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Man-Made Epidemic
in Ukraine?

by Victor Thorn



On October 30, Ukrainian medical personnel had only reported two swine flu cases in their entire country. By November 4, 500,000 had been infected and 93 were dead. On November 5, that number rose to 633,877; while on November 7, 936,804 were sick with 144 dead. Known as the Pneumonic Plague (with a 10-times higher mortality rate than the normal flu), those diagnosed report spitting blood, severe chest pains, nausea, while their lungs fill with blood before experiencing heart and respiratory failure.
Ukraine has closed schools, universities and theaters. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko issued a partial quarantine of eight provinces and mobilized the military to secure the borders. On November 4, President Victor Yushchenko even hinted at the possibility of imposing martial law.
“Failure to comply with orders will immediately result in application of law enforcement authorities.”

Described by some as an “advanced, biological, genetically engineered killer virus”—with reported illnesses doubling every two days—did this ‘flu’ suddenly appear out of nowhere? Some aren’t so sure, especially after residents of Kiev, L’viv, and Ternopil reported seeing light aircraft spraying a mysterious substance over their cities. Akin to chemtrails, this aerosolized, suspicious substance made some authorities advise local businesses and retailers to remain indoors.
Also strange are the comments reported in a November 4 Bloomberg article by Daryna Krasnolutska. “PresidentYushchenko said in an urgent address to the nation that the country’s flu outbreak is ‘unique’ because three flu strains are spreading at the same time.”
Jane Burgermeister, an Austrian science journalist and investigative reporter who has filed lawsuits against the World Health Organization (WHO), UN, NATO, and numerous U.S. politicians (including Barack Obama), agrees that something doesn’t add up. In a June 27 interview with Kathlyn Stone, editor and publisher of Flesh & Stone, she remarked, “Mother Nature does not naturally recombine bird, swine, and three human influenza viruses.”
In a June 25 article, independent journalist Barbara Minton writes, “Burgermeister presents evidence that the bird flu and swine flu viruses have been bioengineered in labs using funding supplied by the WHO and other government agencies.” She then addresses those against whom Burgermeister filed charges (e.g. bioterrorism and mass murder). “These defendants conspired with each other to devise, fund and participate in the final phase of the implementation of a covert international bio-weapons program involving the pharmaceutical companies Baxter and Novartis.”

On August 14, Dr. Joseph Moshe, a scientist specializing in bio-warfare who belonged to Israel’s Mossad, was arrested after an eight-hour standoff outside a Westwood [Los Angeles] federal building. Prior to being tear-gassed and tasered, Moshe briefly called in to a live radio show hosted by Dr.A. True Ott, saying he wanted to go public with some damning information.
Specifically, he warned that Baxter International in Ukraine had developed a bio-weapon being touted as a swine flu vaccine. In an October 31 article entitled, Has Baxter International Released a Biological Weapon, David Rothscum puts this matter into perspective. “The amazing part about Moshe’s claim was the location where he said the biological weapon was being produced. Moshe claimed that Baxter’s laboratory in Ukraine of all places was creating this biological weapon. All of this came out in [mid]-August, which is more than two months before the situation that is currently unfolding. For Moshe to correctly name the country where a new epidemic would be unleashed requires either inside information, or an incredible coincidence.”
On November 9, the South African website FTO reported that Moshe “wanted to supply evidence to a state’s attorney regarding tainted H1N1 swine flu vaccines being produced by Baxter BioPharma. He also claimed that Baxter was producing a bio-weapon disguised as a flu vaccine.”
Moshe also maintained that this vaccine contained replicated RNA from a virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Burgermeister echoed these words during her above-mentioned interview. “The [Baxter] virus contains strains of the 1918 Spanish pandemic flu, which was reassembled by molecular pathologists at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.”
But before Moshe could deliver this ominous message, onAugust 14, FBI agents surrounded his car. The website described the encounter. “Mounted on top of a large black vehicle used in his arrest was a microwave weapon that possibly damaged the electronics in Moshe’s car, as well as any other communication devices [i.e. cell phone] he had which might have been used to contact the media.”
Following his arrest (for allegedly making threats against the White House), Moshe was sent to Israel and has not been heard from since. Has he now become another statistic along with the other 200+ microbiologists who’ve gone missing in recent years?

The Big Pharma company in question has been involved in other previous scandals. The Unfictional website describes how they “mixed live, genetically engineered avian flu viruses in vaccine material shipped to 18 countries. A Czech lab decided to test the vaccine on a dozen ferrets, which all died within days. The WHO was notified, and catastrophe averted.” Hundreds of safety systems would have needed to be deliberately sabotaged for such “accidents” to occur.
In the Barbara Minton article, Jane Burgemeister “alleges that the same complex of international pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies that has developed and released pandemic materials [is] positioned to profit from triggering the pandemic with contracts to supply vaccines. Media controlled by the group that is engineering the “swine flu” agenda are spreading misinformation to lull the people of the U.S. into taking the dangerous vaccine.”

One final variable may exist in this scenario.With a strike on Iran proposed for early 2010, the only country that could prevent such a U.S.-Israeli attack is Russia. Russia may say it won’t allow another war in its backyard, and the president may back down.
Still, that leaves Israel, a country whose sole concern has always been Israel. Considering that the Ukraine border lies directly west of Russia, could Dr. Moshe’s warnings have been prophetically accurate? A microbiologist and Mossad insider, was Moshe trying to inform the world that a major man-made pandemic was being planned? As such, some believe the “creation” of a mysterious flu outbreak in Ukraine sends a message to Russia: stay out of our business in Iran or we’ll unleash the same type of plague on your country.



. . ..Victor Thorn is a freelance journalist based in Pennsylvania. He is the author of numerous books about the New World Order and 9-11. These books include New World Order Exposed, New World Order Illusion, 9-11 Evil: The Israeli Connection to 9-11; 9-11 On Trial; 9-11 Exposed and AFP's Phantom Flight 93 and Other Astounding 9-11 Mysteries Explored. He is also author of Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume. All are available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS at 202-547-5585; toll free 1-888-699-NEWS. Thorn was, along with Lisa Guliani, a founder of WINGTV Network. He is also a member of the advisory board of THE BARNES REVIEW magazine.

(Issue #49-50, Whole Body Health, Dec 7-14, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)

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