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Among the many works that pertain to Jewish historical truth distorters, this book is unique for the way that it centers on an American court room drama with an intriguing cast of characters and backdrop of events. The defendants included the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby both founded by the late Willis Carto. (Mr. Carto oversaw The Barnes Review, First Amendment Books, and The American Free Press). On the other side, led by a self-styled professional Jewish Holocaust victim, were major pro-Zionist organizations such as the ADL, the Jewish Defense League, and Jewish-controlled national media. The aggressors played dirty, to include making a heavily biased televised docudrama involving a former Star Trek celebrity. The warehouse and main office of the Institute for Historical Review were destroyed by arson. This evil act was likely the work of Jewish terrorists.
Amidst this court room drama, one can learn quite a few suppressed and enlightening facts about a historic event that has been a critical factor behind massive German and American financial support for Israel since its inception. As Willis Carto noted in the Afterword, the "Holocaust" is currently not being treated as verifiable history but rather as an ineffable secular religious dogma in America. This Cult of Death has poisoned the self-esteem of the white world. Undeserved white guilt and white self-hatred have played a major role in creating the current tragic social conditions today that entail open borders to masses of Third World immigrants. Aliens are rapidly replacing white populations with below replacement birthrates everywhere — and are obliterating the indigenous institutions of Western Civilization in the process.
Ultimately, the cult of Holocaust dogma and the "Holocaust Industry" described by Jewish writer Norman Finkelstein have more to do with fomenting the current "Death of the West" trend and promoting white self-genocide than with any historic episodes involving mass deaths of Jews.
This book documents an utterly reprehensible effort to abuse the American court system to suppress and pervert truth rather than to find it. It documents a vicious effort to take the Holocaust boot currently on the face of white self-esteem and grind it deeper into the mud.

A Note to the Reader From the Publisher [of the original soft cover edition]
You hold in your hands a "burned book" that was not supposed to have ever been published. It miraculously survived a series of events that could only have been orchestrated by forces with a great interest in keeping highly significant news from the public – the news that in a court of law one of the world's most famous "Holocaust survivors" was proven a fraud. This was the greatest victory, in spite of all the obstacles, that the Institute for Historical Review and perhaps the cause of holocaust revisionism, had ever had, following a protracted legal struggle that lasted over ten years.
An author commissioned to write the book immediately after the victory, September 19, 1991, repeatedly reported "progress" in the task although after more than a year and a half not a line was written. Then, when it was finally written by another author, and readied for the printer, a second duplicitous employee of the Institute, although directed to get the book into print as soon as possible and agreeing to do it, figuratively if not literally "burned" the book.
This edition was pieced together from the odds and ends remaining in the possession of the three authors, Mark Lane, Michael Collins Piper and Willis Carto, and is substantially the same book suppressed by the perfidious employees of the Institute for Historical Review.


You should read Mike Piper's account of the Mermelstein-Liberty Lobby wars. You certainly will find neither the details nor the truth published elsewhere. . .

  -- Mark Lane, from his 1993 Introduction to Best Witness

Other commentary regarding the Best Witness episode:
The Institute had difficulty getting any legal counsel whatsoever, let alone the kind of skilled, dedicated, and fearless attorneys needed to withstand Mermelstein's publicity juggernaut and his blitz in the courtrooms. Recall the hurricane of libel and slander from the press, coming at a time when what Alfred Lilienthal has called Holocaustomania was at high tide in America. In an atmosphere of constant smears against the IHR and Revisionism, every survivor hallucination ("Nazi 'smiled' as dog ate Jew," to cite one headline of the day) gained instant currency in a corrupt media willing to accept such stories unquestionably and spread them as gospel.
Then recall the constant physical attacks that the enemies of truth and freedom aimed at IHR, its staff, and its supporters. In addition to harassment, including telephone threats, there was vandalism of IHR staff cars and homes, a physical beating of IHR founder Willis Carto, and attacks by gunfire and Molotov cocktail against the IHR office. Three separate firebombings culminated in the arson of July 4, 1984, which resulted in the total destruction of the IHR's office and warehouse. Let us also not forget the role of local Zionist thugs in carrying out much of this intimidation: I refer to the goonwork of that gang led by the revolting Irving Rubin, the so-called national chairman of the Jewish Defense League -- but whom I prefer to regard as the Grand Wizard, or, better, the Grand Dullard, of the Kosher Ku Klux Klan. . .
In all, I discovered 30 absurdities, 22 contradictions, and a number of exaggerations. These examples went directly to the matter of Mermelstein as a "demonstrable fraud," a "vainglorious prevaricator," and a "false-tale spinner."
Among the absurdities were the nonexistent subterranean tunnel to the above-ground crematory, the soap made from Jewish bodies, a claim that Auschwitz camp "kapos" were rewarded for every prisoner they killed, and that there was a railroad track leading from the crematory to a pond for dumping ashes.. .
At one point in a deposition, Mel Mermelstein referred himself as his own "best witness." In spite of his evident failings as a credible eyewitness to the gas chambers and the Holocaust, I agree with this self-description. In a very real sense, Mermelstein is indeed the best witness to the gas chambers. He twice succeeded in getting judges in the state of California, a tr ndsetter in legal fashion as in so much else, to pronounce the Auschwitz gassings as indisputable fact.
While sharing with the Elie Wiesels, the Rudolf Vrbas, and the Filip Müllers the same knack for wild exaggerations, bizarre contradictions, and flat absurdities, Mermelstein is unlike them in having submitted his claims to careful scrutiny and relentless cross-examination. And so, while Mel Mermelstein is admittedly so far the best witness to the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, the best clearly isn't good enough...

  -- Theodore J. O'Keefe, from 'Best Witness': Mel Mermelstein, Auschwitz and the IHR. This essay is slightly edited from his presentation at the Eleventh IHR Conference, October 1992.


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BEST WITNESS: The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism
by Michael Collins Piper

With a Special Introduction by Mark Lane and Afterword by Willis A. Carto
First soft cover edition with 246 pages published in 1994 by the Center for Historical Review, Washington, D.C.

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Best Witness