCain flew to Iraq for long enough to conflate Iran with Al Qaeda. He repeated the conflation in Israel. McCain apologists suggest a string of senior moments, but his comments suggest that Iran is a target. McCain is an Israeli favorite because he is the son of Admiral John McCain, the officer in charge of the Navy cover-up of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS liberty. Israeli airplanes and patrol boats strafed and torpedoed the Liberty to sink it and kill all survivors. It was a classic false flag operation, assisted by the Johnson administration, intended to be blamed on Egypt to bring us into the 1967 Middle Eastern war. The Israelis may be counting on the old saying "like father like son."
Jewish Joseph Lieberman chaperoned the fuzzy-brained McCain, and whispered guidance into his ear from time to time. Lieberman was a key senator in starting a war with Iraq, and he has thrown his weight behind those who want to start a war with Iran. The 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate enjoys media Teflon treatment for his Neocon-ism, but much of the Internet alternative media considers him an Israel-firster.
Sense has been sacked. Bush forced Admiral "Fox" Fallon, the CENTCOM commander, from command on March 11. Fallon was laudable for two strong opinions. The first was that Petraeus, his subordinate, was an odious Bush League sycophant, "an ass-kissing little chicken sh*t," to be specific. The second was that a war with Iran was a bad idea, and that the people who are pushing for it were not considering the national interest -- or at any rate not the US national interest.

In his April 5, 2008 article “A General Debate on Iraq: Odom vs. Petraeus” Capt May explained how neocon media and a derelict Senate approved a contemptible man:

West Point ethics professor Colonel Ted Westhusing, who in 2005 was nearing the end of a tour in Iraq as a member of Petraeus' staff, wrote him a letter accusing him of being a corrupt careerist. Within days, the colonel died from a gunshot wound to the head, the most senior military officer to die in Iraq. A shoddy investigation labeled the devout Catholic a suicide, and Petraeus was soon whisked out of Iraq and back to the US where he was given another star and groomed to be Bush's boy in Iraq.
He does have his fans, of course. William Kristol, Neocon publisher of The Weekly Review, named Petraeus his man of the year in January. Senator John McCain labels him one of the greatest generals in American history. Of course, the publisher and the senator are both diehard supporters of the Iraq war, damn the costs. Paying lip service to the Bush League boy wonder as a military genius is the key point in the propaganda war. They need all the help they can get to hustle the American people into four more years (or maybe another century) in the quicksand war. To hear them tell it, Petraeus is the best four-star since Patton, and can walk on water -- or at any rate can tread water in quicksand.
As far as I can tell, Petraeus is more a devil than a divinity, though I suppose it's fair to say that this makes him worthy of the Senate that voted to confirm him by an 81-0 vote. The persistent rumors that he was involved in Colonel Westhusing's death would tend to support the logic that a criminal administration needs a criminal general to conduct a criminal war….
…When Petraeus comes before the Senate Tuesday he will be giving another commanded performance, scripted by the White House as a wartime whitewash. The Senate, mandated by the Constitution to oversee the executive branch, has already been refused access to an unclassified National Intelligence Estimate, even though Bush administration sources are saying that it supports the difficult argument that Iraq is a success. Look for Petraeus to insist that all efforts under his watch should be continued, and to imply that Iran is now the root of the Middle East menace. The British Telegraph just published a sobering article, aptly titled "British fear US commander is beating the drum for Iran strikes."
It's more than ironic that the US mainstream media has kept mum on the nasty possibility of an expanded Middle Eastern war. It should make us wonder how many other things they are keeping from us -- and for whom they're really working.

On 7 April 2008 Capt May and I coauthored: “False Flag Alert — April 7-11” where we reported continued jockeying and saber rattling since Capt. May’s 31 March article "Spring Fling in Iran? -- Updating World War III:"

…Top Bush administration members have held meetings with key foreign leaders, which may have been used to reach an accord prior to an attack on Iran:

  1. George Bush met with Russian President Vladimir Putin this weekend.
  2. Dick Cheney recently met top leaders in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Robert Gates visited the Sultanate of Oman.

Numerous mainstream news articles from mainstream sources support possibility of war with Iran in the near future. All articles listed below were written in April:

In our co-authored 11 April 2008 article “False Flag Advisory –Bush and Israel,” we noted Bush’s increasing belligerence towards Iran, which echoed his pre-Iraq war saber rattling. Bush said:

"The regime in Tehran has a choice to make: It can live in peace with its neighbor, enjoy strong economic and cultural and religious ties, or it can continue to arm and train and fund illegal militant groups which are terrorizing the Iraqi people and turning them against Iran.
"If Iran makes the right choice, America will encourage a peaceful relationship between Iran and Iraq. If Iran makes the wrong choice, America will act to protect our interests and our troops and our Iraqi partners
. . . "Iraq is the convergence point for two of the greatest threats to America in this new century: Al Qaeda and Iran. If we fail there, Al Qaeda would claim a propaganda victory of colossal proportions and they could gain safe havens in Iraq from which to attack the United States, our friends and our allies.
"Iran would work to fill the vacuum in Iraq and our failure would embolden its radical leaders to fuel their ambitions to dominate the region."

Where there is smoke, there is fire. On pages 156 and 157 of the last book of his Barbarians Inside the Gates series, The Black Widow’s Bite, Col. Donn de Grand Pre noted two highly aggressive actions by the U.S. They included a thwarted nuclear attack run on Iran.

U.S. Nuclear Bomber on Iran "Attack Run" Shot Down

5 April 2008 - The U.S. Air Force shot down one of their own bombers reported to be on an attack run towards Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant. The B-1 Lancer, based at Ellsworth Air Force in South Dakota, was rapidly descending over the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar.
When contacted by the U.S.A.F. stationed at Qatar's Al Udeid Air Base the B-1 nuclear bomber squawked the CIA ID code, and not the correct code for aircraft over-flying Mideast nations, whereupon it was ordered to land or face an immediate shoot-down.
After refusing to alter its course, U.S. officials ordered a U.S. F-16 fighter jet to strafe the nuclear bomber, but then a U.S. Naval Carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf ordered its fighter jets to attack those of the U.S. Air Force.
The U .S.A.F. commander scrambled more of their fighter, jets against their own Naval forces. The B-1 was hit by cannon fire, after which it changed its course for an emergency landing at the Al Udeid Air Base.
Upon landing, the B-1 Bomber caught fire. All four crew members were safely evacuated. The Rapid City Journal is confirming that the B-1 bomber involved in the incident in Qatar was from Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City, SD.
Sec. Def. Robert Gates last week ordered a full inventory of all American nuclear weapons and was no doubt the commander who ordered the shoot-down of the B-1 nuclear bomber.
Gates, ostensibly, has been long at odds with V.P. Dick Cheney over Cheney's push for an immediate nuclear strike against Iran.

U.S. Launches Raid on Pakistan Nuclear Plant

8 April 2008 - U.S. Special Forces stationed in Afghanistan launched an attack against Pakistan's Khushab Nuclear facility. Western sources confirm an explosion and two deaths at the facility as the U.S. prepares for its imminent escalation of the Middle East war with an attack on Iran.
The effect on this new attack by the U.S. against Pakistan is two-fold: (1) To show the new government of Pakistan the full power and resolve of US military forces, and (2) Convince Pakistan's new government that without Musharraf leading them they face certain destruction.

When I learned that National Level Exercise 2-08, scheduled for 1-8 May 2008, was going to be one of the two largest exercises for the entire calendar year, I tried to contact USNORTHCOM, DHS, various National Guard Headquarters, FEMA, and other major agencies to uncover the exercise scenarios and as many details as possible.
My discovery that Seattle, Washington was a target became particularly chilling once I connected Lake Washington, Washington, which lies adjacent to Seattle, to the occult double name pattern involved with Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York, NY, and Pentagon City, Pentagon for completed terror events. We saw the same pattern with what we believe are thwarted terror targets, namely Chicago River, Chicago next to the Chicago Sears Tower, Texas City, Texas surrounding the British Petroleum refinery target, and Oregon City, Oregon near target Portland, Oregon.
On April 26, 2008 Capt. May, Dr. Fetzer, SFC Buswell, and I published in the Lone Star Iconoclast our coauthored alert: “Mayday Alert! Terror Drills Could Go Live!

Yesterday an American-flagged ship fired on the Iranian Navy, and now Pentagon sources say that they have been ordered to prepare attack plans. Admiral "Fox" Fallon, the Centcom commander who opposed war with Iran, has been ousted in favor of Bush loyalist General David Petraeus, who has spent the last month accusing Iran for our increasing problems with the Iraqi resistance.
Saudi Arabia has been preparing for nuclear fallout from an attack on Iran since last month, when Dick Cheney paid a visit. Israel has just finished its largest-ever domestic war drills. Israel and the Bush administration are insisting that Syria and North Korea are nuclear collaborators. Syria is preparing for the contingency of an Israeli attack. Iran is preparing for the contingency of a US attack. US government insiders speculate that Bush has promised Israel an expanded Middle East war before he leaves office.
The Neo-Cons are pounding their war drums again, according to Dr. James H. Fetzer, the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and he believes that nothing would help them spread their imperial war in the Middle East as much as another 9/11…

Domestic Discord

Inside the US, Bush approval ratings are well below 30%, and approval ratings for the U.S. Congress and mainstream media are even lower. Over three quarters of the American people believe that the country is on the wrong track, and just as many want to end the quicksand war in the Middle East. The economy is crashing as fuel prices are skyrocketing. The Establishment is losing its grip on power. It would take another 9/11 to make the nation forget its domestic woes and resume its lost zeal for the Neo-Con "new American century" of foreign wars and a domestic police state….
…Should a major event occur during the drills, the Bush administration is prepared to implement National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 51, which establishes dictatorship "in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe." It is an extraordinary measure, and the White House has stonewalled Homeland Security Committee members from the House of Representatives who wanted to read it. One of those members, Oregon's Peter DeFazio summed up the feeling of many Americans about NSPD 51 when he said "Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right."
Fears that a false flag attack might result in martial law are nourished by last week's militaristic Operation Sudden Impact, reported by writer Steve Watson: "Three States Subjected to Martial Law Sweeps"…

This alert went on to describe the Seattle exercise scenario. It is worth covering in some detail here because it helps us visualize how toxic agents can be used for false flag purposes alongside airplanes crashing into buildings, nuclear explosions, radiation dispersal devices, and false flag pandemics (see Chapter 36).
On April 27th, I posted “Is the primary WMD terror target Seattle, or Portland, Oregon once again?" (When I say "The Iconoclast," in this alert, I mean myself as a correspondent):

Webster Tarpley, author of 9-11 Synthetic Terror: Made In the USA, counted 25 military exercises running concurrently with the 9-11 inside job. NLE 2-08 will contain nine different exercises. Hence, we must take this exercise very seriously.

The basic exercise scenario

The following was pieced together by the Iconoclast after interviewing different sources:
On 1 May 2008 a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device explodes under the Alaska Way viaduct in downtown Seattle, Washington, collapsing the bridge and damaging surrounding buildings. Twenty minutes later, terrorists explode a high-jacked tanker filled with a highly toxic gas at the Seattle Ferry Terminal. A plume of deadly gas reaches throughout downtown Seattle. (2006 estimated population 582,174).
Police, firemen, and other first responders are completely overwhelmed by mass casualties. Through the state government they request three response waves going up to the highest national level.
The second response wave consists of about 22 chemical warfare specialists from the Washington National Guard 10th WMD Civil Support Team (CST) based at Camp Murray, Tacoma, Washington. They assess the threat, provide expert technical advice, and coordinate follow on support.
The third response wave consists of a “CERFP”, a collection of over 100 soldiers from the 420th National Guard chemical battalion based in Yakima, Washington. They search the incident site, rescue and decontaminate casualties, and performing medical triage. (In military acronymal gobbledygook, the “C” in “CERFP” stands for “CBRNE” or “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or High-Yield Explosive” and the “ERFP” stands for “Enhanced Response Force Package”).
The fourth response wave consists of a “CCMRF”, a task force with a peak strength on paper somewhere around 4 -5,000 military personnel. In addition to augmenting the functions of the aforementioned units, it processes human remains, provides major logistical and air operations support, augments security forces, and performs other broad spectrum or high-end services. It consists of a rotational pool of active and reserve units from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. (A "CCMRF" is a "CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force").
On May 5th a gas plume erupts from the Umatilla Army Chemical Depot in northeastern Oregon that stores VX, the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized. FEMA describes the accidentally leaked gas as "chemical agent."
On May 6th, a second high-jacked tanker blows up in Ferndale, Washington. First responders in the Ferndale-Bellingham area also request the full response sequence up to the highest national level. A U.S. Marine detachment from the aforementioned CCMRF previously sent to aid Seattle is now redeployed to this area.

Tweaking the scenario

I called public affairs officers with different commands, and was told many different things by different people, to include some contradictory stories. This is actually pretty normal for military exercises. For example, in my article "Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash," I mentioned that "To counter growing public anxiety about nukes, a military spokesperson interviewed by the Portland radio station KBOO a week before Noble Resolve 07-02 commenced on Aug. 20, said the scenario was changed from a nuke to a natural disaster."
Since exercise planners can continually re-massage their hypothetical scenarios, we quickly reach diminishing returns in trying to uncover accurate details. For our purposes, the main objective is determine if the overall pattern of the exercise is rich with opportunities for corrupt insiders to pull off an actual false flag WMD attack. I think that the clear answer is "yes."
I was told that the Umatilla Army Depot only stores VX gas, and that under the original exercise scenario terrorists high-jack two tanker trucks and blow one up in Seattle on Day One, and blow up the other in the Ferndale, Washington vicinity on Day Six. Then I was told by another source that tanker trucks do not hold VX gas very well, and that in writing a story I should preferably use low-key language like "toxic industrial gas" for the Seattle, Umatilla, and Ferndale events and not "VX."
One source told me that he saw a civil defense map that depicted "toxic gas" enveloping downtown Seattle. Another source said that he saw the gas blowing out to sea and leaving the downtown area relatively unscathed. A third source played down Seattle altogether.
In regard to the latter case, six very credible sources completely disagreed with him. They told me that Seattle is very definitely the target for the 1-6 May scenario. I side with them.
While first real-life responders within the Bellingham and Ferndale area are very much part of the actual play of the exercise, Seattle first responders have been largely left out.
Instead of moving military personnel through downtown Seattle, the military will use an urban combat training village called "Leshi Town" at Ft. Lewis to simulate "Seattle." (Ft. Lewis is about 46 miles south of downtown Seattle). Exercise coordinators will not bring in a full strength CCMRF (4-5,000 personnel), but rather about 1,220 to 1,550 individuals from across the nation. They will be billeted and play out most of the exercise on base.
Other services are involved. As an example, on May 5th and 6th members of the Minnesota Air National Guard will fly C-130's to McChord Air Force Base near Ft. Lewis. The PAO for McChord, LtCol Anna Sullivan, told me that they will practice transporting seventy simulated patients (mannequins on litters) to the Oregon Air National Guard facility at Portland International Airport.
The Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) Public Affairs officer, Michael Kucharek, told me that there will be "numerous aerospace events" that might include a commercial airliner, military aircraft, and small aviation aircraft. Previous exercises have involved UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The exercise will test the warning and control of NORAD, but he could not be more specific about the scenario than this.
The Northcom PAO also said that his command expects to hold one other big exercise for this year in addition to NLE 2-08. The next big exercise will probably be a reincarnated version of TOPOFF that took place last October. It will probably take place around the same time of the year, except it will be renamed something like "NLE 3-08." (Please see my article, "Nation on Edge: Operation TOPOFF").

False flag indicators
embedded within the exercise

First, let me make a disclaimer. As a former military officer, I am a great believer in civilian and military preparedness. I generally support all honestly conducted exercises. However, Dr. James H. Fetzer is correct in his article "9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" that we are faced with a "crime syndicate masquerading as an administration." See also my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes."
The malefactors are still at large. Until they are caught and brought to justice, we must understand how ordinary strengths of honest exercises can be high-jacked and perverted by false flag operators. Most military and civilian communities need to greatly increase their analysis and detection capabilities in this area.
The following are examples of possible false flag indicators as they might apply to NLE 2-08.
Involvement of the highest level of command authorities. Part of the exercise scenario involves a class 4 hurricane sweeping through the National Capitol Region. Michael Kucharek, public affairs officer (PAO) for Northcom, told the Iconoclast that this will give anyone at senior levels an opportunity to “coop and cog” in the Washington, D.C. area (ie. practice “continuity of ops, continuity of government”).
Please recollect reports of VP Dick Cheney in the bunker during 9-11, instructing subordinates to ignore radar blips converging on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon. Please also recall back in 1967 how President Lyndon Johnson recalled fighters scrambled from a carrier to save the U.S.S. Liberty from a deliberate attack by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats.
Involvement of high level Army and Marine Corps WMD specialists. Lt Keith Kosik, PAO for the Washington National Guard, and Randy Mitchell, PAO for U.S. Army North, told the Iconoclast that the exercise will involve actual members of the Washington National Guard 10th Civil Support Team, the 420th chemical battalion based in Yakima, WA, and an actual CCMRF consisting of about 1,220 to 1,550 individuals drawn from active and reserve units across the nation. They include a detachment of 125 U.S. Marines. The CCMRF members will probably play the exercise as if they are part of a full strength task force of 5,000 personnel.
For Day 6 of the exercise, planners currently visualize sending a detachment of about 125 Marines on a day trip from Ft. Lewis to Ferndale, WA and back.
The travel radius from Ft. Lewis to the Bellingham-Ferndale area may give us an important clue about how far from Ft. Lewis corrupt insiders might conduct a real strike within a concentric ring on a map. Ft. Lewis is roughly the same distance to Bellingham and Ferndale to the north as it is to Portland, Oregon to the south. (According to one web source, Ft. Lewis to Bellingham is 136 miles, whereas Ft Lewis to Portland is 130 miles).
Captain May and I believe that Portland has already been fully “prepped” for a possible false flag terror strike from the TOPOFF exercise in Oct 2007. We believe that once insiders have prepared areas by coopting and compromising local officials, they tend to opportunistically revisit the same sites over and over again like a thief going through certain neighborhoods checking for unlocked door knobs. (Captain May elaborates on this point further in "False Flag Prospects, 2008 —Top Three US Target Cities").
It is quite possible that the Seattle scenario is a red herring, and Portland remains the prime target for the Pacific Northwest.
Seamless integration of local first responders with Federal personnel. Chief Criminal Deputy Jeff Parks for the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office told the Iconoclast that “the point of the exercise is for Federal personnel to work shoulder to shoulder with local first responders.”
Normally, this would be a good thing for a major emergency, however, in the bizarro world of the corrupt Bush administration, this can become a negative. Integration can reduce local independence and the number of individuals willing to stand up and act as whistle-blowers towards federal abuse. Federal centralization also gives top insiders greater control over the flow of information and its interpretation. All of this becomes ominous as one contemplates scenarios involving militarization of local police, possible martial law lock-down throughout America, and mass confiscation of all privately owned firearms.
Surprise “Injects.” The PAO for USNORTHCOM told the Iconoclast that the exercise will be characterized by “robust play,” with “surprise injects” of unanticipated events where participants are “stretched to the limit” and have “everything thrown at them except the kitchen sink.”
Normally elements of uncertainty are a good thing, because it forces exercise participants to become more flexible, creative, and analytical in their thinking. However, “surprise injects” also create greater opportunities for insiders to take an exercise “live.” In the event of a tragic turn of events, such adjectives might then take on a macabre new meaning.

Our Mayday article wound up becoming one of the most successful alerts we ever issued. According to Capt. May, within a week it achieved more than twice the Internet listings compared to the Kennebunkport Warning described in Chapter 25.
Fortunately, National Level Exercise 2-08 was executed without any false flag hijacking. However, as usual, subsequent disclosures validated our fears.
At a Campus Progress journalism conference in July 2008, New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh described how Vice President Cheney tried to set up a false flag event in the Strait of Hormuz:

`“A meeting took place in the Vice-President’s office. ‘The subject was how to create a casus belli between Tehran and Washington,’” according to one of Hersh’s sources.’ Hersh stated, “There was a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy SEALs on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up. Might cost some lives. And it was rejected because you can’t have Americans killing Americans. That’s the kind of — that’s the level of stuff we’re talking about. Provocation. But that was rejected.”

On May 6th, former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen reported in “The Middle East firestorm was to have started on April 25:”

WMR has learned from its Middle East intelligence sources that a leak from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office resulted in the last minute scuttling of an Israeli intelligence operation in Beirut that would have started a series of events that would have likely resulted in the outbreak of warfare between Israel and Lebanon, Syria, and possibly, between Iran and the United States.
Israel's Mossad planned an April 25 assassination, likely by its favorite method, a massive car bomb, of Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Because the assassination would have triggered the "perfect storm" for the outbreak of war in Lebanon, with the involvement of Israel, the United States, Syria, and Iran, an official in Olmert's office leaked the assassination plan. When it became apparent that there was a leak, Mossad scuttled the entire operation.
The plan was immediately known by the CIA and Hezbollah. It is known that retired CIA officer and contractor Roland Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, had close contact with all of Lebanon's various factions. On April 29, four days after the planned assassination of Nasrallah by Mossad, Carnaby was killed in broad daylight by Houston police. WMR previously reported that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a Mossad ring active in the Houston area.
It is clear that Israel would not have carried out the Nasrallah assassination without the knowledge and approval of the neocon cell operating from Vice President Dick Cheney's office and extending to elements of the U.S. Air Force, CIA, and other federal agencies. Nasrallah's assassination by Israel would have resulted in a massive Hezbollah strike on Israel and, possibly, through Moqtada al Sadr's forces in Iraq, on U.S. troops in that country. The outbreak of massive violence between U.S. and Sh'ia forces in Iraq may have laid the groundwork for a U.S. strike on alleged training camps in Iran and other targets of opportunity.
WMR has also obtained a copy of the civil suit filed by Carnaby's widow, Susan Carnaby, against the City of Houston for the wrongful death of her husband.

The shooting death of Roland Carnaby in Houston became an important focal point of Dr. James Fetzer’s May 7th interview with Capt. May and myself on the Dynamic Duo talk show:

Maj Fox: …what [New Jersey talk show host] Hal Turner reported was really quite sensational. His headline on May 1st was "CIA Agent Chasing Israeli `Suitcase Nuke' in Houston, Killed by Police!" Then he has a subtitle "Radiation Detectors Were Tripping As Chase Reached 122 mph In Houston; Cops Shot CIA Agent, Nuke Got Away." According to Turner, "Federal sources close to this case have told me CIA Agent Roland Carnaby had proof a `suitcase nuke' had arrived inside the U.S. from Israel on Tuesday. He was chasing the device and the Israelis who had it. As local law enforcement was called-in, for some unknown reason cops allegedly began chasing the CIA Agent instead of the Israelis and ultimately shot the CIA agent dead!"

Turner's story is particularly interesting for two reasons. If true, then Carnaby tried to foil some kind of Israeli nuclear plot. On the other hand, if it is not true, then we must ask who planted this disinformation and why?
Unfortunately at the time of writing this chapter I do not have any additional hard evidence to confirm Turner's story one way or the other, except to say that Turner himself is the target of increased suspicion. This is the same Hal Turner, incidentally, who I covered in Chapter 2regarding his interview with Capt. May about the Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up.
On June 2008 the FBI arrested Turner for threatening a federal judge on the air. I subsequently wrote "Capt. May and Hal Turner: Comparable Hate Criminals?" that examined the first Amendment issues involved in this case. On 28 July 2009 Kurt Nimmo posted at Infowars "Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI." Nimmo stated: "In a lame attempt to save his hide and stay out of prison for allegedly threatening to kill federal judges, the racist talk show host Hal Turner has admitted in court that he is an FBI informant, the Chicago Breaking News Center reports today."
For the moment, let us consider an alternative, "conventional" viewpoint on Carnaby offered in the online article "CIA Spook Roland Carnaby Gunned Down by Intolerance" by Bill Conroy. This describes what happened within the last hour of Carnaby's life consistent with the brief police report and many television news reports:

Carnaby photo provided to media by family

The end of Carnaby’s life started... Tuesday afternoon, April 29, after he was stopped for speeding along State Highway 288 by a Houston cop intent on arresting him for something. Carnaby, a Lebanese American, had made the fatal mistake of telling that police officer that he worked for the CIA. The traffic cop also would learn after running a check on Carnaby that he had a concealed firearms permit. That apparently was too much for the police officer to take in: a middle-aged, well-heeled man of Arab descent with guns who claimed to be a spook.
After all, this is the post-911 world and Houston is home to a seaport that is the nation’s nerve center for the oil industry. Surely this was the police officer’s catch of a lifetime: a real live terrorist.
So, after checking out Carnaby’s background via his squad car radio and computer, and failing to confirm Carnaby’s tall story, the police officer returned to the black Jeep and asked Carnaby, 52, to step out of his vehicle, with an arrest imminent, for something, which would be determined later (maybe failure to show the cop his concealed gun permit, or maybe impersonating a federal agent).
But Carnaby was not going to go easy, on this day. Instead, he sped off, leaving the cop empty handed and precipitating a high-speed chase (approaching speeds of 120 mph) that ended some 50 minutes later with a bullet in Carnaby’s back.
Once Carnaby’s Jeep had come to a stop on the freeway feeder road and was surrounded by a phalanx of HPD squad cars, two cops, officers Cecil Foster and Andrew J. Washington, pumped up with adrenalin and anger from the heat of the chase, rushed the Jeep. Moments later, as Carnaby was exiting his vehicle, they unloaded their service revolvers, with the fatal shot blasting a hole in Carnaby’s back.
The cops would later say they thought Carnaby was reaching for a “shiny object,” which they feared was a gun. It turned out to be a Blackberry PDA, or maybe nothing at all.
Only after Carnaby’s jeep was impounded would the police find the three weapons in his car (which he had a legal right to have in his possession) — none of which were in Carnaby’s hand at the time he was gunned down.
It was time for the HPD to close ranks, to get the story straight. The fact that two Houston cops had just shot an unarmed man in the back (the 10th fatal shooting by cops in the Houston metropolitan area so far this year) had to be downplayed in this case to avoid the expensive consequences of legal liability.

Helicopter photo of Roland Carnaby after he was shot in the back and then handcuffed.


According to this article, the police hovered over Carnaby for fifteen minutes as he was lying face down (many TV news stories said 12 minutes), hand-cuffed, and bleeding to death before an ambulance arrived. According to ABC 13 News, police failed to give him first aid even though they are all trained in first aid measures, to include CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).
Instead of taking Carnaby to the nearest emergency room, the ambulance instead took him on a ten mile trip through busy Houston traffic to a different hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to the ABC 13 News report provided below, police officials claimed they were hesitant to touch Carnaby to stop the bleeding because they lacked the latex gloves necessary to prevent the risk of getting infected with AIDs from untested blood.
In the police video of the killing (provided below), we see a police officer holding a gun come around the front of Carnaby's halted vehicle. The very instant that the police officer works his way around Carnaby's opened driver's door in order to be able to sees Carnaby, he shoots him in the back as he is stepping outwards out of his car.
This video has a slow motion segment. Watch carefully and ask how the police officer could see that Carnaby was "reaching for something" before he shot him.
In addition, one might wonder if Carnaby was so dangerous that he needed to be shot immediately, why did a policeman first bash in his passenger window to his right and then work his way around the front of the car. Wouldn't he be afraid that Carnaby could shoot him through the windshield?


KPRC-2 News report that shows a helicopter video angle on Carnaby getting shot. First, police bashed in the passenger window to the right of driver.

ABC-13 News report, which provides a CIA disavowal of Carnaby. This also has a police explanation about why they refrained from giving first aid because they lacked latex gloves to prevent possible blood infection.


According to Wayne Madsen, in the days following Carnaby's death, "the Houston Chronicle and other major media reported that Carnaby may have been a fake." In addition, the CIA Office of public affairs issued the following statement to ABC 13 TV news:

While we do not as a rule publicly deny or confirm employment, I will tell you that in this case that Mr. Carnaby was not an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was never a CIA officer.

In this TV news report, both the CIA and FBI denied that Carnaby worked for them, despite later evidence demonstrating that he was under contract with multiple agencies and had been a longstanding CIA station chief in key areas.


Wayne Madsen explains how the Houston police department disposed of evidence despite a court order. Carnaby carried a personal business card of CIA Director George Tenet with his home phone number.

In his video interview, Madsen notes that Carnaby was very concerned about port security for Houston, which is the largest foreign tonnage port for the United States. He wanted human intelligence increased. He did not want more physical intelligence (surveillance cameras) because he felt is is much less effective for guarding such a large port complex compared to human intelligence.
Consistent with Capt. May's distrust of DHS described in Book I, Madsen claims that Carnaby was wary of "The Homeland Security Department under Michael Chertoff --who he had no time for, I might add, he also had no time for Michael Hayden, head of the CIA, he had real problems with these two individuals and their senior people. He was rebuffed at every turn when he tried to have human intelligence beefed up."
Madsen also noted that "I am always suspicious about the FBI because they always seem to be more interested in covering things up than investigating anything. I am not talking about agents in the field. I am talking about the higher ups, just like the higher ups in the CIA whom Carnaby had trouble with. You know Hayden, and Muller over at the FBI have been promoted, but they were both on duty, at the helm, on 9/11. They never were fired. They have just been promoted and kept in their present jobs."
Please recall how Capt. May reported the exact same difference between field agents and headquarters staff based upon his own personal experiences in Chapter 10.
In my interview with Dr. James Fetzer, I described evidence provided by Wayne Madsen that the government's official story just did not hold water:

Maj. Fox: ...Turning to the Wayne Madsen Report, we see for example that on May 5th the title of a story was "Carnaby's CIA Status Confirmed." According to Madsen, "Although two CIA spokesmen have stated that Roland Carnaby, the retired CIA agent who ran a private intelligence firm in Houston contracted to the CIA, was not an employee of the agency, a Middle East source with close connections to the CIA's clandestine service has told the Wayne Madsen Report that Carnaby was, in fact, a long time CIA agent with an extensive network in the Middle East and Europe." Also in the Madsen Report on May 7th the title of another report is "Professional Take on Carnaby Shooting; It was an Assassination." It starts by saying "The shooting death by Houston police on April 29th of retired CIA agent and CIA contractor Roland V. Carnaby is being called an `assassination' by many intelligence professionals who knew him and his past work for the CIA. These include veteran intelligence officers who have seen their fair share of covert operations, including political assassinations. Attention is also being focused on the statement made to the press made by the Houston Police Department Homicide Captain Steve Jett who said that the Houston police officers who stopped Carnaby were told to `find something' on which to hold Carnaby. Investigators wanted to know who issued that order and why. Foreign intelligence elements who wanted Carnaby silenced may have infiltrated the Houston Police Department at a high level and issued an order to `hold' Carnaby on any charge." Then getting back to some details on the actual incident, just a few more comments may be in order here.
Dr. Fetzer: Sure.
Maj Fox: OK, on April 30th, the Madsen Report says "Fred Platt, the Vice President of the Houston AFIO Chapter," that is the Association For Intelligence Officers, "..said Carnaby's job was so classified, Houston police homicide detectives will come up blank when they run his name. Platt said Carnaby's job involved homeland security and it involved Houston's airports and the port of Houston. It was said that, "Carnaby was said to travel frequently for his job. Carnaby used two different UPS Store mailboxes as addresses for his driver's license and his Jeep registration. Houston police reported that Carnaby was shot by two Houston police officers Tuesday morning around 11:30 AM after a high speed chase by the Houston police. The Chronicle reported that Carnaby sped off after being stopped for a routine traffic stop and after officers learned that Carnaby has a concealed weapons permit. The Houston police said they fired after they saw Carnaby reach under his seat. They said they feared for their lives. Platt said Carnaby was engaged to be married and had no reason to run from the police. Police said they initially found no weapons in Carnaby's Jeep but said later they found two pistols and a shot gun and one was within reach of the subject. Wayne Madsen Report has learned from US intelligence sources in Houston that the weapons were planted in Carnaby's Jeep after the vehicle was impounded by Houston police."
Dr. Fetzer: That is so easy to do. I mean, I don't think that death is the usual fine for speeding or even for evading an arrest. That is rather stunning that they would have gone out of their way to kill him. It is certainly suspicious.

Wayne Madsen traveled to Houston in the May-June 2008 time frame to accumulate first hand information. He issued a series of reports that I will reproduce below that validated Roland Carnaby as very important CIA figure with major international contacts who monitored Mossad operations.
Note in the 16 June report Madsen’s comment: “After an extensive investigation, WMR has learned that those who ordered the `hit’ on Carnaby were part of a team, including smugglers tied to the Russian-Israeli mob, who were involved in terrorist planning activities in the greater Houston area.”
Please also note in the 16 June report that Madsen also validates what I said in Chapter 9, namely that the Mossad runs “ground floor” criminal operations on an ongoing basis in the Houston area that can include Iranian patsies. “…better HUMINT would also result in the arms, drugs, and auto theft activities of the Russian-Israeli mob, Israeli intelligence assets, and their allies in the pro-Mojahedin e Khalq (MEK) Iranian expatriate community in Houston being identified by federal authorities.”
I have decided to reproduce Madsens' reports verbatim so that I do not lose any of his details and nuances. But more than that, as a former Naval Intelligence Officer and NSA employee who is completely independent of Capt. May, Madsen helps validate the general thrust of Capt. May's work detailed in Books I and II of this series.
I have presented the reports in chronological order, with the last November 2009 report containing the "punchline" about Israeli operations to smuggle American plutonium through the port of Houston. This last report also provides important insights into Israel's grand strategy.

May 15, 2008 -- CIA agent was monitoring Israeli finances

WMR has learned that Roland V. Carnaby, the longtime CIA veteran and President of the Houston chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), was involved in monitoring Israeli firms moving money and goods in and out of Israel…
Carnaby was also working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Houston, as well as the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center (CTC) in attempting to beef up security for the Port of Houston. Carnaby, WMR has learned, was involved in conducting security surveys of the port and discovered that the Department of Homeland Security had tolerated gaping holes in port security.
Carnaby and Houston intelligence and law enforcement personnel were also investigating the presence of "Middle Easterners" who were conducting surveillance of the Port of Houston. The "Middle Eastern" designator is the term used by the FBI for Israelis in order to avoid "political" problems with superiors.
The word from the federal agents who were involved in identifying weaknesses in Houston port security is they did not want to see "another 9/11-type part false flag."
WMR has also learned that Carnaby was a longtime player in Houston area intelligence matters and had established a close relationship with former President George H. W. Bush. However, WMR has also learned that the elder Bush's mental acuity is being affected by the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease.
WMR has also learned that Carnaby's Lebanese family, which used the original spelling of Karnabe, is very well-respected by different political and religious factions in the country. WMR has also learned that Carnaby had stumbled across some significant intelligence impacting the overall situation in the Middle East and that at the time of his death Carnaby wanted the intelligence to personally reach CIA director Michael Hayden without delay. WMR has been asked for assistance by US intelligence sources in Lebanon to assist in conveying the critical intelligence to Hayden. WMR has been told that the CIA and FBI have been infiltrated by gatekeepers that are ensuring that critical intelligence does not reach top U.S. policy makers in intelligence and law enforcement.

May 16-18, 2008 -- Was CIA agent's computer compromised?

WMR has discovered that the story proffered by the Houston Police Department that the CIA was sending someone from Virginia to Houston to check on the validity of CIA contract agent Roland Carnaby's CIA identification card was a ruse to cover up the fact that the police had impounded Carnaby's lap top computer and cell phone along with his Jeep Commander. Carnaby's ID card was already known to be authentic by CIA Headquarters in Virginia.
The CIA was concerned that details of Carnaby's classified and covert work for the CIA in the Port of Houston, as well as his non-official cover Carnaby Shipping Company Ltd. and American Global Enterprise contacts in the United States and Lebanon may have been compromised to Israeli Mossad agents who have infiltrated the Houston Police Department primarily through blackmail techniques. The Israeli Consulate General in Houston is reportedly at the center of the Israeli influence and intelligence ring in the fourth largest city in America and the home to the largest port for imports in the United States.
WMR has also been informed that Carnaby worked out of one the CIA's offices in Houston. A physical examination of the building also revealed that the entire ninth floor is occupied by the "Office of George Bush," the former President. The office building was once the headquarters of the Resolution Trust Corporation, the entity tasked with cleaning up the Savings and Loan fraud of the 1980s, a scandal that involved Bush's sons, particularly Neil and Jeb.
Carnaby was gunned down by Houston police on the 610 feeder road in the West/Hidden Oak neighborhood of Houston. The location is around the corner from the building housing George H. W. Bush's office. WMR has also learned that Carnaby was trying to call the local CIA office before he was shot by the police.
WMR has been told by individuals familiar with Houston Police practices that after a police shooting the practice of the police is to "demonize the victim." Carnaby has not only faced such a barrage from the police but a concerted effort by Israeli-influenced media to paint Carnaby as a fraud.
The chief purveyor of the disinformation campaign has been the Houston Chronicle and particularly one of its senior reporters, Mike Tolson who even referred to a known fraud by the name of Alan Premel. WMR previously reported that CIA sources have told us that Carnaby never knew Premel and that media references to their past "association" are forgeries designed to harm Carnaby's image and reputation. Tolson refers to "conspiracy blogs" reporting that Carnaby had infiltrated a local Mossad ring. In fact, it is the Chronicle, a Hearst paper that is living up to its corporate parent's long tradition of offering up yellow journalism, a history that began with the fake stories used by founder William Randolph Hearst to push the United States into war with Spain.
Carnaby's exact time of death is expected to be released in the next few days when the full autopsy report is completed. Carnaby was carrying between $7,000 and $10,000 in cash on him when he was shot by the police. Reliable sources told WMR that the money was often used to pay off contacts and sources. We have also learned that Carnaby's concealed permit weapons were spotted earlier in the morning of April 29, but it has not been determined if these are the same weapons later "discovered" by police after Carnaby's vehicle was impounded.

May 19, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. EXCLUSIVE TO WMR. Assassinated CIA station chief was kidnap victim in Lebanon

Roland V. Carnaby, the one-time Houston CIA station chief who was gunned down by Houston police on April 29, had been a kidnap victim of Hezbollah in Lebanon where he served in the 1980s as a clandestine CIA officer. Carnaby was fluent in Italian, French, English, and Arabic.
According to knowledgeable sources, Carnaby had been taken hostage before the kidnapping of his boss, CIA Beirut station chief William F. Buckley. Carnaby was later exchanged in a swap of prisoners between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government. Buckley was not so fortunate. On March 16, 1984, Buckley was kidnapped by Hezbollah, held by Islamic Jihad, and was later tortured and executed in 1985 by his captors. Buckley's remains were found in a plastic bag in 1991 on a road to Beirut airport.
On a recent visit to Washington, DC, Carnaby visited Buckley's grave at Arlington National Cemetery and broke down in tears, according to a reliable source.
Carnaby reportedly expressed great joy at the February 13, 2008 car bombing assassination of top Hezbollah military commander Imad Mugniyah in Damascus. Carnaby was aware of the means of Mugniyah's assassination, a triggering device placed in the spring cushion of Mugniyah's automobile while it was being "repaired."
On February 13, 2008, WMR reported: "Mugniyah's car exploded at around 10:30 pm in the up-market Tantheem Kafer Souseh neighborhood of Damascus. WMR has learned that the car bombing of Mugniyah was to be timed with the February 9th birthday of President Ronald Reagan, a gesture by Shawkat to the Americans, but the specially designed Mitsubishi seats containing the bombs were installed late, resulting in the February 12 assassination."
In addition to Buckley, Mugniyah was reportedly behind the kidnapping and execution of Marine Corps peacekeeper Lt. Col. William Higgins. It was Carnaby's friendship and loyalty to Buckley that prompted him to name the Houston chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), headed by Carnaby at the time of his assassination, for Buckley.
Carnaby also had former CIA director George Tenet's personal telephone number in his personal phone book. Carnaby regularly dined with the former FBI Houston Assistant Special Agent-in-charge Don Clark. On the morning Carnaby was being chased by Houston police, the FBI phoned the Houston police and pleaded with them to call off the pursuit of Carnaby. According to FBI sources, the Houston police refused.
There is also reason to believe that Carnaby was tailed by police into Houston from Brazoria County. WMR has learned that the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department contacted the Houston police to inform them that Carnaby was en route to Houston from Brazoria County. The rear of Carnaby's Jeep Commander was riddled with bullet holes, an indication that he was being shot at while driving.
WMR has also learned that one of Carnaby's best friends was the late FBI counter-terrorism chief agent John P. O'Neill. O'Neill investigated a series of terrorist attacks against the United States, including the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Aden. The US ambassador to Yemen, Barbara Bodine, later expelled O'Neill and his team from Yemen for getting too close to the real perpetrators of anti-U.S. attacks -- Saudi Arabia and Israel.
In August 2001, a few weeks before 9/11, O'Neill was put under an FBI investigation for "losing" a briefcase containing classified counter-espionage and counter-terrorism in New York City. The briefcase was stolen while O'Neill was attending a seminar in Florida. The case was returned some 90 minutes later but the incident was leaked by someone in the FBI to the media. O'Neill's friends contend he was the victim of a smear campaign, the same type of campaign now being directed against Carnaby and from the same usual suspects. O'Neill was offered and took the job as director of security for the World Trade Center. He died on September 11, 2001 while assisting people evacuating the towers.

Caption by Wayne Madsen: "Roland Carnaby, gunned down by Houston police, kept a laminated funeral mass card [front side above, back side below] for his close friend John O'Neill in his wallet. O'Neill was killed on 9/11."


In March of this year, a Woody Allen "Zelig"-type character named Alan Premel began a sophisticated Internet operation designed to place him as a CIA colleague of Carnaby's. Not only did Premel out Carnaby as a CIA agent but he claimed to have worked with him in clandestine operations, even claiming that they wrote a book together and appeared at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. A U.S. intelligence source said that Premel was "created to be in place until he was needed." Premel's postings about his fake CIA background first appeared on the web in January 2007. WMR has learned that Premel was fired as a FedEX driver for stealing I-Pods, has restraining orders against him by his ex-wife and a porn movie star he knew, and lives at home with his parents.
Carnaby was incensed at Premel's Internet postings. Carnaby contacted CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and asked his colleagues, "What is this guy trying to do to me?" Carnaby was always careful about his true identity being revealed and for reasons now known by WMR. These details will not be published by WMR due to the sensitivity the disclosure of the information may have on clandestine CIA activities abroad and the danger that could be faced by covert operations personnel. However, there is a possibility that Carnaby's laptop computer files may have been compromised to a hostile foreign intelligence service when it was impounded by Houston police. The Houston police has been heavily infiltrated by Israeli intelligence agents who operate freely with the knowledge of top Houston city and police officials.
Although Carnaby hosted a number of AFIO Houston events he was careful about who took his photo. In one case, some French news photographers attempted to take Carnaby's picture. He told them is perfect French that if they tried to take his picture he would jam their camera "up their asses."
A conservative Republican who was very close to former President George H. W. Bush, Carnaby was not shy about his feelings about Vice President Dick Cheney. He blamed Cheney for steering George W. Bush into the Iraq fiasco and told a close friend that he "feared for his country" and was worried about a U.S. war with Iran. Encountering Carnaby by surprise in a Houston restaurant, the elder Bush embraced him warmly as only old friends would do, according to a source close to the slain CIA agent. Carnaby was described as more loyal to the senior Bush than to George W. Bush. It is also known that Carnaby privately supported Ron Paul over John McCain in the GOP primary race.
A source who knew Carnaby well said the former CIA station chief "knew what was about to happen with Iran" and that he "connected all the dots and knew what was going on." Carnaby was also incensed at the forced retirement of US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief Admiral William Fallon, an opponent of U.S. military action against Iran.
Carnaby grew increasingly skittish in the weeks before his death. While at a Houston restaurant, Carnaby was approached by a man who appeared "tipsy" with an open bag used for to-go orders. He greeted Carnaby and asked how he was doing. Carnaby responded by telling him he did not know him. The man said he was sorry but Carnaby had already reached for his concealed hand gun. Following the man out of the restaurant, Carnaby discovered the man getting into a car with diplomatic plates -- plates assigned to the Israeli Consulate General in Houston, which is located in Greenway Plaza, and is the third largest Israeli consulate in the United States.

Wayne Madsen caption and photo: "Houston's Greenway Plaza office complex: the location of Israel's Consulate General and espionage activities in the greater Houston area."


Carnaby maintained a close relationship to Israelis in Houston and regularly spoke to Israel by phone. However, he told a colleague that he kept his close contacts with Israelis and because he believed in "keeping his friends close and his enemies closer." After his death, Carnaby has been the subject of a vicious smear campaign from web sites connected to Jewish and Israeli interests. It is also known that Carnaby was livid over the Department of Homeland Security's failure to adequately secure the Port of Houston from terrorist attacks and smuggling weapons of mass destruction.
Carnaby also told a friend that he was incensed over the treatment of the administration of former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz. Aziz, an Iraqi Christian, went on trial today in Baghdad. Carnaby said that Aziz's imprisonment is no way for "the government to treat one of its assets."
Asked why CIA director Michael Hayden allowed Carnaby's name to be dragged through the mud after his assassination in Houston, a US intelligence source commented, "someone is telling him [Hayden] how to run his shop." When asked who the "someone" is, the source confided that a "general only gets a fourth star if the President and Cheney say so."

May 20, 2008 -- Carnaby had access inside the Israeli Prime Minister's office

Roland Carnaby, the one-time CIA Station Chief for the Southeast Region, headquartered in Houston, had sources inside the office of Israel's Prime Minister….
Carnaby maintained close links to Israeli intelligence and sponsored and vouched for a number of Israeli security contractors who wanted to provide services to the George Bush International Airport in Houston. However, it is now clear that Carnaby obtained knowledge about Israeli and Bush administration plans to start a Middle East conflagration that was enough for elements inside the Bush White House, Israeli intelligence, and their contacts inside the Houston Police Department to have him assassinated….
….WMR has learned from CIA sources in Lebanon that Carnaby maintained a close link to retired Lebanese General Michael Aoun, a major Christian leader who has allied his party to Hezbollah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah. Aoun was once considered an ally of Israel but broke his ties after Israel's devastating sneak attack on Lebanon in 2006.
It is likely that Carnaby was the nexus that served to pass the leak from Olmert's office to Aoun and then to Nasrallah. It was the plan for a U.S. and Israeli assault on Lebanon following Nasrallah's assassination that prompted the Hezbollah leader to carry out a show of force against the pro-US government of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. Plans by the United States and Israel to attack Lebanon would have been coordinated with a military assault on Syria and eventually, Iran.
Carnaby was very close to former President George H. W. Bush, who WMR has been told is adamantly opposed to any U.S. military strike on Lebanon, Syria, or Iran. Although the senior Bush is beginning to suffer symptoms associated with Alzheimer's, it is also known that he has worked behind the scenes to stop further U.S. military attacks in the Middle East.
Carnaby was so close to the elder Bush that while at a Houston restaurant, the elder Bush, after spotting Carnaby at the bar having a drink with a friend, jumped up, ran over to Carnaby, and warmly embraced him. Bush is also reportedly incensed at Carnaby's shooting by the police and he has blamed the neocons who have infiltrated his son's administration for the death of his friend.
The elder Bush resents the heavy hand dealt by Vice President Dick Cheney to Syria's President Bashar Assad. Bush still recalls that it was Assad's father, Hafez Assad, who contributed troops for Operation Desert Storm against Assad's fellow rival Baathist Saddam Hussein. Bush also was appreciative that Bashar Assad's intelligence chief helped take out Hezbollah's military commander Imad Mugniyah in a Damascus car bombing in February. Mugniyah was blamed for the kidnapping and torture execution of CIA Beirut station chief William Buckley in 1985. Buckley was Carnaby's boss in Lebanon and Bush, as Vice President, was coordinating America's counter-terrorism program.
WMR has also discovered that before the planned assassination of Nasrallah on April 25, Carnaby was talking on his cell phone at a Houston restaurant. The patrons of the restaurant were startled to hear the mild mannered Carnaby began shouting in the phone, yelling "Who the hell ordered that?" and pounding the table. Those who knew Carnaby thought it was out of character but also knew that something serious was going on.
It is also known that Carnaby, fearful of a U.S. war with Iran, wanted to leave the CIA. He was reportedly very nervous, behavior described by a friend as "skittish," during the week before his death. WMR has also learned from a reliable source that Carnaby had information that he was trying to get to Washington the morning that he was killed. The Houston police impounded Carnaby's laptop computer, which contained details on a CIA non-official cover (NOC) network tasked with protecting U.S. and foreign ports from terrorist attacks and the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). That network, like Valerie Plame Wilson's Brewster Jennings & Associates non-official cover firm that tracked the proliferation of WMDs, may have been compromised to Mossad, which is considered by the CIA to be a hostile intelligence agency that seeks to damage U.S. national security.

June 10-11, 2008 -- Houston police disposes of critical evidence in Carnaby shooting

The city of Houston's counsel revealed in open court on May 23, 2008, that it disposed and dispersed critical evidence in the case of the April 29, 2008 shooting death by two Houston police officers of one-time CIA Southeast Region station chief Roland "Tony" Carnaby. Among the items is Carnaby's Mac laptop computer, which Houston's counsel said was turned over to the U.S. Secret Service. However, WMR has learned that the Houston police took back possession of the laptop from the Secret Service.
A motion to amend the evidence preservation order and inventory documents and items in Carnaby's possession at the time of his death was filed by Randall Kallinen, the attorney for Susan Carnaby, the slain CIA agent's widow, who is suing the city of Houston and the two police officers in federal court for the wrongful death of Carnaby. In a June 2, 2008, letter from L. A. Teehan, Senior Assistant Houston attorney to Kallinen, the city refuses to abide by the plaintiff's request to preserve Carnaby's property as evidence. On June 9, 2008, US Judge Keith Ellison ordered the city to respond within 10 days to the motion by Mrs. Carnaby's attorney.
Kallinen's motion also cites the city's failure to preserve "videotapes and audiotapes of the chase and shooting, records of the phone call" Carnaby "made after the chase ended and the critical CIA evaluations of Carnaby's CIA identifications."
The motion also states:

"During daylight hours on April 29, 2008, the Houston Police Department stopped Roland Carnaby, 52, for speeding in the south of Houston, Texas. In his vehicle Roland had sensitive information in his laptop computer and elsewhere regarding his national security interest investigations. Roland showed the officer his identification and the officer checked Roland’s background via the HPD squad car computers. The officer at the scene learned Roland’s address and that Roland had passed the rigorous requirements to obtain a Texas concealed handgun permit and that Roland had never been convicted or even arrested for a crime and had no warrants for his arrest. The officers at the scene were told by an HPD superior to arrest Roland 'for something' which would entail impounding the vehicle and its contents including the laptop computer with the sensitive security data entrusted to Roland.
Roland knew that arrest means jailing without the ability to communicate to anyone for many hours and that vehicle contents are often stolen from impound lots and police property rooms. Roland then drove off and a police chase ensued. Despite the knowledge of Roland’s exemplary background and home address HPD chased Roland at high speeds through Houston’s streets and highways endangering any man, woman or child that they passed. At no time during the pursuit did Roland display a weapon or attempt to hit any police officer with his vehicle.
During the chase the Federal Bureau of Investigation contacted HPD, confirmed Roland Carnaby’s status and asked HPD to call off the chase. HPD refused. Roland came to stop. With full knowledge of Roland’s background as set forth above police attacked the vehicle with nightsticks and weapons drawn shouting for Roland to get out smashing in the passenger window. When Roland complied by getting out of the SUV an officer slammed Roland with the SUV door. Two Houston Police officers, Cecil Foster and Andrew J. Washington, shot at Roland Carnaby striking him in the lower back when they were not in objectively reasonable fear of their lives or the lives of another. Instead of administering any aid to the gunshot wound(s) the HPD officers handcuffed Roland and left him lying face down on the street. When Houston paramedics arrived at least twelve minutes later they did not take Roland to the nearest emergency room--Roland was fully covered by medical insurance --but to Ben Taub Hospital ten miles away through busy Houston streets."

WMR has learned that the Houston police official who refused to call off the chase after the FBI confirmed Carnaby's CIA status is under investigation by federal authorities and is suspected of being an Israeli intelligence mole within the Houston Police Department.
WMR has learned from U.S. intelligence sources who worked with Carnaby that he was "going after the alternate U.S. military chain-of-command" that WMR previously reported was attempting to launch the United States into a war with Iran last August when nuclear cruise missiles were ordered moved to the Middle East theater but aborted by the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff. More recently, the alternate chain of command attempted an assassination of Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, another move that was aborted before it would have touched off a widespread regional war in the Middle East involving Israel and the United States against Hezbollah, Syria, Shia forces in Iraq, and Iran.
Carnaby's colleagues told WMR that Carnaby was frustrated by "gatekeepers" preventing him from getting critical intelligence concerning the alternate chain of command to top levels of the CIA. WMR was told by a Carnaby CIA associate in Lebanon that he was also being blocked by a Marine Corps officer "gatekeeper" in getting critical intelligence to CIA director Michael Hayden. The source in Lebanon said that Carnaby's assassination by the Houston police and Israeli moles in the department was part of a drastic operation that could affect the national security of the United States and the outcome of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Carnaby, WMR has learned, was concerned that those elements that he opposed were going to make their move before "Bush left office."

June 11-12, 2008 -- New details emerge about assassinated CIA agent in Houston

WMR has learned that one-time CIA Southeast Region station chief Roland "Tony" Carnaby, gunned down by the Houston police on April 29, had strained relations with CIA director General Michael Hayden. Carnaby, who was a close friend of former CIA director George Tenet, complained about Hayden's stewardship of the CIA. When Carnaby was shot by the Houston police, Hayden made no effort to provide intelligence cover for the slain agent, permitting dubious media stories, including a number in the Houston Chronicle, to advance the notion that Carnaby was a phony CIA officer lacking legitimate bona fide credentials.
There is a widespread feeling throughout the Intelligence Community that when Defense Secretary Robert Gates realized there was a second chain-of-command operating through the aegis of the Air Force he fired two of its principals, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne and Air Force Chief of Staff T. Michael "Buzz' Moseley and has targeted other military and civilian officials for dismissal. However, there is one Air Force General whose own role in the alternate chain-of-command has largely escaped scrutiny, General Hayden at the CIA. WMR has learned rather than having Hayden resign he has been ordered to officially retire from the Air Force and remove his uniform effective July 1. It is believed that Hayden will be less prone to carry out orders from Vice President Dick Cheney's office if he is no longer on active duty and subject to the military chain-of-command.
WMR has also discovered additional information about Carnaby's CIA past. In addition to "Tony" Carnaby, he used two other aliases, "Tony Montana" and "Tony Luciano." In addition to Tenet, Carnaby was often seen socializing in Washington, DC with the late FBI Assistant Director John O'Neill, killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11. One of their favorite hangouts was the "back bar" at Old Ebbit's Grill on 15th Street in Washington, across from the Treasury Department and a block from the White House. Carnaby and O'Neill were well known to the bartenders at Ebbit's.
During an intelligence-related meeting at a hotel in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, Carnaby was warmly greeted by a number of top CIA officials, including an old friend, the CIA's director of recruitment who was called out of retirement after 9/11.
It has also been learned that US Judge Keith Ellison is growing increasingly suspicious of the behavior of the Houston police in the civil lawsuit brought by Carnaby's wife, Susan, against the city and the two Houston police officers who shot Carnaby. Ellison wants to know why the Houston police returned the two police officers to active duty and they were given back the very same guns used to shoot Carnaby, weapons that should be treated as protected evidence in the case.

June 13-15, 2008 -- Carnaby was master of Arabic dialects and disguises

Roland V. "Tony" Carnaby, the CIA agent killed by Houston police on April 29, was a frequent user of the CIA disguises designed and developed by Antonio (Tony) and Jonna Mendez, both of whom served as the CIA's "masters of disguise." The husband and wife team are co-authors of the book "Spy Dust: Two Masters of Disguise Reveal the Tools & Operations That Helped Win the Cold War." They also spoke at the Association for Intelligence Officers gala event in Houston on Sept. 1, 2007, an event presided over by Carnaby. Tony, known as "Q" within the CIA, and Jonna were close friends of Carnaby.
Carnaby, according to US intelligence sources, was a user of the Mendezes disguises, particularly in the Middle East. On one occasion, Carnaby was dressed as a Jordanian street cleaner in Amman while surveilling a target. Carnaby spoke the Jordanian dialect of Arabic perfectly. A few hours later, the "street cleaner" was clad in a blue blazer and sun glasses in Amman, operating under U.S. intelligence cover.
In addition to speaking Arabic dialects, including Levantine, Egyptian, and Yemeni, Carnaby could also speak fluent Hebrew and he maintained close links to Israeli intelligence agents and assets abroad and in Houston. He was concerned that as with "two CIAs," there was also "two Mossads" in operation, one official and the other a dangerous rogue operation.
WMR has also discovered that Carnaby's Texas Concealed Handgun License denoted the category "SA," meaning "Special Agent," a code that appears on the permits of law enforcement and intelligence officers in Texas, including CIA, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents. The Houston police who stopped Carnaby clearly saw this code on his permit.
We have also learned that Carnaby worked in Laos during the Indochina conflict with long-time CIA clandestine agent Ted Shackley. It is believed by some of his CIA colleagues that Carnaby's age was older than his reported 52. It is common for CIA agents to claim different ages to avoid identification from public records.

June 14-15, 2008 -- Carnaby was on to something very big

Now that this editor successfully traveled to Houston and is now safely en route back to Washington, successfully bypassing the illegal searches of Michael Chertoff's Washington, DC-based agents, I can report that a sense of fear permeates Houston about the vulnerability of the metropolitan area's ports, ship channel, and airports. Slain retired CIA agent Roland "Tony" Carnaby and his Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO) colleagues, some of whom I met and spoke to in Houston and are, like Carnaby, ex-CIA, are convinced that the Houston area is vulnerable to another 9/11-like incident, definitely before George W. Bush leaves office and possibly around the time of the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend.
Carnaby was shot by the Houston police after a high-speed chase on April 29. And for the first time, WMR can report that Carnaby's and his colleagues' concerns about the security of Houston and a "false flag" attack are shared by former President George H. W. Bush and his closest ex-intelligence community colleagues. Story developing.

June 16, 2008 -- SPECIAL REPORT. Another 9/11 waiting to happen

Roland "Tony" Carnaby, the one-time CIA station chief for the Southeast Region slain by Houston police on April 29, was an advocate of increasing "HUMINT" resources in and around the sprawling Houston port complex, from Houston to Galveston. Houston is the largest port in the United States for foreign tonnage.
Carnaby had in his possession the morning of April 29 information that someone wanted and wanted badly enough to order the Houston police to treat the well-known former CIA clandestine agent and president of the local chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO) as a dangerous armed criminal. After an extensive investigation, WMR has learned that those who ordered the "hit" on Carnaby were part of a team, including smugglers tied to the Russian-Israeli mob, who were involved in terrorist planning activities in the greater Houston area. Carnaby and his intelligence and federal and county law enforcement associates were concerned about the potential for a "9/11-like" false flag attack on either Houston's port facility, airports, or all of them in and around the Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends.
WMR has learned that at a meeting of tugboat captains last week in Houston, the possibility of an imminent terrorist attack on the Houston port was discussed.
Carnaby's belief in HUMINT as a determinant of terrorist plans likely caused him to believe that Houston was in imminent danger for an attack. WMR spoke to Carnaby's intelligence and law enforcement colleagues who share his concerns.
Suspiciously, the Houston police, in violation of US Judge Keith Ellison's order to preserve all evidence related to Carnaby's shooting by the Houston police, admitted that it disposed of the evidence. Moreover, after having secured Carnaby's Blackberry, which is known to contain contact numbers for CIA and other federal agents, as well as their informants, was returned to the custody of the Houston police by Secret Service Special Agent R. Jennings, the reported SAC (Special Agent in Charge) of the Houston office.
Jennings has been accused by Carnaby's colleagues of cooperating with the very same elements, including individuals connected to Israeli intelligence activities in the Houston area and their well-placed moles inside the Houston Police Department, who wanted access to Carnaby's contacts and other information. The compromise of Carnaby's information represents a potentially devastating compromise of national security and are in direct violation of the National Security Act of 1947, according to Carnaby's colleagues.
It still remains unknown what happened to Carnaby's Mac laptop computer as well as a number of other cell phones, including an I-Phone and a Bang and Olufsen mobile phone in Carnaby's possession at the time of his shooting. Carnaby's colleagues revealed that Carnaby possessed a number of cell phones because some were dedicated to activating video and camera systems placed in strategic locations in and around Houston's ports and airports and downloading images to his phones and eventually to his laptop. At least three phones in Carnaby's possession on the morning of April 29 were used to activate cameras and download photos and videos from sites in and around Houston. One mobile phone number was reportedly used for this surveillance activity -- 713 208-0000 .

Wayne Madsen caption: "The spot on Houston's West Loop where CIA agent Roland "Tony" Carnaby was gunned down by Houston police in a pre-planned "hit" on April 29. The shooting of Carnaby took place close to former President George H. W. Bush's Tanglewood residence."


On May 16, 2008, WMR reported: "The CIA was concerned that details of Carnaby's classified and covert work for the CIA in the Port of Houston, as well as his non-official cover Carnaby Shipping Company Ltd. and American Global Enterprise contacts in the United States and Lebanon may have been compromised to Israeli Mossad agents who have infiltrated the Houston Police Department primarily through blackmail techniques. The Israeli Consulate General in Houston is reportedly at the center of the Israeli influence and intelligence ring in the fourth largest city in America and the home to the largest port for imports in the United States."
The evening before Carnaby was shot, a man approached Carnaby and two friends at Houston's Capital Grille, a favorite meeting spot for Houston's business elite. A man, pretending to be inebriated, went up to Carnaby and acted as though he was an old friend. He was carrying an open bag, the type in which "to go" food orders are usually placed. Carnaby reportedly reached for his concealed handgun and told the man he had never seen him or met him before. The man apologized, quickly left the restaurant, and drove off in a car with diplomatic license plates. Carnaby's associates now believe the man was assigned to the Israeli Consulate General in Houston.
The I-Phone and Mac in Carnaby's possession were officially owned by American Global Enterprise. Carnaby's American Global cover firm operated a warehouse in the Houston port area, a reported center from which traffic from the port into Mexico and outbound via the ship channel was monitored. The actual security for the Port of Houston is maintained not by the Houston Police Department but by the Harris County Sheriff. The jurisdictional problems affected Carnaby's relationship with both agencies. Whereas the Harris County Sheriff's office was usually cooperative, the Houston Police was generally not as willing to work on increasing the security of the port.

Caption and photo by Wayne Madsen: "Pasadena, Texas liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal along the Houston ship channel, where LNG tankers are loaded and off-loaded. This area is one of the most vulnerable targets in the Houston port complex and is located next to San Jacinto Battlefield Monument and Park, also the location of the battleship USS Texas."


Carnaby's fear about lax port security was borne out when this editor easily gained access through the main gate into the Port of Houston in a rental car. Although containers in bound and out bound from the port are x-rayed and checked for radioactive materials, the overall security is poor and that prompted Carnaby into calling for a better HUMINT program. However, better HUMINT would also result in the arms, drugs, and auto theft activities of the Russian-Israeli mob, Israeli intelligence assets, and their allies in the pro-Mojahedin e Khalq (MEK) Iranian expatriate community in Houston being identified by federal authorities.
For example, WMR learned from US intelligence and customs agents that the 1998 terrorist bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania had a Houston connection. The terrorist attacks were blamed on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The two trucks used in the two East Africa bombings were stolen vehicles that were shipped from Houston via Guatemala. In addition, the bombs used passed though the same Guatemalan smuggling route. In 1998, Israel's Mossad and Guatemala's intelligence services continued to enjoy a close relationship and the Central American nation's successive military juntas could count on the support of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and other Israeli lobbying organizations in Washington.
Carnaby also had under surveillance a widespread vehicle smuggling ring that operated out of Houston, location of one of the largest vehicle import port facilities in the United States. One of Carnaby's law enforcement colleagues revealed that a network of body shops in Houston have been used to strip and smuggle stolen vehicles out of the United States, mostly to Mexico. Some of the theft operations operate under cover of "import-export" businesses and one operation has laundered $250 million in proceeds from the vehicle thefts. These illegal enterprises have been linked to Middle East expatriates linked to Israeli intelligence operations, including the Iranian MEK terrorist group and far right Lebanese Phalangists allied with Israel who are supported by the Israeli Lobby in Washington.

Wayne Madsen photo and caption: "Houston's vulnerable ship channel. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is opposed to increasing HUMINT collection in this area lest the operations of his Israeli friends become exposed. In one Emergency Rapid Deployment exercise carried out by the US Coast Guard, an unmarked Zodiac raft with an outmoded machine gun with two US Coast Guardsmen on board, sailed up the ship channel from Galveston to Houston without anyone challenging them. Chertoff wuold prefer to keep "security" for Houston this way, but for what purpose?"

One of WMR's colleagues, German journalist Jurgen Cain Kulbel, has been imprisoned in Berlin for reporting that the UN chief investigator of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Detlev Mehlis, was once employed by the Israeli intelligence front organization, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). Mehlis steered UN investigators away from the real assassins of Hariri, Israeli intelligence who hired a number of rogue agents from Syrian intelligence, Lebanon's Druze and Christian Phalangist communities, and Palestinian refugees. Kulbel's imprisonment is a direct result of pressure from Washington and Jerusalem on the German government.
Some of Carnaby's associates were also critical of the security contract for the Houston that involved ex-British commando Tim Spicer, whose Aegis Defense Services, the recipient of a number of private military contracts from the Defense Department and the former U.S.-run Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Spicer, in 2002, managed to convince Per Christiansen, a retired Norwegian naval officer whose Hudson Maritime won a Homeland Security Department to secure various American ports, including Houston, to bring him on as a partner. Thus was born Hudson Trident (the Trident being Spicer's interest in the firm). However, Spicer's work on Houston's port security was soon criticized by the government, including Carnaby and his associates. Spicer, who had previously received a port security contract in Haiti around the time of the U.S.-sponsored coup against democratically-elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a coup that saw a number of weapons enter Haiti's ports illegally. Spicer's lack of performance on the Houston port security contract soon saw him lose out on similar port contracts for Morocco and Chittagong, Bangladesh, according to sources with whom WMR spoke in Houston. A U.S. intelligence source in Houston said, "Spicer fucked up the ship channel contract," adding, "this guy merely did plausible deniability work for MI6 and MI5," Britain's foreign and domestic intelligence services, respectively.

Wayne Madsen photo and caption: "A closer view of Pasadena's LNG terminal. An attack here would have devastating and deadly results and bottle up the ship channel, affecting the entire United States."


It is clear that a number of Carnaby and his intelligence colleagues are skeptical about the "official version" of 9/11 and fear another such attack, possibly during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. WMR can also report that a close friend of former President George H. W. Bush has taken a keen and supportive interest in our reports on the Carnaby shooting. Bush is the honorary president of the Houston William Buckley Chapter of AFIO, for which Carnaby served as president at the time of his death. Carnaby was also close to the former President, who has reportedly been outraged at the wanton killing of his friend. Carnaby was also reportedly close to Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who has made no public comment on the death of Carnaby.
Note: It is clear that WMR's reporting on the Carnaby shooting is irritating certain "quarters," also known as the "usual suspects" and the "amen corner." WMR's contacts with Carnaby's friends has resulted in a number of other doors on "cold cases" being opened. They extend from Dallas in November 1963, to the fate of the US merchant vessel "SS Poet" in 1980, Mena, Arkansas and Nicaraguan contra drug smuggling in the 1980s, and the back doors used to corrupt the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and North American Defense Command (NORAD) computers and networks on the morning of 9/11. WMR will continue to report on these and other stories regardless of the pressure that is being exerted, mostly not from the right-wing but from the usual "left-wing" gatekeepers and their dubious web sites. The very same gatekeepers who have been keeping the wool over the eyes of the American people, most notably, since the events of 9/11.

June 20-22, 2008 -- Mossad has official and unofficial presence in Houston

WMR has learned from U.S. intelligence sources that Israel's intelligence service, the Mossad, operates under both official and unofficial cover in Houston. Former CIA station chief in Houston Roland "Tony" Carnaby, slain on April 29 by Houston police, kept the Israeli intelligence presence under close surveillance.
The official Mossad presence is at the Israeli Consulate General in the Greenway office complex. Mossad's "secret station," as it is called by the CIA, operates under the cover of a security firm based in Houston. A CIA source told WMR that the Mossad often buys into foreign companies and then uses them as secret stations for its operations.
Mossad's secret Houston station works closely with other Mossad secret stations in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East and maintains close liaison with the Houston Police Department, the Port of Houston, George H. W. Bush International and Hobby Airports, the Department of Homeland Security and its Transportation Security Administration (TSA), US Agency for International Development (USAID), and the State Department.

June 27-29, 2008 -- FBI on wild goose chase in Houston

WMR has learned that the FBI is not only dragging its feet in its investigation of the April 29 shooting death by Houston police of one-time CIA Houston station chief Roland "Tony" Carnaby but is making excuses for the Houston Police Department's unprofessional handling of evidence in the case. The FBI in Houston feels that the violation by the Houston Police of federal Judge Keith Ellison's court order to preserve all evidence in the civil law suit brought by Carnaby's widow against the Houston Police is merely the result of "sloppy" police work.
At a recent hearing before Ellison, the Houston police failed to list Carnaby's CIA badge and his cell phone communications after his first stop by the police on a list provided to the court. It is known that Carnaby had contacted Houston Police Internal Affairs, the CIA, and FBI to have them intercede with the police officers who stopped and chased him. The FBI tried unsuccessfully to have the Houston Police call off the chase.
When the absence of the ID badge and the cellular communications was noticed by the plaintiff's attorney, the Houston Police said they erred and would add the items to the list. The Houston Police have failed to list Carnaby's lap top computer, seized by the police along with its classified national security information, on the inventory of evidence, even though the FBI in Houston has confirmed that the lap top computer was in Carnaby's car when it was impounded by the police. WMR has also learned from reliable sources that the police videotapes of the shooting incident have been destroyed.
The police inventory list also contains a Glock, said to be in Carnaby's car when impounded by the police. However, sources who worked closely with Carnaby said he never carried a Glock and did not like the weapon.
On June 25, 2008, WMR reported that the FBI's investigation of the Carnaby shooting got off to a slow start. The recent word from Houston is that the investigation remains stagnant. At least was supervisory agent and a possible trainee have been assigned to the case, which has been designated by the FBI as a "national security matter."
The FBI agents involved are avoiding investigating Carnaby's past and post-retirement work for the CIA. Ironically, there is a national security dimension to the Carnaby case that has not interested the FBI's "national security investigation." On the evening of April 28, the night before Carnaby was gunned down in the Galleria section of Houston, he was approached at the Capital Grille restaurant in Houston by a man with what appeared to be a "to go" food order bag. The man approached Carnaby and said, "You gotta see what's in this bag." Carnaby responded, "I don't know you." The man, still insistent that Carnaby look into the bag, caused Carnaby to reach inside his jacket for his pistol. The man then quickly departed the restaurant and got into a vehicle with diplomatic plates. There is reason to believe that the vehicle and diplomat were from the Israeli Consulate General in Houston. When informed of this incident involving Carnaby the night before his assassination, the FBI showed little to no interest.
The FBI is investigating a Ford Crown Victoria and a Dodge Aspen in connection with the "national security case," but it is not known what significance these two vehicles play in the case.
In addition, the CBS 48 Hours spin on the story from individuals in Houston who have been interviewed is closely following the FBI line -- that the Carnaby case is a national security matter but there is little interest in his actual shooting by the Houston police.
This eye is blind when it comes to the Carnaby shooting and the involvement of Israeli intelligence agents.

August 8-10, 2008 -- Houston refuses to turn over evidence to widow in Carnaby assassination unless secrecy order invoked

The Houston Chronicle reported yesterday on new developments in the civil case brought against the city of Houston by Susan Carnaby, the widow of slain retired CIA Houston station chief Roland "Tony" Carnaby. Carnaby was shot to death by Houston police on April 29. The city is trying to convince U.S. Judge Keith Ellison, who is trying the civil case, to order Susan Carnaby not to make public the "homicide report," the police internal investigation report of the shooting incident, 911 emergency phone call transcripts, or police dispatch tape transcripts to be made public if the city provides such material to her. Susan Carnaby, in an affidavit to the court, said she believes the public has a right to know about the details of the incident, especially since the "police department is investigating itself." She also said that her late husband would have wanted the investigation "open and not hidden."
Recently, a Harris County grand jury declined to prosecute Houston police Sgt. Andrew Washington and officer Cecil Foster for murder in the shooting death of Carnaby. However, the Houston Chronicle, for the first time, referred to a "homicide report" in the incident.
The references to 911 emergency calls is the first indication that someone other than Carnaby may have called the police to report details of the shooting incident. WMR has learned from knowledgeable Houston sources that Carnaby was on the phone with an FBI supervisor when police surrounded his vehicle on the 610 West Loop in the Galleria section of Houston. Carnaby had apparently been stopped earlier by police for speeding but someone in the Houston Police Department ordered the retired CIA agent stopped again and arrested for anything the police could nail him on.
Contrary to earlier reports that police chased Carnaby through heavy traffic before they made their second stop, WMR has learned that Carnaby's vehicle ran out of gas when police surrounded it. The shooting was captured on local TV news helicopter video. The Houston police violated Judge Ellison's order to preserve all evidence in the case. The Houston police disposed of police dashboard video tapes of the incident, audio tapes of phone calls, and the evidence gathered from Carnaby's vehicle, including his laptop computer, cell phones, and other items.

August 13, 2008 -- Port of Houston security in hands of Israeli firm

WMR previously reported that slain retired CIA station chief in Houston, Roland "Tony" Carnaby, gunned down gangland-style on April 29 by Houston police after his vehicle ran out of gas, not after a "high-speed chase" as alleged by Houston police, had a tepid and wary relationship with Israeli intelligence operatives in Houston. Carnaby was contracted to the Port of Houston, as well as the two Houston area international airports, to provide security consultative services.
An Israeli firm, Orsus, is currently installing an integrated security monitoring system that will link video surveillance, visitor control, and police dispatch systems to a 24-hour Port Coordination Center. It is known that Carnaby used a number of cell phones to dial into port video cameras to turn them on, stop them, and download captured video data. The Israeli firm was scheduled to begin installation of its system this month.
The financial backers of Orsus include ComSor Venture Fund LDC, a joint operation of Comverse Technology, which includes its subsidiary Verint Systems, and Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Other investors in Orsus include Israel's Koor Industries, the leading shareholder of Tadiran, the Israeli defense electronics firm; Cial Industries and Investment, an Israeli holding company; the Cedar Fund, an "Israeli-related" venture capital firm; Israel Infinity Venture Capital Fund; and Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank.
Some of Orsus' backers have faced legal problems stemming from dubious activities, not least of whom is George Soros, the international financier who conducted a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic Party in 2004 and has muted the message from the progressive media by pouring cash into various magazines, publishers, and web sites to control the message, ensuring the message does not include any criticism of Soros or his questionable activities, including his manipulation of democratic institutions abroad, including in the Republic of Georgia.
Soros' ComSor partner, Comverse, saw its CEO Jacob "Kobi' Alexander, arrested in the Namibian capital Windhoek in 2006 for manipulating Comverse's stock options. Alexander is facing extradition to the United States but he has managed to buy off a number of Namibian politicians in order to extend his exile in Namibia, a country that hosts a number of Israeli diamond poaching firms and traders.
The list of Soros' dubious associates does not stop with Alexander. James Marquez, a former Soros assistant, and co-founder of the Bayou Group hedge fund, was sentenced to prison for defrauding investors of $350 million. The manager of Bayou, Samuel Israel III, faked his own suicide in June before turning himself in for defrauding his investors. Bank Hapoalim was investigated under Israel's new and relatively weak Prohibition of Laundering Law for exiled Russian-Israeli tycoon Arcadi Gaydamak.

Soros managed to derail any effort by the so-called "progressive media" sites he funds to properly investigate the shooting death of Carnaby. The reasons now appear quite apparent. We will revisit Jewish-American meddling in Georgia in Chapter 32 and corrupt and tyrannical Jewish power on Wall Street in Chapter 33.

November 24, 2009 -- The real reason Israel wants to take out Iran's nuclear capability

U.S. intelligence sources have told WMR that the actual reason why Israel is gearing up for an attack on Iran's nuclear sites is because Israel fears that while its own nuclear weapons are degrading, Iran stands a chance of acquiring more potent weapons.
Intelligence sources report that since Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev Desert was damaged in a fuel rod explosion during a refueling operation, its ability to reprocess plutonium for its nuclear weapons stockpile has been severely diminished. The accident occurred because the Israelis overstressed their Fast Breeder Reactor unit, causing it to become unstable. In 1997, a judge in Tel Aviv ordered the government to pay the family of Haim Itah, a worker at Dimona, NIS 2.5 million, because of cancer he contracted due to radiation leaks at the facility. The leaks were reported to have involved at least one accident at Dimona. The court decision also cited the "negligent safety" policies of Dimona's top management.
Israel has also been forced to quietly re-establish its global nuclear smuggling operations, rampant during the 1960s when it was working to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor capabilities have always been clouded in maximum secrecy. However, the claim that Dimona was upgraded to a 75-megawatt reactor from its original 25-megawatt design came from Seymour Hersh's book The Samson Option. In actuality, Israel's 25-megawatt power reactor produces up to 75-megawatts of thermal heat or steam due to inefficiencies in heat exchangers and turbine losses. A reactor of this size can only produce about one to two 30-kiloton size bombs per year with a maximum core/pit life, before reprocessing, of six to fourteen years. If the reactor has been operating for about 40 years, then the maximum number of weapons produced would be no greater than sixty 30-kiloton sized weapons. The maximum number of times that a nuclear core/pit can be reprocessed is about two to three times, due to plutonium losses when the core is re-manufactured. This is determined by the purity of the metal, its alloy content, and its designed detonation size. One single 25-megawatt nuclear reactor, during its lifetime, can only maintain approximately thirty to sixty 30-kiloton sized plutonium warheads per reactor.
WMR has learned that the diminished capabilities of the Negev Nuclear Research Center prompted Israel, in the 1990s, to actively smuggle nuclear materials, including enriched plutonium, to Israel. The smuggling operations immediately became known to the CIA's Counterproliferation Division and its non-official cover (NOC) Brewster Jennings & Associates operation headed up by Valerie Plame.
U.S. intelligence has learned that the Israelis are worried about a nuclear weapons gap with both Pakistan and Iran. Although there is no evidence to suggest that Iran has re-started its nuclear weapons development program since ceasing it in 2003, as reported by CIA, if Iran were to re-establish its program, the math has Israel concerned.
The Iranian reactor was originally an American designed 100-megawatt power/300 megawatt thermal reactor provided to the Shah's regime in 1975. The reactor at Bushehr on the Gulf was built by the Germans and completed by the Russians. If it were re-engineered for weapons development, the reactor has the ability to produce up to eight 30-kiloton plutonium weapons per year or about a total of 96 nuclear weapons in a fourteen year cycle before plutonium reprocessing would be necessary. As the Israeli weapons age, their total stockpile will be reduced to less than 30 weapons within fourteen years, while the Iranian stockpile would grow to 96 weapons of equal explosive size. Thus, a nuclear weapons gap would exist between Israel and Iran. The Israelis are in a panic because they are losing the nuclear race with Iran and Pakistan. Therefore, through its influence with the United States, Great Britain, and France, Israel is seeking to destabilize both Iran and Pakistan. In the case of Pakistan, Israel also has the assistance of India. The security and future of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is reportedly, and ironically, on the agenda of talks in Washington between President Obama and Prime Minister Indian Manmohan Singh, even as the United States cements a nuclear cooperation pact with New Delhi, which, like Pakistan and Israel, has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Iran is a signatory of the NPT.
Israel's search for replacement enriched plutonium hit pay-dirt when its intelligence service discovered that the Pantex nuclear facility near Amarillo, Texas, stores enriched plutonium fuel that is 99 percent pure plutonium that does not require reprocessing for another 60 to 90 years. However, the Department of Energy has plans to store much of the nuclear fuel now at Pantex at the very secure Yucca Mountain storage complex within the Nevada Test Site. WMR previously reported that Mossad agents are extremely active at military and nuclear sites in Nevada, including the Nevada Test Site. However, Israeli scientists may have already penetrated the security at the Nevada Test Site through a joint operation with the United States. WMR has learned that U.S. and Israeli scientists are co-testing newer electromagnetic core/pit compression techniques that does not use conventional explosives as the weapon detonator. Instead, the fuel is magnetically compressed. The technique overcomes the plutonium aging issue while allowing for the development of micro-nuclear weaponry. For example, 650 grams of force per square centimeter is all that is required to compress a plutonium core into a critical state. 750 grams is the minimum amount of plutonium that is needed in order to produce a nuclear explosion. One kilogram of plutonium produces an explosive yield equal to one kiloton of TNT.
The Israelis discovered that only U.S. nuclear cores composed of plutonium alloys were ripe for theft at Pantex. The 99 percent plutonium fuel was more well-guarded. Because the older plutonium cores required refrigeration to keep them cooler than 150 degrees, the Israelis used refrigeration trucks to move the cores through the port of Houston and into refrigeration containers loaded on board ships belonging to Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company, a firm with close links to the Mossad. From Houston, the plutonium alloy cores were shipped to Israel and Dimona.
One individual who had the port of Houston under close scrutiny was CIA contractor/informant/source Roland "Tony" Carnaby. Carnaby had set up a number of video surveillance cameras at the port of Houston and routinely uploaded the stored videos from the camera units to his Macintosh computer. In April 2008, Carnaby was shot to death by two Houston police officers after what was reported to have been a high-speed chase by police. After he was killed, the Houston police took possession of Carnaby's Macintosh computer. WMR previously reported that Carnaby kept Israeli intelligence assets and agents under close scrutiny in Houston and that he had a strange encounter with an Israeli Consulate General official the evening before he was shot. WMR also previously reported on Mossad's penetration of the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Harris County Sheriff Adrien Garcia has visited Israel and is considered close to the Israeli intelligence operation in Houston. Garcia's overall agenda was also never trusted by Carnaby, according to our sources in Houston. Conveniently, security for the port of Houston comes under Harris County and Garcia. Radiation detectors routinely scan containers at Houston for the presence of nuclear materials, hence, it is important for the Mossad to counteract security at the port.
On August 13, 2008, WMR reported: "WMR previously reported that slain retired CIA station chief in Houston, Roland 'Tony' Carnaby, gunned down gangland-style on April 29 by Houston police after his vehicle ran out of gas, not after a 'high-speed chase' as alleged by Houston police, had a tepid and wary relationship with Israeli intelligence operatives in Houston. Carnaby was contracted to the Port of Houston, as well as the two Houston area international airports, to provide security consultative services. An Israeli firm, Orsus, is currently installing an integrated security monitoring system that will link video surveillance, visitor control, and police dispatch systems to a 24-hour Port Coordination Center. It is known that Carnaby used a number of cell phones to dial into port video cameras to turn them on, stop them, and download captured video data. The Israeli firm was scheduled to begin installation of its system this month.The financial backers of Orsus include ComSor Venture Fund LDC, a joint operation of Comverse Technology, which includes its subsidiary Verint Systems, and Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Other investors in Orsus include Israel's Koor Industries, the leading shareholder of Tadiran, the Israeli defense electronics firm; Cial Industries and Investment, an Israeli holding company; the Cedar Fund, an 'Israeli-related' venture capital firm; Israel Infinity Venture Capital Fund; and Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank."
Carnaby was, reportedly, working with the FBI on the Israeli nuclear smuggling issue and the FBI office in Houston requested that the Houston police call off their chase of Carnaby. WMR has also learned that one of the Israeli agents involved in the Pantex smuggling is the agent known as "Stinky" by FBI surveillance teams. He is called "Stinky" because of his obeseness and sloppy eating habits. "Stinky" was linked to the clubbing death of CIA missile expert William Bennett in Landsdowne, Virginia, near Leesburg, in March of this year and the assassination of weapons developer Gerald Bull in 1990 in Brusssels. Bennett had uncovered evidence that Israel had shared with or sold to China and Russia classified U.S. Patriot missile and stealth technology with China and Russia.
Stinky has been seen in the Amarillo area with a crew from New Jersey and he is believed to have re-entered the United States, after the hit on Bennett, on a false Canadian passport.

Wayne Madsen's September 2011 update links the Carnaby case with a very different side of international intrigue, namely involving the likely Mossad Stuxnet virus attack on the Japanese Fukushima reactors on 3-11-2011 and the September 12th explosion at the Marcoule nuclear power plant in France.

September 20-21, 2011 -- Israel's nuclear smuggling network was key element in Carnaby murder in Houston

Israel, working with deeply-embedded intelligence moles in the United States, including within the U.S. government and "off-the-books" intelligence front companies, has been pilfering spent U.S. nuclear fuel from American nuclear arms caches at a phenomenal rate over the last several years. U.S. and foreign intelligence sources have confirmed that much of the nuclear fuel has been shipped to Israel and other locations via the port of Houston.
The illegal smuggling of spent highly-enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium fuel from U.S. nuclear weapons facilities is the same outbound Houston shipping pipeline used by Bush-influenced Carlyle Group and the firm's front companies in Spain and France to ship precursor nerve gas chemicals to Saddam Hussein's Iraq in the 1980s, according to one Pentagon intelligence source.
The nuclear smuggling is a major back story to a September 8 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report titled "Nuclear Nonproliferation: U.S. Agencies Have Limited Ability to Account for, Monitor, and Evaluate the Security of U.S. Nuclear Material Overseas." The most serious finding in the GAO report states:

"DOE [Department of Energy], NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission], and State are not able to fully account for U.S. nuclear material overseas that is subject to nuclear cooperation agreement terms because the agreements do not stipulate systematic reporting of such information, and there is no U.S. policy to pursue or obtain such information. U.S. nuclear cooperation agreements generally require that partners report inventory information upon request, however, DOE and NRC have not systematically sought such data. DOE and NRC do not have a comprehensive, detailed, current inventory of U.S. nuclear material--including weapon-usable material such as highly enriched uranium (HEU) and separated plutonium--overseas that includes the country, facility, and quantity of material. In addition, NRC and DOE could not fully account for the current location and disposition of U.S. HEU overseas in response to a 1992 congressional mandate. U.S. agencies, in a 1993 report produced in response to the mandate, were able to verify the location of 1,160 kilograms out of 17,500 kilograms of U.S. HEU estimated to have been exported. DOE, NRC, and State have established annual inventory reconciliations with five U.S. partners, but not the others it has transferred material to or trades with."

The report also states that a nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and Israel was allowed to lapse. The GAO report also states: "DOE's Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) removes U.S. nuclear material from vulnerable facilities overseas but can only bring back materials that have an approved disposition pathway and meet the program's eligibility criteria." WMR has been informed that because of the amount of HEU and plutonium smuggled from the United States outside of "approved disposition pathways," there is no way for the United States to know exactly where HEU and plutonium has been distributed, especially to unauthorized end-users who have been using the spent nuclear material in violation of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) or U.S. export control laws. Countries that fall into this category, according to our sources, include Japan, Israel, South Korea, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Syria, Iran, Burma, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan, and Pakistan.
The major reason behind the nuclear material smuggling from the United States stems from Israel quietly re-establishing its global nuclear smuggling operations, rampant during the 1960s when it was working to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor capabilities have always been clouded in maximum secrecy but it is known that the facility suffered a major equipment failure in the 1990s that impacted on Israel's ability to re-process nuclear fuel. The diminished capabilities of the Negev Nuclear Research Center prompted Israel, in the 1990s, to actively smuggle nuclear materials, including enriched plutonium, to Israel. The smuggling operations immediately became known to the CIA's Counterproliferation Division and its non-official cover (NOC) Brewster Jennings & Associates operation headed up by Valerie Plame Wilson's. It was a major reason why Vice President Dick Cheney, his counsel Scooter Libby, State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs (and President Obama's current envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan) Marc Grossman, and others within the Bush administration exposed the Brewster Jennings operations.
Israel's search for replacement enriched plutonium hit pay-dirt when its intelligence service discovered that the Pantex nuclear facility near Amarillo, Texas, stores enriched plutonium fuel that is 99 percent pure plutonium that does not require reprocessing for another 60 to 90 years. Israel gained access to the classified details of the Pantex operation by tapping into classified government communication networks through the Israeli-owned communication company AMDOCS.
The Israelis discovered that only U.S. nuclear cores composed of plutonium alloys were ripe for theft at Pantex. The 99 percent plutonium fuel was more well-guarded. However, the older plutonium alloy cores were unstable and the shipment of the cores through the port of Houston required refrigerated containers to keep them cooler than 150 degrees.The Israelis used refrigeration trucks to move the cores through the port of Houston from Amarillo and into refrigeration containers loaded on board ships belonging to Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company, a firm with close links to the Mossad. The plutonium cores were shipped to Israel and Dimona.
One individual who had the port of Houston under close scrutiny was CIA contractor/informant/source Roland "Tony" Carnaby. Carnaby had set up a number of video surveillance cameras at the port of Houston and routinely uploaded the stored videos from the camera units to his Macintosh computer. WMR has learned from intelligence sources that Carnaby possessed a major secret about the smuggling operation: much of the nuclear material being shipped through Houston by Israel, more than its needs, was being re-sold by Israel on the international black market. On April 29, 2008, Carnaby was shot to death by two Houston police officers after what was reported to have been a high-speed chase by police. After he was killed, the Houston police took possession of Carnaby's Macintosh computer. WMR previously reported that Carnaby kept Israeli intelligence assets and agents under close scrutiny in Houston and that he had a strange encounter with an Israeli Consulate General official the evening before he was shot. WMR also previously reported on Mossad's penetration of the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Radiation detectors routinely scan containers at Houston for the presence of nuclear materials, hence, it was important for the Mossad to counteract Carnaby's security systems at the port.
It is known that Carnaby used a number of cell phones to dial into port video cameras to turn them on, stop them, and download captured video data. However, an Israeli firm, Orsus, was scheduled to begin installation of its own surveillance at the port, putting Carnaby's surveillance operations in jeopardy. The financial backers of Orsus include ComSor Venture Fund LDC, a joint operation of Comverse Technology, which includes its subsidiary Verint Systems, and Soros Fund Management's Quantum Industrial Holdings Ltd. Other investors in Orsus include Israel's Koor Industries, the leading shareholder of Tadiran, the Israeli defense electronics firm; Cial Industries and Investment, an Israeli holding company; the Cedar Fund, an 'Israeli-related' venture capital firm; Israel Infinity Venture Capital Fund; and Poalim Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank."
Carnaby was, reportedly, working with the FBI on the Israeli nuclear smuggling issue and the FBI office in Houston requested that the Houston police call off their chase of Carnaby. It was too late for Carnaby. He was marked for assassination by Mossad and its friends in Houston area law enforcement because of his knowledge of the nuclear smuggling program. Israel was also concerned that Carnaby, a Lebanese-American with close ties to some of Lebanon's political groups opposed to Israel, might leak details of the operations to his Lebanese friends, information that would soon end up in the hands of Iranian and Syrian counter-intelligence.
One of the countries that received re-sold American plutonium fuel from Israel was Japan. However, the Japanese soon discovered that the plutonium for which they were paying the Israelis top dollar was too old and provided only short-life usable nuclear weapons. Japan decided to go it alone on their nuclear weapons development but not before they planned to blow the whistle on the Israeli and American smuggling operation to the International Atonic Energy Agency (IAEA). Before the Japanese could act, the super-quake struck Japan, along with the devastating tsunami. At that point in time, Israel and the Americans programmed their Stuxnet computer virus to trigger the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, the major site for Japan's nuclear weapons development program. Stuxnet, developed to disrupt Iran's nuclear program, is also effective against the nuclear power generation systems of other nations using standard supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software, including the plutonium MOX fuel processing operations at Fukushima. Stuxnet can be used to blackmail recipients of the smuggled plutonium material, including MOX fuel, into silence. The Fukushima disaster destroyed physical evidence of the Israeli smuggling operation to Japan. However, Japanese intelligence possesses other evidence of the Israeli smuggling operations.
The recent explosion at a MOX fuel plutonium processing facility at the French Marcoule nuclear power plant was a warning to France, courtesy of Stuxnet, not to support Palestine's bid for UN membership. It is not yet clear whether the MOX being used at Marcoule was developed from the unstable and old American plutonium cores smuggled and re-sold by Israel. However, U.S. intelligence has evidence that Israel has re-sold some of its stolen plutonium material to India in return for that nation providing Israel with missile systems and related technology.
The disassociation of the CIA and FBI from interest in Carnaby's murder in Houston was directly linked to the power of the Israel Lobby in Washington, which will stop at nothing to ensure that Israeli crimes and intelligence activities in the United States remain unexposed and unpunished.

Japanese journalist Yoichi Shimatsu provided an additional perspective on the "Japanese connection" in his 2 Oct 2011 article Secret US-Israeli Nuke Transfers Led To Fukushima Blasts, One might infer that if Dick Cheney and other associates high within the Bush administration had authorized the use of Israeli assets to smuggle plutonium through Houston to Japan, this probably encouraged the Mossad to feel that it had a free hand in orchestrating the murder of Carnaby:

Sixteen tons and what you get is a nuclear catastrophe. The explosions that rocked the Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant were more powerful than the combustion of hydrogen gas, as claimed by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. The actual cause of the blasts, according to intelligence sources in Washington, was nuclear fission of. warhead cores illegally taken from America's sole nuclear-weapons assembly facility. Evaporation in the cooling pools used for spent fuel rods led to the detonation of stored weapons-grade plutonium and uranium.
The facts about clandestine American and Israeli support for Japan's nuclear armament are being suppressed in the biggest official cover-up in recent history. The timeline of events indicates the theft from America's strategic arsenal was authorized at the highest level under a three-way deal between the Bush-Cheney team, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Elhud Olmert's government in Tel Aviv.

Tokyo's Strangelove
In early 2007, Vice President Dick Cheney flew to Tokyo with his closest aides. Newspaper editorials noted the secrecy surrounding his visit - no press conferences, no handshakes with ordinary folks and, as diplomatic cables suggest, no briefing for U.S. Embassy staffers in Tokyo.
Cheney snubbed Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma, who was shut out of confidential talks. The pretext was his criticism of President George Bush for claiming Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. The more immediate concern was that the defense minister might disclose bilateral secrets to the Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were sure to oppose White House approval of Japan's nuclear program.
An unannounced reason for Cheney's visit was to promote a quadrilateral alliance in the Asia-Pacific region. The four cornerstones - the US, Japan, Australia and India - were being called on to contain and confront China and its allies North Korea and Russia.. From a Japanese perspective, this grand alliance was flawed by asymmetry: The three adversaries were nuclear powers, while the U.S. was the only one in the Quad group.
To further his own nuclear ambitions, Abe was playing the Russian card. As mentioned in a U.S. Embassy cable (dated 9/22), the Yomiuri Shimbun gave top play to this challenge to the White House : "It was learned yesterday that the government and domestic utility companies have entered final talks with Russia in order to relegate uranium enrichment for use at nuclear power facilities to Atomprom, the state-owned nuclear monopoly." If Washington refused to accept a nuclear-armed Japan, Tokyo would turn to Moscow...

. . .The Texas Job
BWXT Pantex, America's nuclear warhead facility, sprawls over 16,000 acres of the Texas Panhandle outside Amarillo. Run by the DoE and Babcock & Wilson, the site also serves as a storage facility for warheads past their expiration date. The 1989 shutdown of Rocky Flats, under community pressure in Colorado, forced the removal of those nuclear stockpiles to Pantex. Security clearances are required to enter since it is an obvious target for would-be nuclear thieves.
In June 2004, a server at the Albuquerque office of the National Nuclear Security System was hacked. Personal information and security-clearance data for 11 federal employees and 177 contractors at Pantex were lifted. NNSA did not inform Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman or his deputy Clay Sell until three months after the security breach, indicating investigators suspected an inside job.
While Bush and Abe met at Camp David, 500 unionized security guards at Pantex launched a 45-day strike. Scabs were hired, but many failed to pass the entry exam, according to the Inspector General's office at DoE. The IG report cited witnesses who said: "BWXT officials gave passing grades to some replacement guards even though they actually flunked tests," and "contractor officials gave correct answers to those that failed the tests." Although the scene was nearly as comical as the heist in "Ocean's Eleven", Pantex is not some Vegas casino. At stake was nuclear Armageddon.
At an opportune moment during the two-month strike, trucks loaded with warhead cores rolled out of the gates. Some 16 metric tons of nuclear cores packed in caskets were hauled away in refrigerated containers to prevent fission. At the port of Houston, the dangerous cargo was loaded aboard vessels operated by an Israeli state-owned shipping line. The radioactive material was detected by port inspector Roland Carnaby, a private contractor working under the federal program to interdict weapons of mass destruction.
The intelligence community is still buzzing about his shooting death. On April 29, 2008, Houston police officers pursued Carnaby on a highway chase and gunned him down. His port monitoring contract was later awarded to the Israel-based security firm NICE (Neptune Intelligence Computer Engineering), owned by former Israeli Defense Force officers.
Throughout the Pantex caper, from the data theft to smuggling operation, Bush and Cheney's point man for nuclear issues was DoE Deputy Director Clay Sell, a lawyer born in Amarillo and former aide to Panhandle district Congressman Mac Thornberry. Sell served on the Bush-Cheney transition team and became the top adviser to the President on nuclear issues. At DoE, Sell was directly in charge of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, which includes 17 national laboratories and the Pantex plant. (Another alarm bell: Sell was also staff director for the Senate Energy subcommittee under the late Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, who died in a 2010 plane crash.)

An Israeli Double-Cross
The nuclear shipments to Japan required a third-party cutout for plausible deniability by the White House. Israel acted less like an agent and more like a broker in demanding additional payment from Tokyo, according to intelligence sources. Adding injury to insult, the Israelis skimmed off the newer warhead cores for their own arsenal and delivered older ones. Since deteriorated cores require enrichment, the Japanese were furious and demanded a refund, which the Israelis refused. Tokyo had no recourse since by late 2008 principals Abe had resigned the previous autumn and Bush was a lame duck.
The Japanese nuclear developers, under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, had no choice but to enrich the uranium cores at Fukushima No.1, a location remote enough to evade detection by nonproliferation inspectors. Hitachi and GE had developed a laser extraction process for plutonium, which requires vast amounts of electrical power. This meant one reactor had to make unscheduled runs, as was the case when the March earthquake struck.
Tokyo dealt a slap on the wrist to Tel Aviv by backing Palestinian rights at the UN. Not to be bullied, the Israeli secret service launched the Stuxnet virus against Japan's nuclear facilities...

If the Rothschild/City of London/MI-6/BP/Mossad-CIA "true axis of evil" has been crazy and vicious enough to launch a Stuxnet attack that will likely cause the early deaths of tens of millions of Japanese, not to mention millions of Americans affected by fallout over North America -- not to mention committing earlier evils such as the deliberate poisoning of millions of Americans with the highly toxic dispersant Corexit during the BP-Gulf Castrophe of 2010, or gunning down a major CIA operative in suburban Houston in broad daylight in 2008 -- why would it hesitate to explode a nuke in the greater Houston area or at the BP plant in Texas City if it thought it could achieve some kind of tactical advantage and get away with murder?
As a summary note for this chapter, on March 5, 2008, W. Leon Smith, owner of the Lone Star Iconoclast, published " Time To Investigate Houston Is Now." It is telling that despite the massive accumulation of evidence that much is rotten in Houston (as well as Denmark, as they say), so far no Congressmen have taken up Smith's call, to include Congressman Ron Paul.
We welcome any form of continuing public activism to keep this request fresh and in front of public officials.

Time to Investigate
Houston Is Now

by W. Leon Smith
The Lone Star Iconoclast
March 5, 2008

W. Leon Smith

Every time there is a disaster or "mistake" involving the petrochemical industry, gasoline prices shoot up.
And, daily, the federal government assures the American public that gasoline prices are going to continue to rise. In fact, recent official predictions suggest $4-a-gallon gasoline this summer.
Thus lies the basis for governmental predictions of continued disasters and, ultimately, of an impending new 9/11. They say it's not if, but when.
The powers that be -- including senators running for re-election or a higher office and a lame president -- have chosen to embrace the series of oil incidents as accidents. It wouldn't be in their personal self interests to focus an investigation upon these continued "once-in-a-lifetime" events, for there are profits at risk. Besides, what better way to impose an indirect tax upon the American public?
The candidates tout "change" in their speeches.
In reality, "change" would be the removal of these parasites from the federal government.
"Change" is not imbedding them deeper. These so-called public servants sprinkle upon themselves the image of a ruling class, when in reality they are merely useless employees who have blatantly plundered the public for their own personal gain.
They are not patriots. They are thieves.
Patriots by now would have taken appropriate actions to investigate why these incidents continue to occur and then do something about it.
This neglect makes them players. And profiteers.
For five years Captain Eric H. May, our military correspondent, has been warning the Houston area, dense with petrochemical targets, that it is the the nation's foremost terror target. In this issue of THE ICONOCLAST he turns his attention to the curious campaign of an ultra-secretive naval intelligence officer, Commander Brian Klock, who is seeking the Republican nomination in Texas Congressional District 22, which is the heart of the terror targets zone that Captain May has long identified.
Captain May was the first military expert to analyze the Houston area as the target for "911-2B," the "next 9/11" that official sources and major media constantly remind us is going "to be."
Captain May has asserted that the real danger to the Houston area is not from a contrived terror threat called Al Qaeda, but from sources inside our own government. In his trenchant analyses over the past five years, he has anticipated the dismal course of the Iraqi war at a time when retired officers senior to him were boasting of a war that was already won, or soon to be won. He has been right on the biggest issues before, and in the face of the most highly touted experts.
In the two years that he has been a writer for THE ICONOCLAST, this newspaper has been intimately aware of his analyses and predictions.
Two years ago he predicted to us a major petrochemical event in the Houston area for July 1, 2006. He was accurate to within one day, given the explosion of the Exxon Mobil refinery in the Houston suburb of Baytown, which drove oil to record prices.
In October 2007, THE ICONOCLAST published his "The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason," in which he detailed the process by which he issued a red alert to southeast Texas just hours before the Oct. 18 explosion of a Dow Chemical pipeline in Port Arthur, which had been hosting military/police exercises simulating just that scenario a few days earlier. THE ICONOCLAST staff was directly involved in that emergency alert.
Captain May's notes and articles, provided to THE ICONOCLAST, back up his claims to have issued the information to the use of FBI and local media that brought about a terror alert to southeast Texas on March 24, 2004. His prediction day for a major petrochemical incident was March 31, and he was off by one day again. The BP refinery in Texas City exploded on March 30, resulting in record profits for big oil.
In early July 2005, he predicted a July 27 event, and was contacted by the FBI as the day approached. Yet again, he was accurate to within one day, as the BP refinery in Texas City exploded on July 28, yet again result- ing in record profits for big oil. In mid January of 2006, he predicted the attempt of a nuclear attack on Texas City on Jan. 31. On Feb. 1, area residents were highly alarmed to find a U.S. military nuclear team on the Galveston beaches just south of Texas City. Citizens went on record with their belief that Captain May's alert had interdicted what was to be a false flag attack. Five news articles, three of them written before Jan. 31, offer invaluable insights on how and why he issued the alert, and what would have happened if he had not. [cf. "The 1/31 Nuke: Proof for Ron Paul" by Capt. May]
The rhymes are the "official" stories. The reasons lie in the profits garnered from a hidden agenda masked by a knowing and enabling force holding office.
THE ICONOCLAST exhorts local and national political, military, and police leaders -- if any with a conscience remain -- to look into Captain May's results in predicting petrochemical incidents in southeast Texas.
Their unwillingness to investigate so far does not argue that this highly trained military intelligence officer is a mere conspiracy theorist, but rather that there is an official conspiracy to attack petrochemical targets in southeast Texas to induce oil profits at will, and perhaps to inflict mass casualties on American citizens.

-- W. Leon Smith


Update References:

2012-07-04 Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring: Counterespionage debriefing reveals how Israel targeted U.S. by Grant Smith,
2012-01-25 Israeli Assassinations and American Presidents by Alison Weir
2010-08-23 Mossad in America by Philip Giraldi, American Conservative. Mossad brazenness rises to a new level:
"...U.S.S. Liberty survivor Phil Tourney was recently accosted in Southern California by a foreigner who eventually identified himself as an Israeli government representative. Tourney was taunted, and the Israeli threatened both him and journalist Mark Glenn, who has been reporting on the Liberty story. Tourney was approached in a hotel lounge, and it is not completely clear how the Israeli was able to identify him. But he knew exactly who Tourney was, as the official referred to the Liberty, saying that the people who had been killed on board had gotten what they deserved. There were a number of witnesses to the incident, including Tourney’s wife. The threat has been reported to the FBI, which is investigating, but Tourney and Glenn believe that the incident is not being taken seriously by the bureau.
FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity."
2009-10-21 Israeli spies busy in the US – journalist "The U.S. air force and Department of Energy are being targeted by the Israeli intelligence service, according to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. He says the Mossad is busy at work in Nevada."

RT 21 Oct 2009 - Israeli spies busy in the US – journalist


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