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From: William Fox
Sent: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 5:45 AM
To: William Fox

From:  William B. Fox, former USMCR Major and writer for The Lone Star Iconoclast

To:  The Houston Police Department, and other law enforcement/ governmental activities in FEMA Region VI (TX, AR, LA, NM, OK, AR)


Yesterday, Tuesday the 28th, I spoke with Jodi Silva, Public Information Officer for the Houston Police Department. She said that they normally do not discuss DHS-related training activities with the public because they are classified.  She suggested that I submit this open records request to

I have covered National Level Exercises for the Lone Star Iconoclast since summer 2007 and have found the Department of Homeland Security to be consistently uncooperative, even to the point of acting “un-American” by the way it consistently withholds information from journalists such as myself.  It occurred to me that if I have to go to this additional effort to help the public exercise its “right to know” regarding Houston Police Department involvement with NLE  2009, run by the Department of Homeland Security, I might as well make the same request to all law enforcement and other government personnel within FEMA Region VI.  Furthermore, having worked with classified material in my capacity as a former Marine Corps officer in the intelligence field, I find DHS’s stated need for secrecy involving training with Houston police and other city and state officials within FEMA Region VI to be both unjustifiable and unbelievable.

Adding fuel to the fire are many disturbing media reports suggesting extreme leftist and anti-First and anti-Second Amendment bias by personnel running the Department of Homeland Security.  As examples:

a)  2009-04-15 "Napolitano Stands Behind Extremism Report" (Washington Times) "...[Janet Napolitano, Director of the Department of Homeland Security] stands by the report sent to law enforcement that lists veterans as a terrorist risk to the U.S. and defines `rightwing extremism” as including groups opposed to abortion and immigration.'

b)  The Alex Jones Show, 4 July 2009 at:
claimed that DHS is fostering training scenarios that demonize American conservatives, militarize police, and condition them to conduct illegal gun confiscations and other violations of citizen rights:

Here is the News Tribune out of Missouri, Camp Crowder Missouri, and it says "Guard Units Train for Militia Attacks." [Bill Fox note:  “Militia” has apparently been sanitized out of current online versions of this article] Now put up on screen The New York Times. Go through the photos. Look at these. These are kids, and it says in this New York Times article --scroll right there where it says one through 14, it says right here in the article that they are training to take on disgruntled vets, and in the article it describes them killing veterans. Then the DHS report we broke says veterans are the number one threat, and Homeland Security set up for you. Last year, DHS Homeland security, Army Times says "We are going to use regular Army against the American people. Then they had acclimation. They started putting local military liaison officers in every major department. Just Google down where you are sitting local military liaison officers in every department. Just Google on your town or your city. Local military liaison officers and intelligence unit spying on the citizens. You can't make this up. It is Red Dawn in slow motion. There are the kids practicing killing veterans on your screen. [The mention of veterans has apparently been sanitized out of current online version of this article] You cannot make this up.
c) “Alert! NLE Target Analysis –CHI NYC  HOU  PDX  DC—“ at:, by lead writer Capt. Eric H. May, former U.S. Army intelligence officer, addresses the potential for NLE 09 to get hijacked as a false flag attack used to justify an American-Israeli attack on Iran.  This article includes a link to my interview by Dr. James Fetzer, Founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which examines these issues in greater detail at:

d) My “Obama Nation” web page at: which explains how the leftism of DHS Director Janet Napolitano dovetails with the far left orientation of the Obama administration. It includes the YouTube video excerpt of Michael Savage’s sharp criticisms of  Napolitano, who has gone out of her way to support pro-gay causes and look the other way regarding massive illegal immigration into Arizona while she was governor of that state:

e) In its NLE 2009 announcement, DHS states that foreign forces from Australia
, Canada, Mexico , and the UK will be on U.S. soil in potential violation of U.S. sovereignty.  See

f) In Chapter 15 of my Mission of Conscience online ebook series at I describe systematic abuse of Federal power following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. DHS has not recanted any of the attitudes that led to these abuses.

I encourage you to look at the web site: and the article “Your Local Sheriff, the 10th Amendment and Orders We Will Not Obey” at: .  This reflects a trend that I hope will continue among law enforcement personnel to take their public duties seriously.

I request that recipients of this email inform me about any un-Constitutional, un-American, and otherwise politically biased activity by DHS and FEMA during NLE 2009.  I also request that this email be circulated widely.

For the next few months I expect to be reachable in Houston at 832-698-2840.  My email address
...[Editor's note: my most current email address may be found in the contact section of America First Books].  Also, I encourage concerned fellow citizens with tips to contact other alternative media commentators and writers, to include staff members at The Lone Star Iconoclast (, The American Free Press (, the Republic Broadcasting Network (, and the aforementioned Alex Jones Show.

Best regards,

William B. Fox
Writer, The Lone Star Iconoclast,
Publisher, America First Books,

* * * * * * * * *

William B. Fox, a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence, is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and the University of Southern California, and publisher of and


For complete background on the history of Captain May and Ghost Troop, please refer to Book I and Book II of the Mission of Conscience series.

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