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Wikipedia caption: "New Orleans, Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, (2005:08:29 17:24:22), showing Interstate 10 at West End Boulevard, looking towards Lake Pontchartrain."

Chapter 15

The Katrina Strike
Against New Orleans as
“The Weather 9/11”


Hurricane Katrina first made its landfall at Buras , Louisiana on August 28, 2005, and for two days completely devastated the area as it headed northward just east of New Orleans .
According to Wikipedia, Katrina destroyed an estimated $81.2 billion (2005 U.S. dollars) in property, becoming the costliest hurricane in U.S. history.  Eventually 80% of New Orleans got flooded out, and three million people were left without electricity along the Gulf Coast .  At least 1,836 people lost their lives from the actual hurricane and the consequences of subsequent floods.
Although there were certainly many very destructive and suspicious storm events both before and after Katrina during the Bush Administration, this tragedy provides the strongest evidence of high level skullduggery.  It also echoes many false flag operation patterns we have already discussed.  For this reason, it has been called the “Weather 9/11.”
Author Michel Chossudovsky observed:

"The Katrina disaster (2005) constitutes a dividing line, a watershed leading de facto to the militarization of emergency relief:

"The disaster that struck New Orleans and the southern Gulf Coast has given rise to the largest military mobilization in modern history on US soil. Nearly 65,000 US military personnel are now deployed in disaster area, transforming the devastated port city into a war zone," (Bill Van Auken,, September 2005).

Hurricanes Katrina (August 2005) and Rita (September 2005) contributed to justifying the role of the Military in natural disasters. They also contributed to shaping the formulation of presidential directives and subsequent legislation. President Bush called for the Military to become the "lead agency" in disaster relief...

From his vantage point in Houston, which received more refugees than any other part of the country, Captain May heard dozens of eyewitness testimonies about shocking events that went unreported in mainstream media.  As he related in his 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview (hr 3): 

Capt May: …The day Katrina hit, which I believe was August 29th, I am not sure, I was up at Camp Casey , Crawford. We had Bush under siege. And we badly wanted him to fall from office. To be impeached, removed, to be arrested, whatever. And that is why I was there. Why many people were there. Quite an energetic crowd. As if to save Bush from that bad luck that he was having with his plummeting numbers and the growing anti-Bush movement besieging him and his Camp Casey , Katrina hit New Orleans . And rumors started spreading around the Gulf Coast immediately, because I am within radio distance, you know at night you can pick up the signal out of New Orleans, call-in shows were coming on where people were screaming that the police --that they had blown the levees-- that this was all set up, that there were murders going on, that the police were looting, it looked like perfectly caused domestic chaos.
Hughes. Yes.
Capt May: Aid was not rendered. I cannot tell you, my next door neighbors, an elderly retired couple, who know Ghost Troop. They don't really understand us, but they know I am the Ghost Troop commander. I had people coming to my door saying, "You know, Captain May, you have got to get your Ghost Troops. I have been to Lou isiana . They ought to get some of those boys out there with those fast boats. Go take a truck load in there of supplies. There are people starving and dying of thirst. You remember people were dying in the stadium. People were dying in the streets.
Hughes. Yes.
Capt May: And no effective aid was being rendered. And people who were regular people one city over, Houston , to the west a few hundred miles or 300 miles, regular people had ideas about how they could have created a better situation. About how they could have rendered aid. About how they could have brought relief. But the fact of the matter is the police and the homeland authorities were not there to facilitate relief. They were there to withhold it. It was a set up. The levees were blown. The people were killed.
Hughes: Yes. They ordered the people into that Dome, locked the doors, and that was it.
Capt May: There were open roads out of the city, and they turned people out with guns. They turned people back.
Hughes: Yes.
Capt May: They withheld aid. They kept aid from reaching it. The police communications, they said they were knocked out and inadequate. I am saying they shut them down. It was slow murder. It was genocide. It was exactly what the black folks were saying. It was just that we are taught that on the one hand media says, "Yeah, we are egalitarian, we believe in equal rights and all this" but on the other hand what they say is, "Don't listen to these black folks. (laughter). Don't listen to them when they talk about what happened in their town. You know, you can't trust black folks."
Hughes: Yeah, right.
Capt May: They play it both ways. It is Satanic. It is cruel. It is heartless.
Hughes: Yes, it is cruel.
Capt May: It was so cruel that even the stock reporters, you may remember Ted Jeffries --there were a couple, and Geraldo Rivera, loyal thought foot soldiers who were screaming that the government was letting people die.
Hughes: Yes. I saw Shepherd and Geraldo Rivera. Shepherd had tears in his eyes.
Capt May: He was saying, "There were 200 people on this bridge. There are vehicles with supplies two hundred yards away, and these people are dying, and those vehicles are going by and not stopping. What is wrong?" They have lost containment. It was so obvious to anybody. It was clear. What they have done since is that they have shut it all down. Since it was so obvious there was so much devilry being done, I had heard rumors for some while that the government may have done a meteorological Manhattan project. Do you remember the Manhattan Project? That was the project that built the bomb. And we are not talking science fiction. We are not being conspiracy theorists. We are not being nuts when we say there was a secret project that average people did not know about, that average people would have thought crazy to have even talked about, which was absolutely real. The Manhattan Project built two nuclear devices that destroyed two cities and ended the war. That really, really happened.

Before we tackle the topic of the “meteorological Manhattan project,” let us first start with evidence regarding the blown levees.
The article “Katrina Was Not the Problem: It Was the Levees” provides a good alternative media overview of what really happened.

Katrina Went To The East Of New Orleans

New Orleans Had Winds Of 80 MPH

Katrina Pushed Water Into Lake Pontchartrain

New Orleans Sits Between The Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain

To Fix It Would Be Minor, Just Needing Some Cement and a Metal Brace

When Katrina hit, the winds were down to just a little over 100 miles per hour (Category Three), so this wasn't the monster described. The storm passed through with minor damage, but the storm surge from the Gulf, caused Lake Pontchartrain to rise three feet.

Hurricane Damage
There was minimal damage, such as windows blown out, but nothing major.

Levees Break

As the storm surge rose, somehow a levee gave way….
Katrina hit on Sunday, it was a day later, the levees broke in three places -- along the Industrial Canal , the 17th Street Canal, and the London Street Canal .


In Appendix A of The Black Widow’s Bite, author Col Donn de Grand Pre states:


Divers inspecting the ruptured levee walls surrounding New Orleans found something that piqued their interest: burn marks on underwater debris chunks from the broken levee wall!
One diver, a member of the U.S. Army Corps of engineers, saw the burn marks and knew immediately what caused them.  He secreted a small chunk of the cement inside his diving suit and later arranged for it to be sent to trusted military friends at the U.S. Army Forensic Laboratory at Fort Gillern , Georgia for testing.
According to well placed sources, a military forensic specialist determined the burn marks on the cement chunks did, in fact, come from high explosives. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity said, “We found traces of boron-enhanced fluoronitramino explosives as well as PBXN-111.  This would indicate at least two separate types of explosive devices.
The levee ruptures in New Orleans did not take place during Hurricane Katrina, but rather a day after the hurricane struck.  Several residents of New Orleans and many emergency workers reported hearing what sounded like large, muffled explosions from the area of the levee, but hose were initially discounted as gas explosions form homes with leaking gas lines.

The online 8 Sept 2005 article “Very Painful Questions About New Orleans” by “ America ’s Patriot” exposes the heart of the intrigue:

There's something very wrong with the chronology of the levee breaks in New Orleans .
Do you find it highly suspicious that the levees in New Orleans broke at 4:00 AM on August 30th?
The main storm surge from Hurricane Katrina would have been washed into Lake Pontchartrain at about 7:00 AM on August 29th when the counterclockwise motion of Katrina was pushing water from the Gulf of Mexico into the lake.
Why is there a 21 hour discrepancy between the storm surge and the collapse of the levees?
During the initial news coverage, some media outlets tried to explain away the time discrepancy as a "secondary storm surge" off of Lake Pontchartrain . Hurricanes DO NOT, never have and never will create "secondary storm surges". There's only one storm surge, the main surge while a hurricane makes landfall.
A secondary storm surge is about as believable as a magic bullet. But of course anybody who logically investigates the facts of this catastrophe will be accused of spending way too much time on the grassy knoll.
Now lets move on to the next two questions.
Why did pumping station #6, according to a statement made by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during an interview with Matt Lauer on the August 29th edition of the Today Show, fail in the lower 9th ward, which also happens to be the section of New Orleans which is the deepest part of the city? Why did the Industrial Canal levee break near the 9th ward a few hours later?
It's interesting that both the failure of pumping station #6 and the Industrial Canal levee occurred within hours of each other within the same geographic area.
The breakdown of pumping station #6 would have gradually allowed the flooding of the 9th ward and force it's residents to flee to the second floor and roofs of their houses.
The immediate flood of water from the breach of the Industrial Canal levee a few hours later would have easily drowned everyone who was unlucky enough to still be inside of their home in the lower 9th ward and waterlog every single one of those houses up to the roof. By the time the water is pumped out the city, all of those waterlogged houses will have to be condemned and torn down.
In light of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent eminent domain decision on private property, the City of New Orleans can easily condemn all of those destroyed properties and seize the land under eminent domain when the city is rebuilt. Of course with most of the residents of the 9th ward ending up dead, there's no one left to reclaim the properties or to fight back against city hall. Very convenient for anyone wishing to seize that property.
So let’s continue by looking into the "construction projects" connected to the levees.
Why did the broken section of the 17th Street Canal levee undergo "construction" within the past year?
"The Senate was seeking to restore some of the SELA funding cuts for 2006. But now it's too late. One project that a contractor had been racing to finish this summer was a bridge and levee job right at the 17th Street Canal, site of the main breach on Monday."
Why did the broken section of the Industrial Canal levee undergo "construction" within the past two years?
"West Bank Levee & Floodwall, Phase 1
Existing levee to be enlarged to 22.4 feet above sea level with 1,300 linear feet of earthen levee and 300 linear feet of combination earthen embankment and I-type floodwall. Pedestrian walkway and benches provided. On west bank of Industrial Canal from St. Claude Avenue to Mississippi River .

Estimated Start: June 2003. Construction Period: 10 months.

Don't you find it very convenient that the levees broke in the exact same sections that were undergoing construction?
Predictably, skeptics and disinformation specialists, who will go out of their way to discredit serious inquiries into the levee collapses, will make up excuses and claim "shoddy construction" caused the collapse of both the 17th Street and Industrial Canals.
Of course the "shoddy construction" explanation was the same excuse used by skeptics and disinformation specialists to explain away the implosion of the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 on 9/11, which have been repeatedly proven to be controlled demolitions.
The cuts in federal funding for the levee system in New Orleans brings up even more interesting questions.
Why was the funding for the levee system cut by the Bush Administration?
According the New Orleans newspapers, several articles were published condemning the Bush Administrations slashing of funds for the maintenance of the levees in New Orleans ;

"In early 2004, as the cost of the conflict in Iraq soared, President Bush proposed spending less than 20 percent of what the Corps said was needed for Lake Pontchartrain, according to a Feb. 16, 2004, article, in New Orleans CityBusiness.
On June 8, 2004, Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana ; told the Times-Picayune: "It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq , and I suppose that's the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us."
On the September 1st, 2005 edition of Good Morning America, President Bush claimed that "no one anticipated" that the levees would break in New Orleans ;

even though Homeland Security had drilled for such a scenario in 2004 which was titled "Hurricane Pam";
"Hurricane Pam brought sustained winds of 120 mph, up to 20 inches of rain in parts of southeast Louisiana and storm surge that topped levees in the New Orleans area. More than one million residents evacuated and Hurricane Pam destroyed 500,000-600,000 buildings. Emergency officials from 50 parish, state, federal and volunteer organizations faced this scenario during a five-day exercise held this week at the State Emergency Operations Center in Baton Rouge ."
This willful ignorance by Bush is very similar to a comment made just after 9/11 by then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice who claimed "nobody had any idea that planes would be crashed into the World Trade Center" even though there were previous reports as well as NORAD and Pentagon drills (Operation Boijinka) which suggested planes would be used for terrorism.
Members of the Bush Administration knew full well this catastrophe was coming. Which begs the question: Were the collapse of the 17th Street Canal and the Industrial Canal levees deliberate events?
In light of all the evidence that's piling up, the conclusion would have to be "yes".
Were the levees destroyed with explosive charges?
Shaped charges would be the most convenient way to rupture those levees and the only way to explain why they ruptured so quickly instead of slowly crumbling apart in small pieces. With the city and the surrounding areas evacuated, there would be very few witnesses to this type of deliberate sabotage, especially if it took place at 4 o'clock in the morning.
Were shaped explosive charges hidden inside of sealed, waterproof compartments during the "construction" on the 17th Street and Industrial Canal levees and conveniently detonated in the aftermath of Katrina?
In light of evidence of shaped charges being used in the destruction the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995 and inside of the World Trade Center complex on September 11th, 2001, the probability is very high.
The circumstances surrounding the breaches of the levees becomes even stranger with the next piece of information.
Since a truck bomb was used to mask the presence of shaped charges in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and that the crashes of planes and resulting fires were used to mask the shaped charge demolition of the World Trade Center, we now have to turn to the mysterious barge that was conveniently parked near the area of the Industrial Canal levee breach;  

Barge in the breach?

A loose barge may have caused a large breach in the east side of the Industrial Canal floodwall that accelerated Hurricane Katrina's rising floodwaters in New Orleans, Army Corps of Engineers project manager Al Naomi said Monday.

Naomi said the barge was found on the land side of the floodwall, leading corps officials to believe that it could have crashed through the wall and sent a huge amount of water -- which was already pouring over the top -- into the neighborhoods immediately downriver.

Why was a barge parked next to the area of the Industrial Canal levee breach, especially when everyone knew a Category 5 hurricane was approaching the city? Was it planted there to make the collapse of the Industrial Canal levee look like an accident?

During the Oklahoma City Bombing, a truck with a fertilizer and fuel oil bomb was parked in front of the Murrah building by Timothy McVeigh and several Iraqi intelligence agents (who were brought into the U.S. by Bush Sr. during his term in office and were caught assisting McVeigh on video surveillance tapes confiscated under national security) in order to make it look like the truck bomb took down the building even though we know shaped charges caused the hole in the Murrah building.

It was the same way with the World Trade Center on 9/11. Planes were crashed into the buildings and the resulting fires were used in the governments whitewash of the events which claimed that the steel columns melted and caused the collapse. FDNY firefighter tapes prove the fires were nearly out before the shaped charge implosions of Towers 1 and 2 as well as Building 7, a demolition which was admitted several months later by Larry Silverstein on a PBS documentary called "America Rebuilds".

So the presence of this barge in the exact area where the Industrial Canal levee breached is highly suspicious.

On a side note, the original story linked above has been "scrubbed" from the main Minneapolis Star Tribune website and replaced with a totally different story. Luckily the original article was found in the Google cache. Looks like whoever destroyed those levees are putting massive pressure on newspapers and websites to censor the truth.

Now we have to ask, who benefits from this tragedy?

Halliburton, the company previously headed by Dick Cheney, has already been awarded contracts to clean up the damage from Katrina.

"Also, as part of the company's Construction Capabilities (CONCAP) contract with the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), Halliburton's subsidiary KBR is providing power distribution restoration, emergency roof repair and debris removal at three Mississippi Naval facilities that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, KBR will begin performing damage assessments on other Naval facilities in New Orleans as soon as it is deemed safe to do so."

Just like with the aftermath of the Iraq War, Dick Cheney and Halliburton will line their pockets by making billions of dollars off of the suffering of thousands of innocents….


The article “The Great New Orleans Land Grab:The 17th Street Canal levee was breached on purpose”: by Ernesto Cienfuegos, Global Research, September 13, 2005, addresses the police shoot-out:

Among the most telling anomalies pointing to something terribly afoot is the gun battle, killing 5, that occurred at the breached levee between the New Orleans Police Department and, what have now been identified as US military agents. An Associated Press report, which has now disappeared, stated that at least five USA Defense Department personnel where shot dead by New Orleans police officers in the proximity of the breached levee. (Please Note: The original media reports concerning the shootout are now being changed or "cleansed" in a cover-up. We found one original report at,1280,-5256023,00.html [article has been removed] La Voz de Aztlan has a mirror page of this report at in case this report gets changed or deleted as well) A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers said later that those killed were "federal contractors" on their way to "repair" a canal. The "contractors" were on their way to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain , in an operation to "fix" the 17th Street Canal, according to the Army Corps of Engineers spokesman. Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley of New Orleans later reported that his policemen had shot at eight suspicious people near the breached levee, killing five or six. [see text of AP report at foot of article]
Who were these "military agents" that were killed by the police near the 17th Street Canal breached levee and what were they doing there? Why did the New Orleans police find it necessary to shoot and kill 5 or 6 of them? No one is saying anything and it appears that the news story has now been swept under the rug. Were these US Department of Defense personnel a Special Forces group or Navy Seals with top secret orders to sabotage the levee? There are verifiable reports that at least 100 New Orleans police officers have disappeared from the face of the earth and that two have committed suicide. Could these be policemen that died defending the levee against sabotage by "federal contractors"?
Another telling incident that points to a "nefarious plan" is what New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said at the height of the crisis. He said publicly, "I fear the CIA may take me out!" Mayor Nagin, a Black, said this twice. He told a reporter for the Associated Press: "If the CIA slips me something and next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened." Later he told interviewers for CNN on a live broadcast that he feared the "CIA might take me out." What does Mayor Ray Nagin know and why does he fear the CIA?
In an interview by WWL TV, Mayor Nagin complained vociferously that Louisiana National Guard Blackhawk helicopters were being stopped from dropping sandbags to plug the levee soon after it breached. There is evidence that no repairs were allowed on the levee until after New Orleans was totally flooded!
Many civilian groups who were attempting to aid people trapped in their attics, on their roofs and at the Superdome are reporting that FEMA, other federal agents and the US military essentially "stopped" them from doing so. Convoys that were organized by truckers and carrying "food and water" were blocked by agents of the federal government on the highways and roads leading to New Orleans . The American Red Cross, in addition, encountered numerous incidents and has made formal complaints.

The AP report that got mirrored by the Voz of Aztlan was as follows:


Guardian Unlimited
Police Kill Five Contractors on La. Bridge

Sunday September 4, 2005 11:16 PM

AP Photo VTAP102

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Police shot eight people carrying guns on a New Orleans bridge Sunday, killing five or six, a deputy chief said. A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers said the victims were contractors on their way to repair a canal.

The contractors were walking across a bridge on their way to launch barges into Lake Pontchartrain to fix the 17th Street Canal, said John Hall, a spokesman for the Corps.

Earlier Sunday, New Orleans Deputy Police Chief W.J. Riley said police shot at eight people, killing five or six.

The shootings took place on the Danziger Bridge , which spans a canal connecting Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River .

No other details were immediately available.

Lastly, the article “Locals, Officials Suggest Levees Were Intentionally Blown” by By Steve Watson, Sept 9, 2005, Prisonplanet claims that there might be some historical parallelism involved here: 

Dynamite? History repeating itself?

Many locals have come forward to suggest that the levees were breached on purpose by the authorities. Resident Andrea Garland, now re-located to Texas , wrote in her blog:
"Also heard that part of the reason our house flooded is they dynamited part of the levee after the first section broke - they did this to prevent Uptown (the rich part of town) from being flooded. Apparently they used too much dynamite, thus flooding part of the Bywater. So now I know who is responsible for flooding my house - not Katrina, but our government."
This scenario is not so crazy as it sounds, in fact this exact thing has happened before in the same city. In 1927, the Mississippi River broke its banks in 145 places, depositing water at depths of up to 30ft over 27,000 square miles of land.
The disaster changed American society, shifting hundreds of thousands of delta-dwelling blacks into northern cities and cementing the divisions and suspicions that benign neglect has ensured remain today. New Orleans ’ (mainly white) business class pressurized the state to dynamite a levee upstream, releasing water into (mainly black) areas of the delta. Black workers were forced to work on flood relief at gunpoint, like slaves…
…This information is covered in depth in a book by John M. Barry entitled Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and how it Changed America, 1997 which has incidentally become heavily in demand after Katrina.
Furthermore, levees were also intentionally broke after Hurricane Betsy struck New Orleans in 1965, admittedly with less of an impact. The tactic of breaking the dikes is not uncommon, as this CNN report on China 's flood plains highlights.
Engineers have now punched holes in several levees in parts of New Orleans where flood levels were higher than the water in drainage canals leading to Pontchartrain, in order to let water flow out.

I think that by now I have presented the reader enough evidence to suggest another conspiracy “rabbit hole,” just like the overwhelming evidence of massive series of explosions that brought down the World Trade Center towers.   
When we ask similar questions as we did with such events as 9/11 and the London subway bombings, we begin to see similar patterns emerge.
The natural disaster variation on the false flag theme is a little more subtle than scenarios employing phony Al Qaeda terrorists, but not by much.  In both cases, the real cause of damage is very different than what is represented in national media.  In both cases, insiders engage in massive deception for their own gain. 
The Katrina hurricane was the “false flag” hoisted to disguise the levee saboteurs.   

False flag operations typically utilize military exercises

The aforementioned articleVery Painful Questions About New Orleans” article provided a 23 July 2004 quote from FEMA exercise “Hurricane Pam” that modeled in 1984 an eerily similar scenario to what really happened a little over year later with Katrina.

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Hurricane Pam brought sustained winds of 120 mph, up to 20 inches of rain in parts of southeast Louisiana and storm surge that topped levees in the New Orleans area. More than one million residents evacuated and Hurricane Pam destroyed 500,000-600,000 buildings. Emergency officials from 50 parish, state, federal and volunteer organizations faced this scenario during a five-day exercise held this week at the State Emergency Operations Center in Baton Rouge .

Please recollect that an important function of exercises for false flag operators is that they model all the “who, what, where, how, and why’s” of government actors in a crisis situation.  This enables the operators to not only understand how all the moving parts work together, but also figure out how they will embed their criminal activity within the overall operation, control the situation, deceive honest people, and sustain a cover-up.
However, since the “enemy” here involves a force of nature, it was not so critical to have an exercise running concurrently with the crisis to keep the military under control.  In contrast, with a terrorist scenario, this is very important to prevent parts of the military from spontaneously smelling a rat and launching a coup, or attacking an innocent country, or making some other undesirable move.  To make an allusion to the movie Dr. Strangelove, it is very unlikely that a Gen Jack Ripper-type character will launch a nuclear attack on howling wind.
Nevertheless, there is evidence that there were crooked exercises and government projects leading up to Katrina that helped prepare for the event. As mentioned, the construction workers on the levee may have inserted explosives.  In addition, someone probably prepositioned the barge to create an alibi.

False Flag operators typically require local control

Does one even need to ask if “The Big Easy”  -- the original hometown of Jean LaFitte the Pirate (who was part Jewish) -- is filled with government officials who can be easily bought off? provides pithy overview of New Orleans ’ powerful Zionist community.

Jewish Merchants Built New Orleans
Many Jewish immigrants flocked to the South in the 1820's. They got started in the mercantile trade, and soon controlled the riverboats, cotton trade, banks, and the seamy side of life such as whorehouses and gambling parlors.
The Freyhans, Rosenthals, Freemans, Speilgmans and others are the 'Old Money' of New Orleans .
New Orleans Slave Trade
The town was a major port for slave traders, and many of today's " New Orleans ' Old Families", made their money in the slave trade.
Judah Touro
Louisiana's wealthiest slave trader, who history later records as a successful merchant, and [bogus self-proclaimed] war hero.
Gambling And Drug Interests
Judah Hertz, who is alleged to have ties to Israeli and South American drug lords, has bought 25% of New Orleans prime office space in the last 26 months. The elimination of the Blacks is a gift from above...


New Orleans happens to be the hometown of Dr. David Duke, who knows a thing or two about who controls the local media.  As one example from Chapter 19 of My Awakening: 

When Newhouse bought the Times-Picayune, it was reported by Time magazine that he commented, “I just bought New Orleans .” In some ways, his statement is accurate. Newhouse and his employees could say anything they liked about any person or any issue with little fear of contradiction. Newhouse, secure in his monopoly, was free to push whatever social and political agenda he wished.
Even today, more than 25 years after Newhouse’s purchase of the Times-Picayune, many in New Orleans are unaware that a Jewish New York family owns the paper. The editorial page gives a local address and says the publisher is Ashton Phelps, a descendent of the family that once owned the paper.

Insiders usually profit –in more ways than one

There were many different players who “scored” on many different levels, ranging from businessmen and mercenaries to politicians and ideologues.  Certain businessmen made a killing on sweetheart contracts and radical real estate changes. Certain politicians tried to exploit the situation to advance their political agendas involving both more federal centralization and global centralization under the New World Order paradigm.
In an interesting parallel with Zionist billionaire Larry Silverstein who suspiciously acquired control of the World Trade Center towers months before 9/11, another Jewish real estate magnate named Judah Hertz out of California went on a thirty six month buying spree just prior to Katrina.  A Judicialinc-biz supplement notes:

In the process, Hertz has done something unprecedented. In the 25-year history of the modern New Orleans Class A office market, no single owner has controlled 25 percent of the city's top office building market. The achievement is probably rare across the nation.
"I've never seen anyone come into a market and try to dominate it" as Hertz has" said Greg Riera, a 23-year industry veteran and local vice president of Jones Lang LaSalle real estate services company.
"I think a lot of people are scratching their heads," said Steve Riesig of SRSA Commercial Real Estate in Metairie . "It's very uncharacteristic for any institution or private capital to acquire that much in any one market anywhere."

Again, judicialinc-biz gave a pithy summary of other business interests that benefitted: 

Large Developers Swarm Like Locust
The Taubmans, Tischman, Shorensteins, etc, see this is a golden opportunity. Most of New Orleans was low-income sub-standard housing for blacks.
Zionist real estate magnate[s] …will be buying hand over fist at ridiculously low prices.
Bush Will Supply Federal Aid
These developers will turn New Orleans into the hottest real estate project in the US , using government grants. New Orleans , and its surrounding area, will turn into another Las Vegas , but with Old World charm.
Crime Families Will Battle It Out
You have the Russian mob represented by the Fainbergs vs the American group run out of Miami by Alvin Malnik.
Riverboat Gambling
The Mob, run by the likes of Alvin Malnik, nee (Malinkski) will have a field day remaking New Orleans into the next Las Vegas .
The Coming Look of New Orleans   
The New Orleans rebuilding commission designs ordinances that reduces Blacks, pushes parks, promotes up scale neighborhoods, and cultural epiphyses, but no fried chicken joints.
The truth is the city will house the white employees of the casinos.
Mickey Arison, the head of Carnival Cruise lines, is mentioned as a pioneer of the rebirth of New Orleans , with his wealth of foreign workers.
The new face of N.O. will be Philippine, and Asian,  for the service jobs, and white for the casino jobs.

Bush Signs A $51.8 Billion Aid Bill 
Here is where Blackwater gets paid. FEMA will declare New Orleans a toxic area, and blacks will get a bill for $100,000 to clean up their homes, or be subjugated into selling out to some New York realtors for pennies.

In “A Tale of Two Hurricanes” judicialinc-biz outlines how Mickey Arison and Carnival Cruise received special favor from a Member of the Tribe


Carnival Cruise Gets $236 Million
FEMA, who couldn't get water to blacks, sends a cruise ship to New Orleans, that will house the workers, who are going to tear down the black's old housing.
Chertof gives a fellow Israeli Michel Arison, an Israeli, a $236 million dollar sweetheart deal.
The casino interests of Las Vegas , Atlantic City , and the New York real estate developers are buying the blacks' demolished housing. Their plan is to turn New Orleans into the 'Jewel of the South', another Las Vegas


Christopher Bollyn’s “Chertoff’s Sweetheart Deal for Israeli-Owned Carnival Cruise Line” explained some terms: 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, through a hastily arranged deal with Carnival Cruise Lines, $236 million from U.S. taxpayers will flow to a tax exempt Israeli-founded corporation registered in Panama . Before federal assistance even reached the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Carnival Cruise Lines had received a profitable deal to provide three ships to house evacuees from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast .  The deal, reached on Sept. 2, 2005, will pay Carnival some $236 million for the use of 7,100 berths for six months…
….Critics in Congress, however, said the cost of the deal with Carnival was exorbitant. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said the cost per berth is more than $1,275 a week, while a 7-day Caribbean cruise costs about $600 per person…

The Bush Cabal tried to exploit Katrina to continue its program of ratcheting up federal control.  In his Sept. 28, 2005 article “The Death of a Constitutional Republic  Kurt Nimmo explained:

President Bush yesterday sought to federalize hurricane-relief efforts, removing governors from the decision-making process,” reports the Moonie Times, otherwise known as the Washington Times. “It wouldn’t be necessary to get a request from the governor or take other action,” declared White House press secretary Scott McClellan. “Mr. McClellan was referring to a new, direct line of authority that would allow the president to place the Pentagon in charge of responding to natural disasters, terrorist attacks and outbreaks of disease.
In other words, Bush wants to erase yet another constitutional amendment—the Tenth, which states “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”—and he is using the misfortune of Katrina as an opportunistic wrecking ball. “Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour declined the president’s offer to federalize the state’s National Guard troops in the aftermath of Katrina. So Mr. Bush wants Congress to consider empowering the Pentagon with automatic control.” In other words, the misery and suffering of the people of Louisiana —deliberately exacerbated by FEMA and the Ministry of Homeland Security—will serve as a red carpet for Bush to systematically dismantle the cornerstone of the United States, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is, at minimum and as a start, a death knell for Posse Comitatus.

Journalist Bill Van Auken charged in “New Orleans Becomes A War Zone” that the Bush administration deliberately withheld aid to favor only those willing to play ball with federal centralization:  

While no doubt incompetence and indifference played a major role [in the supposedly bungled aid effort], there is also strong evidence that aid was deliberately withheld by the White House and the Pentagon as part of a strategy for asserting unfettered military control over the city.... the US ruling elite and both major parties have used September 11 as the pretext for implementing far-reaching attacks on democratic rights and breaching legal barriers -- such as Posse Comitatus -- against the use of military force against the American people.

Not surprisingly, VP Cheney’s old company Halliburton fattened itself on the disaster relief program, just like it did in Iraq and Afghanistan , while basic  infrastructure for disadvantaged people in New Orleans –just like Iraq —remained neglected.
A report "New Orleans: 18 Months After Katrina” noted:

Still Unable to Return Home--250,000 renters and homeowners, mostly African Americans. By Feb 2007 only 632 of the 77,000 home owners eligible for federal Road Home rebuilding funds have received them.  Renters receive no funds (64% of N.O. residents rented). Rents have doubled in the “hood” from $450 to $850 for a 2 bedroom.
Public Housing--Still Closed. HUD illegally locked out 4,534 families, disabled & elders from their homes, despite minimal damage. Spent $.5 M to board/bar the housing. HUD plans to demolish 4,534 units, violating tenants’ leases--and the law in 23 ways. Cost? $175 M more than clean-up. Motive? They plan to rebuild for “mixed” income--only 10% for poor
Buses--Still Not Running in poor areas. 55% of Folks have no cars. 30% of jobs lost    Public schools—Still Closed. 19 (out of 117) open. 7,500 teachers/staff fired. $0 funding for Public Schools. Feds sent $4.8 million to fund private/ charter schools…
…Billionaire businesses raked in $9.7 Billions. Only10% of contracts were local. Wealthy Disaster Profiteers won No-Bid Contracts via political connections and campaign contributions. Waste, fraud, overcharges prevail. Together with city, state and feds, these poverty pimps are looting relief funds and privatizing N.O.

They are grabbing land/housing from low-income and poor people near the French Quarter to expand tourist businesses and provide housing for middle/ upper income residents.

FLUOR Corp--$1.4 Billion, SHAW Group--$950 M, BECHTEL--$575 M HALLIBURTON KBR--$169 M, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES--$236 M LANDSTAR EXPRESS AMERICA--$286 M, CH2M HILL Inc--$530 M No-BID contracts for cleanup, housing, reconstruction. Bechtel double billed, overcharging $48 million. The Shaw Group charged 3 times more than an Alabama competitor to tarp roofs--yet SHAW received $330 M. Ashbritt , Florida Bush friend, received contract to remove debris for $23 a cubic yard. Four more companies sub-contracted, raking in millions doing no work. Final contractor is doing the work for $3 a cubic yard…

There was a new dimension that was even more disturbing, involving not only no-bid contract, good-old boy crony capitalism, but also the flagrant use of Blackwater private mercenary forces and foreign soldiers on U.S. soil.   The sighting of Israeli commandoes and Mexican troops also set off alarm bells for all Americans worried about retaining national sovereignty.
Judicialinc explained the crony capitalist connection with Blackwater’s founder, Erik Prince, and George Bush.  Prince is  “…an heir to billions. He is a Zionist `Christian Conservative', whose father, Edgar Prince, was involved with Amway's DeVos and the Moral Majority.”
Blackwater hardly got the job with good recommendations. Brig. Gen. Karl R. Horst, deputy commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, which was responsible for security in and around Baghdad , once commented. . "These guys run loose in this country and do stupid stuff. There's no authority over them, so you can't come down on them hard when they escalate force… They shoot people, and someone else has to deal with the aftermath. It happens all over the place."       
An excellent overview of the Blackwater controversy was contained in the Bill Moyers PBS interview of author Jeremy Scahill on October 19, 2007:

Moyers: Suppose we had a national emergency, suppose there is a President Hillary Clinton, a President Barack Obama who has declared martial law, and in order to try to deal with this threat, and there was a private army of 20,000 soldiers that I could call upon to throw a ring around the capitol and make sure that the Congress did not leave town or get back to the Capitol, I mean, how far-fetched is that?
Scahill:  Well, I was in New Orleans , in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and we saw a real window into the possible future. I was standing on a street corner in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street, and I was talking to two New York City police officers who had come down to help, and this was just a couple of days after the hurricane had hit, and this car speeds up next to us, no license plates on it, it was a compact car, and three massive guys get out of it and they have M4 assault rifles, bullet proof vests, wearing Khaki, wrap-around sunglasses, baseball caps on, and they come up and say to the cops "Where are the rest of the Blackwater guys?" And my head sort of -- I did not even hear the answer. I could not believe what I was hearing. "Where was the rest of the Blackwater guys." So they get back in their vehicle and speed off. And I say to the cops, "You mean the Blackwater --the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan ?"  And he said, "Oh yes, they are all over the place down here." So I said, "I would like to talk to them, where are they." He said, "You can either way on this street" implying that they are everywhere. So I walked a little deeper into the French Quarter and sure enough I encountered some Blackwater guys and when I talked to them, they said they were down there to confront criminals and stop looters.
Moyers: Who called them in?
Scahill: Well this is an interesting story. Erik Prince sent them in with no contract initially. About 180 Blackwater guys were sent into the Gulf --they got there before FEMA. I do not even know if FEMA was there yet, but they got there before FEMA. Before there was any kind of a serious operation in the city at all.
Moyers: On Prince's own decision?
Scahill:  Well, so Prince sends them in.  Within a week Blackwater is given a contract from the Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service to engage in security operations inside of New Orleans . At one point Blackwater had 600 men deployed down there stretching from Texas through Mississippi in the Gulf. They are pulling in $240,000 a day. Some of these guys, Bill, had just been in Iraq two weeks earlier guarding a U.S. ambassador. Now they are in New Orleans . They said we are doing this as a vacation. One was complaining to me that there was not enough action down here. And when I talked to them, they said they were getting paid $350 a day plus a per diem.
Moyers: By?  Homeland Security?
Scahill: They are being paid by Blackwater. So I got Blackwater's contract with the Department of Homeland Security.  It turns out Blackwater billed U.S. taxpayers $950 per man per day in the hurricane zone.
Moyers:  On a margin of six hundred --
Scahill:  The math on this stuff  is always complicated because Erik Prince and his men are very good at drawing up charts and sort of saying, "Well, there is this detail and this detail." The Department of Homeland Security then did an internal review and determined that it was the best value for the taxpayer at a time when the poor residents of New Orleans are being chastised for how they use their $2,000 debit cards that often didn't work, the ones provided by FEMA.  But what was even scarier than seeing the Blackwater operatives on the streets of New Orleans was --I encountered two Israeli commandoes who had been brought in by a wealthy businessman in New Orleans and set up an armed checkpoint outside his gated community. And they were from a company called Instinctive Shooting International (ISI), which is an Israeli company. And I went up to them and talked to them, and they tapped on their automatic weapons and said, "Over in our country when the Palestinians see this they are not so afraid because they are used to it. But you people see it and you are very afraid." They are almost proud of the fact that I was sort of in awe seeing Israeli commandoes patrolling a U.S. street operating at an armed check point.
Moyers: I mean, once upon a time companies and others hired Pinkerton private guards. But never on this scale, right?
Scahill: No. It was like Baghdad on the bayou down there in New Orleans . I mean, this is the point I am making. The poor drowned. They are left without food. They are called looters when they take perishable goods out of a store when they have been systematically neglected. The rich bring in their mercenaries to guard their properties or their businesses or their hotel chains. And I think it is a window into what happens in a national emergency. In this country the poor are left to suffer and die, and the rich bring in their mercenaries.

Add insult to outrage, there were credible reports of armed Mexican troops being allowed to enter the U.S    The 8 Sept 2005 article “Armed Mexican Troops Invade U.S. ” by Alex Jones & Paul  Joseph Watson” stated:

Two separate credible sources known to Alex Jones have reported that armed combat ready Mexican troops have entered Texas .
The Associated Press reported today that unarmed Mexican troops were being escorted by the US army to help relief efforts for hurricane Katrina.
However, the report was only specific to one convoy. The convoys reported to Alex Jones are said to be fully armed with Heckler & Koch German assault rifles.
The first sighting occurred at 12:30 on Highway 183 traveling towards Austin . The eyewitness described at least ten vehicles, four jeeps (other witnesses described them as Humvees) and six combat trucks brimming with armed Mexican troops wearing body armor, helmets and rifles. The troops riding in the jeeps were wearing holstered hand guns.
The vehicles were not being escorted by the US army or any other government vehicles and the vehicles were festooned with insignia reading 'Mexico MP's' and the Mexican flag.
The second sighting of a similar nature occurred north of Austin on I35 near Georgetown Texas .
Prison Planet contacted Congressman Ron Paul's office whose district is in Texas and the Congressman's response was, "any Mexican troops here period is illegal and unconstitutional…."

Interestingly enough, AP writer Mark Stevenson denied that the Mexicans were armed in “Mexican army convoys bringing aid to U.S.-- Foreign Troops on US Soil!  September 6, 2005:

Large Mexican flags were taped to many of the 35 green-painted Mexican army trucks and tractor trailers as they rumbled northward, in what apparently will be the first Mexican military unit to operate on U.S. soil since 1846.
The trucks, carrying 195 unarmed soldiers, officers and specialists, were expected to arrive in Laredo , Texas , sometime Wednesday. From there they are to proceed to Houston , where they will apparently be used to produce water and hot meals.

…now back to Alex Jones’ alternative media version of the story:


….The amount of energy being expended in shepherding and handling the Mexican troops is greater than any aid they can render. We don't need their help.
The very notion that these troops are entering Texas to provide aid directly contradicts the fact that Alex Jones personally visited Austin Convention Center and saw piles of food and clothes lined up for refugees.
In other areas, aid is desperately required because FEMA has been deliberately sabotaging relief efforts. The LA Times reported today that "scores of police and volunteer firefighters from around the nation, as well as trucks loaded with donated water, were even now being prevented from entering New Orleans while troops conduct house-to-house searches."
FEMA has also been cutting communication lines. Sheriffs in several counties of New Orleans have set up armed guard patrols to prevent FEMA from further actions of sabotage.
FEMA has therefore intentionally created the climate for the justification of foreign troops entering the US ….

….Security agreements have been signed allowing foreign troops to enter the US and vice versa. This is part of the incremental push to use foreign troops on US soil to order US citizens around in times of emergency.
The US has today asked NATO to provide a bigger response in the relief effort, opening the doorway for many more foreign troops to enter the US ….

However, one of the most disturbing allegations of all came from former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a black Democrat and subsequent Green Party candidate.  She told a 28 Sept 2008 Critical Resistance Conference in Oakland , California:

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I had a woman, I've never really said this in public, out loud, in front of a lot of cameras, and there's a lot of cameras in this room now. But I had a mother call me, because her son had a very gruesome task.
Her son's charge by the Department of Defense was to process five thousand bodies that had received a single bullet wound to the head. And these were mostly males. And her son was afraid to talk, because he had signed a silence agreement. So he only complained to his mother. But the data about these individuals was entered into a Pentagon computer. And then, reportedly, the bodies were dumped in the swamp in Louisiana . This is the result of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. And I have verification from insiders who wish to remain anonymous, and the Red Cross. This is true.

Quite a few Internet bloggers refuse to take this at face value. One in particular referred to this asl get whitey” lunatic rhetoric of a black politician designed  to play the usual “victim card” and pander to black racial fears. 
Certainly we should not take any single account at face value.  We should try to confirm it from multiple sources.  Nevertheless, I mention McKinney ’s assertion here because there were in fact so many unsavory elements that occurred in New Orleans simultaneously that this story cannot be completely dismissed either.
We know that Israel routinely engages in targeted assassinations, and that they advise U.S. soldiers in Iraq to use “ West Bank ” policies.
We know that U.S. forces have used torture and brutal occupation methods against Iraqis, to include the destruction of Fallujah.
We also know that Zionists control New Orleans .  We have seen strong evidence that the levees were deliberately sabotaged, and that there is even more evidence that this was part of a conscious ethnic cleansing campaign designed to reduce New Orlean’s black population. Many blacks were driven to desperation, and they certainly have their side of the story to tell.
We know that the Bush cabal sought to practice martial law.  It also practiced New World Order politics by sanctioning the importation of armed Mexican troops, Israeli commandoes, and perhaps NATO troops.
It also invited in Blackwater mercenaries fresh from Iraq who have a reputation for trigger-happy ruthlessness.
We know that there was a high level of lawlessness and looting by blacks, and that gun battles took place between them.  Gators were seen munching on cadavers floating in the water. It was relatively easy to murder people under such circumstances.  
In Chapter 14 we saw strong evidence that the Bush cabal assassinated critics such as Col Ted Westhusing and Senator Paul Wellstone, and in chapter 5 we learned how George Bush himself seems to feel a sadistic enjoyment in killing people as an end in itself.  
Later, in Chapter 23 we will learn how there are parts of the martial law directive  NSPD-51 that are so secret that even a Congressman like Peter DeFazio who sat on the homeland security committee was refused access by the White House.
It is too far-fetched to consider that the Bush cabal may have sent in special units to practice targeted assassinations and other death squad-related activity under the circumstances of Katrina?  After hearing about black looters, Bush may have viewed them similarly to Arabs in Fallujah, and told classified operatives to go in there and “shoot ‘em up and kick ass.”
Among other things, this could be part of an operating plan under development to use natural disasters and martial law in the future as cover to take out anti-Zionist and anti-government dissidents under the guise of controlling “looters” and other “criminals.”
There could be another plausible motive as well.  We know that Zionist real estate developers covet land held by poor black people.  Openly negotiating assemblages with land owners and trying to openly change city zoning restrictions can be an unbelievable pain in the rear. Why not just flood ‘em, shoot ‘em, and then get quick zoning changes along with disaster aid as part of the usual “economic recovery” acts?
This could have been deliberately intended to have similarities to the Deir Yassin massacre deliberately conducted on Palestinians in April 148, which killed over 107 civilian villagers.  The Zionists who conducted this massacre then openly broadcast the massacre to other Palestinians to terrorize them into leaving their land.  In the case of New Orleans , the idea is to terrorize blacks into leaving the city and never come back.  In other words, “We sent hired guns around to shoot people, and it did not even get into national media, and authorities aren’t doing anything about it, so whaddya you gonna do about it?” 

False flag attacks usually require massive use of illusion

The first major illusion was the false notion that the hurricane and not explosives breached the levees.
A second major illusion promulgated by national media was the notion that blacks were suffering in New Orleans because of a combination of “white racism” and incompetence by relief authority.  This fit the usual liberal cookie-cutter view of the world that blacks are always victims of white racism.
The controlled national media neglected to report that a number of white neighborhoods, to include one containing a home owned by Dr. David Duke, were completely flooded.  Furthermore, blacks were more the victims of Zionist racism than white racism.  Lastly, New Orleans was hit by willful sabotage and a deliberate ethnic cleansing campaign.
There was also a more subtle, academic, and philosophical form of illusion foisted on the public that is explained in the book
The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by the Jewish author Naomi Klein.
This is the intellectual smoke screen that both the Bush cabal and national media frequently use to justify pork barrel crony capitalism and big government strong arm methods. According to the “shock” doctrine, disasters “stimulate” the economy by creating the jobs and goods necessary to replace losses.  They shake things up to unleash creative forces and put idle funds to work. They justify government intervention that positively guides the economy.
All of this is simply a restatement of what many conservative economists call “the fallacy of the broken window.”     
As explained by Henry Hazlitt in his classic work Economics in One Lesson, it may be true that breaking a window will create work for a glass maker and a window repairman, but this fails to look at a broader picture.  Wealth creation means accumulating useful things.  Destroying and rebuilding things simply returns us back to square one.  If the window had been left unbroken, and the money that would have gone into fixing it had instead been invested in the creation of an additional asset, then the window owner would have been wealthier. Furthermore, the glass maker and window repairmen would have been freed to devote their energy towards creating a new asset that adds to wealth, rather than replaces it.
Similarly, it is a widespread fallacy that World War II in itself brought America out of the Great Depression.  War itself is inherently destructive.  It consumes lives, destroys property, and channels investment into things that are designed to get blown up or expended rather than things that help create other things with everyday usefulness that add to wealth. Even technological investment tends to get very distorted and relatively inefficient by peacetime standards.  Government interventionism typically distorts rational free market forces, and empowers politically-motivated bureaucrats to steer the economy who are typically less competent when it comes to creating real and useful things compared to their private sector counterparts.    
For more on all this, see Dr. Mark Thornton’s lecture “What Survives and Dies in War” at  Also, please see the argument by Dr. Robert Higgs about how the America came out of the Great Depression in a rear-end backwards manner despite the misdirected intent of official policies. Among other things, wartime wage controls forced worker salaries down in an era of price inflation to where it became economic to reemploy most of the work force again.    America destroyed much of it foreign industrial competition, which increased incentives to build home industries –but this came at the expense rather than benefit of global wealth.
Controlled national media typically pre-condition Americans to accept false flag illusions prior to the attacks

Capt. May described how media set up in advance for the public mental connections between hurricanes, New Orleans getting hit, and a city getting drowned in his 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview (3rd hr): 

Capt May: The hurricane subject, all right, New Orleans was the focus target. Remember Fox Network had just run a show at the beginning of the summer "Oil Storms."
Hughes: Oh yes.
Capt May: Fox had actually prepared --now think about it, remember Independence Day was code named ID4 and marketed as ID4 [which could also be interpreted as "Identification for"]? I am telling you now it was an "ID for" 9-11.
Hughes: Right.
Capt May: Well, Fox News, Fox Network, the same people who made Independence Day, had already prepared Oil Storm which was all about a super hurricane hitting New Orleans and creating a state of emergency and requiring the imposition of Federal emergency powers and dictatorship and driving up the oil prices beyond all reality. Right?
Hughes: Right.
Capt May: How much of that happened, man? All of it?
Hughes: Hmmm.
Capt May: You see what I am saying? And I will tell you the movie that gives it all away, since we are playing movies again. One more time, one more. You want to know what the movie was in 2004 that set all this up so that the public would accept it? The Day After Tomorrow. Another Fox Network movie which in advance talked about how there would be 15 degree drops in the North Atlantic current which would bring on a new Ice Age in the North. OK? Be a Satanist and turn things backwards. The amount of temperature variation in the Gulf waters this summer was ten to fifteen degrees above normal.
Hughes: But they are not even addressing the fact that there is an enormous amount of under water volcanic activity that is going on. They don't want to talk about that.
Capt May: Well we'll come back to that, especially after the earthquake part of things. But my point is that in 2004 Hollywood , which is run by Zionists who are hand in glove with all of this Satanic empowerment --
Hughes: Well add in there that the Zionists have a lot of help from the gentiles.
Capt May: From who?
Hughes: From the gentiles--
Capt May: Oh yes, of course. Of course. But they [the Zionists] run the propaganda end of the operation. I have worked in media and that is pretty apparent to people who have worked in media. They put out a movie in 2004 called The Day After Tomorrow. I hope you saw it.
Hughes: No.
Capt May: It was a movie all about how catastrophic weather would be caused by a sudden shift in temperature. That got people used to the idea that catastrophic weather was on the way because of sudden shifts in temperature. In the movie they drown a city, New York . OK in reality one year later, they had catastrophic weather and temperature changes in the waters just like in The Day After Tomorrow, they had super storms, just like The Day After Tomorrow, and you have the drowning of the city. Except instead of New York City , it is New Orleans . I mean, in other words, they do the blue print to get the public ready to accept it. No woman on earth who has daughters would let her girl go to a porn movie before going to the prom. Because you know that any boy who will take your daughter to the porn movie before the prom only has one thing on his mind.
Hughes: Oh sure.
Capt May: He is trying to get her ready for something, and we won't talk about that on this radio. Well, when they do a movie like The Day After Tomorrow, all about how there are going to be ten to fifteen degree water temperature changes creating super storms wiping out cities, they are getting us ready for what they are going to do. You don't got show your date porn because you want to take her out for ice cream. Reality is supposed to simulate the movie.
Hughes: Right.
Capt May: Well, The Day After Tomorrow was porn for the weather weapons. They were setting it up. So this year when you take Katrina, we have taken Rita, Rita was a category 5 that was coming towards Houston, Ghost Troop got so involved in that, that Rita veered off. I think they called it off. I have seen them call off Texas City . The good thing about operating against this war cabal that works with this Satan Code is that this code is very elaborate. And it is not build to give signals to brave, powerful, principled people. It is built as a way for cowards to be able to do the devil's work and pretend like they are not doing it.
Hughes: Very well said, yes (laughter).

False flag operators usually require powerful intimidation propaganda


Needless to say, the sabotage of the levees and major Jewish role in redeveloping New Orleans was completely blacked out by major media.
Therefore, anyone who suggests the levees were blown risks being labeled an anti-government conspiracy crank.
Anyone who points out the substantial Jewish role in these intrigues becomes tarred as an “anti-Semite.”


False Flag attacks typically have Kabbalistic or Masonic numerological significance.

The timing of Katrina may have been a different case compared to other false flag events, since it is probably more difficult to time hurricane events with numerological terror date codes.   In contrast, one can time with precision a phony terrorist attack or an arson attack.  Furthermore, the timing here may have been more reactionary and opportunistic.  Bush may have hastily reacted to the national media lambasting he was receiving over Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey .  Also, the military’s technological capability to originate, augment, or steer existing hurricanes may be very imprecise. 
This brings us now to examining evidence for the “meteorological Manhattan Project” mentioned earlier, also known as “HAARP,” in the next chapter. 

Update References:

2012-01-03 Disaster Capitalism, the NRO, and Hurricane Katrina by Trowbridge H. Ford
2010-07-15 Katrina: The crime that shocked the world by David Usborne, US Editor, "On 4 September 2005, New Orleans police opened fire on desperate survivors of the hurricane. Two people were killed and others were injured. Now, five years later, and after a shameful cover-up, four men are finally about to stand trial."


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