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Mission of Conscience Book II Contents

Riddle: What does the cartoon above have to do with the map of Texas City, Texas and Galveston Beach below? Find out in this chapter.


Chapter 18

The Fourth Houston Area Prediction,
the surprise WMD Team,
and the “Muhammed the Bomber” Cartoons

Last updated 6 March 2011

The next terror prediction made by Captain May was issued in two increments; first as a Red Alert on 24 Dec 2005 that a terror event was likely to take place within the following five weeks, and then on January 20th as a prediction that January 31st would be the most likely day. 
The original alert came from a separate activist organization called Total Information.  Capt May concurred with it and then added his own specific prediction.  The original alerts were as follows:

From: Eric May [mailto: ]
Sent: Saturday, 24 December 2005 11:09 PM
Subject: RED ALERT! ("911-2B" Attack by Bush Boyz very possible next five weeks!)

As Ghost Troop Commander, I endorse and forward this alert by Total Information, a colleague in the 911 Truth Movement and, more important still, a fellow analyst specializing in the timing of the 911-to-be Event that the Bush Boyz (and their Zionist Media pals) continue to tell us isn't a matter of IF but of WHEN.


TI thinks the most likely targets are NY and DC; I add a special alert for Texas City , Texas , where the British Petroleum facility has been the target of false-flag activities for the last two years, with "freak" explosions on 3/30/2004, 3/23/2005 and 7/27/2005.  The last of these explosions was an outright attempt (aborted by loyalist officers and police) to enact the 9112B event.


For more information on the Texas City 9112B attempt of 7/28/2005, refer to the Cloak and Dagger interviews from the night of the attempt:  In all likelihood, I'll be doing an interview with host Lenny Bloom evaluating the 9112B possibilities within the next couple of days, so any info or intel from the research community would be most appreciated.


If you want to know more about the Ghost Troop/911 Movement's 9112B Scenario, just enter "Ghost Troop 9112B" into your search engine.


Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA

CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action


PS:  Total Information's email (below) and link to is an invaluable source!

Total Information <> wrote:

From: Total Information <>
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 04:37:23 -0500
Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Synthetic terror alert red for NYC, DC subways

( -- In light of the extension of the USA PATRIOT Act's expiring police-state provisions for only five weeks, this website is issuing a CODE RED SYNTHETIC TERROR ALERT through Feb. 3. Concerned citizens should be on the lookout for suspicious activities by government operatives over the next five weeks. An attack at this time would provide the necessary impetus to hammer through an expansion of PATRIOT's Orwellian provisions. Bush will likely push for these provisions during his Jan. 31 State of the Union address to Congress.

Of particular concern in the New York subway system. The recent transit workers strike, provoked by unreasonable transigence of management, left the entire system closed to the public for three days. That means black-ops teams had free reign to plant explosives and/or bioweapons to be released at a later time.

Also vulnerable is the Washington DC subway system, called the Metro. Metro recently finished placing hundreds of new "blast-proof" trash cans throughout the systems. These would be the perfect conduit for an inside job -- explosives where the "blast-proof" shielding should be. Additionally, the Metro system shuts down each night, leaving several windows for insiders to plant terror devices. Some, including this editor, have noticed abnormal activity on the system as it closes down at midnight; such as clearing the entire platform at the Metro Center station even though more trains were still scheduled to arrive.

Concerned Americans should look for abnormal activity by "authorities," particularly "drills" over the next few weeks. Subway systems, particularly those in New York and Washington , should be monitored closely. You can call your Congressman and Senators' offices through the Congressional switchboard at 202-225-3121 and tell them not to let a synthetic terror attack again terrorize them into passing PATRIOT. Even better, tell them as they visit their home districts over the holidays. Americans can also call the White House at 202-456-1414 and tell the alleged President you won't be fooled or scared by any upcoming false-flag terror attack.

As January rolled around, former naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen reported that George Bush was itching to nuke Iran .

January 2, 2006 -- Intelligence indications and warnings abound as Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran .

Intelligence and military sources in the United States and abroad are reporting on various factors that indicate a U.S. military hit on Iranian nuclear and military installations, that may involve tactical nuclear weapons, is in the final stages of preparation. Likely targets for saturation bombing are the Bushehr nuclear power plant (where Russian and other foreign national technicians are present), a uranium mining site in Saghand near the city of Yazd, the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, a heavy water plant and radioisotope facility in Arak, the Ardekan Nuclear Fuel Unit, the Uranium Conversion Facility and   Nuclear Technology Center in Isfahan, the Tehran Nuclear Research Center, the Tehran Molybdenum, Iodine and Xenon Radioisotope Production Facility, the Tehran Jabr Ibn Hayan Multipurpose Laboratories, the Kalaye Electric Company in the Tehran suburbs, a reportedly dismantled uranium enrichment plant in Lashkar Abad, and the Radioactive Waste Storage Units in Karaj and Anarak.

Primary target: Bushehr nuclear reactor
and hundreds of Russian technicians

Other first targets would be Shahab-I, II, and III missile launch sites, air bases (including the large Mehrabad air base/international airport near Tehran ), naval installations on the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea , command, control, communications and intelligence facilities. Secondary targets would include civilian airports, radio and TV installations, telecommunications centers, government buildings, conventional power plants, highways and bridges, and rail lines. Oil installations and commercial port facilities would likely be relatively untouched by U.S. forces in order to preserve them for U.S. oil and business interests.
There has been a rapid increase in training and readiness at a number of U.S. military installations involved with the planned primarily aerial attack. These include a Pentagon order to Fort Rucker , Alabama , to be prepared to handle an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 trainees, including civilian contractors, who will be deployed for Iranian combat operations. Rucker is home to the US Army's aviation training command, including the helicopter training school.
In addition, there has been an increase in readiness at nearby Hurlburt Field in Florida , the home of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command. The U.S. attack on Iran will primarily involve aviation (Navy, Air Force, Navy-Marine Corps) and special operations assets.
There has also been a noticeable increase in activity at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, California , a primary live fire training activity located in a desert and mountainous environment similar to target areas in Iran .
From European intelligence agencies comes word that the United States has told its NATO allies to be prepared for a military strike on Iranian nuclear development and military installations.

The Jan 9, 2006 article “How to Stop the Planned Nuking of Iran” by Jorge Hirsch listed the following 15 reasons why Iran will be nuked if we fail to act:

·         The diplomatic path being followed by the Bush administration in regard to Iran 's nuclear ambitions does not appear to be designed to lead to diplomatic compromise: rather, it appears designed to reach a diplomatic impasse.

·         The "nuclear posture" and "nuclear doctrine" [.pdf] recently adopted by the U.S. envisage nuclear strikes on non-nuclear countries that fit the Iran pattern.

·         Iran stands accused by the U.S. of possession of WMD (chemical and biological), of pursuing nuclear weapons, of possessing threatening missiles, of being the prime sponsor of terror [.pdf] among the world's nations, and of being an enemy of the United States.

·         A doctrine of preemption has been adopted by the administration against potential threats to the U.S. , one already put into practice in the case of Iraq .

·         There are underground targets in Iran (nuclear facilities [1], [2], missile silos and production facilities, suspected chemical and biological facilities) against which the use of nuclear bombs would be more effective than conventional bombs.

·         Earth-penetrating nuclear bombs (B61-11) were incorporated into the U.S. stockpile in September 2001, according to the Congressional Research Service Report to Congress of October 2005 [.pdf]. Some of these are very low yield and will cause small collateral damage.

·         If a military confrontation with Iran starts, 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq will be at risk of Iranian missiles and of potentially overwhelming conventional Iranian forces. Early use of nuclear weapons may deter Iran from responding to an aerial attack.

·         The "legal" framework to support the nuking of Iran has been put in place: (a) the IAEA's Sept. 24 declaration of Iran 's noncompliance with the NPT, which allows the U.S. to nuke Iran "legally," and (b) several UN resolutions adopted under Chapter VII that the U.S. can claim apply to Iran .

·         The people in the upper levels of the Bush administration (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Hadley, and the other "nuclear hitmen") can be expected, given their record, to be strongly in favor of the use of nuclear weapons against Iran .

·         There is no indication that anybody in the upper levels of the administration recognizes the potentially catastrophic consequences of using low-yield nuclear weapons against Iran .

·         Israel and its influential lobbies in the United States are applying pressure on the U.S. to act to stop Iran 's nuclear program.

·         Various reports indicate that U.S. preparations for an air strike on Iran are ongoing (Philip Giraldi, William Arkin, Seymour Hersh, recent news). The U.S. recently issued a warning for U.S. citizens not to travel to Iran .

·         Iran 's growing role as a regional power is incompatible with Cheney's strategic plan for a one-superpower world.

·         The Bush administration wishes to establish the value of the U.S. nuclear arsenal to "dissuade" and "deter" adversaries from pursuing paths contrary to U.S. interests.

·         The president as commander in chief has sole authority (without consulting Congress) to initiate hostilities against Iran and to order the use of nuclear weapons against Iran . The responsibility to save American lives is foremost among the duties of the chief executive.

In his 20 Jan 2006 Zeph Daniel interview, Capt. May explained how he took the December alert, added his own insights, and created his very own prediction:

Capt May: I issued a red alert on December 24th, Christmas Eve. Jeff just wrote me today and asked me to send him some stuff on analysis and whatnot. I can certainly do that later and copy you. That will give you links and whatnot. But we have issued an alert since December 24th. We based that on the inability of the Bush boys to push through a continuation of their Enabling Act. Enabling Act being the German Nazi term for the five year German Patriot Act that they got right after having their 9-11, the Reichstag fire.
Zeph: Reichstag, yes.
Capt May: When that happened, when they failed to get that through before Christmas, it became apparent to us that within the next five weeks, that being the next five weeks leading up to the Presidential State of the Union Address on January 31st, followed by a February 2nd voting on the Patriot Act, that they would try to institute terror at some level. Whether simply psychological, which is what we have now, or whether it is going to cross over into actual Federal-sponsored domestic terror to create death.
Zeph: But OK--
Capt May: That was on the 24th. We posted it as an international article out of San Francisco , The Tribe.
Zeph: At any time now, or could do they do it today?
Capt May: XO, what do you think? It think it is a free fire zone now.
Capt Cross: Yes, based on their past activities, though, they always like to make a market profit which is why I place these things around Tuesday or Wednesday of any given week.
Capt May: That is true. They play media cycles. And they also like to have extensive preparation. Right now the XO and I can both agree, he being a Marine officer, and I being an Army officer, that this is really almost a fragmentary order, Jeff. I don't think they have had time to do an elaborate media preparation like they did with, let's say, Texas City in the summer of 2005 when twice a week CNN was airing stories about how Al Qaeda was going to sneak a nuke into a harbor. And they were talking about nuclear 9-11s, and AP and UPI were running stories about Al Qaeda hitting chemical refineries [Author's note: there was even a story about an Al Qaeda attack on a chemical refinery in Saudi Arabia]. . They like to set it up that thoroughly and this time they pulled it out like a bogy-man's surprise. So I have the greatest hope that this is merely a psychological operation intended to put the Democrats at a disadvantage if they try to hold back King George's domestic tyranny. But I also play it as being a possible fragmentary order on their part in which right now they have given a mobilization. When they gave this 119 alert, or this 119 false terror B.S., what they did was they gave the clearance, the green light, to all these domestic agencies that they have established under Homeland Security, FEMA and the like, to suddenly go red. So it is not just the patriot community that is going red. All of this apparatus of state that they have set up --the vast majority of people in it being honorable Americans who took an oath to the Constitution, but are simply being duped by evil command, all of that has been enacted as well. And associated with this terror alert I have heard some people, both parties, all echelons, media, Congress, and the executive branch, saying that they think there will London or Madrid -type terror acts.

Regarding the actual timing of a strike, Capt May commented:

Zeph: We have a number of people talking about 1-23, 123, which comes up I believe, is that on Monday? Where are we now, the 20th? 1-2-3 Monday, OK. OK so Monday, the 23rd, which, well you taught us, is a "33" day.
Capt May: Well, it doesn't really work that way, so easily. If I had to pick a hot day between now and then, I would say 1-31. They love 11's, and they love the 311 sequence. They used it for Madrid , of course. Then of course there are days in March that are hot. 3-22 is an extremely hot day.
Zeph: The Skull and Bones [number], yes.
Capt May: Skull and Bones, yes. In 2004, that is the day they put out when they actually made the connection in the controlled U.S. media saying that Bin Laden's Al Qaeda had gotten hold of a suitcase nuke. So they put the nuke in the hands of Bin Laden's boys, the propaganda bogey man, on 3-22…

In his March 30, 2006 letter to Dr. Fredrick Toben, May stated: 

As you know, in January, 2006, I went beyond the general prediction of a Nuclear 911, and made a specific prediction that the Bush regime would use hastily-announced military exercises as a cover for executing the Nuclear 911 on Texas City , Texas , a small petrochemicals town south of Houston .  The military exercise [at Ft. Monroe ] contrived for the purpose -- simulating a 10-kiloton "terror" nuke -- were scheduled for Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2006 .  My military background as a general staff intelligence officer lead me to believe that the earliest date of Jan. 31 was the most likely, so I made that "1/31" my prediction date.

In a subsequent interview, May also stated that he chose January 31st because this was the date of President Bush’s scheduled State of the Union address.  Bush would likely prefer to have a nuke go off just before his address on the same day so that he could exploit his unique opportunity to address the nation for its maximum propaganda effect.
A strong indication that things were heating up towards a potential nuclear attack came with the release of a Bin Laden tape around January 22nd. 
Former Naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen ridiculed this tape as soon as it came out:

 January 20-21, 2006 -- What's not right about the Osama Bin Laden audio tape.  One thing that the Bush administration does well is manage perceptions of the public. Amid protests over the NSA wiretapping, the extension of the Patriot Act, and the nomination of neo-Fascist Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, an audio tape on Osama Bin Laden is sent to Al Jazzera. On the tape, Bin Laden suddenly veers from being a traditional right-wing Wahhabi fanatic to the right of the House of Saud to a leftist progressive. The tape by Bin Laden was quickly verified as "authentic" by a CIA that is now firmly in the grasp of neo-cons under Porter Goss.
However, the tape is an obvious fake being used by the Bush administration to scare Americans into believing "Al Qaeda" is making plans for another attack and an attempt to link Bin Laden to Democrats.  The reason the tape is as phony as Niger yellowcake documents and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction is as plain as day. "Bin Laden" allegedly quotes from the introduction of a book written by long-time Washington , DC progressive author and journalist and a friend of mine, Bill Blum..
…So, we're now supposed to believe that Bin Laden has come around to plug the book [by Bill Blum] written by an author who demonstrated that the Soviet cause in Afghanistan was for self-defense and in furtherance of the well-being of the Afghan people and that Bin Laden's and his mujaheddin compatriots' cause was anti-progressive and destabilizing to the central Asian region? This would be laughable if it were not for the fact that the neo-cons are once again using the Big Lie to further their ambitions of global domination and worldwide fascism. The 911 attacks are beginning to look more and more like the Reichstag Fire, both engineered to bring about fascist control.

Significantly, Captain May’s warning was well documented by Internet Journalist Greg Szymanski.    On January 25th, Szymanski published the following online report:

The January air is again filled with rumblings about an imminent nuclear attack on American soil, as ominous signs are popping up all over the place indicating the "dropping of the real potato" is right around the corner.

Sources inside the military and close to the action this week warned areas of "nuclear concern" within the next 10 to 90 days include Texas City , Tex. , the Houston metro area, Charleston , S.C. , Los Angeles , Ca., and Kansas City , Ka.
"I am worried," said Jon Watkins of Texas City . "My family is right in the middle of it. I have asked two police officers to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity during the next 10 days.
"I also am sending a copy to the FBI of the interview I heard today on Greg Szymanski's, Investigative Journal, where his guest, Army Capt. Eric May, presented compelling evidence that a nuclear attack, created by the Bush Cabal, could very well take place on or near Jan. 31, 2006, right here in Texas City."
And From east coast to west, people like Watkins from all walks of life, including military and civilian, are coming forward with stories about "an impending disaster," most of them linking the insidious Bush Cabal pushing the "nuke buttons," not the fictitious and Illuminati-created Al Qaeda terrorists.
Going back to last August, the signs were already obvious that the Bush administration, through Cheney's direct orders to Strategic Command (STRATCOM), had specific plans to nuke Iran "if a nuclear blast occurred on American soil."
At that time, sources in the military stationed at Ft. Monroe , VA , warned how a planned nuclear test exercise scheduled for the waters around Charleston , S.C. , "may go live," the leak in the military saying this probably led to the strange firing of Gen. Kevin P. Byrnes, who may have gotten wind of the backdoor military nuclear plan.
Other sources since have come forward, saying Gen. Byrnes, head of the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), was actually fired for not keeping "a better lid" on the nuclear plans, since the leaked information circulated heavily on the internet and other places drew too much attention for the Bush administration plans to go ahead with scheduled plans to "nuke its own country….

The article finishes as follows:

And what adds to the suspense and credibility of Capt. May's warning is another nuclear training exercise is now being planned by the Department of Defense between Jan. 31 and Feb. 2 in the Charleston , S.C. area.
The military's Joint Task Force-Civil Support, headquartered at Ft. Monroe, Va., the same unit headed by Gen. Byrnes who was fired in August, will hold a three-day drill involved in managing the consequences of a 10-megaton nuclear blast, enough to inflict mass causalities and devastation on an American city.
And just like the last August exercise, this drill focuses on a hypothetical blast that affects nearly half a million people across a 900-square mile section of tidewater South Carolina . The scenario assumes 10,000 fatalities and more than 30,000 injuries. As officials from the Department of Homeland Security, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency and senior Coast Guard brass will be in attendance.
Besides Capt. May who is sounding the "red alert" for the next 10 days for the Charleston and Texas City areas, the war drums in Iran are again pounding, as STRATCOM is still under Cheney's orders to "nuke Iran" in the event of a "terrorist attack" at home.
Not only is the nuclear attack here imminent, according to Capt. May and others, the recent Osama bin Laden tape, threatening a huge American attack, considered by many to be a fraud and orchestrated by the Bush Cabal, is another sign the American people are being psychologically prepped for a nuclear strike.
"Remember how the Bush Cabal works," added Capt. May. "Every attack has to be greater than first like sequels in a horror movie. Also remember the way they use names. First Oklahoma City , Okla. , next New York City , N.Y. and what's next Texas City , Tex. ?"
Besides Capt. May,  the military source from Charleston, who talked last August anonymously, again when contacted this week, said "to watch out for something big in the weeks to come in the Houston, LA or Charleston area."
One other more obscure sign of an "impending disaster" is the alarming notice being put out by Bank of America officials, who in recent weeks have been secretly instructing bank managers and employees how to deal with customers in the case of a "national emergency."
And to verify this claim as well as LA being a feasible target, a Bank of America manager from Irvine , Ca., reported two weeks ago that her bank held a "workshop" where the last two days were dedicated to discussing new security measures.
According to the branch manager, the workshop included members from the Homeland Security Office who instructed employees how to field calls from customers and what they are to tell them in the event of a national disaster.
Apparently, the manager was told how only agents from Homeland Security, during such a disaster, would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers.
The manager then reported that she was instructed that no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank and only various paperwork will be given to its owners. After discussing the matter with them at length, she and the other employees were then told "not to discuss the subject with anyone."
Since speaking anonymously for fear of Homeland Security reprisals, the bank manager has recently given notice she is leaving Bank of America.
And to verify this claim, another Houston resident alerted about the California case, decided to recently question a local bank employee about any Homeland Security visits in Houston .
"I found the news alarming and decided to find out more myself," said the Houston resident wishing to remain anonymous. "On a trip to my bank here in Houston , I remarked to a young bank employee "well I guess you've been told all that stuff by the manager and the Homeland Security about what to tell your customers."
"And to my amazement, the young woman came right out and said yes she'd been through all that, then whispered to me across the counter, "But we're not supposed to talk about - I could lose my job."


On January 26th, a suspicious media indicator caught the eye of journalist Jerry Mazza.  In “ Texas City a strike point for nuclear attack?” published on the 27th he wrote:


….on the night of Jan. 26, no less than the History Channel did a repeat airing of a documentary called Wrath of God: Texas City Explosions, which immediately went on sale for $24.95 in DVD format. The title alone gives you the religious right willies, and makes you wonder about media complicity. Check out the ad copy describing the story:
It was the worst industrial disaster in American history, claiming the lives of 567 people. On the morning of April 16, 1947, the cargo ship SS Grandcamp was being loaded with ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer with explosive properties. As longshoreman loaded the volatile cargo on the ship, one of them smelled smoke. At 9:12 AM, the Grandcamp blew up, sending red-hot pieces of steel hurtling up to several thousand feet away…
….For one terrible morning, the fires of hell took over a Texas town. THE WRATH OF GOD goes back to that fateful day to tell the complete story.
The last two lines come out of nowhere after the description of an industrial disaster, which maybe wasn’t that at all. But the obvious question is why would the History Channel suddenly rerun this apocalyptic tale as the Houston PD was running a “nuclear terror drill” in Texas City . Well, Captain May has a thought: “What we see in development is simply part of the psychological operations plan, with which a fake terror operation must be administered. They’re preparing the public mindset for the idea of a cataclysm at Texas City . If they can get the public accepting that much as granted, then the job of convincing the public that al-Qaeda [could] blow up Texas City will be that much easier. Now that they’re showing Texas City exploding in history, they’re well on the way to making Texas City explode again.”

In his 28 Jan update, Szymanski noted other suspicious indicators, such as increased involvement of different Federal agencies with local authorities, and local media conditioning for disaster.  
Regarding disaster conditioning, the timing was strange that local media in addition to the History Channel would start reminding the public about the Texas City catastrophe of 1947.  According to AP “ Texas City is the site of the worst industrial accident in U.S. history. In 1947, a fire aboard a ship at the Texas City docks triggered a massive explosion that killed 576 people and left fires burning in the city for days.”
Szymanski also noted: 

….Regarding the possibility of an attack at the BP plant, local law enforcement and plant management were unaware of any stepped up security or strange activities going on in or around Texas City .
However, one employee working at the plant who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was aware of at least 400 people being moved out of the plant two months ago and relocated to a new office building.
"I just wanted to let you know what's going on at BP.  When they moved 400+ people out of the plant and into the new office building a couple of months ago, they appointed me and some others as building monitors," said the BP employee.
"We had our first meeting this afternoon all of a sudden.  We are supposed to be in charge of our appointed groups during an emergency evacuation, fire, explosion, etc.   At our meeting today, they told us that there will be a practice drill for the building next week sometime (our first). 
"Before we left the meeting, they told us to get our ducks in a row before we leave work this week.  It sounded to me like it might take place Monday morning."
After reading Capt. May's warning of a possible nuclear attack, the employee added:
"I'm starting to wonder if this drill and your date of Monday for the attack is a coincidence.  They are supposed to start up some units next week, but I can't get a definite day out of anybody."
Jon Watkins, another Texas City resident, also was taken the attack warning seriously, as he alerted local law enforcement.
"I think I opened up a hornet's nest when I went into the police station," said Watkins from his home in Texas City . "When I walked out in the police parking lot, I noticed at least 10 different cars from 10 different law enforcement agencies and that is strange around here."
Another Houston resident after hearing Capt. May's warning said she noticed Wednesday on the History Channel, the network running a show about the huge explosion that occurred at the BP plant in 1947.
"Could they be psychologically preparing the public for what's going to happen there," added Capt. May after he was alerted about what he called "the more than coincidental programming of the old 1947 blast."
Jim Black of Houston , who is also following the story, had a more practical way and an eight step approach of determining if the people in Houston or Texas City were in harms way in the upcoming days.
"If you want to know what the chances of this attack are, just watch George and Barbara [Bush Sr.].  If they are home in Houston , no attack will occur.   However, if they're going to be out of town, the chances increase greatly.  Then you have to ask yourself:


1. Where are they going?

2. How long do they plan to be gone?

3. How much did they pack and take with them?

4. Did they put anything in storage or have it moved to Maine before leaving?

5. Were there any large banking transactions before they left?

6. Are there any signs of preparations or unusual activity at the Maine house?

7. Are there any aircraft being chartered to "stand by and be available at a moments notice" in the Houston area?

8. Are there any CEO's who support Bush that have scheduled to be out of town around the 31st?

When Captain May’s prediction date of January 31st reached midnight, NOTHING happened.  And that was fine with him. As he would later comment on 29 April 2006 on The Edge Radio with host Daniel Ott:

Daniel Ott: Well I tell you what, if these things do come to pass, like you say, Captain May, a lot of people will listen to you even more acutely to hear what else you have to say. But let me just propose this. What if no event happens in May and does not happen in June, I guess by your percentage of what you have said earlier, is that you are at 100%, but do you ever count on that not happening, and what would cause it not to happen?
Capt May: Let us talk about two things. First, and most importantly, I have never gone on one of these things because I gave a damn about what anyone thought about my reputation. And any man who has been in any kind of war will tell you that. The idea that I would care to a millionth degree what somebody is saying of me personally with American lives on the line, I just dismiss it without even thinking about it. I have been right because I went for the missions that really were there. Man, I don't go looking for these things. They happen and I can't stay away from them. I have never done a mission where I didn't want it to be the last. I have never done one where I didn't feel a rush and a thrill of being so close to knowing that I was going to get whacked, but it always was debilitating, because these things run on for months at a time. If we go through with this, it goes to June. So that is just how I feel about these things. I say that because it is not a reputation thing. And that is the reason by the way why we have always been right. Man, if all of a sudden something cooled off and turned out to be sour we would not invest time in it. Forget reputation. I would not invest resources into it.
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: It is OK if I miss…

But did he miss?  The following day several extremely suspicious and coincidental events took place.
First, an urgent “Abort!, Abort! Abort!” message was transmitted over the radio.
Second, a “day after” Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team showed up on the beach in Galveston , Texas in uniform with their monitoring instruments.
Third, there was a rerun of the “Mohammed the Bomber” cartoons in major newspapers.
In his 2 Feb 2006 Cloak and Dagger interview, Capt May commented:


Capt May: I told you that we got specific reports from the 31st of January, station KIOL 103.7 FM saying "Abort! Abort! Abort!" with an industrial siren behind it at 6:30 AM. I also got a report that same day from British Petroleum inside the factory where I have contacts, and what I received was word that high management did not show up Monday and Tuesday. That managers have come back as of Wednesday, but one of them in particular said, "Oh, I have a bad back, I may have to leave suddenly." There were drills being prepared, emergency preparedness drills for the first time they were going to bring out their new emergency preparedness thing. Those drills were postponed. They were supposed to go on early this week. Now the people who were part of the teams have been told "Well, a little later, probably between the second and the eighth." And suddenly yesterday, the first of February, OSHA [Occupational Health & Safety Administration] showed up, or people wearing uniforms who said they were OSHA who may well be Special Forces or mercenaries. You know, Blackwater Security for all I know. But they say they are OSHA. They show up at British Petroleum and they said there were outstanding plant violations that were supposed to be fixed by January 31st that haven't been fixed, so they had to stay there and do an in depth survey and analysis for the next few months. They have blocked off and cordoned off parts of BP, British Petroleum. So you have all kinds of Federal Agencies all in swing here, folks. And you have got a mainstream media story where Ghost Troop and its Info War allies like Cloak and Dagger Lenny have started such an underground Internet story, that they are having to throw up really piss-poor propaganda to try to knock our story down, and all their propaganda is doing is propping up our story altogether.


The most suspicious Federal presence of all involved the “day after” Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team that showed up on a beach about 15 miles away from the BP Texas City ground zero predicted by Captain May. 
This was so significant that it even became the basis of an article by T. J. Aulds in the Galveston County paper The Daily News:





In his 2 Feb Cloak and Dagger interview, Captain May responded to host Lenny Bloom’s comments about why official sources kept him persona non grata despite his amazing prediction:


Lenny Bloom:  …The main point here is that up until now, nobody down there, public body or newspaper has said anything about it. This is now the first time really that they have reported on your -- they call you a former U.S.Army intelligence officer -- they don't give your name. And the reason is because they are worried. They don't want people to get hooked up to you because they will find out the truth and the story talks about these crews that are U.S. Government Defense Department crews showing up with these Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support T-shirts.
Capt May: It reminds me of the Mossad boys outside the van jumping up and down taking pictures of the World Trade Center collapse. These guys are the buzzards who are on hand to watch what happens, man, or they are part of setting it up.
LB: Absolutely.
Capt May: That story, which is by T.J. Aulds, by the way, writer down there. You will find that the government agency--the FBI and Homeland [Security]--both say, ah, this is just a silly coincidence, conspiracy theory, but you will also find that that there is no effort whatsoever, we have confirmed from sources down in Texas City that there has been no attempt to contact the journalist who wrote the story quoted, which is Greg Szymanski. Szymanski put a return call and the guy dodged him, and there has been no effort whatsoever to contact me. For heaven sake, the guy does not give my name, even though that is the biggest part of the story that has been going around. He doesn't take the trouble to call up the dozen different military commands I have given that I worked for on General Staff as intelligence officer at the highest levels and, you know, they are doing everything they can not to investigate. Which of course is the entire modus operandi of the presstitutes.


In his 23 Feb 2006 interview with Frank Whalen (fourth hour), Captain May commented on the significance of the WMD Team:

May:  …You know how sympathetic folks are in the Info War. They immediately jump on and say gosh, "Ghost Troop missed it totally" [when nothing happened on January 31st].   There went their credibility.  The next day on the first of February, people in the Galveston area, though, don't agree with that assessment, because suddenly out of nowhere black tactical vehicles, black vans, and black uniformed people with shirts labeled "WMD CST" which is Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team showed up on the Galveston Beach about 15 miles from Texas City, setting up what I can only infer to be radiological measuring equipment in the area so that they can take ambient radiation levels. The WMD CST team is a Department of Defense level asset. In other words, it is staffed by people who are way up the chain of command. Above Army. Above Marines. They are Department of Defense common assets. They only have one function: That is to show up the day after a nuclear strike to measure radiation. The fact that they showed up near Texas City the day after a nuclear strike had been predicted was really a bigger indicator to us than the people who follow our work. [Bigger] even than the explosion.


The “Muhammed the Bomber” cartoons
from Wikipedia article




As a last amazing coincidence, the “Muhammed the Bomber” controversy suddenly got re-heated both “the day of” and “the day after” the day of Captain May’s prediction.  The cartoons were first published on 30 September 2005, yet somehow the controversy got resurrected like a jack-in-the-box four full months later.
Later we will reproduce an article published 23 Feb 2006, whose authors are completely independent of Captain May, which explains how “Mossad `Katsas’ (Hebrew for case officers) activated sayanim (volunteer Jewish collaborators outside of Israel) throughout Western and Eastern European media to simultaneously reproduce the cartoons on Feb. 1 and 2, 2006.” 
Among other things, this provides more evidence of raw global Jewish media power behind the Info War. 
First, let us look at independent evidence from Wikpedia’s “Timeline of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy” that documents the significant pick-up in republication of the cartoons by major media between Jan 31st and Feb 3nd.  This lasted until February 8th, and then began to sharply fall off. 
I have listed all the activity from September through February 3rd so the reader can see for himself the uncanny pickup in republication activity.  However, to save space in this book, I did not reproduce the February 4th-8th Wikipedia entries which also show substantial re-publication activity:  



30 September


14 October

  • Up to 5,000 people stage a peaceful demonstration outside the Copenhagen office of Jyllands-Posten.[1]
  • Two of the cartoonists are advised to go into hiding after receiving death threats.[2]

17 October

  • Egyptian newspaper El Fagr publishes six of the cartoons during Ramadan along with an article strongly denouncing them. The publication of the images does not provoke any known protests from either Egyptian religious authorities nor the Egyptian government.[3][4]

19 October

  • Ambassadors from ten Muslim countries request a meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, to ask him to distance himself from the cartoons in Jyllands-Posten as well as various other allegedly derogatory comments about Islam in the Danish media. The Prime Minister refuses to meet the ambassadors, on the grounds that he cannot infringe on the freedom of the press.[1]

28 October

  • A number of Muslim organizations file a complaint with the Danish police claiming that Jyllands-Posten had committed an offence under section 140 and 266b of the Danish Criminal Code.[5]


3 November

7 November

  • The Bangladeshi government issues a diplomatic protest to the Danish government following the initial publication of the cartoons.[7]

24 November

  • The United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief and Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance request the Permanent Danish Mission to the UN to deliver their observations of the case[8]


2 December

  • A Pakistani political party, Jamaat-e-Islami apparently offers a roughly $10,000 reward to anyone who kills one of the cartoonists.[2] It was later discovered that this was a considerable exaggeration, based on a small note in a local newspaper, citing Jamaat-e-Islami as promising a reward up to a million rupees for the deaths of the cartoonist. Jamaat-e-Islami claims to be wrongly cited, having merely suggested that the Pakistani government could promise such a reward. On its way through the Danish ambassador to the Danish media, this fact is exaggerated as involving multiple papers and flyers with the reward.[9]

5 December

  • The first delegation of five Danish Imams, headed by Abu Bashar of The Community of Islam, landed in Egypt on 3 December 2005 and returned 11 December 2005. Among the people the group met on their visit to Egypt were: The General Secretary of the Arab League Amr Moussa, the Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa and the Sheik of Cairo's Al-Azhar university Muhammad Sayid Tantawy and Muhammed Shaaban, an advisor to the Egyptian Foreign Minister. This meeting was arranged by Egypt 's ambassador to Denmark , Mona Omar.


  • At a 6 December 2005 summit of the OIC, with many heads of state in attendance, the dossier was handed around by the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit on the sidelines first [3], but eventually an official communiqué was issued.[4]

7 December

17 December

  • The second Danish Imam delegation, headed by Sheik Raeed Huleyhel, traveled to Lebanon and returned to Denmark 31 December 2005. In Lebanon they met the Grand Mufti Muhammad Rashid Kabbani, top Shiite Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah, Maronite Church leader Nasrallah Sfeir. During that time, Imam Ahmed Akkari also visited Syria to present their case to Grand Mufti Ahmed Badr-Eddine Hassoun[5]. Furthermore a smaller delegation traveled to Turkey while individuals visited Sudan, Morocco , Algeria.[6] and Qatar, where Abu Laban briefed Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood[7].

19 December

  • Twenty-two former Danish ambassadors criticize the Prime Minister of Denmark for not meeting with the eleven ambassadors in October.
  • The Council of Europe criticises the Danish government for invoking the "freedom of the press" in its refusal to take action against the "insulting" cartoons.[11]

29 December

  • The Arab League criticizes the Danish government for not acting in the matter.



1 January

  • The Prime Minister of Denmark makes his yearly New Year's speech, where says: "I condemn any expression, action or indication that attempts to demonise groups of people ..."[12]

6 January

  • The Regional Public Prosecutor in Viborg decides to discontinue the investigation of whether Jyllandsposten had committed an offence under section 140 (publicly ridiculing or insulting dogmas of worship of any lawfully existing religious community in Denmark) and 266b (dissemination of statements or other information by which a group of people are threatened, insulted or degraded on account of e.g. their religion) of the Danish penalty law because there was not a reasonable suspicion that a criminal offence indictable by the state had been committed and "the right to freedom of speech must be exercised". The original claim was filed on 27 October 2005.[5]

7 January

10 January

  • The Norwegian newspaper Magazinet publishes all 12 of the cartoons.[1]

23 January

  • The Danish government delivers its official response to the UN Special Rapporteurs' request of 24 November 2005.[13]

24 January

  • The government of Saudi Arabia issues its first public condemnation of the cartoons.[14]

26 January

  • Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador from Denmark , and Saudi Arabian consumers begin to boycott Danish products. Consumers in Kuwait and in some of the other Middle Eastern countries soon follow.[15][1]
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a letter to their ambassadors in the Middle East stating that one of the pillars of Norwegian society is freedom of speech, but they expressed regret that Magazinet did not respect Muslims' beliefs.[16]

27 January

  • Thousands of people in Iraq use Friday prayers to denounce the cartoons.[1]

28 January

  • A Danish ambassador in Saudi Arabia is interviewed by the American Associated Press Television News (AP-TV) where he criticises Jyllands-Posten's lack of judgement and knowledge of Islam.
  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) states that the Danish government should immediately have condemned the cartoons.
  • The Arla Foods (A Swedish-Danish company) places adverts in Middle Eastern Newspapers in an attempt to bring an end to the boycott.[1]

29 January

  • Libya closes its embassy in Denmark .
  • The Danish government announces that Denmark 's ambassador to Saudi Arabia only expressed his own opinion in the 28 January interview with AP-TV. The Danish People's Party, Dansk Folkeparti, demands he be reprimanded.
  • The Danish ambassador in Jordan is summoned for a hearing.
  • The President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai calls the printing of the cartoons a mistake, and hopes that this will lead to the media being more responsible and respectful in the future.
  • The Flag of Denmark is burned in the West Bank cities of Nablus and Hebron.
  • Yemen's Assembly of Representatives (Majlis al-Nuwaab) condemns the cartoons.
  • The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) heads to the UN with a resolution that forbids attacks on religious beliefs.
  • Bahrain condemns the cartoons.
  • Syria condemns the cartoons.
  • A new denial-of-service attack on Jyllands-Posten's web site. The first happened on 27 January.
  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement gives Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes 48 hours to leave the Gaza Strip.
  • Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades gives Danes and Swedes 72 hours to leave the area.
  • A poll from Epinion for Danmarks Radio, the national broadcasting company of Denmark, showed that of 579 Danes asked, 21% believe that the Prime Minister of Denmark should apologize to the Muslims, with 52% citing that would not be political interference with the freedom of press, while 44% thought the Prime Minister should try harder to resolve the controversy. 38% of those asked believed that Jyllands-Posten should apologize, and while 58% did feel that while it was the right of Jyllands-Posten to publish the cartoons, they could understand the Muslim criticism.[17]
  • Boycott of Danish foods begins in Qatar

30 January

  • Jyllands-Posten sends out an apology in both Danish and Arabic. Apologizing, not for the printing of the cartoons, but for hurting the feelings of Islamic society.
  • The Mexican newspaper La Crónica reprints the Danish cartoons.[18]
  • Armed Palestinians from Fatah take over an EU office as a protest against the cartoons.[19]
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark says that he personally distances himself from the cartoons, but reiterates that the government cannot intervene in what the media writes.[20]
  • The European Union backs Denmark , saying that any retaliatory boycott of Danish goods would violate world trade rules.
  • The Danish Red Cross says that it will evacuate some workers in Yemen and the Gaza Strip after receiving threats.[21]
  • Jyllands-Posten sends out a second open letter, this time both in Arabic, Danish, and English, trying to clear up several misunderstandings, and once again apologizing for hurting the feelings of the Islamic society.
  • A Iraqi militant Islamic organization, the Mujahideen Army, calls for terror strikes against Danish and Norwegian targets.
  • Armed gunmen from al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades storm the European Union's office in Gaza and threaten to kidnap the workers unless they receive an official apology for the cartoons from the EU.

31 January

  • Following a live televised interview on al Jazeera, it is reported that the "apology for any offence caused" made at the opening of the interview by Flemming Rose, Jyllands-Posten's cultural editor, was not translated into Arabic.[22]
  • The Danish Muslim Association is satisfied with yesterday's apologies from Jyllands-Posten and the Prime Minister, and say they now will help improve the situation. They claim to be deeply sorry and surprised the case got this far.[23][24]
  • A bomb threat against Jyllands-Posten leads to evacuation of two offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen.[25]
  • al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades denies that the threat against Scandinavians is real.
  • The foreign ministers of seventeen Islamic nations renew demands for the Danish government to punish the authors of the cartoons and to "ensure that it doesn't happen again."[26]
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, holds a press conference in both Danish and English in which he repeats that he urges Danes not to take any action that could worsen the situation. He urges Muslims in Denmark to take actions that can improve the situation. He also repeats that freedom of speech is a vital part of the Danish society and that the Danish government is not in a position to have any influence on what the press is printing. He states that he wants to come back to a situation of dialogue, based on the friendship that has existed for a long time between Denmark and the Muslim world.[27] The prime minister is asked by the TV broadcaster Al Jazeera to appear in a program, but has not yet decided whether he will accept.
  • The National Assembly of Bahrain demands an apology from Denmark 's head of state, Queen Margrethe II, as well as from the government. If the demands are not met, they will urge an official boycott of Danish goods and the cutting off of oil exports of 159,000 barrels per day, in association with other GCC members.
  • Hamas leader Adnan Asfour demands that Denmark punish the twelve artists and Jyllands-Posten.[28]
  • Former US President Bill Clinton states that he fears antisemitism will be replaced with anti-Islamic prejudice and condemns "these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam".
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin indicates in a speech in the Kremlin that the Danish political authorities are using the theme of freedom of expression to protect those who have insulted the Muslims.
  • The Icelandic newspaper DV publishes six of the twelve cartoons.
  • The German newspaper die tageszeitung publishes two of the cartoons.
  • In Greece Eleftherotipia publishes one of the cartoons.[29]
  • al Jazeera broadcasts a speech from Danish-based leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammed Fouad al-Barazi, in which he tearfully describes Danish plans to burn the Quran, leading to worldwide outrage.[30]


1 February

  • The French newspaper France Soir publishes the cartoons, adding one of their own. Managing director Jacques Lefranc is fired later the same day by owner Raymond Lakah, a French-Egyptian binational and Roman Catholic (the chief editor, Serge Faubert, is not fired).[31] The French Government dissociates itself from the initiative.[32]
  • The German newspaper Die Welt publishes some of the cartoons,[33] as do the German newspapers Tagesspiegel and Berliner Zeitung.
  • The Italian newspaper La Stampa publishes the cartoons.
  • The Spanish newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya publishes the cartoons.
  • The Dutch papers Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, and Elsevier publish the cartoons.
  • The Danish embassy in Syria is evacuated because of a hoax bomb threat.[34]
  • Syria recalls its ambassador from Denmark .[35]
  • The Finnish Minister of Foreign Affairs criticises the Danish government for its slow actions on the matter.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church and the Muftiat condemned the European newspapers that republished the cartoons.
  • Chechen warlord, politician, and leader Shamil Basayev condemns the cartoons.
  • Jyllands-Posten's headquarters as well as its office in Copenhagen is again evacuated after a bomb threat.[36]
  • An influential Muslim organization in Malaysia, the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia, calls on the Malaysian government to protest the cartoons with the Danish government.[37]
  • A spokesman from the Indonesian Foreign Ministry condemns the cartoons, saying that freedom of expression should not be used as a pretext to insult a religion.[38]
  • Boycott of Danish goods is instituted by Omani retail chains.

2 February

  • German newspaper Die Zeit publishes one of the cartoons on page five.[39]
  • The Prime Minister of Denmark appears on the TV station Al-Arabiya. The recording was made 1 February.
  • The Jordanian newspaper al-Shihan prints the cartoons. The newspaper's manager is fired.[40][41]
  • The American newspaper New York Sun publishes two of the cartoons.[42]
  • The Belgian newspaper Le Soir publishes two of the cartoons.[43]
  • The French newspaper Le Monde publishes a cartoon of Muhammad's face formed only from words that read "I may not draw the Prophet."
  • The Swiss newspapers Le Temps and Tribune de Genève publish some of the cartoons, as does the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Hirlap.[44]
  • The Uruguayan newspaper Terra prints all 12 cartoons.[45]
  • The Portuguese newspaper Público publishes one of the cartoons - the most heated one - Muhammad with a bomb on his head.
  • The Argentine newspaper Página/12 publishes the cartoon featuring Muhammad with a bomb on his head.[46]
  • The director of the Sakharov Museum in Moscow , Yuri Samodurov says in the 25th Hour TV Program, that the museum will do an entire exhibition about the cartoons. Furthermore he wants to illustrate the new Russian edition of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses with the original Danish cartoons.[47]
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark advises Danish citizens to leave Gaza.
  • Mullah Krekar, alleged leader of Ansar al-Islam and living in Norway , calls the cartoons a "declaration of war" and says that "[we] Muslims are ready for this".[48]
  • "Fleeting glimpses" of some of the cartoons are shown in British television news programmes on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.[49] On its flagship current affairs programme Newsnight, the BBC recreates portions of the cartoons but with the image of Muhammad edited out of the scenes.
  • In a joint statement, the Roman Catholic bishops of the five Nordic countries deplore the publication of the cartoons. "Again and again, in our Nordic area, it seems that certain opinion makers feel that they are wholly free to say what they wish without any respect for the understanding and beliefs of other people (..) Our sympathies go out to our Muslim sisters and brothers".[50]
  • Armed gunmen from Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades storm the European Union's office in Gaza for the second time in a week and kidnap a German national. He is later released unharmed.[51]
  • Palestinian gunmen shut down the EU headquarters in Gaza , in protest of the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. According to CNN, "Masked members of the militant groups Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinians' former ruling party, Fatah, fired bullets into the air, and a man read the group's demands....The gunmen left a notice on the EU office's door that the building would remain closed until Europeans apologize to Muslims, many of whom consider the cartoons offensive."[52]
  • The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS displays some of the cartoons in its segment on the issue.
  • British Islamist group Al Ghurabaa publishes an article entitled Kill those who insult the Prophet Muhammad, justifying such action using the Qur'an and Hadith, and applying its argument primarily to Jyllands-Posten, Magazinet and to the Danish and Norwegian governments.[53]
  • Protesters in Rabat, Morocco stage a sit-in before the Parliament in response to the cartoons. On the same day, delivery of the Wednesday issue of the 'France-Soir' and Friday issue of the 'Liberation' daily newspapers was barred by the Moroccan government.[54]
  • Danish company Arla Foods reports millions in losses from boycotts.
  • British National Party publishes cartoons at their web page[55][56]
  • Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Shia movement Hizb Allah, says "If there had been a Muslim to carry out Imam Khomeini's fatwa against the renegade Salman Rushdie, this rabble who insult our Prophet Muhammad in Denmark , Norway and France would not have dared to do so".[57]

3 February

  • Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen meets with several Muslim ambassadors in Copenhagen . Egyptian ambassador responds that Rasmussen's response is inadequate and that Denmark should try harder to 'appease the whole Muslim world'.
  • At the Danish embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia an angry mob demands access to the embassy, and upset lamps and furniture in the lobby in the process.[58] The ambassador talks to the leaders of the demonstration, and the group disperses.
  • The Belgian newspaper De Standaard publishes the cartoons. Another Belgian newspaper, Het Volk, prints cartoons of Muhammad by Flemish cartoonists and quotes Etienne Vermeersch as saying Belgian papers should publish such caricatures every week "so that Muslims can get used to the idea."
  • The South Korean newspaper OhMyNews prints the cartoons.[59]
  • The weekly New Zealand newspaper National Business Review prints one of the cartoons.[60]
  • The Times of India prints the 12 cartoons. Muslims start burning copies of the paper.[61]
  • British foreign secretary Jack Straw praises the British media for not publishing the cartoons and condemns the decision of the European newspapers who brought the cartoons as "disrespectful".[62]
  • The Costa Rican newspaper Al Día publishes the cartoons.[63]
  • In Honduras El Heraldo prints the cartoons.[64]
  • Australian TV broadcasters Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) show images of some of the cartoons in their evening news bulletins.
  • The Belgian Muslim Executive, of which some former members have been linked to terrorism, strongly condemns the cartoons as "an unacceptable attack on Islam".
  • Islamist demonstration outside Danish Embassy in London. Hundreds of Muslims march from the London Central Mosque to the heavily protected Danish embassy. Chants include "7/7 is on its way" and placard slogans include "Slay [also "butcher", "massacre" and "behead"] those who insult Islam", "Free speech go to hell", "Europe is the cancer and Islam is the cure", "Exterminate those who slander Islam", "Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on its way!!" and "Be prepared for the real holocaust!"[65][66]
  • The controversial Danish imam Ahmad Abu Laban and the editor of culture of Jyllands-Posten meet on the BBC program HARDtalk.[67]
  • A US Department of State spokesman stated "We all fully recognize and respect freedom of the press and expression but it must be coupled with press responsibility. Inciting religious or ethnic hatreds in this manner is not acceptable."
  • Newly elected Hamas organizes protests and demonstrations in the Palestinian territories. Demonstrations are significantly more violent than in previous days.
  • The Senate of Pakistan adopted a unanimous resolution condemning the Danish newspaper for publishing blasphemous and derogatory cartoons.[68]
  • Saudi cleric Sheikh Badr bin Nader al-Mashar refers, in an audio message posted online, to the cartoon furore as "part of the war waged by the decadent West against the triumphant Islam" and issues a call "to the billion Muslims: where are your arms? Your enemies have trampled on the prophet. Rise up."[69]
  • Canada 's CTV television network news broadcasts a brief static close up of the cartoons.[70]
  • Judge Mohammed Jajbhay pre-emptively bans the publication of the cartoons in South Africa following a request for an urgent interdict by the Muslim Jamiat-ul Ulama Transvaal organization. This move is widely criticized by opposition political parties and journalist organizations.[71]
  • Islamic retailer Ziyad Brothers suspends business with Arla Foods.
  • Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique prints a game in which people have to connect the dots in order to find the image of Muhammad[72]
  • Colonel Ažubalis, the Commander of the Lithuania-led Ghor Provincial Reconstruction Team, Afghanistan , took decision that Danish mobile communications and surveillance group will not implement any tasks during the period 3 February-8, according to BNS. Also the number of operations was diminished by Danish battalion in Iraq peacekeeping mission where near 50 Lithuanians served.[73]



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The article “The caricatures in Middle East politics” by James Petras and Robin Eastman-Abaya - La Haine Feb 23, 2006 explained how the Mossad was behind the amazing republication coincidence:  

Given Mossad’s long-standing penetration of the Danish intelligence agencies, and their close working relations with the right wing media, it is not surprising that a Ukranian Jew, operating under the name of “Flemming Rose” with close working relations with the Israeli state (and in particular the far right Likud regime) should be the center of the controversy over the cartoons. “Rose’s” ties to the Israeli state antedate his well-know promotional “interview” with Daniel Pipes (2004), the notorious Arab-hating Zionist ideologue. Prior to being placed as a cultural editor of a leading right-wing Danish daily, from 1990 to 1995 “Rose” was a Moscow-based reporter who translated into Danish a self-serving auto-biography by Boris Yeltsin, godchild of the pro-Israeli, post-communist Russian oligarchs, most of whom held dual citizenship and collaborated with the Mossad in laundering illicit billions.
Between 1996-1999 “Rose”, the journalist, worked the Washington circuit (traveling with Clinton to China ) before returning to Moscow 1999-2004 as a reporter for Jyllands-Posten. In 2005 he became its cultural editor, despite few or any knowledge of the field and over the head of other Danish journalists on the staff. In his new position “Rose” found a powerful platform to incite and play on the growing hostility of conservative Danes to immigrants from the Middle East , particularly practicing Moslems. Using the format of an ‘interview’ he published Pipes’ virulent anti-Islamic diatribe, probably to “test the waters” before proceeding to the next stage in the Mossad strategy to polarize a West-East confrontation….
Israeli strategic plans to extend US military operations to Iran and Syria faced major challenges, from within the US military and public and even sections of the mass media. Mossad assets in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and elsewhere had to settle for puff pieces on Iran ’s non-existent nuclear weapon threat, right after the same plot with regard to Iraq was exposed as a total fabrication. Another line of propaganda was needed to silence war critics and heighten animosities to the Islamists/Arabs in general and Iran in particular. This is where the “Flemming Rose”-Mossad operation came into the picture. The Islamic-hate cartoons were published in Denmark in September 2005 as Israeli and US Zionists escalated their war propaganda against Iran . The initial response from the Islamic countries however was limited. The story wasn’t picked up in the International Herald Journal until late December 2005. By early January 2006, Mossad “Katsas” (Hebrew for case officers) activated sayanim (volunteer Jewish collaborators outside of Israel ) throughout Western and Eastern European media to simultaneously reproduce the cartoons on Feb. 1 and 2, 2006. One such sayanim operation would have been the decision by France-Soir Senior Editor, Arnaud Levy and Editor in Chief Serge Faubert, to publish the cartoons. The paper’s French Egyptian owner almost immediately fired the paper’s Managing Editor, Jacques Lefranc, who, according to an interview with CNN, had initially opposed their publications, without touching Levy and Faubert.

Interestingly enough, Jyllands Posten uses a Star of David in its logo:

In his 5 July 2006 Hal Turner interview, Capt May tied the Muhammed the Bomber cartoons in with the strange WMD Civil Support Team appearance on the Galveston beach:

Capt May …Remember the Muhammed the Bomber cartoon that came out in Europe ?
Turner: Yes.
Capt May: That came out Feb 1st, and it made no sense, because all it did was spread bad will across the world.
Turner: Right.
Capt May: And we knew that it was a Zionist-organized thing, buddies of Wolfowitz, the neo-cons, the Bush Jews. But the reason it didn't make any sense was because Texas City was supposed to go up January 31st, and that cartoon was supposed to run the next day after Texas City had been bombed and they blamed it on Al Qaeda. It was an international Zionist hit, where that was simply the public relations component of it. We predicted 1-31-06 in Texas City , everybody told us we were crazy, we got no cooperation anywhere, but we got cyber radio like yours, the alternative radio market.
Turner: Right.
Capt May: Well, wouldn't you know, the day right after our 1-31 prediction, a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team of which there are only ten in the entire U.S. military inventory, just happened to be on the beaches of Texas City . That military asset showed up the day after our prediction, is called a day after nuclear team. Their only function is to go the day after a city is destroyed and assess the destruction.
Turner: So everything was planned then, according to you.
Capt May: Every time. Now that time we got inside the exercise schedule. Some contacts set up some information saying that they were running exercises out of Charleston , S.C. , and Ft Monroe, Virginia simulating the demolition of a ten kiloton nuclear device in a U.S. city. Now they were supposed to be using Charleston , S.C. as their designated practice area. But we said Texas City . Not even the Texas City newspapers knew that that exercise was going to go down, and again Sgt Karshner my CID contact at HPD, Houston Police, he didn't know that they were going to be there, and he knows everything about this kind of stuff.
Turner: So this team was scheduled to go to that place, and that could only mean that somebody intended to detonate a nuke in Texas City on the 31st.
Capt May: Right, unless you want to go with the one in ten thousand chance that you just happen to look outside your door some day and see a nuclear day after team there.
Turner: [Laughter]
Capt May: Which is what the FBI said….

In addition to the Muhammed the Bomber cartoon affair, there was another interesting breaking news item that followed in the immediate aftermath of Captain May’s 1-31-2006 Texas City prediction that bears mention.
Imagine if one learned that at the same time that Bush cabal was plotting a mini-nuke false flag operation that could kill 30,000 people in Texas City, Texas -- that would then get blamed on Al Qaeda (mostly Arab) and/or Iran (mostly Persian) --what would one think if Bush was also trying to grant a franchise for Arab potentates running Dubai Port World (DPW), to manage maritime facilities in major American cities, including New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans? 
How does this compute?
Of course most major media pundits were probably not aware of the Texas City conspiracy.  Nevertheless, the Dubai Port World controversy stirred up sharp mass media reactions ranging from Arianna Huffington, a hybridized former neo-con cum liberal, to Justin Raimondo, the star anarcho-libertarian commentator.   
In his 24 Feb 2006 article “Arianna Huffington, Racial Profiler: She Jumps on the Dubai-Bashing Bandwagon” Justin Raimondo opined: 

It was inevitable that Arianna Huffington, “compassionate conservative”-turned-limousine-liberal, would join the bipartisan chorus of voices screaming bloody murder over the Dubai port deal. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that she was canoodling with Newt Gingrich and cavorting with the neocons. And if there’s anything the neocons hate, it’s those inherently violent and even terroristic Ay-rabs. Here she is jumping on the Arab-bashing bandwagon, denouncing the Bush administration’s “jaw-droppingly bad decision” and affecting shock – shock! – that her fellow bandwagoneers seem to be mostly conservative Republicans:

“It’s been getting harder and harder to tell the Is from the (D)s on a growing number of issues, including Iraq , the drug war, and the fight to cut pork-barrel spending. But the dubious Dubai deal has the potential to be the most division-blurring of all – and the most damaging to Karl Rove’s dreams of turning 2006 into a replay of 2004…”

Justin Raimondo stated further into his article:

…According to Arianna and her army of “progressive” blogger-harpies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a snakepit of radical Islamism, the lair from which Osama and his fellow vipers sallied forth to strike out at the West:

“You don’t need to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations to grasp that a country that embraced the Taliban, was a financial hub for the 9/11 attackers, and whose own ports were used by notorious Pakistani scientist A.Q. Kahn to smuggle nuclear components to Iran, Libya, and North Korea, probably shouldn’t be handed the keys to shipping operations in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Orleans (I mean, c’mon, haven’t Bush and Chertoff done enough damage to the Big Easy?).

“This deal is a nonstarter and a no-brainer. A Harriet Miers debacle to the hundredth- power. Next thing you know, the president will be assuring us that he
knows what’s in the heart of Dubai Ports World, Inc.”

Later in this article Justin Raimondo tires to debunk Huffington, especially from his pro-free trade, anti-racialist, anarcho-libertarian perspective. 
For our purposes in this discussion, what is particularly relevant is the media uproar generated by news of the Dubai Port World deal.  
In his 23 Feb 2006, 4th hour interview with Frank Whalen, Captain May explained how the Bush cabal hoped to skirt this kind uproar once the mini-nuke attack became a fait accompli:

Frank Whalen Let me ask this. Do you see this situation with the Dubai Port World Corporation, United Arab Emirates, having any bearing whatsoever on being responsible in retrospect. Hillary Clinton for example stepping up and saying "Oh, look at what Bush has done?" He has allowed this foreign corporation to be involved in our shipping and in our industry and in this vital area. And subsequently, even though they promised that they would not smuggle any weapons of mass destruction in, they did, and now we have this death and destruction taking place in Texas City , or somewhere else for example. Do you think that fits in?
Capt May: Rather than thinking it fits into my scenario, I think my scenario fit into it. Quite a difference.
Whalen: Yeah.
Capt May: Everything that is happening now, the second week of February, the third week of February, was supposed to happen in the aftermath of a nuclear attack by who? Al Qaeda, supplied by who? Iran . Against whom? Texas City . George Bush's favorite people. George Bush's background. Back yard. In other words, they were going to set up the arson and destruction of their own town and then of course be the last people who would ever be suspected. That being the case, I would imagine that the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, had already made some kind of deal with the Bush people involving such things as setting up military bases or geopolitical assistance or alliances or who knows what all in exchange for this port deal. This port deal was never supposed to come into the public domain, man, because right now all we were supposed to be talking about was killing Arabs. In other words what you are hearing now is happening and making the media was already agreed upon, oh, how long ago? Weeks, months, I mean come on, right?
Whalen: Yes.
Capt May: So this deal was already set up, and this deal was set up predicated on the idea that we would have our nuclear 9-11 by now, so that Bush could do anything that he wanted. This was payoff for something, man. And now the premise fell through.


There is one more important  twist to this story.  In his 29 August 2005 AFP article: “Guess Who Is In Charge of Guarding U.S. Nuclear Power & Weapons Sites,” Michael Collins Piper observed that:  


American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems, owned in part by the government of Israel , is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States .
The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI), which was owned in part by the government of Israel . In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a publicly traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel ) still holds a substantial share in the highly successful firm.
What this means is that the government of Israel will have control over the security of America ’s nuclear weapons.
Supporters of Israel say that this is a splendid idea, since Israel is said to be America ’s closest ally. However, there are some critics who question the propriety of America ’s supersensitive nuclear security being in the hands of any foreign nation, particularly Israel , which, even today, officially refuses to confirm or deny that it has nuclear arms.
Magal’s global interests are broad. Having secured 90 percent of Israel ’s borders through a wide array of “space age” technology, Magal has now branched out internationally. Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also patrols most major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia .
The Israeli firm guards Chicago ’s O’Hare Airport and, for the last 15 years, has kept watch on the queen of England ’s famed Buckingham Palace in London . And Magal safeguards 90 percent of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems.
Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers, military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings and storage yards. There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal’s security specialists keeping a close watch on their activities…


Magal is only one example of security compromise by Israelis.  There are actually dozens of Israeli firms with contracts that have cognizance over a wide variety of highly sensitive areas in America, ranging from reading emails sent via major Internet Service Providers and handling major telephone communications networks to providing security-related software and mercenary services. 
Indeed, despite all the hullabaloo about keeping potentially threatening Arabs out of strategic bases of American society, the most dangerous barbarians of all are already inside the gates.  We have already discussed in Chapter 17 their likely role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in broad daylight in Dallas , Texas in 1963.  Later in Chapter 30, we learn about how their arrogance remains very much alive and well.  In 2008, their likely accomplices had the nerve to gun down in broad daylight Roland Carnaby, a well-connected CIA operative. 
Like Captain May, it is entirely possible that this operative was trying to thwart a repeat 9/11 attack by the Mossad in the greater Houston area. 



Update References

2006-02-09 The Mohammed Cartoons - Recruiting Europe For Bush's War On Iran by Webster Tarpley,
2006-02-03 North Carolina Workers Alive Because of Possible Pre-Explosion Warnings by Katherine Torres, EHSToday. Subcaption: "Workers might have been warned to evacuate a North Carolina chemical plant that was the site of a deadly Feb. 1 explosion that injured 14 workers and two motorists passing by." Capt. May noted in a 6 March 2011 email sent to this author: "I am archiving this revealing account of what happened on 2/1/06, the day after Ghost Troop had predicted a false flag in connection with nuclear terror exercises conducted out of Ft. Monroe. Please compare with Nuclear attack warning story dismissed, "

[Author's Note: What is the connection with the abortive Texas City, Texas nuke scenario? This is purely speculative on my part, but it could part of an occult pattern where the perpetrators feel that if their "Plan A" involving a nuke has to be aborted, they must substitute with some alternative kind of "blood sacrifice," reminiscent of the cult of Thuggee whose adherents conducted ritual murders to please their goddess Kali (see Thug or a Million Murders by James L. Sleeman), or the Jewish ritual murder practices described in "The Bloody Passovers of Dr Toaff" by Israel Shamir. In his article "US: A terrorist training base," former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer noted how the CIA maintained an explosives training facility at Harvey Point, and how the private contracting firm Blackwater, renamed XE, also maintained a false flag training facility elsewhere in the state at Moyock. Madsen noted:


For some three decades, local residents near a top secret terrorist training base have reported on hearing explosions, seeing sudden flashes of light and night time flares, and noticing small planes and "black helicopters" arriving at and departing from a small airfield on the base. The airspace over the base is off-limits to unauthorized aircraft.
The base is not in Pakistan's restive Waziristan region or in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley but in northeastern North Carolina on Albemarle Sound, near the town of Hertford. Officially known as the Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity the base, which was once a Navy Supply Center, it actually serves as a paramilitary training course for the CIA and allied intelligence and paramilitary services, including Israel's Mossad and Britain's Special Air Services (SAS). On March 20, 1998, The New York Times reported that during its existence, Harvey Point trained 18,000 foreign intelligence operatives from 50 different countries.

In another 6 March 2011 email, Capt. May commented regarding another article on this topic:


Scrubbed from the internet! -- Captain May

Posted on Thu, Feb. 02, 2006

Officials says leaking chemical reaction likely caused blast
Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A leak from a chemical reactor likely was the source of a blast this week that leveled a Morganton factory and injured 14 people, an investigator said Thursday.
An initial investigation shows "a chemical reactor ... leaked vapors into the production building" at the Synthron Inc. plant, Stephen Selk, investigations manager for the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.
Selk said workers have reported hearing a hissing sound that caused them to begin evacuating just as the building exploded around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.
"That hissing would be consistent with a leak that was coming from the reactor," Selk said.
All 12 employees on duty at the time and two passers-by were injured in the blast, which leveled much of the plant and blew out windows up to a third of a mile away. Two people were seriously injured; a house across the street from the plant was moved off its foundation.
At the time of the explosion, Selk said, the reactor was producing a polymer paint additive using normal butyl acrylate as a reactant and the solvent toluene. A third solvent, cyclohexane, may also have been present, Selk said.
"These are all flammable," he said.
Investigators don't yet know whether to blame an out-of-control reaction or a mechanical malfunction for the blast, he added.
"That's what we're trying to determine," he said. "If it's a chemical reaction, I think the board will be more interested in it."
That's because the board has said in the past it does not believe the government is sufficiently regulating companies that engage in reactive chemistry.
A 2002 report by the panel said there had been 167 serious accidents over a 20-year period involving out-of-control chemical reactions. The accidents caused 108 deaths as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.
In that report, the board recommended that the federal Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration tighten regulations on such reactions - something that Selk said has not occurred.
Synthron's maintenance head, Curtis "Butch" Brackett of Morganton, remained in critical condition with burns Thursday at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem.
Plant manager Dick Edwardson of Gastonia suffered head injuries and had been upgraded from serious to fair condition at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.
State environmental officials have said they do not believe chemicals released into the air by the blast or runoff from the water used to fight a subsequent fire pose an environmental threat to residents near the plant or downstream from it.





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