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Mission of Conscience Book I Contents

bombing scenes from “Myahudi Monsters Maul Madrid,
Joe Vialls, 15 March 2004

Chapter 9

How the Madrid Bombings
Became the “9/11 To Be”
Wake Up Call


The so-called "global war on terror" entered an especially dangerous new phase for Americans on March 11, 2004.   Bomb explosions within the Madrid , Spain transit system killed 191 people and wounded 2,050. Or at least these were the numbers global news sources reported.
A number of clues, including Orwellian media flip-flops and numeric coincidences, convinced Captain May that Mossad-CIA was at it again. 
The Madrid bombing propelled him into the last phase of his awakening, where he not only anticipated future 9/11s on a broad intellectual level, but would also use his knowledge of their patterns to interdict specific threats by issuing public predictions.
Immediately after the bombing, the Spanish government blamed the Basque separatist group ETA. The bombings came only four days before national elections.  Political analysts claimed that the party in power found it advantageous to blame ETA in order to support its anti-terror policies.  Supposedly the government’s tough policies had reduced ETA to desperation.  On the other hand, if Al Qaeda was involved, the Spanish public might perceive the bombings as blow-back for Spain ’s involvement with America in the massively unpopular war in Iraq . The deployment of troops had not been approved by Spain ’s parliament.   
In counterpoint to the Spanish government story, Fox News immediately came out with the following blurb: 




E-Mail: Attack on U.S. '90 Percent Ready'

Thursday, March 11, 2004

CAIRO , Egypt  —  An Arabic newspaper said Thursday it had received a claim of responsibility for the Madrid train bombings issued in the name of Al Qaeda (search). The claim also said that a major attack against America was "90 percent ready."

The five-page e-mail claim, signed by the shadowy Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri (search), was received at Al-Quds al-Arabi's (search) London offices. It said the brigade's "death squad" had penetrated "one of the pillars of the crusade alliance, Spain ," and carried out what it called Operation Death Trains.

"This is part of settling old accounts with Spain , the crusader, and America 's ally in its war against Islam," the claim said.

Referring to Spain 's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (search), the statement asked: "Aznar, where is America ? Who will protect you, Britain , Japan , Italy and others from us?"

The newspaper faxed the claim to The Associated Press office in Cairo .

The statement warned the United States that a major strike is approaching.

"We announce the good news for the Muslims in the world that the strike of the black wind of death, the expected strike against America , is now at its final stage -- 90 percent ready -- and it is coming soon, by God's will," the claim said…

Global media also suggested that Al Qaeda had acquired one or more suitcase nukes from the former Soviet Union .

Thanks to the Internet, skeptical groups were able to immediately disseminate alternative analysis.  On March 12, 2004, Citizens For Legitimate Government provided the following email News Update to Capt May:

Things that make you go "Hmm..." Maybe the attack in Spain was not by al Qaeda, but by al CIAduh (CIA term coined by activist Nico Haupt.) Cui bono? Spain Mourns 'Our September 11,' Qaeda Link Probed --Spain's Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar said on Friday all leads would be pursued to catch the Madrid train attackers as investigators tried to pin down whether Basque separatists or Muslim militants were to blame... Responsibility for Thursday's attacks on packed Madrid commuter trains -- which also wounded 1,430 people -- could be crucial to the outcome of Sunday's general election in Spain which is going ahead despite a halt to campaigning. --article submitted by CLG reader Xavier Casto, Madison, WI
Millions Protest Over Spain Bombs, ETA Denies Blame --Millions of grieving Spaniards poured into the streets crying "cowards" and "killers" on Friday as Basque separatist group ETA denied responsibility for the Madrid bombings that killed nearly 200 people.
Doubt over al Qaeda claim --A group saying it speaks for al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the Madrid train bombings in an e-mail to an Arabic-language newspaper in London . However, intelligence officials have said the group does not speak for al Qaeda and has been unreliable in the past.

   The chart below depicts bombing attacks in four different locations, eerily similar to the London 7-7-2005 terror bombings we will cover in a later chapter.


Madrid chart from “Myahudi Monsters Maul Madrid ,”
Joe Vialls, 15 March 2004



Capt May commented in his 23 Feb 2006 Frank Whalen interview:


The election backfired.  The Spanish people said, `Well look, you screwed up so badly now we are getting attacked.’ So they voted the left party in. And exactly at that point the Spanish government changed its story and said, `Yes, you know, come to think of it, now that it doesn’t matter for the elections any more, it was Al Qaeda.’ And then they go out and blow up five guys in an apartment building and say, `You see, it was Al Qaeda. We killed al-Qaeda. No need to ask any more questions. Story done.’





Local Madrid residents are choked by deliberate smoke screens and blinded by bright battle lamps, five seconds BEFORE the Spec Ops explosion which surgically tore the front off the 'suspect' apartment block (Joe Vialls caption)







Clear photos taken immediately after the blast prove that this was an expert demolition job. The thin front walls of the Madrid apartment block have been neatly blown out with light frame charges, leaving the pillars, floors and rear walls in pristine condition, unmarked by soot. Pay special attention to the painting on the inside wall in the right-hand photo. It is covered with fragile 3-mm glass, which is not even cracked. (Joe Vialls caption)



  From Joe Vialls


Joe Vialls found convincing evidence that this was really a Mossad operation:


The Mossad planners were undoubtedly convinced that a no-warning bombing involving a high number of Spanish civilian casualties and attributed to "al-Qaeda" would not only effect a sea change among the Spanish public and force into line behind the bogus war on terror and against the evil "Islamic terrorists", but would also secure another term for the right-wing war-mongering government of then Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar (three days before the Iraq invasion began on March 19, 2003, Aznar joined Bush and Blair in the Azores for a long weekend's war on terror 'love in' to discuss how best to sell the Iraq invasion to the masses). For these reasons the Mossad chose the 11th of March 2004, three days before the Spanish general elections to perpetrate their no warning attack on Madrid trains carrying large numbers of lower class workers and immigrants.
At the peak of Madrid rush hour on the morning of Thursday 11th March 2004, ten explosions occurred aboard four commuter trains killing 191 people and injuring 2050. Strangely, there were exactly 911 days between the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington and the Madrid train bombings, a fact which was interpreted by prosecutor Olga Sánchez as evidence of orthodox Jewish Kabbalistic symbolism in the timing of the attacks. As noted however, the attack did not pan out the way the Mossad hoped. When the Mossad's carefully laid trail of clues pointing to "Islamic terrorists" were coincidentally found, rather than rise up against "al-Qaeda" the Spanish people blamed Aznar and his government for calling down the ire of the "Islamic terrorists" by sending Spanish troops to do Israeli-American bidding in Iraq against the overwhelming will of the Spanish people.


Captain May took the analysis of the numeric coincidence a step further in his 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview, hr 1


Capt May: The European 9-11, it came 911 days after 9-11. Or the square root of 9-11, 3-11 had a first, initial body count of 199. The significant thing about 9-11 and 199 is that they are numeric inversions of each other. 9 becomes 1 and 1 becomes 9, and 911 becomes 199. So in the European 911, you have 911 inverted bodies. And then a week later, they revised the body count to 191, which is 911 anagrammed. Or mixed up. The only thing is unless Dr. Jesus was there, you can't bring eight dead people back to life. How do you go from 199 dead to 191 dead, and the answer was obvious. It never had anything to do with how many people were dead. The important thing was not the body count. The important thing was the code. They didn't care if they screwed it up. You can catch the errors in the coding process. You can always catch the errors at first. As time goes on, they learn to paste them over. So all these numeric clues were coming in, and Ghost Troop did a very radical thing. We issued a prediction. A prediction within a week of what I call cracking the embedded code. What we figured is that --let me explain how it works first. Codes are used by gangs. An Army is nothing but a gang.

The silence by national media about the 911 day interval was another red flag for Capt. May.  In fact, the national media has been strangely silent about other date gap coincidences as well, such as the exact 11 year interval between George Bush’s New World Order speech and 9-11, or 333 days between 9-11 and the 10-12-2000 U.S.S. Cole attack (see the Wayne Madsen Report discussion in Chapter 7).
There were many national media stories in 2004 about Al Qaeda “secret codes.” For example, the 30 Oct 2004 Asian Times article “American rebel vs American al-Qaeda” discussed an Al Qaeda tape allegedly produced in Pakistan ’s tribal lands.  It portrayed “a man with his face covered by a keffiah and sunglasses saying, in English, `The streets [in America ] will run with blood.’"


After what is supposed to have been extensive examination by both the CIA and the FBI, ABC News finally decided to broadcast parts of the tape on Thursday. Both the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and al-Jazeera say the tape is the genuine article in terms of jihadi media, with good production values such as Arabic subtitles and a scrolling message across the bottom of the screen a la CNN and Fox.
ABC News officially was not sure if this was a very well-crafted hoax or a big story. By airing the tape, it has shown it believes it is a big story. But the most troubling thing was that someone in the US Department of Homeland Security was heavily leaking to gossip website Drudge Report to pressure ABC to run the tape. Until very recently, any al-Qaeda videos broadcast by al-Jazeera were considered a threat to US national security - because they could contain "secret codes" to al-Qaeda operatives, according to the Bush administration narrative.


A couple of years later, the July 11, 2006 ABC News story “ New York , 9/ll; Madrid , 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll  quoted Jack Cloonan, a former FBI agent on the bin Laden squad who worked as an ABC News consultant.  He said: "There's a lot of symbolism involved when terrorists choose their targets and the dates of their attacks." 
(Strangely enough, whoever posted this article substituted the small case letter “l” for “one” in the  “elevens” in “ New York , 9/ll” and “Mumbai, 7/ll” as if trying to make the archived story less visible to search engines).
Indeed, the author of this book, while officer in charge of a Marine interrogation-translation team in the early 1990’s, invited an FBI agent to brief his unit.  The agent observed that it is common wisdom in the FBI that terrorists and criminals always leave a “signature” embedded somewhere within their crimes.
Captain May reasoned that if the Bush administration and its “embedded” national media cohorts were so concerned about Al Qaeda “secret codes,” why would they refuse to make public these amazingly coincidental date intervals, such as the aforementioned 911 days, 11 years, or 333 days?  With so much at stake, why not invite the public to help break this code further?
Conversely, the complete national media failure to make any of this public, not only in 2003-2004 time frame when Capt May made his preliminary analyses, but all the way up to the date of first publication of this book (early 2009),  is very suspicious.  It suggests that high level insiders are hiding something, just like the Battle of Baghdad cover up and the manipulated American casualty figures. 
All of this in turn suggests that the Bush cabal was hiding things because it scammed the public.        

Madrid was the last straw,” May said in an interview, “and it removed any remaining doubts about 9/11 for me.” 
There was another chilling thought that kept his nerves on edge.   He had an intuitive feeling that both he and his own home town were in the cross hairs of the next strike –and it was coming soon.
He could back up his intuition with the following reasoning.  Taking it from the top, there were at least four major reasons:

1)  9/11 was in all likelihood a CIA-Mossad-Bush Cabal inside job (See Chapter 7)

2)  It is not a question of “if” but “when” America will get hit with another terror strike, and it was likely coming soon. 

National media repeatedly warned about a strike in America .   It would make sense for terrorists to strike America within a few weeks after they strike in Europe .  This would help keep the “fear dose” level high while people’s memories were still fresh about Madrid .

3)  Houston was very likely next.

Arsonists who scam insurance companies like to burn down their own properties first, and false flag terrorists are no different.  On 9/11 Zionist landlord Larry Silverstein sacrificed his own properties within New York City , the Zionist capitol of the world.   The military industrial complex had sacrificed a wing of the Pentagon, the capitol of the military establishment.  Now it was time for the Bush side of the conspiracy to hit itself.  The obvious place would be Houston , the Bush home base and oil capitol of the world.

The following were some additional indicators favoring Houston :


National media preconditioning   
The movie Independence Day, which prepared America for 9-11 five years in advance of the event (see Chapter 7) also prepared Americans for an attack on Houston . 
On the first day of Independence Day, a fighter-pilot president from Texas repels alien terror strikes that include blowing up two towering skyscrapers and Washington , D.C. iconic targets.   On the second day, the President from Texas has to use a nuke in the Houston area.
Captain May himself inadvertently helped to set up Houston when he wrote “Don’t Laugh at Duct Tape, It Saves Lives” for the Houston Chronicle in Feb 2003,  where he cites conventional geo-political reasons for why Houston could be a prime terror target.  Please refer back to Chapter 1 for the complete article.

Also, very ominously, Hollywood was scheduled to release a remake of The Alamo in early April 2004.  This could be a perfect propaganda film to coincide with a major terror attack in Texas .  To use a “Bushism,” it would definitely “catapult the propaganda.”


Local control   
Texas has already proven itself a viable home port for high level conspiracy, especially after the very likely CIA-Mossad assassination of President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight in downtown Dallas in 1963, as documented by Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgment.   Later in this book, we will discuss the likely assassination of CIA Operative Roland Carnaby, who was apparently monitoring Mossad activity in Houston .  According to former naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, Houston is a hotbed of Mossad activity.
As mentioned in Chapter 1, Captain May discovered from his media experience in Houston that all the major papers and TV stations are controlled by Zionists.
Houston is also the political backyard of the Bush cabal, considering that George W. Bush was governor of Texas and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, also lives in the area.  
Captain May commented in an interview: "The Bush cabal has quite a few heavy hitters with extensive political influence in the Houston area, such as father George H. W. Bush, James Baker, former Secretary of State, and Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton. The Houston media has also been a big booster for the Bush team and its oil wars."

 High level local insiders can profit 
America ’s refinery capacity is highly constrained.  Most of its oil refineries are decades old and border on functional obsolescence.  Therefore, anytime there is a refinery explosion, whether accidental or through sabotage, it becomes a “gift” to “disaster capitalist” wise guys who are somehow able to catch wind ahead of the event and play the futures markets.

A number of refineries are so heavily polluted, regulated, and otherwise problematic that they are economic “white elephants.”   Many of their owners would probably secretly consider it a “gift” if they got nuked.  Then there would be no worries about pesky environmental regulations or other red tape nightmares involved in dismantling aged facilities and conducing soil contamination cleanups.  With the right political contacts, the Federal government can step in with disaster relief funding and replace a nuked site with a brand new, state of the art refinery.
It is a great deal if you don’t care about killing lots of people and scamming the taxpayer. 

 4)  Numerological code analysis could help predict the strike date on Houston .  

Bush, as a member of Skull & Bones, and the Mossad, with its strong Jewish Kabbalistic traditions, not only operate like gangsters, but like to use their own esoteric gang codes to carry out their false flag terror.  (See Chapter 5)

Before we launch into Captain May’s code-breaking analysis, the following is a refresher on various psychological functions that can be filled by cult numerology to help explain its attraction to Bush-Mossad gangsters:


Cohesive symbolism   
Just as armed forces around the world wear distinctive uniforms to promote a sense of “in group” cohesion, a gang code is a unique possession of gang members not usually possessed by outsiders.  It can serves as a symbolic or psychological “uniform” to promote group cohesion and identity.
Through continued association with group functions, its comes to emotionally symbolize the group itself through classical (Pavlovian) conditioning.
Shared identity also helps to diffuse a sense of individual responsibility and guilt for engaging in destructive acts.  For example, I doubt that very many individual Allied airmen in World War II would have wanted to individually walk up to German civilians while dressed in civilian attire and choke them all to death.  However, put them all in uniforms, regiment them, and then put them in bombers, and they became capable of blotting out hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

Ritualistic support
A gang code used during initiation and routine group meetings helps foster a sense of unique identity.  Repeated ritualistic use of the same symbols conveys a sense of constancy, stability, and security in the group.

Symbolic Manipulation
Once a symbol acquires a conditioned response, it can be paired with other symbols to reinforce and manipulate the meaning of the symbol.
As an example, imagine a Jewish kid who grows up with certain religious symbols that he associates with a fairly normal Jewish family and community life.  If he then joins a Mossad unit that uses the same symbols while conducting assassination missions, the prior conditioning helps convey the feeling that a normal Jewish family and community life somehow supports going out and blowing up innocent people. 
Similarly, when Skull and Bonesmen are indoctrinated with their symbolism on the Yale University campus, there is a subliminal, they acquire some of the glow of the hallowed halls of academia.  Perhaps when many of these individuals later join the CIA (Yale is a prime recruiting ground for “the company”), who knows, some might even be able to whistle The Student Prince while wasting Third World peoples.
Symbolic ritual helps people rationalize extreme acts and keep cognitive dissonance under control.  An extreme example involved the thugs of India , who thought it was desirable to spend a month out of the year on India ’s roads, randomly beguiling people to secluded spots to then murder them.  It was “OK” as long as they used the ritually correct choke cloth and said the right prayers to their goddess Kali.   The rest of the year they seemed to lead fairly normal lives as husbands, fathers, and tradesmen in little villages around India , apparently unperturbed by their annual month long ritual murder vacations.
According to British historian David Irving, Adolf Hitler took a daily shower after the Night of the Long Knives and then said, “I feel clean now.”  For him, a shower had a ritualistic cleansing function that also cleansed feelings of guilt.
Recruitment and covert team development
Gang codes are low grade secrets that condition group members to operate in secrecy.
Gang leaders can observe the ability of gang members to keep these secrets to evaluate how much more confidential information they can be entrusted with, particularly when they decide to run an operation that is highly criminal and dangerous.
Group members who are required to simply keep secret lore without being assigned such missions become a “farm team.”


Sense of superiority
When gang members share a code that they can use with each other under the public’s nose, their inside joke helps them smarter than the untutored masses. 


Lock in bragging rights
According to former O.S.S. career man Douglas Barzata, covert operatives always like to brag about their work when relaxing among fellow operatives.    Barzata made this remark in the SPOTLIGHT interview “I was paid to kill George Patton.” He is also the central character of the book Target Patton,  Using a gang code as a “signature” is a great way to lock in future bragging rights


It is worth emphasizing a point that Captain May has made repeatedly in his interviews, namely that he is not involved in cracking CIA-Mossad-Skull and Bones numerology because he himself believes in numerology.  He does not carry a lucky rabbit’s foot or do anagrams for his own personal use.
In fact, in my discussions with Captain May, we have shared the feeling that we are personally revolted by the numerological approach to life.  We feel that it is anti-scientific, superstitious and intellectually as well as morally degenerate. 
As a scholar of the Roman and Greek classics, Captain May in particular can see how  these numerological practices go against the grain of the very earliest Western traditions of rationalism.  After all, the ancient Greeks were the first to invent a conscious methodology of science in the 5th and 6th century B.C., as well as an advanced body of mathematical and geometrical knowledge. 
Captain May and I feel that these practices reflect a Talmudic-related, alien mentality that reflects the worst that has been brought into America , not the best.  We only work with numerology because we believe that they –the high level criminals—believe in it, not because we do.


Breaking the Code

Captain May ended up spending nearly 48 hours straight trying to break the code.   One of his first steps was to compile a data base of likely false flag operation dates.  Then he tried to find patterns in the following:

11-22-1963 John F. Kennedy assassination:  (See Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper)
3-30-1981 Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr.  (If successful, George H.W. Bush would have become president that much sooner. Hinckley 's dad was scheduled for dinner with Bush's son Neil.)
9-11-1990  George Bush New World Order speech:  (exactly 11 years before 9-11 attack)
04-19-1993  Waco massacre.
04-19-1995  Oklahoma City bombing   (exactly two years after Waco massacre; please see Michael Collins Piper research into this was likely a Mossad-CIA connected hit)
10-12-2000 Attack on U.S.S. Cole:  (333 days before 9-11-2001; please see the Wayne Madsen Report excerpt in Chapter 7 about why this was likely a Mossad operation)
9-11-2001  Attack on World Trade Center Towers, Pentagon (by 19 alleged hijackers, by flights  with nothing but odd numbers 11, 175, 77, and 93, on two towers that resemble a big “11” in the New York City skyline)
10-12-2002  Bali bombing  (exactly two years after attack on U.S.S. Cole; used by Australian government to justify repressive laws like U.S. patriot act and foreign interventionism allied with Bush cabal).
3-19-2003 Iraq invasion commences:
3-11-2004  Madrid bombing (The “European 9-11”).


As a next step, one needs to study existing numerological systems.   Given the cultural backgrounds of the kinds of people likely to be involved in Mossad-CIA partnerships, two prime systems obviously involve Kabbalism and Masonic numerology.   
In Chapter 7 we already discussed the ancient Chaldean system, which in turn has influenced Kabbalism, which in turn has influenced Masonry.
In addition, there are specific dates that may have occult meaning.  As an example, in her 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview with Captain May, host Karen Hughes stated her view that 9-11 is the real birth date of Christ.
Evaluating this kind of assertion is beyond my scope.  Instead, I will pick up with the numerological patterns identified by Captain May.
As mentioned in Chapter 7, the terrorists seem to like the numbers 3, 9, and 11 (or double numbers that are multiples of 11’s), and 19.  Generally speaking, they like odd numbers or double even numbers divisible by 11.

Sometimes one has to perform a numerical operation with a field or cluster of numbers to produce a desired numerical outcome.
The first most basic operation is that zeroes do not count. Hence, the year “2003” is “23.”
Secondly, one can add the digits together within a particular field or across fields.  “2003” in the year field can become “2 + 3” to produce 5.  “19” within the day field becomes “20,” then knock out the zero, and one gets “2.” 
Numbers seem to form “harmonics” of each other if one can square them or if they repeat so that they divide by 11.  So in other words, the number 322 on the logo of Skull and Bones might be a “harmonic” of “9-11.”  You can square the first digit to get 9.  Conversely, the “22” is divisible by 11 to get 2.
In addition to numbers divisible by 11, numerological fetishists at the highest level of the U.S. government, national media, and intelligence operations also seem to get turned on by digits that repeat three or four times, or are divisible by 111, 1111, and 11111.
Numeric patterns seem to apply to not only dates, but also days between events, body count numbers, and figures related to events.      

Making the prediction


Looking ahead from the vantage point of the 3-11 bombing, Capt May felt that dates such as 3-19, 3-22, 3-30, and 3-31 were particularly “high risk.”  They involved favored odd numbers “1,” “3”, and”9,” or offered numerological pairings divisible by 11. 

May felt that 3-31 was more attractive because it came 931 days after 9-11.  He did not want to go beyond 3-31, because he felt that “Al CIA-Mossad-duh” would not want to wait too long while memories of the Madrid bombing were fresh, and furthermore the malefactors probably wanted the terror attack to take place just before the scheduled release of The Alamo in early April.

Captain May not only came up with his prediction date, but he also broadcast it to the entire world.

On Saturday, 13 March 2004 at 3:44, Captain May sent out a warning email to dozens of recipients who included Thom Shanker of the New York Times, Kay Lucas of the Crawford Peace House, local police, the Pentagon, and foreign media.
Captain May hoped that his mass distribution list would frighten any would be conspirators into backing down for several possible reasons:
First off, he was tipping off every level of police and political authority in Texas ranging from local cops and detectives to the Texas Railroad Commission and governor’s office.  There is a chance that he could be informing people “outside the loop” of the conspiracy who either had the power to arrest the conspirators, or could forward his email to those who do.
Secondly, there are so many people in America that are already operating under “deep cover” (note, for example, Jesse Ventura’s discussion of embedded CIA agents in the Minnesota state government in Chapter 7) that no one could be totally sure that Captain May was acting completely alone on his own initiative as a “little Mr. hobby shop political activist” who is all bark and no bite. 
There could be some small chance that he was tied in with some kind of very powerful counter coup organization brewing behind the scenes.  He might represent some dissident faction of the military, CIA, or FBI –with the organization and assets to really mean business.   His emails could be intended as a signal to the Bush cabal that if it tries another treasonous 9/11 inside job, there could be tanks and airborne troops suddenly appearing around the White House and other key federal facilities known to hold Bush-Mossad-CIA operatives. 
In fact, there might be some component of the U.S. military that is tugging at the leash to find just the right pretext to round up every single Bush-Mossad-CIA operative from sea to shining sea.   As in, “Up against the wall, Bush-Zionist cabal criminals!!!"
This kind of thing has happened before with first world countries.  As one example, in the early 1960’s, part of the French Army revolted against President Charles De Gaulle because of his decision to withdraw French rule from Algeria.  French military personnel created within Algeria the OAS (Secret Army Organization) that launched assassination missions against the French President, as dramatized in the movie The Day of the Jackal. 
In his book Inside the Aquarium, former Soviet military intelligence (GRU) agent Victor Suvorov (pseudonym) talked about how the Russian military, following the savage Stalinist purges of the officer corps in the 1930’s,  decided it needed its own counterweight to the KGB and Communist Party.  It created the GRU to not only duplicate KGB activities overseas, but also to watch the KGB and Communist Party to prevent a repeat of the 1930’s unpleasantries.
Who knows what is really going on inside the U.S. military following 9/11, especially after the Bush cabal made many U.S. military leaders look like bozos with the “Cheney in the Bunker” stand down orders, fake terrorist attacks, and strategically asinine wars waged for Israel and their no-bid contract crony capitalist buddies (to include mercenary armies) in the Middle East?
True, the chances are overwhelming that Captain May is simply a lone wolf.  But then again, he does have a bona fide Army intelligence background.  
When one reads the history of intelligence operations going back to very ancient times, there are many cases where spies go to extreme lengths to create the appearance that they are either blood enemies of the very side they are really working for, or else they are totally harmless, unimportant, or dysfunctional people not to be taken seriously at all –when in fact they are extremely potent and influential behind the scenes. 
One of the most famous stories from ancient times comes from Herodotus’ account of Zopyrus, who cut off his own nose and ears, defected from Persia to Babylon , and claimed the mutilation was done by cruel Persians. Zopyrus' next move was to provide information that helped Babylonians win a battle against Persians. In actuality, the Persians knew in advance to feign defeat and retreat to enhance Zopyrus' standing before the Babylonian king. Zopyrus subsequently used his newfound influence to find a way to open the gates of Babylon to the Persians.  
As another example, “In 1973, Israel's `Spring of Youth Operation' conducted by the IDF Sayaret Matkal in Beirut included future Prime Minister Ehud Barak dressed as an Arab woman while conducting death squad hits.” 
In short, in the espionage world there is no cover that is too shameless, preposterous, or sacrosanct not to be used, to include posing as journalists, priests, flaming homosexuals, lunatics, medical doctors, habitual losers, and Red Cross workers.
Let us say for the sake of argument that the U.S. military, CIA, or FBI decided it needed a civilian mouth piece to threaten Bush with a counter coup.  There could be real advantages to using a lone wolf.  This way, they can have their cake and eat it too.  They can get their message out to the public, but at the same time they are not officially connected to the message.  If they decide at the last moment that the time is still not quite right make a move, they can hold back and remain dissociated.  In other words, they retain plausible deniability.
Hence, could the Bush cabal ever really be 100% sure about who they were really dealing with when Captain May put out his alerts?
Last, but not least, could the Bush cabal ever be 100% certain that they will not botch a repeat 9/11 inside job in such a way that they trigger a second American Revolution in the streets?

Here the alert that Captain May put out on Saturday, 13 March, which includes his prediction:



Dear Sir,

As far as Ghost Troop, you can best learn that by referring to my website report, which describes the observations that made the military intelligence and public affairs officer in me infer a covered-up Battle of Baghdad. The website report is at

omitspace: www.

As the site will explain, I only STARTED my mission of conscience to uncover the truth about Bagdad with my initial indicators. Thereafter I went out to Ft. Stewart, Georgia, the home of the 3/7 Cavalry and the 3rd Infantry Division, and confirmed the occurrence and cover-up of a battle with their division Chaplain, Colonel Neal Dennington, who told me that it was classified and that executions would be employed to keep word from getting out and retarding the war spirit of the nation. This seemed (and was) unconstitutional use of psyops on our own side. I came home to Houston and was underground within a couple of months, where I've spent most of my times since.

As far as 911, I didn't have a clue that there was anything then when I went on Genesis Communications and did an interview (via phone) with Jack Blood for a couple of hours -- and this was February 10, 2004! It wasn't until Feb. 21/22 that I received an urgent call from a Marine Captain Jeff Cross, who told me he had been on leave five blocks from the WTC when the first plane impacted. Capt. Cross seemed lucid and insightful, though highly agitated. He told me he had seen the kind of intelligence product I could produce at my site, and knew I had the guts to follow after some of his research at More persuasive than his research (for which I'm no expert), was his tone, sincerity and -- most important -- the way he, a normal officer, had been turned into an analyst of his own government by what he had seen as opposed to what had been reported. This so much mirrored my own analytic process from my detection of the cover-up of the Battle of Baghdad that I switched the focus of my eleven-month investigation to 911.

Candidly, the thing that most broke the Skulls/Mossad angle for me was something some street-gang members brought to me on 912, the day after the attack, which I had analyzed for them in real time on 911. These high
school students of mine went to the computer lab and began to crunch numbers for "signatures," which the assured me were always part of their acts of gang activity (graffiti being a good example). They brought me the following flight code for the plane that hit first in NY: NYC11Q. They then explained that the often used the Wingdings font (symbolic) to convey messages themselves, and that this is what happened if you translated the letter (not numbers) of NYC11Q into Wingdings: NYC11Q===NYC11Q

Until Captain Cross called me in a state of extreme anxiety but overall coherence, this little fact had just slipped my mind, because I, unlike you, merely thought that this had been an elite-level special operation. In fact, my first word on seeing the second plane hit was "brilliant" -- I wasn't happy about it, but I was objective. I teach and study martial arts (low-end black belt), and I'm used to looking at violence objectively.

Now that the Media (heavily Jewish controlled) has winnowed the possibilities for the presidency down to two men who both belonged to a secret occult society that just happens to be signified by a skull and bones, the whole flight code has taken on the characteristic of a script suggesting the Skulls (the Power Elite) and Israel (Media) made a deal to knock down the WTC and blame it on the Moslems as a casus belli.


Yesterday's Spain attacks, playing by the Ghost Troop scenario, was on 311, which is nothing but the square of three (nine) followed by one [and] one.  Spain was falling out of the alliance, and Spain receives a timely terror threat.  At first Spain says Basque Terrorists, but then "critical evidence" linking the matter to Al-Qaida is found, and the US MEDIA starts to spin a story of more Moslem Terror, and concurrently begins to detail the scenario they've been setting up for the last six months or so, that the US will INEVITABLY face another, devastating attack from Al Qaida.  This plays into a hunch I started playing out as an intelligence exercise a year and a half ago:  that the Houston / Pasadena, Texas Chemical Refineries are a prime terror target.

The "Al-Qaida" warnings at present are for a catastrophic attack of the US, which is "90% complete."  The attack is code named BLACK WIND OF DEATH. This so well melds with my cynic's scenario that our own people are setting us up to keep us attacking the Middle East that I have taken the trouble to call many, many police, investigative and military entities in the last week -- and shatter the normal protocols of my email connections.  I have lost a couple of carriers (and am glad I didn't lose you), but I have simply had no choice.  Here is what I saw coming to my town over a year ago -- though I didn't yet allow myself to think the horrible thoughts that I now must:  that we are being set up by the two groups with the most to win when we lose our lives to fight in the Middle East:  the American Rich and the Jews.

The cult/gang symbology ain't my cup of tea, frankly.  I'm a linguist (Russian, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Korean, Ebonics...) of some ability, but I did what smart people usually do, I tuned out my little Latin Kings and Southside Crips when they gave me the straight-up on NYC11Q.  The numerology biz ain't my bag -- it's the cult/gang/Jewish bag, so I'm playing it that way.  Here's another little suggestion (and there are whole articles online about the numerology of 911).  When GWB came to office he announced that he was dad was 41, and he was 43.


5, 7, 9, 11 ...  a sequence.  I talked to a Pasadena TX sergeant last week, and the two of us played out the following scenario:  NY was hit so Jewish Media would have plausible deniability and a reason to scream for war; D.C. as hit so the government (both parties) could do the same.  Houston / Pasadena is the next target.  Given that the number of the most recent attack was a 9-11 factor, 3-11, my scenario calls for the national emergency they've been rehearsing for to occur on a numerically consistent day.  I'm no expert, but a quick look at the calendar puts 3-31 in mind.  It's capable of being numerically construed as a relative of 911 and 311; further, it's the 91st day of the year -- something special to this year because it is a leap year.

I hope you can get better heads than mine to crunch some numbers this weekend.  I'd like to have a lot more for the FBI, the Secret Service, the US Chemical Corps, the local, state and national cops...  to go on Monday
when they come back from the weekend.

Here's the op-ed I wrote over a year ago, and this is my doomsday scenario for Houston/Pasadena  [Editor’s Note:  “Don’t Laugh About Duct Tape, It Saves Lives” reproduced in Chapter 1]  (It's at the site I referenced above as one of my published war essays):

Captain Eric H. May, MI, USA
Commander, Ghost Troop, Cybercavalry (Christian)



Before continuing with the Texas City I saga, I will wrap this chapter with an important post script to the Madrid bombing regarding the Brandon Mayfield case.
Please recollect that an important ingredient of a false flag operation that I discussed in Chapter 8 is the power to engage in intimidation tactics against people who dare to question the official story.  This includes making arrests on flimsy pretexts of people who have done nothing criminal, yet appear to have some kind of shared characteristics with alleged “terrorists” such as shared religious beliefs, attendance at similar meetings, or some other very indirect criteria. 
The cavalier FBI and local media tactics used against Brandon Mayfield help put into perspective Capt. May’s allegations of intimidation tactics being used against himself in the next chapter.
It will also provide perspective on repressive legislative initiatives that we will discuss later, such as the proposed “Internet Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism  Act” or “Hate Crime” laws we will discuss in later chapters.  These proposed laws try blur the distinction between certain types of ideas and personal opinions and overt criminal actions, hence creating forms of de facto “thought crime.”
According to the Aug 30, 2004 article “Spence to Represent Falsely Accused Man.  

[An American lawyer named Brandon ] Mayfield was taken away from his Portland law office by FBI agents on May 6 after his fingerprint was incorrectly matched to ones found on a bag of detonators near a Madrid train station. The March 11 train bombings in Spain killed 191 people and injured about 2,000.
FBI agents seized Mayfield's computers, modem, safe deposit key, assorted papers, as well as copies of the Quran and "Spanish documents" -- later determined to be his son's Spanish homework.
While Mayfield was being detained, U.S. officials insisted the fingerprints on the bag matched those of the Portland attorney -- even though Spanish officials disagreed.
Finally, the FBI conceded it had made a mistake and apologized to Mayfield.

Brandon Mayfield was more than just “detained.”  He was jailed for 11 days.  He also happened to be a Muslim.   He subsequently hired activist attorney Gerry Spence to represent him in a law suit against the U.S. government, who procured an apology from the FBI and a $2 million settlement.   According to the 31 Dec 2006 article “Lawyer for the Accused Warns of Growing Fascism:”

…Spence said the Mayfield story begins when the FBI received a copy of the print through Interpol, the international police agency, and used a computer to compare it to those it had on file. Among the prints in its database were Mayfield's, on file since his service in the military.
Out popped 20 potential matches that now need to be viewed individually by the expert, Spence said of the computers work.
Mayfield's was the fourth-best match, but he shot to the top of the list, Spence said.
What we have here is a Muslim card that was played, Spence said.
He characterized Mayfield as a Kansas farm boy who married an Egyptian woman.
Mayfield converted to Islam.
In their papers for the arrest of Mayfield, they allege he had represented a known Muslim terrorist, Spence said. In fact, his representation was only on a child custody matter. They arrested him primarily because he was a Muslim .
Before the arrest, however, the FBI investigated the lawyer secretly.
They got a secret warrant and secretly came to Mayfield's house and broke in like common burglars, Spence said.
Those famous FBI shoes were the giveaway.
In this case they didn't realize in the Mayfield family they take their shoes off before they go into the house, Spence said. There were shoe prints in the carpet. Locks were locked that weren't usually.
They knew they were invaded but they didn't know by whom, Spence said of the Mayfield family, which includes three children.
Under the Patriot Act they have the power to install secret microphones and to bug the telephones and to put microphones under the kitchen table and under the bed, Spence said. One is never given the opportunity to determine what they have done, what they have taken and where they have disseminated this information.
They went into his papers, copied his computers, took his DNA, Spence said. On one occasion, Mayfield's son was terrified when he saw a stranger trying to break into his home, Spence said.
The FBI also suspected Mayfield because he went to a mosque and advertised in a Muslim Yellow Pages directory. Ford and GM use the same advertising venue, Spence said.
And they claimed he must have had false papers because they couldn'\t find any evidence he had left the U.S. to take part in the bombings, Spence said. If you have stayed at home and minded your own business, you're also a criminal because you have fooled the FBI.
FBI denies role of religion
The FBI has rejected allegations religion played a role in the investigation. In a statement issued earlier this year, the agency noted that it had cooperated with the Justice Departments Office of the Inspector General in a probe into the botched investigation.
The OIG report concluded that religion played no improper role in the
identification or investigation of Mr. Mayfield, the FBI said.
But once the investigation was under way, religion did weigh in, according to the probe.
FBI fingerprint experts probably were more resistant to re-examining their conclusion that Brandon Mayfield's fingerprint matched one on a bag containing detonators like those used in the attacks in Spain because of his religion, Inspector General Glenn Fine said in the executive summary of a 273-page report that otherwise remains classified, the Associated Press reported earlier this year.
Spence said that when it came time to arrest the lawyer, the media got a tip.
The press was at hand when the FBI came in to arrest him , including a reporter from a national magazine, Spence said. Which means that they had notice of the arrest and of the case and what the government was going to do some time prior to the arrest. And it was leaked by the government to the press so the press
could be on hand, which may be in violation of federal criminal laws that deal with privacy.
Spence said the settlement precludes him from pursuing that potential
violation. Being jailed hurt Mayfield, he said.
He did suffer some injury some physical injury being handcuffed and shoved in cells, Spence said. It was an experience that would be a nightmare for you and me as it was for him.
Mayfield spent approximately 11 days in jail.
Spence said it also was upsetting that the investigation violated
attorney-client privilege.
They looked at his client's papers, Spence said. This is a horrible thing.
If we give the attorney information, it is secret, he said. It can't be
obtained by the court or anybody else. Its as sacred as the parishioner-priest privilege.
Spence said arrogance of the FBI was key to its shortcomings.
The thing that makes this thing so bad, so very bad, is that the FBI was instructed by the Spanish police that they had made a mistake even before they arrested Mayfield and that this was not Mayfield's fingerprint, he said. When you talk to the infallible FBI and tell them they've made a mistake thats heresy.






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