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"I think that's pretty much
what happened . . . "

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That's what legendary Washington insider — international arms dealer and public relations man I. Irving Davidson, a longtime registered lobbyist for Israel — told Michael Collins Piper in 1994 about the thesis of Final Judgment after he read the book by Piper, with whom Davidson had been acquainted for more than ten years, having been a reader of The Spotlight, the newspaper for which Piper was a correspondent.
Davidson's assessment was significant: For years iconic JFK assassination writer Peter Dale Scott repeatedly suggested Davidson was essentially the "man in the middle" of all of the key power groups that wanted JFK out of the White House. Naturally, Scott was astounded to learn in 2008 — when Piper called a radio program on which Scott was a guest — that Piper knew Davidson quite well and that Davidson had endorsed the thesis of Final Judgment.
Another JFK writer, John Davis, called Davidson "a schemer and promoter with a vast international network of powerful acquaintances.  Comfortable with almost everybody, from sultans and sheiks to Central American tyrants and U.S. Mafia bosses, he was a man who somehow knew secrets nobody else in Washington knew."
In fact, an overview of Davidson's colorful career demonstrates why his appraisal of Final Judgment is so instructive. Aside from his long-standing intimate relationship with the Israeli war machine Davidson — who imported the first Israeli Uzi machine guns onto American soil — was also a valued confidant of longtime JFK foes such as Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa and New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello and was the Washington representative for Latin American strongmen as Nicaragua's Samoza, Cuba's Batista, Trujillo of the Dominican Republic and Haiti's infamous "Papa Doc."
For years, Davidson (a friend of Richard Nixon) lived on the same block in Washington as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and Sen. Lyndon Johnson, whom he also counted as friends.  The Capitol Hill lobbyist for Hoover crony — Dallas power-broker Clint Murchison — Davidson was a business partner of LBJ's  protégé and "bagman;' Bobby Baker and also frequently engaged on behalf of the CIA and the National Security Council.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Today, Piper says: "If anyone knew 'what happened' it was Irv. When — right there in his office in the Commerce Building — Irv said quietly, 'Your book, Final Judgment, I've read it; and then told me what he thought (nodding his head, staring me straight in the eye), I nodded back, recalling the old saying, 'Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.' He volunteered nothing further and I asked no questions. But I did have a satisfaction in hearing him say what he did."


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