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Above: Photo at of the Al-Askari Mosque for the article Samarra'. Below: Photo from Wikipedia article "2006 al-Askari Mosque bombing" with caption: "The Golden Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, days after anti-Iraqi forces bombed the national landmark. The U.S. has offered to help the locals rebuild the mosque, but the Samarra government wants to accomplish it on their own."


Chapter 19

The Samarra Golden Mosque Bombing
and Saving the Sears Tower Once Again

First published June 2009
Last updated 19 Feb 2011

On Feb 22, 2006, a huge explosion rocked the al-Askari Golden Mosque in Samarra .  It was hard to imagine any act more perfectly calculated to inflame Shiite anger against Sunni Moslems and precipitate a civil war, especially since Shi’a Moslems across Iraq hold this mosque to be one of their four most holy shrines. Furthermore, it is located within a majority Sunni city.
The article “U.S. Official: Samarra Attack May Have Been an Inside Job”stated: “Attackers dressed as Iraqi police commandos bombed and heavily damaged the shrine, collapsing the top half of the dome.”

To Captain May, this bombing had suspicious similarities to the 2004 Madrid and 2005 London bombings.  Everything about it was both just too convenient and too timely for Zionist neo-con interests.  
In the article “Former CIA Analyst: Western Intelligence May Be Behind Mosque Bombing; US in most danger ever, from its own government,” former CIA analyst Ray McGovern expressed a similar viewpoint to Alex Jones: 


"The main question is Qui Bono? Who benefits from this kind of thing? You don't have to be very conspiratorial or even paranoid to suggest that there are a whole bunch of likely suspects out there and not only the Sunnis. You know, the British officers were arrested, dressed up in Arab garb, riding around in a car, so this stuff goes on."


There could also be a potential “ Chicago connection.”  Just as the Madrid and London bombings seemed to be “echoed” by ensuing attempts on Texas City , the Golden Mosque bombing raised the danger of a follow-on covert attack within the U.S., especially since Bush appeared to be thwarted again with a Texas City attempt on Jan 31, 2006.  As we discussed in Chapter 11, the “plan B” target seemed to be Sears Tower .
There seemed to be at least two strong incentives for American and Israeli leaders to stir up ethnic strife with a false flag bombing.
The first incentive was to continue a longstanding de facto policy of reductionism, whereby Iraqi society was continually degraded to prevent it from ever becoming a threat to Israel .  Many actions by occupation authorities suggested to Iraqis that this was the real underlying policy, despite lofty rhetoric about “nation building.” Examples of possible “reductionist” policies included the failure to conduct a serious infrastructure repair program, the cavalier use of depleted uranium, and the use of “ West Bank ” and “Gaza”-style occupation tactics that involve the use of torture, targeted assassinations, and mass punishment directed at innocent civilians.  George Bush’s talk about “democracy” became the butt of bitter jokes throughout Iraq .  
Another important incentive involved Israel ’s pressure on America to attack Iran and reduce it as well. A major problem with this objective is the fact that American supply lines ran 500 miles through desert from Kuwait to Baghdad .  In the event of war with Iran , a general uprising by Shiites south of Baghdad , combined with assistance from Iran , could cut these supply lines.  Hence, Americans might benefit if a Sunni-Shiite civil war bled Shiite militias, and an Iraqi government emerged whose forces could assist Americans in suppressing Shiite forces in the south.

Without the Golden Mosque explosion and other provocations, there still seemed to be reasonable chances for peaceful coexistence. This is not to say that there were not pre-existing stresses between the two groups.  Saddam Hussein, who was Sunni, executed the father of Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr and slaughtered thousands of Shia in the uprising following the 1991 Persian Gulf War.  The Sunni minority had ruled Iraq under Hussein, and did not want to give up its hegemony to the Shiite majority.   However, the dispatches of certain independent journalists such as Jahr Jamail gave the impression that American media overplayed the Sunni vs. Shiite conflict within the early years of the occupation.  In many segments of Iraqi society, Sunnis and Shia had intermarried and learned to accommodate each other, much like Catholics and Protestants in many European countries.
It is interesting how even the Nov 2008 Wikipedia entry for Golden Mosque bombing presents two very different views about the real culprits:


“The attack on the mosque, one of the holiest sites in Shi'a Islam, is believed to have been caused by Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Although no injuries occurred in the blasts, the mosque was severely damaged.” The attack destroyed its Golden Dome.
“Shi'ites protested following the bombing at Al Askari Shrine. As a result of the bombing, a great amount of violence broke out throughout Iraq . The Sunni Clerical Association of Muslim Scholars has said that, as of February 23, 2006, 168 Mosques had been attacked. They also stated that ten imams had been murdered and fifteen others kidnapped since the attack on the Samarra Shrine…[16]
…“Muqtada al-Sadr condemned the attack and called for calm. Having called to stop mutual attacks, Sadr ordered members of his militia to protect Sunni mosques in majority Shia areas in southern Iraq . He called for Iraqi unity and warned against "a plan by the occupation to spark a sectarian war". He called on Sunni groups such as the Association of Muslim Scholars to form a joint panel and ordered his militia to defend Shiite holy sites across Iraq .”

We can gain some important additional perspectives on the likely false flag aspect of this bombing by looking at news reports about mosque-related bombings both before and after this tragedy.
Two years earlier on Jan 9, 2004 the Fox News article “Bomb Attack on a Shiite Mosque in Iraq” reported a bomb that went off in a street which did relatively little damage to a different mosque in a different city, namely  the Sadiq Mohammed mosque in Baqouba, a religiously mixed city 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.  A quote from a local resident was telling:   "This attack aims at igniting sectarian disputes," said Salah Hassan in Baqouba. "This is a Jewish-American scheme to harm the Muslims praying in the mosques. It is impossible that a Muslim would do this."
Now flash forward to a year and a few months after the first al-Askari Golden Mosque bombing.  On  June 13, 2007 at around 9 a.m., the Shiite shrine in Samarra got hit yet again, taking out the two remaining minarets.
According to the Alex Jones Report, CNN initially reported this second bombing as an inside job, and then later retracted this assertion.  The Jones Report also described how both the Establishment and Muqtada Al Sadr continued to offer the public the same conflicting interpretation of events.  
Please recollect that many credible sources strongly suspect that agents of Saddam Hussein, a Sunni, assassinated Muqtada Al Sadr’s father.   According to “Saddam’s agent’s murdered cleric” by Alexander Cockburn, when Saddam conducted a purge in 1991, about a 100 Shia clerics disappeared without a trace.   Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was a Sunni.  During the 2006 civil war in Baghdad Sunnis and Shiites killed each other.  One can easily imagine from this information that Muqtada al-Sadr might feel a strong personal temptation to exploit ambiguous events to demonize Sunnis.  Instead, he never shifted on where he laid the blame for the bombings:  

U.S. official Samarra attack may have been inside job
CNN Downplays Second-False Flag Bombing of Golden Mosque in Follow-up Story-- the Update Obscures the Previous 'Inside Job' Report by Replacing the Link & Killing the Story

Jones Report
Thursday June 14, 2007


COMMENT: Now CNN has changed the damning 'inside job' headline (see SCREEN SHOT) to a more disguised story that downplays significance. CNN replaced the link and effectively killed the story that this is the 2nd FALSE-FLAG bombing of the Golden mosque (see Feb 2006)-- one of Iraq 's most holy places. Both were believed to have been carried out in part by Iraqi forces and directed by Western intelligence. Such self-inflicted violence is only used as a tool to enrage the opposition and further perpetuate the Iraq War. Of course, it just came out that the U.S. is arming Sunni insurgents 'to fight al-Qaeda'-- further evidence that the West seeks to extend the war. Naturally, the bombing has already led to retaliation-- a desired and planned response.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Authorities have evidence that Wednesday's bombing of Al-Askariya Mosque in Samarra was an inside job, and 15 members of the Iraqi security forces have been arrested, a U.S. military official said.
The attack Wednesday destroyed two towers, referred to as minarets, at the revered Shiite shrine, police said. It was a repeat of the 2006 bombing that sparked Iraq 's current wave of deadly sectarian violence.
There was no immediate word on casualties in the city north of Baghdad .
The U.S. military official, Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, told CNN's Karl Penhaul that he believes members of the Iraqi security forces who were guarding the site either assisted or directly took part in helping al Qaeda insurgents place and detonate explosives at the mosque's minarets.
"He told me there was no evidence at all that this was an attack using mortars or anything of the like and said, in his words, that this was an inside job," Penhaul told CNN's "American Morning."
Mixon said an additional Iraqi army brigade will be sent to Samarra . So far, there have been no reports of sectarian clashes in the city.
Within hours of the attacks, Iraqi state television announced that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had imposed a curfew for Baghdad until further notice.
A U.S. military official in northern Iraq told The Associated Press that Samarra appeared calm by Wednesday afternoon.
The explosions rocked the town and blew billowing dust clouds into the air, store owner Imad Nagi told the AP.
"After the dust settled, I couldn't see the minarets anymore," Nagi told the AP. "So I closed the shop quickly and went home."
The blast followed clashes between gunmen and Iraqi National Police, who were guarding the holy site. During the firefight, the insurgents entered the mosque, also known as the Golden Dome, planted explosives around the minarets and detonated them.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini called the bombing a "criminal and anti-Islamic action," characterizing it as the "continuation of spiteful attacks of enemies of Iraqi national unity," according to Iran 's Islamic Republic News Agency.
Hosseini also referred to the "negligence of occupiers to guarantee security in holy sites." Iran , which borders Iraq , is predominantly Shiite. Around 60 percent of Iraqis are Shiite as well.
Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for three days of mourning to mark the destruction of the minarets, according to a statement.
"Let the next three days be mourning days, where we spread the black banners and a call to prayer and shouting God is great in our mosques, whether they are Sunnis or Shiites, and to organize peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins in order for everyone to witness that the only enemy of Iraq is the occupation and therefore everyone must demand its departure or a timetable of its occupation."
The anti-American cleric also said no rival Sunni Arab could have been responsible for the bombing, calling the development a "cursed American-Israeli scenario that aims to spread the turmoil and plant the hatred among the Muslim brethren."
“The U.S. ambassador to Iraq and the top U.S. military commander in the country issued a joint condemnation saying that this "brutal action on one of Iraq 's holiest shrines is a deliberate attempt by al Qaeda to sow dissent and inflame sectarian strife among the people of Iraq ."
"It is an act of desperation by an increasingly beleaguered enemy seeking to obstruct the peaceful, political and economic development of a democratic Iraq ," said Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker and Gen. David Petraeus in a statement.
"We share in the outrage of the Iraqi people against this crime, and we call on all Iraqis to reject this call to violence. We cannot allow these terrorists to work against the interests of the Iraqi people who are seeking peace and prosperity for all…"

If we can assume that the 2006 Gold Mosque was an inside job, it is interesting to see where this intrigue has left U.S. interests three y ears later.  As the saying goes, sometimes cunning outwits itself –particularly low cunning. 
The March 6, 2009 article “U.S. Military Dominance in Mideast Proven A Costly Myth” by Gareth Porter explains how this intrigue backfired in terms of fulfilling the Zionist neo-con objective to consolidate Iraq as an American power base.    

…Since 2003, however, events in the region have dealt a series of blows to the assumption that the U.S. military presence in general and ground forces in particular confer real power in the region. The first blow was the U.S. failure to subdue the Sunni insurgency in Iraq . By mid-2005, U.S. commanders in Iraq were admitting publicly that the U.S. military occupation was generating more resistance than it was eliminating.
The next blow was the Sunni-Shi'a civil war in Baghdad in 2006, which U.S. troops were unable to prevent or stop, even after the Bush "surge" of additional troops. The "cleansing" of Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad by Shi'a militias with the tacit support of the government ended only after a large swath of Sunni neighborhoods in the capital had been taken over. That fact contradicts the later boast by Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. commander in Iraq , that "coalition forces" had "broken the cycle of sectarian violence in Iraq ."
The decision by Sunni insurgents to cooperate with the U.S. military in 2006 and 2007 was not the result of U.S. military prowess but of their defeat at the hands of Shi'a militias and the realization that the Sunnis could not oppose three enemies (the U.S. , the Shi'a militias and al Qaeda) simultaneously.
It also enabled the Shi'a government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which had close ties to Iran , to consolidate its power and to achieve a crucial degree of independence from the United States .
The George W. Bush administration and the U.S. military command continued to assume that it would be able to keep its Iraqi bases indefinitely. In mid-2007, Defense Secretary Robert Gates invoked the Korean model – a decades-long garrisoning of tens of thousands of U.S. troops – as the plan for Iraq .
But in July 2008, the al-Maliki government began demanding that all U.S. troops leave the country by the end of 2010. After initially refusing to believe that the troop withdrawal demand was serious, the Bush administration was forced eventually to agree to withdraw all U.S. troops by the end of 2011.

In his 3 July 2008 (2nd hr) interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett; Captain May described the terror code significance of the first February 22, 2006 attack. 

Capt May:
Let's take the seminal event in the civil war, which was the bombing of Samarra , right?
Dr. Kevin Barrett: OK.
Capt May: The mosque of the golden dome.
Dr. Barrett: Right.
Capt May: Want to guess the day? February 22nd. You give me the numbers.
Dr. Barrett: Well, that sounds like a 2 and a twice 11.
Capt May. No, 222. Yes, the Golden Mosque bombing was on 222. February 22nd.
Dr. Barrett: And indeed there was evidence that was an inside job.
Capt May: The major media reported the death count from the Golden Mosque bombing. Do you know what it was?
Dr. Barrett: No.
Capt May: 111.
Dr. Barrett: Yes, I know you have mentioned that there seems to be some kind of Kabbalistic or numerological manipulation of body counts and statistics.
Capt May: Sure. Take Madrid . Madrid happened on 3-11. The body count was 199. Which is 311-- is of course the square root of 9-11 [if the square roots of 9, 1, and 1 are done individually]. There were 911 days between 9-11 and 3-11 Madrid .
Dr. Barrett: When you pointed that out to me, and pointed out that was exactly the same day that Larry Silverstein bought the Sears Tower, that is when I said "You know, Captain May may be on to something here."

Let us now turn our attention to the Chicago threat.
In his 29 April 2004 interview with Daniel Ott of The Edge Radio, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Capt May explained how he came to issue a red alert on the Chicago Sears Tower for the upcoming May 2-4 time frame: 

Daniel Ott: It is good to have you back, Captain, and we talked earlier this week about some amazing events in the Chicago land, and let us get right into it. What is going on?
Capt May: OK, well, to bring you up to date, the last time you had me on was March 4th, about six weeks, seven weeks ago. At the time we were on, you remember we had come off the Texas City mission and we had predicted a Jan 31st attempt to nuke Texas City to start World War III to start an attack on Iran, and the day after we predicted that there would be a nuke on Texas City, mysteriously, the "day after" nuclear forces from the Department of Defense show up there as a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team. Unexpected, thin pretext, its in mainstream media. In alternative media it made a big stir. Well, we have been working on the Texas City inquest since then. We had a Texas City inquest on the nuclear 9-11. It has since we talked shown up on all the search engines --they don't want us to look at it-- or through my site that you linked. We have confirmed, we had a thought the last time I talked to you that they are going to switch to a secondary city if they couldn't hit Texas City . And I recall telling you I did not know what it was, but everyone should be worried.
Ott: Right.
Capt May: …On March 16th, a story was published via Frank Main in the Chicago Sun-Times indicating basically that Al Qaeda-like folks were casing the World Trade Centers and I think the Boeing factory. Do you remember that story?
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: Well three days later I began to write on the idea that Chicago was going to be the backup, the secondary target behind Texas City . To bring you immediately up to date I published an article on that out of Australia at the end of March called the Sears Tower 666 Scenario, predicting that the Sears Tower will be the target, and the 6th of June will be the date. We since found out in the last week and confirmed via National Guard and Chicago police sources that there are hush-hush exercises simulating a Weapons of Mass Destruction attacks on Chicago May 2nd to May 5th; excuse me, May 2nd to May 4th, that is Tuesday through Thursday of next week. Given the condition of the politics in America , and the geo-strategic situation that we follow, being military experts, we think that right now the prospects of a Bush false flag attack on Chicago are extremely high. We have issued a red alert. That red alert has been picked up by dozens of Internet and international publications and right now it is getting talked up extensively. But of course having a chance to talk to you in Indianapolis , where after all I did my public affairs training with the U.S. Army back at Ft. Ben Harrison, you guys are like my Mid-West Beacon of Truth.

The same web page referenced above where Dr. Toben published Capt. May’s 30 March 2009 “Sears Tower 666 Scenario” contains an email to “GT Mik” that describes why Captain May suspected two potential dates at this time.  The 6 June 2006 date coincided with the 6-6-6 numerology derived from Larry Silverstein’s adopted zip code 60606 for the Sears Tower .  The16 April 2006 date fell on Easter Sunday and contained some other numerological coincidences identified by other Internet researchers. 
In his email to “GT Mik” Captain May also described how national media accented the Sears Tower in its discussion of both the Library Tower and Sears Tower as potential terror targets. 

The Library Tower & Sears Tower


The only other specific target that comes to mind is the former Library Tower , the second of the two towers blown up in the movie Independence Day.  You'll remember this as the building Bush incorrectly referred to as the " Liberty Tower " on Feb. 9, 2006.
After Ghost Troop stopped Bush from nuking Texas City on Jan. 31, was the Bush mention of the Library Target a designation of it as the secondary target.  At the time I thought it more likely a reactivation of another "tower scenario," but  I don't know.  What I do know is that clearly the target of all targets that they've done the best has been the Twin Towers , as the official lie has held well, given the media reinforcement.  It's not a stretch to think that they'd switch to a tower if they can't hit Texas City (which "Texas George" was supposed to deliver but couldn't).
By the way, both the Library Tower and the Sears Tower are targets mentioned by the Al-CIA-Duh government and the Al-Judah media in one official report, release or leak after another, all embedded as if it were true by the embedded media.  The traitor media has to set it all up, that's their job.  They're a key partner in the collective treason that Ghost Troop calls infowar.  Without them creating and shoring up lies, the public would know the truth, and would overthrow the treason that we're going to be mass-murdered into starting World War Three.
They even went so far as to publish another set of articles warming up the whole scenario Sears Tower secondary target scenario on 3/30/2004 -- the day we know that Ghost Troop caused the local Houston Media and Police Posse to shut down the attempt to nuke Texas City then, in connection with the big British Petroleum explosion of that day.  You see, the media had switched to publishing the material that very day to rationalize the setting up of the Sears Tower -- another strong argument that the Sears Tower has been the secondary target, after the Texas City primary.


On 20 April 2006, Chicago area activist Gary Franchi published “THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago : May 2-4   This had precisely the hard military exercise information Captain May was looking for.  From here forward everything fell into place very quickly for Captain May in selecting dates for his Red Alert:  


Considering that "drills" were taking place the morning of 9/11 and 7/7 there is always the remote possibility that this is cover for another "inside job". We pray to God that it is not.

Gary Franchi - Chicago , IL 4-20-06  One of our Loyal Lone Lanterns has just informed us that the National Guard will be doing a training assignment in Chicago . This field exercise will be to simulate a chemical attack, whereby the National Guard will coordinate with local police, fire depts, and hospitals. One of the hospitals participating will be Rush.

1) Exercise starts as a response to a pandemic spreading throughout Chicago . It could be anything from a terrorist attack to bird flu. Nobody knows.

2) As the different groups are responding to this pandemic, there is a dirty bomb attack which releases a chemical agent.

3) If all of that is not enough, the dirty bomb collapses a building.

We do not have an exact location where this is happening, the National Guard doesn’t even know. It is supposed to simulate a real life situation so, nobody knows until it starts.

It will be May 2-4.

Considering that "drills" were taking place the morning of 9/11 and 7/7 there is always the remote possibility that this is cover for another "inside job". We pray to God that it is not.

Chicago , be alert that Tuesday, May 2nd, Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th.


On 21 April 2006 the Chicago Tribune published the article "Giuliani's Chicago Bet Paying Off," by Becky Yerak which described how Rudy Giuliani had set up a major business headquarters on the 53rd floor of the Sears Tower in 2004:

Chicago is Rudolph Giuliani's kind of town, at least when it comes to investment banking.
The former New York City mayor and potential 2008 presidential candidate formed Giuliani Capital Advisors LLC in December 2004 with a 39-employee headquarters in Chicago and offices in five other U.S. cities.
Since it opened, the Chicago office has grown to 44 workers, including seven partners, and is "looking to add a couple of partners over the next several months," said Mick Solimene, a Giuliani Capital managing director in Chicago. "We're looking to expand in all of our offices and are looking to add both managing directors and professionals at all levels."
The firm, which provides restructuring, merger-and-acquisition and capital markets advisory services, also has offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Troy, Mich. It recently sold its four-person San Francisco office to Imperial Capital LLC.
Chicago is also its biggest office. It has worked on deals involving such companies as Minneapolis-based Musicland Holding Corp., which in January filed for bankruptcy and recently announced plans to close 340 stores, and Refco Inc., the Chicago-based brokerage that filed for bankruptcy late last year. Giuliani represents creditors of both companies.
Giuliani stops into the firm's 20,000-square-foot Chicago office on the 53rd floor of the Sears Tower whenever he's in the city, which is "a few times a year," Solimene said.
And the former mayor is no figurehead.
"He's involved in our business," Solimene said, declining to elaborate.

It is not many individuals who can come out of a career focused on law and politics like Rudy Giuliani who can then quickly shift gears towards competently running a firm that spans America with expertise in "restructuring, merger-and-acquisition and capital markets advisory services." Clearly this man is well connected in more ways than meet the eye, some of which appear downright sinister. Please recollect in Chapter 7 how Rudy Giuliani qualified for question number 19 in "21 Reasons to Question the Official Story about 9/11" by Dr. David Ray Griffin.

(19) Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Peter Jennings of ABC News that day: "we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street . . . , and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse. And it [the South Tower ] did collapse before we could actually get out of the building." However, there was no objective basis for expecting the towers to collapse; even the 9/11 Commission admitted that none of the fire chiefs expected them to come down. The FDNY oral histories show that the information that they were going to collapse came from the Office of Emergency Management---Giuliani's own office. How could Giuliani's people have known that the towers were going to come down, unless they knew that the buildings had been laced with explosives? (NPH 40)

On April 26, 2006, Capt. May called Illinois National Guard Public Affairs Officer Col. Tim Franklin and Chicago Police Public Information Officer Laura Kubiak. Both confirmed the existence of terror exercises rehearsing the demolition of Sears Tower .
Alarmed, May issued RED ALERT: "CHICAGO 911" CONFIRMED, which was quickly posted worldwide:


RED ALERT: "CHICAGO 911" CONFIRMED (May 2-4, Terror Exercises)

By Capt. Eric H. May, MI/PAO, Ghost Troop Commander

I will answer email queries to the information below, and will provide documentation and links. This email/article is now part of official recording the Texas City Nuclear Inquest at CPTMAY
[actually ://]


Colonel Tim Franklin, PAO, Illinois National Guard
Captain Lisa Kopczynski, PAO,
Indiana National Guard Officer Kubiak,
Chicago Police Public Information Officer
In the last 24 hours, the police and military officers in above have confirmed the following exercise scenario, about to be conducted in Chicago:

Homeland Security is the "main proponent" (the command) for an exercise May 2-4, 2006, rehearsing a response to a WMD attack and building collapse in Downtown Chicago. State of Illinois civil assets, National Guard assets, Chicago area police assets and hospital assets will collectively be working under Homeland Security.

This is an uncomfortable confirmation of the alarming email/article I received, and promised to forward to you:

Webster Tarpley was also taking about this on crisis radio yesterday it is in the archives of

The next day, April 27th, the Illinois governor’s office issued a press release confirming the just-exposed exercises, revealing that the exercises, involving up to 2,000 participants, had been in the works – unannounced – for seven months.
I have reproduced the lengthy press release below for several reasons.  First, it documents the extensive scale and magnitude of the exercise.  This makes it that much more incredible that there was no public press release until less than a week before the exercise.  Secondly, it references the TOPOFF series of exercises, which we will discuss once again as an ominous portent in Chapter 26.  Among other things, these exercises federalize and centralize America under the likes of VP Dick Cheney and Michael Chertoff.   Also, the alert promotes biological warfare themes that we addressed in Chapter 16, and reinforces a point I made about the Katrina fiasco in chapter 15 that natural disaster and biological warfare exercises have a strong operational overlap for federal centralization purposes with terrorist attack exercises.  Lastly, shortly after I authored an article with Captain May for The Lone Star Iconoclast dated December 23, 2008 titled  Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation” that linked to this alert on the Illinois government server, it apparently got scrubbed.  I subsequently uploaded my own copy of this article to the Internet on own server.   I later noticed in March  2009 that the original article had been reinstated on the Illinois government server –and that former governor Rod Blagojevic himself had been replaced, allegedly because of his involvement in the “pay to play” Obama senate seat replacement scandal.  



April 27, 2006

Gov. Blagojevich announces large-scale exercise to test state’s ability to handle highly contagious communicable disease and terrorist events
Governor signs law to ensure life-saving medications are distributed quickly during public health emergencies; Illinois is first state to test lessons learned from TOPOFF exercise

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rod R. Blagojevich today said a three-day exercise next week will test the state’s ability to respond to an influenza pandemic and terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction (please note: this is an exercise only, designed to improve emergency planning and preparedness).  Last September, the Governor called for a major test of the state’s preparedness following Hurricane Katrina, when emergency response in the Gulf Coast was overwhelmed by the nation’s largest natural disaster in history.  Also today, the Governor signed Senate Bill 2921, legislation that will ensure that life-saving medications can be quickly dispensed during a health crisis, such as a pandemic flu outbreak, by allowing local emergency officials to enlist large numbers of health care volunteers to assist with distribution.


“Emergency management means planning for worst.  It means practicing our reactions to different potential disasters, testing our systems, and then using what we learn to improve our planning,” Gov. Blagojevich said.  “Three years ago we participated in the TOPOFF 2 federal exercise, and that was very helpful.  We’re now the first state to follow up on the lessons learned from a TOPOFF exercise with an ambitious full-scale exercise like the one we’re conducting next week.”

The exercise will focus on key emergency responder coordination, critical decisions and the integration of state and local assets during a public health emergency and simultaneous terrorist incident.  It will also validate preparedness efforts that occurred following the state’s participation in the May 2003 national Top Officials 2 (TOPOFF 2) exercise.  There have been three national TOPOFF exercises, which are designed to train top officials and first responders from the federal, state and local levels.  TOPOFF exercises also aim to develop a coordinated national and international response to weapons of mass destruction terrorist attacks.


“For more than seven months, we’ve worked closely with the U.S Department of Homeland Security to develop a challenging scenario that will test our capabilities,” said Col. Jill Morgenthaler, the governor’s deputy chief of staff for public safety.  “While we expect this exercise will demonstrate that our training, planning and equipment have prepared us to respond to large-scale disasters, we also expect that we will uncover areas that need to be addressed.  We believe it’s much better to identify these issues during an exercise situation so that we can fix them, rather than discovering them during a real crisis when people’s lives may be at stake.”


Morgenthaler noted that originally the state intended to test plans for mass evacuation during the May exercise, but decided to delay that objective until a late summer exercise when real-life concerns arose about pandemic flu.  “Right now there are many concerns throughout the world about a possible pandemic, and we felt it was critical that we test our ability to handle a situation that could cause millions in Illinois to become seriously ill or die.”  Another exercise is being planned for August.


Illinois ’ exercise will begin Tuesday afternoon and conclude Thursday afternoon.  Between 1,500 and 2,000 people are participating in the exercise, including the State Weapons of Mass Destruction team, the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS), the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS), the city of Chicago and Cook county, the Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team (IMERT), the Civil Support Team, the American Red Cross and several Citizen Emergency Response Teams.


State agencies involved in the exercise include the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, the Illinois departments of Transportation, Corrections, Public Health, Agriculture, Central Management Services, and Natural Resources, Illinois State Police, Illinois National Guard, Illinois Commerce Commission, State Fire Marshal, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and the Secretary of State Police.  Representatives from these departments and the American Red Cross will coordinate response efforts through the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Springfield .  The SEOC will coordinate with the city of Chicago and Cook County on response to the health crisis portion of the exercise, which will be centered in that region. 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is assisting in the development and evaluation of the exercise and providing approximately $750,000 to fund the exercise.

Many public health experts consider influenza pandemics to be inevitable, although it is not possible to predict when one will next occur.  Three influenza pandemics occurred in the 20th Century, in 1918, 1957 and 1968.  In 1918, an estimated 40 to 50 million people died worldwide, 500,000 of them in the United States .  The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) estimates that in Illinois alone, over the course of 12 weeks, two million people may become ill and 8,700 people may die.


If such a pandemic were to occur, SB 2921, signed today by the Governor, enables cities or counties with emergency response plans approved by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) to enlist volunteer health care professionals to help distribute medications if the Governor has declared a disaster.  Licensing provisions for out-of-state health care workers can be suspended and the scope of practice for workers from Illinois can be modified to allow volunteers to dispense needed medication during the crisis.  The change will now allow communities to more efficiently handle health care crises on a local level in coordination with IEMA and the Illinois Department of Public Health.


SB 2921 was sponsored by Sen. Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago), Sen. Pamela J. Altoff ( R-Crystal Lake ) and Rep. Arthur L. Turner (D-Chicago), and is effective immediately.


"A public health disaster could happen at any moment," said Sen. Hunter.  "In preparation for any possible disaster event, this bill will enable the State to deploy health professionals who are accredited by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to help if needed in case of a disaster and be assured that their assistance is authorized by law."


“This legislation brings authority back to the local level, giving local health departments and emergency management agencies the ability to recruit and acquire volunteers and workers when a crisis does occur,” said Sen. Althoff. “I want to commend Sen. Hunter for bringing this important issue to our attention, and working with us to craft a quality piece of legislation that enables first responders to provide the highest quality emergency care quickly to those in need.”


“This legislation gives communities one more tool to use during a health emergency,” said Rep. Turner. “While we pray that we never have to experience a national disaster, we must still be prepared to deal with a crisis.”


“This new law will enhance the City's ability to marshal critical health care volunteer response to regional or local problems in Illinois by relaxing statutory restrictions that limit flexibility to distribute medications on a large scale in a public health disaster,” said Andrew Velasqueaz III, Executive Director of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.  “This new law is good public policy for the City, the State and the region.”

In another move to expedite the state’s response to potential health risks, Gov. Blagojevich announced earlier this week that an Illinois Department of Agriculture lab in Galesburg is the first lab in the state to receive certification to perform vital testing for avian influenza.  This lab will enable the state to significantly cut down the time it takes to determine whether a suspected case of bird flu may be positive, allowing Illinois to quickly activate the response.

Shortly afterward receiving this alert, May wrote Blagojevich directly. He copied contacts in the Defense and State Departments, stating his conviction that there was a treasonous plot afoot. 

Captain May, Ghost Troop Commander to

Governor Blagojevich, State of Illinois


Dear Governor  Blagojevich (c/o IL PAO Col. Tim Franklin):


I'm copying my best friend, Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (Qatar) in the CC's, along with the primary police/military contacts I made when I sent out my April 26 RED ALERT to the Chicago area.  As you know, in that alert I warned that the exercises of May 2-4, 2006, were most suspicious to me, an expert in military exercise scenarios and practices.  As I have been in touch with the Illinois National Guard PAO and Chicago Police PIO, I suspect that by now you've become familiar with my background in WMD, MI and PAO areas, and that for this reason you issued a press release on April 27, 2006 (the day after my alert), to reassure the public.


We of Ghost Troop have spent the weekend networking your region, and now have a substantial grass-roots coalition of interested parties, all of whom want Ghost Troop and me to continue to lead the way in double-checking the motives of the powers that be.  We hope you will appreciate our efforts, as you certainly don't want your state to be attacked by a Bush Administration that is now falling from power precipitously, and badly wants salvation -- from another "Al Qaida" attack, this time in Chicago .


We have worked extensively with the prospects of a "Nuclear 911," like the one that your state is practicing for, and we believe that it is the greatest aspiration -- and only chance -- left for the Bush Administration to retain the illegal dictatorship it established following its 911 mass murder of 3,000 Americans.  We correctly predicted and intervened in attempts to set up Texas City , Texas (via British Petroleum's refinery system there) for Nuclear 911's on 3/30/04, 7/28/05 and 1/31/06.  We note that there is extensive research by Chicago patriots about a possible 4/19/04 attempt to hit Chicago 's Sears Tower -- backed up by clearly contrived "official" stories setting up the "Al Qaida" story.  That 4/19/04 attempt came 20 days after the first attempt to hit Texas City , and means that in 2004 you were the secondary target for the Nuclear 911.  Given that we have effectively deterred the Bush Administration from hitting Texas City most recently on 1/31/06, we're not surprised that they are setting your state up now; you're still the secondary target.


I have instituted the Chicago 911 Inquest to officially examine the attempted high treason of mass murder planned against your state.  In the event that I am disabled, incarcerated or assassinated during my conduct of this investigation, I request that all my loyal brother and sister officers of the constitution -- police and military -- continue the vital work, and add the value of a loyal captain's life to the punishment to be meted out one day against the guilty.


On Saturday night I made a regional broadcast in the Midwest via Daniel Ott's radio program.  It has been cyber-archived at, and lasts an hour.  I strongly recommend that you and your staff listen to that interview…


After two days of silence from the governor’s office, May began to give interviews, expressing his doubts about Blagojevich and Daley. The Chicago mayor was curiously absent from the city at the time on a first-ever visit to Israel , in the company of Israeli intelligence.
"The Edge," hosted by radio journalist Daniel Ott, spread word about the suspicious exercises widely throughout the Midwest .  (The 29 April show transcript is available online).
During this show, Capt. May discussed how within recent weeks there was an uncanny confluence of national media stories and numerological indicators pointing towards an upcoming false flag strike.

Capt May:
They are playing for keeps. So all I can say is that right now Bush's ratings --and let me give you the next --this is important: cascading indicators. Cascading indicators. What we want is indicators. Anytime you see Bin Laden show up, we can always accept that if Bin Laden shows up on TV at night and says, "I am happy because I am going to nuke you" that is probably a strong indication that they are setting us up to be nuked.
Ott: Sure, yes.
Capt May: If it either happens with Bin Laden or Zarqawi and Zawahiri all in a week, that is like all three stooges in one scene. The are really trying to sell us, bonk us over the head with their Al Qaeda idea when they pull out all three of their bogey-men.
Ott: Right.
Capt May: Well, Bin Laden came out Sunday, let's see, Bin Laden came out Sunday, what, gosh I am starting to get them mixed up. Zawahiri came out Tuesday? I think, and Zarqawi came out this morning. And of course after Bin Laden comes out we have Mossad waste somebody in the Egyptian hotel district, and blame it on who? Al Qaeda. So what we have got is four Al Qaeda indicators right there, all of them threats or violence. And that is not me speculating, man, that is the media feed. Cool?
Ott: Yes
Capt May: Let's go on. They brought out the movie Flight 93. What was that, Wednesday? Tuesday?
Ott: This week, you bet.
Capt May: So all of a sudden we have got Hollywood --it is a crap movie, I have seen so many reviews that say basically it is propaganda filler. But the deal is, they put this propaganda filler at this point in time because it can give them a certain amount of "OOOMPF!" Larry Silverstein consecrated the Freedom Towers once again. You heard of this once again, the Liberty Tower ?
Ott: Yes. The Liberty Tower .
Capt May: Man, that should send shivers down everyone's back, especially because George Bush on February 9th --remember I said we shall not let them blow up Texas City and start World War on January 31st-- February 9th, ten days later, George Bush is in L.A. saying, "Yes, we stopped Al Qaeda from hitting the Liberty Tower in 2002. Remember that statement?"
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: The one thing is that it was the Library Tower . The Library Tower is what they were talking about. And the Library Tower is the second tower blown up in Independence Day. Why did he say Liberty ? I can think of a few reasons. First, because George Bush in his mind links the erection of the Liberty Tower with the next attack. The last time they were talking about putting up the Liberty Tower was right before July of 2005 when they tried to hit Texas City . The time before that was July of 2004 back in -- Why is it that they keep restarting the Liberty Tower every year? And the answer is, because it is a beacon, a symbol, a signal, an Illuminatist rallying point. It is a cabalistic device. They are sending signals when they say that. So Larry Silverstein is saying --that is, what, two or three days ago he came out with that? That is an important cult focus for them. Remember, there is nothing more important than the cause-building of America , in one way of looking at it, and that is the way they look at it. So these are cascading indicators. A lot of Al Qaeda stuff, bombing in Egypt --naturally they call it Al Qaeda-- the Liberty Tower coming up, another one is the numeric signals in the last couple of days. Bush went to New Orleans again, remember that? Two days ago?
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: Well, that was the eleventh time he went, the media made sure to report in the first paragraph. And he went to which ward? The ninth. Hunh!
Ott: (Laughter). Yes.
Capt May: 11-9, first paragraph.
Ott: Well, they could be coincidence.
Capt May: Oddly enough, the same day Chertoff, that devil, is rehearsing mass arrests with Homeland Security. You know they hold one exercise after another to see if they can arrest a thousand, two thousand, three thousand people at a time? This time they went after, coincidentally, nine thousand people. Just --let us see if you can get this: out of nine thousand people, what number do you think comes to the front of how many people among them are violent offenders?
Ott: Six hundred sixty--?
Capt May: Eleven hundred. This is on the same day they sent this out. In other words, these are numeric indicators. Where they are signing --it is like gang signs, man. People say, oh no, this couldn't be. But if you think about it, man, anybody who reads graffiti on buildings, and sees kids in an urban or gang environment is accustomed --you turn on hip hop TV or watch the movies and watch the videos, you see people gang fighting all the time. All I am saying is that they are doing their little signals, man, and their little psychological operation to get us to think it is time for us to be hit.
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: So what do we have to do? We have to pull together? Like flight 93. And we have to stand up for what? Liberty , like the Liberty Tower , Larry Silverstein is putting up. Here is a great American, Larry Silverstein. He happened to own the World Trade Center went it went down, and doggone it wouldn't you know he was in on the real estate deal that bought the Sears Tower and it goes down too? They put up the Liberty Tower so that we will know that Larry loves us. You see what I am saying?
Ott: Yes. Captain May, listen--
Capt May: The collective force of indicators, and that is what we call in Ghost Troop cascading indicators --

Capt. May discovered an important numerological indicator that May 3rd was the most likely false flag attack date:  It was the 33rd anniversary of the completion of the Sears Tower, and of course “33” is the supreme Masonic/Illuminatist number.
In his 17 July 2006, hr 1 interview with Frank Whalen, May described more ominous media indicators for the May 2-4 time frame: 

May:   …You remember May Day when they had the million man Mexican march in Chicago ?
Whalen: Yes.
Capt May: Well, Chicago happened to be the city in the entire nation all of us were looking at on May 1st. Which gave them the chance to put all their friendly media in Chicago and then the secret exercises were supposed to start on May 2nd. In other words, they pre-positioned their media forces so that they could get their story right the day before they were setting it up to blow it down. Do you know where Mayor Daley was while they were simulating these exercises involving the destruction of his downtown area with the demolition of this building?
Whalen: No.
Capt May: He happened to be in Israel for the first time in his career with Israeli defense forces. Now that is coincidental.
Whalen: That is interesting.
Capt May: All of this would have come down had it not been for the fact that we got tipped off to it a week in advance and I being a former public affairs officer with the Army called up Illinois and Indiana national guard public affairs officers, and Chicago police public information officers and basically tricked them into confirming the exercises for me. We published an international article on April 26th and then for the first time, April 27th, Governor Blagojevich of Illinois sent a press release saying, "Oh yes, not to scare you, please don't think anything is wrong, but we are going to have exercises simulating a WMD attack and a knock-down of a building.” It is our opinion that had we not gotten that alert out, Chicago would have been the next 9-11. It is a secondary target to Houston , and before anyone says, "God, that is crazy," yes, it is so crazy that the FBI set up the same scenario out of Florida what, three weeks ago? With the Miami Seven?
Whalen: That's right.
Capt May: Seven black guys twenty years old who are somehow going to knock down the biggest building in America ? Man, how would we go about doing it? I mean, really? I am former military. How on earth are seven guys going to figure out a way --seven guys who are out of work living in a shack in what, a bunker in Miami ? How are they going to figure out a way to bring this down? And then we find out the FBI brought them cameras for surveillance? The FBI lead them to make a statement of support for Bin Laden? In other words, man, they were patsies being set up so the Chicago Sears Tower scenario is still on, as far as I am concerned.

The Sunday, 25 June 2006 lndependent/UK article by Rupert CornwellTall Stories: The Plot to Topple Chicago's Sears Tower Was Not All That It Seemed: The plan uncovered by the FBI last week proved little more than wishful thinking  described what happened to the Miami Seven:


The alarming news flashed across America 's TV screens on Thursday evening: government agents had thwarted an al-Qa'ida plot, using home-grown American terrorists, to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago in a ghastly repeat of 9/11.

A combo of photos released by the US Department of Justice shows the seven men arrested in Miami and charged with allegedly planning attacks on the Sears Tower in Chicago and other government buildings. Top L-R: Burson Augustin, Rotschild Augustine and Naudimar Herrera. Bottom L-R: Narseal Batiste, Lyglenson Lemorin and Patrick Abraham. Far R: Stanley Grant Phanor. (AFP/DOJ)


 When the dust had settled barely 24 hours later, a rather more modest version of events had emerged. The seven young black men arrested at a warehouse in Miami and Atlanta had never been in touch with al-Qa'ida, and had no explosives. Their "plan" to destroy America's tallest building was little more than wishful thinking, expressed by one of them to an FBI informant purporting to be a member of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organisation.
Even the FBI admitted as much. John Pistole, the bureau's deputy director, described the plan on Friday as "aspirational rather than operational" and admitted that none of the seven (five US citizens and two Haitian immigrants) had ever featured on a terrorist watch list.
In essence, the entire case rests upon conversations between Narseal Baptiste, the apparent ringleader of the group, with the informant, who was posing as a member of al-Qa'ida but in fact belonged to the South Florida Terrorist Task Force.
At a meeting "on or about 16 December" according to the indictment made public as the men made their first court appearance in Miami, Mr Baptiste asked his contact to supply equipment including uniforms, machine guns, explosives, cars and $50,000 in cash for an "Islamic Army" that would carry out a mission "just as good or greater than 9/11".
In fact, the conspiracy seems to have extended little further than those words. By last month, it had all but fizzled out, amid squabbling among Mr Baptiste's followers. Even their religious leanings are in dispute. Neighbors say they were part of a group, called Seas of David, that mixes Christian and Islamic elements.
That did not deter the US Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, from summoning a press conference in which he denounced an attempt to "wage war against America ". But the threat, even he admitted, was not immediate - and those who posed it were in fact merely a few semi-unemployed men, most of them petty criminals, from Liberty City, a poor black neighbourhood close to the center of Miami.

Even if the “Miami Seven” did not pose a serious threat, in a back-handed manner the FBI validated the Sears Tower as a prime terror target.  Similarly, we discussed in Chapter 11 how the 19 April 2004, WorldNetDaily  article “Dirty bomb plot on Sears Tower ”describes a similar backhanded validation by British intelligence regarding a potential false flag operation against the same tower two years earlier
Despite the 11th hour nature of his red alert, Captain May received validation for his efforts as a cyber activist. He wrote on 17 July 2006 in his article “9/11, 3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates:

Our "Sears Tower 666" prediction was the furthest off-base we had ever been, although it was still largely accurate. In late April, 2006,we detected, confirmed and exposed "Chicago 911" exercises aiming to simulate a major attack and building collapse in downtown Chicago during May 2-4, 2006 exercises (from which Chicago Mayor Daley was conveniently absent to visit Israel). The results of this Ghost Troop save were so widely publicized that the Irish 911 Truth Movement picked began to research and post our results — and nowadays we have a more intense readership in Ireland even than in the USA:

Canada has its own version of the FBI, and like Australia and the UK, its own script to play in the "Global War On Terror." Before closing out this chapter, I need to mention what Wikipedia calls the "2006 Toronto terrorism case," whose Feb 2010 article begins as follows:

The 2006 Toronto terrorism case refers to a series of counter-terrorism raids in the Greater Toronto Area that resulted in the June 2, 2006, arrest of 18 people (dubbed the "Toronto 18") alleged to be members of an Islamic terrorist cell plotting a series of attacks against targets in Ontario, Canada.
They were accused of planning to detonate truck bombs, to open fire in a crowded area, and to storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Canadian Parliament building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and the Parliamentary Buildings' Peace Tower, to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders.
One man has been convicted, four more have pleaded guilty, and the group's leader has been sentenced to life in prison. Six more are awaiting trial. Seven had the charges against them withdrawn or suspended, but the media are not allowed to report why.[1]

The article "RCMP mole in Toronto 18 case says he felt ‘bad’ in terror sting" 2 Feb, 2009, The Canadian Press, suggests that this conspiracy received some nudging along by informers just like the Chicago Seven.

BRAMPTON, Ont. — An RCMP informant who helped thwart a domestic terrorist plot said Monday that he feels guilty about the role he played in recruiting four youths to the group. [Ed. Note: Which engaged in horrific acts, including camping and playing paintball and talking smack around the fire.]
Mubin Shaikh told a Brampton, Ont., court he knew the teens would get caught up in the terrorism investigation as a result.
Mr. Shaikh conceded that he was instrumental in bringing in one of the teens, who was found guilty last fall of terrorism-related offences as part of the so-called Toronto 18.
The defence is seeking to stay the proceedings against the youth on the grounds that he was entrapped by the police agent.

The article "Alleged Toronto terror plot included two police agents" by David Adelaide, 19 October 2006, World Socialist Web Site, suggests that the conspiracy received more than just a little bit of nudging by Canadian covert operations professionals. I am hardly surprised.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate and the Globe & Mail, the “Toronto terror cell” arrested in June for allegedly plotting massive acts of terrorism against Canadian targets included not just one, but two Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) moles. This second Muslim man in the pay of Canada’s security forces is said to have been involved in the accused terrorists’ alleged efforts to construct powerful explosives...
...With last week’s news that a second mole was at the heart of the “bomb-making” part of the plot, the question is raised anew of the extent to which the alleged Toronto terror plot was—if not a complete fabrication of the security and intelligence apparatus—at the very least carried out with significant encouragement and “facilitation” from them.


Update References:

2010-01-20 "Toronto bomb plot: 'Toronto 18' case: Key events in the case, CBC News

2009-02-28 New book details Mossad false flag assassination attempt on Canadian passports. Although this blog entry discusses the article by Mitch Potter, Toronto Star, about the book "Kill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assassination of Khalid Mishal and the Rise of Hamas" by Paul McGeough, where "Israeli spies masquerading as Canadian tourists all but ignited a Mideast war in 1997," this blog entry also has a long list of interesting article titles about covert operations, which I have reproduced in small print below to save space. It provides a lot of good leads for research purposes.

Source | See Also under Provocation: Metrolinx’s draft report called for supporters to infiltrate public meetings | Pakistani officers helped plan Mumbai attacks, says India | UK: Police warn of ’summer of rage’ due to recession | Police and farmers clash in Greece, militant group attacks police station | RCMP mole in Toronto 18 case says he felt ‘bad’ in terror sting | Toronto 18 Terror case: RCMP agent Shaikh was instigator who broke law: defence | Anarchists battle police in central Athens | Swiss nuclear-smuggling suspect says CIA made him do it | Video shows proof of phosphorous bombs in Gaza | Rioters Were Paid To Provoke the Police in Bulgaria | Khadr trial date up in air after ’secret’ refiling of charges: defence lawyer | Indian Mumbai dossier details gunmen’s calls with handlers | Proposed Missile Shield seen as Provocation by Russia | They hate us for our bombs | Greek Cops Caught on Video Posing as Anarchists | Counterterrorism squad secretly taped arrest of British whistleblower, elected MP | Banks won’t say where U.S. bailout money going | Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash, Non-Profit Demands Full Federal Investigation | Lawyers slam CSIS on phone recordings | CSIS monitoring calls between suspects and their lawyers | IMF Chief Warns Of Riots In Response To Economic Crisis | Greek protesters seek European support | Anti-government riots subside, general strike shuts down Greece | India to create national spy agency in wake of Mumbai attacks | Amnesty: Disproportionate Police Force Used Against Peaceful Greek Demonstrators | Greek Police Battle Mourners, Memories of Dictatorship after Student Shooting | Former ISI Chief: Mumbai And 9/11 Both “Inside Jobs” | Blackwater Guards facing Charges in Case of 17 Dead Iraqi Citizens | Mumbai Attacks Politicize Long-Isolated Elite | Neo-cons still preparing for Iran attack | Decision to prorogue parliament sets ‘very dangerous’ precedent: constitutional expert | Harper halts parliament amid row | EU Police to Stream into Kosovo Despite Protests | Liberals and NDP sign unprecedented pact; 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