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How have the core concepts behind republican government tended to evolve in history?

(- 5) Something similar in concept to "republicanism" has been around since ancient times as a formalized means to replace tyrants without going through the bloody mess of using assassinations or coup de etats. The best examples in world history are systems found among Nordic and Celtic tribal societies going back to prehistoric times. For example in Scandinavia the parliamentary things are very ancient, similar to what was created in Iceland in the Middle Ages. Republican societies had relatively large middle classes for their era composed of armed free men. They put a premium on individual rights and formalized restraints on their leaders. Europeans tended to be rebellious and prone to replace incompetent or tyrannical chieftains. For example, unlike Asian societies where despots often killed peasants when things went wrong, in old Sweden the free farmers frequently killed their kings in bad times. Various types of republican systems extending from Northern Europe to ancient Greece and Rome played an important role in fostering greater rationality and stability in government. As they became more prosperous, the focus of their leaders changed from resistance to tyranny to outflanking political adversaries by extending voting power to new types of constituents. These societies then became mired in the politics of envy and class warfare, particularly if they became larger multi-ethnic, imperial societies. Demagogues often became de facto tyrants by "gaming the system" and exploiting popular passions, therefore defeating the original intent of the republican systems to begin with.
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(+5) Our freedom has been given to us by the legal genius of the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. In addition, republican government and democracy has been developed through history in a linear onward and upward fashion, precedent by precedent, as government size has grown and participation has been extended to increasingly diverse groups. The idea that European white males have pioneered republican and democratic governments since ancient times based upon relatively egalitarian tribal social structures must be racist claptrap. We should emphasize that we owe the U.S. Government and the cumulative wisdom of all of mankind for our freedoms. In fact, the world owes a debt to the U.S. Government for the spread of freedom, which is why it has a right to impose its ideals with military force around the world. We need more hate crime laws to help prevent whites from getting nativist ideas that might lead to forms of white supremacy. We need to correct the racism inherent in school curricula that laude dead straight white males. We need more nonwhite diversity in America, not less, to curb potentially dangerous forms of white pride. We need more progressive income taxation to redistribute more wealth to nonwhites to achieve a more fair society. It was good when the ATF stormed the David Koresh compound in Waco, Texas or took on the Randy Weaver family in Idaho, because the root of the problem involved their involvement in "identity" forms of Christianity that foments potentially dangerous forms of white pride.

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