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Mission of Conscience Book I Contents

A Dedication



To the brave U.S. soldiers and Marines
 who lost their lives in the Battle of Baghdad;
to the “Info War” martyrs
all of whom, for which “Ghost Troop” is named
and also, to the untold number of innocents
 on all sides, who have been destroyed in an unnecessary war
virtually all thrown down the Orwellian Memory Hole
and finally, to the heroic self-sacrifice
 behind the personal mission of conscience,
of Captain Eric H. May
this work is dedicated.





Dulce et deco-
rum est pro ve-













* This is my variation of the famous Latin expression, “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,” Meaning “It is good and fitting to die for ones country,” except here I have substituted “truth” for “country. ”Dulce et Decorum Est is also the title of a mockingly satirical antiwar poem about meaningless World War I carnage by British poet Wilfred Owen.  I also use it to salute Capt. May’s mastery of ancient Latin and Greek (to include the Classics) as well as modern Russian and Spanish. As a last note, since a substantial portion of this work covers embedded code used by the enemies of America, I decided to embed code within this dedication in three different ways, if nothing else to pique the curiosity of the reader and also to let the criminals within “Circle B” and Circle Z” (covered in Chapter 5) know that we can play back with them just like they play with “we the people.” It should be fairly easy to figure out this code once one reads this work.  If not, please see the note at the end of the quotes page.




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