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The Sears Tower, prior to its 2009 name change to Willis Tower


Chapter 11


The Sears Tower Alert,
Going Underground Again,
and the New Caney Pipeline Explosion

First posted 2009
Last updated June 2010



Realizing that his interference with a false flag attempt could mark him for assassination –once again-- May went underground again for a month afterward. He did this despite the fact that he was now gaining enough fame among Internet activists to be invited to a conference by Dr. Fredrick Toben, a prominent historical revisionist.  As he related in a Jan 2008 Toben interview:


Fredrick Toben: You refused the invitation to address the planned – failed - Sacramento Revisionist Conference for April 2004. Why?

Capt May: April, 2004, marked one year for my mission of conscience, and by then I had good cause to be a bit paranoid about meeting anyone anywhere. I had just spent six of the last 12 months in hiding after being tipped off by intelligence contacts that I was in danger of assassination…[Following the 30 March 2004 explosion] the Houston FBI began threatening me against issuing warnings. At the point that you contacted me I believed I was in imminent danger. So there is no way I was going to risk flying to Sacramento for your revisionist conference.


Chicago-based activists, who received some inspiration from Ghost Troop’s activities, independently started a cyber campaign to defend the Sears Tower from attack in April 2004. 
The clues for Chicagoans were hardly subtle. For starters, arch-Zionist World Trade Center landlord “Lucky” Larry Silverstein acquired control of the Sears Tower on the very same day as the Madrid bombing, although the transaction is technically listed under the names of Jeffrey Feil and Joseph Chetrit.
According to the 12 March 2004 Wall Street Journal Online article "MetLife Will Sell Sears Tower" by Dean Starkman:

Two investors who are part of Larry Silverstein's group that owns the World Trade Center lease are among the buyers of the Sears Tower, which MetLife Inc. agreed to sell Thursday for more than $800 million, according to people familiar with the situation. Lloyd Goldman and Joseph Cayre, New York investors who are among Mr. Silverstein's backers in the Trade Center, are part of a group that agreed to buy the Chicago landmark, these people said. Another New York investor, Jeffrey Feil, was also a participant in the Sears Tower deal, the people said. Names of the other investors couldn't be learned. MetLife announced the agreement Thursday, but declined to disclose the buyer or the terms, citing a confidentiality agreement. While the insurance company, based in New York, had previously announced its intention to sell the tower, the speed of the deal and the relatively high price caught the real-estate industry off-guard. MetLife said it would realize an after-tax gain of $90 million on the deal. Messrs. Goldman and Carye couldn't be reached. Attempts to reach Mr. Feil were unsuccessful. The names of the three investors were reported Thursday on the Slatin Report, a Web newsletter.
Mr. Goldman led a group including Mr. Cayre that put up most of the $125 million of the equity that Mr. Silverstein, a New York developer, used to buy the 99-year office lease on the Trade Center office portion from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The deal, valued at $3.2 billion, including the Trade Center's retail mall, closed in July 2001, weeks before the September terror attacks that destroyed the complex. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Port Authority in December had quietly agreed to return all of the $125 million in equity that Mr. Silverstein and his low-profile group originally invested to buy the leases. The full details of that transaction haven't been released to the public. But the deal effectively eliminated the Silverstein group's capital risk in the project, while allowing the group to retain control of 10 million square feet of office space. The Port Authority has rejected a Wall Street Journal request to review the transaction, citing Mr. Silverstein's ongoing lawsuit against his insurers, led by Swiss Reinsurance Co., over how many claims may be collected as a result of the attacks.

Please recollect that Silverstein had acquired control of the two functionally obsolete, asbestos-ridden World Trade Center Towers and over-insured them to subsequently make an insurance killing two months before controlled demolitions brought them down.  In addition, the Sears Tower has 110 stories, just like each of the two Manhattan twin towers demolished on 9-11 (I repeatedly cover the occult significance of "11," derived from the numerological practice of ignoring zeroes, in Chapter 7 and elsewhere in this work). Even more interesting, the official interpretation of "110" stories for the Sears Tower has been heavily "finessed." According to a real estate date web page at

  • Missing floor: 109. The building owners count the roof as 109.
  • Disputed floor: The mechanical penthouse for the elevators. Some buildings count this, some do not. Sears Tower does.

To top it off, Silverstein changed the zip code to 60606.  This easily converts to the Satanic number “666” when one follows the usual numerological practice of knocking out the zeroes.  Also, the address at 233 Wacker Dr. might be viewed as an inversion of the 322 Skull and Bones number.
In view of all the aforementioned "indicators," what more could the Zionists do to "wave it in the public’s face"?
It is very common in military planning to have a “Plan B” in case a “Plan A” goes awry.  Assuming that the Bush cabal’s “Plan A” had been thwarted in Texas City, and that furthermore it needed to execute a “Plan B” before the fear momentum generated by global media over the Madrid bombing started to wear too thin, then the Chicago Sears Tower in April now became the most obvious default secondary target.
In an email to “GT Mik,” posted at Dr. Fredrick Toben’s Adelaide Institute web site, Captain May described an important media clue regarding the shift:


…[National media] even went so far as to publish another set of articles warming up the whole scenario Sears Tower secondary target scenario on 3/30/2004 -- the day we know that Ghost Troop caused the local Houston Media and Police Posse to shut down the attempt to nuke Texas City then, in connection with the big British Petroleum explosion of that day.  You see, the media had switched to publishing the material that very day to rationalize the setting up of the Sears Tower -- another strong argument that the Sears Tower has been the secondary target, after the Texas City primary.


Capt May commented in his 29 April 2006 The Edge Radio interview with Daniel Ott:


Capt May … I think you will remember this Daniel, is that on 4-19, April 19th 2004, in your part of the country the Midwesterners were running a mission kind of like the one Ghost Troop ran down in Houston and Texas City in the south, we are a Texas unit. I am a Texan, and that makes our emphasis on headquarters Houston . I understand that --I have read all over the Internet how Chicagoans talked about how Sears Tower was set up for 4-19, 2004. Have you heard that one?
Ott: Yes.
Capt May: Well, not only that, but of course what I did is I work media. Your listeners will remember hearing me before. I was public affairs and counter intelligence in the U.S. Army. And in doing some media analysis of it, I found out that if you go to the Internet and look up "Sears Tower Terror" for instance, "Sears Tower Terror," you are going to find articles from the same dates of those Chicagoans who are trying to break it up and the media who are trying to cover up why the thing went through. On 4-19, the day you guys got enough word out, when I say break it up, I just mean contaminate the environment by spreading news, folks.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Nine-tenths of this whole war is a war of deceit against you, people like Daniel Ott. How can you break through? You just spread this information. You contaminate the area and they can't go through with the mission. They have to abort it. So they aborted Texas City on 3-30 and they went immediately --they shifted emphasis up to Sears Tower , which of course Larry Silverstein had bought on 3-11. You got that on Tex Marrs?

Ott: Yes.
Capt May: OK, so Silverstein has got the towers, and immediately they shift over to Chicago . You guys break it up, and then the media runs stories that say things like, "Al Qaeda was caught in England by British police with plans to bomb the Sears Tower ." So they keep this thing heated up, but from my perspective as the officer in charge of the Texas City mission, what I can see, and what I can tell you in the Midwest, is that Sears Tower was a secondary target to Texas City in 2004. It went after us on 3-30, 2004. Ghost Troop predicted 3-31 and they hit on 3-30. So we aborted them out. They blew a factory up there, and that was their signal. That ended their exercise, they focused on that and got on to business. They didn't go through with it. So the immediate thing they do is they make a shot at y'all. That means you are number two.

A good example of a “Sears Tower Terror” article referenced by Captain May is the article “Sears 4/19, By the Numbers” posted nine days before the April 19th prediction date by blogger Thomas F. Sima.
The article argued that 19 April should be the most likely false flag attack date because of the following numeric coincidences:  April 19th is the 110th day of the year;  it comes exactly  9 Years after the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19th, 1995) and 11 Years after Waco (April 19th, 1993), it comes exactly 911 hours from the first second of March 12th, 2004 (the first day after the 3-11 Spain attacks) until the last second of April 18th , and lastly, April 19th falls within 911 days + 911 hours + 911 minutes + 911 seconds from September 11,  2001.
April 19th rolled around and nothing happened –except a chilling coincidence.   On 19 April 2004, WorldNetDaily published “Dirty bomb plot on Sears Tower : British discover plan to use chemical in attacks.”

Editor's note: Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin is an online, subscription intelligence news service from the creator of – a journalist who has been developing sources around the world for the last 25 years.
A plot by terrorists to use dirty bombs laced with the deadly chemical osmium tetroxide to attack U.S. targets including the Sears Tower in Chicago was uncovered by British intelligence and law enforcement authorities, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.
British police and military bomb experts passed on information to their U.S. counterparts.
Traces of the chemical, as well as manuals for its use, were discovered by the British intelligence community during raids following the March Madrid attack.
A number of intelligence and security agencies include osmium tetroxide in their list of dangerous materials. It can be purchased in a gel-like form in small quantities. It is mainly used for laboratory experiments. The gel is highly toxic and can be developed into a coating element for bomb parts, or into an aerosol.
Though it is not clear from the sources that al-Qaida was behind the plot, Osama bin Laden's network had previously eyed the Sears Tower as a target, following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
The terrorist group's operations chief, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, told interrogators that al-Qaida's follow-up attacks in the Midwest and West Coast were thwarted by the intensity of the U.S. response to the strikes on the World Trade Center in New York City and on the Pentagon.
Mohammed said he and his nephew, Ramzi Yousuf, who was behind the first World Trade Center bombing a decade ago, had identified the targets through almanacs of American buildings.
"We were looking for symbols of economic might," he told interrogators.
Following 9-11, about $6.5 million was invested to improve the building's security, including more digital cameras, tightly controlled access requiring a security-approved card to get through turnstiles, additional security officers and improved communications with government and outside agencies.
Osmium tetroxide can attack soft human tissue and can cause blindness for anyone who breathes its fumes. It can also cause an agonizing death.
A plan to launch a chemical attack in Britain had also been prevented.
G2 Bulletin is an online, weekly intelligence newsletter published by
Subscribe to Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin

Why would British intelligence, law enforcement authorities, and media not only validate a conspiracy against the Sears Tower , but also choose April 19th as the release date of their information?
Later, a similar pattern would be echoed surrounding a 2-4 May 2006 false flag alert for the Chicago Sears Tower .  Nothing happened to the tower, but coincidentally the FBI subsequently arrested a group of young blacks with flimsy charges  about a plot to blow up the tower.
Like so many other highly circumstantial events in the Info War, there usually is not enough to totally prove anything, yet the circumstantial evidence is so great that one is left with strong suspicions.
Meanwhile, on the Iraq front, as the first anniversary of the Battle of Baghdad rolled around.   Capt May saw similar cover up themes repeated, but in different form and with new repercussions.  On April 7th he noted in an email to members of Ghost Troop:

…Throughout the network coverage of today's Sunni and Shiite uprisings, I found repeated statements both that the activity was intense and that the activity was spontaneous, with no clear pattern of organization.  This is good raw intelligence, y'all, and it fits in with a little revelation that came to me with a sickening feeling:
They're celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of Baghdad.  The reason town after town is rising up is because town after town is marking the event in its own way, with its own militias vying to show that they are most capable of emulating the brave Iraqi deeds of the Battle of Baghdad.  The way they see it, they won the battle:  they pulled all their forces away intact after inflicting enough death to send the US into denial.  When the US Media failed to tell the US Citizenry about the losses of the Battle of Baghdad they gave the ultimate encouragement to our foes in the field by telling them that we would rather subvert our constitutional foundation than admit to a battle.  Looking at it from their side, it's time to start more battles…

May 3, 2004, Vietnam war hero Col David Hackworth published “Stupidity Causes Death in Iraq, ” in which he decried the pathetic lack of armored protection. “…our soldiers and Marines are absorbing rocket propelled grenades and road-side mines in thin-skinned vehicles far more fit for a vacation at Yosemite than for combat.”
Responding to Hackworth’s article, May sent Col Hackworth an email noting “…They covered up hundreds of deaths last April, and just as surely covered up hundreds from the recent Fight of Fallujah, where they acknowledge that a battalion’s worth of Marines were wounded but stopped counting KIA's when the first day (April 5, 2004 -- I believe) cost us an acknowledged 24 KIA.”
Later in the year when he met Cindy Sheehan at the anti-protest “ Camp Casey ” outside the Bush ranch in Crawford , Texas he learned about how her son died in Baghdad in 4 April 2004.  Specialist Casey Sheehan was packed in with other soldiers into the back of an unarmored truck and then sent into a hostile suburb of Baghdad .  He died when the group was sprayed with small arms fire.
Captain May surmised that most American intelligence officers in Iraq were probably ignorant of the Battle of Baghdad, thanks to Bush criminal negligence. Had they known, they probably would have put American units on guard during the first anniversary of the battle.  After all, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese delivered a nasty “celebration” one year after the 1968 Tet Offensive.  Why would the Iraqi resistance be any different?
In his 7 April email, Capt May had also stated:


…Yep, the boyz and girlz downrange in the real world of the US Armed Forces have been made half-blind with misinformation.  The outgoing vets were segregated from the incoming newbees (kept 'em from talking about the stories y'all were covering up), so there was little communication of reality.  The command structure isn't encouraged to remember "inconvenient" aspects of the history of the war (too embarrassing to D.C.), so the S-2's (combat intel officers) never got much command interest to work with on possible enemy actions.
…Yep, Boy George Bush brought out the worst in journalism and the military, put it together and labeled it with a name, half porn-flick, half freak-show:


On May 10th, former U.S. Naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen published “The Israeli Torture Template: Rape, Feces, and Urine-Dipped Cloth Sacks” in which he identified America ’s self-destructive, incompetent, and alien-guided policies in Iraq from the perspective of the emerging torture scandal at Abu Ghraib prison:

With mounting evidence that a shadowy group of former Israeli Defense Force and General Security Service (Shin Bet) Arabic-speaking interrogators were hired by the Pentagon under a classified "carve out" sub-contract to brutally interrogate Iraqi prisoners at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, one only needs to examine the record of abuse of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners in Israel to understand what Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meant, when referring to new, yet to be released photos and videos, he said, "if these images are released to the public, obviously its going to make matters worse.”
According to a political appointee within the Bush administration and U.S. intelligence sources, the interrogators at Abu Ghraib included a number of Arabic-speaking Israelis who also helped U.S. interrogators develop the "R2I" (Resistance to Interrogation) techniques. Many of the torture methods were developed by the Israelis over many years of interrogating Arab prisoners on the occupied West Bank and in Israel itself.

May sent an email to Madsen in response to his article, characteristically addressing an even more ominous bigger picture:


Sir, I found much of interest in your May 10 CounterPunch analysis of Israeli parallels in our current interrogation woes.  I published an essay in last week making the same observation, though without much more than intuition and a knowledge of military intelligence (I was a Cold War, Russian-area specialist).
I believe a bit of investigation will reveal that the moderate US war parties realized by summer that the blitzkrieg victory we'd been tempted with was going to bog down into mud.  Ergo the grudging passage of the war continuation budget in September, and an instant emphasis on improving "human intelligence" to win the War on Terror.
I believe that in the event of Abu Grayhib prison (and, no doubt, numerous others), we see the immediate increase in brutality in the fall, corresponding to the importation of Major General Miller, the former commandant of Gitmo (our proto-concentration camp).  All of this is the same trend, originated in D.C. by the Establishment (Bush being the current psychotic cheerleader) in the fall:
"Let's get mean and root out this insurgency once and for all."
The reaction of EVERY echelon of command between the commander-in-chief and the night shift of cell block 1A was to look the other way while the brutality was allowed.  "This is a violation of the rules of land warfare," military scholars in the officer and non-com corps rationalized, but not a violation of the laws of guerilla war, for there are none."
And they got mean.  They used short-term high-stress tactics (i.e., torture) to extract information in an environment that both told them it was important and permissible to violate the norms of military conduct -- after all, it was their commanders (all the way to the prez) who were pushing the tactics, though perhaps maintaining "plausible deniability."
It's really boring and banal, just as Hannah Arendt, a Third-Reich survivor, said it would be when the Nazis (in this incarnation, the NeoCons) returned.  Believe me, all that is under the surface is in the Third Reich parallels -- where the hell do you think they got the inspiration for the Reichstag Fire of 911, or the Gestapo of Homeland Security (in the works on 912).  That's why the tie-in of the Bush diary entry on 911:  "We've just had the Pearl Harbor of the twenty-first century."  Bush didn't have the wit to figure that much history out in half a day, he was staying on script.  911 was a scripted Pearl Harbor -- a USS Maine if you prefer.  It was just the right amount of disaster to make us follow the leader.  The Germans did it with more style -- they had better uniforms.
Understand the recent revelations in light of the 912 statement by Bush:  "I'm a nice guy, but I've got a tough job to do."  Better yet, think about Cheney's 915 message on one of the networks:  "In this new kind of war on terror, we'll have to embrace DARK SIDE tactics that we wouldn't usually embrace."  (The quote is approximate, but the "dark side" part is verbatim, brother.)
Last part, the media in the fall, while the War Party (the Establishment) was "getting tough" (euphemized as exploiting human intelligence), the media set up three Moslems busted at Gitmo for a show trial.  Captain Josef Yee was the chaplain, and was a definite political target.  (It's my field, man...  I know the marks.)   I personally got involved, from my dubious leverage point in the underground media, to stand up for Chaplain Yee.  I attach the essay below for your perusal -- and I hope you find mine as enlightening as I found yours.  Should you want to look into the investigative work my associates (collectively known as Ghost Troop) and I have done on the particular issue of the cover-up and desecration of our comrades in Iraq by the US media, please look at the website report (magazine length) and check out the intro essay.  If you want to see how an ex-intelligence officer can get an assassination coming his way from the prez, read the Supporting Documents / July 03 Letters from July 15 to 18 (they're at the site).

Ciao, CPTMAY , CO , Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+


PS:  Please w/b if you'd like to read more of our ongoing analysis of the military/media matrix.  I'm prepared to explain the rationale behind the timing of the Abu Grahyab (and Niteline KIA recitation, for that matter) from the strategic point of view, should you be interested -- just remember that the media is taking its marching orders from the Establishment (indeed, they're its best henchmen, in the detached, distorted way).  If we make it out of this mess without a world war, they must be reformed to the root.


An even more damning article regarding prisoner abuse was published: “ USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worst than imagined: Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen” by Ernesto Cienfuegos, La Voz de Aztlan. This ties in with underlying themes of Mossad involvement in 9-11, an ultimate Israeli-U.S. policy of “reductionism” towards Iraq , and Bush cabal insider profit:

Why was this sexual torture and humiliation being filmed? Why were thousands of these photographs showing the rape of Iraqi women disseminated among the US troops in Iraq ? A Mexican-American soldier said in a telephone interview, "Maybe the officers didn't know what was going on, but everybody else did. I have seen literally hundreds of these types of pictures." He added, "Many of the pictures were destroyed last September when the luggage of soldiers was searched as they left Iraq . The graphic photos were being swapped between the soldiers like baseball cards."
The most important question of all is "Why are these pictures and videos being shown on, for pay, pornographic websites in the US ? Were the pictures disseminated to the US occupation forces to encourage the rape of Iraqi women and other nefarious acts against the Iraqi populace?
The American people and the rest of the world are generally not aware that the US government has hired literally thousands of hired guns, many with notorious war crime records. A significant number of these are rapists, sodomites and murderers from South Africa and Serbia . These vile individuals work for so call "security services" under contract to the Pentagon. Most of these "security services" are cronies of both Bush and Cheney and are owned by nefarious Jews who also have ties to the Burbank , California pornography industry.
Among Afrikaner war criminals hired by the Pentagon are Frans Strydom and Deon Gouws, both with despicable atrocity records against South African Blacks that sought independence. There are an estimated 1,500 South Africans employed by "security services" in Iraq , according to the South African foreign ministry. Many used their atrocious backgrounds as mercenaries during Apartheid to bolster their credentials to the Pentagon. Many other hired mercenaries are Serbians known to be rapists of Muslim-Croatian women. Some of the mercenaries in the photographs shown raping Iraqi women look Serbian. The Military Police, including Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, has said that the cell where the sexual torture took place were dominated by these mercenaries in collusion with the CIA and Military Intelligence.
La Voz de Aztlan believes that "film crews" run mostly by mercenaries actually instigated the rapes and sodomy of the Iraqi POW's inside the Abu Ghraib prison. These mercenaries had the full cooperation of the CIA and Military Intelligence and perverted elements inside the Pentagon and the US government. In addition, these mercenaries trolled the Iraqi countryside for Iraqi women they could abduct, rape and film.
The ultimate purpose for the films and photographs was to make money in the multi-billion dollar pornography industry in the USA and other western countries. There are powerful people in the US government and wealthy individuals at high levels of US society that pay large sums of money for these decadent sexual materials. Some of these individuals are members of the Satanic Skull and Bones/CIA organization. These materials that also include "snuff movies" of Central American children are being distributed by Jewish pornographers.

This tragic period produced both damning testimonies as well as strenuous efforts by the Pentagon to discredit these witnesses.
As one example, in his 18 September 2007 first hour radio show, former Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen interviewed Sgt. Frank "Greg" Ford, a former counterintelligence agent in the California National Guard's 223rd Military Intelligence (M.I.) Battalion who was stationed in Samarra , Iraq .  Ford claimed that he had to revive four Iraqi children who passed out from torture.  Their screams could be heard through prison windows in Iraqi neighborhoods.  He said that when Americans initially moved into the area, many Iraqis were happy to approach him to give him intelligence information.  However, once the child torture began, his contacts quickly dissipated.  Worse yet, Iraqis started to warn him that if the Americans did not quit the child torture, they would launch an insurgency by June 15th.
Ford told Madsen that many private contractors did not care about the hatred being stirred up from the torture, because the creation of a real insurgency would give them that more work to justify their existence, along with fatter contracts. [Author's note: In addition, many Israeli "allies" secretly rejoice, because when Americans and Brits commit war crimes, it makes their own outrages against Christian and Muslim Palestinians --and myriad other unsavory practices identified in Chapter 5 -- seem less criminal and alien comparison, as noted in "Israel is relieved not to be the only war criminal," by Gideon Levy,, 28 Oct 2010.]
Madsen commented on how other heavy-handed occupation tactics impacted on intelligence collection:

Ford said at the outset of his assignment in Samara his unit was witnessing 105-100 walk-ins of intelligence sources per day. The only problem was recording and reporting on all the intelligence being provided. After the May 2004 "Wedding Day Massacre" by US troops of a wedding party in the village of Mukaradeeb in western Iraq , near the Syrian border, Ford said things "went south real fast." He said there was an immediate response from the Iraqis. The soured relations with the Iraqis resulted in walk-in intelligence sources dropping from 105 to 110 a day to 2 to 3, and soon to zero. Immediately, U.S. troops in Samara were besieged. The U.S. response was to pick up all males between the ages of 10 and 100 whereupon they were "bagged, tagged, and brutalized." These clean sweeps were conducted in 120 degree temperatures. The new American tactic resulted in an escalation of insurgent attacks.
Ford said Iraqis who had cooperated with the United States warned the US military to knock off the torture. Intelligence reports on U.S. torture were sent up the military chain to Washington . The reports were ignored. Ford said, soon, interrogation became extermination. Ford requested a formal investigation of the torture. The response of the U.S. military command in Iraq was to physically assault Ford and take him to a psychiatrist. Ford was told he was imagining torture. Ford said things got uglier when he was ordered out of Iraq to Germany strapped to a stretcher. Soon after, Ford retired from government service.
Ford was not surprised when 60 Minutes aired its report on torture at Abu Ghraib. He knew where the "kids" at Abu Ghraib were trained in the illegal tactics they employed against the prisoners. In fact, Ford's headquarters was Abu Ghraib. Instead of stopping the torture tactics, the orders from Washington were to send "non-talkers" (Iraqis) to Abu Ghraib for interrogation. Ford revealed that a special team of foreign nationals were brought into Abu Ghraib to advise on torture techniques. The physical stripping of prisoners was one such tactic imported by the foreign national advisers. Meanwhile, U.S. military commanders said torture was not occurring.
Ford said soon the U.S. position in Samara first began to disintegrate n June 15, 2003 after former members of the Iraqi Mukhabarat intelligence service, along with "Saddam Fedayeen" former special forces, launched "Operation Viper," a Tet-style offensive against the U.S. The Mukhabarat warned that five U.S. soldiers would be killed per week. Ford said the insurgency has drastically increased that target number today. Iraq war veteran Garrett Repenhagen said that Abu Ghraib changed things in Iraq . He said that after news of the abuse  became public, many Iraqis shifted their support to the insurgency. One starving Iraqi youngster who used to accept a daily meals ready to eat (MRE) package from Repenhagen refused it after the news from Abu Ghraib became known.

Ford said that  after he blew the whistle to his superiors, he was ordered by U.S. Army medical personnel to lie down on a gurney.  They strapped him down, loaded him onto a military plane, and then medevaced him to a foreign military medical center.
According to "Whitewashing Torture?", 2004-12-08, by David DeBatto:


…In August 2004, Ford filed a report on his allegations of war crimes and abduction with the Sacramento office of the FBI. That office forwarded the report to the Bureau's headquarters in Washington , which in turn passed it along to the Department of Defense. Ford says he met with investigators from the DoD's Office of the Inspector General in the last week of September. "It was obvious from their line of questioning that their mission was to cover up for DoD and the Army," Ford said…
…According to an Army CID special agent who is familiar with Ford's case, "This is a classic case of a whitewash. A cover-up. The agent in Iraq never even looked at the 15-6 investigation the 223rd supposedly did. No one was ever interviewed until Abu Ghraib hit the fan." When I asked him whether the CID was complicit in an Army cover-up of the case, he said, "Absolutely ... Do you have any idea how ugly this case could get if they ever really looked into it? It would open up a whole can of worms that they just don't want to touch." The agent, who refused to give his name for fear of retaliation, added, "Based on everything I know about this case, I believe Ford. I have seen too many similar cases not to. It fits the pattern. Everyone involved in this blatant cover-up should be criminally prosecuted. For this to have dragged on for over a year without being investigated is ridiculous."…

Wayne Madsen claimed that Ford was the target of “swift boating” in his 23 June 2006 report:


In December 2004, a right-wing organization based in McLean, Virginia, "," which is tied to other "swift boating" type organizations went on the attack against Ford and DeBatto. They claim that Ford, a former Navy corpsman, never served with the Navy SEALS and had manufactured his record. The site also castigated DeBatto for writing a fictional book on Army counter-intelligence. The swift boating of veterans by a group of mysteriously-funded cranks operating from a P.O. Box near CIA headquarters in Langley is part of a general policy by the right-wing to debase any veteran who questions the illegal war in Iraq and the other outrages of the neo-cons.


The 24 June 2004 Asia Times article  The liberation of Baghdad is not far away' By Alix de la Grange, at contained interviews with two former generals under Saddam Hussein who became guerilla leaders. They confirmed not only the Battle of Baghdad, but the fact that Americans had irretrievably lost the hearts and minds of the Iraqi population, and that this was now every bit the quicksand war that Captain May predicted:


“…We knew that if the United States decided to attack Iraq , we would have no chance faced with their technological and military power. The war was lost in advance, so we prepared the post-war. In other words: the resistance. Contrary to what has been largely said, we did not desert after American troops entered the center of Baghdad on April 5, 2003. We fought a few days for the honor of Iraq – not Saddam Hussein – then we received orders to disperse.” Baghdad fell on April 9: Saddam and his army where nowhere to be seen…. 
…The lethal offensive of the American troops in Fallujah in March has been the turning point as far as the resistance is concerned. The indiscriminate pillage by American soldiers during their search missions (according to many witnesses) and the sexual humiliation inflicted to prisoners, including Abu Ghraib in Baghdad, have only served to magnify the anger felt by most Iraqis. “There's no more trust, it will be hard to regain it.” According to these resistance leaders, “We have reached the point of no return.” 
This is exactly the point of view of a Shi'ite woman we had met two days earlier – a former undercover opposition militant against Saddam: “The biggest mistake of the occupation forces was to despise our traditions and our culture. They are not satisfied with having bombed our infrastructure, they tried to destroy our social system and our dignity. And this we cannot allow. The wounds are deep and the healing will take long. We prefer to live under the terror of one of our own than under the humiliation of a foreign occupation.” 
According to Saddam's generals, “more than a year after the beginning of the war, insecurity and anarchy still dominate the country. Because of their incapacity to control the situation and to maintain their promises, the Americans have antagonized the population as a whole. The resistance is not limited to a few thousand activists. Seventy-five percent of the population supports us and helps us, directly and indirectly, volunteering information, hiding combatants or weapons. And all this despite the fact that many civilians are caught as collateral damage in operations against the coalition and collaborators.” 


In June 2004, May tried to find asylum in Canada .  At a border checkpoint, Canadian authorities found a .357 magnum he had broken down to try to smuggle through.  They fined him $1,000.00 and turned him over to American border personnel, who in turn told him to go home back to Texas .  Fortunately no one at the border seemed to be aware of his role in fighting against Bush administration false flag terror.  
Captain Jeff Cross, who assisted May on the first mission, also tried to achieve greater protection by moving out of Austin , Texas into a rural area.

A couple of months after the March 30, 2004 explosion, Ghost Troop officer Chase Untermeyer was selected by the Bush administration to become ambassador to Qatar . May believes that Untermeyer was removed to keep him from involvement with future Ghost Troop missions.

Once back home, May resumed his email campaigns and monitoring of current events.  In a July 3rd email, he identified two promising turning points in the Info war.
One turning point involved the impact that Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11 was having in waking up the public to the fact that the official government story about 9-11 was a lie.
Another turning point came after supreme neo-con Paul Wolfowitz accused reporters of focusing on violence for the purpose of sensationalism, and were too cowardly to get outside their hotel rooms to see the real story about America ’s success in pacifying Iraq .   

Major media then retaliated with reporters who described how violence has been very real going back to the bloody Battle of Baghdad, and Iraq is hardly pacified.
Captain May remarked in an email:

“I've been struggling to get the US Media to admit that there was a covered up Battle of Baghdad in April, 2003.  Well, they just did so….  Here's the reference: … I believe that this admission is the beginning of the exposure of consistent White Wash House abuses of the First Amendment of our national constitution, which guarantees the citizens the critical information necessary to determine their own national fate!”


May referenced the following transcript  of “Hardball” with Chris Matthews:

MITCHELL:  Welcome back to HARDBALL.  Testifying before Congress last week, deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz suggested that the media‘s negative coverage of the war in Iraq was partly to blame for growing opposition.
PAUL WOLFOWITZ, DEPUTY DEFENSE SECRETARY:  Part of our problem is a lot of the press are afraid to travel very much, so they sit in Baghdad and they publish rumors.  And rumors are plentiful.  Our own media have some responsibility to try to present a balanced picture, instead of always gravitating for the sensational.  And the violent is admittedly sensational.
MITCHELL:  The next day on HARDBALL, Wolfowitz sought to clarify his remarks, but still would not back down.
WOLFOWITZ:  I said the media picture seems to be unbalanced, and I‘m not the only one who‘s saying it.  I met sergeants up in northern Iraq who were dealing with one of the hard-core areas of Iraq, and they say, It‘s not what we see in the international media.  The story isn‘t being described accurately.  And I don‘t know if I‘m allowed to use the word “balanced” on this network, but I think balance is an important part of presenting the picture properly.
MITCHELL:  But only 24 hours later, Wolfowitz, under pressure, issued a formal written apology which read, in part, “Just let me say to each of you who have worked so hard and taken such risks to cover this story, I extend a heartfelt apology and hope you will accept it.  I understand well the enormous dangers that you face and want to restate my admiration for your professionalism, dedication, and yes, courage.”
So is the press getting the story right?  Joining us now are two journalists who covered the war in Iraq, Time magazine‘s Michael Weisskopf and The LA Times‘s  David Zucchino, who wrote a book about his experience titled, Thunder Run: The Armored Strike to Capture Baghdad.  Welcome to you both.

Captain May wrote in a July 3rd email his interpretation of this incident:

…Evidently the media (I hesitate to say "journalists"), have decided that it was fine to cover up a battle, desecrate hundreds of our comrades, suppress the constitution and empower tyranny at home (while hoping to spread it abroad)...  But these media whores DO have their standards, and Wolfwits has violated them:  He accused them of cowardice a week ago -- and they ain't taking no apologies for it...
So the folks who let it all happen to us and to America are now standing up for themselves (same as I always said they would...) by jumping out from under the sheets, underwear firmly in hand, and getting DISEMBEDDED.  Ergo, they announce Baghdad .  The story (probably sanitized and censored) will be coming out in a book, "Thunder Run," by David Zucchino of the LA Times, who assures the public that there never was any conspiracy to keep the public in the dark, but that it does, after all, take a while to tell a really big story...

Dr. Fredrick Toben in Australia responded: “Congratulations - a substantial victory for your massive effort.”  Toben is a leading historical revisionist and champion of free speech who we will cover in more depth later in this book.
Even though May sent emails in July attempting to disband Ghost Troop, and distancing himself from the Peace Movement (he never viewed himself as a philosophical dove), in July he found himself getting drawn back into Ghost Troop activism to thwart the next 9-11 “to be.”
In July major media networks announced that Al-Qaeda was preparing another strike “Most likely before or after the [upcoming November 2004] elections, as they did in Madrid .”
May believed that the Bush cabal needed to give America another “terror injection” to benefit Bush himself as well as his fellow Republicans prior to the upcoming November 2004 elections.  The emerging quagmire in Iraq threatened to deliver a Congressional victory to the Democrats.
In an email he sent to his Ghost Troop XO, Capt Cross on 2 Sept 2004, May noted other reasons why the Bush cabal desperately needed another terror fix:


…The conspiracy is showing cracks, XO -- else it wouldn't have slipped out recently that there is a Mossad Mole in the Pentagon [Larry Franklin], in direct contact with Wolfwits, Feith and AIPAC.  There may still be time to alert loyal elements of the apparatus.
The media is playing it both ways (and who's surprised?).  Today on CNN's Crossfire the right-winger (Tucker Carlson) let it slip out that there was a Democratic Congressional candidate (black lady) [Cynthia McKinney] who was saying that Jewish Media was sabotaging her candidacy and that Bush had set up 911.  These are major points to bring into discussion, and they wouldn't be on the table if there weren't still time to think and act.  Tomorrow the principle European foreign ministers are meeting to discuss the Iranian Nuclear Situation...  Everything hangs in the balance.  Do your duty, Marine -- and count on me to do mine, my word on it.

Say your prayers -- and I'll say mine.  God bless Ghost Troop and the Republic.  CPTMAY


Captain May made an actual prediction of a terror strike on 9-27-2004 in his 16 Aug 2004 email titled “Cryptoanalysis and the next Al-CIA-Duh strike against the U.S.  He noted:


…we are either closer to a geopolitical adjustment (ie., reducing our (sinking) Middle Eastern footprint), or just that much closer to 911 (the sequel), which I’ve been predicting as 9/27 (i.e., 9/9, i.e., 9+9=18; i.e., 1+8 = 9). Again, 9/27 will be the 1111st day since 911 (which was 11 years from the announcement of the New World Order by King George XLI).


May also noted that the “11’s” behind his choice of the “1111th” day after 9-11 for his prediction date was reinforced by other “11”-related incidents in 2004 (



3/11 (2004): Madrid Al-CIA-Duh bombings, intended to send Spain to the right but achieving the opposite effect.

5/11 (2004): Beheading of Nick Berg (manifestly bogus and post-dated to achieve the date) by Al-CIA-Duh.

7/11 (2004): End of seven-year term (initiated 7/11/97 of George Tenet (not his real name, but the name in Latin means "George Holds/Controls"). Also the Sunday on which the two parties announced on Sunday morning networks shows that Al-CIA-Duh was preparing another strike, "most likely before or after the elections, as the did in Madrid."

9/11: The grandaddy number: 9/11, 1991 [1990] is the day King George XLI announced the New World Order, as we were preparing to attack Iraq in Kuwait (whither we had enticed them by promising that little prize for service rendered on behalf of Uncle Sam when Iraq fought a war against Iran -- yep, it was a set-up, just like Saddam said). ELEVEN years later -- to the day -- it is the day of the domestic facet of the NWO. Nowadays all the media whores delight in saying "the post-911 world/reality" (meaning the police state/paranoid reality, requiring that the US dominate the world just to be safe in the world).

11/11 (year unknown): The date when King George XLIII went before the UN and accused them of being wussies for not getting on board with the war plan. (Can you double check on this -- it may be a past or pending date, but I got it in passing through the networks the other night, and it clicked into place very well...)

Bonus date: 6/11 (2004) when they buried Ronnie Reagan and Bush made his cryptic "western star rising" eulogy -- 1002 days after 911. The numbers were beautiful on that one: 911/2001, with the 911 "flipping" to 611 while 2001 (the year) reversed to 1002 (the ordinal since 911). In summary, 911/2001 = 611/1002; that one took real manipulation, boyz, and I'm sure Ronnie wasn't present in mind when the SS (as in Secret Service) physicians and agents terminated his term of years in time for the event to take place. He was an actor to the end, after, all, and his last act was to lie in state so that the New World Order could have it's black mass of a funeral -- a rallying signal for the last phase.

Oh, and a last things: I know now why the Texas City petrochemical
explosion/fire took place on March 30 (2004), and must now admit that I was off by a day in my 3/31 prediction: 3/30 is the only day in the year with the supreme cult number (of the Masons, inter alios) of 33 (11x3). It is, incidentally, also the date in 1981 when Bush buddy Hinkley tried to kill Ronnie Reagan -- as a Hinkley family member had dinner with Neal Bush -- whose marriage date a couple, three years before was..., you guessed it, 3/30. I've got a feeling that Neal is heavy into the crime and assassinations end of the family biz, y'all...

OK, XO, Top, y'all can broadcast it as far and wide as you want -- all to support my prediction that we're headed for 911, part 2 on 9/27 or 11/11, depending on whether the Bones Boyz want to bother with the election (in which case they'll wait to see which King wins the contest) and make their move on 11/11. If they've brokered a deal, dependent on a crisis before the election (and I'm leaning that way in my prediction), then they'll go with 9/27. That date is fresher, anyhow, and has a lot more numerological subtlety in it.

XO, you might want to run this by Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller and Jack Blood...Top, you can put it out as a general alert to Ghost Troop. As you may have noted since I left the country for the Yukon , I'm not much into the friction and chaos of trying to ride herd over our horde... I figure you do that part of it better anyhow.

Y'all spread the word that the CO is still present and active -- and on
fronts known only to me (I don't tell my left what my right is doing at
this phase of activity and danger), but that they are going to have to
harness their own energy. I can't think as an analyst and command a crowd at the same time -- my nerves aren't up to it any longer, and the crowd ain't helping with its chaos.



May also noted to Capt Cross in a subsequent urgent email that his terror prediction date 9-27-2004 fell upon the Monday after Yom Kippur, the day when Jews ceremonially renounce all vows.  
On August 19, 2004, only three days after issuing his terror prediction on the 16th,  local news reported an unexplained petrochemical explosion at Moss Bluff, Texas , 30 miles northeast of Houston/Pasadena.  This explosion grew the following day into a 1,000-foot pillar of fire.  May thought this could be part of an overall pattern.  He wrote the following postscript to his prediction:


In Capt. May/Ghost Troop analysis, the significance of this event was to give the final signal for the follow-up to the foiled 3/30 event in Texas City . The date of the Moss Bluff pillar of fire was 8/19; 8+1=9, therefore 9/9; and 9+9 = 18; 1+8 = 9, one of the 911 "signature numbers, along with 11. (Hyperlink to the event news: The Moss Bluff explosion started out on 8/19, and was then "amplified" the next day until it reached its full 1,000 pillar of fire climax.
These numbers are the signature of the embedded code. Any Mason will be able to identify the Illuminatist numerology. IMPORTANT: Just as 3/30, the date of the Texas City event, was 930 days from 911 (9+3=12, the number of completion or perfection to Masons), the 8/19 Moss Bluff event is 39 (93(0) reversed) from the target date of 9/27, the 1111th day in the 911 sequence. Texas City is approximately 30 miles southeast of Houston/Pasadena; Moss Bluff is approximately 30 miles northeast of Houston/Pasadena; the next strike, 9/27, will be in Houston/Pasadena. Just as the media struck itself in New York to be able to deny the 911 event, and Washington , D.C. , struck itself to be able to do the same, George W. Bush will strike his adopted hometown to remove suspicion of the event from himself. I predict casualties in the tens to hundreds of thousands, and an immediate willingness of the US public to stop investigating Bush and follow his insane plan to initiate the Third World War.

Before 9-27-2004  arrived, Capt May achieved considerable success circulating his warning, to include a prescient post at sites like on 9-6-2004 ; Chemtrail Central at:  and
Before dawn on Sunday, September 26th, one day off of Captain May’s prediction,  a segment of pipeline exploded in New Canny, Texas.  
May commented in his 29 May 2008 Nightsearch interview with Patt Ress:


 “…The long and short of it is that we said 9-27, the 1111th day [after 9-11], and we were off by one. It was 9-26. Another case where we were off by a day. There is an interval between 9-11 and 9-26-2004, the interval was 1110 days, which means that instead of it being a 1111 code, it was a 111 code. So it was the same code just one digit less than we thought it would be.”


On Monday, 27 September 2004, The World, Coos Bay , Oregon , posted “Pipeline explodes northeast of Houston , 250 evacuated; no injuries reported:”


NEW CANEY, Texas (AP) - A pipeline exploded before dawn Sunday, sending plumes of dark smoke billowing for miles and forcing 250 people to evacuate, authorities said.
No injuries were reported and no homes were damaged in the blast, about 30 miles northeast of Houston . The fire burned itself out and residents were allowed to return to their homes around noon. No injuries were reported and no homes were damaged in the blast, about 30 miles northeast of Houston . The fire burned itself out and residents were allowed to return to their homes around noon.
Authorities believe someone caused the explosion by puncturing the pipeline with a trackhoe, which is used for digging, said Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams. He did not know whether the damage was intentional. Authorities believe someone caused the explosion by puncturing the pipeline with a trackhoe, which is used for digging, said Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams. He did not know whether the damage was intentional.
"This easily could have been a fatality incident," Williams said. "It was sheer stupidity to use that piece of machinery around the pipeline." "This easily could have been a fatality incident," Williams said. "It was sheer stupidity to use that piece of machinery around the pipeline."
He also said someone drove a boom truck, the type with an arm that extends to reach power lines, into the nearby woods, raised it as high as possible and left it there. He also said someone drove a boom truck, the type with an arm that extends to reach power lines, into the nearby woods, raised it as high as possible and left it there.
Residents reported hearing a small explosion followed by a larger one along the 6-inch diameter propylene pipeline. Propylene is a volatile gas used in the production of plastics and gasoline. Residents reported hearing a small explosion followed by a larger one along the 6-inch diameter propylene pipeline. Propylene is a volatile gas used in the production of plastics and gasoline.



Other media reported about foul play.  The following story was published by, hosted at: 



Authorities Arrest 2 Men In Pipeline Explosion

Investigators: Suspects Used Stolen Equipment, Dug Hole, Punctured Line

POSTED: Wednesday, September 29, 2004

UPDATED: 3:47 pm CDT September 29, 2004

NEW CANEY, Texas -- Authorities in Montgomery County arrested two men Wednesday who they say were behind a massive pipeline blast in New Caney.

Douglas Crosby, 30, and Dennis Durrenberger, 21, were charged with felony one criminal mischief.
Investigators said the men used a stolen piece of heavy equipment and dug a hole that punctured the pipeline Sunday.

The fire, fueled by the chemical Propylene, burned for about six hours. Propylene is a volatile gas used in the production of many resins, plastics and gasoline.
Residents reported hearing a small explosion followed by a larger one along the 6-inch diameter pipeline. Authorities said the blast, about 30 miles northeast of Houston , caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.
Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams earlier said evidence showed a trackhoe and bucket truck were tampered with and caused the explosion.

No injuries were reported, but about 250 residents were evacuated to a Red Cross shelter set up at New Caney Ninth Grade Center on FM 1485.
If convicted, Crosby and Durrengerger face 5 years to life in prison. A fine up to $10,000 could also be imposed.

Investigators are looking into whether Sunday's incident is linked to earlier vandalism at other construction sites.


According to a snippet taken from the Houston Chronicle account of the story, Fire Marshall Williams also stated: "We are treating this as a criminal act, one where it doesn't matter if the result was intentional…It's unconscionable this was done near homes. This easily could have resulted in a fatality."
Two days after the explosion, on 28 Sept 2004, Capt May sent out the following explanatory email:


Sent: 9/28/2004 5:59:05 PM

Subject: Did Ghost Troop get it right? New Caney explosion, 9/27: ANALYSIS


Yo Ghost Troop!


Well, enough of you have cited the New Caney explosion that I'll go ahead and work with it.  Like the Moss Bluff (8/19) event, and the Texas City (3/30) event, it was within 30 miles of my designated target area of the Houston/Port, Pasadena/Petrochemical area.  Further, it is right on time (we predicted a 9/27 event, right?).  Furthermore, it is noted as having had two explosions, a smaller, then a larger.


Here's a note from GTMatt, one of our hard-working Ghost Troop scouts, and one of many GT's who have forwarded me articles referencing the 9/27 event:


Matt Engelman <> wrote:


That probably means an explosive charge created the rupture/explosion of the pipeline.  The contractor equipment was used to reach the pipeline, not to rupture it (since anyone proximate to the rupture/explosion would have died).  Yep, placed charge -- professional sabotage, y'all.  That's my guess.


Next item of interest:  Similarity to the Moss Bluff Explosion (with a pillar of fire).  That would seem to be a confirmation of the pattern, I would think...


Next item of interest:  The occurrence was at 4:45 a.m., per the Houston Chronicle, but I've got a guess of my own:  How about 4:44 a.m.  Y'all think maybe someone has a thing for the number eleven???


OK, let's finish out preliminary analysis of your collective hunch that New Caney is part of a Texas City - Moss Bluff - New Caney series of staged events.  Why, then, the small scale?  After all, Ghost Troop predicted and instigated a national alert on the Texas City matter, and it turned out to be a relative fizzle.  We raised a haunting howl from coast to coast about the 9/27 date (I'll put the article that started the infocampaign below...), and the 9/27 matter is a fizzle...


Well, how about we give ourselves credit, y'all?  We are the ones who consistently put the word out that the "terror" events are stagecraft by the Bush Boyz, and that they are trying to set up another 911 event to snuff the constitution (especially the First Amendment) and propel the public into a full mobilization for WWIII.  Well, CPTMAYSEZ we're the ones who are making it hard for them to do it, because we are making it so public that they are trying to do it, and we are reading their embedded code ( calls it the 911 Code) with some diligence now.


Here's the article I wrote, with the fine contribution of another article (under my byline) for a continuation:


Embedded Code Broken? Next 911 On September 27?

Address: Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2004.


911 To Inauguration - The Last Pieces To The Puzzle


September 9, 2004


So am I positive about my analysis of 9/27?  Nope -- and I wasn't going to make an analysis if I hadn't received independent recognition of the coincidence with New Caney from a good number of Ghost Troops first.  I'm only saying that, in this case, my hunch was your hunch.


As for the matter of Texas City , upon which my Moss Bluff/New Caney analysis is based -- I'm more convinced about that one, and about the complicity of the FBI, which put out a national alert on our info, then avoided asking how we predicted the matter three weeks in advance.  (It's in the first article, y'all.)


As for the matter of the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up, I've been saying that one was a fact since the moment it started, and my own hometown rag, the Houston (Cowardly) Chronicle ran an op-ed Saturday by a New Yorker writer, Jon Lee Anderson, who is bringing out a book "The Fall of Baghdad" about what I called the "Battle of Baghdad Cover-up" (BOBCUP) eighteen months ago.  In those eighteen months of illegal cover-up the American Media was reduced to the position they were eager to claim for themselves:  EMBEDDED.  Yep, and they're carrying an embedded code for the Bush Boyz, and don't even know it.  They're media whores with a case of clap, the just applause for their brand of "professionalism."


Anyhow, the official Ghost Troop analysis (pending your comments) is that the 9/27 event DID OCCUR, in an attenuated form, as with the Texas City event.  The War Cabal has to keep its code going, even if they just substitute small events as code "place holders," which is what I think they did in this case.


Good work, Ghost Troop!



CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+

Mission of Conscience


PS:  Y'all say hello to the two Chronicle "pros" we're letting in on the infowar for the day:  The first is the man who wrote the Chronicle version of the 9/27 New Caney event; the second is Ms. Cindy Horwits (c'mon, y'all, no more "Whore Wits" jokes!) who chuckled when I told her that they were suppressing the news of our dead brothers and sisters from the Battle of Baghdad.  She chuckled and said that BOBCUP wasn't news, it was history.  Remember the kindness and integrity of the media, Ghost Troop.  Remember the character of the people we trusted to tell us the truth -- and remember BOBCUP, our anti-media Alamo


Wayne Madsen independently validated high level pressure by the Bush cabal to pull off a false flag attack around this time. The conventional New Caney explosion may have hence been an "abort" to placate the "basement level criminals" with a gas futures spike in lieu of an actual nuclear false flag attack elsewhere:


January 2, 2006 -- Intelligence indications and warnings abound as Bush administration finalizes military attack on Iran


The Bush administration aborted last minute plans to attack Iranian nuclear and political installations prior to the 2004 presidential election. On October 9, Rumsfeld met with defense minister colleagues on the now decommissioned USS John F. Kennedy in the Persian Gulf to seek support for the attack. That meeting has been confirmed by the Danish Defense Minister who was in attendance, however, the topic of the meeting was not discussed. According to U.S. naval personnel on board the Kennedy, a special "war room" was set up to coordinate the attack. Britain, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, and Japan did not attend the meeting because of their opposition to the attack plans.


Also worth mentioning regarding the month of September 2004 was another milestone that reflected growing resistance to the Bush cabal.  On September 13, 2004, 25 former U.S. intelligence, FBI and military officers filed a petition to Congress that slammed the 9/11 Commission cover up.  They charged that: 


…The report deliberately ignores officials and civil servants
who were, and still are, clearly negligent and/or derelict in
their duties to the nation. If these individuals are protected
rather than held accountable, the mindset that enabled 9/11
will persist, no matter how many layers of bureaucracy are
added, and no matter how much money is poured into the
…Profiles in Courage are the exception, not
the rule. Unfortunately, current whistleblower rights are a
cruel trap and magnet for cynicism. The Whistleblower
Protection Act has turned into an efficient way to finish
whistleblowers off by endorsing termination. No government
workers have access to jury trials like Congress enacted for
corporate workers after the Enron/MCI debacles. Government
workers need genuine, enforceable rights just as much to
protect America 's families, as corporate workers do to protect
America 's investments. It will take congressional leadership
to fill this hole in the 9/11 Commission's recommendations.


This type of increasing resistance within former members of government became a vital aspect of the Info War to prevent another 9/11.  Later we will discuss indications of insider resistance such as the firing of Gen Kevin Brynes following the Texas City II explosion in July 2005, or mysterious deaths of U.S. Air Force personnel associated with the B-52 “loose nukes” incident in summer 2007, all of which may have reflected forms of insider resistance to evil schemes of the Bush cabal.




Update References:


2010-11-04 ‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding: Bush by John Byrne,


President George W. Bush admits for the first time in his new memoir that he personally approved the use of waterboarding, a technique in which an interrogator simulates drowning on a suspect. The method, which most describe as torture, has since been banned by the Justice Department.
In his book, `Decision Points,' Bush asserts that he was asked by the Central Intelligence Agency whether he would support the agency's waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind.
`Damn right,' Bush says that he said.
The Washington Post's R. Jeffrey Smith avers that a source close to Bush says he would have done the same thing again `to save lives,' though there's been no proof produced that the torture technique has.
"Bush previously had acknowledged endorsing what he described as the CIA's "enhanced" interrogation techniques - a term meant to encompass irregular, coercive methods - after Justice Department officials and other top aides assured him they were legal," Smith notes.
In February, Vice president Dick Cheney said that he personally `was a big supporter of waterboarding.'
Bush's admission could have international consequences for human rights..."
2010-10-22 "Israel is relieved not to be the only war criminal," by Gideon Levy,
"The voice of joy, the voice of rejoicing is heard in Israel: The Americans and British have also committed for war crimes, not only us. WikiLeaks' revelations have inflamed all our noisy propagandists: Where is Goldstone, they rejoiced, and what would he have said? They were relieved. If the Americans are allowed to do it, so are we.
Indeed, the Americans are not allowed, and neither are we. When the traffic police stop a driver for speeding, the argument that "others do it" will not help him. When Richard Goldstone exposes war crimes in Gaza, the claim that "everyone does it" will not help us. Not everyone does it, and when they do, they should be excoriated and penalized.
According to the logic of Israeli propagandists, some of whom are disguised as journalists, Israel should now proudly look at the rest of the world: They killed more people there. There is no need to improve prison conditions in Israel - in China the situation is much worse; there is no need to upgrade health services - in America 50 million people have no insurance; no need to reduce the gap between rich and poor - in Mexico it is greater; we can continue to assassinate without trial - the British also do it; human rights are protected here - the Iranians are much worse; Israel has no corruption - look what's happening in Africa; the United States has the death penalty - let's have it too; it is even permissible to kill dissident journalists - look at the Russians..."

2009-04-22 CIA Mossad torture house for snuff kiddie porn by John Lee, executive producer Pirate News TV, [Editor's Note: Sadly, there is quite a lot of evidence that the torture of Iraqi children described by Sgt. Ford involves something much deeper, more pervasive, and more sinister than some kind of "aberration" in intelligence gathering in Samarra -- or Abu Ghraib. The following web posting is an example, and it does not even get into Israeli organ theft noted in Part 2, Act I of my Iceland series, where the bodies of kidnapped Palestinians are often returned to next of kin with long stitch lines after organs are extracted. Of course let us not single out the Israelis, because it is a problem in other places like Mexico as well].
"Slaughterhouse Informer, No. 34, April 22, 2009
TOP SECRET 1003/a 90-107 dmb- NOFORN
On March 27, 2008, two teams of agents from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, acting on information received from a foreign intelligence agency, conducted a heavily armed raid on a house in Balikesir. In addition to the reports of the existence of this house, the Ministry also had growing reports from local citizens about loud screams issuing from the building for “many weeks previously.” Ministry officials were able to capture six American citizens, all of whom claimed to be members of the USIA, a known branch of the CIA. Taken as evidence were many papers and documents that showed with great clarity that this house had been used as a CIA torture and murder house. Quantities of blood taken from drains are shown to have belonged to over thirty people. In a small furnace found in one of the rooms were found the remains of at least seven people, one of which was a 14 year old girl. Also found in the house were eleven Turkish children from ages three to ten, six girls and five boys. All had been drugged and police reports indicated all the children had been sexually abused for some time. Arrested were: Kenneth A, Myron G, Timothy MC, Robert A, Jacob Z, Arthur C and three Israeli citizens identified as Aaron R, Efram T and Yitzak Y. The Americans claimed diplomatic immunity and admitted only to being USIA officials. The Israelis were also stated to be of the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency.. The Ministry ascertained that none of the men had diplomatic immunity and although the U.S. Embassy protested, the Foreign Ministry declared all persons as persona non grata and ordered out of Turkey within a 24 hour period. All confiscated documents remained with the Ministry for further investigation Evidence found in the murder house included many torture devices, whips, cattle prodding electric devices and many ropes, shackles and other restraining devices. Also found in the murder house were a number of cameras and many films of naked children being sexually assaulted and, in one case, killed with a garrote. Subsequent investigation by Turkish authorities disclosed that the passports of the Americans were all fakes and that the persons were later proved to be:
Kenneth A was actually Keith Leslie Urkhardt of 4400 East West Highway, Bethesda, Md. 20814
Myron G was actually Istvan Prouty of 3400 North Venice St., Arlington, VA 22207
Timothy MC was actually Thomas McAuliffe Porterman of 415 Russell Ave., Gaitherburg, MD 20877
Robert A was actually Russell Allan Gordon of 1595 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Jacob Z was actually George Berman of 10570 Main St., Fairfax, VA 22030
Arthur C was actually Ervin Melrose of 3014 Brinkley Rd., Temple Hills, MD 20748
CIA torture exemption 'illegal'
BBC - US President Barack Obama's decision not to prosecute CIA agents who used torture tactics is a violation of international law, a UN expert says. The UN special rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, says the US is bound under the UN Convention against Torture to prosecute those who engage in it.
This matches testimony from The Franklin Coverup, Paul Bonacci, Cathy O'Brien and the Necrophilia Room at Bohemian Grove.
Gay pedophile pimp Barney Frank's Pro Pedophile Hate Bill passed committee today, gets vote in House tomorrow, to legalize pedophilia and necrophilia, according to Rep Gohmert, a former judge, in Congressional Record, April 23, 2009:"

2005-03-28 Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons by Deborah Davies,


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Flag carried by the 3rd Maryland Regiment at the Battle of Cowpens, S. Carolina, 1781

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