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How well does the average person tend to grasp political realities and complex social phenomenon?

(- 5) A genetic view: Our brain function is heavily constrained by its evolutionary history and biological structure. Just as the brain flips images scanned against the back of the eyeball and "infills" so that we do not notice nerve endings that would otherwise create visual blind spots, our brains also "infill" to make us overconfident about our ability to understand complex social phenomenon. Most human populations have only a relatively small percentage of "innovators" and "early adopters" with the intellectual curiosity, analytical skills, emotional independence, and character to consistently avoid being led like sheep by false political leaders. To the extent that "republicanism" and "democracy" constitute adaptations of the scientific method to the political process, large segments of the population are frankly not any better at it than they are at science. This includes many people of bad character who continue to be bad despite their extensive formal education. All the more reason why we must avoid trying to absorb alien peoples with different innate emotionality and cognition.
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(+5) An environmental view: Our brains are scalable with knowledge just like computers. The key to building a better society is mass education rather than the character of the underlying population. The ability of people to be good problem-solvers directly relates to the education they receive in our public schools. "Republicanism" and "democracy" are "ideas" that can be mass-indoctrinated in peoples around the world. If we have problems, it is only because we need to improve our ability to interpret and communicate these ideas. On a domestic level, through education we can make Third World nonwhite illegal aliens "just as good" as WASPs whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower. In fact, education is so vital that it requires full scale government funding to really get it right. On an international level, we should not hesitate to back up our democratic ideals with economic and military might. It is hard to find a social problem that major educational funding and research consultants cannot solve. We can educate anyone, any where to become more analytical and creative if we just focus enough time and effort.

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