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EU Approves Cloned Meat for Humans

European Union says Europeans will eat genetically modified foods whether they like it or not...

By Christopher J. Petherick

.Agricultural officials from the European Union have approved for human consumption meat and milk produced from livestock that has been grown in laboratories, according to a report by a leading organic foods advocacy group. The United States is expected to follow suit.
Despite vocal objections from organic and natural foods advocates across Europe, in mid-June, EU agricultural ministers okayed so-called “Frankenfoods” for human consumption. These laboratory concoctions still need the stamp of approval from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the leading European food regulatory body, before they can be sold in stores across the continent, but that is considered a minor formality if a recent press release from the EFSA is to be believed.
“There is no indication that differences exist in terms of food safety for meat and milk of clones and their progeny compared with those from conventionally bred animals,” the EFSA report said. “Such a conclusion is based on the assumption that meat and milk are derived from healthy animals, which are subject to relevant food safety controls.”
The EU is overruling individual European countries like Germany, where citizens have publicly expressed opposition to these types of food. One of the largest German farm groups along with a few politicians recently came out in opposition the EU decision.
Citing the small amount of research that has been done on the subject of consumption of cloned meats and milk, the German Farmers Association said studies still need to be undertaken on food products that have been taken directly from cloned animals and their offspring before they should be offered to the public. Peter Liese, a German member of the European Parliament, echoed this sentiment, adding that the EU’s decision was “not the last word” on the matter and that the German government was opposed to using cloned animals for food.
Despite the EU’s assurances, the reality is the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods has come under question in recent years. Studies have shown that food modified in laboratories can pose a health hazard to those who consume them. Some damning evidence of GM foods was presented in a paper by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) released in late May 2009. Founded in 1965, AAEM is an international association of physicians and health professionals. Its membership comprises respected scientists and doctors, many of whom are considered establishment.
In the May report, the group called for “an immediate moratorium” on GM foods pending more analysis after its research showed that GM foods pose “a serious health risk.” The side effects of consuming GM crops can include “rapid aging, severe alterations to the major bodily organs, infertility, immune problems, gastrointestinal dysfunction and disruption to proper insulin regulation.”
The official EU ruling is seen as another step toward the adoption of cloned foods in America. Global agribusiness is moving rapidly to take food from the field to sterile laboratories, where it will be produced in petri dishes by scientists in white coats under the watchful eye of corporations bent on profits.


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(Issue #28-29 Health Supplement, July 13-20, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)


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