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Our individual futures, as well as the future of our nation, will be strongly influenced by our understanding of the power of values for good or bad, and what we can do to nurture the right ones in ourselves and in others - in family life, in our schools, in political leadership, in the administration of justice, in domestic and international business, and in other aspects of our daily lives.

This book presents compelling evidence as to why certain values are more productive than others - for us as individuals, and for society as a whole. It shows how these values have made our nation great, and how they are compatible with the rules for productive living of most of the religions of the world. It shows how they are shaped from birth by both heredity and environment - for good and bad - and what we can do to enhance or negate these effects. It documents the problems that have been created by a moral decline in America, and presents proven means for reversing the situation.

About the Author Dr. Fox received his bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Michigan and his doctorate from Ohio State. He is a consultant in the areas of motivation, group problem solving, performance appraisal, and supervisory skills training. He retired as a Professor Emeritus of organizational behavior and management at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Florida. He is a member of the Society For Organizational And Industrial Psychology and a Fellow in the Academy of Management. He was a Fulbright Lecturer in management and organization theory at the Finnish School of Economics and the Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki, he studied Japanese management as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at Kyoto University, and was a Principal Investigator for leadership research that was supported by the Office of Naval Research. In addition to having published several books, he has published numerous articles and has been a consultant to many organizations.


American Values Decline