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.American Free Press
.Vol IX .#7 September 7,

Page 21, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * September 7, 2009 * Issue 36


Former FBI Chief Envisions Frightening Swine Flu Scenario

By Ted L. Gunderson
FBI Division Chief (ret.)

.What has happened in America? In all my days as a young man growing up in Lincoln, Neb., my four years at “Big Red” Nebraska University and my 27- year career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I have never seen such unconstitutional laws, policies and misconduct by officials in the local, state and federal levels of government. The wonderful “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” America I experienced most of my years has nearly disappeared.
As a former high-ranking federal law enforcement officer, I have seen detrimental changes in our society since I retired from the FBI in 1979. Modern atrocities— shocking beyond belief—continue to be perpetrated by an out-of-control government, corrupt politics and a broken justice system. The moral fiber which was once prevalent in America has become frayed and discolored.
Many law enforcement personnel across America are perpetrating felony crimes and outrageous brutality against our citizens. People, including children, pregnant women and old folks, are being tasered during traffic stops and at other times when police accost individuals— most having never perpetrated a genuine crime. Many have been electrocuted, beaten up and taken into custody simply for questioning the authority, probable cause or intent of the so-called “peace officer.” Recently a professional photographer was arrested for merely filming the FBI building in Washington, D.C. This kind of First Amendment violation would have never happened during the time I was a special agent with the FBI. It is obvious something is terribly wrong with the Bureau and with our government.



“Recent Internet news stories
abound about the possible
forced vaccinations of children
who will be taken out of public
schools for this purpose and,
absent the parents’ permission,
inoculated with H1N1 vaccine.”



Examine recent news concerning the swine flu pandemic which the World Health Organization recently reported will infect 2 billion people worldwide and result in tens of thousands of deaths. Authorities are expecting so many deaths they are stockpiling plastic coffins, preparing mass graves and informing morgue operators and law enforcement personnel to begin preparing for wide-scale pandemic quarantines, mass evacuations and deaths. The military is aggressively preparing to deploy troops into the streets of America— in the event of a serious domestic “emergency”—in blatant violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of June 18, 1878. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has supported the “swine flu” propaganda and is effectively exercising the executive power granted it in the event of a national disaster.
Recent Internet news stories abound about the possible forced vaccinations of children who will be taken out of public schools for this purpose and, absent the parents’ permission, inoculated with the H1N1 vaccine. (See Suspiciously, the swine flu vaccine was patented a year before the so-called “outbreak.”
I believe this coming biological “event” or pandemic is another “false flag” operation. Will quarantines be used as the means of rounding up New World Orderresisters into the detention camps across the nation which have been discreetly built and maintained for years? [See AFP issue 35, August 31, 2009.—Ed.]
Will Americans be exterminated in the same manner as Stalin’s gulags snuffed out the lives of millions?
My advice in this time of extreme danger is to trust in almighty God, pray, never surrender your firearms and resist this godless, Communistic tyranny through legal means by electing public officials at all levels of the government who will strictly abide by the constitution.

. . ..Ted Gunderson served for 28 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, eventually becoming the senior special agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office. Since his retirement in 1979, Ted has dedicated the vast portion of his free time to investigating high-level government corruption.

(Issue #36, September 7, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)


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