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Mission of Conscience Book I Contents

From Andover Preppie to Presidential Cheerleader: End to major combat! mission accomplished! Troops home in a few months! $1 a gallon gas! Bring it on! Hit 'Em Again, Hit 'Em Again! Harder! Harder!


Chapter 3

The Ft. Stewart Confirmation
and the First Death Threat


In the two months following the Battle of Baghdad, several events confirmed for Captain May beyond a shadow of a doubt the unscrupulous character of the Bush administration in manipulating information.
On May 1st 2003 President Bush landed on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and declared an end to major combat under a “Mission Accomplished” banner.  The U.S. Government, by its own admission, now had absolutely no legitimate reason to maintain secrecy regarding the Battle of Baghdad –yet it continued to do so anyway.
As a second form of verification,  Captain May visited the home of 3/7 cavalry at Ft. Stewart, Georgia and obtained direct testimony from soldiers who had either actually  been in the battle or worked closely with survivors. 
Captain May also experienced a third “truth teller.”  This form of verification is much more subtle and ironic, but nevertheless very real, compared to the first two aforementioned forms of verification. 
The third “truth teller” involves the ecological concept that “predators,” such as the Bush administration Zionist neo-cons who dragged America into Iraq can only conduct their mischief  because “counter-predators” have become too weak.  These counter-predators traditionally consist of such groups as watch dog citizen activist groups, intellectuals, and journalists.  
Traditionally, college students should comprise a major counter predator group. They tend to be idealistic, are unencumbered with jobs and families, spend much of their time in intellectual analysis, and are typically given more social latitude to be “experimental” and “contentious.”  
Unfortunately when Captain May revisited students at his alma mater, these potential counter-predators turned out to be just more sheeple:
(from Capt May’s autobiographical overview:)

At noon, April 8, 2003, I began a solitary protest of the war and collection for the fallen of the 3/7 Cavalry at my alma mater, the University of Houston Honors College. In the next two weeks I sat and took collections from the pampered elite of America for forty full hours. They gave but twenty dollars of emergency relief for their less privileged peers (or their widows), who had tried to go to college the hard way, as I did: after an Army tour. The same craven bunch hoorayed when I told them I believed the Army had assassinated Al Jazeera journalists on orders from the White House. They were generally jingoistic about the war — as long as it was less fortunate Americans who were fighting it.
”The Honors students were of service in one thing, though, despite their inhuman indifference to their brothers (American and Iraqi) suffering in the war. Despairing of their humane assistance, I appealed to their avarice, and with far better results. I posted a bounty offering $100 to any Honors College student who would effectively refute the proposition that there had been a big battle in Baghdad over the prior weekend.
The foreign students, ever more enterprising than the homegrown, made up the first posse for the truth of the Battle of Baghdad, saying that they would discover what had really happened from foreign sources. The next day they came back, jabbering to each other in a bewildering array of Asian languages, then told me with wonder what I already knew: that from Morocco to Malaysia, independent media were reporting that Americans had been fighting and dying in Baghdad all weekend.
My brother Baptists, the Righteous Republican students, promised to claim the prize by researching the liberal American media, joking that such a media as ours would make the worst case it could against the war, because it was pacifistic, leftist and inimical in the ongoing kulturkampf (a word they learned from right-wing megastar Rush Limbaugh — along with all their ideas). The next day they came back even more confused than the foreigners. They said apologetically that they couldn’t find anything at all about the missing Battle of Baghdad in the liberal American media! On April 13, I wrote an op-ed “3/7 Cavalry, tragedy and travesty” for Frank Michel, the associate editor of the Houston Chronicle, who had been a colleague for more than ten years. He sealed it and put it in his desk, with witnesses watching, because he knew that I knew what I was writing about. He told his colleagues that the essay was history.

Scouting to Georgia

“CNN’s Aaron Brown had an on-air conversation with Walter Rodgers (evening, April 9), in which Brown cryptically noted that CNN had been with the 3/7 Cavalry at the Baghdad Airport . He then asked a strange question, given the rosy picture the media had painted of the war: “Do they (the 3/7 Cavalry) feel safe, now?” Rodgers’ reply was as grim as Brown’s question. He said that Lt. Col. Ferrell had addressed the assembled squadron that afternoon, and had summed it up for all the command when he said that “no one will ever feel safe again until they get back home to Ft. Stewart , Georgia .”

Capt May also commented:

According to my editorial contacts Frank Michel and David Langworthy, the military had ordered the media to suppress the Battle of Baghdad when it was raging because real-time reports would have compromised operational security of an ongoing operation (a valid concern). Things went crooked, though, when the military ordered the media to continue to suppress the story after operations were concluded. David and Frank agreed that this put the Pentagon and the White House outside the parameters of the Constitution, but they weren’t going to stake their careers on any futile heroics – the big bosses were telling them what to tell the public, and it wasn’t the truth, but it was a paycheck.

On April 13th Capt May wrote the op-ed “3/7 Cavalry, Tragedy and Travesty.” He provided it to Frank Michel, Houston Chronicle associate editor, who had been a colleague for more than ten years.

Letter to Frank Michel,
Associate Editor,
Houston Chronicle

April 13, 2003

Dear Frank,

Since I talked with you the day after the 3/7 Cavalry was attacked at the Baghdad Airport , you have been the only media person to take me seriously. Thanks for encouraging me to write. I have tried to spark other media interest in the fate of the 3/7 Cavalry, but have been ignored by television and radio. I have been dismissed as crazy more than once.
For the last week I have been taking up a collection for the unit’s Army Emergency Relief fund. The donations bucket carries the sign: “Please donate to the relief fund of the 3/7 Cavalry, which took losses over the weekend.” I have collected for 22 hours, and have exactly twenty dollars in donations. Although the public has no reason to doubt the unit that was the spearhead of the advance has taken casualties, it has not been told to grieve yet, so it renders no gifts to the dependents of the dead.
Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong in my inferences. I hope the facts will disprove me. Should my fears about the 3/7 Cavalry be realized, I ask that you publish this essay.
Captain May, MI, USA

3/7 Cavalry, Tragedy and Travesty

I wept as I watched CNN Friday night. It was pre-dawn, April 5 in Iraq , the end of the night when Saddam Hussein had promised us an attack. With a background in military intelligence and public affairs, I could see and hear the confusion, fear and tragedy in the faces and voices, and I could read between the lines used to keep the disaster hushed. It was apparent to me that the 3/7 Cavalry, the avant-garde for our assault across the desert, had been blown off the Baghdad Airport .
“There but for the grace of God go I,” I kept thinking. I had been a volunteer for Operation Desert Storm, and was a former cavalryman.
The attack made military sense for the Iraqis. The airport was key terrain for the control of Baghdad , and had been fiercely contested. It would have been a surprise to me if they had not rigged it as a booby trap, targeted it for a counterattack, or both.
Saddam had banked on winning the war by repeating the debacle of Mogadishu , in which a handful of well-publicized casualties had swung American public opinion against military involvement in Somalia . At the Baghdad Airport he had executed the best ambush since the Little Big Horn, where Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull destroyed the same Seventh Cavalry Regiment. By morning writers would pen the name George “Custer” Bush and national resolve for the war would plummet.
Such dilemmas are the price we pay for the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, the first and foremost of which is freedom of the press. But we didn’t pay the price for freedom. Plugged into the media matrix, we didn’t blink and we didn’t ask questions. We ceased to function as Americans.
Saturday and Sunday following the disaster were part J. Edgar Hoover and part P.T. Barnum. The tail wagged the dog. The rescued Private Jessica, a tragic battle casualty, was morphed into another “Baby Jessica” to hold national attention. The 3/7 Cavalry breakout from the attack was labeled a “foray” into Baghdad . The U.S. body count, a pesky statistic from the Vietnam era, was hidden in the fog of war. Monday morning offered a new scenario to dazzle the public: Four one-ton bombs had “probably” killed Saddam in one of his lairs. We had already been told that the first night of the war; it worked again. We focused on Saddam and we focused on victory. We stayed on message…, and we stayed in the dark. Middle Eastern media carried stories of a massacre of U.S. forces at the airport, but we knew not to trust them.
I didn’t sleep at all the night the 3/7 Cavalry fell into a trap, and I haven’t slept much since. If my conviction about the unit’s bad luck is right, many fears, strange to me as an American who has spent a lifetime of service to his country, keep me awake at night:

· I fear we can no longer trust the president to tell the truth, since he clearly did not trust us to know the truth when the chips were down.
· I fear his military actions go against to the parting advice of two former ones, both men who had fought wars. In his valedictory George Washington admonished us to beware of foreign entanglements, and the Middle East is likely to be as entangling as quicksand. The departing Dwight Eisenhower bade us beware of the military industrial complex, and that complex seems mightier than ever, now that it has either co-opted or coerced the media.
· I fear the public will not feel outraged at being offered a desert mirage instead of the gritty reality of a desert war. Will media “package” the unlucky 3/7 Cavalry as a band of martyred brothers rather than as grim casualties? Will media make our children think of what is inside each flag-draped coffin: the torn, cold body of a youth who dreamed of the future, but was buried twice, first in the news, then in the earth? Our children must be our reason for reason itself, since they are the warriors of our future wars. Or will our children absorb images of fallen heroes, saluted by three farewell salvos of rifle fire? Will they want to grow up to fight wars, too? Are we training our own suicide volunteers for a Disney world war?
· I fear the media has signed a Faustian pact in exchange for a close-up of the best story of the new millennium: a successful American incursion into the Middle East . Has media/military collaboration ceased to be a public affairs operation conducted for the American people and become a psychological operation conducted against them?
· I fear my president ordered assassination in the “bad luck” incidents of Army tanks shelling the Baghdad hotel that housed foreign journalists. The Arab media believes it was murder, and they were telling the truth about the 3/7 Cavalry. Was the “truth” we saw, heard and read in the embedded media the only version of truth admissible to an Orwellian cover-up, and was there a death penalty for dissent?
· I fear the tentacles of the federal government have stretched too far. In suppressing the biggest negative story of the war, it has shown a mighty grasp over a professional group dedicated to the truth, but embedded with lies. Twisting the arms of the professions has always been part of the blueprint for strong-arm governments, and strong-arm governments tend to be as repressive to their citizens as they are bellicose to other countries. These are my fears, based on my belief that since the night we lost the 3/7 Cavalry:
· our president has lied to us and our representatives in order to insure that the country did not function according to its Constitution;
· our Congress has passed a $2.5 trillion national war budget in ignorance of the true conditions of the war;
· our military has coerced those who professed to be our truth tellers into become purveyors of lies of omission and commission.

I look at my oath of commission as an Army officer and see that I swore to defend the Constitution. The commander in chief took an oath in Congress should demand explanations from President George W. Bush, and prepare articles of impeachment if he can’t or won’t explain himself. As for the media, perhaps it will realize that although it was willingly embedded by the government, it is not married to it. A trial of impeachment of the president would be as good a story as the war was, and might even tempt the media to rouse itself from its bed and reconsider its spring fling in Iraq . Only then can we claim to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Only then can we say that the fate of the 3/7 Cavalry was a tragedy, and not a travesty.

A very strong letter, indeed.  According to May, Frank Michel “sealed it and put it in his desk, with witnesses watching, because he knew that I knew what I was writing about. He told his colleagues that the essay was history.”

On April 22nd May began his annual bicycle tour, this time heading on a thousand mile journey to Ft. Stewart , Georgia.   According to May:

“I wasn’t in a hurry, wanting to take the pulse of our people. Along the way I discussed my observations of April 5-9 with dozens of common people at the diners, hotels, stores and post offices where I stopped to chat. I found that many of them remembered various things about the information picture that didn’t quite fit right, but that none of them could give an explanation for what, if anything, it all meant. Events were fresh on people’s minds, then, and as I explained it all they had an easy time seeing through the deception of the times, but after we parted they left the topic and the talk behind them and returned to their normal lives, content that even if there was a bit of funny business going on in Iraq, everything was still fine in America.”

On May 1st, President Bush wore fighter pilot gear reminiscent of the fighter pilot president in the movie Independence Day (a topic we will return to later) on board the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and then made a speech where he arrogantly declared “Bring it on!” in front of a “Mission Accomplished!” banner.  Capt May would later write in a protest letter to Sen. John McCain, dated10 July 2003:

I wanted to puke when the commander in chief landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln and kept the cover-up going. Memorial Day I wanted to puke again, because the commander in chief talked about remembering the dead with the dirt still under his fingernails from burying the unacknowledged bodies of the 3/7 Cavalry. I will never forgive the man. He is a liar and a coward. I still want to puke when I read, hear and see in the embedded media that only thirty soldiers have died from hostilities, when I know that they’re not reporting the other deaths of hundreds who died before May 1, and are omitting the “non-hostile” deaths since May 1.”

On May 6th, when he was close to the Georgia border, May penned a letter to Dr. Peter Guenther, his former Art History teacher and mentor at the University of Houston , who had also been a German Wehrmacht captain on the Eastern Front.
As a Latin and Greek Classics major, May certainly couldn’t fail to be shocked about how America permitted the looting of the Baghdad Museum . He commented to Dr. Guenther.

I quite agree with your observation that mankind’s progress over the millennia is a dubious matter.  I think again of the Baghdad Museum and of the plunder of its treasures.  One art historian was a guest for a brief interview on CNN.  The reporter asked him to compare the level of cultural loss with some other historical event.  He brushed back tears and said “the burning of the library of Alexandria .”
What’s so tragicomic in the whole business is that any European conqueror of note, from Napoleon to Guderian, would have seized the priceless art for himself and his nation, thereby preserving it for humanity!  Some would decry the theft, but well-conceived theft (and murder) is what war is all about.  For example, take the Elgin marbles:  I’m not bothered that they are in an English instead of a Greek museum; rather, I’m happy that they’re in a museum somewhere!
The whole business of the museum demonstrates the difficulty of being American conqueror:  we spend so much time trying to convince ourselves that we’re not conquerors at all, we’re liberators.  Many conquerors have found this a good argument, but woe betide anyone who takes the foolish ideal to heart.  The “liberated” people generally find their clarity of purpose soon enough.
As you know, the Wehrmacht liberated Ukraine from the Soviet Union .  I had the good fortune to study Russian from a man of that nation.  “At first, friends,” he drawled in Russian, “when the Germans came we threw flowers; when they stayed we threw grenades.”
I am sick and tired of seeing my country stumbling into imperial briar patches.  Clausewitz said that war is the continuation of politics.  As often as not, confused politics lies at the bottom of it all, and confused conflict is what ensues.  When I return home I’m going to take down Julius Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic Wars and remind myself just how to do the job right.  “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” – “Gaul is divided into three parts,” he begins, and before the has reached the end of the book he has pretty much subdued all three, wiping out whole tribes, women and children as well as warriors, to level the populace enough to bear the weight of a Roman foundation.  He even made an attack on Briton, the rude backwater of Europe , but found it too high in resolve to fight and too low in resources to take.
It fell to his distant successor, Claudius, to finish the job of bringing Roman rule to the island.  At the end of hostilities, an enlightened Roman asked a now-subject chieftain what he thought of the Pax Romana, the famous “Roman Peace.”
"Solitudinem faciunt, et pacem vocanthe replied:  “They make a desert, and call it peace.”

The Bush administration’s wanton disregard of archeological treasures also extended to the site of the ancient city of Babylon , where it located a military base.  Fuel oil leaks contaminated areas designated for digs.
In Afghanistan , plunder and damage to irreplaceable sites also soared with the America presence. Wayne Madsen noted in “Bush’s `Christian’ Blood Cult:”

….In March 2001, while they were negotiating with the Bush administration on a natural gas pipeline, Afghanistan 's Taliban blew up two massive 1600-year old Buddhas in Bamiyan. The Bush administration, itself run by fanatic religious cultists, barely made a fuss about the loss of the relics. It would not be the first time the cultists within the Bush administration ignored the pillaging of history's treasures.
The ransacking of Iraq 's historical treasures is explainable when one considers what the blood cult Christians really think about Islam. Franklin Graham, the heir to the empire built up by his anti-Semitic father, Billy Graham, has decided being anti-Muslim is far more financially rewarding than being anti-Jewish. Billy Graham, history notes from the Nixon tapes, complained about the Jewish stranglehold on the media and Jews being responsible for pornography.
Franklin Graham continues to enjoy his father's unfettered and questionable access to the White House. But in the case of Bush, the younger Graham has a fanatic adherent. Graham has called Islam a "very evil and wicked" religion. He then announces he wants to go to Iraq . Graham obviously sees an opportunity to convert Muslims and unrepentant Eastern Christians, who owe their allegiance to Roman and Greek prelates, to his perverted form of blood cult Christianity.

Ironically, when it came to Judaica, Americans made a very special effort to selectively protect certain ancient relics. 
Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered, cites a 7 May 2003 New York Times article which stated:  “Shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, sixteen commandoes from the U.S. Army’s elite `MET Alpha’ unit, under the command of Col. Richard R. McPhee, were dispatched on a mission to search Baghdad in order to locate rabbinic antiquities, including `one of the most ancient copies of the Talmud in existence, dating from the seventh century.’” 
Israeli leaders would certainly have a special historical interest in Iraq .  According to Isaac Asimov’s Bible, the true center of gravity of ancient Judaism was not Palestine , but rather ancient Babylonia for over 1,500 years. 
In addition, many Zionists and Christian Zionists read their Bibles to interpret “Greater Israel” as extending from the Nile to the Euphrates. Both the Iranian and Iraqi  governments have not failed to make this known to the public, as noted in the diagram below:

There is another historical parallelism involved here worth mentioning that involves America as well as Israel .
According to Why Civilizations Self Destruct, by Dr. Elmer Pendell, the people who jump-started the first major civilization of Sumer in Mesopotamia were very likely  Nordic/Indo-European peoples who originally came from the north. They created a very vigorous and innovative civilization reflecting the innate characteristics of a people whose dynamic qualities were sculptured through a harsh Darwinian process in the cold northlands. 
Over time, as they mixed themselves with desert Semites, the character of their civilization became increasingly decadent, multi-racial, and multi-cultural.  Hence the Biblical phrase “Whore of Babylon .”  Babylon ” came to connote a corrupt, flesh-pot, hedonistic civilization, on the last leg down before falling by the wayside.  
A modern example of this connotation can be found in the title to the book Hollywood Babylon by Kenneth Anger about rampant scandals within the American film industry run by Jewish moguls, noted for their sleazy, gangsterish, Asiatic-despotic tendencies and significant absence of Northern European proclivities towards chivalrous, principled, and gentlemanly behavior.
Just as Sumer morphed into Babylon , which in turn devolved into Babylonia, we see a similar phase progression pattern in America history.  When America was founded, the white population overwhelmingly consisted of northern European-descended Protestants. Most New Englanders were Puritans. They came from eastern England , the most Nordic part of the British isles .  They held a strong work ethic and a staunch code of personal morality. 
As America absorbed peoples from southern and eastern Europe, to include millions of Jews in the late 19th century, and then on top of all this, as America absorbed even more exotic peoples from around the world, America morphed into a modern version of Babylon. Extreme hardcore pornography is rampant everywhere.  Most marriages are unstable.  Sexual perversion is mainstreamed.  The government is so corrupt that it routinely lies to its citizens and even runs false flag operations against them (as documented later in this book) 
The demographic situation has now deteriorated to a crisis level, as Pat Buchanan notes in his book Death of the West, or Wilmot Robertson documented in his classic work The Dispossessed Majority.  Furthermore, the former WASP majority no longer controls its own destiny.   In The High Priests of War, Michael Collins Piper documents how Zionist neo-cons have dragged America's militarily into the historic land of Babylon and other Middle Eastern quagmires.
Hence, we can see how America , like Sumer , has moved towards Babylon not only on a figurative level, but on also on a literal geo-political level.  If the American global empire winds up imploding at the tail end of its current Middle Eastern adventures much like the Soviet empire imploded after Afghanistan, future historians will be able to see tragic poetic irony in the “return to Babylon” theme.

On 14 May 2003, May arrived at Ft. Stewart . Although he was now a civilian, he was able to talk his way on base. 
At the Marne Chapel he met with the Chaplain for the Special Forces, 3rd Division,  Col. Neil Dennington. He presented him with the paltry sum of $20.00 raised at the Houston Honors College . 
Captain May spent about 45 minutes speaking with Col Dennington in his office.  He quickly discovered that this was no ordinary military “chaplain,” to say the least.
Although Dennington wore a cross on his uniform, he also had the Vietnam Special Forces patch on his right shoulder.  It depicted a sword and three lightening bolts.  He obviously was not “organic” to the chaplain service within the 3rd Infantry Division.    To the contrary, Captain May would later surmise that he had probably been brought in from the outside by top brass on a special mission to help “handle” Battle of Baghdad survivors.  
Although there was plenty of shelf space in Dennington’s office, there were only three books.  The Bible was conspicuously absent.  The three books were as follows: On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society On Killing by LtCol. Dave Grossman, Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein, and Warrior of Zen: The Diamond-Hard Wisdom Mind of Suzuki Shosan by Arthur Braverman.
Hail gods of war!
The conversation started out on martial arts when “Chaplain” Dennington quickly noticed the thick calluses on May’s hands and knuckles from Tae Kwon Do exercises.
Next, Dennington confirmed all of Captain May’s worst fears about the Battle of Baghdad.  Yes, the 3/7 cavalry had taken heavy losses and been thrown off the Baghdad airport.  Yes, hundreds of U.S. soldiers and Marines had died in heavy street fighting taking the city itself over a period of several days.  Yes, the Bush administration had consciously decidedly to permanently cover all of this up.
Dennington also carried a copy of the Constitution in his pocket similar to the late Sam Erwin, the colorful former Senator from North Carolina .  However, Dennington was not about to act on it any time soon. May commented in his 23 Feb 2006, Whalen interview, 3rd hr:.

He confirmed for me that the Constitution was being disobeyed. He stated to me that assassinations are repressive measures that would be used to keep this secret. He advised me not to have survivor’s guilt and to forget all about it.

Dennington also told May that a “Special Forces Detachment” would be used to enforce discipline.  Covert assassinations would be employed to keep word from getting out about the Battle of Baghdad cover-up that might retard the “war spirit of the nation.”
In his 19 June 2006  interview on Snark-Infested Waters, Captain May explained “Info War” and Col Dennington's involvement in it:

Capt May:  …Info War means that people like Rumsfeld, Bush, Rove --all these rats have militarized information. They have set up false security clearances to justify keeping things from the people, or keeping things secure and separate from the people. They have set up notions like operational security to suppress media inquiries. They have invented notions like embedding, which is really kind of a shameful thought --media should never allow itself to be called embedded --even Walter Conkrite said that sounded like prostitution. They set up all of these notions for the specific purpose of controlling the American people. A reversing the proper sovereignty endowed by the Founders in the people. Not endowed by the Founders in another King George who was going to come in 200 years later.
Taylor Kent: Right.
Capt May: So that is Info War. And incidentally, Info War was the name of a team that had been set up. You have heard of the "Whigs" --the White House Iraq Group?
Kent : No, actually I hadn't.
Capt May: Well that was a group set up with Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, Rove, Colin Powell, people who were trying to sell the war. They were a propaganda cell set up within the White House. One of the teams working to set up the war scenario for the Bush people was actually called "Info War."
Kent : Oh, OK.
Capt May: Info War is nothing but this World War --now please understand me-- this is a World War, and they told you that from the git-go because they told us it was going to be the GWOT -the Global War On Terror.
Kent : Right.
Capt May: When they said Global War, man, that is real close to World War.
Kent : Right.
Capt May: They were laughing when they said that because they knew doggone well what they were talking about. And Info War premises say that you know what you are talking about, but the people don't. That is the art of Info War.
Kent : Right.
Capt May: Making it so that everything that is relevant is a secret, known only to the elite. In other words Info War represents the undoing of the American Republic . The reversal of the Constitution and ultimately the Declaration. Info War is an attack on the sovereignty of American people by keeping them in a condition of slavery, all of which by the way was explained to me when I was in Ft. Stewart in mid-May and met Col Dennington. He was reading right out of the notes they were giving, and he said the following three letters "SFD." He said we are going to control "S" for "See," "F" for "Feel," and "D" for "Do." We will control what the public sees, therefore we will control what the public feels, therefore we will control what the public does. S --See, F --Feel, D --Do, SFD.
Kent : Right.
Capt May: That is the essence of Info War. Info War, to put in a final thought, is to this World War what, let's say blitzkrieg was to the last World War. Blitzkrieg was simply a German word that meant "lightening war." So what it really meant was the application of all the principles of modern mechanized and armored tactics along with close air support to a new form of warfare --lightening warfare. Well Info War represents the application of the new mechanization, which we call the digital technology to the warfare equation. And the warfare equation always in the United States involves first getting the public behind the war. So Info War is the attempt to seduce and secure the public into a state of servitude and ignorance. And the way we fight Info War, Info War is the attempt to break down that seduction and seclusion.
Kent : OK that makes sense.

Col Dennington was obviously caught in a cross fire of conflicting loyalties.  On the one hand, the DoD Principles of Information, the Constitution, and other factors suggested he favor openness.  On the other hand, he was under orders to maintain the cover-up.  He faced career termination and potentially even worse consequences if he disobeyed.
According to Capt May, the tie-breaker for Dennington was an authoritarian attitude. He felt that the American public needed to be “led” and could not be trusted with full disclosure.
At least one positive thing can said for Col Dennington.  He showed his hand to Captain May.   Dennington told May that he was showing him a face he rarely showed other people.  That in itself suggests that Col Dennington himself was suffering a crisis of conscience.  Truly evil people can mask everything with deception in perpetuity without guilt.
Normally a military chaplain is supposed to work within the context of a soldier’s particular religion to help him achieve his spiritual goals.  The public normally expects confidentiality in this relationship reminiscent of the traditional attorney-client relationship.
Capt May believes that the Bush cabal specifically brought Dennington to Ft. Stewart from the outside to manipulate not only Battle of Baghdad survivors, but also widows of the war dead.  What better way to maintain the Battle of Baghdad cover-up than to “handle” expressions of grief, disillusionment, and disgruntlement at their inception?
This immediately raised a question in May’s mind.  If the Bush administration and Zionist neo-con handlers could sink low enough to politically invade the U.S. Army Chaplain Corps, what would stop it from using the Homeland Security state to confiscate everyone’s civil liberties?
In his 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview, part 1, with Carol Hughes, Captain May described how the Bush administration also manipulated the dead and wounded:

Capt May: …And you may recall at this great distance now that that summer of 2003 there were wounded soldiers so heavy at Ft. Stewart that they could not fill them into the hospital and had them staying in tents out on the grounds. The reason was that there were so many wounded from the Battle of Baghdad that they couldn't accommodate them all and because it was all covered up --of course under the catchall phrase of top secret, operational security, which is what they do with any mistakes the military ever makes--
Hughes: Oh yes.
Capt May: Especially with George Bush as leader. Since they were covering up the story, they weren't shipped to other hospitals. They weren't given adequate military treatment. They were put out there to fester in tents. And I found out when I got to Ft. Stewart on May 14, 2003 that the orphan's children and widow's wives were being "drugged and thugged." They were being intimidated into shutting their little mouths. So not only had my brother soldiers and sister soldiers died in the hundreds for this war, to be covered up and desecrated, but their widows and orphans were being abused. So at that point I came home to Houston and in July of 2003, on July 4th as a matter of fact, I began to work as a full time operative against the Bush regime because it was apparent to me that any regime that could do all these things could do anything. I had seen enough wickedness to fall back on to my oath of commissioning. And to begin to oppose it actively.

On 4 July 2003. Thom Shanker, New York Times Pentagon correspondent, wrote about a rebellion by 800 Ft. Stewart wives.  That might seem like another good start towards getting truth out to the public, but Capt May was very dissatisfied with this piece. Eleven days later, he sent Shanker an email criticizing him for the way he allowed the Pentagon to provide counter propaganda for the story:

You are running (like turtles) to telling the truth that you already know, I guess. Isn’t that why, on July 4, you reported about 800 Ft. Stewart wives (most of whom are given calming drugs by Ft. Stewart ’s physicians) mobbing a colonel who was trying to bullsh*t them?  I guess you let the Bush Team know about the story in advance, though, because by the day the story came out they had already set up a counter-information campaign.
Just hours after your story ran, CNN showed a staged call between a loyal 3rd Infantry Division captain and his loyal wife from Ft. Stewart , Georgia .  They talked about lots of spontaneous things – like how proud he was to be in the desert with all the proud soldiers and how proud she was to be at Ft. Stewart waiting with all the other proud spouses.  It was straight from Big Brother.  Later, the Pentagon announced that they were bringing 900 soldiers home immediately (900 support soldiers, that is, who weren’t at the Battle of Baghdad, and don’t know the whole story).
See, the Pentagon guys wanted the public to think of the 900 happy folks instead of the 800 unhappy folks.  It’s a little public affairs trick you should remember in the future.  Later the Pentagon announced a plan to rotate the whole 3rd Division out by September, but now realizes it can’t fade the political heat of the president’s dastardly deed:  George is holding the 3rd Infantry Division as POW’s for spin control.  It’s as good a story as Benedict Arnold, if you asked me.

Significantly, the abuse of wounded at Ft Stewart was part of a larger pattern of deception by the Bush administration.  May noted in an Iconoclast interview regarding the Walter Reed scandal that erupted years later (2 April 2007)

It goes right to the heart of the point, which is that no one has ever given a damn about the soldiers. The same thing that has been done at Walter Reed for four years was done to the wounded soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division at Ft. Stewart the summer of 2003. The boys were sleeping out in canvas tents in the Georgia summer. There was no publicity of any note given to that. When I think about Walter Reed, I think it is emblematic of the heath-care given, not in just this war, but probably in every war.

May observed that the overflow of wounded could have easily been sent to adequate medical facilities at Ft. Sam Houston and other Army bases, but instead were kept in tents at Ft. Stewart just to hide them from media.
As the war in Iraq dragged on, the Bush Administration continued to cover up tactical defeats and the real number of war dead, just it had with 3/7 cavalry at the Baghdad Airport: 

In February 2004, Joe Vialls reported that, "According to a well-placed Pentagon source, the White House and corporate media are reporting less than half the actual American military deaths in Iraq . As of 3 February 2004, the 'official' media total stood at 528, while the real total at midnight on the same day was 1,188. This criminal discrepancy in the fatality figures is due to corrupt civilians in the Pentagon working for Paul Wolfowitz Inc." In April 2004 this report appeared on Sky News and then swiftly disappeared:

Arrogantly assuming their actions would not be noticed [or could not be countered] by the Republic Guard, a few thousand U.S. Marines with battle tanks and other armor approached the 300,000 residents of Fallujah from the east and the west, drawn from existing Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Baghdad . This was an inexcusably stupid tactical error, because as soon as the U.S. Marines closed on Fallujah and started shelling the unarmed women and children within, Republican Guard Special Forces units carried out lightning strikes on the weakened Marine bases in Ar Ramadi and Western Baghdad, destroying fuel dumps and killing 130 Americans in less than 12 hours.

In a further effort to disguise the true number of dead, the Bush Administration restricted flights of American dead to their central collection point at Dover AFB to night time. Photographs were prohibited. Wounded who died after being evacuated by plane out of Iraq were not counted as war dead.
On top of all this, there were even numerous reports of American dead being buried in anonymous mass graves in Iraq to avoid any reporting at all:
The casualty deceptions have continued, even after more than five and a half years of the Iraq war.   As of Dec 4, 2008, the casualty web page at estimated over 100,000 actual casualties since the inception of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq compared to the official figure of 30,852.   It cites one source claiming that 320,000 veterans have brain injuries.  To add insult to injury, the Bush administration forced many soldiers to pay for their own prosthetic devices.
All of these casualty estimates are probably vastly understated, to the extent that they only involve some form of violent trauma.  However, there is another more subtle form of damage that is actually more catastrophic.
Dr. Doug Rokke, Leuren Moret, and other experts have provided strong evidence that the biggest long term killer of all is aerosolized depleted uranium.  
According to Dr. Rokke, over two thousand tons of depleted uranium munitions have been expended in the Middle East since Persian Gulf War I.  At a minimum, roughly half of each depleted uranium round “aerosolizes” or disintegrates into submicron-sized particles that easily pass through skin and lungs.  Once inside the body, they also penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cell membranes throughout the body.  These particles have a half life of 4.5 billion years, and have sufficient radioactivity once inside cells to create significant DNA damage.  Since they can attack almost everywhere in the body, they produce a wide variety of symptoms can ranging from various types of cancers and neurological diseases to specific organ failures and skin rashes. 
Everywhere that DU munitions have been used, to include areas outside the Middle East such as Kosovo and Serbia in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan , the surrounding civilian populations have witnessed startling increases in birth defects as well as ailments with widely ranging symptoms.

The article “Thwarted Warrior:  Depleted uranium and the mystery of sick and dying Gulf War vets  by Robert Koehler, April 12, 2007 describes one example of a catastrophic increase in the level of “miscellaneous” ailments reported by the Veterans Administration:

….According to Veterans Administration figures from last November, 205,000 GIs who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan, a third of the total, have sought medical care, for such problems as malignant tumors (1,584), endocrinal and metabolic diseases (36,409), nervous system diseases (61,524), digestive system diseases (63,002), musculoskeletal diseases (87,590), and mental disorders (73,157), among many other conditions. One of the largest categories is "ill defined," a.k.a. mystery conditions (67,743). In comparison, a relatively small number (35,765) have sought VA care for injuries. 

The Bush administration has resorted to deception, cover-ups, and bad faith in numerous other ways.  It frequently strong-armed soldiers with its “stop-loss” orders to extend their tours beyond the original contractual understandings or to force them to repeat tours in Iraq beyond their original agreements.  It has also tried to put wounded soldiers back on duty before they were fully recovered from their injuries. 
In the second hour of his 19 Jan 2006 Cracking Satan’s Code interview, Captain May described how the worst suffering of all has fallen upon the Iraqi population, which was never had anything to do with 9/11 or harboring alleged weapons of mass destruction:

Capt May …A year ago the British Lancet medical journal took an objective survey and estimated there are 100,000 Iraqi deaths from the war. This was in November of 2004 that they said that. Just last month, the media started quoting Bush as saying, "Yes, we killed 30,000 Iraqis." Well, by now it is probably closer to a quarter million, or a 150,000. It is way up there. They are keeping the numbers down through the control and manipulation of the media--

The pain and suffering ordered by George W. Bush is particularly hypocritical and contemptible, given that he himself never served in combat.  In fact he avoided Vietnam duty and was UA from his reserve unit.
Captain May summarized the deplorable situation in his 19 Jan 2006, hr 1 interview with Karen Hughes of Cracking Satan’s Code and brought the issue full circle by linking it with corruption on the home front.

Capt May:
So we are living in an era of government via conspiracy. Let me move on. BOBCUP, what we called the Battle of Baghdad cover-up, is what pulled the original Ghost Troop together. And that cover-up of the American dead goes on to this day.
Hughes: Yes.
Capt May: So when you hear the media talking, whether you are talking about the so-called left wing media or the so-called right wing media, the good cop, the bad cop, what you are hearing is, you know, Bush is or is not to blame for 2,000 dead G.I.'s. And everyone says that. The truth is this summer from my military and media and international sources, I have pretty much confirmed that the real number was 10,000. They are counting every fifth soldier. Every fifth Marine. We are getting one fifth of the number. Because they have already established an event for this media apparatus. These polls and whatnot, these focus groups. They knew going into this war knowing how many casualties the American public wanted to believe had happened before they get out of the war. So, they just cooked the books. And that creates no problem. Nobody has any doubt that Ken Lay --and of course I knew Ken Lay [former head of Enron], he is a Houston guy and I did a little bit of writing for him as a high end speech writer-- Ken Lay cooked the books. Nobody is shocked at that. But people somehow are shocked when you say, "Well, the president is cooking the books." Or, "The Department of the Army Public Affairs Office is cooking the books."
Hughes: The Pentagon.
Capt May: The idea that the presidency, the White House, or the Department of Defense, or the public affairs people are cooking the books, under counting the dead by four out of five not counted, is no more difficult for a person who has seen the world to believe than Ken Lay was counting one out of every five bucks that he stuck in his pocket for taxes. People cook books all the time.
Hughes: Sure.
Capt May: And the idea that the media is going along with the cooking books on the death count is no more difficult for a person who has seen the world than the idea that all the lawyers and accountants who went along with Enron cooking the books on the finances. When Ken Lay decided that he was going to teach government and cheat us and cook the books on money, everybody went along, until eventually it looked like he was going to fall, and then he started bailing out and pretending that he had a conscience. But the professions are always the people who go along for the ride. So right now you have a conspiracy of silence on this one small issue we are talking about. The introduction issue to Ghost Troop, which was the body count cover up, it started at Baghdad . That is when we caught it.  Because now that I have explained what I saw to you, you can see that was a pretty conspicuous cover up once you thought about it.

Eventually the truth outs, and by 2008-2009, a series of stories began to elaborate on the extensive Pentagon propaganda apparatus beneath the WHIG’s –or the White House Iraq Group described by Captain May.   
The Pentagon certainly expends considerable resources to influence public opinion.  The article 7 Feb 2009 article “DoD walks fine line between news, propaganda” by Chris Tomlinson observed:

An Associated Press investigation found that over the past five years, the money the military spends on winning hearts and minds at home and abroad has grown by 63 percent, to at least $4.7 billion this year, according to Defense Department budgets and other documents. That almost is as much as it spent on body armor for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006.
This year, the Pentagon will employ 27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations, almost as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department.

Former Navy Commander Jeff Huber published “Ministry of Truth and Peace” at on 27 Jan 2009.
Huber links to the “Pentagon Military Analyst Program” at Sourcewatch described as follows:

The Pentagon military analyst program was launched in early 2002 by then-Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Victoria Clarke. The idea was to recruit "key influentials" to help sell a wary public on "a possible Iraq invasion." Former NBC military analyst Kenneth Allard called the effort "Psyops on steroids."
…"Internal Pentagon documents repeatedly refer to the military analysts as 'message force multipliers' or 'surrogates' who could be counted on to deliver administration 'themes and messages' to millions of Americans 'in the form of their own opinions.' ... Don Meyer, an aide to Ms. Clarke, said a strategic decision was made in 2002 to make the analysts the main focus of the public relations push to construct a case for war." [emphasis added] Clarke and her senior aide, Brent T. Krueger, eventually signed up more than 75 retired military officers, who appeared on television and radio news shows as military analysts, and/or penned newspaper op/ed columns. The Pentagon held weekly meetings with the military analysts, which continued as of April 2008, when David Barstow reported on the program in the New York Times.
The program proved successful and was expanded to issues besides the Iraq War. "Other branches of the administration also began to make use of the analysts. Mr. Gonzales, then the attorney general, met with them soon after news leaked that the government was wiretapping terrorism suspects in the United States without warrants, Pentagon records show. When David H. Petraeus was appointed the commanding general in Iraq in January 2007, one of his early acts was to meet with the analysts."

Jeff Huber comments on the sinister origins of the RMA program:

Shortly after 9/11, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld established the Office of Strategic Influence, an information warfare directorate with "a broad mission ranging from 'black' campaigns that use disinformation and other covert activities to 'white' public affairs that rely on truthful news releases," according to its chief, Air Force one-star Simon P. Worden.  Protests arose when the Pentagon announced that the OSI would "provide news items, possibly even false ones."  Rumsfeld shut down OSI to quell the controversy.  Well, he sort of shut it down.  "You can have the [OSI] name," he said at a press conference, "but I'm gonna keep doing every single thing that needs to be done and I have."
Before it skulked out the servants' door, OSI spawned a number of truth sub-ministries within the Defense Department, one of which was the Retired Military Analyst program.

In “Ministry of Truth and Peace, Part II” Huber comments: 

….In April 2008, an in-depth investigation by the New York Times revealed that the RMA program had employed retired military officers in a "campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance."
So all that really remains unclear in this context is why the I.G. didn't look up the definition of "propaganda."  Maybe that was outside the scope of his investigation.
Sock Puppets
"Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand," by David Barstow was a watershed story for the New York Times, the paper that, more than any other mainstream media outlet, had allowed the Bush administration to use it as a conduit for the false propaganda that convinced the country of the need to invade Iraq .  Where Michael R. Gordon and Judith Miller cited unnamed "officials" nearly 30 times in their September 2002 article that fraudulently asserted Saddam Hussein was pursuing nuclear weapons technology, Barstow 's investigative report was an exemplar of cold fact and attributed testimony.
Retired Army colonel Ken Allard, an NBC analyst, called the RMA program a sophisticated information operation.  “This was a coherent, active policy,” he told Barstow .
Barstow referenced internal Pentagon documents that "repeatedly refer to the military analysts as 'message force multipliers' or 'surrogates' who could be counted on to deliver administration 'themes and messages' to millions of Americans 'in the form of their own opinions.'"
Don Myer, aide to assistant secretary of defense for public affairs Torie Clarke, told Barstow that a strategic decision was made in 2002 to use the analysts as the main focus of the public relations push to argue the case for war with Iraq .  Another Clarke aid, Brent T. Krueger, said the idea was to have the analysts be in effect “writing the op-ed” for the war.
In all, the program recruited more than 75 retired officers, all of them cleared by Donald Rumsfeld, the largest contingent of whom, not surprisingly, worked for Fox News. 

As a concluding remark for this chapter, I must point out that viewing RMA or any other Pentagon information program as the mother of all propaganda evils is simplistic.  In actuality, there has been a staggering garden variety of state-sponsored agencies involved in propagandizing the American public. 
As some examples, We learn in By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer by Victor Ostrovsky that Israel ’s Mossad has a department that does nothing but concoct cover stories and fabricate evidence to create cover for espionage, to include false flag operations.  Later in this work we will touch upon the FBI’s COINTELPRO, used to infiltrated and disrupt dissidents.  We also mention the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird which deliberately gained control of major media in America beginning in the 1950’s, plus testimony by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura about CIA infiltration of his state government. 
Last, but not least, ADL, AIPAC, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), and many other Jewish organizations effectively act as unregistered propaganda agencies of Israel .  Given that the Jewish Lobby originated the “Project for a New American Century” and other documents that created the foundation for America ’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq , they are arguably more powerful than Office of the Secretary of Defense.  
In case you missed the raw exercise of Jewish lobby muscle with George Bush, it certainly did not go away once his successor, Barack Obama, came into office.   For example, “Jewish Lobby Gives Obama His Marching Orders” by Michael Collins Piper, American Free Press, Jan 26, 2009:observed that:

THE POWERFUL JEWISH LOBBY in Washington is already issuing marching orders to President-elect Barack Obama. One of the most influential voices of the lobby has published an array of “working papers” designed to tell the president how he must maintain the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel, increase pressure on a variety of Arab and Muslim states that are perceived as dangers to Israel, and generally assure that Israel’s interests will always be first and foremost in the conduct of U.S. foreign policy, not only in the Middle East but around the globe…
…. Whether President Obama intends real change, as he promised, or whether he will advance the Israeli agenda (which saw its power expand exponentially in the Republican administration of George W. Bush) remains to be seen. But “the lobby” is making its voice heard and Obama knows that he better not ignore it.

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2010-03-23 G.I. Drugged by Kelley Vlahos, The American Conservative "...Turns out the government has spent upwards of $1 billion on “common pain and psychiatric medications” for soldiers from 2001 to 2009. The military is drugging up soldiers more than ever – 76 percent more than at the start of the two-front war — and in doing so, keep them in the ranks, in the field, behind .50-caliber machine guns and engaging in patrols, despite physical and emotional pain, depression and post traumatic stress likely held-over from previous tours in-country. One wonders how far the military will go to keep warm bodies in the warzone."
2009-11-10 90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting? by Kelley B. Vlahos, November 10, 2009,
2007-06-12 From Hiroshima to Iraq, 61 years of uranium wars, A suicidal, genocidal, omnicidal course by Leuren Moret,, previously published San Francisco Bay View 26 December 2006.

...Since 1991, in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, the U.S. and its British military partner have looted and bombed the cultural relics of those countries into radioactive rubble, destroying families and erasing the collective memory and expression of ancient cultures and civilizations. The looting of the Baghdad Museum was planned in the Pentagon in January 2003 with the same antiquities dealers who looted the Nazi collections after WW II. The destruction of national identity is also part of “the plan.”

Since 1991, in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, the U.S. and its British military partner have looted and bombed the cultural relics of those countries into radioactive rubble, destroying families and erasing the collective memory and expression of ancient cultures and civilizations. The looting of the Baghdad Museum was planned in the Pentagon in January 2003 with the same antiquities dealers who looted the Nazi collections after WW II. The destruction of national identity is also part of “the plan.”

“To achieve one-world government,” said Brock Chisholm, former director of the U.N. World Health Organization, “it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification ...



Additional References

Iraq Deaths at: "The number is shocking and sobering. It is at least 10 times greater than most estimates cited in the US media, yet it is based on a scientific study of violent Iraqi deaths caused by the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003." See also:

Iraq Deaths Estimator



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