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A Personal Appeal
by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books

We explain in Part II: "The Urgency and Appropriateness of Our Cause" in the section "Our Relevance," why it is in your best interest to help us grow. An important part of the republican virtue concept involves the notion that if one cannot afford to openly fight oneself, then one must at least support a proxy with donatons. It is irresponsible to completely leave the burden of citizen vigilance on the shoulders of others, to include the burden of providing financial support.

Currently there are two ways to make individualized donations:

1) Please send a check payable in any amount to the America First Institute. Please mail to: William Fox, President, The America First Institute, P.O. Box 137, Sarver, Pennsylvania 16055.

2 ) Please buy the "donation ebook" I, Robot Entrepreneur through the normal shopping cart process. Enter as many multiples of the $8.00 price of the ebook as you want to donate and use Visa. So for example, if you wish to donate $32.00, then click on a quantity of "4" in the shopping cart. Then simply download one ebook. It would help me if you send us an email declaring the multiple order as a gift so that we do not think it was due to an error.

Or, just buy a lot of ebooks. Then you help both the America First Institute and the authors.

If you make a donation with your Visa card, your monthly statement will read "America First Books." However, the donation goes to the same owner as "America First Institute." Both the America First Institute and America First Books are privately owned and operated by the same party.

Donations do not qualify as tax-deductable charitable contributions. At this particular stage in our development, we ask supporters to help us maintain maximum flexibility. We would prefer to not risk getting "trapped into the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the IRS." Nor do we want to waste time worrying about whether or not certain Feds might view us as some kind of non-tax-exempt "political action" operation. We prefer to keep on fighting in whatever way we see fit against corrupt Establishment insiders who are effectively at war with the Constitution and their "fellow Americans."

Although we generally prefer to focus upon analysis and education, some situations are too serious to stay passive. They include addressing the very real threat of a repeat 9-11 with a nuclear incident in an American city orchestrated by Federal government insiders and their Mossad compatriots. (Please see the Capt May archive for more details). At some point we would also like to directly support grass roots political campaigns designed to help "take back America" whose organizers and candidates share our basic political philosophy.

There are many ways to make gifts

Any amount is welcome. One way to simplify both your tax situation and ours is to utilize the maximum gift tax exemption, which was $12,000 for 2006.

Another way is to create some kind of tax advantaged trust that can provide us with a steady flow of funds for operations.

Last, but not least, you might consider including us in your will.

Creative Options:
Suggest a New Program
or Adopt an Existing Project

We are engaged in collaborative projects with a number of conservative groups and publications, such as American Free Press and The First Freedom. One of the biggest problems we all face is that we are all short-handed. To ramp up our capabilities, we need funds to outsource some of our work. Please call me and we can discuss specific projects. If you prefer to send a check directly to other collaborative parties rather than to the America First Institute, that is fine. If you would prefer to directly pay a friend or relative to do support work for us, that is fine too. We can also use volunteers. We need all the help we can get.

If there is a will, there is a way.

Thanks for your

They didn't come here to serve as obedient serfs for phony "New World Order" schemes

Let's work together for a real country
with real leaders, a real economy,
real communities, real heritage,
and real freedom.

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