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There are no safe radiation levels when it comes to fallout. The risks of lethal cancer are roughly proportional to the cumulative amount of fine particles one inhales or ingests over time. This kind of particulate radiation is not only contaminating America's West Coast, but it is also circling the entire Northern Hemisphere with the jet stream and is blanketing Europe as well as America.


Cumulative Fallout
Threatens Europe as
Well as North America

What You Don't Know Is Hurting You Now —

by William B. Fox

April 15, 2011


William B. Fox

Dear Fellow Citizens in Europe and North America:

Since I published my last alert regarding the Fukushima Crisis titled: Alert! The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe — What You Don't Know Will Hurt You, dated 6 April 2011,1 the situation has continued to deteriorate. If you have not done so already, please conduct your own research on the Internet to get up to speed on vital information that is being suppressed by mainstream media. The following are some key update points:
First, please be aware that there is currently no end in sight for this crisis. Fukushima reactors and spent fuel rods will continue for the foreseeable future to give off deadly radiation plumes that get into jet streams passing over America and Europe. Chernobyl shortened the lives of over a million people, and Fukushima has the potential to become vastly worse. The continuing contamination of major Pacific currents has also become a serious issue.
The following four articles are a good introduction to these areas of concern:

Second, please be aware that not only are Americans and Canadians urging special precautions in the face of rising cumulative radiation levels, but Europeans are now sounding the alarm as well:

Third, there is strong evidence that no one can trust high level globalist groups 10 to resolve this crisis in a reasonably open, timely, or effective manner. If anything, we can count on them to continue along self-destructive paths involving cover-ups, unfettered greed, incompetence, and corruption. They may even pull us down with them if we let them.
The following two articles make important points about high level incompetence and corruption:

  • 2011-04-14 Globalists Positioned to Exploit Japan's Tragedy; No Good Crisis Goes to Waste, by Tony Cartalucci, 11 [also at]. [Editor’s Note: The author explains how many key globalist groups in American and around the world view this crisis from an extremely selfish and myopic perspective.] “As Japan upgrades the crisis to a similar level of urgency seen during the Chernobyl disaster, it would seem necessary to mobilize a tremendous amount of engineering and scientific resources, as well as beginning efforts to relocated the millions of people in the path of deadly radiation spewing forth from the multiple damaged reactors on Japan’s eastern coast. Such mobilization is unprecedented and tragically requires leadership the world and its respective nations lack.”
  • 2011-04-11 Japan fails to stop radioactive discharge into ocean by Yoko Kubota and Kiyoshi Takenaka, Reuters, 12 [also at]. "China and South Korea have also criticised Japan's handling of the nuclear crisis, with Seoul calling it incompetent, reflecting growing international unease over the month-long atomic disaster and the spread of radiation."

In the famous chapter The Nordic North 13 of his classic work Racial Realities in Europe 14 Dr. Lothrop Stoddard praised such traits as level-headedness, rationality, and diplomatic skill which he felt were particularly common among Scandinavians. Most peoples of northern Europe have a track record for excellence in science and engineering. These kinds of traits are needed now more than ever on the world stage to help resolve the Fukushima catastrophe, in contrast to the highly dysfunctional leadership15 which currently paralyzes and degrades America.
We certainly need more engineering talent to come forward to find better technological solutions, and more citizen activism and diplomatic skill to mobilize adequate resources around the world.
It is also worth noting that we face other major threats besides continuing radioactive fallout, such as a looming hyperinflationary economic meltdown in America, possible food scarcities from growing radioactive contamination, and endless distractive wars around the globe.
It is time for kindred peoples who retain some sense of honor, rational judgment, and humanitarian compassion to start circling the wagons both in American and Europe in order to organize for effective action.
For further information, I have created an open source intelligence, alternative media summary web page titled: The 3-11 2011 Tohoku Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Catastrophe: LIHOP or MIHOP "False Flags” or Something Else? 16 (This is a long web page, so please be patient in uploading it to your computer). This web page covers the Fukushima crisis from many different viewpoints, to include not only political intrigues that may have created it, but also possible engineering solutions required to resolve it. Towards the end of this web page I provide links to other alternative media sources that provide important additional information, such as the sources that I have already linked to in this letter.
Please get back to me with comments and suggestions, and pass this email along!

Best regards,

William B. Fox
President, America First Institute
P.O. Box 137, Sarver, PA 16055
Email address:
Skype phone number: 832-426-2441
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About the Author

William B. Fox, is a former U.S. Marine Corps Major, an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, and publisher of America First Books. He is also author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about common citizens who refuse to be terrorized by their own government and by subversive high level domestic special interests. This includes government-sponsored false flag terror and cover-ups by controlled mainstream media. He has been an active member of many Norwegian and other Scandinavian-American organizations. As an "international nationalist," he would like to continue developing the America First Institute as an "open source intelligence" think tank and alternative media source which leans towards paleoconservatism and helps counter trends that are subverting European countries as well as America.


Battle of Guilford Court House, 15 March 1781,
by H. Charles McBarron, Jr.

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