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If you feel that your place of work or even the government has become intolerably corrupt and oppressive, how should you handle this situation?

(- 5) Your first duty is to take care of yourself and let others worry about fighting "city hall." Remember, the nail head that sticks up gets hammered down. We all have to compromise and make do with what we have to get by. You need to learn how to relax and smile more. Listen to others more carefully to learn how to say things that risk hurting their feelings. If you just leave things alone and mind your own business, other people will take care of themselves. If your boss is a unreasonable and nasty man, just remember "The boss may not always be right, but he is still the boss." Figure out what he wants and give it to him. If you look around you, life is all about conformity. This is how most people survive. You have to learn how to make yourself upbeat and attractive so that you are always "popular" with your peers and do not risk making the wrong kinds of waves. Accept the fact that the world has always been a mess and there is nothing you can do about it or should do about it, even on a personal incremental level.
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(+5) Even if you are too weak to come out in the open with your grievances, you still need to start formulating some kind of resistance strategy. You need to find people you can trust to discuss the situation and get their ideas. You may need to start hunting for an alternative job or social situation where you are less dependent on adversaries and more economically and politically tied in with supportive, like-minded people. You also need to find ways to expose and punish bad people. In extreme cases where the central government is headed towards irrevocable, intolerable tyranny, you may need to start caching food, arms and ammunition. You may need to start raising political consciousness in your community to gain support from influential people. An important overall long term objective is to find ways to increase the popular sovereignty of your own people. (see question 27). If all else fails, in really extreme cases, you should support a separatist shadow provisional government that serves the most fundamental interests of your own people against oppressors.

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