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What does it mean when a dominant ethnic group begins to decline as a percentage of the overall population?

(- 5) Environmental view: When it comes to social functioning, ideology matters more than shared racial biology. It is actually a good thing when everyone becomes a minority, because this may eliminate supremacist attitudes that might foster greedy, exploitive, violent, or divisive behavior. The real divisions in society to focus upon are class divisions based upon economics. If by getting rid of national borders we wind up changing the demographic mix of a society and we reduce whites in America to a minority, this does not matter so long as liberal economic policies promise higher living standards. Whites who do not accept this view are probably anti-social reactionaries who may need to be re-indoctrinated or denied certain freedoms in order to serve the greater good of America.
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(+5) Genetic view: In the long run, social functioning has more to do with common biology than ideology. Becoming a minority is never fun for anyone. Making everyone a minority only increases misery for all groups involved. Societies whose dominant ethno-racial groups slip below 75% of the total population historically tend to become increasingly unstable and more prone to fission apart. A social policy that encourages dispossession of a majority may in actuality mean that the strategic bases of society are controlled by an alien group that is acting parasitically against the genetic interests of the declining majority. Jewish national media masters who promote white decline are hypocritical since they typically favor the exact opposite for their own group in Israel compared to Palestinians

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