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This illustration by the Lone Star Iconoclast calls upon Ron Paul, M.D., to help cure the nuke threat for Houston raised by the Brian Klock for Congress billboard campaign.


Chapter 29

Candidate Klock,
The Spook Nuke Threat and
the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution


So far in this Mission of Conscience series we have talked about attempted false flag attacks and Info War big lies. We have discussed parasitic groups more than happy to suck the sustenance out of America whenever it suits their immediate advantage, such as the “Circle B” and “Circle Z” malefactors covered in Chapter 5.
Certainly all of this raises the obvious question: “What’s so wrong with our elected government officials that they permit all of this to take place? Why can’t they openly address these issues, sort them out, and get them under control?”
After all, in America, unlike the Old World, most citizens are so atomized from multi-racial, multi-cultural, melting pot policies that they look upon their elected officials as demi-gods. For white Americans who are completely decoupled from indigenous European folk roots, their "guardians of culture" have been taken over by Zionists who control "tinsel town" Hollywood. "Guardians of the economy" frequently consist of corporate criminals who outsource strategic industries for chump change and sell diet colas laced with poisonous aspartame for penny profits.
The last thing remaining in America on the highest levels that might resemble "knights" or "guardians" of the Old World-type are our elected government officials, both on a state and federal level, who are supposed to listen to, reflect upon, and resolve our fears. God help us if they have abandoned us as well.
In this chapter we will discuss two very different types of politicians in Capt. May’s very own Texas back yard: 2008 Presidential Candidate and Congressman Ron Paul and Congressional candidate Brian Klock. Their example goes a long way towards answering any remaining questions we might have about our benighted public servants on Capitol Hill (or in the "District of Criminals," as author and talk show host Michael Collins Piper puts it).
As an amazing coincidence, Dr. Ron Paul, leader of the libertarian "Ron Paul Revolution," overlaps Capt. May's anti-false flag work and his Info War-related counter propaganda activities in more ways than one.
Ron Paul’s 14th Congressional District includes Texas City, Texas, the prime area for Capt. May’s predictions. It includes the highly suspicious refinery explosions that took place on March 31, 2004 (Chapt. 10), July 27, 2005 (Chapt. 13), and Jan 31, 2006 (Chapt. 18).
On the broader ideological/Info War level, Ron Paul is a major leader of the modern libertarian movement in America. Given that Congressman Ron Paul and Capt. May share a similar anarcho-libertarian political philosophy, one might think that Paul would be an ideal champion for Capt. May’s cause on the national political stage.
Then let us consider candidate Brian Klock, a former Naval Intelligence Officer, who ran for Texas Congressional District 22 in early 2008 to fill the seat formerly occupied by Republican House Majority leader Tom DeLay.
No one could escape noticing candidate Klock's campaign billboards, which depicted a mushroom cloud rising above Houston. The caption read: “The Threat Is Real.”
Given his shared background in military intelligence with Capt. May, along with his geographic proximity to both Ron Paul’s district (which borders District 22), and Capt May himself (who lived on the opposite, northern side of Houston), one might imagine that Brian Klock would be tugging at the leash to reinforce May's message.

Jefferson Davis
Huey Long
George Wallace
Confrontational political resistance has a long history in the South


Is it that far-fetched to imagine that Klock might succeed by deliberately challenging the "Eastern Establishment" on a hard-core populist platform? Didn't a confrontational approach help make Huey Long both a Governor and U.S. Senator from Louisiana in the 1930's, when he openly attacked the Federal Reserve Banking System and the FDR administration? Didn't a similar approach also earn former Alabama governor George Wallace a sizeable national vote in the Presidential election of 1972, where he complained about "pointy headed professors" of the "Eastern Establishment" and the need to "send them a message!"
Come to think of it, hasn't the South been fighting its own unique war against terror ever since 1861?
Capt. May publicly cajoled Klock to join forces with him in the Lone Star Iconoclast. I will get this later, but first I want to discuss how he also cajoled Congressman Ron Paul.
During early 2008, Capt. May published a series of articles in the Lone Star Iconoclast specifically mentioning Ron Paul by name in their titles. Capt. May even laid it on thick, calling for bravery in the face of possible assassination.

Joel Skousen did an excellent job of summarizing constraints on the American political scene in his 13 Sept 2007 article: “Why Support Ron Paul if He Can’t Win?

You have to have numbers of people to make an effective stand against tyranny and right now Ron Paul is the most articulate and visible champion we have. Ron is gathering people from all across the political spectrum. I’ve been interviewed by radio stations on the Left who are fed up with the Democratic go-along party, and are talking about supporting Ron Paul. For the first time in history we have a person capable of uniting libertarians, constitutional conservatives and honest Liberal/leftists who oppose the New World Order. The political pundits have never before seen this kind of persistent “Internet effect”despite repeated efforts to downplay Ron Paul’s popularity.
We have never had this kind of opportunity before, and may not again, so it is worth supporting – for the movement’s sake. True, he isn’t going to win the nomination. The PTB [Powers That Be] would never let him win. If he ever gained the presidency they would eliminate him. But winning the nomination or even the presidency isn’t really the main issue at this late stage in the battle, because we aren’t going to win –and not just because of an evil conspiracy at the top. The majority of the electorate would probably not vote for Ron Paul even if they understood the issues because they have become corrupted by the evils of democracy: Welfare benefits, jobs, government subsidies, and the “benefits” of public schooling paid for at the expense of those of us who don’t want it nor use it. Despite the evils of fiat money, most would NOT vote to dismantle the Federal Reserve bank because of fear of what would happen as the economy deflated back to reality—and they would be right (in the short-term). The results would be stupendous.
The only issue that would bring the common person to turn on the establishment is a widespread understanding of conspiracy issues, and that isn’t going to happen either. No other topic is so taboo in the media except conspiracy – unless you are in the business of debunking conspiracy. That is permitted and encouraged.


Another independent observer, Edgar Steele, commented in his 22 Aug 2007 Nickle Rant “Tipping Point:”

Do not look to the system for any sort of meaningful change. Voting is rigged. Everything is rigged. Of the current announced Presidential candidates, only one would effect meaningful change: Ron Paul. I hesitate to endorse the man because I so like him.
I firmly believe that, if the current media disinformation campaign fails and Ron Paul actually becomes a leading contender, they simply will kill him as they have so many before (Huey Long and Robert Kennedy come to mind). If elected and he lives through to his inauguration and refuses to knuckle under, they simply will kill him then, just as they did JFK.
Make no mistake - Ron Paul would make a great President, but it simply ain't gonna happen, folks. But, he says he wants the job, so he's got my vote, regardless.



Later Steele became more optimistic in his 4 Nov 2007 article “Ron Paul – Our Last Chance” in which he stated:

I have met and spoken with Dr. Paul, Texas Congressman, and found him to be the real deal: thoughtful, considerate and passionate about making real change in America - our America!
If elected, Ron Paul will end the Iraq war.
If elected, Ron Paul will reduce government.
If elected, Ron Paul will eliminate deficit spending.
If elected, Ron Paul will restore our civil liberties.
You have my word on it.


In his 3 Jan 2008 article “Courage in the Crosshairs: Ron Paul and the Republic” Capt May observed how Ron Paul was living under the threat of assassination:

Paul’s Peril

"I think we’re at a point right now where they’re still hoping I will go away, but the fact that they’ve started to attack me means that we are annoying them." — Ron Paul

Since 9/11, the Internet has become the printing press of the Second American Revolution, fearlessly exploring issues that would never receive the imprimatur of the Globalist/Zionist mainstream media, political parties or apathetic academics. Its power is so unsettling to the elites and their pet projects of the Homeland State and Global War that in recent months the House and Senate have declared war upon it as an instrument of homegrown terror.
To the elites the most dreadful of all netizens is Dr. Ron Paul, the 10-term independent Republican from Texas, whose bread and butter as a presidential candidate is the freethinking Internet user. Paul has boldly proclaimed his presidential bid "The Ron Paul Revolution," and lived up to this billing by proposing the abolition of Homeland Security and the Global War. He envisions and proclaims vastly increased individual liberty and vastly reduced taxation. Organized efforts by the mainstream media to restrict or ridicule his message have only made it and his political base grow larger. He has been dubbed "Dr. No" for his prescription of less government to heal our sickly body politic, and there is a real possibility that untold millions of Americans will say yes to Dr. No in the upcoming state primaries.
To end where I began, there is nothing new under the sun, and those who propose radical treatments for radical maladies should be aware of that fact. To give credit and praise when and where it is due, Dr. No has spoken publicly on the dangers of his reformist — even revolutionary — candidacy, and pledged to continue forward. The Internet has been abuzz for weeks with rumors, reputedly from inside the American power elite, of considerations and contingencies to "remove" the candidate and candidacy that threaten to roll back the 9/11 counterrevolution. Across the World Wide Web those who long for a return to freedom remind themselves that the last candidate to endanger the powers that be as much as Ron Paul was Ross Perot, who temporarily abandoned his bid for the White House in 1992, claiming that an earlier King George Bush — father of the present King George Bush — had threatened him and his family with the CIA. As Ross Perot and Benazir Bhutto would agree, running for office can be a harrowing experience, one from which those without the courage of conviction would simply run away.

In his Jan 16, 2008 article “Dr. Ron Paul and False Flag Fever,” May linked Congressman Paul’s comments about a possible future false flag operation with a likely Iranian speed boat attack hoax designed to instigate war with Iran:

False Flags Afloat

"We should remember that Iran, like Iraq, is a third-world nation without a significant military. Nothing in history hints that she is likely to invade a neighboring country, let alone do anything to America or Israel. I am concerned, however, that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin- type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran" — Ron Paul, speech to U.S. House of Representatives, Jan. 11, 2007

International events this week have proved Ron Paul a most insightful American. A year ago Paul worried aloud that a contrived incident at sea might neocon us into more Middle East mischief. A year later, on Jan. 6, just before Bush was to make a hawkish visit to a Jewish state eager for us to start a war with Iran, the US Navy reported that five Iranian speedboats were threatening to attack three heavily armed and armored U.S. fighting ships, the smallest of which was one and a half football fields long.
U.S. mainstream media gamely chimed in with the act. Since 9/11, they have regularly told us whoppers to lure us to and keep us in the quicksand of a Middle Eastern war. In 2003 they sold us a "Saving Private Jessica Lynch" farce to avoid showing us the Battle of Baghdad, which U.S. forces took only after four days of fierce and bloody fighting. In 2005 they suppressed the Downing Street Memo, which proved the criminal aggression of Bush and Blair’s Iraq war. In the later months of 2007 they cheered the stalled surge of war weary American ground forces, and kept smiling as the UK abandoned Basra. They hope that the American people, if sufficiently misinformed, will accept either a Democratic president who lies about getting us out of the war or a Republican president who lies about winning it.
Needless to say, the cheerleader in chief and his presstitute corps didn’t spoil the story of Persian naval provocation by reporting the facts that debunked it. By Friday the US Navy had admitted that the guttural, bellicose radio threats allegedly made by the five Iranian speedboats were U.S. insertions. Iranian government officials insisted all along that the incident in the Strait of Hormuz was a U.S./Israel contrivance, and that only real provocation in the Persian Gulf continues to be the presence there of half the US Navy.

In his 16 Jan 2008 article: “A Nuclear 9/11 -- Dr. Paul's Payback?” Capt. May observed how the Bush administration had an incentive to hit Texas City not only to instigate a war with Iran, but also to harass Ron Paul. In fact on Jan 14, 2008 the British Petroleum Refinery in Texas City, TX experienced yet another explosion and fatality.

The Bush League, comprised of neocons and globalists, has always played dirty in the game of politics. League members are forgiven for any and all vices and crimes — except lack of loyalty to the Bush League, that is. Despite his felony conviction, pardoned Scooter Libby lives in freedom and comfort. Paul Wolfowitz, an architect of a failed Iraq war and later a scandalized president of the World Bank, is now working for the White House again. CIA Director George Tenet, who did not prevent 9/11, received the presidential Medal of Freedom. So did Army General Tommy Franks, for that matter, whose greatest accomplishment was leading our 2003 leap into Iraqi quicksand.
Bush League opponents, though, have frequently endured the worst of luck, so much so that folks whisper in private of reprisals against those who don’t go along and get along. They whispered when Congressman Mickey Leland, a troublesome black radical from Houston, died in a strange plane accident in Africa just months after Bush 41 took office in 1989. They whispered when Senators Tom Daschle and Russ Feingold, who in 2001 were resisting the Homeland State and Global War, became targets of anthrax attacks that strangely used US military spores. They whispered when left-leaning antiwar Senator Paul Wellstone died in a strange plane accident just days after opposing the War Powers Act.
Not everyone who challenges the Bush League dies, though. Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who insisted that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, found herself hassled by the DC cops, labeled a troublemaker and run out of office. Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, who in July, 2007 compared 9/11 to the Reichstag fire and Bush to Hitler, was begging Bush for emergency aid less than a month later, after the strange collapse of his Minnesota home district’s I-35 bridge into the Mississippi River. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who sponsored articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney and called for a new investigation of 9/11, last month mourned the sudden, strange death of his 52-year-old brother, Perry. Former congressmen Mark Deli Siljander, who was about to publish a book loathed by neocons, A Deadly Misunderstanding: a Congressman’s Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide, just this week found himself facing dozens of federal charges that he rendered aid to Al Qaeda.

Payback for Paul?

"All of a sudden, I heard a boom. A real big boom. I thought al-Qaida was here. I did, I’m not going to lie." — Gloria Randle, Texas City, July 28, 2005

Congressman Ron Paul is probably the most prominent reformer in America nowadays not to suffer — or see his constituents suffer — from strange bad luck. His anti-establishment presidential bid is provocatively named "The Ron Paul Revolution," and his activist support base stretches from gold standard libertarians and states rights conservatives to 9/11 truthers and New World Order opponents. Despite a mainstream media that usually pretends he doesn’t exist, Dr. Paul and his "Paulestinian" supporters continue to wage an Internet campaign effectively promoting both the man and the message.
In our brave new post-9/11 world, how long can the Bush League allow such a gadfly to buzz around the body politic? The answer is simple: not long. In fact, Paul and his district are already living on borrowed time. Readers of my recent columns are familiar with my assertion that Ron Paul’s congressional district has long been the primary target for the nuclear 9/11, or "9/11-2B." Working with Houston area law enforcement and media, Internet activists in the Houston area have anticipated and interdicted three different 911-2B attempts or rehearsals against BP, the nation’s third largest refinery, in Paul’s Texas City.
What more fitting Bush League payback could there be for the pain in the ass Ron Paul, a constant critic of the Global War and the Homeland State, than an "Al Qaeda" attack against his district? Just Monday, January 14, the Texas City BP refinery experienced yet another explosion and fatality. It has had a strange streak of explosions in recent years, becoming the nation’s most dangerous workplace. Insiders wonder whether the many incidents are really random — or are rehearsals. Many of Paul’s Gulf Coast friends are alarmed, believing that Texas City, Texas is long past due for joining New York City, New York and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the New World Order false flag casualty list. To review the past as prologue, refer to my 2007 article, "The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason."

In his Jan 29, 2008 article “The 1/31 Nuke: Proof for Ron Paul” Capt. May cited evidence previously covered in this Mission of Conscience series that he and other activists helped interdict attempted attacks on Texas City. Then he put Ron Paul on the spot, demanding public acknowledgement, and complaining about the lack of a response to date:

Dr. Paul’s Postscript

Many citizens who have read my recent columns about false flag attempts in the East Texas oil patch have urged me to contact Congressman Paul with details. A fair number of them believe that it was the Bush administration’s design on his own Texas Congressional District 14 that prompted his presidential bid.
While many of the participants in our Internet intelligence alert to Texas City have been in touch with Dr. Paul’s office, they report no feedback. Accordingly, I invite my publishers, editors and readers to join me in presenting my collected Texas City columns as a report to Dr. Paul.
In future columns, I will report the results of our efforts to present this most alarming information to the single person in America most concerned with it: Congressman Ron Paul, who represents Texas City and the surrounding area.

Over the next five months following his 29 Jan article “The 1/31 Nuke: Proof for Ron Paul” Captain May continued to list Dr. Paul in the titles of five articles he penned for the Lone Star Iconoclast. It is inconceivable that these articles were not noticed by members of Ron Paul’s staff:

10 May 2008: Will King George NUKE Ron Paul's Revolution?
18 May 2008 Paul's Paulestinians vs. Bush's False Flaggers
16 June 2008 Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger
18 June 2008 A False Flag Target AGAIN? — Ron Paul's Texas City —

In the aforementioned May 10, 2008 article “Will King George Nuke Ron Paul’s Revolution” Capt. May commented:

Their popular Dr. Paul has become a big thorn in the side of a Bush administration that has become famous for getting even with its enemies. In 2002 Senator Paul Wellstone opposed Bush on the Iraqi War Resolution—and died in a mysterious plane crash after voting the wrong way. In 2007 Minnesota's Congressman Keith Ellison dared to accuse Bush of using 9/11 the way Hitler used the Reichstag fire—and soon afterwards the Interstate 35 bridge running through his Minneapolis home district collapsed into the Mississippi River.
Dr. Paul has probably roused more White House ire than either of them ever did. He has consistently voted against the creation of post-9/11 federal powers, and has decried Bush foreign-policy as predatory, voting against pro-war legislation favored by US and Israeli hawks. He has even gone so far as to express his fears that the Bush administration might stage a fake incident against the United States to trick the nation into a war with Iran. Now he has added insult to injury with his just published blockbuster "The Revolution: A Manifesto." The book's very title is a Declaration of Independence against our new King George—whom supporters prefer to call the unitary executive. No matter which term you choose, he is a dynastic dwarf spawned and installed by the quasi-monarchial Bush Family, which transferred rulership from Daddy George 41 to Boy George 43 with a bit of arm-twisting by Brother Jeb in Florida.
With "The Revolution" storming to top place in both the and New York Times bestseller lists, Dr. Paul is a gadfly buzzing unpleasantly in powerful ears with his thesis that the federal government has become an oppressive force, especially since 9/11. In effect—and by design—we have lost the fruits of the American Revolution and now ingest the poison of the un-American Counterrevolution. The only answer possible for a Pauline patriot is the Ron Paul Revolution.

Capt. May’s series of columns that mentioned Dr. Ron Paul in their titles culminated with his 29 June 2008 work: Texas Terror, Code Blue! — Will Dr. Ron Paul Operate? — . Despite Paul’s willingness to be a gadfly to Bush on the international false flag issue, Capt.May concluded that he was unwilling to take up the home town version.

Second Opinions

Various intelligence experts agree that the Houston area is a likely target for the much discussed "next 9/11" attack, which will solidify the homeland state and the global war. The very nightmare that Paul has warned us about may rise out of the ashes of his own turf. It's hard to see how he can sleep at night.
During the Republican primaries of neighboring district 22, Navy intelligence officer and Republican candidate Commander Brian Klock posted a billboard showing Houston and its refineries nuked by terrorists: It bore the unnerving caption: "The Threat Is Real — Ask Brian Klock."
Over the last two months, former Navy intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has published a series of investigative articles dealing with the suspicious gunning down of CIA insider Roland Carnaby by the Houston Police Department. Madsen also believes that a Houston area nuke is likely, but writes that the Bush administration and its Israeli allies will carry it out, not terrorists.
Over the last two months, The Police News, published in Paul's district, has run four of my investigative articles about secret terror drills recently conducted at the BP refinery in Texas City. The last was A False Flag Target Again? -- Ron Paul's Texas City.
On Friday the 13th, former Congressman Dan Hamburg published a nationwide op-ed, State of Emergency, warning of a Bush administration staged attack on a US city, likely Houston, before it leaves office.

Paging Dr. Paul

On March 3 The Lone Star Iconoclast presciently published an editorial about the terror danger to the US oil capital: Time to Investigate Houston Is Now.
Given his tour de force diagnosis of the worldwide situation, it's stunning that Paul hasn't done anything to protect his home turf. His district 14 is dense with Big Oil refineries that are labeled top terror targets by the Bush administration. This is especially true of Texas City, which worried residents have grimly nicknamed Toxic City.
The Iconoclast has spent all of May and June trying to reach Paul as the one who should be most concerned with the lives and welfare of the citizens he represents. For two solid months, though, his staff has kept their man incommunicado. Under the current circumstances, this is unconscionable.
The situation is clearly critical when expert opinion considers your district the most likely mass murder target in America. It's time for Dr. Ron Paul to perform the operation so desperately needed both by his constituency and his country: INVESTIGATION.

How do we interpret the political tactics of Ron Paul? To put things into perspective, we need to look at how he has handled –or dodged-- other important political issues.
If one can show that Ron Paul studiously avoids direct confrontation with the Jewish Lobby, avoids frank discussion of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and dodges other critical issues such as the racial dispossession of America’s dwindling white middle class, then one can make a strong case that Paul’s avoidance of Capt. May is part of a deliberate pattern. Paul deliberately maintains ideological blinders. The "Ron Paul Revolution" does not tell the whole truth to the American public.

Consider a transcript segment of Ron Paul’s 16 May 2007 debate with Rudolf Giuliani reproduced below. Although Ron Paul is incrementally more honest than the other candidates, who refuse to criticize interventionism, he is still far removed from addressing such realities as "controlled demolitions" and "Mossad-CIA." Perhaps he has his own hidden strings attached as well.



Moderator: Congressman Paul, I believe you are the only man on the stage who opposes the war in Iraq and will bring the troops home as quickly -- almost immediately, sir. Are you out of step with your party? Is your party out of step with the rest of the world? If either of those is the case, why are you seeking the nomination.
Ron Paul: Well I think the party has lost its way because the conservative wing in the Republican party always advocated a noninterventionist foreign policy. Senator Robert Taft did not even want to be in NATO…. George Bush won the election in the year 2000 campaigning on a humble foreign policy. No nation-building. No policing of the world. Republicans were elected to end the Korean War. Republicans were elected to end the Vietnam War. There is a strong tradition of antiwar in the Republican Party. It is the Constitutional position. It is the advice of the Founders to follow a noninterventionist foreign policy. Stay out of entangling alliances….
[Don’t you think] noninterventionist policies [changed with 9/11]
Ron Paul: Nonintervention was a major contributing factor. Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we have been over there. We have been bombing Iraq for ten years. We have been in the Middle East --I think Reagan was right, we don't understand the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics. So right now we are building an embassy in Iraq that is bigger than the Vatican. We are building 14 permanent bases. What would we say here if China were doing this in our country or in the Gulf of Mexico. We would be objecting. We need to look at what we do from the perspective of what would happen if someone did it to us.
Commentator: Are you suggesting someone else invited the 9/11 attack, sir?
Ron Paul: I am suggesting that we listen to the people who attacked us, and the reason they did it, and they are delighted that we are over there because Osama Bin Laden has said "I am glad you are over on our sand because we can target you so much easier." They have already since that time killed over 3,400 of our men and I don't think that was necessary."
Giuliani: That is an extraordinary statement. For someone who lived through the attack on September 11th, that we invited the attack, because we were attacking Iraq. I don't think I have ever heard that before, and I have heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th. [Audience applause]. I would ask the Congressman to withdraw that comment and tell us that he did not really mean that, Congressman.
Ron Paul: I believe very sincerely that the CIA is correct when they teach and talk about blow-back. When we went into Iran in 1953 and installed the Shah, yes, there was blowback. The reaction to that was the taking of our hostages. And that persists. And if we ignore that, we ignore that at our own risk. If we think we can do what we want around the world, and not incite hatred, then we have a problem. They don't come here to attack us because we are rich and free. They attack us because we are over there. I mean, what would we think if foreign countries were doing that to us.

Ron Paul’s exchange with Giuliani is particularly interesting because Paul limits himself to discussing interventionist principles, and avoids making any of the arguments of the 9/11 Truth Movement covered in Chapters 6 and Chapter 7. Nor does he slam Giuliani for his key role in the 9/11 cover-up.
Giuliani must know very well that Mossad-CIA was behind 9/11. Yet behold the phony indignation!
This is a new record, well beyond the indignation manifested on You Tube in his "humorous skit" with Donald Trump where Rudy Giuliani, in drag, bitch-slaps Trump in the face after Trump kisses one of Giuliani's boobs.

A taste of pure "New York City smart ass wise guy" stuff courtesy of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

In his classic work 9/11 Synthetic Terror, on page 228, Webster Tarpley described how Giuliani's wise guy tactics applied to the post 9/11 period:

Giuliani Obliterates the WTC Crime Scene

Mayor Giuliani, by pedigree, was a creature of the highly repressive bureaucratic-authoritarian apparatus which had consolidated itself in the Justice Department during the Reagan years. He now performed yeoman service in defense of the 9/11 myth, a myth which had its most obvious vulnerability in its most spectacular point: the unprecedented and physically inexplicable collapse of the twin towers. Giuliani used the pretext that his term was ending on December 31, 2001 to organize the massive and hasty obliteration of the WTC as a crime scene. Parallel to this, Giuliani engineered a confrontation with the New York firemen, both to divert public attention from his tampering with the evidence, and also to neutralize the potential of the firemen, the one group which might have denounced the presence of the controlled demolition charges in WTC 1, 2, and 7, of which, as we have seen, they were well aware.
During the crisis, Giuliani had been eager to exploit for his own political image the immense admiration and gratitude which had been expressed around the nation and the world for the epic feats of the New York firefighters. The firemen were now the most revered symbols in the country: typical was the cover of Newsweek's post-9/11 issue, which showed some firemen raising a flag over the ruins, with an evident allusion to the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Giuliani made a practice of appearing in public wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with the letters "FDNY." The police he relegated to his windbreaker, which bore the legend "NYPD." Giuliani proved to be treacherous in practice to both, and he did this by playing the firefighters against the police, and vice versa -- all in the service of the 9/11 cover-up. The firemen, once revered, would soon be "inexcusable," according to Giuliani.

Controlled Demolition Again

Giuliani brought in Controlled Demolition, the same highly suspect firm which had finished the demolition of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, and which had disposed of the evidence there in the process.
This contract was let surreptitiously just eleven days after 9/11, and empowered Controlled Demolition to recycle the steel of the World Trade Center. Giuliani has not a word to say about this in his memoirs. The city accepted rock-bottom prices for the steel; the priority was to make it disappear fast. Trucks hauling the steel away were equipped with $1,000 Global Positioning System locators to ensure that none of them went astray, and that no suspect steel ended up in the back yard of a maverick 9/11 researcher, although the steel was ostensibly being handled as scrap of little value. All investigators, in fact, were banned from Ground Zero. Now Controlled Demolition would eradicate any chance of using the abundant physical evidence present in "the pile," as the mass of twisted rubble of the WTC quickly came to be called. It was a scene out of Kafka -- it was impossible to find out which officials were superintending the destruction of evidence, to save a myth that was being used to set in motion a world war.
Giuliani, along with ghostwriter Ken Kurson, has produced a relentlessly self-laudatory and self-promoting autobiography entitled Leadership. This work constitutes a monument of hypocrisy. During one of his visits to the WTC site, the Mayor noticed that many visitors were taking pictures of the site. Because there was so much to hide, he found this troubling: "I noticed a disturbing phenomenon--hundreds of people carrying disposable cameras and handheld video cameras. I understood the impulse -- this was a historic event, and experiencing it up close had a tremendous impact. At the same time, this was a crime scene, and a dangerous one. I did not want anyone to get hurt, or to damage evidence as they scouted out the best angle for their snapshots. If we didn't do something about it immediately, it would soon be out of control, a voyeur's paradise, and we risked the site developing a distasteful freak show aspect." (Giuliani 49). An independent photographic documentation of the crime scene, one the FBI would not be able to confiscate? Horrors! Giuliani promulgated his infamous order that all photos were illegal in the area around the WTC complex. Those who risked a snapshot also risked going to jail.


Webster Tarpley has provided evidence of an extremely serious criminal offense, namely aiding and abetting high treason, to include conspiracy to cover up mass murder and drag America into an unnecessary World War.

Back in the 19th century, when Americans generally had vastly more moral backbone than they do today, scoundrels got hung for this kind of behavior. In earlier centuries, where the state might be too weak to go after such individuals with its own officials, it might still issue letters of marque and reprisal so that privateers and bounty hunters could legally go after criminals and collect a nice chunk of their wealth for helping to bring them to justice. In fact, the original U.S. Constitution specifically authorizes the government to issue letters of marque and reprisal.
Rudy Giuliani probably has a few million dollars in net worth tucked away somewhere. As a billionaire, Larry Silverstein could potentially offer even better legalized incentives for privateers and bounty hunters. I think that privateers and bounty hunters, as well as any federal and state officials, to include U.S. military personnel, who might assist in bringing scoundrels like Giuliani and Silverstein to justice should be entitled to healthy commissions and bounties carved out of their net worth.

It is a fact that today, certain Israeli leaders and elite Jews in America such as Dr. Henry Kissinger are careful not to travel to certain foreign countries because they have war criminal charges out on them. Too bad Congressman Paul was unable to tell Giuliani to his face in the debate that if he ever steps foot in the state of Texas, that Texans will not only try to find a way to obtain jurisdiction regarding his suspected high crimes, but will also try to subject him to a fair trial by jury. If convicted of a capitol crime, Giuliani just might find himself swinging in the breeze as the prime guest of honor of a good old fashioned Texas necktie party.
We need to get the ball rolling in state legislatures around this country to issue condemnations, arrest warrants, and latter day versions of letters of marque and reprisal against all 9/11-related conspirators.


People like Rudy Giuliani and Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago raise important sociological issues that lie just below the water line of controlled national media coverage in America. Please recollect that Richard Daley of Chicago was in Israel during the May 2-4, 2006 Chicago Sears Tower alert period, as discussed in Chapter 19.
Giuliani, Silverstein, and Daley reinforce the theme that with the decline of the former WASP majority in America, America has reversed much of the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation on a deep sociological basis, and the U.S. Government is increasingly taking on all the characteristics of the totally corrupt Roman Catholic Church of the late Middle Ages. Many scholarly works reinforce this theme, to include the Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, and the Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant. The Wikipedia article "Anti-Catholicism" quotes Thomas Jefferson as follows: " "History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government,"[13] and, "In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own."[14]
I discovered while living amidst "unmeltable ethnics" in New York City for ten years that on a sociological basis, many Italian and Irish Catholics communities are about halfway between WASPs and Jews in terms of family structures, basic values, and modus operandi. Frequently both Italian and Irish Catholics brag about how wonderfully well they get along with Jews, to include Boston Irish Catholics who supported Senator Kennedy when he allied himself with the Jewish ADL and opened up the floodgates of Third World immigration in the mid 1960's. Often in American politics we see Catholic groups waffle back and forth in their loyalties between WASPs and Jews similar to the way in Latin American politics one frequently sees mulatoes waffle between whites and blacks, or mestizoes waffle between whites and Indians.
One reason why my fellow Nordic and Nordic-Celtic Americans in the heartland remain so horribly naive and disinformed is because elite Jews have surrounded themselves with many Irish and Italian Catholic front men who publicly pooh-pooh all "conspiracy theories," no matter how real. The Dispossessed Majority quotes an individual who referred to the mafia in America as a happy marriage between Jewish brains and Italian brawn. In the "Obvious Goats" section of his book The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper identifies Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as two examples of Fox News "face men" who have disgraced fellow Irish Catholic Americans on account their pro-Zionist toadying.

It gets worse. In Chapter 19 "Zionist Spy Inside the Vatican" of The Judas Goats, p. 189, Piper describes Zionist hijacking of Vatican II by a spy named Malachi Martin:

It was Cincinnati-based Lawrence W. Patterson who was apparently the first-ever national publisher to unveil Martin as the so-called “priest-spy”inside the Vatican who, in Patterson’s words, was the key figure in “saving the Vatican II documents which have since been used to begin the attempted melding of Zionism and Catholicism. ”
In the April 1991 issue of his magazine Criminal Politics, Patterson called Martin the magazine’s “fake conservative of the month, fronting for the Trilateral/Zionist cause, ” and outlined the explosive evidence indicting Martin...
...Relying largely on an indubitably “mainstream” article, “How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking” by Joseph Roddy — published in the January 25, 1966 issue of the now-defunct Look magazine — Patterson pointed out that the Look article revealed quite candidly that a priest working inside the Vatican was shuttling back and forth between Rome and New York during the Vatican II proceedings.
The priest was providing inside information about proposed
Catholic Church “reforms” to not only The New York Times, but also to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee and its magazine, Commentary.
Then,as the article noted, this confidential information leaked from inside the Vatican was then used to pressure the Vatican into making major changes in church policy.
The Look author would not identify the priest by his real name,
referring only to him as “Timothy Fitzharris-O’Boyle, ”but also explained that this priest also wrote for Commentary under the name “F. E. Cartus” and had written a book, entitled The Pilgrim, under the name “Michael Serafian. ”
(The Pilgrim was a 1964 book, rushed into print, according to
Michael A. Hoffman II, for the very purpose of divulging efforts by traditionalists inside the Vatican to counter the proposed revolution in church teachings.)
As Lawrence Patterson’s investigation determined, when Malachi Martin (by then an internationally-known writer) released his 1974 book, The New Castle, a filler page listing “books by Malachi Martin”indicated that Martin had written the forementioned book, The Pilgrim,“under the pseudonym, Michael Serafian.”...
And as if Patterson’s revelations (based on Martin’s own published acknowledgment) are not enough evidence that he was indeed the “priest-spy” inside the Vatican, a July 31, 1999 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel obituary for Martin said that he had published The Pilgrim under the “Michael Serafian” pseudonym.
Almost immediately after completing his subversive ventures inside the Vatican, Martin left the priesthood and went to New York where he began writing for the American Jewish Committee’s Commentary (under his real name) and acting as “religious editor” for William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National Review. In the years that followed, Martin’s novels and other works received widespread international promotion in the organs of the major media, making Martin almost certainly a multi-millionaire...
...The damage done to the church by the revolutionary conclave known as Vatican II may never be undone and the future will remember Malachi Martin as a treacherous Judas Goat of the worst order.

According to a footnote provided by Piper to an illustration of Pope Paul VI on page 190 of The Judas Goats, even the Pope himself during Vatican II had suspicious Jewish connections:


* BETTER KNOWN UNDER HIS TITLE of Pope Paul VI—under which name he implemented the controversial Vatican II “reforms” that re-directed and distorted traditional Roman Catholic doctrine—at a time when Judas Goat Malachi Martin (see accompanying chapter) was acting as an agent inside the Vatican II conference on behalf of Zionist interests. On more than one occasion Montini (above) publicly wore the Freemasonic emblem known as the “ephod,” the symbol worn by Caiaphus, the Jewish High Priest who ordered the death of Jesus Christ. Montini’s ephod can be seen (circled) at the bottom of his portrait. At right is an ephod in which Hebrew letters can clearly be seen at the top. Said to be of Jewish extraction, Montini was buried Jewish-style, in a plain wooden box, in a ceremony at the Vatican which featured not a single crucifix. Many traditionalist Catholics consider Montini a Judas Goat. Zionist interests have also forcefully infiltrated Protestant fundamentalist churches, promoting the “dispensationalist” doctrine, first cooked up by John Darby in the 1840’s and then widely promoted in the 20th century by Cyrus Scofield, whose famous “Scofield Reference Bible” was financed by the Zionist Rothschild family-funded Oxford University Press in London. Today, Rothschild-sponsored “dispensationalism” dictates the pro-Zionist stance of the so-called “Christian Right,” a major influence in the Republican Party. Thus, an alliance between Radical Judaism and Radical Christianity is responsible for the misconduct of U.S. foreign policy for the benefit of the Zionist imperium under President George W. Bush, a fervent disciple of dispensationalism surrounded by Zionist fanatics.


In more recent years, we have also seen disturbing evidence of high level Zionist subversion of the Catholic Church. In his May 2, 2008 article "Pope Affirms Jewish Noahide Laws # 55," Brother Nathanael Kapner wrote:

JEWS HAVE FOUND AN ALLY in Pope Benedict XVI. Following in the steps of his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, who officially recognized modern day Jews as the ‘Chosen People of God’ Here, Pope Benedict is fulfilling the same role of pandering to the Jews.
In his recent visit to America from April 15-20 2008, Pope Benedict met with representatives of the Jewish community on the eve of the Jewish Passover on April 18 2008 at 5 PM Here and reiterated that they are God’s “chosen” - of which any thinking Sunday School student would easily refute Here! The Pope said:
“Shalom! It is with joy that I come here just a few hours before the celebration of your Passover to assure you of my prayers as you recall the wonders God performed in liberating His *chosen people.*” Here
In a Bilateral Commission Meeting between the Vatican delegation and the Chief Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen in Jerusalem in 2007 Here an agreement was made which recognized that “Jewish tradition emphasizes the Noachide Covenant as containing the universal moral code which is incumbent upon all humanity.” (Cf Genesis 9).
So then? Not only are Jews “absolved” by the Vatican of their guilt for crucifying the Messiah Jesus — now Pope Benedict recognizes their leadership since they are the “Chosen People of God” and that the “Noahide Laws are Jewish tradition.” Hence who will ultimately be the moral authority that governs the so-called Noahide Laws? Jews, that’s who. Anti-Christian Jews!

Fortunately, we are beginning to see signs of a turn-around. On his Republic Broadcasting Network talk show, Michael Collins Piper has spoken with many Catholic callers who expressed concern about longstanding Rothschild involvement in Vatican finances, as well as possible Zio-Communist infiltration during Vatican II and other eras.
As aother encouraging sign, E. Michael Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, stated in his interview with Brother Nathanael Kapner that "After 40 years of unprecedented advances in subversion and covert warfare, the Jews are finally starting to lose control of the Catholic mind." As one example, in his 3 Feb 2009 article "The Panzer Pope and Holocaust Heresy," Captain May described how the Pope stood up to screeching Jews by defending the right of Bishop Richard Williamson to state his own views on the Holocaust controversy.
Without question, the Judas Goats identified by Piper are a vital part of the "drivetrain" that has enabled a small Jewish minority of about 3% of the total U.S. population to run America as their GOLEM or "riding horse" in their efforts to achieve New World Order dictatorship. Without question, through his 9/11 cover-up activities, Rudy Guiliani is in bed with them.
We could certain use more genuine Italian Catholic heroes like former Congressman James Traficant, the subject of Piper's book Target Traficant, or other Catholic heroes like Pat Buchanan, Joseph Sobran, or Col Donn de Grand Pre who are willing to openly confront Zionist evil.
In contrast, Giuliani, Silverstein, and Daley serve as poster boys for why the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840's wanted to keep Catholics and Jews out of this country, or why Benjamin Franklin proposed entering into the U.S. Constitution a provision that Jews be excluded from America. (See the "Franklin Prophecy").
Throughout this series, I have repeatedly used the predator vs. counter predator model to explain out of control social problems. The fact that so many white Americans have been put to sleep and are no longer conscious of these issues is itself an explanation for why America's problems are so out of control, to include out of control Third World immigration and hemorrhaging of strategic industries to Third World countries.
Admittedly, in many ways WASPs have been their own worst enemies. Most WASP English and German Americans have been "psychologically ethnically cleansed" by the melting pot and other factors. They have absolutely no sense of indigenous identity or the group cohesion necessary to stand up to Jewish gangsterism.
Exacerbating this disorientation, many Protestants have allowed themselves to be deluded by Christian Zionists such as John Haggee, as explained in Chapter 21. In addition, they ignore rationalist research of the Enlightenment and alternative indigenous Indo-European religious systems that counter Jewish lies contained within the Old and New Testaments.

Before wrapping up this discussion about the subversion of Catholics and Protestants by Jews, there are a few other complexities we need to consider. For example, during the 17th century, France, which was a mostly Catholic country, alternated its support back and forth between Protestant countries and countries allied with the Vatican. During the American Revolution, America's WASP leaders received the support of Catholic French leaders. In his book Racial Realities in Europe, written in the 1920's, Dr. Lothrop Stoddard explained how France itself is a complex country that results in complex politics. According to Stoddard, France is Nordic in the north, Celtic in the West, Alpine in the century, and Mediterranean in the south.
Similarly, Italy and Ireland also have complexities. According to Stoddard and other sources, Italy is more Nordic-Celtic in the north, and Mediterranean and Alpine in the south. Ireland is a mixture of Nordic, Celtic, Mediterranean, and other genetic stocks.
Without question, immigrants from all these countries have definitely made America more "complex" as well. Regardless, we can no longer afford to allow social complexity to prevent us from trying to identify the Judas Goats in our midst.

Getting back to Ron Paul, let us also consider his Glenn Beck interview on CNN on 18 Dec 2009:



Ron Paul: [giving a speech] …We are well defended against enemies foreign, we should be much more careful about defending against enemies domestic.
Glenn Beck: Who do you believe are the enemies domestic?
Ron Paul: I do not see them as individuals or personalities. I see them as a philosophic danger endorsed by the status quo. Most members of Congress, most members who have been in the Executive Branch over the years, the undermining of our personal economic liberties, our privacy, there has been a special erosion of these privacy issues since 9/11…

Again, no mention of the Jewish Lobby, mini-nukes going off in the World Trade center towers, the Cheney assassination teams, or dancing Israelis. It is all just about some kind of “philosophic danger.”
January marked the effective end of the Ron Paul campaign, when he refused to challenge the stealing of the New Hampshire primary.

Vote fraud remains a critical issue. Edgar Steele wrote in “The R3volution is Dead, Long Live the Revolution”:

Yesterday, Dr. Paul issued a statement that he would not challenge the obvious (my word, not his) vote fraud that took place in New Hampshire (and Iowa, for that matter). "I am convinced that vote fraud played no role in this result," said Dr. Paul. I'd like to think that simply was his diplomacy talking. Problem is, this is no time for diplomacy.
A manipulation of 2 or 3 percentage points, which is all that statistical analysis shows is likely to have occurred, would make little difference to the outcome, putting Dr. Paul ahead of the execrable Rudy Giuliani but still trailing Huckabee, Romney and McCain (there is one web site with analysis suggesting Dr. Paul would finish third). However, demanding that the record be set right would have made all the difference in the world to those of us who knew it was coming. Knew it because we've seen it happen before - in Ohio last time, in Florida the time before that and in too many places to be counted, all places where the Diebold electronic voting machines hold sway.
The outcry began almost immediately, when members of a single family who voted lockstep for Ron Paul found, the next morning, that their entire community had tallied precisely zero votes for him. And theirs is not the only community in New Hampshire saying the same thing. Even so, one can infer manipulation from variations between pre-primary and exit polls and the final vote, of course. As noted, variation from the poll figures took place only in those New Hampshire counties in which Diebold machines were used. Elsewhere, the final (hand-written and hand-tabulated) votes tracked almost perfectly to the pre-primary and exit polls.
You have to wonder: Without all the pre-primary dirty tricks (phony polling, stacked "debate" questions, debate exclusion, debate marginalization, false media, no media, ridicule by other candidates and questioners) and with an honest vote count, might Dr. Paul actually have won New Hampshire outright?


Steele added how Diebold voting machines had become virtually symbolic of the totally corrupt political election process.

Did you know that the Diebold voting machines are made in Israel? Did you know that an Israeli company was in charge of tallying the Iowa caucus results? Did you know that Israel, like the Council on Foreign Relations, has blessed every Presidential candidate except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich (Kucinich is one of the fellows demanding a recount in New Hampshire)? Make of those facts what you will. I'll save what I make of them for another day.

In his 17 Feb 2008 article “The State of the Revolution” Edgar Steele provided a fitting epitaph for the Ron Paul campaign, and accurately predicted the outcome of the Nov 2008 Presidential election, nine months away:

I receive emails from list members who have participated (as officials) in various state primary elections and caucuses. All say the same thing: Fraud is taking place on all fronts. That was obvious the day after New Hampshire, when one family called the game after seeing its entire precinct generate precisely zero votes for Ron Paul, though they all voted for him. That was the same election in which we learned that the vote matched the polls just in the precincts where ballots were hand counted - precisely just those precincts, too, while in all the others, voters apparently lied about for whom they intended to vote.
Super Tuesday's elections patently were fraudulent, but already you aren't hearing about them any more:
Then, of course, there is the matter of those polls - those jiggered poll numbers themselves, particularly since we began to make so much noise about them:
And then there was the marginalization of Dr. Paul in the debates, so painfully obvious, particularly after Fox News got so badly skewered for having excluded him altogether from one debate.
The evidence is everywhere, if you are but willing to see it. No matter now, though, because Dr. Paul effectively has withdrawn ... and with millions of those dollars unspent - the dollars that we gave him to fight the good fight in our name. His staff announced seeing no evidence of vote fraud in New Hampshire, in explaining why they never challenged any of what was so painfully obvious to the rest of us.
In leaving the building, Dr. Paul stated: "With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get. But with so many primaries and caucuses now over, we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter. Of course, I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run. I do not denigrate third parties -- just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican. I also have another priority. I have constituents in my home district that I must serve. I cannot and will not let them down. And I have another battle I must face here as well. If I were to lose the primary for my congressional seat, all our opponents would react with glee, and pretend it was a rejection of our ideas. I cannot and will not let that happen." ("Message From Ron" email, Ron Paul, February 8, 2008).
Yeah, I know it sounds reasonable. Too reasonable. Remember, this is the same guy who refused to spend the money we gave him to go after all the obvious election fraud. That was the only way he possibly could have put right the process and gotten a level playing field. We gave him the money to accomplish it. He chose not to do it. Go figure.
Ron Paul is history. Get over it. So is the upcoming election. What I find amazing is that his grassroots organization still is blindly flailing about like a newly-headless chicken, raising money, holding "meetups" and talking up the possibility of a brokered convention (though McCain already has effectively sewn up the nomination).
What does it matter whether the next President is Hillary, McCain or Obama? They all serve the same master as George Bush. It's going to be more of the same: more killing in the Middle East, more death for our children, more tyranny and poverty for us and more money for the bankers.
Now I am torn between advocating not voting altogether and voting for the one person likely to bring America into total chaos most quickly (so that we can get it over with, of course).
So, who will win? Who cares? Seriously.
Oh, all right. At this point, it may appear that the Democrats are torn between Hillary and Obama, but even Clinton faithful James Carville now acknowledges that Hillary likely is doomed. This is of some import, because McCain, the third liberal still running for President, seems likely to beat Clinton. Only lately does it appear, however, that Obama can do what Hillary cannot and dump McCain.
In fact, the surprising rock-star-like momentum building behind Obama is beginning to resemble a freight train that may prove impossible to derail. It is surprises like this that cause those who run America to ensure that only those whom they approve in advance actually get a ticket to the party (tickets obviously denied this time around to the likes of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and Alan Keyes). Thus, the Democrat leadership is allowing Titanic Hillary to founder.
Yes, I know that a year ago I said that the powers-that-be never would allow Obama to win, but now I am recanting and conclude that they likely have decided that only Obama will give the American public the lasting impression of having chosen their own President. You see, McCain vs. Clinton really is just an exercise in people voting against candidates, because both have such incredibly negative public images.
Though I foresee a last-ditch effort to discredit Obama and thereby get the guy inaugurated whom our self-chosen masters really want - McCain - I predict that Barack Obama will be the next American President.
In fact, there is an odd, cult-like status being accorded Obama just now by some that could produce a massive win for him and lead to his inauguration being a near coronation. The reality of an Obama Presidency, however, will be quite another thing. In fact, nobody could do anything to make things better. As I have noted before, Obama possibly could be the best thing to happen to White voters in a long time, but nobody can pull America from her headlong rush toward oblivion. Like a giant dinosaur who has blundered into quicksand, the more America flails about, the more certain becomes her inevitable demise.
Only Ron Paul would have done anything constructive and his prescription would have resulted in an immediate Depression for which he likely would have been impeached or assassinated, anyway.
Because America quite obviously is finished, it simply no longer matters who gets elected President.

Edgar Steele's description of the vote fraud "fun and games" reminds me of a not-so-funny observation made by John Stadtmiller, head of the Republic Broadcasting Network in Austin, Texas. After a certain point, when citizens can no longer trust reaching for the ballot box, they will start reaching for the cartridge box. If Americans cannot clean up their election system --and yesterday was not soon enough-- we will see blood in the streets.

It is very important to note how Ron Paul got shut out by controlled national media as well as cheated by a crooked election system. Edgar Steele noted in his Jan 7, 2008 Nickle Rant “F**K Fox News”:

Fox News is owned and run by foreigners. Fox News wants to dictate American policy, both foreign and domestic. Fox News wants to tell you how to think. Fox News wants to tell you what to think. Fox News wants to pick your next President. Fox News is terrified by the thought of a Ron Paul Presidency...
…Last night, Fox News presented its Republican Presidential Forum [on the campus of St. Anselm College, New Hampshire] -- you know, the one to which Fox refused to invite Ron Paul, the sole GOP candidate who has refused to kiss the hem of the CFR garment and who continues to rail against globalism and for America. Ron Paul, who regularly has polled higher than two of the candidates who were invited (14% in New Hampshire to Fred Thompson's 4% and 10% to Rudy Giuliani's Iowa 3%). Ron Paul, who has bested the field in every legitimate poll taken following past debates. Ron Paul, who has won outright most of the straw polls taken in the campaign thus far, throughout America. Ron Paul, who has throngs of enthusiastic, sign-waving supporters in places that other contenders don't even have signs. Ron Paul, whose campaign recently set the single-day, fund-raising record for all American politicians...ever.
….Fox News never mentions Ron Paul's name. It is as though Dr. Paul has become a non-person. Never does he appear in the candidate lists. Never do the anchors mention him. Fox News is boycotting Ron Paul. We can do the same thing to Fox News. Already, I have begun.

There obviously dozens of important issues which Ron Paul either ignores outright or else pulls his punches. While it is beyond the scope of this work to explore them all here, there is one issue in particular I must address in order to categorize Dr. Paul on an ideological level.
Dr. Paul has dismissed “racism” as “collectivism.” In his April 18, 2007 article "Government and Racism." he stated, "Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mind set that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups."
This is an extremely important issue that speaks volumes about Ron Paul. “Racism is collectivism” is an ideological twist that has been heavily promoted by the John Birch Society and various anarcho-libertarian sources.
Significantly, in his book The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper talks about how the John Birch Society has a long history of discouraging critics of Zionists as “neutralizers.” Its founder Robert Welch got cashed out of his family’s candy business by the Rockefellers, who are Rothschild collaborators, and ever since has served as “controlled opposition” to steer American patriots within certain boundaries that are not too hostile towards Zionists. In addition, the John Birch Society has steered its members away from forms of white racial nationalism that might effectively challenge Jewish racial nationalism (Zionism).
Dr. Paul admits his thinking has been heavily influenced by anarcho-libertarian writers as Dr. Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises, both of whom were Jews. In fact, he keeps their portraits on his Congressional office wall. Although many political commentator’s call Dr. Paul a “traditional American conservative,” he is actually "anarcho-libertarian." "Traditional American conservatives" usually fit in the "paleo-conservative" category, which is "genetic bottom up" and hence populist racial nationalist.





"x" axis

The U.S. Government
Part of J. Birch Ideology

Zionism and Nazism
Ariel Sharon, Netanyahu
Adolf Hitler, Himmler

Other part of J. Birch ideology
Dr. Murray Rothbard
Congressman Ron Paul
Capt. Eric May

Thomas Jefferson,
Maj. William Fox

(Third dimensional "z" axis entailing
"mutualism" vs. "parasitism")
not drawn, see discussion below)



In my commentary to question 13 of my online”Have You Been Brainwashed?” quiz, I explain in some detail the fallacy behind the “racism is collectivism” argument. I will provide a short summary here.
“Collectivism” typically means a system where people give up their individual property rights and engage in “group property.”
In European societies collectivism has typically been imposed “top down” by leftist ideologues, such as the Bolsheviks who forced collective farming in Russia, or socialists who nationalized certain industries in countries such as Italy and France.
On a racial level, “collectivism” is typically associated with Asiatic societies in which their concept of “maturity” means the ability of the individual to sacrifice himself for the good of the group.
In Western/Caucasian societies, the priorities are typically the other way around. “Maturity” often means the ability of the individual to stand on principle and contribute innovative ideas without getting dragged down by “group think”
“Racism” typically means that one wishes to extend ones feelings of family kinship outwards towards a larger biological unit to maintain its temperamental and cultural similarities and cohesiveness. Extended groups of families can comprise a tribe. An extended tribe can comprise a nation. An extended nation can comprise a race. Logically, there is no reason why a person should be "anti-racist" any more than he or she should be "anti-tribal," "anti-nation," "anti-clan," "anti-kinship," or "anti-family."
The "anti-racism" promoted by national media is illogical on yet another level. Its Jewish owners support the most extreme forms of racism among their own kind in Israel towards Palestinians, while promoting interracial marriage between white and nonwhite gentiles in America. In actuality, they are secretly at war with American society. They practice the ancient formula "Be publicly left wing among people outside your tribe to induce them to let their guard down, and be privately right wing among your own kinsmen to promote tribal cohesion and strength."
“Racism” does not exclude individual property rights. It is typically felt on a “bottom up,” instinctive level. (See, for example, the article by Dr. Norman Hall "Zoological Subspecies In Man" about how mammalian races in nature instinctively tend to oppose each other, suggesting that "racism" in humans is more "instinctive" than "learned.")
America in the early 19th century was consciously pro-white racial in its immigration policies, yet it was also very respectful of individual property rights and politically decentralized.
When the Birch society says “racism is collectivism,” it is mixing conceptual apples and oranges by confusing right wing instinct with left wing ideology. It is trying to transfer Cold War-related negative feelings about communist collectivism towards right wing ideology that promotes white ethnic solidarity.
As I explained in the last chapter, throughout history the most successful resistance movements have typically been supported by cohesive racial and ethnic groups. The most potentially threatening political groups to the Zionist establishment in America are cohesive white groups.
A basic rule of Right Wing 101 is that the closer people are in terms of ethnic-genetic distance, the more likely it is that they will act as mutualists and altruists; conversely, the further apart, the more likely it is that they will act as predators or parasites towards each other, particularly in "stress situations." This is a major reason why people create nations in which a dominant ethnic group has its own territory --and armed forces to protect borders.
It makes good sense for any people to insure that only members of their ethnic group man the strategic bases of their society so that they are ruled by people with a maximum instinctive sense of caretakership and responsibility for the underlying society. In contrast, Americans have allowed Jewish aliens to control their strategic bases. According to genetic research cited in Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke, Jews are twice as genetically distant from the average white as any European white is on average from another (for example a Scottish American compared to a Greek or Russian American).
The outcome has been exactly what an ethnic-distance model would predict. America's national media and its financial institutions habitually engage in predatory and parasitic behavior towards underlying America society. White Americans are so filled with guilt, self-hatred, and a lack of identity that they opened the floodgates to illegal Third World immigration beginning in the mid-1960's, and are on track to become another minority within a couple of decades.
Zionists must use counterfeit patriot organizations such as the John Birch Society for other important reasons besides addressing racial issues. When Zionists continue to pull treasonous stunts like the Lavon Affair, the JFK Assassination, the assault on the U.S.S. Liberty, the Jonathan Pollard Affair, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, or encourage the zombie walk into Iraq-Af-Pak-Iran "Stalingrad" (See Chapter 37), they dread the prospect of an unforeseen military rebellion which might put them up against the wall. Phony right wing organizations like the John Birch Society help to absorb and misdirect the energies of American patriots to that elite Jewish criminals will not be hung from the lamp posts.
Admittedly, Ron Paul is caught between a rock and a hard place. If he is too explicit, powerful Jewish groups will fund opposition to defeat him in elections, as they did with Congressman Paul Findley, author of They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby. Or they might try to frame Ron Paul, just like what they did to former Congressman James Traficant (see Target Traficant by Michael Collins Piper). Or Zionists might try to assassinate Ron Paul, as they did to John F. Kennedy, RFK, and JFK Jr., according to Piper's classic work Final Judgment.

Commander Brian Klock

Now let us now turn our attention to the “explosive” political campaign run by former Navy Commander Brian Klock to gain the Republican nomination for Congressional District 22.
His campaign raised some very disturbing questions about whether he might be opportunistically fear-mongering as a gimmick to get elected, or worse yet, might even be engaging in "limited hang out" for the other side to psychologically pre-condition Houstonians for an actual false flag attack.
Or then again, maybe Klock was simply a well-intentioned budding statesmen using an incremental approach like Congressman Ron Paul, trying to tack in the right direction against strong headwinds.
Or could it be that even when we judge him by Ron Paul standards, he was still way to timid about exposing Big Government corruption and special interests?
Capt. May observed in his 27 February 2008 article “Commander Klock’s Sign: The Houston Nuke”:



Commander Klock's Sign: The Houston Nuke

by Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
The Lone Star Iconoclast
March 30, 2008

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

Monday, Houstonians driving north on US Highway 59 were alarmed to see a nuclear fireball engulfing downtown Houston and the nearby ship channel. They were looking at the just erected campaign sign of Naval Reserve intelligence officer Commander Brian Klock:

The Threat Is Real
—Ask Brian Klock:

Klock For Congress
[See archived web page formerly at]

Klock, who mobilized for secret military missions shortly after 9/11, has spent most of the last six years abroad in various countries in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (the invasion of Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (the invasion of Iraq). According to campaign manager Charlie Sena, Klock will not discuss the particulars of his activities or locations. He is the Republican candidate for Texas Congressional District 22, formerly occupied by Tom DeLay, former Republican House Majority Leader, a.k.a. "The Hammer."
To some Houstonians the whole thing sounds spooky, and the presence of retired Army intelligence Lt. Col. Gordon Fowkes among Klock's campaign insiders doesn't soothe their nerves. Fowkes was a pro-Bush military expert appearing on local TV during the invasion of Iraq some five years ago, and is connected with area Homeland Security.
Commander Klock's nightmare scenario for Houston is an echo of my own work as a military analyst for the Houston Chronicle, where I wrote a target analysis of the city from a terrorist perspective shortly before the invasion of Iraq. The project was easy enough for me, given my background in military intelligence and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. After the publication of my strategic op-ed on February 23, 2003, I was proud to find that its chief premises anticipated what would later be taught to Houston law enforcement and first responders.

Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives

So five years later—almost to the day—Cmdr. Klock has quite graphically reiterated my long-time position that Houston is the number one terror target in the nation. Ironically, I still hold to my position of 2003 in all but one critical particular: I don't believe the danger comes from foreign terrorists known as Al Qaeda, but from domestic terrorists, known as the Bush administration.
Having spent nearly half my officer years with the Army as an opposing forces (OPFOR) specialist, it's easy enough for me to understand that sometimes the military pretends to be the enemy for training purposes. It may seem a bit cynical to suggest that the military could, under orders and without specific knowledge of what it was doing, be used by a pro-war government to carry out an attack on its own people, while pretending to be an enemy force. This kind of operation, though, known as a "false flag," has been used throughout history—including US history—as a down and dirty way to trick an otherwise quiescent public into launching a war with the flow preselected by the politicians who perpetrated the false flag.
The idea that such a thing could happen in these United States is hardly Jihadist; in fact, it's rather Jeffersonian. None of the founding fathers, who had just fought a revolution against their George for unconscionable abuses of their liberties and criminal war against them, would be surprised if one day unscrupulous powers found a new George to oppress them again. I suppose the Revolutionary thinkers of America are increasing daily. Countless thousands of them have been reading my most recent analysis of the top terror targets in the United States, widely published Sunday and still naming Houston as the nation's most endangered place:

False Flag Prospects, 2008—
Top Three US Target Cities

I don't know if Navy intelligence officer Commander Klock was reading the work of former Army intelligence officer Captain May the day before he put up his nuclear Houston campaign sign, but it's gratifying to find that he and I are thinking along parallel lines, even if we are traveling in different directions.




Capt. May followed up with his 1 March 2008 article: “SPOOK and NUKE: GOP Primary Tactic":

Doomsday Klock

"There is no doubt about this. . .There is simply no question—they are looking to hurt us again . . .Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Department of Homeland Security says Houston is one of the highest risk cities in the country, in the same category as New York and Washington." —Commander Brian Klock

HOUSTON, Feb. 29 —Cmdr. Brian Klock, a Navy Reserve intelligence officer, is on a mission to gain control of Southeast Texas Congressional District 22, the same petro-patch that once belonged to Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
A strong showing in Tuesday's state Republican primary could put him in a runoff contest for the Republican nomination of this most Republican area. Several of the 10 candidates vying for the party nomination have military and military contractor backgrounds. If none of them garners a majority of the primary votes, then Klock could become a viable runoff candidate.
It's hard to imagine being a more menacing figure than DeLay, known as "The Hammer" and "The Exterminator" before corruption charges ended his career, but Klock succeeds in spades. On Feb. 25 he pasted a huge billboard on Houston's Southwest Freeway showing the city's downtown district being consumed by a nuclear fireball rising up into a mushroom cloud. His inscription read: "The Threat Is Real—Ask Brian Klock."
...Accused of terrorizing the public, he offered a hasty excuse that strongly argued against both his intelligence and his honesty. "I want to make sure we didn't show it as a nuclear attack because I personally thought that would be over the top," Klock said. "It's up to the viewer to imagine what kind of weapon caused the fire."

Cuckoo Klock

"Politicians seem embarrassed by, and unwilling to use, America’s awesome place in the world as the greatest force for good for all mankind. I am a proud American and military man who knows how to keep and use a strong military."—Cmdr. Brian Klock

Supporting the Troops…
Even When the Cameras are Off

I fully support our dedicated troops fighting for our way of life. In Congress, I’ll fight for what they need to win this terrible war for American freedom. Until then, I’m showing I respect their sacrifice by eating MREs every day, just like they do!
Vote for Brian Klock, 22nd Congressional District
[links to archived former web page]

Brian "I'm not a politician" Klock, as he styles himself, isn't subtle. For nearly two months now, since he announced his candidacy in early January, he has been plugging his guts [click through to archived "MRE page"] with the military's "Meals, Ready to Eat" (MRE's) to boost the cause against "Islamofascists"—and boost his superpatriot image in the process. He portrays himself [click through to archived media links page] as a lofty hawk bravely soaring above the Homeland state and global war in his counter-terror and counter-intelligence capacities. He boasts of having been alerted on the afternoon of 9/11, 2001 that he would be going on active duty for the government—but he is utterly unwilling to discuss what he was doing or where he was for several years, only saying cryptically that he was abroad.
There's an old joke that we've used forever in military intelligence circles: "Ask me no questions. If I tell you the answer I have to kill you!"
There are few places in the United States where a character right out of the movie Dr. Strangelove, like Cmdr. Klock, could hope to impress his neighbors—as anything but a dangerous militarist, that is. District 22, south and east of Houston and home turf for Big Oil, is one of those few places. It is an amalgamation of blue-collar rednecks in gas guzzling pickup trucks and well-off suburban Republicans in gas guzzling SUVs.
These were the Christian soldiers who once optimistically marched off to Bush's messianic war on Islamic terror wherever he proclaimed it to be—which was, coincidentally, in the middle of the Middle East's oil resources. For the most part they believed that Islam was ready to be converted to Christianity, sectarian Iraq was eager for democracy, and postwar gasoline would be a dollar a gallon. They are more or less like the rest of the nation, God love them, and their greatest flaw is their blind patriotism— which is what Cmdr. Klock is counting on.


"I know a threat when I see it, and I am not afraid to take action. Today, I am sounding the alarm and leading you to join me in addressing the grave danger Houston faces from terrorists who want to destroy everything most precious to us—our families, our homes, and our way of life." —Cmdr. Brian Klock

Covert Cmdr. Klock is waging a terror war on the public consciousness with his "vote for me or die" approach, and he has some professional help of my acquaintance for that purpose. Lt. Col. Gordon S. Fowkes and I were both members of the Army's 75th Division in Houston, which specialized in conducting large-scale training exercises. Whereas my own specialties were military intelligence and public affairs, Fowkes' background was military intelligence and psychological operations—making him a perfect addition to the Klock fear campaign.
Whereas I wrote military analysis for the Houston Chronicle—accurately predicting that Iraq would turn into a "quicksand war," Fowkes has intermittently worked as a Bush League military expert in the local media, a bellicose cheerleader yelling his heart out for the cheerleader in chief, exhorting a discouraged public to keep rooting for an eventual victory in the great game of war.
A few days after the largely unreported Battle of Baghdad in early April, 2003, Fowkes and I had a polite clash in an assembly at the University of Houston. It was about whether media coverage from Iraq had become a public affairs operation in the US public interest (as he asserted, or a psychological operation against the US public interest (as I asserted). I believe time has vindicated me, both in my negative predictions for the Iraq war and in my negative analysis of the US media's role in promoting, not reporting, the war.
In 2004 this dark character in Klock's dark horse campaign warned me that meddling with Bush administration illegalities—as I had done in a complaint filed with the Army Inspector General—was a hazardous undertaking at best. Reading his words, it's hard for me to judge whether he was being helpful or threatening:

"There may be evil plots, black bag operations, et al . . . I recommend that you seek professional help in order to protect your freedoms, rights, opinions, and personal safety. I did. And am alive because I did." Lt. Col. Fowkes to Capt. May, Feb. 5, 2004.

A couple of years later a minor flotilla of swift boaters attacked me and my flagship newspaper, The Lone Star Iconoclast, for our journalism, and they summoned Fowkes for support as a high-ranking Internet troll. According to Klock campaign manager Charlie Sena, Fowkes warned Klock & Co. to steer clear of me this week, as I was trying to interview them. Both Klock and Fowkes have refused to comment for this article.
Fowkes isn't the only dubious character associated with the Klock campaign. The grand admiral of swift boating, Texas millionaire Bob Perry, has patted Klock's back and padded his bank to help him along. Perry's endorsement and support bode well for Klock, since the dirty politics godfather gave similar patronage to up-and-coming George W. Bush in his Texas days, and to prior District 22 representative Tom DeLay.


"CDR Brian Klock's "Houston at Risk" billboard states the obvious, that Houston's refineries are an accident waiting to happen, even on purpose . . ." —Lt. Col. Gordon S. Fowkes

Klock's mantra of a looming terrorist threat against Houston is old material, first written over five years ago by a local military analyst for publication by the Houston Chronicle. "Don't laugh at duct tape; it saves lives" made the same arguments that Klock is using now. I should know, I wrote it.
In those days I was a supporter of the official account of 9/11 as an attack carried out by Al Qaeda under the direction of bin Laden. In the five years since then, I've learned better. On Feb. 23, just two days before the Klock campaign billboard showed Houston being nuked, my most recent terror analysis was published worldwide after being translated into several languages: "False Flag Prospects, 2008 —Top Three US Target Cities"
In last week's column, I repeat my assertion of five years earlier—and Klock's assertion of two days later—that Houston is the nation's top terror target. There has been one all-important change in my thesis, though: I no longer believe that Houston is in danger from Al Qaeda and bin Laden, but rather from "Al CIAduh" and Bush.
Call me a conspiracy theorist if you wish, but Cmdr. Klock, a candidate who nukes Houston on a billboard, won't answer questions about his spooky past, won't return media calls and hangs out with a PSYOPS specialist, is a pretty creepy character at best. At worst, he and his cronies from the global war and Homeland state may not be running a political campaign at all—they may be running a military campaign to set up a false flag attack in Southeast Texas, and to explode the first nuke of World War III.

Despite the reservations that Capt. May and I share towards Cmdr. Klock, there is certainly one point we can all fully agree on with this man: The threat is real.
Before closing out this chapter, I would like to return to Ron Paul and ask whether the "Ron Paul Revolution" was or still is "real" as well.
Please note that in the aforementioned 16 May 2007 Ron Paul debate with Rudy Giuliani and other candidates, the moderator described Ron Paul as "the only antiwar candidate."

This debate came within a few months after the Bush administration had created NSPD-51. Bush refused to allow Congressmen Peter DeFazio the right to see its secret annex. At the same time, national media viciously scorned dissidents and helped Bush create a climate of growing intimidation in America.

My personal reaction during this period was that Ron Paul played a key role in preventing the fear climate from gaining momentum and feeding on itself. He gave the 9/11 Truth movement elbow room to grow, even if he himself did not directly question the official government story.

In her book The French Revolution, Nesta Webster describes how only about 4,000 militants were able to drive a country of about 30 million people into such a state of fear that middle class people starting wearing shabby clothes lest they be fingered as "counter-revolutionaries" and risk get their heads chopped off. The Jacobin leader Maximillian Robespierre at one point talked about killing off as much as a quarter of the population before a coup within his own party put an end to both him and his mad plans.


One thing you can't take away from Congressman Ron Paul is that his libertarian campaign played a major role in breaking the fear momentum that Bush and his Zionist neocon handlers were building in America.


This is just one example where a growing climate of fear can spin completely out of control. I give Ron Paul and his supporters tremendous credit for breaking the very dangerous escalating fear momentum that was being deliberately engineered by the Zionist neocons, the Bush administration, and their minions.
By the same token, Ron Paul has obviously pursued only limited, incremental objectives. In many ways his patient strategy reminds me of Russia’s Minister of War Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly, who during the Napoleonic Wars advocated trading away much of Russia, to include Moscow, in an effort to use time, distance, and weather to grind down Napoleon’s Grand Armee to the point that Russian forces could finally successfully go on the counter offensive.
Certainly an important overall strategic objective for both Ron Paul and Capt. May has been to buy time for the free Internet to continue to mushroom and grow. In this sense, to borrow the "necessary but not sufficient" phrase from informal logic, Ron Paul has been necessary to help preserve the right of free inquiry necessary for us to find realistic solutions, but he himself has not been sufficient to provide a complete solution. The "Ron Paul Revolution" as it currently stands is not adequate to put a stake through the hearts of our enemies once and for all.
Ron Paul is also “necessary but not sufficient” on a deeper ideological level. Note from my ideological analysis matrix he fits in the “environmental bottom up” anarcho-libertarian category. While he provides an important counterpart to the prevailing “environmental top down” viewpoint of the Zionist neocons and Washington establishment, he generally ignores the whole “genetic” side of human behavior (which is about 50% of behavior), and goes light on the parasite (criminal) side of the mutualism vs. parasitism duality.
Anarcho-libertarians tend to assume that most people are more reasonable, chivalrous, self-restrained, honest, intelligent, and altruistic than they really are. Conversely, they tend to underestimate the capacity of certain individuals and groups to enjoy murdering, enslaving, torturing, and deceiving others.

The beginning of wisdom is learning how to reconcile the anarcho-libertarian views of Dr. Ron Paul with the hard core racial nationalist views of someone like the late Dr. William Pierce, whose views were almost tepid compared to the rabid racism of Zionists like Rabbi Meir Kahane, Menachem Begin, Vladimir Jabotinsky, or Dr. Baruch Goldstein.
Given the gravity of our social and political situation, we may require political leaders who are more explicitly militant and nationalistic against the Zionist New World Order than Ron Paul, perhaps eventually going so far out on the scale as historical examples like Oliver Cromwell, who became a mailed fist of the British middle class against Royalist absolutism before he dismissed Parliament and tragically allowed his Puritan ideology to sway him in reopening Britain to Jewish infiltration and eventual Rothschild takeover (see additional discussion of "Circle Z" in Chapter 5 and Cromwell in Chapter 38), Gustavus Adolfus, the Swedish "Lion of the North," Gustaf Mannerheim of Finland, (see additional discussion on Henrik Holappa web page), Scottish nationalist hero William Wallace popularized in the movie Braveheart, Ukrainean Cossack nationalist hero Bohdan Khmelnytsky (Chapter 32), or perhaps even a patient, crafty, seasoned but tough bureaucratic infighter with nationalist tendencies like a Vladimir Putin.
As one last important ideological point I wish to make before wrapping up this chapter, in Chapter 33 I explain how we can take the derivatives crisis that is plaguing Wall Street, and apply the “derivatives” concept on a more abstract conceptual level to characterize distortions across our society, to include our political institutions.
Derivatives are devices that exploit public credulity. They leverage situations to achieve quick gain at the expense of long term substance.
A false flag attack like 9/11 has all these characteristics. It exploits credulity over the very military exercises it piggy backs off of.
Our political system today is also highly "derivative." It has become totally incapable of honestly, openly, and squarely addressing such critical issues as the decline of America’s white middle class, the domination of the Jewish lobby, and 9/11 as an inside job.
The character of the fragmented and dumbed-down electorate has also become highly "derivative" compared to the much higher innate quality level of the American population that won the war of Independence and had voting rights in the early 19th century.
In future chapters, I will try to explain why not only our political system, but also our financial system, military establishment, and certain industries have become so "derivative" and corrupt in nature, just like the "derivative" nature of false flag attacks themselves.


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2007-05-26 Number of Jewish Lawmakers Worldwide Reaches Record High, Haaretz, May 26, 2007, by Amiram Barkat


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