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Prank, Error, or Set-Up?
—Ruling Out Identity Theft—

Author's Note: On 28 July I received an email "indicator" that someone might be trying to impersonate me, and felt a need to quickly resolve this issue. To help put things into perspective, please consider that there is strong evidence that there never were any Arab highjackers during 9-11, but rather all the aircraft were piloted by remote control. In fact, there is strong evidence that at least six or seven of the alleged 9/11 highjackers are still alive --the victims of a likely CIA-Mossad identity theft operation. Similarly, we find out from Michael Collins Piper's book Final Judgment that John F. Kennedy's alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was also the victim of identity theft --a "patsy" as he put it. Furthermore, consider that Israeli firms such as Magal, a former division of Israeli Aircraft Industries, guard nuclear plants in America. They have access to sensitive technologies, to include the most sophisticated flight control operations. Lastly, Capt Eric May and I believe that scenarios in which aircraft crash into tall buildings, such as the Sears Tower in Chicago, still remain on the table for CIA-Mossad planners.

Not if, but when
Major media have promised us that it is not a question of "if" but rather "when" we will get another "9-11." Therefore, if I get even the slightest indication that someone might be using my name and email address while undergoing a crash course in learning how to fly a jet airplane, this is something to investigate. (If this seems really over-the-top paranoid, consider how Portland, Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield was jailed for 11 days by the FBI after they erroneously matched his fingerprints with a bag holding bomb detonators found in Madrid, Spain, or consider the poor black kids in Miami, Florida falsely arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to blow up the Chicago Sears Tower, or the Great Sedition Show Trial of 1944 where FDR falsely accused many prominent American right wing dissidents, most of whom had never met either other, of being part of some kind of fantastic Nazi conspiracy to take over the country).
This article was updated 7:00 PM 29 July 2008 whereby "XYZ Flight Controls" is a fictitious name that I substituted for a real flight control company, and "Wanda Smith" is a pseudonym I have created for a real marketing director. While I still have not proven completely one way or the other if this firm is innocent, at least by now I think that I have created enough noise and documentation to feel protected from a possible set-up.
As I mention in my last email below, this whole thing would be ludicrous if it were not for the fact that the government has a track record for foisting some unbelievably bizarre and preposterous conspiracies on the public. In my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes" article I discuss historic false flag government conspiracies. In my "Suppressed Dissidents" section, I discuss amazingly bizarre ploys to frame dissidents. Last, but not least, even if there is less than a one in ten chance than my worst suspicions are correct, I think that my activist efforts still help to educate the public about well-documented conspiracies, and that in itself a worthwhile activity.

From: William Fox
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 10:22 PM
To: `Wanda'
Subject: Alert! Why your email to me is potentially dangerous and requires
  immediate notification of law enforcement officials; RE: XYZ Flight Controls Inc. —Training System Information

Ms. Wanda Smith
Marketing Director
XYZ Flight Controls Inc.

Dear Ms. Smith:

I just opened my email for today and must immediately react to what you sent me. I never made any inquiry into anything to do with any professional flight training solutions. I never spoke with you earlier today. Therefore your email to me today is a complete surprise.
I am sure that it is entirely possible that you work for a reputable firm that provides a valuable service, and that your intentions in contacting me are completely honorable as part of a routine customer care procedure. However, I urge you to research immediately whoever it was that made you believe that I had inquired into professional flight training systems and report it back to both myself and the FBI (copied to this email). Please make a special effort to procure a voice recording of the individual you claim to have spoken with earlier today.
Let me explain the reason for my concern:
(a) I am a member of a 9-11 Truth group that recently issued a national alert. We are currently in a period of heightened alert regarding the possibility of another 9-11 false flag operation from July 28-August 1st. See:
In addition, just today ABC News reported that the Department of Homeland Security has issued a heightened alert warning at:
(b) The terror suspects for conducting the alleged 9-11-2001 high-jackings were portrayed by the official government story as Arabs interested in professional flight training. However, I do not believe the official government story and believe instead that the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers were all remotely navigated as part of a likely CIA-Mossad inside job. For more background on this viewpoint, please see Dr. James Fetzer’s story “9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda” at:
and articles by Col Donn de Grand Pre archived at my ebook web site Also in the audio archive of my web site I have links to numerous documentaries such as “Loose Change, Second Edition” and “9/11 False Flag” that provide excellent audio-visual overviews.
(c) I feel it prudent to report this suspicious incident for the same general reasons that The Spotlight (folded in 2000, reincarnated in 2001 as The American Free Press) had to report a suspicious postcard. In case you are unfamiliar with this particular incident, I have reproduced it below from pages 277-278 of The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper (carried in my catalog at

Here’s the story that only The Spotlight and New York’s left-wing Village Voice (in its October 1, 1997 issue) and later American Free Press dared to report.
On April 20, 1995—the day after the OKC bombing—The Spotlight’s mail room opened an envelope postmarked “Oklahoma City.” The envelope had been mailed to The Spotlight on April 17—two days before the bombing. It was hand-addressed in script, but we now know that the writing is very clearly not McVeigh’s.
Inside the envelope was a postcard featuring a Depression-era photograph depicting a dust storm over Oklahoma. This famous picture is ominously entitled “Black Sunday” (which, incidentally, was also the name of a Hollywood film about terrorism).The postcard also bears the printed legend, “Dust Storm Approaching at 60 mi. per hr.April 14,‘35.”
Also enclosed alongside the postcard was a photocopy of a twelve year-old article from The Spotlight about the government murder of IRS and Federal Reserve critic Gordon Kahl. There was no name or return address anywhere on the envelope or on any of the contents.
When the staff of The Spotlight saw this postcard (just one day after the bombing) they knew something was up and called in The Spotlight’s attorney, Mark Lane, who immediately turned the original card and envelope over to Attorney General Janet Reno and the FBI.
Although this strange postcard strongly points to foreknowledge (by somebody) about the impending bombing, the FBI subsequently told Lane that they had “lost” the postcard! Fortunately, however, The Spotlight had made a copy. When James Ridgeway, a well-known columnist for The Village Voice, learned about the postcard from this author, Ridgeway contacted the FBI in April of 1997, but all an FBI spokesman would say was this: “We have not stated anything in regards [sic] to that.”(The bad grammar was that of the FBI spokesman.)
Several questions arise: Why has the FBI “not stated anything in regards to that”? Whose handwriting is on the envelope? Are we to conclude that it was simply a bizarre coincidence that such an ominous postcard was mailed from Oklahoma City just two days before the bombing?
Or, in the alternative, is it possible that McVeigh himself had no knowledge that this postcard was being mailed to The Spotlight and had no part in so doing—that a third party orchestrated the mailing as part of some covert plot to implicate The Spotlight in the bombing? (And this, of course, seems likely.)
If The Spotlight had simply thrown the postcard away or if their attorney had not turned the material over to the FBI, there’s hardly any doubt about what would have happened then: The FBI would have been told about the postcard from a “source” and FBI agents would have stormed The Spotlight’s offices, accusing the staff of “obstructing justice” by destroying evidence, etc.
There’s no question that somebody other than Timothy McVeigh addressed this suspicious envelope and mailed the material within to The Spotlight—two days before the bombing. That person had advance knowledge of the impending bombing and, by enclosing The Spotlight article, was implicitly linking the death of Gordon Kahl (and The Spotlight’s account of his tragic story) to the bombing.
The mystery surrounding this postcard demonstrates, beyond any question, that there’s much more to the Oklahoma City bombing than either McVeigh or the FBI is willing to admit. What motivated McVeigh in not telling the entire story is open to speculation. By the same token, that the FBI is refusing to talk about this postcard only adds fuel to the continuing doubts about what really happened in Oklahoma City.
The bottom line, though, is that the FBI and its allies at the ADL know much more about the Oklahoma City bombing than they are willing to admit, and no doubt for very good reason: exposure of the truth would demonstrate, beyond any question, that Judas Goats—The Enemy Within were ultimately responsible for what happened in Oklahoma City on the tragic day in 1995.

In light of these concerns, please understand why I am copying several FBI offices. Also, I am blind-copying a significant number of individuals in my standard alert distribution list, to include members of Oregon and Washington law enforcement, local and national media, elected government officials, and my colleagues with 9-11 Truth activist groups.
Admittedly, your email could be motivated by any of a number of things. It could be the result of an error in compiling your interested prospect and customer contact data base (although having spent nearly two decades of my life in professional sales as both a stockbroker and real estate broker, I find it hard to believe that your customer contacts data base is so flawed that you can make an innocent record keeping error regarding the true identity of someone you claim to have both spoken with over the phone as well sent a follow up email to), it could be a prank (and a very bad joke, at that, considering the circumstances), or it could be part of an intended set-up regarding something extremely serious, such as another 9-11 inside job.
I appreciate your attention to my concerns.
Best regards,
William B. Fox
America First Books
PO Box 8
South Bend, WA  98586     
Phone:  360-875-0197



From: Wanda
Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 12:51 PM
Subject: XYZ Flight Controls Inc. - Training System Information
Importance: High

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in our professional flight training solutions. It was a pleasure to speak with you today.

I look forward to being of assistance with any questions you may have or with any product information you may need and we thank you in advance for providing us with the opportunity to present our professional training solutions.

As requested, please see the attachments to this correspondence (total of 2) for specifications, options and pricing on the General Aviation Systems for your review and consideration.

Please confirm you have received this email correspondence.

XYZ Flight Controls, Inc. has engineered and manufactured flight training hardware and integrated training system’s for over 16 years and our systems are proven to be the most comprehensive, high fidelity and diversified devices in the industry today. XYZ Solutions are the number one choice in the Flight Training Industry as well as within the professional pilot markets.

XYZ Engineering Designs are proprietary and we manufacturer only aircraft quality cast yokes, switches, control panels, controller boards and software interfaces in the manufacturing of our devices. Internal engineering designs provide a professional quality control feel and response and our equipment is the most versatile in the marketplace for overall operational features, capabilities and design qualities.

FAA Approved General Aviation Training System's offer a total 20, Single and Multi-Engine Aircraft with Turbo Charged Models included. An add-on King Air Fleet is available for the 100, 200, 1900, C90 and Piper Cheyenne. Custom Aircraft Development is also available upon request, please contact us for more details on developing custom aircraft.

All Systems operate with XYZ’s proprietary system software which is noted for its fluidity and precision flight modeling. The software includes the instructor station software interface which provides comprehensive, detailed operations for most all parameters for: Dynamic Weather with all weather capabilities graphically reflected in visual system; over 250 various instrument and aircraft system failures, flight situations; moving map controls/features; air traffic positioning: Multiple view selection for non precision approaches and a World Wide Navigational Database which is visually graphic and represented in detail.

XYZ Flight Controls Inc., offers FAA Approved Systems at the PCATD, BASIC ATD and AATD Levels. Systems for Turbo Prop, Commercial 737-800, G1000, Avidyne Integra and General Aviation.

Basic ATD System’s are FAA Approved for the following:

1) Instrument Experience - 61.57 (c)(1)(i)(ii)(iii)

2) Private Pilot Certificate: maximum 2.5 hours - 61.109 (i)(1)(i)

3) Instrument Pilot Rating: 10 hours

4) Approved For Use as Limited by Part 141 Appendices B and C - 141.41


XYZ Flight Controls Basic ATD System Choices:

The CAT 2 and 3 Systems include the General Aviation FAA Approved software, Digital Avionics package and Cirrus Rudder Pedals. The Basic Cirrus II Console is included in the CAT 2 System and the Advanced Console in the CAT 3 System. Both Consoles include your choice of either a Mooney or Bonanza Style Yoke and 2 interchangeable throttle quadrants. The Veneer Throttle option is available for the CAT 3 Console and this throttle quadrant option is $ 595.00 in addition to the package pricing.

If you prefer to provide your own PC Equipment with either package, please ensure to check with us on proper configuration for software operations. XYZ can also provide you with a Turnkey Solution. Our Turnkey System's will offer you a system that is "plug and play" on receipt. All PC’s have a one year warranty and we offer complete support for our PC Systems.

XYZ Equipment is also compatible with MSFS, Retail X-Plane and Project Magenta Programs.

We believe you will find our professional flight training solutions to be the most comprehensive and cost effective solutions in the industry as well as exceptional in quality and design. We not only have immense pride in our commitment to system quality but also to our commitment to excellence in customer service and support of the client's who have placed their confidence in our solutions.

I hope this initial information has been helpful and please contact me with any questions, however, I will touch base with you later in the week.

I look forward to being of assistance with your flight training requirements.

Thank you,

Have a great day,

Wanda Smith
Marketing Director
XYZ Flight Controls Inc.



From: Wanda
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 7:49 AM
To: 'William Fox'
Cc: [Wanda's boss]
Subject: RE: ALERT! Why your email to me is potentially dangerous and requires immediate notification of law enforcement officials; RE: XYZ Flight Controls Inc. - Training System Information

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the alert and research information, however, it was a simple email error, intended to go to a client that was requesting information on our training devices. I can understand your urgency, however, maybe you should relax a little.

Please feel free to direct any further information to myself or our CEO.


Wanda Smith
Marketing Director
XYZ Flight Controls Inc.


From: William Fox []
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:27 AM
To: Wanda
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: More on: ALERT! Why your email to me is potentially dangerous and requires immediate notification of law enforcement officials; RE: XYZ Flight Controls Inc. - Training System Information

Dear Ms. Smith:

Thanks for your prompt and good-natured response.
My primary concern was that it sounded in your email like someone was trying to impersonate me. That in turn could suggest a malevolent set-up. After all, you stated in your original email that you spoke with me yesterday. However, now that you acknowledge that this affair only involves a “simple email error,” and by implication you agree that you did not speak with me yesterday, then I am happy to relax.
Permit me for a moment to explain further my feelings of apprehensiveness. I am well aware about how our view that “9-11 was an inside job” is still very unpopular within many very powerful government circles in America, especially since the insiders who pulled off 9-11 still remain in power and have not yet been brought to justice. Furthermore, I am well aware of numerous cases where the Feds have come up with all kinds of outlandish conspiracy theories regarding political dissidents. Take for example the FBI theory back in 2006 that some small group of poor black kids in Miami, Florida posed a serious threat to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago at: . As another example, consider the article “A Mockery of Justice –The Great Sedition Trial of 1944” at: In this case, FDR’s henchmen concocted a very weird theory that a disparate group of rightist political dissidents, most of whom had never met each other before, were all part of some great Nazi conspiracy to take over America, our planet, the universe, or whatever. The Feds have been known to use agents provocateurs, perjurers, and impersonators to frame people.
What a greater joy life would be if our economy were not on a steady downhill slope and if some of the highest levels of government and closely allied special interests were not waging a perpetual bogus “war on terror” in a desperate deliberate effort to keep us all in a state of mindless subservience and fear.
My ultimate goal is to deter corrupt government insiders from using terror against us and to help create happy endings. Thanks for getting back to me with some good news.
Best regards,
Bill Fox

Editor' Additional Note added 6:46 PM 29 July 2008: For those interested in the real malefactors behind the Oklahoma City bombing, I offer you the following opinion by Michael Collins Piper --which I happen to agree with-- from page 291 of The Judas Goats:

As we’ve seen, however, there is enough evidence to suggest that the so-called “international connections”to the Oklahoma City bombing do not point toward Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, either working together or independently of one another.
Instead, they point to Israel.

The bottom line is this: it is our contention that the Oklahoma bombing can ultimately be attributed to Israel: That Israeli intelligence used its considerable influence at wide-reaching levels inside American law enforcement—and through such domestic spying operations as the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center—to manipulate Timothy McVeigh (and his various associates, including Andreas Strassmeir and others) to carry out the chain of events that led to the disaster in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995.
And although there were repeated efforts—from the beginning—to lay a trail of evidence linking the tragedy to Osama bin Laden and/or Saddam Hussein (all the work of Israeli intelligence and those in its sphere of influence) there was enough resistance inside the U.S. government that this Israeli scheme to spark a U.S. military reaction was stopped in its tracks.
However, on September 11, 2001—we believe—Israel accomplished (on a far grander scale) what it tried, and failed, in Oklahoma City: that is, orchestrating a shocking terrorist event on American soil, blaming it on “the Arabs” and setting the stage for U.S. military intervention in the Middle East.
And let us close by noting this: there is nothing to refute this scenario of likely Israeli involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.
The fact remains that most honest independent investigators now concede that Andreas Strassmeir was an under-cover informant for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and that American law enforcement officials were aware of this. Furthermore, there is absolutely no question that the SPLC and the allied Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith have long acted jointly (and independently) as agents of the Israeli lobby in America. And all of this does not even address the obvious point that Strassmeir, though his own connections abroad, had a history of involvement with Israel, even having an Israeli girlfriend.
To continue further would only belabor the point that Israel most certainly had a role in the Oklahoma City bombing. The truth is that The Judas Goats—The Enemy Within have been effectively utilized by Zionist elements time and time again in American history,and Oklahoma City, as well as the JFK assassination and 9-11, are just some of the more notable examples.


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