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AP Photo of Port Arthur pipeline explosion on 18 Oct 2007. Mere coincidence or another "abort mission" signal and payoff to lower level criminals?

  Chapter 26

TOPOFF, Vladimir Putin,
and Yet Another Highly Coincidental
 “Texas Terror Triangle” Explosion

As we moved into October 2007, we faced “TOPOFF,” the largest civil defense exercise in American history with 20,000 participants. We also faced a nuclear scenario for downtown Portland , this time consisting of an “RDD”or “Radiation Dispersal Device.”  
An “RDD” is a poor man’s nuke, consisting of radioactive material that gets blown about an area by a conventional explosive.  There are forms of nuclear waste, to include certain extremely toxic forms of plutonium, that could kills tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in the Portland area if this exercise scenario were to go “live,” even without a nuclear explosion. 
Worse yet, the American-Israeli dual loyalist and Department of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff was personally coming to Portland for the exercise.  This was about as reassuring to Portlanders as the presence of Zionist super hawk Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu in London just prior to the 7-7-2005 bombings.
Captain May wrote in “Nuclear Dictatorship — The Portland Plan."


In a little over a week, the largest terror drill in US history will focus on Portland again. TOPOFF, Oct. 15-19, is designed give “Top Officials” a chance to react to a catastrophic scenario — a “dirty nuke” terror attack uncomfortably similar to the Noble Resolve nuke attack of two months ago.
The Bush administration will be running more than one exercise — just as it did on 9/11. Joining TOPOFF will be Vigilant Shield, which intelligence insiders believe will practice the dictatorship directive, NSPD 51. The name “Vigilant Shield” brings to mind “Vigilant Guardian,” the 9/11/2001 Air Force exercise that pulled away fighter aircraft supposed to guard mainland America and sent them off to counter a simulated Russian attack in Alaska . Vigilant Guardian may also have been simulating hijacked aircraft, thereby confusing the few remaining fighter aircraft guarding us. Given that Vigilant Guardian was anything but a vigilant guardian on the day of the last U.S. terror attack, just how reassured should we feel by the feel-good name of Vigilant Shield?
The twin exercises TOPOFF and Vigilant Shield will mobilize as many as 20,000 federal, state, local and tribal officials. The nuclear attack envisioned for Portland is also slated for Guam and Phoenix .

In his interview with Carol Bruillet, Capt May discussed how ground zero for the nuke scenario was shifted from the Burlington Northern railroad bridge north of Portland along the Willamette to the Steel Bridge in downtown Portland.  This low-to-the-water, heavily box-framed Steel Bridge was built in 1912 as an industrial lift bridge to accommodate heavy railroad traffic.  It is definitely an eyesore in view of the much more graceful arch bridges that characterize all of Portland’s other water crossings, not to mention the tens of millions of dollars Portland has spent trying to upgrade the waterfront areas south of this bridge (author’s note: I should know, having once lived in downtown Portland and frequently jogged a “loop” that includes the Steel Bridge and all the waterfront improvements to the south of it). 
The Steel Bridge definitely qualifies as a white elephant that would probably require a mini-nuke event to replace it over the strenuous objections of major railroad companies. It also carries Portland’s MAX line, a light rail system for mass transportation that connects Portlanders with their International Airport and major suburbs ranging from west to east of the central business district. 

Portland ’s “heavy industrial” Steel Bridge


In it’s 2 Oct 2007 editorial leading up to TOPOFF titled “Different Shades of Unthinkable,” The Oregonian commented:

“It’s hard to know what’s scarier: the idea of responding to a terrorist attack in Portland or the idea that the government is using a drill as a pretext to seize power, declare martial law and, possibly, attack Iran.”

This chapter explores TOPOFF from several “scary” and “unthinkable” dimensions.  First, I address the exercise a personal survivalist and “total resistance” exercise in the face of a potentially tyrannical government.  Secondly, as exercise in international diplomacy in which a foreign adversary of the New World Order may have saved  Portlanders from their own government, and lastly, as an informal polling exercise to ascertain the level of naïveté and degeneracy of Portland’s leaders that has likely rendered their city a Mossad-CIA “soft target.”
Prior to TOPOFF, I lived in Vancouver , Washington , about eight miles from ground zero.  Fortunately I was located behind some hills that would have provided good protection from flash burns and shock waves if a ground-level nuclear explosion had taken place.
My bigger concern was the possibility that the Bush cabal might use such an explosion as a pretext to enforce martial law and round up dissidents within a twenty mile radius.  Since I had joined Capt May in warning the public about a possible flag attack, I would hardly be surprised if the Feds came up with some weird frame-up theory that I must have had foreknowledge and hence helped plan the explosion.  They have done weirder things with suspects like Lee Harvey Oswald. and Brandon Mayfield (see chapter 9).

Earlier that summer I had been thinking about relocating even before I became aware of TOPOFF.  As one effort in that direction, I attended a conference hosted by Pastor David Barley in northern Idaho that featured speakers and attendees like Final Judgment author Michael Collins Piper, white civil rights activist Stan Hess, and historical revisionist Michael A. Hoffman.  While the conference focused upon global Zionism rather than survivalism, it gave me an opportunity to discuss with various fellow activists the advantages of places in Idaho compared to Washington and Oregon . 
I decided that it was probably wiser for activists to stay spread out rather than everyone concentrate in northern Idaho, so just prior to TOPOFF, I relocated to South Bend, Washington, a rural community of about 1,100 people near the Washington coast, about 80 miles as the crow flies northwest and upwind of Portland.
The thought that kept bedeviling me was if the Bush cabal went ahead and popped a nuke in Portland and mass murdered more fellow Americans, how I could not only evade getting sent off to a FEMA camp, but instead be part of some kind of effective resistance to counter tyrannical government?  I was already a full time activist in the cyber resistance, but now I was wondering about physical resistance as well.
A second thought that bedeviled me involved the strong possibility that even if we do not get hit by a nuke, our paper-driven economy seems to be headed towards an eventual economic melt-down that will likely generate massive social unrest.   
Either way, how could I become part of a more effective community capable of providing mutual support as well as resistance?
This mental exercise effectively became my personal exercise version of TOPOFF.
However, I must emphasize that even if I felt we had good government in America, and everything were wonderful, I would still advocate remaining fully armed and organized with a local militia, just like I advocate that people follow good nutrition, regularly exercise, and lift weights even when they are already healthy.
Thomas Jefferson once commented, “
When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” 
Using the predator vs. counter predator ecological model, the reason why we have false flag attacks to begin with is precisely because there are too few viable resistance communities left in America on a grass roots level.
I need to point out that armed citizenry and militia were the social norm in many Northern European societies going back to very ancient times, and that all of this is by no means an exclusive product of the American Revolution.  In fact, the existence of the armed citizen has a high correlation with relatively decentralized societies that favors individual liberty and republican traditions.  I explain all of this in more detail in the “why we fight” section of chapter 6.
I must also observe that all of this is usually very hard for Zionist to comprehend on an instinctive as well as intellectual level, since quite a few of their ancestors evolved as a criminal caste in Asiatic-despotic societies. These are the same types of Zionists who currently control Barack Hussein Obama II and the Department of Homeland Security. They ultimately seek to rob Americans of their liberty in the name of protecting it.
I think that there are basically two approaches that are intertwined with each other for an activist to help develop a successful local resistance community in America today. All communities in America that love freedom must become resistance communities, and yesterday was not soon enough.
The first approach involves the normal methods most people ordinarily follow when they run for local political office. It involves meeting many people, gaining their respect and support, and understanding their needs.
I must emphasize that this must remain the first approach in more ways than one.  Wars and other forms of violence tend to have unintended consequences, and it is wise to exhaust all peaceful, legal means before resorting to guerilla tactics.  Even if a federal tyranny were to eventually go down violently before patriotic freedom fighters, it could still kill a lot of innocent people and spread quite a lot depleted uranium all over North America . 
In addition, most of the histories I have read about insurgencies stress that popular support is always mandatory for guerillas to survive.  Successful insurgents frequently spend years preparing an area politically before the shooting starts. Even after the open warfare commences, they still put tremendous emphasis on developing and maintaining popular support. 
The second approach involves the use of militant methods to oppose government terror. In fact, an ultimate goal is often to establish local popular sovereignty through force of arms. In other words, effectively replace a hostile government with a friendly one.


One of the real mental exercises
inspired by Operation TOPOFF


 One excellent example of a guide book for resisting government terror is
Total Resistance: Swiss Army Guide to Guerrilla Warfare and Underground Operations by Major H. Von Dach Bern, copyright 1965.  This reflects the author's brilliant analysis of the history of occupations as well as the methods used by successful resistance movements.
This might be viewed as a "defensive" publication, since at various times the Swiss government has distributed this work to all of its able-bodied citizens. The Swiss government has generally been the friend of its citizenry and not its enemy, therefore it has not been concerned about disseminating this kind of information, or at least this is the way it was back in the 1960’s or ‘70’s. However, I can see how evil government intent upon oppressing its population would feel differently.
In fact, fat chance that in today’s America , the ultra paranoid Department of Homeland Security  would ever distribute this book to American citizens.  In April 2009, Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said she supported a document that claims that returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, along with anti-abortionists, are potential terrorists!   Citizens are supposed to put such individuals who might manifest “suspicious behavior” on report to the feds, as opposed to quietly organizing with them to resist various forms of tyranny. 
Obviously Ms. Napolitano and I do not see eye to eye on quite a few issues.  In fact, it is quite
sobering to compare Major Von Dach Bern's commentary on the basic rules of occupation terror and behavioral changes by certain factions of the U.S. government in recent years.
Major Von Dach Berne wrote (page 94):

1. Basic Rules of Terror
If you resist political indoctrination and the enemy realizes that he is failing in his attempts to "convert" you to his ideology, he will attempt to obtain obedience through fear. He will try to create the fear by terror. The enemy has developed terror techniques which have proven very effective. You therefore must be prepared. If you are acquainted with these techniques you can resist them more easily.
These terror measures are:
a) Surveillance of telephone and letters through censorship;
b) Establishment of an agent and informer net;
c) Arbitrary arrests;
d) No public trials except "show trials";
e) Arbitrary sentences;     
f) Lengthy prison sentences out of proportion to the offense.

Does any of this look familiar in America since 9-11?
My hope is that social conditions never degenerate in America to the point where we experience all-out guerilla warfare against the government.  However, paradoxically, maintaining a viable threat that Americans can successfully wage guerilla war may be required to keep the U.S. Government relatively honest and restrained from imposing the total Orwellian police state.
It could very well be that the most viable long term political solution in America is to return sovereignty to the states similar to the era of the Articles of Confederation. The Federal government will be dramatically downsized, and each state will assume responsibility for protecting its own borders, issuing or protecting the local currency, and exercising other basic sovereignty rights.
Conversely, if the Federal government insists on creating a total police state, and Americans are forced to resort to the militant techniques addressed by Bern, I think that there is a good chance that grass roots patriots will win over the long run for the following reasons:
Unlike the Federal government during the War Between the States, the U.S. Government will be completely bankrupt and lacking a significant industrial base, having seen over 75% of America’s industry outsourced in recent decades. 
Rather than having a protective ally such as the Czar of Russia who sent his fleet to reinforce the Lincoln Administration, which in turn prevented France and England from joining the Confederacy, I think that this go around the U.S. government has made so many foreign enemies through its global bullying in support of Zionism that many major countries around the world would be tickled pink to see the U.S. break apart.  Efforts by America ’s New World Order elite to bring in U.N. troops to patrol American streets will probably do much more to antagonize Americans than to bring peace.
Whereas the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence witnessed a rebellion that was mostly concentrated in the South, this next go around there are likely to be significant numbers of highly disaffected Americans spread all over the country.  If all states were to secede at once, the Federal government would be overwhelmed, just as the old Soviet government was overwhelmed by multiple seceding former “ Socialist Republics .”
Once the U.S. government becomes completely bankrupt (according to reliable sources, there is strong evidence that it has already lost its gold reserves), it will have a hard time raising both the funding and manpower necessary to suppress insurgent groups spread across America .   A relatively small number of well-disciplined, clever insurgents can frequently tie down more than ten times as many government troops.  This is because insurgents typically attack soft targets such as pipelines and power lines that are difficult to guard.  They also commonly harass primary targets with indirect mortar fire.  Insurgents typically try to force the government to chase after them in country where  guerillas have prepositioned mines, booby traps, and ambush kill zones and can otherwise fight on their own terms.  This problem would become especially severe for the central government if foreign countries were to supply mortars, IEDs, remote-controlled robotic guns, anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to insurgents, reminiscent of the way CIA-supplied Stingers and other advanced weapons significantly helped the Taliban defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan .
Lastly, we can expect that if the U.S. Government were to try to forcefully suppress domestic rebellion, it would probably continue to be its own worst enemy just as it has been in Iraq and Afghanistan .  It would probably continue using heavy-handed search and destroy tactics, and even torture, against fellow Americans in ways that further alienate the local population.  The heavy-handed efforts by the government to suppress civil liberties since 9-11 suggests that when push comes to shove, it’s Zionist leaders feel that ruthless force is the only option.
I ended up spending one and half years in South Bend after TOPOFF.  Most of my time was focused on writing and helping Capt. May fight the Info War over the Internet.  I felt that since the Info War is our first line of defense, this had to remain my first priority.
Therefore, I never really invested any significant time towards implementing my ideas about solidifying local political support and organizing paramilitary resistance.  Most of the time I got into political conversations with local folks I simply referred them to my web site  
More than anything else, my experience in South Bend ended up being simply a personal mental exercise, similar to TEWTs (Tactical Exercise Without Troops) that I experienced on field trips in civilian attire while attending Marine Corps schools. 
As I came across different kinds of people while going through daily routines, I often wondered in the back of my mind how useful such people might be if it became necessary to commence total resistance operations against federal tyranny.  
So much for my personal mental exercise response to TOPOFF.  Now back to the exercise itself.
TOPOFF started on Monday, October 15, 2007.  Several individuals who wanted to get out of Portland during the exercise contacted both myself and Capt. May to find out our opinion about what days of the exercise might be the most potentially dangerous for a false flag event.
Our response was that the first day of an exercise is probably the safest day, particularly if it falls on a Monday.  It appears that false flag operators typically need their Sundays to rest and recuperate, and their Mondays to get acclimated to a command post position.  Apparently they need a little time to get settled in at their desks, revise their to-do-lists, go over their command and control contacts, and insure that their office lounge remains well-stocked with the right brand of coffee they will be sipping later in the week while watching hapless victims get shot, blown up, or irradiated.
Tuesdays to Fridays have historically been the most dangerous days.  As some examples noted in the chronology section  of this work, the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center complex and Pentagon and the 7-11-2006 Mumbai bombing took place on a Tuesday.   The 4-19-1995 Oklahoma City ,10-12-2005 second Bali, and the 11-9-2005  Amman Jordan bombings took place on Wednesday. Both the Madrid 3-11-2004 and London 7-7-2005 bombings took place on Thursday.  And the 11-22-1963 JFK assassination and 8-8-2008 Georgian sneak attack on South Ossetia took place on Friday.
The second day of TOPOFF both Capt. May and I relaxed quite a bit when we got news that the ultimate “human shield” had arrived in Iran .   In my October 24, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast article “The Real Drill,”  I commented:  

Putin To The Rescue?

It is possible that the person who may have saved Portland from getting hit with a false flag dirty bomb or nuclear blast during TOPOFF was the President of Russia.
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Tehran on Oct. 16-17, the second and third days of TOPOFF. He vowed that Russia would not tolerate an attack on Iran . He also invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Moscow for talks.
This was the first time a Russian leader had visited Iran in the 64 years that have elapsed since Stalin attended the Tehran conference for Allied leaders in late 1943. Putin visited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad despite a warning that there were people in Iran plotting to assassinate him. Iran ’s foreign minister Mohammad Ali Hosseini stated, “These sort of reports are completely baseless and in direction with psychological operations of enemies of relations between Iran and Russia .”
When Putin returned to Moscow on Oct. 18, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert paid him a surprise visit. This was the first time in years the Israeli Prime minister had paid a one-day visit outside of Turkey , Egypt , or Jordan .
Putin did not budge before Olmert. He reiterated that Russia would not tolerate an attack on Iran . Earlier, to show America and Israel that Russia means business, Putin revived strategic bomber patrols outside Russian territory for the first time since the end of the Cold War.
Why would the Prime Minister of Israel hop on a plane with great urgency and fly all the way to Moscow to appear in front of Putin unless there were some big plans in the works that he was afraid might get gummed up because of Putin’s defiant attitude? Is it possible that such big plans would have had Portland ’s name on them, consistent with the repeated warnings by national media since the Madrid bombings of 3-11-2004 that it is not a question of if, but rather when an American city will get nuked?

At this point in the article, I shifted gears to discuss a suspicious possible dirty nuke extraction episode in Portland , as well as a suspicious explosion within the “Texas Terror Triangle.”

If TOPOFF had in fact been originally intended by the Bush cabal to provide cover for a false flag event in Portland , their operatives would have very likely inserted a bomb in the city. However, once Putin thwarted Bush and the Israelis, the operatives would have then needed to abort their mission and extract the bomb.
Early Thursday afternoon, following the meeting between Putin and Olmert ( Moscow is eleven hours ahead of Portland ) three different dogs alerted to bomb residue on a car parked in the Lloyd Center Double Tree hotel garage in Portland . It was reported that the vehicle belonged to an exercise participant. Police cordoned off a large area with yellow tape, evacuated the hotel, and even stopped the nearby MAX light rail line. Department of Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff was scheduled to arrive at the Double Tree that afternoon. Instead, he got taken elsewhere by police.
No arrests were reported. The Oregonian claimed that false alarms are common since bomb residue can become impregnated in the clothing of members of police explosives teams.
The Columbian reported that no bomb was found. The residue may have come from a firearm. It may have also involved residue from a bus that was blown up on Tuesday as part of the exercise.
9-11 Truth activists have reason to question reports that downplay this incident. Many recall how the initial local news reports that came just after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 talked about bombs found inside the Murrah Federal building. Military explosives experts claim that there was no way an explosion from Timothy McVeigh’s Ryder Truck parked well outside the Murrah building could have exerted enough force through the air to take off approximately a third of the building’s edifice. However, rather than welcome these observations, national media subsequently suppressed them and played up Timothy McVeigh and his fertilizer-based truck bomb as the primary cause of the havoc.
Perhaps the Thursday bomb scare was about nothing. Or, then again, perhaps it was set up by disaffected insiders to undermine a scenario; perhaps to “yank the chain” of false flag covert operatives without spilling the beans on an overall plot. A possible message: “Next go around with an exercise, Portland will not be so easy.”
Earlier that day, at 2 a.m, Central Standard Time, a petrochemical pipeline exploded in Port Arthur, Texas . Three hours before it blew, my colleagues at The Lone Star Iconoclast, editor W. Leon Smith and military correspondent Captain Eric H. May, had issued a worldwide “red alert” for the East Texas petrochemical industry, warning of just this kind of explosive incident. This is the latest of several uncanny terror related warnings they have made. Capt. May’s analysis in this issue of The Iconoclast explains what happened in Texas while drills were transpiring in Portland and other areas.

Captain May covered that event in his article:  The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason Wednesday, October 24, 2007,

An Alarming Report and a Red Alert

“Maybe the people who think there’s a conspiracy out there are right.” — Congressman Peter DeFazio, 7/20/07

W. Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, was alarmed when he called me at 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 17. He told me to read an e-mail he had just received from Texas City and forwarded to me in Houston . We were in the middle of a busy week covering TOPOFF, the Oct. 15-19 worldwide nuclear terror exercise. According to our insider source, we should have been paying less attention to the worldwide picture, and more attention to our own backyard of Texas . After I opened and read the e-mail, I became alarmed, too.
It contained a confidential British Petroleum memorandum, issued Oct. 16 and written by company security manager Glenn Starkey, and bore the ominous title “Live” security/terrorism exercise – Thursday October 18. In it Starkey explained that on Oct. 4, two weeks earlier, the FBI, Homeland Security, US Coast Guard and various Texas police agencies had been running a command post terror exercise in Texas City . They were about to come back for a full-scale effort.
“This Thursday October 18, 2007, BP and other clients of the Port of Texas City will participate in a “live” security/terrorism exercise with federal and local agencies in the Port of Texas City ,” Starkey wrote. “FBI SWAT, Bomb Techs, Texas City Police Department SWAT, Galveston County Sheriff Dept. Marine Units, and DHS-USCG will be participating in this major event.” He added that the media would only be told about the exercise just before it was to occur.
Mr. Smith and I talked it over, and agreed that the delay in announcing the exercises meant either that they had been suddenly scheduled, or that the government was keeping them secret. Both of these possibilities were cause for alarm, we agreed. We double checked our source, confirmed it, and by 11 p.m. had issued an urgent worldwide bulletin: RED ALERT TEXAS CITY : “Live” Drill 10/18/07. Before hanging up, we agreed on which lawyer we would use should either of us be arrested overnight.

A Pillar of Fire and a Fearful Pasadena

“The truth is, Bush just likes to blow things up in Iraq , in the United States and in Congress.”

— Congressman Pete Stark, 10/18/07

I woke up early the next morning to discover that three hours after The Iconoclast issued its red alert it had been validated. A Dow Chemical pipeline had blown up at 2 a.m. in Port Arthur , a city in the Texas Triangle just outside Beaumont . Fire was shooting up 100 feet, area trees were igniting like matchsticks and toxic chemicals were spewing into the city air. Residents were sheltering in place, houses shut up and air conditioners shut off to keep themselves from being poisoned. People throughout surrounding Jefferson County could see a pillar of fire, but people in Port Arthur thought it was hell on earth.
Area police were unresponsive when I called them, offering no details when asked about ongoing exercises in Texas City and the explosion in Port Arthur. They referred me to a Homeland Security spokesperson who did not return my call. Thank God for the Internet, since that relentless medium quickly began to dig out details of what had happened. The best discovery was that Port Arthur —only two days before — had been conducting terror exercises like those in Texas City.
"And they blew it up this morning! one of our Iconoclast intelligence sources wrote us before noon, outraged at the obvious false flag operation. They have no shame, no efforts to hide their methods!"
In all likelihood the perpetrators of the Port Arthur explosion had set up the terror exercises in Texas City, and perhaps in other petroleum cities in the Texas Triangle. Once committed to the plan they pretty much had to do something. In this case, it was something relatively minor. The explosion caused no fatalities, but it was industrial sabotage at the least. The guilt was substantial and shared, which meant that none of the plotters could afford to rat the others out. Since greed is always part of a false flag conspiracy, connected insiders could profit from the inevitable flux in the markets: oil reached $90 per barrel by the end of the day, a record high.
There was an even more harrowing event than the Port Arthur explosion still in store for the Texas Triangle, though. At 5 p.m. Texas Highway 225, the Pasadena Freeway, was closed because of a nuclear incident. Local hazardous materials teams and a national Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team were on the scene, along with a full entourage of various police agencies. Pasadena is notorious throughout the area as “Stinkadena” because of the noxious fumes spilling out of its petrochemical refineries, pipelines and tank farms.
Petrochemical incidents like the one in Port Arthur are occasional facts of life in our part of Texas, but nuclear incidents like the one in Pasadena are unheard-of rarities. By the end of the day official spokespersons and the mainstream media were assuring the Texas Triangle that the petrochemical and nuclear incidents were innocuous, and unrelated. To those of us who knew the story behind the story, though, there remained the damning facts: two sudden terror drills had coincided with two WMD-related events. Without the principled insider’s report to The Iconoclast, followed by our red alert, who can say what might have occurred in the Texas Triangle?



Thursday evening 18 Oct 2007 Captain May commented that this explosion which drove oil price prices to a record $90 a barrel, was the second time in his lifetime besides the New Caney Pipeline explosion (2nd Ghost Troop Mission) he has been aware of an explosion producing a 100 foot pillar of fire just outside the greater Houston area.
In closing out this chapter, I want to address another alternative drill that accompanied TOPOFF.  As mentioned earlier, I polled local community leaders to understand the level of naïveté and irresponsibility that had rendered Portland a potential false flag soft target.  I provided the results in my 24 Oct 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast article “The Real Drill.”

Appalling naïveté describes the attitude of key TOPOFF participants in the Portland Police Bureau, sheriff’s offices, National Guard, and U.S. military. In recent interviews, they indicated they knew nothing of the ever-growing community of investigators who believe that 9-11 was an inside job used to usher in a Middle Eastern war plan and domestic police state.
They hadn’t heard the news that the 9-11 attacks, like the 7-7 London attacks, had occurred in the course of military and police exercises that were simulating those exact attacks.
They were unaware of the extent to which the Israel Lobby influences America ’s foreign policy and of its growing infiltration into the federal government.
Hence, it is no surprise that these TOPOFF neophytes failed to understand the possibility that top officials might make TOPOFF go “live” to justify a war of aggression against Iran and further reductions of American civil rights.
These officers simply mirror the naïveté of the surrounding civilian population that employs them, thinking only what their civilian overlords tell them to think. Since their civilian bosses usually do not know anything about high-level intrigue, they don’t either.
Ultimately we are faced with a predator vs. counter predator ecological problem. False flag predators can roam freely whenever opposing patriotic defenders (or “counter-predators”), such as free-thinking political dissidents, members of the 9-11 Truth Movement, and critics of Israel , have been driven underground.
When I called the offices of U.S. Senators and Representatives in the greater Portland-Vancouver area, most staff members said they received only about two or three calls apiece in the prior week expressing concern that TOPOFF could be taken live. One staff person commented, “Why should you be so worried if almost no one else is?”
She had things backwards. Public naïveté helps explain why false flag predators might target Portland in the first place. Naïve people are much easier to surprise with a false flag event. Afterwards, they are much easier to deceive with phony stories about false terrorist suspects.
Public naïveté is not an accident. The people of Portland are victims of a longstanding propaganda war being waged against Americans across the country by media monopolists based in places like New York City and Los Angeles . This propaganda war has a long history in America with many different ideological permutations. This propaganda is hostile to the 9-11 Truth Movement. It has infected both the highest and lowest echelons of Portland society and paralyzes their ability to effectively act in their city’s defense.
While I was a stock broker in the Portland , Oregon - Vancouver , Washington area for 10 years, I had the mission of cultivating contacts with high net worth people. These contacts enabled me to conduct a quick straw poll of some major community leaders last week. I was curious about the extent to which such individuals, who are vastly better equipped financially to promote political change than most Portland residents, have been subverted by national media disinformation.
The former chairman and CEO of a major Portland-based parts manufacturing company told me that he thinks it is far-fetched to believe 9-11 was an inside job. Although he thinks Iraq is a disaster, he feels it is too late in the game to impeach Bush. He said that Israel is not stupid enough to attack Iran in an effort to drag in America .
The head of a leading venture capital firm told me that she was more interested in the Brandon Mayfield case than TOPOFF. (Mayfield is a Portland resident the FBI imprisoned for his alleged involvement in the 3-11-2004 Madrid bombings. His successful court appeal in regard to his false arrest has helped to roll back part of the Orwellian Patriot Act). While she is generally distrustful of the government and rarely bothers to read The Oregonian, which is self-styled as Portland ’s “newspaper of record,” she was unfamiliar with the “controlled demolition” explanation of the World Trade Center Tower collapses on 9-11. She thinks terrorists succeeded on 9-11 more due to government incompetence than conspiracy. She was not aware that TOPOFF had the potential to get highjacked. She also felt that George H. Bush by himself is too dumb to execute a martial law clamp down by himself following a false flag operation.
The senior partner of a leading downtown Portland law firm said that he knew very little about TOPOFF. He felt that the bigger story involves recent allegations that the current Oregon Governor and local Multnomah County Sheriff tried to cover up the Neil Goldschmidt scandal involving an illicit affair with a 14-year-old girl. (Goldschmidt was a former Portland Mayor and Oregon State Governor). He was not aware of the 9-11 Truth movement or anything that has to do with “controlled demolition.” He does not believe in conspiracy theories about either 9-11 or the John F. Kennedy assassination. He believes The New York Times would expose conspiracies if they were real.
The VP of Business Development for a leading Portland area computer chip manufacturer said that he was not aware of either TOPOFF or the 9-11 Truth movement. Although he now gets about half his news over the Internet, he is too busy with his job and family to put in the time necessary to research the validity of conspiracy theories. He cannot believe that America has a controlled national media. However, he conceded it can be selectively controlled in certain areas.
The president and CEO of a successful plumbing infrastructure company said that he only knew that TOPOFF was supposed to be a big exercise, but he knew nothing about the 9-11 Truth Movement or the significance of “controlled demolition.” He was not aware of the TOPOFF bomb scare on Thursday (mentioned later in this article), and did not want to pursue a discussion about how Bush and his cohorts might try to attack Iran .
The former president and CEO of a major electronic equipment manufacturer said he now gets about 20 percent of his information from the Internet, thinking it a better alternative to The Oregonian, which he termed “ Portland ’s leftist paper.” He has not looked at the 9-11 Truth Movement in any detail, but was under the impression that jet fuel could burn hot enough to melt steel and could flow down enough floors of the World Trade Center towers to cause a collapse. He felt there could not have been a “controlled” demolition because so much of the surrounding area got damaged. He trusts government to do the right thing. He believes that if there is a real conspiracy, Americans can build activist organizations fast enough to counteract them.

Straw Poll Analysis

This was not a “statistically significant random sampling” of public opinion. Nevertheless, some interesting anecdotal patterns emerged.
All six of the “very smart, very successful, and very rich” interviewees had swallowed hook, line, and sinker most of the U.S. Government and national media propaganda about 9-11.
Half of the six sample contacts started to show anxiety when the conversation seemed to get “too political,” when I asked questions such as whether Al Gore might really be an establishment insider and whether Bush is deliberately trying to pick a fight with Iran.
None of them conveyed an urgent sense that America is being run into the ground by a demented, boy emperor-President surrounded by Neo-cons crazies who are largely controlled by the Israel Lobby and who are intent upon converting America into a permanently embattled police state.
When I spoke with aides for U.S. Congressmen and Senators with offices in the Portland , Ore. , and Vancouver , Wash. Areas, they, too, were decoupled from idea of a potential “inside job.” One individual in the office of Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) did express concern with TOPOFF and offered to send my e-mail to the Senate threat assessment team.
At the other extreme, on Friday I sent emails requesting information from public affairs officers with the Department of Homeland Security and the mercenary firm Blackwater USA . A week went by and there was still no response from either organization. Among other things, I was interested in rumors that Blackwater might participate in a possible martial law clamp down in Portland much like it had in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.
[The article then went into the aforementioned Putin and Chertoff affairs, and subsequently returned to the topic of local awareness]

The Real Drill…

I emphasized in warning emails sent to County Sheriffs and Congressman alike that as a former Marine officer, I normally support civil defense preparedness training. I have always admired the extensive defense preparations of the Swiss people.
However, we do not live today under anything approaching normal political circumstances. The 9-11 Truth Movement provides disturbing evidence that 9-11 was in actuality a silent coup de etat against Americans and their Constitution by neocons looking for a pretext to invade Afghanistan , Iraq , and other countries.
The real “TOPOFF” exercise involved activism by private citizens to protest possible actions by government-sponsored agents provocateurs. Despite the fact that “nothing happened” in Portland during TOPOFF, I do not think that any of the efforts of citizen activists were in vain. Preventing a real nuke from going off was a primary goal of our activism to begin with. Nothing happened; therefore, “mission accomplished.”
The need for citizen activism is hardly over. Until we completely dismantle the Orwellian “Patriot” Act, stop senseless Middle Eastern wars, punish the real 9-11 criminals, restore the Constitution, enforce our borders, re-establish popular sovereignty, and rebuild a healthy economy, we must remain on special alert and stay in the battle.


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