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"America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew into a giant, and America will drown in blood. This is the spectre that is haunting America, the spectre of Civil War II, a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations." - opening passage of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America

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Articles by Others: Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America remains highly controversial, to say the least. On the one hand, talk show host Frosty Wooldridge has praised this work highly in his online articles, as have some other commentators. On the other hand, on March 25, 2007 Wikipedia completely deleted its article "Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America" shortly after information about the Author's Foreword and the Publisher's Preface to the 2007 ebook edition was added. Please see the applicable articles below and come to your own conclusions about what is really going on here...

RT: America, Born In Blood, March 25, 2010. Interview with Tom Chittum. YouTube caption: "What started as a few outspoken people at town hall meetings, turned into the tea party, they started to make racial slurs and homophobic remarks about Congressmen. The next step has been violence towards US lawmakers; its a change in the expression of anger, one that has even been predicted by some people." Tom Chittum explains how this is just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic compared to what is coming in the Southwest.

Starting in 2010, a soft cover Russian translation of Civil War Two is being sold in Slavic countries.

From Tom Chittum's "Buy A Gong" web site: "`The "KILLER GONG' is awarded for wasting an enemy in a firefight. It features the famous `Aces and Eights' or so-called `Dead Man's Hand' which was the poker hand held by James Butler `Wild Bill' Hickok when he was shot dead by John `Broken Nose Jack' McCall in Saloon Number 10 in Deadwood, South Dakota on August 2, 1876...." You can obtain this collector's item through Mr. Chittum's web site.

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Sgt Skull's Field Manual
For the Practical Modern Warrior
As America becomes increasingly unstable, Americans will need ever more to see through Establishment lies and hype to contemplate realistic survival strategies. Tom Chittum's satirical essays throw hard punches at America's imperial follies with an entertaining combination of wit, sarcasm, irreverence, and cold realism.


Magazine Articles by Tom Chittum

199303   Day of the Jackass: Dutch "Dirty Dozen" and Yank merc wreak
    havoc on friend and foe alike before being decommissioned by Croat commander. by Tom Chittum. Soldier of Fortune magazine, p. 54, Vol. 18 No. 3, March 1993.

Made-For-Internet Articles by Tom Chittum
(Not included in Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior)
2008-10-13   Mega Depression -- Then Mega Civil War
2008-03   Explaining America to Russians
2007-04-29   Baghdad Down: The Perfect Storm
2006-10-23   Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Let's Have a "Popular" Uprising
2006-09-07   Dean Wormer to the Rescue?
2004-05-20   I Wish Some Presidential Candidates Would Make This
2004-04-27   They're All Going to Die -- Part II
2004   Grave-Robbing, Corpse-Cooking Ghouls -- No Kidding!
2003-12-09   Millions of Houses Worth Trillions
  A Depression of Hitherto Unimaginable Severity
2003-09-30   An Open Letter to Mr. Lyndon LaRouche
  Bawk! Mutinous National Guardsmen Go On Looting
2003-09-15   Bawk! Chicken Little Was Right
  Kill Them, Burn Them, and Send their Ashes Straight to
2003-07-21   Restore the Republic or Starve
2001-09-23   I Spit on Your Decadent, Bourgeois, Capitalist Pig,
    Zionist, American, NWO War of Aggression and. Stupid Sheeple Bongo Party
2000-04   (April 2000) America An Empire, Not a Nation
1998-10   (Oct 1998) Minutes of the First Annual Conference on
    Racial Seperatism (notes about Tom Chittum speech by "Ken P.").
1998-02   Sample Civil War Two Web page from WayBackMachine
    historical archive. web site is no longer functioning. Click on WaybackMachine to find other archived web pages from Sept 22, 1999 to March 29, 2002
1998   Sgt Skull's Recruiting Office (WaybackMachine historical
    archive page)
I Want You for
the New World Order
Wake up Americans!

MP3 Interviews
2008-12-04   Rayelan Allen interview on Rumor Mill News Radio, return
    appearance for Tom Chittum, who discusses the theories of Dr. Igor Panarin. 7.7 MB, 51:51
2008-11-19   Rayelan Allen interview on Rumor Mill News Radio

MP3 download
hr 1, hr 2

    hour one 6.4 MB, 50:38, hour two 6.4 MB, 50:54. Rumer Mill News Radio Overview Download page here. Two great shows where Mr. Chittum explains his views in some depth.
2007-04-12   Thomas Chittum's interview (1 hr) part 2, on Frosty
    Wooldridge's show. Both parts 1 and 2 covered the implications of out of control illegal immigration from a Civil War Two perspective. Great shows!
2007-04-10   Thomas Chittum's interview (1 hr) part 1, on Frosty
    Wooldridge's "Connecting the Dots" show on Republic Broadcasting Network
2006-09-07   Tom Chittum's interview with Michael Collins Piper on
  Thursday 7 Sept 2006. He discussed his latest thoughts on the Civil War Two scenario, and current project Heroes of the New World Order described in his "Dean Wormer to the Rescue" article listed above. 59:57
Articles by others about Tom Chittum's works
2011-07-03   Race War coming to America. A review of Tom Chittum ‘s Civil War II
    by Oswald51
2007-03-30   The Wikipedia controversy continued: "The Deletion As a

Contrarian Indicator That Pays A Back-Handed Complement To Chittum's Work," by Bill Fox, also: "The Deletion As a Form of Book Burning," citing an email by Frosty Wooldridge. Stormfront White Nationalist Community Townhall forum posting #16409.

2007-03-25   Record of the Debate to Delete the Wikipedia Article- "Civil War
    II: The Coming Breakup of America." Does the book really "lack notability," or is it more likely the case that the article just got too hot for gatekeepers of the online encyclopedia?
2007-03-22   The Actual Wikipedia Article in Question: "Civil War II: The
    Coming Breakup of America" with an introductory note by the America First Books publisher.
2007-01   Publisher's Preface to the 2007 ebook edition of Civil War II: The
    Coming Breakup of America
2006-12   The Coming Breakup of America: Part 1 by Frosty Wooldridge
    about Civil War Two. Mr. Wooldridge is also archived at and hosts his own show at RBN Live.
2006-12   The Coming Breakup of America: Part 2 by Frosty Wooldridge.
    More commentary on Civil War Two.
misc dates book reviews for Civil War Two (mostly "five star")
2003-03   Iraqi Resistance Against U.S. Occupation Intensifies by
    Dave Rollins, The Nationalist Times, July 2003. He quotes Tom Chittum, who gets it right that "The American Army in Iraq is evolving into the American Army of Vietnam...The longer it wears on the worse it will get..."

Hard Copy: Civil War Two is currently out of print, and hence available only in the resale market in its soft cover edition. However, Mr. Chittum currently provides his own hard copy editions (autographed as a collector's edition if you like) of Sgt. Skull's Field Manual (for $20) and his work-in-progress 10,000 Heroes of the New World Order (Big List paper-only version for $40, Delux edition with in a binder with letter seperators for $80). Send checks or money orders to Tom Chittum, 905 W. 7th St., #194 Frederick, MD 21701. (For an appetizer, note the following online list of CFR members).

Despite America's serious ailments, it has historically been an economic powerhouse with vast resources. Below, a map that shows what foreign nation has equal GDP size with each state. This makes the point that most states have the critical mass to function as reasonably autonomous countries if they ever secede. However, the data that went into this map is complicated by the fact that America has lost over 75% of its industrial base since the 1960's -- the source of real long term wealth -- and many economic statistics that show "GDP growth" are a mirage based upon skyrocketing debt-financed consumption.


From: Study: All of Western US and most of East Coast, Midwest, Canada covered in airborne particles on March 20, Fukushima plume model shows — Based solely on Reactor No. 1 explosion (PHOTO),, March 2, 2012. Please also see the "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" map series which shows the continuous spread of Cesium 137, Iodide 131, Strontium 90, and a whole witches brew of other extremely dangerous radioactive particles across North America and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere in the months following the 11 March 2011 Fukushima melt-downs. In Chernobyl's meltdown accelerated that of the Soviet Union (Mikhail Gorbachev Op-Ed), Daily Star, April 18, 2006, the author Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, stated "The nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl 20 years ago this month, even more than my launch of perestroika, was perhaps the real cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union five years later. Indeed, the Chernobyl catastrophe was a historic turning point: there was the era before the disaster, and there is the very different era that has followed." According to the authoritative work Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment by Yablakov, et al, in the 25 years following the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown, around 985,000 lives ended prematurely and no less than 8,000,000 serious injuries and chronic diseases were linked to this event. The radiation expert Leuren Moret and British physicist Dr. Chris Busby (archived at America First Books/America First Institute) have estimated that Fukushima will likely release over 300 times more radiation than Chernobyl. The effects actually get worse over time as radiation bio-accumulates in food chains and as cancers mature. It does not take a great deal of imagination to see how accumulated radiation effects in North America (combined with other crisis pressures such as a hollowed out economy, growing police state, and rapidly changing racial-ethnic demographics) may help break apart the United States analogous to the way Chernobyl helped shatter Soviet Union. Please also see the Fukushima Catastrophe Open Source Intelligence Summary page for evidence that Fukushima was precipitated by Mossad-CIA-MI6's Stuxnet virus, and the The Great 2011
American Nuclear Facility Crises web page
to learn more about the horrors of American nuclear policy.



The late John "Birdman" Bryant once observed "There was a time when the white man was like the Big Dog in America, and the blacks and Chinese and Jews seemed like yappy, harmless little chihuahuas and terriers, full of their little demands and commotion. But now the other dogs have grown much bigger, and together they are getting bigger than the Big White Dog. And the Big White Dog is getting nervous." (A photo circulating by email in July 2010).

"Leaked ‘Machete’ Script Confirms Race War Plot "The film is dangerous because it glorifies Machete as a hero, invoking his fictional racial struggle alongside clear parallels to current events and headlines ripped from topical news. We have already seen episodes of violent attacks, declarations of violent intent at protests (such as in Arizona and Santa Cruz, California) and demonstrable anger over attempts as regulation, such as Arizona’s recent controversial legislation..."



Miscellaneous Other Articles
on "Civil War Two"-related topics

2012-11-14   Secession petitions now filed for all 50 states by Dylan Stableford, Yahoo News
    "Petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of Americans seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the union have now been filed for all 50 states on the White House website.

The secession petition push began last week on the site's We The People section after a Slidell, La., man filed a petition on Nov. 7 to allow Louisiana to secede. Residents from other states followed suit.
As of Wednesday afternoon, North CarolinaTennesseeAlabamaGeorgiaLouisiana and Texas—all states that voted for former Gov. Mitt Romney—as well as Florida each had accumulated more than 25,000 signatures, the threshold needed to trigger an official response from the Obama administration. Collectively, the secession petitions now have more than 700,000 digital signatures.
Texas is in the lead with more than 99,000, but Gov. Rick Perry said on Tuesday that he does not support secession..." [...more here]
2012-10-07   Undeniable, American Civil War, it is in the Cards by Gordon Duff,
    You hear it only in whispers. Americans, those who used to consider themselves liberal or conservative, urban or rural, all races, religions and ethnicities are whispering.
With America’s new laws, universal wiretapping, total supervision of the Internet, networks of informants throughout the population, there is a genuine fear, neither of invasion nor of collapse and starvation though those are seen as more than “probable.”
Americans are convinced they will, perhaps this month, this year, certainly soon, see a civil war. These are no longer bluster, angry words spoken in the heat of the moment. These are quiet words, carefully spoken behind closed doors between trusted friends.
Americans are afraid of their government, their laws, their police and they have been afraid too long . . . [more here]
2012-10-06   Homeland Security: Preparing for Massive Civil War by Paul Joseph Watson and
    Alexander Higgins (with Jim Fetzer)
The discovery by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (3 October 2012) that, “Despite reviewing 13 months’ worth of reporting originating from fusion centers from April 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010, the Subcommittee investigation could identify no reporting which uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could it identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot” means that there is no evidence of the existence of any domestic terrorist threat.  On that basis, it is rational to infer (with high probability) that there is no domestic terrorist threat.

We also know that there are 300 or more FEMA camps distributed around the country. We know that Congress has authorized 30,000 drones to conduct surveillance on the American people. We know that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had requisitioned 1.5 billion rounds of .40 calibre hollow-point ammunition, which is not even permissible for use in warfare under the Geneva Conventions. Since DHS does not conduct operations abroad, it is rational to infer (with virtual certainty) that DHS must be acquiring that massive stock of ammo for use in the United States.
And we now learn that Congress is in the process of passing H.R. 6566, “The Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act”, which was posted on the website FEMA To Mobilize For “Mass Fatality Planning” (5 October 2012), mandating federal agency to respond to “funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries” being “overwhelmed” in the aftermath of a mass terror attack, natural disaster or other crisis. It was posted this after having been approved by the House on 28 September 2012.  Not to make an obvious point, but there is no domestic terrorist threat and no conceiveable natural disaster could possibly justify this dramatic authorization for coping with staggering numbers of bodies.
You don’t have to have spent 35 years teaching logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning to put together the following premises and draw the obvious conclusion:
[...more here]
2012-10-02   Will the United States follow the same path as the USSR? by Mac Slavo
    "In the following video commentary Russian General Konstantin P. Petrov (Ret.) asks some interesting questions and includes his own thoughts (perhaps the non-official Russian position) about a variety of topics that include the end of US dollar hegemony, the orchestration of the 9-11 attacks to engage America in a mid-east war, the puppeteers behind the politicians and the coming premeditated collapse of the United States of America as we know it."
2012-06-23   How Racial Realities in Europe and Theories of Entrepreneurial Business
    Competition Provide Important Perspectives to Help Diagnose "What Is Ailing America". This is an extended essay by America First Books publisher William B. Fox added to the Articles Archive web page.
2012-04-10   Civil War Has Begun: America is Fatally Deceived by Greg Evensen, former Kansas
    State Trooper,
"The war of northern aggression began forming in the 1840’s as the government even then, moved further and further away from a constitutional republic. Vitriolic debate about growing, indifferent central taxation coursed through the halls of Congress in the 1850’s. Dire threats were taking shape by 1858, and there was no turning back by 1860. For those who understand our Republic and the efforts to sustain freedom, in spite of all out war waged upon it then and since the end of the last internal struggle, the federal economic/banking/political/internationalist/police state has had but one goal. That is, the internal destruction of the sovereign states and the imposition of a socialist government tyranny under the ongoing protection of the federal court system and the threat of military intervention to achieve the final dark victory against the American people.
Mirroring the run up time frame to our first “civil war” (regardless of your position) the past 100 years at a minimum, have witnessed the attainment of expansionist socialist government benchmarks in every area of public life. As a result, we are now hovering at the doorstep of open warfare with government and virtually all government agencies..."
2012-01-24   Menace Of Multiculturalism In America - Creating National Disunity by Frosty
2012-01-23   Opening A New Theater of War In The North American Homeland by Saman
    Mohammadi, "State of Emergency Communique #1: America, Canada, and Mexico are financially and mentally colonized nations. But financial fraud and media propaganda are no longer enough to keep the people down. Due to the political awakening across the continent the need for the boots has come..."
2011-08-10   5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World by Silver Shield

"I wrote an article called 5 Places NOT To Be When The Dollar Collapses. In it I wrote that societies that benefited the most from the dollar would be the worst places to be when it fell apart. While the dollar has not even collapsed yet, the strain in these areas is becoming more apparent. England is number 3 on the list has had 4 days of violent riots as people start to lose it. Israel is number 1 on that list has had massive protests. There is revolution in the air all over the world except in the US.
America is still in deep denial which is still the first stage of the Awakening. This denial will be wiped away when the dollar collapses. For now the economy is still functioning with food and fuel available. Americans still have the illusion of wealth and normalcy. They still are stuck in the false left right paradigm and think some other sock puppet will turn things around.
When the dollar collapses, all American illusions will collapse with it. Deep denial will turn into deep anger. The violence I expect in the other 3 areas on the list and all urban areas in the US, will make all other global riots pale in comparison. America is deeply infused with arrogance, denial, narcissism, drugs and violence. There is no other society that I know of that has the degree of intensity and combination of these factors..."

2011-07-12   Mexican Outlaws Get Guns Via ATF by Joseph Alan Sanchez,"
    "...Members of both the U.S. Congress and the Mexican government are calling for prosecution of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)."
2011-07-11   “Let’s Arm The Mexican Drug Cartels With Thousands Of Guns And Continue To
    Leave The Border Completely Wide Open”,
"...Right now, some of the most dangerous places to be on the face of the earth are along the U.S./Mexico border. The Mexican drug cartels are fighting a vicious war against each other and against the authorities.
Just this past week, there were 40 drug war deaths down in Mexico in just one 24 hour period. Over 35,000 people have been killed since the Mexican government declared war on the cartels back in 2006."
2011-07-08   US Government Openly Admits Arming Mexican Drug Gangs With 30,000 Firearms

- But Why?,
"It is now a widely-reported fact that under the Obama administration, U.S. federal agents actively placed over 30,000 fully-functional weapons into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, then halted all surveillance and tracking activities of where those weapons were going.
This is not a conspiracy theory, nor a piece of fiction. It is now an openly-admitted fact that this was pulled off by the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, more commonly called "ATF") under orders from Washington. The program was called "Fast and Furious."
Even Reuters is now covering the news and reporting how members of Congress are outraged to learn that this happened'..."

Mexican Drug Gang


2011-07-08   When America Went Crazy by Eric Peters,
    "America lost its mind 146 years ago and hasn’t been the same since. Or rather, it’s been a different country ever since.
A psychotic, self-referential, duplicitous country – largely ignorant of its own history and convinced of its messianic role in word affairs. A country not merely content to live – and let live. But one determined to to force others – everyone – to live its way.
At bayonet point, if need be..."
2011-07-07   VIPR Searches and the American Citizen: ‘Dominate. Intimidate. Control.’ by
    John W. Whitehead,
2011-07-03   Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California, CBS,
"...Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone apparently thinks so, after proposing that the county lead a campaign for as many as 13 Southern California counties to secede from the state.
Stone said in a statement late Thursday that Riverside, Imperial, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Kings, Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa and Mono counties should form the new state of South California.
The creation of the new state would allow officials to focus on securing borders, balancing budgets, improving schools and creating a vibrant economy, he said.
“Our taxes are too high, our schools don’t educate our children well enough, unions and other special interests have more clout in the Legislature than the general public,” Stone said in his statement..."
2011-06-23   Top 5 Places NOT To Be When The Dollar Collapses by Silver Shield
    "The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world..."
2011-06-22   Editorial: Was Fast And Furious A Gun-Control Plot?, by IBD,
    Scandal: Rather than a botched attempt to catch criminals, was the ATF program actually an attempt to advance gun-control efforts by an administration that has blamed Mexican violence on easy access to U.S. weapons?
If "Operation Fast and Furious" was merely a botched attempt at law enforcement, why was a supervisor of the operation, David Voth, "jovial, if not, not giddy but just delighted about" marked guns showing up at crime scenes in Mexico, as career Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent John Dodson told Rep. Darrell Issa's House Oversight Committee?
2011-06-07   Mess With Texas? by John Tate, President, Campaign for Liberty,
    "Dear Liberty Activist,
`Don’t mess with Texas!'– a phrase symbolic of the independent nature of a republic that was born fighting for independence.
Unfortunately for Texans, their state leaders forgot this history and caved like the Buffalo Bills in a Super Bowl to threats from the Department of Justice.
You see, Texas State Rep. David Simpson sponsored a commonsense bill to prohibit officials from groping people’s privates as a condition for them to travel or enter a public building.
But the bureaucrats working at the TSA and DOJ didn’t like this restriction.
They threatened to create what amounts to a no-fly zone over Texas after the bill sailed unanimously through the Texas State House..."
2011-05-06   The Scottish People Say No To Empire by Jody McIntyre,
    [Editor's Note: How much longer after "Bye Bye UK" will we see "Bye Bye U.S.?"
2010-10-20   Time Magazine: Prospect Of Civil War In U.S. “Doesn’t Seem That Far Fetched”
    by Paul Joseph Watson,
2010-08-23   Mexican Police To Patrol NY? by Jeffrey Smith, AFP, (reproduced at
    "NEW YORK, New York — In a series of events which has caused wide notice and a storm of protests, the government of Mexico, through its consulate in New York in the United Nations, has announced it will begin patrolling the New York City borough of Staten Island to “safeguard” its nationals there.
The actions of Mexico come after a series of incidents the Mexican government terms “bias attacks.”
[Editor's Note: This raises an interesting question, namely that if Mexicans inside the U.S. feel like they should get protection from Mexican nationals, what about Scandinavian-Americans, Scots-Irish, Russian-Americans, German-Americans, Dutch-Americans and other European-Americans who may eventually feel that they too could use some support from the "mother country," given the possibility that they may eventually become totally abandoned (or worse) by the federal government, particularly in a "Civil War Two" scenario? I am sure that Randy Weaver did not feel particularly "protected" at Ruby Ridge, nor David Koresh and the little children who got burned alive at Waco, Texas. Please see my Suppressed Nationalists, Historical Revisionists, and Other Dissidents web page.]
2010-08-16   EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Sheriff: Border Patrol Has Retreated from Parts of Border
    Because It’s ‘Too Dangerous’ by Terrence P. Jeffrey,
2010-07-26   The Year America Dissolved by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    "It was 2017. Clans were governing America.
The first clans organized around local police forces. The conservatives’ war on crime during the late 20th century and the Bush/Obama war on terror during the first decade of the 21st century had resulted in the police becoming militarized and unaccountable.
As society broke down, the police became warlords. The state police broke apart, and
the officers were subsumed into the local forces of their communities. The newly formed tribes expanded to encompass the relatives and friends of the police.
The dollar had collapsed as world reserve currency in 2012 when the worsening economic depression made it clear to Washington’s creditors that the federal budget deficit was too large to be financed except by the printing of money..."
2010-07-24   Breaking: Multiple Ranches in Laredo, TX Taken Over by Los Zetas by "Digger,"
    The Cypress Times, "UPDATE: Story is now 100% confirmed by second source within the Laredo Police Department.. The bloodbath continues along our southern border and now word is coming in that Los Zetas, the highly trained killers formerly with the Gulf Cartel, have crossed into the United States and taken over at least two ranches in the Laredo, Texas area. I am receiving word that the owners of the ranches have evacuated without being harmed..."
2010-07-16   Video Reveals Intensity of Narco-Army Gunfight on U.S.-Mexico Border by Kurt
    Nimmo,, "A video posted on YouTube reveals the extent of the narco violence on the U.S.-Mexico border. “We heard machine guns, 9mm pistols, grenades, everything,” a note posted with the video explains. The gunfire occurred in Reynosa, Mexico, across the border from McAllen, Texas, on July 11."
2010-07-07   Obama Commits Act of High Treason; Sides with Foreign Power Against Arizona
    Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes, Prison
"...Outrageously, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl (R) claims that Obama told him privately that, in essence, an open border was a point of leverage on the amnesty issue:
“If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support comprehensive immigration reform,” Sen. Kyl quoted President Obama as stating.
Kyl recounted the story to a room of concerned supporters, further characterizing the President’s position as “holding hostage” the border issue to help push the amnesty package. This despite political uproar in Arizona, increased border violence, increased threats to Sheriffs and other law enforcement in border areas, and the closing of many state parks and other areas on the border considered too dangerous to allow Americans into.
Presidents Obama and Calderon at the SPP 2009At the same time, efforts to integrate North America under the Security & Prosperity Partnership and other related agreements have continued to undermine national sovereignty in general, and the 9th & 10th Amendment sovereignty of states like Arizona in particular...
2010-07-05   The Destruction of U.S. Border States by Louis T. McFadden, American Free Press,
    "...The constant injectionof millions of illegal aliens have weakened and undermined the financial balance of all the U.S. border states to a degree where most of them are presently close to bankruptcy and suffer the financial effects of lowered credit ratings."
2010-06-21   Citizen militia on border apparently unaware that MI6/CIA runs the drugs
    By Teresa Jun And Christopher Francis "PINAL COUNTY, AZ (KOLD) - A group of citizens plans to arm themselves with heavy weaponry and patrol the Vekol Valley area of Pinal County, looking for drug smugglers entering the country. .." [Editor's Note, please see Chapter 27 "More Arson, More Private Army, More Russian, French, and Pakistani Gyrations" of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy where it talks about Blackwater's attempt to set up a base near the California-Mexico border].
2010-06-07   Johan Galtung on "The Fall of the US Empire" - June 7, 2010 Democracy
    NOW! (video) (5:11) "Johan Galtung accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet empire and in 2000 said the U.S. empire would fall in 2025. Recently Mr. Galtung has moved the U.S. collapse up to 2020 given the continued U.S. occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan."
2010-05-13   Leaked ‘Machete’ Script Confirms Race War Plot by Alex Jones &
    Aaron Dykes, Prison "A script leaked for the upcoming film Robert Rodriguez ‘Machete’ confirms fears that the film seeks to build up a racial cult figure who kills for the cause of “illegal” immigrants..."
2009-11-01   Prof. J. Galtung: 'US empire will fall by 2020' (RUSSIA TODAY) (video) (4:55)
    "Although most of the headlines read that the U.S. economy is growing again, professor and author Johan Gultang seems to have a different perspective on the future of the U.S. RT's Dina Gusovsky interviews him about his new book: The Fall of the U.S. Empire-And Then What?"
2009-08-21   Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America? Washington Times
2009-08-06   Why the State Sovereignty and Secession Movements? The Feds Are Selling Us
    Into Servitude by Brian Roberts
2009-07-24   The American Revolution Revisited by Timothy Baldwin, Esq.
2009-07-03   Celebrate Secessionism! by John Payne, American Conservative Blog
2009-06-17   Calling President Davis by William S. Lind
2009-06-13   Divided We Stand U.S. News. What would California look like broken in three? Or a
    Republic of New England? With the federal government reaching for ever more power, redrawing the map is enticing, says Paul Starobin
2009-03-22   Why the End of America is Closer Than You Think by Mike Adams "Given the
    [aforementioned] circumstances, it is not difficult to predict the demise of America as we know it. The U.S. dollar will eventually collapse or be abandoned. This could happen literally overnight, or it could take years, but make no mistake: The American people will not be forewarned of the collapse of the dollar. It will be a sudden, surprise announcement, and all the politicians and banking elitists who engineered the whole thing will pronounce their `shock' that such a thing could happen! `We could never have predicted this,' they will insist, even while the whole thing was actually engineered by the very same people.
2009-03-18   Review of Jeff Gates' Guilt By Association, by Edmund Connelly,Occidental Observer.
  "Guilt by Association makes treason transparent. The corruption that plagues American politics is traced to an alliance with elites and extremists loyal to the Land of Israel. Unable to rid politics of campaign finance corruption, the U.S. finds its security imperiled by those skilled at deceiving America into waging wars for the Zionist state. Tracing this corruption to criminal syndicates from the 1920s, Guilt by Association reveals how those skilled at displacing facts with beliefs wield clout from the shadows. Both deception and self-deceit play critical roles in enabling this criminality to expand its reach on a global scale. Guilt by Association documents how by operating in the realms of politics, media, academia, think tanks and popular culture corruption came to dominate politics, as shown by presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Chronicling systemic corruption that predates these candidates by decades, the book explains how organized crime expanded worldwide while the U.S. discredited itself in the eyes of a global public astounded that Americans would tolerate such corruption to their own detriment..."
2009-02-17 Rubicon in the Rear-View, Pt. IV: The Chicago "Surge" , Pro Libertate blog
    This is the fourth in an occasional series describing America's descent into military rule. Part I; Part II; Part III
2008-12-29   As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S., In Moscow,
    Igor Panarin's Forecasts Are All the Rage; America 'Disintegrates' in 2010, Andrew Osborn, Wall Street Journal
2008-11-25   Russian Analyst Predicts Decline and Breakup of USA "A leading

Russian political analyst has said the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the country is heading for collapse, and will divide into separate parts. Professor Igor Panarin said in an interview with the respected daily Izvestia published on Monday: `The dollar is not secured by anything. The country's foreign debt has grown like an avalanche, even though in the early 1980s there was no debt. By 1998, when I first made my prediction, it had exceeded $2 trillion. Now it is more than 11 trillion. This is a pyramid that can only collapse.' The paper said Panarin's dire predictions for the U.S. economy, initially made at an international conference in Australia 10 years ago at a time when the economy appeared strong, have been given more credence by this year's events. When asked when the U.S. economy would collapse, Panarin said: `It is already collapsing. Due to the financial crisis, three of the largest and oldest five banks on Wall Street have already ceased to exist, and two are barely surviving. Their losses are the biggest in history. Now what we will see is a change in the regulatory system on a global financial scale: America will no longer be the world's financial regulator.'" See also blogs about Panarin. Also, Wikipedia entry on Panarin.

2008-09-10   Freedom fighter by David Talbot; Alaskan Independence Party
    chairwoman Lynette Clark talks about why she doesn't identify herself as an American, and about her kindred spirit Sarah Palin.
2008-09-10   The American secessionist streak by Christopher Ketcham.
    In a recent poll, one in five agreed that states have the right to peacefully secede from the Union.
2008-08-28   Cracks in the Empire by Prof. Michael Rozeff. "An empire is a criminal
    organization that thrives on taking, not creating, wealth and property, domestically and internationally. As in a pond, the scum rises to the top. The scum are the best criminals, those who are best equipped to lead the far-flung criminal enterprise."
2008-05-01   Brown Berets de Aztlan are recruiting and forming new chapters by
    Ernesto Cienfuegos, La Voz de Aztlan.
2008-04-23   Muqtada's biggest battle already won, Asia Times, by Sreeram Chaulia
    "[There must be a] symbiotic relationship between militants and their constituents. The former's humanitarian assistance becomes a lifeline for the poor, and the latter's affection becomes the shield for the guerrillas. In insurrection theory, the two-way-street leads to a merger of the party or rebel outfit and its people to the extent that the two become indistinguishable.
2008-02-15   Independent Kosovo? Why not Vermont? Kosovo's Looming
    Independence Raises Question: Why Not Scotland or Vermont? William J. Kole AP News. "...There are at least two dozen secessionist movements active in Europe alone..."
2008-02-09   Mayor Kicks Marines Out of Toledo by WNWO NBC24 News. Despite
    having ample mock towns and other urban training facilities on military bases, NWO leaders bussed Marine reservists four hours to play shoot 'em up in the Toledo Central Business District during normal working hours, alarming common citizens. Amazingly, a large percentage of jingoistic locals tolerate this psychological conditioning for a martial law crackdown. See also "Marine Exercise in Toledo, Ohio: An Attack on Democratic Rights" and " Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games."
2008-01-18   Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion by Ryan Singel.
    "Montana governor Brian Schweitzer (D) declared independence Friday from federal identification rules and called on governors of 17 other states to join him in forcing a showdown with the federal government which says it will not accept the driver's licenses of rebel states' citizens starting May 11."
2008-01-15   On Dissolving the United States of America by Dr. Michael S. Rozeff
    "Dissolving the U.S.A. is becoming more and more an urgent and visible matter. Let us do a favor for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. Let us place dissolving the U.S.A. at the top of our political agenda."
2007-12-27   Lakota Sioux Declare Sovereign Nation Status. "Lakota Sioux
    American Indian representatives declared sovereign nation status on Thursday, December, 20, 2007 in Washington D.C. following Monday's withdrawal from all previously signed treaties with the United States Government."
2007-11-04   It’s Beginning; Third World Lifestyles in the U.S. by Jeff Davis, Euro.
    "It’s beginning. The US infra-structure is losing its ability to keep up with population growth. Power black outs and other draconian measures have already been enforced in some states."
2007-10-20   IEDs Seen As Rising Threat in The U.S.; By Spencer S. Hsu and Mary
    Beth Sheridan Washington Post Staff Writers. "The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI agree that the homemade explosive devices that have wreaked havoc in Iraq pose a rising threat to the United States. But lawmakers and first responders say the Bush administration has been slow to devise a strategy for countering the weapons and has not provided adequate money and training for a concerted national effort." [Editor's note: As usual, we have a corrupt government and Zionist elite that creates severe social friction to begin with by promoting open borders, condoning massive Third World immigration, running up debt, exporting industrial infrastructure and skilled jobs overseas, and demonizing pro-white middle class political dissidents. Once social pressures reach the boiling point, they then try to treat only the symptoms with ever more central planning, more federal bureaucracy, more police state repression, and more military-style counter measures. These measures include forever shoveling pork to fat cat insider defense contractors who then kick back political campaign contributions their crony-capitalist patrons. Please see my discussion of "ponzi government" in my centralization vs. decentralization article. It is a vicious circle, because certain powerful insiders can now profit in the short run off a simmering internal insurgency. This includes not only defense contractors, but also political demagogues who can win votes by stirring up exaggerated fears of abstract forms of "terrorism." However, in the long run this sick political game is a pact with the Devil. The low level insurgencies will tend to grow beyond their control into something very real and take down the whole system.]
2007-10-04   Several States Are Discussing Secession From the United States by William Cormier,, "Imagine the individual states building their own economies, and if corporate America wanted a piece of the pie, they would have to reinvest in that state rather than outsourcing everything to countries that will work for peanuts that are breaking the American economy."
2007-10-03   Seccessionists Meeting in Tennessee By Bill Poovey, AP Writer "In an
    unlikely marriage of desire to secede from the United States, two advocacy groups from opposite political traditions — New England and the South — are sitting down to talk. Tired of foreign wars and what they consider right-wing courts, the Middlebury Institute wants liberal states like Vermont to be able to secede peacefully..."
2007-08-13   On War #230 Importing More Fourth Generation War
    by William S. Lind "One of Fourth Generation war's more effective Trojan horses is refugees. They arrive on someone's shore desperate, pathetic, deeply grateful for the smallest crust or copper flung their way. Only a Scrooge could have a heart so cold as to turn them away. Regrettably, in a Fourth Generation world, Western countries need lots of Scrooges in charge of their immigration policies. A story in the July 15, 2007 New York Times by Theo Emery, `In Nashville, a Street Gang Emerges in a Kurdish Enclave,' tells an all-too common story..."
2007-08-13   Pols are tiptoeing around killing field, by Stanley Crouch. "A few
    months ago Ben Stein wrote in the conservative American Spectator that, `In the five and a half years since Sept. 11, 2001, there have been roughly 40,000 killings by gangs and gang members in this United States of America, mostly in the African-American and Hispanic sections of large cities.' In his book, `The Devil and Dave Chappelle,' William Jelani Cobb writes: `Between 1976 and 2004, African-Americans, who are 13% of the population, constituted nearly 47% of the homicide cases in the United States.' Besides all of the human costs of these murders, the burden is estimated by the World Health Organization to cost an annual $300 billion. That amounts to about 150 weeks in Iraq, or three years."
2007-07-05   Memo From Mexico: You Say You Want a Reconquista?, By Allan
    Wall, July 5, 2007. "There really are irredentist/revanchist sentiments in among Mexicans in the U.S.A., and this is bound to grow and get worse. It will make Canada’s Quebec problem look trivial by comparison...the various Chicano/ Mexican/ Hispanic/ Latino/ reconquista/ Aztlan activists are indeed in agreement that that their people (variously defined) are an oppressed nationality that needs liberation..."
2007-07-05   Unholy Alliance Military and police technology sharing sends shivers up
    civil libertarians’ spines by Jonah Owen Lamb, Salt Lake City Weekly, 5 July 2007. Now that they are no longer an integral part of the increasingly multi-racial and gang-infested communities that are gradually taking over America, certain local police departments are showing us through their procurement policies what language it is that they really understand.
2007-06-30   The Fallacy of Multiculturalism Revealed by Curt Maynard. A dis-
    cussion about a fight between "particularists" and "pluralists" in the left hand corner of a modern liberal intellectual sand box which has very little to do with core real world issues involving defending white genetic interests in the face of growing numbers of aliens engaged in forms of cultural and physical genocide against America's dwindling white middle class.
2007-07   Bye, Bye, Miss American Empire, or the sweet smell of secession
    by Bill Kauffman, July/August Orion Magazine. Vermonters call for "homestead security" rather than "Homeland Security."
2007-05-17   Minority population grows to 100 million -- 1 of 3 in U.S. by Leslie
    Fulbright, San Francisco Chronicle, May 17, 2007, "The nation's minority population topped 100 million last year, about one-third of the total... Most people over 60 are non-Hispanic whites, and most under 40 are not." Reacting to this article in "White Young People Now a Minority In America!" Dr. David Duke commented: "Majority of Americans under 40 are now non-White and Whites a small minority in those under 25!"
2007-04-23   Michael New: Mercenary...or American Soldier? Supreme Court
    Turns Down Michael New. "If you are in the military, it means that you and your attorneys have no right to present evidence in your defense in courts-martial, for evidence has suddenly become `discretionary element' of the prosecution... the Executive Branch now will feel completely at liberty to ignore the US Constitution, and place you in a United Nations uniform...In effect, you may be turned into a mercenary at the discretion of the President. "


Death Squad in Delaware: The Case of a Murdered Marine
    William Norman Grigg. An update from one of our increasingly militarized police departments around the country that are turning into Federal franchises and Homeland Security apparatuses aimed at controlling you.
2006-09-28   The Next Added 100 Million American by Frosty Wooldridge. Part 1 of
    a 25 part series. How white Americans are not only losing their country, but opening up the gates of hell.
2005-10   The Case for American Secession: Still a Good Idea by Kirkpatrick
    Sale from the November 2005 issue of Chronicles Magazine. Middlebury Institute Paper II. "This country simply is not working right—as both the war in Iraq and the bumbling of Katrina (at all levels) make clear—and its corruption and inefficiency are harmful to the bulk of the population. The federal government, aside from being bureaucracy bound and politically hamstrung, is too big and complicated and inherently incompetent, and its attempt to provide for 280 million people and maintain a global empire of 725 military bases has proved to be impossible, placing terrible political and financial burdens on everyone. Secession would allow states to escape this Leviathan, keep their human and financial resources from going down the rathole, avoid association with the failed politics of an ugly empire, and set their own policies (on same-sex “marriage,” abortion, stem-cell research, etc.) without interference from a distant central government increasingly in the hands of corporate interests and neoconservative ideologues." Please see the Middlebury Institute home page with more material "...for the study of separatism, secession, and self-determination."
2003   Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments (downloadable PDF
    file, also online in html), by Major Patrick Marques, USA, 2003, 72 pages. Some good background on IRA, Mujahideen, and Chechen unconventional warfare operations in urban environments.
2003-02   "Ethnic Genetic Interests: The scientific basis for racial activism" by
    Michael Rienzi, American Renaissance, February 2003
2002-06   "The Anatomy of Ethnic Conflict: Finally a scientific look at
    diversity.'" a review by Thomas Jackson of Ethnic Conflicts Explained by Ethnic Nepotism by Tatu Vanhanen, American Renaissance June 2002
1997-12   "Blood And Soil: The Worldwide Struggle For Ethnic Dominance," a
    review by Thomas Jackson of The Demographic Struggle for Power: The Political Economy of Demographic Engineering in the Modern World, Milica Zarkovic Bookman, Frank Cass & Co. Ltd., 1997, 273 pp., American Renaissance, Dec 1997
1997-03-13   A Chinese Naval Base -- At Long Beach by Patrick J. Buchanan.
    "Does anyone care about national security anymore? Until this week, the heart of the historic U.S. Naval Base at Long Beach was about to be leased to a shipping company, Cosco, that is a virtual subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Army. In 1995, a Cosco ship, the Empress Phoenix, was boarded by Customs agents, who seized a cargo of 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles -- destined for Los Angeles street gangs..."
1997   Ending the Race Crisis in the 21st Century by Dr. James Owens. From
    From the Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number Four: 2000 and After (2000) Pages 18-34.
1997   "America" Dismantled in 50 Years. by Dr. James Owens. From the
    Occasional Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation Issue Number 3: After Fifty Years Pages: 6-17.
1997   New American Nations by Dr. James Owens. From the Occassional
    Papers of the Conservative Citizens Foundation (now the Council of Conservative Citizens) Issue Number One: Conservative Reaction to Multicultural America. (1997). Dr. Owens is professor emeritus of management and former dean of the business school at the American University, Washington, D.C. His annual book series, The Executive as Public Philosopher, is available from Executive Publishers.
1997   Racial Separation in a New America by Dr. James Owens. Ibid.
1994-Fall   "Nations By Consent: Decomposing the Nation State" (PDF file) by
    Dr. Murray Rothbard, Fall 1994. Journal of Libertarian Studies
1994-Fall   "Secession Reconsidered" (PDF file) by Robert W. McGee, Fall 1994,
    Journal of Libertarian Studies
1992-93   The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012, Parameters, Winter, 92-23, by
    Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. Some prescient thinking about trends pointing towards the militarization of American police and the use of the military for domestic control .
1992   Los Angeles Riots: Gunfight in Koreatown.(3:18; posted 20080212 on
    YouTube). Dr. David Duke commented:"As you watch this video, you will think it was filmed in some Third World country. Looting, shooting in the streets, and anarchy. A crying, elderly White woman on her way to buy groceries watches the mayhem and asks how this can be happening. It is not the White America she grew up in, for parts of it have now been transformed to the point where she walks as a frightened stranger in what was once peaceful and productive White neighborhoods. And it is not just Koreatown or Watts or Harlem anymore, today the cancer is invading every city, even small towns like Siler City, North Carolina..."
1990   Understanding Guerilla Warfare Major Johnie Gombo, USMC
1960-10   "Zoological Subspecies of Man" by Dr. E. Raymond Hall (The Mankind
    Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2 - October 1960). This landmark article explains how racism is instinctive in virtually all mammalian species including man. Under normal circumstances, Evolutionary Breeding Units (EBU's) with racist or tribalistic self-preservation traits have a survival advantage because they preserve their own fitness and genetic interests better than competing groups. Under abnormal circumstances, such as in "modern liberal" America today, parasites take control of a dwindling host white population and propagandize it to invest more of its instinctive altruism into alien groups than towards its own kind. (cf. our article "mutualism vs. parasitism").


Additional References

William S. Lind articles archive at Lind is an expert on 4th generation warfare theory.
Middlebury Institute Home page; Current list of North American Secessionist Groups




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