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Mission of Conscience Book II Contents

Mahim Railway station. 
One of many 7-11 blast locations


Chapter 21

The 2006 Mumbai Bombing,
another Israeli-Lebanon War,
Operation Orient Queen,
and Confronting Christian Zionist Fanaticism



The seventh mission Ghost Troop ran was to interdict a probable scheme by Israel to deliberately sink the passenger ship Orient Queen and kill over a thousand people on board in a false flag attack. The idea was blame Muslims to give Americans a pretext to send Marines into Lebanon , once again. (This had been done before under the Reagan and Eisenhower administrations).
Israel tried a similar trick before with the Marine barracks bombing of 1983 that killed 273 servicemen.  General Paul X. Kelley, past-Commandant of the Marine Corps, called it “the largest non-nuclear explosion in history.”  According to former Mossad Officer Victor Ostrovsky in By Way of Deception, the Mossad had an operative in the shop allegedly used by Hezbollah to fit out the bomb.
Another truck bomb blew up the barracks that housed French paratroopers, also causing massive casualties.  In contrast, the Israeli sentries guarding an Israeli facility that was also the target of a truck bomb mission were able to thwart easily thwart the because they had plenty of advanced warning.  
Investigative journalist Ralph Forbes argues that the bomb which blew up the Marine barracks was probably made up of RDX produced in Israel .        
This likely false flag attack was designed to draw America more deeply into the Lebanon quagmire, but fortunately it had an opposite effect on President Ronald Reagan.
Our tale regarding the summer 2006 Israeli-Lebanon War begins with the July 7, 2006 bombings in Mumbai , India .  As explained later by Captain May, among other things, it helped “pin the flanks” of the Iran-Pakistan theater for Israel in preparation for the upcoming war in Lebanon .
A quick Google search for “Mumbai Bombing Mossad” reveals other important benefits to Israel behind the “7-11” mayhem.
Judith Apter Klinghoffer wrote in “Mossad `Responsible’ For Mumbai Bombingfor George Mason University ’s History News Network:

….there is a strong belief in circle here that the local politicians have teamed up with Mossad, to target Indian Muslims. Mossad is reported to have been given a contract to arrange security for a religion Dargah/temple of Sai Baba. This is a very grave charge and neither local nor central government has publicly repudiated the claim put out by some newspaper. The motivation for such organized bomb blasts is to mobilize voter opinion against Muslims and ruling Congress and in favor of Hindutva groupies, which is now joined by a pseudo-secularist National Congress Party of Sharad Pawar, who are in a debilitating tug of war with their coalition partner, Sonia's Congress.

A Muslim web site carries the 3 Aug 2006 article “Is Mossad Hand Behind Mumbai Train Blasts?" Which discusses the reaction of Sahara ,  a Mumbai newspaper. 

Mumbai's Urdu Daily ' Sahara ' Headline 

MOSSAD, an Israeli intelligence agency, is cited as possible organiser of Mumbai train bomb blasts. Immediately after the blast, Mossad was reportedly engaged by Sai Baba Mandir trust to provide security to the famous religious shrine.
The newspaper clarifies that till now the Mumbai authorities have not confirmed as to why the Sai Baba Trust had to employ a foreign intelligence agency for its protection or if Maharashtra Government and Central Government have cleared the hiring of Mossad intelligence agency? 
Sahara News Bureau [SNB] report on the front page of Sahara Urdu Daily of July 27, further adds that "some security experts have wondered if through the excuse of security of Hindu temples, Mossad, which is notorious for counter-terrorism and counter-espionage all over the world and especially in Arab and Muslim countries, is allowed to step in Maharashtra state, the conditions will seriously deteriorate not only in Maharashtra, but all over India".
SAHARA further quotes an anonymous retired Muslim police officer, who was commenting on the news of Mossad security for Sai Baba Mandir: " To get into Maharashtra, Mossad itself may have arranged the Mumbai train blasts in such a way that the whole blame should fall on SIMI, the banned Muslim Students organization" [which is now legal at least in India largest state of Uttar Pradesh] and other Muslim organizations.

SAHARA URDU is published from Mumbai, Delhi , Lucknow , Gorakhpur , Kolkatta and Patna .

No English media with all their patriotic pretensions has yet found it necessary to report on entry of Israeli intelligence agencies in Maharashtra or in India . That probably suits private media interests, but is fraught with most sinister development for the nation, in times to come.

In her article  Mumbai Bomb Blasts –Intelligence and Counter intelligence,” Sarah Saba observed that Israel has been providing significance intelligence and counter intelligence services to India since 1998.

…1998 can really be considered as the revolutionary year in the history of the Indian intelligence. In this year the Mossad transferred to India the most sophisticated intelligence techniques to penetrate deep into religious/ separatist groups. Before that point the ISI [“Inter Services Intelligence” -- Pakistan’s Intelligence Service] clearly superceded the RAW [“Regional Analysis Wing” –India’s intelligence service] in terms of making networking within socio-political systems while after acquiring the newer techniques the RAW not only got the capability of breaking the networks but also to exert the counter-intelligence through religious grouping. During this year Indian Home Minister L. K. Advani visited Israel with his delegation comprising the heads of Indian intelligence agencies like RAW, IB, and central police organizations for their training on the latest intelligence techniques. Followed by these developments the Israeli intelligence agencies opened offices in New Delhi on the lines of United States FBI.






   According to the Wikipedia interpretation of reality (March 2009 update): 

The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra and India's financial capital. Seven bombs were set off in pressure cookers, on trains plying on the western line of the suburban train network. 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured in the attacks. According to the Indian police the bombings were carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba and Students Islamic Movement of India.”   (From Wikipedia).

For those readers who have followed Kabbalistic numerological practices discussed in prior chapters, this Wikipedia entry should be chilling.  Captain May explained these cryptic coincidences with talk show host Frank Whalen in his 17 July interview:


Whalen: You know I have to ask you about this too, getting back to the bombings in India . They are trying to tie that with Al Qaeda, of course, like they always do. But interesting, I had not put this together, another thing in addition to things that you just talked about that would surprise me. You mentioned now there were eight bombs, but initially they said seven bombs and eleven minutes.
Capt May: Roger. You got another internal coincidence, exactly. By the way, in India you know what they said?
Whalen: Hmm, what?
Capt May: Seven bombs in seven minutes. That was printed all across India . That means that there are two distinct codes going out for two distinct Illuminatist groups. Probably British on one side, and the U.S. on the other. We get the 7-11, India papers put out 7-7. Once again, extremely interesting coincidence. Let us take 7-11, in fact since 7-11 of course was set up in the public's mind by the 7-7 anniversary of the London bombing. The London bombings were actually a hidden 7-7-7 because they were 7-7 and then 2-0-0-5 or 2005. Well, numerologists and cultists don't use the zeros. They are not there. So what you have is 7-7- 2+5, or, 7-7-7. Now another joke, 7-7-2005, meaning 7-7-2+5, and then do you remember the body count? I do, it is easy. 52. So you get 7-7-2-5/5-2. In other words, now you have a 7-7-7-7 sequence. Believe me, it is always hidden in there. Now let us take another coincidence. George Tenet, you remember him?  
Whalen: Yes.
Capt May: CIA director? That is not his real name. They usually use pseudonyms. George Tenet is Latin for George “controls or holds." Tenet is like "tenet tango." It means "To hold or possess." So you could say George Tenet means a place holder for George. George Tenet was appointed to his position in 1997 and left it in 2004, a seven year period. Now that is a little bit strange. That could just be a coincidence. But the fact that he was appointed and resigned from his position exactly on 7-11 of those two years seems more than coincidental to me. So you have a 7 year cycle with George Tenet accepting and resigning the position of CIA director on 7-11. One more? The London bombing and the Mumbai bombing. Mumbai is 7-11, sir, what is 7 times 11?
Whalen: 77.
Capt May: Roger. What is the date for London ?
Whalen: 77.
Capt May: You see.
Whalen: Wow.
Capt May: Remember I said that the first Ghost Troop mission we got in on was when we predicted the day after Madrid that there would be an attack against Houston , and it turned out to be 3-30 2004, March 30th. Well, what is 3 times 11? 33. These things are always hidden. Now lets take another heavy one. DC New York attack 9-11.
Whalen: Right.
Capt May: Amman Jordan , hotel bombing, about six months ago which just happened to kill the head of Palestinian security.
Whalen: Oh yes.
Capt May: That was 11-9. 9-11 reversed becomes 11-9. Now all these of course are going to be blamed on Muslim terrorists because Muslims are the great --there is an attempt in the media and on the parts of pro-Israel interests both in Israel and worldwide to make it such that their blood enemies, the Arabs and the Muslims more broadly, are slandered. All this stuff is being put off on Muslims because it is the best way to get regular folks in America to think that Muslims and Arabs in particular are the new wild, wild, west Indians. That they just need to be killed off and seduced. That is the entire purpose of all this propaganda is to blame it on the Muslims. So let us take the Mumbai bombings of 7-11. Israel knew that it was going to up the ante in the Middle East . We will get on to that situation. And before they picked up the intensity of their attack by going into Lebanon , suddenly there is an attack in India which is quickly blamed on Pakistan . Which now means that if Pakistan decides to get into this war because public opinion drives them towards public confrontation towards Israel , and remember, Pakistan has the only nuclear arsenal in the Islamic World. The Islam bomb. If that begins, my suspicion very quickly is that India will decide that the 7-11 bombings were an act of war and provocation by Pakistan and there will be another Middle Eastern War.
Whalen: Right.
Capt May: So in effect what has happened, the 7-11 bombing, which to the American people are sold as a bunch of crazy rag-heads who decided to kill a bunch of Indians, that is the way it is sold, I don't care what kind of terms they use. It is that crude and that racist the way they do it. It has been sold to the American public as just a case of the Indians raiding the settlement. But the fact of the matter is that it was a very carefully planned operation which has just closed off the box of the Middle East . So that now the Middle East is closed off with Pakistan , and if Pakistan does not keep their part of the bargain, there is a war brewing between them and India . Probably on call from what we call the British-Yiddish axis. American WASP and Zionist interests with UK/Israeli interests as well. In other words, man, it is World War politics carried off by false flag operations coded by Illuminatist numerology. You know how people say that the thing about 9-11 is that it really is an IQ test whether or not you can get it?
Whalen: Yes.


In a separate interview, Capt May noted some black humor behind the 7-11 coding.  After all, quite a few people from India own and operate 7-11 stores in America .

The day after the Mumbai bombing, the 2006 Lebanon War commenced with a border incident between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah paramilitary forces. Not surprisingly, the precipitating incident was grossly misrepresented by national media:
Alan Hart wrote in “The Lebanon War, A Post-Mortem: Israeli Militarism and the Necessity of a One-State Solution,” 17 Auge 2006 Counterpunch: 

….I think the truth about Hizbullah's role in triggering the war can be summarised as follows--bearing in mind that the border incident of 12 July was one of many since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000, and which more often than not, according to UN monitors, were provoked by Israeli actions and/or Israeli violations of agreements. By engaging an IDF border patrol, killing three Israeli soldiers and taking two hostages, and firing a few rockets to create a diversion for that operation, Hizbullah gave Israel 's generals and those politicians who rubber-stamp their demands the pretext they wanted and needed to go to war--a war they had planned for months.
I was reminded of what was said to me on the second of the six days of the 1967 war when I was a very young ITN correspondent reporting from Israel . One of my sources was Major General Chaim Herzog. He was one of the founding fathers of Israel 's Directorate of Military Intelligence. On the second day of that war he said to me in private conversation: "If Nasser had not been stupid enough to give us a pretext for war now, we would have created one in the coming year to 18 months." Hizbullah's purpose in taking Israeli prisoners/hostages was to have them as bargaining chips - to secure the return of Lebanese prisoners Israel had refused to release in a previous prisoner exchange. As former President Carter implied in an article for The Washington Post on I August, it was not unreasonable for Hizbullah to assume that an exchange would be possible because "the assumption was based on a number of such trades in the past." But on 12 July 2006 the government of Israel was not interested in trades. It did not give a single moment to diplomacy or negotiations of any kind. It did not even consider a local retaliation to make a point. Israel rushed to war. As Defence Minister Amir Peretz put it: "We're skipping the stage of threats and going straight to the action."

Some other  points:  The Lebanese government does not control Hezbollah, yet all of Lebanon was punished for the militia’s actions to enforce its borders.   Secondly, there was a question about whether the Israelis were taken prisoner inside Lebanon ’s border.  Third, on June 28th the Israelis used the incident as cover to launch air attacks on Gaza ’s infrastructure and cut off food, water and electricity for its one million residents.  The Palestinians in Gaza had nothing to do with Hezbollah in Lebanon .    
According  former naval intelligence officer  Wayne Madsen, the Bush cabal was complicit along with Israeli leaders in committing deliberate atrocities against civilian populations and the sadistic killing of international peace-keeping forces:


July 26, 2006 -- Our intelligence sources report that the Israeli Defense Force attack on Lebanon is being carried out as a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation

July 26, 2006 -- Our intelligence sources report that the Israeli Defense Force attack on Lebanon is being carried out as a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation. Moreover, there are joint Israeli and U.S. war rooms coordinating the U.S.-supported Israeli attacks on Lebanon . The ultimate aim of Washington and Jerusalem is not only to eliminate Hezbollah as a political force in Lebanon but also to remake Lebanon as an American and Israeli client state. Israeli forces are pounding parts of Lebanon , especially in the north, where there are no Hezbollah units and primarily Christian populations. In addition, Israeli forces are being aided by the Bush administration with high-resolution overhead imagery from U.S. spy satellites and signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts from National Security Agency assets, including SIGINT satellites.
The result of U.S. intelligence support for Israel is directly linked to the targeting of particular locations, including the Israeli launch of 24 high-explosive missiles on a block of ten buildings in south Beirut . The entire block was leveled in the attack. The deliberate Israeli attack on a United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) outpost in southern Lebanon was the result of that post gaining information of Israeli atrocities committed against the civilian Lebanese population. The Israeli attack, called deliberate by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, killed blue helmet peacekeepers from China , Finland , Canada , and Austria . Israeli continued to attack the UN post even as rescuers attempted to locate survivors in the rubble of the building.

An important geo-political goal of the Israel attack cited by Col Donn de Grand Pre in The Black Widow’s Bite, page 168, involved Israel ’s water shortage problems.   “The River Jordan may run dry within the next two years, because of the vast amount of water being drawn from the river by the people living in the area….Almost half the water currently  used in Israel is captured, diverted, or preempted from its neighbors….”
In short, Israel covets the Litani River in Lebanon.  The Israelis advanced up to the Litani with their invasion of 1978 (Code named Operation Litani) and held most of the newly acquired territory until the Jewish state finally decided to withdraw in 2000, sapped by continual pressure from Hezbollah guerillas.  Many view this as the first defeat of the Israeli army.
According to Wikipedia, the 2006 Lebanon war “lasted for 33 days  a United Nations-brokered ceasefire went into effect in the morning on 14 August 2006, though it formally ended on 8 September 2006 when Israel lifted its naval blockade of Lebanon. “
Madsen provided an excellent summary of the nature of the conflict:


Israel systematically turning Beirut and the rest of Lebanon into another Iraq.
July 15/16, 2006 -- EXCLUSIVE TO WMR. Our U.S. intelligence sources in Lebanon have exclusively reported to us the extent of Israel 's Blitzkrieg attack on Lebanon


Our U.S. intelligence sources in Lebanon have exclusively reported to us the extent of Israel 's Blitzkrieg attack on Lebanon , which has destroyed most of the country's critical infrastructures. Beirut International Airport 's newly-restored terminal, where many passengers, including Americans, were stranded after the Israelis carpet bombed the runway during flight operations, was bombed in the latest Israeli attack. Israel has turned Lebanon into another Iraq -- there is no electricity and airports, roads, and bridges have been knocked out across the country. Israel has even bombed small ports preventing civilians from escaping to Cyprus . CNN and other Israeli lobby-influenced broadcasters are understating the number of civilian casualties in the repeated Israeli attacks. CNN's Washington bureau is editorially controlled by Wolf Blitzer, a one time employee of the Jerusalem Post and American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). According to our U.S. intelligence sources, the numbers of dead are in the hundreds. In south Lebanon , Israeli planes bombed three vans carrying families after they were turned away from a UN outpost while seeking protection. A total of 23 people were killed, including nine small children. The Israeli attacks have been described by various sources in Lebanon as "sub-human," "monstrous," and "animalistic." Our intelligence sources phoned us before what they believe will be the targets of attacks in the next wave of Israeli attacks -- the nation's telecommunications networks, including cell phone towers and exchanges.
The Israel regime is acting with the full approval of the Bush administration, both regimes that are totally beholden to neo-con interests intent on throwing the entire Middle East into a firestorm of destruction and death.

Madsen also observed in a follow up article:

July 22/23, 2006 -- The Israeli invasion of Lebanon was planned between top Israeli officials and members of the Bush administration:

July 22/23, 2006 -- The Israeli invasion of Lebanon was planned between top Israeli officials and members of the Bush administration. On June 17 and 18, former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Likud Knesset member Natan Sharansky met with Vice President Dick Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute conference in Beaver Creek , Colorado . There, the impending Israeli invasions of both Gaza and Lebanon were discussed. After receiving Cheney's full backing for the invasion of Gaza and Lebanon , Netanyahu flew back to Israel and participated in a special "Ex-Prime Ministers" meeting, in which he conveyed the Bush administration's support for the carrying out of the "Clean Break" policy -- the trashing of all past Middle East peace accords, including Oslo . Present at the meeting, in addition to Netanyahu, were current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir is very old and suffers from dementia and Ariel Sharon remains in a coma after a series of strokes.


Lebanon and Gaza invasions planned last month in Colorado meetings between Netanyahu, Sharansky, and Cheney

Madsen discribed other close American support:

July 27, 2006 -- U.S. faces military involvement in Lebanon

...Under the neo-con "Clean Break" initiative, Rabin supporters have been largely purged from the Israeli military and intelligence establishment and the current Kadima government unwisely adopted the policies of the Likud Party's chief provocateurs, Binyamin Netanyahu and Natan Sharansky, both of whom maintain close ties with Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and such neo-con facilitators as Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, and Elliott Abrams...
Word from the war front is that Israel has bitten off more than it can chew. Facing 100,000 battle-hardened Hezbollah militia members, now reportedly being reinforced with U.S.-armed volunteers from Iraq's Shi'a militias, including Muqtada al Sadr's Mahdi Brigade, Israel is already talking about a temporary face-saving disengagement from Lebanon until U.S. military reinforcements arrive to bolster Israeli forces. The Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians and UN peacekeepers has resulted in strong diplomatic pressure being applied on Israel from a number of nations, with the notable exception of the United States, Britain, and Canada, all infiltrated at the top levels with neo-con agents of influence....
The Israeli attack on Lebanon already involves joint U.S-Israeli war rooms and the involvement of U.S. military logistics and intelligence personnel operating from U.S. airbases in Israel. It is expected that U.S. military involvement will grow as Israeli forces continue to face stiff resistance from Hezbollah and its allies arriving from Iraq...
Former members of Israel's intelligence community have also criticized the Ehud Olmert government for acting too hastily in the attack on Lebanon. For example, Israeli intelligence was unaware of Hezbollah's possession of Chinese-made C-802 anti-ship missiles, one of which took out an advanced SAAR-5 missile boat off Lebanon's coast. There is also word that Israel was not aware that Hezbollah may possess longer-range missiles capable of reaching deeper inside Israel, some as far south as Beersheba and the Israeli nuclear weapons facility at Dimona...

At the same time that the Israeli Air Force was mercilessly exploiting its air superiority over Lebanon, Jewish controlled national media were similarly exploiting their Info War domination over the American public mind –and the voting behavior of its Congress.  Capt. May wrote in his July 24, 2006 article : “Wagging the Dog to World War Three (w/ False-Flag update)

Jingoistic Journalists

 The two-week-old Israeli offensive into Lebanon has brought on the same kind of pro-war media operation that I saw — and opposed — three years ago:

· Appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich went unchallenged as he proclaimed that World War Three was already underway.

· In his latest edition of his Neocon Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol agonized over the hesitance of the US to attack Iran

· In his nationwide race-baiting Savage Nation, host Michael Savage urged World War Two mass bombing campaigns against Middle Eastern malefactors.

· Sophist-for-hire, Victor Davis Hanson, wrote nationally "So for now, let us pray that the brave pilots and ground commanders of the IDF can teach these primordial tribesmen a lesson that they will not soon forget."

All of this as the newsrooms unquestioningly promulgate Israeli promises to (humanely) "sterilize," "cleanse," "root out" and "exterminate" Hezbollah — even if it means leveling Lebanon to do it.  All of this backed up by adrenal action-movie theme music (each network with its own) all aiming to glorify the gore of war to a dumbed-down America that doesn’t understand how things have been, are now, or are going to be.

 Congressional Cowardice

 Nothing should so disturb the citizens of a republic as official unanimity on a matter that deeply divides the public — which is what we are seeing in the U.S. Congress.  Having failed to exercise its oversight function at every critical junction since 911, it’s not surprising that last week it voted with Reichstag-like unanimity for the "good war" now in progress in the Holy Land .  The strong endorsement of the Israeli war plan was passed by 98-0 (100%) in the Senate, and 410-8 (98%) in the House of Representatives.

Capt. May summarized the tone of America's war hawk national media in his 13 Dec 2007 interview with Dr. James Fetzer:

When Israel went into Lebanon the U.S. public got prepped for that invasion the way we were prepped for Iraqi Freedom. We followed that invasion with exactly the same kind of rah! rah! coverage that we followed in March 2003 invasion of Iraq. Israel was put across as the home team. Israeli soldiers were profiled like "our boy at war." Everything -- it was all about terrorism and kidnapping. The rest of the world saw geopolitical flux in the Middle East called a regional war, but we saw a Holy Cause from kidnapping.

One of the ultimate ends of Info War superiority is the capacity to launch false flag attacks successfully sell them to the public at large.  In his July 16, 2006 article “Beware Isreali False Flag Ops Planned Via Cheney, Hold IDF, Mossad, Shin Beth Responsible For 25,000 Americans In Lebanon,” Webster G. Tarpley tried to guess Israel ’s next false flag move: 

How might the Israelis and their Bush-Cheney allies escalate to a Middle East regional war? A linear scenario is that, after further bombardment of Israel by rockets allegedly made in Iran and allegedly delivered with the connivance of Syria , the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) lashes out at Damascus and Teheran. Syrian and Iranian retaliatory measures would then be seized upon by the Bush-Cheney regime as a pretext for US entry into the war.
Here the US would be openly dragged into war as the tail of the Israeli dog. But this is a deeply flawed scenario, sure to generate huge waves of resentment against the Israelis and their US partners as the body bags begin to come home.
False flag scenarios would be entirely more effective from the point of view of the war planners. CNN and MSNBC coverage this Saturday morning has been stressing the situation of the 25,000 Americans now stuck in Lebanon . These Americans are being invited to register with the US consulates for possible evacuation. The State Department and the US military have been remarkably slow to begin such an evacuation.
One possible provocation scenario to bring the US into the war is that a helicopter carrying US citizens being evacuated out of Lebanon is hit by a missile and destroyed, killing all on board. The missile might be fired by the Israelis or by their allies among the fascist Lebanese Phalangists.
The Israelis would announce that the helicopter had been destroyed by Hezbollah, opening the way for a hysterical campaign by Fox News and the rest of the neocon mass brainwashing apparatus to secure an early US attack on Syria and Iran .
An alternative: a group of Arabic-speaking Israeli Mossad or Shin Beth special forces, or a group of Phalangist militia round up a few dozen Americans and machine-gun them to death. The controlled media then blame the massacre on Hezbolllah, thus stampeding the US population into war.
The "Christian" Phalangist (or "Kataeb Party") have long been a willing cat’s paw for the US and Israelis in Lebanon . It was the Phalangists, controlled by the Gemayel family, who did most of the actual killing at the infamous Tel-al-Zaatar massacre in August 1976, the midst of the Kissinger-provoked Lebanese civil war. The Phlangists in that case did the dirty work under the supervision of the Israelis. Although the controlled media have been silent about the Phalange, it is clear that they are still available for dirty operations.
In an ominous sign, CNN broadcasts have featured first-person interviews with Caroline Shamoun, supposedly an American stuck in Lebanon . This reference recalls Camille Chamoun, the CIA puppet president of Lebanon who called in US forces in 1958.
The goal of the current campaign is manifestly to call US forces to intervene into a Lebanese-centered crisis once again.
All peace-loving governments and all Americans of good will should make it clear that they hold the Israeli Mossad, Shin Beth, and Israeli Defense Forces directly responsible for the safety and welfare of the Americans trapped in Lebanon by the present aggression. Any atrocities against these Americans cannot be attributed to Hezbollah , Syria , or Iran , none of whom has any conceivable interest in provoking the US into an attack. It is Israel and Cheney who have such an interest, as is likely to have been discussed during Olmert’s visit to the US in May and Netanyahu’s visit here in June.
It is imperative that the US and world population be inoculated against the provocation scenarios now being propagandized by CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the controlled media.

Let us return to the previously mentioned  topic of the 14 July 2006 Hezbollah attack on the INS Hanit.  According to Wikipedia, this was “An Israeli Sa'ar 5-class corvette which enforced the naval blockade.  Many analysts believed Hezbollah used a radar guided, Chinese-made C-802 anti-ship missile. 4 sailors were killed and the warship was severely damaged.”
Capt May immediately recognized the new anti-ship potency demonstrated by Hezbollah as a perfect pretext for Israelis to sink a U.S. ship with one of their own missiles, and then blame it on Hezbollah.  As discussed in Chapter 8, the use of ships as false flag pawns has a long history with Zionists, going back to the S.S. Sussex hoax that helped drag America into World War I in fulfillment of the British-Zionist Balfour Declaration.  More recently, there is considerable evidence that the Israelis waged false flag attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty, S. S. S. Poet, and U.S.S. Cole.  Israeli attacks on U.S. ships are almost becoming habit-forming.
Capt May commented in his 18 July 2006  Cloak and Dagger interview:     


Capt May:  The U.S. State Department has contracted the services of at least one cruise liner, which is the Orient Queen, which is now coming towards, is steaming toward Beirut , Lebanon . Now the U.S. media is not mentioning a word about the fact that right now the only thing people in Beirut are worried about is Israeli ordnance falling in day long around the clock. What is being stressed is that this ship might just wind up being the target of an attack by Hezbollah, which of course would be a complete insanity and a very unlikely thing. However, the broad public, not understanding that this is insanity and very unlikely will probably buy it if all of a sudden that ship gets plummeted to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea just the same way that the same Israeli forces and Mossad tried to sink the U.S.S. Liberty some four decades ago.”


On Tuesday, July 18th Fox News confirmed Captain May’s anxiety with its story: “U.S. Fears Hezbollah Attacks on Americans During Evacuations

BEIRUT , Lebanon  —  The United States fears a Hezbollah attack during its evacuation of up to 5,000 Americans from war-torn Beirut, and is working with Israel to coordinate their safety, the U.S. military said Tuesday.

Vice Admiral Patrick Walsh said Israel was aware that the U.S. would be ferrying evacuees from the port of Beirut to Cyprus on the chartered cruise ship Orient Queen, and that several U.S. and Israeli warships would be on hand to protect Americans from an attack by the guerrilla group.
"I’m concerned about attacks on ships. We do not assume anything. And that sort of scenario is something we are planning for," Walsh said to reporters Tuesday…
…. At least 320 Americans were evacuated from Lebanon to Cyprus by the end of Tuesday and 1,000 more will leave the following day after the Greek cruise ship was expected to collect at least 750 Americans…

Capt May noted in his letter to Chase Untermeyer on the 18th:   “In making this report, Fox is confirming work we've already been doing all weekend.  We agree with them utterly -- except in a 180-degree fashion:  We believe that any attack carried out on US citizens will be a false-flag Israeli attack, blamed on Hezbollah.”


Orient Queen



In his 19 July Cloak and Dagger interview with Lenny Bloom, May commented:



Capt May: I saw excerpts from an ongoing live interview this morning from the people boarding the ship. Well now for the first time we find out what we always knew, but never saw, which is these are Lebanese Americans. They have sympathy for the country that is getting turned into a World War III battle ground with these massive carpet bombings. I don't care what the Israelis say, they are bragging about how they have knocked two billion dollars out of Lebanese infrastructure. They are going after food production, water facilities, transportation, ports, they are doing everything they conceivably can to make Beirut the new Guernica , and then putting icing on the cake with the U.S. media as if we don't realize that what the cake is, is a bunch of crap. So these Lebanese Americans were universally decrying what has been done to Lebanon . So, now let us think about it. These Lebanese American citizens were going to be scuttled, and not only was that going to give us a causus belli a la the U.S.S. Liberty or the Lusitania or the U.S.S. Maine, but it was going to get rid of 1,000 Arab-American propaganda problems. These people were there. There was going to be nothing on earth that has more authority back in the states, than these thousands of returning American citizens of Lebanese descent who were going to say exactly what was happening there. And one of these people is much more influential that an hour of TV news. So Lenny, it just could not have been more cold-blooded.
Lenny Bloom: Absolutely. And of course this is the modus operandi going back to the Northwoods document. Admiral [actually General Lyman] Lemnitzer signed it, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying it is OK to kill Americans in towers in Miami and blame it on the Cubans to get a war with Cuba.

Crown  Princess

Just as in the case of his other missions, Capt May believed that he saw an “abort” to a mission to scuttle the Orient Queen, as well as an internal embedded code:.

Capt May: In order to arrange passage on this ship which was going to be killed, what they did was they put out an emergency number to reach the State Department. And the State Department number was 888 --now that in itself is an occultist triple number repetition-- but then what follows it was even better. 888-407-4747. Folks, if you have a pen, write it down. 407-4747 is Illuminatist code for 4-7, 4-7, 4-7, a triple repetition. You throw the first zero out, because zeroes don't count to Occultists. So it is 4-7, 4-7, 4-7. And each 4-7 adds up to 11, so you get 11, 11, 11 hidden in the 4-7, 4-7, 4-7. Then you add the three 1's together to take it to the next level, and you wind up with the classic Illuminatist number, 3-3, 33….
[In addition to noting that Jeffrey Feltman, the American ambassador to Lebanon is Jewish, May also noted] I found out that the gal who came on shortly afterwards, Kristen Silverberg, assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, she is the one setting this whole thing up. Now, again call me a bad guy, but Kristen Silverberg? Man, if I were an Arab American getting on to that ship and I found out that all these people who had arranged the transport just happened to be Jewish, you don't think I would worry about it?”

Capt May believes that that there was likely an “abort” signaled by the strange behavior of the Crown Princess.  It made a sudden turn that caused it to list 30 degrees.  Many passengers got injured.   He described the coincidence between the time he made alert broadcasts, the incident, and the Cloak and Dagger web site getting knocked down.

Capt May: Well we saw it Lenny in advance, going into the weekend. You and I were talking ourselves as we so often do about how it was very likely that Israel had overstepped itself on this military reach --as if their propaganda campaign waged through the U.S. Zionist media which has the goal to turn whatever Arab nightmare they cook up into the American dream so that people think that it is a good thing-- that propaganda campaign was going to fail and they needed to have some kind of false flag pretext to bring it from the current 8% of the U.S. population that is willing to go to war for Israel up to 80%, the way it was after 9-11. And by Monday, I think Lenny after we talked you put a scroll up on the top of the Cloak saying, giving an alert to the Orient Queen, the ship contracted to go pick up U.S. citizens and evacuate them out of Beirut . By Tuesday, I mean yesterday, you and I had done an interview published internationally in your archive --and by the way the archive is a wonderful resource, everyone listening should join he archive for pennies a day -- the archives had that article where we did a specific alert to the Orient Queen and I believe Lenny that resulted in the Cloak being knocked down in what --six hours.
Lenny Bloom: Yes, exactly. It did not take them long. They just throw a switch.
Capt May: Well along the way there is a godsend. I got called up by the Dave Glover Show which goes coast to coast FM. They have a once a week conspiracy hour, and I got that call, which candidly I forgot all about, and 16:00 or 4:00 PM central standard time yesterday we started broadcasting and towards the end of the show Michael the host, the guest host for Dave Glover, asked me "What are your immediate future predictions?, Captain May?" And I told him that our best analysis was between Ghost Troop and our Info War allies, Cloak and Dagger being one of those, was that a false flag, a la the U.S.S. Liberty was imminent. Extremely likely. And that the Orient Queen was in grave danger. Lenny, within two hours of that national broadcast--which of course merely followed up on the excellent Cloak and Dagger work we have been doing for two days earlier--within two hours of that national broadcast suddenly there was a ship out the Florida coast --registered to Florida, brother Jeb's state-- coming out of New York, the 9-11 state-- which suddenly did a radical shake, shift in direction. So radical that it created, as it was described, a tsunami in the swimming pool. And when it got to port in Florida people were being hauled off in stretchers from broken bones. So that is what we call a radical shift in direction --
Lenny Bloom: A number of mock exercises all around. Different mock exercises. Some went live, and some didn't.
Capt May: Right. As we have seen, they all have some kind of concordance or parallel event. We call it an analog code. Something that gives them the opportunity to signal in the parallel event any alteration in the plan to the main event.
LB: Right.
Capt May: The main event was, now listen to the name, folks: Orient Queen. And the signal event, was the Crown Princess.
LB: (laughter)
Capt May: It is not far from a princess to a queen. And the reason they had that radical shift in direction with no good explanation given yet and Lord knows lets see what kind of hodge podge reasons they come up with, but the reason to us clearly was that they had suddenly called off that plan to start World War III by scuttling the Orient Queen. Now Lenny, I can't tell you how cold-hearted this plot was.
[Further in the interview Captain May commented on two other strange occurrences at sea that day]
Capt May:  Well, there are all kinds of things going on, there were two explosions. Petroleum ship transports. One exploded off the East Coast this morning, and I have unconfirmed reports of one off the West Coast. Lenny, I think those were going to be full-scale attacks and would have been had we not gotten the word out as effectively as we did. And those would have been blamed right along with the Orient Queen on Hezbollah attacks. I am not sure that this Crown Princess sailing down there around Florida was not going to be attacked too. It may have been just a signal ship, a parallel. But it may have also been a target. So what was going to happen is they were going to do the U.S.S. Liberty world wide so that they could hustle the schmucks. And that means me and you and our kids into a world war for Israel . That is the whole thing about this. This whole war has been about oil and Israel

Capt May also made similar points in a letter he posted online:

Israeli False Flag Target Orient Queen - SAVED!

USS Liberty AVENGED!!!


Ghost Troop, Cloak & Dagger & Infowar Allies win again!!!


…we have found with the other intelligence/public affairs missions we have undertaken over the last year, there are always "abort events" that give the complicit parties an opportunity to call off the plan.  There was such an abort event yesterday in the sudden lurch in course by the Crown Princess -- notice the similarities in its name and the Orient Queen.  The radical shift in course has yet to be "explained," as it's hard to avoid the explanation that someone made a most urgent "course adjustment" -- meaning someone gave a signal that the Israeli/Bush plan to false-flag attack the Orient Queen had to be called off.  Here's the link to this most suspicious steering problem with the coded Crown Princess cruise, which makes it clear that the "Princess" was a signal for the "Queen":
This morning I find more suggestive reports:  petrochemical explosions off the US East and West coasts this morning, and an Internet report by Sorcha Faal (unconfirmed) that the Bush League is trying to blame Hezbollah in the West Coast explosion.  I believe these occurrences were also "abort events" -- but would have been full-scale "Hezbollah attacks" had the plan to attack the Orient Queen still been on-track.  Both events apparently involved petrochemical transport ships.  The "naval" modus operandi is clear!

He also observed continued national media disinformation in its coverage of the war. For example, Israel reported that Hezbollah had hit Haifa with Katusha rockets, striking a Ba’hai Temple and Catholic Mission. The catch was that Haifa was out of range, and these rockets are notoriously inaccurate.  How fortuitous that they should hit two religious missions that the Israelis particularly detest!
Negative publicity kept piling up for Israel , particularly over the Internet. The IDF deliberately targeted and destroyed billions of dollars worth of civilian infrastructure across the country, to include hospitals and apartment complexes.  An attack on a power plant created a massive oil spill into the Mediterranean . The Israel Air Force deliberately strafed ambulances and refugee caravans along routes Israel had declared to be safe.  The IDF deliberately shelled and killed four UN observers, used poison gas, and permanently contaminated many sites with depleted uranium munitions.  Last, but not least, the Israelis lost over a hundred tanks (perhaps the true number will never be known) and failed miserably to dislodge dug-in Hezbollah militia.   Finally, by mid-August the Israelis figured out they were not getting traction, and called off the war.
The March 27, 2009 article “Israel Still Not Providing Maps of Cluster Bombs” described how Israel has continued to show complete disregard for Lebanon ’s civilian population years after the attack:


United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams said that Israel has to provide detailed maps indicating the location of cluster bombs in south Lebanon . He pointed that the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) have requested from Israel to provide such detailed maps more than once.
He added that United Nations Security Council resolution 1701 has not been fully implemented.
Following a tour of the southern city of Tyre on Friday in which he met with the city's municipal head and members, Williams said the U.N. has continuously worked on cleansing the south of land mines and cluster bombs.
"Work must continue, and Israel must provide maps showing the location of such bombs. The U.N. and the UNIFIL have called on Israel more than once to make these maps available," Williams said.

Significantly, while the Israelis were desperately busy trying to figure out new angles to turn lemons into lemonade during their 2006 Lebanon misadventure for short term political gain, America’s controlled national media machine spared nothing to incite hysterical support for the America’s “democratic ally” in the Middle East.
Capt May wrote in the 1 August 2006 Lone Star IconoclastOperation Apocalypse;  End-Timers & End-Game Strategy

Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing

In the last week of July, just when the Israeli offensive was stalling against a tough Hezbollah resistance in LebanonOperation Apocalypse went into high gear in the United States . All at once the corporate media mouthpieces began to urge the American People to jump right into the quicksand war of Lebanon — and Syria and Iran , of course.
Monday, July 24, CNN began to run a story from Paul Zahn about End Times Christians who were predicting billions of dead in a war that had begun with Israel’s offensive in the Holy Land — and how this was what they were praying for.  Within a day the same CNN crew crowed that the End Times "Rapture meter" was at its highest level since 9/11 — and pretended to have nothing to do with it.
Tuesday morning the Houston Chronicle carried an essay by Zev Chafets, All quiet at Armageddon, but will it stay that way?, that praised the willingness of End Times Christians to see things in a one-sided, pro-Israel way, no questions asked — to Kingdom Come, if need be.  A bit later at breakfast, my dad handed me a brochure — professional PR stuff — passed out by thousands, paid for by pro-war money — promising nuclear war before fall.  The  author, Yisrayl ( Israel ) Hawkins promised four billion dead and a sorting out of the elect from the remaining two billion.
The idea of Armageddon is gaining traction in every part of our global war media, which now treats World War Three as a foregone conclusion.  Hannity and Colmes had a guest, Cham Dallas, who prophesied (five times in five minutes) that Al Qaeda and Hezbollah were going to nuke America to bring on the great, final contest of civilizations.
The nation prepares for the genocide and suicide of world war, and the media cheer-leads to doom like a Jonestown Cult.  Operation Apocalypse has begun all right — and there’s no doubt in my military mind about it.

Capt May’s article about End Times Christian is very significant from an Info War perspective.  First, it addresses a paradox where most American Christians somehow feel religiously self-righteous, and yet at the same time they continually overlook the horrendous war crimes continually committed by Israel , and the destructive impact of Jewish controlled media and banking on America .
This article also shows how Capt May’s  level of analysis has steadily expanded downward over time from the proverbial tip of the iceberg, namely the highly specific Battle of Baghdad cover up addressed in Chapter 2, to broader and deeper areas of the “iceberg” involving the social, political, economic, ethnic, cultural, and religious underpinnings of America’s dysfunctional society.  
These broader issues will receive more attention in later chapters.  However, before we wrap this chapter, it is important to make some important additional points regarding the influence of End Times Christians in American politics.

An major  reason for America’s blank check policy towards Israel, apart from staggering Jewish media power and wealth in America, is the fact that something like forty million Americans are “Israel First Millenialists” who believe that the more America supports Israel, the more God will support America in return.  They are not overly concerned if Israel drags America into global nuclear war because they see it as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in which the will get “raptured” up to a better existence in heaven.
This can be a disturbing indicator of an increasingly dumbed down, sheeple-like society; one that is increasingly decoupled from reality as it sacrifices rationalism for escapist religious mysticism.  This gullibility is in turn exploited to the hilt by the Establishment’s Info War to serve Israel ’s purposes..  
I have created a lengthy web page titled “The Rev Ted Pike archive” that has a section dealing with the Christian Zionist phenomenon.   For example, most Christian Zionists are unaware how their Christian theology got hijacked by Zionist publishers around the turn of the century.  I comment:

"The Source of the Problem in the Mid East - Part II Why Judeo-Christians Support War" C. E. Carlson of We Hold These Truths ministries (first posted 2 Feb 2007 by Vanguard News). This describes how the popular Scofield edition of the Bible was deliberately "spin-doctored" in the early 1900's to support Zionist goals. "World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Scofield A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher--The Oxford University Press. The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years. The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism." [Please note  also Rev Ted Pike discussed Scofield Bible subversion in a Daryl Bradford Smith interview].

One of the best short articles characterizing contemporary Christian Zionism is the 4 August 2008 American Free Press article “`The Cult of the Corpulent ManVeteran Christian nationalist Willis Carto scares arch-Zionist preacher John Hagee half to death”  by Michael Collins Piper. 
Piper commented:

Dripping in diamonds and gold and draped in designer clothes, hundreds of well-heeled supporters of Texas evangelist John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel poured into the Washington Convention Center , July 21-24, for Hagee’s third annual “Israel Summit.”
Big on the agenda was promotion of Israel ’s—and Hagee’s—long-standing demand that the United States destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Joining the applause for Hagee’s campaign was Israel ’s ambassador to the United States , Sallai Meridor, a featured speaker at Hagee’s “Night to Honor Israel ” banquet on July 21.
Critics say Hagee’s outfit is cult-like and not Christian at all, and that it places worship of the modern-day state of Israel (and the Jewish people) at its center, rather than devotion to Jesus Christ and His teachings.
With this in mind, some traditional Bible-believing Christians greeted Hagee and his followers outside the convention center, waving picket signs and distributing literature exposing the un-Biblical and un-Christian nature of Hagee’s theology.
These critics patiently explained to Hagee devotees who dared to listen that Hagee’s theology is not Biblical in origin, but rather a product of the late 18th century and only came to popular attention in the mid-20th century.
Critics denounced Hagee as a “Judas goat” and as a “false prophet” and urged him to repudiate the anti-Christ teachings of the Jewish Talmud.
Among those seeking to educate Hagee’s followers was AFP correspondent Willis Carto, joined by AFP staffers Vince Ryan, Steve Lombardo, Mike Piper, AFP contributor Pete Papaheraklus, as well as veteran Christian writer E. Stanley Rittenhouse and others.
Inside the convention center, Hagee and his followers were warmly greeted by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), an Orthodox Jew who is a strong supporter of Israel and close friend and pivotal spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain ( Ariz. ).
Always popular with the so-called “Christian Right” —despite Lieberman’s devotion to the teachings of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, which makes unpleasant comments about Jesus—Lieberman praised Hagee, saying Hagee’s support for Israel was “so much more important” than bitter anti-Catholic remarks made by the Texas evangelist.
Lieberman said he was “proud” to stand with Hagee and spoke of “the bond” he felt with Hagee and the members of his cult.
Other than Lieberman, at least one other member of Congress was advertised as among the guests, namely Rep. Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican.
Others who lent their prestige to Hagee’s cult were: Jonathan P. Falwell, son of the late evangelist Jerry Falwell; and neo-conservative pro-Israel Muslim-bashing propagandists Frank Gaffney, Daniel Pipes, Clifford May, Robert Satloff and Dennis Prager. Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.)—defeated for reelection and angling for a comeback—and country singer Randy Travis also popped up.
Last, but far from least, joining the festivities were the Bilderberg group’s William Kristol, editor of Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard, and Kristol’s close friend and collaborator Gary Bauer, touted as a defender of “family values” in Republican circles.

The flier distributed by American Free Press publisher Willis Carto at this event noted:

 “Hagee Is an Apostate; John Hagee is a Liar; Hagee Is an Extreme Racist.” “When the Jews demanded that Pilate crucify Christ, they said: ‘Let His blood be on us and our children.’—Matthew, 27:25”

John Hagee literally worships the killers of Jesus Christ. He raises millions of dollars for anti-Christ Israel —where witnessing for Christ is a crime. He gets misled Christians to lobby Congress for more and more of your tax money every year for Israel .
Hagee is an extreme racist and wants all Palestinians—including Christians—to be moved out.
Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin has bragged that they drove out 800,000 people, who have lived penniless in tents supplied by the UN since then. Their houses were demolished by Caterpillar bulldozers supplied free by American taxpayers.
Although the record of Israel insofar as naked military aggression, genocide as defined by the Genocide Convention, intolerance for all religions other than Judaism, spying on “allies,” refusal to agree to treaties restricting arms and rejection of dozens of United Nation resolutions is unsurpassed by any other nation, Hagee preaches that today’s Israel is God’s chosen nation and does not have to abide by rules, laws or treaties of mere men.
In 1982, 2700 Palestinians were slaughtered by an Israeli ally—the phalange, 780,000 were forced into Syria and Lebanon . Today, they live in tents and small houses they built for themselves. The U.S. demands that the UN pay for the meager living expenses of these refugees.
Hagee insanely wants the U.S.A. to nuclear bomb Iran and start another war. He believes this will start Armageddon and destroy the world, and he and his followers will be wafted up to Heaven.
Hagee operates a number of independent businesses, of which his “religious” business, Global Evangelism TV is only one. His income is over $15 million per year and he pays no income tax on additional millions he receives as “expenses.” He has an airstrip, has a jet plane and crew, given him by U.S.- supported Israel . He has a 7600-acre ranch in Brackettville , Texas , a chef, waiters, servants and ranch hands to feed him and cater to every whim. He operates a hotel on his property and charges “guests” $250 per night.
Hagee preaches that Jews do not have to accept Christ to go to Heaven. The Book of Galations (1:9) says: “If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that you have received, let him be accursed.”

Before I wrap the religious discussion in this chapter, I would be remiss not to mention that I have also created another page titled “The Religious Crisis.”
There are many extremely important alternative religious perspectives that I want to address in addition to Christian Zionism and Rev. Ted Pikes’ version of conservative Christianity that I feel provide an antidote to Christian Zionist fanaticism:





The Religious Crisis


American Revolutionaries and Enlightenment thinkers Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson advocated a radical reappraisal of the doctrines of organized religion. Paine wrote The Age of Reason, which pointed out the absurdities and contradictions within both the Old and New Testaments. Thomas Jefferson scissored out all supernatural events in the four Gospels and gave us The Jefferson Bible. But did they go far enough?




Editor's Note by William B. Fox

Publisher, America First Books

When I look at the policies advocated by many very powerful organized religious establishments in America today, it makes me suspect that their leaders are somewhere between totally corrupt, utterly incompetent, incorrigibly brainwashed, extremely selfish, and completely mad. Worse yet, they have grabbed American national policy by the throat and driven it in horrendous directions. By jumping into the political arena, and grossly influencing our national priorities, public spending, and political destiny, they have now fully exposed themselves to public criticism and partisan political retaliation.
America has a fanatical Zionist establishment behind the High Priests of War that pushes this country towards global Armageddon on behalf of the tiny Jewish state of Israel.
America has over forty million Christian Zionists who think destruction of this country for religious reasons may be a great thing so long as it fulfills somebody's pet prophecy theory, regardless of American traditions of separation between church and state, secularism, or any sane respect for human life on this planet.
On top of all this, at a time when the productive white middle class continually shrivels from a below replenishment birth rate and out of control illegal immigration, many major liberal Christian Churches never wake up and continually promote a never-ending "human Katrina" that threatens to not only permanently turn America into a Third World country, but also create unstable social conditions leading to a very bloody Civil War Two.
All of this, despite the tragic outcomes we have already seen over and over again from deluded liberal Christian policies in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World, not to mention the escalating social problems from the massive Third World invasion that is swamping Europeans in their native habitats in Europe .
As two examples involving Africa, consider how Christian churches turned white self-rule over to Black Marxist in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa, only to see both countries turn into social, economic, and political basket cases accompanied by mass oppression, killing, and expulsions of whites.
Worse yet, a great many Christian religious establishments in America espouse "Israel first" and "nonwhite first" theology. They seem to find a sense of masochistic moral high ground in the continued destruction of America 's national interests. They remain oblivious to the plight of dispossessed whites.
Many of these Churches are in reality suicide cults, but without making it all quite as obvious as Jim Jones' Kool Aid affair in Jonestown.
Despite their track record of total continual failure, a great many liberal Christians never seem to learn. As America shows the same patterns as other dying countries, they keep repeating the same mistakes.
Why can't they ever learn? How can we stop this madness? Is it time for explicit critics of Christianity to finally come out in the open?

This web page serves as a religious deprogramming tool for the Info War, and provides hard core religious criticism from a variety of perspectives, to include anti-Zionist conservative Christianity, “Higher Criticism” agnosticism, pagan viewpoints, and the Nietzschean/biological worldview.  
Among other things, I link to the series “One Man’s Striving” and the online version of the book Which Way Western Man? by former Christian minister and ACLU founder William Gayley Simpson.  For most Christians this latter work is somewhere between “intellectually challenging” and “a real mind blower.”
If you still want more, please check out my archived articles about the revitalization of indigenous Indo-European religion, such as the Nordic religion Asatru.     
Zionists generally dislike all of this because it completely pulls the rug out from underneath the entire philosophical underpinnings of what many people call “Judeo-Christianity.”  They are also concerned that European Americans may start to view indigenous tribal areas within Europe as sacred ground and no longer experience any particular religious titillation towards anything to do with the so-called “Holy Land” of Palestine .
If Zionists must remain incorrigible religious monopolists at heart, they should restrict that sentiment to their own community and leave the rest of us alone.  I am personally concerned about providing readers alternative roads towards religious sanity as well as salvation from victimization in the Info War. 
Sadly, as more Americans are using the power of the free Internet to achieve greater enlightenment on religious issues –and ultimately exercise their right to know their own soul--  creepy cabals continue to work feverishly to employ false flag operations or other ruses to bring down a curtain of darkness and maintain  control at all costs.  



Update References:

2012-11-21/22 -- Indira Gandhi despised Golda Meir, by Wayne Madsen, [Ed. Note: This is an historical overview of India's bumpy relationship with Mossad]

Although an initial working relationship was established between India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in the 1950s while her father Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi's relationship with Israel and its Prime Minister, Golda Meir, grew hostile, according to CIA documents obtained by WMR.

India and Israel first established intelligence links in order to keep track of Pakistan's arming of Kashmiri guerrillas and Palestinian support networks in Pakistan. The links were later expanded to include spying on China's military activities with Pakistan. Young Israeli men, said to be tourists on holiday after completing their mandatory military service, began to arrive in Kashmir in the 1970s. However, like their counterparts today, the Israelis were arriving on the Indian subcontinent to conduct espionage on Pakistani-supported Kashmiri Muslim guerrillas on behalf of Mossad, with some of their intelligence "take" passed on to RAW by Mossad. The Israelis were also interested in gathering intelligence on Pakistani research activities that ultimately led to the development of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

However, according to the CIA documents, the relationship between Israel and India soured during the Gandhi and Meir governments. The two leading female leaders of the 1970s feuded over what Meir believed was Gandhi's "neutrality on the side of Egypt." Meir also despised Gandhi for recognizing Palestine as a sovereign state.

Gandhi, on the other hand, believed that Meir was a warmonger.

The result was a temporary freeze in RAW-Mossad relations.

Mossad may have engineered ultimate revenge against the Gandhi family in 1991 when Gandhi's son, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, was assassinated on May 21, 1991, by what was claimed to be a Tamil terrorist bombing carried out by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Tamil secessionist movement of Sri Lanka. However, the Jain Commission, which investigated the assassination, concluded that a "foreign hand" was involved with the bombing assassination near Chennai of the former Prime Minister, who was campaigning for re-election. The commission indicated that Mossad may have been the "foreign hand." The Jain Report cited telegram No. 24 (CCB)/20537 of September 11, 1991, which was sent to the Ministry of External Affairs by the Indian Ambassador in Tunis and contained a tip from Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasir Arafat that stated Rajiv Gandhi's enemies took advantage of the election campaign to get rid of him. Arafat received the information from PLO intelligence assets inside Israel and European sources.

The Jain Report also cited the minutes of a June 6, 1991, meeting between Indian Foreign Secretary Muchkund Dubey and the Palestinian ambassador in New Delhi, dated June 6, 1991. In the minutes Dubey states: "The Palestinian ambassador told me that they had seen the movement of Mossad agents in India, including towards Madras. He said that if one was looking for a link, it was the CIA/Mossad/LTTE link. He further stated that the culprit could have been one of the women related or associated with the five LTTE leaders who had killed themselves after taking cyanide soon after the commencement of the IPKF [Indian Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka] operation."

Justice M. C. Jain, the chairman of the Jain Commission, said of the Palestinian intelligence: "I find the information furnished by Yasser Arafat genuine and there is no reason to disbelieve it.... From the note of Shri Muchkund Dubey and the CCB [Central Crime Branch] telegram, it is amply borne out that there was an international plot to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi and that it was a Mossad/LTTE/CIA link."

Dubey's successor, J. N. Dixit, confirmed Arafat's intelligence as correct, "Arafat is right in stating that he had sources within Israel and well-established sources in Europe. This information conveyed in the telegram must have been cross-checked by the field units of RAW under directives of their headquarters."

In his testimony in the Jain Report, Dixit continued, "There must have been operatives of the CIA and Mossad in India during 1990-91 ... The likelihood of Rajiv coming back to power might have been viewed with some reservations, not so much by the US government itself but by segments of the US defence and intelligence establishment in the context of Rajiv Gandhi's opposition regarding refuelling facilities provided by India for US Air Force planes during the Gulf War."

Rajiv's widow Sonia Gandhi confirmed the Arafat intelligence in her own testimony, "it is a fact that Arafat sent my husband messages through the Palestinian mission in India saying that they had learnt of the threats to his life. This was reconfirmed to me and my children personally by Arafat when he met us soon after my husband's funeral. There were several other occasions when he received similar information."

The Jain report also contains a reference to the financial backing for the assassination and the links between LTTE assassination team operative Kumaran Padmanabhan and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI): "Kumaran Padmanabha's (KP) account in BCCI, Bombay branch, prima facie establishes links of the LTTE with the bank. Unless material from the Senate subcommittee is gathered, it will not be proper to conclude that the BCCI funds were not made available in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi assassination ... The material which has come before the Commission raises a very strong possibility of such help from some individuals and agencies since it is well established that KP was the LTTE's international arms procurer."

The Jain Report also discusses contacts between the LTTE and Sikh separatist groups, especially in Britain. The report indicates that there were Mossad elements trying to forge an alliance between Sikhs who wanted to separate from India and Khalistan and Tamils who wanted to create a Tamil state in Sri Lanka and the Tamil Nadu state of India. The report also identified a "W. Anderson," First Secretary in the American Embassy in New Delhi, as one of the foreign plotters in the assassination of Rajiv. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards at her official residence in New Delhi in 1984.

On June 21, 1992, after Rajiv's assassination, P. V. Narasimha Rao became Prime Minister in an Indian Congress Party government. Rao reversed the socialist policies of previous Congress governments of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, began privatizing state-owned industries, and launched India into the era of globalization. His finance minister, Manmohan Singh, the current prime minister, was the architect of India's privatization and globalization policies. Singh has maintained India's close cooperation on defense and intelligence matters with Israel.

2010-12-05 Gordon Duff: AIPAC Ordered Bush to Attack Iran; A Look Behind the Curtain "...A highly placed source within the White House and CIA confirmed, in an interview, that the invasion of Iran was scheduled for 2006 but planned in 1999... Everything was going to happen in Bahrain. Plans were to attack Americans, blow up clubs, restaurants. There were plans to stage a `Tonkin Gulf' type attack and blame it on Iranian torpedo boats. Guys in the military were aware of this and there was strong opposition. Marine Colonel Joe Molofsky was the real hero here. He did more to scramble administration plans than anyone else, Molofky and General Mattis. These were really straight shooters, how I learned to trust the Marine Corps."
2007-06-12 From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 years of uranium wars, A suicidal, genocidal, omnicidal course by Leuren Moret,, previously published in the San Francisco Bay View 26 December 2006.

...Uranium-235 was used to “spike” the depleted uranium bombs which the U.S. military gave to Israel to use in their attack on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. This would have the effect of accelerating the adverse health effects in the exposed population in Lebanon.

On July 12, 2006, the day that Israel began its attack on Lebanon, a huge celebration was held by Shell, British Petroleum, Chevron and other U.S. oil companies to mark the opening of the Ceyhan oil pipeline from the Caspian oilfields to a warm water port on the Mediterranean in Turkey. Three more pipelines will be built under the sea to transport water, natural gas and petroleum offshore from Lebanon to Israel.

The “July attack” was the unveiling of the U.S. militarization of the eastern Mediterranean and the introduction of Israel as the military cop in the region to protect the Ceyhan pipeline. Few people realize that Israel will serve as the U.S. “gas pump” at a Red Sea port for Asian countries. Asian countries have been blocked from building oil pipelines to Central Asian oilfields, forcing them to buy oil from the U.S. and other investors via Israel and transport it by sea...

2006-08-26 Moret, L., “Weapons Used, Targets Hit, Bombing Intensity in Lebanon by the Israeli Military”, Beirut Indymedia, Aug. 26, 2006.




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