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William B. Fox Archive


The Norwegian American Weekly
Continues to Censor

Fukushima Bad News

-- And hence aids and abets a long term
human health and mutation catastrophe --

But why does its most recent editor have to
smear the publisher of America First Books
as well as censor his radiation alerts?


by William B. Fox

First published
July 31, 2014

Last revised/updated
Aug 14, 2018




Table of Contents



Ninth Submission, March 13, 2014. This submission is taken out of sequence from my chronological listing of submissions, listed from "one" to "ten" below, because the special reaction by the editor of the Norwegian American Weekly to the ninth submission merits special comment. My tenth submission on January 27, 2017 (also reproduced below) -- which also addressed one of the greatest civil defense emergencies in human history -- was also rejected. Some time in the not too distant future, when a large portion of the readership of the Norwegian American (fomerly the Norwegian American Weekly) is on their death beds, dying premature deaths from accumulated radiation exposure, they will bitterly resent having been kept in the dark by their government, mainstream media, and ethnic media such as the Norwegian American.

What Actually Got Printed from the Ninth Submission
, titled "Censorship" in the Letters to the Editor section, Norwegian American Weekly, April 4, 2014

The Norwegian American Weekly Editor Prints Her Personal Reaction

The NAW Editor Reinforces Her Negative View by Printing the Opinion of an "Academic"

Other Censored Submissions: March 2011-Dec 2013

First Submission Regarding the Fukushima Radiation Threat, March 25, 2011

Second Submission, April 7, 2011

Third Submission, May 6, 2011

Fourth Submission, May 13, 2011

Fifth Submission, August 17, 2011

Sixth Submission, August 23, 2012

Seventh Submission, November 3, 2013

Eighth Submission, December 9, 2013

Tenth Submission: January 27, 2017. The Editor of the Norwegian American reacted on a personal level to my subscription renewal letter that provided an update on my Fukushima-related concerns. Why should an urgent global civil defense crisis be treated as a personal issue?

Additional Commentary: Does this Affair Only Involve the Staff of the Norwegian American Weekly, or is there Something Much Bigger and More Sinister Taking Place?

Concluding Remarks: Is There Such A Thing As Bending Over Too Far Backwards to Accommodate the Nuclear Industry and the New World Order?

Additional References




There are two ways of being cheated.
One is to believe that which is not true.
The other way is to not believe what is true.

Søren Kierkegaard







William Fox

In regard to my Fukushima-related alerts (reproduced below), do I engage in "circular reasoning" that is "lacking in scientific rigor" that has an "ouroboros effect" that makes one "feel too much like shouting `Fire!' in a crowded theater"?
I don't think so. I fact, I think this language is a smear directed against me by Emily Skaftun (or by one or more of her "handlers," if she has any), the editor of the Norwegian American (formerly named The Norwegian American Weekly until 2016) in her response to my ninth submission to her published in the Letters to the Editor section, page 7, in the April 4, 2014 edition of her newspaper. Interestingly enough, she edited out the text I submitted to her that applied directly to Fukushima that I requested she publish in her Letters to the Editor column. Instead, she only published my cover letter her that I did not request be published. In that cover letter I expressed my frustration that the Norwegian American Weekly had repeatedly refused to publish all of my previous eight letters to the editor about the Fukushima radiation threat. My first letter was submitted in March 2011, the month when the catastrophe began. On top of all this, Skaftun had the nerve to deny that she was engaging in censorship.
Interestingly enough, I have received the exact opposite feedback regarding the quality of my research, analysis, and activist work from more credible sources. One example is Dr. James Fetzer, professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, host of The Real Deal talk show, and a nationally recognized authority on false flag operations. In the Preface to his 3 Feb 2012 Veterans Today article "Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe," Dr. James Fetzer recognized my painstaking work in organizing and transcribing an interview that involved not only geoscientist Leuren Moret, but also Dr. Chris Busby, a UK physicist widely recognized as a leading authority on Fukushima who has been repeatedly interviewed on BBC, RT, Alex Jones, and in other major media. In his preface to his 18 Oct 2013 Veterans Today article "Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D.," which provides a transcript of an interview I organized with one of America's leading authorities on Fukushima, Dr. Fetzer also claimed that I have done "exceptional work." In fact, he thought highly enough of my investigative work to coauthor a number of articles with me about potential false flag attack situations that are listed in my online author archive. He also interviewed me along with geoscientist Leuren Moret on Sept 12, 2012 (Please find the transcript of our interview "Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update" online here. We not only discussed Fukushima, but also the high level of government corruption in Norway connected with the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings on 7-22 2011).
I have also received positive feedback from other sources. For example, during Christina Consolo's Nuked Radio interview with me "The Fukushima Cover-Up" (transcript), 10 Jan 2013, towards the end of the show she said: "Well thank you very much [for being on the show], and you have a lot to say, and you are so articulate. You need a radio show."
As a final example, when W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, profiled me as a leader of an emerging "Fukushima Truth Movement" in his 14 October 2012 article "Fukushima Radiation Present In America," he portrayed me as an activist with a serious and timely message for America and the rest of the world.
The interview conducted by Dr. James Fetzer titled "Fukushima: The End of Mankind? (Transcript prepared by William Fox)," dated 29 August 2015 also bears mention, because while it does not mention myself, it shows how Dennis Cimino, a former top US Navy electronics troubleshooter and current leading 9/11 false flag researcher, shares my grim view of Fukushima's impact on America. Mr. Cimino lives near Seattle, Washington where Emily Skaftun, the editor of the Norwegian America, also lives, yet his views regarding radiation dangers could jsut as well exist in some kind of parallel universe or in some different galaxy in a different time and space compared to Skaftun's view of reality.
Unfortunately the kind of denial and censorship I have experienced from the Norwegian American (formerly the Norwegian American Weekly) is also being practiced on a much larger scale by governments and media based in major countries of the Northern Hemisphere, including Japan, the U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Germany. This behavior tends to ripple down to the small Scandinavian countries and their ethnic communities around the world.
I have not only been active in alerting fellow Scandinavian Americans, but also fellow American citizens of all racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as other people around the world. I have tried to accomplish this in a number of ways, such as by sending out email mass-mailers, publishing in "alternative media" such as the the Lone Star Iconoclast, getting on talk shows, and providing alerts on my web sites at and I was hoping that the Norwegian American (web site --the last remaining Norwegian American newspaper with a significant subscription base in the U.S. -- would also provide an alternative to mainstream media censorship.
To set the record straight, I have reproduced not only my nineth submission to Emily Skaftun in its entirety published in the April 4th edition of NAW, but also her response and a reader comment published in the April 18th issue. I have also reproduced below all of the eight other letters to the editor that were sent to the Norwegian American Weekly since the Fukushima crisis began on March 11, 2011. Last, but not least, I have reproduced a tenth submission sent in January 2017 in which Ms. Skaftun responded on a very negative personal way.
There have actually been three different Managing Editors since the beginning of the crisis: Christy Olsen Field, Kelsey Larson, and Emily Skaftun. Ms. Skaftun did not come on board until the Jan 17, 2014 issue. Ms. Skaftun's two predecessors also refused to print any of my letters to the editor. This, despite my efforts to reinforce my submissions with both introductory and follow up phone calls.
Two months after the inception of Fukushima the Norwegian American Weekly ran a front page story (complete with a large color photo) about the May 2011 volcanic eruption at Grímsvötn under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland that emitted enough plume material to ground aircraft in Europe. At the same time, it continued to ignore alerts that described how people in Seattle, Washington and other parts of the West Coast were getting shrouded in some of the most dangerous radioactive plumes in human history. The average Seattle resident breathed an estimated five hot particles a day during the latter part of March and much of April 2011. Although there are many different variables unique to each individual that can affect whether or not these particles will cause terminal cancer five, ten, or fifteen years down the line, this exposure was certainly very dangerous. Seattle residents should have been warned so that they could at least take defensive such as staying indoors or wearing respirators.
The effects of radioactive particles are particularly deceptive compared to other toxic threats because they are invisible to human senses and typically have a delay time of many years before they cause cancers and other ailments. We can expect accelerating rates of cancer along the West Coast and other parts of America in the years ahead. We can also expect dramatic increases in the rates of mutation and other forms of genetic damage in the general population that become permanent. Sterility levels will continue to increase dramatically ("The global fertility rate has dropped by nearly half since 1955," source: Radiation Protective Foods, Sara Shannon, page 251, published 1986 and 2012) and average life expectancies will continue to decrease ("Life expectancy for men in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine [following the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown] some ten years less than in Sri Lanka, which is one of the twenty poorest countries in the world..." source: Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, Dr. Helen Caldicott, p 79). We have already experienced major mortality spikes among groups that tend to be most vulnerable to radiation. These groups include the very young, who are more vulnerable due to rapidly dividing cells that are disproportionately affected by radiation, to the very old, who typically have weakened immune systems as a consequence of such factors as natural aging and lifetime accumulations of environmental toxins.
Therefore, this matter is extremely serious and everyone needs to be warned now (actually yesterday was not soon enough), not several years from now when it is too little, too late. That is, after most people's thyroids are destroyed by radioactive iodine, their hearts are beating irregularly from uptake of radioactive cesium, their bones are glowing from radioactive strontium, their livers are ravaged by uranium, and they lying in terminal cancer wards wondering how it all happened.
Not only is a failure to warn the general public about the greatest man-made catastrophe in history a criminal dereliction of public duty towards ones fellow citizens, but in the long run accelerated death rates are not going to exactly help the Norwegian American maintain its subscription and advertising base and stay in business. There are many measures that can be taken to reduce radiation risk, such as staying out of the rain and snow (when most fallout tends to come down), using a respirator in certain circumstances (like flying in an airplane where radiation counts have been measured at over times five times pre-Fukushima levels at cruising altitudes), and eating radiation protective foods. All these things would greatly reduce the rate of mass die-offs and infertility that otherwise lie ahead.
I have a reproduced the materials provided below for a number of reasons.
First, for readers who are unfamiliar with the Fukushima radiation danger, they provide important introductory information that can help save lives. After all, we are in a very serious ongoing civil defense emergency, and ordinary citizens such as myself have to fill in for the information that is not being reported by the government and mainstream media.
Secondly, posting my submissions is a way to defend myself against Skaftun's public smear attack. I leave it to the reader to peruse my submissions and determine for his or herself whether or not I have engaged in "ouroboros" circular reasoning, "lack scientific rigor," or am "shouting fire in a crowded theater." If any readers can find instances of this alleged behavior, I would appreciate it if he or she could send me an email and point out what people like myself and other colleagues such as Dr. James Fetzer and W. Leon Smith are missing.
Third, I want to lay the ground work to motivate the reader to ask some deeper questions. Why the censorship? Historically, Scandinavians have had a reputation for being the least corrupt and the most technologically productive ethnic group in Europe -- what has happened to them?
I believe that I can answer these questions. However, first I want to show the reader my submissions and the evidence for censorship. Once I have laid this groundwork, then we can then delve into deeper questions.
The first exhibit below is my ninth submission that was both smeared and censored.
Following this, I provide all my prior eight submissions in chronological order, beginning with the my first submission on March 24th that was made only two weeks after the March 11, 2011 meltdowns. Lastly, I provide my tenth submission which also drew a negative response like my ninth submission.


Ninth (and most recent) Submission
March 13, 2014

Editor's Note: Given that all of my prior eight submissions about Fukushima had been censored, I decided to lay it on thick by stressing my shared Norwegian background in the introductory remarks of my letter to the editor in an effort to force the issue. However, this is not what I submitted for publication. What I intended for publication was indented within this letter. The following is the complete letter, including both the introductory remarks and my indented "Letter to the Editor":


From: William Fox
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 3:03 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor regarding the ongoing Fukushima radiation catastrophe and its implications

Ms. Emily C. Skaftun
Managing Editor
Norwegian American Weekly

Dear Ms. Skaftun:

I am a proud Norwegian American, a longstanding member of Norwegian-American organizations, and a long time subscribe to the Norwegian American Weekly and its predecessor, Nordisk Tidende. My mother was born and raised in Bergen, and her father Captain Jan Collet-Muller was a Norwegian war hero (as documented on the web page at: I am also an honors graduate of top universities. On the basis of proven loyalty and analytical ability, I feel entitled to have my voice heard in regard to major issues that impact on the Norwegian American community.
I have been following the Fukushima catastrophe ever since it began three years ago, on March 11, 2011, and feel very disappointed that none of my numerous submissions to date regarding Fukushima have been published by the Norwegian American Weekly, which purports to be a major voice in print of the Norwegian American community. Given that we are getting ever more reports that things are getting continually worse, not better, I think the Norwegian American Weekly should publish at least something that I submit regarding this ongoing civil defense emergency. More and more people on the West Coast are beginning to wake up, to include members of the “Fukushima Is Here” human billboard at Ocean Beach, San Francisco depicted at
If you value any kind of open forum for ideas on critical issues, you need to publish at least something that I submit. Even if you disagree with my views, you should at least give me some kind of voice and provide a rebuttal as an editor rather than censor me and simply throw me down the memory hole.
Here is my current submission for the Letters to the Editor column of the Norwegian American Weekly:

We have now passed the three year anniversary of the Fukushima meltdowns, and unfortunately there is ever growing evidence that this radiation catastrophe is getting continually worse, not better. Molten nuclear fuel from Fukushima reactors has bored into the earth and continues to fission away, releasing massive amounts of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, ground water, and the ocean with no end in sight.
The decades following the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986 demonstrated that the impact of radiation on plants, animals, and humans actually got worse 10 to 20 years later as radioactive particles accumulated and moved up the food chain. According to Dr. Alexey V. Yablokov and other well-respected experts, Chernobyl killed about one million people and crippled eight million more in the 25 years following the meltdown. Many radiation experts such as Dr. Chris Busby and Leuren Moret have estimated that Fukushima could be as much as 300 times worse than Chernobyl, if not greater. The implications for people in the Northern Hemisphere are staggering.
In her article “Fukushima-radiated West Co. cover up,” January 1, 2014 at Deborah Dupre explains how the effects of radiation are being increasing felt on the U.S. West Coast as a steady stream of contaminated water flows across the Pacific from Japan. In particular, she cites the article “The Ocean Is Broken” .by Greg Ray, Oct 18, 2013 at about an Australian who noticed an amazing dearth of sea life when he recently sailed across the Pacific compared to pre-Fukushima trips. The implications for Norwegian Americans involved in the West Coast and Alaskan fishing industries are ominous, not to mention the tens of millions of people who live close enough to the Pacific Coast to inhale contaminated ocean air.
The effects of Fukushima continue to impact people who fly. Airborne radiation from Fukushima circles the globe about every 40 days, and people at cruising altitudes have reported radiation levels as high as 1,200 to 1,400 counts per minute compared to the normal pre-Fukushima level of around 200 counts per minute. Please see the transcript I created of the interview titled "NUKED IN THE SKIES: Celebrity Sickness and Flying," March 25, 2013 at
Fukushima radiation is still coming down in rain over North America. I have documented the first year and a half of radiation plumes and radiation spikes in an online week by week chart series at: Beta radiation spikes well over 100 (considered danger territory by many experts) still show up in certain EPA RadNet radiation charts for cities across America I have listed on an overview page at
Radiation is tasteless, colorless, and odorless and otherwise invisible to the human senses. The effects often take many years to incubate. Internal forms of radiation, which involve the ingestion of radioactive particles, can be particularly dangerous because these particles can get inside cells throughout the body, disrupt normal function, and exacerbate almost every disease known to man. Hence people who get radiation-induced ailments such as certain neurological diseases and cardiovascular problems rarely know that radiation was the prime culprit..
I have created an overview page to help familiarize people with basic radiation protective measures at: I urge readers of the Norwegian American Weekly to take the continuing Fukushima radiation threat very seriously and start learning everything they can about it in order to protect themselves.
Last, but not least, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen has observed that we need an international effort to contain this crisis that has the same level of commitment as a major war for national survival. Some Japanese leaders have also recognized the need for outside assistance. Perhaps Norway can play a key role in helping to mobilize the kind of effort on a global scale that is required to finally bring Fukushima under control and offer some kind of protection to people around the world.

I would appreciate a prompt response from you regarding what you intend to do with this submission.

Best regards,

William B. Fox

P.O. Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Skype online number: 832-426-2441

What Actually Got Printed:
Letters to the Editor section,
Norwegian American Weekly,
April 4, 2014


Only my cover letter (that I did not intend to get published) and not my Letter to the Editor (which I did intend to get published) got printed in the Letters to the Editor section of the Norwegian American Weekly:




Dear Ms. Skaftun,
I am a proud Norwegian American, a longstanding member of Norwegian-American organizations, and a long-time subscriber to the Norwegian American Weekly and its predecessor, Nordisk Tidende. My mother was born and raised in Bergen, and her father Captain Jan Collet-Muller was a Norwegian war hero. I am also an honors graduate of top universities. On the basis of proven loyalty and analytical ability, I feel entitled to have my voice heard in regard to major issues that impact on the Norwegian American community.
I have been following the Fukushima catastrophe ever since it began three years ago, on March 11, 2011, and feel very disappointed that none of my numerous submissions to date regarding Fukushima have been published by the Norwegian American Weekly, which purports to be a major voice in print of the Norwegian American community. Given that we are getting ever more reports that things are getting continually worse, not better, I think the Norwegian American Weekly should publish at least something that I submit regarding this ongoing civil defense emergency. More and more people on the West Coast are beginning to wake up, to include members of the “Fukushima Is Here” human billboard at Ocean Beach, San Francisco.
If you value any kind of open forum for ideas on critical issues, you need to publish at least something that I submit. Even if you disagree with my views, you should at least give me some kind of voice and provide a rebuttal as an editor rather than censor me and simply throw me down the memory hole.
I would appreciate a prompt response from you regarding what you intend to do with this submission.

Best Regards,
William B. Fox
Sarver, Penn.


The Norwegian American Weekly Editor Prints Her Personal Reaction


Here is how Emily Skaftun, Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly, responded to me in the same issue of her paper that printed my cover letter provided above:


Dear Mr. Fox,

You bring up interesting issues of censorship, the responsibilities of the press, and entitlement.
Without going into the confrontational tone used in this, your introduction to me as editor, I'm struck by some of the assumptions you make. First is the (false) assumption that because you are a reader of NAW we somehow owe you space on our pages on which to say whatever you like. This would imply that we chose content for the paper based on criteria like a person's "Norwegianness" (in which case surely I would be the first one denied a voice), rather than the strength and value of the content.
You rather suggest that not to print your article would be censorship. I'll admit that we editors are sensitive to this accusation -- no one wants to be cast in the role of censor. However, we editors are gate-keepers. Our readers task us with choosing what content to present to them. I'm allowed to keep things out of this paper that are poorly written, irrelevant, boring, offensive, or alarmist, just to name a few. This isn't censorship; it's my job. My job is to make sure that what does go into the paper is of high quality and of interest to my readers.
You make a second assumption, this one correct, that I disagree with your alarmist take on the Fukushima situation. I do not in fact believe that the sky is falling. However, it's important to me that you understand this: my decision not to publish your article is not that I disagree with it. I looked through the information you presented and the support you cited (your own work, mostly, which creates an ouroboros effect called circular reasoning) and found it to be lacking in scientific rigor. Considering the dire statements that you make, for me to publish them without proper support would feel too much like shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater.
I'm not here to put forward any particular viewpoint. I try very hard to maintain my editorial impartiality and avoid bias. I will print any well-supported viewpoints. Or, for that matter, any crackpot theories with little potential to harm (like articles about Ragnarok -- my deepest apologies if anyone panicked unduly about that no-show apocalypse).
As a final note to all readers, all writers, everyone really -- I believe that it's important to be skeptical. Let us all resolve to be wary of vague claims.



The NAW Editor Reinforces Her Negative View by Printing the Opinion of an "Academic"


Two weeks later the following reader comment in the Letters to the Editor section was published in the April 18, 2014 edition, the Norwegian American Weekly . It reinforced the negative spin utilized by Emily C. Skaftun in her response to me.


Dear Editor:

"The value of the Skeptic is the resistance to premature conclusions," wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1845 journal. I applaud your carefully considered, skeptical, response to Mr. Fox's complaint, printed in the April 4, 2014, issue, about his not having submissions printed in the pages of Norwegian American Weekly. Our newspaper's mission statement is clear on the point that its news reports aim to be "fair and accurate." Furthermore, the statement makes clear that the editor(s) will, and I believe should, chose news suitable for, and of interest to, the national Norwegian-American readership. If a submission is not chosen on the basis of this mission statement, and is judged to make premature conclusions not clearly related to the Norwegian American national readership, we readers must trust the editorial board's decision.

Kristin Bervig Valentine
Professor Emerita Communication
Arizona State University

Emily Skaftun, the Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly, responded to Professor Valentine's letter as follows:

Dear Kristin,
Thank you for your support. We do try!

I would challenge Emily Skaftun to print the views of another professor connected with Arizona State University who has a very different take on the reality of the Fukushima radiation crisis compared to the opinions provided above by Kristin Bervig Valentine (listed above as "Professor Emerita at Arizona State University"). She is Dr. Majia Holmer Nadesan, author of Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk. Dr. Nadesan frequently posts reader comments at Fukushima-related web sites and also provides important insights at her own blog at


Dr. Majia Nadesan
Arizona State University


I organized and transcribed two interviews with Dr. Nadesan hosted by Dr. James Fetzer on his Real Deal talk show. I encourage readers of this article to spend some time reviewing these interviews. Dr. Nadesan is a very intelligent, perceptive, compassionate, and articulate lady. Her views and insights are well worth ones time. These interviews are listed in my author archive web page as follows:

2013-10-18 Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D. (transcript prepared by William Fox, who also organized this interview). Dr. James Fetzer interview with Dr. Majia Nadesan, professor at Arizona State University and the author of Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk (2013), on The Real Deal talk show. The Veterans Today version of this transcript may be found here. The Real Deal MP3 download page here.

2012-03-30 "Fukushima, Radiation, Politics, and Public Relations (Transcript)" Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Dr. Majia Nadesan on his Real Deal talk show. Please also see the Part I and Part II versions at Veterans Today. I organized this interview and transcribed it.




Other Censored Submissions

March 2011-Dec 2013


In the first two weeks after the March 11, 2011 meltdowns, I intensively studied everything I could find in alternative media about the nature of the threat and became convinced that it was (and still remains) extremely threatening to people not only in Japan, but also in North America and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. I called up the Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly at that time, namely Christy Field, to let her know that I wanted to submit a Letter to the Editor on this topic to her paper. She had previously published my Letter to the Editor regarding the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe in the 24 December 2010 issue of her paper. Ms. Field said she would keep an eye out for my Fukushima submission, which was as follows:


First Submission
March 25, 2011


From: William Fox
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 5:07 PM
Subject: Nuclear Terror for Norway and the U.S.A.

Ms. Christy Olsen Field
Managing Editor
Norwegian American Weekly

Dear Ms. Field:
It was a pleasure to speak with you again recently. I appreciate your consideration of my latest "Letter to the Editor," which I submit as follows:

Nuclear Terror for Norway and the U.S.A.

There is disturbing evidence that the Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe unleashed by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami in Japan could be over a 100 times -- or maybe even over a 1,000 times -- worse than Chernobyl. Jet streams may carry considerable fallout not only across the U.S., but also across the entire Northern Hemisphere -- to include Norway. Unfortunately the extreme seriousness of this continuing crisis is not being adequately reported by mainstream media.
Over a million people in Europe suffered premature cancer-related deaths in the 20 years following Chernobyl disaster of 1986. According to the study "Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and Emergency Preparedness in Norway" (see PDF on Internet) by Ole Harbitz, Lavrans Skuterud and Per Strand, Norwegian authorities were forced to adopt six types of countermeasures to protect its citizens and wildlife from excess radiation doses, which included: "Interdiction of food, special feeding, fertilization of natural pasture, use of cesium binders in animals, changing diet and changing the slaughtering time for reindeer and sheep."
The Chernobyl disaster reinforced the sentiment of the Norwegian public to ban nuclear power plants. Norway also bans depleted uranium munitions for its armed forces. Unfortunately Americans are much more cavalier. America has dozens of nuclear reactors identical to the Fukushima reactors (also built by GE) that are also located in active earthquake fault zones.
Nuclear expert Dr. Chris Busby estimates that the Fukushima reactors have already released the equivalent of 72,000 Hiroshimas in radiation. Micro-particles have already been detected as far as Iceland and western Europe. This is just from spent fuel pools alone, and does not include off-gassing from four damaged reactors (Chernobyl involved only one reactor). Particularly worrisome is Fukushima's reactor no. 3 which holds plutonium. One millionth of a gram of plutonium causes cancer, and a small dust speck can kill a human outright.
Tokyo passengers are setting off radiation alarms at U.S. airports, 35 embassies have pulled personnel out of Tokyo (220 km from Fukushima), and a USO spokesperson said about 200,000 U.S. military personnel are being evacuated from Japan to U.S. West Coast.
Certain Japanese authorities claim they can get the reactors under control in two weeks, but many expert physicists claim that nothing short of entombment will work, and that no claims by authorities are reliable since they are mainly designed to "save face." Hence, no one knows how long radiation will continue to leak out, and how long it will continually accumulate not only in Japan, but also in America and elsewhere, to include contaminating fresh water supplies, farmland, and wildlife as well as humans. In addition, no one knows if contamination could become so severe that it precipitates the collapse of America's already highly leveraged economy and ever weakening dollar.
During the Winter War from 1939-1940, the Finnish American community sent major financial aid to help Finns battle the Soviets. This go around, assistance by Scandinavians may be urgently requested in the opposite direction across the Atlantic, from less contaminated Norway to Norwegian-Americans who may suffer major social and economic dislocations in more contaminated areas. Right now we just do not know what kinds of self-protective measures individual Americans may be forced to take in the future, particularly those who live west of the Rockies.
In my last letter that appeared in the 24 Dec 2010 Norwegian American Weekly, I described how Norwegians could play a leadership role in developing mobile sea robots that deploy reusable nanofiber materials to help clean up hydrocarbon pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. Many scientists believe that this oil pollution has broken the "Loop Current" which once served as a "heat pump" and heated the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current enough to prevent Norway from experiencing the kind of unusually cold winter it just suffered. (See further discussion at:
Now we see another good reason for Norway to focus on the highly strategic mobile robotics industry -- to help deploy mobile robots that can clean up nuclear contamination and quickly repair nuclear reactors going into meltdown. Interestingly enough, although Japan is considered a world leader in robot development, it had no robots on hand capable of responding to this particular nuclear crisis. Clearly, this is another area where Norwegian innovation can make a major contribution to help humanity as well as advance technology.
Last, but not least, both the Japanese government and Obama administration have done a very poor job of addressing this catastrophe in any kind of honest and rational manner. Perhaps this is another area where Scandinavians can step forth and offer skilled diplomacy and other forms of leadership to resolve the crisis.
For more information and links regarding the Fukushima nuclear radiation crisis, as well as unique perspectives from myself and others with experience in the intelligence field, please visit my summary web page at:

William B. Fox

As mentioned previously, please feel free to extract anything you wish from my web site for publication. In addition, if you wish to edit the letter above, that is fine with me.
I hope to stay in touch.

Best regards,

Bill Fox

P.O. Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Skype personal online number: 832-426-2441


To reinforce my March 25th submission, I also sent to to Ms. Field a copy of a general alert that I was mass-emailing to fellow U.S. citizens of every kind of ethnic background and not just to fellow Norwegian Americans:



Second Submission
April 7, 2011


From: William Fox []
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 4:59 PM
Subject: Update regarding my Fukushima nuclear fallout alert

Ms. Christy Olsen Field
Managing Editor
Norwegian American Weekly

Dear Ms. Field:
Below in Appendix A please find an alert that I started sending out to fellow Americans yesterday. It explains how the situation remains extremely serious, as I described it in my letter to the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly dated 25 March 2011 contained in Appendix B below [Editor's May 2014 Note: Already provided on this web page immediately above]. I am particularly concerned about the cumulative doses that individuals like yourself on the West Coast are receiving. Long term, I am not particularly happy with the cumulative exposure that individuals like myself in an East Coast state like Pennsylvania could be receiving either.
The following are some entries at Energy News at that cause concern for residents of Pennsylvania like myself, not to mention other East Coast states:


Don’t drink the rainwater says State of Virginia (VIDEO)

March 31st, 2011 at 03:41 AM
…Read More

Radioactive Iodine-131 in Pennsylvania rainwater sample is 3300% above federal drinking water standard
March 29th, 2011 at 10:11 PM
Governor Corbett Says Public Water Supply Testing Finds No Risk to Public From Radioactivity …Read More


EPA: Radioactive Iodine-131 levels in PA & MA rainwater “exceed maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water”
March 29th, 2011 at 07:56 PM
“EPA said it is receiving ‘verbal reports’ of higher levels of radiation in rainwater” …Read More

Please take a look at more recent entries by Energy News regarding the West Coast.
In addition, please feel free to edit anything I send your way, to include what is contained in Appendix A. I hope to come out with another alert more specifically tailored to Scandinavian Americans and Scandinavians some time soon, but I wanted to at least bring you up to speed with my latest alert.
Best regards,
Bill Fox




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What You Don't Know
Will Hurt You

by William B. Fox

April 6, 2011


William B. Fox

Dear Fellow Citizen:

cumulative impact of radioactive fallout that has been sweeping across America is likely to become very dangerous. This applies not only to long term radiation-related damage that comes from breathing in fallout particles, but also from indirect causes of cancer such as the radioactive contamination of water sources, livestock, farmland, and other components of the food chain.
In my open source intelligence summary page titled “The 3-11 2011 Tohoku Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Catastrophe: LIHOP or MIHOP `False Flags’ or Something Else?” at, I have listed many articles which explain the continuing danger of fallout to America and around the globe. The following are some recent examples:

Unfortunately mainstream media continue to suppress stories that dare to address the magnitude of the radiation threat to America. The following are some examples from another section of my web page:

Authorities in both Japan and America are still unable to come up with any credible plans to end this crisis soon. Not only are Fukushima reactors continually threatened with complete melt-downs, but also tens of thousands of spent fuel rods remain exposed to the atmosphere. Many experts believe that the total magnitude of radioactive pollution over time could exceed Chernobyl by a factor of more than ten – or even a hundredfold.
We must pressure government officials and other leaders to immediately mobilize all resources necessary to end this crisis as quickly as possible. Individual Americans as well as local communities must also take aggressive steps to protect themselves from fallout, food contamination, and other dangers.
My summary web page links to many web sites with animated maps that forecast the continuing spread of radiation across America. Energy News is one good source. Some other examples include:

  • Weather Online. Recommended by Kurt Nimmo, Excellent time-progression animated maps for the atmospheric spread of radioactive isotopes. In his 22 March 2011 article Radionuclide Blankets United States; Authorities Insist Levels Are Harmless, Paul Joseph Watson,, wrote: "Although Xenon has been released globally, it is considered a far more inert and harmless form of radioactivity in comparison to the far more dangerous iodine-131, caesium-134 and caesium-137."
  • Norwegian Institute for Air Research; see the Fukushima FLEXPART Forecast Products web page for links to excellent time-progression animated maps for atmospheric dispersion over Japan, Pacific, North America, and Northern Hemisphere for Total Column and Surface Concentrations of I-131, Cs-137, and Xe-133.

Lastly, we must address strong evidence of high level criminality behind this tragedy. The Fukushima Crisis shares disturbing patterns of high level malfeasance with the BP-Gulf Catastrophe that I identified in a prior alert at:
Please get back to me with comments and suggestions, and pass this email along!

Best regards,

William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
P.O. Box 137, Sarver, PA 16055
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About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is also author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as a paleoconservative-leaning, "open source intelligence" think tank and alternative media source to help counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.


Battle of Guilford Court House, 15 March 1781,
by H. Charles McBarron, Jr.

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I followed this alert in a week with another alert to show the threat to Europeans as well as people in the Northern Hemisphere. Once again, while conducting my mass email distribution campaign, I copied the Managing Editor for the Norwegian American Weekly.


America First Institute

There are no safe radiation levels when it comes to fallout. The risks of lethal cancer are roughly proportional to the cumulative amount of fine particles one inhales or ingests over time. This kind of particulate radiation is not only contaminating America's West Coast, but it is also circling the entire Northern Hemisphere with the jet stream and is blanketing Europe as well as America.


Cumulative Fallout
Threatens Europe as
Well as North America

What You Don't Know Is Hurting You Now —

by William B. Fox

April 15, 2011


William B. Fox

Dear Fellow Citizens in Europe and North America:

Since I published my last alert regarding the Fukushima Crisis titled: Alert! The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe — What You Don't Know Will Hurt You, dated 6 April 2011,1 the situation has continued to deteriorate. If you have not done so already, please conduct your own research on the Internet to get up to speed on vital information that is being suppressed by mainstream media. The following are some key update points:
First, please be aware that there is currently no end in sight for this crisis. Fukushima reactors and spent fuel rods will continue for the foreseeable future to give off deadly radiation plumes that get into jet streams passing over America and Europe. Chernobyl shortened the lives of over a million people, and Fukushima has the potential to become vastly worse. The continuing contamination of major Pacific currents has also become a serious issue.
The following four articles are a good introduction to these areas of concern:

Second, please be aware that not only are Americans and Canadians urging special precautions in the face of rising cumulative radiation levels, but Europeans are now sounding the alarm as well:

Third, there is strong evidence that no one can trust high level globalist groups 10 to resolve this crisis in a reasonably open, timely, or effective manner. If anything, we can count on them to continue along self-destructive paths involving cover-ups, unfettered greed, incompetence, and corruption. They may even pull us down with them if we let them.
The following two articles make important points about high level incompetence and corruption:

  • 2011-04-14 Globalists Positioned to Exploit Japan's Tragedy; No Good Crisis Goes to Waste, by Tony Cartalucci, 11 [also at]. [Editor’s Note: The author explains how many key globalist groups in American and around the world view this crisis from an extremely selfish and myopic perspective.] “As Japan upgrades the crisis to a similar level of urgency seen during the Chernobyl disaster, it would seem necessary to mobilize a tremendous amount of engineering and scientific resources, as well as beginning efforts to relocated the millions of people in the path of deadly radiation spewing forth from the multiple damaged reactors on Japan’s eastern coast. Such mobilization is unprecedented and tragically requires leadership the world and its respective nations lack.”
  • 2011-04-11 Japan fails to stop radioactive discharge into ocean by Yoko Kubota and Kiyoshi Takenaka, Reuters, 12 [also at]. "China and South Korea have also criticized Japan's handling of the nuclear crisis, with Seoul calling it incompetent, reflecting growing international unease over the month-long atomic disaster and the spread of radiation."

In the famous chapter The Nordic North 13 of his classic work Racial Realities in Europe 14 Dr. Lothrop Stoddard praised such traits as level-headedness, rationality, and diplomatic skill which he felt were particularly common among Scandinavians. Most peoples of northern Europe have a track record for excellence in science and engineering. These kinds of traits are needed now more than ever on the world stage to help resolve the Fukushima catastrophe, in contrast to the highly dysfunctional leadership15 which currently paralyzes and degrades America.
We certainly need more engineering talent to come forward to find better technological solutions, and more citizen activism and diplomatic skill to mobilize adequate resources around the world.
It is also worth noting that we face other major threats besides continuing radioactive fallout, such as a looming hyperinflationary economic meltdown in America, possible food scarcities from growing radioactive contamination, and endless distractive wars around the globe.
It is time for kindred peoples who retain some sense of honor, rational judgment, and humanitarian compassion to start circling the wagons both in American and Europe in order to organize for effective action.
For further information, I have created an open source intelligence, alternative media summary web page titled: The 3-11 2011 Tohoku Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Catastrophe: LIHOP or MIHOP "False Flags” or Something Else? 16 (This is a long web page, so please be patient in uploading it to your computer). This web page covers the Fukushima crisis from many different viewpoints, to include not only political intrigues that may have created it, but also possible engineering solutions required to resolve it. Towards the end of this web page I provide links to other alternative media sources that provide important additional information, such as the sources that I have already linked to in this letter.
Please get back to me with comments and suggestions, and pass this email along!

Best regards,

William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
P.O. Box 137, Sarver, PA 16055
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Skype phone number: 832-426-2441
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About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former U.S. Marine Corps Major, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is also author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as an "open source intelligence" think tank and alternative media source which leans towards paleoconservatism and helps counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.


Battle of Guilford Court House, 15 March 1781,
by H. Charles McBarron, Jr.

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The America First Institute

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I expected the Norwegian American Weekly to print at least something that I submitted, particularly since the paper had previous printed my letter about the BP-Gulf disaster. It did not seem necessary to keep following up with phone calls. However, as the month of April passed by and as I observed that nothing was getting printed, I got aggressive again with the phone calls.
On Thursday, May 5th, I called the NAW office and was told they had some problems with files because the office was burglarized in early April. I was able to speak with Ms. Field, who said that I was welcome to resend a letter to the editor.


Third Submission
May 6, 2011

From: William Fox []
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 6:10 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly regarding the Japanese nuclear disaster

Ms. Christy Olsen Field
Managing Editor
Norwegian American Weekly

Dear Ms. Field:

It was a pleasure to speak with you again yesterday. As mentioned, I invite you to edit the material that I am sending to you any way that you see fit.
The most important thing is that Norwegian-Americans and Norwegians start waking up to the potential dangers that we currently facing from continuing fallout in order to protect themselves. The following is a re-write and update of "Nuclear Terror for Norway and the U.S.A." that I submitted on 25 March.

Radioactive Fallout Seriously Threatens
Norway as Well as the U.S.A.

Dear Editor:
There is disturbing evidence that the cumulative impact of the Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe initiated by the the 11 March earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan could be over a 100 times -- or maybe even over a 1,000 times -- worse than Chernobyl. Jet streams have been carrying considerable fallout not only across the U.S., but also across the entire Northern Hemisphere -- to include Norway. Although denied by authorities, both countries are currently in de facto civil defense emergency situations.
Unfortunately the extreme seriousness of this continuing crisis is not being adequately reported by mainstream media, which has even created the false impression the problem has been brought under control. In fact, in many ways it continues to get worse, with no end in sight for the near to intermediate future.
Individuals should be reading up on protective measures, and at a minimum stay out of the rain. They should also be aware that there are no safe levels of radiation in regard to radioactive particles that can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Prolonged low level radiation can be every bit as dangerous a sudden burst of radiation from an atomic bomb.
The following are examples on the web from the excellent web sites: and in regard to radiation exposure in North America and Europe. [Editor's 24 May 2014 Note: the server for was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and hence the links to this web site no longer work]

2011-05-05 Belgium finds Cesium-137 radiation above legal limits on container from Japan,
2011-05-03 Scientist: Radiation in food going to be a nationwide problem in US — Not just limited to one region (VIDEO),
2011-04-28 Fukushima Japan Nuclear Radiation Levels Spike Highest Yet — 1,120,000 Microsieverts per Hour "...TEPCO [Tokyo Electric Power Company] announced that it may not be able to follow through with the 9 month plan to stop the radiation leaking from the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan,"
2011-04-25 New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS),
2011-04-23 Japan Nuclear Radiation Rainwater Update – Idaho Iodine Levels 14,066% Above EPA Limit, by Alexander Higgins,
2011-04-14 Canadian political leader “shocked” by country’s Fukushima response — “Could not get answers”… Another accused of “fearmongering”,
2011-04-10 Newspaper Issues Alert: Stay Indoors To Avoid Japan Nuclear Radiation, "A local California newspaper has broken stride with the corporate media and had the sense to issue a radiation alert warning people to stay indoors while a moderately concentrated plume of Japan nuclear radiation blows over the US west coast."
2011-04-04 EU secretly ups cesium safety level in food 20-fold, by Alexander Higgins
2011-03-31 Don’t drink the rainwater says State of Virginia (VIDEO),

As fallout keeps spreading around the northern hemisphere, my guess is that Norway is getting about 25% of the fallout that we are experiencing in America. Nevertheless, since radiation poisoning is cumulative over ones life span, no amount is "safe."
Over a million people in Europe suffered premature cancer-related deaths in the 20 years following Chernobyl disaster of 1986. According to the study "Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and Emergency Preparedness in Norway" (see PDF on Internet) by Ole Harbitz, Lavrans Skuterud and Per Strand, Norwegian authorities were forced to adopt six types of countermeasures to protect its citizens and wildlife from excess radiation doses, which included: "Interdiction of food, special feeding, fertilization of natural pasture, use of cesium binders in animals, changing diet and changing the slaughtering time for reindeer and sheep."
The Chernobyl disaster reinforced the sentiment of the Norwegian public to ban nuclear power plants. Norway also bans depleted uranium munitions for its armed forces. Unfortunately Americans are much more cavalier. America has dozens of nuclear reactors identical to the Fukushima Mark I reactors (also built by GE) that are also located in active earthquake fault zones.
I have already sent out alerts to thousands of individuals in America and Europe. Two examples are listed in my online author archive (see: as follows:

2011-04-15 Alert! Cumulative Fallout Threatens Europe as Well as North America — What You Don't Know Is Hurting You NOW —by William B. Fox (see:
2011-04-06 Alert! The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe — What You Don't Know Will Hurt You — by William B. Fox. (see:

I strongly encourage Norwegian American Weekly readers to conduct their own research. As a starting point, please see my open source intelligence, alternative media summary web page at: I provide links to many other sources that should convince skeptics that the threat is very real.
Norway played an important role in the Chernobyl disaster by blowing the whistle on the global stage and forcing the Soviets to abandon their news cover-up policy. Norway forced the Russians to deal with their nuclear melt-down disaster in a much more open and direct manner, and consequently probably saved the lives of millions of people. [Editor's May 26, 2014 Note: Actually it was Swedes at the Forsmark Power Station who first blew the whistle, as noted in my follow up erratum correspondence below].
As the Fukushima crisis continues to unfold, the world may once again need to fall back on "the Viking breed" to force open, honest, and effective policies and help save the world from nuclear Ragnarök.
William B. Fox


I will send you backup copies of prior correspondence for your records. If you do not mind, I may follow up with a phone call later today to insure that you got this urgent email and find out what you might be able to publish, since I plan to correspond with various individuals who I hope to meet during the 17th of May celebrations in Washington, D.C. --to include Norwegian embassy officials and community leaders, and it would be nice if I can attach something that I know will appear in the Norwegian American Weekly.
Again, it was great to speak with you, and I hope to stay in touch.

Best regards,

Bill Fox
P.O. Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Skype personal online number: 832-426-2441

I reinforced my May 6th letter by sending another email on the same day that clarified the statement I made about Norway blowing the whistle on the initial Soviet cover up of Chernobyl. Actually the first alert came from Sweden, although I am sure Norwegian authorities were equally alarmed about the radiation threat:




From: William Fox []
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2011 12:55 PM
Subject: Erratum regarding "Letter to the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly regarding the Japanese nuclear disaster"

Dear Ms. Field:
I just received an email from a retired intelligence officer (half Norwegian, half Swedish in background, who is blind-copied to this email) who commented:

...The Chernobyl disaster was first detected and reported by Swedish nuclear technicians, not Norwegians, at the Forsmark Power Station in Sweden, located some 1100 KM from Chernobyl. The Swedish detection and report led the Soviet Government to admit the disaster.

This is contrary to another source which claimed that Norwegian were the first to detect the fallout. However, I have checked this out against other sources and it turns out that the former intelligence officer is right.
Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could adjust the second to last paragraph below to reflect these facts, as done below. Also, in the first sentence I would to replace "disturbing" with "considerable."
Thanks for your helpfulness.
Best regards,
Bill Fox

On Monday, May 9th I called up Ms. Field to see if she had looked my 6 May letter yet. She said that she had not looked at it yet, but I could call back later Tuesday or Wednesday.
In our follow up conversation later that week she said she thought the connection of my Fukushima alert with Norway was not strong enough. She did not feel comfortable putting the letter in her paper. I asked if she had received a negative response after publishing my BP Gulf Catastrophe letter, and she said she did not hear anything about it.
I explained that Fukushima radiation should have strong relevance to all people around the world. At a minimum, they need to be boosting their intake of iodine to help protect their thyroids. Iodine supplements also help repair whatever damage has already taken place. In addition, radioactive iodine is just a small portion of the dangerous radionuclides coming from Fukushima. People need to be advised of other protective measures.
I emphasized that Chernobyl caused over a million deaths, and Fukushima is far worse. The threat of death and disability should be every bit as relevant to Norwegian Americans as it is to other U.S. citizens.
I also mentioned that Norway has always been big on fishing. Norwegian Americans have always been disproportionately represented among fishermen on the West Coast. Radiation from bomb testing in the 1950's wiped out large portions of the fish populations in both the Pacific and Atlantic, and the consequences of Fukushima will likely be even worse. This should certainly have relevance to the individuals in the fishing industry.
In addition, radionuclides threaten agriculture. They bioaccumulate in the food chain and become more dangerous to the general population over time. People need to be warned to watch their diet and monitor the radiation content of food and water.
After making these arguments, I hoped I could get Ms. Larson to change her mind, but to no avail.


Fourth Submission
May 13, 2011


If actions speak louder than words, then my actions were also shouting RED ALERT! as well as my words. One of my actions involved driving from Pittsburgh to Washington DC to participate in the annual Syttende Mai celebration (17th of May Norwegian Constitution Day). This entailed a nine hour round trip by car, much of it through radioactive rain.
My goal was to meet high level people in business and government and see if I could serve as a catalyst for organizing an international symposium on the Fukushima threat. The Syttende Mai celebration was a special opportunity to meet senior officials of the Norwegian embassy as well as leading Norwegian American business people in an informal setting.
I had already spoken with radiation activists Leuren Moret and Dr. Doug Rokke, who had plenty of contacts among top nuclear experts likely to participate in a well-organized symposium. For example, Leuren Moret has maintained close contact with Dr. Chris Busby, a leading UK physicist and commentator on Fukushima on BBC, RT, and in other major media. She also knows Dr. Alexey Yablokov, who coauthored the landmark work Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (PDF).
There is another important dimension to the Fukushima crisis besides the physical aspects of the radiation threat that I felt urgently needed to be addressed. Since 2007 I have been heavily involved in studying false flag operations. I had created the online Mission of Conscience Trilogy that looked at 9/11 and other false flag operations, particularly in the time frame from the invasion of Iraq up until late 2009. I also created web pages that dealt with high level skullduggery involving the BP Gulf Catastrophe and the attempted debt-enslavement of the Icelandic people. Within the first week following the 3-11 meltdowns in Japan, I had turned my attention towards building a Fukushima Catastrophe open source intelligence summary web page. I became convinced that geoscientist and whistleblower Leuren Moret was on the right track, namely that there is strong evidence the Fukushima catastrophe has heavily involved "black ops" from inception, ranging from the likely use of HAARP to trigger the earthquake, to the use of the Stuxnet virus to thwart the best efforts by Japanese nuclear workers to prevent a meltdown. In addition, the same high level malefactors in control of Mossad-CIA-MI6 who very likely brought about these things are also in control of government and mainstream media reactions in Japan, the U.S., UK, and elsewhere. (I say "Mossad-CIA-MI6" because many researchers believe that the CIA, British MI6, and Israeli Mossad closely collaborate with each other and are all ultimately controlled by the Rothschilds/City of London, hence they are often interchangeable as suspects.) Sadly, I would later discover in my research involving the false flag aspects of the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island massacre on July 22, 20111 that these same high level malefactors also lean on Norway and other Scandinavian countries.
Therefore, a symposium that honestly and explicitly laid out the full nature of the problem would have to fully address the social and political dimension of Fukushima as well as the radiation threat. One must realistically address this dimension in order to comprehend the breathtaking criminal magnitude of the ongoing cover ups and the failure to mobilize adequate resources on an international level to bring the catastrophe under control.
Interestingly enough, in an interview held in late 2012, nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen noted that Fukushima will never be brought under control so long as Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the pant operator, tries to address the disaster on a budget. In fact, three years into the crisis, TEPCO has still been reporting profits.
Gundersen views TEPCO as an incompetent operating company. He feels that the Japanese government should have fired TEPCO a long time ago and hired a world class engineering company to tackle Fukushima. Gundersen believes the Japanese government needs to step in, take the bull by the horns, and fight this catastrophe like an all-out war for national survival. Instead, both the Japanese government and TEPCO continue to address Fukushima with cronyism and cover ups rather than openly come to grips with hard realities.
Unfortunately the U.S. and UK governments and media and their counterparts in other Western countries are also engaged in denial and cover ups. Since Fukushima is ultimately a global problem and not just a Japanese problem, it requires the global mobilization of resources on the scale of fighting a world war.
I call the amazing disparity between what is being done, and what should be done, the "corruption gap." Unfortunately the gap we observe with Fukushima has been foreshadowed by numerous major malfunctions regarding myriad other issues. Fortunately I have been able to make contact with experts who have exposed corruption in regard to other issues who are willing to help expose the corruption behind Fukushima as well.
Prior to Fukushima, I coauthored articles with Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, regarding false flag threats to America. I have maintained a web site and carried ebooks for Michael Collins Piper, a leading investigative journalist with the American Free Press who explained the central role of Israel and its Mossad behind the JFK assassination in his classic work Final Judgment. I also built a web page for Leuren Moret who has been an internationally renown whistleblower regarding depleted uranium and other nuclear-related issues. Lastly, when I traveled to Washington, D.C. in May 2011, I was able to meet with Wayne Madsen for a couple of hours in an informal setting to discuss the Fukushima symposium concept. Mr. Madsen is a former U.S. Naval Intelligence and NSA officer, author of, and a frequent guest expert on intelligence-related affairs on RT, the Alex Jones Show, and other major media.


Screen capture from the video" Fukushima Update" (37:57 ) YouTube caption: "Leuren Moret Interviews Yumi Kikuchi and Gen Morita on the escalating Fukushima crisis in Japan which has left many hundreds of thousands of children and adults exposed to dangerous levels of radiation..."

Just prior to setting out to drive from north Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. on May 13th, I mass-mailed the following alert letter, with a copy to the Managing Editor of Norwegian American Weekly:

From: William Fox []
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2011 3:05 PM
[Blind-copied to the Editor of the Norwegian-American Weekly]
Subject: Radiation Alert for the Norway Day Parade in the Greater Washington, D.C. Area and a General Alert to All of Humanity


Mr. Lasse Syversen
Event Coordinator, 17th of May Celebrations, Washington, D.C. Area
His Excellency Wegger Christian Strommen
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Royal Norwegian Embassy
Mr. Bard Thorheim
First Secretary, Political Department, Royal Norwegian Embassy, scheduled speaker for the 17th of May dance planned for this evening
Defense Attache Rear Admiral Trond Grytting
Royal Norwegian Embassy, scheduled speaker for the 17th of May family picnic planned for Sunday
Other members of the Norwegian or Norwegian American community or the general public around the world

Dear Mr. Syversen, Ambassador Strommen, 17th of May Event Speakers, the Norwegian Parliament, the Norwegian American Community, and all of Humanity:

I hate to still be the bearer of grim tidings, but I am looking at the forecast at for the Washington, D.C. area, and the prediction for this Sunday is thunderstorms with a 70% chance of precipitation.
More ominous yet, at are numerous stories about how things have gone from bad to worse regarding the Fukushima crisis. Here are some update stories:

TEPCO: Unit No. 1 is now “in a state of meltdown” — Suspects there are holes in bottom of reactor (VIDEO) (16:35)
NILU ends public forecasts as map shows large radiation clouds now over US, Canada (VIDEOS) (999)
“It’s Official: Fukushima Was Hit With a Full-Blown Nuclear Meltdown” — Pool of radioactive lava could be melting its way out (896)
Color-corrected image shows constant flow of smoke/steam from Reactor Units No. 2, 3, 4 (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) (569)
Gov’t Official: It is a fact that nuclear fuel melted a hole through Reactor No. 1 (529)

NILU is the Norwegian Institute for Air Research which was one of the very few foreign radiation forecast services that radiation expert Leuren Moret claims was adequately warning the public. It is very sad to see them become silent as conditions get worse. This is in fact the time when we need their services the most.
Most experts claim that the worst thing anyone can do right now is be out in the rain, because rainfall is when most of the radiation comes down out of the jet stream. If it "rains on the Norway Day Parade" on Sunday at Carderock Park, this phrase could assume a very macabre interpretation in terms of an increased chance of cancer rates for Norwegian Americans and Norwegians within three, five, or even ten years from now. I personally think that it would send a better message to advise people to be ready to hold everything indoors. People are also going to start worrying about accumulating radioactive particles in different kinds of foods they eat and the water they drink as well as well as in the air they breath.
I do not know what kind of sheltered facilities are at Carderock Park, but making contingency plans to shift to an indoor location like the Lutheran Church in Maryland where the Norwegian Seaman's Church ordinarily holds its services and other public meetings may be a better idea.
Since I have nothing of a personal nature in either this email, or any of the prior emails copied below, and because this correspondence contains information that I would like to share with members of the Norwegian Embassy and other Norwegian authorities as quickly as possible, I have decided to copy it widely. In fact, I would like to also share this information with members of the Norwegian Parliament, Norwegian military intelligence, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, and other other policy-makers within the Norwegian government both in Norway and the USA. I also want to share it with any other fellow humans across the planet who will listen and are willing to make common cause for their survival, because this is now a global problem that ultimately threatens all of humanity.
Time is short to get this message out to give people reaction time regarding the upcoming 17th of May-related events, so I have decided to simply copy this email and some relevant prior emails rather than recompose it.
We must get over denial and face reality. I am disappointed that a Norwegian American editor has failed to publish two Letters to the Editor that I submitted to her on March 25th and May 6th regarding the radiation crisis, unlike her decision to go ahead and publish two alert letters regarding the BP Gulf Catastrophe. She is located in Seattle, and according to Leuren Moret (based in the San Francisco Bay area), most parts of the West Coast are getting clobbered with radiation as badly as parts of northern Japan -- and yet mainstream media and government officials in both America and Japan continue to maintain their "conspiracy of silence."
We face a threat that could cause cancer rates to massively skyrocket within the general population within a few years if people do not take precautions, and international authorities do not come up with immediate solutions to end the threat of ever-leaking radioactive plumes from Fukushima into both the atmosphere and into the Pacific. Certainly the Norwegian shipping industry needs to start worrying about radioactive containers showing up now in European ports from Japan, Scandinavian airlines need to start worrying about passengers who are setting off radiation alarms in airports, fishermen need to start worrying about how fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests and nuclear plant leakage has historically suppressed certain fish populations in the Pacific and North Atlantic by over 50%, and agriculturalists need to start worrying about how radioactive particles can concentrate within certain crops and dairy products.
What is particularly insidious about low level radiation is that people cannot feel, taste, or smell it, yet it has disastrous long term consequences not only in terms of increasing the risks of fatal disease conditions, but also dramatically increasing the "load" of permanent dysfunctional mutations within the general population.
To me we are faced with a serious ongoing civil defense emergency, because even low level radiation can be harmful. I have already tried other means to alert the public, such as sending out thousands of blind-copied emails to not only Norwegian Americans, but a broad cross spectrum of people of different nationalities or national origins in both the United States, Canada, and Europe.
I believe that the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) needs to go back to making its forecasts public immediately.
I think that representatives of the Norwegian government as well as leaders in the private sector should seriously entertain the symposium concept outlined below -- and sponsor it as soon as possible.
Lastly, I believe that both Norwegians, Norwegian-Americans, fellow Americans, and other human beings have an immediate right to be truthfully informed regarding the radiation dangers that they face. We also need massive grass roots activism in America, Norway, and around the world which demands that both their elected government officials and media seriously and honestly address the issues with a firm commitment towards resolving them as soon as possible.
I am copying Leuren Moret and Dr. Doug Rokke (a fellow Norwegian American), as well as the speakers for the dance tonight and the 17th of May function planned for this Sunday. I am also copying a wide variety of other kinds of concerned fellow citizens both in North America and Europe.
I invite anyone who receives this email to pass it along to whomever they wish.
I look forward to staying in touch.
Best regards,
Bill Fox


The Norwegian Constitution Day celebration was conducted in a fairly informal manner in an outdoor picnic area called Carderock Park by the Potomac River. Fortunately, it did not rain on the celebration, although interestingly enough I encountered heavily rain just outside Washington, D.C. while traveling to and from the event.
Leuren Moret has analyzed weather charts and thinks there may be more than chance involved here. She believes the establishment has used weather modification technologies such as HAARP to help protect Washington, D.C., New York City, and other key areas from radioactive rain. Interestingly enough, I have come across sources who claim that in 1986 the Soviets used HAARP to protect Moscow from Chernobyl radiation during the 1986 meltdown.
Unfortunately Ambassador Strommen was not present at the event, however, everyone else in the salutation section of my letter was present, to include Lasse Syversen, Event Coordinator, Bard Thorheim, First Secretary, Political Department, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Defense Attache Rear Admiral Trond Grytting, and Mary Archer Saether
Counselor (Environment), Royal Norwegian Embassy.
I decided to make it a matter of public record that I had approached representatives of the Norwegian government in person about the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe. I archived the following letters at my web site:

2011-05-19 The Environmental Aspects of the Fukushima Crisis From the Viewpoint of Both Norwegian and U.S. National Interests, an open letter to the Counselor (Environment) at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. by William B. Fox
2011-05-18 The Fukushima Crisis: Its Military Implications, and the Need for More International Conferencing and Technological Solutions, an open letter to Norway's Defense Attache in Washington, D.C. by William B. Fox

While the Norwegian officials I spoke with were cordial, my efforts did not generate any offers of support or meaningful follow up dialog. However, as we will see, this is not terribly surprising in view of revelations about the dark side of Norway I uncovered in my research later in 2011 regarding the 7-22 Oslo bombing/Utoya Island false flag operation. Nor is it surprising in terms of more recent revelations that have come out in alternative media such as the Red Ice Radio interview "Ingunn Sigurdsdatter - Norway Happiest Country on Earth Myth & Awakening the Norsemen (transcript)," April 14, 2014.
Shortly after returning to Western Pennsylvania from Washington, D.C. after the 17th of May event my focus became diverted towards the very real threat of a "Fukushima in America" from the flooded Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Nebraska. This turned out to be another "near miss." I started to build my web page titled "The Great 2011 American Nuclear Facility Crises: Ft. Calhoun, Los Alamos, Ft. Cooper, Vermont Yankee..."Fukushima In America" False Flag Attack Waiting to Happen?" and posted it 7 Aug 2011 to help expose the terrible dangers posed by nuclear power plants in America's own backyard.
Most reasonably honest, sane, and compassionate people who start researching the nuclear industry in the United States and around the world find a horror story almost beyond imagination. Nuclear plants routinely release all the radionuclides of a atomic bomb blast. Many nuclear plants have been built over unstable earthquake faults and in other hazardous areas. The industry still has not figured out how to store nuclear waste, and there are dozens of spent fuel pools in America loaded with decades worth of spent fuel -- the equivalent of tens of thousands of Hiroshimas bombs in terms of the amount of radiation that can be released. These pools have no containment or extra layers of defense against severe earthquake damage, tornados, terrorist attacks, or other threat
s to their cooling systems. At many nuclear plants cooling has to only stop 90 minutes for a reactor to go into a meltdown. In regard to many spent fuel pools, they are only three to four days away from Armageddon once water cooling stops. Some nuclear power plants have enough radioactive material contained in their spent fuel pools to end most mammalian life on this planet in the event of a major meltdown. Yet nothing is being done to immediately move every spent rod possible into safer forms of storage such as dry cask storage. The failure of the global nuclear industry to take adequate protective measures has led many intelligent observers to conclude that there must be people at the highest levels who are somewhere between criminally negligent and criminally insane.
Since Norway has banned nuclear plants in the past and prides itself as a leader in international affairs, I thought in June 2011 that it would be worth visiting the land of the midnight sun to try to find support for organizing a symposium on Fukushima. I bought a plane ticket to fly out of NYC the evening of July20th and land at the main Oslo airport on the 21st.
Some unforeseen circumstances came up and I decided to cancel my flight at the very last moment on the morning of the 20th. When the bombing and shootings took place on the 22nd, I immediately recognized the indicators of a false flag operation, and felt that with my background on this topic I needed to make researching it a priority. The results of this work can be found in my Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror web pages first posted in November 2011.
I came to the conclusion that there is strong evidence that Oslo-Utoya 7-22 probably originated at the Rothschild/City of London level and was executed by Mossad-CIA-MI6 and NATO Gladio-type units. Certain high level Norwegian officials probably aided and abetted it as a LIHOP (Let it Happen On Purpose) false flag operation.
In the transcript I created of the 12 Sept 2012 interview conducted by Dr. James Fetzer with myself and Leuren Moret on his Real Deal talk show titled "Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update: Fukushima Radiation and Oslo-Utoya 7/22 False Flag More Ominous Than Ever," I provided the follow introduction to Part II (the second hour) of the interview:

In this last half of the two hour interview, Leuren Moret and Major William Fox describe more symptoms of the ever unfolding Fukushima radiation horror, such as mass wildlife kills, growing hermaphroditism and other signs of mutation among plants and animals alike, and even splotches of Chernobyl-style "red forest syndrome" detected in Michigan. Naval oranges, almonds, dried prunes and pistachios grown in California are now showing signs of serious contamination. Alaska wildlife such as seals and polar bears have been showing symptoms of radiation poisoning. Even members of Alaska Airlines flight crews are reporting hair loss and other signs of radiation sickness.
Again, troubling questions arise about what kind of ruling elite would allow these problems to fester without sounding alarms and enacting basic civil defense measures to protect the general public. The recent conclusion of the Anders Breivik "show trial" in Oslo, Norway in regard to the Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings on 7 / 22 / 2011 provides us with an important new international dimension to our understanding of the "criminally insane" leadership of the New World Order described in the first half of this interview.
Not only is there strong evidence that Oslo 7/22 was staged as a Mossad-CIA-MI6 "inside job" with collusion by high level Norwegian government officials, but worse than this, Norway has been "Finlandized" to the point that its "Bilderberg" leaders support Fukushima-scale genocidal plans. They not only support the Svalbard Island "doomsday" seed vault to serve as a backup in the event that mercilessly greedy GMO companies like Monsanto succeed in wiping out most natural "heritage" seeds, but in addition, a "high level inside source" quoted by Frank Aune, in "Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway" at Nyhetsspeilet claims that Norway's corrupted leadership plans to support only 2,000,000 Norwegians in underground facilities in the event of a major catastrophe while sacrificing the remaining 2,600,000 of the Norwegian population. Even worse, we learn that Norway confines a vastly higher percentage of its population to mental institutions compared to other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark in a neo-Soviet-style effort to curb dissent.


Per-Aslak Ertresvåg with one of his books in
front of the Norwegian Parliament building

Another Norwegian writer, Per-Aslak Ertresvåg, describes in his book Sleep My Little Norway (2008) how Norway is being subverted in other ways by globalists, such as through chemtrails from foreign aircraft, radiation from NATO systems that impair health and judgment, and vaccination programs that make Norwegian children sick.
Historically, Scandinavians have earned a reputation for being a relatively rational, far-sighted, honest, and productive people. Traditional Norwegians have been a proud people inspired by the bravery of Viking ancestors. They should be at the forefront of activists around the world blowing the whistle on global corruption, just like the Norse Gods who confront the evil trickster Loki and his perverse allies on the day of Ragnarök.
Instead of bravery, we behold a sad spectacle where a large number of Norwegians have apparently been brainwashed down to the level of the "Eloi" portrayed in the movie The Time Machine (described in the introduction to the first hour of this interview). They allow themselves to be intimidated by contemporary "Morlocks," such as the Rothschilds / City of London / Dope Inc. power nexus. The fact that the tentacles of this evil nexus can reach so far around the world into places like Norway and the U.S.A. helps to explain the conspicuous absence of adequate "counter predators" on the global stage who can keep high level criminal "predators" in check.
The globalist elite has gained control of high tech weaponry which support their "disaster capitalist," global depopulation genocide, "global tectonic nuclear warfare," and "Sampson Option" agendas. They seek to maintain their evil empire at all costs, even if it means exterminating all real or perceived competition, and even risking major radioactive blowback on themselves and their progeny.
There is strong evidence that Fukushima was precipitated not only through use of HAARP to precipitate the 3-11, 2011 tsunami, but also through the use of the Stuxnet virus which crippled the disaster response capabilities of Japanese nuclear reactors. (Please see my open source intelligence documentation here). There is also considerable evidence that back in 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was also sabotaged in an effort to bring down the former Soviet Union, as I document here.
As background radiation levels continue to rise around the Northern Hemisphere, and other poisons continually spread across the planet, we must strive ever harder to stop high level malefactors and aid in the civil defense of our fellow man or else major portions of mankind will become extinct.

I realize that this is pretty strong stuff for most people. Nevertheless, we will never get high level criminals under control until are able to clearly expose them in public. We need to make a continuous effort to wake up "sheeple people," even if we must adapt our message at times to avoid cognitive overload.
In the long run persistence usually pays off. When August 2011 rolled around, I decided to give it another shot with the Norwegian American Weekly. On August 17th, I called up Christy Field and said that Fukushima remains a timely and vitally important topic. Anything that gets published is better than nothing, because Chernobyl shows how the effects of bioaccumulating radionuclides can get worse over time. I am willing to be flexible, and invited her once again to feel free to edit my work (but not completely censor it). I said I would try to get an email to her with a new submission by the end of the day. She agreed to look at it right away.



Fifth Submission
August 17, 2011



From: William Fox []
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 11:14 PM
Subject: My Submission to the Norwegian American Weekly on the Continuing Fukushima Radiation Danger

Dear Christy:

It was a pleasure to speak with you earlier today about publishing another Letter to the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly.
My general overview letter below titled "Dear Fellow Norwegian or Norwegian American" may be a good start for this letter. Or you may want to extract something from the alert itself. As mentioned in our phone conversation, please feel to extract from my material and edit it any way you wish.
And please, for your own protection, stay out of the rain!

Best regards,

Bill Fox



Dear Fellow Norwegian or Norwegian American:

It is my sad public duty as a fellow citizen and ethnic compatriot to alert you to the continuing serious radiation threat documented below.
This threat is very relevant to Norwegians in Norway as well as Norwegian Americans in the U.S. for the following reasons:
a) Some of the radiation that is continually crossing from west to east across the United States with the jet stream is also falling on Norway. As the Fukushima radiation crisis continues, radiation continues to circle around the northern hemisphere, accumulating over time in food and water as well as in the air. People in Norway may not yet be breathing in 5 hot particles a day, as alleged in the article listed below (Seattle Residents Exposed to 5 Radioactive "Hot Particles" Per Day,, 8 June 2011) which describes a level of exposure for Norwegian Americans in Seattle that may very likely cause a significant number of them to die of cancer and other ailments over the next 5-10 years, but it is still enough that Norwegians in Norway need to start thinking about their own civil defense measures. Generally speaking, no amount of nuclear radiation and contamination is good for you.
b) Many scientists around the world claim that only a strenuous international effort will bring the Fukushima crisis under control. Norway excels in international diplomacy and technological expertise. Norwegians can quite possibly play a key role in this area. In addition, many Norwegian Americans like myself are very disappointed that the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) stopped publishing their invaluable plume forecasts for North American and Europe on May 11th. We must pressure Norwegian officials to resume publication of NILU research on the Internet.
c) I have been very active in false flag research over the last few years, working on certain "black ops" -related issues with eminent researchers such as Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and more recently with Leuren Moret, a well known whistle-blower and former scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. (I created the Leuren Moret archive at my web site America First Institute; as an important disclaimer, my support for Dr. Fetzer and Ms. Moret on certain specific crisis issues that threaten all of humanity does not necessarily imply that we necessarily agree with each other in terms of our general political philosophies or views on other issues). We see strong evidence that the ultimate cause of the Fukushima catastrophe was Mossad-CIA covert activity. HAARP technology very likely played a key role in setting up the natural disaster scenario, and the Stuxnet virus employed by Mossad-CIA against Iran also very likely played an important role to insure that all Fukushima backup systems malfunctioned and the reactors went into melt-down.
Worse yet, in my alert below I address the strong possibility that America could also experience its own "Fukushima" at places like the flooded Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant in Nebraska. This plant alone stores so much nuclear material that many experts wonder if a major melt-down here, along with the radiation still coming at us from the original "Fukushima" in Japan, could guarantee the extinction of most life on this planet. I am left with the impression from Dr. Jim Fetzer's 18 July 2011 interview with Leuren Moret "Fukushima and the Global Danger" that the U.S. nuclear industry is so poorly run that it might eventually require some additional oversight and "adult supervision" from "rational and level-headed Scandinavian-types" to avert another disaster. (In this case I will generously include Danes, Swedes, Icelanders, and Finns along with Norwegians as worthy overseers).
There is also another important Mossad-CIA connection that directly involves Norway that I should mention, namely that there is strong evidence that Anders Behring Breivik, a self-admitted Christian Zionist and admirer of Israel, did not act alone during the July 22, 2011 Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shooting. Dr. Fetzer and I now believe that in all likelihood the 7-22 tragedy was ultimately a Mossad-CIA false flag operation. In her online interviews, Leuren Moret has also stated her belief that Mossad-CIA controllers of HAARP technology have been steering extra radiation over Scandinavian countries. I do not have the space in this alert to provide deep background on all these assertions, but I wanted to at least give you heads up regarding a bigger and more ominous picture that many of us are seeing.
If our worst fears are correct, we are under attack. We certainly need to remain cool-headed and rational, but at the same time we also need to take effective action to verify real or potential threats and develop better strategies to handle grim realities.
I welcome your comments and feedback. Among other things, I have been trying to help organize a symposium on the radiation threat in Norway or some other Scandinavian country, and welcome any assistance that you can organize.

Best regards,

Bill Fox



America First Institute


THE FLOODED FT. CALHOUN NUCLEAR PLANT: A KNIFE BLADE HELD AGAINST THE THROAT OF AMERICA. Ft. Calhoun has enough nuclear material to become a continuous "dirty nuclear bomb" in a melt-down situation capable of wiping out much of the American Midwest and East Coast. Find out more about why this crisis -- along with the continuous Fukushima radiation danger across America-- has many experts on edge at the "Ft. Calhoun and the U.S. Nuclear Industry" web page.


Please Stay Out of the
Radioactive Rain
and Help Us Push for
Global Nuclear Catastrophe Resolution
and American Nuclear Safety

by William B. Fox

August 16, 2011

William B. Fox

Dear Fellow Citizen:

The mainstream media continues to keep us in the dark regarding the threat of Fukushima radiation in America, which remains extremely serious. The Fukushima reactors are still in melt-down. Fission products are still coming to America in radioactive plumes. No one knows how long this will continue.
Unfortunately on May 11, 2011 the Norwegian Institute for Air Research quit publishing plume forecasts for North American and Europe, which were some of the best on the web. Adding to suspicion, virtually all other major radiation dispersion forecast agencies around the world clammed up. In addition, the Japanese and U.S. governments have continually downplayed the crisis.
Geiger counters across America continue to show disturbing spikes. Worse yet, fallout becomes ever more dangerous over time as it accumulates in drinking water and food supplies as well as inside people’s lungs. At a minimum, you should stay out of the rain, which is when most fallout comes down. You should also be ever more watchful about what you eat and drink.
The following are some sample recent articles that address these issues:

2011-08-15 Covering Up Fukushima,
"Arnie Gundersen states in his recent interview that a decision was made in the US, at the highest levels, to deliberately down-play (i.e., cover-up) the Fukushima effects of radiation in the US.
This is really not at all surprising.
The amount of radiation coming over on the jet stream, as evidenced by the EPA's own RadNet numbers, is simply health threatening.
I do not know why the decision was made to avoid educating the public on how to reduce contamination.
My guesses are the following:
Public health is NOT a priority for decision makers when financial costs are involved.
The nuclear lobby is ALL POWERFUL and their agents and pawns are strategically placed in government and lobbying positions.
Public health authorities have been selected for their leadership roles because they are malleable and will follow directions, rather than stand up for public welfare.
Very few medical doctors in the US understand the health effects of ionizing radiation, even when they are very educated on other matters (I don't think this is accidental but the reasons are too complex to explain right now)
The US west coast is the source of considerable fresh produce and fears of food panics and shortages are shaping public policy.
EXTEND AND PRETEND IS the current operating logic for all crises and looming disasters.

2011-08-15 Potrblog: Radiation Levels Ranged From 3 to 9 X Background in Atlanta Area,
Radioactive Rain Fall and Storms in Atlanta Georgia
"The video is part of our 4000 mile Radioactive Road trip fact finding mission down to the Florida Keys and back. This video was taken driving South to North through Atlanta, Ga. During a heavy down pour, the Geiger counter INSIDE the car registered a sustained THREE times background radiation as its MINIMUM reading. Approximately 10 minutes later a sample wipe from the windshield returned a 6x background reading. The highest reading we had in Atlanta was approximately 9x background."
2011-08-14 GUEST POST: On the Effects of Radiation, [America First Books Editor’s Note: The following is an example of a sobering analysis regarding how the onset of radiation sickness and eventual death in various places in the U.S. may be related to current Geiger counter readings.]
"...At 18.75 rems real data (Amarillo) and 93.75 rems Alaskan proposed high level. the dangers may be explained as this for radiation poisoning using our Geiger counter guy blog:
1. Earliest onset of radiation sickness is estimated at 75 Rem
Earliest onset of radiation sickness would be 4 years at Amarillo 400 CPM (75% human absorption)
Earliest onset of radiation sickness would be 1.2 years at Alaskan 2000 CPM (75% human absorption)
2. Onset of radiation poisoning is estimated at 300 Rem
Earliest onset of radiation poisoning would be 16 years at Amarillo 400 CPM (75% human absorption)
Earliest onset of radiation poisoning would be 3.2 years at Alaskan 2000 CPM (75% human absorption)
3. Expected 50% death from radiation is 400 Rem (SP: Many might argue a much lower Rem dose for 50%, but let's examine it)
Expected 50% death from radiation would be 21.3 years at Amarillo 400 CPM (75% human absorption)
Expected 50% death from radiation would be 4.27 years at Alaskan 2000 CPM (75% human absorption)…
2011-08-05 Experts: Lethal Levels of “Off-Scale” Radiation At Fukushima Infers Millions Dying, Experts warn off-scale levels of radiation, which are at their highest levels since the disaster began almost 5 months ago, infers hundreds millions dying from the nuclear fallout by Deborah Dupre,
2011-08-04 Major Paper: Canada Government Covered Up “Massive Amounts Of Radiation In Air,”
2011-06-29 Fox News: “U.S. is receiving a steady flow of radiation from Fukushima” — Media paying little attention to radiation in food, as if problem only involves Japan,
2011-06-10 Physician and Epidemiologist Say 35% Spike in Infant Mortality in Northwest Cities Since Meltdown Might Be the Result of Fallout from Fukushima,
2011-06-08 Seattle Residents Exposed to 5 Radioactive "Hot Particles" Per Day,

As if all of this was not enough to worry about, since early June many American experts have been kept on edge regarding whether another “Fukushima” will also take place in America, particularly in regard to the Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska which has been threatened by Missouri River flood waters.
I recently posted a “Ft. Calhoun and U.S. Nuclear Industry” resource page which links to articles that provide deep background on all the issues raised in this alert letter. This is in addition to my Fukushima catastrophe web page mentioned in prior alerts. I urge you to spend some time looking at both of these web pages to get the “rest of the story.”
I have uncovered strong evidence that both the Fukushima catastrophe and the Ft. Calhoun crisis have been deliberately created. For example, please see the transcript interview by Dr. James Fetzer with radiation expert Leuren Moret which makes a strong case that the Fukushima melt-downs were ultimately induced by Mossad-CIA’s Stuxnet virus. The title of this 18 July 2011 interview on Dr. Fetzer's The Real Deal talk show is "
Fukushima and the Global Danger."
In regard to Ft. Calhoun, there is strong evidence that the flooding was caused by deliberate policy. Worse yet, this is interconnected with other globalist agendas that are very harmful to America's ever-declining middle class. As two examples of additional background, please see:

2011-07-30 Agenda 21 Coming To A Farm Near You As Federal Government Moves To Ban Family Farms, by Alex Thomas, "Our country is under full scale attack by bureaucratic world government type globalists who are openly working to destroy the American way of life in favor of a totalitarian police state."
2011-06-22 The Purposeful Flooding of America's Heartland by Joe Herring,

We desperately need more citizen activism to alert the general public to the terrible dangers we face today. We also need more civil defense preparation to cope with the growing threat of food and water contamination as well as atmospheric radioactive pollution. Last, but not least, we need to apply more pressure on high level officials to not only use every means possible to bring the Fukushima catastrophe under control, but also prevent “Fukushimas” from taking place in America.
Please pass this alert along to anyone who may be interested. I welcome your comments and other feedback, and wish you luck in improving your own personal civil defense capabilities in these increasingly hazardous times.

Best regards,

William B. Fox

President, America First Institute
Publisher, America First Books and the Mike Piper Report,, and
PO Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Online phone number: 832-426-2441

Additional References

Leuren Moret archive, America First Institute. This web site has important information about radiation warfare and global depopulation agendas being applied against America.
Mission of Conscience Trilogy by William B. Fox. These online books outline the modus operandi of false flag attacks against America. They also provide a history of activist efforts to interdict them.

The person who runs majiasblog recommends that individuals refer to the following web page as a primary source for Geiger counter readings:
Real Time EPA RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring For Every Major City In The Entire US On A Single Page,, 12 April 2011. Please also see:
2011-05-19 Confirmed: EPA Rigged RADNET Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring Equipment To Report Lower Levels Of Fukushima Fallout,, which explains why even this information may not be completely accurate.



Short URL for an online version of this letter:


About the Author

William B. Fox is a former U.S. Marine Corps Major, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is the author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as an "open source intelligence" think tank and alternative media source which leans towards paleoconservatism and nationalism and helps counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.


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On Thursday, August 23, 2012 I called up Christy Field once again and described how the Fukushima problem has not gone away. I still think the Norwegian American Weekly needs to publish something about it to alert its readership. Ms. Field responded that she thinks Fukushima has fallen off the international radar screen and that the topic does not fit her audience. However, I could feel free to submit another letter to the editor. It really comes down to her decision whether it gets published or not.
I subsequently sent the following letter shortly after our conversation and copied my Congressman and some Norwegian government organizations, political organizations, and fellow activists.

Sixth Submission
August 23, 2012


From: William Fox []
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2012 9:36 PM
Subject: "Fukushima Radiation Remains a Grave Global Danger" for the "Letters to the Editor" Section of the Norwegian American Weekly

Ms. Christy Olsen Field
Norwegian American Weekly
Seattle, WA

Dear Ms. Field:

As per our very recent phone conversation, the following is my most recent submission titled "Fukushima Radiation Remains a Grave Global Danger" for the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Norwegian American Weekly which I have made reasonably short and to the point. I am concerned that if I make it too short, people will not understand the compelling need for them to research this catastrophe even further.
We continue to be in the midst of a major civil defense emergency surrounding the greatest man-made catastrophe in history. Radiation degrades all forms of human functioning and exacerbates all forms of disease. Even low levels of chronic radiation have created massive genetic damage in human populations. We have a civic as well as humanitarian duty to warn millions of Americans, Norwegians, and others around the world about this grave danger. A failure do so could be construed as a form of criminal willful blindness, negligence, and dereliction, since the lives and health of hundreds of millions of people could be at stake.
I give you permission to edit my submission. However, I absolutely believe that the Norwegian American community as well as the rest of the public must be warned about this continuing grave danger. At a minimum, you must open this issue up for discussion in your paper, since a failure on your part and other newspaper editors in your area to do so will very likely lead to millions of unnecessary premature deaths and massive rates of disability among millions of fellow Norwegian Americans and Norwegians -- to include a large part of your readership. And of course I also have a strong humanitarian concern for all fellow U.S. citizens as well as other people around the globe.
Please regard this as an open letter. If you refuse to publish this latest submission, which follows other unprinted alert letters to the editor that I have submitted since the Fukushima crisis began, I request this go around that you respond to me in writing with a full explanation.
Best regards,
Bill Fox
President, America First Books and America First Institute and
P.O. Box 127
Sarver, PA 16055


Fukushima Radiation Remains
a Grave Global Danger


The melted down reactors at Fukushima continue to spew out massive amounts of radiation which are is still blowing across America and around the Northern Hemisphere, contaminating Norway as well as the U.S. Any form of containment remains many years away. Independent monitoring stations are still measuring “hot rains” at high multiples of normal background radiation across America. As we learned from Chernobyl and other major nuclear incidents, the effects of radiation typically grow worse as radiation gets in our water supplies and bioaccumulates within the food chain. Americans and other people around the Northern Hemisphere still need to take preventive measures such as staying out of rain and being careful about what they eat and drink. Sadly, honest news reporting about this ongoing civil defense emergency, now rated as the greatest man-made disaster in history, continues to be suppressed by major media.
I have helped organize interviews through the eminent researcher Dr. James Fetzer with many leading experts, to include the highly respected UK physicist Dr. Chris Busby (see my author archive web page at: and radiation expert Leuren Moret (author archive web page at: who have stated that this could be more than 300 times worse than Chernobyl. In regard to Chernobyl, in the 25 years following the 1986 melt-down, radiation caused the early deaths of over a million people and crippled eight million more, and in Kiev today, fewer than 20% of the children are healthy. Imagine multiplying these kinds of grim casualty figures by a factor of 300 regarding the potential Fukushima impact around the Northern Hemisphere.
Radiation degrades all forms of human functioning and exacerbates every form of disease, ranging from heart dysfunction to diabetes to cancer. What is particularly insidious is the fact that radioactive fallout particles are tasteless, colorless, and odorless and their effects creep up on people over time in myriad ways. I urge the reader to consult the research pages that I have created online that explain the ongoing catastrophe in great detail and provide links to important references. For example, please see my week by week plume charts and EPA radiation readings at:, my individual and group radiation protection and contamination avoidance web page at:; my web page that describes lessons learned from Chernobyl at:, and my web page that describes the origins of the Fukushima crisis at:
This ongoing crisis is also covered by other major web sites such as,, and the brilliant web site of media expert Dr. Majia Nadesan at Dr. Nadesan documents government and major media denial and suppression. Please also see the transcript of the important interview by Dr. Fetzer with Leuren Moret and Dr. Nadesan that I helped organize at:
I welcome feedback from readers at my email address

More than a year passed before I would make my next submission. Among other things, it became clear to me that Christy Field was determined to not publish any of my letters about Fukushima. However, she was eventually replaced by a new Managing Editor named Kelsey Larson. In the hope that things might change with this new editor, I submitted the following letter:



Seventh Submission
November 3, 2013



From: William Fox []
Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2013 9:03 PM
Subject: Fukushima radiation remains a very dangerous long term threat to Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans

Kelsey Larson
Managing Editor
Norwegian American Weekly
Seattle, Washington

Dear Ms. Larson:

Please publish my letter to the editor provided below:


Dear Editor:

Unfortunately the Fukushima catastrophe is far from over. In fact the “corium” created by melted nuclear reactor fuel and molten spent fuel pool rods continues to fission away and release massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and into the Pacific ocean with no end in sight.
I recently organized and prepared the transcripts for two interviews held by Dr. James Fetzer on his Real Deal talk show that provide important updates for your readers:

a) Fukushima Update and Discussion of "28 Indications That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation". A round table discussion hosted by Dr. James Fetzer with Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory whistleblower and geoscientist Leuren Moret and activist Christina Consolo (The “RadChick") of Nuked Radio, recorded Oct 24, 2013. Please find the transcript page at, MP3 download page at:, YouTube page at: This interview is based on an article whose title is embedded in the following URL: and also on another article titled “The Ocean Is Broken” at
Fukushima radiation has already destroyed an enormous amount of sea life across the Pacific. For those who can listen to the MP3 version of this interview, it is prefaced by an interview with Seattle resident Dennis Cimino who describes how background radiation in his area has increased more than four times since the crisis began.
America is still experiencing “hot rains” from Fukushima fallout. Radioactive particles are carried in the jet stream which travels from west to east and circles the Northern Hemisphere about once every 40 days. These particles can precipitate out anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that Norway is receiving some radiation as well as the U.S., although North America is generally getting hit harder than Europe since it is closer to Japan.

b) Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D. Dr. James Fetzer interview with Dr. Majia Nadesan, professor at Arizona State University and the author of Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk (2013), recorded Oct 18, 2013 on The Real Deal talk show. The Veterans Today version of this transcript may be found at and my own version at:, The Real Deal MP3 download page can be found at

Studies of Chernobyl since the 1986 meltdown show that radionuclides from fallout bioaccumulate in food supplies and often cause human populations to get sicker over time. Currently in most parts of Belarus and many parts of Northern Ukraine only 20% of the children are healthy. Radiation exacerbates not only cancer and heart disease, but virtually all other forms of disease. In fact, certain parts of Norway that got hit hardest by Chernobyl fallout experienced a reduction in the average IQ test results of Norwegian high school students who were infants and young children when the meltdown took place. (Infants and young children are vastly more vulnerable to radiation than adults).
There are many things that people can do in terms of diet and lifestyle to significantly reduce the impact of radiation, to include staying out of the rain, running a HEPA filter indoors, and taking certain food supplements that combat free radicals generated by radionuclides. Getting into those details would warrant a separate letter or article in your paper, although I have created a web page to help introduce people to solutions at:
As a Norwegian-America, I am very much interested in stimulating civil defense measures both in Norway as well as within the Norwegian-American community and would appreciate reader feedback. One can find background on me from the transcript of an interview of me conducted by Christina Consolo on Nuked Radio in Jan 2013 at :
I have been trying to warn people about this issue since inception. As an example, I sent a follow up email to Ms. Mary Archer Saether, Counselor (Environment), Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, DC after briefly meeting her at the Constitution Day celebration held at a public park along the Potomac River in May 2011. This open letter is available online at to
I realize that most people are in denial, in part because of the mainstream media blackout. But this still does not make the issue go away. Radiation is tasteless, colorless, and odorless, and otherwise invisible to human senses, but nevertheless remains extremely real and dangerous. We are getting hit with a witch’s brew of radioactive isotopes that include relatively long-lived radionuclides such as cesium-137 and strontium-90 that have half lives of 30.17 years and 28.8 years respectively. In other words, we are faced with a long term contamination problem.
Jeff Rense at calls this the greatest man-made catastrophe in human history, and I agree with him. Leuren Moret believes Fukushima is at least 300 times worse than Chernobyl, and Chernobyl caused the early deaths of at least a million people and crippled over eight million in the 25 years since the 1986 meltdown. In other words, this is an ongoing civil defense emergency.
I would appreciate serious consideration of this matter by the editorial staff of the Norwegian American Weekly and by your readers.

Best regards.

William B. Fox
PO Box 137
Sarver, PA 16055
Skype online no: 832-426-2441


Shortly after I sent the letter above, I called the Norwegian American Weekly office. I was not able to get through to Kelsey Larson. However, I was able to speak with John Erik Stacy who works in the subscriptions area. He informed me that he thought that my Nov 3, 2013 letter to the editor was baseless, a form of “fearmongering,” and assured me that the Norwegian American Weekly would not publish it. I invited him to consider massive evidence that we continue to have a very serious problem with Fukushima radiation in America before he made a judgment. If the Norwegian American Weekly was willing to publish a front page story in May 2011 that described how ash from an Icelandic volcano blew towards Norway, it should also be willing to publish an article about Fukushima fallout that is circling the Northern Hemisphere and has been having a significant impact on infant mortality and other untimely deaths in North America and to a lessor extent in Europe as well.
A little over a month went by after this conversation with Stacy. Still nothing was published in the Norwegian American Weekly. I sent a follow up letter to Kelsey Larson that described exactly what was said in my conversation with John Erik Stacy. I also urged her to reconsider her decision to ignore my work.



Eighth Submission
December 9, 2013



From: William Fox []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 2:43 AM
Subject: Follow up to my letter to the editor: "Fukushima radiation remains a very dangerous long term threat to Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans"

Dear Ms. Larson:
Shortly after submitting the letter to the editor on Nov 3rd provided below, I tried to call you in your office. John Erik Stacy picked up the phone and said you were out, so I ended up chatting with him instead. He informed me that he thought the letter to the editor below [Ed. May 2014 note: reproduced above on this web page] was baseless, a form of “fear mongering,” and assured me that the Norwegian American Weekly would not publish it. I have perused your editions since I submitted my letter, and sadly it appears that his prediction has proven correct.
I invited Mr. Stacy to consider massive evidence that we continue to have a very serious problem with Fukushima radiation in America before he makes a judgment. I think that if the Norwegian American Weekly was willing to publish a front page story that described how ash from an Icelandic volcano blew towards Norway, it should also be willing to publish an article about Fukushima fallout that is circling the Northern Hemisphere and has been having a significant impact on infant mortality and other untimely deaths in North America and to a lessor extent in Europe as well.
The following are some examples of additional evidence:

a) “Real Time U.S. Radiation Monitoring Web Page” at: Any spikes in beta radiation over 100 are serious, in fact the California Highway Patrol has historically considered three times normal background radiation as a potential evacuation situation . Prior to Fukushima, five to ten counts per minute was fairly normal across America. Now background radiation levels have more than doubled and even tripled. Quite a few American cities show spikes as high as the 500 to 600 range on the charts listed on this page as a consequence of continuing “hot rains.” Even though the EPA has shut down quite a few radiation monitors, and damped down the reading scales of others, we still see quite a few cities with high spikes. You can also find these same charts listed by individual city at:
b) Seattle Residents Exposed to 5 Radioactive “Hot Particles” Per Day, Posted on June 8, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog at Often it takes many years for cancers to incubate. It may still be a while before this exposure results in a pandemic of lung cancer in the Seattle area. There may be certain therapies such as inhaling glutathione with a nebulizer that can significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer down the line.
c) “Excess deaths in the US in 2011 after Fukushima” at Total excess deaths in 2011 were 53,682.
d) “Study: 28% Increase In Thyroid Problems In Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington” posted on April 3, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog at
e) "Japanese, Canadian and American Officials Have `Betrayed' their Citizens By Hiding Radiation … `Akin to Murder'" Posted on January 19, 2012 by WashingtonsBlog at
f) "Gundersen: When the radioactive plume hits West Coast in a few months `it’s not like it’s going to end' — Fukushima still pumping contamination into Pacific Ocean 1,000 days after disaster began (AUDIO)," Dec 7, 2013 at
g) "California town passes Fukushima resolution: `Urgent international rescue' needed at site — `Poses health and safety concerns to America’s West Coast' — `Much greater contamination is likely'" Dec 7, 2013, at
h) "Controversy after US gov’t estimate showed 40,000 microsievert thyroid dose for California infants from Fukushima — Data not released to public — `Very high doses to children'," March 6, 2012, at
i) "`Melting’ Starfish Along West Coast Prompt Fukushima Concerns" by Mikael Thalen, StoryLeak, October 31, 2013 at
j) "Alaska: 28% of polar bears with skin lesions & hair loss, thyroids tested by gov’t… like symptoms in seals & walrus — Surprisingly high mortality of musk ox, weak immune system suspected — High rate of embryo deaths & bad eggs for geese,", Nov 18, 2013 at

Please look at my “"Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles” at The plume charts help one visualize how heavily Alaska, Western Canada, and the U.S.West Coast have been pasted with fallout, and why wildlife such as polar bears, seals, and walruses are showing symptoms of radiation poisoning.
Many experts such as Dr. Chris Busby and geoscientist Leuren Moret agree that this catastrophe is far from over. In fact, the experience of other nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl show how things can actually get worse over time as radionuclides bioaccumulate in the food chain. One of many reasons why Fukushima is vastly worse than Chernobyl is because radiation from molten nuclear fuel (called corium) in Japan is being continuously released into the atmosphere and Pacific year after year with no end in sight, whereas most of the radiation released in the April 1986 Chernobyl meltdown and explosion took place over a period of ten days.
In view of this kind of evidence, I believe that if you genuinely want your paper to be regarded as an open forum that permits the freedom of expression of ideas, I think the Norwegian American Weekly should at least publish something about Fukushima rather than completely ignore this topic altogether. If you disagree with my viewpoint, then you can always provide your own rebuttal alongside my letter in your paper.
I am willing to be flexible and edit down my submission if you are subject to space constraints. However, I very disappointed that we are a few months away from three years into this continuing catastrophe which commenced on March 11, 2011 and so far nothing to my knowledge has mentioned about it at all within the Norwegian American Weekly.
Best regards,
Bill Fox

Shortly after submitting this email, I called the Norwegian American Weekly office and was finally able to get through to Kelsey Larson. When it became clear in our conversation that she was not interested in publishing anything to do with my Fukushima-related alerts, I decided to apply some pressure. I told her that we are in an extremely serious ongoing civil defense emergency, whether or not corporate media choose to recognize this fact. Major portions of America could wind up like vast portions of Belarus where only 20% of the children area healthy, and the remaining population has become permanently genetically crippled. In fact, this could become a major extinction level event. If Fukushima is over 300 times worse than Chernobyl, and Chernobyl killed over a million people and left over eight million people crippled in the 25 years following the 1986 meltdown, we could be talking about over 300 million dead and 2.4 billion crippled people from Fukushima in the next few decades -- a nation-shattering, extinction-level event. Given the enormous stakes, I am dismayed by the way she and other members of her staff are blowing this issue off without giving it adequate attention or allowing readers to make their own judgments. In fact, I said that I could go a step further. A failure to adequately investigate a civil defense emergency alert could be construed as a form of criminal dereliction of citizenship duty.
The moment I used the word "criminal" Larson hung up on me. I concluded that as long as Kelsey Larson remained editor, I would have zero chance of getting anything published regarding Fukushima. I would have to wait for the next editor, who turned out to be Emily Skaftun.
With Skaftun, the long wait ended after three years into the Fukushima catastrophe. She actually published something that I submitted. However, her smear job that falsely accused me of engaging in "circular reasoning," that is "lacking in scientific rigor" and that has an "ouroboros effect" that makes one "feel too much like shouting `Fire!' in a crowded theater" puts a real strain on the old dictum, "Any publicity is better than no publicity at all."
It is true that the mere mention of Fukushima, albeit in an unfavorable context, might induce some readers to do their own research. If so, that would be positive. On the other hand, the way Skaftun pooh-poohs my research may also induce most readers to simply disregard the ever growing body of evidence regarding the seriousness of the catastrophe. This would be a very bad thing. In other words, as someone in the PSYOPs field might put it, by printing only my cover letter and not my main letter, Skaftun reduced my message down to a "limited hangout" level and then misrepresented my main message in order to shoot it down as a "straw man."


The Editor of NAW expresses a strong personal reaction to my Fukushima activism and subscription renewal, January 27, 2017.

On 1/27/17 3:12 PM, William B. Fox wrote:

Dear Ms. Jones or the Norwegian American subscription department:
I just sent another online banking check to you for $70.00 to renew my subscription, with all the same information that applied to my renewal in February of last year (as noted in the email copies below). My mailing address remains the same. In addition, the check was still made out to "Norwegian American Weekly" because your Dec 30, 2016 paper states on page 7 that The Norwegian American is published by Norwegian American Weekly, Inc.
I want to support the Norwegian American community, Norway, and all things Nordic and Scandinavian every way I can, and as a sole surviving Norwegian American mass circulation paper, you fit in that category. However, I remain disappointed that your paper has refused to print any of my many Letters to the Editor about the ongoing Fukushima radiation crises, which gets continually worse over time. (I have listed these letters on my web page: . This web page is listed in my author archive at which in turn is part of my web site:
According to Jeff Rense and his expert guests at, Fukushima contamination of the North Pacific has already destroyed most of the major marine life and has severely reduced fishing catches off the U.S. West Coast, Canada, and Alaska. I cannot understand how the staff of The Norwegian American can be based in Washington State and not be aware of these trends and also be alarmed by them. These hard realities obviously call for issuing civil defense alerts to help protect public safety. According to some experts, Fukushima radiation contamination that bioaccumulates in our food supply may decrease average life expectancies by as much as twenty years in many parts of North America. In addition, Fukushima fallout can permanently damage the IQs of victim populations. As some examples, Norwegians in central Norway who received an extra strong dose of Chernobyl fallout in 1986 while they were infants scored significantly lower on scholastic aptitude tests when they were teenagers compared to their counterparts elsewhere in Norway who received less fallout, and the same pattern was documented by Dr. Ernst Sternglass in his book Secret Fallout when he described how reduced S.A.T. scores among American teenagers in the 1970's could be linked to bomb test fallout patterns in the 1950's and early 1960's.
Best regards,
Bill Fox

Here is the response I received from the Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly:

From: Subscribe to NAW []
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2017 6:30 PM
To: William B. Fox;
Subject: Re: Subscription renewal for both the print and electronic versions of the The Norwegian American


Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate all of our subscribers.

As for the issue of Fukushima, I continue to be unimpressed by your evidence. We believe very strongly in not promulgating "fake news," and in cases where we can't verify information it's best to err on the side of caution.

Furthermore, yes I have seen your website, where you paint me as at best a naive moron being "handled" by "well-financed special interest groups" (for this salary? I don't think so!) or at worst the tool of some sinister cabal. This makes me disinclined to work with you.



Editor's Note: When I read Skaftun's reaction, I was reminded of an editorial comment made in the early 1990's by a well-known figure on the American so-called "Far Right" namd Dr. William Pierce. (From a long term historical viewpoint, "Far Right" is actually a misnomer, since most of what is called "Far Right" today in America was typically the "moderate," "mainstream," and "centrist view" during the 19th century era of "Romantic Nationalism" in both Northern Europe and North America). Dr. Pierce said words to the effect that the older he got, the more he came to appreciate the profound psychological differences that exist between men and women on a group level, despite the fact that there always exceptional men and women who are on the right side of bell-shaped statistical curves of traits who defy group averages. He noted that men as a group have greater outliers on their bell-curves, meaning that they are more likely to produce leaders with a greater capacity to approach social and political issues with mathematical logic, which helps explain why women remain relatively scarce in professions that require a high level of mathematical aptitude, such as nuclear physics and advance computer programming. In contrast, with women as a group, everything is more likely to be viewed on a more emotional, subjective and personal level. I have never attacked Emily Skaftun personally, and have tried to approach Fukushima as an urgent civil defense issue where feelings are secondary to the horrible facts behind the situation. Despite all of this, Skaftun has turned all of this into a completely personal issue that somehow justifies cutting me off no matter how valid my facts and reasoning might be.

I am not only very disappointed with the reaction of the editors of the Norwegian American, but also the "Norwegian Establishment" in Norway. In early summer 2011 the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in Oslo discontinued its valuable forecasts of Fukushima plumes that were sweeping across North America and Europe. Someone at the NILU website did however leave some plume forecasts in a web folder marked "Zardoz" which was hardly reassuring. Then in July 2011 the Norwegian Establishment bent over backwards to support the untenable false flag narrative that Anders Breivik was the "lone nut" gunman in the Olso bombing and Utoya Island shooting. In my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series I discuss strong evidence that this was a false flag operation run by Mossad-CIA-MI6. A primary motive was probably to punish Norway for pulling out of NATO's war of aggression against Libya, although I am also sure that the motivations were probably multi-layered and multi-tiered as discussed in my series.

Even though Norway is one of the richest countries in the Europe on a per capita basis with its oil fund, to the best of my knowledge the Norwegian government has done nothing to alert Norwegian Americans regarding the Fukushima dangers or help cover civil defense-related costs. Instead, it has supported the "fake normalcy" paradigm promoted by the malevolent Zionist-dominated U.S.-UK-Israeli deep state and also embraced by the Norwegian American.


Additional References Pertaining to the Brainwashing of Scandivanians and Scadinavian-Americans:

2018-10-12 Fukushima radiation-related listings reproduced from the home page at which describe the extreme seriousness of the ongoing Fuskushima global radiation catastrophe that will be felt far into the future. Jeff Rense, host of, has done an admirable job of trying to keep the general public informed about this catastrophe. Honorable mention is also well-deserved by two regular guests for his interviews, namely Yoichi Shimatsu and Dana Durnford.


Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Dana Durnford

Free MP3 - Listen


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2018 -and ongoing: Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia. This website notes wryly that "Sweden is the most immigration and asylum friendly country in the world They let virtually everybody in! But the Israeli dissident Mordechai Vannanu will not be granted asylum here! Of course this has nothing to do with JEWISH POWER"
2018-07-23 "Sweden Invests Millions to Teach Migrants How to Have Sex ‘with Blonde Women, ’" "The Swedish government wants to allocate 5 million Swedish crowns (around half a million euros) in migrant sex courses, news outlet Fria Tider reports. A portion of the money will be spent on the government’s sex information website “Youmo”, which provides translation in Arabic, Somali and Dari...."
2017-07-02 "What’s wrong with the Swedes — and so many other Whites?" by Kevin MacDonald, (classified with tags: in ,
2017-05-09 Norway, The Most Anti-Semitic Nation In Europe May Ban Circumcision Till Age 16 by Jeff Dunetz,, 13 Iyyar 5777 – May 9, 2017. "On Shabbos, the Progressive Party in Norway, the smaller of two parties within the ruling government coalition (with 29 of 169 parliament seats), announced that it intends to initiate a law banning circumcision in the country for males under the age of 16...Perhaps the Progressive Party in Norway is trying to ban circumcision because they themselves cannot be circumcised (there is no end to those pricks). Either way this new effort by Norway sends a clear message to its Jews, `Get The Hell Out!'" In other words, Norwegians must be insulted for refusing to bend their knees to the screechings of an alien people because they will not bend over backwards to accomodate their exotic customs. It is amazing how many Scandinavians allow themselves to be intimidated by aliens who work through lies, bluff, intimidation, and raw financial power.
2015-04-29 "Pathological altruism on steroids in Sweden" by Dr. Kevin MacDonald,
2012-11-29 Barbara Spectre: Leading Jewish Role in Multiculturalism (YouTube) (ENG subtitles) Published on Nov 29, 2012. YouTube caption: "Former American Jew and Israel citizen, Barbara Lerner Spectre, speaks about the prominent Jewish role in Multiculturalism in Europe. Filmed in Sweden." [Editor's Note: Here is another prime example of pure hypocrisy and totally shameless, nervy, Jewish chutzpah -- traits that are admired among Jews -- where Jews encourage race-mixing and multiculturalism for Scandinavians while simultaneously screaming about the "existential threat" to their existence if the Israeli Prime Minister's son dares to date a Norwegian girl. This is an ancient formula for undermining ones tribal competition, namely to be publicly left wing towards outgroups to cause them to drop their guard, become confused, and lose their identity and cohesion while privately being right wing among ones own tribe to maximize strength, cohesion, and sense of long term purpose. Unfortunately most Scandinavians remain too naive to understand this PSYOP game being played against them -- often with the assistance of "leaders" who have sold out to the Bilderberg Group and other treasonous, globalist organizations].
2009-04-22 Will Beautiful Norway be Snuffed Out? ‘In 2005, 64,000 children were born in Norway of two foreign-born parents, compared to only 13,800 children born to parents of European origin’ By Arthur Kemp "The state-owned Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norsk rikskringkasting AS) or NRK has broken ranks with the rest of the controlled media in Europe and has openly declared an emergency over the Third World origin of sexual assaults in that country. In a remarkable broadcast last week, NRK reported that `immigrants from Kurdistan and North Africa' are behind most cases of aggravated sexual assault in Norway. According to the NRK, police figures from Oslo reveal that over the past three years, they have investigated a total of 41 cases of rape in that city. All of these assaults, reports NRK, were carried out by `non-western immigrants to Norway.' According to the Norwegian police, the rapists terrorizing the beautiful white women of Oslo are of `a Kurdish or African background” and all have one thing in common, `namely the use of gross violence...Third World immigrants are, the study showed, recipients of social security benefits at a rate ten times that of native Norwegians - destroying the liberal argument used by pro-immigration politicians in Norway that immigration was necessary to maintain the social welfare state...'
2007-05-31 Norway: Professor Unni Wikan On Rape. "`It is sensational how blind and naive Norwegian can be towards non-Western men. Norwegian women must use common sense,' says Wikan to Dagbladet. Shocking numbers were published yesterday which show that the total number of rapes in Oslo went up by 40% from 1999 to 2000. For the first time, police classified rapists by ethnic background. The statistics show that fully 65% of the rapists come from a non-Western country." The rest of this article explores whether or not one of Wikan's quotes was taken out of context and called for appeasement of would-be Muslim rapists. One thing is clear; Norwegian women are being forced to compromise Nordic culture to swarthy alien predators in their midst.



The Wikpidia article "Romantic Nationalism" calls this "Brudeferden i Hardanger (Bridal procession in Hardanger), a monumental piece within Norwegian romantic nationalism. Painted by Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand." The subjects of this painting would probably be smeared today by the Zionist New World Order media as "right wing extremists," "neo-Nazis," "white supremacists," and other standard "political correctness" epithets as part of the continuing campaign to promote white self-hatred and obliterate all forms of white identity and heritage and overrun Europe with nonwhites. See "Macron Openly Endorses the Kalergi Plan: 200 Million Africans to Mass Migrate to Europe Within 30 Years,", April 18, 2018 in which Zionist New World Order shill and French President Emmanuel Macron has supported French American journalist Stephen Smith who "estimates that the number of Africans living in Europe will grow from nine million to between 150 million and 200 million within the next 30 years." This will inevitably make Europe look more like Africa and accelerate the dispossession of whites --and in particular Nordic peoples in Scandinavia -- which is already well under way.



Christy Field and Kelsey Larson as they presented themselves in the Jan 10, 2014 issue of the Norwegian American Weekly, page 6.


Emily C. Skaftun, as she appears under the heading "World Fantasy Convention and Me" on an archive web page at her web site The bio page identifies her as "Managing Editor of the Norwegian American Weekly."


Additional Commentary

Does this Affair Only Involve the Staff of the Norwegian American Weekly, Or is There Something Much Bigger and More Sinister Taking Place?

by William B. Fox

Most Americans are ignorant of the dangers of nuclear power and Fukushima radiation. Unfortunately quite a few Norwegian Americans are the same way. In addition, they are ignorant of most of the social and political factors that account for government and corporate media censorship regarding extremely serious nuclear issues.
In order to provide reasonably complete explanations, one needs to not only describe nuclear-related censorship, but also the social and political factors that motivate this censorship. Once this broader picture is addressed, the reader will be able to connect enough dots so that a new way of viewing the situation becomes believable. This is what I try to accomplish in this article to help explain censorship by the Norwegian American Weekly regarding Fukushima and other nuclear-related issues.
It is sad fact that the Norwegian American Weekly is the only remaining Norwegian-oriented paper in America with a significant circulation in this country. In fact, this was noted by the paper itself in the Editor's Notes section, page 4 of the 25 April 2014 edition that announced a one year subscription price hike from $59 to $70:
The Norwegian American Weekly is heir to two very important voices for the Norwegian American community. For 125 years, both the Nordiske Tidende and the Western Viking (and before that the Decorah Posten) have brought you news from Norway and the U.S., fostered a sense of heritage and community, and given you a voice...
...The simple fact is that NAW has never been profitable. Between your subscription price and the money we make from selling ads we have not been able to keep the lights on, but not without some outside help from very generous patrons. That sort of support is a miracle, but not a long-term solution.
We run a very lean operation (we have only one full time employee!), but it costs money to publish a newspaper. In the past few years we've seen significant increases in the costs of postage, printing, paper, and virtually everything else...
...In these digital days, when so many people believe that "information wants to be free," things are only getting harder for newspapers. Every day newspapers are forced to close down or merge with other papers -- as the Western Viking and Nordisk Tidende did when they gave birth to NAW.
That merger left NAW as the only Norwegian newspaper in North America. We believe (correct us if we are wrong!) that we are now the only Norwegian newspaper outside of Norway. It's true that in this ever more connected world you have other options for news from Norway, but none of them can bring you the blend of Norway and North America that makes us unique...
The statement that really jumps out at me is NAW's admission that it has continuing financial problems. This makes it vulnerable to the political biases of its donors and advertising customers. After all, the way things usually work in the real world is that he who pays the piper calls the tune.
It is very likely that in order to understand the real editorial policy of the Norwegian American Weekly, one must first find out the political agenda and the strings attached by the people who pay the paper's bills, whether they consist of "private donors" or primary advertisers.
When gathering facts, I usually prefer to go straight to source to get first hand information, however, it seems unlikely that I will ever get straight answers from the current or former editors of the paper given the brush-offs that I have received to date.
Even if I could have some frank discussions with these individuals, the conversations would still be suspect. Well-financed special interest groups are capable of "handling" naive Norwegian American Weekly staff members without them even being aware of it.
There about five million Norwegian Americans in the United States, approximately the same number as the population of Norway (listed as 5.1 million in 2013 by Wikipedia). NAW is also read by Norwegian government officials in America. Is this the kind of audience that "New World Order globalists" would want to "keep under control"?


[Editor's Note: The above pictures and following caption have been reproduced from Part II of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series.] Has Norway become overly "Finlandized" by the London-New York-Tel Aviv Axis of the Zionist New World Order? Left, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg with arch-Zionist troublemaker and Rothschild lieutenant George Soros, June 2011, in New York City (Soros aided and abetted the collapse of the Icelandic economy in 2008, conducted a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic Party in 2004, is suspected of supporting disinformational media and operating Mossad front companies in the U.S. that engage in espionage and the cover ups of assassinations, and has sponsored "color revolutions" that have subverted eastern European countries and inflamed U.S.-Russian relations ... his life story reads like a villain in a James Bond novel, which in fact may be a reason why Soros put the kibosh on another Bond film starring Daniel Craig. Right, Stoltenberg pictured with another Jewish competitor for a leading James Bond villain role, named Larry Summers in July 2011 (see Larry Summers and the Subversion of Economics by Charles Ferguson, 3 Oct 2010, which states "rarely has one individual embodied so much of what is wrong with economics, with academe, and indeed with the American economy"). While at Harvard, Summers helped provide intellectual cover for the Zionist kelptocratic looting of Russia in the early 1990's, and then helped his Jewish Wall Street friends siphon hundreds of millions of dollars in fees from Harvard while at the same time approving derivatives investments that cost Harvard approximately a billion dollars in bad speculative positions. Summers has been called an "economic war criminal" for his handling of the mortgage crisis. God help Norway if Stoltenberg and other Norwegian government officials are mesmerized by these shady characters. Unfortunately there is strong evidence that they are. According to DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Who Are The Bankers That Benefit From The Norway Terror Attacks? by Mario Andrade, Stoltenberg has already jumped in bed with Soros on the global warming/carbon tax scam and has wasted the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars of Norwegian taxpayers' money. See also "Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News (Part 4)" by Yoichi Shimatsu, Dec 18 2016, archived at which claims that Stoltenberg has worked as a CIA mole.


[Editor's Note: The following caption comes from Chapter 38 of my Mission of Conscience series which explains how former Prime Minister Jagland helped Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize though back door deal-making intrigue.] "Suspected Mossad-CIA collaborator and former Norwegian Prime Minister (1996-1997) Thorbjorn Jagland pictured with former U.S. Secretary of State and arch-Zionist Madeleine Albright."


The concept of covert manipulation is hardly far-fetched when we delve into all the ways that Norway has been "Finlandized" by the "New World Order." Norway has been a highly strategic member of NATO, an active leader within the United Nations, and a staunch supporter of both Israel and the U.S. As noted later in this article, Norwegian intelligence cooperates with Mossad-CIA-MI6. Former Norwegian prime ministers such as Jens Stoltenberg and Thorbjorn Jagland have hobnobbed with arch Zionists such as George Soros and Madeline "We Think the Price Is Worth It" Albrecht. Top Norwegian political leaders who allegedly represent many different ends of the political spectrum routine attend annual Bilderberg conferences ultimately hosted by the Rothschilds / City of London and other "globalists."
Certain Norwegian "leaders" also kow towed to Obama by giving him the Nobel Peace prize, even though he had no peace-making track record to earn it. Most embarrassingly, this came shortly before Barry Soetero (or Barack Hussein Obama II or whoever the CIA's first first openly gay president -- married to a suspected female impersonator "Tranny-Queen" First Lady -- really is), went on one of the greatest warmongering sprees in American history. Our American (or Kenyan? or Indonesian?) "leader" in the White House (and/or his handlers) has promulgated predator drone attacks and other bombings against innocent civilians in places like Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, supported Mossad-CIA-MI-created "Al Qaeda" to topple regimes both in Libya and in Syria, continued the war in Afghanistan, sponsored renewed civil war in Iraq and threatened domestic terror via Mossad-CIA-MI6-created ISIS, probably unleashed Stuxnet virus attacks to cause nuclear meltdowns in Iran and also at Fukushima, Japan, and has run a coup in Ukraine and threatened war against Russia. In regard to the latter, please also see War Is Coming by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 28, 2014, Are you Ready for Nuclear War? by David North and Alex Lantier, July 30, 2014,, and "OFFICIAL WARNING - U S to hit RUSSIA with FIRST STRIKE - PREPARE NOW" (YouTube) [23:08], July 20, 2014).
The warmongering is getting so crazy it is like life imitating satire in the movie Dr. Strangelove. And to think certain Norwegian "leaders" gave this joker named "Obama" a Nobel Peace Prize. What are they smoking? ("Norwegian wood?")
Norway also hosts a highly strategic HAARP facility and the Svaalbard "Doomsday" Seed Vault (a favorite project of "globalists" such as Bill Gates and Monsanto seed monopolists). In the Sept 2012 joint interview conducted by Dr. James Fetzer with geoscientist Leuren Moret and myself, I talk about how a Norwegian "insider" whistle blower claimed that high level Norwegian government officials are prepared to sacrifice a couple of million fellow Norwegians to help fulfill a "globalist" depopulation scheme. In the Ingunn Sigurdsdatter interview discussed in greater detail later, we learn that Norway routinely passes most EU edicts as law, even though Norway is allegedly independent of the EU. Last but not least, Norwegian leaders have been overriding the popular sentiment that once forbade nuclear reactors Norway by installing Thorium reactors at Halden, Norway. The promotion of nuclear power around the world has always been a top priority among "globalists," particularly in view of the extensive control of uranium mines and nuclear industries held by the UK monarchy and the British and French Rothschild-related interests.
In short, Norway's leaders have been fellow travelers with "globalists" who use the EU and the U.S. as riding horses in furtherance of their goal of creating a "uni-polar" Zionist "New World Order." It is quite possible that none of these people want to see any information in the "sole surviving Norwegian American paper" that challenges their agenda.
The following are some examples of the political dark side of Fukushima and the global nuclear industry in regard to Norway. The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) inexplicably shut down its radiation plume forecast service on the occult date (divisible by 11 in Kabbalistic numerology) of May 11, 2011, only two months after the inception of the crisis. On my Japan catastrophe web page, I cite strong evidence that a Stuxnet virus planted by an Israeli security firm was the primary cause of the Fukushima meltdowns. According to geoscientist Leuren Moret, there is also evidence that Norway's HAARP facility may have been used to help trigger the March 11, 2011 Tohuku earthquake that created tsunami that swept over the Fukushima power plants and played an important role in setting up the meltdown catastrophes. Lastly, radioactive emissions from nuclear power plants. bomb tests, DU, and other sources have supported U.N. Agenda 21-type globalist depopulation schemes by vastly increasing infertility and mutation rates in human populations.
Despite the fact that Norway has voted against nuclear power in the past, there are very powerful forces within the global nuclear industry that have already commenced a four year test of Thorium reactors in Norway and want to condition Norwegians to "Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Bomb and Nuclear Power and Nuclear Radiation." (To paraphrase a tag line from Dr. Strangelove). The British nuclear industry has dumped nuclear waste in the English Channel, Irish Sea, North Sea, and other ocean areas [please see "Radioactive Waste: Dumped and Forgotten" (YouTube)]. It continues to pump radioactive effluents into the Irish Sea from its Sellafield Plant. Cancer and other radiation-related diseases have skyrocketed along the coasts of Ireland, Wales, and western England, and scientists have also detected hazardous levels of contamination in Norwegian fishing waters. (Please see "The Queen's Death Star" by Leuren Moret about the ongoing nuclear crimes against humanity committed by the British nuclear establishment). Nuclear power plants provide much of the weapons grade plutonium used in nuclear weapons and are very much a part of the "military industrial complex" in countries like the US, UK, and France.
Contrary to the impression created in the article "Norway Begins Four Year Test Of Thorium Nuclear Reactor" by Peter Murray, which starts out by saying "A Norwegian company is breaking with convention and switching to an alternative energy it hopes will be safer, cleaner and more efficient," this sentence is totally misleading. For starters, please see Thorium: Not ‘green’, not ‘viable’, and not likely by Dr. Helen Caldicott, author of the classic work Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. No form of nuclear power is safe, clean and more efficient when compared with various forms of conventional energy such as coal, oil, and gas. Nuclear power also totally flunks out when compared with genuinely "clean and green and renewable" forms of "alternative energy" such as solar and wind energy. This is particularly true since countries such as the Netherlands and Germany have already installed solar and wind energy systems that have proven themselves truly clean, green, efficient, and economic in terms of serving the needs of major segments of the national power market.
Once one factors in the full costs of production from mining to waste disposal, nuclear power is the most costly form of energy in existence. So much so, that any claims that nuclear energy is economic are a black joke. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to consider the nuclear industry a gigantic long term economic "Black Hole In Deep Space." Once one factors in the total costs to human health, productivity, and damage to DNA in addition to out of pocket economic costs that come from rising background radiation levels around the planet, the real long term costs are off the charts. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, head of the secret weapons laboratory of the Manhattan Project, had it right when he observed the first atomic bomb test blast in New Mexico in 1945 and quoted from the ancient Hindu holy book, the Bhagavad Gita: "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
One more meltdown of a reactor complex holding a 20-30 year supply of spent fuel rods could release the equivalent in radiation of tens of thousands of atomic bombs. If we look at just one spent fuel pool alone out of the six spent fuel pools at Fukushima, namely Spent Fuel Pool 4, at the time of the March 11, 2011 meltdowns it held the equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs. There are currently dozens of aging reactors filled to capacity with spent fuel rods operating in the U.S. alone that hold more spent fuel than the Fukushima complex. The radiation released by just one more meltdown could plausibly guarantee that most mammalian life on this planet will become extinct. We already see a high rate of species die-offs around the planet as a consequence of all the chemical, genetic (GMO), and nuclear contaminants released into the environment to date, all of which tend to work synergistically with each other.
Then again, perhaps some human groups could survive by figuring out ways to live underground or under Zardoz-style domes. Maybe certain survivalist communities can figure out ways to avoid contaminated food and water for more than five generations. Maybe, or maybe not. From the view point of an economic statistician or insurance adjuster, how does one perform an "expected value" analysis for the nuclear industry when one has to net out a plausible scenario where the earth effectively becomes a dead planet for several hundred or several thousand years?
Anyone who closely follows nuclear news and sees how many "near miss" accidents take place at reactors around the world year after year and really understands these greater dangers will likely have their hair stand on end. This is especially true as reactors get older and typically suffer increasing "embrittlement" from the constant neutron bombardment of their plumbing.
If you don't believe me, just take a look at the following statement by one of the top nuclear industry insiders in America:

"All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology"

-- Gregory B. Jaczko, former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, from "Ex-Regulator Says Reactors Are Flawed," by Matthew L. Wald, New York Times, April 8, 2013

Nuclear utility companies in the U.S. pay out dividends to shareholders and foster an illusion of profitability. But they perform these tricks only by engaging in very selective and dishonest accounting methods, especially when seen from the vantage point of the complete structure of production of the nuclear industry. They are certainly not capitalizing and flowing through their income statements their real liability, because the truth is the liability of a nuclear meltdown is virtually unlimited. No insurance companies dare to cover nuclear power plants, but rather the costs of nuclear accidents are always covered by taxpayers. In addition, health impact studies of nuclear power plants around the world show that people who live within a 5 km radius of reactors generally have more than twice the disease rates compared to people who live much further away, since radionuclides exacerbate all the diseases known to man. This includes increased rates of cancer, autism, and neurological diseases --often manifested with reduced IQ levels.
Nuclear reactors routinely leak all the fission products of a nuclear bomb blast into the surrounding environment --in essence nuclear reactors located near big cities across America, Japan, France, the UK, and elsewhere around the world are like slow motion dirty atomic bombs that gradually "soft kill" their populations.
Dr. John Gofman, M.D., Ph.D., a former physics professor at UC Berkeley and a founder of the U.S. nuclear energy industry who later became a whistle blower, had this to say:

Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder. First of all, when you license a plant, you know what you're doing--so it's premeditated. You can't say, "I didn't know." Second, the evidence on radiation-producing cancer is beyond doubt. I've worked fifteen years on it [as of 1982], and so have many others. It is not a question any more: radiation produces cancer, and the evidence is good all the way down to the lowest doses.

(Source: Chapter Four of the book Nuclear Witness at
Given that radionuclides are the most long lasting and toxic forms of contamination known to man, the nuclear power industry is inherently and without question the dirtiest and most dangerous industry in the world. The increased health costs inflicted by the nuclear industry are simply swept under the rug rather than acknowledged on any income statements of nuclear power companies. On top of this, most of the segments in the structure of production both upstream and downstream of nuclear power plant operations, that is, the mining and refining operations upstream, and the nuclear waste disposal activities downstream, are heavily subsidized by taxpayers.
Taxpayers typically pick up other important costs that are also typically sequestered from the balance sheets and income statements of allegedly "profitable" nuclear utility companies. This includes costs of new construction and decommissioning of nuclear power plants. They also get stuck with the horrendous tab for nuclear waste disposal.
It often take decades and costs billions of dollars to decommission highly contaminated nuclear power plants. The real long term costs of nuclear waste disposal remains open-ended. Countries like the U.S. and UK, who are supposed to be global leaders in the nuclear industry, still have not figured out any satisfactory solutions for the long term disposal of nuclear waste even though these countries have been generating massive quantities of it since the 1950's. In fact, at places like Hanford, Washington, and the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) site in New Mexico, Americans are faced with massive leakage problems that remain extremely serious hazards to public health for vast regions of the U.S.
In short, the false concept of a "profitable" nuclear industry constitutes one of the most crooked "privatization" schemes in existence. It epitomizes the old political scam of "privatize the profits" (for the benefit of insiders and the recipients of bribes) and "socialize the losses and the greatest risks" (on to the backs of the general public). The dividends paid to shareholders of nuclear utility stocks are in essence bribes available to "investors" that are used to create a pork barrel constituency in support of very grand and evil illusions.
Karl Grossman; a full professor of journalism at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury, examines many of these issues in greater detail in his free online ebook Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power (PDF). This book also addresses the outrageous lying propaganda and cover ups promulgated by the U.S. establishment ever since the first atomic bomb blasts in 1945. "Big Lies" include the slogans "Too cheap to meter," "safe, clean, green, and efficient," "Our Friend the Atom," and "Atoms for Peace." Please also listen to the free MP3 download of the interview titled "Journalist Karl Grossman Reveals 40+ Years of Nuke Media Manipulation," Nuclear Hotseat No. 85 hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Jan 29, 2013 (download page here). I might add that Libbe HaLevy's web site,, provides valuable information on a continuing basis regarding citizen activism for nuclear sanity in America.
The article "50 Reasons We Should Fear the Worst from Fukushima" by Harvey Wasserman, Feb 2, 2014 also provides a good summary of cover up tactics. Here is an extract that provides the introduction to the article and the first 12 of the 50 reasons cited:

Fukushima’s missing melted cores and radioactive gushers continue to fester in secret.
Japan’s harsh dictatorial censorship has been matched by a global corporate media blackout aimed—successfully—at keeping Fukushima out of the public eye.
But that doesn’t keep the actual radiation out of our ecosystem, our markets … or our bodies...
Speculation on the ultimate impact ranges from the utterly harmless to the intensely apocalyptic.
But the basic reality is simple: for seven decades, government Bomb factories and privately-owned reactors have spewed massive quantities of unmonitored radiation into the biosphere. 
The impacts of these emissions on human and ecological health are unknown primarily because the nuclear industry has resolutely refused to study them. 
Indeed, the official presumption has always been that showing proof of damage from nuclear Bomb tests and commercial reactors falls to the victims, not the perpetrators.
And that in any case, the industry will be held virtually harmless.
This “see no evil, pay no damages” mindset dates from the Bombing of Hiroshima to Fukushima to the disaster coming next … which could be happening as you read this.
Here are 50 preliminary reasons why this radioactive legacy demands we prepare for the worst for our oceans, our planet, our economy … ourselves.

1. At Hiroshima and Nagasaki (1945), the U.S. military initially denied that there was any radioactive fallout, or that it could do any damage. Despite an absence of meaningful data, the victims (including a group of U.S. prisoners of war) and their supporters were officially “discredited” and scorned.

2. Likewise, when Nobel-winners Linus Pauling and Andre Sakharov correctly warned of a massive global death toll from atmospheric Bomb testing, they were dismissed with official contempt … until they won in the court of public opinion.

3. During and after the Bomb Tests (1946-63), downwinders in the South Pacific and American West, along with thousands of U.S. “atomic vets,” were told their radiation-induced health problems were imaginary … until they proved utterly irrefutable.

4. When British Dr. Alice Stewart proved (1956) that even tiny x-ray doses to pregnant mothers could double childhood leukemia rates, she was assaulted with 30 years of heavily funded abuse from the nuclear and medical establishments.

5. But Stewart’s findings proved tragically accurate, and helped set in stone the medical health physics consensus that there is no “safe dose” of radiation … and that pregnant women should not be x-rayed, or exposed to equivalent radiation.

6. More than 400 commercial power reactors have been injected into our ecosphere with no meaningful data to measure their potential health and environmental impacts, and no systematic global data base has been established or maintained. 

7. “Acceptable dose” standards for commercial reactors were conjured from faulty A-Bomb studies begun five years after Hiroshima, and at Fukushima and elsewhere have been continually made more lax to save the industry money.

8. Bomb/reactor fallout delivers alpha and beta particle emitters that enter the body and do long-term damage, but which industry backers often wrongly equate with less lethal external gamma/x-ray doses from flying in airplanes or living in Denver.

9. By refusing to compile long-term emission assessments, the industry systematically hides health impacts at Three Mile Island (TMI), Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc., forcing victims to rely on isolated independent studies which it automatically deems “discredited.”

10. Human health damage has been amply suffered in radium watch dial painting, Bomb production, uranium mining / milling / enrichment, waste management and other radioactive work, despite decades of relentless industry denial.

11. When Dr. Ernest Sternglass, who had worked with Albert Einstein, warned that reactor emissions were harming people, thousands of copies of his Low-Level Radiation (1971) mysteriously disappeared from their primary warehouse.

12. When the Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Gofman, urged that reactor dose levels be lowered by 90 percent, he was forced out of the AEC and publicly attacked, despite his status a founder of the industry...

Who Might Really Be Driving the NAW Cover Up?


Getting back to the Norwegian American Weekly, one might ask if the paper does in fact have one or more covert "handlers," who might they be?
Two of the most obvious examples of agents of influence in America are the CIA, which works closely with the Israeli Mossad and British MI6, and also billionaire George Soros, who also acts as a front man for the Rothschilds/City of London (joined at the hip with the British monarchy). These latter entities not only control the British nuclear industry, but major portions of nuclear industries and uranium supplies outside of the UK in places like Canada, the U.S., and Australia.
Regarding the CIA, please recollect the now infamous quotes "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false" William Casey, CIA Director (1981) and "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media" --former Director William Colby.
Please also see "Former Governor Jesse Ventura Exposes CIA - Part 2 of 2" (YouTube) where the former Minnesota governor explains how he was interrogated by the CIA shortly after he got elected because CIA analysts were so surprised by his success at the polls. Gov. Ventura explains how the CIA has operatives implanted at the highest levels of state governments throughout the U.S. even though this is a violation of its mission statement that prohibits domestic interference.
Another top whistleblower is William Binney, a 32-year, high-level veteran of the National Security Agency (NSA), who explained during his July 29, 2014 2nd hour interview with Alex Jones how the United States is effectively run by intelligence agencies who control most members of Congress and other influential Americans through blackmail and by other means. [See "William Binney on The Alex Jones Show (7-29-14)" (YouTube) (40:32)].
There is also strong evidence that the CIA, FBI COINTELPRO, NSA, and other so-called "national security agencies" routinely practice "full spectrum dominance" tactics to control dissent within the U.S. on not only all ends of the ideological spectrum but also among almost all racial and ethnic groups as well (See, for example, "Full Spectrum Dominance: 8 Examples Of How The Government Is Attempting To Take Total Control Of Our Food, Our Health, Our Money And Even Our Dignity" By Michael Snyder, on November 22nd, 2010).
In regard to George Soros, he has not only funded quite a few "color revolutions" overseas through false front "nongovernmental organizations" (please see "George Soros Color Revolutions and the New World Order: Globalist blitzkrieg signals largest geopolitical reordering since WWII" by Tony Cartalucci), but he has also tried to steer the "Occupy Wall Street" and other political movements within the U.S. (see "George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street" by Matthew Vadum, Human Events, Oct 21, 2011).
It would be nice if I could obtain some kind of "smoking gun" evidence regarding the Norwegian American Weekly's ultimate controllers. For example, imagine if a known CIA operative like the late E. Howard Hunt, who provided "death bed confessions" regarding the JFK assassination, publicly admitted that one of his collateral duties was to "handle" ethnic papers like the NAW.
Unfortunately, for the time being obtaining this kind of direct evidence seems highly unlikely. The best we can do for now is stitch together "suspicious indicators."
Can we amass enough circumstantial evidence to create a convincing case? Let's see. I have grouped suspicious indicators in the following four areas below:

a) The longstanding pro-Norwegian establishment editorial posture of the Norwegian American Weekly
b) The general unwillingness of the NAW staff to confront American media monopoly issues, media suppression of Fukushima, and media bias against Nordic peoples.
d) Evidence of suppression tactics used in Norway as well as in the U.S.A., to include the circumstances surrounding the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 false flag operation that provide a "Rosetta Stone" for "what is rotten in Norway."
e) The nature of the attack on myself in terms of such elements as style, innuendo, false allegations, and omissions.


Now let's look at each of these areas in more detail:


The longstanding pro-Norwegian establishment editorial posture of the Norwegian American Weekly


The Norwegian American Weekly presents itself as a "coffee table" type of publication, that is, the kind of publication that one might expect to find in magazine and newspaper racks of meeting places of Norwegian American organizations around America (for example, Sons of Norway lodges or the Norwegian Seaman's Church), and also offices that represent the Norwegian government in America, to include Norwegian consulates and Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
The NAW has generally avoided getting heavily involved in political controversies, particularly from perspectives radically critical of Norwegian government policies and Norway's controlled media. To the contrary, the paper tends to parrot the official Norwegian government position on various issues. In fact, it often seems like simply an extension of News of Norway, published by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, as well as an extension of the tourist industry literature, which typically promotes Norway as the "National Park of Europe."
Norway has been fairly successful in selling a sugary image of itself to the world in recent decades. For example, in the early 1990's I recollect seeing an opinion research poll result published in Nordiske Tidende (a predecessor of the Norwegian American Weekly) stating that people around the world tend to think it is "cute to be from Norway."
As anyone knows who has made preserves, too much sugar can be as toxic to life forms as too much vinegar. Red Ice Radio published the interview "Ingunn Sigurdsdatter - Norway Happiest Country on Earth Myth & Awakening the Norsemen (transcript)," April 14, 2014, hosted by Henrik Palmgren, which explored the dark side of this sugary image, to include how this false image can serve the sinister agenda of the New World Order.

Ingunn Sigurdsdatter
(From web page at

The following is the introduction to this interview provided on the MP3 download page:

We hear a lot about Norway in the most positive light in the international mass media these days as the globalists want to push a corporate socialist model upon the world. The Scandinavian experiment and the Nordic Model has certainly proven to fulfill many of the dreams that the New Word Order wants to impose on the world.
Astronomical taxes, systemic corruption, a controlled and one-sided media, a silent and submissive population, massive public spending, and in return we get lousy schools and health care not worth even mentioning. There is also within the system no room for alternatives and a few Mom and Pops as the corporate socialist model creates more monopolies and conformity than probably any other system has done throughout history.

It well worth perusing the transcript of this interview, because it does an excellent job of introducing the reader to various ways in which Norway has evolved into a "Potemkin Village" society controlled by the globalist agenda. The following are some extracts:

Henrik Palmgren: ... I think according to the World Happiness Index, I think that is what it is called, it is actually a study being done by the Legatum Institute, it is a globalist think tank, pretty much, one of the spear-heading gentlemen there is Jeffrey Gedmin from the Athens Institute and Counsel on Foreign Relations and some of the other interesting neocon connections he has released his index and they, the Legatum Institute continues to put Norway on the number one spot and there, and are a couple of parameters for this, for example the economic situation. There is the so-called "happiness question," but also "freedom of the press" and "freedom of expression" and "freedom of speech" and everything else. If the situation is the same as it is in Sweden, we certainly do not have a free press. We have a state-subsidized press, one that does not bite the hand that feeds it. The critique is very, very nominal. So an extension to this is of course that when this indexing think tank comes along to ask people in Norway for example about questions like, “How corrupt do you perceive your politicians or your political system to be?” usually that scores pretty fairly low because people are not aware of it because an indication of this is that the press has to first of all talk about these issues so that people are aware of how corrupt it is. That is the situation I feel in Sweden. Would you say it is very similar in Norway?
Ingunn Sigurdsdatter: Yes, absolutely, and that is what we will be talking about basically because projected to us you will see that there is the image that we live in the best country in the world, and that our people are the happiest on the planet, and then occasionally you have polls and you have statistics that try to embed these facts into our minds so we will never forget. So if you ask any Norwegian, they have some kind of automatized repeat button, and they will tell you just how wonderful our country is. But it --
HP: It is a default answer, right? You get a default answer from the person you are talking with.
IS: Exactly, because the image projected to us is so easy to feel the logical dissonance and to feel that something is not quite right, and that is what we will be touching upon. And this is very painful actually for the Norwegian people, and what we experience these days is the pains of waking up and many people right now see their illusions crumbling, which is very painful. But before getting more into that, if it is all right by you I just want to clarify a little more about my positions.
HP: Sure
IS: Actually what I wanted most of all was possibly to conclude right away just to insure the conclusion does not get lost in the details, because as it is, we have a very clear image of what is wrong with our countries. I would for one possibly like to be able to describe it quite precisely. So what I feel or what I actually know is that we the people in the Scandinavian countries, we have been subjected to a scam that runs so deep that it is very hard to grasp. So what we see is that George Orwell’s Animal Farm has been created within a format that could be called the welfare state, right?
HP: Right.
IS: That is exactly how it is. And then the objective, the real objective, has been to capitalize to the max on the human resource and at the same time all kinds of techniques of social engineering are being actively employed. So each time we show nonconformity behavior they come along with some instruments to prod us and to get us back in line.
HP: Yes.
IS: So actually what we think of as the government, because we think we have a government and that we are a sovereign nation state, but my finding is that these governments are actually nothing more than just platforms. The purpose is to ease the corporatization of everything that can be sold. So our names, our birth certificates, our DNA, our signatures, everything can be sold. As I said, this is the purpose of governments. The government is in itself is a corporation with owners.

A little later in the interview Michael, an activist colleague of Ms. Sigurdsdatter, joined the discussion:

Michael: I do agree very much with the idea of the Animal Farm. Norwegian socialization is the absolute best well-kept Animal Farm in this district.
Henrik Palmgren: Yes, yes, I could not agree more. It is a political laboratory. It has been very easy because I think of the trust in all. There are a couple of professors in Sweden as well, specifically a guy called Lars Trägårdh who they wheel out every time they talk about anything that is Swedish. For example we had that piece, I don’t know if you guys read that in The Guardian by Michael Booth, basically that attacked the Scandinavian countries and the model. [Ed. Note: He probably means the article "Dark lands: the grim truth behind the 'Scandinavian miracle,'" by Michael Booth, The Guardian, Monday 27 January 2014.] I mean, I was very, to the first initial extent I was glad to see that, but on second side of it I was also disappointed to see that the critique was kind of misappropriated. It was directed in the wrong kind of places to a certain extent, but nonetheless they wheeled out Lars Trägårdh who detailed this afterwards in The Guardian, and basically defending the system, and saying that, “No, it is not a totalitarian state. This is all voluntary. People are agreeing to it.” [Ed. Note: See
"The grim truth behind the Scandinavian miracle' – the nations respond" by Michael Booth, Adam Price, Agnes Bolsø, Eirikur Bergmann, Alexander Stubb and Lars Tragardh, The Guardian, 5 Feb 2014], But my point has always been that the social environment that exists here, the social engineering partitioned with the education system, the fact that at least in Sweden home schooling has been banned. It is incredibly homogenized and this kind of image is being built of how you are supposed to be, and if you break that mold, if you fall out on the outside of that, you really feel how narrow it is very quickly and also then it is totalitarian in nature, you know?
Michael: Not only that, but it describes mediocracy.
HP: Yes, yes.
Michael: It is simply mediocracy. And if you are an extremist, that also means you are bad when it also can mean you are extraordinary.
HP: Exactly, exactly. It works both ways. You have the crab mentality where basically no one can escape or do something different and come out of that. But go ahead, Ingunn.
IS: Yes, so actually if you read it is interesting what you said because my impression is that when you read the works of people like Bertrand Russell and Aldus Huxley, the Brave New World and George Orwell also, they have a futuristic vision of what the scientifically-created society would be. I think that what you see in the Scandinavian countries is exactly this. So you see all the mechanisms in place for eroding family life and how the woman and everyone is asked to identify with serving the state. [18:40]
HP: Yes.
IS: The maximal goal in life, actually.
HP: That is right.
IS: And the state will care for your children.
HP: [Laughter]
IS: So you can see, what I think is that the Scandinavian countries must have been consciously chosen to see what can be created in terms of turning us into submissive slaves.
HP: Yes. [19:09]
IS: And what is also true is that one of the mechanisms that they use is to have a huge state administration so that half of the people can work for the state and their job will be to control the rest.
HP: Exactly.
IS: So we keep each other in place.
HP: Exactly, that is very well put. It is a kind of self-policing -- it is not a police state as you would think of it because the existence for the militarized police, you know, the full on guards out there with tasers and acoustic weaponry and everything, that is not needed because the population police each other. Right? It is a perfect efficient system in that way. But it is very important in what you bring up in that dependency on the state as well. I think in Denmark that over 50%, well, I know that the state is the largest employer. But one thing that usually people miss as well is that one of the reasons for the success economically, and we don’t have to look at Norway’s oil resources as of yet [laughter], but the fact is that it has been built on at least about a hundred years of free market before the ideas of Folkhemmet the socialist kind of environment came into place. That is why we saw a crash in Sweden back in the 90’s because it was basically, it managed to perpetuate itself just for so long before it actually crashed. I think one of the reasons why Norway has survived is because of the oil funds and can still do the same behavior, if you know what I mean. [20:29]
IS: Exactly, that is exactly what is happening. But you know, our countries are very confusing because, yes, they can still lean on the relative riches or the relative welfare that they are able to muster, but the thing is that we feel or what we see is a very subtle form of totalitarianism because there is a stark contrast between the facade and the actual things that the governments do. So it is very confusing, it is like dealing with Hannibal Lecter. [21:11] It is like you have smooth operations on the surface and then you see that Norway promotes itself as the peace negotiating and peace keeping country, the kind of, on top of the hierarchy of countries with very noble intentions. So we are very big on promoting ourselves as the most humanitarian country in the world and the nicest people. And we are also taught regularly that we are a nation of good people and we are actually the best in the world at many things.
HP: Yes.
IS: But then, at the same time, there is a darker side because it is also reflected in the numbers. And I will get back to some of the numbers. But you will see that we are engaged very heavily in military operations in countries where we really have no business. And the basis for our participation in Libya and such, it is based on the thinnest public discourse you would ever see. You hardly need any arguments at all because people are used to thinking that our government is good and it has noble intentions.
HP: Yes.
IS: And it is all right, they can just go to war, it doesn’t matter. So even if people realize that, OK, one million people were killed in Iraq due to our interventions, and we spent billions and billions on aircraft bombing Libya, there is no connection made in the mind that creates a crack in your perception of what the state is.
HP: Yes.
IS: You see the public pension fund, that we have very good feelings for it because we think that this is our national pride and are saving us. And then when you see where they invest the public pension funds, it is into the most nefarious corporations you could ever think of. So this pension fund that is referred to all the time and that is supposed to support us into the future is kind of leaving a trail of unimaginable brutality behind, and destruction. And also among people they will feel that the state more and more comes down with an iron fist.
HP: Yes

The Norwegian Pension Fund has been created mostly through oil industry revenues. It has been a key factor to support the notion that Norway is a very wealthy country. Later in the interview Ms. Sigurdsdatter explains why it is very this fund will be robbed by globalists, leaving very little to benefit the Norwegian people. We also learn more specifics about Norwegian media control and the control of dissent. Norway has an alarmingly high rate of involuntary incarceration of people in mental facilities reminiscent of the Soviet practice of confining political dissidents to psychiatric hospitals.

Henrik Palmgren: ...There has been a lot of people forcefully admitted into mental hospitals in not only in Norway, but in Sweden too. There has been a long history of eugenics programs running a lot of experiments. I think some of the first experiments on the electronic versions of mind control and implantable chips to affect the brain and whatnot was actually done in Sweden for the longest time. You have aspects like the lebensborn, for example. The children of German soldiers and Norwegian mothers in Norway has been one of the most suppressed groups ever. They were experimented on with LSD. They were raped, et cetera. This horrible history that they have been trying to cover up, so things are not as nice and dandy of course. Again, to go back to that initial point we talked about more in the first hour of that external façade that people only see, you know.
Ingunn Sigurdsdatter: That is a very good point actually because when we are told that this is the best country in the world, we are each told that in different ways in the Scandinavian countries, and the numbers give away the reality. So then statistics can be used and actually be useful tools of understanding because we see in Norway that as much as 10,000 people are being admitted into psychiatric wards forcefully every year which is enormously much in the land or in the country of the most happy people. We also see how many children are admitted into state care. 52,000 every year. These are horrendous numbers for such a small country. Pieces of our story that hasn’t been told to us keep coming up and it seems that it can’t be covered any longer really because it surfaces somehow. So stories of mass graves outside the psychiatric hospitals where they have been doing experiments on the ethnic groups or the original Lapp people in Norway has come to the surface. As you say, enrolling them into experiments with LSD and lobotomy and sterilizing all of them up until 1976 actually. So this is quite recent history.

Getting back to the Norwegian American Weekly, these kinds of issues have not been discussed in its highly sanitized editorials any more than they have been openly addressed in the Norwegian "mainstream" corporate media.
In addition, NAW typically provides a highly filtered "comic book" interpretation of Norwegian history slanted towards WWII Allied propaganda as well as the current Zionist New World Order. For example, in regard to the history of Norway in the 1930's and during WWII, Germans are typically made out to be the "bad guys" with "black hats" whereas Jews in Norway and elsewhere around the world are usually always portrayed as the poor, persecuted "good guys" with "white hats."
As one example, we do not hear about how the British committed an act of war against Norwegian sovereignty just prior to the Nazi invasion during Operation Wilfred. According to Wikipedia:

[Operation Wilfred] involved the mining of the channel between Norway and her offshore islands in order to prevent the transport of Swedish iron ore through neutral Norwegian waters to be used to sustain the German war effort. The Allies assumed that Wilfred would provoke a German response in Norway and prepared a separate operation known as Plan R 4 to occupy Narvik and other important locations."
On 8 April 1940, the operation was partly carried out, but was overtaken by events as a result of the following day's German invasion of Norway and Denmark (Operation Weserübung), which began the Norwegian Campaign.

We also do not hear about how "loony leftist" members of the Norwegian government granted political asylum to a premier Jewish Bolshevik and leading architect of Red Terror named Leon Trotsky in 1936. This GULAG mass murderer was subsequently exposed for his continuing leadership of the international communist movement while in Norway by members of the Norwegian Nasjonal Samling Party and then forced to leave the country. Despite this service to humanity, members of the Nasjonal Samling are typically portrayed as the "bad guys" because of their pro-German, pro-National Socialist ideological orientation and the role of Vidkun Quisling as one of its leaders.


The general unwillingness of the NAW staff to confront American media monopoly issues, media suppression of Fukushima, and media bias against Nordic peoples.


The Norwegian-American Weekly not only follows the official Norwegian government party line, but also acts as a "me-too" follower of mainstream corporate media in America. This creates a "double trouble" situation, because American corporate media is also highly filtered and censored.
In her presentation titled "Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public and Withhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal Information Sharing Networks" delivered before the Lessons of Fukushima Symposium held at Willamette University, February 24-25, 2012, Dr. Majia Nadesan, professor at Arizona State University, explained how both U.S. government officials and the so-called "mainstream media" failed to alert the public regarding the true magnitude of the danger. The following are some sample bullet point slides from her PowerPoint presentation:



Overview of Lesson 1: US and Canada


  • US & Canadian Officials Censored and Trivialized Radiation Fallout, Preventing Citizens from Taking Simple Measures that Might Have Reduced Exposure Risks

    * Canadian gov. failed to disclose Iodine-131 in precipitation

    * Canadian gov. failed to test for contamination (or release results)

    * US officials minimized risks despite models predicting health effects from exposure to Fukushima Iodine-131 in Alaska and detection of Iodine-131 throughout nation

    * These incidents reveal a failure to warn and protect the public in a context of new knowledge about the harmful health effects of exposure to relatively low-levels of ionizing radiation


Canadian Officials Failed To Disclose
Fallout Exceeding Safety Levels


  • What are officials hiding about Fukushima? By Alex Roslin Oct 20 2011
  • data shows rainwater in Calgary last March had an average of 8.18 becquerels per liter of radioactive iodine, easily exceeding the Canadian guideline of six becquerels per liter for drinking water.
  • “It’s above the recommended level [for drinking water],” Eric Pellerin, chief of Health Canada’s radiation-surveillance division, admitted in a phone interview from Ottawa. “At any time you sample it, it should not exceed the guideline.”
  • Canadian government officials didn’t disclose the high radiation readings to the public. Instead, they repeatedly insisted that fallout drifting to Canada was negligible and posed no health concerns.


Lesson 1: Governments Reduce
Perceptions of Risk By Failing to Test


  • Roslin cont: “Health Canada’s data on rainwater is also puzzling for another reason. It sharply contrasts with the data collected by SFU associate professor of chemistry Krzysztof Starosta. He found iodine-131 levels in rainwater in Burnaby spiked to 13 becquerels per litre in the days after Fukushima. That’s many times higher than the levels detected in Vancouver by Health Canada.
  • “Food is another big question mark. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency briefly tested Japanese food imports from the area around Fukushima, but it dropped those measures in June. Canada now relies on Japanese authorities to screen contaminated food.”


US Officials Minimize Risk



Safe? Cascades and Hot Particles


  • Research conducted by Arnie Gundersen and Marco Kaltofen:

    * In the early days of the disaster, 10 hot particles a day inhaled in Seattle, 100X more in Japan.

    * Hot spots of hot particles in Seattle and local contamination throughout Cascades of 100 becquerels (disintegrations per second) in about 2 pounds of dirt

    * Marco Kaltofen found 100 becquerels from Cesium-134 and 137 in a square meter in the Portland Oregon area. This research was conducted before November 6



Iodine-131 in Kansas and Pacific Northwest


  • Gov’t Report: Kansas detected Iodine-131 in grass at over 2,000 pCi/kg — “Attributed to Fukushima” Report of Radiological Environmental Monitoring of the Environs Surrounding Wolf Creek Generating Station, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, July 2010-June 2011: Sample: WCFV-1-A-005-2.5 Location: Sharpe Type: Pasturage Date: April 5, 2011
  • “Sample contained 2072.0 ± 72 pCi/kg 131I and 503.0 ± 29 137Cs. This was not a result of WCGS operation, but is attributed to the Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.”
  • Radiation Levels in Northwest Rain Were Up to 131 Times Drinking Water Standards Following Fukushima, Japan Nuclear Reactor Explosion.” Heart of American Northwest. Press Release July 7: “Radiation Levels in Rain in WA and OR were high enough to be of concern despite news reports and officials stating that levels were ‘below any level of public health concern’”

From slides 19-24 in the "Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public and Withhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal Information Sharing Networks" PowerPoint presentation used by Dr. Majia Nadesan in her lecture at the Willamette University Lessons of Fukushima Symposium held 24-25 Feb 2012.




Overview of Lesson 2: Government Censorship

  • Government censorship and denial can succeed because the mainstream media largely fail to investigate government and Tepco reports.
  • Censorship/Data Manipulation evident in media reporting

    Pattern Exists Between Alarming Initial Reports and Subsequent Efforts by Officials to Minimize Perceptions of Danger, Which Are Reported Uncritically by Mainstream Media

  • Media, including western media, may directly withhold vital information deliberately and as a result of their unwillingness to question or investigate official pronouncements
  • Mainstream media may frame issues in ways that inaccurately and/or misleadingly represent the significance and/or severity of the information.


Summary of Media


  • During the early days of the disaster the Japanese press reported

    That no explosions had occurred
    That no more explosions would occur within hours of more explosions
    That no meltdowns had occurred
    That no radiation had been released
    That the effects of radiation released was too small to affect health
    That contamination was limited to people’s clothes
    That no danger was posed by radioactive iodine in tap water
    That contaminated food was safe to eat

  • US news media even less critical in reporting than Japanese press, particularly given an inability to formalize in print

    That meltdowns had occurred
    That melt-throughs were reported
    That cold shutdown is a fantasy

  • Japanese, American and other nations’ media all systematically under-represented the scale of radiation releases, their ongoing dynamics, and their probable health effects.
  • In particular, emphasis on “no immediate effects” and “no acute effects” functioned to mislead publics about severity of releases

From slides 34-35 in the "Lessons From Fukushima: Governments and the Media Will Deceive the Public and Withhold Vital Information, Leaving Citizens to Create Informal Information Sharing Networks" PowerPoint presentation used by Dr. Majia Nadesan in her lecture at the Willamette University Lessons of Fukushima Symposium held February 24-25, 2012.



In the interview of Dr. Majia Nadesan titled "Fukushima, Radiation, Politics, and Public Relations (Transcript)," conducted by Dr. James Fetzer on his Real Deal Talk Show, March 30, 2012 (Part I and Part II of this interview that I organized are also listed at Veterans Today), Dr. Nadesan provided additional background on the government and mainstream media cover up. She also explained how this is part of a pattern that has involved other disasters.

Dr. Majia Nadesan: ...[In regard to] the Japanese and American governments, there was an initial effort to trivialize the scale of the disaster, and as a consequence of that trivialization by government, populations in Japan and also in the U.S. West Coast were not warned of the radiation releases and they were not warned of the severity of the disaster. For example, the Japanese radiation dispersion data, the SPEEDI data, was censored. Japanese officials resisted releasing important data about dispersion because they were afraid of panicking residents, and I think that there is good reason to believe that people are more likely to be panicked when they think their government is lying to them as opposed to when they have a realistic assessment of what the risks are, because then they can make educated decisions. And so what really produces panic is a lack of knowledge and a lack of trust. And unfortunately the Japanese government failed to uphold the public trust. They failed to expand the evacuation zone adequately, because they did in fact censor the SPEEDI data. They tried to shut down monitoring equipment to reduce fears about contamination. They used a variety of strategies to manipulate the data that was released, for example if the data on the fallout on the ground was too high, they would simply raise the radiation monitor higher in the air, where the concentrations of fallout would be less. They wouldn't include all radionuclides. They would only look at iodine or cesium and they wouldn't look at the presence of strontium or plutonium or other radionuclides. So across the board the crisis communication failed to lead to safe, adequate evacuations, and also there was an inability to distribute potassium iodide as a consequence of lack of knowledge about the severity of the crisis.
Dr. James Fetzer: Majia, part of what you are telling me seems to be that they were filtering or selecting the evidence they were willing to present to the public and eliminating the rest, which of course violates a basic principle of scientific reasoning known as the requirement of total evidence. You are of course correctly observing in the absence of accurate information about what actually is taking place it is impossible to know what policies are the best ones to adopt in the public interest. So it appears to me we have a two-sided sham or scheme or shell game. They are not only not revealing the accurate scientific data, but they are then based upon the inaccurate reports offering solutions or recommendations for action or behavior modification that are actually inappropriate for the situation they are really in.
Dr. Nadesan: Exactly, and the same situation happened with the crisis communication by the U.S. and Canadian governments as well. There was the statement made that of course that no harmful levels of radiation would reach the United States, and in fact that is not true. We have EPA data that shows that uranium was detected, plutonium was detected, before the EPA stopped reporting. Now the EPA is no longer reporting all the RadNet data for the cities across the United States, but before they stopped reporting there were months and months of highly elevated radiation levels. A radiological expert that I have had communication with used the EPA's data and found that Phoenix, for example, just at their radiation monitoring sites had 20% higher levels of radiation in 2011 than in 2010. The same kinds of analysis have been done for Oregon have also found elevated levels. So the government's own data shows in fact that people were exposed to elevated levels of fallout. Cesium is not something that is found in nature, and it is not good for us, yet no precautions were advised. Children were not asked to stay inside during recess. There were absolutely no precautions. And again I think that is an indication of a lack of concern of the public welfare as a goal of government.
Dr. Fetzer: Wouldn't you infer also Majia that what is going on here is the government is suppressing information so as not to alarm the public, the problem being that this is an expensive public health -- I mean life and well-being are at risk here -- I mean if the government has an obligation to promote the general welfare, which I take to be one of its fundamental roles, then it is seriously abusing its responsibility here. I am reminded when Christie Whitman as head of the EPA announced on 9/11 that the air there, in New York City, was safe to breath when it was full of all kinds of heavy metals and toxic substances, arsenic, asbestos, and a host of others including from the computers that had been destroyed. It was completely and totally false that she made such a statement. It was deemed to be politically expedient, but it was at the great risk to the lives and health of the first responders where we now have an epidemic of the kinds of consequences in terms of cancer, leukemia, and multiple manifestations one would expect from exposure to highly toxic and hazardous materials in the atmosphere. This is just utterly shameful, and the government, of course, has put off and put off any acknowledgment in order apparently to forestall having to provide any benefits to those who are placed in jeopardy. I mean it is a complete disgrace as I see it and an abdication of the government's responsibility to the people.
Dr. Nadesan: And we saw the same scenario in the BP Oil Spill. There have been subsequent analyses of the tissues of fish that the EPA deemed safe to consume and shellfish in particular were very highly contaminated and those products made it to market and people consumed them, and yet subsequent analysis, because the FDA had simply relied on taste tests, have shown that those products were not safe.

The Japanese and U.S. governments have promulgated so many outrageous cover ups regarding Fukushima that one could write a very long book about this topic alone. At the top of this list of outrages is the way the U.S. needlessly exposed the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan task force to highly radioactive plumes offshore of Fukushima for over 30 days. Over 7,500 servicemen in the carrier strike group are now so horribly contaminated that virtually all of them can expect dramatically shortened life spans. The Navy has discontinued tracking the medical histories of these servicemen, and the Veteran's Administration has also been caught denying medical care.
Despite strenuous efforts by the U.S. Navy to decontaminate the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan super carrier at its docks in Bremerton, Washington, many observers believe it remains too radioactive to be serviceable even though the latest word from Wikipedia is that it was returned to home base in San Diego in March 2013 and may be reassigned to Japan in 2015. According to journalist Yoichi Shimatsu in his 28 Jan 2013 interview with Jeff Rense, prior to the Bremerton overhaul the U.S.S. Reagan was so radioactive that its use was restricted to ferrying cars across the Pacific on its top deck while being manned by only a skeleton crew. Radionuclides can be extremely hard to scrape off metal, which is why the Soviets abandoned the military vehicles and aircraft used in their Chernobyl cleanup efforts to a "bone yard."
For more background on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan tragedy, please see "Navy sailor suing over Fukushima exposure dies from rare cancer near heart — TV: Navy lieutenant retires, says he’s unable to use leg muscles due to Fukushima radiation and confined to wheelchair — Both in mid-30s (VIDEOS),", June 1, 2014, "Radio: US Navy sailors had radioactive snow ball fights off Fukushima — Crew `pretty well toast” after weeks on Pacific… significant cancers, incessant bleeding from anus or vagina, blindness — Debris from USS Reagan sent to Hanford nuclear waste site (AUDIO),'" Jan 1, 2014,, and "STORIES OF BETRAYAL FROM SICK FUKUSHIMA RADIATED NAVAL SERVICEMEN! (YouTube)," (11:04), March 11, 2013, press conference with US Navy Quartermasters (retired) Jaime Plym and Maurice Ennis held on Day 1 at the "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" Symposium at the New York Academy of Medicine organized by Dr. Helen Caldicott. I might add that other horror stories about radiation effects have been surfacing from members of other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces besides the Navy who were stationed in Japan when the Fukushima catastrophe began.


The situation as of July 2014 (when this repoort was first published) could cause one to ask if the USS Ronald Reagan had effectively become a radioactive but still floating version of the "U.S.S. Arizona Memorial" in regard to the ongoing the Fukushima catastrophe? Note the lack of aircraft on the top deck in this photo taken of the Reagan while docked in San Diego since March 2013. Other ghastly reminders of Fukushima contamination on the West Coast are described online in works such as "Fukushima Update and Discussion of `28 Indications That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation'" (interview by Dr. James Fetzer with Christina "The RadChick" Consolo and Leuren Moret transcribed by myself, posted Oct 24, 2013), "Fukushima Radiation Plume Nears West Coast - Graphs & Videos,", Feb 18, 2014, "Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the west coast right now?," by Michael Snyder, July 29, 2014, and "With Fury Out Of Fukushima, Thunderbolts Blast California Beaches," by Yoichi Shimatsu, July 29, 2014. (Photo above of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan in 2013 from Wikipedia). The update situation at Wikipedia as of August 2018 is that " On 1 October 2015, Ronald Reagan arrived in her newest home port, Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture...." and has been on various deployments ever since. Questions remain about the USS Reagan's crew that got heavily irradiated in March-April 2011 (see for example "7 Years on, Sailors Exposed to Fukushima Radiation Seek Their Day in Court Special investigation: US military personnel are sick and dying, and want the nuclear plant’s designers and owners to take responsibility." By Gregg Levine,, March 9, 2018). The U.S. Navy was unable to significantly decontaminate ships used in the 1940's Pacific nuclear tests, given the way radionuclides adhere to metallic surfaces. This is a fact that is drawing special attention to problem indicators on board the USS Reagan in the last few years. (See, for example "Irradiated Sailors and the USS Ronald Reagan's Operation Tomodachi,", Jan 12, 2017 and "16 US ships that aided in Operation Tomodachi still contaminated with radiation," Matthew M. Burke, Stars and Stripes,, March 13, 2016).




We should also bear in mind that the magnitude of the catastrophe also magnifies the criminality of the cover up. During a subsequent interview on the Dr. Fetzer's Real Deal show titled "Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D.," October 18, 2013, Dr. Nadesan explained how radiation threatens to do vastly more than simply elevate the rates of cancer and other diseases. When we factor in the total level of nuclear contamination to date, to include radionuclides from bomb tests, nuclear power plants, exploded DU munitions, and other nuclear meltdowns in addition to Fukushima, all of this together threatens to comprise a major extinction level event that can eventually kill off most humans on this planet.
In the 25 years following the Chernobyl meltdown in April 1986, over a million people have died premature deaths and over 8 million people have been crippled across Europe. Dr. Chris Busby, Leuren Moret, and other radiation experts think that Fukushima could be more than 300 times worse, which could mean over 300 million dead and 2.4 billion people crippled.
Members of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) closely monitored Fukushima in March and April 2011. Transcripts of their discussions released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal a much more grim view of the situation than anything disclosed in corporate media. Not only did Reactors 1-3 and their spent fuel pools completely melt down, but Reactor 4 and its spent fuel pool very likely melted down as well. In addition, there have indicators of trouble at many other Japanese nuclear plants, to include Reactors 5-6 at Fukushima Daichi and Reactors 1-4 at Fukushima Daiini. Unknown amounts of molten nuclear fuel, called corium, have bored deep in the earth. These blobs continue to fission and release radionuclides into the atmosphere through cracks in the earth with no end in sight. Ground water from the mountains into the ocean continually flows around the corium and carries contaminants into the Pacific. The contaminated ground water not only includes dissolved radionuclides, but also water that has been bombarded with neutrons to form tritium and other radioactive isotopes. Contaminated water not only endlessly flows in North Pacific currents toward the North American West Coast, but can also be carried by the global belt current around the world. It can also evaporate from the surface of the Pacific and get carried in the jet streams around the world as well.
The following interview segment from Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D.," looked at how far the unfolding tragedy can go.

Dr. James Fetzer: ... I was just thinking about this whole nuclear energy situation. It is just so enormously threatening to the future of humanity that we never hear any discussion about it. I mean it is a peripheral incidental when they talk about Fukushima even in the national media, and I don't know other than in a few science journals where it is being taken seriously and addressed with the appropriate degree of urgency.
Dr. Majia Nadesan: Well, I would agree, and going back to religion this is kind of the hypocrisy of both religion and our political structure is that our religious and political leaders they promise us that they will shepherd the flock. That is what they promise. They are not doing that at all because we are facing direct risks to our short health and our long term long welfare and the very existence of our species and these problems are being misrepresented, trivialized or outright denied. And so yes, there is definitely a conspiracy of silence. And in this case I believe that there is a conspiratorial element. I know that after the disaster the British government met with representatives from the nuclear industry in Britain to discuss how the issue of Fukushima would be managed publicly. And I have no doubt that the same thing occurred [in America].

Additional Source

R. Edwards (30 June 2011) ‘Revealed: British Government’s Plan to Play Down Fukushima’, The Guardian,, date accessed 31 June 2011.

And we have seen in the United States that there has been no discussion by anybody except for your everyday main street kind of person about the NRC transcripts, about what occurred at Fukushima on the early days of March 15th, March 16th, March 17th. There are all these transcripts that were released through the Freedom of Information Request by Enformable I believe is the source of that request. If you read those transcripts, the NRC had a very bleak scenario for the Fukushima situation and yet there has been no public dialog about that NRC discussion by our politicians, and certainly the people in the country who call themselves leaders, including environmentalists and religious leaders who are not raising questions about Fukushima fallout in their environment are not doing what their moral responsibility is which is to look out for the people who are relying on them to show leadership.

Additional Source

Hatrick Penny’s Plumegate (a detailed analysis of the NRC transcripts from March 2011)

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, and of course we have nuclear power plants distributed all over our country. How many are there? My guess would be 130? Could it be that many?
Dr. Nadesan: Oh my goodness, I don't even have the numbers, but the amount of nuclear power plants, the current disaster that is ongoing is Hanford. When you look at how much plutonium sludge, you know, highly radioactive strontium and cesium and however many radioisotopes this sludge is moving its way towards the Columbia River and probably has been there forever. And it is going to contaminate the entire Pacific Northwest. It is a slow motion train wreck that is occurring and there is nothing being done about it, at least nothing publicly.

Additional Source

"America's Atomic Time Bomb Hanford Nuclear Waste Still Poses Serious Risks" by Marc Pitzke in New York, Spiegel Online International,1518,752944,00.html

Dr. Fetzer: This is a power plant in Washington state?
Dr. Nadesan: Well Hanford is where they enriched uranium and plutonium for making the nuclear bombs. The Hanford site is the most contaminated.
Dr. Fetzer: The bombs that were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Dr. Nadesan: And afterwards, during the Cold War. I don't know when it was finally closed, maybe in the 70's, I don't know.
Dr. Fetzer: A vast reservoir of nuclear waste and it is moving towards an aquifer.
Dr. Nadesan: Yes, because they didn't store things properly. Remember when there was the fire in Los Alamos two years ago and all these disclosures came out about how nuclear waste had been dumped all over the hills, and had not been properly stored in tanks that leaked, etc. etc. So there was concern about that stuff burning? Well, Hanford is like that but many, many more times. There are I don't remember how many Olympic-sized swimming pools of highly toxic, radiotoxic sludge that is all leaking. There is no long term planning for what to do going back to our earlier conversation with all this nuclear waste, and it was buried in containment they knew would only last a short period of time and we are well beyond that period of time and it is all leaking, and there is no way to get it out. They are afraid that if you disrupt it, that you could produce an explosion. I mean, it is crazy. It is the same problem at Fukushima
Dr. Fetzer: But Majia, if it is headed towards an aquifer, I mean the contamination, the disaster is going to be immense.
Dr. Nadesan: Yes, yes! It probably already is. This is my point. We are living through what could be an extinction level event as a result of what we have done to our ecosystem. At the very least it is going to cause huge conflicts between people because of the depletion and degradation of resources. Our genome itself, this is the thing. In 1956 geneticists warned that atmospheric testing would essentially cause mutations that were heritable because any germ line cell damage is inherited and so that the children get what their mother had and their father's damage as well. And then they acquire their own damage, and so it is plus two each generation with unknown accumulation within each generation and you could eventually create a failure to reproduce by creating so much error into the germ line that it would take decades, generations to unfold, and that we could have in fact already done it. We just didn't know and they wrote this in 1956. OK, so how many years has it been since? How much more exposure? It is very interesting that research on autism and congenital heart disease in children is finding that children with these disorders have more microdilutions and other kinds of genetic mutations than their parents do, and their sibling do, so these kids inherited a lot. Something happened and they got more and so that their genome itself [was impacted]. It is called genetic mosaicism if it gets too bad because your DNA can be so damaged that it produces different kinds of cells depending upon which DNA is activated. It is degradation of the human genome is what we are doing. So even if it doesn't kill us within one generation it could easily do it within 10.

A number of other researchers, activists, and alternative media sources deserve mention here in addition to the blog maintained by Dr. Majia Nadesan. Please see my author archive web pages for Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby, In addition, Christina Consolo's "Nuked in the Skies" interview with Leuren Moret is a "must read."
Hatrick Penry, pen name for Tony Muga, is a citizen activist based in Gainesville, Florida who has done excellent work examining Freedom of Information documents which cover Nuclear Regulatory Commission meetings and comparing them with the lies promulgated by the establishment. Please see the documentation at his web site at: I transcribed two interviews with him that are listed in my author archive as "Nuked Radio No 117 PLUMEGATE: Hatrick Penry Hosts Nuked Radio 6.13.13," and "Countering the Plume-Gate Cover-up," June 9, 2013.
Another well-researched web site is run by "Bobby1," the pen name of Robert C. Soltysik. This web site has erudite analyses regarding Fukushima, particularly regarding radiation effects on humans. I also recommend The Code Killers: Why DNA and Ionizing Radiation Are a Dangerous Mix (PDF) by ace anti-nuclear activist Ace Hoffman (web site: that uses copious illustrations and layman's language to explain the basics of nuclear energy.
Jeff Rense provides Fukushima news updates at his web site, and has provided a steady flow of insightful news and commentary with his weekly interviews of journalist Yoichi Shimatsu. Another important but less frequent guest is Dr. Richard Wilcox who lives in Tokyo. During the first two and a half years of the crisis, Jeff Rense also interviewed Michael Collins of, who also documented outrageous U.S. media cover ups from the vantage point of an activist living in Southern California.
Dr. Helen Caldicott, a longstanding anti-nuclear activist and author of landmark books such as Nuclear Madness and Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer, performed a valuable public service by organizing a Symposium titled "The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" held at the New York Academy of Medicine on 11-12 March 2013. During this series, Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear provided an excellent presentation titled "Seventy Years of Radioactive Risks in Japan and America" that is listed on YouTube as "Californian Fallout From Fukushima Being Covered Up...Kevin Kamps" (30:04). This documents how the nuclear industry (and allied corporate media) have not only covered up a long string of nuclear reactor "near misses," but have also failed miserably in devising viable schemes to dispose of extremely dangerous nuclear waste.
On her radio show If You Love This Planet, Dr. Caldicott hosted a number of very informative interviews with leading nuclear industry insider Arnie Gundersen of and other nuclear activists.
From time to time Alex Jones at has conducted hard-hitting interviews about Fukushima. So has Joyce Riley at
I have worked with Dr. James Fetzer, co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, who has not only addressed Fukushima-related issues on his Real Deal talk show, but also has co-authored a number of alerts along with myself and other former military officers regarding likely false flag terror events.
This is by no means a complete list, and of course I do not necessarily agree with all the political views of the individuals just mentioned, however, the information provided by these sources will definitely confirm and reinforce the basic facts behind my alerts that have been suppressed by editors of the Norwegian American Weekly,
During RadChick's interview with me in Jan 2013, I explained how I first became particularly sensitized to media control and manipulation when I worked at the CBS headquarters in New York City in my first job out of business school:

Christina Consolo: Too many people trust the news to tell them the truth. Did you trust the news when you worked for CBS?
Maj. Fox: Well, initially, yes. Initially, I thought it was fairly close to reality with maybe a little bit of liberal bias, but nothing really serious. Then, after I worked at Central Command and saw the difference between the mainstream media in the U.S. and the Arab media, then I took some other steps. I was alerted to some sources in "alternative media" [which existed] at that time. You had to go through mail order [during this pre-Internet era]. I started through a P.O. Box looking at stuff on all ends of the political spectrum, from the radical left to the radical right. That is when I really started understanding the extent to which what we have got in media was heavily concentrated, and homogenized, and very hijacked.
In fact, speaking of being at CBS, when I first got there, you know, sometimes being there, at a certain place, tells you something that you don't really feel from just getting it in books. When I was at the CBS headquarters, I would look south. I looked down 6th Avenue, and it looks like a human [made] Grand Canyon with all the tall skyscrapers. Within two blocks south is Rockefeller Center which had the NBC headquarters. So then I walked on the other side of the building, facing north, and at that time in 1984, the ABC headquarters was about two blocks north looking towards Central Park. I was aware that according to studies, most Americans at that time got their information from television network news, and those three networks had a 75% rating, which means that most Americans got most of their news from three networks whose headquarters were located within a two block radius of CBS. Just three entities. The executives there in the CBS headquarters, if they would make a job move, they would just go two blocks to NBC or ABC. Quite a few of them would all go through Grand Central Station commuting to and from work. I thought, that right there tells me that there is a tremendous concentration of media in this country. [1:00:34]
I could actually go on. You had the Lichter and Rothman studies [published in 1981] which then showed me -- they were actually two Jewish scholars -- who talked about extreme bias in the media based upon their quantitative media assessments. That appeared in The American Enterprise. [Ed. Note: The original article "Media and Business Elites" appeared in the October/November 1981 issue of Public Opinion Magazine, run by the American Enterprise Institute. Public Opinion and the AEI Economist were later merged into The American Enterprise Magazine. Dr. S. Robert Lichter, Dr. Stanley Rothman, and Linda Lichter later published their research in book form as The Media Elite: America's New Power Brokers.] But then you can go more hardcore with the hard right, for example you have got the National Alliance which has their famous article "Who Rules America?" at, and they talk about the degree of Jewish ownership, and their slant. And then Dr. David Duke does the same thing in his chapter "Who Runs the Media" in his book Jewish Supremacism. Last, but not least, don't miss Zionist Influence on the America Media: Its Impact on Media Coverage of the Middle East; The Untold Story Behind The JFK Assassination, Watergate and the Lewinsky Scandal, A presentation before the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates by Michael Collins Piper, March 10, 2003]. So you can do racial nationalist analysis. You can [also] do libertarian analysis. Professor [Ben. H.] Bagdikian, [author of The Media Monopoly], talks about corporate concentration of the media, and you can go in a lot of different directions, but what you wind up [with] is tremendous concentration and slant in relatively few hands of American media. And that starts to help explain a lot about who has been molding the minds of Americans [and running brazen cover-ups]. [1:01:35].
[In her book The Cholesterol Hoax (2008), Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., provides on page 362 her own list of books that explain media bias which I also find quite interesting. She states: "Progressively more books are coming out showing how professional journalists no longer report the facts and events objectively, but slant their reporting according to agendas. Lifelong CBS news reporter Bernard Goldberg has written Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How Media Distort the News. And he is not alone, as William McGowan, former reporter for Newsweek, the BBC, and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal wrote Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism. Meanwhile, Tammy Bruce wrote: The New [Thought] Police: Inside the Left's Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds. And William Procter wrote, The Gospel According to the New York Times. How the World's Most Powerful News Organization Changes Your Mind and Values."]

The issue of media control is complicated even further by the existence of false front media sources --often covertly funded by government agencies or well-funded "NGO's" -- that go beyond mere censorship by creating phony web sites and engaging in "limited hangout" and other sophisticated disinformation tactics designed to steer the thinking of the public. "Limited hangout" involves providing just enough truth in a story to make the audience think they are getting the full story, but in actuality important elements of information are withheld in order to slant the interpretation of the information.
Interestingly enough, during her Red Ice Radio interview, Ingunn Sigurdsdatter demonstrated her awareness of covert control measures by describing the existence of Internet Trolls and Shills.
Hatrick Penry believes that media controllers (such as the CIA) have penetrated so deeply that now one must find an "alternative to even the `alternative media'" to get the truth. More on this later.


Evidence of suppression tactics used in Norway as well as in the U.S.A., to include the circumstances surrounding the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 false flag operation that provide a "Rosetta Stone" for "what is rotten in Norway."
"The murderous Norway caper pretty much blows away the remaining fragments over the long-discredited story that the 9/11 attacks were done by Muslims to provide the lame excuse for the War on Terror against the entire Islamic world. Can’t you get it through your heads? All the terror attacks — 9/11, Madrid, London, Bali, Mombasa, Yemen and now Norway, all of them false flag operations coordinated by the real axis of evil in the world: the Mossad, the CIA and MI-6, to convince the world that it is threatened by terror." -- John Kaminski, "Kaminski: The real Norway story," July 28, 2011


So far I have discussed media suppression in the United States by both government and nongovernmental actors. It is also worth looking at forms of suppression that exist in Norway, particularly since the Norwegian American Weekly appears to be more interested in accommodating these things rather than confronting them.
For starters, the Norwegian American Weekly has only published the Norwegian government version of the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 event, claiming that it was done by the alleged "lone nut" Anders Behring Breivik.
After extensively researching this event, as well as other suspected "black ops" as part of my research for my Mission of Conscience series, the evidence is overwhelming that Oslo-Utoya 7-22 was a false flag operation. I have created extensive documentation in my online Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series to back up my case.
For those who may wonder why I refer to the Rosetta Stone in regard to Oslo-Utoya 7-22, this landmark archeological find contained the same text in three different languages (Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic script, and Ancient Greek), thereby enabling researchers to use the languages they understood to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs. Similarly, we can look for patterns behind 9/11, Oslo-Utoya 7-22, and other false flag operations, compare them to patterns of behavior by the government and media establishments that handled these events, and then make inferences regarding the modus operandi and real goals of the "powers behind the thrones."
Contrary to the Norwegian government position that Anders Behring Breivik was a "lone nut" who bombed Oslo and shot people on Utoya Island, there were numerous witness accounts of multiple shooters on Utoya Island. Furthermore it was impossible for Breivik to pack enough chemical explosives inside a car for the blast in Oslo to create a hole in the layer of concrete beneath the alleged location of his alleged car (Timothy McVeigh's alleged ANFO bomb inside a Ryder truck failed to make a crater at Oklahoma City and was certainly inadequate to sheer off the face of the nearby Federal Building, and the intelligence expert Joe Vialls noted that the "thousand-pound Omagh bomb detonated in Northern Ireland by the IRA during 1998 did not cause a crater;" see Chapter 17 of my Mission of Conscience series). The Oslo bomb was more likely a mini-nuke similar to other bombs used by Mossad in Indonesia (again, see Chapter 17, Mission of Conscience) or inside the World Trade Center towers on 9-11 (Chapter 7, Mission of Conscience), or perhaps similar to the airborne ground penetration weapon very likely used to assassinate Lebanese President Rafik Hariri in 2005 that left a crater beneath his car (See Did Israel Kill Rafik Hariri With A Guided Bomb?, 18 Feb 2005 and Who Killed Lebanon's Rafik Hariri?, 21 Nov 2006 by Christopher Bollyn). In addition, the date 7-22 and alleged fatalities reported in establishment media as "77" wreak of Kabballistic numerological significance, that is, divisible by 11, just like 9-11, London 7/7, and Madrid 3-11. (Incidentally, so does the 3-11 inception date of the Fukushima catastrophe, as well as the 5-11 date the Norwegian Institute for Air Research discontinued its radioactive plume forecast service). In a pattern similar to 9-11, London 7/7, and other false flag operations, Norwegian police and other security forces conducted anti-terror training exercises in the days leading up to July 22nd that bore a strong similarity to the event itself.
The fingers of circumstantial evidence point towards a Mossad-CIA-MI6 operation acting in concert with members of a NATO Gladio-type group as the primary implementers engaged in MIHOP - Made It Happen On Purpose. In addition, such a black operation and its cover up (to include the show trial of Breivik) could only have been carried under the LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) auspices of high level officials within the Norwegian Government and corporate media.


Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde


During the interview "The Norway Massacre, Anders Behring Breivik & Mind Control" (Transcript) hosted by Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio, August 4, 2011, Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde said that the former Norwegian Justice Minister was beamed with some kind of radiation to stifle her from revealing the skullduggery behind Oslo-Utoya 7-22. Furthermore the head of Norway's PST (Norwegian Police Security Service, or in Norwegian: Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste, roughly equivalent to America's FBI) signaled an intent to assume totalitarian control over the population by claiming that microchipping the population was necessary to prevent another Oslo-Utoya 7-22-type terror event:

Dr. Luukanen-Kilde: ...[From the inception of Oslo-Utoya 7-22] one thing that struck me was that for three days, the PST, which is the civilian secret police of Norway, did not react. And even Anne Holt who is a criminal author, not criminal, but I mean writing about criminal things.
Henrik Palmgren: That is right, yes.
Dr. L-K: And so she was for two months our Justice Minister, until in my mind she was beamed to bleeding so badly inside, because she tried to take an order for the secret services and their criminality and their criminal actions and whatever, and so she had to resign. So she came out now and said that, just a minute, I am blocked, somebody doesn't want me to say what she said! Yes, she was very much against, or criticizing the PST, the secret police, that they had not opened their mouth for three days. And then it hit me why they hadn't said anything -- anything. Whatever. And then Janne Kristiansen, it is a lady who is the Chief of the Secret Police now in Norway, she came out and she said that it is not possible to prevent something like this unless the population is micro-chipped. And then she added, but we don't yet think that could be done. Will be done. Imagine! Imagine!! Now that is something. So that is something that is coming, because that is already planned in the United States. Obama's health law which has not been accepted in the Senate as I have understood yet, there as a first nation in the world, he says he does not use the word "microchip." He uses another word, but it is a microchip, that it will be compulsory for all Americans to have a chip.

The claim that a Norwegian dissident got "beamed" is credible to me, because quite a few other sources have discussed the use of microwave and other "beam weapons" in the U.S. For example whistle blower Leuren Moret told me that she and other dissidents in the San Francisco Bay area have been getting zapped with microwaves and other forms of radiation. The Pentagon has admitted to developing advanced technology beam and acoustic weapons, and police departments have received them to use in cooperation with the CIA, FBI, DHS, and Pentagon as part of an ongoing police militarization program. (See, for example, the discussion of police deployment of long-range acoustic devices [LRADs] used to disrupt demonstrators against the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009, Chapter 38, Mission of Conscience). In fact, once when I was on the phone with Ms. Moret, she said that she got zapped with something and blood started rolling down the side of her face. (Fortunately this did not repeat in the course of many subsequent conversations). More recently she has described harassment being inflicted on Bay area residents in Leuren Moret: DHS uses Berkeley, CA template to overthrow USA -- Gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes (YouTube) (1:43:52), July 15, 2014. (See also "Deborah Tavares - Smart Meters at Oathkeepers Meeting" and other videos on the weaponization of Smart Meters being installed across America at Deborah Tavares' web site
During Dr. Luukanen-Kilde's interview, she described Mossad-CIA-MI5 influence in Norway. (She mentions MI5, which is the Britain's equivalent of America's FBI, whereas I typically cite MI6, which is Britain's version of the U.S. CIA). In addition, both she and Henrik Palmgren discussed corporate media inconsistencies involving the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 tragedy, suggesting manipulation and propaganda.

Henrik Palmgren: That is the only thing that would explain to me, and again I am not putting it past anybody, of course. I am not here to discount the way that things are happening, or even the way it is unfolding, because again if we can still go back of this idea, Rauni, that if he is a sleeper, if he is a mind control agent, he might have pulled all this off himself, and it does make sense. The timeline is there. It still implies that someone else is behind his programming, if you know what I mean.
Dr. Luukanen-Kilde: Absolutely. You don't program yourself, and it takes years to program somebody. And who is doing the programming, normally? It is very interesting that I heard that our justice minister would have called and asked Mossad to come here, I read that in fact a Mossad representative is coming --
Palmgren: Yes.
Dr. L-K: And then MI5 and CIA. Of course they are always here, hidden, but I mean officially now. My question is what are they doing here? Are not Norwegians good enough to investigate by themselves? Or are they coming to investigate the man, reprogramming him, or programming him, or what are they doing, because they are experts. They are the ones who are doing all these programmings. It was mentioned in the Internet that, well, everything has been deleted about him on the Internet, but something was added while he was in jail already, that on the 23rd, something that he was the conservative Christian or something like that.
Palmgren: Yes.
Dr. L-K: And then they stated that he was -- I heard the conversation on the radio, by an expert -- that he was many, many, many times, all the time looking at some videos, and they called them war videos, and this expert said no, it actually is not a war video, it is a video which has a team, and then there is a hero in the team, like he would be the hero of the team. But there is a team, absolutely a team, and this video showed how a lonesome man goes to an island and kills the people. And that was taken away. Because I do not think that many people, even if they are ignorant, wouldn't stop thinking "How is it possible that he looks like, you know -- of course it is programming, programming, programming." And of course there are other means how to do programming too. And it takes years and years to make that much hate like he has, and the question is, well, since he is very pro-Israel, and anti-Muslim, so why didn't he attack a mosque?
Palmgren: Absolutely. The first question right there.
Dr. L-K: Why did he attack white youths?
Palmgren: Exactly. I mean, OK, you know he is a political leftist at the root of the problem here, but still it doesn't make sense. And I wonder, will detail with you later on in terms of the inconsistencies of his manifesto, if that is even written by him. We don't know at this point, and I would suggest that it is not, just looking at it.
Dr. L-K: Yes, I agree with you.
Palmgren: This whole thing might be just a concoction, if you will, but the question here obviously is the muddy paths of Anders Behring Breivik, as the media now obviously understandably begin to plaster his whole life and detail, every aspect of his background in the media as if in an effort to try to understand what triggered him to do this, and what some of the points are here that might have caused these things to stir up in him...

When I was interviewed alongside Leuren Moret in "Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update: Fukushima Radiation and Oslo-Utoya 7/22 False Flag More Ominous Than Ever" (Transcript), The Real Deal, Sept 12, 2012, hosted by Dr. James Fetzer, I explained how Oslo-Utoya 7-22 reflects New World Order corruption in Norway:

Major William Fox: ...The Norwegian government and establishment have been heavily compromised by the same New World Order folks that we have been discussing so far in regard to Fukushima, and that has been one of my great discoveries.
Dr. James Fetzer: Why don't you elaborate on that Bill? That would be useful to know.
Maj. Fox: Yes, well I think it is especially timely since Breivik, his court case was concluded on the occultic date of June 22nd. As we know, dates that are divisible by 11 have occult significance [for 9/11-type "inside job" false flag operators]. News media claimed that he killed 77 people, actually a lot of accounts claim it was more, but 77 is an occultic number. And then of course the actual date of the bombing [in Oslo] and the shootings on Utoya Island on 7-22 [in 2011] is occultic. This was purely a show trial. There are photos of Breivik at different points of his life which show different shape of ear lobes and other facial features, so we don't even know that this is the same Breivik that has been referred to in various biographies, or whether he is just a patsy. There is an interesting propaganda spin change. Originally Breivik, an older Breivik, claimed in 2009, he said "We have to influence cultural conservatives to take up our anti-racist, pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli direction." He was pro-Vatican, pro-Zionist, anti-Muslim. Then at the time of the trial, he was quoted as saying that we have to preserve pure Norwegian bloodlines, in other words, making him sound more like a racist in the old style. So he was basically reinvented. There is a Finnish medical doctor who has been living in Norway who gave interviews on Red Ice Radio, Dr. Leena -- [Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde], her name will come to me in just a minute, she said that there was a Norwegian minister of justice who allowed the Mossad to come and visit with Breivik in prison. So there is one strong bit evidence that Breivik was being coached and that his persona was being reshaped. Now there are some other things that were very telling in terms of the motivations. It looked like Breivik, in talking about wanting to preserve indigenous values and being defined as some kind of hard core reactionary Norwegian nationalist, of course his philosophy really was not nationalist in the style of what I consider authentic Norwegian nationalism, I think most real nationalists look to the 19th century, the period of romantic nationalism, when romantic nationalist movements swept Europe, as a good touchstone, and instead Breivik focused on the Knights Templars, who were a Norman-French phenomenon of the medieval era, as his inspiration. Of course Norway, being a Protestant, Lutheran country is not exactly pro-Vatican. And Breivik earlier was pro-Vatican. But anyway this was actually a big black eye that they were trying to create in the later Breivik for the Progress Party which opposes Third World immigration into Norway. And I came across an article that I think provides some unusual insight. Of course there are a lot of, after studying all of this, I think there are a lot of motivations on a lot of different levels. I am sure the globalists were not happy about Norway wanting to pull out of Libya. Also, Norway has been supporting Palestinians. There is a photo on Utoya Island shortly before the shooting [with demonstrators holding a banner] saying "Boycott Israel," even among the Norwegian Labor Party members. So the Norwegians have been doing a lot of things that I think have piqued the New World Order. But there was an article called DEADLINE LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Who Are The Bankers That Benefit From The Norway Terror Attacks? dated 26 July 2011. And it says:

, , , Why the Norway terror attacks have more to do with international banks and a failed carbon tax scam than with a crazed racist man…by Mario Andrade . . .

Maj. Fox: And it turns out:

. . . the media is reporting that Breivik was an anti-immigration Islamophobe and a supporter of the ...People’s Progress Party ...

Maj. Fox: ...Which has been the major resurgent competition against the Labor Party. The Labor Party is the main party, the prevailing party, of the current Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. And it says that Stoltenberg actually attended a Cancun Global Climate Change Summit, and he:

. . . agreed to participate in a carbon tax pilot program, endorsed by the UN and George Soros....

Maj. Fox: And in this carbon tax program, Norway would send between 250-500 million [U.S. Dollars] from Norwegian tax payers to the government of Guyana and South America. The article later goes on to claim that this really blew up in their face, and that the Norwegian Progress Party which was against this project from the beginning began to mobilize to stop all funding. They wrote an open letter criticizing the project and the Labor Party, and in fact they are denouncing this carbon tax scam for what it really is has helped them gain political power. So you can see how the spin-doctoring, in fact they went even further, this article says that:

...The People’s Progress Party became the number one obstacle for the carbon tax promoters. The EU Police began to label them as terrorists. Their Facebook page was hacked earlier this month.

Maj. Fox: That was when this article was written, back last year [July 2011]. Then it said:

...Then suddenly, last Friday, a terrorist (who happens to be a Progress Party supporter) by the name of Anders Behring Breivik bombs the government building and kills a bunch of socialist kids in an island. The news media outlets worldwide have been unleashed and they are accusing those who support the Progress Party of being extremists, racists, islamophobes and even terrorists. Using the media propaganda as a tool, these terror attacks have effectively neutralized the Progress Party and their supporters, those who ‘deny’ climate change, those who oppose illegal immigration, higher taxes and the outsourcing of jobs...

Maj. Fox: So you can see there is a motivation for top level insiders in the Norwegian government with the Labor Party to possibly participate in a false flag inside job. Stoltenberg of the Labor Party has been seen hobnobbing with George Soros, Bill Gates, and other top globalists. So in addition to all this, there are some other very interesting stories. Of course, there is one writer [Frank Aune] who talked about how most of the major Norwegian leaders attend the Bilderberg conferences, including Jens Stoltenberg, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and even the head of the Progress Party [Siv Jensen], so she is kind of a controlled opposition or limited hangout. But actually another very interesting source wrote a book called Sleep My Little Norway by Per-Aslak Ertresvåg published in 2008. He said [words to the effect, as redacted by his publisher]:

The country Norway was a beautiful illusion that is still held up by hypocrisy, lies and hidden actions. Powerful outside forces are trying to conquer us from within, with the help of Norwegian collaborators. We are exposed to chemical warfare: chemtrails from foreign aircraft, radiation from NATO systems that impair the health and our leaders' judgment, and vaccination programs that make our children sick.

Maj. Fox: Now there is something even more shocking. I am getting to the punchline -- oh, he also points out that Norway annually coercively sends five times as many people to psychiatric institutions compared to neighboring countries like Denmark and Sweden, and implies that much of this may be for political purposes to quell dissent. But there is something even more shocking I have been leading up to in this background discussion. In January 11, 2009, there is an article by Frank Aune, in titled "Politician reveals cynical power elite in Norway." And now he claims that:

. . . [a confidential] Norwegian politician reveals the existence of extensive high-tech underground bases in Norway as a secret kept by means of lies and cynicism. These are intended only for the elite, leading politicians and specially selected people in a global catastrophe. The rest of the Norwegian population is left to die...
. . . [This] Norwegian politician said that massive underground bases being kept secret for the people by the ...politicians.

Maj. Fox: ..They were under construction since 1983 and the last will be completed no later than 2011. And then he said:

. . . People who will be left on the surface to die will not get any help at all. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are to be safe and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish without knowing what's going on.
. . . All governments in the world are aware of this and they just say that it's going to happen. If they reveal anything to anyone it is the guaranteed death . . .

The charge that that many leaders within the Norwegian government are willing to sacrifice 2.6 million of their fellow citizens may seem far-fetched to many people, but unfortunately this kind of behavior has already been validated by the willingness of the Japanese, U.S., Canadian, UK, and Norwegian governments to keep their own people in the dark about the dangers of Fukushima. Not only does the Norwegian corporate media refuse to cover Fukushima, but as mentioned previously, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) discontinued their plume forecast service on the Internet on the occult date of May 11, 2011. In addition, when the King of Norway visited the U.S. in fall 2011, he made no effort to warn Norwegian Americans or Americans in general about rising background radiation levels.
In other words, once the reader understands the long term effects of radiation on human populations, and the amount of fallout we have already received from Fukushima and other sources (to include bomb tests, nuclear power plants, and globally transported aerosolized depleted uranium), one understands that the sacrifice of over 2.6 million people is taking place right now through quiet or "soft kill" means. In fact, if we include the U.S. and Canada in addition to Norway, one can probably move the decimal place over at least one place (as in 26 million) and perhaps in another 10-20 years you can move it over one more decimal place.
In the following interview segment, Leuren Moret discussed why establishment obliviousness to Fukushima could be part of a conscious global depopulation agenda.

Dr. James Fetzer: ...most of Fukushima has been dumped into the Pacific Ocean. This amount of contamination in the ocean is absolutely stunning.
Leuren Moret: It is all deliberate. This is a genocide of the Northern Hemisphere. It is targeting the super nations. The super power nations. If you look at a map of --
Dr. Fetzer: Do you have a suspicion as to who is behind it, then? Is it related to a small country in the Middle East?
L. Moret: It is related to a small country in Europe called England. It is the British who are behind this genocide plan. It has been carried out in the last century, especially by Prince Philip in partnership with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. So it is the Anglo-Dutch monarchies. I call them "gangsters in tiaras." It is Queen Elizabeth and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Added to that it is the bankers, the international financiers and the Rothschilds. There is a Scandinavian branch intermarried with the monarchies in Scandinavia. The Tromso, Norway HAARP facility was used to heat up the fault zone offshore from Fukushima. Then the Gakona, Alaska magnetometer, it is called the Tokyo magnetometer because it is owned by Japan. That is the magnetometer that transmitted the 2.5 hertz signal which causes the triggering of earthquakes, the release of energy that is built up in natural settings. So actually the Japanese were involved in carrying it out as well.
Dr. Fetzer: This is just horrifying. I mean, is it still a risk that the whole of the Japanese islands may have to be abandoned? I mean 40 million people may have to be moved out of Tokyo. Is that still a risk, or has that subsided?
L. Moret: Oh, they are not going to move anybody. They want them to be exposed. And right now, what has been reported in Japan by scientists monitoring Fukushima Prefecture is that there are no birds. There is no bird sound or bird song in the forests of Fukushima. So this is what is happening to the people too.
Dr. Fetzer: And of course all kinds of other forms of life, flora, fauna who are being destroyed here so that the food chain is being disrupted. They are going to have a local wasteland almost immediately.
L. Moret: It is a cascade. What I wanted to mention is there is a report from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It is titled "Release of Fission Products From Irradiated Aluminide Fuel at High Temperature." And scientists from Kyoto University and American scientists at the Argonne National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab coauthored this. They reported that there are over 1,300 fission products that are released in an episode like Fukushima. So when they are reporting in the news or from government reports the levels of cesium or radioactive iodine or uranium or plutonium in the atmosphere released from Fukushima or any nuclear event, that is only one of 1,300 other radioactive isotopes that are released at the same time. So you have to multiply by many times the reported 40 [milli] sieverts of radioactive iodine that children in California have received since Fukushima happened. That is 20 times the allowed limit.
Dr. Fetzer: It sounds like California is not a very desirable place to live anymore.
L. Moret: Well nowhere in North America, because the evidence is emerging now. What we are reporting is babies that are very, very large. 20 and 22 pound babies being born. This is --
Dr. Fetzer: Where are they being born that large?
L. Moret: All over China, in the U.S., in England --
Dr. Fetzer: Really!
L. Moret: All over the Northern Hemisphere. And that --
Dr. Fetzer: These babies are going to be too large for normal vaginal birth. This is going to require a whole host of Caesarian sections.
L. Moret: Oh, it is a whole episode of Caesarians. Not only that, when these babies are born, they are bloated. They are not healthy babies because the size of the babies is caused by radiation dysfunction of the hormones and glands in these babies in the uterus.
Dr. Fetzer: This sounds to me as though it is a non-recoverable genetic problem. You could spend a vast amount of money on it and not be able to correct these problems.
L. Moret: Oh no, it is every cell. If the egg or the sperm is contaminated with radiation, and causes mutations, in the organism that is born from that cell, every cell in the body of that organism has mutations. And that is passed on to all future generations. Even if they intermarry or they breed with a healthy partner, those mutations are proliferated through the offspring. So it just a cascade of death and chronic illnesses and mutations and unhealthy new organisms. It is a horrific thing. They are reporting pigs in China with no hind legs. So there are photos in the news, especially British newspapers of farmers in China who have taught pigs with only two front legs to walk on the two front legs. There are photos of piglets born with two snouts on one head.
Dr. Fetzer: Oh Lord. Oh, this is so awful. This so awful, you know you have got these people who don't understand anything about ecology and evolution who are at work and who are trying to perform feats that they think are beneficial, but you are suggesting actually that they are diabolical and they actually want these kinds of effects to come about.
L. Moret: Oh, absolutely. They have stated it. In fact Bertrand Russell in the 1930's --
Dr. Fetzer: Spare me Bertrand Russell [laughter!] I thought we got over that. Really, please, please. In the 1930's they would not have had any idea about any of this. Nuclear energy had not been discovered, et cetera. Tell me about the effects going on in California. Now you are telling me healthy athletes and so forth are dropping dead because of the effects of exposure to Fukushima?
L. Moret: Well this is happening all over the Northern Hemisphere, but especially in North America and Europe. Here is the problem: cesium is being released from Fukushima, radioactive cesium. And cesium binds to muscle. So it is disproportionately attaching to muscle and the heart and other parts of the body, but especially the heart. It is causing cardiac arrests and sudden death from heart attacks all over the Northern Hemisphere, especially in athletes.
Dr. Fetzer: And especially in athletes because they are out there physically processing more oxygen into their lungs and body system than others?
L. Moret: There is more oxygen going into their bodies which means that this is air pathway. It is the atmospheric pathway into the body is what is carrying the most cesium into the body.
Dr. Fetzer: So you are saying there may be an evolutionary benefit to my spending so much time at my computer, not being out there jogging and getting physically fit.
L. Moret: And staying indoors is the healthiest thing you do. So an average male inhales eight cubic meters of air a day. If you double that with these athletes, because they are training all the time, that is sixteen cubic meters a day, let's just say for example. So that would double the amount of cesium they are getting in their hearts. So here is a Swedish football player [Victor Brannstrom] who was very healthy, 29 years old, and he dropped dead in front of fans on the pitch in the middle of the game from a suspected heart attack.
Dr. Fetzer: Can they determine whether or not it was cesium-induced?
L. Moret: Oh, I am sure they are determining that, but they will never release that. They say "We don't know what caused it."
Dr. Fetzer: We don't know what caused it.
L. Moret:
We don't know what caused it. And then actor Michael Clark Duncan just died at 54.
Dr. Fetzer: The actor from the Green Mile? The very large --
L. Moret: That is correct, and he had changed his diet --
Dr. Fetzer: The black actor.
L. Moret: Yes. He became a vegan. He said "I had to throw away $5,000 worth of meat to clear my kitchen of food products that I didn't want to ingest as a vegan." So he dropped dead of a heart attack. The lead guitarist [Mark Abrahamian] from Starship. This is September 4th [3rd]. I am talking about the last couple of weeks. Suddenly dropped dead of heart problems in Nebraska. He was healthy. Here is a toddler [Aditya Kumar], [reported in a story dated] September 1st, in India. Born, Oh my God, with a moustache. Not born with a moustache, but by the time he was one year old, he had something called Cushings Disease. As soon as he became one year old, all these strange syndromes started occurring. He is huge. He is very, very, very heavy. He has a moustache on his upper lip. These are now children in Britain, this is the third of September, children with large tumors. One girl [Lylah Brabner] in her stomach. The hospitals in Britain are triaging these children. They know they are sick, they have tumors. They are just saying "Oh, they have flu" sending them home with medicine hoping they will die. Some of the more persistent mothers have put a lot pressure on the hospitals. So because of this the government is changing their health policies and saying they are going to give better care to these children, but they know these toddlers are dying from Fukushima radiation.
Dr. Fetzer: Bill, what is your take on all of this? I mean, I find it all staggering, every time I interview Leuren I become more and more dismayed at the state of the world and our lack of physical well-being.
Maj. Fox: Right, a number of notes on the things she mentioned. When she mentioned Bertrand Russell, even though radiation wasn't around at that time, except in laboratories, he and others were talking at that time about global depopulation.
Dr. Fetzer: Yes, but Russell would be talking about birth control and that sort of thing. Look, Bill, I really don't want to go there. Look, I grew up on Bertrand Russell. He was one of my philosophical heroes. I know a lot about him, he was a very controversial guy, and I am really -- this is so ancient, he was so long ago, that I don't regard it as having anything to do with this today.
Maj. Fox: Well other people in the British higher circles connected to the Rothschilds and others were heavily into talking about depopulation. It goes back a long ways. I think that is the point she was trying to make. Let me get on to radiation. Two very important factors for why these athletes are dropping dead is athletes tend to be out in the rain a lot and most of the radiation fallout comes down in the rain.
Dr. Fetzer: That is a good point Bill, yes, that they are out in the rain, because Leuren has warned about the rain in the past.
Maj. Fox: Another aspect too is this stuff accumulates on the ground like snow, and whenever you get wind blowing, it tends to remobilize it. So that is one reason why I also watch not only avoiding the rain but also I avoid windy days or places where it is windy when I go outside. Another issue is bioaccumulation. According to the classic work about Chernobyl and its Consequences (PDF) by Yablokov, et al, the definitive study on the effects of Chernobyl, over the very long term, ten to twenty years, about 85% of the ill effects of radiation come from bioaccumulation. The effects tend to get worse over time as the radionuclides move up the food chain. Incidentally, I know this is old news, but back [on] April 15, 2011 Deborah Dupre wrote an article "Hillary Clinton Imports Japan's Nuked Food to America" where [nuclear expert] Arnie Gundersen said that there are high level people in the State Department who said that Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the U.S. to continue buying food from Japan despite the fact that the food is not being properly tested for radioactive materials.
Dr. Fetzer: What kind of food is that, do you know? What food stuffs are on that list?
Maj. Fox: Well according to this, it just says --
L. Moret: Everything! It is tea, tuna, it is fish, it is canned food, it is everything.
Dr. Fetzer: Do they raise any beef in Japan?
L. Moret: Yes, they do. The Kobe beef.
Dr. Fetzer: That is very high quality, isn't it? That is sold in very exclusive restaurants?
L. Moret: Yes, they feed the cattle beer. They are hand-raised. I have never actually had it. It is like $150 a meal!
Dr. Fetzer: So of course the idea that our government is taking any steps to protect us from contamination of our food is just a wishful thought.
L. Moret: Oh, Hillary Clinton went over to Japan in the end of April and the beginning of May and she signed an agreement or a treaty with the Japanese Prime Minister that we would continue to import food products, cars --everything, just like usual from Japan without measuring any of the radiation in any of the products. So the cars that are being shipped over here and around the world are radioactive. Their plants are --
Dr. Fetzer: The cars, the Japanese vehicles. You mean the Hondas and the Mazdas and Toyotas --
L. Moret: Yes, and the plants that produce the parts or assemble the cars are very close to Fukushima.
Dr. Fetzer: How strong is the radiation? How much damage can those irradiated cars do?
L. Moret: Well, it is just out into all the other -- the radiation and the food and the drinking water --
Dr. Fetzer: If you take a Geiger counter to a Toyota could you measure discernable radiation if it is --
L. Moret: Possibly. Possibly. I don't know, I haven't done it.
Dr. Fetzer: That is all very creepy. I mean we spend a lot of time in our cars. You know, Americans are obsessive about driving.
L. Moret: That's right.
Dr. Fetzer: The idea they could be inside a radioactive metallic coffin is a bit shocking.
L. Moret: Well they are not obsessive about it. It is a necessity.



"Simulation of Fukushima radioactive Iodide 131 forecast by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) for 23-25 April 2011" taken from the "Radiological and Weather Warfare" section , Part III of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series. Leuren Moret thinks it very likely that radiation is deliberately being steered over Scandinavia by globalists engaged in HAARP weather modification. This is one example of a simulation provided by NILU (before it shut down on the occult date 5-22) that supports her concern.



How might we interpret charges that Norway
is turning into a police state?

During the aforementioned interview with Dr. Luukanen-Kilde on Red Ice Radio, she calls Norway's PST the "secret police." In addition, during the interview with Ingunn Sigurdsdatter, we learn about how Norwegian police came to Ms. Sigurdsdatter's door in an effort to intimidate her on account of her political views, using her sale of spring rolls as an excuse. Initially the authorities acted very nice, part of a pattern that Henrik Palmgren calls "tyranny in a velvet glove" that exists in his native Sweden as well as in Norway.
All of this leads up to an important question, namely, how might we interpret such developments in Scandinavia? One of my concerns is that the discussion of "secret police" tactics in the Red Ice Radio interviews might create the misperception that Scandinavians may have inherent "Nazi" or "fascist" tendencies. One reason for this misperception is that most people are aware that Adolf Hitler admired Nordic peoples and tried to portray Germany as a "Nordic" country while revitalizing many elements of ancient "Nordic culture." In addition, many WWII movies produced by Jewish-controlled Hollywood like to portray S.S. officers as having very Nordic features.
In fact, the opposite is true. Compared to most other peoples on this planet, Scandinavians have demonstrated a historic tendency towards political decentralization and reverence for individual liberty. I defuse many misconceptions about Norway, Nordic Culture, and the role of Nordic peoples in the history of Europe and the United States in Part VI of my Oslo-Utoya series:
Appendix A Continued discussion of "Possible Motive: Act out subterranean ethnic/racial hatred for Cro-Magnon / Nordic peoples"
Appendix B Three Gross Misconceptions that Too Many Americans (Like Glenn Beck) Have About Norway and Norwegians

These essays are well worth the reader's time because they add important perspectives that one does not typically find in controlled corporate media. It is also relevant to the United States, since controlled media often make WASPs out to be the bad guys who have allegedly caused America's most serious problems. As just one of myriad examples I can point to, Gerald Celente has yapped in a very Jewish way on the Alex Jones Show about the terrible harm done to America by those "Harvard white shoe boys" -- which in the minds of most Americans probably creates a subliminal impression of "privileged WASPs" rather than Jews, particularly since the student body of Harvard was nearly 100% WASP from its founding in 1636 until some time in the late 19th or early 20th century. Today, roughly a quarter to a third of the Harvard student body are Jews. Celente makes no mention of other groups such as Jews and Catholics. Since Scandinavians have always been regarded as the "WASPiest of the WASPs," from Celente's remarks one might infer that we are really bad people. Hence, it is worth repeating a number of points made in these essays here as well as adding a few more. (Perhaps I should take Celente's attack personally, since I am both a WASP/Scandinavian-American and a 1984 graduate of the Harvard Business School; also, the show notes for "Gerald Celente Exposed! 75% of Staff are Zionists [YouTube] [15:08] suggest a biased background for Celente: "Gerald Celente has revealed that the staff of Trends Research is over 75% Jewish Zionists.The top staff are: Mitchell Skolnick, Laura Martin, Alex Silverman, Elded Benary [Was/Is in Israeli Defense Forces IDF] Also, the last 3 women Celente dated were Jews.")
Rather than having latent tendencies towards "fascism" and "Nazism," if anything Scandinavians have demonstrated a more pronounced tendency towards libertarianism and self-restrained, principled government than most other peoples on this planet. This is one reason why various observers have called Iceland, which created a longstanding republican government during the Viking era, a land of natural born libertarians and even a land of natural born "feminists."
Going back to ancient times, Nordic peoples have been the world leaders in creating and sustaining viable democratic and republican governments throughout Europe. One gets a sense of this in books such as The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans by William Everdell and The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson (free PDF download here). Interestingly enough, the article on "fascism" in my 1957 Encyclopedia Britannica noted that "fascism" in the 1930's was mostly a southern European phenomenon, and the Northern European countries tended to be highly resistant to it.
The "thing" or "ting," an ancient form of parliamentary tribal council, was widespread among the Nordic peoples stemming back to prehistoric times. It operated on both a local and national level, hence today Iceland, Norway and Denmark incorporate the word "ting" in the names for their national assemblies or parliaments. The name for Norway's parliament or "Storting" means the "great assembly." The Danish "Folketing" means the "people's assembly" and the Icelandic "Alting" means the "general assembly."
According to the Wikipedia article "Thing," It was "...the assembly of the free men of a country...At the thing, disputes were solved and political decisions were made...The thing met at regular intervals, legislated, elected chieftains and kings, and judged according to the law, which was memorized and recited by the `law speaker' (the judge). The thing's negotiations were presided over by the law speaker and the chieftain or the king. In reality the thing was dominated by the most influential members of the community, the heads of clans and wealthy families, but in theory one-man one-vote was the rule."
There is certainly a lot of confusion among the general public about the real character of the Nordic peoples. One moment Nordics are portrayed as leaders in democratic and republican forms of government, libertarianism, and the preservation of human rights, and the next moment certain detractors associate them with Nazism, fascism, and other totalitarian systems. One reason involves ignorance of the real indigenous characteristics of the Nordic peoples. Another reason involves ignorance of the real anthropological history of both Europe and the United States -- to include the real "powers behind the throne" at various stages of American and European history.
Quite often people get confused because the word "Nordic" is often used interchangeably with the words "Germanic" and "Indo-European." The accuracy of this interchangeability depends on what period of history one is referring to. According to Dr. Lothrop Stoddard in the chapter "Alpinized Germany" in his classic work Racial Realities in Europe, Germany was a majority Nordic land prior to the terrible carnage of the Thirty Year's War in the 17th century. During this period, Germany's political institutions were relatively decentralized, and its culture had a light-hearted tone characteristic of Nordic peoples. Therefore, prior to the 17th century, "Nordic" and "Germanic" are synonymous in regard to German history. However, after the 17th century, Germany became a majority Alpine country, and its institutions increasingly manifested the authoritarianism and centrism characteristic of Alpine peoples in Europe.
My discussion of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish conflicts in America in Appendix A of my Oslo-Utoya series also provides an important additional perspective. America was founded by an overwhelming WASP population. The "Nordic" component in the early 18th century may have been as high as 60% of the white population. This was particularly true in New England, where most of the immigrants during the 17th century came from eastern and northeastern England, the most Nordic part of the UK. Therefore, early America might have have been characterized as a largely "Nordic country" with a substantial "Nordic" ethos. However, at least two trends started to work towards Nordic dispossession and decline in America beginning in the mid-19th century. One was political, the other was racial/ethnic.
Throughout history, Nordic peoples tend to function best in relatively small countries where they can maintain a homogeneous society and Nordic folk culture that preserves individual liberty. This tends to replicate the highly dispersed tribal conditions they have lived under for most of their evolutionary history in harsh, cold northern lands. They tend to whither away in large multi-racial, centralized, imperial societies. There are many reasons for this, but at least two simple reasons that I can offer here are as follows:
a) Paleodiet analogy: The paleodiet involves the concept that the most nutritious and appropriate diet for an individual is likely to be very close to the kind of diet that ones ancestors became adapted to after tens of thousands of years of evolutionary history. People descended from hunter societies tend to have a metabolic type whereby they function better as carnivores, whereas people descended from predominantly agrarian societies tend to be healthiest when they are herbivorous.
Regardless of ones metabolic type, an important common denominator behind any variation of the paleodiet concept involves empirical evidence that raw, whole foods are vastly more nutritious than most modern packaged foods where most nutrients are stripped out during processing. In addition, many measures taken to extend shelf life, such as the use of transfats and hydrogenated oils, disrupt cellular metabolism. Chemical preservatives such as the excitotoxin MSG or the artificial sweetener aspartame generally do more harm than good.
According to Detoxify or Die by Dr. Sherry Rogers and How to Eat Right and Live Longer by Dr. Cass Ingram, the average American today gets less than 50% of the nutrients he or she needs due to such factors as of the use of depleted soils by factory farms and nutrient-stripping methods used in processing methods.
Extending the paleodiet concept to the political sphere, people who have evolved in a homogeneous, tribal social environments tend to function better in environments that preserve their tribal integrity. This is certainly the pattern in the animal world, where racial and tribal groups within a species tend to instinctively try to preserve their tribal integrity rather than integrate with other tribes (see "Zoological Subspecies of Man" by Dr. E. Raymond Hall (The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2 - October 1960).
In his book Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, Tom Chittum cites historical studies of European countries that show whenever dominant ethnic groups fall below about 85%, this has usually been accompanied by escalating social strife and efforts to restore dominance either through the installation of more authoritarian governments or the expulsion of alien peoples.
In his book A New Theory of Evolution, the British anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith claimed that human groups have developed instincts to preserve their tribal integrity because tribal competition produces superior groups, or "evolutionary breeding units," and hence this behavior is rewarded on a Darwinian level. This is analogous to the way the drive for success by small, entrepreneurial businesses and the will to maintain separate corporate identities produces more innovative and competitive companies in more dynamic industries compared to what one typically finds in industries monopolized by a few very large corporations.
Most human societies throughout history have tried to not only preserve their tribal integrity, but also defend a specific land base. Even nomadic tribes have tended to dominate whatever area they happen occupy within the larger geographic area where they roam.
An interesting exception to this general pattern are Jews, who have spent much of the last three thousand years as a "professional minority" that feeds off host populations rather than off the land. Although Jews are famous for being fiercely tribalistic, they are able to maintain their tribalism without necessarily living on their own tribal land. However, their posture as a professional minority has put them in an unstable position no matter what they do. If they gain in wealth and power, they are likely to become threatening to their host and provoke retaliation. On the other hand, if they lose wealth and power, they become more vulnerable to marginalization and other types of persecution.
One way that various elite Jews have attempted to resolve this conflict throughout history is to effectively become a "CIA in search of a country." (Underscoring the strong "CIA culture" within world Jewry, in his book By Way of Deception former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky notes that the Mossad is the most admired organization in Israel and effectively runs the Israeli government. A major reason why the Mossad is so effective with only about 2,000 full time employees is because it can rely on millions of Jews around the world to act as sayanim or espionage helpers). Unfortunately the modus operandi of intelligence organizations is often very similar to that of organized crime. It tends to focus on a way of life that emphasizes deception, manipulation, and exploitation rather than the production of useful goods and services. In other words, it tends to be more parasitic than productive. While it may achieve spectacular successes in grabbing control of wealth in the short run, its inability to create real wealth can doom it to crash and burn over the long run.
There is considerable evidence that the Jewish evolutionary strategy fits this pattern. Throughout their extremely troubled history that has frequently entailed mass expulsions, Jews have been disproportionately involved in organized crime, the slave trade, anti-free market predatory forms of capitalism, utterly ruthless forms of communism, and destructive forms of speculation that emphasize quick gain over the creation of real value. More recently they have been disproportionately involved in espionage against the United States, despite the fact that America has given Israelis and other Jews around the world more support than any other nation in history.

“Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined... They are the gravest threat to our national security.”

— Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

There are many highly astute observers who have tried to explain the enigmas of the Jewish evolutionary strategy, such as Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. William Pierce, (see, for example, "How It Fits Together" and other articles listed in the reference section of Chapter 5 of my Mission of Conscience series), Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Kevin Alfred Strom, Brother Nathanael Kapner, and Dr. David Duke (author of the landmark work Jewish Supremacism). What is even more interesting are all the ways that the Jewish evolutionary strategy has produced a set of values that is almost the mirror image upside down opposite of those historically associated with Nordic peoples.



"Nordic Summer Evening" (1899-1900) by Richard Bergh, Goteborgs Konstmuseum, Sweden. An Icelandic writer once referred to the Scandinavians as "an aristocratic people with egalitarian tendencies."


When WASPs ran America in the 19th century, they built the greatest industrial base and highest standard of living in the world. The WASP culture emphasized genuine entrepreneurship, honesty, integrity, long range planning, thrift, savings, productivity, chivalry, and rational process. America reflected the heroic cultures of Northern Europe and was truly the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave." On top of all this, despite the inflationary period that accompanied the War Against Southern Independence, the dollar was worth 50% more in 1913 than it had been worth in 1813.
Over the last one hundred years, as America has increasingly fallen under the control of Jewish-Catholic "wise guys," everything has gone into reverse. America has lost most of its industrial base, the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve Bank has debauched over 98% of the value of the dollar, whites are now a de facto minority (most Americans under age 30 are nonwhite), and America has acquired all the characteristics of a Third World country. In the place of a Nordic-style northern European high culture, America is instead drowning in a multi-racial, multicultural, Jewish-controlled "New Babylon" and "Sodom and Gomorrah" society that emphasizes fraud, deception, and speculative trading over the creation of things of real value. All the productive characteristics of indigenous, homogenous Nordic folk cultures that have evolved since the Ice Ages have been turned on their head.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts summed it up well in his article "Defining Away Economic Failure," August 4, 2014:

As I have emphasized for years, the West already lives in the dystopia forecast by George Orwell. Jobs are created by hypothetical add-ons to the reported payroll figures and by inappropriate use of seasonal adjustments. Inflation is erased by substituting lower priced items in the inflation index for those that rise in price and by redefining rising prices as quality improvements. Real GDP growth is magicked into existence by deflating nominal GDP with the understated measure of inflation. Now corporations without factories are going to produce US manufacturing output, US exports, and US manufacturing jobs!
Every sphere of Western existence is defined by propaganda. Consequently, we have reached a perfect state of nihilism. We can believe nothing that we are told by government, corporations, and the presstitute media.
We live in a lie, and the lie is ever expanding.

b) Entrepreneurs vs. corporate "soldiers" analogy. The Nordic countries have been historic leaders in entrepreneurial business development and technological innovation. Relative to other peoples, their expertise in exploration, rational process, and individual meritocracy has given them a strong competitive advantage in this area.
It is well known on Wall Street that there are distinct personality differences between the kinds of individuals who can function successfully as entrepreneurs in charge of small companies that create innovative new products as opposed to the kinds of people who make good "corporate soldiers" (or "sheeple people") who excel at the political gamesmanship required to get ahead in the bureaucratic environments of large corporations. A classic work that outlines important differences in the personalities and organizational practices of entrepreneurs and corporate soldiers is the best seller In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H., Jr. Waterman.
There is also a third category worth mentioning, namely "Robber Baron" types who excel at various forms of intrigue, hucksterism, fraud, and manipulation. They generally do more to rearrange existing assets and monopolize existing wealth than create new wealth.
On a broad social level, Northern European countries with strong Nordic or other WASP components have always strongly exemplified a free-thinking, entrepreneurial personality. In contrast, Southern European, Catholic countries have tended to emphasize dogmatic "corporate sheeple-people" traits. So much so, in fact, that Thomas Jefferson once wrote that Southern Europeans as a group are much less fit for participation in the American Republic than Northern Europeans.
Jews have always been disproportionately represented among "Robber Baron" types. (Please also see "The Wealth of U.S.A. Plundered by Jews" by Texe Marrs). For some in-depth background regarding the Dark Side of Jewish traits, please see my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in the "Parasitism" section of my "Resolving Opposing Ideologies" series and also the "Revenge of the Neanderthal" special issue of the Barnes Review. Many of America's so-called "Founding Fathers" felt that Jews are too innately alien, criminal, and disloyal as a group to be constructive citizens of the American Republic. See, for example, the Benjamin Franklin Prophecy (probably authentic no matter how much Jewish groups scream it is a forgery). See also Thomas Jefferson's highly critical comments about Judaism).
Interestingly enough, both Jews and Jesuits were specifically banned from Norway in the Constitution of Norway signed 17th of May 1814, otherwise considered one of the most liberal and democratic documents of its era. In regard to Jewish-inspired religious fraud, hucksterism, and fakery, please also see The Invention of the Jewish People by Dr. Shlomo Sand which explains the fictional aspects of the Old Testament, or The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Did Moses Exist?: The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver by D. M. Murdoch (pen name Archarya S.) that explains the fictional basis both the Old and New Testaments.
Incidentally, for those who may wonder about the Norwegian aversion to Jesuits contained in the original Constitution of Norway, Norway is specifically mentioned in the Jesuit Oath as one of the "heretical Protestant" societies to be overthrown by the Catholic Church:

"...I do further declare that I will help, assist and advise all or any of his Holiness' agents in any place wherever I shall be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Ireland, or America, or in any other kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my uttermost to extirpate the heretical Protestants or Liberals' doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, regal or otherwise. "

I might add that this aversion to the Jesuits and Roman Catholic Church is not just a Protestant thing, in fact some of the most rabidly anti-clerical actions taken against the Catholic Church in the 20th century have come from inside Catholic countries by largely "home grown" elements.
It is fairly common for leftist intellectuals in Latin American countries to blame the Catholic Church for running an anti-scientific, dogmatic, stagnant, monopolistic educational system for centuries and propagandizing the lower classes into a state of perpetual servitude.
The Wikipedia article "Mexican Constitution" (of 1917) notes that "Articles 3, 5, 24, 27, and 130 were anticlerical and, as originally formulated, seriously restricted religious freedoms, and attempts to enforce the articles strictly by President Plutarco Calles in 1926 led to the civil war known as the Cristero War."
The article "Cristero War" notes:

The Mexican Revolution was the largest rebellion in Mexican history. It was based on the peasants' demand for land. The Catholic Church was cautious not to support the revolution, which threatened the property rights of many other Mexicans. The Calles' administration felt its revolutionary initiatives, such as those against private property and Catholic schools, were being threatened by the Church. To destroy the Church's influence over the Mexican people, anti-clerical statutes of the Constitution were instituted beginning a 10-year persecution of Catholics which resulted in the death of thousands.

The Spanish government of the 1930's also became rabidly anti-clerical. Among other things, certain Spanish Republicans conducted the mass execution of priests and nuns and used Catholic shrines for target practice.

The Wikipedia article "Red Terror (Spain)" has the following caption for this photo:

"Execution" of the Sacred Heart by a Republican firing squad is a famous example of "an assault on the public presence of Catholicism".[1] The image was originally published in the London Daily Mail with a caption noting the "Spanish Reds' war on religion".[2]

A photograph which purports to show Republican militiamen shooting at the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Cerro de los Ángeles near Madrid, Spain during the Spanish Civil War. The photograph was given wide distribution by the Nationalists during the war. (Thompson, Michael F. Performing Spanishness)

The topic of "home grown" anti-clericism in Catholic countries is a fascinating one; unfortunately I cannot afford to digress enough in this article to give it the detailed treatment it deserves. However, before moving on, I need to make one last important point, namely that anti-Catholicism is not just confined to "leftist intellectuals." In fact, sometimes one finds it in Catholic countries in places where one might least expect it. For example, many indigenous peoples in Latin America have bitter memories regarding how the Catholic Church oppressed and even erased their indigenous cultures and native religions. In addition, sometimes certain pro-nationalist members of so-called "right wing" juntas can turn quietly anti-Catholic, for the reason that they are close enough to high level Catholic corruption, intrigues, and scandals (to include widespread pedophilia among Catholic priests) that it turns their stomachs.
Regarding Catholic pedophilia, I have seen rates from 1.5% reported by Dr. David Duke to around 12% reported by Michael Rivero for Catholic priests. (These estimates are still not as high as rates reported for certain segments of the Orthodox Jewish community, sometimes as high as 50%). Pedophilia is bad enough, but unfortunately Catholic child exploitation includes many other types of criminality to include child-trafficking and the use of children for ritual sacrifice and "child hunting" events. The following extract from the article: "VIDEO - Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General, Archbishop of Canterbury guilty of child genocide - Intl. Common Law Court. Republic of Kanata Convention announced,", July 19, 2014, provides additional details on the high level Catholic organized crime network:

The Catholic church is clearly the largest baby trafficker in human history, making billions each year by selling catholic newborns to orphanages, foster agencies and undisclosed parties. In Spain alone, 300,000 children were trafficked by the church between 1940 and 1980, reaping over $20 billion. (See ICLCJ testimony of Antonio Barrero). And the present under-indictment Pope Francis himself organized such a marketing of children of more than 30,000 Argentine political prisoners during his stint as front man for the military junta there in the 1970's and '80's. (ICLCJ testimony of Witness No. 32)

The Catholic Church also runs one of the largest intelligence operations in the world. Priests pick up a lot of good "intel" at confessionals and a priest with a flock can be in a good position to propagandize the masses. It is easy to direct intelligence operations since the Jesuits have always been run like a military organization, and the close relationship of the Jesuits to the rest of the Catholic Church is underscored by the fact that the current Pope, namely Pope Francis, is a Jesuit. Quite often the priesthood is either partnered with or infiltrated by Mossad-CIA-MI6 since being a priest is a perfect cover for an intelligence asset. Sometimes even the highest levels of the Vatican itself is infiltrated by Zionists, such as in the Malachi Martin intrigue mentioned later in this article or in Chapter 29 of my Mission of Conscience series where I quote from Chapter 19 "Zionist Spy Inside the Vatican" in Michael Collins Piper's book The Judas Goats. For this reason, sometimes certain Catholic hierarchies within Latin countries serve as pawns for various games played by Mossad-CIA-MI6, large international corporations, and other outside interests. They become disloyal to the national/patriotic interests of the common people.
Subversive games played by intelligence agencies which use Catholics as pawns can have many difference variations, such as "full spectrum dominance," "destabilization," "good cop-bad cop," "false flag operations," "controlled opposition," "strategy of tension," and "regime change," therefore we sometimes have to look more deeply at the overall games being played rather than the particular ideologies being publicly professed by particular people at a given moment. One example of a "homegrown" Catholic with an indigenous/Indian and a "conservative military" background who was publicly Catholic but repeatedly butted heads with the Catholic Church behind the scenes is the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Another example involves generals comprising part of an El Salvadore junta who many believe viciously struck back at Catholics by murdering three Catholic nuns and a lay missionary in 1980.
Getting back to my discussion of different "Wall Street" personalities, it is also well known on Wall Street that there is a continuing love/hate relationship between entrepreneurs and corporate soldiers. For starters, as companies grow larger, their corporate cultures typically change to the point that they become toxic for entrepreneurs. A number of studies have shown how large corporations quite often develop guidelines for hiring executives that exclude the traits of the very entrepreneurial founders that created the corporations in the first place. Despite the fact that large corporations often have massive resources to invest in innovation, they usually have major problems engaging in competitive new product development. They typically find they have to acquire successful new product lines on the outside by purchasing entrepreneurial small companies, since most real innovation and real new job creation is created on a small company level.
Once large corporations acquire entrepreneurial small companies, it is often hard to keep entrepreneurial talent on board. Entrepreneurs typically feel stifled by large company corporate cultures, even when they try to promote "intrapreneurship" (internal entrepreneurship). As noted in In Search of Excellence, companies run by entrepreneurs not only have distinctly different cultures compared to large staid corporations in mature industries, but tend to be more focused on substance over style compared to large companies.
I do not want to suggest that entrepreneurs and corporate soldiers are always in conflict. The situation is often more complex than this and can be symbiotic. As two examples, first, entrepreneurs often need to trade with large corporations, and secondly, they often look to large corporations to cash them out and make them wealthy by buying their start up companies after they have matured beyond a certain point.
We can see many analogies regarding the conflict between entrepreneurial and corporate personalities I have just outlined and the character of competition between different peoples on a national level. As one example, we often see in the history of Scandinavia a desire by Nordic peoples to break away from a relatively small countries to form even smaller countries, such as when Norway completely dissolved its union with Sweden in 1905, or Iceland separated from Denmark in 1944. In ancient times, Nordic peoples flourished within the relatively small ancient Grecian city states and withered away during the Hellenistic imperial era. Similarly they flourished at the inception of the Roman Republic and withered away under Imperial Rome. The desire of Nordic peoples to live in relatively small, homogeneous countries that maintain indigenous Nordic folk cultures is analogous to entrepreneurs who want to break away from the mono-cultures of large corporations and form their own small companies with their own distinctive entrepreneurial cultures.
Just as the Thirty Years War marked what Dr. Lothrop Stoddard called the "Great Iron Door" of German history that slammed shut against the Germany that once existed as a majority Nordic society with a genuine Nordic culture (rather than the thin veneer that came later), the War Against Southern Independence (1861-1865) served as the Great Iron Door that slammed shut against the United States as a predominately Nordic or Nordic-Celtic country with enough power in the states to keep the federal government in check.
There are a number of reasons for the steady decline of Nordic peoples in America since that terrible war worth outlining here. I will address three of them here, although there are many more.
The first reason for Nordic decline is that Nordic immigrants generally failed to carry with them from Europe the cultural, religious, and ethnic institutions necessary to survive as a distinct people. Instead, egalitarian ideologies such as Christianity and the melting pot ethos induced them to drop their guard and act "happy go lucky" in the face of alien predators. In addition, the rapid growth of America in the 19th century encouraged a climate of individual greed rather than a sense of long term responsibility for the preservation of ones own indigenous community.
In contrast the Jews held a distinct advantage in this area. As Rabbi Lewis Browne pointed out in his classic work Stranger than Fiction, A Short History of the Jews From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, ancient and medieval rabbis thought up every trick in the book to motivate Jews to perpetually act as a "people apart" and embed the will and motivation to maintain this behavior into their cultural and religious practices in every way possible everywhere they go on this planet.
I have often felt dismayed by the childlike naïveté and other forms of psychological disarmament that I have observed within the highly Christianized Norwegian American community. This is one of many reasons why more than 25 years ago I became interested in the revitalization of Asatru, the indigenous Norse religion. In the early 1990's I wrote a number of articles about Asatru that are listed in my author archive, which include an interview conducted in 1993 with Else Christensen, publisher of the influential newsletter called The Odinist that explored indigenous Indo-European religion from a political as well as religious perspective (please also see my Else Christensen archive web page). It is also worth noting that Red Ice Radio has provided some more recent interviews such as "Dan Rayner - Asatru Mindset & Reinvigorating the European Spirit," July 14, 2014, "Stephen A. McNallen - Ancestral Roots & Metagenetics," July 4, 2014, "Maria Kvilhaug - Hour 1 - Old Norse Mythology and Legend & Viking Vengeance," April 30, 2014 and "Stephen A. McNallen - - Asatro, Runes, Vikings & Norse Mythology," March 28, 2014 that are basically on the same page with my own views and concerns.
A second reason for the decline of Nordics is that the War Against Southern Independence destroyed States' Rights as the last check against the growth of unlimited Federal government and the subsequent creation of an unspeakably arrogant global imperial gangster-run superstate that has betrayed all the principles of its founders. (See also Chapter 6 of my Mission of Conscience series where I discuss the dark side of the "The Orwellian, Zionist-Dominated, Neo-Jacobin, Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural, Global Super State that wages Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.") Although many scholars argue that the roots of the problem run much deeper in American history than the great unpleasantry of 1861-1865, for example, decentralized state power was already at great risk when the original united States were switched from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution (see for example "Conspiracy In Philadelphia" by Gary North), the outcome of the War Against Southern Independence without question traumatized, brutalized, and oppressed Americans into the pro-Federal centralization school of thought beyond the point of no return. (See for example The American Lenin by L. Neil Smith or Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln by Sam Dickson).
Please note that in their Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison specifically cited States Rights and the viable threat of secession as the last ditch defense against the growth of federal tyranny. After all, true federalism means that the provinces (as in the case of the Swiss Republic) or states (as in the case of the U.S.) are kept stronger than the central government to keep it in check. Once power can no longer be maintained at a local level, it tends to gravitate to the center, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute corruption seems to be what we are witnessing today under America's CIA/Bilderberg-run "Obamanation."
Once a preponderance of Americans adopted the totalitarian "one nation, indivisible" mantra of the Pledge of Allegiance of 1892, (complete with a Nazi-style salute that was once used across America -- I kid you not!) America became analogous on a geopolitical level to the large monopolistic corporation that prevents any entrepreneurs from breaking away to form their own innovative start up companies. To the extent that Canada also followed centrist policies, it became nearly impossible for Nordic peoples to create sovereign ethnostates within North America with controlled borders to guarantee the preservation of indigenous Nordic folk cultures and gene pools. Both in the U.S. and Canada we have been held captive inside increasingly multi-racial, multi-cultural empires run by envious, treacherous, petty, mean-spirited, monopolistic, rent-seeking, non-Nordic peoples who typically envy WASPs and pursue alien agendas.

Heil Federal Government? Even if this was technically not considered the "Nazi" salute, American school children were still brainwashed into worshipping Federal-totalitarian political monopoly power over States' Rights ever since the War Against Southern Independence. The Wikipedia article "Pledge of Allegiance," states: "An early version of the salute, adopted in 1892, was known as the Bellamy salute. It started with the hand outstretched toward the flag, palm down, and ended with the palm up. Because of the similarity between the Bellamy salute and the Nazi salute, developed later, the United States Congress instituted the hand-over-the-heart gesture as the salute to be rendered by civilians during the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem in the United States, instead of the Bellamy salute. Removal of the Bellamy salute occurred on December 22, 1942, when Congress amended the Flag Code language first passed into law on June 22, 1942."

A third reason for the decline of Nordic peoples in America is that several major racial-ethnic events took place in the 19th century that exacerbated the "Rising Tide of Color" problem that became the title of a famous book by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard. First, with the granting of citizenship rights to former Negro slaves during the War Against Southern Independence and subsequent so-called "Reconstruction" era, it became harder to prevent an influx of nonwhites into white living space in order to preserve a white society with white values. It also became much harder on an ideological level to prevent the influx of non-WASP groups, such as Jews and Catholics.
Interestingly enough, prior to the Northern War of Aggression Against Southern Independence there were a number of Northern states and territories that later became part of the Union who passed stern laws to block the influx of even free Negroes, for example "In December 1813, Illinois Territory prohibited free blacks to immigrate to the territory and decreed all who did must leave within 15 days after notice or receive 39 lashes" (ironically this area would later call itself the "Land of Lincoln" named after the "Great Emancipator"). While I lived in Oregon from 1994 to 2002, I read a blurb in a local newspaper that described how someone found a legal statute still on the books gathering dust since the 19th century forbidding the entrance of Negroes into the Oregon Territory. All of this would eventually became "Gone With the Wind," especially with the advent of "cultural Marxism" designed to deliver the coup de grace to Western Civilization by replacing white racial and ethnic pride and identity with masochistic white guilt and white self-hatred.


[Cartoon and caption reproduced from the header of Part VI of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series] ...from the Wikipedia article on Cartoonist Thomas Nast: "The Tammany Tiger Loose—`What are you going to do about it?', published in Harper's Weekly in November 1871, just before election day." Nast viewed the Democratic political machine Tammany Hall, which depended heavily upon an Irish Catholic support base, as a ferocious enemy of real democracy in America. Actually the underlying social and political reality behind Tammany Hall was more complex than a situation involving just Irish Catholics alone; it was a prototype of the 20th century "Liberal Minority Coalition" described by Wilmot Robertson in the Dispossessed Majority with Jewish brains and financial power at the top, and Irish and Italian Catholic front men and brawn the next level down, and then miscellaneous other "minorities" on the bottom rung. New York City has been a ground zero for Jewish power in America ever since Peter Stuyvesant, Director General of New Netherlands and New Amsterdam, unsuccessfully tried to evict them in the mid-17th century. In Chapt. 33 of my Mission of Conscience series I describe how plutocratic Jewish families such as the Rothschilds were a potent force throughout the 19th century in repeated efforts to create a privately owned central bank in America. They were also major monopoly players in the development of American banking, railroads, and big oil, working through front men like J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. Irish, Italian, and other Catholics also provided key front men and muscle in the Jewish takeover of Hollywood and other major corporate media by the early to mid-20th century. In his 14 May 2010 article "Are Liberals Anti-WASP?", Pat Buchanan lamented how later in the 20th century the controllers of the Democratic Party (ie. Jews) stabbed Irish and other Catholics in the back once they were no longer needed, "...Not in living memory has a Democratic president nominated an Irish, Italian or Polish Catholic, though these ethnic communities once gave the party its greatest victories in the cities and states of the North." In other words, in the late 19th century/early 20th century, not very wise, petty-greedy Irish Catholics and other Catholics with a serious "envy problem" towards WASPs -- who played a key role in supporting the Jewish takeover of America and also the expansion of the Catholic population in America to exceed the WASP population -- have now been hoisted on their own petard.


Thomas Nast, known as the "Father of the American Cartoon," had a very low opinion of the ability of Irish Catholics to govern themselves or make a contribution to the American Republic. In this cartoon of the Irish riot on St. Patrick's Day, 1867 in New York City, he portrayed Irish Catholics as primitive "Simian" types, which was a theme often used by British cartoonists during the same era. Interestingly enough, Nast himself was not British, but instead immigrated to the U.S. from his native land of Germany.



The massive Jewish-Catholic influx started with the major immigration of Irish Catholics following the Potato Famine of the 1840's, and culminated with the immigration tidal waves of Italian Catholics from southern Italy, Jews from Eastern Europe, and other non-WASPs in the late 19th century. Irish, Italian, and Polish Catholics formed a tight political alliance under "Big Boss"/Tammany Hall-type political machines that gained control over big cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago. Catholics became the front men and muscle for the Jews as part of what effectively became a Jewish-Catholic stealth takeover of the United States.
This alliance became especially dangerous when it became backed by the fiat money creation capabilities of both the Rothschild / City of London-controlled Bank of England established in the late 17th century and the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System set up in the U.S. in 1913. (For more on the tight Jewish-Catholic alliance, please see my "Pat Buchanan" section on my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page. "Fiat money" means the ability to create money and credit out of thin air by command or "fiat." When governments pay their bills through "fiat money," this is often called "legalized counterfeiting" by conservative economists. Please see The Money Masters video, cited elsewhere in this article, for a primer on the history of the Jewish-controlled central banks in the UK and U.S., or the book The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin which is an extremely well written introduction to the sordid history of the Federal Reserve).
It is important to note that Jews had already established powerful positions in the UK and America prior to the massive Jewish-Catholic influx of the late 19th century. As noted in Chapter Five of my Mission of Conscience series where I quote from the invaluable work The New Babylon by Michael Collins Piper, Jews had already established very powerful positions in many European countries by the 19th century. In the 17th century, Jews dominated all the trades in Poland and reduced the common people to the worst form of slavery in Europe. They dominated the banking system in the Netherlands, and within decades after Oliver Cromwell readmitted Jews to Britain in the 1650's, they set up the privately-owned central bank called the Bank of England. Jews also began to intermarry with the British royalty and ultimately came to dominate the UK as well. (See The Nameless War (PDF) by Capt. Archibald Ramsey, former Member of the British Parliament, for more details, archived at
Ever since the 1650's, when the Director General of New Netherlands named Peter Stuyvesant unsuccessfully tried to expel Jews from New Amsterdam (later renamed New York City), only to discover that these Jews had powerful "backup" among their co-tribalists in the Netherlands, Jews have exerted a significant influence in America behind the scenes. They were major ringleaders behind the slave trade to the Americas, and their British counterparts made three major attempts to permanently fasten a privately owned central bank on the United States in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
In Chapter 33 of my Mission of Conscience series, I provide script extracts from the landmark video "The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America" (Duration: 3:35:19). The last major successful effort to rescind a central bank prior to the War Against Southern Independence was accomplished by President Andrew Jackson, who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt that involved two misfired pistols at close range that Jackson believed was meant to thwart his efforts against the central bank. According to Andrew Hitchcock in "The History of the House of Rothschild", Oct 31, 2009, "President Jackson would later claim that he knew the Rothschilds were responsible for that attempted assassination. He is not the only one, the assassin, Richard Lawrence, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity, later bragged that powerful people in Europe had hired him and promised to protect him if he were caught."
It is also worth noting that Rothschilds/City of London were able to muscle in on the development of the railroads and oil industries in America in the 19th century, and helped exacerbate the animosities between North and South that erupted into America's bloodiest conflict.
There is strong evidence that American Revolution and War of 1812 never really ended, and a combination of global Jewish financial power and British imperialism (united together as a form of "British Israel") was always feverishly working behind the scenes to find ways to corrupt the U.S. government, destabilize America, and take whatever other measures might be necessary to bring those "impudent American rebels and colonial rascals" under control. The British establishment was always nervous about what Yanks south of the border of its Commonwealth Holding of Canada were up to and always wanted its "colonies" back. After all, the U.S. had invaded Canada both during the War of Independence and the War of 1812, threatened war over the location of the border between what is today Washington State and Canada (54-40 or Fight!), and the potential rise of American naval power threatened Britannia's global rule over the waves. Irish Catholics in America had even staged their own military invasion of Canada in 1866.
The grand slam for the covert British-Israel stealth reconquest of America took place when J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, and other Rothschild/City of London agents created the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913 (Again, please see The Money Masters video or Chapter 33 of my Mission of Conscience series for details). Elite Jews used their new financial muscle and Catholic front men to take over major American newspapers and Hollywood. (For details, see The International Jew by Henry Ford). British-Israel also shanghaied America into WWI on the British side under phony pretexts as part of the Balfour Declaration that recognized Palestine as a homeland for Jews. (Please see my discussion of this sordid affair midway through my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes," Sept 30, 2007). Plutocratic Jews in New York City and London also played a key role in financing and providing the Jewish talent behind the Bolshevik Revolution (please see "Background to Treason, Part 2" by Dr. William L. Pierce), whose reign of terror wound up killing something approximating 60 million eastern European gentiles (as estimated by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn).
At this point, if the reader has been following my discussion closely, he or she will probably wonder: "If Irish Catholics hated the British enough to conduct a military invasion of Canada in 1866, why would they serve as front men and muscle for the British-Israel stealth takeover of America? After all, weren't the Rothschilds / City of London ultimately in charge of trade in the UK and Ireland when the Irish experienced the horrific potato famine-genocide of the 1840's?
For those unfamiliar with the potato famine, please consider the following extract from the article "Food Exports From Ireland During the Famine Years (1845-1849)":

Cecil Woodham-Smith, considered the preeminent authority on the Irish Famine, wrote in The Great Hunger; Ireland 1845-1849 that, " issue has provoked so much anger or so embittered relations between the two countries (England and Ireland) as the indisputable fact that huge quantities of food were exported from Ireland to England throughout the period when the people of Ireland were dying of starvation."
"Although the potato crop failed, the country was still producing and exporting more than enough grain crops to feed the population. But that was a 'money crop' and not a 'food crop' and could not be interfered with."
According to John Mitchel, quoted by Woodham-Smith, "Ireland was actually producing sufficient food, wool and flax, to feed and clothe not nine but eighteen millions of people," yet a ship sailing into an Irish port during the famine years with a cargo of grain was "sure to meet six ships sailing out with a similar cargo."
One of the most remarkable facts about the famine period is that there was an average monthly export of food from Ireland worth 100,000 Pound Sterling. Almost throughout the five-year famine, Ireland remained a net exporter of food.
Dr. Christine Kinealy, a fellow at the University of Liverpool and the author of two scholarly texts on the Irish Famine: This Great Calamity and A Death-Dealing Famine, says that 9,992 calves were exported from Ireland to England during "Black'47", an increase of thirty-three percent from the previous year. In the twelve months following the second failure of the potato crop, 4,000 horses and ponies were exported. The export of livestock to Britain (with the exception of pigs) increased during the "famine". The export of bacon and ham increased. In total, over three million live animals were exported from Ireland between 1846-50, more than the number of people who emigrated during the famine years.
Dr. Kinealy's most recent work is documented in the spring, 1998 issue of "History Ireland". She states that almost 4,000 vessels carried food from Ireland to the ports of Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London during 1847, when 400,000 Irish men, women and children died of starvation and related diseases. The food was shipped under guard from the most famine-stricken parts of Ireland: Ballina, Ballyshannon, Bantry, Dingle, Killala, Kilrush, Limerick, Sligo, Tralee and Westport.

Here is an interesting quote: "[Existing policies] will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good." - Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau Senior. (From "Anti-Irish quotes throughout history").
It looks to me like there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Rothschilds / City of London deliberately implemented a depopulation, destabilization, and degradation agenda for Ireland. It also looks to me like they are doing the same kind of thing today with the populations of Japan, North America, and Europe. Among other things, they are using their controlled media to ignore Fukushima and other environmental dangers so that the general population remains blissfully ignorant of the way it is getting continually dosed with radionuclides and myriad other poisons.
Again, I raise the question, why would Irish Catholics in America during the late 19th century and throughout most of the 20th century want to collaborate with one of their most criminally dangerous, evil enemies against WASPs, especially given that Nordic peoples have done a lot of good things for Ireland such as found Dublin during the Viking era and provide a disproportionate number of intellectuals? How could Irish Catholics be so short-sighted and stupid?
One of the first thoughts that comes to mind in trying to answer this question is the old joke, "God invented whiskey to prevent the Irish from taking over the world." Perhaps hard liquor has also prevented the Irish from figuring out who their worst enemies are. ("I'm in Brigadoon--Irish Drinking and Irish Pubs: Irish drinking is good and bad,", May 30, 2008 comments "If God were designing a way of drinking, it wouldn't be the Irish way. The Irish have the lowest rate of daily drinking (2% of men) and the highest rate of binge drinking. (Half of men) in Europe. Low levels of daily drinking prolong life and intellectual acuity; binge drinking accomplishes the reverse").
Given my pro-indigenous Indo-European religious orientation (discussed later in this article regarding the old Norse religion of Asatru), I am also of the opinion that the Roman Catholic Church has done much more harm than good to the Irish during their tragic history. Apparently most Irish continue to embrace the worst kinds of Christian and Jewish enemies, and hence become their own worst enemies. (Mike or Valgard Murray, an Irishman who founded the Asatru Alliance, probably agrees with me on this issue since he has referred to Christianity as a "Semitic Slave God Religion.")
Irish-Americans have paid dearly for their inability to identify their worst enemies even in more recent times. For example, in the book Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper, we learn about the primary role of Israel and its Mossad in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In the Pat Buchanan section of my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page, I quote from a Buchanan article that describes how the Democratic Party in America, which is financially controlled by Jews, has stabbed the Irish Catholics in the back in favor of other minorities now that they are now no longer as useful today as they were a hundred years ago.
Jewish control over Catholics early in the 20th century was certainly assisted by Jewish control over big city political machines as well as central banks. (See How Jews Ruled and Ruined Tammany Hall, The Dearborn Independent, 24 September 1921).
We also learn in The New Babylon how the Rothschilds managed Vatican finances in the 19th century (probably in the 20th century as well). In Chapter 29 of my Mission of Conscience series I provide excerpts from Michael Collins Piper's The Judas Goats and the works of Brother Nathanael Kapner that explain Jewish control within the Vatican since WWII.
Admittedly, the Vatican has played some complex games that have helped disguise the "hidden hand" of Jewish control. On the one hand, it supported Fascists and Nazis against Communists in many European countries, such as in Germany, Italy, and Spain in the 1930's, but at the same time supported the Jewish-Catholic alliance against WASPs in America (despite the fact that Jews were the primary force that funded and led Bolshevism) in order to boost Catholic power and Catholic Third World immigration into America. As two interesting examples of Catholic two-handedness, Rev. Charles Coughlin was able to speak out to millions over the radio about the evils of the Federal Reserve and other Jewish influences in the 1930's, but then was ordered to permanently shut up by the Catholic hierarchy in the 1940's.
In Appendix A to Part VI my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series, I note how Catholics have tended to create a "blur" in American politics by swinging back and forth between WASPs and Jews, similar to the way Mestizos have historically created ambiguity and uncertainty in Latin American politics by swinging back and forth in their loyalties between descendents of the original Spanish settlers and Indians (this is explained in greater detail in The Rising Tide of Color by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard). Mulattos have likewise tended to swing between whites and Negroes (see, for example, The French Revolution in Santo Domingo by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard where this swinging behavior proved deadly for French whites who were ultimately exterminated by blacks in what is today Haiti).
There is also evidence that elite Jews came up with special "sweeteners" to keep Catholics on board on board with them in America in the early to mid-20th century. The Rothschilds/City of London probably cut a deal with Irish Catholics in America whereby they would permit Ireland to win its War of Independence (1919-1921) in return for Irish Catholic support for the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank takeover and the "Liberal Minority Coalition" agenda in America. Interestingly enough, the British establishment even went so far as to hand over British naval bases to Ireland in 1938, a concession so extreme that it shocked Winston Churchill.
Similarly, Jews in America and Britain also probably cut a deal with Italian Catholics. In return for continued Italian Catholic support in America, they would prevent Italy from going communist. Hence, arch Zionist Ze'ev Jabotinsky would serve as a "Good Cop" by supporting Mussolini and his rabidly anti-communist and pro-Catholic Fascist movement, while Jewish Bolsheviks from Moscow were busy playing "Bad Cop" in Spain by supporting the Communist takeover bid that included executing priests and nuns before firing squads and engaging in other "Red Terror" activities, all of which played a significant role in magnifying the bloodshed and bitterness of the Spanish Civil War. Polish Catholics in America were probably also bought off when Poland was generously awarded major territories via the Versailles Treaty. After all, President Woodrow Wilson's administration from its inception was heavily advised by Jews, and his delegation to Paris to negotiate the Versailles Treaty was no exception.
The Jewish-dominated Tammany-Hall/"Boss Hogg" type patronage political machines that gained control over major American big cities by the early 20th century began to thoroughly infest the highest levels of the Federal Government as well. Prime examples include the Woodrow Wilson and FDR administrations (See President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Jewish Cabal by VNN Network).
Let's not forget the Jewish-Catholic collaboration that unleashed unlimited Third World (mostly Catholic) immigration into America beginning in the mid-1960's In Godfather of the Immigration Mess -- Edward Kennedy,, Nov 7, 1994, we see how the Irish Catholic U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy collaborated with the ADL and other nefarious Jewish organizations to open up America's borders. It is worth noting that Ted's brother John F. Kennedy had also collaborated with the ADL when he published the pro-Third World immigration propaganda piece A Nation of Immigrants in 1958).
In essence what Imperial Rome could not in accomplish in Germany following their defeat in the Teutoburg Forest, or the Catholic crusades could not accomplish in eastern Europe against the armies of Alexander Nevsky and Bohdan Khmelnytsky, or the Spanish Armada could not accomplish in Britain before the British naval forces of Sir Francis Drake, or the Catholic Hapsburgs could not accomplish in Northern Europe against Protestant forces commanded by Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, the Jewish-Catholic alliance has been able to accomplish through stealth, deception, and financial fraud in America.
Instead of a traditional Nordic-style heroic culture of Northern Europe with its respect for individual rights and consistent principles, we see in America today the rise of the "Rat-Dog" society, that is, a society with utterly unscrupulous rat-crooked intriguers at the top (such as Zionist neo-cons), and obedient "dog people" at the bottom willing to further the unlimited police state. (This is the same basic idea as the Edward R. Murrow quote "A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves." Sheep cannot serve as counterpredators to wolf predators, therefore wolves rise to the top in a nation of sheep.)
Since the 9/11 false flag operation, we behold some of the most convoluted international intrigues in American history, such as a long term war against CIA-created "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan and Iraq, and later U.S. support for "Al Qaeda" in Libya and also in Syria and also for a revised version of "Al Qaeda" called "ISIS" in Iraq.
On the domestic front, we behold the passage and maintenance of such police state measures as the so-called Patriot Act, NDAA, and NSPD-51. We see steadily increasing police militarization (see Chapter 23 and Chapter 31, Mission of Conscience), renewed gun confiscation initiatives (see Obama Outlaws AK-47 Rifles With Stroke Of His Unconstitutional Pen,, July 17, 2014), Clergy Response Team meddling in the affairs of churches (reminiscent of the way the Roman Catholic Church insisted on sticking its corrupt fingers into all aspects of life in the Middle Ages while killing millions of innocent people during its endless campaigns against "witches" and other "heretics"), DHS gangstalking and EMF harassment against "beta test" population groups (see "Leuren Moret: DHS uses Berkeley, CA template to overthrow USA -- Gangstalking, EMF, Grid Changes" (YouTube) 1:43:52" and SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS: Deborah Tavares joins Joyce Riley on The Power Hour (YouTube) 1:30:20), and rampant evidence of electronic vote tampering, It looks like the Jewish-Catholic "fungus" has made enormous headway towards erasing gains for liberty achieved by both the American Revolution and the Protestant Reformation.
Today, the Nordic percentage of the population has been reduced to less than 20% of the white population. (For more details on racial decline, please see the "Specific avenues to reconcile libertarianism and nationalism" section of my Libertarianism vs. Nationalism web page). Whites themselves have become a de facto minority now that most Americans under age 30 are nonwhite. Jewish speculative finance, skyrocketing debt, and usury have replaced the old WASP virtues widely practiced in the 19th century of operating in the black and focusing on the production of useful goods. An entitlement mentality has replaced the Protestant work ethic. The Nordic penchant for honest, straightforward dealings, individual meritocracy, reinvestment in the work force, rational long range operational planning, and technological innovation has been replaced with shamelessly lying propaganda, asset shuffling, and the ruthless exploitation of low cost labor (to include the use America's burgeoning prison labor system or through outsourcing American industry to Third World countries).
Catholics now outnumber Protestants in America, and a Roman Catholic totalitarian mentality continues to provide critical muscle behind nonstop Jewish intrigues. The new "Rat-Dog" America stifles innovation with mindless dogma and cronyism piled on top of ever more brainless dogma and cronyism, all of which is in turn manipulated by Jewish deceptions and cronyism piled on top of ever more Jewish deceptions and cronyism. In essence, a Robber Baron-Corporate Sheeple-People alliance has successfully squeezed out a large portion of the entrepreneurial WASP/pioneer society that originally built this country and once made it the most prosperous society on earth.
The same Rothschild/City of London-U.S. axis that supported Bolshevik Russia (see Behind Communism by Frank Britton) has also targeted the Scandinavian countries for infiltration and stealth takeover. Today most major Finnish media is controlled by Jews (see my discussion of Finland on my Henrik Holappa web page), and a substantial portion of Swedish and Norwegian media also falls under the "hidden hand." So much has been infiltrated and corrupted at the highest levels of Scandinavian societies that is is hard to tell what is left that might be considered indigenous "Norwegian," "Swedish," Finnish," or pertains to some other northern European tribal group. This corruption includes the kind of willful blindness and childlike naïveté I have encountered among editors of the Norwegian American Weekly in regard to Fukushima.
One can find numerous examples in both speech and actions where top leaders in the U.S. and UK express hostility towards any form of indigenous European society. As one example. the British government encouraged the Third World immigration that has now made London 55% nonwhite. As another example, in the article "Israel, the ethnic-cleanse-nation par excellence!" we see openly stated hostility on philosophical level against European nationalism by a top American official:

NATO's supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, (who's original Jewish name was Wesley Benjamin Jacob Canne Nemerovsky) on CNN news stated in 1999 (during the bombing of Serbia):
Let's not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That's a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

Clark was hardly reprimanded for making his statement, but rather it was backed by the U.S./NATO bombing of Serbia and the surrender of this Christian country's longstanding province of Kosovo to Muslims. Meanwhile, there was no official U.S Government condemnation of the nonstop Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in order to acquire more lebensraum for the racially and ethically pure Jewish state run by hardcore Zionists.


When Ingunn Sigurdsdatter and Henrik Palmgren talked about how Norway and other Scandinavian countries have been targeted for social reengineering by people who fear and envy Nordic peoples, they are exactly right. "Cro Magnon" Nordic peoples have been infiltrated and manipulated by "Neanderthal" Jews and their "Alpine" Catholic cronies who instinctively hate them and take secret pleasure in promoting their dispossession, brainwashing, and degradation. In essence, they seek to take down Scandinavian societies on a national level with the same kind of malice that the Thugs of India took down their victims on an individual level. (For more on the Thugs, please see my "Parasitism" article in my "Reconciling Opposing Ideologies" series.)

The nature of the attack on myself in terms of such elements as style, innuendo, false allegations, and omissions.

Sometimes the most offensive part of someone's message involves not just what they say, but how they say it. Skaftun claimed that I engage in "circular reasoning" that is "lacking in scientific rigor" that has an "ouroboros effect" that makes one "feel too much like shouting `Fire!' in a crowded theater"?
There are a number of different plausible motivations for Skaftun's behavior. One possibility is that she is just a fairly simple person who is merely acting out prejudices she has absorbed from controlled national media.
Then there is a worst case scenario that is also quite plausible, namely that Skaftun has a "handler" who hates me because I oppose the Zionist New World Order/Mossad-CIA-MI6 agenda for a one world government without borders, to include related schemes for global depopulation and enslavement. I have committed the unpardonable sin of wanting to save my fellow man from radiation-related poisoning, sterility, and premature death rather than writing people off as "useless eaters" fit for slaughter.
It is worth revisiting some basic reasons why some very powerful people, to include intelligence agencies, may be concerned about what appears in the Norwegian American Weekly. Norway is a highly strategic NATO partner and longstanding U.S. ally. It leaders have served in prominent positions in the United Nations. Norway can help confer prestige, such as by giving out the Nobel Peace Prize, or by becoming a member of some kind of "Coalition of the Willing"-type scheme trumped up by globalists for far-off military adventures. There are as many Norwegian Americans in America as there are Norwegians in Norway. The Norwegian American Weekly is a sole surviving mass circulation paper for the Norwegian American community.
Unfortunately we are in a situation where no one can really prove anything, but only go by "suspicious indicators." Furthermore, no matter what kind of scenario we look at, Skaftun will probably deny that she has a handler. Under one scenario, if Skaftun does in fact have a handler, she will in all probability deny it because most editors do not want to admit they have been corrupted. On the other hand, if Skaftun does not have a handler, she will of course deny that she has one in this situation as well because she will want to tell the truth to clear her name.
Interestingly enough, if I had hard evidence that Skaftun is an intelligence asset, I might be reluctant to state that outright since it is a felony to "out" a CIA agent.
Therefore, under most scenarios, the best thing we can go by for now are "suspicious indicators."
Are there enough "suspicious" indicators to make a case that Skaftun has a handler? Let's see. The three most prominent "suspicious indicators" that I have detected in Skaftun's response to me are as follows:
a) Possible deliberate use of "Twistspeak"
b) Possible use of a "William F. Buckleyism" Does the Norwegian American Weekly serve a Buckley-style "Judas Goat" function?"
c) Possible deliberate use of a "Ha! Ha!"

Let us examine each of these indicators separately, as follows:

Possible deliberate use
of "Twistspeak"

"Twistspeak" typically involves a situation where a victimizer ties to make himself look like a victim while making the victim look like the victimizer. It can also involve trying to get people to draw conclusions that are the opposite of what they would normally derive from logical reasoning. A variation of "twistspeak" is called "sophistry," namely the art of using rhetorical gimmicks and the exploitation of faulty reasoning and ignorance to make weaker arguments look like the stronger arguments, that is, making exceptions look like the rule, and vice versa.
"Twistspeak" is a term I first heard from Lady Michele Renouf, a UK activist who has documented very aggressive "best defense is a good offense" tactics used by Zionists who oppress Palestinians, consistent with the Polish proverb "The Jew cries out in pain, as he strikes you."
I do not know if Skaftun is Jewish, but I can certainly make the same accusations back at her that she has made towards me. Her accusations against me are "twistspeak" regarding what she herself could be charged with.
In regard to the accusation that I engage in "circular reasoning," the Norwegian American Weekly has repeatedly rejected my Fukushima radiation alert letters, as if one rejection becomes a precedent and justification for each following rejection without examining the underlying facts and arguments. In this regard, it is NAW that has engaged in circular reasoning, not myself.
In addition, I have built my case based upon facts backed up by credible references rather than simply dreaming up my premises out of thin air. Rather than verify my facts, backed up by references, NAW has simply dismissed my case out of hand. Again, the editors of the Norwegian American Weekly have engaged in circular reasoning based on unexamined premises, not myself.
In regard to the accusation that I am "lacking in scientific rigor," I have gone to great lengths in this article to show how my work is backed by credible references. My author archive shows how I have organized interviews involving leading scientists and academicians, to include Dr. James Fetzer, Dr. Chris Busby, Dr. Majia Nadesan, and geoscientist Leuren Moret. I have created considerable documentation on line, to include visual evidence of widespread contamination in the Northern Hemisphere as well as in-depth examinations of Chernobyl and other nuclear fiascos.
The evidence is overwhelming that we are being bombarded with myriad nuclear, chemical, and biological toxins, with Fukushima radiation posing the greatest threat of all. I take all these threats seriously by researching them, analyzing them, and issuing reports. In contrast, Skaftun dismisses these threats by assassinating my character rather than by printing my arguments and then trying to refute them with facts and logic. Who is the real person in this situation who lacks scientific rigor?
In regard to the accusation that the case I have presented makes one "feel too much like shouting `Fire!' in a crowded theater," in many ways this is a more serious allegation than the previous ones that I have just mentioned. After all, an individual who falsely and deliberately shouts "Fire!" in a crowded theater commits a criminal offense.
In the section "False Alarms to Agencies of Public Safety" under section 4905 of the Pennsylvania Criminal Code, a person who "knowingly causes a false alarm of fire or other emergency to be transmitted within any organization, official or volunteer, for dealing with emergencies involving danger to life and property" commits a first degree misdemeanor. This is punishable by no more than 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Depending on the circumstances, there could be other types of charges that could get tacked on. They include charges related to the incitement of public disorder and the creation of reckless endangerment.
Certainly an important test for criminal behavior involves a wanton disregard for the truth, either on the part of a person who simply fabricates a false fire alarm, or fails to check to verify that a real fire is taking place before sounding an alarm.
Please remember that things can work the other way around. When there really is a fire brewing in a crowded theater, a failure to shout "Fire!" and warn others can also be criminal. Hence when it comes to the topic of finding criminal culpability behind a decision about whether or not to sound a public alarm about Fukushima radiation, the evidence presented in this article suggests that Skaftun is much more liable to be investigated for criminal activity than myself.
We are faced with a something vastly more dangerous than a fire in a crowded theater. Radioactive fallout is invisible to the human eye and tasteless, colorless, and odorless, yet it can inflict mass death and disease on human populations and permanently damage their DNA.
Given the incredible stakes, participating in a cover up is criminal. Every citizen has a duty to verify the nature of this threat and warn others.
Skaftun has not only accused me of engaging in circular reasoning, but has also suggested that I am promoting other logical fallacies. When she referred to my mention of my Norwegian background as an appeal to "Norwegianness," she insinuated that I am advancing my case through emotional appeal rather than the use of facts and logic.
The main reason why I referenced my "Norwegianness" in my cover letter to Skaftun was to express my disappointment over the fact that I had already submitted eight letters about Fukushima to NAW and none were printed. I was in effect saying, "I am part of this Norwegian American community and I think I have a right to be heard." However, I did not say, "The validity of my argument is based on my `Norwegianness.'"
If I were to base the validity of my Fukushima position on my "Norwegianness" (I did not do this, but just for the sake of argument let us suppose I did), this would not constitute a "circular argument." Instead, I can think of at least four logical fallacies that would come closer such as an "Appeal to Authority," "Bandwagon," "Argumentum Ad Misericordium," and "Special Pleading." (For those unfamiliar with academic categorizations of logical fallacies, one can run an Internet search of this topic and come up with many good introductory web sites, such as "Logic & Fallacies Constructing a Logical Argument (1997)" or the Wikipedia article "Logical Fallacies." Normally the identification of logical fallacies is used to defend against unintentionally made illogical arguments. See, for example, the charming short story "Love Is A Fallacy" by Max Shulman where an intelligent college girl starts using the identification of logical fallacies to avoid getting snowed by her date. However, this capability can also be used for hostile purposes to deliberately deceive people, as in the case of propaganda warfare or military Psychological Operations (PSYOPs). See, for example, Appendix I of the 31 Aug 1979 U.S. Army PSYOP manual).
An "Appeal to Authority" fallacy could be based on the assumption that Norwegians are inherently honest, intelligent, and rational people, therefore if a Norwegian says something, then it has to be true. Unfortunately Norwegians have their share of bad eggs, as noted in my discussion of the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 cover up, and furthermore arguments can only be proven or disproved based upon facts and logical reasoning pertaining specifically to the arguments made, and not upon who voices them, no matter how credible this individual may appear. Certainly if someone is considered an expert in a certain field, that might be a strong "indicator" that this person knows what he or she is talking about when speaking within his or her area of expertise, but it is never final proof of the validity of this person's arguments.
In regard to the "Bandwagon" fallacy, this would be like saying, "Hey, I am part of the Norwegian American community, and therefore you should agree with what I am saying if you want to `join the club' and feel like you are a member of this same community."
In regard to "Argumentum Ad Misericordium," this would be like saying, "The Norwegian American Weekly has rejected my Fukushima alert letters so many times it has caused me grief and therefore you owe me sympathy by agreeing with my views."
In regard to the "Special Pleading" fallacy, this would be like saying, "The validity of my Fukushima alerts is now based on a new criteria, namely "Norwegianness,' and never mind that `Norwegianness' is completely irrelevant to Fukushima radiation dangers."

According to Wikipedia "The Ouroboros or Uroboros ... is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail." The caption for the illustration above "Drawing by Theodoros Pelecanos, in the alchemical tract Synosius (1478)."

Is the use of the phrase "ouroboros effect"
a deliberate "William F. Buckley"-style put-down?
Does the Norwegian American Weekly serve
a Buckley-style "Judas Goat" function?"

Ms. Skaftun also claims that my Fukushima alert has an "ouroboros effect." When I first saw this verbiage, I was immediately reminded of the late William F. Buckley who liked to show off his large vocabulary in an effort to send his critics scurrying for their dictionaries. "Ouroboros" sent me to the dictionary as well, and no one has ever accused me of having a limited vocabulary.
This is not the kind of overly erudite, rarified language I would ordinarily expect from some nice Norwegian-American girl running an ethnic newspaper addressed to lay people, especially when simply saying "circular reasoning" is more than adequate to do the job. In fact, she does say "circular reasoning" and then adds the redundant phrase "ouroboros effect" on top, as if adding an erudite layer of whipped cream on top helps prove her case.
There could be a number of different motives for the way Skaftun bent over backwards to appear erudite by using the word "ouroboros." One motive could be to serve as camouflage, that is, give the appearance of being erudite to the reader when in fact Skaften made no effort to either present my argument by printing my Letter to the Editor or respond to it on the level of facts and logic. Furthermore, the tone of erudition may give the appearance to many readers that Skaftun's position is intellectually superior to my own, and therefore my position can be dismissed without even bothering to print my main letter to the editor or attempting to refute its facts and use of logic.
In his book The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper devotes more than a chapter to explain how William F. Buckley infiltrated and misled conservatism in America. Skaftun's use of a "Buckleyism" such as "ouroborous" was not only inappropriate and untrue, but it also reinforced my continuing concern that the Norwegian American Weekly serves a Judas Goat function just like William Buckley and his publication The National Review. After all, one of the most effective ways to undermine ones opposition is to lead it, and certainly taking control of the "last surviving voice" of the Norwegian American community would be a great way to lull Norwegian Americans into a false sense of security.
In other words, whoever ultimately controls the Norwegian American Weekly could be trying to reinforce the "Sleep My Little Norway" sense of fake normalcy written about by Per-Aslak Ertresvåg (Please see "The interview that Norwegian newspapers would not print" by Hans Gaardner,, Fed 28, 2009 and related entries on the Part II web page of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 false flag series). Ingunn Sigurdsdatter also described "fake normalcy" promoted by the Norwegian establishment in her Red Ice Radio interview. It is possible that the Norwegian American Weekly's ultimate handlers deliberately want to reinforce a kind of childlike naïveté and "kitsch culture" in the Norwegian American community, while simultaneously ignoring or marginalizing people who insist upon addressing the most critical issues that threaten us today -- like Fukushima radiation?
For those readers who are unfamiliar with William F. Buckley, Jr., he was the founder of the National Review, which posed as a primary leader of American conservatism during the Cold War. Major corporate media often selected Buckley as a conservative spokesman for newspaper and TV interviews. He was also founder and host of the PBS affairs interview show "Firing Line" from 1966-1999. Many Americans viewed this as one of the very few places on American television that addressed current issues on a serious intellectual level.


Buckley was a Yale graduate and practicing Catholic who never hesitated to flaunt his Ivy League credentials in both his speech and demeanor. He would typically lean back in his chair, sometimes wiggle his tongue in his mouth, and speak with an affected tone of voice that many people found condescending and irritating (including myself). The use of highly erudite language that a speaker knows his audience doesn't understand can be interpreted as a "put down," as if to say "I am smarter than you and if you are too uneducated or stupid to understand me, that is your problem." It can also be a form of overcompensation for some form of insecurity (as in Shakespeare's famous phrase "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"), in other words, someone may overplay the trappings of intellectualism to compensate for underlying feelings of guilt, insecurity, or self-doubt about being a phony intellectual or Judas Goat underneath the surface.
It is worth talking about Buckley and his National Review in some detail, because this case illustrates how intelligence operatives have been able to deeply infiltrate domestic media, proactively steer American opinion, and utilize smear tactics against honest, effective, and genuinely patriotic people.
It is important to note a combination of legislation and executive orders that were once created to prevent meddling by Federal civil servants in domestic politics and media. A good starting point is the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Another example is the Hatch Act of 1939.
Despite this clear guidance, abuses of power have only increased in recent decades. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) article "More About FBI Spying" noted that "The FBI has a long history of abusing its national security surveillance powers...The Church Committee, a Senate Select Committee that investigated COINTELPRO in the 1970s...led to a series of reforms, including laws designed to regulate government surveillance and internal guidelines (Attorney General's Guidelines) which limited the FBI's investigative authority and spelled out the rules that govern law enforcement operations. These reasonable limits have been either abandoned or ignored since 9/11, however, through legislation like the USA Patriot Act, through amendments to the AG Guidelines, and through an expansion of powerful Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) that operate with virtually no public accountability."
Interestingly enough, the CIA's own web site admits domestic snooping is still illegal, for example in a FAQ it states:

Does the CIA spy on Americans? Does it keep a file on you?

CIA’s mission is to collect information related to foreign intelligence and foreign counterintelligence. By law, the CIA is specifically prohibited from collecting intelligence concerning the domestic activities of U.S. citizens. By direction of the President in Executive Order 12333, as amended, and in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General, the CIA is restricted in the collection of intelligence information directed against U.S. citizens. Collection is allowed only for an authorized intelligence purpose; for example, if there is a reason to believe that an individual is involved in espionage or international terrorist activities. The CIA’s procedures require senior approval for any such collection that is allowed, and, depending on the collection technique employed, the sanction of the Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General may be required. These restrictions on the CIA, or similar ones, have been in effect since the 1970s.

These reassurances are contradicted by the recent article "CIA Director Denies Spying on Senate Intel Committee" by Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, 11 March 2011 that describes California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein's outrage after the CIA got caught hacking computers to thwart an investigation into illegal detention and interrogations under President George W. Bush:

"The CIA just went and searched the committee's computers," California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein said in a lengthy speech on the Senate floor, calling the the matter a "defining moment" for the oversight of the Intelligence Committee.
"I have grave concerns that the CIA's search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied by the United States Constitution, including the speech and debate clause," she said.
"It may have undermined the Constitutional framework essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activity or any other government function."
Feinstein added that the search may also have violated the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and an executive order that prohibits the CIA from conducting domestic searches or surveillance.
She said she has asked for an apology and an acknowledgment that the CIA's actions were wrong but that "I have received neither."

See also "CIA confirms CIA spied on senate investigators examining CIA torture programs," by sosadmin, July 31, 2014, at (h/t to Red Ice Radio: CIA: Spies and Lies")
I provide additional background on post 9-11 pro-police state abuses in Chapter 23 "NAU, NSPD-51 and the Creation of the Perfect Police State Mouse Trap," Chapter 28 "“Internet Radicalization,' False Flag Ideological Warfare (PSYOPs), and Internal Debate," and Chapter 31 "Marine Corps Martial Law and Synthetic Domestic Enemies" in my Mission of Conscience series.
My research into the Oslo-Utoya 7-22 tragedy has demonstrated to my satisfaction the relevance of Mossad-CIA-MI6 abuses of power to Norway. This tragedy illustrated the ease in which intelligence services can bomb Norwegian government buildings, mass murder teenagers at an island retreat, intimidate or buy off Norwegian officials, frame a patsy, sustain a show trial, and control the corporate media reaction.
It is worth emphasizing that Norway is not the only vulnerable Scandinavian country, for example in the "Israel" section of Part II of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 series I comment "Both Dr. Luukanen-Kilde and Henrik Palmgren took note of interesting similarities with the assassinations of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and leading Parliamentarian Anna Lindh, both of whom dared to challenge Israel. Many assassination researchers like myself strongly suspect central Mossad involvement."

Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme (1927-1986)
Assassination victim
(Photo credit: Norra Bantorget, Wikipedia)

For more background on the Olof Palme assassination, please see the free downloadable ebook Coup d'Etat in Slow Motion (PDF), 1090 pages, by independent researcher Ole Dammegård (see his web site here), archived at Mr. Dammegård comments on page 528, "To start with – even if it might be hard to believe – there are several indications that the CIA could have been involved in the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister. In that case this would only be one in a long row of outrages organized by this much-feared organization." Please also see Ole Dammegård - Coup d'etat in Slow Motion: The Assassination of Olof Palme, Red Ice Radio, Jan 6, 2013, where Mr. Dammegård provides an overview of his work. At around 44 minutes into this interview he notes that one reason why leaders such as JFK and Olof Palme were assassinated in broad daylight rather than simply poisoned in private is to send a fear message to anyone who might challenge powerful entities behind the scenes like Mossad-CIA-MI6 and their ultimate controllers. If leaders such as Kennedy and Palme are not safe, who is?
Unfortunately this kind of fear conditioning and political correctness brainwashing seems to have had an effect on the public reaction to Fukushima and many other critical issues.
A discussion of the hijacking of American conservatism has relevance to Norwegian-Americans on broader ideological level as well. Dr. Odd S. Lovoll pointed out in his book Promise Fulfilled, Norwegian-Americans as a group tend to adhere to traditional American conservative values more than most Americans. In addition, Michael Collins Piper provides evidence in The Judas Goats that Buckley had Jewish-Catholic ancestry, which supports the theme I have discussed earlier in this article about a Jewish-Catholic stealth war against WASPs in America.
On page 61 of The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper establishes William F. Buckley's credentials as `“former” CIA officer William F. Buckley, Jr.' On page 183, Piper notes in parentheses:

Buckley, who served as a CIA operative in Mexico under the tutelage of his CIA “godfather”E. Howard Hunt, raised eyebrows among even some of the “responsible conservatives” when he not only accepted membership in the Rockefeller-financed Council on Foreign Relations, but also popped up at the secretive international Bilderberg confab in Cesme, Turkey in 1975.
On page 214 we also learn:
The Mexican capital was, during the Cold War period, according to all accounts, the Western Hemisphere’s primary nest of international intelligence intrigue. It was in Mexico City where — as we’ve noted — E. Howard Hunt served as the CIA’s station chief and one of his CIA lieutenants was none other than future pundit, William F. Buckley, Jr., who emerged as a leading figure in the effort to bend traditional American conservatism toward internationalism. Mexico City was also a major base of operations for Israel’s Mossad...
When one becomes a full-fledged intelligence officer, whether it is in the CIA, military, or some other "national security" agency one typically accepts tremendous constraints on what can say for the rest of ones life. I can speak from personal experience on this issue, as described in Chapter 25 of my Mission of Conscience series:
My second very significant military experience regarding Info War took place in 1992 when I showed up for the first day of the regular Intelligence Officer course at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Center in Dam Neck, Virginia. I had previously completed both phases of the Interrogation of Prisoner of War Reserve Officer Course at this same school. This had provided me with intelligence as a secondary military occupational specialty. This go around, however, at the very inception of the course at zero-dark-thirty (as they say in the military, probably around 0530 hours) I was told to sign a statement which said that anything I might write of any significance for the rest of my life, to include anything for civilian publication, would have to be reviewed and cleared by a Special Security Officer (SSO). I was also told that I could take a moment to examine my rights, and doing so would not be held against me.
I took a moment to examine my rights by calling up Capt. Tucker, my counsel in the Board of Inquiry, to go over the fine print the same way I ordinarily go through real estate contracts. If nothing else, as a safeguard in case I were ever to come into conflict with the military, I wanted to create a memorandum for the record that I had examined certain provisions and been given certain assurances at the time when I signed the document.
My contractual “attitude” was not well-received by the Intel school staff. Despite the fact that I eventually agreed to sign the document, subject to certain annotations and memorandum of understanding, they immediately revoked my Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearance and sent me home.
Because I no longer had an SCI clearance, I then got immediately relieved of my billet as OIC of the Interrogation Translation Team. I submitted an appeal package to the Naval Intelligence Command, and was subsequently given a lame response over the phone by a representative. He said that since I seem to be so keenly intent upon preserving my right to openly state my opinions on controversial issues, I am basically incompatible with being a spook.
It is very likely that Buckley was under CIA control his entire life, and the CIA was able to guide and censor everything he wrote and said publicly, just like what certain military intelligence officials threatened to do to myself.
Next, we need to consider how Buckley served as a "Judas Goat" for American conservatism. In the Chapter: "An Interlude . . . An introduction to Part III, The Rise of the “Responsible Conservatives” The Cold War Era Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement," (pages 179-180) of The Judas Goats, Michael Collins Piper explained how Buckley helped turn American Conservatism on its head:
At the height of the Cold War — during the mid-1950s — there occurred in America the birth of a “new” so-called “conservative” movement whose leaders, especially one William F. Buckley, Jr., declared their movement to be boldly internationalist. They were intent on “winning” the Cold War — even at the expense of a hot war — and they had no desire to bring American troops home to protect American soil.
In reality, they were venturing out on a global imperium, to crush Communism and to crush those old-line elements in America — the traditional conservatives, nationalists, those “discredited” forces who made up the America First movement that fought U.S. intervention in the European war that became World War II — and they were loudly and proudly declaring their intention to smash any “nativist” elements that would dare raise questions about the need for American boys to be dispatched into global brush-fire wars or into conflicts in the Middle East arising from the establishment of the state of Israel.
A host of “ex-Communists” — yes, the ubiquitous Trotskyites — surrounded William F. Buckley Jr. in those halcyon days when the young Yale graduate — scion of an oilman whose father was ultimately discovered to have oil interests, in, of all places, Israel — launched his crusade. Buckley’s National Review magazine became “the” voice for what Buckley and his colleagues came to describe as the voice of “responsible conservatism” and his “ex-Communist” writers became the intellectual vanguard of the “new” American conservatism, thanks to friendly publicity from the major (controlled) media in America.
Foremost among those promoted by Buckley was no less than James Burnham who, at one point earlier in his career, was said to have been considered Leon Trotsky’s “chief spokesman” within American “intellectual” circles...
. . . So it was that those whom we here call “The Buckley Gang” soon proved to be the guiding force within the “conservative” movement, even as old-line American nationalists were being pushed to the sidelines. Today there are more than a few who say that Buckley’s National Review was a CIA propriety — a CIA “front” — from the start. At the very least it was a font for “ex” Trotskyite thinking, which was now evolving into what we call “neo-conservatism” today. And all throughout that evolution, a devotion to the Zionist Internationale remained consistent.
The bottom line was that there was indeed a new twist in the American conservative philosophy — at least as it was being dictated by Buckley — and many good Americans enticed by Buckley’s claim to “conservatism” fell into line, led to the slaughterhouse as the innocent lambs they were, guided by The Judas Goats — The Enemy Within.

Many other credible sources are in general agreement with Michael Collins Piper's assessment of Buckley, to include the libertarian author David Gordon. In his Nov. 17, 2005 article archived at with the sarcastic title "Birthday Tribute to William F. Buckley, Jr.," Gordon describes how in the 1950's:

...Buckley was able within a few years to seize control of much of the American Right. As [Dr. Murray] Rothbard noted in a speech in 1992, "Very quickly, National Review became the dominant, if not the only, power center on the right wing. This power was reinforced by a brilliantly successful strategy (perhaps guided by NR editors trained in Marxist cadre tactics) of creating a battery of front groups. . . And so, with almost Blitzkrieg swiftness, by the early 1960s, the new global crusading movement, created and headed by Bill Buckley, was almost ready to take power in America." To Rothbard's penetrating analysis, one has only to add that Buckley, along with his Senior Editors James Burnham and Willmoore Kendall, had all served as CIA agents.
But before taking power, one task remained: "all the various heretics of the Right" must be purged — ‘all the groups that were in any way radical or could deprive the new conservative movement of its much-desired respectability in the eyes of the liberal and centrist elite, all these had to be jettisoned."
Isolationists, such as John T. Flynn, were among the first to be booted out. In Up From Liberalism, Buckley refers with respect to "three famous professors, [the revisionist historians] Charles Tansill, Harry Elmer Barnes, and the late Charles Beard" (p.31); and, as late as 1958, National Review published Barnes's "Hiroshima: Assault on a Beaten Foe". But Buckley eventually found the company of Henry Kissinger much more to his liking than that of such extremists as his once close friend Revilo Oliver. Anyone who dissented from Cold War orthodoxy had no place at National Review...

Earlier in this article, Gordon notes how Buckley's intellectual hit man activities included targeting Dr. Murray Rothbard, who today is widely respected for his contribution to the American libertarian movement:

After Rothbard's death in January 1995, Buckley reacted with malicious spite. In an obituary published in National Review on February 6, 1995, Buckley classed Rothbard with the cultist David Koresh. He wrote: "In Murray's case, much of what drove him was a contrarian spirit." Rothbard, in Buckley's view, was mentally ill, the victim of "deranging scrupulosity". Buckley did not scruple to mock Rothbard, who, "huffing and puffing in the little cloister whose walls he labored so strenuously to contract", was left with "about as many disciples as David Koresh had in his little redoubt in Waco. Yes, Murray Rothbard believed in freedom, and yes, David Koresh believed in God."

Gordon notes how Buckley claimed he was an heir to traditional American conservative principles while at the same time undercutting them: "Buckley's contradiction is that he denied this: he thought he could be fully libertarian while at the same time supporting a militaristic foreign policy and a domestic assault on civil liberties, all in the name of 'anti-Communism.'"
The values once held by traditional American conservatives were very similar to the values held by their counterparts in Scandinavia during the Romantic Nationalist period of the 19th century. On both sides of the Atlantic, conservatives promoted limited government that lived within its means and was respectful of human rights. Conservatives felt that charity should begin at home and that the dominant ethnic group of a nation had a right to perpetuate itself (In other words, WASPs should be able to maintain America as a WASP country, and Scandinavia should remain the homeland of Nordic peoples). They were also wary of big government, imperial ventures, large standing armies, and foreign entanglements. ("... Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor, or caprice? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world..." said George Washington in his Farewell Address). Americans of the 19th century basically kept their military out of European affairs, and Scandinavians generally tried to avoid militaristic imperialism and maintain a neutrality policy similar to Switzerland.
In contrast to all of this, Buckley was promoting conservative support for perpetual big government that lived beyond its means fighting nonstop foreign crusades. This included permanently basing troops throughout Western Europe and other parts of the world. In regard to "nativism," Buckley was hostile to most forms of it with the exception of the brand practiced by the exclusively Jewish state of Israel. Rather than surround himself with WASPs and promote traditional American conservatism, Buckley practiced Catholicism, associated with ex-Trotskyite Jews, and promoted a perverse brand of Jewish-designed "neo-conservatism" designed to replace authentic American conservatism.
In Chapter Eighteen "William F. Buckley, Jr. Self-Appointed “Responsible Conservative,” of The Judas Goats, page 185, we learn more about Buckley's Jewish connections, to include the strong possibility that he was part Jewish himself:

At almost precisely the time that the FBI was enlisting high-ranking Communist Party USA official Morris Childs, as described earlier, a host of “ex-Communists” banded together under the leadership of William F. Buckley, Jr. to form the editorial bulwark of Buckley’s fortnightly magazine National Review.
In the succeeding years Buckley — in alliance with his close friend and collaborator, Zionist operative Marvin Liebman — began a heavy-handed war against hard-line American nationalists, attempting to isolate them and deny them respectability. In so doing, Buckley was actively aided and abetted by the mainstream media monopoly in America.
In The New Jerusalem, this author’s earlier work, a point about Buckley was raised that probably had never before been committed to print, and in the context of what we are about to examine, is probably worth repeating here: Although Buckley is widely recognized as an Irish Catholic and is known as a devout Catholic, his Roman Catholic antecedents are not from his Scotch-Irish father’s side, as widely believed, but, are instead from his mother’s side.
Although Buckley’s mother was born to a German Catholic family based in New Orleans named Steiner, the late Chicago Tribune columnist Walter Trohan privately told intimates that it was his understanding that the Steiner family was originally Jewish and converted to Roman Catholicism, as did many Jewish families in New Orleans during the 18th and 19th centuries.
In any case, whatever his real ethnic heritage, young Buckley — enthusiastically encouraged by his cohorts and friendly promoters in the major media — authoritatively began to “draw the lines” and determine what was “proper” and permissible for American conservatives to discuss and what was not. Buckley announced that anyone who dared raise questions about such issues as Zionism or the power of elite groups such as Bilderberg and the Council of Foreign Relations was “beyond the pale” and delving into “fever swamps.”
Buckley and his “ex-Communist” allies and their minions declared themselves to be “responsible conservatives” and actively waged war against anyone they deemed not to be . . .
Finally, no discussion of Buckley is complete without considering how he exploited his posturing as a "conservative" to serve as a intellectual hit man against other conservatives. On page 209 we learn about his attack on Pat Buchanan:
[William F. Buckley, Jr.] . . . leveled a blast at Buchanan during the 1992 primary campaign, hinting that Buchanan was an “anti-Semite.” Buckley had bragged publicly and repeatedly that it was his “job” to expel populists and nationalists from Republican ranks. Buchanan, at that time, was the number one target.
In "Chapter Nineteen: The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within: Buckley Associate Malachi Martin’s Secret Role as a Subversive Acting on Behalf of Zionist Interests," of The Judas Goats, on page 188, Piper raises a question about how Buckley may have aided and abetted subversion within the Catholic Church:
The identity of an operative for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith inside the Catholic Church during the Second Vatican Council in the early 1960s has been revealed: the late ex-priest-turned-best- selling author, Malachi Martin, a longtime close associate of none other than William F. Buckley, Jr., himself an outspoken Roman Catholic. As a result of the revelations concerning Buckley’s friend Martin, some prominent Catholic traditionalist critics now call Martin a “de facto Zionist double agent” and a “priest-spy for Zionism” — labels that will come as a surprise to many good traditionalist Catholics who viewed Martin, at least in his later years, as their ally.

One can find more details on the subversive activities of Malachi Martin in Chapter 29 of my Mission of Conscience series.
Buckley was also part of a campaign to put the newspaper The Spotlight and its allied organization Liberty Lobby out of business. The Spotlight/Liberty Lobby was certainly more oriented towards the traditional "America First" brand of conservatism than the National Review. On page 186 of The Judas Goats we learn how Buckley's anti-Spotlight/Liberty Lobby campaign started with the law suit filed by CIA operative E. Howard Hunt against Liberty Lobby:

Hunt filed his suit against Liberty Lobby shortly after The Spotlight published an explosive story in its August 14, 1978 issue in which the author, former high-ranking CIA official Victor Marchetti, charged that the CIA intended to frame Hunt for involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Although Hunt admitted under oath that the story could be true — that his colleagues at the CIA could indeed be targeting him as a scapegoat in the crime of the century — he still persisted in pursuing his lawsuit.
When the case went to trial, Hunt won a potentially devastating $650,000 libel judgment against Liberty Lobby. However, due to errors in jury instructions by the trial judge, Liberty Lobby was able to wage a successful appeal and the case was ordered for re-trial.
During that second trial in January of 1985, famed JFK assassination investigator Mark Lane came on board as Liberty Lobby’s defense counsel. Much to Hunt’s dismay, Lane brought forth evidence that revealed, contrary to Hunt’s denials, that Hunt had been in Dallas just prior to the JFK assassination in the company of CIA-backed Cuban exiles. The jury rejected Hunt’s arguments and ruled against him — a major victory for Liberty Lobby. Then, after the trial, jury forewoman Leslie Armstrong announced publicly that she and her colleagues had concluded that Lane’s defense was on target and that the CIA had indeed been involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.
• During the period leading up to the final victory in the Hunt case, Liberty Lobby’s sources advised the populist institution that Hunt’s case was being actively assisted by the CIA, to the point that the CIA actually provided attorneys and others to assist Hunt. What’s more, it was discovered that Hunt’s CIA protege, millionaire dilettante, William F. Buckley, Jr.,was also providing Hunt tactical and financial assistance.
Buckley, who was Hunt’s deputy in the CIA station in Mexico City in the early 1950’s, had long harbored a grudge against Liberty Lobby’s newspaper, The Spotlight, which had quickly outpaced Buckley’s own publication, National Review, in terms of circulation and outreach.
On page 187 we learn more about how Buckley openly supported Hunt and his allies:
When Buckley published a 1971 smear of Liberty Lobby, it came out in sworn testimony that a primary source for Buckley’s smear was syndicated columnist Jack Anderson. Along with his mentor, the late Drew Pearson, Anderson had bragged for years that much of the garbage that they peddled about Liberty Lobby came directly from the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, a known conduit for Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad. Pearson’s own ex-mother-in-law, newspaper publisher Cissy Patterson, once called Pearson “both undercover agent and mouthpiece for the ADL.”
After Liberty Lobby launched an extended investigation of Buckley and his affairs, some details (but not all) of which were published in The Spotlight, Buckley then filed his own libel suit against Liberty Lobby in 1980, almost directly on the heels of his friend Hunt’s libel suit. Again, after much expense to Liberty Lobby, the case came to trial in 1985 — just months after Hunt’s case had been laid to rest.
During the trial Buckley declared that he had a “mission” to expose Liberty Lobby but despite the high expectations of Buckley and his sycophants who were on hand expecting victory, a District of Columbia jury had a big surprise for the former CIA officer.
Although Buckley had sued for millions of dollars in damages, the jury awarded Buckley only one dollar (plus $1,000 in punitive damages). When the verdict was announced, a Buckley supporter in the courtroom burst into tears. Buckley — like his CIA mentor, Hunt — had failed to destroy Liberty Lobby.
In any case, the sordid career of the aging enfant terrible, William F. Buckley, Jr., is drawing to a close. However, his manipulations — from the 1950s and well into the early years of the 21st century — did much to lay the groundwork for the evisceration of traditional American nationalism. Buckley indeed can be ranked as one of the most destructive of the Judas Goats.
When we consider whether or not the Norwegian American Weekly is playing a similar Judas Goat role compared to Buckley and the National Review, we might consider major items on the Zionist New World Order agenda that are totally contrary to traditional Norwegian conservative values, and whether or not NAW supports these things actively or through its silence.
Leuren Moret and other astute observers believe that the NWO is deliberately dosing people around the world with radiation, chemtrails, harmful chemical additives to food and water, and other forms of toxicity as part of a global depopulation agenda. Does NAW object? Not hardly. It does not even address this issue, but instead censors people like myself.
In total contravention to the historic Scandinavian policy of neutrality, Norwegians have been used as cannon fodder since the end of the Cold War in support of the phony "Global War on Terror" in far-off lands such as Afghanistan and Libya. Does NAW object? Not hardly. Does it expose Oslo-Utoya 7-22 as a Mossad-CIA-MI6 "black op"? Not hardly. Instead, it supports the Breivik "lone nut" cover story which is no more tenable than the Lee Harvey Oswald "lone nut" official U.S. Government fairy tale about the JFK assassination.
Historically, Scandinavian societies have been considered Nordic homelands. Does NAW expose extreme double standards, whereby the New World Order staunchly supports the exclusive Jewishness of Israel, but seeks massive Third World immigration into the U.S. and Scandinavia? Not hardly.
There is a very long list of items on the New World Order agenda that I do not have space to go into here, but suffice to say, NAW does not identify them or take any kind of clear stand against them. What might this be telling us?

Possible use
of a "Ha! Ha!"

A "Ha! Ha!"is a way of mocking people by replicating something about them in a perverse, ironic, or macabre form. Leuren Moret has commented in her interviews that it is frequently used by Mossad-CIA-MI6 as a "signature." As one example, many people who follow false flag operations believe that the date selected for the 2006 bombing in Mumbai, India on July 11th (represented as "7-11"), was a black joke on Indians who run 7-11 convenience stores in America. (For more details about the bombing, see Chapter 21 of my Mission of Conscience series). Similarly, researchers who have uncovered the key role of Mossad-CIA-MI6 in orchestrating the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing as a false flag attack meant to discredit the American militia movement chose the date April 19th, the same date as the start of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord, as a way of both mocking and trying to implicate the so-called "Patriot Movement." (See Chapter 17 of my Mission of Conscience series and the excellent documentary "OKC Bombing" The Forerunner to 9/11" with ace American Free Press journalist Pat Shannan for more background on OKC as a false flag operation)
The use of Cabalistic numerology can also be interpreted as a "Ha! Ha!" This typically involves using dates that are divisible by 11, for example, 9-11, 3-11, London 7/7, Oslo-Utoya 7-22. One particularly fiendish aspect of this signature is that there are so many dates divisible by 11 where nothing happens that it has poor predictive value. In addition, another possible predictor, namely the fact that most false flag attacks tend to coincide with military or police exercises, also has poor forward-looking predictive value (that is, there are many more military and police exercises that have no terror events associated with them than there are ones with such events). This puts someone who tries to issue warnings by looking at scheduled military and police exercises that coincide with numerologically significant dates in a horrible "damned if you do, damned if you don't position." If one issues alerts based on this system, and nothing happens, one might be accused of fearmongoring or even sedition. On the other hand, after an event takes place like Oslo-Utoya 7-22, which coincided with police exercises, one is left with a sinking feeling of "Ha! Ha! Gotcha!" and "Oh my God, they really did it! Why didn't we put our guard up?"
So far only one reader response to what Skaftun printed about me has been published in the Norwegian American Weekly. It was a letter from "Kristin Bervig Valentine, Professor Emerita Communication, Arizona State University" that supported Skaftun's position. Is it simply a coincidence that this academic who pooh-pooh's Fukushima comes from Arizona State University in stark contrast to Dr. Majia Nadesan who is also from Arizona State University?
Dr. Nadesan been a leading activist to raise public awareness of grave Fukushima-related dangers. I have spent considerable time organizing and transcribing interviews that Dr. James Fetzer has hosted on his Real Deal talk show with Dr. Nadesan. She has been a leading activist to raise public awareness of grave Fukushima-related dangers.
Interestingly enough, during the Red Ice Radio interview with Ingunn Sigurdsdatter, Henrik Palmgren and his guest discussed the use of strategically placed bloggers and trolls on the Internet and also professors at universities that the establishment can use to shill for itself and talk down dissenters:

Henrik Palmgren: ...When you talk negatively about the vaccinations for example, or anything else, where you basically break the mold of the established view on any issue, really, you have for a little bit been the go-to person, so you have experienced that first hand of how it is to be put on the outside and basically ridiculed on that level, correct?
Ingunn Sigurdsdatter: Very much. What they do primarily when you get out out of line and want to take the conversation or discourse into another direction is that they start tagging you and name-calling you, kind of based on advanced rules which are trauma-based mind control. So when you have a trauma that is deeply embedded in the minds of the people, in the psyche, such as the Holocaust, the Norwegian killings at UtØya in 2011, when you actually hint to these events, and associate them to your name, then people are immediately repulsed. So if you speak against the government you will immediately be called an anti-Semite
EP: Yep
IS: Or on the other hand they will be hinting that OK, you are supporting Anders Behring Breivik.
EP: Yes, I know, that is funny.
IS: And checkmate and then you are just expelled from the game.
EP: Right.
IS: And you are placed under the radar of the national NSA and registered on their list as promoting hatred.
EP: Sure, oh yes, yes.
IS: Even if what you really promoted, what I am promoting and all the people like me is the opposite. We promote no wars, no killings, no GMO’s, no pesticides. So what the governments do is actually play us like fiddles through the emotional programming we were filled up with since we were children. But it is interesting to see because you touched briefly upon that, and the tools that you use, the state uses some agencies to promote the scientific world view such as the human ethical society for instance. They also pay a wide range of Internet trolls and bloggers, right?
EP: Sure.
IS: Yes, so these so-called humanist organizations are very much related to these more militant arms of the skeptic societies. So what we see is that they actually place university professors in strategic positions, and then they can just pretend to represent the expertise and will always be called upon if the media needs an opinion from someone, they will always call upon these. So they have a list of people that they always call, right? [45:28]
EP: Oh, definitely, exactly.
IS: And they can be relied upon because they will kind of instill the established consensus within the people and they will never speak wrong words.

Dr. Kristin Bervig Valentine


The online article "Kristin Valentine earns accolade for lifetime of teaching excellence," by Debra Palka,, July 16, 2002 suggests that Dr. Valentine is a real person and not simply a phony intelligence front, like the fake Osama Bin Laden after December 2001 or the phony Saddam Hussein after April 2013 (See Chapter 12 of my Mission of Conscience series which describes how the identities of these famous individuals got hijacked by Mossad-CIA-MI6). I invite Professor Valentine to call me or send me an email after she has had a chance to review the evidence contained in this article and other Fukushima-related web pages at my web site and demonstrate to me that she has a mind of her own and is not simply some kind of shill, web troll, or Buckley-type Judas Goat. I will happy to reproduce online whatever she sends me in writing and link to it here, provided that I have a chance to provide my own rebuttal if I feel a further need to defend myself.


Concluding Remarks:

Is There Such A Thing As Bending Over Too Far Backwards to
Accommodate the Nuclear Industry and the New World Order?

Does the Norwegian American Weekly ever seriously address the stealth genocide of Nordic peoples as a consequence of unrestricted Third World immigration? The answer is no. Does it address how brainwashed Norwegian women have become vulnerable to rape attacks by Muslims and other alien men? (For example, see Norway: Professor Unni Wikan On Rape, May 31, 2007, "`It is sensational how blind and naive Norwegian can be towards non-Western men. Norwegian women must use common sense,' says Wikan to Dagbladet. Shocking numbers were published yesterday which show that the total number of rapes in Oslo went up by 40% from 1999 to 2000. For the first time, police classified rapists by ethnic background. The statistics show that fully 65% of the rapists come from a non-Western country."). Again, the answer is no. And of course as mentioned earlier, it has never mentioned Mossad-CIA-MI6 as a prime suspect behind Oslo-Utoya 7-22. Therefore, we should not be terribly surprised over NAW's refusal to address other hard realities, such as the Fukushima radiation threat and other serious forms of environmental contamination.
All of this should raise very disturbing questions. At what point does an ethnic newspaper that claims to be the sole surviving voice in print for Norwegian-Americans paint such a highly edited and sugary view of reality that it becomes guilty of serving as a treasonous form of "limited hangout" for the enemies of this ethnic group? At what point do "sins of omission" become criminal negligence, willful blindness, and malevolent disinformation?
Imagine if you are sound asleep inside your house in the middle of the night and a neighbor notices that a fire is beginning to envelop your house from the outside, what kind of criminal offense would this person commit by maintaining a false sense of normalcy and failing to alert you?
If your gene pool is under attack from the greatest radionuclide contamination event in human history, do people who knowingly refuse to warn you also commit a criminal offense? At what point in our current world crisis environment does "the sole surviving voice of the Norwegian American community" become worse than useless by ducking critical issues?
Why should we have to wait five, ten, or fifteen years -- whatever the incubation period will be for accumulated toxicity from Fukushima radiation and other contaminants -- when most members of the Norwegian American community will probably either be dead or seriously crippled by environmental contaminants from a threat that they were never warned about in the first few years following the inception of the of the Fukushima catastrophe -- to form an enduring judgment on this question?
I do not want to put the Norwegian American Weekly out of business, since just about any kind of Norwegian American paper that helps maintain a sense of community and Nordic heritage is better than nothing. By the same token I do not want to see a paper that shirks its civic responsibilities in the midst of what is arguably the greatest civil defense emergency in the history of mankind go without the criticism it deserves.
However, I would not mind seeing Ms. Skaftun get replaced with someone who is more competent in terms of grasping critical issues. We also need someone who is more credible in terms of protecting Nordic interests. She raised questions about her own background when she wrote "...This would imply that we chose content for the paper based on criteria like a person's "Norwegianness" (in which case surely I would be the first one denied a voice)."
Granted, Norway is a relatively small country. It's trade is heavily integrated with giant countries such as the U.S. and UK. It is not hard to understand why its leaders want to make every effort get along. However, sometimes bending too far with the breeze can backfire, causing one to "give away the store" or look like a coward or traitor in regard to protecting vital interests.
The prestige of Scandinavian countries has always been an important factor in their relations with the rest of the world, particularly countries that retain Nordic populations. In previous historical periods, such as during Viking Age, Norsemen earned considerable respect for their heroic, exploratory cultures. Nordic peoples have also been leaders in the progress of civilization throughout history, and have provided the ruling classes of the most advanced nations since ancient times. (See Early Civilizations of the Nordic Peoples [PDF] by Roger Pearson and Racial Realities In Europe by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard for a good primer).
A good example regarding how "heroic intangibles" can "make or break" a Scandinavian country is the following story reproduced from my Henrik Holappa web page about how Josef Stalin's personal respect for Finnish President Carl Gustaf Mannerheim enabled Finland avoid becoming ruthlessly crushed and occupied by the Red Army and Soviet secret police towards the end of World War II. Instead, Finland was allowed to become merely "Finlandized" by the Soviet Union.


Wikipedia caption: "Mannerheim leaves the President's Residence in Helsinki on 4 March 1946 after his short presidency."

Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

Wikipedia has the following comments about how this former Russian Army officer and later Finnish Commander-In-Chief during the Winter War and Continuation War successfully navigated Finland through extremely difficult circumstances near the end of WWII:

A month after he took office [as President of Finland], the Continuation War was concluded on harsh terms, but ultimately far less harsh than those imposed on the other states bordering the Soviet Union. Finland retained its sovereignty, its parliamentary democracy and market economy. Territorial losses were considerable, all Karelia and Petsamo were lost. Numerous Karelian refugees needed to be relocated. The war reparations were very heavy. Finland also had to fight the Lapland War against withdrawing German troops in the north, and at the same time demobilize its own army. It is widely agreed that only Mannerheim could have guided Finland through these difficult times, when the Finnish people had to come to terms with the severe conditions of the armistice, their implementation by a Soviet-dominated Allied Control Commission, and the task of post-war reconstruction.[33]
Mannerheim's term as president was difficult for him. Although he was elected for a full six-year term, he was in his late seventies, and had accepted the office reluctantly after being urged to do so. The situation was exacerbated by frequent periods of ill-health, the demands of the Allied Control Commission, and the war responsibility trials. He was afraid throughout most of his presidency that the commission would request that he be prosecuted for crimes against peace. This never happened. One of the reasons to this was Stalin's respect for and admiration of the Marshal. Stalin told a Finnish delegation in Moscow in 1947 that the Finns owe much to their old Marshal. Due to him Finland was not occupied.[34] Despite Mannerheim's criticisms of some of the demands of the Control Commission, Mannerheim worked hard to carry out Finland's armistice obligations. He also emphasized the necessity of further work on reconstruction in Finland after the war...
...On 5 December 2004, Mannerheim was voted as the greatest Finnish person of all time in the Suuret suomalaiset (Great Finns) contest.

We must note that an important reason why Finland had to make such horrendous concessions to the Soviet Empire is because the United States was under the control of FDR and a Zionist clique who were allied with Stalin. They and their UK allies --under the control of the Zionist City of London-- were more than happy to feed Finland to the Soviet bear, just like the way they betrayed eastern Europe to Soviet occupation. They even handed anti-Communist Russian soldiers to certain death by Stalin in "Operation Keelhaul" and abandoned U.S. prisoners of war (P.O.W.'s) of the Germans who fell into Soviet hands. (The U.S. also abandoned American P.O.W.'s in the Korean and Vietnam Wars).

Another example where personal heroism decisively affected the destiny of a Scandinavian country for the better that I also cite on my Henrik Holappa web page is Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, who successfully beat back major encroachments of the Jewish-Catholic "fungus" of his era:



"Gustavus Adolphus is one of the most inspiring characters of the Reformation. The rapid rise to fame of Gustavus Adolphus, the young King of Sweden, his military innovations and dramatic victories in battle turned the tide in The Thirty Years War and saved Protestant Germany from annihilation . . . He championed the cause of Protestantism and secured religious freedom for centuries to come." (quote from

Fortunately, heroic traditions still persist in certain areas of Scandinavian societies. As one example, in Part 4 of my Iceland Gets ENRONed series, I quote from the article "Wall Street on the Tundra" by Michael Lewis which describes the heroic culture of Icelandic fishermen:

“I think it is easier to take someone in the fishing industry and teach him about currency trading,” he says, “than to take someone from the banking industry and teach them how to fish.”
He then explained why fishing wasn’t as simple as I thought. It’s risky, for a start, especially as practiced by the Icelandic male. “You don’t want to have some sissy boys on your crew,” he says, especially as Icelandic captains are famously manic in their fishing styles. “I had a crew of Russians once,” he says, “and it wasn’t that they were lazy, but the Russians are always at the same pace.” When a storm struck, the Russians would stop fishing, because it was too dangerous. “The Icelanders would fish in all conditions,” says Stefan, “fish until it is impossible to fish. They like to take the risks. If you go overboard, the probabilities are not in your favor. I’m 33, and I already have two friends who have died at sea.”

Hence, when Norwegian officials kow tow too much, such as when they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, or when the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) shut down its Fukushima plume forecasts on May 11, 2011, this kind of weak behavior can tarnish the image of Norwegians as heirs to a heroic ancient culture to the point that their actions invite rather than deter aggression, just like the way a floundering, limp fish in the ocean can attract sharks.
In the very hostile, dangerous, unstable, and treacherous world we live in today, ignorance is not bliss. In the long run we typically pay a price for our ignorance and delusions that is greater than anything we gain from these things, both in terms of real costs and opportunity costs. If the Norwegian American community is going to survive (currently it is not surviving --its numbers are rapidly declining), it needs to get better organized and it leaders will have to approach the world with the kind of tough-minded realism that one might find, for example, in the business development/competitive analysis departments of successful companies in highly competitive industries, among scouts for leading professional football teams, or the intelligence sections of large military units engaged in successful combat operations. A cohesive group with a bad plan that is well executed will often defeat other groups with no plans or cohesion at all. This is a major reason why Jewish, Italian, Irish Catholic, and other non-WASP mafias have been squeezing out fragmented and happy-go-lucky WASP groups in America. The willful blindness and the perverse form of "Nordic naïveté" currently shown by the recent editors of the Norwegian American Weekly is ultimately a path to oblivion. In today's highly competitive and treacherous world, any ethnic group that is unwilling or incapable of taking a firm stand for its own survival is an ethnic group on the path to extinction..
The three most recent editors of NAW, namely Christy Olsen Field, Kelsey Larson, and Emily Skaftun, will likely pay a terrible personal price in the next 10-15 years for their willful blindness. As previously noted from references cited in my Fukushima alerts, the residents of Seattle breathed somewhere between 5-10 hot particles a day from late March 2011 and throughout April. We have been receiving "hot rains" from Fukushima across America ever since the inception of the catastrophe.
Admittedly, it is hard to quantify risk when it comes to specific individuals, because everyone has different levels of resistance to disease. Nevertheless, 5-10 hot particles a day for over a month is very serious. In the absence of aggressive nutrition, detoxification, and radiation mitigation programs, it is probably a good guess that all three of these ladies will be dead from lung cancer and other diseases exacerbated by radiation 10-15 years from now.
I ask that readers join me in protesting the censorship of my Fukushima alerts by Norwegian American Weekly staff members. In a world of sharks, this paper must stop its "limp fish" behaviors and start confronting the greatest radiation disaster in the history of mankind in a heroic manner. At a minimum, Skaftun & Company owe me a public apology. They also owe the Norwegian American community, not to mention other people around the world, the civil defense alerts now required by humanity for survival.

Additional References

2014-07-24 Norway warns of imminent terror threat, There is no mention by the Norwegian government of the Mossad-CIA-MI6 connections to ISIS in Syria (a reported source of the "terror threat"), just like the government has refused to own up to intelligence agency connections to Oslo-Utoya 7-22. As long as Norway plays along with the U.S.-UK-Israeli style "War on Terror" fearmongoring, the Norwegian government is really degrading the Nordic reputation for relative honesty, productivity, and stability over the long run. Certain Norwegian "leaders" are basically trashing their own country by stooping down to the degenerate level of Britain's pedophile-infested parliament and "gangsters in tiaras" monarchy -- whose economic crown jewel called BP was more than happy to recklessly wreck the Gulf of Mexico and poison millions of Americans with the highly toxic dispersant called Corexit, or that Zionist/CIA-controlled /"FUBAR nation" called America, or that "Neanderthalish" and "mad dog, too dangerous to bother" excuse for a country called Israel (also referred to as "that shitty little country" by Daniel Bernard, former French ambassador to the UK and Algeria. Please pardon his "French").

2014-04-14 Ingunn Sigurdsdatter - Norway Happiest Country on Earth Myth & Awakening the Norsemen, transcript of the Red Ice Radio interview by Henrik Palmgren
2012-09-12 Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update: Fukushima Radiation and Oslo-Utoya 7/22 False Flag More Ominous Than Ever (Transcript) Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Major William B. Fox on The Real Deal talk show. Transcription by myself.
2012-07-04 Anti-WASP/Anti-Nordic Genocide. This web page is a compilation of material I have previously created on other web pages, to include Oslo-Utoya 7-22.
2011-12-17 Emergency Civil Defense Alert! The Continuing “Fukushima 3-11” Radiation Catastrophe and Its Relevance to “Oslo-Utøya 7-22" coauthored by William B. Fox, Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and W. Leon Smith, Publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast
2011-11-22 Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror: It now appears extremely likely that the real "usual suspects," that is, Mossad-CIA-MI6 "Wise Guys" with the New York 9/11, Madrid 3/22, and London 7/7 "resume," decided it was time to punish Norwegian "heretics." An open source intelligence summary series with social commentary by William B. Fox.
2011-08-04 Henrik Palmgren interview with Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde – The Norway Massacre, Anders Behring Breivik & Mind Control, Red Ice Radio,
2010-12-24 Dear Norwegian American Weekly; The BP-Gulf Catastrophe Continuing Threat and Avenues for Effective Activism by William Fox. These avenues include promoting the aggressive development of sea-swimming robots that can determine the degree of hydrocarbon pollution in ocean water down to extreme depths, and also exploit new nanofiber technologies to clean hydrocarbons out of ocean and fresh water.



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