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Book III

Mission of Conscience:
Capt. Eric H. May, The Info War,
and Amazing Predictions Come True

by Maj. William B. Fox

The Changing Mask
And the Continuing Cyber Battle
With False Flag "Predator" and "Alien"



Preface Coming to Grips with "Predator" and "Alien"
  To Conduct Ultimate Analysis
Chapter 27 More Arson, More Private Army,
  More Russian, French, and Pakistani Gyrations
Chapter 28 “Internet Radicalization,” False Flag
  Ideological Warfare (PSYOPs), and Internal Debate
Chapter 29 Candidate Klock, The Spook Nuke Threat and
  the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution
Chapter 30 The Mayday Alert and the
  Assassination of Roland Carnaby
Chapter 31 Marine Corps Martial Law and
  Synthetic Domestic Enemies
Chapter 32 Neo-Con Bloodying of the Russian Bear and
  Putin vs. the New World Order
Chapter 33 Wall Street Coup de Etat and
  Banker False Flags Against America
Chapter 34  Saving Dr. Toben, Handling Real Nazis, and
Countering the Holocaustianity Intellectual Blackjack
Chapter 35 The Election of “Bush in Blackface”
and Another Mumbai False Flag
Chapter 36  Swine Flu Bio War
Chapter 37 "Operation Blackjack," the Kansas City, KS Nuke,
and the Zombie March Towards "Stalingrad II"
 Chapter 38  Pittsburgh False Flag "Anarchists," Cyber Militia,
and the Principles of Info War
Chapter 39   Year-End Domestic Terror, Captain May Fading Away
  -- Who Will Replace Him?





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