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Chapter 13

The London Subway Bombings and
the Texas City Simulated Nuclear Explosion


  On July 7, 2005, London got hit with the deadliest transit system attack in its history. According to the Wikipedia version of reality: (Jan 2009 revision): 


At 8:50 a.m., three bombs exploded within fifty seconds of each other on three London Underground trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus nearly an hour later at 9:47 a.m. in Tavistock Square. The bombings killed 52 commuters and the four suicide bombers, injured 700, and caused disruption of the city's transport system (severely for the first day) and the country's mobile telecommunications infrastructure…



Locations of the three subway bombs and the fourth bus bomb



7-7-2005 London subway damage


That same day, published an online article that noted eerie similarities with the 11 March 2004 Madrid bombings.  Also quite significant were the waffling reports about whether or not Israelis were warned in advance about the attacks. 

Explosions In London - Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned, Cover-up In Progress

Prisonplanet | July 07 2005

BREAKING: Scrambled cover-up to try and change prior knowledge story.
Original reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu was warned BEFORE the first blast, now all the Associated Press reports are being changed to say he was warned AFTER the first blast, for example this article:

USA Today: Posted 7/7/2005 7:18 AM     Updated 7/7/2005 9:59 AM
Netanyahu had been on way to London hotel near blasts

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on his way to a hotel near the scene of one of the London blasts Thursday when he received a call to stay put, the foreign minister said.
"After the first explosion, our finance minister received a request not to go anywhere," Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told Israel Army Radio…

The article linked below that we saved in our own format (and the website that carried it has strangely since crashed) said that Netanyahu was warned before the first blast.
Israel are now denying they got a warning.

Ireland Headlines
Israel not warned about blasts - foreign minister

07/07/2005 - 12:37:23
Israel was not warned about possible terror attacks in London before at least six blasts ripped through the city, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said today.
A Foreign Ministry official had said earlier that British police warned the Israeli Embassy in London of possible terror attacks minutes before the first explosion.
“There was no early information about terrorist attacks,” Shalom told Israel Army Radio. “After the first explosion an order was given that no one move until things become clear”….

BREAKING: Scotland Yard says it got a warning before the attack and told Israel :  

Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast
Arutz Sheva | July 7 2005
( Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.
The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the first explosion, a Liverpool Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit.
At present, train and bus service in London have been suspended following the series of attacks. No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility at this time.
Israeli officials stress the advanced Scotland Yard warning does not in any way indicate Israel was the target in the series of apparent terror attacks.

The warning contradicts the fact that the original explanation of a power surge went out for an hour or more. They knew it was an attack but put out a false explanation. Plus why did Netanyahu get a warning and the victims didn't?
We have been told that the events unfolding today were "inevitable", London 's transport network has been hit with multiple explosions. Both the Underground and Buses have been hit. Events are still unfolding.
We predicted this would happen over a year ago after analyzing the propaganda and fear mongering that was being ratcheted up to the extreme in London. Paul Joseph Watson has predicted these events as imminent several times on The Alex Jones Show in recent months.
Tony Blair is not in London but safely tucked up in Scotland with 7 other World Leaders including President Bush. The political eyes of the world are on Britain this week. The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone is in Singapore where the IOC has just awarded the Olympic Games to London , he is rushing back to the city.
Just like the events of 9/11, ask yourself, who stands to gain from this? Could this have been organized by any group other than one who has direct unlimited access to all areas of London 's transport grid at all times?
The similarities with the Madrid bombing of 3/11/04, which we have persistently highlighted as an inside intelligence operation, are stark with bombs on separate trains set off within minutes of each other as the trains neared the stations. The so called perpetrators were quickly linked to an "Al Qaeda" cell in Europe but later as we reported were linked to the Spanish Security service. They then mysteriously Killed themselves as this information was seeping out. It then became apparent that Spain's government was using the bombings for its own gains and many went to the streets in Spain to declare they knew that their own government was behind the attacks. Further Intelligence was withheld by the government, we expect the same will happen in Britain after today's attacks.
This has MI5 written all over it. Just watch that national ID card legislation sail through. Only 15% of the country supported the government after the last election, this will ensure total fealty to a smarmy Blair and whatever he wants to do. Ken Livingstone and the opposition parties will now have no grounds to reject ID card legislation, especially with the Olympics coming to London in 2012.
The police state measures they'll get out of this will be overlaid onto all forms of transport. In fact, you won't be able to travel without the ID card. Although MI5 operations are normally more sophisticated than things like 9/11, in that the evidence linking it to the government is more carefully covered, just watch for the evidence of inside involvement to trickle out. MI5 have been caught involved in IRA bombings multiple times over.
Alex has said over and over that as attacks on different sections of the transportation grid occur they are going to have police state setup in the areas. Now it will be on the buses, subways etc.
FLASHBACK: Schumer Wants Airport Screening Technology in Malls

KABC-TV | June 21 2004
Comment: This is what Alex has been warning us about for years. They beta test the invasive big brother technology first in airports to acclimatize people to it. They then externalize it and apply it to everything. This is why biometric thumb-scanners have been going in everywhere from grocery stores to theme parks. The police state control grid is geared to envelop every aspect of your life.
One New York lawmaker is demanding better security at the nation's shopping malls in the wake of last week's revelation about a terrorist plot to bomb an Ohio shopping center.
Sen. Charles Schumer, New York : "We have to learn the lessons of 9-11 and look at anything the terrorist might throw at us... "
Sen. Chuck Schumer asked a question a lot of us have asked for a long time, 'If security is so tight at the airports why isn't it the same with subways or at shopping malls?'
Sen. Charles Schumer, New York : "It's not that we should stop going to shopping malls. I went this morning to Costco with my wife and kids but rather we should do everything, everything, everything to keep ourselves as safe as possible."
So Schumer is now asking for big malls to have mandatory evacuation plans and he wants technology now in use at airports to be in place at most malls…

The military-industrial complex has the motive in this latest atrocity. Every major western government, including the British, has been caught red-handed carrying out bombings against their own people and blaming it on external enemies. It is mainstream news in Spain that the government was involved in the 3/11 bombing. The London 7/7 bombings are nothing different. Government ghouls are now all over television spreading the fear to encourage the people to submit to the war on terror. Support our work, spread the word, expose who is gaining power from terrorism, or our freedoms will be lost.
Hours after the attacks the media is still not providing extensive coverage. We would expect to see hundreds of eyewitness accounts and footage of the train stations. Independent London reporter Simon Aronowitz, who has a contact within the BBC, has reported that journalists are finding the coverage of the situation highly irregular. It seems that the information being released to the British public is being carefully stage managed.

For “9/11 2 B” activists like Captain May, a three step analytical process came almost automatically.  First, what were the anomalies that suggested this was another false flag operation?  Secondly, what alternative theory might explain the events compared to the official story?  Finally, what anomalous patterns could serve as predictors for a future false flag attack?
For the overview purposes of this book, let us start with a sampling of major anomalies.

The attack is denounced as a false flag operation by credible intelligence professionals

A 2 Aug 2005 article by Greg Szymanski posted at described a key whistleblower: 

Former British MI5 Agent Says 'Many Similarities' Between London Bombings And 9/11

A former British intelligence agent, jailed in 2002 for linking the British government with paying an Islamic militant group $160,000 in a failed assassination attempt on Colonel Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi of Libya, said this week the recent London bombings have all the earmarks of an inside job just like 9/11.
“It’s amazing how many aspects of the two events are so similar,” said David Shayler, the former MI5 agent and whistle blower, in a telephone conversation this week from his home in Eastbourne on the southern coast of England .
Shayler, a thorn in the British government’s side ever since he blew the whistle in 1997 about rampant corruption within both arms of British intelligence, MI5 (domestic) and MI6 (foreign), said he has just began looking into the details of the 7/7 attacks, but what’s being released through the press and government reports shows a strikingly similar pattern to what he calls “the same type of misinformation thrown out after 9/11.”
“First, we learn about the training exercises going on here just like 9/11. Next, they release suspicious evidence left behind by the culprits as well as quickly releasing identifying pictures of the suspects just like the did after 9/11,” he said.

Shayler added that what’s even more suspicious is the private security firm in charge of the training drills prior to 7/7 had ties to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Further, he also received information that one of the named suicide bombers, whose picture was released in the London press, has turned up alive and well in Pakistan .
"Just like in the United States , we here in England are being bombarded with what looks like a lot of misinformation in the press,” said Shayler. “Apparently, one of the supposed suicide bombers has turned up alive just like six or seven of the 19 Arab hijackers turned up alive after 9/11.”

The nature of the attack was outside the capabilities of the official suspects

The article “Zionists finally strike London ” observed:

Even the IRA never managed to execute such a complex terrorist attack on
British soil. Not to mention the fact that MI5 later admitted that it
was members of the intelligence services that planned and executed the
majority of terrorist attacks on British soil that were blamed on the
IRA at the time.

The web page titled “London Bombing Strange Coincidences Suggest Cover-Up” at describes evidence of sophisticated bomb-making expertise: 

London Bombs of Military Origin

Reuters news service reports below on the explosives used in the London bombing:

"'The explosives appear to be of military origin, which is very worrying,' said Christophe Chaboud, head of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit and one of five top officials sent by Paris to London immediately after Thursday's attacks."

The London Times has an article confirming this:,,1-20749-1690391-20749,00.html

"A SINGLE bombmaker using high-grade military explosives is believed to be responsible for building the four devices that killed more than 50 people last week, The Times can reveal. Similar components from the explosive devices have been found at all four murder sites, leading detectives to believe that each of the 10lb rucksack bombs was the work of one man. They also believe that the materials used were not home made but sophisticated military explosives, possibly smuggled into Britain from the Balkans."

Alleged live video of alleged bombers in major media

The placement of the explosives also suggested prior planning and execution beyond the capability of the suspects.   The narrator of the German documentary “9/11 False Flag” interviewed David Shayler, former MI-5 agent on this issue:  


Narrator:   In [the case of the terror bombing in] London it is a lot more scandalous because also on that morning anti-terror maneuvers had taken place.
Shayler: On that day, just like 9/11, they were talking about attacks on the same target, on the same tube stations at exactly the same time that the actual attack happened.
Narrator: Witnesses among those who survived the explosions in the subway car say that the bombs detonated from underneath. The photos that have been seen of the explosions corroborated as well. There were no bombs in the passenger compartments but rather somewhere else.  Months afterwards we were duped into believing that there were videos showing the attackers running across the platform and how they fiddle around with their backpacks. But the fact is those photos displayed a date that was not July the 7th but rather a week prior. We no longer need to discuss these photos which are inconclusive. Where is the evidence from July 7th, 2005? I ask myself, what kind of security can these video cameras provide if they can't even show the sequence of events in a crime.  At the same time, the G-8 Summit was taking place in Gleneagles. Discussions about the environment and debt relief for Africa were on the agenda. After the attacks, the theme of Gleneagles changed completely:
[Video of George Bush addressing TV audience]
Bush: These deliberate and deadly attacks were more than acts of terror, they were acts of war.
Narrator: It's simply a disgrace how European nations, against better knowledge, act in full complicity. Where is anyone from these governments who express any form of opposition to these plans? 

The attacks were amazingly coincidental with official anti-terror exercises

The article “Same-time-as-attack underground bombing exercise in London a chilling coincidence?” by Judi McLeod & David Hawkins, Canada Free Press, 10 July 2005, explained the uncanny coincidences:

Toronto-- Chillingly coincidental, the same 9/11 "war games" conducted during the actual tragedy on the morning of September 11, 2001, echo London underground "bombing exercises" which took place at the same time as the real attack, according to Alex Jones’ Prison
What are the odds of both human tragedies having coincidental "drills" going on at the exact same time real life was taking so many human lives in two terrorist attacks?
NORAD was conducting drills of flying hijacked planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon at 8:30 in the morning, September 11, 2001. A CIA planned exercise on September 11 was built around a plane crashing into a building.
"It is clear that at least five if not six training exercises were in operation in the days leading up to and on the morning of 9/11/2001," Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones wrote for Prison today.
Basing their information on a BBC Radio 5 interview, Watson and Jones say a consulting agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.
"The host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which bills itself as a `crisis management advice company’, better known to you and I as a PR firm.
"Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.
"Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch."
Power told BBC that the drill focused around "simultaneous bombings". Originally the London bombings were thought to have been spread over an hour, but BBC reports today say that the bombings were in fact simultaneous.
Watson and Jones say, "The fact that the exercise mirrored the exact locations and times of the bombings is light years ahead beyond a coincidence".
(In the drills on Sept. 11, 2001) "NORAD radar screens showed as many as 22 hijacked airliners at the same time. NORAD had been briefed that this was part of the exercise drill and therefore normal reactive procedure was forestalled and delayed."
And the NORAD and Visor Consultants drills are not the only factors linking the 9/11 and London terrorist attacks.
The British experience is the same play on the market as what happed on 9/11. Advance knowledge of these events could be making someone rich. U.S. treasuries go up. The Pound goes down. The Euro goes up as do gold and the Swiss Franc.
Who is the biggest trader in U.S. treasuries? Cantor Fitzgerald, owner of eSpeed, whose New York offices were on the 101st-105th floors of One World Trade Center .
ESpeed stock was shorted 42 percent of its value from August 7 to September 7, 2001 and no one seems to know why.

The exercise was also coincidental with the presence of a top official from Israel .  According to “A New Evil Leader for THE Evil Country

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, former Prime Minister and rabid Zionist who “just happened” to be on hand in New York city on 9/11 and in London during the subway bombings on 7/7. Bibi even attended a celebratory commemoration of the King David Hotel  terrorist attack in 2006.

Highly suspect Al Qaeda message, once again


The 7 July 2005 article “Islamic group claims London attack Previously unknown group says blasts in retaliation for Iraq , Afghanistan by the staff and news service reports stated:


CAIRO , Egypt - A group calling itself “The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe” posted a claim of responsibility for Thursday’s blasts in London , saying they were in retaliation for Britain ’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan .
The authenticity of the message could not be immediately confirmed.
The statement, which also threatened attacks in Italy and Denmark , was published on a Web site popular with Islamic militants, according to Elaph, a secular Arabic-language news Web site, and Der Spiegel magazine in Berlin , which published the text on their Web sites.
Rejoice, Islamic nation. Rejoice, Arab world. The time has come for vengeance against the Zionist crusader government of Britain in response to the massacres Britain committed in Iraq and Afghanistan ,” said the statement, translated by The Associated Press in Cairo . The AP was unable to access the Web site where it was posted, which was closed quickly after the reports.
But MSNBC TV translator Jacob Keryakes, who said that a copy of the message was later posted on a secular Web site, noted that the claim of responsibility contained an error in one of the Quranic verses it cited. That suggests that the claim may be phony, he said.
"This is not something al-Qaida would do," he said.



Authorities Fail to Adequately Investigate


The web page titled “London Bombing Strange Coincidences Suggest Cover-Up” at gives a good overview of some cover-up activities: 

Blair Opposes Probe Into Bombings?

And the highly respected Financial Times has an article titled: "Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings"

"Tony Blair will on Monday reject Conservative demands for a government inquiry into last week's London bomb attacks, insisting such a move would distract from the task of catching the perpetrators."

Does this make any sense? Why wouldn't an investigation help to prevent something like this from happening again? Blair's stance is strikingly similar to the early opposition by both President Bush and Vice President Cheney to the establishment of an independent commission to probe 9/11"

"President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11."

"Cheney was calling to pre-emptively protest public hearings by other committees. If the Democrats insisted, Bush administration officials might say they're too busy running the war on terrorism to show up. Press the issue, Cheney implied, and you risk being accused of interfering with the mission."

The operation has uncanny Kabbalistic and other numerological coincidences


Capt May also noted many occult numeric associations with the bombing. For example, 7-7-2005 converts to 777 when we add the digits in the year field.  Repeated odd numbers divisible by 11 or 111 are highly favored by Kabbalists, and of course “77” resonates with flight “77” alleged to have hit the Pentagon.   The fact that the former Mossad chief would call attention to the “77” address next to the bomb site in an article published on the same day as the bombing greatly reinforced this association.  
Also, we are told that three bombs went off in three London underground trains, suggesting a possible 3-3 pattern.   Recall that 33 is the supreme Masonic number.

Significantly, the day of the attack, former Mossad Chief  Efraim Halevi  published “Rules of conflict for a world war,” in the Jerusalem Post, calling for World War in the wake of the attack.  Halevi stated: 


One historical irony: I doubt whether the planners knew that one of the target areas, that in Russell Square , was within a stone's throw of a building that
served as the first headquarters of the World Zionist Organization that preceded
the State of Israel.
It was at 77 Great Russell Street that Dr. Chaim Weizmann, a renowned chemist, presided over the effort that culminated in the issuing of the Balfour
Declaration, the first international recognition of the right of the Jewish
people to a national home in what was then still a part of the Ottoman Empire .
We are in the throes of a world war, raging over the entire globe and
characterized by the absence of lines of conflict and an easily identifiable
enemy. There are sometimes long pauses between one attack and another,
consequently creating the wrong impression that the battle is all over, or at
least in the process of being won.



The second step in our analytical process is to develop a hypothesis about what really happened consistent with the anomalies.  The following provides a plausible explanation of the ground level mechanics of the operation, although it excludes higher level operations by the Mossad and MI-6. 

How the Government Staged the London Bombings in Ten Easy Steps

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | July 13 2005

Ten Step Method To Staging a Terrorist Attack

1) Hire a Crisis Management firm to set up an exercise that parallels the terrorist attack you are going to carry out. Have them run the exercise at the precise locations and at the very same time as the attack. If at any stage of the attack your Arabs get caught, tell the police it was part of an exercise.

2) Hire four Arabs and tell them they're taking part in an important exercise to help defend London from terrorist attacks. Strap them with rucksacks filled with deadly explosives. Tell the Arabs the rucksacks are dummy explosives and wouldn't harm a fly.

3) Tell four Arabs to meet up at London Underground and disperse, each getting on a different train. Make sure Arabs meet in a location where you can get a good mug shot of them all on CCTV which you can later endlessly repeat to drooling masses on television.

4) While four Arabs are in London , plant explosives in their houses in Leeds. Plant some explosives in one of their cars in Luton for the police to later discover. Remember that Qu'ran and flight manual in the hijackers' car? Ha ha, they fell for that one hook, line and sinker. No need to change tactics on this one.

5) Before the bombings take place, make sure you warn any of your buddies who are scheduled to be anywhere near where the bombs go off. If this gets leaked to the press, just deny it.

6) 4th Arab goes out partying in London night before and ends up getting out of bed late. No worries, the 9/11 'hijackers' did the same thing but that didn't cause us a big problem. 4th Arab catches bus to see if other Arabs are waiting for him. 4th Arab starts hearing about explosions in the London Underground. 4th Arab comes to the realization that this he is being set up and freaks out. 4th Arab starts fiddling in his rucksack. 4th Arab sets bomb off and is blown up.

If you hired any additional Arabs and they also got wind of the set up, make sure there are GPS locators in the rucksacks so you can have police snipers ready to kill them before they can blow the whistle.

7) After the bombs go off, put out a story for over an hour that the explosions are a simple electrical fault. This gives you cover time to make sure the lazy bus Arab is dead and any other hired Arabs who reneged are also dead. Make sure any CCTV footage that doesn't support your official story is either seized or destroyed.

8) A few hours after the bombings, have one of your boys post an 'Al-Qaeda statement' claiming responsibility. Don't worry about the whole 'misreferencing the Qu'ran' thing, these idiots don't have the attention spans to figure it out.

9) After you have made sure that all the Arabs are dead and you are managing the story accordingly, wait for four days until the police piece together the story and find the explosives you planted in Leeds and in the car in Luton. Remember that Qu'ran and flight manual in the hijackers' car? Ha ha, they fell for that one hook, line and sinker. No need to change tactics this time either. The time delay will convince the gullible public that a real investigation is taking place. Create a background of the hired Arabs being militant Muslims. The drooling masses, as was the case with the '9/11 hijackers,' will ignore stories of neighbours saying they were the quiet, educated types who liked children and playing sports.

BBC excerpt: One local resident described him as "a nice lad".

"He liked to play football, he liked to play cricket. I'm shocked."

Another resident said he was just a "normal kid" who played basketball and kicked a ball around.

10) Sit back and enjoy as Blair and his minions grandstand in front of television cameras about staying the course in the war on terror. The pay raise, extra agency funding, and power to strip more freedoms and liberties made the ten easy steps to staging a terrorist attack a worthwhile venture. The dozens of dead people were necessary collateral damage. This is a dirty war, we need to be less moral than the terrorists to defeat them.

And that's how the government staged the bombings in ten easy steps.

Granted, you can interchange different pieces of the puzzle. The bombers could be real terrorists that knew exactly what they were doing. All you would need to do is control the 'mastermind' behind the attack and make sure his boys carried out the job in the way you wanted. Voila.

Finally, we proceed with step three of our analysis.   What patterns might help serve as leading indicators to help us interdict a future attack?
We have already touched upon many “leading indicators” in our discussion of anomalies so far, namely:

* Look for a power elite capable of controlling media and domestic reaction that has major geopolitical interests favoring a false flag operation. 

In this case, the Jewish lobby and Israel benefits from stirring up more wars against Muslims in the Middle East, combined with domestic repression of critics of Zionists.  Benjamin Netanyahu commented shortly after 9/11 “"It's very good," he said, then added "Well, not very good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)."

* Watch out for major upcoming anti-terror-related exercises  --they tend to correspond with the very events they are supposed to prevent.
*  Be wary of building or “cascading” media scare stories that condition the public and shape subconscious expectations.  

Please recollect in the aforementioned article “Explosions in London –Who Stands to Gain”  the comment “We predicted this would happen over a year ago after analyzing the propaganda and fear-mongering that was being ratcheted up to the extreme in London. Paul Joseph Watson has predicted these events as imminent several times on The Alex Jones Show in recent months.”

* Consider upcoming dates with numerological significance, such as those divisible by 11, that reflect the Masonic and Kabbalistic preferences of elite gangsters.

All of this was enough to get Capt May back into the Info War full time –for good—and to reconfirm his 7-27 prediction.
Just as the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombing became “echoed” a few weeks later with the British Petroleum  plant explosion in America, he now expected a second “7-7” or “7-2-7” echo in the U.S. (with the “2” being inserted in the middle of the “7’s” to indicate a “2nd” “7-7” in a cockeyed manner).  More ominously, he became aware of a 10 kiloton nuke exercise scenario taking place at the same time.   
Capt May recounted his forecasting process during his 17 Jan 2006 Zeph Report interview:


Capt May: Well, what we did on the first of July of this [past] year was I put out three predictions, actually one of them June 25th, two of them July 1st. After a while you get good at the code, and get good at reading the politics of geo-political signs surrounding the code. And we predicted that this summer, you may have heard there was going to be a false flag attack to let us nuke Iran and maybe start a draft. You probably heard that rumor.
Zeph: Yes, it was going around the net quite fervently.
Capt May: Right. Well, Ghost Troop picked up on that general stuff and I knew that Texas City, Texas would probably still be their hit, or the Houston area, because remember that Bush runs this joint. This is the oil capital. New York is the Zionist finance and media capitol. Houston is the southern capitol of the Bush family and big oil. So we still predicted Houston , and I was looking at the resonances of the different numeric clues that were popping up all over, and I predicted 7-27 for the event. This was one week before London . London happened on 7-7. Now at that point on the next day the FBI started looking for me again. And they were trying to buffalo me into shutting up. I put my lawyer between me and them and I went ahead and I made my will and decided I would come back swinging in the Info War because it was pretty clear to me that with 7-7 going down --now let’s think about the earlier BP event of 2004. 3-30 becomes 33, and then a year later becomes 3-23. London was 7-7, the next echo: 7-27. The dates I had already guessed one week before the London false terror attack had lined up perfectly. It was like everything had a line based on my prediction before London . So London was just so much more confirmation. When we came back to Houston , we went on a massive coast-to-coast mission. We were opposed and threatened in Houston by the FBI. I had Ghost Troops out in Charleston , South Carolina who were running an exercise simulating a 10 Kiloton nuke of a U.S. target with NORTHCOM and Homeland Security. That was the exercise they were going to take live to do it, by the way. They were getting threatened out there by the military and the Secret Service. Clear Channel Communications was terrified and hiding from us. Half the media in Texas and all the media on both coasts were just as interested as they could be in whether or not we had figured out the date. I deal with top end media because I have written top end media. I don't have a hard time pretending to be a journalist, I was. There was no one I was talking to who was telling me that I was crazy and they didn't want to hear it. The word was out in the national media that the Bush boys were going to pop someone this summer, take it nuclear, take out the draft, and lock down the homeland state. So everyone was extremely interested in my figures and my numbers.


On July 11th, Captain May received a special baptism by priests recommended by his Catholic wife.  They had followed the emails he copied to them.  As he recounted on his 29 April 2006 The Edge Radio interview:

Capt. May:   I got baptized by a couple of priests, father Martial and Father Garcia out of the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso . If you want a copy of that baptism certificate, ask Daniel, he has got --I'll send him one. It was given under emergency provision. The priest that I was working with at the time knew very well that the Bush people were assassins. Anybody who tried to stand up to them needs to be worried about that kind of thing, or at least needs to be baptized so that they would not worry about it unduly.


Captain May continued contacting everyone he could.  Later he would comment in a 22 Nov 2005 email to a Ghost Troop member:  


“The connectedness of the Ghost Troop Email List is one of the things that gives us unique power in the info war, and you might find it hard to believe, but the higher up the ladder of American politics, military and media you go, the more seriously folks take Ghost Troop.  Perhaps my favorite Ghost Troop article of all is one that documents how we successfully intervened -- along with other patriotic US officials -- in the Bush Boyz attempt in late July, 2005, to false-flag nuke the British Petroleum refinery in Texas City , Texas .  The biggest thing we did to bust up the plot was to email the NORTHCOM public affairs director directly in response to a press release they'd made that suggested they were in on the plot -- and copying that email to one hundred different authorities, publications and military entities!”


May also wrote: "Just days before the July 28, 2005 explosion, Tara Howard abruptly left her job at KPRC radio and left Houston. Co-workers found this suspicious, and believed that she was afraid." Chapter 10 describes how Howard confronted the FBI in March 2004 with the prospect of a conspiracy during the first Ghost Troop mission.
As another ominous portent to May,  NASA started the July 26 space launch clock at  1 hour and 19 minutes, or 911 backwards.
In his 23 Feb 2006, 4th hour interview with talk show host Frank Whalen, May described the sequence of events leading up to the climatic night of July 28th.


Capt May: [In summer 2005 the media was] particularly working the idea that the Arabs -- Al Qaeda was going to put one on a ship and bring it into a port, remember that?
Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: We specifically on the first of July said 7-27. Within a week, London had happened, meaning they were warming up the world-wide terror card, right?

The next day the FBI is trying to get in touch with me to shut me up again, because now they are not even content for me not to call them, since they knew I was doing work, they tried to get in touch with me to intimidate me and threaten me some more. And they wound up dealing with my lawyer. But on the 28th of July, one day after our prediction, again, British Petroleum, Texas City , Texas explodes. This time no fatalities. And that night there is an atmospheric explosion 40 miles high and about 80 miles wide over the city of Houston . Probably caused by -- the shuttle had just gone up -- we don't know what it was caused by, but it was intended to replicate or simulate a nuclear explosion.  So these are all journalistic facts in the Houston area. So that was the third attempt…


In addition to experiencing FBI suppression in Texas , Liz Allen, a member of Ghost Troop on the east coast, experienced Secret Service suppression when she called attention in local media to the nuclear exercise being run out of Ft. Monroe , Virginia . As Captain May recounted on Dr. Kevin Barrett’s 3 July 2007 Dynamic Duo show:

Capt May: Since we are about to talk about false flags, it is nice for the commander of a unit to be able to give a commendation. Liz was with Ghost Troop from the time we started up Jan 1, 2004, at which time we were strictly interested in the Battle of Baghdad cover up. A cover up which by the way has been revealed in the last few months. But she was intrinsic in July of 2005. You may remember the summer, when all the national media was saying that Al Qaeda was going to detonate a nuke in some U.S. port?

Dr. Barrett: That is right.

Capt May: We narrowed that down in a one week campaign. It was the first 9-11 2 B campaign, because we found out that they were running nuclear command exercises out of, what was it Liz, Ft. Monroe?

Liz: Yes.

Capt May: Out of Ft. Monroe , and contemporaneously with it they were setting up a false flag attack on Texas City which is a suburb of Houston . The British Petroleum Refinery. We predicted a 7-27 explosion in the Houston metro area. British Petroleum went up on 7-28 and caused the biggest flux in oil prices in history. Almost every time we have predicted an event we have always been right within one day. And those events are always followed by a massive fluctuation in price. In other words, the people who are in on the attempt are making money or they wouldn't be in on it. But during that attempt in July 2005, Liz actually sit down with --was it you and Cindy?

Liz: Yes, actually --

Capt May: Sat down with the Secret Service?

Liz: Right. Cindy went on the radio and was talking about it.

Capt May: About how they were trying to do Texas City--

Liz: The Secret Service was at her door.

Capt May: The Secret Service was actually attacking Ghost Troop on the East Coast, because we had GT, that means Ghost Troop Cindy and GT Liz, who is on the phone now, were both doing call-ins to the local AM radio guy, saying there was an attempt to --he was trying to laugh them off, say, "Give me something specific, and they said, `Yes, here is something specific, the Feds are trying to blow up Texas City right now, they are setting it off, and they are running a nuclear exercise out of Ft. Monroe." Well not only did the Feds come after them, but the Feds came after the radio show. I talked to the people who were producing the radio show, and the Secret Service had come in and shut them down. And when I finally got the radio host on the phone and I said, "This is Captain May, I heard you want to talk to me. "He said, "No way, Captain." The fear! He said. "Oh my God, Captain, there is no way on earth I want to talk to you."

Dr. Barrett: They are like admitting that you are on to something when they do that. It is amazing that they are dumb enough to do it.
Liz: It was a Clear Channel station


What Captain May saw from his home in north Houston was a strange atmospheric effect over Texas City , forty five miles south of him.   As a former Nuclear-Biological-Chemical specialist, he knew that if he had to look at a 45 degree angle to see the top of an cloud that hovered over a ground zero forty five miles away, it must be 45 miles off the ground (basic geometry).  It seemed to flash like a strobe light. He thought he could taste ionization in his mouth.  Strangely, it was all flash, but not bang.
In later interviews when asked what all this meant, he offered the following hypothesis. 
First, he thinks this was an aborted nuclear attack on the British Petroleum site in Houston , that would have been blamed on Iran to justify an attack on that country.
It was not simply coincidental that the space shuttle launch took place just before July 28th.   The shuttle might have been planned to provide an excuse to bring major media to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to be prepared to record the attack.  Amazingly enough, the atmospheric effects were dismissed as simply an electrical storm, and heavily suppressed or underreported by local media.
Capt May’s theory is that someone a higher level rebelled against using a nuke, which probably accounts for the real reason for the suspicious firing of General Brynes discussed at the end of this chapter.
The conventional bomb explosion probably took place because the Bush cabal had to let ground floor level gangsters go ahead with their operation for the same reasons we explained in Chapter 10.  As expected, gasoline futures jumped.
The part that was particularly strange were the atmospheric effects.  Captain May believes that they were probably created by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which we will explain in greater detail in Chapter 15.  
Initially Capt. May knew nothing about HAARP, and thought it sounded far-fetched.  However, after members of Ghost Troop devoted over 300 hours of independent research by Ghost Troop members, Captain May became convinced that the U.S. does indeed possess advanced weather warfare capabilities on par with the Manhattan Project in its technological sophistication –and secretiveness.  
As an example of an independent source on this topic, on YouTube one can find the video "HAARP Technology" where scientists describe how they are able to use microwave energy beamed from a HAARP facility to recreate an aura borealis effect, that is, paint the sky.
The purpose of the atmospheric effect was to augment the appearance of the planned nuclear explosion.   Please recollect our discussion in Chapter 8 about how false flaggers often require massive use of illusion to get the biggest bang per buck out of their attack.  We referenced which compares the principles of magic tricks used by professional magicians with trickery used during 9/11.
In the case of a nuclear attack on Texas City, Captain May believes that the Bush cabal was prepared to completely wipe out the BP Texas City petroleum plant.  On top of this, he thinks that they were prepared to kill most of the 44,000 people in Texas City .  They needed more body count than the 3,000 who died on 9-11 to generate enough rage across America to nuke Iran .
However, May also believes that the Bush cabal wanted to limit its damage mainly to Texas City .  After all, many live and work in the great Houston area, and would not be pleased with radiation showers. Therefore, the idea was to magnify the appearance of the nuclear explosion with the HAARP effects to make it appear as if it were a megaton-grade rather than kiloton-grade explosion.  This would serve to really scare the hell out of everyone in the greater Houston area without actually hurting many people –except for the working class people down in Texas City .  
The reader can actually hear Captain May recount his experiences observing the strange effects in real time in live interviews conducted by Lenny Bloom of Cloak and Dagger.  
Capt May said that it looked like one of the most powerful explosions in the western hemisphere since the white man came, yet it was completely suppressed by media.  He has not been able to find any images on the Internet, to include YouTube.
In his first interview at 18:00 hours, titled “Texas City Saved” May sounded the alarm in real time:



Capt Eric May: This is an emergency alert from Ghost Troop Capt May. As Lenny has said, we broke up a nuclear conspiracy to bomb, in a 911 2B [or "9-11 to be"] caper, which they had us believe not if, but when. They have been setting it up in the media in Houston , they have set it up in the national media, with talk about small nukes, and chemical poisoning, and wouldn't you know they were running a South Carolina exercise simulating a 10 kiloton in a U.S. port. The Bush boys have been caught red handed. They have just reported that the Texas City factory of British Petroleum is for the third time in 15 months up in flames. Can anyone spell abort code? That is a-b-o-r-t-c-o-d-e for those of you who are not cryptologically inclined. Lenny?

The following are some additional extracts of this interview

Capt May:  ….The Presidency is in free fall. There is no way of telling what will happen by the end of the night. Right now there is a side conversation going on in the embedded media. We all know it is embedded, but none of us dare to think it is embedded with code, but it is. The media is talking about the shuttle event. They are using that as a pretext to discuss the mass homicide that was being planned by agents of Israel and the Bush boys under George W. Bush. Right now if you watch Fox TV, you will see them talking about the shuttle, but they are not talking about the shuttle, they are talking about the attempt to destroy the space city area, Texas City , NASA….

Capt May… Texas City has been cordoned off, just like the movie close encounters. The Feds are moving in there and are removing all the evidence of the crime. They are muddying up the crime scene just like what they did after 9-11. Another thing, you remember all the media that came down here to NASA to be ready for the shuttle flight?
Lenny: Yes.
Capt May: Think how much they were going to cry with puppy red eyes when my brothers and sisters and parents and children in Houston , Texas choke to death on a chemical cloud which is going to send this country into a homicidal rage. So we genocide the Arabs for Israel . That is what this is about, Lenny. Diabolical. The petrochemical industry, the Bush boy oil barons, the complicit government in the state of Texas which Bush erected, the city of Houston in which his family engrafted itself upon and claims as a mother, and don't you know like the worst thing that could be said about Bush what he tried to do to his Mom, his own adopted town, after they took him in, because that was the easiest move in the park, wasn't it?

The next interview at 21:00 hours is even more dramatic.  (See the online transcript) At various points one can hear Captain May’s voice reflect his extreme anxiety.  In a later interview he claimed he thought he could hear a helicopter circling near, and feared that some kind of special assassination team was being sent to either intimidate him or even take him out.  
The 21:00 hours interview starts off with:  

Capt May: I am down here in Houston waiting to see if there will be a big flash. We are in condition red here for sure. This is all combat. We have gone to info war and geo-political, geo-strategic equations because George Bush, that son of a bitch, wanted to kill his home town. He wanted to burn his home city down. And now they have blown up the factory where they planted the bomb so that they could get the bomb out of Houston . The Federal government has declared war on the city of Houston . The city of my parents, my children. Your friends, my friends. And he wanted to stab his own town in the back. Like a rich brat stabbing his own aunt in the back to get an endowment. First he is a cold-hearted murderer. He should be stopped at all costs…

Capt. May: …I swear I taste ionization in my mouth. There is flashing going on to the south. Is it a thunder storm. Is it some kind of summer thing, I don't know, what kind of condition are we living in where a man has to look to this south and calculate whether a mushroom cloud is going to engulf what echelon of his existence. His parents. His children. Himself. This is madness. It must be stopped.
Lenny: Certainly they are probably using the Space shuttle to coordinate this attack.
Capt May: Oh, who knows what they are doing. The technology they are bringing in to bear. All I see is this electromagnetic—like a flashing strobe on a Frankenstein—the old 1930's Frankenstein movies, where you see what looks like the stuff that comes off nuclear explosions. You know . . . what the hell do I know? I was in the chemical corps. I studied it. I taught it. I do not see any mushroom cloud. What a hell of a night in Houston !
Lenny: Wow!
Capt May: Now I am hearing rumbling down. Again, what is this thunder? It looks like a lightening pattern.
Lenny: Just so everyone knows...
Capt May: Artillery?
Lenny: Is there a putsch going on it Houston ? Glory be to the Republic of Texas . Texas should lead the way. Texas should rise up and save itself! The police officers of Texas should get a handle on a crime scene getting covered up. This is a crime scene being deconstructed. The same way 9-11 was hauled down ...Another flash! ... 9-11 was hauled down the day after the towers collapsed. The towers collapsed in perfect symmetry.
Capt May: I just want to say the time is 22:09 hours Eastern Daylight Time Thursday the 28th of July [2005]. Go ahead. My wife is in the house. We have set up a communications center. We are in a state of warfare to save our lives! And my wife is trying to call people in the neighborhood who she knows in the city, in different parts to figure out if we can triangulate to do an estimation. I have her doing artillery coordinates to see if my town...There it goes again! Wow! Bigger! Man, it is like that email I wrote. Let me give you that web site Lenny, if these are my last words...

Capt May: .. There it is! Wow!! Wow! Getting bigger. What kind of Tae Kwon Do block can you give to a friggin' mushroom cloud. More George Bush does not do a fair fight. Don't let him fool you. Again! Ascending. I haven't a clue.
Lenny: So there is a big battle going on there.
Capt May: I cannot believe they are going to keep the grid all night long. Something irregular is going on. Again. Freaky electronic power being controlled directly into the stratosphere. …

Lenny: Captain May, there is this BP oil refinery where they had planted an atomic device, is that correct?
Capt May: That is the way we are reading it Lenny, unless the flare is an abort code, and they are doing a massive distraction operation to get away from the scene like 9-11. They think on Hollywood terms. They look British but they act Yiddish. That is it. And right now there is something going on. I would not be surprised if tactical force are not pretty close to being deployed. Because you would have to have them out in an operation of this scale. God knows that stuff has got to be 20 miles off. It is 45 degrees over my shoulder. Every time it goes I flinch.
Lenny: And it is no accident the space shuttle is up there . . .
Capt May: Did we talk about EMP [Electro-Magnetic Pulse]? They are setting it up in the media. EMP is a localized phenomenon. They have set it up in the media, because they are set to do one of those British Yiddish miracles, like 911 itself, where suddenly there is going to be darkness. My God that went horizontal across the 45 degree plane. It went from straight in front of me to out my right eye. There is weird stuff going on up there. Weird stuff. And it is big stuff. Either that or it looks proximate to me, but I am not hearing it. God! Man! The flash, and I am not getting any bang right now. It is just all flash. Now my God there is so much flash I cannot believe there is no bang yet. God, let's hope bang does not get here. You know what bang comes before. Bang comes before smack! You know when we start hearing bang, that means smack is somewhere next. This is like hurricane Bush bearing down on his home town. There is your tag man. Hurricane Bush. Blowing beau coup [In French "beau" can mean "grand" as in "Beau Geste" or "grand gesture, or this case "Grand Coup"] Code name Boo Coup! Hurricane Bush blowing, Code name Boo Coup!
Lenny: Captain May, why don't we take a quick break and get this up on the Internet for everybody, and then we will call you back.
Capt May: These are Captains orders that are going down as we talk, brother. Good bye and I hope not farewell. I am out!
Lenny: Bye, bye. In twenty minutes I will call you.

Lenny Bloom heightened the dramatic touch by concluding the interview with a stirring rendition of La Marseillaise by a highly impassioned Mireille Mathieu (one can also see this rendition before a live chorus near the Eiffel Tower on YouTube).
Lenny Bloom felt this was especially appropriate since the French national anthem calls for the overthrow of tyrant kings.  This includes King George Bush.

Captain May later explained that his “beaucoup” and “Boo Coup” talk was meant to be a play on words.  The “Boo” in his “Boo Coup” alluded both to the “Ghost” side of Ghost Troop, combined with and for Ghost Troop, and the fact that he wished he could bluff the administration into thinking that if it carried out a nuke attack, it would get hit with counter coup de etat by the U.S. military.  He wished he could make them think he had some kind of backdoor support by disgruntled U.S. military officers.
[Author’s note:  This is may not be quite as fantastic as it sounds.  In Chapter 21 I describe how I visited
Col Donn de Grand Pre at his farm in Virginia in summer 2006, the author of Viper’s Venom, Rattler’s Revenge, and other behind-the-scenes histories of the global elite.  He told me that according to his sources, the rocket that almost killed arch-neo-con Paul Wolfowitz in a Baghdad Green zone hotel was not fired by Iraqi resistance, but by U.S. military elements who were thoroughly ticked off with the Zionist neo-con elements who had conducted a coup against the U.S. government on 9/11.  There was now some talk among fellow officers about possibly launching a counter coup].  
Captain May wrote in “
Subject: IMMEDIATE: Exxon Mobil Texas Terror CONFIRMED:" 

 Professionals who took the same oath I took to defend the Constitution (even against domestic enemies) are speaking truth to power, or spilling the beans on the lies that power wants to speak to America.  They concur with me in my fears that Texas is being set up as the easiest target in America for Bush.  Most of them have listened to my July 28, 2005 international broadcast, as the Brit Petro refinery blew up in Texas City, calling for the arrest of Bush and his cabinet, and ordering "Operation Beau Coup," which resulted in the removal of General Byrnes from TRADOC command for fouling up the false-flag attack they were setting up then and there.

Far-fetched?    Interestingly enough, on 10 Aug 2005, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones published “Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons? Reporter suggests Brynes discovered plan to turn nuke exercise into staged terror attack”; (see also )


Gen Kevin P. Byrnes


Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup
Against Neo-Cons?

Reporter suggests Brynes discovered plan to turn nuke exercise into staged terror attack

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | August 10 2005

The head of Fort Monroe 's Training and Doctrine Command, four star general Kevin P. Byrnes, was fired Tuesday apparently for sexual misconduct according to official sources.
Other sources however have offered a different explanation for Byrnes' dismissal which ties in with the Bush administration's unpopular plan to attack Iran and the staged nuclear attack in the US which would provide the pretext to do so.
According to reporter Greg Szymanski, anonymous military sources said that Brynes was the leader of a faction that was preparing to instigate a coup against the neo-con hawks in an attempt to prevent further global conflict.
Indications are that, much like popular opinion amongst the general public, half the military oppose the neo-con's agenda and half support it.
Further revelations were imparted by journalist Leland Lehrman who appeared today on The Alex Jones Show.
Lehrman's army sources, including a former Captain in intelligence, became outraged when they learned that the official story behind 9/11 was impossible.
They told Lehrman that the imminent Northcom nuclear terror exercise based in Charleston, S.C, where a nuclear warhead is smuggled off a ship and detonated, was originally intended to 'go live' - as in the drill would be used as the cover for a real false flag staged attack.
This website has relentlessly discussed similar style drills which took place on the morning of 9/11 and on the morning of 7/7 in London .
"Speculation exists that he had potentially discovered the fact that it was gonna go live and that he was trying to put a stop to it or also speculation indicates that he may be part of a military coup designed to prevent the ridiculous idea of doing a nuclear war with Iran, " said Lehrman…
Lehrman said that other sources had told him all army leave had been cancelled from September 7th onwards, opening the possibility for war to be declared within that time frame.
Northcom officials also admitted to Lehrman that CNN had been using its situation room as a studio.
Earlier this week, Washington Post reported that the Pentagon has developed its first ever war plans for operations within the continental United States, in which terrorist attacks would be used as the justification for imposing martial law on cities, regions or the entire country.
American Conservative Magazine recently reported that Dick Cheney had given orders to immediately invade Iran after the next terror attack in the US , even if there was no evidence Iran was involved…


The idea that General Brynes may have been involved in some kind of “push back” (a polite term for military rebellion) is a theme we will revisit in Chapter 24 regarding more possible “push back “ during the B-52 “Loose Nukes” incident.
An individual named Jack Fermanian sent an email to Capt May around 9 Sept 2006 observing that Gen Brynes “stopped the 'nuke exercise' off of the 33 degree latitude on the coast of South Carolina .”  33 is, of course, the supreme Masonic number.
As another  interesting footnote,  Sorcha Faal, another alternative media source, offered a very different explanation for the Brynes affair in the article “United States Positions Tens of Thousands of Foreign Troops Throughout America, Cancels All Military Leaves and Ousts Another Top General."


According to these reports the internal rebellion of not only these two Generals [Gen Brynes and anther general likely terminated at the same time, Gen Kobayashi], but ‘many more’, were based upon the massive recruitment of foreign mercenaries into the US Armed Forces and the stationing of them at ‘strategic points’ throughout the United States and training them almost exclusively for ‘riot and crowd control’ purposes.  To date these foreign mercenary soldiers stationed throughout America number in the tens of thousands…


It is certainly true that in order to scrape up manpower for Iraq and Afghanistan , the U.S. has not only offered citizenship for tens of thousands of foreign nationals in return for military service, but has also created a mercenary army in Iraq almost as large as regular military forces.  In the event of a martial law clamp down, one could expect these foreign soldiers and mercenaries to be more ruthless on native-born American citizens than individuals who have lived in America all their lives and have idealistic, patriotic motivations.
Despite all this, I personally doubt that after decades of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism in the U.S. Armed forces, a General would be likely to get fired for taking stand on this issue.  I think that the hypotheses offered by Captain May, Alex Jones and Paul Watson are more plausible. 
Many members of Ghost Troop find Sorcha Faal to be of dubious credibility, and believe that the major value of this author’s articles lie more in the articles this author hyperlinks to than the way this author ties them all together. (I say "this author" because there is some debate about whether Sorcha is really a "she" or "he," and I have not resolved questions about Faal's true identity yet.)
The after shocks of this affair were felt in other strange ways. In his 9 Jan 2008 article "Ron Paul's 9/11 Truth and Glenn Beck's 7/27 Treason,"Capt. May identified a very strange slip made by CNN commentator Glenn Beck at 41 seconds into the 4th of seven YouTube clips of his interview with Ron Paul on Dec. 18, 2007. He linked it to the Texas City explosion that happened on 28 July 2005 covered in Chapter 13.
Glenn Beck said: "If we don’t find our way back to the Constitution soon we are in real real trouble. With that being said, we are facing things our founding fathers could have never ever imagined. Even 7/27 I don’t think they could have imagined at the time."

Note in the paragraph above that Beck used the date "7/27" in a place where he probably meant to say "9/11." At the time he was turning the interview to the topic of Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy and trying to rationalize post-9/11 US interventionism. So what on earth is the significance of 7/27, and what did it have to do with 9/11? I invite the objective reader to think long and hard about that question — then to admit that no good answer comes to mind.
My regular readers are by now familiar with my command of the Internet’s Ghost Troop, a cyber intelligence unit comprised of current and former service members and activist civilian researchers. A week before the 7/7/05 London bombings, Ghost Troop and its many Internet associates issued a warning that we expected the "Next 9/11" — which we identify by the operational code 911-2B — to occur in the Houston area on 7/27/05. The next day, on 7/28/05, there was a major explosion at the British Petroleum refinery in the Houston-area petroleum town Texas City. A couple of hours later, just after dark, there was an immense energy eruption in the skies above Texas City that lasted an hour, and was visible for 100 miles in every direction. The spectacle left me and my intelligence contacts, both in the Houston Police Department and at British Petroleum, convinced that it was meant to simulate a nuclear explosion, one that would have occurred with a real nuclear weapon without our intervention. We have always maintained that nuclear terror was scheduled for 7/27, and that it was delayed for a day before being aborted due to our efforts. This explains the significance behind the "7/27" that Beck mistakenly mentioned. The Ron Paul interview must have crossed Beck’s wires, since Paul’s 14th Texas Congressional District includes Texas City. Glenn Beck, who knows about the 7/27 treason, committed a Freudian slip in the presence of the congressman whose district was the target of the 7/27 treason.



Additional References:

2014-08 Mossad agent accidentally admits they did 7/7 London bombings "It appears from the video interview below that an inadvertent admission was made by a former MOSSAD agent regarding their direct involvement with the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. The slip of the tongue by the former Mossad agent about the London bombings occurs at 2:05 in this truly remarkable catch." [Ed. Note: See YouTube "A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings" (2:23), published April 13, 2013
2012-07 How Israel Bombed London on the 7th of July 2005; Ripple Effect 2 and Updated Version (VIDEO), (2:22:23),




7/7 Ripple Effect 2, published on Jul 6, 2012 by friendsofmuaddib


2012-06-29 7/7 Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead. (VIDEO) (46:48)
"Kevin West's new film has been specially made to mark the 7th anniversary of the 7th July 2005 London bombings. It includes some of the new footage released by the sham Enquiry into the bombings held in 2010/11 and the subsequent release of more disinformation about what is supposed to have happened that day.
Based on and idea by Tony Farrell, sit back and watch Tony and Nick deal a pack of cards itemising many of the key points overlooked in the discredited and chaotic so-called 'official story'.
It is a witty, refreshing and sometimes moving reappraisal, giving emphasis to the human cost seldom explored in other films on the subject. The events of 7 7 are delivered with energy by Nick and Tony. Belinda McKenzie also lends a hand to the proceedings -- a fighter for truth and justice in the world...
...And look out for a special cameo by David Shayla's cat, "Eddie"!"
2011-07-25 Norway's 9/11: Deep Parallels Surface – Norway, 9/11, 7/7 and Bali by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,
2011-05-18 Suppressed News: “False Flag” Whistleblower Acquitted in Britain: Britain’s Largest Terror Attack Likely “Mossad/MI-5? Operation, Anthony John Hill, “Maud dib” Found Not Guilty for Exposing 7/7 “Inside Job” by Gordon Duff

2011-03-06 77 is still the issue: episode 178, The Corbett Report, documentation page. MP3 download Here.
2010-08-03 7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction p1 (video)
2010-07-29 BP 7/28 Nuke Plan vs. U.S. Officers Coup by Capt. May
2010-07-20 Texas City Exposes BP Explosions, by Capt May, published by Al-Jazeerah.



7/7 Ripple Effect. An outstanding seven-part
documentary about the London subway and bus bombings.

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