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The Religious Crisis

American Revolutionaries and Enlightenment thinkers Tom Paine and Thomas Jefferson advocated a radical reappraisal of the doctrines of organized religion. Paine wrote The Age of Reason, which pointed out the absurdities and contradictions within both the Old and New Testaments. Thomas Jefferson scissored out all supernatural events in the four Gospels and gave us The Jefferson Bible. But did they go far enough?

Editor's Note by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books

When I look at the policies advocated by many very powerful organized religious establishments in America today, it makes me suspect that their leaders are somewhere between totally corrupt, utterly incompetent, incorrigibly brainwashed, extremely selfish, and completely mad. Worse yet, they have grabbed American national policy by the throat and driven it in horrendous directions. By jumping into the political arena, and grossly influencing our national priorities, public spending, and political destiny, they have now fully exposed themselves to public criticism and partisan political retaliation.
America has a fanatical Zionist establishment behind the High Priests of War that pushes this country towards global Armageddon on behalf of the tiny Jewish state of Israel.
America has over forty million Christian Zionists who think destruction of this country for religious reasons may be a great thing so long as it fulfills somebody's pet prophecy theory, regardless of American traditions of separation between church and state, secularism, or any sane respect for human life on this planet.
On top of all this, at a time when the productive white middle class continually shrivels from a below replenishment birth rate and out of control illegal immigration, many major liberal Christian Churches never wake up and continually promote a never-ending "human Katrina" that threatens to not only permanently turn America into a Third World country, but also create unstable social conditions leading to a very bloody Civil War Two.
All of this, despite the tragic outcomes we have already seen over and over again from deluded liberal Christian policies in Africa and elsewhere in the Third World, not to mention the escalating social problems from the massive Third World invasion that is swamping Europeans in their native habitats in Europe.
As two examples involving Africa, consider how Christian churches turned white self-rule over to Black Marxists in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa, only to see both countries turn into social, economic, and political basket cases accompanied by mass oppression, killing, and expulsions of whites.
Worse yet, a great many Christian religious establishments in America espouse "Israel first" and "nonwhite first" theology. They seem to find a sense of masochistic moral high ground in the continued destruction of America's national interests. They remain oblivious to the plight of dispossessed whites.
Many of these Churches are in reality suicide cults, but without making it all quite as obvious as Jim Jones' Kool Aid affair in Jonestown.
Despite their track record of total continual failure, a great many liberal Christians never seem to learn. As America shows the same patterns as other dying countries, they keep repeating the same mistakes.
Why can't they ever learn? How can we stop this madness? Is it time for explicit critics of Christianity to finally come out in the open?
Here at America First Books we try to offer some no-holds barred and "outside the box" solutions. Time is running out to take action to "save" ourselves --in more ways than one.


While Rev Ted Pike is certainly not "outside the box" when it comes to Christianity itself, he delivers timely and hard-hitting criticisms of both Christian Zionism and Zionism. For Christians who refuse to go outside the box (as we do everywhere else on this web page --in a really big way) at least here is something reasonably sane and not treasonous that most Christians might be willing to listen to. Please scroll to key words "Zionism" and "Christian Zionism" at our Rev Ted Pike archive, which also has Christian viewpoints expressed by his niece and many other sources.


Archarya S.," pseudonym for "D.M. Murdoch", is a brilliant author fluent in many ancient languages. She has produced numerous important works that show the man-made, mythical, and pagan elements behind Christianity. Her political ideology is actually leftist and universalist, having stated that "all our religious connections stem from one source...and we should not be harming each other...I was raised to be egalitarian in how I treat others...and I have maintained that."
Leftist leanings aside, her religious analysis is dynamite! She completely debunks Judeo-Christian superstition and dogma. She covers a lot of rationalist, intellectual territory that was formerly covered mainly by The American Atheist, but frankly, I think Archarya is more fun. She helps make a point that William Gayley Simpson discovers in his quest for truth (see the next section), that religious feeling is essentially subjective, and must not be confused with scientific reality. Please consider the following works and web pages:
The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.
Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha, and Christ Unveiled
Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ
Some interesting essays include:
The "Historical" Jesus?
Debunking the Christ Myth?
(See also "Did Jesus Exist?" by Frank Zindler at The American Atheist web site).
The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ, Part 1 (Once inside this article, please link through to the remaining parts of this series).


Preview of Interview with Archarya S.
(There are also dozens of other video documentaries on YouTube)

...If you liked W. Somerset Maugham's "soul journey" novels such as The Razor's Edge and Of Human Bondage, but want something nonfiction that might really knock your socks off from a radical right perspective, please check this out:



William Simpson as a student preacher in 1913, at the beginning
of a very long journey of self-liberation from false prophets and
other incompetents and/or exploiters whose poisonous propa-
ganda has terribly sickened the West.

Once we have helped liberate you from "Judeo-Christian" dogma (You can relax now --no need to worry any more about some kind of inerrant prophecy that requires us all to get blown up under a global "Armageddon" scenario as a consequence of Zionist schemes!), now it is time to go even deeper with William Gayley Simpson. He was a former liberal Christian minister and co-founder of the liberal ACLU who discovered for himself a whole new world vastly closer to science and social reality. He came to agree with Friedrich Nietzsche that Christianity is not only a fraudulent, scam religion, but is also an alien and bad religion for whites. Among other things, it inverts healthy instinctive values, encourages the mongrelization and dysgenic decay of white gene pools, and suckers whites into sanctifying Jewish tribal history at the expense of their own. Please refer to our William Gayley Simpson home page, where we link to online versions of his inspiring seven part series "One Man's Striving" and his classic tome Which Way Western Man?
The following is an overview of "One Man's Striving" also contained on the home page:

One Man's Striving


Part 1: The author of Which Way Western Man? epitomizes his credo and recalls his feelings as a young Christian minister in these two brief excerpts from his unpublished autobiography.
Part 2: ...The author... rejected Christian theology before the end of the First World War, but he retained a commitment to Christian ethics for several more years.
Part 3: ...[He] spent nine years attempting to live in full accord with the teachings of Jesus before he realized their irreconcilable incompatibility with his own innermost nature.
Part 4: ... [He] eventually came to understand that the liberalism and egalitarianism he had imbibed from Jesus' teachings were as alien to him as the Semitic theology he had rejected earlier.
Part 5: ... [He] reaches a new level of understanding of man's identity and mission, and he begins to gain an awareness of the importance of race.
Part 6: ...[He] broadens and deepens his understanding of the race's roots, and his eyes are opened to the damage done to the race by its greatest enemy.
Part 7: ... As the West is engulfed by the catastrophe of the Second World War, the author of Which Way Western Man? reaches profound conclusions about the race's agenda for survival.


...Once you have digested Simpson, consider another important American racial nationalist skeptic:

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver


The Biographical Note at states: "Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois for 32 years and one of the leading philologists of his time, read eleven languages, including Sanskrit, and for more than half a century wrote scholarly articles in four languages for academic publications in the United States and Europe. Oliver was also the possessor of a penetrating intellect — and a scintillating wit unequaled by any writer, though the great H. L. Mencken may have come close."
Some of Dr. Oliver's books are online, such as:
The Origins of Christianity -- published posthumously: A book-length treatise on the roots of the dominant religion of the West.
Reflections on the Christ Myth -- Historical Review Press, published posthumously: An important new booklet on the genesis of the Jesus story.
See also fascinating Liberty Bell articles such as:
By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them -- Dead Sea Scrolls fraud, Christian origins and consequences, U.S. Civil War.
A Persistent Hoax -- The myth of the Jewish "Diaspora."
How They Stole the Church -- The palace revolution in the "modernized" Roman Catholic Church.
The Last Stand -- Was the Jesus of the "New Testament" racially a Jew? Dr. Oliver looks into this question and the role of the Jew in the ancient world in this review.
Oliver in 1938

Oliver and wife, 1990

Shinto shrine still standing after the atomic blast at Nagasaki, symbolic of the religious, cultural, and ethnic strength and cohesion that will enable Japan to rise from the ashes and resume its position as a leading technological and industrial power in the world. Japanese leaders were very wise to retain and modernize their indigenous tribal religion rather than jettison it in favor of alien, univeralistic Jewish Christianity, and thereby avoid the tragedy that befell their European counterparts beginning in the Middle Ages.


This photograph by Martin Fackler for his March 19, 2007 New York Times article "Renewed Interest in Japanese Who Died in Epic Battle" had the caption: "Yoshitaka Shindo, grandson of the Japanese commander on Iwo Jima, during the March 14 commemoration of the battle." This event included the Japanese practice of pouring water over the memorial stone to cleanse it, which has Shinto roots. Other news reports have described Shinto priests returning to the island to perform ceremonies. Iwo Jima has been returned to Japan and now supports a Japanese Air Base.



Steve McNallen

While Archarya S. shows us the props back stage that come together to create the "Judeo-Christian show", and William Gayley Simpson helps us distinguish between subjective religious instincts that give rise to religious mysticism and a purely scientific view of the world, we are still left with a big problem. Religion is such a primal, instinctive human need, that it is like the old joke men tell about women "Can't live with them, can't live without them!" So the next question is what is the least bad way to learn to live with religion?
Hint: How about trying a religion that has evolved among our own people that has a track record for reflecting their "religious folk soul" and making them stronger rather than contributing to their racial and cultural genocide? Something that is our very own, that cannot be readily hijacked by criminal and obnoxious Zionists. A novel idea, eh what?
Steve McNallen has been a important pioneer in North America in helping Americans of Northern European descent discover their indigenous European tribal roots. He practices Asatru, which is the "northern window" of an early proto-Indo European religion, which also has such siblings as the "western window" of Celtic Druidism, the "southern window" of the Greco-Roman religion, and the "eastern window" of the early Hinduism of the ancient Aryan settlers in the Indus Valley.
Please visit Steve's Asatru Folk Assembly home page at Sample introductory articles include:
Welcome to Asatru: A Primer
Asatru FAQ

An important intellectual "rabbit hole" regarding "nationalist religion"was provided in a newsletter called The Odinist published by Else Christensen between 1971 and 1992, which provided a gold mine of valuable insights from wide variety of perspectives, ranging from indigenous religion, culture and folklore to politics and economics. Please visit our "Else Christensen and The Odinist" archive web page for more background, to include links to sample back issues.

(Left to right) Attorney Michael T. Clinton, Stephen McNallen, and William B. Fox outside a Portland, Oregon Federal court house in 1998. We were following up on a law suit I filed supporting access of the Asatru Folk Assembly and scientists to Kennewick Man's bones in order to engage in indigenous Indo-European religious rites and scientific study. The opposing Indians, their Jewish casino business handlers, and pawns of the Clinton/Zionist establishment within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers showed great disrespect for our ancient Nordic and Celtic religious and cultural concerns, even to the point where engineers bull-dozed over the Kennewick Man site. There is now growing scientific evidence that caucasian "Solutreans" preceded Mongoloid "Indians" by at least a couple of thousand years, but later got amalgamated or wiped out by the invaders.

One of my frustrations in trying to explain my religious views to many of my "fellow Americans" is that quite often they don't understand us "Scandihoovian" types very well. Emotionally, temperamentally and intellectually, we are different, which is also a reason why WASP's have historically had a different approach to republican and democratic government than many other white ethnic groups in America. In fact, more so than other peoples, Nordics have been the originators of such government. A major purpose of the political decentralization behind the Protestant Reformation, which was mostly promulgated by Nordics, was to restore such government and to create greater individual liberty.


In my religious articles listed below (and also listed in my author archive), I try to infill and connect lots of remaining dots for everyone listed above, to include Archarya S., William Gayley Simpson, and Steve McNallen:

19950301 Asatru and Ethics Part 2 Wrapping up the analysis about how three major ethical approaches --moralistic, contractual, and utilitarian -- relate to each other, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.
19950101 Asatru and Ethics Part 1 Why Asatruar have greater flexibility to make wise decisions compared to Semitic slave god religionists.
19940301 Allsherjargodi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Remembered. Two interviews conducted shortly before the death of the hero who resurrected Asatru in Iceland after a thousand year hiatus. Interestingly enough, within the context of a homogeneous Icelandic society, Asatruar are often more leftist than rightist and are concerned with ecological themes. Also, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson maintained friendly relations with Lutheran ministers, who reciprocated by allowing him to be buried with a Norse pagan ceremony in a Christian cemetery beside his deceased kinfolk. (Being buried among kinfolk is a strong custom in Iceland, regardless of the place of burial or differing religious views between them). In other words, many Asatruar and Christians in Iceland typically maintain a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship rather than a hostile one, which I think is probably the wisest approach in the long run.
19930601 Interview with Else Christensen, late publisher of The Odinist, just prior to the onset of her tragic criminalization and imprisonment. Dismissing the social, political, and religious ideas that she has dealt with because of her run-in with the law commits the fallacy of "poisoning the well," also known as ad hominem. In fact, one could go a step further. Whereas Japanese leaders have been very wise by retaining their tribal, ancestral faith of Shinto, the leaders of most northern European countries in the Middle Ages were very unwise to viciously purge their own tribal, ancestral faiths in favor of Jewish Christianity. They should have modernized and adapted their own native religions to maintain national cohesion, identity, pride, and solidarity. If they had not sold out their own religions, we would not be in the fix we find ourselves in today where the promulgation of our ancestral faith has defaulted into the hands of people suffering from marginalization issues.
19930301 Interview with Freya Aswynn, author of Leaves of Yggdrasil. A psychic self-mobilized priestess of Odin with a strong background in occult symbology, this fascinating Dutch lady based in the UK has been in a class of her own. In my Preface, I raise the question about what pagan and Christian practices might be considered degenerate as opposed to noble, uplifting, and compatible with scientific reality.
19930101 Asatru; Questions and Answers A comparison between Asatru and the outstanding analysis provided by Dr. Hans Gunther in his must-read classic work The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans.
19920601 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 2. Tying important aspects of "Judeo-Christian" subversion together. Much like a foreign virus entering and taking over the nucleus of a healthy cell, "Judeo-Christianity" seeks to penetrate and displace healthy white tribal religions with alien Jewish tribal religious history and perverse leftist/universalistic values.
19920301 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 1. Why "Judeo-Christianity" has often done more harm than good to our people and Western civilization. If this is not enough to convince you, please read One Man's Striving and Which Way Western Man? (now online) by former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson for the full-blown theological and sociological analysis,. (Please also consider Beyondism: Religion From Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell or the strong criticisms of Christianity made by Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and other Enlightenment notables, which I will link to later, to include some condensations and interpretative articles that make this material more understandable to the layman).
19920101 Asatru and Christianity; Similarities and Differences. A talk by William B. Fox and Oak Thorgeir before the Leif Erikson Society of New York.
1991-09-01 `Vinland Revisited' Revisits the Aesir ...Among many other things, I describe how I almost "witnessed" for Odin, Thor, and other Aesir to Norway's female Prime Minister when three replica Viking ships sent by Scandinavians arrived in Manhattan, and I showed up at a party as an Old Norse "re-enactor." Given the far left wing, pro-open borders, pro-New World Order policies of Gro Harlem Brundtland (the UN "Bundtland Commission" pushed "sustainable development" and "Agenda 21" -- please read "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and Prince Charles" by activist researcher Joan Veon and related articles listed by Dr. Eric Karlstrom at his web site "9/11 New World Order"), not to mention Bruntland's subsequent tenure as Director General from 1998 to 2003 of the highly sinister World Health Organization (WHO) -- please see my discussion of the suspected "Poison Dragon Lady" Director of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, in Chapter 36: "Swine Flu Biowar" of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy) -- Brundtland was clearly in need of some "special spiritual ministration." Too bad she boarded the Viking ship and quickly departed before I was able to get through to this tragically misguided front woman for evil Rothschild and Rockefeller globalist schemes.


Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, 1486, Uffizi, Florence. There are many interesting historical correlations ignored by most political correctness history books today. The descent of Western society into the mystical slumber of the Dark Ages seemed to correlate with the rise of Jewish mercantile monopoly power within the rotting imperial Roman Empire and the advent of Jewish Christianity. In contrast, the revitalization of interest the scientific method in Renaissance Europe, to include restoration of republican and democratic forms of government, all seemed to correlate with renewed interest in ancient pagan classics. Furthermore, Jewish monopoly power had finally been broken in countries ranging from Italy and Spain to Germany, France, and England. In fact, Jews were expelled in 1290 from England by Edward I, only to be allowed in 1657 to infiltrate back in during the reign of Judeo-Christian Puritan extremist Oliver Cromwell. Speaking of Jewish monopolistic tendencies, please see my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my mutualism vs. parasitism analysis. Regarding the Mossad-CIA treasonous threat of more false flag attacks like 9-11 against America, please see the Capt. Eric H. May archive. Regarding the continuing Jewish assault on freedom of speech (not to mention the second Amendment right to bear arms), please see the Rev. Ted Pike archive.

Some summary remarks

Obviously I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to have a truly effective nationalist movement without the preservation of ones very own indigenous tribal religion. After all, nationalism is ultimately based on the ethic that "charity begins at home" (as in "America First" --get it?). If you do not have enough respect for the ancestors of your own people to preserve the most fundamental cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic components of their "folk soul," what is there to build on? Why would you feel particularly motivated to help build their economy and industrial base, safeguard their political rights, maintain national defense, and otherwise promote their popular sovereignty and long term prosperity?
This conclusion has come from a longstanding search for truth on many different levels, ranging from the theological to the political levels. (Again, see for example our William Simpson home page, which links to his classic works One Man's Striving and Which Way Western Man? for an in-depth comparison of Christian theology with a naturalistic viewpoint). However, it bears repeating what I have already touched upon earlier on this web page, namely that as an important point of political aggravation, many conservatives such as myself are extremely unhappy with the extreme leftism and anti-rationality of most Christian Churches. They have seriously undermined Western societies. For example, in the early 1990's the Dutch Reform Church supported Black Marxists against White South Africans, and helped convert South Africa from the most prosperous country in Africa into the wretched social, political, and economic basket case we see today. The early phases of the same deplorable long term trend seem to be taking place here in America. Most Christian churches in America support out of control Third World immigration into this country. This is literally displacing and replacing the white population, yet most Christian leaders never publicly defend dispossessed whites, despite the potentially very dangerous consequences. (See Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum). Deluded Christians attack American white nationalist leaders, while conversely supporting nonwhite leaders and Jewish supremacists in control of national media. The aforementioned Jewish supremacists, incidentally, support the continued Israeli genocide of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, the neo-Marxist cultural war continually being waged against white Americans, and the escalation of American military interventionism in the Middle East --even if it leads to global Armageddon.
While I doubt that practitioners of an indigenous religion such as Asatru will ever become more than a minority within Christian American, I do believe that even as a minority they can eventually provide an effective counter weight to left wing, self-debasing, deluded Christians and megalomaniacal, subversive Zionist gangsters.
That having been said, I have found that rediscovering the indigenous ancestral faith of my own ancestors has been spiritually satisfying regardless of macro-political considerations. I would do it anyway even if I lived in a majority Asatru country without any serious social or political problems.
Admittedly, it takes some psychological adjustment to convert from Christianity (or related leftist philosophies such as secular humanism) to Asatru. I would compare it to reorienting ones shopping preferences in a grocery store. That is, switching from highly processed packaged foods high in fat and sugar and loaded with chemical preservatives to totally unpackaged and unprocessed fruits and vegetables without preservatives. Or to use a music analogy, trying to convert ones listening preferences from rap and punk rock to classical music. It takes a while to reorient ones taste buds and listening sensibilities. However, after one goes cold turkey and accomplishes the conversion, one wonders how one could get so habituated to such cheap junk in the first place.
Taking the junk food analogy a step further, Christianity promises to be everything to everybody up front. It claims to be the only road to personal "salvation," the sole guardian of civilization and morality, etc. However, the more one digs and analyzes, as former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson did in Which Way Western Man? the less one finds --in fact, the contradictions and aftertastes become increasingly negative.
Conversely, reconstructing an indigenous Indo-European religion at first seems bland to many people, almost like there is "nothing there." This is analogous to munching on a raw vegetable after you have become habituated to packaged, processed foods with lots of salt, fat, and artificial flavors. Nobody promises to "save" you or give you a free ride outside the natural order of things. For many people, it initially seems silly, if not pointless, to study ancient Norse, Celtic, Greco-Roman, and ancient Aryan early Hindu religious philosophy and mythology if one takes it non-literally as "poetry to inform the soul." Yet amazingly enough, as one digs deeper and deeper into the inherited wisdom and "religious common law" of ones own ancestors from a rational, naturalistic viewpoint, everything begins to get increasingly weightier, more profound, and more meaningful.
Please see also my discussion of the natural religion concept in my commentary to question 23 "What is the preferable function of religion in a society?" in my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz.

My apologies to quite a few people in the Asatru/alternative religion movement who have contributed valuable works and services where I have not been able yet to get around to archiving or otherwise reflecting their contributions. They include Valgard Murray, head of the Asatru Alliance, Robert Taylor, Ron McVan, Michael and Cathy Clinton (Michael provided legal services regarding AFA representation in the Kennewick Man controversy), Katya Lane, and quite a few others.
As a last note, although many readers will probably not agree with our "outside the box" proposed solutions to America's horrible religious problems, I do not think anyone can accuse us of not addressing the toughest issues and at least giving them the good old college try.



Religious Deprogramming
/Alternative viewpoints

Despite the fact that America is supposed to have separation between Church and state, America's policy has been everything except separated when it comes to military and foreign aid intervention in the Middle East under the George W. Bush Administration, not to mention other issues. Most people have powerful religious instincts, even if intellectually they identify themselves as atheists or secular humanists or liberals. In his excellent book The Cousin's Wars, Kevin Phillips explains the critical role of religion in defining major ideological fault lines in English and American history. Therefore, let's deal with it.

Free thinker sites: American Atheists Some excellent criticisms of mindless religious dogmas, for example Did Jesus Exist? by Frank Zindler. However, this site is leftward-leaning on race, abortion, gays, family, and other issues.
Skeptic's Annotated Bible. Goes through the Old and New Testaments and debunks various phrases according to such criteria as Absurdity, Injustice, Cruelty and Violence, Intolerance, Contradictions, Interpretation, Science and History, Family Values,Women, Good Stuff, Prophecy, Sex, and Language
The Skeptic's Annotated Quaran Analysis based on Injustice, Intolerance, Cruelty and Violence, Absurdities, Good Stuff, Women, Contradictions, Sex, Interpretations, Science and History, Family Values, Language, and Homosexuality
The Skeptic's Annotated Book of Mormon Analysis based on Plagiarism, Absurdities, Injustice, Intolerance, Cruelty and Violence, Science and History, Good Stuff, Prophecy, Language, Changes in the BoM, Family Values, Women, Sex, Contradictions, Interpretation, and Homosexuality.

Religious skepticism has a long history in America, to include atheist/deist Tom Paine and deists Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The failure to entertain religious skepticism becomes an important public issue when America engages in massive interventions in the Middle East as a quasi-religious crusade. One interesting site has archived heretical Thomas Jefferson quotes and letters.

Sometimes right wingers get carried away by suggesting that religious criticism is part of some kind of grand conspiracy of the "Illuminati," Masons, Communists, "Secular Humanists," Zionists, etc. I think it is more the case that skeptical groups tend to originate with honest intent. There are large bodies of valid criticism that have accumulated ever since the beginning of the Enlightenment. However, once these groups get something good going, then sinister groups with plenty of money start to move in and find ways to usurp the leadership to promote their own agenda. This is analogous to the way a virus takes over a healthy cell. Then the group morphs over time into a genuinely subversive organization where lies are wrapped around what were originally kernels of truth or very legitimate forms of criticism and free inquiry.

Religion can be a tricky topic from a right wing/nationalist viewpoint. On the one hand, nationalists typically view religion as a positive where it serves as a source of social cohesion, tribal identity, a bastion of conservative values, and as a great motivator in times of stress. On the other hand, many American Revolutionaries disdained the dogmatism of various religious establishments. They felt that this reflected the special privilege of parastic priest and aristocratic classes and also served as an anti-intellectual barrier to the advancement of science and technology.


Scientific/sociological views of religion

2009-02-15 "The Easy Conquest" by Thomas Schmidt.
One of the reasons for the spread of Islam in formerly Christian lands is that Islamic rulers often demanded lower taxes than their Christian imperial counterparts.
2009-02-05 "Born Believers: How Your Brain Creates God" The New Scientist,
by Michael Brooks.
John McCloskey reviews The Rise of Christianity: A Sociologist Reconsiders History, by Rodney Stark: "... Stark produces impressive evidence that Christianity was deeply appealing to pagan women, for within the Christian sub-culture, women held a much higher status than did women throughout the Greco-Roman world. Women were recognized by Christianity as equal to men, children of God with the same superantural destiny; moreover, the Christian prohibition of polygamy, divorce, birth control, abortion and infanticide contributed to the well-being of women substantially, securing them dignity and rights within both Church and state. One effect of this higher status was to increase the number of Christian women, which in turn led to a superior fertility rate for Christians, another factor in the growth of the faith." [Editor's Note: The flip side is that Christianity helped create less masculine, less individualistic societies of "sheeple" or "the masses" functioning more on the base level of "prols" in George Orwell's 1984. As William Gayley Simpson observes in Which Way Western Man?, on a broad philosophical level, Christianity is a very leftist/universalistic religion. A number of communist activists told him with straight faces that they were simply trying to apply the ethics of Jesus. When Fidel Castro hosted the Pope in Cuba in Jan 1998, I remember reading a quote in a NY tabloid where Castro drew similarlities between Christianity and communism, and therefore it was not strange to bring the Pope to a communist country. I might add that I saw a political science study in the American Enterprise magazine in the early 1990's stating that women as a group tend to vote about one standard statistical deviation to the ideological left of men, which is the equivalent of 15 points on an IQ test --that is huge! In other words, going from a heroic pagan religion to Christianity can be an indication that an already decaying, degenerate, or subverted society is becoming that much more leftist and feminized as inadequate males forget how to act like heroic pagan men].
Other sources
Beyondism: Religion From Science and A New Religion From Science: Beyondism by Dr. Raymond Cattell.
This approach to religious morality focuses upon the long term impact of different types of ethnics on group genetic fitness. Please see Feb 1991 American Renaissance Part I ("What Can Replace Religion"), March 1991 Part II review (The Folly of the Welfare State, Part II), and April 1991 Part III ("The Importance of Group Evolution, Part III). Many of the chapters of A New Morality From Science: Beyondism are available here.
Cosmotheist Church An evolutionary perspective on spirituality, reminiscent of Dr. Raymond Cattell's Beyondism: Religion From Science.
Environmental vs. Genetic
duality by William B. Fox. Includes a discussion of the genetic basis of religion. From the Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies series.
Mutualism vs. Parasitism
dualtiy by William B. Fox. Includes a discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology.
"What is the preferable function of religion in a society?" commentary by William B. Fox regarding a question from the "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz.


Indigenous Indo-European/Natural Religion approach

...Asatru Folk Assembly. Please also note its Directory, to include its Kennewick Man site.
...Asatru Alliance
...Odinic Rite
Free ebooks with natural religion-related themes:
The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther. One of the best overviews ever written about the indigenous religion of European Americans (particularly the Nordic/WASP branch). Tragically, virtually all white Americans are kept completely in the dark by their Federally-funded education system and the mostly Jewish-controlled national media and hence have been prevented from exercising their fundamental right to know their own soul. .
The Ancient City: A Study on the Religion, Laws, and Institutions of Greece and Rome
by Numa Denis Fustel De Coulanges
The Natural History of Religion by David Hume
Misc articles or chapters:
Asatru: Nordic Paganism in Iceland and America, chapter four of Modern Paganism in World Cultures
"Odinist Cosmology Confirmed By Science" from the Odinic Rite, Australia

Miscellaneous other tribalistic religions

Cosmotheist Church. Combines abstract Deism with broad white racial solidarity.
Church of the Creator. Extols religious destiny for the white race as a whole.
Identity Christian. Advances the belief that European gentiles rather than Jews are the true chosen people.
American Indian native religious revival One good example involves Lakota tribal religion revivalism. While not white, it is American and is tribal. Whites need to resurrect their own white tribal religion rather than try to crash Native American tribal religious movements.
The Mongolian Wolf You can tell a man by his pets. Same goes for Gods. Interestingly enough, Odin has two wolves and two ravens as "pets," both of which rank as the most intelligent, enterprising, and independent manisfestations of their species. In many respects, various influences of "civilization" attempt to breed out of us our natural instincts, just like the way humans have bred canines and felines of the wild down to little wimpy dogs and cats over the last three thousand years. This discussion about the spiritual relationship between Mongols and wolves is quite fascinating. Man-for-man, Mongols rank among the most crafty and invincible warriors in human history, along with Vikings. "When the Mongolian ancestral myth as handed down to us through The Secret History of The Mongols describes Chingis Khan, and by implication the spiritual as well as the materialized Mongol nation, as descending from the blue-gray wolf, it is of course signifying the close connection between the Mongols and the qualities and principles manifested in the world by that animal. This leads us to two insights: Firstly; it is a message that the Mongolian principles are particularly well equipped to convey and give out what the wolf stands for in the broadest possible sense. This of course reflects very favorably upon all Mongols." An interesting discussion of the leaders, folkways, and religions of pagan "barbarians."
Miscellaneous other pagan religious revivalism, such as related to Celtic Druidism, the Greco-Roman religion, or ancient Aryan early Hinduism. Wicca, also known as "witch craft," is a peculiar pagan niche religion that I discuss in greater detail in my article about Freya Aswynn. It has never reflected the religion of a self-sufficient society, although some Wicca practitioners might try to incorporate elements of white tribal religion, and in particular Celtic, Norse, and Greco-Roman religion. However, it is also true that there are also certain Wicca practitioners who incorporate neo-Marxist ideological elements that are hostile to traditional European and American conservative values. Therefore, I am weary of Wicca. In fact, I am weary of most religious groups (pagan as well as Christian) and encourage people to think for themselves and take some time looking under the hood to see what they are getting into.
2011-04-06 Is Japan Cursed?, [] "When it comes to raw statistics, Japan is currently morally superior to the United States in almost every area. This in-spite of the fact that the Satanic Psychopaths are doing their best to drag the Japanese down into the gutter [Editor's Note: Such as through the Fukushima nuclear disaster as a likely false flag operation].
2011-04-06 Japan Covered-up Problems at Fukushima Reactor Before 2006,, [] "People who try to blow the whistle on corporate malfeasance or government scandal are often punished, without recourse to the courts. Kei Sugaoka, an American of Japanese descent, was quickly dismissed from his job as a safety inspector for General Electric after he disclosed a cover-up of safety violations at a nuclear reactor in Fukushima. Sugaoka said he watched his supervisors carefully erase videotapes showing cracks in a critical component of the reactor, yet when he blew the whistle and told regulators, his name was improperly disclosed to the utility and his employer." [Editor's Note: This article is a good counterpoint to Is Japan Cursed? Japanese society, while arguably more moral on certain levels than Western socieites, suffers debilitating constraints on other levels, such as greater authoritarianism and need to keep up appearances at all costs to "save face" that can imperil its ability to find creative new solutions and take corrective actions with official policies prove dysfunctional].

The Jewish Influence on Religion

"The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly,
has made the world evil and ugly."

-- Friedrich Nietzsche

"I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind
-- that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side have been more than overcome by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking."

-- H.L. Mencken

Sir Edward Gibbon on Christianity: The 18th century author of the classic work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and one of the greatest authorities on Christianity in his age, came to the conclusion that Christianity did more to undermine Western civilization than help it. The more he studied Christianity, the more he came to disbelieve and dislike it. "In Gibbon's view, Christianity made for the decline and fall of Rome by sapping the faith of the people in the official (pagan) religion, thereby undermining the state which that religion supported and blessed. To be sure, Gibbon is not blind to the fact that other cults and sects within the Empire were also competing with one another in their attempt to attract believers. As he admits, `Rome, the capital of a great monarchy, was incessantly filled with subjects and strangers from every part of the world, who all introduced and enjoyed the favourite superstitions of their native country' (Ibid., Ch. 2). However, Christianity was to be distinguished from the other flourishing sects in its claim to exclusivity, or in other words, in its claim that it alone held the key to `Truth' and to Heaven, and that all its competitors were vicious and damned. Moreover, as the early Christians believed in the imminent end of this world, they all put their thoughts in the `next' world. This other-worldly attitude proved most disastrous to the Empire during the barbarian invasions, since the Christians, instead of bearing arms to serve the state and the public good, diverted men from useful employments and encouraged them to concentrate on heavenly and private salvation. Needless to say, Gibbon's anti-Christian position aroused the fury of his Christian contemporaries."
The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition, New Dawn Magazine No.23 Feb-March 1994. [also at]
"Commissary to the Gentiles: The First to See the Possibility of War By Propaganda" by Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish writer who was the Rothschilds’ (the Jewish bankers) approved biographer. It appeared in The Century Magazine, February 1928, Vol. 115, No. 4, pp. 476-483. Ravage explains the theory that Christianity was deliberately fabricated as a psychological warfare weapon by ancient Zionists in a deliberate effort to turn the Roman world on its head, in part motivated by a desire to revenge the Roman occupation of Palestine and the destruction of the Temple during the Jewish War. In other words, Christianity is the psychological equivalent of a "computer virus," except it is designed to screw up Western societies rather than computer hardware.
"A Real Case Against the Jews" by Marcus Eli Ravage. A good supplement to "Commissary to the Gentiles" above.
"Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me" by Deitrich Eckart. Translated by Dr. William Pierce. The amazing thing about this article expounding the views of a well-known Jewish critic is how it's conspiratorial view of life has similarities to the article listed above by the Jewish author Marcus Eli Ravage, yet Hitler claimed to espouse a thoroughly non-Jewish view of the world.
Complete Online Talmud at Includes analyses by Carol Valentine and Elizabeth Dilling, to include such issues as handling harems, child-sex, child-sacrifice, and other curiosities of an exotic, anachronistic, and highly sociopathic people.
The Invention of the Jewish People
by Dr. Shlomo Sand. According to Wikipedia, this Israeli scholar claims: "...most contemporary Jews don't originate from the ancient Land of Israel. They never existed as a "nation-race" with a common origin. Most of them are descendants of European, Russian and African groups that at various stages in history adopted the Jewish religion, just like others adopted Christianity. He also argues that for a number of Zionist ideologues, `the mythical perception of the Jews as an ancient people led to truly racist thinking'. Sand's argument is that the people who were the original Jews living in Israel, contrary to what is accepted history, were not exiled following the Bar Kokhba revolt. He has suggested that much of the present day world Jewish population are individuals, and groups, who converted to Judaism at later periods. Just like most contemporary Christians and Muslims are the progeny of converted people, nót of the first Christians and Muslims: Judaism was originally, like its two cousins, Islam and Christianity, a converting religion. Additionally, he suggests that the story of the exile was a myth promoted by early Christians to recruit Jews to the new faith. They portrayed that event as a divine punishment imposed on the Jews for having rejected the Christian gospel. Sand writes that `Christians wanted later generations of Jews to believe that their ancestors had been exiled as a punishment from God.' Sand argues that most of the Jews were not exiled by the Romans, and were permitted to remain in the country. He puts the number of those exiled at tens of thousands at most. This was, in fact, how the book was born. He started looking in studies about the exile from the land, which is a constitutive event in Jewish history, almost like the Holocaust. Sand claims that he could discover no literature about the Jewish expulsion from Israel. His explanation is that no one exiled the people of the country. The Romans sometimes committed etnocide but they didn't exile peoples. Sand claims that mass exile wasn't logistically possible until the 20th century..."
Elizabeth Dilling,
author of online work The Jewish Religion, Its Influence Today (formerly titled The Plot Against Christianity). Elizabeth Dilling, a pillar of the American Right in the 1930's and 40's, and was a defendant in the Great Sedition Show Trail of 1944 (see Mike Piper TBR article). She was also author of works such as The Roosevelt Red Record and its Background.
Jesus Seminar
According to wikipedia article, this seminar consisted of "a controversial research team of about one hundred academic New Testament scholars founded in 1985 by the late Robert Funk under the auspices of the Westar Institute" It determined "that of the various statements in the Gospels attributed to Jesus, only about 18% of them were likely uttered by Jesus himself."
Talmud Unmasked at carries the famous work of Father I. B. Pranaitis, 1892.

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