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American conservative movements typically look like the "pushmi-pullyu" creature in the Doctor Dolittle children's stories illustrated above, with anarcho-libertarians pulling against racial nationalists, and vice versa. Most white American are confused about where to draw the line in defense of both personal liberties and group ethnic-genetic interests. (Photo found here)

and Nationalism

To include thorny issues involved in reconciling
libertarianism with racial nationalism.

by William B. Fox

Publisher, America First Books

First published June 2010.
Last re-edited and updated 3 August 2012


Can we reconcile the anarcho-libertarian theory espoused by Lew Rockwell (left photo), Dr. Thomas D. Lorenzo, Dr. Thomas Woods, the late Dr. Murray Rothbard, and other intellectuals connected with the Mises Institute with the white racial nationalist philosophy espoused by the late Dr. William L. Pierce (right photo), late Dr. Revilo Oliver, or currently by Willis Carto, Dr. David Duke and Kevin Strom? ...To borrow an "Obama-ism" -- YES WE CAN!

(rightist or "nationalist")



"x" axis

Environmental Centralized
"Modern Liberalism,"
"Liberal Fascism"
Zionist neo-cons
The U.S. Government today
Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh,
Michael Savage
are "kosher conservatives"
who provide various mixtures of
"limited hangout," "Neo-Jacobin"
and "anarcho-libertarian" criticism

Genetic Centralized
"Right Wing Fascism"
Authoritarian Nationalism
Zionism, Nazism
Adolf Hitler
The Rothschild Family,
Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Environmental Decentralized

Dr. Murray Rothbard
Congressman Ron Paul
Lew Rockwell, Pat Buchanan
Alex Jones

Genetic Decentralized

Libertarian Nationalism
19th Century classical liberals
Thomas Jefferson, Lord Acton,
Benjamin Franklin, William Gladstone,
Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee
(also, the author of this web page
who leans in this direction)

Third dimensional "z" axis entailing "mutualism" vs. "parasitism" not drawn, see online article. These terms have a scientific meaning in sociobiology, but for layman's purposes when applied to human affairs, "mutualism" roughly corresponds to the "republican virtue," and "responsible citizenship" concepts advocated by so-called American "Founding Fathers." It can also involve the "value proposition" concept in economics. The term "parasitism" roughly corresponds to terms like "criminality," economic "rent-seeking," "subversion," and just about everything else that is the opposite of "mutualism" An important reason why America is in such deep trouble today is that the ratio of people in American society -- particularly those at the top -- who are engaged in "parasitism" as opposed to "mutualism" has increased dramatically over the last two hundred years. Please see my Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies series for background on all these areas)


My Soap Box Message:

Libertarianism vs. Nationalism
Study Both, Reconcile Both!

The chart above shows us how to reconcile both libertarianism and nationalism. It lies in the "genetic bottom up" category depicted in the lower right hand box, also known as "paleoconservatism," which combines both libertarianism and the "genetic world view," a basis of nationalism. Paleoconservatism was was in fact the ideology of most of the so-called "Founding fathers" of the colonial governments, Articles of Confederation, and even U.S. Constitution. They were against the dangers of tyranny created by unlimited government, while at the same time protective of their European racial and ethnic heritage.
Please seen my Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies series where I explain not only ways to reconcile opposing viewpoints, but also how the American "establishment" has transitioned "diagonally" over the last two hundred years from paleoconservatism in the lower right hand box to the "environmental top down" or "neo-Jacobin" position in the upper left hand box.
Although many politicians today still try to score "feel good" political points by referencing select quotes from American "Founding Fathers" -- implying a sense of legitimacy and continuity that in fact no longer exists -- in actuality their policies are usually ideologically the exact opposite. America's trend in recent decades towards the use of torture, the police state control grid, endless overseas imperial wars for corporate special interests and Israel, pervasive government interventionism at home, and forced race-mixing --are all ideologically the opposite of what Thomas Jefferson and other framers of the Declaration of Independence stood for.
Much of what passes for "libertarianism" today is in fact "pseudo-libertarianism," where the power elite selectively grants the masses "touchy feely" forms of "libertarianism" in certain areas to create the illusion that they have "freedom" within the overall system. After all, it is better to keep our chains comfortable rather than make our oppression so obvious so that too many people become rebellious. However, when it comes to those local sovereignty issues that are the most threatening to their control grid, they keep as many chips on their side of the poker table as possible. For example, most white Americans are freer today to indulge in XXX pornography, talk dirty in public, and get state-funded abortions than they were a hundred years ago. Not surprisingly, this form of decadent self-indulgence is not particularly threatening to the power elite, so they are happy to grant it as a concession to common people. However, when it comes to the right of whites to openly form militias as a counterpart to a highly centralized and Orwellian police force and standing army, or to create their own local money and banking system independent of the privately own Federal Reserve System, or to organize themselves across all levels of local society (to include in the work place and within their own neighborhoods) by ethnicity to better protect grass roots tribal interests, these forms of decentralized (and hence "libertarian") power typically find themselves under increasing levels of harassment as they become increasingly more visible and effective by the federal agencies such as the DHS, IRS, ATF, and the FBI and by Jewish organizations like the ADL, SPLC, and Mossad-CIA.
Please also note my discussion of "Mutualism vs. Parasitism." America has also transitioned from being run by men with some semblance of honor to criminal gangs of political whores and conspirators. See Chapter 5 and Chapter 35 of my Mission of Conscience series.
According to journalist-activist John de Nugent, the late John "Birdman" Bryant provided an interesting analogy to characterize a major social historical transition:

There was a time when the white man was like the Big Dog in America, and the blacks and Chinese and Jews seemed like yappy, harmless little chihuahuas and terriers, full of their little demands and commotion. But now the other dogs have grown much bigger, and together they are getting bigger than the Big White Dog. And the Big White Dog is getting nervous.

Actually it is even worse than this. As I observe in other cases on this web page, "Big Dog" has actually trained all the other dogs how to bite him, to include gnawing on his hide through the sophisticated use of "pseudo-libertarianism" as disinformational propaganda.

The American Revolution was about libertarian decentralization not only on a political level against the British Empire, but also in many cases on a tactical military level. Col. Isaac Shelby exhorted militia before the Battle of Kings Mountain: "When we encounter the enemy, don't wait for a word of command. Let each of you be your own officer, and do the best you can..." This battle became a major patriot victory and turning point in the war. Shelby went on to become the first and fifth Governor of the U.S. state of Kentucky. Paradoxically, George Washington's Army went in the opposite philosophical direction. (Artist concept of Col. Isaac Shelby courtesy of Kings Mountain National Military Park plaque).


Answering Two Different But Related Fundamental Questions


It is very important that we are consciously aware of the full nature of this ideological conflict, because enemies who control major national media frequently try to steer us to into false paradigms in order to narrow our options, waste our time, create blind spots, or confuse our priorities by inducing us to form unnatural alliances and create unnatural enemies. They can also render us fatalistic, passive, and ineffective.
Examples of unnatural alliances might include racial integration or multi-cultural working class unity against ones own racial and national survival. Creating unnatural enemies might include destroying the family by exacerbating conflict between men and women through Marxist feminism.
Truth be told, people are naturally tribal. They have been this way throughout their entire evolutionary history for millions of years as hominids. People naturally tend to want to associate with like-minded people who share their racial and ethnic background. In addition, men and women naturally tend to fall in love, work in harmony, have children, and foster family values.
One interesting way to compare libertarianism with nationalism is to first ask what the fundamental social questions are that each ideological approach is trying to solve. This reminds me of a corporate law class I once took in business school, where we were required to read state supreme court opinions for our homework, and then we would be randomly called and graded by our professor at the beginning of each to class to see who could most concisely formulate the legal question that was being addressed. If one does not first grasp an underlying "question," one certainly cannot begin to understand possible "answers."
Let me propose to you that a fundamental question that libertarians raise is "how can I follow my own bliss" or maximize individualized "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
A fundamental question addressed by nationalists is "How can I organize my own group (or people) to resist degradation, economic exploitation, oppression, or even various forms of genocide at the hand of an alien (or predatory or parasitic) group."
The world looks like a very different place depending on which of the two aforementioned "questions" dominates ones thinking. However, there are some interesting "cross-over" or "intersection" points where one question goes hand in hand with the other.
It may be all well and good to "follow your own bliss," except what are you going to do when you are confronted with an alien group out to enslave you or steal your property, and you must organize with like-minded people to keep your enemies at bay? How are you going to enjoy libertarian property rights if everyone in your society starts becoming so short-sighted and selfish that their ability to engaged in longer term production planning, savings, and investment plummets, and there is no longer very much real wealth to go around? How are you going to enjoy "liberty" if the authorities who are supposed to help protect your rights and property instead become so selfish that they steal from you and promote tyranny? If you are not wealthy enough to buy people off, or do not control a private army, what else besides "reason" and "moral suasion" can you use to protect yourself, your family, and your assets? How can you cause people who are a position to take advantage of you to refrain from doing exactly that?
As usual, long term success involves not only fostering incentives for individuals, but also various forms of group cooperation. Therefore, in a healthy society one typically requires various forms of both "libertarianism" and "nationalism" at the same time, rather than just one or the other..


One of the biggest problems with "libertarianism" in America today is that many of its main advocates like Congressman Ron Paul refuse to openly confront the racial and ethnic dimensions behind Zionist power in America. The behavior of most leading Zionists typically shows contempt for the U.S. Constitution and genuine libertarian principles on an emotional as well as intellectual level. Please see my extended discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my online "Mutualism vs. Parasitism" article. See also the Rev. Ted Pike archive regarding nonstop Jewish ADL efforts to destroy free speech.


Libertarianism as a Two-Edged Sword:
Both as a Help and as a Decoy


Everywhere one looks in American society today, one sees strenuous efforts by well-funded media leaders to steer dissent against the establishment towards anarcho-libertarianism as a preferred form of "controlled opposition" compared to paleoconservatism. Anarcho-libertarianism is a very sanitized view of the world that dismisses ethnic and racial factors and instead thinks that human nature can be changed solely through reason and education. Anarcho-libertarianism is a least bad form of dissent from the Jewish standpoint because it takes the focus off their alien racial characteristics.
Media pundits often smear paleoconservatives by implying that they are secretly "genetic top down" authoritarian Nazis of the worst sort, every bit as abusive as Zionists who have imposed the police state control grid over Christian and Muslim Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
Interestingly enough, I even see this steering conducted by many libertarians who I otherwise admire, such as Alex Jones, Dr. Ron Paul, and Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo.
While Alex Jones admits that humans are tribal by nature, he also states that they should broaden their tribal instincts to include people of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds. In my "Handling Real Nazis" section of Chapter 34, I explain how this kind of thinking has failed to provide a clear line in the sand for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) America, which has declined from the majority down to just another minority. This in turn has fostered a reversal on a deep demographic and sociological basis of both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation, which both took place among majority Nordic populations. WASP America has become too weak to not only resist Zionist takeover, but also the tidal waves of Third World illegal alien immigration that will cause whites to become a minority in twenty years, and is reducing America down to a Third World level of social and economic efficiency.
In Chapter 29 of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy, I explain how Ron Paul is off base when he associates "racism" with "collectivism." This is one of many reasons why I view Dr. Paul's ideology as "necessary but not sufficient" due to its blind spots in handling racial and ethnic issues.
In many of his Mises Institute lectures, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo associates "nationalism" with Henry Clay's "American System" of the 19th century, which pushed for increased government protectionism, interventionism, and regulation. This ignores the anti-Federalist side of early American nationalism which opposed all these things. Please see my discussion of the history of American nationalism in Appendix IV of my Iceland series.
Nationalists are not perfect either. Some self-styled "nationalists" are so obsessed with racial and ethnic conflict that they spend no time at all studying basic economic issues.
Short term greed for low cost alien labor is a major reason for how racial conflicts got imported into America in the first place. That is what brought in blacks as slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the Irish Catholics as low cost industrial labor in the mid 19th century --the first major white group to dilute the former overwhelming WASP majority. Greed also brought in some of the worst white trash among Europe's lower classes in the form of indentured servants. (See They Were White and They Were Slaves by Michael A Hoffman II).
Nationalists need to be able to speak the economic language of American businessmen in order to show them how it is in their long term best interest to follow nationalist policies. I provide some examples of ways to apply nationalist principles to economic policy areas in Part 4 and Appendix IV of my Iceland country analysis.
Nationalists also need to understand the character of their own racial and ethnic groups better. All other things being held equal, I have observed that fellow Scandinavian-Americans have a much harder time organizing themselves to fund mutually beneficial political causes and to further each other's economic interests than Jews, particularly in major urban environments. Their individualism can be an asset when it comes to technological innovation and formulating political dissent, but when it comes to assembling political machines, waging counter covert 4th generation warfare, and outguessing alien mafia operations (see Chapter 38 of my Trilogy for my discussion of 4th generation warfare), Nordic-style "chivalrous individualism" can be more of a handicap than an asset.
There are other blind spots that I repeatedly observe among certain nationalists. For example, many nationalists who focus on the high rate of black on white crime ignore the fact that many whites suffer from the "The Man Who Would Be King" syndrome, as discussed in my Environmental vs. Genetics article. They are easily seduced by hard-up nonwhites who look up at them with doggy eyes and want whites to be their all-wise, all-noble, surrogate "re-distributor chiefs." They also refuse to look at deeper religious and political reasons for their misplaced altruism, as addressed by William Gayley Simpson in Which Way Western Man? (Please see my home page for Simpson). They lack a tribal political and religious ideology that motivates their business leaders to place long term white ethnic genetic interests ahead of scoring quick profits by importing cheap alien labor or outsourcing skilled jobs and strategic industries overseas. They practice a form of "country club" Right Wing where they like to privately cast aspersions on the latest outrages committed by blacks, Jews, and other alien groups, rather confront these groups out in the open and implement deeply felt nationalist policies that can effectively preserve the racial and cultural character of their entire society. In other words, taking a few verbal pot shots at Jews is simply a status symbol, like a copy of Cigar Aficianado on the coffee table or the pictures of golf greens on the office walls. See "The Radicalizing of an American" by the late Dr. William Pierce for more discussion of "Caspar Milquetoast" Yuppie-type "conservatives" in our midst.
Many American nationalists also do not want to deal with the way in which many longstanding Old World problems have simply refused to go away in America, but instead lay festering just beneath the surface, such as the greater authoritarian tendencies of Catholic groups compared to WASPs, and the way Catholics have tended to swing back and forth politically between WASPs and Jews in America similar to the way mulattos and mestizos swing back and forth between whites and blacks or whites and Indians respectively in Latin American politics. Catholic "swinging" behavior was a huge problem in English, French, German, Dutch, and Scottish history in the 16th to 18th centuries --contributing to some extremely bloody religious wars -- but most Americans do not even know their own history, much less European history. See my "Handling Real Nazis" discussion in Chapter 34 of my Trilogy for more background on this important yet widely neglected issue in America today.
All of this leads to a final point. Today Catholics are as numerous as Protestants, Jews are clearly in control of many major strategic bases of American society (for example see The High Priests of War about how they have run the Pentagon, and the New Jerusalem about how they run major American media), and nonwhite birth rates will exceed white birth rates in a few years. America has become a conglomeration of so many different groups with such extremely conflicting innate values that it has become a huge sociological train wreck.
I am still wrestling with ways to interpret Catholics as a group in America, not to mention Protestants. (Christian Zionist John Hagee is a prime example of an embarrassment to Protestant America, as explained in Chapter 21 in my Mission of Conscience series. See also the August 2008 American Free Press article “`The Cult of the Corpulent Man’" by Michael Collins Piper). In Europe Catholic groups come in many different gradations of political attitudes, often more related to their anthropological background than their "official religion" of "Catholicism." For example, Ireland is a mixture of Nordic, Celtic, Alpine, "Mediterranean," and perhaps even some residual Neanderthal stocks. (I put "Mediterranean" in quotes because what is considered "Mediterranean" today is very different --often for the worse-- than what racial historians consider "Mediterranean" two thousand years ago. The same applies to the term "German," which today connotes more of an "Alpine" background with leanings towards an earthy mentality, stodginess, and authoritarianism than anything "Nordic", whereas two thousand years ago "Germanic" was virtually synonymous with "Nordic" with leanings towards chivalrous behavior, light-heartedness, adventurousness, creativity, and individualism). The more Nordic side of Irish Catholics is often called "Lace Curtain Irish," whereas the more Neanderthal and "Mediterranean" side is called "Shanty Irish" and "Dark Irish." Quite a few Lace Curtain Irish Catholics have publicly excoriated shanty Irish Catholics as 'The niggers of western Europe." Similarly, French Catholics are more Nordic in the Normandy and Celtic in the Brittany areas, and they have historically demonstrated very different social and political attitudes compared to "Mediterranean" French Catholics in southern France. At various points in French history, the French government in Paris has not only broken from the Vatican, but has even allied itself with Protestant armies against other Catholics. Italian Catholics are more Nordic and Celtic in northern Italy, and quite a few of them totally despise Italian Catholics south of Rome (there are even nationalist movements in northern Italy that would like to secede and break Italy in two). Many southern Italians show some residual Negro DNA from prior slave periods of the Roman Empire (such as black curly hair). Some northern Italian Catholics refer to certain Sicilians as "Arabs who speak Italian" and spit when they speak. They also show complete contempt for certain southern Italian communities who can never quite pull themselves together enough on a sociological level to rid themselves of very serious mafia infestation problems.
Not surprisingly, given my own WASP background, rather than call myself "anti-Catholic," it may be more accurate to say that my own social and political attitudes more closely approximate those of Lace Curtain Irish Catholics towards certain shanty Irish Catholics, and Norman and Celtic French Catholics towards certain southern French Catholics, and Northern Italian Catholics towards certain southern Italian Catholics.
Some American nationalists such as Tom Chittum prophesied that this Great America Empire -- or what I view as the "Orwellian, Zionist-dominated, multi-racial, multi-cultural, neo-Jacobin welfare-warfare global super state that wages perpetual war for perpetual peace" -- can only eventually come apart at the seams. Please see my Publisher's Preface to the 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America and the Tom Chittum author archive web page.
My own personal thinking on these issues is probably further to the right than the majority of American nationalists today, especially after having closely observed fellow Scandinavian-Americans within the context of many ethnic organizations. I have come to the conclusion that the sociological conditions that people have lived under for the last ten thousand years of their evolutionary experience are a good clue regarding what offers optimal social stability and productivity for them today. (This is similar to the paleo-diet concept which rejects process foods with chemical additives for more more natural foods). Nordic peoples have peculiar psychological traits which cause them to function best over the long run in relatively small homogenous countries like Norway, Sweden, or Iceland in which they can preserve an indigenous Nordic folk culture and religion.
The original melting pot idea in America had to do with bringing together closely related Nordic or Nordic-Celtic peoples who existed in large pockets in England, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, northern Germany, northern Poland, as well as through out Scandinavia. This made some anthropological sense since they were closely related on a biological level and had similar instinctive values.
However, the melting pot concept that evolved by the late 19th century, involved melding peoples from nationalities all over Europe in order to quickly populate the North American continent and build a global super power. This power-mad, imperialistic version of the melting pot fostered by the same government that had smashed States' Rights during Abe Lincoln's War and elevated Negroes over whites in many Southern Reconstruction legislatures became a totally different animal compared to the original concept. In fact, this latter version has been a long term sociological disaster for Nordic peoples not only in America, but around the world, particularly in the 20th century. This is a major reason why Nordics have been in steady demographic decline since the mid 19th century in America. See Part IV "What Nationalist Principles Might Have Defended Iceland" and Part 5 "What Must We Do" in my Iceland series.
Incidentally, I would say the same thing for other closely related northern European peoples, such as Scottish Americans and the Scots-Irish described in James Webb's book Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America. I feel that we have to rehabilitate the same kind of "folk consciousness" and social fabric among northern European groups that once existed among 19th century immigrant communities in America before America will begin to "work" again. Please see my "Critical Issues" discussion regarding economic vital signs which show that America does not work anymore, a sentiment also echoed by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (depicted below) in his "sign off" article "Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It." For another perspective on indigenous Northern European ethnic traits and political realities in America today, please see Appendix B of my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 web page).

A January 2009 scene from the "Pots and Pans Revolution" in Iceland, a land with longstanding libertarian traditions. Over the long run, nationalist policies are necessary to protect Icelandic libertarian traditions as well as to help keep Iceland Icelandic.


Specific avenues to reconcile
libertarianism and nationalism

This is certainly a very broad and deep topic, worthy of innumerable papers and books. This is also an area where we would certainly appreciate donations to continue our research and analytical work.
Suffice for our purposes here, I will provide a few examples of commonality:

In his book On Liberty, Dr. Murray Rothbard claims that private property rights are the cornerstone of libertarian theory. An important aspect of real property rights is "quiet enjoyment," that is, the ability of someone to make use of ones own property without obnoxious encumbrances and interferences. Dr. Rothbard also explains how the preservation of "group property" rights can be every bit as important as "individual property." (See my discussion of group vs. individual property concepts in Appendix II of my Iceland series, and how we should not necessarily confuse the "group property" concept with "collectivism."). Lastly, libertarians understand the need to protect the rights of intangible intellectual property such as patents and trademarks.
Frequently Mises Institute lecturers talk about how the most fundamental property right of a libertarian is the right to own his own body and the labor produced by his body.
In racial nationalism, ones own gene pool becomes an "extended body" and hence a tangible group property right. Ones indigenous culture becomes an intangible group intellectual property right that emanates from this "extended body." Group homogeneity, cohesion, and territoriality are prerequisites for quiet enjoyment of both ones real genetic and intangible cultural assets.
Another vital libertarian principle involves the First Amendment right of free speech and peaceable assembly. In fact, I have spoken with organized labor leaders in America who have pointed out to me that right of free assembly and free speech is the cornerstone of their right to create worker unions.
Whereas unions typically organize to protect economic interests, "nationalism" typically means organizing to protect the most vital interests of all for a group of people, which can include not only vital economic interests, but also political, religious, cultural, territorial, and ethnic-genetic interests as well (see my discussion of ethnic-genetic interests in Appendix VI of my Iceland article).
Labor unions are typically prepared to go on strike to defend economic interests. Nationalists are often prepared to got to war, fight, and even die for "ultimate interests." See the article "Why Nations Fight- America is losing, without a struggle, the very thing that nations have always fought to protect" by William Robertson Boggs, Jan 1991, American Renaissance.
In the long run, nationalism and libertarianism can and should complement and reinforce each other. On an analytical level, anarcho-libertarians typically focus on factional or class conflict, whereas racial nationalists focus on tribal or racial conflict. Anarcho-libertarians also often focus on cash flow in their economic analysis, whereas racial nationalist tend to focus on "gene flow" (a key concept in the academic disciplines of medical anthropology and population genetics) as part of a broader and more long term social analysis. All of these things are part of reality. Often they overlap; it is possible to apply various types of libertarian free market and entrepreneurial business models towards understanding "gene flow" as well as "cash flow" (the creation of "class structures" and "national borders" might be interpreted as the genetic and territorial protection of "comparative advantage," "group" or "corporate" property, and "key success factors," to use business terminology). As another example, class structures in Latin America often overlap white, mestizo, Indian, mulatto, and Negro racial divides. In addition, where there is libertarian "smoke," there is often racial nationalist "fire" taking place at some level of society. When various "tribal groups" within society tracked by racial nationalists make power grabs, they typically leave "special privilege" foot prints that also start to show up on the radar screens of libertarians. For example, the rise of authoritarian federalism in America roughly corresponds with the decline in WASPs in America as a percentage of the total white population, as well as their declining power in such strategic bases as media and banking. As another example, the financial coup de etat that took place with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking system in 1913, combined with the creation of the income tax, could only have been accomplished by Rothschild confederates such as the Rockefellers, Warburgs, and Morgans with extreme covert Jewish tribal loyalty. In Chapter 38 of my Trilogy, I explain how high level Jewish operations typically often qualify as a permanent form of covert 4th generation warfare, making them the "Mongols of High Finance."
Libertarian analysis, when done properly, should complement and help confirm racial nationalist analysis, just like the way both sides of chemistry and physics equations should balance out total matter and energy.
Libertarian and nationalist analysis can also complement each other on a policy level. For example, the libertarian author Dr. Hans Hermann-Hoppe (cited below) has observed that over the long run, countries that run libertarian free market systems with plenty of room for entrepreneurship typically have much stronger national economies. This can in turn can support much more technologically advanced and more potent war machines than societies like the former Soviet Union which try to function as a permanent authoritarian garrison states. Countries that stay too authoritarian for too long may lose the very thing that they are most focused on perpetrating --military power. Security establishments that impose authoritarianism on libertarian societies for too long, such as the longstanding way Mossad-CIA and private international banking cartels have exercised a stranglehold on American media and America's political processes (see Chapter 33 about private banking cartels and Chapter 35 about Obama as a Mossad-CIA asset in my Trilogy), may ultimately discover that they have cut their own throats by parasitically undermining the very economic base that originally kept them in operation.
Regarding racial nationalism and libertarianism, there is a strong element of "libertarianism" in the DNA of certain European populations, with the greatest concentrations in Nordic peoples, as explained in Appendix I and Appendix IV of my Iceland series. In Chapter III: The Nordic North of Racial Realities in Europe, Dr. Lothrop Stoddard stated clearly that he believed that only Nordics have demonstrated the capability to maintain viable republican and parliamentary systems for any extended period. An important reason why America is turning into a police state is the fact that over the last one hundred and fifty years, the Nordic or Nordic-Celtic percentage of the white population has declined from over 60% to less than 20%, while at the same time getting usurped in power centers by innately criminal Jews and innately authoritarian Catholic-Alpine peoples.
One rough rule of thumb for Nordic decline can be found in the reduction in the number of people with blue eyes, since this is a recessive genetic characteristic commonly found among Nordics that quickly becomes submerged when they interbreed with other peoples. According to the Wikipedia article on eye color:

A 2002 study found that the prevalence of blue eye color among Caucasians in the United States to be 33.8 percent for those born from 1936 through 1951 compared with 57.4 percent for those born from 1899 through 1905. Blue eyes have become increasingly rare among American children, with only one out of every six or 16.6%, which is 49.8 million out of 300 million (22.4% of white Americans) of the total United States population having blue eyes. The plunge in the past few decades has taken place at a remarkable rate. A century ago, 80 percent of people married within their ethnic group. Blue eyes were routinely passed down, especially among people of Western and Northern European ancestry.

To maintain genuinely libertarian social and political institutions, Nordic countries have to maintain the Nordic integrity of their gene pools. They also have to maintain Nordic control of the strategic bases of their societies, such as media, banking, military, government, religion. A strong libertarian-populist movement in Nordic countries can serve as a watchdog against high level Zionist infiltration and corruption, such as the "Pots and Pans Revolution" in Iceland that exposed many high level malefactors. In addition, by maintaining a Nordic leadership elite that shares the same ethnicity as the working class, it is more likely that the leaders will have a long term sense of stakeholdership and will have more vision and discipline about bringing into fruition long term industrial development plans that benefit society as a whole, rather than engaging in speculative financial operations that risk looting the country for the benefit of the power elite only.
Last, but not least, it is helpful to use a long term historical "case study" approach in comparing libertarianism and nationalism. (See Chapter 38 for the section about the "case study" and "constraint analysis" methods). We can endlessly debate back and forth between the two viewpoints, and create thousands of theoretical models, but ultimately we have to ask what has really worked in the real world. After all, human nature does not change, even though new technology may magnify the power and influence of some groups in society relative to others, and modern propaganda techniques may improve the ability of cabals to mask evil motives.
Realistically speaking, I see only three basic social structures and outcomes for trying to achieve "libertarianism" that emerge from history books. I invite the reader to keep these three options in the back of his mind as he reads through the rest of this article and consider how they fit my discussion of different sides of libertarianism and nationalism. What I have below is not exactly what they teach in our federalized education system, but that should not stop us from forming our own ideas:
a) Form or maintain homogeneous Nordic or Nordic-Celtic nations. They seem to be the only societies with a long term track record of successfully institutionalizing libertarian values. The peoples of northern Europe are among the very few peoples on this planet with a proven historical track record of advancing rational government and the growth of increasingly productive industry. They also have a knack for developing and maintaining a relatively large middle class. They can indirectly supporting libertarianism everywhere else in the world by serving as role models or by providing foreign aid and advisement support. In North America, the creation of such ethnostates implies secessionism in parts of the U.S. and Canada.
b) In a multi-racial society, sift out the Nordic or Nordic-Celtic elements as a separate class, essentially forming a "nation within a nation" that can function as a self-sustaining social unit. This will help prevent this element from losing more power and influence or simply melting away --and in particular being infiltrated and usurped by Zionist mafias and their corrupt gentile collaborators. It should help set a libertarian tone for the overall society, given its historical track record.
Things will never be perfectly "libertarian" for the other classes, but then again, it is never fun to be a minority, separate class, or underclass in any society. However, this situation could be the least bad option for many nonwhites and even Jews. The trade off is that most other classes or racial groups in history have been incapable of maintaining industrial growth and steady improvement in living standards. Zionists are notorious for lying, looting, and creating highly manipulative and paranoid "control freak" environments. The black rulers of most black African countries have generally been more cruel, corrupt, dictatorial, and oppressive than their white colonial predecessors. Just ask blacks in Zimbabwe who have watched their country fall apart ever since whites lost power. The same has happened in South Africa. This has in fact been the case in most other African countries. Just take a look at "A Vice Guide to Liberia," (to include the part about "Gen. Butt Naked" and the trip to "West Point") a VBS.TV documentary about a "model society" created in Africa by the United States in the 19th century.
c) Continue going full throttle with the so-called egalitarian society in America with forced integration, open borders, and affirmative action reverse discrimination. This approach has in fact achieved the exact opposite of its stated goals. What we are really experiencing is an extremely hypocritical society, where Zionists have risen to the top, the white middle class continues to shrink, living standards decline, and the overall society marches towards police state lock down...and even worse. Ironically, while pursuing a phony form of libertarianism promoted by Zionists, this approach has helped destroy much of the very Nordic and Nordic-Celtic genetic stock that has given rise to the most successful libertarian societies in history.
In a multiracial society, the alternative to not having an open and honest class system, as discussed in b) above is usually to have a secret class system which can be vastly more dangerous since it tends to be run by nasty intelligence services and criminals skilled at running clandestine operations. Open and honest ruling classes may become pompous and suffer from other defects, but they are vastly easier to track than covert mafias or intelligence service operators. I personally am not much more fond of them than Thomas Jefferson, but realistically, in a multi-racial society they might be the least bad option.
Are you enjoying your false flag pandemic vaccination toxins, U.N. Agenda 21 global depopulation plan, and police state control grid quietly being implemented around you by your secret ruling class? (See Alex Jones below). In Chapter 5 I explain how America's current secret ruling elite holds a tropism for "oligarchical collectivism" and "Asiatic despotism." They tend to create and maintain pyramidal societies, where swarming masses at the bottom live in continuous fear, humiliation, poverty, and degradation.
If I am correct that a) to c) comprise the only realistic options proven by history, this definitely "frames the debate" when it comes to further discussion about libertarianism vs. nationalism, and how all of this impacts on professed values and social structures.


I have some good news and bad news regarding anarcho libertarian writers like Lew Rockwell, Dr. Murray Rothbard, and Ron Paul. The good news is that they provide a wealth of facts and powerful insights for free over the Internet.
The bad news, from a hard core paleoconservative viewpoint, is that they all comprise a form of "limited hangout" and "controlled opposition" (less politely stated, they lie by omission). Among other things, they are not going to come out completely out in the open and give you the straight scoop on Mossad-CIA false flag terror, Jewish Neanderthalism, Jewish supremacism, Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology, WASP dispossession, and anti-Nordic genocide in America. After all, they are anarcho-libertarians, so "rational theoretical models," not DNA, is what really matters most to these people. In addition, the Mises Institute is funded and staffed by a lot of Jews and Catholics who want to beat their chests and jump up and down and wave their arms and appear to be just as "libertarian" as WASPs.
Still, you can't beat a free lunch, especially if you can keep the right "plug variables" in the back of your mind to "fill in the gaps" where they lie by omission. I personally spend about half my time listening to and reading libertarians, and the other half listening to and reading racial nationalists. One side helps to give a "mental break" and some variety from the other side.
Out of control government, and the negative sides of central planning, are all certainly important issues that they cover very well, even though these are not the only critical issues. Also, it is very significant that many anarcho-libertarians today are just beginning to cover stories that individuals in the paleoconservative section were covering more than two decades ago. For example, Pat Buchanan's recent books The Death of the West and The Unnecessary War is bringing forth information that was being covered by people like Willis Carto and the late Dr. William Pierce in the 1970's. Alex Jones has been following Bilderberg conferences in the last decade, but Willis Carto and Jim Tucker at the American Free Press have been following these conferences for over thirty years.



Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Often called "the Father of Reaganomics," he was once a former high level insider (see bio) during the Reagan administration. Dr. Roberts has since done excellent work in documenting economic policies that have eroded America's industrial base. He has also covered America's transition towards the police state. For "mainstream moderates" who read Fortune, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other "mainstream media," Dr. Roberts' discussions of economic issues provide an excellent introduction point to prepare people for more radical thinkers like Dr. Murray Rothbard and Dr. Hans Hermann-Hoppe below --or even Dr. William Pierce.
Dr. Robert's 24 March 2010 "sign off" article "Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It" got a lot of people feeling depressed, but I am more optimistic. Having been both a real estate and stock broker and repeatedly seen both individual businesses and overall markets go through extreme cycles -where often the coldest part of the night is an hour before dawn -- I am impressed with the cyclical nature of just about everything, to include "imperial cycles" on a macro-political and historical level. Eventually there will be a new dawn. Nation-states will some day form out of the U.S. rubble (just like they formed out of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia) and sanity and healthy nationalism will some day return to North America.
Many anarcho-libertarians probably should feel depressed, because their view of the world is so limited that they keep beating their heads against a wall, expecting people to be "reasonable" in areas where most of the time they are really ruled by emotion and instinct. They also act as if longstanding anti-Nordic genocide in America does not matter, when in fact it really does.
One argument for the creation and maintenance of smaller countries (or the return of serious "State's Rights" in America) is the fact that in even in a "democracy" with a "free press," large segments of the population have problems intelligently and decisively responding to sophisticated threats like Zionist "Info War" (to include "false flag" operations) and they need their own territory, folk culture, and nation state as "training wheels" to help preserve their long term ethnic-genetic interests.
Living in a pluralist, imperial society where nobody cares any more about protecting their ethnic-genetic interests and core indigenous values seems to create an even worse problem, namely everybody becomes too fractured, selfish, and amoral to prevent the most psychopathic mafias (like Zionists) and individuals (Bill Clinton and George W. Bush) from rising to the top. It happened in the ancient Roman and Babylonian empires, and it has happened here in America as well.
Most people seem to prefer to go about their daily lives unconcerned about macro social and political issues even when faced with terrible dangers, although admittedly some racial and ethnic groups (like Icelanders) seem to be more effective at intelligent grass roots democratic action than others.
Links: In 2012 Dr. Roberts launched his official homepage Prior to this, many fans relied on the articles archive at; archive at More recent articles than the "sign off" article archived at, include June 2, 2010 article: "A Plague Upon The World: The USA is a `Failed State Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts." Dr. Robert's articles archive at now has the 31 July 2010 article "Let Them Eat Cake," and his 26 July 2010 article "The Year America Dissolved."
Welcome back, Dr. Roberts.


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Dr. Murray Rothbard: A Jewish renegade who was rejected from Ayn Rand's atheistic Jewish inner circle in Manhattan because he married a Christian wife, Murray Rothbard once quipped "All stereotypes are true." Dr. Rothbard did considerable work resurrecting Old Right paleoconservatism, although he filtered much of it from a Jewish-friendly, anarcho-libertarian perspective.
Dr. Rothbard produced iconoclastic histories such as The Great Depression, which showed how the Federal Reserve created the very economic malaise it was allegedly designed to avoid. His article "Generalissimo Washington: How He Crushed the Spirit of Liberty" dovetails nicely with my discussion of Dr. Thomas Woods and the relationship of George Washington vs. the anti-Federalists below.
Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty underscores what he considered to be a defining aspect of the "American experience," namely that during the colonial era, settlers in places like Pennsylvania grew in population to the size of many small European states, yet they got along perfectly well managing their own affairs at a local level without hardly any central government by European standards. In fact, without the overhang of various classes of political and religious "rent-seekers," they discovered that they were much happier and more prosperous.
What Murray Rothbard does not mention is that many of these colonists, to include English Puritans in New England, Dutch in New York, German Lutherans in Pennsylvania, and Scots-Irish on the frontier, retained a quaint European folk culture and other forms of social fabric that fostered moral order on the local level. In addition, many of them consisted of Nordic and closely related Celtic peoples who had already manifested libertarian instinctive tendencies and self-sufficiency back in the Old Country. See, for example, my discussion of Iceland as a model libertarian society during the medieval period.
Rothbard provided many valuable libertarian analyses regarding labor markets. He argued that the major force for driving up wages over the long run in a society is the ability of entrepreneurial businesses to increase productivity and offer better products, which in turn gives them an incentive to raise wages to attract better people. This complements the view of Eumonn Fingleton in In Praise of Hard Industries: Why Manufacturing, Not the Information Economy, Is the key to Future Prosperity, namely that only the manufacturing sector has the ability to infinitely scale up productivity and wages over the long run, not the service sector. In contrast, unions that focus simply on increasing benefits for themselves regardless of productivity gains wind up killing the golden geese that lay the golden eggs.
Rothbard also pointed out many interesting historical anomalies in his lectures. For example, he claims that many colleagues at Columbia University originally started out with an extremely socialistic, pro-union orientation. After extensive studies of union-related economic statistics, they concluded that unions tend to "throw sand in the gears of change." They can also foment a "war of the working class against the working class" by driving up wages for those fortunate enough to belong to unions, while at the same time increasing unemployment among those outside the union structure. Higher wage scales may force certain employers to hire fewer workers overall. Rothbard also observed that the main forces behind the creation of the South African apartheid system were not "right wing" racist Afrikaners, but white socialist or communist unionists --many of whom were British-- who wanted to prevent blacks from taking their jobs. (Interestingly enough, the article "Denis Kearney and the Struggle for a White America" on page 192 of Best of Attack! --also mentioned with a PDF link in the Kevin Strom section below -- claims that the main force that ejected Asians from California in the late 19th century to keep California mostly white were labor unions and not racist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan). Last, but not least, Rothbard maintained that the "dirty little secret" of organized labor success in Northern states compared to the South was the tendency of northern policemen to look the other way when unions used violence to enforce strikes, whereas Southern policemen tended to be much more sympathetic towards enforcing the so-called "right to work" of strike breakers. (An article in Forbes magazine also noted another irony along this line; namely that because unions have been exempted from anti-trust and other anti-monopoly laws, certain corrupt unions abuse their control of the supply of labor with all the monopolistic arrogance of the "robber baron" corporate interests that they oppose).
It is worth noting that politics makes strange bedfellows in other ways. While it is true that Communists and Nationalists are usually at each other's throats, there have been unusual historical situations where they have been closer on certain issues than so-called "moderates." For example, in the 1990's Russian communists and nationalists were closer in openly opposing Zionist oligarchs than many so-called Russian "moderates." There is also an interesting photo in Adolf Hitler by John Toland showing Communist and Nazi flags mixed together hanging out of apartment windows during a 1920's renter's strike in Germany. Lastly, in the 1960's, American old Right libertarian nationalists (paleoconservatives) were just as opposed to America's interventionism in Vietnam as the far Left, albeit for different rhetorical and ideological reasons, using code words like disdain for "foreign entanglements," "large standing armies," and "self-aggrandizing government as a threat to personal liberty" rather than "imperialism," "oppression of the masses," and "racism"
Having had some personal experience working with unions, I do not want to knock them too hard here. In fact, on a broad theoretical level they are consistent with many of my pro-nationalist views, namely the right of people to organize themselves to protect their own vital interests. (The right of peaceable assembly is a First Amendment right, incidentally, along with freedom of speech and freedom of the press). Unions can be extremely effective in handling abusive employers --of whom there are many -- and in defending vital political and economic interests. Unions can also function like "craft guilds" that help improve quality standards and professionalism. Often it is hard to measure union success in these areas, since they deter employer abuse and can help improve intangible quality standards. Many of the AFL-CIO-affiliated union local leaders I had personal contact with in the State of Washington were conscious of the need to keep benefit increases in line with productivity gains. There are also many unions involving teachers, policemen, and other public servants who uphold high professional standards.
In my view, America needs even more grass roots organizing to defend both political and economic interests, not less, so long as these things are done in an intelligent manner.
I view the ability to go on worker's strike as a "weapon," analogous on an abstract sociological level to carrying a firearm with a concealed carry permit on a physical level. While I believe that Americans should be as "armed" as possible on the grass roots level to protect individual liberty against centralized tyranny, they should also be very careful about how they "brandish" their "weapons" in public. Even members of the most hard-core pro-gun ownership groups will agree with me that under certain circumstances, brandishing a concealed weapon in public can constitute a form of terroristic threatening and hence constitute a criminal offense, and the same applies for brandishing the more abstract threat of a worker's strike. Strikes can generate a lot of bitterness between workers and management, and scare away the very entrepreneurial environment that is required to create the innovative businesses and capital investment required to drive up real wage growth over the long run.
Dr. Murray Rothbard is one of the very few relatively honest Jews I can respect and admire. If more Jews were like him, we probably would not have so many problems.
Links: Rothbard File at, articles archive at Online literature at includes classics such as Conceived in Liberty (PDF), On Liberty, What Has Government Done to Our Money?, and The Great Depression. Mises Institute MP3 Archive include discussion of union economics, Austrian theory of business cycle.s.
Aricles: "Nationalism, Patriotism, and Libertarianism: The nation isn’t the government" by Justin Raimondo, May 11, 2016. This is an excellent article, and an example where highly intelligent people on both the libertarian left (like Justin Raimondo) and on the racialist right (such as the late Dr. William Pierce) would probably be in strong agreement with each other.


Dr. Murray Rothbard


Lew Rockwell, President of the Mises Institute, has been a very effective popularizer of the libertarian insights of the founders of the Austrian School of economics created by Karl Menger (a gentile) and later redacted by Ludwig von Mises (a Jew) and Murray Rothbard (a Jew). Rockwell's works are pithy and to the point for American readers who may lack the time and inclination for Dr. Rothbard's more academic approach.
Considering how American conservatism was completely knocked down for the count by decades of brainwashing from leftist, pro-big government and pro-central bank Jewish controlled national media by the early 1990's, and how the Internet Revolution still lay beyond the horizon, Lew Rockwell's decision during this period to simply focus on the libertarian side and pay enough lip service to Jewish redactors to get major Jewish funding was probably a shrewd, practical, and disciplined decision given the realities at the time. It was hard enough to reach a mass audience with either a coherent libertarian or a racial nationalist message, and probably even more difficult to do both simultaneously. It seems like only Zionist neocons and Jewish pressure organizations like the ADL and SPLC had lots of money. Most everybody else was starving.
Without question there are quite a few areas where Rockwell and his libertarian colleagues hit home runs. One clear area involves explaining how Frederic Bastiat's "Fallacy of the Broken Window" applies on a general macroeconomic level, to include the overall impact of war, natural disasters, and other catastrophes. See also Professor Mark Thornton's lecture "What Thrives and Dies During War." Harry Hazlitt observed in his classic Economics in One Lesson that despite all efforts to explode this fallacy, it always continually resurfaces in national media and the pronouncements of leading politicians.
Another "home run" area involves showing how increasingly levels of central planning and other forms authoritarianism tends to produce increasingly levels of inefficiency, economic mismanagement, and corruption over time. Rockwell, Rothbard, Hoppe and other colleagues demonstrate how both central government and central bank interventionism tend to do more to distort the economy, promote mal-investment, discourage productive savings and investment, undermine the growth of real productivity, and otherwise do more damage than good to the economy over the long run.
This is also contrary to what one typically reads in mainstream media and hears from leading politicians, but it is true. A major reason why central bankers and Big Government politicos have pushed Keynesianism and other snake oil economic creeds on the public is because at root most of them are shameless "rent-seekers" (if not outright criminals) who shameless exploit the police power of the state and milk its prestige to get something for nothing for themselves. (See the free online book Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo by Zygmund Dobbs of the Veritas Foundation which explains how a leading university got infiltrated and corrupted by false dogmas perpetrated by leading central bankers and big government bureaucrats who provide major donations).
Although I generally admire Lew Rockwell's work, my main reservation with both himself and his colleague Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo is the way they keep pushing free trade ideology long after conservatives like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts have woken up to its fallacies. "Free trade" has become a libertarian religious icon.
Theoretically, if true libertarianism returns to America, then grass roots racial nationalism will reemerge as "spontaneous order" (to use a Hayekian phrase) because people are naturally tribalistic. However, it will be a cold day in hell when Zionists ever voluntarily permit their white gentile vassals in America to reorganize themselves by ethnicity, since historically ethnic groups comprise the most potent resistance forces against tyranny --to include the Jewish-flavored varieties. See my commentary for quiz question 13 "Does ethnic solidarity matter in defense of liberty?" for my "Have You Been Brainwashed? Quiz.
In reality, American anarcho-libertarianism is a very strange animal that helps create the very monsters it subsequently offers itself as the only solution to get under control. By encouraging extreme individualism, people become so selfish and atomized they are incapable of serving as adequate "counter-predators" against unrestrained growth of government, out of control Third World immigration, and Zionist criminal mafias. Then after out-of-control government starts stepping on everyone, anarcho-libertarians act as if they are the only ones who fully comprehend these abuses of power, while generally ignoring outrages committed by Jews and other aliens because they remain ideologically willfully blind to racial and ethnic differences.
Lew Rockwell links: Lew Rockwell's articles archive at
Mises Institute MP3 Archve

Lew Rockwell, 8 May 2009
on Infowars, "We Are Now Nazi Germany"

The Obama Deception by Alex Jones. In March 2009, three months after our Lone Star Iconoclast Alert listed in Chapter 35 of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy, Alex Jones released his landmark documentary: The Obama Deception which has a very similar viewpoint. 1:51:21 Here is one web site overview: "The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery. We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order's plans. and only by exposing the con can we help to save freedom in America. The Obama Deception is not about Left or Right: it's about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation. Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda, and how his initial appointments and actions prove he serves the corporate oligarchs, not the American people." See also: Review: The Obama Deception by Alex Jones March 15, 2009


A dark side to Alex Jones? The Latest Nazi-Bashing Effort From Jew Shill Alex Jone$tein, posted on March 12, 2012 by ZionCrimeFactory states "As expected, kosher conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ latest `documentary' film entitled `New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen' is chock-full of references to and imagery of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Capitalizing on Jewish Hollywood’s most lucrative cash cow, Alex Jones doesn’t miss a beat, invoking Hitler and Nazism at every turn. Not only does he do this because it sells, but also because he has been assigned the task of propping up the historical lies and deceptions of the devilish tribe for whom he is employed by — International Jewry." [Ed. Note: Watch the video and decide for yourself if you think Jones is excessively "anarcho-libertarian" with a pro-Jewish bias, particularly when it comes to handling German National Socialism].


Alex Jones is a major leader of Austin, Texas-based so-called "Patriot Resistance" against "The New World Order" along with John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting Network (depicted further down this page in the nationalist section). He has played an important role in reaching millions of Americans about such threats as repeat 9/11-type false flag attacks, loss of American sovereignty before New World Order cabals, carbon tax and global warming frauds, food and water additive poisoning, economic melt-down in America, creation of the police state control grid, and genocidal global depopulation plans by a totally corrupt power elite. He admits that he finds it hard to watch mainstream media without feeling like he is being bombarded with poisonous messages that try to intimidate Americans out of waking up to the New World Order.
Jones has been ably assisted by the research and articles of Paul Joseph Watson, Kurt Nimmo, and other associates. His documentaries have had a powerful effect in reaching a mass audience of tens of millions of people. They include Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed (July 2010), Don't Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic (May 2010), Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA (April 2010), Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined (produced with Jason Bermas, April 2010), Terror Storm II (Feb 2010, Terror Storm I first released July 2006), Endgame (Nov 2009), Fall of the Republic (Oct 2009), and The Obama Deception (March 2009), 9/11 -The Road to Tyranny (Feb 2007). Jones was executive producer for 9/11 Truth classic Loose Change Final Cut (Feb 2007).
The good news about all these documentaries is that they provide valuable information that has been filtered out by mainstream media. The bad news is that these documentaries are themselves filtered. They are firmly anarcho-libertarian in their ideological slant and ignore a honest portrayal of the paleoconservative and genetic top-down perspectives.
One example of filtering involves Jones' take on issues such as tribalism and eugenics. While Jones admits that humans are tribal by nature, he thinks they should try to extend their tribal instincts across different racial and ethnic groups. (Who says? Why not use the K.I.S.S. principle and let them start with the group ethnically and genetically closest to themselves first and then build outward from there?) He also uses the term "eugenics" with a very negative connotation and lambastes "Nazi conspiracies," which sometimes appear to be hiding behind every bush. As I discuss further down this page, Jones loves to tie in his concept of "Nazi eugenics" with "globalist" eugenics programs for global depopulation.
One can argue that the issue of "eugenics" is not that simple, since it is practiced one way or another by virtually everyone, either through omission or commission, either consciously or subconsciously. (Many sociobiologists would argue that eugenics is always practiced by virtually everyone to some degree or another at least a subconscious level; for example informal mate selection -- such as when intelligent beautiful women prefer to date intelligent, handsome, successful men and shun ugly idiot failures -- is inherently a eugenic decision). The United States Government has spent untold trillions on the greatest negative eugenics program in world history by supporting the accelerated reproduction of people of poor character and low IQ on its welfare programs and also by opening its borders to tidal waves of Third World illegal alien immigrants. (The correct term for "negative eugenics" is "dysgenics." The Jewish power elite generally promotes dysgenics for gentiles while supporting "eugenics" for their own kind, similar to the very ancient PSYOP formula "openly promote leftism among those outside your own tribal group to induce them to drop their guard and become weaker, and quietly encourage rightism among those within your own group to build their cohesion and other forms of tribal strength").
In regard to Jones' talk about alleged "Nazi conspiracies," many historians such as David Irving and even Pat Buchanan do not believe that Hitler had an aggressive intention to take over the world. He could not even cross the English Channel to take Britain, much less cross the Atlantic to conquer America.
When Alex Jones' talks about a deliberate "globalist conspiracy" to outsource America's strategic industries, collapse the economy, genocide Americans with "soft kill" toxins (Eg. when controlled mainstream media deliberately ignore Fukushima radiation, American nuclear power plant melt-down risks and routine radiation leaks, chemtrails, toxic drinking water and vaccine additives, etc), and liquidate Americans in FEMA camps, I view this as an inaccurate analysis, although I fully agree with Jones that the situation is indeed very real, very serious, and very dangerous.
I prefer Dr. William Pierce's assessment in his article "The Scorpion and the Frog" that much of the behavior of the Jewish power elite reflects a semi-conscious biological "tropism" that has resulted from the Jews' unique evolutionary history that has become stamped into their DNA. I do not think that elite Jews necessarily start with a conscious master plan for global enslavement and 90% global depopulation (as reflected, for example, in the "Georgia Guidestones" or "U.N. Agenda 21"), although certainly these kinds of murderous things are sanctioned in the hateful Talmud.
I think that Jewish "elitists" usually start out when they initially infiltrate a relatively un-infested, pristine, productive, and homogeneous gentile society by being naturally extremely greedy and addicted to intrigue and speculation. Within one portion of their naturally fractured personalities, they cannot shake these addictions, which also include a long term historical sociological addiction towards introducing other aliens into formerly homogeneous gentile societies and mixing them up racially and ethnically, as if engaging in a form of "macro ethno-social pedophilia." Within other portions of their fractured psyches, Jews envy and admire WASPs and engage in adaptive mimicry so long as WASPs remain in the "up" position.
The fact that Jews naturally have very fractured psyches is a major reason why Israel has more psychiatrists per capita than any other country, and is also rated as more corrupt than any European country. In this area I can speak from some personal experience. I lived in New York City for ten years and was surrounded by Jews. Many of my gentile friends who had similar experiences frequently talked about how much they wanted to leave NYC to "detox." One one side of their fractured personalities, Jews can come across as unusually personable, humorous, charming, articulate, learned, intelligent, and sophisticated. On another side of the "fractures," they can also come across as one of the ugliest, sickest, nastiest, meanest, and most "messed up," "neurotic," deceitful, rude, vicious, sinister, greedy, coldly manipulative, underhanded, and pushy peoples on the planet. (All these descriptive terms heard live on the streets of New York City numerous times, I swear!)
After Jews become so successful that their shady tactics start breaking down the overall system --particularly after their control of a privately owned central bank fiat money system like the Federal Reserve runs debt into the stratosphere and the currency into the ground -- and after WASPs slip into a "down" position, then elite Jewish psychopaths start devising ever more desperate and ruthless plans to keep their enemies from undoing their swindles rather than "come clean." (Remember, the standard behavior for psychopaths --to include heavily inbred psychopathic tribes like Jews-- is "They are either at your feet or at your throat." Once Jews are no longer at the feet of WASPs after a successful climb in power, they are viciously at WASP throats). At this point, the usual Jewish paranoia goes on steroids, and the Jewish power elite starts devising ways to mass murder tens of millions of gentiles, just like when Jewish-Bolsheviks played the key role in the mass murder of 60 million people (the estimate of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn) in the Soviet Union, rather than suffer any form of retribution. The Jewish power elite also tends to accelerate the rate in which it loots a country on the theory that when everything breaks down, it must be in the strongest material position possible relative to everyone else. Bernie Madoff's grand Wall Street swindle and Hank Paulson's multi-trillion dollar shakedown of Congress have been such obscenely obvious outrages that many Americans are beginning to conclude that many so-called "conspiracy theorists" have in fact been dealing with "conspiracy fact." (Check out Chapter 33 and Gov. Jesse Ventura's "Wall Street" episode in his "Conspiracy Theory" series, "Season 2").
From the Jewish point of view, everything they do is usually somehow "defensive." After all, the world owes them a living and a license to engage in unlimited speculative activity at gentile expense, because the Talmud says so, and also because they are the "Chosen." Anyone who disagrees with them is automatically an evil anti-Semite who fails to understand "nice Jewish boys" who simply "make a few mistakes" and "just need to make some money." Their Jewish mothers coddled them when they got caught fibbing, so what can't the rest of the world be just as compassionate?
An important key to understanding Jewish behavior is the strong likelihood that Jews are the most psychopathic inbred group of people on the planet. As one of my abnormal psychology textbooks pointed out back in my college days, when psychopaths are in the "down" position, they will stop at nothing to curry favor. When they are in an "up" position, they have no internal self-restraint to prevent them from becoming the most cruel and vicious tyrants imaginable. (Once again, they are "either at your feet or at your throat"). I discuss this and other interesting Jewish behavioral phenomena in the "parasitism" section of my online "mutualism vs. parasitism" article.
Alex Jones is certainly a huge improvement over the overtly pro-Zionist neocon "right wing" talk radio show hosts like Michael Savage (born Jewish as Michael Alan Wiener) and Rush Limbaugh (who takes vacations in Israel) for his willingness to occasionally identify leading Jews such as the Rothschilds, Larry Silverstein, and Henry Kissinger at the top of New World Order cabals. Given the current realities of a thoroughly dumbed-down American public brainwashed by multi-racialism, multiculturalism, Holocaustianity, and Christian Zionist-style Israel worship in mass media, maybe Jones' brand of anarcho-libertarianism is about as far as someone can push the envelop and still reach an American audience in the millions. On top of all this, many people like his persona as a self-styled red-blooded, manly "fightin' Texan" willing to stand above America's all too abundant masses of effeminized, conformist, wimpy, metro-sexual males, although some may wonder if Jones' stage personality gets a bit "schmaltzy," "showy" and overdone at times, showing a possible Jewish "chutzpah" influence on Jones' psyche. This is a tricky issue for me personally, since I have always admired the manliness, adventurousness, and special "fighting spirit" of Texas "cowboys" (reminiscent of Norsemen in the sagas) --so long as these things are handled in an appropriate manner -- but at the same time I bitterly resent people like Lyndon Baines Johnson (part Jewish, a Big Government centralizer, social reengineer, globalist, and a likely ringleader in the JFK assassination -- see Gov. Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" episode on the JFK assassination), and George W. Bush (a demonic pervert, globalist, Zionist bootlick, Judas Goat, and an original "Connecticut Yankee" who has learned how to affect a phony Texas cowboy accent -- see Chapt. 5) who have tried to hijack the "Texas mystique" for their own nefarious political agendas.
Alex Jones has his critics, to be sure, such as the September 9. 2009 article
The Alex Jones Deception: False Flag Journalism Discrediting The Truth Movement, Victor Thorn's Hall of Shame at, the Gentile Alliance Jones web page, and Eric Hufschmid's expose page. See also Jeff Rense's summary expose page with numerous links titled "Who IS This Man...Really?"
Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jewish convert to Christianity, has written some excellent analyses of Jones, such as "Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?...Controversy Swirls" and "Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?" In the latter article, Kapner comments:
"...Jones, his program, his sites (at least five of them), and through his documentaries are essentially the core of a mass desensitizing operation. When viewing his ‘films,’ most come away feeling as if they’ve been bludgeoned and beaten to near hopelessness. And that, of course, is the very idea. All the talk about ‘taking the country back’ basically runs most people into the ground…and many of them become moribund, disheartened…or just quit.
When Jones keeps pounding home the theme about the ALL-powerful Global Elite - but not mentioning that Zionist Jews ARE the great majority of the elite - the message of who is really running the West and America is lost..."
Elsewhere, Brother Kapner talks about how Jones is meant to serve as "fly-paper" for the political Right in America. I think that this a very profound insight, and I want to add on to it here with my own interpretations.
First, Jones offers four hours of programming each week day (although the 4th hour is typically a rebroadcast) and two hours each Sunday, which probably soaks up all the time that most people who work normal jobs to support themselves have in order to obtain alternative news. By giving the appearance that he offers "all the news that is fit to print," (a longstanding motto of the Zionist-controlled New York Times) it does not matter how much truth Jones lets out to the public as long as he leads the pack and the public remains fairly passive while the power elite plays for time to perfect its control grid, censor the Internet, and go back to deeply brainwashing the public with controlled national media just like what they did throughout most of the 20th century in the pre-Internet era.
Second, Jones can monitor the most creative and truly independent ideas of alternative media and then coopt their message without giving them attribution, while at the same time spin-doctoring these ideas to fit his Zionist tolerant, anarcho-libertarian paradigm and bolster his own image as a creative populist. This is analogous to the way the Democrats and Republicans -- America's "Republicrat two party monopoly" for "Big Government" -- typically monitor independent populist movements and coopt and adapt their best ideas. Using this tactic, they simultaneously reinvigorate their own democratic base while taking the wind out of the sails of their competition. Similarly, in the business world medium to large-sized corporations that have lost the ability to innovate often steal intellectual properties from small company entrepreneurs every way in which they think they can get away with it.
In other words, a major function of Jones is to prevent opposition to the power elite from ever launching a truly effective counter movement to regain control of America while the power elite steadily lets out enough truth to play for time. A truly effective counter-movement would have strong ethnic and racial nationalist overtones to differentiate most whites from the Jewish power elite on a religious, ethnic, moral, and racial as well as ideological level, but Jones will always keep the debate generally framed within the anarcho-libertarian ideological box and avoid going near historically proven "tribal behavior" engines of effective political action. My comments which characterize Ron Paul as "necessary but not sufficient" in Chapter 29 "Candidate Klock, The Spook Nuke Threat and the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution" of my Mission of Conscience series also apply to Alex Jones (who fervently promotes Ron Paul).
Far from constituting the ultimate dreaded "enemy" of the "evil empire," Alex Jones and Ron Paul are actually the "reservation price" for the globalists. In academic analyses of the "art of negotiation," a "reservation price" is the lowest price that a prospective seller is willing to settle before he walks away from a deal situation. Typically a shrewd haggler -- a trait for which Jews are famous -- will typically in the role of a seller demand a "high" price at the beginning of negotiation and make a prospective buyer work hard to haggle them down to their reservation price, often screaming bloody murder ever inch of the way to make it appear that the buyer is driving a hard bargain, when in fact the seller was secretly willing to settle for the "You are twisting my arm! You are taking the shirt right off my back!!!" price all along. Furthermore, human nature being what it is, when one makes a buyer work hard to make a deal, he values it more. This is the kind of real estate negotiation psychology that Robert Ringer explains in his classic work Winning Through Intimidation, which the Jewish power elite practices routinely in the political realm as well as in the business world.
On a political level, a leftist puppet like Obama or a neo-con stooge like George Bush are simply the "high prices" that Jewish hagglers in control of U.S. mainstream media and the "Democrat" political parties have pushed in front of a gullible U.S. public. Since Americans were stupid enough to settle for these clowns, Jewish oligarchs were more than happy to stick it to the "schmucks," just like Jewish commercial real estate owners are usually all too delighted to sell their properties at their initial ask "dream prices" to any idiot buyers swayed by hype who are too lazy to even visit properties and verify the rent roll.
From the long term perspective of 400 years of American history, or most European romantic nationalist movements of the 19th century, or the philosophical outlook outlined by Sir Arthur Keith in A New Theory of Evolution or Dr. Raymond Cattell in Beyondism: Religion From Science, Alex Jones simply carries the football from deep inside our end of the playing field to the 50 yard line while creating the appearance that the Jewish globalists are screaming "Oy! You are twisting my arm!" every inch of the way, that is, if a populist revolt ever brings Jewish oligarchs to their "reservation price." The political version of this reservation price is Ron Paul as president, an individual who never confronts Jews publicly as any kind of innately exploitive alien biological or sociological phenomenon. High level Jewish criminals would probably be absolved of all their "sins" if they superficially convert to Ron Paul's anarch-libertarian political religion, just like Marrano Jews once escaped persecution and wealth confiscation during the Middle Ages and got a second lease on life by superficially converting to Catholicism.
If the "Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution" is all that Americans can ever accomplish, Jews will still continue to find ways to operate behind the scenes in one form or another as fat and happy monopolists/oligarchs at the top of the power pyramid, and Nordic Celtic genetic stock will still continue to decline as a percentage of the overall population while knocking itself out on idealistic anarcho-libertarian crusades carefully framed by Alex Jones and his associates. (Speaking of associates, one of Jones' more colorful "anti-globalist" guests is Gerald Celente, who delivers his "kosher hard right" commentary with a sharp New York Jewish-accented whine and yap).
This "limited hang out," "controlled opposition," and "Trojan Horse" strategem reminds me of the ploy described by G. Edward Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve or by Eustace Mullins in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve (pdf) where a plan to curtail the "money trusts" that got finessed through Congress with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 had in fact been designed and promoted by the very money trusts it was supposed to curtail, complete with fake "controlled opposition" against the money trust that gave the Trojan Horse plan "street credibility" among populist movements. In Chapter 33 "Wall Street Coup de Etat and Banker False Flags Against America" of my Mission of Conscience series one can find a historical overview of various other schemes to permanently foist a privately-owned central bank on America, as well as transcript extracts of the outstanding video The Money Masters which explains how Paul Warburg, a Rothschild agent, designed the Federal Reserve plan as a Trojan Horse, and how he coordinated in secret with other plutocratic Rothschild/City of London agents such as J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller.
This strategy also reminds me of how the world was once divided between two different leftist ideological camps during the Cold War -- both of which were friendly to Jews. The U.S.S.R., founded by Jewish Bolsheviks, was "hard left," whereas the U.S.A., dominated by the Jewish-controlled privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System, Jewish-controlled national media, and Jewish pressure groups (like the ADL, SPLC), was a "soft left" mixture of remnants of a "free enterprise" system and the Big Government-run welfare-warfare state. The aforementioned video The Money Masters explains how none of this was an accident, because in the 20th century major Wall Street and City of London bankers aggressively funded and shaped both sides. Similarly, on an internal level the Jewish plutocracy wants to keep the ideological debate confined two ideological sandboxes: between neo-Jacobinism (environmental top down) preached by "mainstream media," and anarcho-libertarianism, as preached by Alex Jones who calls himself the leader of "alternative media." (Please see the ideology matrix chart at the top of this web page to get a clearer idea of what I mean by "environmental top down" neo-Jacobinism vs. "environmental bottom up" anarcho-libertarianism).
All of the aforementioned ideological areas permit Jews to operate at the highest levels, because their leftist-environmental ideological characteristics deflect attention away from alien Jewish racial characteristics. "Environmental" ideologies help anesthetize the racial and ethnic consciousness of various white groups and prevent them from demanding that only representatives of their own kind control the strategic basis of society, thereby sweeping Jews out of power. Whites remained conned into ignoring one of the basic rules of Right Wing 101, namely that as ethnic-genetic distance increases, the risks of parasitism and predation increase, whereas as ethnic-genetic distance decreases, the chances of mutualism and altruism increase. Therefore, all things being equal, it is always better for any racial or ethnic group to have only its own kind in control of the strategic bases of society.
As someone with strong paleoconservative leanings, I believe that if one is really serious about recreating the passion for individual liberty that existed among Amerians in 1776, one must also recreate key sociological conditions which supported liberty in that era. I describe those conditions in some detail in my commentary regarding question 13 "Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty?" in my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz. When we finally hear major talk show commentators seriously talk about implementing viable action plans to arrest all high level Jewish plutocratic criminals and strip them of their ill-gotten wealth -- and punish their gentile collaborators -- and to rehabilitate WASPs and create self-consciously homogeneous Nordic, Celtic, and other European ethno-states in North America with full sovereignty rights and restored indigenous European cultural and religious values and identities -- and where individuals beyond a certain level of ethnic-genetic distance (like Jews) are prohibited from ever gaining any control whatsoever over strategic bases of power within their respective countries (strategic bases include such areas as banking, major media, government, military, and the medical-pharmaceutical complex.) -- and where progress is measured on a genetic as well as on a financial level (the leaders of these new ethnostates never acknowledge "progress" as long as their own core ethnic group is in demographic decline and is reproducing more low quality than high quality people) -- NOW YOU ARE TALKING! Now instead of just advancing the football to the 50 yard line, we are heading deep towards the enemy 20 yard line...ten yard line...and on to TOUCHDOWN!
In the Alex Jones version of reality, Americans are faced only with a stark choice between either uniting and even martyring themselves for an abstraction called "liberty" or else eventually suffering a totally dark endgame where everyone is enslaved with high tech devices -- everyone except for a globalist power elite of "eugenicists" who rule through terror and stealth genocides to "cull out" people they don't like. (With mass death as the "reservation price" on one end of the "negotiation," Americans will feel relieved to still live in a multi-racial society with Jews on top as long as someone like Ron Paul becomes president and gives Americans back some "liberty" for a change). While Alex Jones certainly reports cutting edge news on the latest outrages of the growing police state, he is also like a "new product development lab" for "controlled opposition," "limited hang out" and "full spectrum dominance" practitioners by enshrouding all unfolding developments with an anarcho-libertarian ideological interpretation.
Seen from this perspective, Alex Jones is not only the "Info Warrior" he purports to be, but he is also a very clever and sophisticated Info War tool for the very side he claims he is fighting. He is a Texas-flavored, "up-gunned" version of Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, just one more click to the right, but still not far enough.
Alternative medicine activist Dr. Leonard Horowitz, like fellow Jewish dissident Brother Nathanael Kapner, is also unhappy with Alex Jones. In his 28 July 2010 article coauthored with Sherri Kane titled "WAR on The World: Rothschild League’s 30 Facts Evidencing Gulf Oil Disaster Was Planned," for item #30, Dr. Horowitz states: "Homeland Security medical officials are also now implicated in fraudulently promoting (through Alex Jones) a `decoy product' for infectious disease markets called Silver Sol for profit and probably depopulation as well. (CLICK HERE for the shocking story.)"
The 13 Aug 2010 article Alex Jones promotes Zionist heretics Jeffrey and Missler at the Fitzpatrick Informer comments:
"Evidence continues to mount against American radio show host and self-proclaimed patriot Alex Jones that he is a counter-intelligence operative working for the state of Israel..."
Many observers feel that Alex Jones' "Hollywood Is Owned by the Arabs (video)" rhetoric, repeated as recently as August 2010, is a clear "smoking gun" about his ultimate loyalties.
Rev Ted Pike weighed in with his 7 Sept 2010 article "An Open Letter to Alex Jones" and his 9 Sept 2010 article Jones to Pike: "Don't Criticize Jews." In the latter article, Pike summarizes: "What I learned, beyond any doubt, was that Alex Jones cannot be depended upon to provide the populist right with all the facts necessary to understand geopolitical reality. If he will censor the truth concerning a threat as dominant and well-documented as Jewish supremacism, what else will he manipulate?"
On air, Jones admitted his wife has some Jewish ancestry. A number of people wonder where he gets all the money necessary to fund his productions and wide distribution, such as Michael Collins Piper. Listen to Mike Piper describe his perceptions of Jones as a "Judas Goat" in his 29 Dec podcast MP3 (download Here) and 31 Dec podcast MP3 (download Here), at: Piper believes that Jones is misdirecting people, omitting important facts, and confusing important issues, to include misrepresenting historical facts about Nazi Germany in an effort to create a contemporary Nazi boogeyman behind "The New World Order." In his book The New Babylon, Piper explains how Zionism and Jewish plutocracy comprise the main forces behind the New World Order rather than latter day "Nazis." Piper recommends the web site
In his 2012 book Confessions of an Anti-Semite, Mike Piper writes:

On October 6, 1940, The New York Times featured a revealing story reporting that Arthur Greenwood -- deputy leader of the British Labor Party and a member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet--had "assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a new world order based on the ideals of `justice and peace,'" and that--as the Times assessed it --"after the war an opportunity would be given to Jews everywhere to make a `distinctive and constructive contribution' in rebuilding of the world." The Times not only featured the phrase "New World Order" in the headline ... but in a secondary subhead repeated the concept: "New World Order Forecast." As anyone who understands the special role of the Times as a voice for Jewish interests -- and the New World Order-- knows, this specific phraseology was no accident.
Now, today, long after Hitler and the Nazis were vanquished in World War II, they are still the subject of constant discussion by Alex Jones -- the self-described "biggest name" in the "truth movement" whose lucrative career was launched by a the Jewish-owned television station in Texas and now sponsored by a Jewish-owned radio giant Sirius -- and by Glenn Beck, the television and radio rabble-rouser made into a superstar by Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch's Fox News...(page 22).
...The distraction of "Nazism" and -- as the likes of Alex Jones and others of his ilk would have it -- the threat of "the New Nazism," coupled with the un-ending drumbeat about "anti-Semitism" and "the Holocaust" constitute mind control mechanisms designed to prevent people from confronting the real forces and ideology behind the New World Order.
The truth is that when one dares to mention Jewish media control or Jewish financial influence--or just simply the Jewish lobby (with tentacles that reach into all manner of domestic affairs, far beyond its role in foreign policy) -- that is a direct challenge to the New World Order.
Those who have been misled and told to "say nothing" when it comes to these matters are being led to the slaughter by Judas Goats (posing as "patriot leaders") who win great acclaim (and make big money) by "exposing" a variety of nefarious, spooky-sounding conspiracies, but who--at the same time--avoid addressing the very real down-to-earth forces behind the New World Order they claim to be fighting.
And the real irony of it all is that these same phony patriots -- who avoid mentioning the Jewish origins of the New World Order-- are among the loudest and most vociferous in continuing to crank up the mantra about "Hitler and the Nazis" and "the Holocaust," even to the point of suggesting that it is actually surviving remnants of the Third Reich-- yes, those "Nazis"-- who are really behind the New World Order. And some even say-- get this-- that "The Rothschilds aren't really Jewish."
Based on more than three decades of study and interacting with a broad-ranging number of very real experts, I say this with conviction: Jewish power does lie at the root of the New World Order and until that is acknowledged by those who say they they are fighting against this intended Global Plantation, there is no way it will be defeated....(page 27)
...Jones and Beck and others of his ilk tell lie after lie about "Hitler and the Nazis" and shriek about "The Holocaust" as part of their unending campaign to distort the reality of what is happening in our world today. Every time they conjure up these images they gratuitously lend their support to ushering in the New World Order which relies so foundationally on this false rhetoric and upon historical lies. And while the likes of Jones and Beck would have us believe they offer an alternative to the "mainstream media" they are, in fact, underscoring its message...(page 452)

.Interstingly enough, Alex Jones has not been completely hostile towards The American Free Press (originally The SPOTLIGHT), that has been home base for Mike Piper's career as a journalist spanning several decades. Jones has repeatedly interviewed Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker of the American Free Press as well as AFP journalist Mark Anderson.
In Chapter 10 of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy, I mention Capt. Eric May's complaint that Alex Jones has ignored his alerts. According to Capt. May, Alex Jones accused him of being COINTELPRO to Stephen Webster who worked on the staff of the Lone Star Iconoclast. Capt. May makes no bones about his U.S. Army Intelligence Officer background, (see Chapter 1 of the Mission of Conscience Series), and admits that he has played a "double game" through his relationship with people like high level Jewish-born Bush Administration official Chase Untermeyer, but he also claims he has been firmly on the patriot side since the Battle of Baghdad cover-up -- and probably got "neurotoxined" with ALS for his efforts. In his 15 Dec 2010 article Urgent Infowar Discussion: Is Alex Jones a Judas?, Capt. May made it clear to the public where he stands regarding Alex Jones. In his 27 March 2011 article BREAKING: Pacifex 11 Linked to Asian Earthquake, he recommended readers link to: Alex Jones Ex Fan - Re: To Cursing Out Mike Delaney at (video). (See also Alex Jones Zionist behavior (video)).
Despite negative things said by various detractors about Alex Jones, his ability to reach a mass audience, expose past false flag operations, and directly denounce the criminality of the "power elite" and "globalists" (however vaguely defined) remains impressive. He has is a very intelligent man, with an excellent memory for details and ability to identify inane contradictions that surround us. His work has helped inspire other important alternative electronic media with a similar libertarian bent, such as The Corbett Report run by James Corbett, an ex-patriot Canadian currently living in Western Japan, and Media Monarchy run by James Pilato (who interviewed this author on 30 July 2009) based in Portland, Oregon.
I draw heavily upon many works of Alex Jones, Paul Watson, Kurt Nimmo, and other associates in my Mission of Conscience Trilogy because of their excellence in certain areas. I quote from his interviews with people like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Alan Watt, David Icke, Sheriff Richard Mack, and Birgitta Jonsdottir, Member of Parliament in Iceland. But then again, I am openly and consciously eclectic.
Admittedly my own personal political approach is geared to my own unique background involving sales experience, academia, and other influences. It is not necessarily appropriate for other American activists. It will probably take many different approaches by many different kinds of people on many different levels of our society to win our struggle. I like the famous dictum of Socrates "If I know anything, it is that I know nothing." I never know the whole truth, but arrive at truth by piecing together information from many different sources, to include Alex Jones.
An important issue for me remains how to offer the public a positive vision that can rebuild a successful society without getting drowned in all the ugliness and criminality that the power elite keeps throwing at us. At the beginning of Chapter 37 I talk about how PSYOP approaches like fear mongering and predictive programming can be used as tools by the power elite to preoccupy the public and frighten it into appeasement and acquiescence. Even Alex Jones admits that educating the public about the terrible things that evil New World Order cabals are trying to do to us can become self-defeating at that point when people become paralyzed with fear or fatalistic, and lose the will to openly and aggressively defend their Constitutional rights. A huge part of the answer for me personally involves trying to rebuild the kind of social fabric and indigenous values that once worked for my own ancestors.
Alex Jones' hard line anarcho-libertarianism, where he continually beats his breast about how he does not care at all about race or ethnicity and only judges people as individuals, goes against my own brand of paleoconservativism where I recognize that people act in society both as individuals and as part of groups. Their behavior is often every bit as much instinctive and tribal as it is rational and individualized. In the real world, most people require the support of a tribal group to stand up to tyranny.
It may not make globalists feel particularly comfortable to see growing masses of Americans protest their outrageous crimes and (neo-Jacobin) police state corruption from an anarcho-libertarian ideological perspective, but as a fall back position, it is safer for them to see Americans simply chant "Protect the Constitution!," "Protect the Constitution!" from the purely libertarian perspective advocated by Jones than to also see them circle the wagons on a biological level, with almost the same instinctive fury that honey bees display when they suddenly recognize a Death's-head Hawkmoth parasite within their colony and then converge on it to sting it. A big part of Alex Jones' alleged Trojan Horse function may be to mentally disconnect Americans from consciously recognizing "Jewish racial reality" and "Zionist criminality." The same goes with innate biological differences involving other groups of Americans, to include Mexicans, most of whom are Mestizos. Here, Jones encourages white Americans to ignore racial and ethnic differences as well.
I am certainly all for "Protecting the Constitution," it is just that I also believe that "Protecting the Constitution" is just a starting point -- a "necessary, but not sufficient" condition -- for sorting out America's problems.
In some situations, your skin color becomes your "uniform" whether you want it to be this way or not, such as the well-publicized Reginald Denny case during the 1992 Los Angeles riots where a white construction truck driver got dragged from his cab and nearly beaten to death by a gang of blacks for simply being white.
On a more subtle level, just because a particular topic is totally taboo in current public discussion does not prevent it from remaining a very real factor in human affairs. For example, one taboo topic remains Protestant vs. Catholic conflict, supposedly rendered a "non-issue" by the "melting pot" and enlightened rationalist instruction in our public schools long ago. Yet in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston, Italian and Irish Catholics often ally themselves with Jews against WASPs.
As Dr. Lothrop Stoddard explained in his landmark 1924 work Racial Realities in Europe, one reason why this conflict is unlikely to ever completely go away is that "Protestantism" has had a high historical correlation with "Nordics" and closely related Celts, whereas "Catholicism" has had a much higher correlation with other types of Celtic, Mediterranean, and Alpine branches of Caucasian peoples --and each group has distinctive cognitive, temperamental, and emotional characteristics embedded in their DNA that can make "getting along" tricky on certain social, political, and economic issues. Among other things, "Alpines" as a group tend to be much more authoritarian and dogmatic compared to "Nordics," who tend to be more adventurous, individualistic, rationalistic, emotionally distant (often interpreted or misinterpreted by others as "arrogance") and entrepreneurial. (See more discussion by Dr. Stoddard in Appendix I of Part 6 of my Iceland Gets "ENRONed" series, as well as in the "Handling Real Nazis" section of Chapter 34 of the Mission of Conscience series.)
After reading Racial Realities in Europe, one might get the impression that the policy of forcefully entangling Nordics with other types of whites within the context of the "pluralistic" American empire has been a long term sociological disaster. It has actually reversed the process in which Nordics separated themselves on a social and political as well as theological level from other whites in Europe during the Protestant Reformation, or later separated themselves from the British Empire during the American War of Independence.
Today "federalism" has become America's omnipresent secular state religion, and the U.S. Government -- disproportionately influenced by Jews at the top and non-Nordics everywhere else -- has taken on all the corrupt, totalitarian, dogmatic, and inefficient characteristics of the Catholic Church that Martin Luther protested against in the 16th century. The Catholic Church of the late Middle Ages had become a totally corrupt rent-seeking operation masquerading as a religion, and today the U.S. Government, intertwined with a nexus of military-industrial-central banking-big corporate interests, Mossad-CIA, and the Jewish Lobby, are all essentially just a governmental and special interest version of the same thing. Both systems were supported on the backs of large masses of gullible, petty people with a lowly peasant mentalities who were incapable of acting as the intelligent counter predators necessary to keep tyrannical predators in check.
Reminiscent of the "witch-hunts and wars of religion and imperial conquest" once promoted by the 16th and 17th century Catholic Church, Mossad-CIA today creates false flag terror attacks, Guantanamo torture, the Al Qaeda boogeyman (see Chapter 12), and the destruction of civil liberties at home. Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Mexico, the Rothschild-controlled oil company British Petroleum has exercised its "Divine Right" to control the Obama Administration, violate virtually all safety standards, manipulate major media and local police, and shorten the lives of millions of Americans (let them eat cake!) by flaunting prohibitions against using the highly toxic dispersant Corexit.
As a horrifying opening night performance after the BP-Gulf dress rehearsal, there is strong evidence that Mossad-CIA-MI6 and their Rothschild/City of London/global Jewish controllers also gave us the Fukushima meltdowns on 3-11 2011 through Stuxnet virus sabotage. Radiation experts Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby believe this could cause over 300 times more damage than Chernobyl, which itself caused the early deaths of an estimated million people and incapacited over eight million people in the twenty five years following the 1986 explosion and melt-down. As suggested by my "Aerial Dance of Mass Death" week by week chart series, this could cause tens of millions of Americans to suffer early deaths, incapacitation, and genetic mutiliation of all future generations.
If old northern European heroes and heroines who fought for political decentralization and human liberty in the face of "New World Order" threats of their era could turn in their graves, then Arminius, Martin Luther, Queen Elizabeth I of England, and Gustavus Adolfus would probably be running high RPM right now. Don't forget Thomas Jefferson either, who once created an Anglo-Saxon grammar book to help Anglo-Americans regain a greater sense of their roots, and later in life stated that peoples from northern Europe were better suited for republican government than people from southern Europe. (See. Elena Kagan and the Decline of WASP America by Kevin MacDonald, Ph. D, The Nationalist Times, May 2010, for more on what happens when Jews and their minions displace WASPs).
In spirit, if not in actual public statements, the current phony "War on Terror," and creation of the "Homeland Security" apparatus (currently run by a Catholic of probable Jewish descent named Janet Napolitano, and formerly by a Jew named Michael Chertoff who turned loose the 9/11 "dancing Israelis" and "art students" and has been a major profiteer on cancer-causing airport body scanners) and the Federally-controlled, militarized police state (see Chapter 31 of the Mission of Conscience series), might be interpreted as a devious Jewish-Catholic effort to further marginalize and even ultimately eliminate WASP influence in America, just as initial 16th and 17th century Protestant gains got wiped out in France and Austria in the animated map below.

Wikipedia caption from article The Protestant Reformation: "Reformation and Counter Reformation in Europe. Protestant lands in blue (with gains and the losses due to the Counter Reformation), Catholic in olive."


There was nothing accidental about the Protestant roll-back depicted above. For example, as part of the Counter Reformation, the Pope created the Jesuits who took a personal loyalty oath to their temporal maximum leader, underscoring an authoritarian theme that would later be echoed in the 20th century. According to "Fascism, Sequel to Communism:"

Hitler's feared SS troops and the Gestapo were also closely connected with the Jesuits. Hitler referred to Himmler, who headed the SS, as "our Ignatius of Loyola." The SS's black uniforms were based on the Jesuits' robes and many Jesuits participated in the SS - including Himmler's uncle who was a senior SS officer and a Jesuit priest. The SS skull and cross bones also appears at the ceremony of the Jesuit oath

Jesuits also swore to infiltrate and subvert Protestantism and republican government. Part of the Jesuit oath, administered within the higher "inner circle," went as follows:

...Therefore to the utmost of my power I will defend this doctrine and His Holiness's right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran Church of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the now pretended authority and Churches of England and Scotland, and the branches of same now established in Ireland and on the continent of America and elsewhere and all adherents in regard that they may be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome...
...will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the militia of the Pope...

Chapter 5 of the Mission of Conscience series contains an important historical example of a particularly horrible Jewish-Catholic Alliance. An excerpt from the lecture "The Fall of Poland" by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson describes how a partnership between a corrupted Polish Catholic nobility and Jewish middlemen reduced the Polish people into the worst form of slavery in Europe during the 16th-17th centuries. More often than not, Jews manipulated the nobility rather than the other way around.
During this dark period, 80% of the world's Jewish population moved to the Polish empire, which became not only "The New Jerusalem," but also a prototype for the kind of "New World Order" tyranny that Jews would later try to fasten on to the United States and entire world.
What Would It Take? by Edmund Connelly, Occidental Observer, 15 July 2010 makes the point that things could go from bad to worse when white Americans -- on track to become an absolute minority in a couple of decades-- could become extermination targets, just as millions of whites have already been driven into poverty and starvation in South Africa under black rule.
Given the seriousness of this overall situation, Alex Jones is not doing his audiences a favor when he fails to inform them regarding the racial motivations behind anti-WASP marginalization in particular, and anti-White genocide in general, by an alien power elite. Nor is he helping European Americans when he fails to inform them about the richness of their own indigenous European roots that they could draw upon for strength and cohesion in the battle for survival ahead.
At root, there is a very simple biological explanation behind America's trend towards unfettered globalism and the police state within American borders. It all started when WASP's once ran this country in the 19th century and created the highly prosperous infrastructure of universities and "home garage middle class tinkerers" that promoted scientific and technological advancement. They also created political institutions that protected individual liberty. Much of this was based upon the innate individualism of Nordic or closely related Celtic peoples like the Puritans, Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Scottish, and Scots-Irish. These peoples are noted for their legendary "Faustian spirit" that glorifies scientific as well as geographic exploration.
Then in poured Catholics and Jews from stagnant, corrupt societies in Southern and Eastern Europe. Initially, they all felt profound inferiority complexes in the face of impressive WASP achievements, where America once led the world in inventiveness and was on track to have a greater industrial base than France, Germany, and Britain combined. The Catholics and Jews engaged in "adaptive mimicry," assuming enough WASP values (superficially at least) to aid their rise to the top. Over time, they incrementally exploited their political (and even criminal mafia) organization to edge more individualized WASPs out of the strategic power bases of American society.
Flash forward today, and Jews and Catholic are so firmly in the saddle that they think they have everything under control (we even have a Jewish-Catholic head of the Orwellian-sounding "Department of Homeland Security" named Janet Napolitano), and WASPs are a dispensable commodity that can be sneered at, marginalized, and even disposed of. Catholics and Jews now take for granted the subtle "loose-tight" temperamental characteristics more commonly found among WASP's ("loose-tight" --a term frequently used in In Search of Excellence by Waterman and Peters -- involves a talent for sophisticated and meticulous long range technological and operational planning combined with a fine balance between decentralized individual initiative and self-restraint combined with an innate chivalrous sense of loyalty to the "common good") even though they themselves lack this fine balance of innate temperamental characteristics. "Adaptive mimicry" has now been replaced by "chip-on-the-shoulder" arrogance, and the innate crookedness of Jews and innate authoritarianism of Catholics has worked its way to the surface. We now see the same shameless "rent-seeking" and "feather-bedding" mentality in bloated federal bureaucracies (disproportionately filled with Jews and Catholics) that exploit the phony "War on Terror" that Americans once saw in spades in a much earlier era in American history with "Jewish lightning" in Brooklyn, "Kosher Nostra" racketeering in Las Vegas, and vulgar grubbing Irish Catholic "patronage" political machines in Chicago. Not surprisingly, as WASP's are being liquidated through their low reproductive rates, and inability to defend their ethnic as well as geographic "territory," America is assuming all the stagnant and corrupt characteristics of the societies that many Catholics and Jews originally came from in the 19th century. America increasingly looks more like southern Italy, back alley Dublin, and Israel (rated by many sources as more corrupt than most European countries) and less and less like Scandinavia and Merry Olde England.
Jewish-Catholics like Janet Napolitano continue to shamelessly grab for more and more power. They continue to use the Federal government to spread across America even more Roman Catholic-style totalitarianism -- to include indefinite detention of Americans without charge or trail -- more Jewish-style criminal-gangsterism, and more Southern Italian-style mafia/"Federal Family" cronyism. They continue to kick WASPs when they are down -- and think they can get away with it! Please see my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 web page where I provide a transcript from the 21 Oct 2011 Alex Jones show where Jones calls Napolitano "Janet the Troll," "Witch," "Monster," "Anti-American Pig," "Magic Weasel Fairy," and "Jack-booted Little Miss Hitler." Next, see the 27 Oct 2011 article DHS Napolitano Knew About Fast and Furious In 2009 by Paul Joseph Watson,, the 8 July 2011 article US Government Openly Admits Arming Mexican Drug Gangs With 30,000 Firearms,, and Ron Paul: Fast & Furious a Criminal False Flag by Kurt Nimmo,, December 13, 2011. The "Fast and Furious" affair was vastly bigger, more cynical and sinister than any kind of routine police "sting operation" gone awry. In all likelihood, it involved high level Mossad-CIA-MI6 international drug traffickers, allied with the Jewish-ADL and the Napolitano-DHA-Eric Holder nexus in a conscious campaign to rob Americans of their Bill of Rights. There is strong evidence that high level malefactors were arming Mexican drug gangs as part of a false flag operation meant to discredit American gun owners and ultimately take away their Second Amendment rights. Mexican drug criminals have been killing hundreds of U.S. law enforcement personnel along the border states courtesy of this kind of covert support. Next,
on my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 web page, I discuss Napolitano's potential as a latter-day Robespierre while furthering the Jewish-Catholic takeover of America, to include the eventual liquidation of the legacies of both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation. Last, but not least, please visit my Fukushima web page, "Aerial Dance of Mass Death" series and Leuren Moret archive on global radiation depopulation to appreciate how people like Barack Hussein Obama II (I am talking about the individual charged with using a fraudulent Connecticut Social Security number, aka "Barry Soetoro" or whatever his real name is), Janet "Big Sis" Napolitano, and "Billary" Clinton have criminally aided and abetted one of the greatest and most treasonous genocidal campaigns in history by deliberately refusing to alert the American public about the seriousness of the ongoing Fukushima radiation threat and the need for all Americans to take strenuous protective measures -- all of which is based upon reactor melt-downs very likely triggered by Mossad-CIA's Stuxnet virus. It is worth reemphasizing that it is likely that tens of millions of Americans will suffer significantly shortened life spans, not to mention impaired health and mutilated DNA that will cripple all future generations -- because the aforementioned individuals and their handlers felt that it was politically expedient to keep Americans in the dark.
In the long run, social analysis is really fairly simple. As the Jewish British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once observed in the 19th century, "In the long run, it is all racial." (Check out the "Bioresponse" chart elsewhere on this web page created by Harvard professor Edward Wilson where he conceptualizes "group genetic response" as a "Log 10 [seconds]" mathematical evolutionary function across time).
Human tribalism and innate differences in productivity between human groups are fundamental facts of life that will never go away. In the long run, it is far wiser to deal with these things out in the open than to try to suppress them. In fact, by allowing Jews and Catholics to engage in "adaptive mimicry" to get the upper hand over them, one might say that WASP's "trained the dog to bite them." Worse yet, they have allowed Jewish-controlled media monopoly allied with forms of government coercion to forcefully integrate WASPs with Jews and Catholics so thoroughly throughout all areas of American society that Catholic and Jewish deficiencies are now WASP problems, whether WASPs deserve these problems or not on their own. When Jews and Catholics do insanely criminal, authoritarian, or stupid things and go down, they automatically pull WASPs down with them. In retrospect, it was incredibly foolish for WASPs to expose the fate of their children and all future generations to the shaky results of anarcho-libertarian "dog training" applied to alien peoples.
All this having been said, as an individual who has tried his own hand at creating documentary films, and understanding how very hard it is to produce and distribute professional-quality works with so many Jewish gate-keepers manning the strategic choke-points of film distribution, I can respect Alex Jones' achievements in this area. In fact, I can go a step further. Despite all the anarcho-libertarian ideological blind spots, and other problems and limitations addressed in this piece, I like Alex Jones enough to listen to him a lot, subject to personal caveats and reservations filed away in the back of my mind that make him, like Ron Paul and other libertarians, "necessary but not sufficient" and a form of "limited hangout." In other words, listening to Alex Jones is like eating a delicious but boney fish. As long as you can separate the good meat out from the bones so that you do not get them stuck in your throat, it is good eating.
One of the things that I can like about Jones is that I believe that for Americans who have been raised in sheltered homes (to include Scandinavian-Americans like myself with their reputation for "Nordic naïveté"), Jones can be good at smelling intrigue and explaining how evil people think. He knows how to "think kinky," detect black ops, and smell double and triple agents. He is even good at discerning knuckle-brained, "power-tripping control freaks" at lower levels. As they say in New York City, one has to become "street smart" and read the "wise guys." And indeed, with the decline of the WASP, there are quite a few highly psychopathic, punk wise guys and other types of mafia-criminal-sleazy-greasy evil people in high places these days. For naive Americans, Jones is like a "half-way house" or a good initial toe in the water regarding many important suppressed realities.
Interestingly enough, in his November 2010 broadcasts Alex Jones himself repeatedly commented that he is beginning to find new respect for Glenn Beck and Michael Savage because they are finally showing the courage to come out in the open and alert the public to possible false flag attacks that could be staged by the government. Alex Jones believes that he made an important contribution by moving mainstream media closer to himself.
I find it hard to come down too hard on Alex Jones because I think he has a valid point here. In fact, given all the paradoxical and Kafkaesque twists and turns of the "Info War," it is possible that some Jews are blasting Jones as being heavily "Jewish connected" not because they feel that Jones is spreading too much disinformation, but rather because as a "Jewish connected" renegade, Jones may actually be waking too many gentiles up. One way to try to unfairly discredit Jones among the gentile Right is to emphasize his "Jewish connections."
In the Kafkaesque, fractured world of Jewish intrigue, it is possible that "all of the above" is true, namely that Jones is simultaneously sprinkling bits of disinformation here and there while going too far (from the Jewish perspective) in waking people up in certain other areas at the same time. He is like hedge fund manager who is both long and short different sectors of the market at the same time, running a complex juggling act. He claims on air that he is trying to spread as much truth as possible while at the same time braving the risk of getting assassinated. Ultimately, he insists, "This is not a game." He is not doing this for his health.
It is quite possible that given the constraints that Alex Jones is operating under (to include evidence that both he and his wife have some Jewish ancestry, as well as constraints placed on him by his business backers), that Alex Jones is sincerely trying to do the very best he knows how to constructively address the horrible situation that he finds America in today, and that he really is risking his life and fortune. I personally view sizing up Alex Jones as a complex issue, and the best I can do is present different viewpoints in this section. I believe all these viewpoints have merit..
I fully agree with Jones on that point, namely that the "Info War" is deadly serious with huge stakes. As previously mentioned, a prime example involves the way mainstream media in Japan, the U.S., Europe and elsewhere have masked the strong possibility that Fukushima is now the greatest man-made catastrophe in human history -- and have routinely failed to warn people about basic measures to protect themselves from dangerous fallout. (Again, please see my Fukushima catastrophe overview page, which explains the strong likelihood that the melt-downs were mainly precipitated by Mossad-CIA-MI6's Stuxnet virus, and my "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles that provide a visual as well as textual background on the extreme seriousness of this crisis).
I hasten to add that I also like to listen to Daryl Bradford Smith, Rev. Ted Pike, Jeff Rense, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Gov. Jesse Ventura, the late Dr. Murray Rothbard and other "anarcho-libertarians" listed in this section. I addition, I listen to John Stadtmiller, Michael Collins Piper, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, Kevin Strom, the late Dr. William Pierce, and other more paleoconservative folks listed in the "nationalist" section below. Taken all together, I think they are all helping to lead America back in the Right direction (pun intended).
Links: Articles archives and video links at:,,
Genesis Communications Network: Alex Jones home page and MP3 archive.
Honorable mention at Genesis Communications Network also include:
Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio. Tarpley is a foremost expert on false flag attacks, geopolitics, and macroeconomic crises. However, he has an infatuation with FDR and the New Deal and a dislike for the Mises Institute and libertarian perspectives on economics that is troubling for many individuals like myself who lean towards paleoconservatism and nationalism. Tarpley is also anti-racialist. Nevertheless, in other areas I respect Tarpley as a gold mine of valuable information and insights.
Erskine Overnight. Erskine interviewed this author and Capt. May about the swine flu epidemic.
Other Sources: If "Hollywood Is Owned by the Arabs" is too much for you to stomach, but you still want to stay on the libertarian side that avoids racial nationalist interpretations but still exposes Zionists and other corrupt power elites, consider Daryl Bradford Smith at the French Connection at He has interviewed a lot of good people with a variety of valuable viewpoints -- such as Michael Collins Piper, Bill Murphy of GATA, John Kaminski, Jim Condit, and the late Eustace Mullins.

Additional Update References:

2014-01-20 Beware Alex Jones Site is Run by CIA,
2012-12-06 COINTELPRO Crash and Burn: Alex Jones, Mike Adams and Mark Dice are all in full damage control mode by Hatrick Penry
2012-11-17 Operation Hoodwink and the Alex Jones Secession Hoax by Hatrick Penry
2012-10-17 Hatrick Penry: I’m calling out The Intel Hub, NaturalNews and PrisonPlanet by Hatrick Penry
Its only 3 weeks to the 2012 election and the controlled opposition alternative media outlets have done their job: they have hidden the substance and implications of the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima and the radioactive plume and fallout that has killed over 40,000 Americans now.
Please read the sample of writing below. When these propaganda outlets do speak of the NRC FOIA documents (would they speak of them at all if I had not written multiple articles accusing them of not writing about it?) it is only in passing and they never highlight or showcase the scandal that should have cost Obama the reelection. Don’t let them get away with this!!!
“The audio transcripts and email, even though redacted and full of ‘inaudible’ parts at the most convenient times, still reveal the inner workings of the cover-up and a vast multi-agency conspiracy. This, more than anything else, they want to hide. Think of whom all is implicated in the FOIA documents: DOE, NRC, DHS, FEMA, USAID, CDC, White House, GE and others…perhaps even the President, for how could he have not known? Obama is either involved, conspired against and lied to by these agencies or just a complete buffoon; but one of the three is our reality and NONE of them are good.
How could Obama not have known of the fallout and its consequences? How can the President of the United States NOT know or not be informed about the REAL effects of the greatest industrial accident of our time, an accident that happened on his watch?
Plume Gate, all things considered, is the Achilles heel of this administration in that it is a cover up involving the deaths of thousands of Americans, perhaps 3-5 times as many as 9/11, yet unlike the controversy surrounding the ‘inside job’ theory of 9/11, we have proof of their foreknowledge in the FOIA documents. Once the public at large is made aware of this fact, could it bring an end to Obama’s reelection chances?”
~from Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration
100% proof Alex Jones sheilds Obama from consequences of Plume-Gate
Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration Exposed!!!…..
[Editor's Note: Please see this article for its listing of many other valuable references]
2012-10-03 Expose Alex Jones Week: Hatrick Penry on the Alternative Media Infiltration by Hatrick Penry
2012-08-13 Top Ten Reasons why Plume-Gate and the NRC FOIA Transcripts pertaining to Fukushima are being suppressed by Hatrick Penry (pen name for Tony Muga)
Not long after I wrote about the NRC FOIA Documents pertaining to Fukushima and the vast multi-agency conspiracy to hide the radioactive plume and fallout from American citizens, I realized that alternative media was, for the most part, avoiding the subject. I had been a huge fan of Alex Jones for several years, even paying for a subscription to PrisonPlanet, but when I considered how big this conspiracy was and the number of deaths involved, I knew something was terribly wrong when Mr. Jones and his organization remained silent on the matter. I had never written for the alternative media before and just assumed it was everything I had imagined it to be. I thought they reported on all the difficult subjects that the mainstream would not. Boy was I wrong.
I wrote ‘Plume-Gate Shocker: Media Silence Raises Troubling Questions’ when I realized that InfoWars and PrisonPlanet had no intention of reporting on this blockbuster story, even though I had sent them all the information, links to specific NRC FOIA documents, and a copy of my article.
I haunted the AlexJones Channel on YouTube, posting links to my article and pointing out that InfoWars wouldn’t touch the NRC Fukushima FOIA transcripts with a 100 foot pole.  Finally, in desperation, I wrote ‘Alex Jones Troll Den/Shill Network Exposed!!!’ and it was picked up by Alexander Higgins, re-titled ‘Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media CIA Infiltration Exposed!!!’, and published on his blog...
2012-06-18 Fumbling on Purpose: why is PrisonPlanet sweeping Plume-Gate under the Rug? by Hatrick Penry
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2011-01-21 Alex Jones discussion by Dr. David Duke and Tom Sunic (video)
1969 Dr. Revilo P. Oliver: After 50 Years - The National Youth Alliance (video) (1969) (36:27), uploaded 2011. Although this film was made well before Alex Jones' time, Dr. Oliver's references to failed patriot movements since the 1920's provides a valuable historical perspective. It makes one wonder if Jewish supporters behind the scenes for Alex Jones deliberately want him to lead another "Paul Revere"-type movement of only limited effectiveness, similar to the movement by that name in the 1920's described by Dr. Oliver.
[undated] Alex Jones exposed
[undated], Alex Jones search link Here.
MP3 links
2012-12-06 Hatrick Penry show: Molly-Gate, Mark Dice, Tia Tequila, Mike Adams and Alex Jones
2012-11-27 Hatrick Penry show: The Alex Jones Stratfor Connection
2012-11-16 Hatrick Penry show: Operation Hoodwink and the Alex Jones Secession Hoax


Alex Jones



From "Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?" by Brother Naphanael Kapner


Pat Buchanan, along with Joseph Sobran, Col Donn de Grand Pre, Dr. Thomas Woods (see below), and John Dalberg-Acton happens to be one of many conservative Catholic intellectuals I can respect and admire --subject to certain disclaimers, caveats, and reservations which I state below.
Interestingly enough, Buchanan has been popularizing insights that were well known among American rightist circles for decades, but suppressed by controlled media, such as the The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (suicidal demographic decline rates of whites) and Churchill, Hitler, and "The Unnecessary War": How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World (or how Allies were at least as much at fault in causing WWII as Adolf Hitler).
Consistent with my discussions about WASP dispossession, Buchanan came out with his 14 May 2010 article "Are Liberals Anti-WASP?" about how both WASPs and certain Catholics groups are now getting short-changed by the Democratic establishment -- in fact certain Catholics who were "anti-WASP" in an earlier era are now suffering blow-back from rising former "liberal-minority coalition" allies:

...If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats.
Is this the Democrats' idea of diversity?
But while leaders in the black community may be upset, the folks who look more like the real targets of liberal bias are white Protestants and Catholics, who still constitute well over half of the U.S. population.
Not in living memory has a Democratic president nominated an Irish, Italian or Polish Catholic, though these ethnic communities once gave the party its greatest victories in the cities and states of the North.
What happened to the party of the Daleys, Rizzos and Rostenkowskis?
And not in nearly half a century has a Democratic president nominated a white Protestant or white Catholic man or woman.

Irish and Italian Catholics once provided the political backbone for Jews on their rise to power in the big cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles. They also provided the "interface" between the WASP world and Jewish world by shilling for Jews in Jewish-controlled major media to help keep WASPs in the heartland bamboozled. The following article "Irish American Solidarity" describes how the Irish Catholics used very different tactics to get ahead in America compared to more individualistic WASPs such as English Americans, Scottish Americans, and Scandinavian Americans.

No European ethnic group exhibited a stronger degree of ethnic solidarity in the United States than Irish Catholics. In politics, Irish Catholics were consistent supporters for the Democratic party from the 1840s onward. As recently as 1964, the Democratic presidential candidate, Lyndon B. Johnson, received 78 percent of the Irish Catholic vote.
In the economic sphere, Irish Catholics, more than any other European ethnic group, emphasized economic solidarity, collective action, and politics as keys to improving their economic position and resisting discrimination. Instead of emphasizing individual upward mobility, many Irish men found work in more egalitarian situations, on labor gangs or construction crews or as longshoremen. Irish Catholic men were also especially likely to seek government employment (especially as police officers) or to find jobs under contractors who held city contracts or in public utilities, such as street railways. During the 19th century, Irish Catholics often took the lead in forming and supporting labor unions.
This high degree of ethnic solidarity reflected both the discrimination that Irish Catholics faced as well as their belief that their job security and economic well-being depended on ethnic unity in the face of hostility from the nation's Protestant majority. From the early nineteenth century onward, Irish Catholics faced recurrent waves of anti-Catholic sentiment. The evangelical revivals of the early nineteenth century produced a "No Popery" movement. A popular children's game was "Break the Pope's Neck."
Mass Irish Catholic immigration in the mid- and late-1840s led to the rise of the viciously anti-Catholic Know Nothing party, which drew support from many native-born white workingmen. But anti-Catholicism was not confined to a particular social class.
Anti-Irish Catholic sentiment could also be found in the liberal press of the late-nineteenth century, especially through Harper's Weekly, where anti-Catholic fervor was particularly intense during the 1870s. Articles in liberal magazines claimed that Irish Catholics were more loyal to the Pope than other Catholic immigrants, and were hostile toward democracy. Liberal opinion was particular worried by late 19th century papal pronouncements against liberalism and modernism, especially the declaration of the doctrine of Papal infallibility.
Republicans regarded Irish Catholics as a core constituency of the Democratic party. They associated Irish Catholics with corrupt urban political machines, like New York's Tammany Hall.
The Progressive era saw yet another wave of anti-Catholic sentiment. In 1914, Florida's Governor, Sidney J. Catts, claimed that the Pope planned to invade the state. The state legislatures in Michigan and Nebraska debated constitutional amendments banishing parochial schools.
The 1920s witnessed a renewed outburst of anti-Catholic sentiment. Legislatures in the South, Midwest, and West, influenced by the staunchly anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klan, sought to require daily Bible readings from the Protestant version of the Bible.
As late as 1960, anti-Catholic sentiment was still strong enough to threaten John Kennedy's presidential candidacy. But the Pope's visit to the United States in 1986 demonstrated a decisive decline in the prevalence of anti-Catholic sentiment in the United States. The Papal visit was celebrated as a symbol of the spread of religious tolerance in the United States.

A few Catholics like Rev. Charles Coughlin were willing to speak out in the 1930's against runaway Jewish power, but he eventually shut up on orders from his Detroit Archbishop in the early 1940's, just as WASPs feared. After all, the Vatican has a long history of being infiltrated by the Rothschilds and other Zionists. (See my discussion of the chapter "Zionist Spy Inside the Vatican" from The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within and related topics in Chapt. 29 of the Mission of Conscience series).
Just as Randolph Bourne once famously observed that "War is the health of the state," that is, war provides a perfect environment for a central government to become ever more centralized, similarly the rise of neo-Jacobin federal government and the welfare-warfare state in the 20th century (or what historians Harry Elmer Barnes and Gore Vidal have called "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace" in book titles) ended up being very good for the upward social mobility of both Jews and Catholics and America --often at WASP expense. It is probably fair to say that both Jews and Catholics acquired vastly more prestige through their "liberal minority coalition" partnership -- culminating in JFK's "Camelot" -- than if either group had continued to be viewed by WASPs according to Old World norms.
Many Catholics continue to serve the Jewish agenda to milk the old "liberal-minority coalition" political formula to death, even though by now they have pretty much killed the WASP golden goose that once laid golden eggs. The old "welfare-warfare" political formula includes supporting the perpetual phony "War on Terror" (see Chapt. 7 and Chapt 12 of my Mission of Conscience series), despite the fact that leading Jewish psychopaths (a redundancy) have largely discarded Catholics as "useful idiots," just as they have now completely discarded Muslim and Christian Palestinian communities that once supported Jews as they were building up their beachhead in Palestine in the early to mid-20th century.
I learned as a former stock broker that in the very long run high flying stocks and industries always return to historical norms regarding what they are really worth based upon real cash flow generating power and real assets, and the same is true in a kind of "ethnic market" that is the psychological analog to the "stock market." The phony "War on Terror" may help postpone the day of reckoning for both Jews and Catholics, but eventually public perceptions will cycle back towards Old World norms. The psychological "ethnic market" will some day "price into their stock" the fact that the liberal-minority coalition took a 90% white and mostly WASP country with the largest and most prosperous industrial base and some of the greatest individual freedom in the world in the mid to late 19th century, and converted it into a soon-to-be majority nonwhite Third World economic basket case and authoritarian police state in a little over a century. Some day WASPs in America (what few are left) will probably go back to viewing most Irish Catholics in America in a manner that is a lot closer to the way the English middle class and Northern Ireland Protestants viewed Irish Catholics in Ireland in the mid-19th century than the way most Irish Catholics are viewed by most Americans in America today.
Without question Buchanan is brilliant and well-researched. The bad news is that he is only willing to push the envelop so far against conventional wisdom offered by mainstream media. His works still edit out considerable direct criticism of Jews and identification of their central role in many historical events. His policy of incrementalism and cautious and carefully measured approaches towards dispensing "truth" to the public is a trade off. On the one hand, by diluting his message, he can get important messages past Jewish gatekeepers to broad audiences. By acting as a "kosher conservative," he hopes to sustain some form of "conservatism" through thick and thin in hopes of never making Jewish media moguls and other plutocrats mad enough to want to destroy everything. On the other hand, by not telling the full story, people may wake up too late to be able to effectively face various grave dangers. In addition, Buchanan only tends to go on "limited offensives" once he is convinced the public mood has changed to the point that it is relatively safe.
The big problem with the appeasement and incremental approach is that once Jews get completely out of control, as they did with Russians following the Bolshevik Revolution, or with Palestinians upon creation of the Jewish State of Israel, they themselves practice daring (as in "chutzpah") and forms of "total war" (as in "cultural Marxism," "affirmative action" forms of slow anti-white marginalization and genocide, and other approaches). In the "Info War," it takes at least a "maneuver warfare" tactician to decisively defeat Jewish "Mongols of covert 4th generation warfare." (Please go to Chapter 38 where I discuss "Principles of Info War," and search the web page for the key word "Mongols.")
Using William S. Lind's four generations of warfare paradigm as an analogy, Buchanan's mentality is heavily "Second Generation." Using a World War II analogy, he reminds me of British Gen. Bernard Montgomery who only tended to advance in limited offensives once he had a clear 2:1 or 3:1 superiority in man power and fire power (combat power) in set-piece battles compared to someone like a Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gen George S. Patton, Gen Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, or Generaloberst Heinz Guderian who were much more mentally geared towards audaciously and opportunistically striking their enemies on the flanks or making deep pincer envelopments to collapse the enemy from the rear forward (the basic blitzkrieg concept as an example of third generation "maneuver warfare").
So far Buchanan has given no inkling that Jews are a significantly in-bred gene pool with a high percentage of psychopathic and Neanderthal-type people for whom there is absolutely no limit to how much evil they can commit or the depths of ugliness they will sink to until someone finally brings them in check.
Nor has Buchanan made much effort to lay out clear differences in ethnic spirit and innate mentality between contending groups in America. In the 19th century, when WASP's set the tone for America with the Protestant work ethic, the spirit of America promoted innovation, craftsmanship, savings, prudent investment, and the production of real and useful things, consistent with the ancestral patterns of northern European peoples.
In the 20th century, after Jews used their mafia networking talents to shove all other groups aside at the top and increasingly set the tone for the country, America increasingly became a corrupt nation of rent-seekers from top to bottom and from sea to shining sea, not a whole lot different from the "anything for a buck" transactional mentality of Jews addicted to "schlepping (peddling) schmatta (things)."
Other "pillars" of this "New America" have included Jewish hucksters like Bernie Madoff, Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel, Larry Silverstein, Mike Milken, Jonathan Pollard, Andy Fastow... (the list is endless!) for whom posturing or "chutzpah" is everything. Let us not forget another great contribution of the self-Chosen bearers of "fossil" civilization, namely the attitude of Jewish mafia in ancient Babylon that it was always better to figure angles than ever engage in physical labor. (Physical labor is prohibited for Jews in the Talmud. For more on these and other exotic traits, please see my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in the "parasitism" section of my mutualism vs. parasitism article. This should help readers who have never had personal contact with Jews better understand how "rent-seeking" comprises the center of gravity of the Jewish way of life. Furthermore, it should become easier to understand how high level Jews have always operated as a kind of "CIA in search of a country," and how Jews tend to infect countries with values that serve themselves at the expense of their hosts as they rise in power and influence.)
I suppose for certain descendants of Irish Catholics, particularly the more primitive "shanty Irish" types with some possible admixture of Neanderthalism (quite a few Shanty Irish actually have a simian appearance as reflected in the cartoon to the right, which includes the small forehead and receding chin. See also the "balanced from the bottom up" 19th century cartoon depicted in Chapter 34. Lastly, the study guide The Irish Famine, 1.3 MB PDF download, has a section with numerous 19th century quotes and cartoons that compare Shanty Irish to apes and other primitive relatives of homo sapiens) it was not worth making much of a distinction between either "Anglos" or "Jews." Quite a few of these "primitives" hate all "Anglos" with a passion because of the very unfortunate Irish experience for centuries under British occupation.
While they perpetually wallow in self-pity and a sense of victimhood (although for Irish Catholics it is still nothing compared to the high art practiced by Jews with their "Holocaustianity" and other religions of professional "victimhood" and "self-pity"), how many Irish Catholics are willing to admit that they themselves share some blame for their own predicament, and in the long run they could be acting self-destructively by fanatically allying themselves with the "underdog," that is, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, and other "minorities," against "Anglos." An example of one self-inflicted geopolitical initiative that embittered Irish-British relations for centuries took place when Irish leaders invited Spain to use their island as a staging area for another go at conquering England after Sir Francis Drake's naval forces defeated the first Spanish Armada (See Spanish Armadas and Ireland [pdf] by Hiram Morgan, National University of Cork). The British became totally infuriated. They not only systematically hunted down and killed or captured all the Spanish soldiers in Ireland, but their determination hardened to fasten a plantation-occupation system on the Irish to "fix" them for good.
We learn in Final Judgment that Irish American leader Joe Kennedy decided to join up with the Jews after World War II so that one of his sons could become the first Roman Catholic President of the United States. Kennedy Sr. claimed that he had fought the Jews in the 1930's an effort to prevent WWII, and certainly there was no Irish-American who was more aware of the Jewish role in Bolshevism and other sinister Jewish modus operandi. Nevertheless, Kennedy Sr. was clearly willing to make a pact with the Devil to serve Irish-American interests following WWII at the possible long term expense of the American national interest. (See "A Conversation in Hell," mocking Joe Kennedy, by Jewish writer John Podhoretz, New York Post, 21 July 1999, reproduced in Final Judgment).
In the 1960's, political expediency prevailed once again when Senator Ted Kennedy, another one of Joe Kennedy's sons, supported the Jewish ADL initiative to push through the Immigration Act of 1965 which eventually opened up the floodgates of Third World immigration into America, which has in turn led to America's continuing social, political, and economic slide in the direction of becoming a permanent Third World hell hole. The April 2003 American Renaissance article "The Fade to Brown: Immigration and the End of White America" by Stephen Webster comments:

...If there is one man who can take the most credit for the 1965 act, it is John F. Kennedy. Kennedy seems to have inherited the resentment his father Joseph felt as an outsider in Boston’s WASP aristocracy. He voted against the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, and supported various refugee acts throughout the 1950s. In 1958 he wrote a book, A Nation of Immigrants, which attacked the quota system as illogical and without purpose, and the book served as Kennedy’s blueprint for immigration reform after he became president in 1960.

A number of traditional American conservatives are also very upset with Ronald Reagan, who looked "Irish Catholic" and also acted that way with his slick, glad-handing political style (earning the nickname "The Teflon President") even though he was only Irish Catholic on his father's side and Scots-English on his mother's side. As noted in the Wikipedia article on Reagan, he supported an amnesty bill that caused everything to go from bad to worse in stemming the tidal waves of illegal immigration:

Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986. The act made it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit illegal immigrants, required employers to attest to their employees' immigration status, and granted amnesty to approximately 3 million illegal immigrants who entered the United States prior to January 1, 1982, and had lived in the country continuously. Critics argue that the employer sanctions were without teeth and failed to stem illegal immigration. Upon signing the act at a ceremony held beside the newly refurbished Statue of Liberty, Reagan said, "The legalization provisions in this act will go far to improve the lives of a class of individuals who now must hide in the shadows, without access to many of the benefits of a free and open society. Very soon many of these men and women will be able to step into the sunlight and, ultimately, if they choose, they may become Americans."

Despite his "All-American" image from his acting roles involved with football heroes, "Death Valley Days" cowboys, and other "Americana" icons, Ronald Reagan was heavily in bed with Jews all his professional life, to include Jules Stein and Lew Wasserman of MCA/Universal, as documented in Dark Victory: Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob by Dan Moldea. He also put up a false front in many other ways, such as failing to act on Grace Commission Report recommendations to stop runaway national debt, and instead helping to set new records in the growth of national debt and government while pretending to be a pro-limited government conservative Republican.
Clearly, Irish-American envy and resentment of Anglos, combined with a certain "petty greediness" and peculiar sympathy for the "underdog" -- no matter how alien -- has been an important reason for why there has been such a failure among "counter predators" in America to prevent psychopathic Jewish "predators" from getting so completely out of control, particularly in view of insane Jewish plans to merge all of North America into one country (the "North American Union" or "NAU") as part of their global push for one-world government headquartered in Jerusalem, as I discuss at the beginning of Chapter 23 of my Mission of Conscience series, or as documented by Alex Jones in Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
In the Reference section of Chapter 8 of my Mission of Conscience series, I describe an important "race war" dimension behind 9-11 and other false flag attacks orchestrated by Mossad and their Irish and Italian Catholic minions (such as Rudy Giuliani of NYC and Richard Daley of Chicago) that ultimately expresses anti-WASP hatred and Jewish-Catholic takeover of America:

Getting back to "Catholics," unlike the early 19th century period of majority WASP control that repealed three privately owned and corrupt central banks up through the administration of President Andrew Jackson (see Chapter 33), the period of substantial "Catholic" political influence in the 20th century never made any serious effort to stop the ultimate Jewish power machine -- the privately controlled and highly corrupt Federal Reserve Banking System -- since its inception in 1913.
If one studies the tragic history of Ireland, one discovers a considerable amount of festering racial and ethnic hatred by certain Irish Catholics towards "Anglos," particular among the more degenerate and Alpinid and Neanderthal "Shanty Irish" types as opposed to the more Nordic and Celtic "Lace Curtain" Irish Catholics. Many southern Italian Catholics -- many of whom show traces of Negro blood from slave importation during the Roman Empire or invaders from swarthy areas -- hate "Nordic" and "Celtic" northern Italian Catholics, and vice versa.
Hollywood dramatized a hidden "race war" dimension between different groups of white people in America that involves many Sicilians as well as Jews and Shanty Irish Catholics in the movie True Romance (1993). On a metaphorical level, it describes out of control organized crime in America by depicting a Sicilian mafia don who has the nerve to not only invade the home of a former cop who wears a police jacket, but also torture him and ultimately shoot him in the head.
Journalist and political activist John de Nugent wrote in his Dec 2010 blog about "Flying Squirrels in Norway and Sore Point in Sicily:"

This is a key clip from the movie “True Romance” with Christopher Walken playing (in a ludicrous physical miscasting, using black hair color on top of Germanic features!), yes, a Sicilian mafia don.
(Walken, to whom in his movie hayday I used to often be compared physically, is actually pure German; his parents were both from Hamburg, the great German port city on the North Sea.)
Dennis Hopper plays a retired cop living alone in a trailer. The mafiosi burst in and demand to know where his ne’er-do-well, double-crossing, drug-dealer son is who has betrayed them.
Hopper’s character decides that, as disappointing as his son has been, still he loves him enough to not want to betray his location to these Sicilians out to get him.
And so he provokes Don Vicenzo deliberately with the most cutting remarks he can possibly utter to him, so as to avoid further torture for himself and the betrayal of his son’s whereabouts.
This is a fascinating psychological scene of mental warfare between two masters of mindwar. Guess who wins?



[John de Nugent's commentary continued...]
Actually, there is both black and also neanderthal blood throughout Europe. I have seen it in Germans, Irishmen and Poles too, way up north.
The Roman Empire brought slaves all over. And this is why it collapsed before the onslaught in the 300s and 400s A.D. of the tall, blond, milk-and-meat-drinking, protein-powered, blue-eyed Germanic tribes. Rome was racially and morally corrupt, just like the Jewnited Snakes today. And history will repeat itself.

The statement by the former policeman character played by Dennis Hopper that the "Moors were niggers" is not completely accurate. A "white history" web site reacts to this scene by observing:

  • a) Contrary to the opinion of Tarantino's Afrocentric friend [a black friend of the filmmaker of True Romance who gave him the idea that "Negroidal" Moors altered the Sicilian gene pool for good], the Saracens [referred to as "Moors" in the film] were not (predominantly) Negroid.
  • (b) It is unlikely that most Sicilians ever "were like the wops in northern Italy. Blond hair, blue eyes." Sicily had genetic ties to the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa long before Moors invaded.

It is worth noting that the racial composition of not only Sicily, but also North Africa and the Middle East is also more complicated than the film implies --or current forces of "political correctness" would have us believe.
Since ancient times, there have been waves of Nordic-Germanic peoples who have trickled down to North Africa as either individuals or have swept down as entire tribes and mixed in with peoples of North Africa. For example, archeologists have found quite a few light-skinned, blond-haired mummies from early Egyptian dynasties (contrary to "politically correct" histories which give the false impression that blacks founded and ran Egyptian civilization). Statues of Hannibal of ancient Carthage, or Cleopatra of ancient Egypt, depict Caucasian people, not Negroes (contrary, once again, to certain fabricated "political correctness" histories taught in American schools). The Berbers of North Africa, who have controlled much of the caravan trade across the Sahara, have been noted by certain anthropologists as having many "Indo-European" (or "Nordic" or "Germanic" or "Aryan," take your pick) characteristics, to include "chivalrous" treatment of women, compared to the more "Neanderthal" approach of various neighboring Arab tribes who are more inclined to treat women like chattel. The Wikipedia article on "Moors" includes "Berbers" within its definition. Also, many Visigothic (Germanic) tribes swept into North Africa after the fall of the Roman Empire. A number of racial historians believe they provided the racial basis for the existence of blond-haired, blue-eyed Sultans and Caliphs who played a key role behind the "Islamic Golden Age" or the "Islamic Renaissance" from the mid-7th century to the mid-13th century A.D., which involved the spread of "Algebra" and the creation of universities from Spain to the Middle East. There was also another interesting "Nordic" migration that directly impacted on Sicily in the 11th and 12th centuries, in which both Sicily and Southern Italy were conquered by Normans. The Normans were descended from Norwegian and Danish Vikings, as well as admixtures of northern French Celts. However, the Normans set up a fairly thin ruling class, and I doubt they were able to have enough sex with enough Sicilian women to shift the island's entire population towards blond hair and blue eyes any more than Hopper's alleged "Moorish niggers" were able to shift everyone towards black hair and swarthy skin.
Speaking of the Middle East, in places like Syria and Turkey today one can find pockets of Nordic or Celtic-looking people whose ancestors came from ancient migrations, or perhaps even later with the Crusades. "Galatia" of New Testament fame is one example of such migrations. It was named after a tribe of Celtic Gauls who migrated from Thrace in Greece to what is today Turkey during the during the Third Century B.C., following an earlier Gallic invasion of the Balkans. Many of these "Gauls" traced their ancestors from southern France, and who knows where they came from before that.
The name of the country "Iran" comes from the word "Aryan" from an ancient era when a much larger percentage of the population had Nordic and Celtic features than today based upon numerous migrations from the north. To this day, many Iranians refer to themselves as "Persians" and take offense at being confused with "Arabs."
According to The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, while there are some Negro genetic strains found in various pockets in Southern Italy and Sicily, these genes probably comprise less then 5-10% of the total genetic makeup of certain individuals.(That is, regarding individuals within stabilized populations that existed before WWII. In the post war era, Italy has been flooded like most other European countries with fresh waves of Arabs, blacks, and other nonwhites). Negro genes that entered European gene pools centuries ago seem to account for curly hair and somewhat darker skin among whites today. Wilmot Robertson cites a genetic study in The Dispossessed Majority which claims that many Jews have about 10% Negro genes, which helps account for Jewish curly hair and swarthy features.
The blockbuster racial case made about the ill effects of Negro gene absorption into a white European country apparently has more to do with Portugal than Sicily, as presented in the online article "The Black Man's Gift to Portugal" by Ray Smith (which also appeared on pages 8-9 of Best of Attack!, cited again elsewhere on this web page). Smith stated: "What you can see in Portugal today is the product of uniform, non-selective mixing of the 10 percent Negroes and 90 percent Whites into one homogeneous whole. In effect, it is a new race - a race that has stagnated in apathy and produced virtually nothing in the last 400 years."
Obviously Hopper's retired cop character was not motivated to make all these academic distinctions, since the prime purpose of his foray into racial history was to provoke Walken's mafia don character into quickly terminating the torture session "with extreme prejudice," as intelligence operatives used to say during the Vietnam era.
Regardless of determining exact genetic percentages in ancestry, we can still discern enormous stores of anti-"Anglo" racial hatred in the behavior of certain "Catholics" like Richard Daley of Chicago and Rudy Giuliani of New York City, and also in their amazing willingness to form tight alliances with Jews and continually shill for them.
The closest "Catholics" ever came towards interdicting the Federal Reserve came under the leadership of Rev. Charles Coughlin in the 1930's, that is, until the Catholic hierarchy stopped his political momentum cold by telling him to shut up. And Rev. Coughlin did in fact shut up for the rest of his life, with the exception of writing anti-communist pamphlets.
Oh well, so much for loyalty to American national interests as opposed to Vatican politics...

A huge part of this entire tragedy is that so many WASPs have become so naive, ignorant, and disoriented that they have allowed other racial and ethnic groups to eat their lunch. This is also dangerous for Nordic and Celtic Italian Catholics and Lace Curtain Irish Catholics who would like to ally themselves with honest WASPs to rebuild an honest, productive America, but find that so many WASPs have become weak people that there is little to side with relative to highly organized Mossad-CIA and other mafia enemies on the other side of the fence.
I have had plenty of frustration on this score in my own personal life. For example, during my ten years as a real estate salesman and broker in New York City (1985-1994), I discovered that the social reality in America is often very different than what appears on the surface. As two examples, my real estate first client was a "kindly Italian American gentleman" who came into my office and said that he needed loft space in Queens. Not long after I found him the space he needed and negotiated and completed the lease deal, my client's face appeared in the local newspapers as local mafia chieftain who was arrested for dumping toxic chemicals in the East River. Welcome to New York City. Then little bit later I attended a Real Estate Board of New York lecture series to hear a "kindly Jewish American gentleman" describe how he became so stunningly successful in real estate. After his talk was over, I went up to the podium, and even spent about ten minutes chatting with him to his face. He was actually very nice and approachable with me, and I learned a lot of good stuff. Then flash forward a number of years, and I hear this very same "kindly Jewish gentleman" telling a documentary video makers about how he made a decision to "pull" Building 7 at the World Trade Center on 9/11. There is very strong evidence that this very same "kindly Jewish gentleman" also stuck it to insurance companies for billions, helped lead America into phony wars that are sucking dry whatever is left of America's economy, and orchestrated controlled demolition explosions that not only killed hundreds of firemen and police but also spread aerosolized asbestos and other toxins to cause the early deaths of tens of thousands of fellow New Yorkers. In any event, I watch the videos and think "small world."
But what really drove me crazy back in the early 1990's took place when I visited places like Minnesota and Iowa and tried to discuss the "score" with certain fellow Scandinavian Americans -- particularly in the pre-9/11 and pre-Internet era. I would typically encounter social and political attitudes commonly characterized as "modern liberal La La Land. " That only made me feel even more frustrated.
The "thought crime" episode listed in my author archive is one example of a situation where I tried discussing indigenous Nordic religion to help wake up certain fellow Scandinavian Americans who I view as tragically naive and misinformed, but it ended up backfiring, thanks in part to the efforts to convene an unnecessary Board of Inquiry by a female fellow Norwegian American Marine officer who was later denounced by my commanding officer as a "stupid b---- who has been brainwashed."
Perhaps Pat Buchanan's nibblings on the edges have helped stem the rising tide of corruption and alien takeover in America a little bit. Maybe. Or then again, perhaps they have been more "limited hangout" in nature, and have helped shill for our enemies, and the more correct answer is "maybe not." Please read Buchanan and decide for yourself.
For more insights, please see "Pat Buchanan's Double Mind," by Kevin Alfred Strom, 28 Aug 2009.
Links: columns archived at, and also at his home site The American Cause.
Other References:
2012-06-27 The New World Order and the Irish-Jewish, Anti-White Alliance by
2009-10-26 'De Valera was a British spy' Book claims national hero was 'turned' after 1916,
"A NEW book to be published next month makes the shocking claim that Eamon de Valera, the founding father of the nation, was under the control of the British.
The book, provocatively titled 'England's Greatest Spy: Eamon de Valera', suggests that Dev was terrified of being executed after the Rising and was "turned" in exchange for his life. For some years afterwards, the book claims, Dev was under British control...
...`De Valera the cowardly, incompetent, mentally unstable officer who deserted his troops was (later) repackaged as de Valera the lonely hero fighting valiantly against overwhelming odds'..."
2008-01-02 Side by Side: Irish and Jews in American Theater by Robert F. Moss,
"...Beneath the surface, ethnic contrasts nourished the comedy. Burns portrayed the “smart Jew” trying to communicate with a “goyisher kop.” His perfectly reasonable, straightforward questions elicited delightfully irrational answers (“Did the nurse ever drop you on your head when you were a baby?” “Oh, no, we couldn’t afford a nurse; my mother had to do it.”). Much of the subject matter for the humor derived from Allen’s traditionally large Catholic family (for example, brother Willy, who slept on the floor to keep his high blood pressure down). The act worked because Burns was never patronizing nor cruel, while Allen was always loving and lovable."
2007-10-25 White Ethnic Politics: Irish and Italian Catholics and Jews, Oh, My! by Sewell Chan,
“Irish and Italian Catholics and Jews shared the same city streets, they shared the same institutions, to lots of people they looked the same,” Dr. Zeitz said. “But they came at culture and politics from fundamentally different viewpoints.”
At their height in the mid-century decades, the three groups numbered, it is estimated, about four million — accounting for two-thirds of the city’s white population and perhaps half of the total population."
2005-05-03 Do the Irish look like monkeys? asks Christie Davies after seeing Conquering England - Ireland in Victorian London at the National Portrait Gallery posted by Christie Davies

...The Republic of Ireland has always had an ambivalent attitude to its Protestant community, who in 1910 constituted a tenth of the population of the 26 counties. They were a minority to be changed and converted, to come over to Rome or to emigrate. What amounted to ethnic cleansing worked. Today only 3% of the Republic's population is Protestant. Yet, whenever the roll of Irish genius is called in Dublin, the members of the former Protestant ruling class are always included, mainly because without them there would not be much to boast about.

[undated] Tammany Hall, "Tammany Hall, also known as the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order, was a New York City political organization founded in 1786 and incorporated on May 12, 1789 as the Tammany Society. It was the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in controlling New York City and New York State politics and helping immigrants, most notably the Irish, rise up in American politics from the 1790s to the 1960s."
[undated] The Irish in America: 1840's-1930's; "Micks", "Paddys" & "Bridgets"; The Facts,
[undated] Irish President De Valera was a British spy (Jewish spy) [Ed. Note: This thread contains some fascinating insights into how both the 19th century Irish potatoe famine and the 20th century Irish Independence movement may have been manipulated by Jews. Reading between the lines, the Rothschild/City of London Jewish establishment probably aided the Irish Independence movement behind the scenes to enhance support by Irish Catholics in the United States for the Jewish-Catholic and Liberal-Minority Coalition takeover of America].
[undated] Irish Crypto deValera, Michael Collins and Liam Neeson: 1 Traitor, 2 Besieged Nationalists. More interesting insights.


Contrary to the image created by this Time cover, Buchanan has been mostly a "kosher conservative" for the establishment

From Irish Simian to Homer Simpson caption: "An Irish Simian, drawn by Fredrick Opper for Puck, February 15, 1882."




"Thomas Nast denounces Tammany as a ferocious tiger killing democracy; the tiger image caught on" from the Wikipedia article Tammany Hall



"DYNAMIC DUO: George Burns and Gracie Allen capitalized on their ethnic differences, with Burns playing the “smart Jew” trying to communicate with Allen’s [Irish Catholic] ‘goyishe kop.’" from 2008-01-02 Side by Side: Irish and Jews in American Theater by Robert F. Moss, 2 Jan 2008,



Dr. Ralph Raico is a professor of European history who has specialized in "the history of liberty, the liberal tradition in Europe, and the relationship between war and the rise of the state."
He does an excellent job of making an analogy between the benefits of political decentralization following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and the virtues of business decentralization that result in smaller and more entrepreneurial companies. In other words, breaking apart empires has analogous advantages on a political level to breaking apart conglomerates on a business level, as explained by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman in their classic work In Search of Excellence : Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies.
With more states competing against each other in the Middle Ages, rulers were under more pressure to avoid overtaxing their most productive subjects for fear of losing them to competition. This encouraged lower taxation and more personal liberty compared to an imperial system. This is certainly a potent argument for secessionism and the creation and maintenance of small states as opposed to empires.
As an interesting aside that comments on this issue, I recollect a guest from Gun Owners of America on the Alex Jones show who conducted a study which demonstrated an amazing direct correlation between repressive gun ownership laws and high taxation in America. The states and cities that do the most to ban private gun ownership -- a reflection of the most basic right of personal self defense-- also have the highest taxes, and vice versa. In the final analysis, personal liberty involves the result of a tug of war between predators and counter predators, that is, between individuals vs. the state, between states vs. the central government, and between states and competing states. An important reason for the steadily growing police state control grid in America today is raw Federal monopoly power over all the states, as well as too much apathy among the general public in standing up for its rights.
Raico also does a great job of explaining the full nature of 19th century classical liberalism, and how the Industrial Revolution created greater relative material progress compared to most other periods of history, despite distorted and often politically-motivated charges about "Dark Satanic Mills" and "worker exploitation" made by slave-owning, land-rich Tories (later reinforced by Marxists) against entrepreneurial Whigs in England, their political competition.
Although he does not explicitly discuss race and ethnicity, he does not explicitly contradict the role of these things either. For starters, he has observed that an important social basis of the American Revolution was the fact that there was relatively little immigration between 1700 and 1775, and America's tripled population came mostly from natural increase. Americans had a sense of rootedness within each colony. They also had extended kindred ties and retained Old World cultural values. All of this gave them the social organization, cohesion, discipline, and sense of purpose necessary on a grass roots level to successfully combat tyranny.
Nor does Raico explicitly discuss the Jewish phenomenon as a possible "sociobiological disease" of 19th century classical liberalism and "empires." In other words, this was the century in which dynamic European societies became so liberal for entrepreneurs that they suffered reduced resistance to dynamic alien intruders. Worse yet, once nations turn into multi-ethnic or multi-racial empires, ruling elites become much more reliant on intrigue and intimidation to hold their power bases together, which in turn makes it much easier for Jews to parlay their own peculiar strengths in these areas to rise to the top. In addition, empires tend to form vast multi-ethnic urban power centers in places like Rome, London, Paris, Moscow, or New York, which also throws the Jewish "Briar Rabbit" into the urban "briar patch," because Jews have always been the most urban of all peoples and hence power competition in big cities is always "home turf."
In his historical lectures, Raico explains how Germany and France were divided up into scores of semi-autonomous provinces throughout most of the 18th century, and how all of this rapidly changed into the 19th century. Jews exploited classical liberalism utilized by de facto imperial social orders to not only infiltrate the highest levels of power in the 19th century, but also to quietly build up spectacular financial power bases and networks, as Michael Collins Piper documents in The New Babylon. The 20th century became the era when Jews called in their chips accumulated in the prior century, stopping at nothing to ruthlessly exploit their financial power bases, and where their worst Forbidden Planet-type "Id Monster" fantasies such as the Soviet state floating in an orgy of gentile bloodshed became reality for much of humanity. (See "Parting Thoughts: The Eternal Conflict" by George Kadar, where he notes: "...The 20th century in the Western world can be rightfully called the "Century of the Neanderthal..."). Unfortunately, as America heads deeper into the police state control grid, this savage plot is still thickening, with an all too familiar cast of characters still remaining in the background.
Mises Institute articles archive
Mises Institute MP3 archive: articles archive


Dr. Ralph Raico


Thomas DiLorenzo is the author of The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War (also two follow-on books about Lincoln, such as: Lincoln Unmasked and Abraham Lincoln: Friend of Foe of Freedom), Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution--and What It Means for Americans Today, and How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present.
I view Thomas DiLorenzo's major contribution as his ability to popularize longstanding criticisms of modern liberal icons in a way that is still palatable to today's teeming masses of P.C.-brainwashed Yuppies. Needless to say, DiLorenzo goes nowhere near direct criticism of Jews or explicit discussion of racial and ethnic issues. However, he helps demolish historical icons that neo-Jacobin "Big Brother" uses to "control the past in order to control the future."
Abe Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton are two major historical icons that provide ghostly support for unlimited federal government and an unlimited private central bank. Dr. DiLorenzo is a major contributor to the King Lincoln archive at which serves as an important Ghost-buster on Lincoln-related issues.
It is not that DiLorenzo is saying anything that is particularly new, it is just that his sources have been gathering dust on library shelves and ignored by controlled media for too long. For example, his thesis about Lincoln is consistent with Shattering the Icon of Abraham Lincoln by Sam Dickson or The American Lenin by L. Neil Smith published decades earlier.
One of best explanations of the Confederate cause I have ever seen, echoed by Dr. DiLorenzo in his lectures, are contained in the first chapters of Memoirs of Service Afloat, During the War Between the States originally published in 1868 by Admiral Raphael Semmes, a lawyer who later became commander of the C.S.S. Alabama, one of the greatest raiders in naval history.
In my "centralization vs. decentralization" article, I draw heavily upon Dr. DiLorenzo's analysis to describe how limited republics can morph into "ponzi government" by initially following the "Whig agenda" and Henry Clay's "American System" that DiLorenzo describes for Abraham Lincoln's policies which favored public works, a central bank, high tariffs, and other forms of "special privilege." From here, things can go from bad to worse to where we finally wind up with "evil government." This stops at absolutely nothing to keep itself in power, to include false flag attacks, distractive foreign wars, confiscatory taxation, fascistic banking-government cartels, the police state, and even genocide of the very core population it was originally designed to protect. Does any of this sound disturbingly familiar?
Unfortunately DiLorenzo typically uses the word "nationalism" with a negative spin in his lectures. He usually conflates "nationalism" with high tariffs and other features of Henry Clay's "American System" which enhanced the power of the federal government and awarded disproportionate pork and special privilege to Northerners. In actuality, there exist alternative forms of American nationalism, such as "States Rights nationalism" that seeks to enhance state sovereignty in the face of federal power, "ethnic grass roots nationalism," which seeks to enhance the self-sufficiency and self-determination of ethnic groups at the grass roots as an alternative to government control, "racial libertarian nationalism," which uses protectionist measures to maintain racial and ethnic balance and control within a country without supporting empire, and generalized "libertarian nationalism," which imposes only low to moderate tariffs as a least bad form of taxation, while enjoying national unity provided by some form of minimum national government. Libertarian nationalism was the core political philosophy advocated by many leading Southerners such as Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun.
The Lincoln brand of highly centralized federal nationalism sought to jump tariffs from 15% (average in 1857) to over 47%. Given the nature of trade retaliation, exporters usually wound up paying the same tariff levels as importers. This wound up hitting Southern cotton exporters especially hard. With only one third of the national population, Southerners wound up paying over three quarters of all federal tax revenues, most of which was spent in the North. Meanwhile, northern manufacturers fattened up, since the high tariffs shut out much of their European competition. DiLorenzo notes "Southerners clearly understood that they were being made into tax slaves by the North, and by Lincoln, who announced in a February 15 1861 speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that `The tariff is to the government what a meal is to the family.'"
DiLorenzo is such a hardcore anarcho-libertarian that he has pushed free trade ideology to the maximum in his lectures beyond even moderate tariffs, as if he is oblivious to the way pure free trade policies can open up a society to infiltration by Jewish mafias at the highest levels and proletarian displacement at the lower levels by complete aliens. Pure free trade policies can also seriously undermine the ability of the native population to continually reinvest in strategic industries while retaining firm control of the strategic bases of society, to include major media and major money center banks. Besides, in the real world almost nobody ever practices what they preach about free trade for a variety of other reasons, to include the "sociobiological virtue" that charity must begin at home for any people to survive and prosper in a competitive world. There are many forms of tangible as well as intangible "social reinvestment" that has to be continually maintained, to including rewarding people involved in "idealistic service professions" such as police, school teachers, and military reserves, in order for a society to successfully perpetuate itself. Even on a racial level, whites have to continually reinvest in fellow whites on all levels in order for them to survive as a people.
The business that does not continually reinvest in itself as a first priority eventually goes bankrupt, pure and simple. The same principle applies on a "sociobiological" and "ethnic-genetic" level among competing "Evolutionary Breeding Units" (or "tribes"), as explained in greater detail by the late British anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith in his landmark work A New Theory of Evolution. He even explains the paradox that EBU's have to be selfish about inbreeding altruistic (or "selfless") genes in order for such selfless traits to survive.
All of this leads to what I call the "libertarian paradox." Anarcho-libertarianism is all about a firm belief in the ability of human reason to triumph in all matters. This in turn implies faith that rational, scientific procedures can be consistently applied throughout society. Therefore, if one is scientific and truthful, one should be able to find sympathetic friends everywhere. People should respect honest differences of opinion on pressing social issues so long as one can demonstrate that one is honest and well-intentioned. People should bend over backwards to not discriminate even when one comes up with ideas that may startle or even shock them --so long as one is playing by ethical libertarian rules.
And now for the real world. The paradox is that if one offers scientific evidence regarding innate racial and ethnic differences (see for example my discussion of Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology in my "mutualism vs. parasitism" article, or my discussion of innate racial differences in my "environmental vs. genetics" article), it is amazing how many leading anarcho-libertarians who publicly pride themselves on their "truthfulness" will suddenly run off and hide somewhere. They may even avoid transacting on a business level. They are only willing to go so far in standing up to the forces of "political correctness."
Well, dear reader, isn't this the equivalent on a personal level to what nations practice on a broader geopolitical level when they engage in boycotts, blockades, and protectionism?
Nationalism is essentially a form of "organizing" to protect group political, economic, and other interests. Any anarcho-libertarian lecturers at the Mises Institute who might refuse to join me in an open public discussion of Jewish Neanderthalism, Holocaustianity, or Jewish criminal totalitarian psychopathology are in effect practicing a negative and perverse form of "nationalism" on the personal level by boycotting a truthful and open intellectual discussion.
How dare any of them criticize me for taking a nationalist position on macro-economic trade issues when they are in effect practicing a form of "nationalism" -- albeit an ideological and very negative "political correctness" form of nationalism that I personally find very distasteful -- on the street level?
The reality is that people practice both positive and negative forms of "nationalism" every day in their personal business and social affairs, so why should we be surprised if these things are also practiced routinely on a national economic level? "Nationalism" is too deeply rooted in human nature to ever be successfully altered on a sustainable basis by anarcho-libertarian free trade ideology. Man is by nature a tribal animal and nothing will ever change this underlying reality.
All this having been said, despite hitting a few foul balls here and there on free trade and other "anarcho-libertarian religious icon"-related issues, Dr. DiLorenzo keeps hitting doubles, triples, and home runs on other topic areas. The following are some examples:
2010-11-06 The Real Jefferson
2010-10-30 The Most Cynical and Hypocritical Speech Ever Delivered
2010-09-22 The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality
2006-09-30 The Fatherland Protection Racket
For more DiLorenzo please see:
Mises Institute articles archive
Mises Institute MP3 archive articles archive:
The following is an interesting article written by another author about Dr. DiLorenzo's work.
2011-02-08 Hamilton's Curse: Root cause of U.S. demise: Bankers sabotaged Constitution by John Kaminski.

Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo


Dr. Hans Hermann Hoppe has offered some fresh perspectives that challenge us to examine actual functions performed by government agencies, and then ask hard questions about how the private sector can possibly perform them better. Among other things, Hoppe examines the role of private incentives and a sense of long term stakeholdership to motivate optimal stewardship of operations and resources.
In The Myth of National Defense Hoppe asks why insurance companies and private contractor groups cannot perform various "security" functions better than government agencies. In his lectures, Hoppe explains how monarchy can serve as a form of "privately owned government" where rulers have a long term incentive to reinvest in their fiefdoms, whereas "social democracy," in which politicians have no ownership, but instead often focus heavily on manipulating public appearances to get re-elected, often engage in wasteful pork spending to make a name for themselves without concern for the way running up public debt creates a bigger burden on others.
The good news about Hoppe is that is always beneficial to try to look under the hood and perform a functional analysis. After all, government agencies that are left unchecked tend to grow like cancers --or even worse yet may even co-opt or take over national media (please recollect how "The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." --William Colby, former CIA Director, quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy, and also consider the quote "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." --CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine the Great, by Deborah Davis). As Harry Browne observed in Why Government Doesn't Work, over the long run government agencies have a strange way of morphing into self-serving monsters that perform the exact opposite functions for which they were originally intended. For example, a government that is supposed to protect the rights and interests of the overwhelming majority of its electorate who are white citizens may morph into a monster that serves Israeli/Jewish interests first and makes war on whites through forced-race mixing programs, false flag attacks, onerous taxation, and the installation of the police state control grid. A military establishment that is supposed to protect a country may instead create "fake Bin Ladens" to help justify its bloated existence and find new excuses to feed the military industrial complex.
The bad news is that Hoppe is so "anarcho" that he, like Dr. DiLorenzo and most other Mises Institute scholars, are generally unwilling to explicitly incorporate the facts of life about innate Jewish criminal Neanderthalism, innate authoritarian passivity of various white ethnic groups, or greater organic levels of psychological dysfunctionality (neuroses) of different racial and ethnic groups in America into their analysis.
We can see this discrepancy on a rhetorical level. As one example, the phrase "private contractor" is usually highly revered by libertarians, since libertarians tend to idolize the private sector and a contractual approach to life. However, following the Katrina disaster, many residents of New Orleans began to view the term "private contractor" negatively after they saw Israeli "private contractors" confiscate firearms from private citizens. Many American servicemen have similarly become disgusted with observing how "private contractors" are used abroad to skirt laws that ordinarily apply to servicemen, to include the torture of Iraqi children.
Often it is more the men who make the system than the system that makes the men. Also, there are important reasons why many citizen armies have often historically been more effective than mercenary armies. One of the best forms of long term caretakership involves a sense of ownership of ones own ethnicity, race, or culture --which Hoppe does not openly address.
Sometimes government organizations are the least bad alternative to maintain citizen control and fend off predatory Jewish mafias than "private" entities gone bad, somewhat analogous to the "poison pill defense" that many boards of directors of public corporations prepare to deter hostile hostile mergers and acquisitions. This is one reason why many countries insist on retaining 50% government ownership of mining and other natural resources-related enterprises whenever outsiders are involved.
Sometimes "privatization" is used as a smokescreen for covert Zionist aggression; see for example my series about how Iceland got "ENRONed" about the nefarious operations of George Soros, the City of London, the Russian Jewish mafia, and other aliens. Their brand of "privatization" severely damaged what was previously a prosperous country.
Therefore, while I think Hoppe has important insights and asks important questions, I would not take him as the "last word" on national defense or other government-related issues, but rather as just a "starting point" regarding "hypotheses" we need to entertain once we engage in deeper analytical thinking.
Mises Institute articles archive.
Mises Institute Hoppe MP3 archive author archive.

Dr. Hans Hermann-Hoppe


Dr. Thomas Woods has done terrific work shattering many modern liberal historical icons just like Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, particularly in regard to examining the history of colonial America, the role of the anti-Federalists, and the degradation of the U.S. Constitution over time. He is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. Woods assisted Dr. Kevin R. C. Gutzman in The Politically Incorrect Guide(tm) to the Constitution, and co-authored with Gutzman Who Killed the Constitution?: The Federal Government vs. American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama. I think these books are real home runs.
According to Woods, twice during the colonial era, the colonies resisted creating a central government for North America. Up until the French and Indian War, the British government was typically "out of sight, out of mind," and each colony often conducted its own affairs like a fully sovereign country, to include issuing its own money, regulating its own economy, selecting its own government leaders, raising its own armed forces, protecting its own borders, and deciding against whom to make war. Significantly, in the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 which officially ended the American War of Independence, the King of England recognized each former colony as a separate sovereign state.
This is a very profound insight. Americans need to stand back and really let it sink in. For starters, it shatters the "Founding Fathers" cult and the "Federal Government as God" religion, where Americans somehow feel like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson came down from the clouds and gave Americans their rights under the Constitution like Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments tablets.
If anything, the "Founding Fathers" were really the "Following Fathers." The states had already proven themselves completely competent at running themselves before even the Articles of Confederation were created, not to mention the U.S. Constitution. They had already developed their own viable constitutions and parliamentary procedures. In fact, in the End of Kings William Everdell observes that America had some of its most honest, effective, and efficient government during the colonial era. In addition, America had eight Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation beginning with John Hanson, so why is it that in our federalized school system usually gives children the impression that America was cursed with weak, dithering, or nonexistent federal leadership prior to the Washington presidency? Lastly, neither the Constitution nor Bill of Rights gave Americans any rights, but rather described the limited powers the people's representatives gave to government to help protect the rights that they already had. On top of this, America's overwhelmingly WASP (highly Nordic-Celtic) population had very strong libertarian instinctive feelings --embodied in the naturally-evolved English Common Law-- to back up what George W. Bush would later call "Just a G-D piece of paper" -- the kinds of feelings that have been steadily lost in the population at large as America has steadily diluted its former WASP majority with descendants of Neanderthals, Aztec cannibals, and other featherless bipeds from around the world.
One can make a very strong argument that if anything, the states had already given up too many sovereignty rights under the Articles of Confederation in order to give the appearance of a "united front" to attract aid from France during the American Revolution. Then things went from bad to worse when many of them agreed to even greater federal centralization created by the U.S. Constitution.
As Gary North observes in "Conspiracy in Philadelphia," the motives of the framers of the Constitution --who actually usurped the Articles of Confederation-- were not totally pure. The Philadelphia convention was held in secret under the guise of recommending amendments to the Articles of Confederation rather than replacing the entire document. The Constitution also bailed out bankers who had lent money to individual states during the Revolution by making the Federal government responsible for repayment. American citizens had no moral duty to bail out these lenders who had understood the risks involved when they originated their loans with individual states.
I do not have the space here to go into all the main points made by Gary North or Dr. Thomas Woods here --which are all well worth your time -- but instead would like to illustrate how they they have stimulated me to do my own historical research to uncover the real motivations behind many leading Federalists.
George Washington is a prime example. I discovered that he was a major western land speculator who wanted to rapidly develop his properties with a Federal army. He claimed thousands of acres near the Battle of the Great Kanawha in 1774 (also called the Battle of Point Pleasant) on the West Virginia-Ohio border that Teddy Roosevelt claims in The Winning of the West helped start the American War of Independence. The militia who fought this battle brazenly defied the the British government's prohibition against expansion across the Appalachian continental divide. They showed other colonists how they could go man to man against Indians deep inside the frontier and defeat the main Indian force defending the Ohio Valley --without any help from British soldiers. Roosevelt claims this victory really pumped up colonists psychologically for Lexington and Concord. An important selling point in Common Sense by Tom Paine was the idea that if Americans could win their independence, they would have the wealth of an entire continent at their disposal and no longer be hemmed in by the Appalachians. The U. S. Government was born as a speculative real estate venture partner as well as a limited republic ostensibly designed to protect rights.
Washington also owned thousands more acres along the main overland transportation corridor into the Ohio Valley than ran next to where he was defeated at Ft. Necessity at the inception of the French and Indian War. One of his first orders of business as President was to send federal armies into the Ohio valley to complete the conquest from the Indians. George Washington also saw some nice personal property appreciation when he played a key role in relocating the Federal capitol near his Mount Vernon estate. Alexander Hamilton (probably a Rothschild agent), who was Washington's right hand man, wanted to install an American version of the British mercantilist system that favored big bankers over the people. He also wanted to create a central bank that could be a valuable tool for funding federal military operations.
Quite a few contemporaries of Washington had a totally different view of the man than what is commonly promoted today by our federalized education system, a prime example being Benjamin Franklin Bache, editor of the populist paper The Philadelphia Aurora and grandson of Benjamin Franklin, who bitterly compared George Washington to Oliver Cromwell.
I lean in Bache's direction and now view George Washington as a kind of "Cromwell lite." The analogy is not perfect by any means, because among other things Cromwell was a Puritan, whereas Washington was a Deist heavily influenced by the Enlightenment. In addition, many historians agree that Washington had many noble character traits that do not necessarily coincide with Cromwell's personality. However, there are still some interesting historical "rhymes" and "echoes."
Washington figured out a way to score eight years as a "U.S. President" rather than serve as as Cromwell's version of a "Lord Protector." Still, this beat the term of roughly one year each served by Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation. Like Cromwell, Washington loved to lead armies. In fact, he raised raised a bigger army than the one he had used to win at Yorktown in an effort to pacify western Pennsylvania whiskey farmers, and became the only acting U.S. President to lead an army himself. Washington also worked with apparent Jewish agents. Cromwell let the Jews back into England after they had been banned for centuries, and not only borrowed money from them, but joined with them in foreign plantation ventures. Washington was cozy not only with the likely Rothschild/City of London agent Alexander Hamilton, but was also a Mason. The Masons in America probably functioned as a front organization for Jewish plutocrats in Britain much like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Rhodes Scholars, Bilderberg Group, and other elite groups that came later. See Chapter 5 for more on these subversive groups, to include the "ring within a ring" strategy for covert conquest explained by G. Edward Griffin and Professor Carol Quigley.
The installation of the U.S. Constitution over the Articles of Confederation primed America for a fast-growth strategy to rapidly develop western lands under federal direction and a federal army. Previously, each colony or state was responsible for expansion to its immediate west. It also set up America to get its first privately owned central bank, a very bad precedent that was finally ended in the 19th century by President Andrew Jackson. For more background on America's tragic historical experience with privately owned central banks, please visit Chapter 33: Wall Street Coup de Etat and Banker False Flags Against America and watch The Money Masters video.
America grew so fast that the country became overwhelmed by alien peoples, totally destroying the common social fabric described in Albion's Seed by David Hackett Fisher that had helped give rise to the American Revolution in the first place.
As an aside, it is worth emphasizing that this "social fabric" not only included extensive kinship ties from several generations of large families within each colony, but also important elements of "ethnic historical memory." For example, in The Cousins' Wars by Kevin Philips, we learn that nearly all the inhabitants of New England were descended from Puritans, who over a hundred years earlier had overwhelmingly supported the Parliamentary cause against Royalist absolutism in the English Civil War. Nearly every New Englander could trace an ancestor who fought on the side of Cromwell and Parliament against the King and his Royalists. In many ways the American war against King George III was simply a "continuation war" that started with the Parliamentary war against King Charles I.
Similarly, in The Winning of the West by Theodore Roosevelt, we learn that before Americans began to serious move westward across the Appalachians, they first evolved a "pioneer culture" along the frontier that was disproportionately Scottish or Scots-Irish in composition. These frontiersmen also played a disproportionate role in fighting the Revolution, just like the descendants of English Puritans. The Scots-Irish were descended from Scottish clans (with some admixture of Anglo-Saxon and Viking ancestors). They also had bitter historical memories fighting agents of the British crown back in the "Old Country," as dramatized in movies like Braveheart or Rob Roy. In the latter case, Wikipedia notes:

In Rob Roy, the Scottish Highlanders and English aristocrats are portrayed in opposite manners. The Guardian wrote, "The baddies are English and queer, the goodies are Scottish and ruggedly hetero." It asserted the Scottish portrayal as American-driven and referenced a subplot where one of Rob Roy's men wants to emigrate to America. In addition, while the film spanned the years between 1712 and 1722, the Jacobite Risings (which took place in 1715 and 1719) go unmentioned.

It is also worth noting that a Scotsman named John Paul Jones became "the Father of the U.S. Navy," and that fierce Scots and Germans were the only peoples the Romans could never conquer, resulting in Hadrian's Wall and the Roman version of the "watch on the Rhine."
After whites rapidly conquered Indians, Zionists came in from behind and rapidly conquered fragmented whites. Using the liberal minority coalition political tactics described by Wilmot Robertson in The Dispossessed Majority, many Jewish leaders along with certain Catholic allies like Senator Teddy Kennedy proceeded to open up the floodgates of nonwhite immigration in the 1960's, thereby reducing whites from 90% of the population down to less than 70% today.
Admirers of George Washington point out that to put rapid westward expansion policies in perspective, one needs to keep in mind that Thomas Jefferson, one of America's leading anti-Federalists, played loose with the Constitution to take advantage of the Louisiana Purchase. That was every bit as aggressive as Washington's fixation on conquering the Ohio and Indiana Territories with a federal army, funded by a central bank. To a large extent, these leaders were following public sentiment as much as leading it. Many Americans believed that rapid growth was necessary to preempt territorial claims on the West by the empires of Spain, Britain, Mexico, France, and Russia.
Tragically, this rapid growth strategy came at a terrible price. It gave the Federal government an excuse to maintain a large standing army that it would later use to ruthlessly crush Southern states during the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence (1861-1865). It also conditioned new immigrants to look to the federal government as their ultimate benefactor to acquire land rather than a state government, creating another nail in the coffin of States' Rights and opening another door towards unlimited federal growth. One might say that rapid western growth through federal government direction comprised its flanking maneuver against the "true federalism" doctrine intended by most states for the original U.S. Constitution, where the federal government was supposed to always be kept weaker than the state governments.
Like so many anarcho-libertarians, Woods does not directly address racial and ethnic issues, so let me connect some dots here with my own views while I am on this topic: America went from a provincial social model during the colonial period to a fast growth Roman imperial model masquerading as a "limited republic" beginning with the George Washington presidency. This "limited-republic-at risk" finally let the mask of the Big Government cunning predator completely slip away during Abe Lincoln's War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence, which totally destroyed all viable remnants of the "limited republic" of the so-called "Founding Fathers," and installed in its place a Neo-Jacobin version of Napoleonic France in North America. Then along came the Rothschilds and millions of other Jews, and under their "wise and noble tutelage" in the 20th century, America morphed into New Babylon and a nonfiction version of the Galactic Empire of the Sith. . (See High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The New Babylon by Michael Collins Piper and the "snake book series" by Col Donn de Grand Pre).
Once one understands the general trend of America's sociological changes, Dr. Wood's books in cooperation with Dr. Kevin Gutzman about the U.S. Constitution become much more comprehensible. In a radio interview, Dr. Gutzman observed that in the 20th century, the federal government simply ignored the Constitution most of the time. Dr. Gutzman's books with Dr. Woods show us the steady process of erosion in the fundamental support structures of the Constitution that began soon after the document was created, and only accelerated into the 19th and then 20th centuries. Things really hit a new low in the 20th century when the Jewish Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis justified decisions based on "sociological theories" that he simply pulled out of his hip pocket, which had absolutely nothing to do with the original Constitution.
There is also an interesting paradox at play here where both modern liberals (environmental top-down "Neo-Jacobins" in my chart above) and old fashioned paleoconservatives ("genetic bottom up") can become disdainful of too much emphasis on "Constitutionalism" --but for opposite ideological reasons.
Neo-Jacobins view the Constitution as a creature of ideology, which is reinvented to change with the times and new ruling elites. They also believe that one needs a strong state to enforce ideology and hold America together. Therefore, we saw President George W. Bush calling the Constitution just a "G-D piece of paper" when it got in the way of his latest Zionist neocon ideological revelations and Big Government power needs.
In contrast, paleoconservatives point out that a number of European countries like Iceland, England, and Switzerland have operated stable, successful parliamentary governments respectful of individual rights for extended periods in their history without any written Constitution at all. An important reason is that they have maintained a stable, homogeneous white ethnic population in which parliamentary traditions and human rights are firmly embedded in their folk traditions. From this viewpoint, a sudden emphasis on "constitutionalism" can be a negative indicator that greedy businessmen now want to import alien peoples as cheap labor, and claim that they can indoctrinate aliens in enough "constitutional law" to make them "just as good" as longstanding citizens (This did not seem to work too well with America's first suspected "illegal alien president" Barack Hussein Obama II, aka Barry Soetero, who is a former "professor" of constitutional law). In actuality, when one starts filling up the country with too many different peoples with innately different value systems, it loses the critical mass of deeply felt core sentiment required to preserve the true spirit of any original constitution. Instead, everything becomes all form and no substance, where people focus on legalities rather than real justice. As the Roman writer Tacitus once observed, "When the state is most corrupt, then the laws are most multiplied." He said this long after the once fairly homogeneous Roman Republic had dissolved into a highly corrupt and centralized multi-racial empire. An excessive dependency on "Constitutionalism" can become symptomatic of "multiplying law, " and hence a negative when it causes people to lose sight of the fact that in the long run, blood is thicker than anything else.
Speaking of blood and liberty, I have some very serious disagreements with Dr. Wood's book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. Not surprisingly, Dr. Woods is a convert to Roman Catholicism. I provide links to many sources that directly contradict underlying premises of this work in my Religious Archive web page. A good starting point is the The Age of Reason by Tom Paine and the work Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson (see archive page), which debunk Christianity itself. Regarding the Catholic Church, consider A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible, or the works of Sir Edward Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, who believed that the Catholic Church was more of an expression of Roman decadence than its solution. William Simpson explained how Christianity has many leftist-universalistic philosophical characteristics in common with communism. He also explained how Christianity was invented by Jews and has many very unattractive Jewish characteristics embedded within it.
Even Dr. Murray Rothbard admitted that the Protestant Reformation was about political and religious decentralization, to include the right for each individual to read the Bible and interpret it on his own, as well as politically break away from Vatican dictatorship, all of which is the opposite direction from where the Catholic Church was headed. Not surprisingly, the Protestant Reformation predominated in majority Nordic countries, where a certain streak of libertarianism seems to be embedded in the DNA. Perhaps the increased intellectual and economic output in Protestant countries that coincided with throwing off the Catholic yoke provides a better perspective for evaluating the Catholic contribution to "Western Civilization."
I am sure that one can find considerable good done by the Catholic Church in certain places, but then again, once a parasite takes over its host, it has to stop hurting it and actually start helping it at some point in order for both to survive. At some point, the Catholic Church focused less energy on rooting out and torturing heretics, and brainwashing people with Jewish-created dogmas. The Catholic Church actually started to do some good things for people. Similarly, Soviet Russia at one point started to focus less time on mass murder and running the GULAG, and instead started to do things which would help to rebuild Russia. Maybe this is an area where I can find some common ground with Dr. Woods on the Catholic Church issue.
This leads to another important point, namely that Jews have used their alliance with Catholics in America to outflank and dispossess WASP's in a similar manner to the way the Federal government was able to use its large professional standing army used to conquer the West to outflank States' rights. I discuss all this in greater detail in my "Handling Real Nazis' section in Chapter 34 of my Trilogy titled "Saving Dr. Toben, Handling Real Nazis, and Countering the Holocaustianity Intellectual Blackjack." Hardly willing to benefit from constructive criticism by Protestants, there have been certain Popes who have unleashed covert private armies of Jesuits and other professional subversives under oath to reverse both republican government and the Protestant Reformation in Protestant countries. Today, Catholics are as numerous as Protestants in America --and should we be surprised that this Jewish-Catholic takeover seems to be leading America towards the perfect police state? (Janet Napolitano, the Catholic-Jewish head of the Department of Homeland Security -- America's answer to Soviet KGB and Nazi Gestapo -- serves as a poster girl in this regard). As previously mentioned on this web page, Catholics typically swing back and forth politically between WASPs and Jews like the way mestizos swing between whites and Indians in Latin American politics, and as I document in Chapter 29 of my Trilogy from research by Michael Collins Piper's and Brother Nathanael Kapner, there is strong evidence that there have been times when the Vatican has been run outright by Jewish infiltrators. Among other things, the Vatican has a long history of relying on the Rothschilds to manage its finances. The fact that Catholic scholars on the Mises Institute staff almost never directly criticize Jews or Zionists, yet accept funding contributions from them, while advocating libertarian ideals originated by WASP's, helps to support these assertions.
Of course I do not mean imply that Dr. Woods himself is necessarily some kind of "useful idiot" in a Jesuit conspiracy. (Capt Eric May, who I cover in my Trilogy, thinks many Catholics have mellowed out over time, which is why he humored his Catholic wife by letting himself get baptized by them in Chapter 13). In fact, there is at least one area of common philosophical ground that Dr. Woods appears to share with both myself and a paleoconservative nationalist like Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson who is a priest in the Ukrainian Orthodox church (profiled in the nationalist section further down this web page). According to Wikipedia: "As a traditional Catholic, [Dr. Woods] advocates the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and cultural conservatism." The idea is that in order to be a really hardcore conservative (or even "nationalist"), one needs to find "indigenous" forms of religion that have passed the test of time over many centuries within a stabilized population that reflect the evolution of "natural" values. In fact, in this area I am not only on the same page as Dr. Woods and Dr. Johnson, but am even further to the right. I support the modern revitalization of the Old Norse religion, as discussed in Part I of my Iceland series, or my interview with the late Icelandic religious leader Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson.
However, I cannot push this area of common ground too far either, after all, there were some definite areas of "friction" in the "values department" between Norsemen and Catholics in places like the shorelines of France, England, and Ireland during the Viking Age, or between Eastern Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics when the great Russian hero Alexander Nevsky won his victory against the Catholic Teutonic Knights in the Battle of the Ice on 5 April 1242. Nevsky apparently considered even Mongols a lessor evil compared to Catholics. Wikipedia notes: "Historians seem to be unsure about Alexander’s behavior when it came to his relations with Mongols. He may have thought that Catholicism presented a more tangible threat to Russian national identity than paying a tribute to the Khan, who had little interest in Russian religion and culture."
Despite my many reservations regarding Dr. Wood's interpretations of certain religious issues, I believe that his articles about American history and the Constitution are a "must read."
Mises Institute articles archive
Mises Institute MP3 archive
Lew Rockwell articles archive.


Dr. Thomas Woods


Rev. Ted Pike is an important defender of free speech on the Religious Right. Our First Amendment rights are a prerequisite before any other rights become meaningful. As in the case of Dr. Thomas Woods, while I express disagreement with many of Rev. Pike's views on a theological level (as reflected on my Religious Crisis web page), this does not negate our pressing need to make common cause with all patriotic Americans regardless of their religious background against evil forces like the ADL that seek to destroy our free speech rights and turn America into a complete police state. This could result in what Alex Jones refers to as "global population reduction" genocide of major portions of this country.
Don't laugh --it already happened in Bolshevik Russia. I agree with Alex Jones that most Americans have no concept regarding the level of evil we are up against.
I list the articles of Rev Ted and his niece Harmony Grant Daws on a special Rev Ted Pike web page, which serves as a backup to the articles that Rev. Pike lists at his own web site

Rev. Ted Pike and his wife Alynn


Other libertarians:

There are many dozens of other libertarian thinkers and media leaders who are worthy of mention. Please check out "The French Connection" at that gives Zionism a black eye while claiming "We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals." For those of you Yuppies out there who are too politically correct squeamish to squarely address racial and ethnic issues, maybe this is the only way I can inspire you to get your feet wet and wake up just a little bit.

Please got to my Site Map section to find many of other important web sites listed under "Some important libertarian sites."



Theodore Roosevelt: The rise of jingoistic, pro-globalist, imperialistic, anti-European ethnic, Zionist-friendly, "Eastern Establishment," pseudo-nationalism personified.


In the early 19th century, a distinctly "American" form of "nationalism" had developed which meant replacing supposedly effete, fossilized, and decrepit European forms of land, class, religious, and ethnic-based "nationalism" with what one might call "frontier Darwinism."
Three of the most famous American political leaders to openly exploit the theme of "frontier Darwinism" were Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett, and Theodore Roosevelt (pictured above).
"Frontier Darwinism" is the idea that the hard conditions of the North American wilderness and Indian wars encouraged the selection of a more innately fit people, as well as provided territory to support the enhanced genetic expansion of their superior characteristics. All of this in turn supported Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism, and even famous art works like "American Progress" and "Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way."
(In Why Civilizations Self-Destruct, Dr. Elmer Pendell explains how this concept has validity. For example, a disproportionate number of successful inventors of the 19th century were directly descended from the first waves of immigrants in the 17th century who were culled by unusually harsh winters and other "survival of the fittest" selective factors that favored intelligent, hardy, innovative, far-sighted and intrepid settlers over the cowardly and weak).
"Old Hickory" Jackson from "West of the Appalachians" was the first U.S. President born in a log cabin. Davy Crockett charmed audiences on his lecture tours in Eastern cities by bragging "I'm that same David Crockett, fresh from the backwoods, half-horse, half-alligator, a little touched with the snapping turtle; can wade the Mississippi, leap the Ohio, ride upon a streak of lightning, and slip without a scratch down a honey locust [tree];" and Theodore Roosevelt cultivated a "Rough Rider" image.
Both Jackson and Crockett seasoned their bravado with genuine populist politics, whereas Roosevelt remains the most suspect and potentially counterfeit regarding his background and ultimate loyalties. Roosevelt used inherited "Eastern Establishment" wealth to go play cowboy in the Dakota territory in the 1880's, and turned a blind eye to the worst Robber Barons, to include Rothschild agents who created the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913 -- in stark contrast to Andrew Jackson who almost got assassinated by a likely Rothschild agent, and who also claimed that killing the central bank was one of his greatest achievements. Please see my Chapt. 33 discussion of President Andrew Jackson and the Federal Reserve. Also, Dr. Murray Rothbard wrote in "Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy" that "Theodore Roosevelt had been a Morgan man from the beginning of his career." (Chapt. 33 explains how J.P. Morgan, like John D. Rockefeller, was closely allied with the Rothschilds and City of London).
Roosevelt revealed another very suspicious side to his character when he waged verbal war against all forms of "hyphenated Americans" --except Jewish Americans, of course. This compounded a problem of lack of ancestral identity that has contributed towards the steady decline of WASPs and other whites in the face of tidal waves of Third World immigration.
The Wikipedia article on "Hyphenated Americans" states that "Former President Theodore Roosevelt in speaking to the largely Irish Catholic Knights of Columbus at Carnegie Hall on Columbus Day 1915, asserted that:

There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all... The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic... There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.

A hardcore paleoconservative like myself would counter that Roosevelt had things upside down and backwards. The best way to avoid a Civil War Two form of social instability (see discussion of Tom Chittum's work further down the page) is to keep the immigration of "hyphenated-Americans" restricted to those of shared WASP/Nordic/Celtic ancestry, rather than suppress the "hyphenated issue" altogether and then keep adding ever more exotic "hyphenated" Americans to the population mix. In addition, in all my readings about first generation German, Norwegian, Swedish, English, Dutch, Scottish and other northern European communities in America in the 19th century, I am left with the impression that they offered the best of two worlds. On the one hand, America's boundless resources gave them strong incentives to put their strong work ethic and entrepreneurial talents to productive use. On the other hand, they retained Old World memories and social fabric and hence were much more likely to have both feet on the ground on a moral, ethical, and political level than most Americans today. I believe this was a major reason for why American settlers in real life generally experienced "spontaneous order" on a grass roots level (see my further explanation of this Hayakian term in my Chapt. 38 discussion of Dr. Murray Rothbard's description of colonial Pennsylvania as a model libertarian society). These northern European ethnic communities were far less violent and chaotic than portrayed by Hollywood, as also noted in Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo's 22 Sept 2010 article The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality.
First generation WASPs in 19th century America generally "knew the score" on Jews, Catholics and other alien groups based upon longstanding Old World experience, and were much less likely to be taken in by "Neo-Jacobin" mass media propaganda which commenced on steroids with the War Against Southern Independence (1861-1865) than their second and third generation offspring. (An extreme example of Protestant vs. Catholic competition in America in the 1860's was dramatized in the fictional film Gangs of New York, although told with a pro-Catholic bias. Also, one typically found very little need to lecture first generation gentile Russian and Polish immigrants to the United States about "the Jews," whose views were typically every bit as impassioned as those of Christian and Muslim Palestinian refugees today).
A strong sense of ethnic roots also provided a strong incentive for individuals to be successful and act as model citizens to become a "credit" to their group. This sense of ethnic group pride has now been totally lost by most members of the post WWII "me" generations, and films produced by Jewish Hollywood today typically ridicule gentile characters who talk about someone being a "credit to their race."
As one particularly quaint example of an earlier "Victorian" period of ethnic pride, in The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian American People, Dr. Odd S. Lovell describes how the 19th century Norwegian American communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin bent over backwards to find jobs and provide free housing for young immigrant girls from Norway, because (among other motives) it would be too embarrassing if any of these girls turned to prostitution.
Jews have retained a sense of ethnically-based group self-help better than most northern European-descended white groups, which helps explain the Jewish rise to power in the 20th century as their gentile competitors became increasingly self-centered and atomized, and hence more easily divided and conquered or else just plain dysfunctional and apathetic in the face of the Jewish envelopment of America through control of the privately owned Federal Reserve system, mass media, and other strategic bases of society. On top of all this, with the decline of WASPs to one more minority, coequal with Catholics, and the decline of Nordics from over 60% to less than 20% of the white population, the actual "demographic DNA" of the total population has shifted away from people with a high innate capacity for grass roots "spontaneous order" towards innately authoritarian people who emotionally crave various forms of paternalism, to include "fascism" or a "redistributor chief" Big Brother. Worse yet, the Federal bureaucracy has swollen enormously with vast armies of "rent-seekers" and "busy bodies" by innate temperament who are being given ever-expanding authority to meddle in all parts of the lives of private citizens, and literally suffocate all forms of individual initiative with over-regulation.
The real driving force behind the extreme "pluralism" that emerged in the late 19th century was greed and envy, not any kind of social "wisdom." That is, greed for low cost labor by Robber Baron industrialists, and the political expediency of building up the "envy vote" by anti-WASP Catholics and Jews who ran the Democratic Party. They could add to their voting base by enfranchising ever larger numbers of non-WASPs.
All of this was bad enough for America -- not to mention the extreme psychological fracturing inflicted on America during the War Between the States and the so-called Reconstruction Era -- but all of this escalated into a global tragedy in the 20th century, when Jews and their minions used America as their super power riding horse to wage war against genuine nationalists around the world in the name of their "globalist agenda." This included funding support by Jacob Schiff and related Rothschild confederates in New York City for Bolshevism in Russia that started towards the end of WWI. It also included the "economic hit men" activities conducted on behalf of Mossad-CIA and big money center banks described by John Perkins which accelerated after World War II. (See John Perkins interview below). Other highlights include the gratuitous bombing of Serbian nationalists in the 1990's, and America's unprovoked invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), without any clear national interest or for that matter any evidence of WMD's or proof of involvement in 9/11, which was in all likelihood a Mossad-CIA false flag operation.
In the midst of all these "fun and games, one can in fact demonstrate clear interests on the part of Israel and the Jewish Lobby, certain international oil companies, the "military industrial complex," and mercenary enterprises like the old Blackwater/new Xe. (See Chapter 7 of the Mission of Conscience series about the 9/11 inside job, and Chapter 12 about Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein fakery). My big bugaboo is that I simply fail how to see how any of this pertains to genuine American national interests consistent with any traditional American conservative nationalist principles.
Probably the closest the United States has ever come to having leaders who could intelligently articulate a coherent nationalist policy and then come reasonably close to practicing what they preached took place during the administration of President Thomas Jefferson, who favored a sound money system, even-handed diplomacy, representative government, popular sovereignty, and an emphasis on growth through the internal development of scientific and technological institutions as well as conquest of the frontier. His 19th century brand of "classical liberalism" was reasonably close to the "paleoconservative" agenda that I describe in greater detail in my Resolving Opposing Ideologies series.
Interestingly enough, as he got older, Jefferson became increasingly more of a racial nationalist, stating that northern Europeans were more fit for republican government than southern Europeans. Jefferson developed an Anglo-Saxon grammar book to help Anglo-descended Americans get closer to their indigenous cultural and linguistic roots. He also favored a "naturalistic" approach to religion (such as in his reference to "Nature's God" in the Declaration of Independence or through his close friendship with fellow "Deist" Tom Paine that included inviting him to the White House after he published The Age of Reason which debunked the Bible). Dr. Hans Gunther claims towards the end of The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans that Jefferson was much closer to indigenous forms of Indo-European religiosity than Christians.
Throughout most of the 20th century, just about everything that Jefferson promoted got inverted. A strange irony emerged where most Americans felt themselves to be a free people and comprising the most powerful nation in the world, and yet at the same time they had effectively lost control of most forms of popular sovereignty in the face of top political, financial, and business leaders who habitually supported alien interests at the expense of their own legitimate national interests. This will probably go down as one of the greatest, most longstanding, and most destructive delusions in world history.


An Introduction to American "Nationalism"

by William B. Fox


One of the great tragedies of American "nationalism" is that it has always been something of a joke by traditional European standards. This is one reason why William Everdell remarked in The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans that the entire right hand side of the British political spectrum was completely missing in the colonies at the time of the American War of Independence (or "American Revolutionary War" or whatever).
In assessing early American forms of "right wing" nationalism, I am reminded of the quip by Dr. Murray Rothbard that "Artists often get it right, they just don't know why." Similarly, early Americans often found themselves intuitively doing "the right things for the wrong reasons" or often doing the "right" things despite rather than because of their official religious or political ideology. This naïveté and lack of a conscious understanding of "key success factors" would later cost Americans dearly. From my own life experience, I have observed that in the long run, we tend to pay a price for our delusions and ignorance (both in terms of real costs and opportunity costs) that is greater than what we gain.
As one example of gross misdirection, the Puritans who settled most of New England in the 17th and 18th centuries originally promoted hard-line interpretations and enforcement of Biblical dogma, particularly in regard to the Old Testament. In the short run, this gave the Puritans a sense of commitment to a higher cause (see, for example, the famous "A Shining City Upon A Hill" speech by John Winthrop, first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony).
Certainly such things as social cohesion, self-discipline, and a sense of higher purpose helped Puritans survive cruel winters, Indian attacks and other extreme stresses of the frontier. On a superficial level, many of these things are consistent with "nationalism," to the extent that "nationalism" implies the way in which people organize themselves and address issues to support their own group survival and practice "charity begins at home." However, despite the short term advantages Old Testament-style "nationalism," it became long term a disaster for Americans on at least two counts (a) The Puritans were actually "free-riding" on the nationalism of an alien people, that is, ancient Jews, whose more recent analogs would exploit this as an ideological wedge to infiltrate and take over American society at its highest levels, to include creating its privately owned central bank in 1913, followed by gobbling up control of major media; and (b) the Puritan brand of nationalism was based upon highly flawed Jewish mythology rather than grounded upon scientific principles, as reflected in the conflicts one sees between Puritan theology and modern psychiatry in the Salem witch trials of 1692-1693, between fundamentalist Christianity and the modern theory of evolution in the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, or between Christian theology in general, and the biological world view advocated in works such as Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson, A New Theory of Evolution by Sir Arthur Keith, Beyondism: Religion From Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell, or Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Dr. Edward Wilson.
In my Religious Crisis web page, I argue that truly authentic forms of nationalism draw upon the tribal history and indigenous culture of ones own people, rather than that of an alien people (to include Jews). After all, if one does not care enough about ones own ancestors to show reverence for their indigenous culture, why would want care enough about their descendants to support their economic and military strength and the quality of their culture and social cohesion?
Another important area of American nationalist naïveté involved an inability of early Anglo-Saxon and Celtic-descended Americans to thoroughly understand their own anthropological background or explicitly grasp the broader social and political implications of "frontier Darwinism."
"Darwinism" itself was more of a subconscious, intuitive phenomenon rather than something stated on an explicitly intellectual level in the early 19th century, especially given that Charles Darwin's landmark work On the Origin of Species that explained the mechanics of natural selection was not published until 1859. Nevertheless, I find it difficult to find a better term to describe the savagery of frontier conditions that shaped the "American character," to include militias that played a key role in winning the War of Independence.
Quite a few early American writings that call attention to overly arrogant, inbred, effete Brits during the War of Independence. They drip with "frontier Darwinism" themes even if the sentiments expressed were not explicitly identified as such. As one example, Thomas Jefferson excoriated certain incompetent, lazy, and overly inbred European aristocrats and lionized hard-working yeoman American farmers and rough-hewn Spartan frontiersmen. As another example, Americans made fun of British expeditions into the Wilderness where soldiers behaved like toy soldiers and their commanders required an entourage complete with mistresses and fancy china dinnerware. Last, but not least, de facto "Darwinist" themes also had a way of surfacing whenever Europeans sought a "Manifest Destiny" justification for killing Indians and taking their land.
The Puritans who originally settled most of New England in the 17th and 18th centuries came from eastern England, formerly the "Danelaw" areas conquered by Danish and Norwegian Vikings and settled by the first Anglo-Saxon invasions, an area which remains the most Nordic part of the British Isles. Most Puritans had no idea what "Nordic" meant in any kind of anthropological, cultural, or historical sense, particularly in relation to other groups such as Celts, Alpines -- or complete aliens such as Jews. They had little idea about the innate behavioral and cultural characteristics of Nordic peoples -- to include their weaknesses as well as strengths. Nor did they understand how the Nordic concept of "egalitarianism" implied a relatively large middle class of economically self-sufficient, armed free men who lived under relatively dispersed conditions within homogeneous northern European societies, all of which contrasted sharply with authoritarian peasant societies in southern and eastern Europe and elsewhere, or the highly urban environments favored by Jews. Nor would the New England Puritans' descendants in the 19th and 20th centuries adequately grasp in advance the threat posed by Jewish Marxist concepts of "equality," which completely ignore race and ethnicity -- for gentiles (but not fellow Jews).
Regarding problems in grasping "frontier Darwinism," Dr. Elmer Pendell explained in his classic work Why Civilizations Self-Destruct how an amazingly disproportionate number of successful inventors and patent holders of the 19th century came from the first 17th century waves New England Puritans and other immigrants to America who gave rise to the phrase "Yankee ingenuity." These first waves often suffered savage attrition from cruel winters that tended to weed out lazy and stupid people incapable of future planning. American frontier conditions also rewarded men of courage, enterprise, and ingenuity who could not only develop new land as owners and entrepreneurs, but also multiply their genetic characteristics as a proportion of the overall population by having large families. All of this in turn had in an important eugenic impact on the viability and quality of Americans social and political institutions.
In later periods, American demagogues would totally ignore the importance of frontier Darwinism and Nordic and Celtic anthropology, and attribute American successes simply to abstract leftist interpretations of "personal freedom" and "equality" that they claimed could also "elevate" (or at least gain votes from) "wretched refuse" types of people. They would use these leftist interpretations as ideological battering rams to open America up to endless waves of low cost alien labor or various types of rent-seeking alien mafia bent on infiltrating and looting America -- like Jews and Sicilian mafia.
Worse yet, various Robber Barons would invent a perverse brand of "social Darwinism" that could be used as an excuse for monopolistic plutocrats (like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds) to violate Nordic and Celtic concepts of fair play and equal rights among common people in order to shamelessly deceive, loot, or even poison them.
Alex Jones blames "eugenicists" for various types of sinister plots against Americans, but I think that this is simplistic. On top of this, he incessantly ties in his concept of "Nazi eugenics" (not necessarily historically accurate) with "globalist" (that is "Zionist") eugenics programs that entail massive depopulation through additives to food and water supplies, radiation warfare, and other stealth measures that increase sterility, miscarriages, and birth defects around the world.
Everyone is more or less a "eugenicist" and a "social Darwinist," if only on a subconscious level and highly personal and decentralized level, just like deep down inside everyone is also a "racist." It is normal and healthy to be a "eugenicist," "social Darwinist," and even a "racist" to the extent that genetics is a very real part of life, and there should be a place to deal with these "facts of life" in an open and honest manner. An intelligent, pretty girl practices a personal, decentralized, informal type of eugenics when she goes out of her way to be accessible towards equally intelligent and attractive potential future husbands while shunning ugly, stupid, and inadequate males for dates. Most people accept this kind of behavior as normal, natural, and desirable.
The real issue to me is the extent to which one understands "eugenics" and "social Darwinism" (and "race") well enough on a conscious, scientific level so that one handle issues in a reasonably intelligent and humane manner without getting hijacked by alien propagandists and hostile interests. (See Dr. Kevin MacDonald discuss eugenics from a very different perspective than Alex Jones in the video "The End of White People 2: Jewish Intelligence and Goals").
One can reasonably suspect that the Rockefellers and their Rothschild allies have always held hostile and alien interpretations of "social Darwinian" and "eugenics" to justify evil policies. Early in the 20th century, their excesses included the infamous "Ludlow Massacre" of 1914, the Federal Reserve private monopoly created in 1913, and abuses described by Jack London in his famous work The Iron Heel. Later on we got UN Agenda 21 population reduction agenda, GMO food and vaccination-induced sterilization schemes, and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Incidentally, Alex Jones claims that Huxley confessed to creating Brave New World as a form of "predictive programming" (see Chapt. 37 for more on this "Infowar" phenomenon) to prepare the public for the long term globalist agenda.
A fundamental difference between more decentralized Nordic and Celtic forms of "social Darwinism" that characterized early Americans compared to the Zionist versions which came later is the strong tenancy towards "Asiatic despotism" that characterizes Jews, as explained in Chapter 5 of my Mission of Conscience series.
No doubt there are a quite few American Indians who believe that either version of "social Darwinism" has to be bad, because either approach can kill them just as dead. However, I still hold to the notion that Nordics and Celts retain more genuinely humanitarian instincts and scientific talent than both Zionists and Indians, and therefore, all things being held equal, they compare favorably with everyone else. In addition, not all American Indian tribes acted like "noble savages" or "innocent and unspoiled children of nature" upon initial contact with the white man. To the contrary, a significant number of North American Indian tribes were heavily bent towards cannibalism, despotism, women-beating, child molestation, blood-curdling human sacrifice, slavery, torture, and superstition. (Recall in the Declaration of Independence how Thomas Jefferson talked about "the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.") In fact, there is evidence that their ancestors ruthlessly exterminated Caucasians like "Kennewick Man" who were on the North American continent first. (More on "KM" and "Solutreanism" in Chapt. 34).
Ever since the commencement of "King Lincoln's" War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence in 1861, the nicest thing one can say about traditional American "conservatism" (which started out as a polite euphemism for "pro-WASP ethnic nationalism") is that it has been able to fight some kind of delaying action against the never-ending, cancerous growths of out-of-control neo-Jacobin federal government and the myriad manifestations of Jewish Marxism and Zionism. Since "demographics is destiny," it should be no big surprise that the Nordic percentage of the U.S. population has been in steady decline since this period (see, for example the online book The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant, first published in 1916, subsequently amended in the 1920's and 1930's) and the proportion of increasingly economically empowered and politically enfranchised alien groups has steadily been on the rise.
There has been a longstanding joke on the American Right that what is "conservative" today is merely what was introduced as "radical left wing" only a few decades before. The late Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith noted in The Age of Uncertainty that many of his students were shocked when they first read the Communist Manifesto and saw how many items on the plank had become a reality in America. Reinforcing this same point, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman commented in a late 1970's Forbes interview that virtually every item on the 1928 Socialist plank eventually became a reality in America.
Meanwhile, white American society only seems to become ever more fragmented over time. Not surprisingly, the overall society has became ever more multi-racial, multi-cultural, imperial, and plantation-like in its de facto social structure. There is no "indigenous identity" for whites, often the bedrock of other nationalist movements around the world. In the prevailing business culture, "success" for whites means the ability to make a quick buck while suppressing all feelings of natural tribal loyalty for fellow whites -- to in essence be as undiscriminating as a whore in a Nevada bordello --unless one happens to be Jewish, in which case it is totally acceptable to totally dominate the management of the Federal Reserve, Hollywood firms, small Brooklyn sweatshops -- whatever Jews want, Jews get -- as one of the most ferociously tribalistic peoples in world history.
Today, America comprises a truly amazing sociological and ideological train wreck with unspeakably evil cabals redoubling their efforts to feed on its carcass by installing police state and martial law control grids.
In my introduction to the Kevin Strom author archive, I explain how America today is ideologically redder than a lobster by traditional European standards. For example, most Americans would view Kevin Strom as "radical right wing." Politically correct Federal agents who tried to frame Strom while he was undergoing divorce proceedings with his second wife, Elisha Strom, probably wanted to leave the subliminal impression with the American public: "Bad luck on Strom for being so right wing, and bad luck on you if you read his stuff and take him seriously." Yet ironically, by many traditional European standards Strom actually did three very left wing things: a) He married outside his European country of ancestral origin b) he married outside his class (upper middle class professional) and c) he married outside his ethnicity.
Speaking of European attitudes, in my section "Handling Real Nazis" of Chapter 34 of my Trilogy, I describe my encounter with a scholar while riding on a train in Britain, who said: "Well, I say [old chap], you Americans come from an interesting land where everything is new. You Americans have no history, you have no class, and you have no culture." I also referenced John de Nugent, a white civil rights activist, who claimed that while he lived in France, many French expressed the attitude that America is simply a land of overgrown adolescents. He quoted former French leader Clemenceau, who allegedly said "The US is the only society to have gone from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization along the way."
White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP's), who were once America's overwhelming majority, have been reduced to another minority about co-equal in size with Catholics, and both groups are dominated by Jews, and neither WASP's nor Catholics seem to care very much about the possibility of getting completely obliterated by the Death of the West trend identified in Pat Buchanan's book by this same name.
On an ideological level, things only went from bad to worse in America when the floodgates of immigration were opened up to all European nationalities in the late 19th century in order to rapidly populate the remaining frontier, which also meant rapidly driving up real estate values and driving down real wages for the benefit of greedy land speculators and industrialists. Instead of "folk, faith, and the sacred motherland of ones ancestors," it became "money, money, money." It also became a land of "tinsel, neon, and honky tonks" instead of "high culture."
In Appendix IV of my Iceland series which addresses American history from a nationalist perspective, I explain the highly dualistic nature of the original U.S. Constitution. On the one hand, it supported State's Rights where State Legislatures originally selected representatives to the U.S. Senate. On the other hand, it promoted federal centrism through direct election by the public to the U.S. House of Representatives. This is one example where Americans created a "have your cake and eat it too" society.
In the 19th century, Americans wanted to have the libertarian ethos that typically accompanies a relatively small homogeneous Nordic or Nordic-Celtic society like Iceland, Scotland, England, Norway, and Sweden, yet at the same time America operated as a de facto multi-layered and multi-ethnic and even multi-racial plantation society more reminiscent of ancient Babylon. Americans imported black slaves in the South and Irish and Italian Catholics as low cost industrial workers in the North. In the 20th century, the federal government maintained a de facto open borders policy with tidal waves of low cost, illegal alien immigrants from Mexico.
In the 19th century America wanted to retain the "democratic feel" of New England town hall meetings, yet at the same time run a de facto imperial war machine that conquered the "inland empire" of the North American continent, only to later use it to smash the Old South and along with it any credible doctrine of States' Rights --which Thomas Jefferson stated in the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 was the only credible deterrent to unlimited federal growth and federal tyranny. In the 20th century this same imperial war machine morphed into a Zionist-friendly global cop that looks the other way whenever Israelis kill Americans (as noted again at the end of this piece) while Americans kill over a million Iraqis and Afghans for Israel and Rothschild-controlled big oil interests.
This country has always been doing one thing on a sociological and business level, and then doing something totally the opposite on a superficial ideological or rhetorical level. This disparity became especially wide after 1861, as captured in Dr. Revilo Oliver's excellent article "The Beginning of the End," Liberty Bell, Aug 1988.
Unfortunately the land of the "Wild West" went from having problems that were "fixable" to problems that have become completely out of control. Even today one can find many well-crafted "Victorian" and "American Gothic" old houses around the country, not to mention beautiful mansions in the South, that give the sense that Americans were trying to evolve their own "high culture" in the mid to late 1800's before something very dark started creeping into their land, only to drag down Americans and stab them in the heart, just like what happened to the Russian people. (See the last sentence of the article "Russia's Christian Martyrs" by Marina Marynova. Also, nostalgia for the late 19th century period is probably one reason why the works of artists like Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light," are so popular in America today. Norman Rockwell is another noteworthy "nostalgia artist" of "Americana," although he later allowed his approach to get hijacked as propaganda for the modern liberal agenda. See also why William S. Lind thinks Americans may historically cycle back towards becoming "New Victorians" in his satirical piece ""Militant Musings: From Nightmare 1995 to My Utopian 2050") .
After the Federal government became a foaming-at-the-mouth neo-Jacobin state following Abe Lincoln's War and the so-called "Reconstruction" era in the South, the Robber Barons who controlled the government from behind the scenes took the attitude that by pumping anarcho-libertarian ideology into the brains of "wretched refuse" imported as cheap labor from all over Europe, this could erase centuries old racial and ethnic conflicts while cobbling together an empire of "useful idiot" proletarians.
All this included millions of Jews like the Marxist-Zionist named Emma Lazarus, who explicitly called for importing "wretched refuse" in her poem "The New Colossus," a very much beloved sonnet by her kinfolk that is now inscribed on a crummy little iron plaque stuck on the base of a grand statue donated to America by the people of France. This statue was originally dedicated to the "Liberty" earned by hardy, intelligent, free, brave and self-sufficient people heavily sculptured by "frontier Darwinism," and not by "wretched refuse." Again, America's schizoid rhetorical and ideological disparities in "The Land of Contrasts" manifested itself once again.
The quality and character of America's political institutions deteriorated a quantum level in the decades following the War Against Southern Independence, where the "politics of envy," "patronage payoffs," and "wealth redistribution" soon replaced the original republican politics of "wise policy formulation" and "rational process," all of which was in turn accompanied by the rise of extremely selfish and vulgar Marxist-socialist labor unions, Jewish mafia, ornate Robber Baron mansions, and big city Catholic political machines. The principles of limited government so beautifully expressed in the famous Davy Crockett "Sockdolager!" story became "Gone With the Wind." In time, the majority WASP population that felt these values on an instinctive level also became history.
To paraphrase 18th century French libertarian analysts (as noted by Dr. Ralph Raico cited below), the "political means" replaced "the productive means" and the "tax-eating classes" gained the upper hand over the "tax-producing classes." America became a giant "neo-Jacobin bloat bag" where the real objective of America's power elite was to "preserve the union" (code-speak for "stay in power at all costs," to include any tyrannical methods that can be smoothed over by "democratic" rhetoric) by figuring out ever more ingenious methods to deceive people while shifting their money about in whatever way was necessary to "preserve the system." The American state became, as Frederic Bastiat so famously put it, "the great fiction by which everybody tries to live at the expense of everybody else."
The ultimate masters at this game on a global scale smelled blood like the way "hungry fleas" might sense a bloodied, battered "dog" left by The American Lenin and quickly flooded into America. As mentioned, millions of Jews vectored in from Eastern Europe and elsewhere to pile into America's largest cities in the late 19th century. Having already become a major power in America behind the scenes in railroads and oil in the mid to late 1800's, Rothschild confederates set up America's privately owned central bank in 1913 and grabbed control of major media. The Washington "District of Criminals" essentially became a glorified baby-sitting service where politicians espoused Jeffersonian rhetoric for public consumption on the one hand, while on the other hand behind the scenes aided and abetted ultra high-level deception and looting. This included shanghaiing America into unnecessary intervention into a European fratricidal war (see my discussion of the Balfour Declaration in my article "Thomas Jefferson and the `Incredible Truth' about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes") and financing the Bolshevik takeover of Russia (Please see in Chapter 33 the commentary related to the embedded video "The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America").
Tragically, America's emergent New Jerusalem and New Babylon leadership in the early 20th century could never control quite control it's insane greed and Neanderthal hatred towards America's once highly productive white majority. By the mid-1960's, this evil elite made no serious effort to arrest what became the beginning of a long decline in America's industrial base. At this same time, they also opened up the floodgates of Third World immigration and fast-forwarded the continued depletion of America's Nordic genetic stock on a sociobiological level.
The failure to arrest the industrial decline and the race war against WASP's fit hand in glove with each other, because only WASP's and perhaps a few other frost-zone sculptured gene pools have demonstrated a long term capacity to innovate, delay gratification, follow rational processes, and implement other measures necessary to build a productive industrial base at a faster rate than resources are consumed by overall population.
The poisonous attitudes of the alien power elite are manifested in myriad other ways, not only through the "mainstreaming" of hard-core pornography beginning in the 1970's to destroy family values, but also through the introduction of toxic additives in "GMO'ed" foods, vaccines, and public drinking water --not to mention the atmosphere itself. (Listen to Alex Jones on GCN and John Stadtmiller at RBN and their expert guests for more details). Eventually, states like Minnesota would report childhood autism rates at 1 in 80 --which only decades earlier was extremely rare. In this and myriad other ways, the general American population was showing signs of getting ever sicker and sicker.
Libertarian theory cannot explain any of this. In fact, it is so weird and evil that it usually blows libertarian minds. In contrast, most chapters on "parasitology" in sociobiology textbooks handle this topic quite nicely, and you can too once you accept the premise that man remains a part of nature instead of removed from nature. Please see my "mutualism vs. parasitism" online article for more background.
As the beginning of the final "end game" approached by the 1990s, America's malevolent "New World Order" power elite resorted to the most vile subterfuges imaginable as distracters, such as false flag attacks at Oklahoma City in 1995, New York and Washington, D.C. on 9-11-2001, and London 7-7-2005. By 2005 they were going pedal to the metal to install the police state and martial law control grids. In 2008 they came perilously close to starting a global nuclear war in South Ossetia as a gambit to cover their tracks, and in 2009 they made a abortive run at global depopulation mass murder through a swine flu false flag pandemic.
Nationalism is about maintaining control of ones own destiny and protecting vital cultural and ethnic-genetic interests. The Jewish people, who have been despised everywhere they have gone in the last three thousand years for being the most deceitful, criminal, hypocritical, and money-grubbing of all races, were able to not only find a "happy home" in America, but also hijack the country's government and media and impose their values everywhere. This does not say a whole lot about American core cultural values --or the quality and strength of "American nationalism."
Instead of proving that "this time it is different," the "American experience" has really only proven that "the nature of the beast" remains the same on both sides of the Atlantic.
In his 4 June 2010 article "This Says It All," Justin Raimondo describes how the U.S. Government was unwilling to issue even a peep of protest after Israelis boarded a "Peace flotilla" in international waters and murdered a U.S. citizen in cold blood, just like it refused to protest when Israel tried to wipe out the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 on the high seas and blame it on Egypt.
Indeed, Justin Raimondo is right --"this says it all."
Despite all this, there have been quite a few very astute American observers who have tried to educate the public regarding nationalist principles. While they have been unable so far to turn the tide in favor of genuine nationalism, it is fair to say that things would be immeasurably worse in America if there was no one providing alternative viewpoints or putting up any resistance at all.
As Tom Chittum observes in Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America, just wait until the neo-Jacobin America empire finally comes apart at the seams. Genuine nationalism will some day return. It has to.
After all the sugar candy dreams promoted by Zionists, leftists, and big government fanatics have finally evaporated, white nationalism will be the only proven thing left that people can hang on to that actually works. Just ask folks in the former Soviet Union and former Communist Yugoslavia how they finally had to circle the wagons to save themselves from total obliteration and ruin.


Amerika - Rammstein (VIDEO), which satires America with a nihilistically self-destructive, militarized police state "Civil War Two"-related theme. Editor's Note: The video I originally posted here was a very different visual interpretation than the more MTV-compatible "standard" version on YouTube. It was removed in Sept 2010 for alleged "terms of use violation." It featured a steady procession of Neanderthal-looking Jewish billionaires. My caption: "Is this the real tune of "American" nationalism today or is it more accurate to view this as some kind of "Neanderthal Internationale"? (Please see the table of contents excerpt for the special "Revenge of the Neanderthal" Barnes Review issue below, as well as links in the Dr. William Pierce section to the article "Who Rules America? and the classic video "America is a Changing Country." Why do you think most anarcho-libertarians are too scared to touch these issues?)." As a last note, there are other videos on the Internet that try to use the "Amerika"soundtrack to satirize other themes, often from a leftist perspective, such as the "Obama Nation homeland security police state," "imperial militarist interventionism," "9/11 inside job," "moon hoax and multiculturalist globalism."


The following are some sample articles that explain the Neanderthal background of Jews, and how these hominids have been involved in a de facto race war with Cro Magnon Man (most whites) for tens of thousands of years preceding the official creation of "Judaism" as religious camouflage for skullduggery. For a complete list of articles, please visit the Table of Contents of the May/June 2010 special issue of The Barnes Review.

REVENGE OF THE NEANDERTHAL by Willis A. Carto, "The truth about the Neanderthal is a historical web that is finally being untangled. . . ."

ISRAELI SAYS: “WE WERE INVENTED” by Willis Carto, "An eminent Israeli historian says the perceived origin of the Jewish people is anything but true. . . ."

‘MY ANCESTORS WERE NEANDERTHALS’ by Willis Carto, " Jewish scholar Stan Gooch has written extensively on the Neanderthal origins of today’s people known as `the Jews.'”

Russian Royal Family Murdered by Neanderthals: RUSSIA’S CHRISTIAN MARTYRS by Marina Marynova, "The royal family of Russia were perhaps the first most prominent victims of Jewish Bolshevism. Here’s the sad story of their brutal murders. . . "

The Postwar Neanderthal Triumph: WHO REIGNS SUPREME? by Michael Collins Piper, "Have the heirs to the Neanderthal finally achieved global supremacy? . . ."

PARTING THOUGHTS: THE ETERNAL CONFLICT by George Kadar, "...The 20th century in the Western world can be rightfully called the `Century of the Neanderthal' and it is up to us to stop this process."


The section above is taken from an online Table of Contents for the May/June 2010 special issue of The Barnes Review. Please also see the section "The Revenge of the Neanderthal, Ethnic-Genetic Distance, and the Neanderthal-Troll Connection" from Appendix VI of my Iceland series for some important additional perspectives. When was the last time you ever saw an anarcho-libertarian address these anthropological issues point-blank?


It is probably fair to state that in terms of scope of audience, and volume of publishing, Willis Carto has done more "heavy lifting" for paleoconservatism than most other activists on the Right. He founded The Spotlight (1975-2001), which once achieved mass circulation in the hundreds of thousands during the Carter administration, an impressive achievement in the pre-Internet era at a time when anything to the right of Winnie the Pooh was typically in the cross-hairs of "mainstream" controlled media, FBI COINTELPRO, or well-funded Jewish smear groups like the SPLC and ADL (see Rev. Ted Pike archive for more on this unregistered agent of Israel and Zionist plutocracy). Find a brief bio here. Carto founded The Barnes Review in 1994, which covers "history brought in accordance with the facts" and began publication of the weekly newspaper American Free Press to replace the Spotlight in 2001.
Carto still hits home runs. For example, I include an online table of contents for the "Revenge of the Neanderthal" May/June 2010 Barnes Review in Appendix VI of my Iceland series. Michael Collins Piper has assembled An Appeal To Reason that contains a wealth of Willis Carto's writings.
I have always viewed the circulation numbers for Carto's publications (Spotlight, American Free Press, and The Barnes Review) as litmus tests for the general competency level of the American public and its business elite to rule themselves. These publications were always early to report such outrages as the deliberate Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967, Mossad-CIA global drug dealing, and utterly criminal pork spending on Capitol Hill. At their peak, Carto's publications have only numbered tens or hundreds of thousands rather than millions in circulation. This indicates how "dumbed-down," "apathetic," "childish," "brainwashed," and generally lacking in "republican virtue" a large segment of the general public had become by the late 20th century. Despite all this, Carto has continued to fight the good fight, because as depressing as the lack of an effective public response has been, if people like Carto failed to man the barricades, things could always become immeasurably worse in America. In the Gulag Archipelago and Two Hundred Years Together, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn recollects how Jewish Bolsheviks mass-murdered 60 million Russians.
American Free Press is home base to many outstanding journalists, such as Michael Collins Piper, John Tiffany, Pat Shannon, Jim Tucker, Mark Anderson, and Victor Thorn who do outstanding work in documenting the the New World Order, false flag attacks, the police state control grid, and other threats to American sovereignty.
I think that history will remember Carto very well.
Links: and

Willis Carto at the American Free Press
Town Hall Event 13 Feb 2010 for
James Traficant

John Stadtmiller runs the Republic Broadcasting Network out of Austin, Texas whose slogan is "Because You Can Handle the Truth." RBN serves as slightly more paleoconservative electronic media counterpart to Alex Jones and GCN. Stadtmiller's network hosts include Mark Anderson (a star journalist for American Free Press), Dr. Rebecca Carley (who interviewed this author about the swine flu epidemic on 5 Dec 2010), Wayne Madsen of (a former Naval intelligence officer whose work I refer to frequently in my Mission of Conscience series), Rick Adams, and other patriotic hosts. It also has the archives of Michael Collins Piper, who broadcast from 9 Feb 2006 to 15 Dec 2010. RBN currently charges only $1.33 to access its MP3 archives, which I think is well worth it. In fact, I will go a step further. Even Alex Jones admits that he cannot sit through a single mainstream media program these days and not feel like he is being subliminally programmed with a some kind of poisonous message that supports the New World Order. How many other networks out there have the "truth quotient" of RBN? How many other networks besides RBN are willing to see if you can "handle the truth?"
Links: This home page also provides an excellent source of breaking news article links.


John Stadtmiller

John Stadtmiller interviews John Perkins, author of Confession of an Economic Hit Man, June 17 2010

Jack London's Iron Heel is alive and well

Michael Collins Piper has been a leading journalist in pro-American nationalist, populist alternative media for decades. That alone is an amazing achievement. His first edition of Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy came out in 1994, in the pre-Internet Dark Ages when such exposes could be especially dangerous for a journalist's health. Considering all the material witnesses to the JFK assassination who have met untimely deaths, not to mention American sailors who got murdered in broad daylight on the U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 without hardly a peep of protest by the U.S. Government, it took guts to openly accuse the Mossad and its CIA-U.S. Government collaborators of orchestrating the murder of President John F. Kennedy.
Piper's books do more than update us from where Henry Ford, Myron Fagan, Benjamin H. Freedman, and other whistle-blowers regarding out-of-control Zionist power left off. Zionism, a highly aggressive and criminal form of Jewish nationalism, exists in a predator vs. counter-predator relationship with any form of gentile nationalism. When Zionism gets stronger, gentile nationalism is always correspondingly weaker, and vice versa, just like rat and cat populations in ecology models. In this back-handed manner, Piper's books about Zionism instruct us more honestly than most other sources on the sorry state of any form of genuine American nationalism.
America First Books is honored to carry many Piper books as ebooks. They include not only Final Judgment, but also The Judas Goats, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Best Witness, and Dirty Secrets. Piper's other books currently available in soft-cover include The GOLEM, My First One Hundred Days in the White House, Target Traficant, and The New Babylon.
Links: Author archive page at and (also
Mike Piper used to broadcast on Republic Broadcasting Network from 9 Feb 2006 until his last show on 15 Dec 2010. The old shows are available in the RBN archive via subscription.
Mike Piper now has a free MP3 download broadcast site at:


Mike Piper pictured with Greek nationalist and writer Peter Papaheraklis at the Traficant conference on
13 Feb 2010

AFP Columnist Mike Piper Discusses Zionist Media and Role Alternative Media Can Play in Fighting Bias (6:39)

Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson's work is a perfect example of what I mean by the "international nationalist" concept on the home page. One must necessarily be exposed to numerous "case studies" of different societies, cultures, and historical experiences in order to understand how all the different variables that affect successful social functioning come together, as well as acquire a fresh perspective on ones own society and how it fits it into a broader context.
Dr. Johnson earned his Ph.D. in political science and is an expert on Eastern European history. Although of Irish and other northern European-related descent, he is a priest in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the author of The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy. His articles at and lectures on his Orthodox Nationalist radio show address the necessity for "spiritual" and "organic integrity" as well as "ideological integrity" for a society to function adequately. Significantly, Dr. Johnson claims that his political and religious views have evolved to the point that they are very similar to those expressed by the late Nobel Laureate Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.
Please visit Chapter 32: "Neo-Con Bloodying of the Russian Bear, and Putin vs. the New World Order" of my Trilogy where I extensively quote from the work of Dr. Johnson. I explain ways in which Russia appears to provide some kind of bulwark of anti-New World Order and pro-nationalist sanity as the rest of the world patiently waits for America to transition out of its current phase of imperial lunatic decadence. If nothing else, Russia has punished certain criminal Zionist oligarchs, resisted Israeli demands, and has also refused to surrender its territory to invading Third World hordes. By American standards (or rather the lack of them) this is way off the New World Order path.
I have found Dr. Johnson's lectures on medieval Slavic history and culture to be very valuable for many reasons. First, for paleoconservatives who believe that human societies reflect innate as well as learned traits, it is very helpful to observe their behavior over many hundreds of years to get a sense of "baseline functioning." For example, in Part I of my Iceland series I devote some space to discussing libertarian tendencies among Nordic peoples that go back to the Viking era and before. The small village leadership structures, religious tendencies, and land ownership practices in places like Ukraine and Russia are relevant towards understanding their descendants today.
From a paleoconservative viewpoint, as one departs from historical or natural norms, one adds "stress factors" to a society that may ultimately result in its breakup or degradation in social efficiency. (See the discussion of Tom Chittum's Civil War Two below). This is consistent with the "constraint analysis" approach that I address in Chapter 38 where one starts with proven models of functioning systems. One then tries to understand how they change as one alters variables that impact on "critical nodes" and "process flows." In contrast, utopian maximalists, who are over-represented by modern liberals and anarcho-libertarians, seek to maximize particular variables like "personal freedom" without any real concern for how these changes impact on the overall system. "Libertarianism" becomes "libertinism." For an example of "maximalism," see "The Folly of Maximalist Objectives" by William S. Lind.
Another reason why I find Dr. Johnson's lecture series valuable is that Eastern European history challenges many "comic book" historical cliches that are fed to Americans by their federalized education system and Jewish-controlled national media. There have been many times when I have listened to Dr. Johnson's descriptions of unfolding of historical events, which invariably involve conflicts between the monarchy, nobility, church, fledgling middle class, peasantry, and serfs, and somehow my American "programming" causes me to subconsciously expect Russian history to "zig" in many places where it instead "zags." This challenges me to think more deeply about all the different variables that make a society work and influence its national destiny.
Last, but not least, one can see similar patterns behind the continued development of the police state and martial law control grid in America and what happened in Soviet Russia. Furthermore, Zionist neocons with a similar mentality to former Vice President Dick Cheney still control American foreign policy. They can still start a disastrous nuclear war. They have already instigated a "dirty nuke" war by spreading depleted uranium all over Iraq and Afghanistan.
New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh claims that Dick Cheney planned an operation where U.S. Navy SEALs dressed as Iranians would attack a U.S. ship to justify war on Iran in spring 2008. In addition, the article "New Books Suggests Dick Cheney Wanted to Go To War With Russia," by Andrew Moran, 20 Feb 2010, notes that "As the South Ossetia War was being fought between the Russian Federation and Georgia in August 2008, then-Vice President Dick Cheney pushed for the United States to engage in a military conflict with Russia over its disputed invasion of the Georgian Republic, suggests a new book by Ronald Asmus titled A Little War That Shook The World, according to the Raw Story."
Without question, Dr. Johnson does an excellent job of addressing many very serious current issues. He goes well beyond merely developing an academic appreciation of Slavic history.
Links:, the Orthodox Nationalist radio show on the Voice of Reason network.


"Red Square 2009" illustration for the Orthodox Nationalist show "The Defense Ministries of Russia
and Belarus

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn photo
used for the show




":Leaked ‘Machete’ Script Confirms Race War Plot. According to "The film is dangerous because it glorifies Machete as a hero, invoking his fictional racial struggle alongside clear parallels to current events and headlines ripped from topical news. We have already seen episodes of violent attacks, declarations of violent intent at protests (such as in Arizona and Santa Cruz, California) and demonstrable anger over attempts as regulation, such as Arizona’s recent controversial legislation..." This film is also consistent with predictions made in Tom Chittum's classic work Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America.


Tom Chittum provides his own take on the "Mexican Invasion" on RT in: America, Born In Blood, March 25, 2010. YouTube caption: "What started as a few outspoken people at town hall meetings, turned into the tea party, they started to make racial slurs and homophobic remarks about Congressmen. The next step has been violence towards US lawmakers; its a change in the expression of anger, one that has even been predicted by some people." Tom Chittum explains how this is just rearranging deck chairs on the RMS Titanic compared to what is coming in the Southwest. Please also refer to the Tom Chittum author archive page.


When Thomas W. Chittum first published Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America in 1996, it sent shock waves through America on par with Dr. William Pierce's Turner Diaries.
An article in Instauration magazine in the late 1990's (see link below) remarked that any talk about America breaking up through "secessionism" or any other cause was the ultimate "thought crime" in America. When I wrote my publisher's preface to the Jan 2007 ebook edition of Civil War Two, the idea of hard core States Rights and secession still had not sunk in on a nationwide scale.
Flash forward to "More states join gun-rights case in Montana,", 13 April 2010 where "A growing list of states joining the legal battle over federal gun control argued Monday that Congress can’t regulate guns made and sold within a state." Then there is "Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union," AP, Huffington Post, 15 April 2009 where "An animated Perry told the crowd at Austin City Hall -- one of three tea parties he was attending across the state -- that officials in Washington have abandoned the country's founding principles of limited government. He said the federal government is strangling Americans with taxation, spending and debt." Finally, there is "Miss USA Contestant Supports Arizona Illegal Immigration Law" by Kurt Nimmo,, May 17, 2010, where Miss Oklahoma stated "“I’m a huge believer in states’ rights. I think that’s what’s so wonderful about America.” .
The titles to these articles alone mark a major sea change in attitudes.
Tom Chittum has written many articles about nationalist issues for The Nationalist Times and other sources, as reflected in his author archive. However, I think that just Civil War Two alone illustrates an important concept that I comment upon further in Chapter 38: "Pittsburgh False Flag "Anarchists, Cyber Militia, and the Principles of Info War," and this is the idea of a psychological or ideological "turning movement." People must first come to grips with the concept of secessionism as a remedy for the doomed multi-racial, multi-cultural empire before they can adequately grasp the importance of "popular sovereignty" and what I call "genuine nationalism" on a grass roots level.
Just like a karate master who tries to focus on one spot on a brick in order to chop it in two, sometimes one really good idea can collapse an entire phony ideological matrix. Tom Chittum found that "sweet spot" in the "brick" of neo-Jacobin imperial America when he helped Americans visualize how the entire anti-racialist, anti-nationalist, pro-Zionist, unlimited Federal government ideological matrix could some day come completely apart at the seams, rather than reflect some kind of Star Trek future.
For de-brainwashing purposes, the nonfiction work Civil War Two is probably more palatable for most Yuppies compared to the fictional drama The Turner Diaries because it attacks the phony ideological matrix without describing hypothetical scenes where white revolutionaries blow up the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., cut off the heads of nonwhites for bounties, or subordinate themselves to central planners who resemble "Jedi Knights" (see my discussion of Dr. William Pierce below). Instead, whites are mostly portrayed on the defensive as victims of nonwhite racism. It is is nonwhites who secede first, such as Mexican Aztlan activists, as noted in Tom Chittum's RT interview that is also embedded on the author archive page.
Chittum provides long term historical studies to underscore the concept that as a dominant ethnic group undergoes a decline process below 75-80% of the total population of a country, overall social instability starts to accelerate to the point that eventually the country will very likely either fission apart, undergo a winner-take-all civil war, or experience a repressive dictatorship to try to hold everything together at all costs. (See the last chart in the "Six Charts" section below). The growing instability phenomenon is rooted in human nature, such as the instinctive tendencies identified by Dr. Raymond Hall's landmark work Zoological Subspecies in Man, Mankind Quarterly, Oct 1960, the tribalistic "Evolutionary Breeding Unit" concept explained by the British anthropologist Sir Arthur Keith in A New Theory of Evolution, or the ethnic-genetic distance concepts addressed in Appendix VI of my Iceland series. No amount of liberal propaganda or centralized government suppression or manipulation will overcome these facts of life over the long run.
Contrary to the Star Trek vision of the future, most multi-racial societies that manage to hang together are not really fully competitive societies over the long run in terms of self-sufficient economic sectors and corresponding industrial, military, and even social capabilities, but rather require many highly "artificial" support systems or "unique situations" to sustain themselves. These de facto "dependent subcultures" often require a continuous infusion of leftist propaganda by controlled major media to suppress conflict. They typically depend on foreign aid or government welfare transfers. They often have narrow economies reliant on natural resource royalties like oil or the ability to exploit soft service industries like tourism. Geopolitically, they typically serve as trading posts or protectorates on fault zones between great powers.
As one example, I lived for four years in Hawaii, and discovered that "underneath the hood" this allegedly utopian "Aloha state" where "everyone is a minority" is a very artificial society, heavily dependent on a unique tourist and service industry niche for one third of the economy. At least another third is dependent on welfare, military bases, and other government-related activity. Underneath the surface there is plenty of potential "trouble in paradise." Hawaii may not be quite as artificial and narrow as Las Vegas, Disneyland, or a nudist colony, but it is not a robust dynamo like a more homogeneous and fully industrialized society such as Germany, Sweden, or Japan either.
Within a few years more nonwhites will be born in America than whites, and within twenty years, nonwhites will be the majority of the overall population. The idea that America will be as productive and viable with this new "diversity" as it was with a 90% white population back in the 1960's is a very brazen and evil lie perpetrated by an alien power elite. This chutzpah lie has been brainwashed into the minds of most Americans for decades through controlled national media.
In his classic work The Dispossessed Majority, Wilmot Robertson explained the concept of "liberal minority coalition" politics where one minority can have a rational motivation to encourage leftism and ally itself with other minorities in order to build its power base relative to a white majority. This may be true up to a certain point, but Dr. William Pierce, Dr. Revilo Oliver, and other racial nationalists depicted in this section believe that the urge expressed by the Jewish power elite to socially reengineer America --to include off-shoring over 75% of its industry and real economy -- has been so persistent, so pervasive, and ultimately so self-destructive that it defies normal logical reasoning. Instead, one requires biological models which utilize "evolutionary logic" to explain "parasitic behavior" rather than "game theory logic" which explain "maximizing rewards" in order to fully understand this phenomenon. See, for example "The Scorpion and the Frog" by Dr. William Pierce, July 2001, Free Speech.
In many ways, American "egalitarianism" in the last century was a counterfeit form of equality, resembling more the "equality" found among motley pirate bands described in Republic of the Pirates who equally divided up their booty, rather than the longstanding "equality" found among innately libertarian people in homogeneous northern European societies. As long as America had a growing industrial base that steadily created new real jobs and wealth, and so long as America's westward expansion offered plenty of new resources to divvy up so that different groups could still get rich by working around each other rather than fighting each other head to head, and finally, so long as there were enough WASP's to provide the social stability, idealism, and productivity necessary to economically support Marxist groups and the "Redistributor Chief" imperial federal government, this exploitation game could continue. However, this game of musical chairs has now ended. Too many musical chairs and WASP's are gone, and too many alien groups continue to engage in their innately dysfunctional behavior.
To help Chittum's message sink in, consider "Leaked ‘Machete’ Script Confirms Race War Plot" by Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes, Prison, May 13, 2010. What is even more telling about the utterly decadent state of America today is that the Texas state government gave the filmmakers millions of dollars to shoot this film in Austin! The film is so extremely anti-white that even Hispanic-American members of the film crew were shocked and leaked a sneak preview of the script to Alex Jones.
Worse yet, this horror story is beyond fiction. It could be coming to your neighborhood sooner than you expect, particularly after a major economic collapse.
Alex Jones thinks that the majority of Mexican-Americans who have American citizenship appreciate the need to maintain cooperative relationships with white Americans, even as Mexico continues to slide downhill as a failed narco state. He views the film as a probable PSYOP designed by a New World Order power elite to create unnecessary divisiveness in American society. He claims that many Mexican-Americans are very good, loyal citizens and have gotten along very well with Anglo Texans since the 1830's.
But would you take this "appreciation" to the bank once ATM machines run out, grocery store shelves run bare, and the dollar goes to zero?
My response to Alex Jones is as follows. On the one hand, I have strong humanitarian instincts and am not out to stir up unnecessary "divisiveness" or lord it over other races. But on the other hand, I naturally prefer to place priorities according to ethnic genetic distance, and I deeply resent social engineers who try to impose artificial social and political systems on me that induce me to form unnatural alliances and unnatural enemies, all in the name of helping them score quick bucks at the expense of the long term ethnic-genetic interests --and even survival-- of myself and my own people.
Rather than feeling compelled to focus all their efforts on trying to preserve some kind of multi-ethnic unstable status quo in Texas, I believe that European Americans should feel perfectly free to rediscover and rebuild their own indigenous, cohesive, European folk communities. They actually worked very well for America in the 17th-19th centuries, and they can be made to work again. This does not necessarily imply any kind of hatred towards Mexicans, but rather a healthy desire by political correctness-brainwashed whites to come home to themselves.
Links: Thomas Chittum author archive page at


Thomas Chittum photo
from the March 1993
Soldier of Fortune article
"Day of the Jackass"

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard
Miss Oklahoma 2010


Dr. Lothrop Stoddard
1883 – 1950

Please, whatever you do, read Dr. Lothrop Stoddard for yourself in his own words and make up your own mind. Don't let "cyber warriors" such as Mossad or ADL operatives or other "political correctness" individuals who have usurped much of Wikipedia and other online sources "spin doctor" Dr. Stoddard for you. Your common sense and daily personal observations will be enough to show you that most of the trends that he predicted in the 1920's have become all too true in our increasingly unstable, fraud-infected, and rapidly decaying society.
Needless to say, Stoddard was product of a very different era, back when Henry Ford's auto dealerships handed out courtesy copies of The International Jew along with keys to the car upon purchase. When Stoddard got his PH.D. from Harvard, this august institution which was originally established in 1636 by hard shell Puritan immigrants from the most Nordic part of eastern England was still not so heavily infiltrated by pro-globalist, pro-Rothschild-controlled central bankers, and other anti-WASP subversives.
Then accelerating in the 1930's, dark forces began to "engulf and devour" the "hallowed halls of academia," as documented in Keynes at Harvard: Economic Deception as a Political Credo by Zygmund Dobbs. Jewish pressure groups became successful in preventing most book stores from carrying The Passing of the Great Race by Madison Grant, as Jews worked feverishly behind the scenes to open up the floodgates of Third World immigration -- a task they eventually accomplished in the mid-1960's.
Getting back to Harvard, three of the most obnoxious recent examples of Jewish subversion are professors Noel Ignatiev, co-editor of Race Traitor magazine that calls for the "abolition" of the white race, Dr. Alan Dershowitz, who has "advocated the issuance of warrants permitting the torture of terrorism suspects" in a transparent effort to "Israelize" American policies in the phony war on terror (see Chapt. 12 about fake Bin Ladens and other hoaxes), and Dr. Larry Summers, 27th President of Harvard University from 2001 to 2006, who got Harvard embroiled in extremely speculative positions that certainly earned fat fees for his Jewish pals on Wall Street, but nevertheless: " late 2008, those positions had lost approximately $1 billion in value, a setback which forced Harvard to borrow significant sums in distressed market conditions to meet margin calls on the swaps. In the end Harvard paid $497.6 million in termination fees to investment banks and has agreed to pay another $425 million over 30–40 years."
Fortunately many of Dr. Stoddard's landmark works are now online, such as

* The French Revolution in San Domingo (1914) via Google Books
* The New World of Islam (1921)
* The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy (1922 edn.) via Google Books
* The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-man (1922) via Google Books; also available at:
* Into the Darkness (1940)

I have created an online version of Racial Realities in Europe at America First Books, whose table of contents depicts the following chapters:

Racial Realities in Europe

  KINDRED BRITAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  THE NORDIC NORTH . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .
  COMPOSITE FRANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  ALPINIZED GERMANY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  THE ALPINE EAST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  THE BALKAN FLUX. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  INDEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Facing page
(From "The Passing of the Great Race," by Madison Grant)
Facing page
Facing page


One of the most important insights provided by Racial Realities in Europe involves its explanation of the substantial temperamental differences between different racial and ethnic groups of whites in Europe. Dr. Stoddard also explains how "multiracialism" does more to foster instability and degrade overall productivity than help a society. It becomes much easier to see how the decline of WASPs from an overwhelming majority to another minority in America over the last 150 years can help gives rise to an Orwellian government with strong police state tendencies and other signs of Third World instability and reduced social efficiency.
The French Revolution in San Domingo (1914) is in many ways Stoddard's racialist nationalist early 20th century counterpart to Alex Jones' early 21st century libertarian video Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. Stoddard explains the tragic sequence of events where the white French planter class of Haiti (on the island known to Spanierds as "San Domingo") decided to fully emancipate the black slave population (over 90% of the population) following the French Revolution. One thing led to another, and blacks ended up savagely wiping out all the white people on the island. Although rich in natural resources, Haiti has been ruled ever since by savage black dictatorships and perpetually remains one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, despite periodic bouts of U.S. aid and interventions with U.S. Marines. It should be plainly obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that there is a lot more constraining "black advancement" in Haiti than the usual leftist blatherings about environmental factors and "oppression." I present the aforementioned "Gen. Butt Naked" and his child-eating cannibal troops in "A Vice Guide to Liberia," as "Exhibit B" for my argument, coming right on the heels of Stoddard's works as "Exhibit A.".
.The French Revolution in San Domingo is the archetypical nightmare of what has also happened repeatedly to other societies around the world as whites have yielded political and military control to majorities of nonwhites. After passing out political rights like handing out popcorn, instead creating some kind of "kinder and gentler" and more "fair" society, childishly naive whites have discovered that they have really let go of the ears of a highly unappreciative wolf. (Please recollect Thomas Jefferson's famous saying about how Southern plantation owners had "a wolf by the ears" in regard to slave emancipation and racial integration issues).
Two of the most recent replays of the tragedy of Haiti have involved the dispossession of whites in the former Rhodesia and South Africa, coinciding with massive breakdowns of what were once prosperous white-run societies. Please see my South African and Rhodesia-related listings on my Obama Nation web page, which include the following articles:

2009-03-26 Exposing the Hidden Hand of Jewish Extremism and Its Effect on South Africa.
2008-08-20 A White South Africa - What Went Wrong? by Arthur Kemp
2008-06-24 Mandela: The Legend and the Legacy: Part I, see also Part II by Sarah Maid of Albion.
2003-06-14 First Things First by Kevin Strom

One might argue that America's current trend towards complete economic meltdown and bankruptcy also has similarities to the Haiti tragedy, except in this case rather than being in the position of white French planters who faced savage black mobs who engaged in cannibalism and carried white babies impaled on pitchforks as their "flags," America's declining white population now faces Mossad-CIA gangsters and Rothschild-affiliated banksters who like to conduct false flag demolitions of major New York skyscrapers and suck trillions of dollars out of the U.S. economy in unnecessary foreign wars and banker bailouts, while "soft-kill" poisoning the country with chemtrails, tainted vaccines, and carcinogenic and even radioactive food and water additives (see my false flag pandemic web page). Actually the list of nefarious activities by a near-psychotic Jewish power elite is almost endless, to include outsourcing America's strategic industries and best jobs, biologically replacing major portions of the white population by advocating "lifestyle" abortions while leaving open borders to tidal waves of Third World immigration, promoting phony global carbon tax schemes, pushing U.N. Agenda 21 global depopulation programs, overwhelming America with hard core pornography, and heaven forbid whatever else these humanoid parasites will think up next.
Another interesting variation of the Haiti tragedy theme with a distinctly Jewish flavor involved the Jewish-Bolshevik mass murder of over 60 million Russians during the Soviet era. See Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton, Two Hundred Years Together by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn (German translator John de Nugent informs me that parts of it are so unspeakably, depressingly, shockingly evil that even his hard core right wing nationalist German friends have a hard getting through what Jews did to the Russians), or the Revenge of the Neanderthal special issue of the Barnes Review, whose table of contents is also listed further up this web page.
As a final note on Stoddard, I find the Racial Realities chapters The Nordic Nordic and Alpinized Germany particularly valuable, not only because of my own personal involvement with Scandinavian American groups, but because it defuses irresponsible Jewish Hollywood propaganda that links Nordics with Nazi authoritarianism, when in fact Nordics have been the global historical leaders in republican government and pioneering democratic institutions that guarantee human rights.
However, my general feeling towards Stoddard is similar to my feeling towards people like William Simpson or William Pierce on the racial nationalist side, or folks like Alex Jones, Dr. Murray Rothbard, or Dr. Ron Paul on the libertarian side, namely while they all make a lot of extremely important points, and they all provide an excellent introduction to various topic areas for neophytes, I also find them "necessary but not sufficient." The real world has many added layers of complexity and nuances. While Stoddard may be correct in various generalities on a broad conceptual level, there are usually plenty of exceptions to "the rule" on the individualized or small group level.
In a full blown discussion of the Nordic character, one would need explain how Nordics can be so marvelously level-headed and rational in some situations (as Dr. Stoddard claims) and in other situations be famous for their "berserker rage." Also, if Nordics are so smart and so capable, as Stoddard suggests, how is it that Jews could climb over them in the power ladder in America in the 20th century? In addition, recent DNA tests show that certain areas that Stoddard identifies as "Nordic" such as Iceland, Britain, and Scotland show a substantial portion of Celtic genes. We need better distinguish between "Celts" and "Nordics," one of many issues that Stoddard does not address. Nor, for that matter, does he devote much space to discussing Jews either in Racial Realities in Europe.
I do not have space to delve into all these questions here, although it is worth making a few observations in closing. For example, in contrasting Nordics and Jews, Jews are much better adapted to dense urban environments than Nordics, which became the power centers in the 20th century. Whereas Jews actually thrive in urban jungles, Nordics tend to find then psychologically toxic. Nordics tend to do much better in a dispersed homogeneous Nordic society with an indigenous Nordic folk culture. In many ways, Nordics are like Panda bears in a zoo where their fertilty rates drop if there is not enough bamboo and other trappings of their natural setting. Nordics also tend to be much more standoffish and reserved, whereas Jews are generally superior at both overt and covert social networking ("schmoozing," after all, is a Yiddish word). Nordics typically project their attitude of "reasonableness" on to alien peoples, and expect others to live up to their own penchant for libertarianism. Nordics are more likely to "live and let live," whereas Jews are much more aggressive about taking control of people and situations (the "brokerage" or "middleman" side of their character). Jews tend to have vastly more fractured value systems, where they can easily advocate leftism to outsiders to soften them up and keep them off guard, while covertly practicing ferocious tribalism among themselves to maintain cohesive strength. Lastly, Jews are capable of acting as permanent covert 4th generation warfare invaders (see my further discussion of Jews as the "Mongols of covert 4th Generation Warfare" in Chapter 38), in which their standing "Mossad-CIA" operations can not only systematically deceive their hosts, but also infiltrate and seize control of central banks, fiat money systems, mass media, and other strategic bases of society.
Over the long span of history, Jews have always had an amazing ability to seize financial power, choke out their competition, and leverage themselves with deception. In contrast, Nordics, with their sense of honorable behavior, plain-dealing, and chivalrous fair play, find it very hard to believe that unspeakably criminal-parasitic behavior can be taking place at the highest levels of their society behind their backs until it is often too late. Once the American dollar finally goes to zero in a hyperinflationary blowout, and millions of Americans begin to starve to death, it will be interesting to see how many Americans finally wake up.
As it regards the "Libertarianism vs. Nationalism?" topic of this web page, in comparing the character of Nordics and Jews, we can identify an important tragic irony. Anarcho-libertarianism seems to reflect the individualistic traits of a large proportion of Nordic individuals. However, when Nordics project this ideological tendency on to alien peoples like Jews, it actually prevents Nordics from perceiving the alien nature of their worst racial enemies and reacting in an appropriate and timely manner.
It is true that anarcho-libertarianism stimulates individual initiative and decentralization. These things support the Nordic talent for technological innovation, which has always been an important source of their economic power. It also true that anarcho-libertarianism reinforces individual liberty and human rights within the context of homogeneous Nordic or Nordic-Celtic societies. However, in the context of a multiracial society, anarcho-libertarianism can also be Nordic's greatest source of self-deception and ideological poison, because it usually always cripples them in competing on a group racial level against Jewish-flavored "Mongols of covert 4th Generation Warfare."
I believe that in a healthy Nordic or Nordic-Celtic tribal society like Old Norway, Old Sweden, Old Iceland, Old Scotland, or Old England, the natural ideology tilts towards paleoconservatism. Anarcho-libertarian ideology can be like a smoke screen, anesthetic or shoe horn trick that keeps Nordic peoples asleep as aliens infiltrate their societies, with Jews lunging for the top strategic bases, and German Alpines, Irish Catholics, Italian Catholics, followed by more exotic peoples (to include tens of millions of illegal alien Mexicans and Chinese in the final waves) building up voting block majorities on the proletarian side to seize power through leftist political machines like the Democratic Party of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
While they were sleeping, the temperamental "DNA demographics" behind both the American Revolution and Protestant Reformation has eroded out from underneath America's once overwhelmingly WASP majority, so now the new Nordic minority is finally beginning to wake up to discover that that former "minorities" no longer engage in "adaptive mimicry" of their values. Worse yet, these "former minorities" view Nordics with a mixture of envy and contempt, and proceed to impose alien values on an official level -- such as with the phony "War on Terror," the misnamed "Patriot Act," FEMA Camps for "gun owners and returning veterans," and other police state measures (watch Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – Police State & FEMA Camps) -- that effectively reverse the American Revolution, Protestant Reformation, Magna Carta, and just about everything else Nordics hold dear --to include possibly their own physical existence over the long haul. (See, for example, the 22 April 2009 article Will Beautiful Norway be Snuffed Out? by Arthur Kemp about one possible genocidal end game for a formerly homogeneous Nordic country. See also the Chapter 6: Alpinized Germany in Dr. Lothrop Stoddard's Racial Realities in Europe about how Germany trended towards stern authoritarianism once Alpines became the majority following the catastrophic Thirty Years' War of the 17th century).


William Gayley Simpson, a former American Christian minister, created one of the most moving "soul journey" articles series I have ever read in the form of "One Man's Striving" that I have posted to the Internet in the Simpson home page.
As I point out on my Religious Crisis web page, "...If you liked W. Somerset Maugham's "soul journey" novels such as The Razor's Edge and Of Human Bondage, but want something nonfiction that might really knock your socks off from a radical right perspective, please check this out."
In addition, Simpson's invaluable right wing classic Which Way Western Man?, is now also available for free online through this same home page. It is also an intellectual heavy-hitter.
One of my frustrations in writing about my experiences working with Capt. Eric May in the Mission of Conscience series about false flag attacks and Info War is that one can get so overwhelmed with handling all the minutiae of near term threats and unfolding news events that one misses the forest for the trees. As a matter of fact, overwhelming Americans with threats and ugliness to waste their time or beat them into some other form of fatalistic acquiescence is very much an active strategy of our New World Order enemies. (Please see the 24 May 2010 article Oil Spill = Illuminati's Covert War on America by Henry Makow, Ph.D.)
At the beginning of Chapter 37 "`Operation Blackjack,' The Kansas City, KS Nuke, and the Zombie March Towards "Stalingrad II" I talk about "predictive programming," "fear mongering," and inducing "Stockholm Syndrome" as PSYOP tools. This is where the broader perspectives offered by sources such as "One Man's Striving" and Which Way Western Man? can become invaluable to help one get ones head above the muck of day-to-day affairs. At some point, patriots have to go beyond simply reacting to the latest outrages that our enemies throw at us, and instead go on the counter-offensive with our very own agenda. This can include having a personal vision of some day creating a national homeland that openly and actively supports the survival of ones own people -- to include the survival of their indigenous religious and cultural values.
I think that most American nationalists agree with me that Simpson's work has really helped them connect a lot of dots on broad moral and spiritual as well as racial level. The only thing that is missing are specific nationalist objectives, such as the possible creation of specific ethno-states by specific peoples on specific territories with specific cultural characteristics and military-economic resources in North America. Which Way Western Man? may not give you such specific direction, but the title lives up to its name in terms of helping one think about "Standard Operating Procedure" from a broad nationalist conceptual perspective.
Links: William Gayley Simpson home page.



Steve McNallen

On my "Religious Crisis" web page, I explain how I became convinced that it is impossible to have a nationalist movement with real backbone and traction unless one first resurrects the indigenous religious and cultural values of ones ancestors. After all, if you do not care enough about preserving the religious "folk soul" of your own people that stems from their ancient past, why would you be that concerned about protecting their "ethnic-genetic interests" going forward into the future, to include protecting their economic, cultural, political, and even military interests as well as their cultural and ethnic cohesion?
From the viewpoint of abstract libertarian political theory which views private property as the cornerstone of human liberty (and libertarianism), as explained in great detail by Dr. Murray Rothbard in his online lectures and literature archive, an indigenous culture and religion may be conceptualized as a form of "group intellectual property."
When Jews sponsor theatrical productions where they "socially reengineer" Odin, Thor, Zeus, Athena or another European deity as a Negro or some other racial type who is alien to indigenous European religion, they are desecrating "white" intangible property rights. (See which protests Jewish Hollywood "social reengineering" of European mythology). Not surprisingly, one can hardly ever expect Jews to depict Yahweh as a Negro or some other alien. As usual, extreme double standards prevail with the self-Chosen.
The nihilistic and leftist national culture fostered by Jewish controlled national media in America has also resulted in outrages against the religious intangibles of Christians as well, such as the government-funded "Piss Christ" or the alleged "art work" titled "Jesus receiving oral sex" smashed by activist Kathleen Folden.
The primary Jewish "holy book" Talmud claims that Jesus is boiling in hell in excrement and semen, and makes innumerable other hateful allusions towards Christians as lowly "cattle" or goyim. Once again, extreme double standards prevail with the Kosher crowd. One would be hard pressed to find "art work" depicting a head Rabbi "receiving oral sex" that would not trigger an immediate uproar and strenuous efforts at suppression by Jewish communities.
Steve McNallen is a former U.S. Army officer, originally from West Texas, who has been a important pioneer to help European Americans rediscover their indigenous European tribal religion and give it the respect it deserves. He practices Asatru, which is the "northern window" of an early proto-Indo European religion, which also has such siblings as the "western window" of Celtic Druidism, the "southern window" of the Greco-Roman religion, and the "eastern window" of the early Hinduism of the ancient Aryan settlers in the Indus Valley. He is a former U.S. Army officer of Scottish background originally from West Texas.
McNallen, like the late Asatru leader Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson of Iceland, has also tried to maintain mutually-respectful relations with Christians. A good starting point to understand the philosophical framework his indigenous Indo-European religion is The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Dr. Hans Gunther. Please also visit Steve's Asatru Folk Assembly home page at Sample introductory articles include:
Welcome to Asatru: A Primer
Asatru FAQ
Indigenous religion as interwoven with the indigenous culture of ones own tribal ancestors. Indigenous religion evolves out of their "folk soul" over time just like their common law and natural culture. Study in one area necessarily requires study in the other to see how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle interrelate.
One of the great tragedies for Americans of Scottish, English, German, Dutch, or some other European ancestry is that most of them have no real understanding of the native culture of their ancestral homelands, and worse than that, what little understanding they have is usually very distorted and negative based upon massive disinformation promulgated by controlled national media. If I had more funding support, certainly one very important project for me to undertake would be to systematically review the histories and cultures of major European countries and try to define their "indigenous cultures" and religious values and what parts may be considered "healthy" as moral, ethical, and cultural compass points for European Americans as we continue to battle all the filth, degeneracy, and alien infestation that is currently drowning America. Some of the "yard sticks" I would apply to test the viability of an "indigenous culture" were laid out by Dr. Raymond Cattell in his landmark books New Morality From Science: Beyondism and Beyondism: Religion From Science, as well as important insights identified by Dr. Hans Gunther in The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans and William Gayley Simpson in Which Way Western Man?
Lastly, please find other links pertaining to the indigenous religion revitalization concept on my Religious Crisis" web page, to include my interview with Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson of Iceland, who played a key role in revitalizing the open practice of Asatru for the first time in a thousand years.


The Japanese "get it." Shinto is the indigenous tribal religion of Japan. This photograph, also depicted on my Religious Crisis" web page, was taken by Martin Fackler for his March 19, 2007 New York Times article "Renewed Interest in Japanese Who Died in Epic Battle." His article had the caption: "Yoshitaka Shindo, grandson of the Japanese commander on Iwo Jima, during the March 14 commemoration of the battle." This event included the Japanese practice of pouring water over the memorial stone to cleanse it, which has Shinto roots. Other news reports have described Shinto priests returning to the island to perform ceremonies. Iwo Jima has been returned to Japan and now supports a Japanese Air Base.

We're trying to "get it" as well. I appear (on the right) with Steven McNallen (center) and attorney Michael Clinton outside the Portland, Oregon federal court house after I had filed a law suit on behalf of the Asatru Folk Assembly to allow access to the bones of Kennewick Man for both study by scientists and the performance of indigenous Indo-European religious ceremonies by Asatruar. In opposition to us, Jews, Indians, and Clintonistas wanted to deny scientists access to the bones, claiming that the bones had to be Indian, and therefore only Indian religious rites could apply. Part of the alleged Indian religious rites meant burying the bones forever before anyone could seriously study them, thereby removing a potential threat to the exclusive "victimhood" status claimed by Indians (and Jews) that has resulted in lucrative Indian gambling concessions and other political special privileges. All of this showed great disregard not only for legitimate scientific research, but also demonstrated complete insensitivity towards our indigenous Nordic and Celtic religious and cultural concerns. For more details, please see my Religious Crisis" web page. Also, in recent years the evidence that Caucasians occupied the Americas about two thousand years before Mongoloid "Indians" has only grown stronger, and furthermore it is very likely that Indian invaders genocided the first white inhabitants. Hence, Indians have no exclusive claim to "victimhood" status. See the video "Ice Age Columbus" for an interesting introduction to this controversy.

Anarcho-libertarians tend to ignore religion by making a religion out of "reason." In contrast, since racial nationalists also focus on the genetic or instinctive side of man as well as the environmental (or "reasoning" or "learning") side, they tend to be much more attuned to religion, folklore, culture, and customs that emanate from that part of society that comprises an extended living "organism." Just as anarcho-libertarians claim they own their own bodies as their most important individual "property right," so racial nationalists claim they own the extended body of their own people as their "group property right." The Odinist published by Else Christensen between 1971 and 1992, provided a gold mine of nationalist insights from wide variety of perspectives that ranged from such areas as indigenous religion, culture and folklore to politics, economics, and academia. Please visit our "Else Christensen and The Odinist" archive web page for more background, to include links to sample back issues.


Dr. William L. Pierce (1933-2002), a former physics professor at Oregon State University who later dedicated his life to help save his own people and Western Civilization from complete obliteration.
For an online list of articles, please see listing pages for Part One and Part Two. See also "William Pierce: His Mission" by Kevin Strom for other links at the end of the article.
The web site of the organization he headed, the National Alliance, archives articles from Jan 1995 to Aug 2002 (VIII, No. 8). It also has National Vanguard Magazine articles for issue number 118 and earlier.

See the article "Who Rules America?" that is being continually updated at the National Alliance web site. Anarcho-libertarians are generally never this honest. The online video series "America Is A Changing Country" narrated by Dr. Pierce is also a major classic.
The free ebook Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds (PDF download here) by Dr. Robert S. Griffin provides a good overview of Dr. Pierce's life and philosophy. Pierce was also founder of the Cosmotheist Church, which found spirituality in the evolutionary progress of whites within the context of an evolutionary universe.
As mentioned elsewhere on this web page, the Jewish-British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once stated words to the effect that "In the long run, it is all racial." That is also essentially the implicit viewpoint of the science of sociobiology, namely that while animal behavior tends to be "environmental" in the short run, in the long run it reflects a "group genetic response." An important contribution of William Pierce was to help people think in terms of how their behavior not only impacts on their own immediate gratification, but the kind of society that will be created for their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
Although I never met Dr. Pierce in person, while acting as a stock broker (1995-2005) I had a client who worked for him at his headquarters in West Virginia. Dr. Pierce picked up the phone first quite few times and I ended up having many long conversations with him. I was always impressed with the depth of his intellect. Regarding the eugenics issue, Dr. William Pierce once stated in a personal letter sent to me in the early 1990's words to the effect that "The United States Government is the greatest enemy of the white race that has ever existed."
Of course there are a lot of well-intentioned, patriotic Americans inside the U.S. Government. A major problem is that government on both federal and state levels has been hijacked by Zionists -- and before that by neo-Jacobin imperialist Robber Barons (during the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence). The hijacking of America by Mossad-CIA on 9/11 that I cover in Chapter 7 and elsewhere in my Trilogy reinforces this point. As you watch the landmark video America is a Changing Country below, Dr. Pierce's statement to me will start to sound increasingly more plausible and less extreme. Also, please take a look at "Katyn" as an example of an alternative view of history suppressed by controlled national media.

"America is a Changing Country," narrated by Dr. William L. Pierce. (51 min 46 sec; also available on YouTube beginning with Part 1 of 11). Dr. Pierce died of a sudden onslaught of cancer shortly after this video was first published in 2002.


Short Critique: As an associate in the 1960's of George Lincoln Rockwell, a former editor of the National Socialist Review, and translator from German of Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me by Dietrich Eckhart, Pierce was heavily influenced by the "German model" of political struggle, although he claims in his article "The Radicalizing of an American" in Best of Attack! that he started out as a libertarian. By the early 1990's, he had distanced himself from National Socialism to the point that he stated in a National Alliance manual that its members could claim that they were not members of a "Nazi" organization. Nevertheless, Pierce still promoted the idea of forming a monolithic pan-white organization. The leaders of a white revolution in his fictional work The Turner Diaries (written under the pen name "Andrew MacDonald") consisted of a circle of wise men in robes, resembling Star Wars Jedi knights, causing Lew Rockwell to quip in one of his talks that he was not particularly anxious to trade the central planning of one particular group (Zionists) for another (whites) wearing robes.
All other things being equal, whites wearing robes may be a lessor evil than Zionists wearing business suits since they have vastly less ethnic-genetic distance with America's white population in general, although I agree with Rockwell (I am talking about Lew, not George Lincoln) that the happiest situation of all is to rebuild America from the grass roots upward, with a focus on organizing local popular sovereignty and stressing the importance of preserving personal liberty. Nevertheless, for individuals who are looking to de-brainwash themselves from all the race-mixing and anti-nationalist propaganda in America's Zionist-controlled major media today, the extremely well-written works of Dr. Pierce remain timeless classics.
Pierce's brand of white nationalism was heavily tilted towards pan-white revolution led by authoritarian white organizations. He generally ignored differences between white ethnic groups, such as the innate individualistic streak that generally exists among Nordic American Protestants as compared to the greater authoritarianism of Alpine Catholics, or the role of various anti-WASP Catholic collaborators in supporting Jewish power in big cities. Ironically, Pierce advocated a style of white militancy that in a perverse way could help FBI COINTELPRO, NSA wiretappers, DHS, and ADL "justify" their bloated departments, while at the same time taking the focus away from vast hordes of authoritarian, rent-seeking, dogmatic, leftist-leaning Catholics who have displaced WASP's throughout federal bureaucracies. For example, Timothy McVeigh, who according to Alex Jones and many other sources was a government agent, reportedly claimed that The Turner Diaries helped inspire his alleged truck bombing of the Oklahoma City Murray Building. In actuality, only internally placed explosives were capable of taking off the face of the building. See my discussion of the McVeigh subterfuge in Chapter 17 of my Mission of Conscience series about how this likely false flag event was exploited to unfairly discredit American militia.
Pierce justified the white revolutionary and urban guerilla tone of The Turner Diaries and his subsequent work Hunter (also written under the pen name Andrew MacDonald) by claiming that these fictional works proved to be highly effective ways to reach a mass audience, especially prior to the advent of the Internet.
There are many different ways to skin a cat. An alternative approach to combat excessive Federal and Zionist power is to promote the nonviolent revitalization of existing European ethnic groups and State's Rights secessionism, such as what did in fact exist and proved effective in the early 19th century. Given the realities of Federal and ADL spying and false flag manipulation, "swarm tactics" utilizing many different groups with many different styles and approaches may be more effective than trying to build monolithic organizations that can be easily infiltrated and hijacked. Grass roots political organizing and ethnic community redevelopment is always a necessary prerequisite before any other kind of militant behavior becomes feasible any way. For example, the Communist Viet Cong spent about five years focused on grass roots political organizing in South Vietnam and purposely avoided combat before launching into the next phase of revolutionary struggle. In addition, keep in mind that in a healthy white community, where local law enforcement has not been thoroughly federalized and militarized by a Mossad-CIA-controlled Big Brother, citizens are more than happy to augment police as volunteers, vigilantes, or posse, and enthusiastically support their local sheriff. Last, but not least, it is probably more likely that America will come apart at the seams and form separate countries than some monolithic political party will be able to "save the empire." In the long run, even if we get a military dictatorship that tries to hold the U.S. together at all costs, it will likely fail.
We cannot necessarily trust the Zionist establishment and military industrial complex to manage a wise, peaceful, and rational secession process. They were not particularly wise about the way they got us into our current mess, so the jokers are wild regarding how we are going to get out. We need to keep in mind that the Mossad-CIA establishment has become so perverse that it actually welcomes violent attacks to justify installing police state and martial law control grids (to include locking down the Internet); so much so, in fact, that it has already engaged in numerous false flag terror operations against its own citizens, as documented in my Trilogy. So long as we still have a free Internet that continues to wake people up, there is no need to take the bait and trigger the police state mousetrap.
Although my own personal views on the Second Amendment and the Jeffersonian right of revolution are somewhere to the right of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America, I still believe strongly that we have to completely exhaust all peaceful, legal means before resorting to the "Appeal to Heaven." Violence can have many very tragic unintended consequences, particularly if military forces start spreading depleted uranium all over North America, or the Zionist elite uses violence as a pretext to invite millions of U.N. soldiers --to include millions of Red Chinese military personnel -- to come into America to replace American-born military and police. The Zionist elite has already been practicing slow genocidal replacement of white Americans for decades through their open borders policy with Mexico and other nonwhite countries, not to mention their Wall Street coup de etat against the U.S. government and domestic industry, and use of "soft kill" chemical warfare waged through food and vaccine additives.
Many patriotic groups have in fact wised up and are using more sophisticated approaches than in the past. This now puts the spotlight on the government and Zionist groups as key predators who frequently say stupid things and overreach themselves. As an example, in Chapter 28 I talk about how DHS Director Janet Napolitano tried to demonize "groups opposed to abortion and immigration" and how the Pentagon tried to demonize "protestors." One of the most "lunatic" moves in recent history by increasingly "federalized" police forces seeking to condition the American public to accept absolute tyranny involved the police snatching of a baby belong to Mr. and Mrs. John Irish because the father had purchased some guns (perfectly legal) and had "associated" with "Oath Keepers," an organization that has as its members vast numbers of sheriffs, policemen, and military around the country. See the 11 Oct 2010 article "CONFIRMED: Court Did Rely on Oath Keeper Association to Take Baby" by Stewart Rhodes.
As these kinds of outrages continue, the general public will increasingly view victims as "martyrs" rather than as "misfits," and to borrow an "Obamaism," a ground swell popular sentiment finally will finally produce "change we can believe in."
For people who are completely ignorant about ideology and politics who want a good introduction, I would recommend initially dividing ones time about 50-50 between the works of Lew Rockwell to see a libertarian side, and Dr. William Pierce to see a racial nationalist side. (I say this with the reservation that it is hard to select any one individual who adequately represents either point of view; for example in terms of explaining anarcho-libertarianism, I think that all the other sources I have mentioned offer important insights).
In Chapter 29 "Candidate Klock, The Spook Nuke Threat and the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution" I explain why I view Ron Paul libertarianism as "necessary but not sufficient." I have always felt the same way about Dr. William Pierce's racial nationalism. If you can reconcile both viewpoints, "You'll be a Man, my son!" (To paraphrase Rudyard's poem "If...")
Even if one wants to identify oneself as a hard core racial nationalist, one still needs to study libertarianism for at least two reasons: (a) The American Revolution was fundamentally a libertarian revolution, and it is a longstanding political tradition in America to at least reference or pay lip service to libertarian ideals even if they have been totally degraded and perverted by Jews, other aliens, and government bureaucrats and (b) the libertarians at the Mises Institute provide an outstanding free education in classical economics, which is invaluable background for approaching American business people and other entrepreneurs. Business people are often scared that nationalists will bring with them more burdensome government regulation and taxation. One needs to be able to explain to them how over the long run nationalism can help preserve the white middle class and a white entrepreneurial environment, all of which in turn means less taxation, less regulation, and less overall Big Brother over the long run.
Sample Pierce-related videos
2011-10-24 (upload date) Dr. No - William Pierce documentary (video)
2011-10-15 Dr. William Pierce addresses the National Alliance (April 5th, 1998 - Parma, Ohio) (video) (1:07:48)
2011-09-08 Dr. William Pierce: What has happened to us?
2011 Why Marriage fail today - Dr William Pierce
1996 Dr. William Pierce interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes [Ed. Note: In regard to its references to the Oklahoma City bombing meant to discredit Pierce and the militia movement, even Alex Jones has discussed overwhelming evidence that the Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag operation run by Feds and that Timothy McVeigh was a Federal operative. In Chapter 17 of my Mission of Conscience series I provide evidence by Mike Piper that the Mossad and allied organizations like the SPLC and ADL were key ringleaders].
[Undated] Dr. Pierce TV. An excellent collection of videos on a web page with superb illustrations of Dr. Pierce speeches.
Criticisms of Dr. Pierce:
Did William Pierce run a ZOG False Front Organization? A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement -- Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance, Covington's Forum, This web page includes the sympathetic work I Remember Dr. Pierce by Kevin Alfred Strom
2011-02-17 Harold Covington Calls Dr. William Pierce a Federal Informant,


Eight Charts That Seriously Challenge
the Modern Liberal and Anarcho-Libertarian
Philosophical Paradigms


Extroversion Mixes easily, affable, likes to be the center of attention 61%
Conformity Respect tradition and authority, follows the rules 60%
Worry Easily distressed and frustrated, feels vulnerable and sensitive 55%
Creativity Tendency to become lost in thought and abstraction 55%
Paranoia Keeps to oneself, feels exploited, thinks "world is out to get me" 55%
Optimism Confident, cheerful, upbeat 54%
Cautiousness Avoids risks and dangers, takes safe route even if more difficult 51%
Aggressiveness Tends to be physically violent, has a taste for revenge 48%
Ambitiousness Works hard at setting and achieving goals, a perfectionist 46%
Orderliness Plans carefully, tries to make rational decisions 43%
Intimacy Prefers emotional closeness 33%

This chart was taken from the April 13, 1987 U.S. News & World Report article "The Gene Factor." The Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research compared hundreds of identical twins against the general population and analyzed statistical variation. The percentages depicted above show how much human traits are determined by heredity. Some sources estimate that human intelligence may be as much as 80% genetic. Even "heterosexuality" and "homosexuality" and "altruism" and "selfishness" have significant genetic components. Please see my "Environmental vs. Genetics" article.


Human societies and individuals have a strong biological or "instinctive" component that one ignores only at ones own long term peril. The "Bioresponse" conceptual diagram from Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Dr. Edward Wilson conceptualizes "environmental" behavior as a short term individual and group adaptive response, whereas the longer term "adaptation" is viewed as a "group genetic response."


Genetic Distance Chart taken from Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza's 1994 book History and Geography of Human Genes. (See also "Ethnic Genetic Interests" by Michael Rienzi, Feb 2003 American Renaissance). Humans have evolved as tribal "evolutionary breeding units" or "EBU's," according to the late British anthologist Sir Arthur Keith in A New Theory of Evolution. According to Keith, inter-tribal competition is beneficial on a genetic level just as competition between small businesses is important on an economic level. Small companies create most new jobs, innovation, and sources of new real wealth compared to large corporations. On the tribal-evolutionary level, "nationalism" is a way for EBU's to preserve genetic competitive as well as cultural advantages, much like the way small companies protect their tangible and intangible assets (to include "intellectual property" and "trade secrets") that preserve "key success factors." Conversely, tribes that fail to preserve their genetic and cultural integrity can become so dysfunctional that they become enslaved or genocided by other groups after falling into "apostasy" (a "Biblical" term) or various forms of "bankruptcy" (a "business" term). Kevin Strom noted in his article "Multiracialists Are Crazy, Part 3" that:

The picture painted is not one of panmixia, but of races evolving away from each other, away from the average or center, becoming more diverse in the true sense of the word, more different. This, too, is in accord with both common-sense observation and the laws of evolution, which posit racial divergence and separation as one of the very engines of Life itself.


Genetic basis of altruism diagram, from Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Dr. Edward Wilson. Since "altruism" has a genetic as well as environmental basis, altruistic human groups have to be careful to reproduce their own kind to preserve these traits. Altruism invested in the children of alien peoples can actually become a form of parasitism that draws down the pool of altruistic genes and structural integrity of the host population. Therefore, interracial adoption may have catastrophic consequences over the long run, despite the "good intentions" of adoption agencies in the short run. This is especially true if a human gene pool high in innate altruism (such as Nordics, who have a strange tendency to be nicer towards alien peoples than their own kind) adopts and raises the children of a gene pool rich in criminal (parasitic) traits, such as Jews (towards outsiders, that is; towards fellow "Members of the Tribe" Jews are very altruistic).


Different human populations have different distributions of innate traits along a bell-shaped curve. These curves are often skewed by evolutionary factors, such as hard winters that tend to kill off less intelligent people in colder areas of the planet and push the bell-shaped curves to the right (towards higher intelligence) in regard to such traits as technological adaptability (in regard to making winter survival gear) and a capacity for delayed gratification (laying up provisions in preparation for coming winters). Civilizations begin to collapse when people on the left side of the curve outbreed people to the right, miring the overall society in a rising level of overall incompetence. In regard to the black vs. white curves above, when whites interbreed with pure blacks, the resultant gene pool loses over 90% of the people with IQ's over 130, too sharp a blow to sustain any advanced technological civilization. Biological differences between blacks and whites not only involve skin color, but major internal anatomical differences, to include the degree of average cranial capacity, cerebral folding, and frontal lobe to anterior lobe ratios, all of which correlate with intelligence. In addition, miscegenation quite often does not get rid of "racism," but instead produces a new group of people who act like a whole new race with their very own brand of racism and in-group protectiveness. For example, when whites have mated with blacks or Indians in Latin American countries, they have formed mulatto and mestizo groups that swing back and forth politically between the founding groups and often act like their own separate interest groups. In other words, interracial marriage can actually increase "racism" and other inter-group competition in a society, rather than reduce it. For further discussion, please see my "Environmental vs. Genetics" discussion.


In his landmark book My Awakening, Dr. David Duke provides an excellent summary of the selective differences between frost zone and sub-Saharan African conditions (p. 93) that have resulted in the different bell-shaped distribution curves of genetic traits that is depicted above.



Prehistoric European-Asian Conditions

Prehistoric Sub-Saharan Africa
complex-sturdy shelter-critical minimal shelter needed for survival
winter extremely harsh climate no winter comfortable climate
warm, well-made clothing critical no clothing required for survival
ability to make/control fire critical fire not required for survival
long periods of resource deprivation resources more abundant
periods of little vegetation, few small animals or birds hunting necessary food gathering less problematic in tropical climes gathering favored
foresight, planning and delayed gratification necessary for survival little seasonal change, immediate gratification favored
in resource scarce, male-provisioned, hunting society, monogamy favored in female provisioned gathering society, polygamy favored
male provisioned society, less sexual and physical aggression favored female provisioned society favors male aggression and sexual drive
promiscuous behavior resulting in fights often leads to death of mate and children death in fights from sexual competition not critical for survival of mates and children



Civil War Two Diagram
(see description below)

Netherlands Dutch
Portugal Portuguese
Austria Austrian
Greece Greece
Italy Italian
Poland Polish
Norway Norwegian
Denmark Danish
Albania Albanian
Hungary Hungarian
Finland Finnish
Czech Republic Czech
Ireland Irish
Germany German
Sweden Swedish
France French
  Terrorist war
Slovenia Slovene
Armenia Armenian
  Civil War
Romania Romanian
Slovakia Slovak
Bulgaria Bulgarian
U.K. English
Russia Russian
  Civil War
Lithuania Lithuanian
Belarus Belarussian
Croatia Croatian
  Civil War
Switzerland German
Spain Spanish
  Terrorist War
Ukraine Ukrainean
Georgia Georgian
  Civil War
Macedonia Macedonian
  UN Occupied
Estonia Estonia
Moldavia Moldavan
Serbia Serbian
  External War
Belgium Flemish
Latvia Latvian
Bosnia Moslem
  Civil War
Table 3b: European nations, arranged by majority percent.


Table 3b. above is taken from page 140 of Chapter Fifteen: "The Bloody Lesson of Tribal Europe" in Tom Chittum's classic work Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America (carried as an ebook by America First Books). The data reflects the world as it appeared to the author when the book was first published in 1996.
Chittum makes the case that as a dominant ethnic group drops below somewhere around 75-80% of a total population -- all other things being held equal-- the odds start to skyrocket that the level of social efficiency will plummet as centripetal forces get the upper hand over centrifugal forces, and the society becomes increasingly at risk of fissioning apart at the ethnic, racial, or even class warfare seams.
Chittum begins his chapter "The Bloody Lessons of Tribal Europe" with the following comments:

When will Civil War II actually erupt? There is no scientific formula or mathematical equation that will give us the date. Instead, we must turn our attention to the demographic forces propelling us toward Civil War II, our ongoing transformation from a stable monoethnic nation into an unstable multiethnic empire. Not all history can be explained by this single engine of demographic transformation. Other factors can and do decide the boundaries and fates of empires and nations. However, the concept of nationality has been the dominant historical factor, at least since the industrial revolution. The more monoethnic a nation is, the less chance a secondary tribe will break off and form a new nation, or unite with their co-ethnics in an adjacent nation. The more monoethnic a nation is, the less likely a neighboring country will try to carve off a slice inhabited by its co-ethnics as Nazi Germany seized the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. The more monoethnic a nation is, the more likely its citizens will unite and fight foreign invaders, thus again increasing the chances of territorial integrity.
To be sure, ethnic tensions and even genocide can and do occur in relatively monoethnic nations, such as the genocide of the Jews and others in Germany. [Editor's Note: Please see Chapt. 34 of the Mission of Conscience series for some important qualifying comments about the history of "Jewish genocide"] However, it is the internal stability and territorial integrity of nations that is the focus of our concern. The more usual case is that a secondary tribe dominant in one region breaks off and forms a new nation. Nationalism (tribalism, if you please) is the relentless historical force that has shaped the current map of Europe. The tread of imperial armies has also changed the map of Europe, but empires are like great ships — when sunk they remain sunk. Tribal-based nations, on the other hand, are historically buoyant — pushed under they resurface time and time again...

On page 140 Chittum summarizes the historical data:

The lesson is clear: The more monoethnic a European nation is, the more likely it is to be peaceful and stable. The more multiethnic a European nation is, the more likely it is to experience tribal civil wars. There is simply no real arguing with this brutal fact. The lesson here is that the likelihood of a minority group having a go at a military divorce from the nation increases with its chances of success, and its chances of success increase with its percentage of the population. Consider the most multiethnic nation in Europe — Bosnia. Bosnia was literally born fighting in 1991, and this civil war has produced more dead than any other of the recent wars in Europe. The most multiethnic European nation produced the most multiethnic dead. Let me say that again: The most multiethnic European nation produced the most multiethnic dead. If there had been only Moslems residing in Bosnia, there would have been no civil war in Bosnia.
Is America a multi-tribal country and therefore unstable? With each and every passing day, more and more Americans of all ethnic groups are perceiving their tribal affiliation as more self-definitive and more important than their common American nationality. By this measure we are increasingly unstable.
More bad news: Of the European countries, the median size of the most numerous ethnic group is 89%. In America, the most numerous ethnic group (the English-speaking whites) is only 75% of the total population and falling. By this measure, America is again not as internally stable as most European nations. Twelve European nations have primary ethnic groups that are 75% or less of their total population. Seven of these twelve nations are fighting wars, are occupied, or have internal secessionist terrorists.
More bad news: Of the European countries, the median size of the second largest ethnic group is 5%. In America, our second largest ethnic group (the blacks) is 12%. By this measure, America is again not as stable as most European nations. Twelve European nations have secondary ethnic groups that are 12% or more of the total population. Four are fighting wars, two are occupied by foreign troops, one is fighting internal terrorists...



Phase progression analysis: From early melting pot ethic to complete non-white takeover. [hat tip to 21 Oct 2012 John de Nugent web page]

The Sovereignty Concept and
the McKinsey 7-S Paradigm


Another important conceptual area involves grasping how the process of group survival involves keeping many important social elements in tact so that they are mutually supporting. It is hard to survive as a libertarian if one does not have the support of a certain critical mass of like-minded people who can help one defend ones rights.
The anarcho-libertarian viewpoint that focuses on the individual is simplistic, as are "Asiatic despotic" models at the other extreme that focus on the importance of people subordinating their individual interests for the benefit of the group, scoffed at by many libertarians as a form of "collectivism" or even "Asiatic despotism."
Historically, Western societies have viewed individual initiative, creativity, innovativeness, and courage in defense of property as a sign of heroism, whereas many Asian societies have historically viewed individual expression in confrontation with group needs or with a centralized authority as a sign of "immaturity."
In reality, this is not a black or white issue where the "right answer" is weighted heavily towards either individual needs or group needs. Rather, the issue really involves making appropriate trade-offs between individual needs and group needs, depending on the situation. After all, one not only requires a critical mass of mutually supporting like-minded people to simply survive, but also to have enough power to determine ones own destiny on a wide variety of political, economic, ethnic, racial, religious, and other social issues.
The ability of any group of humans to control its own destiny is called "sovereignty," and the grass roots version of this is called "popular sovereignty."
No matter whether one is speaking about a Western society such as Iceland with strong libertarian traditions that lean towards individualism, or certain Asian societies that have historically leaned towards "collectivism," the bottom line is that "sovereignty" is a "team sport" everywhere one goes.
When any society loses too many elements that enable it to retain vital sovereignty rights, it runs the risk that some alien group will take it over and marginalize it, enslave it, or even ultimately genocide it. A group that retains considerable sovereignty rights and strives to perfect them is typically thought of as a "nation," and the process of perfecting these rights is called "nationalism." Conversely, a group that has allowed these rights to become seriously eroded and no longer consciously seeks to reverse this situation is often referred to as a "dependent," "retreatist," or even "degenerate" subculture.

Although I am certainly not out to push Bible dogma (quite to the contrary, as explained in my own religious articles listed in my author archive and on the Religious Crisis web page), it is hard to find a more perfect example of this concept than the Old Testament Book of Judges. In this instance, ancient Hebrew "nationalism," "law," and military morale were inextricably tied in with religion. Therefore, when people turned from the faith of their ancestors, they were also turning away from elements that helped provide nationalistic cohesion and sovereignty. The Book of Judges continually provides examples where ancient Hebrews repeatedly fell into "apostasy" (which included turning away from the tribal deity Yahweh towards "Baal worship") and then got taken over by their enemies, only to be repeatedly rescued by a hero (or a "Judge") who reflected the ancient religion and traditions. Each of these "Judges" (or "nationalist heroes"), who included famous names like Gideon and Samson, helped rally their people to recover greater self-determination. (Admittedly, scholarly sources such as The Invention of the Jewish People by Dr. Shlomo Sand question the historical accuracy of Old Testament books like Judges, but nevertheless the underlying themes behind such works remain powerful).
A hostile takeover can be either overt, such as through a sudden military invasion, or it can be accomplished gradually by stealth. (See Chapter 38 where I explain how historically, Jews in control of central banking and other high finance have often acted like a "CIA in search of a country" or as the "Mongols of covert 4th generation warfare").
In Chapter 6 of my Mission of Conscience series, I discuss the sovereignty concept in greater detail. The following is an extract:

The elements that political leaders must pull together in order to achieve sovereignty on a national level are analogous to the McKinsey “7-S” factors for small company success detailed in the bestseller In Search of Excellence by Peters and Waterman.   They involve a combination of intangible as well as tangible elements that must reinforce each other in order for a group to function effectively in a competitive world.



Components of the famous “McKinsey 7-S” paradigm; and a comparison of corporate and nationalist applications

·         Strategy:  Game plan for building a competitive advantage over competitors.   Nationalist version:  Coordination of foreign and domestic policy to optimize economic growth, military strength, citizen prosperity, and national self-sufficiency. 

·         Structure:  Degree of centralization vs. decentralization in management hierarchy, importance of staff vs. line officers   Nationalist version:  Degree of government size and intervention in economy compared to the size of entrepreneurial infrastructure and private ownership.

·         Systems:  Standard operating procedures, incentive systems, and the use of data processing automation   Nationalist version:   Political, business, military academic processes for selecting and promoting talent and systematically handling operations

·         Shared Values:   "Superordinate goals" that transcend immediate profit-loss concerns and provide unifying long term vision and long term loyalty Nationalist version: Interplay of shared religion, culture, heritage, and ethnic-genetic interests that promote patriotic sentiment.

·         Style:  Personal leadership qualities that typically combine some combination of personal charisma, management by objectives, and decentralized approaches.  Nationalist version:  Heroic archetypes, customs and folk traditions 

·         Staff: Special problem-solving capabilities and degree of leadership depth provided by broader management team Nationalist version:  Various form of institutionalized excellence, degree of globally competitive brain trust

·         Skills: the actual skills and competencies of the employees working for the company.   Nationalist version:  General educational level and competencies offered by work force.

A good thought experiment to understand how the pieces of the “sovereignty” jigsaw puzzle must come together in order to achieve success might involve a scenario where you are part of an oppressed group that suffers under an intolerably evil imperial government.  How does one go about organizing a separatist movement and alternative government that eventually forms an independent state that is liberated from the evil overlords forever?
Obviously one needs money and other forms of economic power to buy weapons and supplies.  One needs a shared culture and values to motivate fellow patriots to work together and risk their lives for the cause. One needs to control ones borders to keep imperial troops or spies and infiltrators out.  One needs like-minded people manning the strategic bases of ones rebel society, such as major media, major corporate positions, and ones shadow provisional government.  One will probably need supplies from foreign powers, just like when Americans went to the French for aid during the American Revolution.  (Conversely, the Confederacy failed in large measure because if failed to gain the support it expected from France and Britain , and was further defeated by Russia ’s fleet support of the Union Navy).

Another approach besides using thought experiments is to examine historical examples of viable “resistance communities” and try to deduce their characteristics.  Here are some examples:

a) New Englanders at the time of the American Revolution, pure WASP’s, descended from Puritans and pro-Parliament side of English Civil War.  Most able bodied males were members of local militia (“Minutemen”). Long historical ethnic memory, extensive family ties.
b) Watauga settlement, eastern Tennessee , during the American Revolution.  Provided “over mountain man” militia that played key role in defeating British at King’s Mountain.  Simultaneously defeated Cherokee tribes and produced first governors of Tennessee and Kentucky . Most able bodied males were members of local militia and had long historical ethnic memory and extensive family ties.
c)  Mostly WASP settlers in Texas who beat the Mexican Army and ran the Lone Star Republic in the 1840’s.  Strong pioneer culture and militia tradition.
c)  Sunni and Shiite Moslems fighting Americans in Iraq , Pashtuns fighting Americans in Afghanistan .  Very strong tribal, ethnic, and religious bonds. Long historical religious and ethnic memory.  Extensive family ties.
d) Irish who fought the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921). Very strong tribal, ethnic, and religious bonds. Long historical religious and ethnic memory.  Extensive family ties.

We might ask, what are some of the characteristics that make these groups effective in resisting a foreign invader, infiltrator or occupier?
First, the fact that they have strong ethnic, racial, and cultural ties and a long shared history is a huge plus.  After all, one of the rules of Right Wing 101 is that the more people have in common on these levels, the more likely they are to work together as mutualists and altruists; conversely the less they have in common, the more likely they are to feed on each other as predators or parasites.  Mossad-CIA has tremendous funds to buy people off plus an impressive assassination capability.  A community needs all the cohesion and sense of joint purpose it can muster to handle this unique threat.
Second, viable resistance communities tend to have strongly conservative values. This supports the self-discipline required to avoid taking bribes and the vision required to invest in the long term survival of ones family and future generations. 
In this regard, political leftism and pro-open homosexuality activism are negative indicators, since these viewpoints typically promote self-indulgent lifestyles that disrupt normal procreation, family ties, and long term loyalty to an ethnic community.  
Think it through, and I think you will agree that achieving full blown popular sovereignty rights implies the right to (a) to issue your own currency (b) raise your own military forces and decide when and where to make war (c) control your own borders (d) put your own people in charge of the strategic bases of your society (e) engage in separate diplomacy and alliances (f) run your own police and courts so that you are the territorial monopolist on force within your own territory (g) control adequate wealth and other economic power to be competitive in the world and (h) maintain core values, to include an indigenous culture and religion that supports the cohesion, distinctiveness,  and will to survive of your society.
The process of trying to pull (a) to (h) together so that outsiders can never again put their boots in your face is called “nationalism.”  This is what America’s internationalist Zionist power elite has been working so furiously behind the scenes to destroy for the average American –while helping themselves like pigs at the troth to further Jewish nationalist (or criminal Zionist) objectives.  “De-nationalization” is what they have been trying to do to us when they have erased our borders with Mexico and other Third World countries, subordinated our foreign policy to Israel , outsourced our main industries, attacked white heritage and ethnic consciousness, and undermined family values.
Historically, nations tend to evolve out of fighting forces whose members have strong racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious similarities.   Any group of people willing to risk their lives to support each other for a higher cause are usually, on a de facto level, at least about 60%-80%  home free towards achieving all the elements of (a) to (h) above.  This is one reason why home-grown militia movements frighten Zionists who control much of America today, despite the fact that the U.S. Government was originally born on the backs of militia.
In talking about sovereignty, we have to be careful not to confuse symbols with substance.  For example, some central American “banana republics” have all the symbols of sovereignty such as their own flags, postage stamps, national anthems, official borders, distinctive currency, and unique army uniforms,  but none of the real substance. Behind the scenes they are controlled by foreign entities such as American fruit companies or the CIA-Mossad team.
In contrast, the Jewish people prior to the formal announcement of the state of Israel in May 1948 were at the other extreme.  While they certainly had “nuclear megatonnage” of the financial component of sovereignty, most of this was invisible to the man on the street.  Most of the external symbols of sovereignty were camouflaged and concealed, with the real substance tucked away inside synagogues, Jewish community centers, and bank accounts around the world.  Zionism lay coiled and ready to strike,  much like Hitler’s panzers that lay camouflaged inside the Ardennes Forest prior to Battle of the Bulge.
In the late 19th century it was often said that the Rothschilds and other elite Jewish families in Europe were more powerful than many European governments, even though they remained in the shadows. 
Of course once the state of Israel was declared, Zionists leaders quickly parlayed raw Jewish financial power into all the overt manifestations of sovereignty.  The Israeli army immediately engaged in combat operations against Arabs.  The Israeli flag, Israeli postage stamps, the Israeli national anthem, definable borders, and other over sovereignty manifestations quickly sprang forth.  




Kevin Alfred Strom worked closely with Dr. William Pierce as an understudy and then later tried to lead the National Alliance as his successor. He is extremely intelligent and grasps the importance of using multiple approaches (both decentralized as well as centralized) to run social and political movements. I have been impressed enough with his work to personally create an archive of his articles at
In his younger years, Strom edited The Best of Attack! Revolutionary Voice of the National Alliance and National Vanguard Tabloid, a compilation of issues from 1970 to 1982. (Now in 64 MB PDF, download for free here; you may have to right click twice in Mozilla Firefox and overlay the first attempt).This remains an all time classic, if nothing else demonstrating how various social issues have only grown worse over time, and how we face a greater urgency today to address these issues than ever before.
Unfortunately Kevin was brought down by charges made by a malevolent wife, Elisha Strom in cooperation with the Feds. There is strong evidence that he was framed, and had to plea-bargain under extreme coercion to avoid onerous long term jail conditions. Now rejoined with his family and living in Charlottesville, VA, he seems to be bouncing back.
Links: Please visit the Kevin Strom archive at America First Books. Also his home page at


Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver provides a unique historical perspective as former military intelligence director as well as professor of classics. His commentaries on political events from back issues of Liberty Bell magazine remain timeless classics. He also had amazing historical depth. Like Simpson, many of his works explain the Jewish PSYOP aspect of Christianity.
Christianity creates a number of very serious problems from a nationalist ideological viewpoint, apart from being discredited on a purely rationalistic basis by Enlightenment thinkers who included America's very own Tom Paine in his Age of Reason. As a universalistic religion, Christianity is inherently leftist and hence works from an "environmental" philosophical perspective against the more "genetic" nationalist perspective. In addition, Christianity induces white gentiles to replace their own tribal history and allegiances with that of an alien people --the Jews. The evil phenomenon of "Christian Zionism," explained in the Rev Ted Pike archive, is a clear example of Jewish hijacking of indigenous gentile tribalism.
In the Religious Crisis archive, I explain why I have become convinced that it is impossible to have a truly effective nationalist movement without the revitalization of indigenous religion. Although white indigenous religionists will probably never outnumber Christians in America, they can still become large enough to play a key role in containing Christian Zionist lunacy.
The Oliver Biographical Note states:
"Dr. Revilo Pendleton Oliver, Professor of the Classics at the University of Illinois for 32 years and one of the leading philologists of his time, read eleven languages, including Sanskrit, and for more than half a century wrote scholarly articles in four languages for academic publications in the United States and Europe. Oliver was also the possessor of a penetrating intellect — and a scintillating wit unequaled by any writer, though the great H. L. Mencken may have come close."
Some of Dr. Oliver's books are online, such as:
The Origins of Christianity -- published posthumously: A book-length treatise on the roots of the dominant religion of the West.
Reflections on the Christ Myth -- Historical Review Press, published posthumously: An important new booklet on the genesis of the Jesus story.
See also fascinating Liberty Bell articles such as:
By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them -- Dead Sea Scrolls fraud, Christian origins and consequences, U.S. Civil War.
A Persistent Hoax -- The myth of the Jewish "Diaspora."
How They Stole the Church -- The palace revolution in the "modernized" Roman Catholic Church.
The Last Stand -- Was the Jesus of the "New Testament" racially a Jew? Dr. Oliver looks into this question and the role of the Jew in the ancient world in this review.
Links:; older version of Oliver web site with photos.
Sample Video:
1969 Dr. Revilo P. Oliver: After 50 Years - The National Youth Alliance (vide) (1969) (36:27), uploaded 2011

Oliver in 1938

Oliver and wife, 1990


Dr. David Duke is author of two important classics, namely Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening. His web site,, is an important source of racial nationalist information, along with the thread run by his colleague Don Black.
In Chapter 34 of my Trilogy, I explain what I learned from listening to Dr. Duke's talks when I attended the 2005 European American conference in New Orleans:

"...Dr. David Duke explained how the national media has spent untold millions to demonize both the Klan and American Nazis. Now all they have to do is attach anything that American conservatives say to terms like "Nazi" or "Klan" and most Americans immediately tune out like classically-conditioned Pavlovian dogs.
Dr. Duke explained that despite the fact that he has served as an elected representative in the Louisiana legislature, and has not been a Klan leader for over 30 years, every where he goes he is always referred to as "former Klan leader" David Duke by the controlled national media, as if this is imprinted on his birth certificate. Furthermore, his own Klan organization was completely nonviolent and law-abiding.
Adding to the lies, the Jewish controlled media try to make Dr. Duke out to be an anti-Catholic WASP, even though most of the members of his Klan organization in Louisiana were Catholics and he strongly encourages WASP-Catholic unity.
In his book My Awakening, Dr. Duke regrets a short demonstration he performed while a student at LSU when he wore a swastika armband. At the time, he believed what the 1960's American Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell said about how only Nazis seem to have the guts to come out in the open and stand up to the Jews. He was outraged at what certain high-level Jews were doing to subvert America and felt that desperate measures were justified to wake up the public. However, now he believes that Americans need to come up many different fresh approaches that keep people focused on facts and issues and avoid symbols where the Jews have been able to spend millions to brainwash people into Pavlovian reflexes. Despite the magnitude of Zionist wealth, Duke thinks that whites can still win local elections through old fashioned grass-roots political campaigning...

In my "Environmental vs. Genetic" article, I discuss many important sides of racial conflict that are typically overlooked by many American racial nationalists who tend to just focus on criminal offenses and violence. Please scroll to my section headings "How too much `sugar' in a multiracial society can be just as deadly as too much `vinegar,'" followed by the sections " The `wonderful' danger, "`Uncle Tomism' and `love-bombing,'" "`Building' America one alien bootlick at a time," "The reign of the `sugar-daddies,'" and the remainder of the article through the summary.
In addition, throughout history there have been a number of successful nationalist-flavored organized labor movements in places like Spain, Germany, and the Scandinavia countries. On a strategic political level, the tendency of many self-styled American nationalists to ignore organized labor and abdicate to leftists has not been very bright.
I am also convinced that the only real long term solution for America's problems is for northern European peoples to recreate homogeneous tribal ethno-states -- precisely the kind environment they have evolved in for more than ten thousand years.
My main issue with David Duke is the fact that he (like myself) was born and raised in the South, which remains a de facto multi-racial, multi-cultural society, oppressed by Yankee conquest, and heavily infiltrated by Jewish and Federal supremacists. David Duke identifies himself publicly as a Christian and as a politician running for office. I am more "indigenous" (shall we put it?) in terms of my own personal political and religious approach, as discussed in my author archive and Religious Crisis web page.
From a purely ideological perspective, I think it is much clearer for someone to start out with a social model that reflects an indigenous, homogeneous Nordic or Celtic society, with its own land base and naturally-evolved tribal culture and religion. These societies typically had a large middle class of armed free men who practiced a native form of egalitarianism. (An Icelandic scholar once referred to his fellow citizens as "an aristocratic people with egalitarian tendencies"). This "indigenous folk" approach is much clearer to me instead of trying to find conceptual anchor points amidst the social and political mess that currently exists throughout the South today, not to mention everywhere else in America. It is also much clearer than trying to interpret the traditional culture of my own ancestors through the censorship, distortions, and warped political priorities of Jewish-controlled national media.
The fact that the South started out as a multi-cultural plantation society with a negro slave underclass, and then got beat badly in a terrible war with the United States government, muddies a lot of waters compared to what I consider to be an authentic Nordic or Celtic nationalist viewpoint. I prefer to start out with a society like Old Norse Iceland that in recent centuries was minding its own business and not bothering anyone up until the recent financial fiasco egged on by the Russian Jewish mafia, Rothschild-controlled City of London, and Jewish-controlled American financial firms like Goldman Sachs, as documented in my "Iceland Gets `ENRONed,' Then Goes for `1776'" series.
Speaking of Dr. Duke's call for Protestant-Catholic unity, there are some important sociological qualifications worth mentioning. For starters, Dr. Duke is surrounded by Southern French Catholics, who historically have been a different breed of cat compared to certain Irish and Italian Catholics who have been all too willing to serve as "front men" and "muscle" for the Jews in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Two particularly illustrious French Catholics who hardly served as flunkies for the "establishment" were Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, victor of the First Battle of Manassas and other major campaigns, and Admiral Raphael Semmes, captain of the raider C.S.S. Alabama and one of the greatest naval commanders in American history. (According to Wikipedia, Semmes' "1869 Memoirs of Service Afloat During The War Between the States ....was viewed as one of the most cogent, but bitter, defenses of the Lost Cause.")
Dr. David Duke is trying to be a pragmatist and a realist, and deal with incrementally improving things according to the way they are, rather than the way he would like for them to be. In contrast, I am currently more interested in playing the role of the intellectual rather than the politician. I am also more interested in fundamental analysis, which by definition starts at the roots. Each approach has it own merits and niche, so I am certainly not condemning Dr. Duke for his particular tactics that may be more suitable for his particular background and talents..
The power elite is vastly more radical than myself. Worse yet, they are radical in a extremely alien and evil way. According to Alex Jones, the end game of the global power elite is to kill off over 80% of the gentile population through false flag pandemics, nuclear wars, and other means, and then enslave the survivors with an iron dictatorship that tracks everyone with implanted RFID chips. They have been patiently assembling their martial law and police state control grids for decades. They are willing to ruthlessly confine or kill off any sectors of the overall population that might offer any form of resistance. They are prepared to use not only a growing network of FEMA camps, but also foreign troops trained to kill without question.
I agree with Alex Jones that if the New World Order elite ever succeeds in using U.S. police and the U.S. military to liquidate all domestic dissidents, it is very likely that these kosher butchers will then bring in foreigners to liquidate major elements of U.S. security forces who cooperated with them. (They have already crippled major portions of the American military through depleted uranium poisoning). The Jacobin phase of the French Revolution validated the adage: "revolutions at times devour their own children." So did Stalin with his 1936-1938 Great Purge of major portions of the Bolshevik establishment and Red Army leadership. In the final analysis, no one in America is safe if the New World Order succeeds, except perhaps kosher "Members of the Tribe" who manage to stay on top --unless they too get taken down as well, as they did in National Socialist Germany or in the latter phases of Stalin's dictatorship. The power elite is so paranoid and sick that they will eventually try to destroy any form of identity or social cohesion outside their own group, to include any American patriotic sentiment. Members of American police, FBI, the U.S. military, and other security forces who still hold quaint notions about taking seriously their oath to protect and defend the Constitution (not created by Jews!) will also be ultimately targeted for their potential resistance to absolute tyranny.
The power elite has already handed over a large chunk of America's strategic industries to Red China. According to Final Judgment, Israelis jointly developed hydrogen bombs with the Red Chinese. They have also sold America's top secrets to Communist enemies, as in the Jonathan Pollard case, and operate most espionage operations against this country. They have proven a million times over that they absolutely no loyalty or any principles at all. Why would they hesitate to put Chinese generals in charge of the Pentagon and millions of Chinese soldiers in America's streets and in charge of FEMA death camps if it might serve them a political advantage?
Alex Jones is not even a racial nationalist. However, the existence of Jewish Neanderthalism and other forms of ethnic-genetic distance can plausibly explain his belief that the power elite is cruel enough to install both Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Huxley's Brave New World in America. "Members of the Tribe" have already demonstrated their unlimited capacity for mass murder in Bolshevik Russia, and Zionist cruelty continues unabated against Christian and Muslim Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.
The outrages and abuses will only grow worse over time until enough citizens finally organize to put an end to them. As Alex Jones puts it, if the power elite is evil enough to kill one million Iraqis without any evidence of WMD's to justify the invasion of Iraq, why would they hesitate to steal your pension, not to mention all your civil liberties?
It remains to be seen whether or not enough American will finally wake up in time to the true nature of their real enemies. In the long run, it takes positive tribalism to oppose evil tribalism, hence the need for a healthy resurgence in positive forms of white nationalism.
Links:, which include articles on the question "what is nationalism?"
Sample videos:
2012-03-21 Obama: Craven Puppet of Racist Israel
2012-02-02 The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!
2012-02The World Masters of Slavery
2011-10-26 Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts!
2011-07-30 Zionist Terrorism in Norway
2011-05-03 The Zionist War on Free Speech
2011-05-02 The Insanity of Christian Zionism!


Dr. David Duke upsetting the
Z ionist plutocracy with
another popular grass
roots campaign


Other paleoconservatives or racial nationalists: This is an archive-in-progress of the magazine Instauration published from 1975 to 2000 by Wilmot Robertson, author of the classic work The Dispossessed Majority. Double click on the cover pictures to pull up PDFs for each issue. The database of back issues is being built over time by white civil rights activist James Kelso. Instauration provided a gold mine of paleoconservative and "racial nationalist" articles.

John Tyndall articles archive at The Spearhead. Tyndall was a founder of the British National Party. These articles span from Aug 1999 to July 2005. I happen to agree with his prediction, made in the early 1990's, that the 21st century will in all likelihood wind up looking more like the 19th century than the 20th century, especially once the evil Zionist genie finally gets put back in its bottle, the international crime family home base state of Israel collapses, and the Orwellian, neo-Jacobin, multi-racial, multi-cultural, Zionist-dominated, welfare-warfare global "New Babylon" superstate that wages "perpetual war for perpetual peace" (for more background on the aforementioned "jabberwocky" terminology that has become synonymous with "the U.S.A." please see Chapter 6 of the Mission of Conscience series) finally breaks apart into separate countries and common citizens rediscover "nationalism" as a vital tool for making their societies self-sustaining and viable once again (and the Lone Star flag flies at the top of the flag pole in the Republic of Texas once again!). All of this may not exactly usher in some kind of "City on the Hill" utopian "New Age" society, but at least we might wind up with something less bad than what we have right now.

There are many dozens of other paleoconservative thinkers and media leaders who are worthy of mention. Please go to my Site Map section to find many of them listed under "Somewhere between libertarian, nationalist, and unbridled revisionist free-thinker" and "Racial nationalists."


Update References:

2013-04-17 Nationalism—the Bane of the Modern Age by Dr. Robert Higgs. [Ed. Note: I felt dismayed when I read this article because I have listened to quite a few of Dr. Higg's lectures archived at and read his articles archived at While he generally has a lot of fascinating insights, such as his revisionist view that WWII did not pull America out of the Great Depression (or expressed differently, America came ouf of the Depression in a rear-end backwards fashion more despite rather than because of official government policies), his very negative view of nationalism stated in this article obviously conflicts with my own positive views that I have outlined on this web page. I think Dr. Higgs has made a straw man out of "nationalism" by equating it with various perverse and abusive forms of "top down" nationalism (of course not all forms of "top down" nationalism are perverse or abusive) characterized by extreme statism, criminal exploitation, and militaristic imperialism rather than considering "bottom up" forms of grass roots nationalism that often have strong libertarian elements. With libertarian forms of nationalism, small countries often serve an ecological function relative to other nations comparable to enterpreneurial companies which provide sorely needed innovation and productive management cultures for their broader industry groups (analogous on a broader political level to continental groups of countries such as Europe or South America). Countries run by "globalists" and "internationalists" may be comparable to big multinational corporations run by Robber Barons where making gains through intrigue typically trumps making gains through increased productivity on the shop floor. National borders created by nationalists also provide "fire walls" that help prevent globalists and other "internationalists" from gaining too much power in their never ending drive to monopolize all forms of economic, political, and media power on this planet. Interestingly enough, the leading libertarian thinker Dr. Murray Rothbard, in his Mises Institute lectures, viewed the existence of small independent states (implying strong local "nationalisms") as being preferable to international alliances among empires (implying strong "internationalist" ideological orientations). When small countries without alliances get involved in wars, they tend to remain localized. When larger countries that reject localized "nationalism" in favor of multinational economic and political arrangements get involved in wars, there is usually a greater chance that these wars will escalate out of control as mutual defense pact allies get sucked in. Hence, creating vast alliances in the name of preserving "world peace" may actually do more to make wars bigger and more costly over the long run than what would be the case with a more decentralized global system. I also disagree with Dr. Higg's statement that "Americans, perhaps more than any others, are immersed in nationalism, drenched to the bone." In my "Introduction to American `Nationalism'" section above I explain why I think American nationalism has always been something of a joke relative to varous forms of traditional European nationalism].
2012-07-04 Anti-WASP/Anti-Nordic Genocide
. This web page is a compilation of material previously created on other web pages by William B. Fox, to include Oslo-Utoya 7-22.
2012-06-23 How Racial Realities in Europe and Theories of Entrepreneurial Business Competition Provide Important Perspectives to Help Diagnose "What Is Ailing America". This is an extended essay added to his Articles Archive web page by William B. Fox.

The publisher of America First Books featured in "Fukushima Radiation Present In America," by W. Leon Smith, owner, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Oct 14, 2012.

2012-05-31 Government and Major Media Denial and Cover-ups Regarding Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation: How Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Thinking They Still Live in a Free Society and How `Deep' or `Mobile Defense' Tactical Concepts Have Been Used to Control Them. This is the most recent update of a special essay provided on his Chernobyl Catastrophe web page by William B. Fox.
2011-09-10 The New Jewish Hostile Elite Interview With Kevin MacDonald PhD by Brother Nathanael Kapner
2011-08-19 Philip Weiss on the Disintegration of WASP Society by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.
2011-07-10 J
ohn Paul Stevens as a prototypical WASP by Dr. Kevin MacDonald
2010-10-26 (Reuters) - The United States has dropped out of the "top 20" in a global league table of least corrupt nations, tarnished by financial scandals and the influence of money in politics, Transparency International said on Tuesday, by Dave Graham,
Editor's Note: What is the surprise, when America has allowed itself to be run by one of the most corrupt cabals on the planet since the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913 -- a creation of Rothschild front men like Rockefeller and Morgan? As a little historical retrospective, didn't First Century Roman philosopher Seneca in De Superstitione refer to "them" as that "most criminal nation," or fellow Roman Tacitus call them "haters of mankind"? Please note the following blurb in the 1 Nov 2010 American Free Press, page 2:

A Jewish doctor urges Christians, Jews and everyone else to read The Protocols of Zion, because he believes it documents an evil Rothschild conspiracy against everyone— including Jews. Dr. Leonard George Horowitz, who warns against vaccinations and other medical scams, and believes 9-11 and AIDS are government conspiracies etc., was a guest of George Noory on his Coast to Coast AM radio program. With more than 15 million faithful listeners it is the most-listened-to late-night radio program in North America, broadcast on over 500 U.S. stations plus XM Satellite Radio, as well as numerous Canadian affiliates, Mexico, Guam etc.

Please see my discussion of the "Protocols" in Chapter 34 of the Mission of Conscience series, where I provide article links and extracts from Michael Collins Piper, Brother Nathanael Kapner, and other authors.
2010-07-15 What Would It Take? by Edmund Connelly, Occidental Observer, "I believe Whites are willfully denying the clear and present danger we face. Whether it is through late or broken marriages, lackluster efforts at having replacement-level families, or feeble efforts at keeping the governing elite from importing a new (non-White) people, demographically, White Americans are in free fall. About this, the numbers speak clearly; there is no ambiguity . . . Everything in this article written thus far describes the non-violent dispossession of Whites, but there remains the possibility of the process speeding up through mass slaughter. MacDonald is explicit in comparing the heavily Jewish Bolshevik takeover of Russia to the situation here today: “Again, the analogy is striking. As emphasized repeatedly on TOO, Whites can expect to be increasingly victimized by non-Whites with historical grudges as they sink to minority status and lose political power.”
2010-06-20 The Death of the WASP by Paul Gottfried, Taki's Magazine.
2010-06-11 Is Israel Doomed? by Chris Bollyn
2010-05 Elena Kagan and the Decline of WASP America by Kevin MacDonald, Ph. D, The Nationalist Times, May 2010
2010-04-10 Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism
by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College. See also interesting commentary by Dr. Sabrosky in "Israel Did 9-11" - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis."
2009-01-23 UN Agenda 21 For Dummies (Video). Watch this along with Alex Jones' Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement. To the extent that all of this is true (I leave it to the reader to conduct his or her own research), it is hard to escape the strong suspicion that people like Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Jr., Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Gates, the late Herman Kahn, and even Ted Turner (also a "Bilderberger") and other multi-billionaire elitists or high level think tank satraps who help "rule the world" are not afflicted with various forms of spoiled rich brat neuroses and even criminal insanity. Many of them are hostile aliens utterly consumed by their own greed for power and engaged in perpetual covert racial and ethnic warfare with the rest of humanity.
UN Agenda 21 is just one more incredibly bizarre and socially destructive social plan promoted mainly by Jewish plutocrats along with hordes of brainwashed and equally psychopathic gentile fellow travelers. This is just one more example of an endless list of destructive ideologies for gentiles, such as Bolshevism, extreme feminism, militant homosexuality ... what will they think up next? I am convinced that Jews as a group contain some kind of nihilistic tropism that is ultimately genetic in nature towards parasitically disorienting gentile host populations. This is the exact opposite of the humanistic assumption behind libertarianism that humans have a fundamental urge towards rationality, productive enterprise, and respect for personal liberty and property rights. Hence, sociobiological parasitism theory trumps libertarian rationalist political arguments -- or at least when it comes to Jews. Please see my additional discussion of Aztec, Thug, and Jewish anomalies in the "parasitism" section of my mutualism vs. parasitism article
One of the ironies of evangelical Christianity and anarcho-libertarian political ideology is that it encourages WASPs to ignore the alien racial traits of Jews and other exotic peoples and even shill for them, forever hoping patiently that they will eventually become "just like us" if only "we set the example." Of course, this never happens. In fact, once alien peoples reach a certain critical mass in power and influence, they no longer engage in adaptive mimicry towards the former WASP majority, but instead their alien traits come to the surface, often with horrifying consequences. "Agenda 21" is a perfect example of an incredibly bizarre and "un-American" program being promoted by wealthy people who have lived in America most of their lives --or who have certainly been exposed to traditional American values created by WASPs even if they have lived elsewhere -- yet obviously nothing has "sunk in." Instead, these perpetual aliens preach forms of technological regression, genocidal collectivism, and other ideological oddities that would be hilarious as "black comedy" if they weren't being promoted so seriously by so many "official sources." Indeed, as mentioned before on this web page, WASPs have "trained the dog(s) to bite them."
1960-10 Zoological Subspecies in Man, by Dr. Raymond Hall. Mankind Quarterly. Far from comprising some kind of "aberration" practiced only by homo sapiens, such things as war, tribalism, and racism reflect a "dominant evolutionary strategy" that is widely practiced in various forms across virtually all mammalian species in nature, to include moose, mice, and monkeys.
I have strong pro-humanitarian instincts and am not out to sadistically promote racial, ethnic, or class warfare or otherwise foment unnecessary human suffering in this world, but then again, I do not think that leftist, utopian visions of "one world government" and globalist "brotherhood of man" are particularly realistic either.

Battle of Guilford Court House, 15 March 1781,
by H. Charles McBarron, Jr.

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