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Page 9, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * August 31, 2009 * Issue 35


Swine Flu Shots to Be Mandatory for Some?

by Mark Anderson


EVEN AS THE CDC’S WEBSITE calls the planned, large-scale federal vaccination plan “voluntary”— which also is how the IRS officially describes the income tax—two other federal sources also denied it involves forcing those who refuse to take the shots.
Asked about a recent Fox News report and AFP research that implied the military might help force the populace to take the shots, Michael Kucharek, in the public affairs department of the U.S. Northern Command (Northcom) in Colorado, told AFP that the military’s involvement in anticipated H1N1 outbreaks would not involve martial law. He called such claims not just overblown but “erroneous.”
Reports on television and online include speculation that those who refuse the shots may be arrested and perhaps placed in federal detention
centers, which may include abandoned or under-utilized military bases or new facilities (AFP July 27, 2009).
The Army’s Third Infantry Division/First Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Stewart, Ga., is under the command of Northcom to handle domestic duties, but requiring Americans to take the H1N1 shots by gunpoint or some other “incentive” is not one of those duties, Kucharek claimed, when pressed by AFP.



"If medical people,
government workers,
law enforcement and
military personnel will
be required to take the
shots, why not the
general populace?"



“That is not what we signed up for . . . constitutionally,” he added, stressing that H1N1 vaccination efforts, as he understands it, will start at the local level—“and if we can help in any way with the primary [federal]
agency, we will, but that will not include forced vaccinations,” he insisted.
“We would be very much into protecting our armed forces,” he also told AFP on Aug. 11, meaning that the soldiers—while Northcom is designated to work with lead federal agencies to assist in natural and manmade disasters—would not get too deeply involved in the H1N1 effort to the point of risking the soldiers’ health.
That would deplete their ability to defend the nation from attack or deploy overseas, Kucharek added. His Army brigade spent considerable time in Iraq and was assigned under Northcom for domestic duties as of Oct. 1, 2008 for a one-year stint, and a more permanent domestic military unit is expected to take over later, according to the Army Times.
Kucharek acknowledged the established regional joint task forces linking Northcom with bureaucracies much as the Federal Emergency Management Agency; he said this involves Northcom providing logistical support, such as distributing shipments of the drug Tamiflu and various planning operations.
A DHS spokesman who preferred anonymity claimed: “It can’t be mandatory; it would have to be a voluntary thing. It will be recommended, and those recommendations will come down.”
However, a Michigan nurse told AFP that hospital workers where she works will be required to take the shots. And, we can all remember getting inoculations in grade school that were required for attendance. Several shots are still required for attendance. Will H1N1 be any different? A Michigan state trooper told AFP Aug. 17 that he and his colleagues will be strongly recommended to take the shots. But perhaps not literally forced. There is a thin line between “required” and “strongly recommended.”
Job sanctions could be levied against “refusniks.” Welcome to today’s America.


. . ..Mark Anderson is a longtime newsman now working as a corresponding editor for American Free Press. Together he and his wife Angie provide many photographs of the events they cover for AFP. Mark welcomes your comments and inputs as well as story leads. Email him at at

(Issue #35, August 31, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)



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